How Elites Are Getting Rich From Moving Third-World Immigrants Into American Suburbs

This article is in response to Roosh’s most recent video. Though he filmed in Maryland, the scene looked identical to less than a mile from my home in a NYC suburb. I suspect many of you recognize the images as well.

In my lifetime, there has been an insidious encroachment of third world immigrants upon the quiet neighborhoods which used to comprise the suburbs of the northeast. As the baby-boomers began to retire and migrate to warmer climates, they have sold younger generations down the river by squandering the tranquil, safe, and comfortable neighborhoods in selling their homes with no discretion.

Insidious Encroachment

The fact that this disintegration has been happening in more than one city, and indeed more than one country, indicates that this phenomenon is clearly more than mere coincidence. I would postulate that for the past 30-40 years, there has been a targeted infiltration of suburban, hard working, middle class, usually white (though not necessarily) areas. If you add up all of the benefits, you must come to the conclusion that what our communities have been experiencing is not an isolated incident. At first, this seems counter-intuitive; how can turning the safest parts of the US into third-world shitholes be profitable? But after a careful analysis, the answer is obvious.

The Method: Divide And Conquer

After they strap us down to the pinball machine, the first brute that gets a turn is government, particularly leftists. Politicians used to engage in something called ‘’gerry-mandering’’ which is manipulating the borders of the voting districts to help guarantee election results. This is inefficient as it isn’t a good sell to the public, and when the other party gets into power, they can just move the borders back.

So the leftists got smart. In the late 1960’s when the Democrat party started to sell the unions down the river in order to cater to minorities, they lost much of their base to the GOP. So they just started to place migrants into white, middle class voting districts. As immigrants demonstrably vote left due to the amount of welfare they consume, voila, you have a multi-generational Democrat-loyal base.

Profit To Be Made

A Majority Of Immigrant Households Use Welfare Programs

The profit doesn’t stop there. The leftist government is now satiated, as it knows that it has secured its position and leverage for continued expansion. By this point, all of the more prescient property owners have bailed out of the community and real estate values are crushingly low. Rather than cohere, the baby-boomer homeowners have signed the death warrant of their culture by selling out and waddling down to Florida for a comfortable retirement.

Instead of their children taking over the house to raise families of their own, Courtney and Brett are too busy paying seven times the price they should to live in a tiny apartment in the nearby cosmopolis. So, large immigrant families move into the home that had been in the family for generations (anyone who has been to Brooklyn knows this happened to the Brownstones). With real estate prices at rock bottom, wealthy Jewish and Middle Eastern development cartels buy up much of the property and become landlords.

Now, instead of the equity being with the inhabitants of the home, they are paying rent every month without building any value. Since immigrants and low income minorities qualify for welfare, the neighborhood becomes a Section 8 slum. Section 8, bankrolled by the federal government, ensures a steady check for the landlord, which justifies the disproportionate amount of damage the tenants cause to the property.  

The same paradigm happens with the commercial real estate. Mom-and-Pop businesses, which trade craftsmanship for slightly higher prices, are no longer desired and are forced out of town. In their place, comes low price box-stores like Wal-Mart and Kohl’s.

Noticeable Change

With the inflow of ‘’diversity’’ comes a inversely proportional level of security. Soon, families don’t go out for a stroll on a summer night, and wherever you go in town, you get aggressive looks from the people there. Next comes a spike in crime with tales of brutality such as elderly women being slashed for the amusement of the teenage minorities or pedestrians being victims of ‘’the knockout game’’ or actual rape culture. What is worse is that the schools become hellholes with strained resources for ESL and otherwise maladjusted students.

Seeing what is happening, the rest of the working class look to flee. Real estate developers have been taking careful notice to see where these people are going to seek refuge and have begun gentrifying these areas. The suburbs of a metropolis that are within commuting distance have been ‘’developed’’ and are now very pricey. But families have to put up with the high taxes and overpriced food, lest they go back to living in what is now a ghetto.

It is worth noting that hysterical liberals are stuffing people who they claim to be refugees into this Marxist meatgrinder. The accepted circumstance around refugees is that they are from a war-torn country, so they are to be placed into a camp for the duration of the conflict, and when peace is restored they are sent back home. None of this nonsense where non-immigrant aliens are given Section 8, food stamps, cash welfare, school lunch and, most destructively, free reign of the United States.

Looking Forward: What Is To Come?

It has become abundantly clear to me that native citizens are no longer the smartest people on the block. Members of those ethnicities have fallen for every trap set for them from burdensome student loans for worthless education to “hookup culture.” Our culture has been eviscerated before us and we have been displaced from our own land. In a way, we are the real Refugees.

The Agenda In It’s 2nd Generation is Already Working

As you can see from the chart above, just two decades of Hispanic immigration has had this effect. The coming election will most likely be inconsequential to the grand scheme of things. Don’t get me wrong, Trump having the executive authority to curtail immigration is pivotal. We must fight to get him, or anyone else the GOP nominates, elected because if Clinton or Sanders wins, the demographics of the country will be such that the conservatives will statistically never win another election

However, as you can see from the above chart, most of the damage is already done. Even if we are able to secure political change, two and soon three generations of our women have been tainted with careerism, unrestrained hypergamy, and delaying childbearing until well past their fertile years. Our birth rates will sink well below half of the replacement rate, while immigrants produce up to 6.0 children per family on average.

Oh, so this is what feminists mean by ”Normalization of Rape.”

As they dominate the market, businesses will cater to the dominant culture and the government controlled banks (or bank controlled governments) will flood them with credit to spend money they don’t have on things they don’t need; just like how they tricked us and our parents.

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141 thoughts on “How Elites Are Getting Rich From Moving Third-World Immigrants Into American Suburbs”

  1. In my experience the people who preach multiculturalism usually can’t stand actual diversity
    When they say “embrace diversity” what they imagine is one of two visions:
    1. An environment where people from different backgrounds are just props to make them feel worldly and sophisticated. This is where minorities are nerds and artists and so-inspirational intellectuals who agree with their politics over a cup of latte. These are the people who approach me nicely, then do a 180 when they realize I reject everything they believe in
    2. An environment where they act out some kind of activist fantasy. There is where they go to some impoverished neighborhood to act as a community organizer, to “educate people”, to “be a white voice” or some such feel-good thing.
    You put these folks in a non-white environment where people actually express their cultural ethos, they become very uncomfortable. And I don’t mean like different foods, languages, or holidays. I mean ways of thinking that culminates from thousands of years of history in different parts of the world. Ways of thinking that contradict western liberalism not because they don’t know any better, but because they believe their way to be a valid competing ideology
    This is why good white liberals talk about tolerance, then move away when their community becomes too ethnic
    Not that this is a bad thing – tribalism is the human norm. It’s this disingenuous, holier-than-thou attitude that they themselves can’t live up to. If they had the courage to simply admit that they prefer people like them, there might be more genuine discussions regarding race relations

    1. A simple example is food. Take Mexican food. White liberals claim diversity by indulging in “Mexican” food such as Chipotle and Taco Bell, or eating nachos with queso, or as they pronounce it, “keysouw.” Bad enough that they bastardize our food, they also butcher our beloved language of Cervantes with their damn Valley Girl accent and their Dora the Explorer handling of Spanish. However, offer them real Mexican delicacies like menudo, cabrito, nopalitos, chiles poblanos or fried crickets with lemon and chili powder, and let the “Eww, omigosh, like that is so gross!!” commence. And of course, I never saw those bastards either in our neighborhood in El Paso, or in Juarez, unless it was to buy a novelty sombrero, or to get shitfaced in a bar.

