How The Government Is Robbing Men Of Good Wives

There are many countries in Eastern Europe that have superior women than in America, but when you start to examine these women as wives and not only casual sex partners, you encounter a big problem: they value their education and careers above that of family. The reason? Education is offered for free or at a greatly subsidized rate by the government. Western governments are therefore programming women into becoming sterile office slaves and consumers instead of good wives and mothers.

I’ve met hundreds of Eastern European women from several countries, and because I’ve focused on living in cities, I’ve been unable to find more than a handful under the age of 25 who has shown eagerness into soon becoming a mom. Instead, the girls I’ve known have made their future employment the most important goal of their lives. Here is a conversation I’ve had several times:

Me: “Why don’t you want to be a mom soon?”

Girl: “Because I have to focus on my career first.”

Me: “Why don’t you just find a good man instead? He will take care of you.”

Girl: “Because men are bad. They cheat and become alcoholics. *Insert horror story of an awful man who a friend of a friend got married to.*”

Me: “So your job is more important than your family?”

Girl: “I need a backup plan in case my husband becomes bad.”

Men are bad, and because of that, she must spend years in university where she gets to experiment with different cocks and where she is firmly taken out of her natural role to learn how to serve a corporate master while her future kid goes to day care and her husband eats cans of tuna because his wife is too tired from work to cook, assuming she even knows how. A man’s marriage with such an empowered woman is doomed before he knows it.

Women want to have their cake and eat it too. They want to be able to marry the man they are most attracted to, and if that doesn’t work, still be able to enjoy an independent and comfortable life of Ikea furniture and Starbucks without having to put up with a man’s reasonable demands to cook him dinner and make sure the children are taken care of.

To accomplish that task, she must spend thousands of hours studying a topic like law or international business relations and became an obedient office worker instead of learning how to obey her husband. And because of this desire, which is being fully supported by the government with free or subsidized education, usually in the form of interest-free loans, we are seeing the disappearance of the nuclear family along with high divorce rates and out-of-wedlock births where future degenerates of the state get to watch mommy get sexy matches on Tinder.

In this crooked game, women can’t lose


Women win through this scheme because they are able to say no to their husbands without repercussions and the government wins because women are less dependent on men for their needs. These women then become dependent on the state and corporations, which can easily lead them to behaviors of their choice, such as not reproducing.

If you take the depopulation agenda to be accurate then it makes sense that you would want to train women to do anything but bond with men in a way that leads to reproduction. That is exactly what most Western governments have done, and it starts by essentially brainwashing women of the need to be free from their husbands by making them obsessed to earn money produced by central banks. Any country where the idea of female employment is seen as “common sense” is in the process of having their culture destroyed, if it hasn’t already been done.

But do women really get a good deal out of this? In order to survive, they must obtain resources from corporate employment, the government, or an individual man. They cannot exist in the world on their own.

The less a woman has to depend on a man’s resources, the less she will have trained herself on how to be a good wife and mother. She may still end up being a good wife and mother, but she been put on a path since her teenage years by the system to spend considerable amounts of time in corporate and victimhood training, not wife training. Therefore if you end up marrying a woman who places high value in her “empowered” job, and she refuses to quit that job when her presence is needed in the home, your misfortune comes not just from your mistake in choosing her, but in the fact that the government, through their education programs and directives, have ensured that very outcome. In effect, you’re being actively cucked by your own government.

Foreign women are not necessarily a fail-safe solution


Even in Eastern Europe, it is very difficult to find a woman under the age of 25 in a big city who wants to soon be a stay-at-home mom, or at least a mom who places secondary importance in her career. The feminist ideas that have infected America first came to Eastern Europe in the form of Soviet communism, which—surprise—had the primary goal to destroy the family unit.

The fact that an Eastern European girl lives in the city while her parents remain in the village means that she has been seduced by the prospect of free education, city lights, and the ability to sleep around without consequences. It is unlikely that she will be able to provide you with the home life that you deserve above that of an American woman, especially since they both approach career and motherhood in a nearly identical way. Unless you start visiting villages or churches, you’ll end up disappointed.


If you look at a map of fertility rates around the world, you can clearly see that countries with fertility under the replacement rate have fanatical programs about educating women. Doing so makes a woman’s most fertile period of her life go to waste so that she can spend 5-10 years getting an education in obedience, consumerism, and selfie-taking while developing a bullshit career that will not make her happier than having a family.

If I were king of a land and wanted to destroy a neighboring kingdom, I’d simply implant the idea of female education within their culture so that they’d simply die out within a few generations. In the meanwhile, have fun trying to find a good woman who believes in the most basic of family values. The government already got to her, and put ideas in her head which will make it very hard for you to experience the simple act of having a family. Sadly, besides finding a magical unicorn, I see no way for us to fix this problem for our generation.

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This article was originally published on Roosh V.

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216 thoughts on “How The Government Is Robbing Men Of Good Wives”

  1. “Foreign women are not necessarily a fail-safe solution”
    This should be printed out and put on the fridge door.

    1. No woman is a fail safe solution. Unicorns do not exist. No matter how good she looks or seems, somewhere she is someones pain in the ass.

      1. To paraphrase something a guy I knew used to say “show me the hottest girl in the world and I’ll show you a guy who’s tired of fucking her.”

  2. It is horrendous what has happened to today’s women and the state of traditional families. The unfair rules of ailmony and child support have resulted in marriage becoming a business investment for women. But it doesn’t stop there.
    I am absolutely fed up and sick of the way in which our society has declined in standards. People no longer have anymore etiquette or manners that they believe that it is acceptable to be an absolute degenerate and that there are no consequences or negativity attached to these actions. It is wrong and unacceptable in every sense. For instance, today I received a phone call from someone whom I have not even heard from in over 15 years and has decided at his own will, to come and see the country and stay at my place. In other words, he has invited himself over.
    If there is one aspect of human nature that bothers me very much then it is to do with the fact that most people are selfish and only use you for their own personal gain. A person I have never seen in over 15 years decides that it is acceptable for him to call me out of the blue, invite himself over at his own suggestion, and then use me to provide him with free lodging, food, showering and other ways to accommodate him at my own personal expense, while he tours the country. Not only is this despicable but also, a rather strong indicator of the times in which we live in.
    I am astounded and disgusted as to how people think that they can do whatever they want without considering the ramifications of their own personal actions and whom it will affect. Time and time I have seen people and guests whom I allow into my home, at their own desires have no regards whatsoever to respect the rules of my home. They open my fridge without my permission, put their feet on my coffee table without my permission, walk into my living room with their shoes on without my permission and so on and so forth. It is frustrating to see that today’s generation of degenerates not having any care in the world whatsoever, to take notice of some these simple actions. It is called manners. It is called treating people with courtesy,
    dignity and respect.
    So people wonder why I am a cynic and a misanthropist? Well there you go. In over a decade, the complete and utter degradation of society has taken a whole new direction in the sense that people feel it is acceptable to do whatever they want even if it goes against the norms and values of those who they seek to take advantage of for their own personal gain. Take my advice, when I tell you that as a man, you never disrespect another individual by even doing the most simplest of actions such as opening another person’s fridge without his permission. This may seem trivial to some, but in reality, is a very big issue and a sign of great disrespect to the person who is catering you.
    But will today’s young men ever know these lessons? The rampant rise of single motherhood, aggressive and bossy wives, failed educational establishment, ignoring the role of fatherhood and reliance on the state, has essentially resulted in a dystopian society where today’s youth and even older generations, have manifested into something that equates to human trash. In other words, people have given up on standards and what it means to be a respectable individual. Rather than learning about how to build respect and dignity, today’s generation would rather spend their time taking pictures of themselves, spending hours on social media, watching reality television and making reckless lifestyle choices which can have detrimental long term effects such as getting tattoos.
    We as society, have really failed and what makes this even more tough to digest is the fact that society now celebrates the extraordinary failures it has created by embracing them with open arms and reinforcing the message that it is the new norm of how today’s world works. Indeed, it is the new norm, but as a man, I choose not to be part of that society or that world. I will continue to do the kind of things that helps me to develop my masculinity such as reading, working out and continuing to undertake new activities which provide me with a sense of self worth and accomplishment.

    1. I stand correct: the post by “truth” should be printed out and put on the refridgerator door.

    2. Spot on. Thanks for mentioning the fridge issue. As a European, it fucks me up when Americans open my fridge without permission.

      1. People don’t get that their mere extended presence in your home is also burdensome. A friend asked to crash the other night and I let him. So he’s in my kitchen banging pots and pans around late at night trying to make food and I yell at him and he gives me this “what did I do?” look.
        So how does he think he does me a favor in return? By opening MY fridge and cooking a meal for us both using MY food on MY STOVE in MY FUCKING HOUSE.
        Thanks a lot bro!
        Some folks just don’t get it…it’s nascent narcissism in my opinion. They actually think their presence is something I look forward too… every single bag / item someone unpacks in my home irks me. No dude, this is my sanctuary and you are disturbing it by simply being there.

        1. I think the issue is who is supposed to speak up. You don’t open another person fridge, take what you want and expect the other person to speak up if he doesn’t agree.
          It’s the guest who must ask FIRST “could I take a beer?” or “could I eat something?”. Of course, as a host you will say “of course”. But as a host you’re expecting the other person to ask FIRST. The guest is supposed to show manners while the host is supposed to show hospitality. It’s a non-written law.
          Well, it was.

        2. You’re absolutely correct about this person, and the lack of manners in general. What I’m saying is simply to expect what you accept. I agree entirely with that assertion however, it is a mans responsibility to knock shit into line. Your friend was obviously lacking in manners.

        3. Sometimes you just have to go all Dale Hargraves on them. (Sling Blade reference I would post a YouTube link but, I’m personal device illiterate)
          I once had a friend who developed the habit of showing up at my house on Friday afternoon with wife and kid and camp out until Sunday night. I was nice about it for a while but, finally had to tell them to make like horse turds and hit the trail.

        4. Tell him no what? I didnt know what a pain in the ass he was gonna be till he got here and I had already told him he could crash, lesson learned

        5. No to everything. Fair enough you don’t always know that people will misbehave in your home but once he was there…

        6. I guess all that’s left is to call him a cuck! That’ll learn him

        7. The worst person I had in my home was a chick. She was in my home for two weeks and that was all it took for to cause hundreds of dollars worth of damage. When she left I told her never to come back. I might have told her sooner but she hid the things that she broke. Nice huh?
          To add insult to injury she stole my iPod cable on the way out.

        8. My cousin is the only one allowed to open my freezer without my consent to stack in the brew case he brought. Anybody else including girls opening my fridge and I place my 92fs on the kitchen counter to polish the lasermax guide rod just becuase I didnt have time to do it before. They get the point.

      2. Thats interesting- I did not know this was a no-no over there.

        1. Are you kidding? Why would you root through someone else’s things in their house?!

      3. As a European, it fucks me up when Americans open my fridge
        Thinking about this for a moment, I concluded I would only assume it to be okay to open your fridge if you were not within earshot to ask, and the only thing I was looking for was ice. Anything more substantial (meaning more difficult to replace) I would ask. But maybe it isn’t a material-usage threshold for you, maybe it’s the mere act of fridge-touching that is aggravating.
        Either way, I know the feeling. Just two weeks ago, I had a house guest actually dig up and move a shrub in my yard when I stepped out. Everyone might have slightly different limits of acceptability, but modifying landscaping is *WELL* beyond mine.

