Fat Girls Who Have Sex With Drunk Guys Are Rapists

SJW’s have insisted for years that men are responsible for rape when a girl consumes alcohol and has sex with them. Even when both parties are drunk, or the guy is more drunk, or the girl had just one or two drinks, alcohol means automatic rape to feminists and those of their ilk.

We’re not talking incapacitation here, which is true rape, but rather a woman voluntarily consuming alcohol and still being able to walk, engage in conversation, and do all the things her male drinking and sex partner is doing at the same time.

I’d wager that 25-40% of ROK readers, especially those born out of wedlock, were conceived when their mothers had as much alcohol in their system as modern-day SJW’s are using as a pathetically low benchmark for “rape.” So, guess what? Nearly half of you are rape babies.

What’s seriously next? If a girl hasn’t had breakfast, she doesn’t have the necessary calories to help her make informed decisions? You and those indomitable vehicles of institutional patriarchy, the Vogue and Cosmopolitan health sections, must have orchestrated her fasting-induced rape.

The fact is, skipping meals and (excessive) dieting are linked to depression and impulsive decisions. Yet before SJW’s take that logical step in the direction of again abrogating female personal responsibility and defecating further on due process, let’s consider the rape culture of active or normal young men being preyed upon by opportunistic fat female sex predators.

Surely our feminist brethren will help us destroy the culture of fat women raping young drunk men?

The rape epidemic you won’t hear about

America and the Western world face a continuing epidemic of male victims who, after consuming too many a brew, stumble their way into bed with mammals of the same size Greenpeace tries to protect. Where are the good-doers when this happens, tens of thousands of times every week alone in California, the crucible of rape hysteria?

If a girl has sex with an equally or more inebriated male, she can wake up the next day, decide she hadn’t built the requisite trust with and knowledge of her partner, and then efficiently and conveniently accuse him of rape. There is absolutely no comparable choice or legal protection for men whose guts start to wrench when they realize in the morning that they slept with a cholesterol-ridden human blimp.

Science has conclusively proven that “beer goggles” exist [1] [2]. Given the greater emphasis men place on female looks, particularly according to feminists, men are the most susceptible to being taken advantage of by a psychopathic obese female rapist.

Under yes means yes, chunky or just plain obese girls are committing rape nightly on every Californian campus, and at every American university where feminist student groups are trying to force women not to take responsibility for their own frat behavior and alcohol consumption (short of them being out cold).

I will assume that California Governor Jerry Brown merely forgot this inconsistency and will address it in a subsequent bill he signs.


Not even vocal European opposition could save Obama from Putin’s secret weapon, the Russian woolly mammoth.

Barring some sort of serious genetic flaw or some testicular disappearance, reasonable-looking, relatively fit young men will not gravitate towards a fat chick, despite her ability to seemingly manipulate gravity and displace large objects with ease. It is entirely the presence of alcohol that destroys these men’s otherwise ironclad inhibitions against such fortification.

Feminists like their cake and want to eat it

On the one hand, feminists lambast men for their focus on women’s looks and alleged insistence on feminine physical perfection. But they have no way of explaining (or ever raise) why a cohort of vulnerable young men have much more sex with fat, obese, and unattractive women when they’re drunk.

Men are taught to avoid the discussion or admission of having slept with bovine-sized women. And in many ways that’s the wise option. The only thing worse than fucking a fat chick would be fucking a fat chick and making her pregnant. Thankfully, though, (most) frat and other guys manage to avoid this copulation of doom.

The point, however, is that men in these circumstances are making choices they would never make in any other context (besides when they have a gun pointed at their heads). With the addition of alcohol, they are therefore not able to consent. Without consent, it’s rape.

I’m sure I had an excellent, excellent way to close this piece off. Then I remember it was this picture:

And remember, boys, friends don’t let friends get raped by fat chicks.

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265 thoughts on “Fat Girls Who Have Sex With Drunk Guys Are Rapists”

        1. Meanwhile, the land whales are looking for a big bone–you know, one big enough to get through all the fat and actually find the vajayjay. Regular guys just have to find a fold and fuck it!

        1. Haha .. that thread sure was fun. I wonder if some seagull still squawks by it every now and then to discharge more of the usual tired shit.

        2. The last couple months it has dwindled to the same couple of people, posting under MANY sock puppets. The article is 100% accurate, and they have all validated the same.

  1. “America and the Western world face a continuing epidemic of male victims who, after consuming too many a brew, stumble their way into bed with mammals of the same size Greenpeace tries to protect.” Shit, i laugh hard at this. That’s a very good post, it shows other perspectives to feminists, calling them out on their own bullshits.

  2. I never imagined saying this: the photos with this article should have come with “Trigger Warnings”….

    1. Fuck trigger warnings, this article should have been locked down for subscription only, and the subscription price should have included a free bottle of bleach for my eyes.

    2. I am dead. What you are getting is a comment from the afterlife. That’s it, you guys finally killed me with these pictures. I hope I come back as a game proof hottie just to spite you guys. If they let me back – appears I’m going to hell for wanking.

        1. Junk existence I’m sure UNLESS they embrace their nature instead of rejecting it, find a strong man to lead them, and have lots of children.

        2. Yes. They do not realize that they make life so much harder for themselves than it has to be. Dummies.

        3. With this comment all I can visualize is a family on a road trip, with the father “leading” them astray as he refuses to ask for directions, and a litter of screaming children in the back seat. Oh, and ‘Mother’s Little Helper’ playing on the car radio. Thank you for that.

        4. I imagine that we see people born without eyes or legs and think how horrible that could be, but only because we were born with eyes and legs.
          So to me a woman is like someone born with a handicap and they know no other way to be.
          What’s really sad is that 100 years of feminism could have tamed the hamster and given real agency to women or a choice of agency, but I think early on the feminists saw that given a choice, women choose to be wives and mothers anyway.
          So instead of combating the hamster they decided to feed it on the discovery that having a hamster is what destroys civilization.
          But they know no other way. Poor creatures.

    3. This article totally needs a trigger warning for those men who’ve been taken advantage of by a fat chick.

    4. WARNING: You will almost certainly pull the trigger after seeing these grotesque pictures.

      1. As I say about Lena Dunham, these girls should be harpooned and harvested for the oil…..

        1. Rancid oil? Who needs it, better off just using coal.
          And nobody better suggest fracking one of these two-legged nature reserves…

  3. When I was at the mall I couldn’t help but notice… how do I say… men who are ok looking, with fat women. Both black and white guys in particular. Not sure what that was about.
    The last pic. His boys will never let him hear the end of it.

  4. In before controversial, but very true, article attracts the rabid Tumblrites.

  5. Barring some sort of serious genetic flaw or some testicular disappearance, reasonable-looking, relatively fit young men will not gravitate towards a fat chick…It is entirely the presence of alcohol that destroys these men’s otherwise ironclad inhibitions against such fortification.

