Homosexual “Bugchasers” Actively Seek HIV Infection

Since the 1990s, the mass media and liberal opinion have refused to portray the GLBT community as anything but wonderful. Unfortunately, writing a moral blank check has consequences. Overwrought compassion can be deadly.

This limitless tolerance passively enables negative behaviors. One is bugchasing—deliberately seeking HIV infection, sometimes by enthusiastic “gift givers”. It’s a fringe gay practice, but why it’s a practice at all is bewildering. They of all people should know to avoid it like the plague.

How prevalent is this?

This one actually is pretty tame.

Some might consider it exceedingly rare, or even disbelieve that this happens. Unfortunately, it’s real. Like all things bizarre, there’s a Tumblr account for that. One Twitter user calls himself “Bug Chasing Teen“, apparently also a fan of hard drugs. (Warning: both have disturbing images.) Bugchasing dating sites exist too. A much more sensible gay guy related the following:

I have recently come into contact with a number of people on Grindr and Scruff who have been asking me to “poz” them. My reactions have ranged from disgust, anger, hurt, and confusion and I’ve either hastily blocked the person, or sent a harshly worded reply. But recently I took myself out of my own head and decided to question the motives of a pretty persistent guy who had initially asked me to…

I won’t traumatize you with the rest of that.

A San Francisco Weekly writer listed some personals relating–in language too graphic to repeat—the desire to get HIV or infect others.  Researching this, he created a fake bugchasing profile on Grindr and struck out. However, he got over 100 messages on Bareback Real Time, including invitations to “conversion parties”. Damn! How many straight guys looking for normal stuff get even half that much attention on dating apps?

Bugchasing seems another of countless nonsensical fetishes, once hardly imaginable until the Internet both proved they existed and became a breeding ground. However, the consequences obviously are worse than other bizarre kinks such as (for instance) tentacle porn. Nobody really knows how many people caught HIV deliberately, or are currently seeking to get infected, or to infect others.


What’s more incomprehensible is why anyone would want HIV. Reasons may include:

  • A rite of passage into the gay community
  • No longer needing to practice safe sex, because they’re already infected
  • The thrill of risky behavior, like playing Russian Roulette for funsies
  • Attention-seeking, similar to Munchhausen Syndrome
  • Sex addiction
  • Self-destructive tendencies
  • Rejection of society’s norms, basically rebellion for its own sake

Ultimately, those who delight in breaking the rules will find that the rules break them.

Some might create a genealogy for the illness—who pozzed him, who infected the last guy, etc.—rather like a family tree. Terminology such as “impregnation” and “breeding” is also telling. If they’re seeking family life, isn’t that what gay marriage and gay adoption were for? It’s rather strange—homosexual advocacy has been promoted since 1950, but now that they have widespread acceptance, things have become more neurotic than ever.

A closer look reveals varying levels of commitment. Some actively desire to catch/spread HIV. Others are oblivious if they do so. Some consider it fun to think about, but sensibly don’t actually participate. The rest have an unknown range of behavior. The worst are “gift givers” falsely claiming to be negative

Such recklessness isn’t unprecedented. Randy Shilts documented the AIDS epidemic’s early days. Gaetan Dugas—once considered “Patient Zero”—stubbornly kept pozzing neg-holes (as they’d put it these days) even after being confronted with the facts. Otherwise, Shilts found much indifference and denial even in the gay community while the plague spread.

Furthermore, San Francisco bathhouse owners resisted mandates to post safe sex information. (It’s strange that they didn’t care if all their customers died.) When this was ineffective, they fought closure by the Health Department tooth and nail. The decision greatly was delayed by politicians not wanting to offend the “anything goes” crowd.

Nonsense upon stilts

New antiviral therapies (developed at great expense) have given some in the gay community a feeling that HIV is just a manageable disease. However, it’s still incurable. Although some of the drugs are now generic, treatment costs are ruinous.

There are those who say people should be free to do whatever they want with their bodies. Why not let idiots be idiots? Like many libertarian arguments, it sounds great in the realm of pure theory, but the devil’s in the details. The greatest challenge is actually holding people to the consequences of their own choices. In practice, when people do inherently risky things, society usually has to bail them out.