      4. As an Amercian expat, I have been guilty of actually doing that. I understand that it is a rude act, but we do it subconscioiusly as we feel comfortable around you (we do that with our family and friends–you getting enough to eat, what you got to offer), not that we are starving.

      5. That kind of behaviour is not exclusive to Americans I’m afraid. I’ve had Spaniards and Brits also take the piss. Taking the piss is a common human flaw…
        Anyway what does this have to do with the article?

    3. All it takes is saying no. Did you tell him no and give him suggestions of nearby hotels?

    4. I agree with your general sentiment, but I have to ask, did you put your foot down and refuse?
      A point made occasionally, but not nearly often or forcefully enough, is that this behavior begins and ends with the people willing to tolerate it.
      Not trying to call you out. There may be valid reasons to let a dude you haven’t spoken to in 15 years crash with you even though it irks you. But, I do think there is a general point to be made that if you find behavior unacceptable, you need to call it out in most instances.

    5. You’ve got to start punching people. Otherwise making them experience real consequences for their behavior. I guarantee they won’t make that same mistake around you again if they are gonna get blasted.

      1. I agree with this. Since I started punching people my life has improved immeasurably. I’m now earning more money than a Las Vegas casino and have more hoes than Home Depot.

    6. This reminds me of an old Greek tale that my father used to tell me. It is actually the story about the Choice of Hercules that is written by Zeno in one of his books. The story goes that Hercules, when a young man, found himself at an isolated fork in the road, where he sat to contemplate his future. Uncertain which path to take in life he found himself confronted by two goddesses. One, a very beautiful and alluring woman, was called Kakia, although she claimed that her friends call her “Happiness” (Eudaimonia). She charged in front to ensure she spoke first, promising him that her path was “easiest and pleasantest”, and that it provided a short-cut to “Happiness”. She claimed he would avoid hardship and enjoy luxury beyond most men’s wildest dreams, produced by the labour of others. After hearing this, Hercules was approached by the second goddess, called Aretê, a plain-dressed and humble woman, though naturally beautiful. To his surprise, she told him that her path would require hard work from him and it would be “long and difficult”. In fact the path Hercules chose would be dangerous beyond belief, he would be tested by many hardships, perhaps more than any man who had lived before, and have to endure great loss and suffering along the way. “Nothing that is really good and admirable”, said Aretê, “is granted by the gods to men without some effort and application.” However, Hercules would have the opportunity to face each adversity with courage and self-discipline, and of showing wisdom and justice despite great danger. He would earn true Happiness by reflecting on his own praiseworthy and honourable deeds.
      The moral of the story is that all great things in life (happiness, inner peace , true friendships, true relationships etc) come only with a lot of struggle, patience and discipline. This is one of the most important rules of life. Humans are the only living beings in our world that are able to choose how to live their life. They can strive to become better by following the path of ‘arete’ or worst by following the path of ‘kakia’ ie living a lifestyle of consumerism, instant gratification and hedonism.This is the bless and the curse of god to us. Unfortunately, It is extremely difficult to follow the path of virtue in this day and age because the elites have cultivated a world full of vices (destruction of values, traditions family, sexual liberation, feminism, consumerism etc). As a result, the majority of the people today are apathetic, self-interested, undisciplined, ammoral individuals overly obsessed with things (money, possessions, fame, instant pleasures etc) that do not matter at all in the long run.This is done by purpose because it is the only way that the elites can keep us ignorant, sedated, hypnotized and in check. If one day, all humans unite (setting aside differences, personal gain and class struggles) for the greater good of human civilization and progress, their control scheme will immediately fall apart.

      1. Well said. Men thrive on struggle and adversity. Challenges are what dirve them and civilization rises from the fallows that they plow.

      2. “The moral of the story is that all great things in life (happiness, inner peace , true friendships, true relationships etc) come only with a lot of struggle, patience and discipline.”
        Amen to this. It should be posted in every school across the Western World.

        1. Instead we’re teaching the children LGBTQ roll play and boys how to supress their gag instinct when they see a male made up as a girl.
          There is no time left for such as the Hellenic canon’s of western literature, philosophy and wisdom.
          Logic is an oppressive tool of the patriarchy.

        2. I would not add another word yo your post. The cultural war is being lost in the schools of the West and its there it most be stopped. We are passing from a education based on principles of honor, discipline, strength and Christian virtues to marxism, cowardliness, moral relativism and narcissism.

    7. Thank you sir for all yoy have contributed. I always look forward to reading your comments.

      I would be remiss if i did not say that it is your duty as homeowner to teach your guests what is acceptable and what is not.
      Im sure you are just trying to be a gracious host, but shenanigans mist not be tolerated.
      My humble advice to you is to strongly uninvite the person.

    8. Here’s a novel thought: tell him “No.” Firmly and unequivocally. You cannot be taken advantage of by anyone you have not given permission.

    9. Lest the actual point of Roosh’s article get buried under all of the fridge complaints I would like to say I have had similar conversations with European women. I once told a 25 year old Polish woman not to fuck around and to get married ASAP. She stared at me blankly like I suggested she visit Atlantis.
      Now this woman doesn’t have a “career”. She’s a receptionist, a job you can do at any age and always come back to. Marriage? Kids? What are those?
      She has a dog that she loves dearly though.
      But I am finding that in general women are obsessed with careers in a way men simply aren’t. Now this is strange since a man needs his career to support his wife and kids. What does a women need a career for?

  3. I hate that these things are true, but that cannot change facts.
    All we can do is help our sisters, daughters, and close friends attempt to see the truth. They will hate us, they will mock us, and they will shun us, but that is always the way things are. In the end, perhaps they will thank us for being the only people who loved them enough to try to save them.

  4. Want to be part of the solution to this problem?
    Ultimately, a man must have children to do so.
    Sons and daughters must be raised correctly, which means eliminating as much of the state’s influence as possible, while highlighting both the failures of education and the successes of building a family.
    This requires being married, and managing that relationship with tight Game. It means homeschooling. It means training and guiding your sons into entrepreneurial occupations or trades, with university schooling only reserved for highly technical kids.
    It means training and guiding your daughters in homemaking skills and education, encouraging them to marry older successful business owning or tradeskilled men. It means supporting them financially in building a family rather than going to school. There was a reason for the concept of a DOWRY.
    The OP identifies the problem, but the solution will take personal risk as a man.
    It’s the willingness to take this risk and manage it that will define the successors to Western Civilization.

  5. Singapore’s Lee Kwan Yew said it was a big mistake to send women to college since we know what happened.
    But there are alternatives – Traditional Christian Women, Mormons, Catholics, do want to be wives and mothers. There are few in cities, but you can find them in “flyover country”.
    There is one caution as the legal system will still be broken – her FAMILY must be onboard and consider that barring the original reasons for divorce (adultery, abandonment, abuse), she will be disowned by her family if she frivorces. You have to marry into the family, not just the woman. (And she might have an even more traditional sister).

    1. It is my experience that TCW’s are extremely rare in the West and tend to be polluted by the feminist doctrine so many churches now preach. The same is depressingly common among Catholics and Mormons.
      When I find a non-Christian girl who acts more inline with the Scriptures she’s never read than any Christian girl I’ve met, something must be wrong with the Church.

    2. There’s room to raise children in flyover country, not so much in global cities such as Singapore, Seoul, New York, Tokyo, London, etc. where homes larger than rabbit cages are out of financial reach save for the very wealthy. People have changed and are no longer resigned to sleeping six to a bed.

      1. Apparently the not quite free market can’t go vertical there. In any case, if you don’t have nuclear families or a replacement rate your country will die. Formula and Day-Care is not Mommy and the children will be worse off, but if you push for women to want stuff over babies they won’t want to marry, and even if they do won’t want to actually be mothers beyond carrying and bearing the baby. Motherhood is hard work.

  6. ” Sadly I see no way to fix this for our generation. ”
    Hard words to hear from a guy who has studied this for years.
    I was hoping you had found a solution somewhere at the end of the article.
    All I will add is to focus instead of the correcting it for the next generation. If you can’t find a decent woman have a child thru an egg donor and surrogate. The total cost is less than 75k. Then 20 to 30k a year for a nanny until school age. Women do it all the time. Raise a warrior. Raise a scholar. Raise a man of honor who will take care of you when you’re older. Transcend yourself. Don’t die childless because the ZOG has wrecked the natural order.
    But I forget, most everyone here is obsessed with pussy or entertainment. Snap out of it.

      1. The West is running up debt on the backs of it’s few dissendents while demanding free health care.
        What comes next is a historical certainty.

        1. Dont forget they are also demanding free college and guaranteed good pay.

          They truly live in lala land

        2. There are no guaratees in life. Thats why I have never believed one word of a socialist.

        3. What did you expect from a credit based economy started in the 50’s??? Once faith in it dies, everything dies.

  7. Truth to be told, it is not only women, we all have been zombified? What did we do wrong?
    We have over-socialized ourselves. We moved into the cities, lived on top of each other, talked too much, made too many rules, went to school too long. Now we have added TV and the internet to that, and we are over-saturated. We are permanently buzzed on society, and cannot turn off, or even turn down, the superego. The superego is hypertrophied, constantly flexed like some strange bodybuilder, and the instincts are crushed under its bulk. This is the modern person, in a nutshell. If you took away their cellphones and laptops, asked them a question that did not concern the news yesterday or today, or their narrow routine, they would lock down.
    And the core of the problem is that any major city in the world now is ruled by women – since the superego is at least 75% female.
    This is why the city, the TV, the radio, the internet, and all other social grids look like they do now, why they are looking more and more that way every year: they are constructs of the superego. The superego is not artistic, is not sexy, is not creative, and is not complex.

    1. Hmmm…you made a post that I actually find interesting, non-confrontational and thought provoking. Well done.

    2. “And the core of the problem is that any major city in the world now is ruled by women – since the superego is at least 75% female.”
      I’m not entirely sure I know what you mean by that, or that I agree necessarily, but its an interesting line of thinking

      1. This is a very big can of worms, admittedly. But I see a connection between the way our environment is shaping and the ascending power of women in western culture.
        The old world was like a man’s artist studio: dirt piled in the corners, loads of dirty laundry rotting in the basement, dishes everywhere, rubble dotting the mews, but masterpieces in between, shining through. The new world is like a woman’s studio, everything in its place, clean and tidy, well organized, scented, and perhaps a bit sterile.
        The old world was like Rodin’s studio; the new world is like Hillary Clinton’s office.

        1. that’s an interesting line of thought. ROK has sometimes highlighted the space / territory issue, in which men have found themselves progressively retreating as homes / communal space is (not so) subtly feminized. The idea that cities and civilization itself is part of that process is an interesting one.

        2. “The new world is like a woman’s studio, everything in its place, clean and tidy, well organized, scented, and perhaps a bit sterile”
          If only women’s bathrooms could be like a women’s studio.

        3. Rotting laundry?
          Your fingers just got hijacked by the Feminine Imperative. One of their bromides is that men are incapable of surviving successfully without a woman’s guidance. Men being incapable of the unbelievably easy tasks of washing around the house is straight up Feminine Imperative messaging. You’re a bitch of a man for going along with it.

        4. I’m not so sure. Wouldn’t a scientist’s lab be well organised and sterile?

    3. When Friday closing time hits, I turn my phone off and try to get as far away from society as possible.

  8. One can make the arguement that the Soviet Union would have collapsed sooner had it not been for WWII. Soviet Russia would have become full of femenist shrikes and its men unmotivated to create nuclear weapons, support a strong army and take man into space.