    The sheer skewness of the sexual market place will do that, combined with an entrenched cultural narrative telling men female approval is everything and their sense of masculinity depends upon it.
    Those guys you see on the streets with their chubby/fat/downright obese girlfriends/wives, in the malls, coffee shops etc., guess what, they willingly took the dive into the abyss. Thin, feminine women are becoming harder to find, and guys are thirsty, so they feel they don’t have much choice.

  6. The pictures shown in this article makes me sick. Those men who are making out with those gigantic land whales are a bunch of beta henpecked simps who appear to be desperate to make out with anything as long as it has a vagina attached to it. Any man with self respect and dignity would walk away from these women.
    But more importantly, these women should be ashamed for what they have done to their bodies. As a woman, a feminine trait is to stay in shape and maintain your appearance. But these women in the picture do not have any form of self esteem or confidence about themselves. It illustrates laziness, and this unfortunately, is becoming the norm in the Western hemisphere. Obesity is on the rise and instead of promoting a healthy lifestyle, what we now have are “fat acceptance” movements and any other ridiculous campaigns which promote this kind of disgusting lifestyle choice.
    The false rape epidemic has grown out of control and we have read about all of these stories in the recent months along with attempts made by politicians to try and incriminate men by creating laws such as “Yes Means Yes” and “Rape by Fraud.” Each day is getting worse as we live in the Twilight Zone, and all of these campaigns that we are seeing, prove and reinforce the point that society is losing its moral and social structure.
    Nuclear families are breaking down, boys are turning out to become pussies, single motherhood is being celebrated, homosexual propoganda and the gay agenda being shoved into our faces, women making up symptoms and diseases that they do not have so that they can manufacture some form of victimhood, government is continuing to expand and get bigger, and worst of all, anytime you try to say something to express your disapproval and resentment to any of the above, then you will be branded as a villain.
    Sick times we live in.

    1. But more importantly, these women should be ashamed for what they have done to their bodies.

      As the photos show they can get all the Beta dick they want with little effort….so why try harder?
      These monstrosities know that an Alpha/man-with-options won’t give them the time of day……but the other 80-90% of the male population would.

      1. The inebriated, low-swinging ballsacked non-‘beta-swinemonger’ frequently gets raped by morbidly obese cock gobbling beasts.
        We must petition Gov. J. “DooDoo” Brown to form a Humanitarian Commission of Inquiry and Enforcement to analize this situation in order to protect male victims from predation by the aforementioned dangerous beasts, and find out how many times the beast slips date-rape substances (probably a small dose of B-zed or LSD15 + banzedrine, topped off with a large liquid concentrate of sildenafil into the guy’s drink.)
        Be warned, the day is not far when one of these beasts ends up fucking a victim to death…

        1. That’s a little scare mongering or a hilarious sense of humor. Love it either way!
          I vote for Freedom for men to do as they bloody well wish. If that’s banging a fat chick (or let one demolish them) go for it!
          I’m backing men do to what they like not what the Men Police tell them to do. Stop your slut shaming and your Men Shaming unless of course you were just being funny – and that you were Sir. mwah xoxo

        2. I agree, just as long as no skullduggery or nonconsensual force is used, and no animals or children are involved.
          Above I was talking about large predatory shebeasts stalking and laying traps, trying to filch low-hanging manfruit.
          I bet these evil, predatory super-xtra-plus-plus size hippos have zero problem with ‘manspreading’ – on a sandwich, for a snack.
          Shivver me timbers, arg.

        3. I think that’s awful as nobody should be forced into anything be it a woman or a man.
          Should we ask him what the male victim was wearing and how much he had to drink like they do to women of sexual assault? Did he bring it upon himself for being drunk? Was he wearing clothing that emphasized his body parts that turned on the whale? Was it his fault because he exposed his arms? We all know biceps are a turn on for us women, did he expose them, well what was he expecting a woman to control herself and walk away? Man sluts, getting drunk, exposing arms knowing full well how women react to them and then crying rape. Shame on him (sarcasm).

        4. Shame on him for sure, no sarc. I wonder how many of these hapless predatory whale-cow victims commit suicide, or worse, suffer permanent sexual disfunction after the succubus has drained his drunken genitals and gonads of his vital humours.
          Talk about swiping and chugging a drunk’s cocktail. Fell-on-ious? Fellatious? What a scary world for them who would guard their chaste virtue.

      2. Being alpha or beta doesn’t create taste. your childhood does. If your mother had you when she was older, you’ll even have a preference for older looking women, if you were shown lots of affection, you’ll likely have a certain attachment-style that makes you seek similar women, we all want familiarity. Those with good relations with overweight mothers make seek comfort in fat girls whether they are high status, tall, hot men or geeky nerdy betas. Makes no difference. What men want is what men want. The only issue going on is the Men-Police who shame other men for their tastes.
        I dont shame sluts because I let them be despite the fact that I’ve never had sex outside a relationship. Let them be. Stop trying to control other men. Women do that quite well on their own. Men deserve freedom not some asswipe making them feel bad for whatever decision they want to take. I say give ’em Freedom.

    2. “Obesity is on the rise and instead of promoting a healthy lifestyle, what we now have are “fat acceptance” movements and any other ridiculous campaigns which promote this kind of disgusting lifestyle choice.”
      My god you need to be an Admin for this site! XD

    3. Well ?? Didn’t you think that those men maybe committing a personal sacrifice with the fat chicks, so that they don’t become a butch dykes ??

      1. I am not aware of any manufacture of beds that can stand the stress of 2 of these on it. makes it harder to be butch dykes.

        1. Just pictured: You as the meat in the sandwich in a 3sum with two landwhales on a waterbed.

    4. As pointed out in a recent RoK article, these land orcas could have been part of a circus “freak show” exhibit not so long ago. Within about 60 years, freakish is acceptable. The impending health problems are enormous and we will pay for this gluttony.

    5. “…and worst of all, anytime you try to say something to express your disapproval and resentment to any of the above, then you will be branded as a villain.”
      Then to hell with trying to be the hero, I say. Villains live on their own terms anyway.

    6. “These women in the pictures do not have any form.”
      Fixed it for ya. Seriously, who could bang one of these land whales? I wouldn’t be able to even get it up.

        1. OK, I have to admit… I have banged ONE fattie in my life. She was actually pretty good in bed. She did this thing that she called “The Milker”. Basically, she would rapidly contract her kegels while being porked. It felt amazing. She would turn it on about 10 minutes into the bang. I came in, like, 30 seconds. I was surprised by this, but she wasn’t.

    7. They’re not “beta”. They’re drunk. You didn’t read the article. Fat chicks need to be jailed for forcing makeouts/sex that wouldn’t have happened without plying the guy with liquor.

    8. I’m from Singapore and the behaviour written about in the article is truly gross! X(

    9. And then these chicks tell you to deal with how big they are and that you are an “asshole” for ever saying stuff like that.