      1. Hablamos Castellano, la lengua de Cervantes. Spanish isn’t a language, Spain have many languages.

        1. Buen punto hermano. Estando alejados de la Madre Patria por tantas generaciones, se nos olvida que el Castellano no es mas que otro idioma mas de Iberia, junto con el Catalan, el Aragones, el Portugues, entre otros. Desafortunadamente, se nos ha indoctrinado lo contrario.

      2. Chipotle is overpriced (and lets face it, infected) garbage…I prefer Qdoba…very nice…brown rice burrito or grilled chicken Queseduilla hits the spot.

        1. The gay founder of Chipotle was one of the leading funders for the gay marriage push, gay rights parades ( think leather chaps and rainbow pasties) and the repeal of traditional marriage laws in California–I would never give them a penny of my money.

    2. Good points. I love how many liberals will say one thing and then when you ask them to offer up their neighborhoods, communities or homes you get the “we need to do something but not in my area”.
      They all want to seem so accepting of it all except they don’t actually want to be bothered by it. Many of them live in nicer neighborhoods (with conservative neighbors) and they only want to appear “for” diversity (without doing any of the heavy lifting). In fact, these places turn into third world ghettos and those liberals move away…to get away from it.

      1. NIMBY Liberals: Not In My Back Yard.
        Oh yes. I remember when someone wanted to put a wind farm off the shore of Cape Cod, MA. The Nantucket Liberals went nutz and got ole Teddy to get that project killed.
        Then when I was in Vermont during my college days, routinely people would be marching in Burlington protesting the use of oil. When Green Mountain Energy wanted to put up wind turbines, these same libs blocked roads and killed the project as they didn’t want to see the turbines.

        1. I’ve made the same point about these people. They like the idea when someone else is paying for it/ it doesn’t directly affect them.
          I’m reminded of another example. Dinesh D’Souza was speaking at Amherst. This fairly well spoke white male was in a heated discussion with him. The white male though well spoke, was visibly brainwashed by this “white guilt” crap. D’Souza summed it up perfectly: “If you’re so concerned by your whiteness and feel guilt, why are you not giving up your spot at Amherst to a minority?” The kid and crowd laughed and he replies, “Well that’s like … ridiculous, why would I do that when I earned this spot?” D’Souza replies, “See your making my point: you want others to give up their places, pay for it but when it actually comes to you … you’re not willing to do that.”

        2. and now the hypocrisy is even worse with racism (against whites) that is in your face 24-7 under the guise of diversity. Society finds it ok for any other groups to talk about whites, criticize whites, etc….but don’t let it happen the other way around with whites criticizing any other group (even when it’s obvious they are wrong). The Black Lives Matter is a good one. These groups march everywhere except in the black community (where black people are dying the most at the hands of other black people).
          I’m the type who calls it like he sees it…no matter the company. I don’t give anyone a pass (that includes women and minorities). It’s about time that our society got back to the truth and actually held everyone accountable for their actions.

        3. I’d argue I’m the same way. And that’s the ironic thing. Men like you and I are actually giving women the equality feminist harp about. Yet magically when a man criticizes a woman the same way he does a man, it’s “sexist.” Suddenly the woman deserves special treatment.
          I’ve long said it’s “chivalry” when they like it, “sexism” when they don’t.

        4. I saw that same video. At the end, some old cunt has the gall to say that “she’s not bad, she’s a good person” after constantly heckling Dinesh, and that Dinesh is the evil one. Incredible the level of brainwashing.

        5. Yea. I found the link. It’s long. Don’t expect anyone to watch it unless they’re really interested. The point is at the end — 15:00 in. The kid is pretty well spoken but you can tell he’s been filled with nada but this white guilt/ privilege crap. Also observe the Academia Nut by him coming unglued.

        6. “I’ve made the same point about these people. They like the idea when someone else is paying for it/ it doesn’t directly affect them.”
          This is Liberal socialism in a nutshell!

      2. Exactly–Vermont, home of Bernie Sanders and the highest percentage of “progressives” of any state in the country, coincidentally also has the highest white populace % east of the Mississippi.
        I had the opportunity to discuss with 2 friends of my daughters at a cookout who were from Vermont- the issue of the Univ of Mizzouri protests. These ‘tolerant” liberal/socialists became quite intolerant of me when I pointed out that the progenitor of the protest ( the hunger stricken young black man) was in his 6th year of college, his father was a corporate shill and family was worth 80 million dollars. So much for unfairness and “institutional racism”.
        I also suggested that a solution to the rioting in Baltimore ( which is really about poverty from 40+ years of liberal policy/governance) might be solved by sending 50,000 inner city blacks to Stowe or Burlington—funny how these college socialists don’t really have any thinking or debate skills when confronted with a solid and reasoned opposing viewpoint ( and since they couldn’t cuss me out or call me names in my home, they were left speechless.)

        1. Spot on. We’re seeing the consequences in Europe when a liberal decides that they want to help and they put their country, community and homes on the line. Many of the “migrants” coming from the Middle East (and other areas) are showing these people what fools they are for opening the doors and letting everyone in. In no time, the Germany we once knew will no longer exist and it will turn into a third world country. I was glad to see that not all of the countries over there have lost their damn minds (see Hungary as a good example). They said “no thanks” to the EU, put a fence and they man it. The Russians are another good example to follow in regards to these “migrants”.
          People think that ‘right wing’ thinkers are backwards or crazy. I say let a liberal stand next to you and just wait to be killed (by their inaction, their policies that they support, etc..).

        2. U in Vermont? I went to Saint Michaels in Burlington.
          I have a friend who works for Burton. U should see this shit. The bitch is all liberal utopia on FB … yet the company she works for gets penny on the $ labor rates in China.
          Burton has their snow boards produced in China to get lowest labor rate.
          I’m told by a friend that a start-up in Maine is on verge of giving Burton competition. They’re going to MANUFACTURE in Maine — The USA.
          (Dear God, Yes! I dont snow board but I’m so sick of these libs and their selective outrage: Apple n Burton tapping into cheap labor & getting a free pass.)

      1. At first glance I thought the female had some kind of weird disfiguring disease on her leg and arm, only to realize it’s a haggis ugly massive tramp stamp.

        1. “some kind of weird disfiguring disease on her leg and arm”
          she does – his name is babatunde

        1. Problem is–in 5 years she’ll be sick of poverty and he’ll be screwin anything with a wet hole.
          She’ll come back to the states with her mulato child and be a dependent of the white man’s forced tax contributions to feed and house them.