  9. Why is it not a good idea to marry a career woman who makes more money than you? It seems there are many to pick from. That would put the consequences of the marriage going wrong on her since divorce courts punish the highest earner. It’s true that women want to marry up but the amount of male college grads is dwindling and I don’t see why a man with sufficient game couldn’t pull it off. Because let’s face it; women who can fulfill traditional gender roles successfully are pretty much gone these days. Any woman who doesn’t have a full time career is essentially a parasite and a liability if the marriage fails. Who said that men can’t play the hypergamy game as well?

    1. If you sell your economic agency to lock down a woman, you’ll find that it will take only 0.01 seconds after the wedding vows for her to hold you in contempt and immediately assert full control over your life. In that case, I’d rather just be single.

      1. But it would seem to me that in our backwards system, the one who makes the most money actually has less control because they have everything to lose. Is that not why most American married men are obedient and subservient to their wives like a whipped dog? A man who does not fear divorce rape would be in a much better position to control and dominate his woman, which is what they love anyway.

        1. You’re assuming that the courts are equitable and fair regardless of the sex of the participants. They are not. While some rare women do get stuck with alimony on occasion, it usually has to be a *huge* disparity, such as if I had married Ivanka Trump, spent ten years on the couch with no job and then got dumped. “Normal” disparities, when they are in favor of the man as you are commenting on, rarely see any kind of payoff for the dude. At least last I checked.

        2. They just don’t get it. Dying to be with a woman, but scared as fuck to be with a woman. Just no clue that there are factors beyond “game” and possessions that make things worthwhile.
          It must truly suck to see every woman around you as the means to your demise before you even know what to do with women. Dig what I’m saying Ghost O Thomas?

    2. Because it doesn’t work. Any guy that makes equal, or horrors! Less than she does is considered a complete loser. I’ve seen it time and time again. Sure, when the relationship starts out, she says she doesn’t mind that he makes less, or whatever. But her friends, and/or the society around the guy starts to half joke, and whisper what a slacker he is; and before he knows it, she decides she married/cohabitated with an unambitious basement dwelling sack of shit.
      What else can you expect from a gender, (despite all the feminism) that still won’t ask men out, won’t pay for dates, won’t ask a man to marry them, and certainly won’t want a stay at home dad/husband/boyfriend?
      Don’t think family court will give the guy anything because she makes more either. It doesn’t happen often.
      The bad news just gets worse. It doesn’t get much better for guys that make more either. Then he is just her disposable utility. The real provider for her is the government, who she can summon to kick him out and enforce his financial commitments at any time.

      1. You don’t have to be a basement dwelling sack of shit for her to resent you. All you need to is to be earning slightly less.
        I was earning $60 to $65K a few years ago, handling one career while building a second one; my ex, however, was earning in the $70 to $80K range. Just a few thousand more, and the resentment and anger from her was so hot you could burn yourself on it. I found out later that she even told my mother I had “no ambition”, which is so utterly wrong that today it makes me burn with enough anger to want to put a fist through her skull.

        1. What kind of work did she do? Let me guess, some overpayed paper-pushing affirmative action government job.

        2. Yep. What Conrad said basically. 🙂
          Another chick banging her head on the keyboard from her empowering mid level desk job in a cubicle.

        3. Yes sir. Glad you are out of that misery. Now you can relax and make your own choices.
          I just finished my day doing an 8 mile jog and now nursing my tired legs reading around this site. It’s a good kind of tired though. Much more relaxing than if I were still married. I’d watching HER blow mine and her money in a department store if I were still there.

  10. Simpler answer – fewer good potential wives available because they are encouraged to marry the State now.

  11. Now you see Roosh, this is why there’s a vein of “let it burn” in the red-pill logic. Collapse of civilization means no more iPhones, offices, cubicles, middle-management positions, and birth control.
    It would also bring women to the same level of realization that the gays are hitting right now: that when you weaken civilization it’s your own security that goes out the window.
    The manginas and trendies will be the piles of bleached bones alongside the broken roads.
    But over the long term this amounts to apoc-LARPing. Useless hope on a fiction. Fun to talk about, but that’s all you get out of it.
    A new and better way would be to point out “who and whom”. Like, who in the government-education complex is behind this and when the simple nationalism existing now, after being unlawfully crushed and persecuted, becomes ultra-nationalism later, we can send people to find the culprits and charge them in accordance with the law.
    (give me that job and I’ll have to promise they won’t fall out of the helicopter on the way to the headquarters)
    At least we get to have a steak dinner instead of a can of dog food.

  12. Impressed that Kollontai is being referenced. Here’s a quote from wikipedia, which is worth comparing with our own communist society:
    “Kollontai’s views on the role of marriage and the family under Communism were arguably more influential on today’s society than her advocacy of “free love.” [23] Kollontai believed that, like the state, the family unit would wither away once the second stage of communism became a reality. She viewed marriage and traditional families as legacies of the oppressive, property-rights-based, egoist past. Under Communism, both men and women would work for, and be supported by, society, not their families. Similarly, their children would be wards of, and reared basically by society.
    Kollontai admonished men and women to discard their nostalgia for traditional family life. “The worker-mother must learn not to differentiate between yours and mine; she must remember that there are only our children, the children of Russia’s communist workers.”

  13. As men, we understand how the public school system dehumanizes boys and twists them into passive robots. But do we understand how it does this to women? For one thing, the pedestalization turns them into narcissists. The good grades they get for mediocre work teaches them that you don’t need merit to get ahead. But there is something else.
    Women love busy work. Look at the games they play on their phones, boring busy work that resembles a bird gathering sticks for a nest. The government understands this and uses it in the schools to make them robots. Girls are loaded with endless hours of nonsense homework that teaches them little but consumes all of their time. This prepares them for the workplace, where they will type papers and answer phones all day. If girls had free time, like they did 50 years ago, they would play with dolls and prepare themselves for being a woman.

    1. “Look at the games they play on their phones, boring busy work that resembles a bird gathering sticks for a nest.”
      Nah, you can’t hatch an egg in an iPhone.

    2. “Women love busy work”- so on point with this one. Rarely asking “why am I doing this?”

    3. Exactly, a career is a profession in law, engineering, medicine, business, science, etc. Anything less is just a job, an occupation. Just busy work. These girls have been duped into thinking HR and secretary jobs are careers. Nursing and teaching are the only two legitimate careers women choose today and both of those mimic the duties of a mother.

    1. You’re not missing much. Relax, go to the gym, order out for pizza sometimes and watch the decline.

    2. “Instead of getting married again, I’m going to find a woman I don’t like and give her a house.”
      Rod Stewart
      You are nothing but a resource. No woman today is capable of loving anyone but herself. If she does profess to love you it is the material things and validation you provide her that she loves.
      I do not think most of the women today do not even love their children, otherwise they would not destroy their children’s fathers on a whimsical and capricious desire they may have one day, like letting a syphilitic biker hump them while daddy is at work.

      1. Syphilitic biker? Lose your gal to a biker, did you? There’s nothing capricious about that since you probably couldn’t measure up to be a pubic hair on his ballsac.

        1. I was speaking figuratively. I guess you fancy yourself a biker, or something. Of course the only thing you have the minerals for is running your faggot mouth online. And yes, fuck bikers, 62 grains of FMJ lead goes through them just fine.

        2. Software engineer? Bought yourself a Hog and now you’re all badass? Leather vest and a Doo-rag. What a faggot. Get typing your badass reply, you fuckin twink.

        3. Whatever. You seem to think that the two are mutually exclusive. (Even which came first.) Your bias shows in your figure of speech. Can’t help it that free men bother you so. Leather vest? Doo-rag? Who needs that shit?
          But the video game handle is cool, man…

        4. Whatsamatter sweet pants? You too busy out shooting bikers with your ’62 grains’? Yeah, we’ve all heard enough of your whiny bullshit.

  14. It’s certainly true that state and corporation have together seduced young women and redirected them from their natural purpose (which is now routinely seen as insulting to their self-hood) but the key word in the above is ‘seduction’. One of the interesting things about ‘game’ is that in a curious sense it is often quite ‘anti-seductive’ being about generating ‘frame’ or being forthright etc rather than what might once have been considered necessary for bagging a hottie (or whatever). So we are in a situation where the state apparatus is not merely in the ‘provider’ or ‘alpha’ role, but is in this sense perhaps out-seducing, or even ‘out-gaming’ men in the pursuit of women. The great virtue of the ROK game position is that it doesn’t pander to women in the way that might be expected in the game of seduction, and that is both an advantage and a disadvantage in the above sense of indirectly competing with the state: the progressive corporate wage-enslaving state has aggressively seduced women and captured the imagination of young women. This seduction of the female mind and imagination is almost complete amongst many young women, who have been persuaded that getting married and having babies is an insult to their true mission in life (to have a career in STEM or whatever).
    This creates something of a dilemma. it is absolutely right not to pander to women, their whims or fancies, yet however much this might provide correction to those who have been hypnotised by shiny glittering promises and blandishments it remains the case that to recapture the flag the female imagination (and also the male) must be recaptured. it may well be the case that women are fixating on useless degrees and stoopid careers, but it isn’t necessarily enough to effectively say that to them. At some point if you present traditional family life as a better alternative to growing old in a cubicle (or for that matter a laboratory) then it is at the imaginative / emotional level that that case needs to be made

  15. If you think about it, any man who’s ever given one red cent in taxes has been cucked by the state.
    Your money, taken from you, by threat of violence to be redistributed to women and bastard children.
    Cucked by the state! Because “think of the chill-ren!”
    And they wouldn’t have it any other way!

    1. Its not that fucking bad, guy. A lot of tax money also goes go construction, hospitals and the like. Look at countries like Mexico without any form of taxation. Its not *all* bad. Some of you cats take this shit a little too extreme. Sure, I’d like to have my checks untaxed as much as the next guy. I’m just saying a lot of that tax money does get put to good use.

      1. Next you’re gonna tell me “WELL WHOS GONNA BUILD THE ROADS!?”
        But yeah I was obviously being hyperbolic.

        1. No, I wasn’t. Don’t type words in my mouth. Even if I were to say that I wouldn’t state it in such a histrionic way.

      2. How’d we have the amazing country that we did prior to federal income tax?
        “Trickle-down” economics doesn’t work when it works by the federal government taking our money and then trickling it down to various folks with strings attached.

      3. Countries like Mexico are the way they are because of government not the lack of it. If there is a need for something and its not done one has to find the reason it isn’t being done and that will be the government more times than not.There are taxes in Mexico. There are taxes everywhere there is government. Taxes are a method for some people to live at the expense of others.
        Governments also take monopolies in various areas and then claim without them and without taxes these things wouldn’t exist. The reality is they existed long before government took those monopolies.
        Remember taxes are the method for some people to live at the expense of others. The contractors government hires, your neighbors who will use the government services in excess of what they will pay, government employees who will draw very high salaries and pensions, and so on. That’s what taxes are for.
        If people are free and there is a need for something that something will be built.

  16. With the current tax rates and inflation, it is very difficult for a man to care for his wife and two children unless he’s making close to six figures. If he’s making $50-60k a year, he’d be better off taking a job that pays half of that and jumping on the welfare train. This is another way the government has destroyed the nuclear family: by making it extremely difficult for a man with a single income to care for his family without working insane hours. That’s why any man looking to build a family in this era needs multiple forms of income, solid finances and savings, and a bit of creativity in order to create new avenues of income, else he finds himself racking up debts that will stick with him until he dies.