      1. Yeah it’s not nice to be mean. Common human courtesy but God help the girl who asks me if her butt looks fat in some clothing. If it does, I’m honest. It doesn’t make me many friends because us women have been raised to dart around and not to offend. I dont go out of my way to hurt people’s feelings but if you ask me a question, I’ll be honest. Dont ask me if you dont want the truth.

    10. This is my boyfriend David typing (love how you claim to be a woman silly). Truth is David could do with some weight loss himself so sshhh – he has a problem with my sisters weight gain after having babies. She has an excuse but honey what excuse do you have for your very unattractive pot belly – do something about it before one of these “whales” find the similarity and come for you. In his defence he does bang a very fit girl every night FOR NOW!
      That first picture doesn’t scream her attacking him one bit. He seems to be into the fat chick. Most men love the fat estrogen creates but are too beta to man up about it. To the others who like slim fit girls, I may be on the market soon if David doesn’t lose his pot belly.
      Honey-bubs what goes around comes around lol

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    13. “worst of all, anytime you try to say something to express your
      disapproval and resentment to any of the above, then you will be branded
      as a villain.”
      Agreed. Openly condemn any of those, and one is guilty of the “sin” of judging others. It seems that to all the demographics you listed, the only thing anyone can do wrong is pass judgment.

  7. Of course feminists only claim it’s rape when a male has sex with a female who has consumed alcohol an not rape when a female has sex with a male who’s consumed alcohol. Feminism nowdays isn’t about equality, it’s about absolving females of all responsibility an subjaguation of males. I’ve dated women who don’t drink an had a couple of glasses of wine with dinner before having sex, I suppose that means I got raped. Feminists are so desperate to play the rape victim card that they shift the parameters of what a rape is all the time so they can keep rape stats high, they actually don’t want rape to disappear because it’s their main victim card.

    1. If a man is drunk and has sex with a sober woman, SJWs would say that it was the man’s fault for raping her because he was drunk and couldn’t control himself. Even if he’s passed out.

      1. Exactly feminists an SJWs will always lay the blame on men am absolve women of responsibility no matter what, it’s part of their end game.

    1. You actually see that with online dating sites. The most obese white women saying they like “chocolate” and things like that.

  8. Gentlemen, brothers don’t let other brothers screw fatties, especially when drunk. This is a David Garrett Public Service Announcement. Mind the Gap.

    1. A PSA posted on youtube with soft, melancholic, music playing in the background would be hilarious. Maybe with some well known guys from the manosphere in it.
      “Don’t fuck a fat chick.”
      “Don’t do it!”

      1. Samuel L. Jackson, with the same tone he used against black gun crime in that video he did.

      2. Hilarious! It could show the good men of ROK rushing to the poor guy’s aid and cockblocking the land whale while the other men pull him away! And to think we learned this from those same women!

        1. No, don’t touch it! Wait for the riot cops to blast it off the scene with the water cannon.

    2. Yeah but sometimes it falls to a brave soul to take one for the team and keep the cock blocker occupied. I think this is a fair exception to the rule.

        1. so so angry. Are you guys pissed off at other men stealing all the hot women and so let it out on these large chicks?

        2. Mostly they are angry at being forced to foot the bill for land whale health problems.
          And they are sick of hearing some woman spraying twinkie crumbs while she explains that she has a ‘metabolism problem’ and frankly, sweat hogs are flat out ugly.
          Or are you less interested in facts, and more interested in trying to be passive-aggressive?

      1. No fatties allowed! Period. Lose all that unnecessary blubber and promote working out and staying healthy!

    1. Great. But I always thought “chicks” was the wrong expression in combination with “fat”. Somehow it just doesn’t sound right.

        1. That’s not true, you insensitive bastard! The PC term is “linebacker with tits.”

      1. Same just call them fat women. Chick is a term that refers to an acceptably attractive woman.

    2. no small dicks – it’s the law! I have a feeling men who visit these sites dont have much going on down there (David!!!)

      1. I do not know you, Some Bird, but in a way, I feel as though we are kindred spirits. Please tell your husband that I wish him well on his weight-loss challenge.

        1. Thank you my partner wants to compete in natural BB right now, with dedication and my support anything is possible.

  9. If true equality is ever enacted, female “rapists”, will be a thousandfold more, as compared to male rapists!!!

  10. I frequently see guys who are skinny, and even some who have a bit of muscle on them, with fat girls (and sometimes outright obese women).
    Why? Cause there’s a major shortage of women who are even remotely slim. Fat is the new normal.
    And the sad thing is that if you’re one of the rare skinny chicks, it then has the effect of raising your SMV so much that you are bombarded with male attention to the point where it’s very easy to become something of a narcissist.
    Last year I went out with a fat girl for 3 months. Met her online dating, she had a body shape of ‘average’, and had the typical ‘secret internet fatty’ photo angle. When I first met her my heart sank, as she was bigger than I had braced myself for, but I got very drunk before I took her home which eased the pain.
    I will never do this again. Sex was just not pleasant at all, and was physically very difficult. I quickly gave up trying and just got loads of blow jobs from her every time she called over. Trying anything more adventurous than a blow job killed my boner.
    She was in denial of her fat-ness, telling me that she was ‘pear shaped’ and that most women were that shape. The cheeky bitch even told me I was ‘too skinny’ the first time we were in bed together.
    If you can’t find an attractive girl to fuck, don’t fuck a fatty. Jerking off, and the occasional visit to a quality hooker is a far better quality of life than being a fatty fucker.

    1. I also see decent looking guys with fat ugly women, and just think to myself “why?” I’d rather stay single and fap all day than date a fattie. Even if there was a major shortage of slim women, why get into a relationship with a fat ugly girl? Sure if you’ve gone through a long drought, go ahead and get drunk as fuck and bang one. But I just can’t fathom actually dating a 3/10. I think some guys just feel the need to have a woman in their life and they’ll take what they could get.

      1. You should try a fake online dating account of a handsome fellow who calls himself a chubby chaser and see what happens.

    2. So even though you couldn’t find anything wrong with her face that indicated she was a fat girl, she still turned out to be fat?

  11. When I was living in a new place, I was using a fat chick from a neighboring town as a weed source. She wanted my nuts but I wasn’t having it. One night I went out w her and her friends because her friends were alright (I had lower standards back in the day) and drank too much and had to sleep at her house. I ended up sleeping in an old metal bath tub in order to avoid having to “share the bed” (ie fatty rape). The sore neck was worth avoiding that shame.
    #survivor #yesallfatties

    1. Risky, but it appears to have paid off. If she had come in to get you, you both may have found yourselves wedged in ala William Howard Taft. Having to be saved from such a wretched nightmare would be devastating, not to mention while you were stuck there, she would be raping you with her fat folds.

        1. speaking of space rape… empire strikes back, asteroid beast- average american girl porn.