For example, a woman who gets herself pregnant from a hookup will be supported by welfare. Also, injured drunk drivers aren’t denied medical care. Likewise, those who catch HIV will be able to get it treated, no matter how they got it. They might be insured, which increases everyone else’s costs. If not, the fallback option is government healthcare. Otherwise, they’ll simply show up in the ER whenever they get sick. One way or another, their mistakes are paid for by other people.

Many would regard it as inhumane not to help people even if they’ve made some mistakes. Actually, all that worked surprisingly well, back when society had better moral standards, and people exercised basic due diligence in running their own lives. However, deliberately getting infected with an incurable illness that’s often fatal but completely preventable is one step too far. Trying to get sick goes far beyond membership in a high-risk group.

Silence is death

The truth isn’t always politically correct.

Bugchasing and “gift giving” have been an observable trend since the 1990s. It’s about time society stops passively condoning this. Although what they’re doing is objectively degenerate, I’m not coldly indifferent.  I really hate to see young guys making irreversible mistakes like this, catching an illness that sucks the life out of its victims slowly. They’ll regret it profoundly as soon as they come to their senses, but by then it’s too late.

This deadly practice must stop being one more dirty little secret of the gay community. Willful obliviousness by liberal opinion is a lousy form of compassion. Society should start taking a tougher line. In some jurisdictions, knowingly exposing someone to HIV already is a crime. This should be applied everywhere, and treated as an attempted murder. That’s what it is.

Likewise, there should be laws addressing the other side of the equation too. Specifically, those self-identifying as bugchasers—or are demonstrated to have deliberately exposed themselves to the virus—should lose insurance benefits and public health services related to HIV treatment. They can go pay full price for their drug cocktails and other medical care, and eventually earn a Darwin award on their own dime.

Likely this won’t catch too many people, since many of them go by online screen names. (“Bug Chasing Teen” didn’t provide his real name, for instance.) Still, it would give them something to think about at least. Granted, there would be endless shrieking about society trampling on their “rights”. However, when they try to argue that, their recklessness and faulty reasoning will be obvious to everyone.

Read More: The Truth About AIDS & Heterosexual Transmission

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  1. If you don’t believe this level of depravity is real, Mister Metokur wades through the POZ to bring you the truth.

    1. CLARK
      Level of depravity.
      Listen to George Michael’s biography. Every aspect of a gay man’s life is depraved and part of the reason is that the stopgap existent in hetero relations do not exist. I think George Michael had estimated something like 3,000 sex partners. Even barring AIDS they get intestinal parasites just from using a filthy body part.
      Look at straight male porn stars who fuck women in the ass in porn. Male or female the anus is a dirty body part prone to tearing and bleeding.
      This is one reason why Lesbians are palatable to society than gays. Maybe they rim anuses or something but it is gays who are spreading biohazards from blood-borne pathogens.