    1. Certainly. The government oppresses my wife’s right to be a housewife.

  17. Women always tell me they want honesty, so I had an idea. I designed a wedding dress that was white but covered with 700 embroidered cocks. You know, just to be honest.
    No, they didn’t like my idea. Just proves there’s no pleasing them!

  18. I was at this rich mall and I saw a cuck and a fat woman with expensive lipstick, This article is right!

  19. Thanks for calling it like it is man. Marriage is a lose-lose-lose game for men. That’s how it goes. It makes sense though.
    centuries ago women needed the security and protection found in marriage. The whole provider-providee thing made sense. Now, it doesn’t. Marriage is just financial suicide for males.

  20. I think family oriented men need to focus on technological solutions outside of cooperative women. Any civilization that in anyway depends on its women will suffer and die.
    I think reproduction should be focused on the Beta family man outside of women. Artificial wombs are the way for a strong country to reproduce solid citizens raised by productive Beta males. Much better than the single mom shit we have today. And why should a country punish its most valuable (beta males) with the shit wives that are going to divorce them and take their kids to be raised in single woman households.
    Focus should be what is best for civilization and less attention paid to women.

  21. Uselessness breeds apathy and eventually resentment. Most parents can see it in their teenagers who don’t lift a finger to help out. Attitude builds and it isn’t long before you are counting the days until they leave the house. During the 1950’s and 1960’s, much of women’s work was replaced with electric washing machines, stoves, refrigerators, indoor plumbing, etc. Pretty soon, the soap opera and daytime talk shows came to fill the time, replacing homemaking. You saw the first stages of the women’s movement take shape. Still, women were still needed to raise children, but eventually that has been largely farmed out to daycare and public school. Decreased family sizes led to more idle time. Hence, more apathy and increased resentment. As the article states, we are now seeing it with men being replaced, and having no use other than being a wallet.
    How to fix this? Obviously, by being useful yourself, and creating a household where your wife is useful as well:
    Have kids as soon as you marry.
    Stop buying the frozen pizza junk food and make her cook.
    Have your wife cut your hair. Homeschool your kids.
    You do all the repairs around the house possible.
    Minimize media at home.
    Have her grow a garden.
    Build a sled with your son.
    Have your wife pack you lunch in the morning.

    1. It’s soooooo expensive to follow that to the extent it would actually work… And you’d need good raw materials, namely a “unicorn” wife, as they say here on ROK.

      1. Not easy, but it is possible. I happened to find a virgin farmgirl. 12 years and six kids later, we are still doing very well.

        1. I found a virgin, she’s 26 but looks younger. She’s hot and affectionate. Should I keep her?
          I really like her but I always figured I’d marry a 18-20 year old.

        2. If you can provide the means for building a family, you’ve got a treasure, there.

        3. Keep her, in just a few years, that selfish 20 year old will be a 26 year old wench. If she is hot at 26, chances are she will be hot for years to come. At 18-20, almost all women look hot, half will gain lots of weight in the coming decade.

        4. Agreed, even as a Civil Engineer, at times I covet things some neighbors have because they have a two person income. But then, I consider that my brother is on his third wife, and my other is on his second, and I see the life that my neighbor’s kids have (single mom) and I quickly lose my jealousy.

        5. I plan to complete a Master’s degree in the next two years and then get a really well paying job. So I’ll be skint, then hopefully well off.

        6. In 10 years she’ll be 36. How hot can a 36 year old be, compared to a 28 year old? I wouldn’t take younger mistresses.
          Right now, her face is so esthetic other much younger women look ugly to me.

        7. You’ll find that people have ‘things’ but no skill to use them. They have a huge house but 30% bodyfat cos they’re stressed and don’t exercise. They’ll have a grand piano, which they can barely play.
          You buy something like a bow for a few hundred dollars but it’ll take daily practice to get decent at it.
          I’d rather be the guy who speaks three languages fluently, plays concertos on the trumpet and has a black belt in judo living in a small house than the slob in a mansion.

        8. Agreed, all you can take with you when you leave this Earth is your experiences and family relationships.

      2. Then you should just give up, John. There’s no chance for you, right? It’s just “too hard”.

        1. Oh man.. Who are you? My parents? lol
          Sorry. I guess I could have expressed myself better. It’s not that it is too hard, but the stakes are really high, and I can only see myself doing it if I finally find a worthy woman and some stability in my life. Right now, I have a comfortable lifestyle, but the fact that I have my family in the UK, while working and living in 2 other countries is problematic.
          I won’t turn down what I have for a 5-year marriage and a lifetime of divorce benefits for the regular psychotic female you have in the EU. And of course, if I couldn’t be a good father (raise a child untill he or she is an adult), why should I be putting a bastard in this world (a single/divorced mother’s child is technically a bastard).
          This is probably the greatest problem I’m faced with in my life, right now. I would love to have my family, I know I could do a great job, and I am sure that my genes deserved a shot in the future (no pun intended). On the other hand, I’ve seen some of my friends trying to rush things and marrying the available sluts only to have their lives ruined. So… I’m not giving up, I’m only being careful.

        2. Agreed, the stakes are high. You only live once though. Keep in mind, for every over-the-hill woman who lives alone with her cat, there will be an over the hill guy who lives alone with his Monday Night Football and six pack of beer. Don’t Be that guy.
          Statistically speaking, the picture is not as bleak as people think. From the New York Times:
          “The divorce rate peaked in the 1970s and early 1980s and has been declining for the three decades since.
          “Those who married in the 2000s are so far divorcing at even lower rates.
          “If current trends continue, nearly two-thirds of marriages will never involve a divorce, according to data from Justin Wolfers, a University of Michigan economist.
          “Of college-educated people who married in the early 2000s, only about 11 percent divorced by their seventh anniversary, the last year for which data is available.
          “Ultimately, a long view is likely to show that the rapid rise in divorce during the 1970s and early 1980s was an anomaly.
          However, it is not just a numbers game, you have control of the situation. Keep dating her, keep in shape, maintain your virtue, and be a gentleman. Do that, and in 50-60 years, you can look at your wife, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and know you had a full life.

        3. I think you are absolutely right and I respect you for sharing that with me. I’m just afraid I can’t translate that into my life, at least right now. Women around me fall into one of these 2 categories:
          1. Beautiful young ladies I meet at the gym or in other everyday circumstances; these are just interested in small sexual adventures;
          2. Women of my age, close to “hit the wall”, sour, selfish and too much unemotional about any relationships; things have not yet even started, they have already decided what they want, how they want it, when and how long/how much. Then, they’re always highly educated, read, experienced and manipulative, feminist and resentful.
          Sometimes the first group seems to offer good chances of a nice girl. Untill this moment, they all revealed to be passing things.
          I think I need to take a year or so off this environment and go in search of a good woman.

        4. You might want to find one of those category 1 girls and date them, but DO NOT have sex with them. If they are a slut, they will move on, and you don’t want them anyway. However, if she is a decent girl, she will be impressed at your self control. Take them out, do adventures, date other women, just hold off sex.
          In my opinion, early sex is the biggest problem with both men and women today. Lots of emotional baggage is involved until people become detached and develop the pump ’em and dump ’em or thousand cock stare attitude (your category 2 girl). No amount of fun in the sack is worth your soul. Besides, I get to have fun in the sack about 5 times a week (without condoms).

        5. No parenting intended. LOL. I have raised my kids. You NEVER have enough money when you look at it before it happens, but people seem to keep having the little crotch fruit, eh?
          The comment was only meant to do exactly what it did. Made you think about it, didn’t it? Good for you. Most guys who comment here aren’t even old enough to be truly jaded. And a “unicorn” isn’t necessary, just a good woman with some values beyond economic greed.
          You can always have a plan, but it’s damn hard to plan the results. I always think of the saying, “Want to know how to make God laugh? Tell Him your plans.”

        6. Worth a shot. Even if I am the Eye of Sauron after 2 weeks without sex, I’ll try that.

        7. Since I came back from my Brexit holidays, I haven-t had not even 5 seconds to think about personal stuff, so, I`m Sauronizing for professional reasons.

        8. Honestly, I am not exactly sure how well it will work. I came from a strongly religious background and in my community, it was expected. However, the women were also expected to be traditional and know how to cook and fulfill the proper role. I would imagine there are some of those girls out there in the larger community, just keeping a lower profile.
          Back in my dating days, I would get with a friend of mine and agree on an activity for a double date about two weeks in advance. We would typically do something silly like mini-golf, bowling, museum, or a community event. We would then both go and find a date. I would approach a girl and tell her about what we were doing, rarely was I turned down. I think the girls typically felt more at ease knowing that it was a double date. It was fun to see who could get the better looking girl. Both my friend and I found our wives that way.

  22. White Nationalists need to accept that the 90% white America is never coming back.
    Reactionaries need to accept that the monarchy is never coming back.
    Christian Traditionalists need to accept that Christianity is a dying faith in the west.
    And we here need to accept that the patriarchy is never coming back either. We need to accept this and other realities and plan accordingly.

    1. Yep, cat’s out of the bag and the women’s nature is for all to witness. They never wanted to be in the kitchen to begin with.

      1. that’s false. 50 years ago, a woman would take pride in the household tasks she was given and would despise any other woman for being untidy.
        People learn by example. If women are grown these days watching piles of sh*t like the Kardashians being idolized, they’ll follow their words and lifestyle. It’s not what they want. It’s the only thing they know as “real”.
        As a matter of fact, very few people can choose how they will live. they simply play with what they’re given.

    2. That mirrors the SJW rhetoric starting with “it’s (the current year), do this and that”.
      Progress doesn’t exist. All situations are fragile. The present reality will not last 100 years from now. What comes next I don’t know. But things are not unidirectional.

      1. You’re absolutely correct. The current state of things will not stand. But things are never going back to the way they were either. We’ll see what happens in the coming years.

      2. Progress doesn’t exist.

        “Social justice” can never happen because human nature doesn’t change, only progressives’ delusions and propaganda about it.

      1. Shocker. Alt-righter doesn’t like what I have to say and calls me a Jew. Do you idiots ever have anything original or intelligent to say? So far I have seen little to prove otherwise.

        1. You aren’t surprised. Noone is. You direct things to specific groups (who mentions “white nationalists” out of the blue, without some sort of agenda? White nationalists are too irrelevant to be considered in this discussion. Also, interesting how you say “nationalists” and not “supremacists”. Nationalism is a crime, now?). You are sending all the signs you came here with a mission.
          Drago pointed his finger at you. Maybe he shouldn’t have. Most ROK readers are smart enough to detect second intentions and undercover backstage “activism”.
          My advice is, if the company of those people is bothering you so much, just leave them/us.
          I was born a white, raised a nationalist and respecting the idea of family (patriarchy). Life taught me, Reaction is good sense, both for the individual and for the collective. I will try my best to rush the demise of “progressism” and the certainty of its triumph.

        2. Have you read Amren’s comment section? Or The Right Stuff? Or Heartiste? Or Vox Day (who I think must be at least slightly insane)? “White nationalists” often seem to correlate with “supremacists.” And I don’t see how it’s irrelevant to bring them up. WNs, reactionaries, Christian traditionalists, and PUAS are all part of the blanket movement which is technically the alt-right, but which the WNs/supremacists seem to have co-opted to describe their particular section of the movement.
          Also, why should I leave this site? I have seen the direction this site seems to be heading, and I find it both unsettling and ironic (considering the fact that Roosh is middle Eastern, which is not what most people would consider “white”). People like Drago have plenty of sites where they can air their “Aryan grievances.” Why do they have to bring it here?