    3. Multiculturalism is just moral posturing. Today’s generation has no real problems to complain about and make a ‘stand’ on for status points. So they conjure problems (lack of diversity) from the comfort of their 1st world homes and college safe space bubbles for validation, especially the online variety.
      In the past, people were given purpose: god, family, and country. Whether or not you believe in the supernatural or think it is blue pill is irrelevant. They had a cause to live by and were encouraged to defend it. Now a whole generation of people are being raised by women as they enter the 12 year indoctrination process while distracted from real world issues by their smart phones for dopamine spikes. They’re traveling without purpose and looking to fill the void in their lives. Then they enter university on student loans for money they don’t have for useless liberal arts degrees filled with SJW garbage (the cherry on top before they enter the workforce).
      Today, you have two choices: 1) find your own purpose in life through research, reading, travel, and risk or 2) Listen to the first one given to you via the television, smartphone, and school.
      The former is hard, especially with the matrix ever present and the indoctrinated surrounding you. There’s so much noise but no signal. You fear for your future because you been placed in a mental prison so you don’t think outside the box. There is a path presented to you, but you don’t like it. However, you can’t see an alternative because you were purposely never taught it. If you dare go against the programming, it can be frightening and you’ll experience great push back by the plugged-in and lose friends and/or family. The Red Pill gives you freedom, but places a new burden upon you, finding your own way in the mist of mental oppression all while keeping your mouth shut.
      The latter is easy. This is what today’s youth is doing. There is only one purpose you are given, SJW activism and consumption all provided to you for free for 12 straight years in school courtesy of the state. Rather than taking the hard path, they rather not try at all and fight for conjured bullshit the government purposely made up to make drones and distract you from the real problems of the world. Technology, media, and consumption has lowered people’s attention spans and made them expect instant gratification for answers to their lives, except reality doesn’t work that way. They want to be told what to do, be delivered feel good rhetoric to assuage any bad feelings they have about reality, then return to their iphones. A whole generation raised by women and the state inevitably investing in a system designed to fuck them over. One they leave the school system, they’ve been successfully brainwashed into acting on the state’s behalf autonomously (useful idiot).
      Mothers are designed to take care of their children’s immediate needs at the expense of any person besides herself. This includes their emotions. This is why women coddle their children or neglect them to fuck a bunch of strange dudes in an attempt to strap them down for provisioning. The problem with today is there’s a balancing factor missing — the father. When the mother goes overboard, the father, a mentoring man, is supposed to step in. He supposed bring guidance even at the expense of his children’s emotional comfort because that’s what they need. Guide them towards a purpose. But even the father is inadequate due to previous indoctrination and emasculation and shackeling by the police state. Marriage/family only works with the legal backing of a husband/father’s authority to give orders, discipline, and set boundaries that children and women crave, and women sexually desire. With the ever redefinition of abuse/rape and the relinquishing of a man’s presumed innocence, if a woman (designed to forever test boundaries) decides to escalate, his country doesn’t have his back and he’s at her mercy (often fucked in the ass by family court). Even if he has state backing, a beta father is just as bad if not worse than no father at all.
      When people have no direction, they look towards the state for help. The problem is that the state doesn’t give two fucks about you, not even women or children as evidenced by Rapefugee and child exploitation crisis’ in Europe being actively censored and lied about (labeling concern about it as hatespeech, islamophobia, xenophobia, etc). When people have no guidance, they seek instant gratification and the easy way out. It’s only easy because it’s too good to be true. The path was designed so that the government and business elite take their fair share at your expense every step of the way all while you defend it.
      The previous generation used to help prepare the next for the world to come. That needs to start happening again.

        1. Say whatever you want about the nazis, but that father aint a bitch. That mother is feminine. The son isn’t an effeminate loser. And The girl isn’t a masculine skank.

        2. As if being contra multiculturalism and contra establishment antics implies an advocacy of any derivative of “nazidom”. Classic n00bery. (pardon the ad hominem Colonel)

        3. weak game? Stop speaking in sports terminology.
          And stop hating on Nazis. Everything weve been taught about them has been a lie and more and more people everyday realize it, which is why we are heading for a US and European revolution. Do you think for a moment that our countries would be over run by subhumans if Germany prevailed?

        4. I have no idea if the real Nazi’s were good guys or bad guys. I really don’t care. But the idea has been engrained in people that they are evil. The pro-Nazi’s, hence should drop hiding behind them, as they will NEVER be accepted in the mainstream as a good force. And the anti-Nazi’s should drop using them as an example of the most evil of man, because it’s an event that happened more than 80 years ago, who cares? Whatever ideology a person believes, should be based on facts in the modern world, and not tied to old dead beliefs or people.

        5. The modern world is a direct product of the terraforming the allies did after the war, UN, Bretton Woods, world bank, etc, etc, etc. tens of millions of surrendered pro germans after the war were murdered or actually ensalved. The old dead beliefs and people that you refer to.
          If the allied soldiers could see that 75 years later their home countries would be over run by third worlders they would have arrived in Normandy and joined the Germans.
          Axis were the good guys. The allies were patsies. To maintain german villany requires an enormous continual exertion of power world wide. It is accomplished by though control, speech control, media brainwashing etc. All of this was accomplished by a specific group of people to cement their power over international government, trade and banking. By attacking the myth of WW2 their power is directly challenged.
          By extension it is a method of enslaving white people. White people are percieved by them as being their primary threat to their power. Thanks to the internet and Trump they are presently hanging on by their fingernails.
          This is why you see this argument going on and on across the web on news sites, on youtube, on fucken amazon. Its about white people rising. And the easiest way to do that is to show more and more people that they have been lied to for generations. Ergo, we are in uncharted territory now.

      1. My god this is hauntingly accurate. Attention, proper purpose and unrestrained self-sabotaging idiocy and are, as you say, in the first and second case reaching utter and absolute levels of sheer “squirrelry” while hypergamy, the feminine imperative or the dark truisms of the labia are at an all time low for “uncheckedness”.
        Michael_Augustus, this is a marvelous and astute observation as to the state of affairs in modern culture. I applaud you for your contribution here. Hopefully this reality is a light shining bright into the eyes of the moronic herd of sheeple who deseperately need to hear our gospel; however, I fear they are not.
        There was one particular passage here you wrote that has proven to be particularly true for me as I near the end of my degree. “The Red Pill gives you freedom, but places a new burden upon you, finding your own way in the mist of mental oppression all while keeping your mouth shut”. Taking a human sexuality class was dreadful. Being the only Red Pill minded guy in the class afforded nothing but scorn from my peers. Consequently I sat still and shut my mouth just like momma university taught me to. Still disgusted by that to this day.

        1. This is one big reason why I dropped out. I don’t feel alone when I’m all by myself, but I have never felt more lonely than on a college campus. It’s terrible. When your business professor (PHD) doesn’t understand why there are rarely any female CEO’s, you know it’s bad. When you have to do hw on checking your privilege, you know its realllly bad.
          Once a month I hang out with like minded people, but for the time in between, I must resort to communicating my thought crimes over the internet on /r/TRP, /r/darkenlightenment, /r/Conspiracy, ReturnofKings, and Roosh’s blog.

        2. Ya man I understand entirely. I’m overwhelmingly disgusted with the culture on campus. “Look! He’s a man! He must be a rapist! Hurry girls lets all go pee together and tweet about how all guys are creeps! PS y don’t we have boyfriends stacey?”
          This kind of shit, coupled with like you said, the professors (I’m reluctant to even call them that as the majority I have interacted with although, in the case of some, are brilliant in their pigeon holed niche), are absolute degenerate imbeciles when it comes to understanding the, for lack of a better way of putting it, the Kantian noumena (essentially shit as it actually is, culture wise and otherwise).
          Thrice this week I have overheard girls talking about how they were learning about rape culture in class. Humorously the majority of the las’s are without a satisfying alpha male jerkboy boyfriend to give them the tingles. But don’t worry! They have plenty of androgynous lil orbiters!
          Shit drives me nuts man. So, like you, I am likely going to drop out and jump into an electrician apprenticeship; however, doing so, I can’t help but think that the Establishment (who culturally is absolutely pulling the strings ultimately) is winning in pushing me, a healthy charming alpha male crimson artist and vaginal craftsman, out the door. But eh fuck em, at the end of the day, I’ll be employed while all the lil labia loving deprived baby boys scrape by on their unemployment checks because they elected to study art history with Stacey.
          As a side note, man these meet ups you mentioned you attend once a month. You wouldn’t happen to be in Denver would you? The dude I was emailing briefly has gone ghost. Likely due to the fact that he thought I was a troll because of my lack of ROK comments. Where are you finding these meet ups? It’s like we have to know coordinate these by way of the pigeon carrier or a message in a bottle to avoid the barrage of hate mail and fem-cuck-cuntery assault we’d receive otherwise.

    4. White liberals are also very good at looking the other way when minorities engage in practices that, if a white person did the same thing, would result in harsh criticisms. If a white guy wants a submissive feminine housewife then he’s a patriarchal misogynist; a Pakistani guy is true to his heritage. If a white politician goes round the churches to drum up support then he’s abusing people’s faith to get cheap votes; a Pakistani politician going round the mosques is ‘Staying in touch with the community he represents’. A white Christian couple don’t want to bake a gay wedding cake and they’re discriminatory homophobes; a Pakistani couple are just following their religion.