      1. The fact that a large percentage of this degenerate demographic sees possibly contracting an incurable virus, which killed off people in the 1980s by the thousand almost overnight, as ‘thrill-seeking’ proves that homosexuality is an aberration. No matter how much these people pretend to be ‘gay’ (deceptively-appropriated word for sodomite) or how much society has ‘accepted’ (unprecedented in last 5 years) perversion, these people still consume inordinate amounts of drugs, commit suicide disproportionately and all other forms of self-harm, attention-seeking, self-loathing and risqué behavior, all designed to help them cope with how much they resent themselves.
        There is no letup in their misery. These people are psychologically unhealthy and morally unfit. That is why they seek to incorporate children, confused adolescents and straight men into their nightmarish fantasy to corrupt more innocents, as it is also their collective means of reproduction. Their decadence is self-perpetuating: the victims become its stalwarts. They are the inversion of another dysgenic movement, the Shakers, also unable to reproduce, and thus rely on recruitment to procreate. Ironically, homosexuals used to reproduce throughout human history until their Gay Liberation – the closeted imposters still played the role of doting family man with everybody none the wiser: they would compartmentalize their depravity into periodic, surreptitious rendezvous in the ‘bad part of town,’ where the blacks, pushers, mobsters, junkies, prostitutes, dirty cops and homosexuals all congregated.
        There is even some orgiastic game these invalids play (so absurdly cartoonish that its comical) that involves one pozzed sodomite and a bunch of other ‘uninitiated’ hopefuls, where nobody knows who the secret Santa (‘gift-giver’) is.
        I had no idea until I first ventured to NYC that most homeless men are homosexuals,
        after the only people who made eye contact with me or even talked to me were these gay activists who told me all about this, as well as ‘straight white males’ being responsible for all the ills of society. I don’t know if they start out as straight and turn tricks for dope, food, shelter or what, but there is a disproportionate underclass of LGBT compared to the alleged upscale cleanliness of Chelsea, which these people are now positively (no pun intended) stereotyped as.
        Maybe it is my own solipsism/sheltered existence, but I do not remember this LGBT thing being anything but an otherworldly pariah until the Obama era, with Katy Perry being the first to make ‘I Kissed a Girl’ no longer taboo and then Lady Gaga. We heard only a handful of weirdos coming out in middle/high school just before that, but they quickly disappeared. But now everywhere I work, there is at least one homosexual, and now most of Gen-Z claims partial bisexuality. The numbers do not add up. There is no way there are this many LGBT in society. I think this is just mass confusion.
        Also, these people do not want to get married (never did – 10 percent of gays are married). It was their (((friends))) and SJWs who used them as a cudgel (well, dildo is more apropos) to delegitimize the institution of marriage, which is they and family court succeeded in doing. I agree now that only degenerates, sadomasochists and suckers should be wedded (taxed/confined) in that bigamist union (bride + groom + government) called marriage.
        I used to be a literal homophobe (these people frightened me), but now shockingly these people are sometimes the only people in all-female work environments I can actually talk/joke around with. Although I still don’t respect their lifestyle because they function like alcoholics akin to Charlie Sheen – sometimes very high-performing for several hours at a time before they fall apart behind the scenes for days at a time…and they are still perverted in trying to corrupt/persuade/convince/confuse me with creepy compliments, questions and propositions.
        You can never fully trust them either, just like women. Also, their ‘niceness’ and rehearsed gesticulations/affectations are very deceptive because it masks the dark debauchery they indulge in.
        I can remember when I was living in Florida, I thought I had contracted HIV from a relapsed slut and was searching for clinics… There were so many homeless derelicts, junkies and hookers that there is free testing all over… First, they sit you down for the ‘talk’ and explain that ‘no matter the results, having HIV is not so bad…some of the people who administer the tests are HIV-positive.’
        With that, I immediately got up anxiously and left to find the county clinic and pay for the whole thing. I imagine anybody with it to be incredibly vengeful.

        1. Hey ashole go write your long windy bullcrap elsewhere. If people wanted to read your shitty writing they would go to the toliet stall.

        2. Found the butthurt (ewww) faggot. For a troll who accuses everybody of homosexuality, that sure seemed awfully person. The closeted homo doth protest too much, methinks.
          Looks like we know what really touches your delicate sensibilities, resident nobody. Everyone here hates you, talentless loser who contributes literally nothing. You even suck at trolling. Here’s hoping you contract AIDS, you butt pirate.

      2. Fuck these gay men and people who are indifferent to them. Genocide them, gas them, whatever just kill them all.

    2. I always thought that choosing homosexuality (yes choosing. I don’t believe the born this way nonsense) was to choose to follow the pulsion of death (choosing sterile sex and not having children = destroying the lineage potential and put one’s genetic code in oblivion) over the pulsion of life (which is to fight and to survive long enough to spread the genes).
      Now i have seen this video, i know that that my thought wasn’t an exaggeration.
      For those who will downvote my comment, go fuck yourselves.

      1. FARAWAY
        Most gays are degenerates anyhow. They do meth, fuck 6 partners a week, care nothing about legal age, are perverts, are selfish, are indifferent to societal norms.

        1. @madman: you’re not exactly in a position to condemn others for ” selfish and indifferent to societal norms “

        2. goat
          Despite all the violence and gang activity and drugs in the US landscape of renters earning under $30,000 a year a white man can go to jail for almost anything in the US.
          “Normal?” How normal is the US public school system compared to Spain or Denmark or South Korea?
          Normality for the working class white man under a certain income bracket is deeply abnormal by the standards of other societies-rent an apartment in a lower-income area and see what I mean. The neighbors selling drugs, the blacks bellowing outside, the Mexican gangs…the US is decidedly abnormal compared to Seoul or Sydney or something.
          How normal is the behavior of the Mexicans? MS-13.
          In Asia and Europe, things are a bit more “normal”. Of course there are bad areas and people you want to stay away from but at 3 AM at a bus stop in Oslo or even Sydney you won’t fear that your life is going to end if you step out in the street. If you are in Los Angeles or Detroit or other cities…you will.