    2. Yeah, I had a land whale “friend” in grad school who made it clear that she wanted the meat pipe, but the mere thought of her pasty, white rolls of flesh left me softer than a rotten banana. Anyway, out of pity, I let her cook me a meal one night (greasy, sweet everything and overcooked to boot) because we both lived in the same block of student apartments and I was broke. She served a cheap but competent wine (I had told her I was something of an oenophile) and I had gotten comfortable–very comfortable. In fact, I dozed off. When I woke up, she had her mouth around my cock, sucking it as if her life depended on it. I was PISSED and stormed out. She called me crying, apologizing and I told her to get lost. She dropped out and moved away a couple of weeks later.

      1. Wow. I’m actually shocked. That, if true, without hyperbole of the Internet, is actual rape. Wow.

        1. That was definitely sexual assault. He did not consent. This is gross, but there are cases of this. Not a women sucking off a guy so much. But in cases of pedophelia or even men being sexually assaulted by other men . Where a younger male wakes to find an older male doing that without permission.

      2. See you need to take this story to the news. You were raped. Make it like those college girls and file the complaint later.

        1. That is only because the International Globalist Feminationalsocialist Eugenicists have indoctrinated your mind into nothingness and victimised your scrotum with Machiavellian Matriarchy in order to cow you into submission.

      3. Did you walk around with the couch/chair to demonstrate how you had been violated.

        1. I doubt they’d have taken me seriously (it was the 90s) and I really didn’t want anyone to know I was associated with her.

        2. Article aside as there are incredibly offensive points and some truth….your comment here is the entire issue of male vs. female rape. It is not taken as seriously as it should for males because men are afraid of how they look or would be perceived. Many face psychological damage by people saying “But you weren’t limp.” Let’s face it…it has a mind of its own. A cool breeze can arouse a penis. There are many hurdles for female rape such as blaming the victim instead of the perpetrator but there is also an issue with men not feeling comfortable admitting rape because of the stigma and judgement passed. Even within these comments a few people say you are lying and don’t want to admit you slept with a fat woman. And that is wrong.

      4. LIAR you banged her and went back for more BUT infront of your mates pretended you didn’t. You all do it and all of us know you hide them from shame (because Men-Police play on your egos). Even those with options do it – they tell me they are the wildest in the sack either because they dont get hit on much and appreciate you or they are just hungry and eat you all up.

    3. LIAR you banged her and went back for more BUT infront of your mates
      pretended you didn’t. You all do it and all of us know you hide them
      from shame (because Men-Police play on your egos). Even those with
      options do it – they tell me they are the wildest in the sack either
      because they dont get hit on much and appreciate you or they are just
      hungry and eat you all up.
      Far out the #survivor has me in stitches at work!!! You are one funny dude.

      1. False. I did not bang her. I did bang some fatty (not sagging cunt flap obese mind you) a few times when I had just moved to another town, but that was because it was strictly anal related activities. No 24 year old dude would pass that up.

  12. You didn’t get the memo – fat shaming is now unacceptable, so refusing to have sex with fat women is also rape because it is a form of fat shaming. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you were drunk, you had no choice but to fuck so we don’t hurt a sperm whale’s feelings. If said whale is tipsy or drunk on the other hand, well then, need I call you what you are, you fucking oppressive patriarchal bastard!

    1. Funny thing is, you go fuck one of these pigs and then they turn around and sue you for rape. Double whammy…

        1. Interesting. The guy had pictures on his mobile phone, showed the police and he was kept into custody (for 18 hours) until one of the other women confessed in was consensual sex. At least, in the end, a judge with a little sense order the women to serve time (20 months) for lying to the police.

    2. Screw that. I was at a concert sat night and had land whales chasing me all night. I finally told one of them to go away. She mocked me as her perceived sexual market value was that of chasing me. I pointed at the attractive put together girl chasing me standing next to me. Pointed at her said “This is attractive and put together” pointed at the 2 land whales and said “Unattractive and fat slobs” The attractive girl and her friends started busted out laughing

      1. Fuckin A! OUTSTANDING!
        It’s time we all stopped worrying about PC and liberals and SJWs trying to shame us.
        Goddammit, speak the truth. No more false pleasantries.
        Call it like you see it and fuck those who can’t take the truth. We don’t need them anyway.

    3. have you ever noticed that the fatter a woman is, the more she seems to fear rape?

      1. To be fair, there are a lot of fold flapping around unaccounted for. Pretty easy for something to just slip in there.

    4. Whilst the victim of the fatty gets decimated by his brethren for fouling his meat in her loins.

  13. How many ROK articles about foreign women will it take to convince the average man he is wasting his time and even endangering himself with western women? What does a western woman have to do to convince you that you are making the biggest mistake of your life by getting involved with them?

  14. The main pic is upsetting. From what we can tell, the dude is in good shape and could probably get a decent 6-7. Instead he’s cozying up with a 2, a 2 he probably had to work on!

  15. Brilliant article, sums up the illogical drivel that seems to constitute a feminists idea of rape.
    On another note, men are biologically programmed to “fuck anything with a vagina” so more men than you think desire to have sex with a fat woman but stay away because of the social stigma attached to it. But more of a reason not to, is that it perpetuates the acceptance of obesity and continues to de-value male worth on the sexual marketplace. A proverb that applies to any form of denunciation (by way of not having sex with) regarding sleeping with women of lower value that yourself;
    “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”

    1. You neglect to ponder – evolutionarily, is obesity a trait that is reproductively desirable or not?
      Ability to store much fat and thereby greater likelihood to survive harsh conditions such as an ice-age or long famine, as well as benefiting the group were she to succumb – plenty of meat for the survivors.

  16. I agree with this. Fat dogs (and ugly ones) have always targeted drunk guys for a bit of rompy pompy. They always used to hang around till closing or after closing time at the pubs to pick up sexually wound up drunk guys. It is amazing what guys will lower themselves to at this stage, and the girls know this.
    Of course, the fatties in my hey day weren’t as big as they are now.

    1. On the other hand, maybe they hang around till closing time because no guys pick them up. That’s a more likely explanation.

  17. Shame on RoK showing pictures of innocent men being preyed upon by fat women. Many of those photos show men being sexually assaulted while inebriated. There was at least one hate crime/racially motivated sexual assault on a young african american so drunk he was asleep on his feet. Shame…

    1. But didn’t David Duke and other smart men say that all the ‘darker complected males’ want to do is use their huge BBC to plunger the tasty 200 kilo (440 pound) pasty loafs of white broad?

  18. It’s obvious at this stage that feminism has shaped the lies of our world by putting the opposite to men for blame. Men aren’t oppressing women, women are oppressing men. Men aren’t putting unrealistic standards on women, women are putting unrealistic standards on men. Men don’t rape women, women rape men.
    Though the real big secret they don’t want you to know is that there’s no such thing as rape culture or men raping women.

  19. The word Rape is going the way every word goes that’s overused By SJW’s, it becomes meaningless over time as the scenarios’ of it’s use become Broaden to more and more meaningless things, Like the boy who cried wolf , eventually no one cares, but trivializing words as SJW’s do, does an injustice to the people who have truly suffered, The woman who was Brutally raped and hanging on to life is placed in the same category as the woman who consented, but had day after regret.