    5. If not for multiculturalism you would be working 12 hours for 2$ a day in the Phillipines.

      1. You’re getting it twisted. There’s a difference between multiculturalism and immigration, and between immigration and race relations.
        Multiculturalism is an explicit policy in many countries, like Canada, Russia, China and now the US, that encourages people to not cohere into a melting pot scenario. For example bilingual education is part of multiculturalism.
        It comes from the 1960s black power as well as twilight of ethnicity movements where people were consciously rebelling against what they saw as 1950s conformity and watching shows like Roots. I feel that both multiculturalism and the melting pot are good but the pendulum has, at times, swung too far in either direction.

        1. Russia doesn’t have Multiculturalism…unless you mean allowing ‘conquered’ peoples to keep their religion and languages…but those ethnic groups (Khazar, Tartars, Siberians, Ukrainians, etc.) are part of the Russian national character…they fought off Napoleon & Hitler alongside each other and share the belief in being ‘part’ of Mother Russia.

      2. Wrong, if it was not for multiculturalism, *you* would *still* be working 12 hours for $2 a day in the Philippines. Now, because of Multiculturalism, you can come here and collect welfare while I have to work two jobs so I can afford to eat after I pay my taxes.

    6. It’s not just race and culture but a lot of factors. For example the main controversy in some countries is getting a permit to immigrate from one state to another.
      I’m used to being told to go back to my country. What I’m now getting used to as an adult still living in the inner city where I was raised, is being called a gentrifier by people who attended the same high school as myself.
      Multiculturalism, not just based on race or culture but even based on class or gender, does lead to additional complexity that can be viewed as chaotic by some. However in my mind it’s a necessary part of society because we are living in a globalized age.
      The Ellis Island wave of immigration led to massive amounts of youth violence and may have contributed to society turning against African Americans, causing the ‘Nadir of American Race Relations’.

    7. Tribalism is a myth so is this “white-black” system the Anglo-Saxons created.
      How do you suppose the Empires were created?

    8. They want a bunch of Western liberals in different colors to serve as moral signalling props. Results are irrelevant as long as you signal your submission to the standard narrative.

  2. Another timely post from ROK especially with the recent fuckery regarding Democrats suing for illegals voting rights for you guessed it….Democrat votes.
    Clown times in a clown world.

  3. Absolutely correct with your analysis of the homeownership rates of natives vs illegals.
    Illegal immigration has devastated working-class white neighborhoods not only by supplanting the native culture, but adding language barriers, decreasing the standard of education, and increasing the crime.
    Any SJW that disagrees has never lived in a neighborhood that has changed from working-class whites to illegal peasants.

    1. Growing up as one of those illegal peasants in an area that changed rapidly from working class black / a couple of working class whites to motley, filled with people who looked like me and Roosh, there was definitely a nadir of race relations when the demographic tide began to turn.
      It causes a real divide between Asians / Hispanics and Blacks / Whites that can lead to generations of bad blood.

  4. It’s the “Liberal” that has doomed our Republic. Liberals don’t understand or respect the Constitution. They are irresponsible and act on emotions instead of intelligence. Look who and what they support politically.
    We could get rid of EVERY illegal in the country and the Liberals would still be a mortal threat to all of the things Americans cherish the most, our culture, our heritage, our freedom, our money, our economy. The liberal mind is immature and weak, It has no concept of individual rights or responsibility. It’s concept of fair is to take what it wants, whenever it wants it. The Liberal wants others to make up for its failures, to provide what it hasn’t earned. The Liberal will vilify the successful while making heroes out of the “non-productive”. They make fun of moral behavior and religious belief and favor hedonism and perversion.
    Yes, America is being destroyed, but the illegal aliens are just a symptom of the root cause – Liberalism.

  5. Few on this site are creating wealth and kids to make any difference; many make excuses about why not.
    Analysis and action are two different things.
    Meanwhile the Muslims and other minorities will keep proliferating and taking over the West.

    1. Let them. The battle cannot be won anymore like that. To start with, raising sane, well adjusted kids requires a 2 parent household with a strong male, and nurturing female. Assuming we are strong males, where do we find that nurturing female? They all all ruined in North America! And not everyone has the time/ability/resources to go a find a better woman overseas.

      1. Think Globally, Act Locally.
        Find a local SWPL girl who has been ‘ruined’ and pull a repair job on her, through your charm and persuasion. Do that one good deed for mankind.

        1. hah! only way to find that is to go for the younger (as in, early 20’s max) ultra-religious girl in a small town where everyone knows everyone else. You’ll get a virgin. You’ll get her crazy religious brainwashing, which will include being ashamed of sexual pleasure, and terrifying fear of God punishing her for it.
          For the record, I tried it twice. Second girl was “almost” salvageable, but after a few years of almost saving her, her solipsism was just too hard to keep on fighting. Other than regular sex, I got absolutely nothing else from trying.

        2. @Adam-sir, do you realize you are advocating to be Sir Save-a-ho? NOT a good idea…

      2. Let them? Why are we on earth if we will let people conquer us? The barbarians are at the gate
        Where is all of your time, ability and resources going if not to finding a good girl?
        How will the battle be won, by posting online comments on forums and articles? I don’t think so

        1. I’m only going to speak for myself here:
          1. I am here on this earth because my dad blasted his load inside my mom, and I was the result. Nothing more. Now my dad is a good man, and he raised me as best as he could, but I am under no impression that I was “wanted”. He did what 99% of men do. They blast inside a pussy because it feels good, and fuck it, deal with the consequences later.
          2. The barbarians ARE at the gate, and I am fighting as hard as I can, as well as convincing as many people as I can of what’s happening and how to stop it. But I am realistic. It’s going to be a hard battle, and having kids to worry about would make that battle harder for me, not easier.
          3. Posting online is just something I do out of boredom when I have some free time to spend. Most of that time is used learning of the status of the fight, so I can defend the cause when people ask me. You are correct though that I do waste more time replying to what is essentially an anonymous abyss. That’s something that I should cut back on.

        2. I too was born to a minority mother in the ghetto out of wedlock. It was a miracle that I was not aborted. My parents married for a few years, but then feminism killed it and my mom left because she was unhaaaaaapy.
          But listen, have hope. My children were born after I was married. I have many of them. I met my wife during her self destructive years and I too was a bit self-destructive, but we’ve salvaged what we can, learned to deal with our baggage, and created a loving, functional, blessed family.
          There is hope. For me it was the Marine Corps, marriage, fatherhood, Jesus, and living in the country that transformed me. Transformed us.
          You may have been “born in sin” but you can live to see the Glory of God if you pray and obey his teachings.

        3. Good for you man. I would consider myself an agnostic, but I do bias heavily toward the “there is a God” camp sometimes. In either case, one of those huge reasons I am conservative, is exactly because of what you have lived. My parents were the same way, and my mom had almost left (she didn’t though, and we get along ok, not stellar but decently). But religion does give people the strength to pull themselves out of the gutter and fix their problems at all costs, like you have. I applaud you for it 🙂

      3. “Let them. The battle cannot be won anymore like that. To start with, raising sane, well adjusted kids requires a 2 parent household with a strong male, and nurturing female. Assuming we are strong males, where do we find that nurturing female? They all all ruined in North America! And not everyone has the time/ability/resources to go a find a better woman overseas”
        Nailed it.
        Whatever is done to change the tide will only benefit a future generation that most likely will not comprehend the sacrifices made for them.
        And it’s only going to get worse unfortunately in America before it gets better. And I suspect that when it’s all done that America will break into 3 or 4 separate nations, with Whites being the dominant race in a couple of these new countries.