        3. “White nationalists” are white supremacists ONLY in America, where the lack of a well-defined nation leaves an open field for misconceptions (one, that “colour=race”, two, that “race=nation”, three, that “defense of races, racialism =advocating for aggression against other races, racism”).
          I believe there is genuine interest by the left in the existance of these scarecrows (and the debate they feed) as a means of “soiling” rational positions in sociological debates. My suspicions are high when these are brought into discussion, because we all know “reductio ad Hitlerum” and other fallacies are soon to be dumped in a sterile sea of insults.
          I didn’t invite you to leave the site, only to leave those people alone in their corner. I despise tattooed headshaven neonazis, accordingly, I simply avoid reading their nonsense and frequenting their places. As I do with liberals and socialists. It’s the same.
          Now, if you bring offense to institutions like the monarchy, or against pillars of human life like the notion of “nation”, you seem a proglobalization minion, and you’ll have my prompt opposition.

        4. A fair point. Unfortunately, we seem to be seeing more and more of these neo-Nazis leaving their corners of the internet and coming here. It’s hard to ignore when I’ve seen how rapidly this site has changed in tone since they started becoming more prominent in these parts.
          I do not see how I brought offense to the monarchy or the nation state. If anything, my comment sought to criticize all elements of the alt-right. Like I said earlier, the current state of affairs will not stand. Change, one way or another, is coming. But the conditions which allowed the idyllic world of 1950s America, or the mighty British empire, or a Christian theocracy, simply no longer exist in the modern world. For the record, I am no a globalist, but I am beginning to lean towards the idea that the forces of globalization have largely won, and that we must adapt to the new reality, whatever that may be.

        5. Sjw’s, leftists, feminists, multiculturalists, LGBTQIFFF, Media™, minority groups, academia are all part of the blanket movement which is technically Communism.
          Dude EVERYONE is a supremacist BUT only one of them is illegal.
          We have black supremacy, islamic supremacy, feminist supremacy, gay supremacy, brown supremacy, the Hun Chinese still think everyone is beneath them, Indian supremacy, Jewish supremacy.
          All these groups hate white people, say it openly, and actively work to undermine our societies BUT cannot build a society worth shit.
          Go read some of the crazy supremacist crap these people are going on about.
          Have you ever been to a corner of the earth were people aren’t stupidly proud of their mud brick ’empires’?
          We will destroy it rather than give in to globalist, take that to THEBANK™
          It may get a little bit more than unsettling.
          Persians are Aryan’s before Islam fucked their bloodline.

        6. Well, one thing you said is true. Persians are Aryans. The real Aryans, not Uncle Adolf’s fantasy.

    3. White Nationalists? Whatcha smoking brah? Wanna pass me some?
      Patriarchy never went anywhere. You know why? Because females need men.

  23. How to fix this in ONE YEAR?
    Obviously, boycott, boycott, boycott,
    have as little as possible to do with the system.
    Make as little taxable income as possible, purchase nothing new for a year, NOTHING!
    Collapse the bars/clubs with your absence,
    crash the restaurant system by cooking and eating at home, grow food and medicine, make your own music and art.
    Retrofit, repurpose, re use, buy second hand stuff from op shops that was made 20 years ago and is still working.
    Study the works of accomplished men in all fields of excellence.
    Downsize, men need little creature comforts to survive,
    the more creature comforts the softer you get, the more you perceive you have to lose.
    Stand up to female tyrants in your life, extract yourself from their tyranny, do not hang out with men who are morally repugnant to you.
    Train to be deadly with 2 or 3 hits.
    One year of keeping it in our pants would collapse this.
    I was never gonna get married and have kids under THEBANK™ laws, and anyone who tells you that you should is a slave.
    When I suggest to females that we should have an international ‘Leave Women Alone Day’, no flirting, no drinks, no dates and that we should work at making it a whole week so that we can get rid of the patriarchy they literally want to claw my eyes out and rip out my heart.

  24. I actually know an American (combat vet) who converted to Islam simply in order to gain access to a chaste muslim woman. He still drinks a beer and eats pork now and again, but told me he has no regrets. And no, he has no real belief in Allah.

    1. Assuming that she’s not trying to use him to get a “green card” (or facilitate jihad) then there might almost be something to that, assuming that she hasn’t undergone FGM.
      Between the prevalence of FGM and the lifelong anti-America indoctrination, I can’t help but be leery of this approach.

  25. I remember in my theatre work-study this one student said she wanted to be a trophy wife, but she didn’t have high hopes in her current boyfriend.

  26. There is no good wife. Only good family law. If by law she marries some chump and by law good behavior gets her the best deal, or God forbid her husband is actually happy with her and she gets the most social and financial status from the marriage then she is a good wife by default. There are no unicorns. There are no “good” women and by law none of them have to in the slightest need to concern themselves with your well being to get the benefits from marriage

  27. Then, when do we kill the bastards who enable all this? I see no other solution? All talk, no action.

  28. “Sadly, besides finding a magical unicorn, I see no way for us to fix this problem for our generation.”
    Go to SE Asia and find a poor, teenage bride there and pump her full of offspring. That’s what I’m doing. Western civilization and the Caucasian race might be about to die, but our individual bloodlines don’t have to die with it.

    1. That won’t work. If you pass on only 50% of your characteristics to your children, the next generation will only be 25% like you, the next 12.5% and so on until your blood is so diluted as to be undetectable.
      If your wife has many characteristics in common with you, your children will be 80% or 90% like you and your ancestors. That’s how some people ressemble their far off ancestors. Humans have this inbuilt mechanism. Many women are attracted to men who ressemble their fathers or brothers.
      What you are doing is no different than the conquistadors taking native central american women as wives. The result of that was Mexicans.
      The Caucasian race isn’t in such a bad spot. Take Kalahari bushmen, that’s a race which might truly be about to die.

      1. You’re pretty dumb and racist. You should fuck your sister and see how that works out for you. Fuck your daughters next. You’ll do well.

        1. I’d fuck your daughters if they weren’t ugly hybrids. ‘Bloodlines’ is inherently a racist concept.
          By all means, enjoy your Phillipino wife and family but don’t kid yourself that your individual bloodline can survive by ‘pumping a poor teenage girl from SE Asia full of offspring’.
          that’s racist!! wha wha wha

        2. Exactly what is racist about wanting to have biological children? Do you truly think you’re going to fool anybody beyond a double digit IQ?
          The assumption that I share DNA with other Caucasians (aside my immediate relatives) is absurd. I do not. My DNA is unique and was created in 1986. It isn’t in any way connected to other Caucasians whose closest ancestors to me may be over 50,000+ years ago. I don’t share a genetic likeness with them. I can’t increase the portion of my DNA by fucking a Caucasian woman unless she’s my sister or close cousin, but even then it’s not inherently true since my DNA is unique – we’re not clones, and it’s psuedo-science to suggest we are.
          When I fuck a Mongoloid woman, the children are of 50% my DNA, just as they are 50% my DNA when I fuck a Caucasian woman. It takes a special kind of idiot to say otherwise, because, as you’re probably now realizing, you can’t plus 80% + 80% and have it = 100%, as you originally suggested. Even if she’s your own sister and you technically share 100% of your DNA with each other, the DNA was still reshuffled at conception, you are still unique, and the offspring still only inherits 50% from each parent.
          A race – and even a species – isn’t a biological organism. We are individuals, and we pass on our DNA individually. It doesn’t matter who we mate with, our DNA gets watered down and spread out with each generation. That’s how evolution works. My objective as an individual biological organism isn’t to ensure the survival of the Caucasian race or even the human species; my objective is to ensure the survival of my own individual DNA, which can typically be achieved by placing an ejaculate in any fertile human female womb. This is what I’m evolved to do, and I plainly do a better job at it than you.
          The DNA, the ejeculate, it doesn’t recognize the race of the female I mate with. My sperm just gets into the egg, the 2 DNAs meet, and there’s a reshuffle and a roughly 50-50 blend, and that’s that. It’s the same process no matter who the female is.
          It’s sad people like you are so confused about how to make babies. It shouldn’t be so complicated. I’ve seen chickens who have better breeding instincts than you.
          Look, here’s a tip for you, alright: Just make sure you don’t put a piece of plastic over your penis when you have sex. The whole process doesn’t work if you do.
          Good luck

        3. I was going to respond to the troll, but you already made most of my points for me. Well said.

        4. You don’t understand how heriditry or DNA work.
          If you happen to be blonde with blue eyes, a high IQ and an affinity for gardening, what will your children be like if you marry a blonde woman who’s father is a gardener and brother a mathematician? What will your children be like if you marry a black woman who’s entire family are hunter gatherers with the IQ of an exceptionally intelligent chimpansee?
          Marry who you want but if you marry outside your race, your bloodline ends. What comes after you are hybrids, they don’t belong to your sub-specie.

        5. It’s not me who fails to understand.
          By your logic, I don’t have to reproduce at all in order to continue my bloodline, because there are already plenty of boys like me born to the next generation – 6+ foot tall, brown hair and eyes, pale skin, similar interests as I.
          Of course, I do have to reproduce, anyway, because I’m smart enough to know that my genes can only be passed on by siring offspring myself.
          Do you understand that you need to be related to somebody in order to be related to him? Or are you too dumb for that?
          Moreover, do you understand the definition of relation is in blood ties? Not necessarily observable likeness.
          Interests as specific as gardening or such aren’t genetic, either; they’re passed on during child-rearing.
          The behaviours that are passed on genetically are subtler than that. Such behaviours might include things like a certain way of reacting to a specific situation, such as whether you get angry when a joke is made at your expense or whether you choose to laugh it off.
          For that matter, my half-Caucasian, half-Mongoloid daughters do behave like me reaction-wise, and whether I want them to behave like me culture-wise as well is just a matter of educating them to do so.
          It shouldn’t be so difficult to understand. They’re my daughters, so they’re 50% my blood no matter who the mother was. That’s the best deal nature offers: 50% mine, and nature doesn’t give a damn who the mother was.

        6. Yes, if your siblings reproduce, there may be boys who resemble you without you having to reproduce yourself.
          You don’t seem to understand the meaning of ‘reproduction’. If a polar bear and a grizzli bear mate and produce an offspring, that’s not reproduction, that’s hybridisation and it puts both sub-species in danger of extinction.
          Married people are more genetically similar than random individuals, fact:

          The same is true for friends:
          Nature doesn’t want you to have kids with a Mongoloid. The reason you did so is because the unnatural forces of feminism and leftism have ruined your own women. In desperation you found a nice girl from another ethnicity and made do. Don’t worry though, you seem to have been profoundly influenced by Dawkin’s Selfish Gene but there is more to life than passing on your genes.