  20. The obese ones just make you sick, there will never be a point in my life where I would be drunk enough to go with a fat fart.

    1. I despise fat women. And the reason is very logical actually(besides them making me wanna throw up). The more wales are floating around, the less fuckable chicks are left (dealing with a zero sum game here), the more competition we men face, and the nastier attitude the average ones have because of this. So fat women are figuratively and literally a drag on the society.

      1. I wouldn’t even take a BJ from one, even if she promised it to be wet and sloppy.

        1. Right man, but the number of wales have a direct impact on the quality of MY life regardless if I interact with them or not, and that’s where the problem is.

        2. Agreed. The rise of liftbro culture is almost solely caused by the ever decreasing quality of women. Many of these bros would never have taken up lifting if the average man could expect to date what was the average woman 60+ years ago.
          Instead they’re lifting and sucking down the protein shakes in a desperate effort to gain access to the precious few human looking females left.

        3. Honestly, they affect everyone… if only due to the extra effort needed to escape their gravity wells.

  21. If alcohol inebriation doesn’t absolve a woman’s decision to drive, it should not absolve her decision to have sex. Of course, this double standard doesn’t require the male pronoun…

    1. I’ve made this observation myself, but we should be careful with it. These mouth breathing retards will next double down and say that the man who bought her the drinks should be punished when she kills someone while driving drunk because he was the one who tried to get her intoxicated so he could rape her.

  22. Once upon a time, it was good clean fun to make fatty jokes. Take a look at this Wacky Sticker published by Topps (the baseball card company) in 1980 from my personal collection. Ah, the memories.

      1. haha.. awesome. Seeing stuff like this is what makes me say the America we knew is already dead and gone. This couldn’t even be *drawn* by a kid in art class these days, much less created and sold in stores as a product. My, how quickly things have changed. I remember having GPK cards in elementary school…

        1. Little known fact – Garbage Pail Kids were created by Art Spiegelman who is most famous for the graphic novel Maus based on his father’s Holocaust survival stories.

        2. Remember the days of Married With Children where Al Bundy made all sorts of fat jokes? You’d never see a series like that on TV nowadays.

      1. Awesome.
        married with children was one of the last decent sitcoms. They cannot even MAKE stuff like that for TV anymore.

    1. Oh, God, I remember these from back in the 70s. You used to be able to get all kinds of cards with stickers, often parodying a popular product. I’m sure the attorneys and professional victims put an end to them.

    2. Just shows how the standards have dropped during the last 35 years. Fat shaming used to be perfectly acceptable in a time where the large majority where non-obese.
      PC “tolerance” and an epidemic of fatness has completely undermined the conception of what a healthy weight is.

    3. I was mildly amused. Then I noticed it said “seventon” not “seventeen” And I cracked the fuck up.

  23. Now you see if we can collapse civilization we’ll get rid of these obese land whales too.

    1. And when they come to you begging for food, look them slowly up and down, and drawl, “You already ate.”

      1. I’ll offer them water.
        You know, to keep their skin from drying out until they can get back into the ocean.

  24. If being drunk means you were raped, then I Lucas Thomas have been raped by maybe 20 women

  25. We need a campaign to stop the rape of men by fattie, ‘Just coz he’s drunk, doesn’t mean you get his junk’.

  26. “The only thing worse than fucking a fat chick would be fucking a fat chick and making her pregnant. Thankfully, though, (most) frat and other guys manage to avoid this copulation of doom.”
    In order to get a fat chick pregnant you’d have to get the sperm into her vagina, not accidentally ejaculating into the fat between her thighs.

    1. Assuming the mad cow doesn’t push ejaculate into her vagina herself.
      Fat women are far less likely to use birth control. Probably because they subconsciously realize that their lack of opportunity for sperm and state of unhealth already stack the odds of conceiving against them.

      1. There is also a huge risk(or chance, however you want to look at it) that she suffers from reduced fecundity, due to her obesity. If she becomes pregnant, she will also risk birth complications.

    2. My college friend did that at Jazz fest about 10 years ago.
      Good looking successful guy, alpha who always had hot girlfriends.
      But he gets shitfaced at JazzFest, goes out to the parking lot with a landwhale and nails her in his car.
      FFWD 10 years, he’s got a 9 year old son, and is now living with the fatty, “doing the right thing” so he can have a hand in raising his son, who looks just like him.
      I hope he teaches his son not to lower his standards like that. My dad never did and I was the victim of fatty rape more than once in college. I felt bad afterward each time, but after 15 drinks inhibition disappears.
      I don’t drink like that now and stopped after college, thus no more cases of fatty rape.

  27. Rape culture has permeated the tribes of fat women and has now reached epic proportions. Fat women are now epically fat, they are epically ravenous in their sexual perversions, and they are epically raping inebriated young men who are otherwise innocent. Thank you, Return of Kings, for addressing this public menace.

    1. You don’t hear enough about this in the MSM because it doesn’t fit into the nice little narrative (plus, it pisses off too many of their consumers….large women).
      You have to shake your fucking head. Women want so much (including equality) but give so little in return (i.e. rights, respect, consideration, etc…). They’re always the victim…even when they’re the predator.

      1. They’d be willing to be very generous and magnanimously give plenty of guys plenty – of pegging.

  28. Can you also do an article on #fatchickspreading?
    Fat chicks are taking up huge amounts of space on public transportation, on flights, on sidewalks, and at the McDonald’s counter. It’s about damn time something is done about this.

    1. A while ago, I took a bus. The people you see on the bus are always interesting. But this time, the bus stopped at a major stop, and a crowd of people were waiting. I was sitting near the front of the bus, and the seat next to me was empty. So people started walking in. Old man, student, hot chick, plumber in uniform. They all went to the totally empty seats in the back.
      Then came this landwhale – biggest woman I’ve ever seen, size of three planets and a pig. She could barely squeeze herself through the doors at the front, and then she started making her way towards me. I thought ‘maybe I should put a bag on the seat next to me’, but it was too late. She didn’t even look. She turned away from me with her face, and started shoving her gigantic ass back. And it went further and further, and the great mass of lard came coming towards me, until it pushed me right against the window.
      She stayed on until the final stop. I’ll just pay for the parking now.

        1. Oh man….I never sit close to the window, easier to escape in case mammoths start taking the bus. Also discourages people to sit next to you.

    2. Yeah please I was on the train with this land whale and she kept falling alseep and leaning on me to the point where I had to elbow her so she could watch her folds.

  29. I’m a girl and I actually agree with this article. So many women who don’t take care of themselves think they deserve a man who’s in good physical shape. My boyfriend’s in pretty good shape and he’s had a handful of overweight, old women who tried to sleep with him when he was drunk. Disgusting.