      4. Not to mention the fact that even that doesnt always work some of the craziest people i know came from homes like that

  6. There seems to a pattern of siphoning tax payer money into the pockets of the financial elite at every turn. With no violent consequences they have free reign to profit as they please at our expense. This is why the state must be separated from the economy like the church and state of yesterday.

  7. I wonder how many readers have the experience of moving away from an urban neighborhood they grew up in (and raised hell in as a kid), and then driving back through it ten or fifteen years later, after it’s been turned into a dangerous ghetto.
    When you see that with your own eyes it changes you.
    People are not fungible.

    1. here’s what happens; for those who don’t move away, but stay, it only takes a year or two for third worldism to become the new norm; it’s almost immediate.

  8. It’s not a coincidence, that’s for sure.
    The real question is: how far deep does the rabbit hole go?
    If you keep going further and further you’ll get to the ultimate causes which are: spiritual. That’s my conclusion and you shouldn’t brush it off neither. It helps to understand what’s happening.

    1. Most people have been so thoroughly inculcated with the anti-values of moral relativism and infinite tolerance, that they don’t even believe in concepts like good and evil any more, let alone believe that there is an existential war being waged between the two continuously.

      1. I tried to explain this concept to an atheist friend of mine: that the universe is ultimately a perpetual war between good and evil. He just couldn’t understand it. Even on a symbolic level he didn’t grasp the concept.
        And he’s a pretty smart guy, although totally into this “SCIENCE IS MY RELIGION” kind of thing (he has a phD in geology), I wonder if in the future his viewpoints will change.
        Funny thing, he can’t stand Christianity (he sees it as evil, at best it’s folklore), but I replace the word God with Gaia, then all of sudden the discussion is easier. Works also if you replace God with cosmos. Interesting.

        1. “Funny thing, he can’t stand Christianity (he sees it as evil, at best it’s folklore), but I replace the word God with Gaia, then all of sudden the discussion is easier. Works also if you replace God with cosmos. Interesting.”
          I’ve had this similar experience too. Somehow if you change the semantics a person will understand more objectively the point you’re trying to make.

    2. Even if you grant the anti-spiritualists their argument that “religion was invented by men to control the population” you must admit that you’d rather be guided by a good traditional religious ideology that you believe in and share with your neighbors, than a tyrant who rules against your will.
      Many men throughout history just went with the religion of their people, even though they lacked faith in that religion, because it was their people, their religion, and their tradition.

  9. Good article. To me it describes the efforts to amputate the family unit from the anatomy of humanity whilst maintain an economically viable population growth with immigration. Immigration replaces reproduction. It’s no different in Australia. The poor children of these immigrants will be put through an “education” system that will indoctrinate them to be antifamily.
    Does any average person want this? And, do these immigrants know what they are getting themselves into before they leave their original homes? Do they know before they leave that they are being invited to live in a new country as part of an antifamily program?
    I have many immigrant friends and I know for a fact that they do hold strong family values and their cultures are typically very profamily. I’m not sure that they realize that they are entering an antifamily system when they leave their home countries. They only find out once it is too late.

  10. HUD is all about pushing low income (non-white) housing projects into white areas. It never occurred to me that this is about turning those districts reliably blue, but holy shit it is.
    I have a super liberal aunt. She lives in an ultra white wealthy suburb of Boston. She sent her kid to private school. She summers on Nantucket or in Tuscany. She is ALL FOR all kinds of diversity. But she chooses NOT to live or holiday anywhere near diversity.
    We once had a political conversation about school choice. Thoroughly unpleasant. I made the point that she was privileged and exercised that privilege to opt out of public school and send her son to private school. But yet she was totally against school vouchers. I thought I had her dead to rights on her own hypocrisy.
    She squirmed out of it by saying “There is already school choice. Anyone can get a scholarship and go to private school.” Yes, she actually believed this. Never mind her son WOULD NEVER have gotten a scholarship because he had shitty grades.
    It was then that I realized debate and logic is utterly pointless with shitlibs. And I love my aunt. Except for her batshit lib views she’s great.

    1. No, your aunt is a parasite who will assuredly be one of the first fitted for an orange jumpsuit when the Republic is restored.
      I’m going to guess your aunt’s money is actually her husband’s or an inheritance from her father and that either way, not one cent of it was earned doing honest work. (Usury is not honest work.) The sort of money allowing its possessor to holiday in *Tuscany* or *Nantucket* is never earned honestly. People who earn an honest living never have time to take vacations.
      Honestly, the only way I’ve been able to stay sane is to cut shitlibs and feminazis out of my life and not speak to them if I have any choice. I no longer speak to the women in my family for that reason (among others).
      Try it. You’re a white male, I presume, so auntie assuredly won’t leave you a cent no matter how much you suck up to her. (Even money says it’s going to her cats or the poor little brown children somewhere far from Boston.) Being an orbiter for a hot girl is pathetic enough. For your aunt? That’s just weird.

      1. “Honestly, the only way I’ve been able to stay sane is to cut shitlibs and feminazis out of my life and not speak to them if I have any choice. I no longer speak to the women in my family for that reason (among others)”
        I find myself doing similar – keeping conversations superficial with family members, while at the same time simply ceasing contact with friends of libtard persuasion.

    2. Meh, plenty of folks work at decent jobs and live in the PJs with their parents and grandparents. It’s hard to get an apartment in the inner city.

    3. Totally useless to talk to them, they are ideologically deranged. One of my sisters (age 69), is looking forward to the day, two or three hundred years down the road, when men and women will be indistinguishable from each other, psychologically, emotionally, I’d say spiritually but she’s an atheist.
      But, she says, in the meantime, there’s “a kind of energy that men have that’s satisfying to be around.”
      I change the conversation to the weather we’re having lately.

  11. Well, of course. It became clear around 1955 that Americans would never agree to the abolition of private property and accepting food and shelter worse than their dogs enjoy today, to ensure that the wives, mistresses and daughters of the leaders of the workers’ republic could have all the shoes and dresses and ponies and castles they thought they wanted, and not have to fight with Daddy about it—Daddy would see to it that all their toys would be made and built by slave labour for their exclusive enjoyment.
    So the decision was made to replace the American people with something stupid enough to willingly thrust an aspiring Elena Ceauşescu into office.
    In an America resembling the America of 1965, Hillary Clinton, never mind the House Negro, would have been lucky to be allowed to enter the White House to empty the trash cans. Now a psychotic lesbian with no business outside an asylum for the criminally insane has a better chance than even of becoming President—and bringing her Muslim sugar-baby with her, to help her rid America of Judaism and Christianity both.
    The class war is real. The bad guys are winning.

  12. One of the great things about the USA is that it is big enough, and subdivided enough, so that some states can suck and serve as an example to others. Right now, Illinois is dying, and Michigan is pretty much dead. If there is another civil war, it will be urban ethnics vs rural multigenerational Americans.

    1. No it won’t. It will be 85% of the country against 15% nutbags and it will end just like the first one although this time around we won’t be as forgiving of the traitors. I suggest micro-chipping the losers.

  13. Of course it is no accident. It is a cornerstone of the progressive movement efforts to destroy Western capitalism dating back to the writings of Gramski and Adorno in the 1920’s and the importation of the Frankfort School to Columbia University in the 1930’s. I have grown tired of explaining this over and over again in detail to the manosphere with no replies. I guess that in order to reply intellectual effort would be required, but it is so much easier to post “Women are cunts” or “migrants suck”, isn’t it gentlemen? Occam’s Razor states the simplest answer is usually the best. The simplest answer to the insanity goes back to that mentioned above and describes the ongoing conspiracy of leftist fellow travellers from then to this day. Read up on the disease, not just post about the symptoms. If I have offended anybody, then good. Maybe it will encourage at least one of you to follow the links on Google and educate yourself. Cheers.