        3. GOAT
          Mad Asbergers Rant here-
          If you have ever been a “normal” working middle class white guy like me and left America you realize how abnormal the place is.

        4. @madman: actually I’m retired and spend much of the year traveling in cheaper parts of Europe, like Ukraine now, so of course I’m aware the USA is a strange place. Though not the hellhole you describe. The 4 months I spend in the USA are in Reno and various small towns of the Mojave, living in weekly motels since I have no fixed place of residence. Nobody threatens me. Violent crime is way, way less than during the heroin epidemic years of the 1970s (Dirty Harry and Taxi Driver years) and initial crack epidemic of the early 1980s. Crime where I grew up was worse in those years than in Detroit. Thats all over. My theory is lead poisoning is what made the inner city blacks so violent. Now that lead has been out of paint and gasoline for over 50 years, the younger blacks are more like normal humans. Plus huge numbers of criminals are locked up now. Blythe, CA is one of those small Mojave towns I mentioned. Used to be agriculture and services for I-10 travelers were the big industries. Now it’s the nearby state prison.

        5. Gay men are not different to straight men. Straight men don’t behave like gay men because women don’t let that happen. Thank women for your health. You little depraved straight guy 😉

      2. “Homosexuals?” You could have just said, “male liberals” and I would have known what you were talking about.

        1. Turbo prop what’s up bud!
          Faraway, thought about it but hit “post” too fast hahaha. They’re all gay. One of my favorite lines from a comedian, “they may not know they’re gay but they’re gay.”

        2. Why do you think Hitler killed homosexuals? He is the most vilified man in modern times because he stood aganist the the Globalist Jewish NWO (Soros, etc)

      3. I agree, they choose it. Milo confirmed that on at least one occasion. I think – and this is just my theory- that a demon enters them when they decide to go down that road and that’s what animates the unnatural desire, because it’s not latently in any normal man to become sexually aroused by other males.

        1. I was gay once but now I know. Send them to the death camps. Heil Hitler!

    3. Everyone knows gays are “weird” (even themselves) it’s just a matter of whether or not you succumb to guilt by your knew oppressors. Hahaha, kneeel faggot. Kneel to your new oppressor. Hahaha. The Zionists are watching ahead. Counter strike and stock up on ammo.

    4. “Likewise, those who catch HIV will be able to get it treated, no matter how they got it. They might be insured, which increases everyone else’s costs. If not, the fallback option is government healthcare. Otherwise, they’ll simply show up in the ER whenever they get sick. One way or another, their mistakes are paid for by other people.”
      Heart disease and diabetes cost far more, maybe we should deny fat people health care and health insurance, if you’re looking to cut costs, best to go after the majority, and leave the minority until later.

      1. Here’s a counterpoint to the whole AIDS thing…
        -If you’re HIV positive, that means that you test positive for HIV antibodies, i.e. your body has built up a *Resistance* to the HIV virus, and thus you’re *still* alive. Ergo, it’s not the HIV that’s causing the immune collapse.
        -Drug use and AIDS go to together. A hard partying lifestyle combined with massive overuse of street drugs of uncertain provenance overtaxes the body, hence massive immune system collapse.
        -I know plenty of people who tested HIV positive – I have a wide circle of friends – and decades later are still alive and well. The difference between them and the dearly departed is that they gave up their hard-partying drug-fueled lifestyle and became very health conscious. Anybody see a correlation here?
        -Women with HIV all seem to have a past history of heavy drug use. More correlation?
        OK, time to do some reading:
        Infectious AIDS: Have We Been Misled?: The Fallacy of the HIV-AIDS Connection
        Peter Duesberg
        Nobel Prize winner. Is considered a non-PC heretic who disputes the cause(s) of AIDS. Book is a collection of academic articles, each with it’s own abstract. Serious stuff.
        The River : A Journey to the Source of HIV and AIDS
        Edward Hopper
        The result of something like 650 separate interviews over 8 years or so, this exhaustive book – 1070 pages* – points a finger at…. Well, I won’t ruin it for you. Insanely well documented, almost like a legal brief, with something like 150 pages of notes, appendices and references. If nothing else, you end up with an impressive layman’s knowledge of vaccine production and testing.
        The takeaway here is that the whole AIDS thing – like other past disease belief systems – is nowhere near as cut and dried as you’ve been lead to believe. That, and the various special interests and advocates whose existence depends on maintaining the approved narrative clearly do everything the can to stymie alternative debate.
        Hope this helps!
        Just a thought.
        *Sometimes I can’t believe that I actually read this shit for fun. Can’t finish a novel, but will happily wade through this stuff all day. Go figure.