    1. I feel like becoming and staying a fat chick is some type of weird vicious cycle for all involved. It stems from some type of issues where bitches eat their feelings, then find thirsty betas who pump and dump them because they’re too repulsive to stand. And then they use it as an excuse to continue to eat their feelings and balloon even more. I always say: if this is a real sad life issue you can eat your feelings for 2 days and that’s it. Never let emotional eating pass 2 days. It’s just simple calorie math, if you’re eating a tub of ice cream that’s 1200 calories or so you do it night number 2 its 2400 not burned, but get to 3 nights and its 3600 and you’ve gained a pound and it’s a slippery slope to fat. The only thing worse than being depressed is being fat and depressed.

      1. And the only thing that’s worse than that is being fat, depressed and horny.
        When that goes down, good men get raped.

  30. I hope this goes viral, but something tells me the headline isn’t click porny enough.
    “One strange trick for fat chicks to rape hunky guys!”
    “New law clears way for fat chicks to rape men”

  31. Fat chicks NEED their fat ass diet or else they become violently psychotic. Try telling a whale that she won’t eat and that you’re taking her to ‘diet island’ where there’s only a vegetable juicer, grapefruit trees and a trough of water. She’ll become furious and throw herself out of a moving car fiending for some fast mickey d’s like a crack addict. She packs the shit down and becomes a happy fat slob again, peaceful for a few more hours until the next psychotic hunger pangs hit.
    I don’t get it, why mentioning dieting to an obese person makes them starving hungry. It’s ass-backwards. With fat chicks, they’ll never voluntarily curb their eating or pursue exercise. They have to be TRICKED into it. Like by RUNNING OUT OF GAS out in the middle of nowhere. Have some good athletic walking shoes tucked away for her, some energy bars and a couple jugs of Gatorade. A few weekends of ‘gas line fitting trouble’ and you’ll have that American gastropod (new word) overhauled and looking like a Romanian gymnast. 5 or 10 miles will sore up and break a beginner just fine. YOU HAVE TO TRICK THEM.

    1. ” . . . some energy bars and a couple jugs of Gatorade.”
      And this is where most diet and exercise for weight loss falls down these days. That stuff is for already lean athletes burning 1000 calories per hour for at least 2 hours at a time (and the Gatorade you buy at the corner store isn’t even real Gatorade).
      The whale already has enough fuel on board to walk from NY to LA – and back. If you keep her supplied with sugar to mainline she’ll never even begin to burn it.

      1. You’re right. I’d drink the Gatorade and then I’d dole out high sodium protein ‘shots’ to her behind the bushes during intermediate rest stops. I’ve walked a distance with an unwilling fat chick. I kept telling her to focus on the goal of reaching the next destination landmark. Waves of bizarre psychosis would overcome her where she would scream at traffic, throw herself on the ground and roll and then get up and hurl objects from the ground like rocks. I even told her to believe she was a Jew in the desert and I was Moses. That didn’t work. Jews don’t camp, so the female jewish comediennes claim, ha ha. Behind the bushes, I told her to make believe she was ‘HEIDI’ and she could call me ‘PAPA’. Most of the trek, I was ‘papa’. Ok ok, enough then . . Whether it’s drugs or diet, the detox and drying out phase can be quite an adventure for many.

        1. That’s not just a fat chick, that’s a fat chick pegging the BPDometer.
          Not that they don’t often go together.

        2. There’s a reason the Jews had to walk in the desert for 40 years. A whole generation of soft house slaves had to die off before they became an army.

        3. She needs to first of all change her diet. Go completely organic, eat lean meat and vegetables on a daily basis, and cut out the sugary shit and transfat completely. Then she will lose weight.
          Exercise is a good supplement for weight loss, and it builds cardio, muscle and shapes the body to look more athletically toned.
          But without a radical change in diet, its all wasted effort if you want to shed weight. The fat chick should be put on a strict diet for several months, before starting on 20 mile hikes.

        4. GREAT advice doc. Seriously, you’re absolutely right. But a cow headed to slaughter won’t and can’t listen to anything but their gut when their gut screams. Planet fitness, as nice and cautling as it is to struggling whales is about as useful as aa to a drunk or overeaters anon which meets weekly at some church and talks about food and then MEETS later at TGIF – seriously. Bunch of stick in the mud fatso ladies from city-county building paperwork day jobs. THAT’S WHO YOUR TAXES FEED!
          Best bet is a no way out scenario where resources are scarce and the ‘Blood Type Diet’ books by D’Adamo to be carried around and followed like the bible. I’ve seen average build people become lean as an INSECT who strictly followed the food groups. Or Klassen’s ‘Salubrious Living’ is another but less inclusive.
          The issue is that whales can’t do it on their own even on borrowed time. That’s where I thought of ‘FAT ISLAND’ or something comparable.

        5. Yes. I am afraid you are right.
          The US might establish anti-fat rehab Clinics around the country. Treating fatness as a mental disorder is a way forward.
          It would be great if family members and employers started to encourage the fat to go on payed leave to these clinics. Or perhaps some more tough measures are needed like fat boot camps.
          Another strategy is simply to prohibit the sale of toxic foods. Imagine if the fat could not buy junk food or sugary drinks? The junk food addicts would virtually go ballistic at the very thought.
          In America this would never go down with the big food Corporations without a huge fight. So this is probably not a realistic political solution.

        6. The lengths you go to in order to rationalise your cravings to get cockgobbled by an obese broad behind bushes on roadways… Quite a fascinating kink there, son.

  32. I think in general you owe it to yourself to party and have to accept the risks of whatever may happen; people always do stupid things, it’s not like anyone told you.
    It’s your decision if you wanted to drink with intentions of loving someone else; you didn’t come in with the right mindset.

        1. if either of MY girls got to looking like that They’d be kicked to the curb before you can blink… and they know it.

        2. Oh come now, slaves is so barbaric.
          Maidservants is so much more aesthetic sounding…

        3. True, but I doubt ‘maidservants’ need to be chained up to the same extent, to avoid running away from the one who wants to be called ‘master’.

    1. Maybe okay for a night. But that is her in pre-relationship trim mode. Things will get worse quickly once she meets that special guy.

        1. and if she’s only fat, now…just imagine how big she’ll be once she is actually pregnant. ..Jesus.

    2. My guess is that she is around 20-30 Pounds overweight, her BMI is for sure more than 25. No woman with a healthy weight should have a gut the size pictured.
      Its a shame because she has good genetics. Fatness unfortunately ruins most of her potential.

    3. That broad will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer (in the shadow).

  33. yeah, but there’s only one problem with this article….
    Watching your drunk buddy fondling a fat chick is funny as fuck. It’s true, quality entertainment, especially the video evidence.

  34. Thanks for this warning.
    At least it’s nice to set up high yet attainable standards.

  35. This line had me laughing, mammals of the same size Greenpeace tries to protect, ha hah, the reason most of these fat chicks like black guys is that you need 14″ just to get passed their thighs before you can hit any pussy. That last photo was sick. When I was like 21 I was raped a couple of times by fat chicks and I felt bad for days later.
    My friends gave me shit, I told them I only let her blow me.
    “No Fat Chicks” used to be a bumper sticker in California before the SJW”s took over lol.