    1. ” and the importation of the Frankfort School to Columbia University in the 1930’s. I have grown tired of explaining this over and over again in detail to the manosphere with no replies”
      You are not the only one to know about the Frankfurter Schule, good sir. Myself and others are awaree of this. Hitler chased the frankfurter schule people out of Germany (he should have executed them, but oh well) and these parasites landed teaching jobs at Columbia, in which the cancer manifested itself in northern california when “hippies” sprang. It’s kinda weird because I was just a kid when hippies came about I really bought into the ‘peace love and understanding’ philosophy, ty dyed t-shirts and all the fun and campy stuff connected to it all, not realizing that it was Marxist propaganda in disguise.
      But the history of the causitive factors to the decline is of course interesting, but at this point in history we have to find a solution.

      1. Thank you so very much for the reply. It warms my heart to know that at least one other person partially gets it. But, sir, you have not done enough inquiry. Question: What did Dwight Eisenhower (hero of 1950’s Americans) do when he left the presidency? Question: What is the relationship between William Paley (founder of CBS) to Columbia University and the Frankurt School? The conspiracy to destroy Western culture is not limited to the left wing. The right wing is heavily invested also. Question: When the American WWI veterans camped in Washington, DC to demand their promised war bonuses what happened on July 28, 1932, and who were the military officers involved? I’ll answer for you and hope it will lead to further inquiry on your part. President Hoover ordered General Douglas MacArthur to disperse the veterans. MacArthur assigned the the job to his trusted aide, Colonel Dwight Eisenhower, who happily fired upon fellow American citizens. Eisenhower, a American hero, killed his own people but nobody wants to talk about it. One must understand the disease in order to find the solution. Who is the real enemy of Western culture? In the 1950’s was it Stalin or Eisenhower or both? What does the evidence say? In the 21st century is it the Clintons, Bernie Sanders, the Bush dynasty (Grasshopper Club), Trump, or maybe all of them. What does the evidence say? Please, sir, dig deeper and let me know what you find. I am confident that if you do so it will blow your mind. Cheers.

        1. Who is the real enemy, you ask? … well, here you have to get much more “mystical” and unfortunately there are *no ways* around it, even if you dislike such an angle.
          You see, the first question is “where and how the fuck did the Frankfurt School just pop out of nowhere and bury its demonic tentacles into every aspect of Western culture, in order to destroy it for good like a vicious cancer?”
          The answer lies in the truly demonic and evil figures of Sabbattai Zevi and Jacob Frank, two individuals who very openly preached the most shocking and sinister philosophy, and were severely reprimanded by the greater Jewish community in Europe, and both they and their heirs were banished from Judaism for 10generations. Anyway, Zevi (or Tzevi) and Frank were in no way discouraged, and they not only expanded their networks throughout Europe, but eventually completely infiltrated Freemasonry by introducing into it the dark side of Kabbalah. Well, what does all this have to do with Adorno and the rest of the Frankfurt School? A lot. **All** Frankfurt School founders and members belonged to the Sabbattian cult … you can do your own reading on that, and the more you delve, the more mystical it all becomes ie a discernible pattern of Good vs Evil that permeates the Universe.

        2. Thank you for my homework assignment. You have gone deeper than I have. Maybe together we can expose this greatest of evils to the public. I will follow your suggestions but must wait for tomorrow as it is the early morning US east coast and I must get some shuteye after another sleepless night. I will be back in touch. Cheers, my friend.

        3. Interesting post, but how exactly can it be demonstrated that all Frankfurt schoolers belonged to the Sabbatean cult? The only research I’m aware of is by rabbi Antelman who connects sabbateanism with reform and conservative judaism. It’s possible there is a connection but I don’t really see how it can just be asserted as true unless I’m missing something?

        4. Hmmm… will do. Today life is like an onion. There are more layers to peel back revealing even more information. I am going to assume that 60 years ago nobody asked the questions that you just asked, most people assumed there was really no need to. But with more information at our disposal, our own politicians are not as pure and loyal as we once thought. One has to wonder why in the 50s we had the Mccarthy witch hunts (which for chasing out commies is not a bad thing) yet the frankfurter schule transplants from Germany were allowed to teach?

        5. Thanks, dude. Ok, I’m going to try to put together a small ad hoc committee of MGTOW with brains to try to turn the Shiller Institute document into something we can use as a political bullet.
          I’m asking you, Ewan MacBain, and John Galt to join with me. I’ve got a video content provider in mind to recruit who is not exceedingly well known but is brilliant in his analysis.
          Idea: We cut the Shiller document down to size for mass market consumption that will not bore them to tears before they finish it. Think People Magazine. The video version is 10-15 minutes long for the same reason. Both the paper version and the video version will direct the consumer to the entire Shiller document.
          Once ready, we flood every internet site we can thing of with it. We recruit MGTOW throughout the country to distribute the paper version at Tea Party meetings because they are ordinary grass roots people who want to stop the madness. Nobody in the establishment, even Trump, can be trusted.
          This just a first idea. What do you think? I ask the same question of MacBain and Galt. If we can manufacture a suitable weapon we may be able to take the fight out of the manosphere and into the mainstream where the “embattled farmers” will learn the truth of the insanity and become even more fired up. Cheers.

        6. Sounds interesting, I do have to say that posters MacBain and Galt are even more lerned about this than I am. I read often their posts here and they both seem very well informed, and I will continue to learn more….

        7. At this point, my friend, are you willing to participate? We will all grow in knowledge together. Also, ROK positive posters can be trusted and by staying small we avoid trolls and possibly doxxing. Please let me know, for I believe this could be game changing and intend to continue on with the concept. Cheers.

        8. “What did Dwight Eisenhower (hero of 1950’s Americans) do when he left the presidency?” — He warned about the Military-Industrial Complex.

        9. In 1948 he was president of Columia University, home of the Frankfurt School in America. I did state the question incorrectly. It should have been before he became president.

        10. It’s an excellent idea. Until and unless people become aware of the historical foundations of what’s happening in the West, ie the very deliberate destruction of Western Civilization, it’s all futile discussions and trifle nonsense (as you said, countless articles on “women are cunts” etc etc). It’s as if we’re playing darts in a pitch dark dungeon without this crucial knowledge.

        11. Ewan, so I can count you in? I sure hope so. I’m thinking a four man committee with the video content provider being number five and that’s it. Let’s see if Morrison and Galt are in and then we will figure out how to communicate outside a public forum. Cheers.

        12. It goes even deeper than that. Look up a book called the “esoteric encyclopedia” written by an individual who goes by the pen name Darius Arqanum.

        13. John hi – right now availability of time for this is what’s preventing me from going at this the way I should be. I still have other obligations, but can check in when my situation allows it.

        14. It most certainly is … I was utterly astonished when I came across it, and had *no idea* as to the depth of the homage that the “founding fathers” of the Frankfurt School (Benjamin, Adorno, Lukasc, etc) owed to Frank and Zevi.
          It really does change the entire perspective of it all, and makes it eerily “mystical” as I previously stated. That’s not a mere opinion of mine, but Adorno and Benjamin’s own words as you will read in the article. They saw their quest of destroying Western culture in terms of fulfilling the dictates of the Kabbalah.
          (By the way, that issue of the journal has another mind blowing academic piece by Yale prof, Asaf Angermann titled “Redemption ex negativo” that goes even further into Benjamin and Adorno’s Kabbalistic mission)

        15. Ewan, Morrison can’t participate due to time constraints. I have asked Galt to give me an answer as what he decides may affect what you and I do next. I am excited about working with you on this project. I’ll let you know when I hear from Galt. Thanks.

        16. @Ewan-ok, all I know about the masons is that they are anti-Catholic (per my wife)…and also that some cardinals in the Vatican are….Masons! How can that even BE??!