    5. I don’t have words for that video
      There’s not enough brain bleach to ever feel clean again

    6. I’ve been told that HIV is a fraud. It’s a very weak virus that can only be sustained in an extremely compromised immune system. No one has ever isolated HIV. There are only antibody markers that indicate it’s (supposed) presence. The frequent injection of foreign proteins into the system confuse and overwhelm the immune system and it eventually collapses from exhaustion. There is no such thing as the HIV virus…or so I’ve been told. Can any of you confirm the accuracy of this information?

      1. Whoever comes up with that doesn’t know what they’ve talking about. The virus was isolated a long time ago. It really is an infectious disease spread by body fluids that began as a monkey virus, crossed into the human population, and became an epidemic during the 1980s. Bathhouse hookups and needle sharing were major factors in spreading it.

  2. Fuck them !
    let them have diseases, Aids and other shit…..
    Nature will take it course eventually….and all the degenerates will perish.

    1. THIRD
      The problem is that AIDS then spreads through the female heterosexual population because-
      A) Blacks get AIDS fairly easily (Supposedly a blood adaptation to Malaria makes them more susceptible)
      B) Blacks are often on the “down low” or in their prison cell warped idea of masculinity all submissive partners are a “bitch” and so they don’t discriminate between gay male anuses and vaginas.
      C) They usually spread AIDS to females and this is why the rate of AIDS in the ghetto is so high.
      D) Sexual promiscuous men-as black males often are-are more likely to have AIDS than some Beta who jerks off in his basement to porn and exposes only his keyboard.

      1. You are truly mad & make up stats. Please tell me the %age of black men on the down low. Surely it must be over 50% since according to this genius “blacks are often on the ‘down low’”. Man, did you travel to the other side of the globe just to not have a life & post this nonsense? You coulda did this here.

        1. HUEY
          I moved to the other side of the globe because Ghetto blacks and Cholos and trailer white trash cannot afford to.
          Oh, and I don’t subsidize their reproduction because I pay no taxes.
          And also the rust belt went into the shitter and is a 4th world country.

        2. It’s true that black men are highly promiscuous & deganrates. I had talked to one black girl who only dates white men. She told me that only thing black men are capable to offer is HIV infection. She also told me not to date any woman who sleep around with black men because of the risks of catching HIV or other STDs.

      1. REALITY
        Since black males are more likely to be Patient Zero to begin with I would say this is not that difficult.

      2. I had no idea he’d got married. Given his penchant for attention I am surprised his gay wedding wasn’t bigger than Meghan Markle’s (pretty gay wedding) but having just checked it seems the identity of his african american husband is a secret. It’s probably Kanye

        1. Milo is a half-Jew degenarte who promoted race-mixing propagand to his young female followers. It’s sad that cuckservatives had supported this degenerate scum for so long just because he is a Trump-supporter. By the way Trump is an another crypto Jew/Jewish puppet who gave his daughter to a Jewish businessman.

        2. Milo’s ok. He’s pretty open about everything he is. I doubt he ever had any explicit agenda beyond what he has said, but who knows

        3. Milo isn’t okay. He’s a half Jewish faggot. He promotes race mixing with black men to his female base audience, glamourized homosexuality among conservatives & worst of all he defends child molestation. I don’t want such degenerate sodomite in our side.

        4. well it’s true he fucks black men, but I doubt he does it in order to promote it to his female fanbase.  Just imagine if he was straight and just doing it for the cause you’ve just defined.  Now, that would be a political sacrifice

    2. You don´t get it. If aids would kill them fast it would be wonderful, but no, those sodomite takes decades to die, and the costly meds that we pay for them keep them alive many many years.

      1. Look at HIV/AIDS Magic Johnson. Still going strong after 26 years. Fatter face than ever. And if you didn’t already know, he did not get HIV from “wimmenz” like he claimed. His thing was young, white male prostitutes on Santa Monica Blvd in LA. Gay activists there were trying to out him to the media and expose his lies of being straight, but the media wouldn’t say a word about it, cuz Magic was being regarded as a “hero.”