  36. I wouldn’t necessarily call them rapists but they are ugly as fuck! Fat acceptance movements and the like need to stop. These fatties take up lots of space on public transportation and it is getting annoying added with the fact that a lot of them are lazy, ugly, and crazy.

  37. “Inner Beauty” and “SJW feels” aside, women need to understand that beyond the DNA hardwired attraction to in shape women, there is a more rational and logical explanation to fat women shunning. I tried to explain this to a fat girl once. She was meandering and whining about how guys should see her inner beauty. I told her, “If you are overweight, you don’t respect yourself. And if you don’t respect yourself, how in the hell are you ever going to respect anybody else?”

  38. I’m sure this was mentioned somewhere else in the comments.. but for me
    the only thing worse than fucking a fat chick would be when your friends find
    Oh well, I try to look on the bright side… I think it was Daniel Tosh that said “You gotta plow a 4 to appreciate an 8.”

  39. I have 7 different varieties of t-shirt which read “no fat chicks” for every day of the week. NO FAT CHICKS NO FAT CHICKS FUCK THAT

  40. “The fact is, skipping meals and (excessive) dieting are linked to…”
    Since when do feminists skip meals or diet? They’re usually fat as fuck.

  41. Goddamnit I just ate. These pictures really do make me sick. Yet I cant stop looking at them in horror.

    1. I don’t know why you guys are so shocked. That’s par for the course in the southern USA. Sure, there are a few fit hotties, and thankfully I don’t see the landwhales making out at the bar a lot, but this is the prevalent form of female around here.

  42. I love it at the airport where these criminals charge you a 100$ for an 5 extra pounds, yet these fat fucks who take two seats pay the regular price. Imagine sitting next to a Barnum freak for a 10h flight. Hell.

  43. What ever happened to beutey is in the eye of the beholder. how can another man tell another man his women is unattractive or undesirable, just becuase she doesn’t fit his standard. I am not condoning 300 pound women but what ever floats your boat

    1. Until society (as a whole) tells you that you’re not allowed to your comments, opinion, etc….you’re freedom of speech.
      No man has to listen to me…but what happened to the fact that I can’t even state my own opinion or preference. That’s where society has gone off the rails. I say no to fat chicks but I’m not allowed to voice my opinion? It’s fucking ridiculous.

  44. Pictured: A comment section full of pansies. If the lot of you had a nut between you you couldn’t possibly be this scared of women, fat or otherwise.

    1. women – the majority can ruin your life through the legal system – the fat ones can end your life just by rolling over.

    2. Men aren’t afraid of the women. They are afraid of how a system that they serve and protect can turn on them (at any moment) and end their lively hood.
      It’s that sad.

  45. Dude I’m a black latino and I can’t even stomach to be with an obese chick, let alone overweight.
    Ughhhhhhhhhhh why!!!!!

  46. *sigh* It isn’t a matter of alcohol just being involved. It’s a matter of going into it hoping to take advantage of the other party’s drunkness to get laid. And yes, that goes both ways, but here’s the rub: bars don’t have Men’s Nights where they try to entice men into the bar with free beer to attract female customers who’re hoping to hook up with someone. There’s a much heavier concentration of men who look for chances to get with a girl who isn’t sober than the other way around and there are a significant number of men who routinely *try* to make that situation happen. This isn’t a new concept by a long shot; it’s been a thing for ages, and it’s been called out as wrong before recent feminist stuff.
    So if a woman does the same thing, does it also count as rape? Well, yes! That doesn’t mean we, as men, shouldn’t take responsibility for ourselves or acknowledge what others are doing wrong. It isn’t a *defense* for what bad people do, merely another layer that needs to be acknowledged the same as the one you’re using it as a counter to. Don’t ignore what you want to by throwing the spotlight on another problem; that’s just deflecting, it accomplishes nothing one way or another and simply makes us all look like a bunch of tools.
    We should be communicating and coming to an understanding between genders about what *everyone* is doing wrong, not engaging in back-and-forth nuh-uh/uh-huh bickering sessions where two sides point fingers at each other and argue about which one screws the other over worse.

    1. Men have been taking the brunt of this bullshit for years. It’s about time that people (society and the courts) start realizing that women are taking advantage of the situation. They drink (get drunk) and then they have “buyer’s remorse”. That’s not rape…it was a decision they made while drunk (both of them).
      Women are getting the “pussy pass” and they shouldn’t. They consent to the sex (at the time) and then want to call a “do over” later on. It’s bullshit.

      1. Here’s a question to consider when thinking of which direction to go to rebalance this problem, though; if the roles were completely reversed, if women were the ones most commonly using alcohol as a lure and an inhibition-dampener to get laid, would you consider men the victims in that situation? Personally, I would. Manly machismo jokes about men being totally okay with it aside, I don’t believe guys would be okay with that. We aren’t animals who jump at the first opportunity to stick our dick in something sexy, and we have to worry about STDs and the risk of getting a woman pregnant, too. So if the role were completely reversed, and not just about “fat” girls having sex with us (that’s a hilarious effing caricature of the situation that misses the point), I’d damn well want some social awareness and discouragement of that behavior, too.
        Or am I alone in that? In any case, the point I’m trying to make is that while women might be getting a “free pass” on things because of their victim status in certain problems, the fact that things needed to swing towards and opposite balance before becoming really equal doesn’t do the argument that men are being marginalized through this much in the way of favors.
        Setting aside the question of the “pussy pass” thing, setting aside the current set of rules and expectations surrounding the issue… in a perfect world, how would both genders behave with regards to this stuff, by your view?

        1. The bigger problem (the bigger picture) is that feminism has run its course (similar to unions). Feminism has given women the right to vote, own land, etc….but the 2.0 and 3.0 versions have “jumped the shark” into some unrealistic bullshit. Women want equality but they want to be protected and excused (unlike a man). Woman want equality but they don’t take personal responsibility for their shit. Even when it’s on camera, social media, etc….obvious bad behavior…they excuse it or make up a bullshit reason.
          They can’t see the hypocrisy in half of the shit that they pull (thus, never argue with a woman…it’s pointless). Many men were “for” equality but now they see the bigger goal (woman want more power and control).