        7. Human races aren’t nearly as separate as bears, you dumb ass.
          You’re also suggesting a scientific impossibility. Sexual attraction is an evolved thing, therefore it must abide by the laws of evolution. So let me ask you:
          What would’ve been the evolutionary fate of individuals living in ancestral populations who refused to mate with fertile mates due to race differences or other trivial things?
          The answer is they would’ve been out-reproduced by individuals who were more industrious in their sexuality and therefore they do not exist (at least not genetically).
          This is true even now, as I have 50 times more kids than you because your inhibiting beliefs refuse to allow you to copulate with large segments of the female population, thereby drastically reducing your reproductive potential. From this we can see that I’ll have more kids than you, and thus future generations will be more like men like me than men like you, just as was the case in the past. So natural selection selects in favour of being me, not you.
          Honestly, though, to compare different breeds of BEARS to human races! Are you as dumb as fuck or what?! Do you have ANY idea how radically evolved polar bears are in comparison to other bears?!
          In the end, I’ll have more healthy, beautiful kids than you. My children are intelligent and will be successful and have HUGE families, and they’ll leave dumb apes like you in the dust.
          Here’s my eldest, Alexandria. Look at her and see how brilliant she is, and realize that YOU are the dumb fuck ill-equipped to handle your environment, not her:

        8. You’re clearly way too emotional. It’s a bad idea to put a picture of yourself, let alone your kid, in an argument on the internet. It’s just the internet, relax, don’t take it personally.
          Don’t you realise that someone could track your IP, find out the area where you live and now they have your photo while you have no idea who they are?
          I used the example of bears, I could have taken tigers, leopards or wild cats or other mammal species. There are differences between human sub-species. As large as the differences between mammals such as leopards and snow leopards. What you are doing is hybridising, not reproducing.

        9. Nobody can track me, let alone my kids. Anyway, given Facebook and everything, there’s not as much anonymity as you seem to think for anybody who uses that. There’s not much point hidinig anymore, but we’re not easy to find, anyway.
          What you’re saying about race is some racist bullshit, man. I might not be reproducing specifically Caucasians, but I AM reproducing my own DNA.
          You also fail to realize that adaption is a positive trait. So you see my daughter is plainly beautiful. A very good Alpha male – whether a Mongoloid man or a Caucasian man – will someday want to marry her. I’ll get a huge dowry, and she’ll have a great life making lots of kids, and our bloodline shall thrive. Do you deny this?
          This is adaption. It’s the mark of a healthy, industrious creature. Surely you realize that I have a reproductive advantage in comparison with people who have racist inhibitions such as yourself? In natural selection’s eyes, I think it’s me and my offspring who have superior genetics. This is especially true if your inhibitions prevent you from reproducing at all because Caucasian girls are becoming less suitable for reproduction due to contraception, abortion, and feminism.

  29. one doesn’t need to read many articles on this site to get the general gist of the topics that are posted here. i find a lot of articles that bring up good points and are generally true. however i never really come across many articles that offer genuine and plausible advice on how to make the community beliefs come true.
    the biggest point besides all the sociology stuff is economics. like it or not, raising kids and having a decent life requires good money and unless you are in upper management or have a successful business, you will need to have the combined incomes of two people. Plus if you have more than 1 kid and want them to have a good education then that will cost money as well.
    if you take away all the politics, sex, and sociology out of the current situation, you need to face the reality of economics. there are certain parts of the US and the world where one can raise a family on a lower income and have a good life, but not everybody has that kind of mobility.
    I live in the San Francisco area and it is expensive as shit here. Plus you are surrounded by libtards who accept the latest ideas without any thought. My entire family lives here, my parents are ageing and require more of my help to do daily tasks. These are realities that many readers face, yet there is a lack of realistic advice on here with how to deal with that.

    1. I just got back to New Zealand from 10 years in SE Asia, and it’s striking to see just how expensive and, frankly, ridiculous life is here.
      What you’re saying is true, but the reason nobody is giving you the solution might be because there isn’t one. The West is going to die.
      I’m just saving money so I can get back to SE Asia ASAP. I won’t be bringing my children back to NZ, not ever.
      When I go back this time, I hope to set up permanently in a good SE Asian country where it’s actually affordable to live and have a lot of kids.
      That might be your only “solution” – abandon ship. There’s no reason individuals have to go down with the West.

      1. I am much the same. I live in NZ too, lived here my whole life. I wish I’d left years ago.
        I’ve spent most of my life being passed over in minimal employment jobs despite being fairly well qualified due to some Indian or woman diversity hire needing a job. So I’ve also spent quite a fair amount of time in the welfare office being shamed by blonde HR cunts about how I lack ambition, my laziness after losing my job and staring at posters on the WINZ office walls of abusive white men.
        The ironic thing is the father’s who brag about their clever, educated daughters then in the same breath moan about being divorce raped in court by their ex wives.
        I took a guy’s advice from here recently and found a Japanese girl friend online. I am working a job I hate so I can go and see her in October, maybe next year she wants to come stay with me and we’ll move to Australia so she can undertake a working holiday.
        I’d like to get married and leave the West behind, my family included, hopefully forever. I can’t stand this place any more.

        1. I’m having the same problem right now. I’ve been turned down jobs in Tauranga because I’m a Caucasian New Zealander. They don’t even deny it. They say it right to my face that, apparently, we’re all unreliable, lazy cunts who won’t do the job properly.
          Others are asking me to take a drug test. WTF? A bit intrusive, don’t you think? For the record, I can and will pass a drug test if forced to, but don’t expect me not to write about it online how fucked up this country is, and people know I’m right.
          It’s fucking frustrating and makes me so angry. I return home after 10 years and discover my own country hates me. Well, I hate them, too. Don’t expect any patriotism from me. NZ doesn’t deserve it.
          I’m going back to SE Asia ASAP. What I’m planning on doing is getting fluent and qualified in SE Asian languages – I already speak Thai, and I want to learn Hindi, Mandarin, and Mongolian, too. I’ll make sure I go back with enough money to pay for the language education (which is cheap and professional), and later on I’ll obviously have a lot of career options in language in SEA. I’ll be set for life.
          But, yeah, the West is fucked and SE Asian women are the best alternative.

        2. That’s why I have Baron Roman von Ungern-Sternberg as my disqus avatar. I have pretty much undertaken a scorched earth policy in regards to the West and it’s values.
          I was shocked after I posted an international dating profile how many different women responded. It was overwhelming, I basically had to shut down my account after getting so many messages. After years of being told here in NZ(I live in Wellington) how worthless I was and how I was so lucky to have a job despite having a degree and earning next to nothing with a boss I hate and who hates me. Then being made redundant at the drop of a hat for no real reason.
          Yeah, NZ treats Caucasian men terribly. Our ancestors fought it’s wars and bore the brunt of it’s industry and now it’s turned around and kicked us in the balls. We’re all so useless and worthless yet somehow we’re still good enough to use up until every last drop of productivity has been sapped from our veins. And when they talk about white people usually they’re referring to the rich kids who have been given everything on a plate so they never have had to struggle. We’re basically invisible to society.
          I am planning on a career in software development in Australia where I can earn more money and maybe getting my J2 language qualification so I can live in Japan. I don’t know about SE Asian women but I quite like the Japanese girl I’m with at the moment.
          Seriously, fuck this country and it’s worthless people. I don’t care what happens to it as it’s made it clear how much it despises me and how irrelevant I am to it’s future.
          No wonder all the smarter guys are dating Asian women.

        3. Oh yeah, one more thing I forgot to mention. I remember when I lost my job I spoke to a work colleague who said that as part of the decision to let me go was based on the fact that at the time I was single and had no family and the worse performing Indian guy did have one. To which I counter with the fact that I never had enough money due to consistent unemployment to raise a family in a stable environment.
          NZ also has ridiculous standards for it’s own people, the idea that no matter how good you are in NZ you’re never quite as good as someone from the US or UK and that somehow despite performing better you are somehow worse. As they say a prophet is never honoured in their own homeland and that goes double for NZ. No wonder this place is an ill performing backwater compared to the rest of the world.
          All I can say is go somewhere you are valued and live life as well as you can. You deserve better and so do I.

    2. Hmm a few good points and some I frankly think are BS.
      Having a decent life for one is a worthless phrase, there is no universally agreed upon definition or anything approaching it. Being able to pay for bills and food etc is enough.
      I for one do not intend to pay for my children’s education beyond be bare basics, if they want it, they can work for it. Pampered children make shitty entitled adults.
      And finally, everyone has that kind of mobility, it’s just that most lack the balls to step out of their safe zone.

  30. I posted this comment a few days ago on another thread, but it seems appropriate here so I’ll repost it:
    No doubt this article is true as far as the AVERAGE American woman. But at the margins, there are still NAWALT’s out there. I should know – I married one.
    I am indeed fortunate. But I am also giving something back to the next generation. Thanks to my leadership and influence, my wife is now thoroughly red pill and anti-feminist, and together we are raising our daughters to be NAWALT’s. They will be attractive, kind, sweet, devoted, loyal, submissive, nurturing, and good at all domestic chores. They won’t nag and they will know their place in their family. They will also know to never weaponize sex – that is, to save it for their husband but once married, to be “always available”.
    The won’t be over-educated either. They may get a four year degree in something practical so they can support themselves while they are single – something like physical therapist, teacher, flight attendant, etc. (I already have their college tuition pre-paid through a state program). Basically a flexible woman-type career that they will easily be able to walk away from if their husbands choose to make them stay at home moms (which I would encourage). They will get out of college with ZERO DEBT and at 22 their schooling will be done – no grad school for them! Time to get out into the world and find a husband, hopefully by 25.
    They won’t be available for you guys reading this – even allowing for the man to be a good 5 years older, you’d have to be a teenager now. But there must be other parents raising their daughters like my wife and I are. So don’t give up looking for your NAWALT – they are rare, but they are so worth the hunt to find them!
    P.S. This is also why you must take the self-improvement articles on here seriously, and if you’re a young man don’t let the MGTOW movement convince you it’s OK to be a bum playing video games in mom’s basement. NAWALT’s like my daughters, when they will be on the dating scene, will have a tremendously high marriage market value – precisely because they are so rare. You will have to really have your shit together to stand a chance of landing such a NAWALT. Otherwise, your options are be alone, go overseas for your mate, or (God forbid!) wife up a typical feminist American slut and wait for disaster to follow.

    1. “NAWALT” is a pretty dumb term, but I get your meaning. Yes, I raise my own daughters to be like that, too, aside the education thing… I’m not sure I’ll blink an eye if they drop out of high school. I know they’ll marry a good man and have kids, so I just don’t care for their education.
      However, good girls aren’t necessarily that rare. If you’re the kind of guy who can get a teenage girlfriend then she will be young enough to follow your lead no matter who she is and how she was raised. Convince her to get off the contraceptives (if she’s on them) and get her pregnant 5+ times over and then she’ll be a good wife.
      Seriously, it’s called “making a woman out of a girl”. The word “woman” literally means “wife of man”. Take a moment to reflect on the meaning. The meaning is commonly lost in modern times. Yet the idea is to find a girl, marry her and fill her belly, and only then she becomes a woman. You need to learn how to do that. You don’t have to sit there and wait to meet a good woman – you can make a good woman yourself using nothing but the raw materials of a girl.