        1. I will agree with this devil, Mr. Johnson is a flaming homosexual, he has burned his closet down. It was no surprise that he sired an even greater homosexual son than he ever was.

        2. Magic has money, though, so he can afford the types of medicine that can keep AIDS in check.
          I personally believe that there are cures for both AIDS and cancer out there, but they’re being suppressed by an industry that makes money off of sick people.

  3. I heard a story once(maybe a decade ago) that China put a few thousand of junkies and HIV+ people on a ship and sank it(probably a made up story) – but I do think it would be a viable solution to this little problem.

    1. I’m sure there were a lot of Homo’s on Castro’s Muriel Boat Lifts in the early 1980s to Miami. That city was one of the epicenters of the virus during that decade. Still is.
      All sorts of societies and countries wish they could get rid of their degenerates and dump them on somebody else (or in the sea as you mentioned).

      1. REALITY
        Cuba and Latin America were settled by Spain’s degenerates to begin with-mercenaries, loonies, beggars, tramps, prostitutes.
        As for new countries to send them to, well, America and Australia are full. For 400 years straight the poor and the insane and the drifters and the anarchists and the whores all got sent to those countries. They are full.

    2. OTHMAR
      They did not even bother with that. They executed them.
      However, China is full of heroin addicts and gays.
      Most of the heroin that gets into North America comes from China.

      1. Bloody Chinese…. bringing over their opium dens and turning middle class westerners into a bunch of fucking vegged-out degenerates.

        1. They tried to ban opium, but the British wouldn’t let them because it was against free trade. Hence they went to war a couple of times and lost Hong Kong.

  4. Homosexuals need to die. I’ve been saying they belong in the gas chambers. ROK readers need to stop being cucks and realize these people need to die. Fucking weak americans are shit.

  5. I hope they all croak, jacking up the healthcare budget short term is still a good deal by the way, as you save lots of money later on lower SS. payments

    1. AJ
      Most of them DO die young. Versace, George Michael. I think I read the average age is 50 or something.
      Gay communities crawl with psycho serial killers like Cunanan or Dahmer. Or, as I knew in Detroit, some teenagers simply “roll them” when they are out cruising. Then there is drugs. And finally, the endless promiscuous sex-they have 400 partners a year. Their body wears out. The sex act results in other blood-borne parasites.

      1. They also have too much free time and disposable income to partake in their degenerate shit. Not having children (or the sexual orientation to even make it possible) has everything to do with it.

        1. REALITY
          Gay gentrification of US ghetto neighborhoods (Castro district)
          1) The pimps and prostitutes leave because there is no money for sex and “rent boys” usually don’t have pimps.
          2) The youth crime disappears because they don’t have kids.
          3) Less domestic violence. Less “restraining orders”. Less men fighting over women, jealous lovers. It happens, but less. Because if you lose a boyfriend you go out on the street and get laid 3 minutes later.
          4) Less drug dealers of hard street drugs because less prostitutes or single-mothers. Gays usually prefer drugs like Molly or Coke and their meth dealers are usually not “corner-dealing” like crack slingers.
          5) Both partners working, no dependents.
          6) Less rape. If you want a blowjob, you get one. If you want sex, you get it. Sex on demand.
          1) No jobs for women. Women are not relevant, they leave.
          2) AIDS everywhere and general butt pathogens.
          3) Serial killers like Dahmer.
          4) Rolling of gays by teenager hustlers.

      2. You were smart to leave Detroit. A bunch of downlow gang-rapists with a preference for White meat.

        1. there is no white meat in Detroit. Every white woman, man, child and even their pets took off years ago-barring a few Polish elderly and Albanians in some places on the outskirts of the city.

        2. Has to be a nightmare for any Whites that stayed. Animals deserve better too. I’m sure more dogs and cats are mistreated now that most Whites have left Detroit.

        3. LASSIE
          You can get killed by a feral starving pack of Rotts and Pitts in black ghettos.
          For one thing, you smell different. In the black ghetto anywhere you’ll see a huge Doberman just on the sidewalk.
          And they are raised around blacks. You smell different.