        2. Saying unions have “run their course” oversimplifies. There’s still corporate scumbaggery that does need to be countered, it’s just not as dramtic or loud these days.
          The supposed paradox of wanting equality and also wanting protection, though, comes from the (not entirely unjustified) perception that the protection is still necessary to preserve equality. Women have a number of milestones–land ownership, voting, et cetera–but they don’t have the guarantee that an employer will respect them or value them as much as a man (there are still wage-gap debates to this day), and they’re still viewed by many men (who may not be lawmakers but still determine a lot of female day-to-day interactions, unless they live like hermits) in ways that are as marginalizing as a lack of rights. Law is only a piece of it, but as long as social equality is still a problem, legal equality only goes a certain distance.
          It’s not about power and control, basically. It’s about those things that legal power wouldn’t fix anyway. These are things that are determined by public perception. You’re seeing a desire for more power and control; what they’re seeing is oppressive behavior (thoughtless or intended doesn’t matter) that they need to fight against because of how widespread it is.
          And in response to that the other side reacts in two fashions; yours, which calls feminism out on appearing to want more power, is more of a misunderstanding and a result of miscommunication, and I can’t help thinking that if feminists and people like you could calm down and talk issues through with less heat you’d find you agree on more than you think.
          …The other side of the opposition gets very gung-ho and legitimately sexist about things and I’m not really sure I can see much to salvage over there, but that’s not the same camp that’s talking about feminists being hypocrites. I acknowledge that a lot of men feel threatened by the idea we might be marginalized on a legal level ourselves, but the answer to that fear isn’t to work against feminism wholesale, but to work with all of the reasonable feminists we can open communications with and reach an understanding about both genders’ particular difficulties. Difficult to do since opening that discussion and getting it moving is borderline impossible because of how emotionally-charged all of this gets; but not actually impossible. Not that many feminists really want to be superior; they see issues that don’t appear as prominent to us because it’s their day-to-day and not ours, and they take part in the movement for that reason.
          There’s an argument that we should all be egalitarians and that the “feminism” label is out of date because it verbally emphasizes one gender over the other, but that’s a semantic debate. The real first step is understanding the other side and promoting further understanding of your own on the other. I see very, very little of that anywhere. It’s all pointing fingers at each other, laughing at how silly the other side is being, how illogical, how hypocritical. And that gets everyone a whole six miles of nowhere.

        3. but they don’t have the guarantee that an employer will respect them or value them as much as a man (there are still wage-gap debates to this day)

          Now you’re just making things up. Women hold the majority of the jobs. The gender wage gap is a MYTH. Educate yourself.

          what they’re seeing is oppressive behavior

          They’re not oppressed, but if you tell someone they’re oppressed long enough they’ll surely believe it. Circular logic. Explain how men oppress women when women make up the majority of the voting public. It must be so hard for women, getting far lighter sentences for the same crimes compared to men.
          No, you live in a fucking fantasy world that stopped existing 30 or 40 years ago, if it ever existed at all, like all the rest of the feminists. Feminists even invented a conspiracy theory called “Patriarchy” to explain why men are apparently responsible for all the evil in the world.

          yours, which calls feminism out on appearing to want more power, is more of a misunderstanding and a result of miscommunication

          There’s no miscommunication. Feminists are only interested in equality when it benefits feminists. That’s not equality, that’s privilege.

          they see issues that don’t appear as prominent to us because it’s their day-to-day and not ours, and they take part in the movement for that reason.

          Right, which is why so many feminists support men’s rights, right? Not. Feminists have done nothing but attack and undermine men’s rights since the beginning. Why wouldn’t they? They’ve been taught that men are evil, and that men want to enslave them under a “Patriarchy.” Nothing will change because feminism is a religious cult, not a legitimate intellectual movement.

        4. I’ve gotten far more understanding about my rights from feminists than I have from other men telling me what I should or shouldn’t be as a man. But I’m also not in the habit of really associating with militants, so we may well be talking about two different subsets of the movement here.
          There’s the side of feminism that has a crappy attitude toward men, and I understand that. That is not the movement as a whole, though.
          You’re seriously not going to turn “less men got off their butts and actually went out to vote” into an argument against feminism, are you? That just sounds like men have for whatever reason been less-interested. But then, if you appreciate your right to vote or think your own rights would be undermined if the majority of your own demographic DIDN’T vote, you’d naturally be more interested, right? Women didn’t fight to get the right to vote just so they could rest on their laurels when the ballot box opens.

        5. There’s the side of feminism that has a crappy attitude toward men, and I understand that. That is not the movement as a whole, though.

          We know how much the average feminist supports male issues by the amount of time and energy they spend on them. Zero. Feminists are too busy pushing “Patriarchy” conspiracy theories and the “Gender Wage Gap” myth to enrich themselves at the expense of men, hence why Obama mentioned it at the SotU. Similarly, not all Christians are bad people, but all Christians believe in myths.

          You’re seriously not going to turn “less men got off their butts and actually went out to vote” into an argument against feminism, are you?

          Actually, women make up the majority of the population and live longer than men, so unless we’re going to resurrect them or import them from other countries that’s not going to happen. You missed my point, of course, which is to expose the myth feminists push that women are powerless in politics. Wrong. Women are the dominant power in politics, hence why feminists dominate mainstream media.

        6. You lost me at the old hat about “feminists dominating mainstream media.” *That’s* a myth of the most transparent order and I’m not arguing about this again. The few times I see feminists getting screen time in mainstream media they barely have time to explain the bare bones of their points before they get politely shunted off to one side because no one wants to dedicate a segment to actually talking about the specifics of uncomfortable stuff. Mainstream media is vaguely charitable to feminism because it’s considered uncool to be against feminism in a lot of circles but that’s about the extent of it. Beyond that? A few very loud individual feminist journalists and a few dedicated feminist websites frequented either by people who are already feminists or people who just want to start shit over things someone shared on Twitter.
          I’m done here. Enjoy your fantasy land of evil power-hungry harpies and valiant rebel knights.

  47. If I must have sex with those women, I’d rather be drunk as phuck than sober.

  48. let me offer, if i may, some advice to the frequent partier……..lay off the bourbon, and stick to beer…….your sight/weight recognition abilities, while not perfect, will be greatly improved

  49. I think that’s awful as nobody should be forced into anything be it a woman or a man.
    Should we ask the male victim what was he wearing and how much he had to
    drink like they do to women of sexual assault? Did he bring it upon
    himself for being drunk? Was he wearing clothing that emphasized his
    body parts that turned on the whale? Was it his fault because he exposed
    his arms? We all know biceps are a turn on for us women, did he expose
    them, well what was he expecting a woman to control herself and walk
    away? Man sluts, getting drunk, exposing arms knowing full well how
    women react to them and then crying rape. Shame on him (sarcasm).

    1. No, it’s bullshit as usual. Women always want to play both sides of the coin. They like to play the games but want to be the victims when things don’t turn out as planned. Plenty of women have suckered men into positions that they don’t want to be in…so stop the bullshit “victim” playing…as usual.
      Women want equality but only when it serves them best.

  50. I was drugged by a woman my first time, so I can rightly say that it goes even further than stated here. It was a horrible experience, but unlike women, who are socially conditioned that it is the worst thing that can happen to her, and deserving of severe punishment, I was able to forgive her, and move on after about a month. I even went to tell her how messed up I had been, and that I was no longer upset with her. There was no legal action, and we even ended our conversation with a hug and a polite goodbye. Men are not conditioned to react unforgivingly.

  51. You clearly don’t get it. Big beautiful women need it too, and these instances of what you call “rape” are what we SJW’s call “reeducation.” You will accept our fat bodies one way or another, and if it has to be through your physical and mental decapacitation, so be it.

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