    2. Your only mistake was sending them to state college
      How do you know they’re not hooking up?
      Married by 25? Too old. 21 latest

      1. You didn’t pay very close attention to my post – my daughters are a long way from college age yet. And yes, I have no problem if they don’t go to college at all (the money put into the pre-paid college fund will be refunded to me)…provided they learn some skill, like going to cosmetology school to become a hairdresser for example. Without a skill, you’re reduced to flipping burgers or working retail, and they need to learn some responsibility and be able to support themselves while single.
        You see, I’m not against them working or even having a “career”. As long as it’s flexible and they don’t have too much invested in it, so that they can walk away from it and have the option to be a SAHM (which I would encourage). And once all their kids are school-age, they can get back into something like hairdressing (even if part time) – provided their husband approves, of course.
        If they get a college degree, it can only help them since they will have no debt (I can cover the whole cost without missing a beat, not only because I’ve gone the pre-paid college route but also because I am “rich” by most people’s standards – I am right about the top 3 to 4% income bracket on a national basis. In other words, roughly 97% of the people in the U.S. have a lower income than I do)
        But the college degree sure won’t be in “women’s studies” or even English lit! They will learn a skill in college, along with their degree. I think it would be good if they came out of college qualified to be a teacher or physical therapist. Legal secretary or nurse is good also.
        Another route is to split the difference between no college at all, and the whole 4 year deal. By this I mean a 2 year vocational course of training at community college. A friend’s wife did this and became an X-Ray tech. She’s been doing it many years and now makes almost $40 an hour! And it’s very compatible with her role as wife and mom, since she is able to go part-time and now only works 2 days a week! One of those days my buddy is off so he takes care of the kids, the other day he has to work so they have the grandma watch the kids. No day care necessary, and grandma’s happy to spend time with her grandkids…esp because it’s not much of an imposition, being just 1 day per week.
        So don’t think being a NAWALT means a girl must be totally uneducated post-high school. It just means she shouldn’t pursue a man’s career that takes a lifetime commitment, she shouldn’t run up debt, she should be in a career that offers flexibility, and she shouldn’t be too invested in it when it comes to time OR money…so that she preserves the option to walk away and become a SAHM (ideal scenario)

    3. “even allowing for the man to be a good 5 years older”
      Lol you’re implying that 5 years is a HUGE gap like a feminist would. Must be American culture or something.

  31. I don’t have a lot of faith that what I’ll say will mean much to you younger fellows, but I’ll say it anyway. I so often hear about how screwed you all are right on these pages.
    Learn to say “NO!” to a woman and stand by it no matter what happens. Fucking MEAN it if you mean it. You’d be utterly amazed the effect of telling some entitled little princess on wheels that magic word has on her. You will also become amazed at the effect it has upon YOU.
    A couple things may happen: you may panic because you’re just not used to being confident enough to tell a woman that pussy and a lousy attitude is not enough (getting laid becomes more important than your soul), and/or you may find exactly what you have been looking for. The added plus is that merely getting your dick wet will hold less power over you.

    1. Oh, and you may feel less need to convince others on the internet how badass you “would” be if women were only different. BE different, get different results.
      I’ve had what would be called shitty relationships. I’ve always had a choice even if the woman in question was a total nutcase. But every one will tell you they wish they had hung on to me. My response is “too little, too late”. Life is just way too fucking short to worry about all the shit we tend to worry about.

      1. Well put and indeed, many guys lack the ability to turn down pussy, no matter what kind of hag it comes attached to.
        I actually get a slight sadistic kick out of doing it. Often it turns girls into stammering idiots because they have never experienced it before.
        And it does give you power and make you less of a passive passenger and more of the captain of the ship of your destiny and life.

    2. Saying no has become my normal state, but the result has been women just go find some other guy that won’t say no and that’s about it.

  32. Where the fuck are we supposed to go to find decent wives then, truly shitty countries like Moldova that can’t afford to educate women?

    1. I don’t see that working out though. Assuming that you don’t just wind up with a stereotypical “green card” golddigger, you’ll have citizenship issues and a rather insurmountable language barrier to contend with, and those are things I doubt I for one could be content with.
      If you don’t speak English natively, you’ll never really speak English. The language is just too complex, the only rule is that there are no rules, only loose guidelines.
      Case-in-point: Melania Trump.

      1. >if you don’t speak English natively, you’ll never really speak English
        If that were true it would be impossible for spies to ever go undetected in a foreign country, regardless I think a lot of men would even be happy to communicate solely with smoke signals if it meant having a sweet and feminine wife who wanted to be a stay-at-home mother instead of having a career

        1. Ouch that hurt. I think I “really” speak English despite the fact it’s not my native language. Maybe you mean people whose language is totally different from Germanic or Latin based ones will not master it properly, just like we can’t ever hope to speak an Asian language without an accent or mistakes.

      1. Female education is the most effective birth control known to mankind, they don’t really give a fuck about those girls, they just want to lower the population.

  33. These women that use “bad men” as a justification for a youth wasted on pointless education and jobs, I wonder if they realise that they are essentially telling men that, no matter what they do or say, women fundamentally don’t trust them and therefore need a back up plan.
    How do you think they would react if we told them all we can’t trust them and therefore need 4 or 5 young girls as a back up in case we arbitrarily decide they aren’t treating us right? The general hatred of prenups among women probably answers that best. Backups only for them, but none for men.

    1. “How do you think they would react if we told them all we can’t trust them and therefore need 4 or 5 young girls as a back up in case we arbitrarily decide they aren’t treating us right?”
      They’d look for another man who’s more suitable… which is exactly what we should do – look for another woman who doesn’t think that nonsense.

    2. You don’t know how “they” would react? Never tried it? If not, why not? Just a fantasy or mental masturbation or what?

      1. No, can’t say I’ve ever tried it. Can’t even say I’ve ever talked to a woman who has so openly expressed distrust of men in that particular context. The usual justification for education and jobs is dreams, desires, and/or money. A good man seems to then just be a bonus on top of all that self-fulfilment.

        1. Two things come to mind, then:
          1) Why not bring it up with women? Have you ever told a woman that you can’t trust them because of the shit that is going on in society?
          2) On the converse, if you haven’t experienced it, are you jumping on a bandwagon that you have no clue where it’s destination is?
          I say this for a reason. The only messed up women I have had dealings with didn’t want my house, my possessions, or my money. They wanted control of my everlasting SOUL. The other items were consolations prizes (so to speak) for being unsuccessful.
          It’s sad because I think a lot of young women hear the feminazi (yes, I believe there are andronazis) version of what gets shared here and have the same reactions about men without the experience to actually back it up. They have been cautioned to “not take the chance” because sister girl there wrote an article telling how horrible them menz are.

    3. Except that in parts of India, where women don’t have as good jobs as men, if the husband dies or gets injured on the job, and the wife’s relatives can’t look after the kids, the wife ends up becoming a prostitute, or chaiwalla, or cleaning toilets. Having two educations is a good safety net.

      1. What happens in India is irrelevant in the context of this article or my comment. We are mostly talking about western women here who don’t even come close to having that kind of problem.

        1. Yeah they do. I have a friend whose mother met his dad young, they had 4 kids and she was a stay at home mom. When his father died, they had to move from their decent house in a good suburb, to the tiny house in a crappy house that she could afford on welfare.
          Because he died after being hit by a car, the insurance money got tied up in a court case and a lot of it went to the lawyers, and doctors bills, and they didn’t get the remainder for a couple years. She got crappy jobs, and never had enough money to keep good food in the fridge and the kids in shoes. When they got the insurance, it mostly paid for bills and a few small things.
          Her parents helped a bit, his disappeared. If she had had a qualification she maybe could’ve gotten a proper job to support the kids. She found another partner eventually and things got better, but for awhile there, my friend’s life was more or less destroyed.
          I used India as an example simply because there are articles online you can find to support my statement. But you don’t have to look far to see that it can happen here too.

        2. How would an education or a qualification have been the thing to fix all their problems? If she had some qualification but had been a stay at home mom anyway she would have experienced a similar problem given that she wouldn’t have had much work experience, if any at all.
          What you described is a problem, but not a cultural one like it is in India. It’s a problem that can theoretically affect men just the same as women in the west.
          I’m saying that it’s harmful to scare young girls into an education. At the end of the day you won’t often hear young girls saying how they need an education in case their future husband dies. Usually it’s “in case he becomes bad”. So fundamentally they are taught to broadly distrust men. It has nothing to do with women’s actual well being.

        3. If she had had better experience in the workforce prior to becoming a mother, and if she had worked a little while having kids, they would have been in a different situation.
          There are plenty of ‘helping professions’ such as teaching and nursing where a woman can do a shift or two here or there and still be mostly a stay at home mum. These kinds of jobs are easy enough to get back into if you have been very part time, if you need to, and they pay better than being a waitress or something cruddy like that.
          It is a cultural problem in the west, not just india. Too many mums end up on welfare if the husband is a dead beat – they are out there – or if the husband dies. It’s bad for the economy and its bad for the kids. In other cultures, like for instance some African cultures, there is more emphasis on looking after your family, so if a woman (or a man) gets widowed, they might have help from their family. In our culture, people don’t always feel they should, for example, let their brother or sister and kids move into their house if the spouse dies or whatever.
          People need to think ahead. Most women I have met don’t mistrust men, they love us and treat us really well. There’s nothing wrong with teaching our children to have life skills so that if something goes wrong, they and their kids don’t end up on welfare!

  34. This sounds like an episode of South Park. “They’re takin’ our wimmenz and our jerbs!”
    Sells ad impressions tho.

  35. “If you take the depopulation agenda
    to be accurate then it makes sense that you would want to train women
    to do anything but bond with men in a way that leads to reproduction.”
    It’s not as much depopulation as genocide. And Jews.

      1. It’s hard not to when you are brainwashed by Jewish publications and media from birth.

      1. I don’t hang out on Stormfront, you don’t have to be a nationalsocialist to realize Jews are the ones pushing this on us.
        I’m not a socialist at all, I’m pro-freedom (meaning property rights etc, not the right to vote).

  36. I’m more concerned that Government seems hell bent on making all of them fat.

  37. “If I were king of a land and wanted to destroy a neighboring kingdom, I’d simply implant the idea of female education within their culture so that they’d simply die out within a few generations.”
    A king or land wouldn’t be necessary. An organised collective usurping a foreign land could pull this off.

  38. If they are so easily robbed, then they wouldn’t be good wives in the first place.

  39. I will have to say that the title and to some degree the article actually smacks of victim mentality.
    The government didn’t rob me of a good wife, nor did anyone else. When I felt ready for marriage, I decided what were the important criteria for me, and applied myself to finding girls who fit my criteria. Once I had a match, I took the time to discuss in detail with her how I would see us in the future and how well that matches with her expectations. They matched well, so I dated her a bit, then visited her parents, and then married her.
    Guys who think they have the SMV and money to pull and keep a 21yo virgin supermodel are welcome to their lonely childless days of pump and dump or videogames, whichever they go for. I will be enjoying my children and my family life in the mean time.

  40. Education is FREE and available to everyone, and yet women still value it highly? That is completely illogical.
    Anyway I’d say for a man today, rolling the dice and wifing up a foreign chick, particularly a poorer one from a rural area, is about the best you can do. While there are certainly foreign girls who are infected with feminism, and there are the ones that will divorce rape you after you bring them to your country (first choice is not to do that), you’re still miles ahead of the average guy marrying an average broad in America today. The only thing preventing me from doing this right now is that I really don’t want to raise a family in America and need to stay here for financial reasons at the moment.

    1. spicynujac, I have no idea what kind of women you are all hanging out with. I don’t talk about my family online as a rule, but the women I know and love don’t behave the way you are describing.
      Who are all these weird, scary average broads and ladies infected with feminism you’re talking about? Could it be that you’re just afraid of women, and are projecting these horrible things onto them?
      I’m pretty sure that women value education for the same reasons you or I do. It feels good to learn and to have skills to make a decent living. And in societies where women can’t work, things get really shitty if the husband dies or becomes an alcoholic, or goes to jail. It makes far more evolutionary sense for both mates to be able to provide for the kids in case one gets sick or dies.