        17. @John-be careful and watch your six. God only knows what these people are capable of!! Maybe take Tae Kwan Do or Krav Maga!

        18. I’m reading through it with great interest. Where did you get access to the Angermann article btw?

        19. Clever, it should be fairly obvious what I am trying to do. Would you like to participate as a member of the five man team? At this point I believe Christian P to be a lock and hoping MacBain will be. We need a fourth.

        20. FINALLY, someone on this forum can see past the prefabricated Liberal/Conservative, Democrat/Republican, Left/Right paradigm!

        21. Cassandra screaming from the bottom of an empty well while the gathered villagers have their minds polluted by their I-Phones playing endless clips of drivel, all as the beast slowly closes his net leaving the prey with no escape.

        22. It’s certainly an eye opening read, although we’re mainly talking about an intellectual history here . The connexion between Frank and the Frankfurt school does appear to be demonstrated, although there still remains the question of how exactly such ideas moved forward from the late 18th, early 19th century to a rather different situation. The article dreams to suggest but can’t do much more, e.g. : “Benjamin’s hunchbacked dwarf is concealed beneath the table on which the materialist history of the world is played out. His name is Jacob Frank – the famous portrait of him even looks like a puppet in Turkish attire – the hunchbacked dwarf of Jewish messianic theology who must be kept out of sight.”
          That could be to suggest a conspiratorial history or just hidden intellectual roots that the usual focus on economics / politics serves to conceal.
          The feminist connexion is made particularly clear though e.g: “the work of emancipation, from enslavement to a masculine image of God and the regulation of female sexuality by men. And in this respect, on the theological, political and sexual front, Jewish feminists and critical theorists have been working in the wake of the “heretical imperative” which Frank first risked.” Again just as with the political project, the roots are theological/mystical rather than political.
          Traditionally orthodox Jewish law was particularly onerous, and its clear much of the appeal of Zevi & Frank lay in the possibility of deliverance both from the burden of observing the law and from political control by the eastern rabbinate. It’s here that ‘profanation’ seems to come in: the revolution is as much against traditional patriarchal judaism as it is against subordination in exile within the european gentile west. That’s also why perhaps talking of trying to destroy the west doesn’t quite capture what is being done here. There is a nihilistic aspect, which is bringing down the old patriarchal capitalist order – but the messianic side is at least intended to be pro-social / emancipatory and that helps explain why the (revolutionary?) Jewish Haskalah has its counterpart in the gentile enlightenment.
          Personally, I think the focus should be less on the Frankfurt School as seeking to destroy the West and more on the testimony of its profoundly unfortunate track record. After all it may be true that one must destroy in order to create. The problem is as much with the Frankfurt school’s inability to do that. It destroys, but it’s not good at creating. That’s to say, it creates chaos, but it doesn’t do so well when it comes to creating the order out of that chaos. The article is quite good at explaining why such messianic projects always fail

        23. Excellent analysis. The overall “take home” message, if you will, is that the various members of the Frankfurt School saw their “calling” in more mystical terms, at least the founding fathers of the movement did. The second generation (Derrida, Foucault, Lacan, Eco, etc etc) were just cheap imitations, and didn’t contribute anything new but simply carried forward the initial task.
          It’s hard to separate “what” the Franfurt School is and their mission, and to focus primarily on their track record as you suggest we ought to do The main question is how much of what they have done was a systematic, deliberate act of sabotage and evil … vs. a group of individuals thinking and acting at a specific historical juncture, and trying to improve what they perceived as an unjust system. The latter conclusion, one can give a pass; the former requires severe condemnation.

        24. thanks. I agree with your presentation of the question to be answered, but I would say too often when we consider ‘cultural marxism’ we tend to answer this too readily. I am not just talking about being ‘fair’, but about the possibility of understanding something that is clearly very complex. Even without any Frankist influence the Frankfurt school is a nuanced affair, and if there is a mystical / religious impulse behind this desire to see the institutions of ordinary life ‘profaned’ or worse subverted and brought crashing down it’s worth trying to see what could lie behind such a purpose. Most defenders of the Frankfurt system seem to see it as far more positive and emancipatory than that, and I think there’s a need to see how there can be such a contradiction of perspectives – I’ve dipped into Adorno etc, but haven’t read that much, so in a sense it’s premature for me to draw too strong conclusions.
          I think the article here provides some clues: profaning, breaking / violating laws etc is seen as a condition of the possibility of any future freedom (particularly with respect to gender it seems). Yet even those who are broadly supportive – like Scholem – seem to recognise the potential for this kind of radical freedom to become entirely nihilistic e.g. to liberate women from men you ultimately have to destroy gender itself (which is now happening of course with respect to gender neutrality).
          Personally I think there’s more to it than is even covered in the article – in terms of the mystical side of things – but I think there’s a need to tread carefully: there may well have been a Frankist influence but we don’t know how pervasive it was or indeed is. If for example Benjamin asks of Scholem was he a Frankist, this might be simply because the latter wrote about Frankism, and did so somewhat ambivalently. I think the article makes it clear it was more than that, but how much so is hard to tell.

        25. I will thanks. Having said that as far as I can tell they’re not available online even if one is prepared to pay. Maybe some libraries will have them though

    2. It’s Gramsci, as in Antonio Gramsci, not “Gramski” … and you’re absolutely right. As you already mention, a certain degree of erudition is required to appreciate this crucial historical fact that has had a profound and catastrophic effect on the West.
      Here, for your reading pleasure:
      This article focuses more on the Frankfurt School itself, but Gramsci is definitely the “grand puba” of them all.

      1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I did misspell Gramsci, but I am thrilled to encounter another who knows who he was and the impact he has had. Once an in depth inquiry into the relationships is done, it becomes abundantly clear that the effort to destroy Western culture is neither left nor right but rather a symbiotic relationship between the two. It is a very scary thought that Orwell predicted, but I firmly believe that until the “sheeple” understand the root cause they will never find the solution. Please stay in touch with your thoughts. Thanks, you have made my day.

        1. Yes, yes, that’s it: it’s *not* a “left vs right” or “liberal vs conservative” notion. Both these movements have been thoroughly and utterly infiltrated by the Frankist/Frankfurtist cult, and we’re mere pawns when we fall into the trap of “I’m a liberal” vs “I’m a conservative”.
          As an unbelievable aside! George Washington, yes, the Great George Washington presciently warned!!! just two months before his death as to how the Sabbattain/Frankist cult was already spreading in the new Republic, and the future looked ominous. Let me see if I can find you a link to that letter.

      2. Ewan, what a glorious, heartbreaking, uplifting read it is. Please read my reply to Morrison and let me know what you think. Thanks.

      3. Great link. I’ve read some on the Frankfurt School and lots about conspiratorial revisionist history but that site is very well done. I will do what I can to spread it far and wide.

    3. I knew of Gramsci and the Frankfurt School for quite awhile, but no one I know has ever heard of them nor can begin to discuss the pigressive goals and their impact. Most people agree something is wrong, but they don’t what or why.

      1. Read the link to the Schiller Institute posted above. I believe it to be the intellectual basis for the Red Pill. If we can turn it into a 2-3 page handout and a 15 minute video we may have a bullet we can fire in this war that will work. Let me know what you think. Stay in touch. This could be important. Thanks.

        1. Thanks. I will be back in touch. It seems the “Sunshine Petriots” have already hit the silk. I believe I have found the cause worth perishing upon the battlements for. I welcome you as a comrade in arms. More to follow, my brother.Cheers.

      2. Galt, please read my reply to Morrison about trying to something with the Shiller document. Thanks.

      3. Galt, I just heard from Morrison and he can’t participate due to other demands on his time. It looks like MacBain is on board. Not trying to be demanding, but could you please let me know if you would like to join? It may affect what MacBain and I do next. Thanks.

        1. I would like to participate, but I am in Europe and on the road alot on business. I will have a look later.
          PS: There are several “John Galt” Posters I’ve noticed here at ROK, if I don’t reply it might be the wrong Galt.

        2. John Galt in Europe, You, I, and Christain P make three. Ewan, might be asleep, but my confidence in him is waning. We need a fourth and a video content guru to be determined. I will be back in touch. I will not retreat. I welcome you at my shoulder upon the parapet of truth. Cheers, my brother. Please respond in some way as my spirit, which will not retreat, does need some support. Thanks.

    4. To all the posters on this thread:
      My efforts here were to enlighten people to the root cause of the problem because in order to solve the problem it must be destroyed at its roots. The root has blossomed into the approaching victory of the Frankfurt School, Critical Theory, Cultural Marxism, and the long sought death of Western Culture.
      My efforts at enlightenment have fallen upon deaf ears or upon those of knowledge but unwilling to act. My efforts were a pipe dream and I should have known it. My naivete was to believe that men could organize around an idea and not just for team sports.
      I have learned much from the manosphere, especially the truths of the Red Pill and MGTOW philosophy, which I credit with saving my life. But the manosphere has proven itself impotent. The platform exist to turn it into a mass movement. Instead it has turned into a least common denominator “circle jerk” inside the castle keep while the barbarians at the gates amass for their final assault and now assured victory parade.
      The next few decades will prove Orwell largely correct. From the ashes of Western Culture will spring three spheres of influence: (1) The Americas, known as Atlantis, but Spanish speaking and the haven of refuge for Christainity; (2) All of Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa will become Eurasia dominated by the sword of Islam; and (3) East Asia will be dominated by China with its long history of disregard for human life.
      The religion of life, the religion of death, and an atheistic cult of death will be waging continual ideological war on their borders and for the resources of Sub-Sahara Africa. The progress of humanity will grind to a halt because the moderating influence of enlightened Western Culture was killed by utopianism from within.
      I hope the useful idiots enjoy Sharia Law in Eurasia, a police state in the name of security in Atlantis, and the reimposed yoke of the Mandarins in East Asia.
      I will now make that drink, kick back, and enjoy the show. There is no other option for the Western male. Or is there a man out there who can prove me wrong by not only words but deeds?
      Cheers to all.

  14. Haha, ROK with the Crazy Muslim as the lead photo. There’s a lot of AltRight dregs who still try to sneak in their simple-minded bigotry into every ROK article. AltRights call Roosh a kebab, but the writers on ROK reinforce this exaggeration of the “muslim problem” as though it has absolutely anything to do with masculinity.

      1. They are too dense to know the difference; too wrapped up in their victimhood and elite-created fear towards anyone who’s not white to think properly.

  15. All we can do is like Aaron Clarey says, “enjoy the decline”.
    And when the above happens, just remind them that this was what they wanted.

  16. In line with , you have to get rid of unproven writers like ‘Steve Matters’. Shoehorning AltRight nonsense in the guise of attacking SJW just isn’t working. Yeah lets knock SJW especially as they go after men, but just giving these clowns a platform to create racial division and bring out the Alt Right dregs is not working. Tell them to hightail it to Stormfront or MPC and be done with it.

  17. I think we are past saving what is currently the USA. One possibility America will break up into 3 or 4 nations, with whites congregating in areas and protecting their culture and territory.

  18. Basically, these immigrants are brought to the west so they can eventually take the jobs that natives are not willing to do. This makes sure that the elite can continue getting the cash and keep their establishment intact.
    Also, immigrants are a distraction, just like the commies were. As long as we are busy ”fighting” useless enemies (which are intentionally thrown at us), we will not be paying attention to business that does require attention.

  19. Multiculturalism will only fail if you bring in Muslims and Africans to your country. I know from my own experience that most humans are on the same level, no matter from which country or culture you are. Humans are just humans. But when it comes to Muslims and Africans? Nah…they operate on a completely different level.

    1. The issue isn’t just culture, it is racial. Every race has the right to self-preservation in the civilisations they built. We don’t need anyne that isn’t part of our group even if they share our values.

  20. So is it wrong to say we will have to make change by way of the gun? Is that not our last and only option short of God coming down from heaven and evicting the scum from our country?

  21. Wal-Mart actively lobbies for food stamps. This is because when poor people have their food paid for, they get to spend their extra income on other stuff found in their stores.
    All welfare is corporate welfare. You think poor people have a highly paid lobby group on K-Street?

    1. “You think poor people have a highly paid lobby group on K-Street?”
      The democtat party is the lobby group, but their slaves stay on the plantation along with most of their offspring. It’s called “voter farms” — instead of plantations these days.

  22. If they didn’t, Roosh would be a laborer or prisoner in Iran and probably among the migrants he so easily makes fun of or condemns on weekly basis. The same people who sew up their mouths being stuck at FYROM border.
    Or, wait, he wouldn’t have been at all born since it would be his father penned up there.
    So you benefit from multiculti-policies and then slam them after getting use of these. A classic instance of hypocricy and selfishness.

    1. Except he’s not an inbred camel fucking terrorist like the filth infesting Europe so your point is moot. Haven’t you got a donkey to rape?

  23. From above : “As you can see from the chart above, just two decades of Hispanic immigration has had this effect.” — Hey lets now add 2 decades of Muslim Immigration and ‘integration’ spearheaded by our bleeding hearts over ‘refugees’

  24. Funny how in the vid, the resettlement office in Maryland is right next door to a Liquor store. Very telling

  25. Great article. Quick, concise and to the point all the while naming the sellouts of our society that got us in this mess. Im not sure about you guys but Ive recently started my own shame campaign on facebook that calls out the liberals that allowed the rapeugee crisis to happen. Shame needs to come back.Fuck being p.c and stop worrying about what your friends think. Real men dont care what others think. They speak their mind.We’re going to lose this country if we act like the rest of this idiocracy nation and let it slide into another 3rd world shithole like Europe is now becoming. Start calling out these architects of self destruction.

  26. One issue that deserves an article is the H1-B visa slavery scam. Companies like Facebook and Microsoft tell congress they can’t find US Citizens to do the jobs they need filled, so they get imported slave labor at half the going rate. These indentured servants can’t quit their jobs or they go back the third world full of shame. So they get cheap slave labor which makes the housing and traffic crisis in Silicon Valley even worse. The high tech economy is turning the SF Bay area into a third world shit hole. These third world programmers take housing that put our people out on the streets. San Francisco now looks and smells like Calcutta, except it is Americans not Indians living in the streets.
    Zuckerburg and Gates show what huge racists they actually are. They hire Indians and Asians as programers, not blacks and latinos.They are supposedly brilliant technologists, but they just can’t seem to write software to train blacks, latinos and poor whites to be programmers. Their companies can only develop brilliant technology when it comes to advertising and collection personal information. Software to educate out of work American citizens is just too technically difficult of a challenge for them to take on.

  27. People have complained about welfare recipients and foodstamp cheats for years, and those people taking advantage of the system have always been there. But man, in the past 5 or 6 years there’s been an explosion of people using foodstamps and on welfare, and they’re almost all hispanic. It used to be that you had to go to the HS office and present years of tax info and private information just to get in the door. Now if you go in a pretend you can’t speak English and don’t have an address they throw money at you. I’ve even heard disgruntled people without insurance comment that if they get sick they’ll just go to the ER and pretend they don’t speak English. It’s gotten bad. Our tax money is going to social program abuse like never before in history, and the recipients aren’t even Americans. The Democrats have their heads up the their asses.

  28. Alex Jones has been preaching this for years and years and years. But it is too late. The 1965 immigration act killed the sovereignty of the United States.

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