      1. I don’t personally live in Europe and can’t comment per se on the perception of free education there; merely pointing out that if something is free and universally available, it is not honored and cherished and valued to the extent that something one must work hard to get, and not everyone has. For example, you can be proud to be an Eagle Scout, but it’s kind of silly to have more than a modicum of pride in being a “boy scout”, which anyone can do by showing up at a meeting.

        1. That’s an interesting point. Except, that education does something of intrinsic value regardless of whether you pay for it. It gives you the opportunity to get a better job. It teaches thinking and life skills. And it becomes a right of passage in countries where it is cheap or free: it is an activity which groups of people do together in order to enrich their lives and also enrich the economy.
          Because countries where education is accessible and where people are highly educated have good economies. Education feeds innovation because people who are making ideas, make ideas that make money.
          This idea that something becomes worthless the moment it is free – I don’t really understand it. I am not being facetious when I suggest that water and air are free, yet their value is not linked to the market, but to other aspects of life. Likewise, people in countries where education is cheap or free — well, that’s the way they GOT free: because people loved and valued education so much they wanted it to be freely accessible to everyone.

        2. From what I’ve heard, in many “free education” countries, they are extremely competitive. You must demonstrate excessive skill, motivation, discipline, and track record in the field you wish to study, before society decides they will invest considerable money and resources training you in that area. In other words, they don’t waste precious resources giving out womens studies degrees to anyone who can afford the tuition. So in that sense, I suppose one could be quite proud of accomplishing a specialized, competitive degree in a difficult program.
          But still the point stands, it is circular logic for women to excessively value and focus on their careers. They were made to be mothers and wives, and to nurture and support a family, and her husband, not to be an office drone.
          Also, re the water example, travel to Africa where in order to get fresh water, the women must walk sometimes for miles from their village to a deep water hole, and then carry the water back on their head, often through unsafe areas. I think they have a far greater appreciation and value for their water than some spoiled westerner who just turns on the tap and expects it to be there (and also doesn’t give a shit about the water quality, or what additives are in it, but just trusts the powers that be to be piping in fresh clean water to them).

        3. How is that circular logic? I have outlined the benefits to society for women who study, rather than saying it is true just because I said so. These are:
          1. they provide a safety net should something happen to hubby.
          2. they make the country richer.
          Intelligent women are also sexy.
          You have also contradicted yourself where you have said that “free education” countries are extremely competitive to get in to uni. This would contradict your earlier argument that if they are just giving things away for free, it makes no sense to value them: if there is a lot of competition for scarce places, this would make degrees valuable even if they are free, because scarcity and prestige bring value.
          Also, coming from a country where education is almost free, I can happily state that people are accepted probably as much as they should be, and that uni is competitive, but not unduly so: just the right amount that people have to work very hard to get places in the competitive degrees, and reasonably hard to get in to the decent degrees, similar to the US. But in fact it is overall easier to get to uni than in the States, because you don’t have to have a rich mummy or daddy to go to uni: but it is not easy enough that people don’t value it. That means that there is more equality, because people who are smart can go, if you are poor, you don’t have to beg for a scholarship. In my culture, it is also considered very important to get an education and further oneself in life, so people want to go and work hard.
          Speaking of water and whether people value things more when they have to work hard for them, I think that is true, somewhat. But you have provided an answer to your own argument: even free education can have competition and can be valued, because it has a lot of hard work attached to it, just like your analogy with the women walking to the waterholes.
          I also think that people can be rich and comfortable and be given free things and still not taken them for granted. In the Nordic countries, there is so much respect for education and hard work that even though educ is free, people value it. So the well vs tap analogy does fall down at that point.

        4. “Makes the country/world richer”
          There are limited resources in the world, and money is simply the metric used to divvy up limited resources by putting a price tag on them and assigning money based on labor contributions. The overall size of the resources does not change just because more people are working. It is, of course, good for that individual person, or family, if it has more members receiving incomes, but again this is from an economic perspective only and ignores the social, emotional, and cultural cost of having mothers and fathers working while their children are raised by minimum wage daycare workers or the state. See the article today on the Frankfurt school and cultural Marxism. And of course the point raised so often here at ROK is that the woman herself will be far less happy in the workforce versus in the family.
          Also in the US anyone can get into uni, and our schools are full of unqualified people. Why? Because we have a corporate student loan program administered by the government but financed and operated by private lenders (with guaranteed repayment, and not even a bankruptcy can discharge student loan debt). There is no test of ability to repay or whether a degree in fashion design or black lesbian studies will be profitable, but it doesn’t matter because these lenders will put them on a 40 year payment plan where their wages are permanently taxed.

        5. These are interesting points , and you are right, that things shouldn’t be measured by money alone. However, regardless the limits of resources, if you have a highly educated country, you have a more efficient country. You have people who use resources wisely. You have women who are better mothers because they can share educated viewpoints with their children rather than being uneducated dunces. You have workplaces where people are able to use their reasoning skills to contribute meaningfully, rather than being too stupid to solve problems themselves. You have people who take care of their health, because educated people are proven to care for their health better, thus avoiding overburdening the health system and taxpayers. And you have a country that votes to make good decisions so it becomes a healthier and better place to live.
          One thing that is proven to have a huge social and emotional cost is when mothers are expected to do the same work as fathers without supports. Scando countries where there is lots of childcare, and women often work part time or whatever, do better than countries with other models.
          That way, if a woman’s husband dies, she has skills to be able to feed her kids, but she doesn’t have to give up being a mother to be a worker.

        6. Obviously more knowledge and wisdom for the common (wo)man is a good thing. But a well informed, knowledgable population does not have to be one with women in the workforce. In fact, in most traditional/poorer societies I have experienced, the women typically work up to and until they point they marry or have children, at which time they significantly cut back or stop altogether. But these are typically college educated women.
          Scandinavian countries do so much “right” I think it’s difficult to pen it down to one specific thing like “Oh that’s because the moms were working”. It’s an entire structure built around how to make life better for the average Swede/Viking/Norwegian.
          Anyway, of course there have been great contributions by women throughout history, and some of them truly do get great satisfaction from working in a certain field, and by all means should pursue it. Just like a fraction of men will want to climb Mt Everest or something. But it doesn’t mean we should foment public policy which suggests the proper role of a woman is in a cubicle, and not nursing a baby.

        7. Yeah, totally. But Scando countries DO say that THEY value education highly. And they do state that this is one of the reasons they are successful. Not THE reason, but definitely a factor.
          Scando countries show that you can have women being happy in the workplace, mostly part time or .75, and still be great, caring mums who put being a mother first.

        8. Perhaps so, but just because something is possible, doesn’t mean it isn’t without incredible risk. Remember, the reason we ended up with divorce, alimony, women’s suffrage, child support, numerous government benefits for women and children, gay marriage, tranny friendly bathrooms, and feminism is all because POWERFUL MEN decided they wanted to help these women, gays, and trannies, and make their lives easier, and come on, what’s the worst that could happen anyway?
          Having SEEN the outcome of these good intentions, there is a huge collective remorse on behalf of many men and we are far more inclined to say it’s simply not worth the risk of destroying modern civilization. But the genie is out of the bottle and in most cases it’s too late.
          I don’t really blame anyone for this. There is no way to tell really how bad an outcome will be of giving women freedom until you test it. But if it results in the end of your culture, is that really something you should be rolling the dice over?

        9. The US is at the bottom of most lists among first world countries when one analyses quality of life issues. I think they only thing they excel in is debt and destruction (military).

  41. The elites have gotten the public to buy into the myth that two incomes are required to raise children. It is a self-fulfilling prophesy.
    That is because one income is required to pay taxes, the rest to live on. Having women in the workforce drives up the cost of housing(more income chasing a fixed supply), increases traffic, drives up the cost of day care, increases education costs to educate women, etc…
    The elites want women in the workforce because it’s more money in their pockets.

    1. Nope, the elite want women in the workforce to reduce the human population. They already have more money than you could imagine.

  42. Marry one of the, Roosh. Trust me on this: she will want to be pregnant within a couple of years. And then you will have no energy fro anything but work and kids. Sleep deprivation is the reason why babies only come around every two years or so.
    PS. Best to convert to Christ (for your Soul’s sake) and go for a believer, because she is more likely to want a Trad Life, if such a thing is still possible under Frau Merkel (I mean the EU).

  43. Roosh, your agenda is getting more and more transparent, dude. Your Marxist shit is getting old.

    1. Liberals love Islam, but hate Roosh. Does he need to start throwing gays off buildings to get that lib love?

  44. We’re not suppose to talk about shit like that. Conversations like this will soon be labeled as terrorism, hate speech or rape…

  45. Oh. Oh wow.
    Do you even read your own words, I wonder… Wait, you probably do. And you’re proud of it.
    People don’t have a “value”. Regardless of age, sex, religion, origins… People are people, that’s all there is to it. The days when some people belonged to others is long gone. Women don’t “belong” in a family, or in a career, their place is whatever the fuck they deem it right.
    You know, I was actually browsing your blog because I had learned about the february scandal, and I wanted to believe that it wasn’t that bad. That it couldn’t be that bad. I was wrong. I would like to thank you for making me lose much of the faith I had left in humanity.
    Open your eyes. The days when one could genuinely believe a part of humanity was beneath another is GONE. Enter the twentieth century. Maybe, some day, gather these balls you’re so proud of and enter the third millenia.
    I’m really glad we don’t live in the same part of the world, because if we ever met… I don’t know if I could refrain myself from filling your ugly mug with my knuckles. Whih, considering I’m usually a rather peace-loving guy, is a bit of an accomplissement.
    As a man and as a human, you sicken me to the core.

    1. Michel Jobez <— cuck, mangina, simp content with female supremacy and domination. Does your leash ever come off?

  46. Translation – you would prefer that women remain uneducated, barefoot, and pregnant.

    1. as opposed to selfish, slutty and untrustworthy….yes. However, I do prefer her with some education so she could take care of the kids in case I kick the bucket. I prefer them with shoes, my wife goes around barefoot too much and gets calloused, scratchy feet…..not a turn on. I would agree that I do like her pregnant, progeny is important for a lasting legacy. After six, I think we are done.

    2. Obviously you prefer women to be re-educated, unskilled, harpy, and narcissistic. Female supremacy is your agenda, obviously.

      1. Wtf is “re-educated?” Educated is plenty. Unskilled? Hardly. I think women should learn any skill they wish to learn.
        I don’t seek supremacy of either sex. FuzzyDaddy and I are equals.

  47. Eh, I would have assumed that educating your entire country would take precedence over knocking up 20 year old women. Smart people make smart children, intelligence is good for business and for global standing. Plus, the more people think intelligently, the more likely the country will be lifted out of bad historical choices – Such as the last highly publicised incidence of systemic oppression. Too bad your mother couldn’t contribute to your intelligence by pursuing an education of her own, perhaps dinner table discussion could have been focused on the benefits of university instead of how dry the meatloaf was for the second time this month… Or by swallowing. That works too 🙂

    1. kingsofdyinghappy, <—- female moron who ignores history and chooses delusion as a valid substitute. Enjoy your cats. At least you won’t be alone when you rot from cancer.

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