    2. AJ
      Most gay men DO DIE YOUNG.
      Watch CRUISING, with Al Pacino.
      The drugs, the damage to their body through outrageous sex acts (Fisting), the blood borne pathogens, the fact that the anus is a dirty part of the body to begin with, the serial killers, the violent rent boys like Cunanan or Pacino’s character…

    3. AJ
      Indeed they are a strain on the healthcare system in San Francisco.
      Keeping them alive after they get HIV costs a great deal of money.

      Bubonic butt blaster gay males die young; lesbians drifting through a life of meaningless (If relatively harmless) promiscuity are a different matter.
      One purpose of marriage is so that when the male dies, the woman can live on his savings, in the house he mortgaged, from the support of their children etc.
      What society is going to do with all of these anti-social, drifting women who spent their lives engaging in hookups and the occasional bisexual threesome when they are 70 is a good question.
      The entire Lesbian anti-social type was popularized in the 90’s by Angelina Jolie, Juliette Lewis.
      So the problem is in older years what they are going to do.
      We’ll have a generation of women who are in their 70’s, have saved no money, have no house, no spouse, no community support, nothing.

      1. That’s not the purpose of marriage. Technically, if the husband dies, she is back where she started from or married to the husband’s brother or other male relative

        1. And I said that the other option was that they go back to being who they were before marriage.
          They were irrelevant

  6. It is kinda a funny when I look back and think how many girls looked at me when i put on the condom. A condom? Why? Well that is one of the reasons for sure. My mother works at city hospital, not a large city, about 150 000, and well, USE A CONDOM!!! Always! Even if you date her, rubber will save your head for sure.
    AIDS is a perfect virus, perfect because it can take years and years for the first symptoms. No one really knows how many people are infected. And then you read this article…after you read there are people that randomly sting other people at the party with a HIV infected needle…good job world! Go for it community! Then bang your head 20+ years later, what happened to the gold age and easy life…

      1. Correct. The claims about men getting HIV/AIDS from vaginal sex with women is a myth.

        1. Look at the pie chart and look for the straight white male. Just avoid black women and insert you penis in the hole it is suppose to be inserted and you will be fine, you should be using a condom for hepatitis and the clap and the other nasty shit, like a baby with slut.

        2. Duncan
          Avoid any woman who is partying & whoring around especially with black men. I was advised by a black girl not to date any woman who is often sleeping around with black men. Risk of catching HIV is very high with such women.

      2. Chance of catching HIV is 4 in 200,000 according to the CDC.
        (for a male having unprotected sex with an infected female)
        Compared to chance of dying in a RTA, 1 in 200.
        Forget the condom, look both ways before crossing the road.

    1. AIDS is a hoax.
      No one denies that taking many dicks up the ass and doing drugs will collapse ur immune system.
      But this idea of HIV causing AIDS is a silly fiction that many eminent scientists and doctors dispute. You just never hear about them.
      But Kary Mullis and Peter Duesberg are a good start.
      The only good thing about AIDS is that is provides a great excuse to drug faggots with the lethal AZT “anti-retrovirus” drug, whose side effects are indistinguishable from AIDS! lol how convenient.
      Don’t be a faggot, problem solved.

      1. The second black prime minister of South Africa (Thabo Mbeke) used to say the same thing. He let HIV spread unchecked, and now more than 1 in 5 adults have it.

        1. That’s because sex between men in Africa/Middle East/South America is considered normal. Where unmarried women are protected/guarded and not available for casual sex.

        2. That’s circular reasoning as ur already implying HIV causes AIDS–the subject of dispute.
          If you wanna win this you must prove me wrong, not regurgitate your proposition.

        3. Lol I love the whole logic of drugging someone with lethal anti-viral poisons:
          > you have HIV, which means you have AIDS, ur gonna die
          > have some AZT, side effects include AIDS and death
          > ohh look you died, see we were right, good thing we had ur back
          Welcome to clownworld.

        4. Medical practices In Africa are so resource poor and primitive if you’re feeling tired and ill you’re pretty much diagnosed with the Aids.
          I watched a documentary once and there are some serious questions raised over testing practices and treatments that often kill their patients by medical professionals.
          With lucrative billion plus dollar market for drugs you would have to wonder if ethics and morality go out the window as well. Wouldn’t be the first time.

  7. The problem with your statement?
    “Many would regard it as inhumane not to help people even if they’ve made some mistakes. Actually, all that worked surprisingly well, back when society had better moral standards”
    1. Morality is clearly subjective at this point.
    2. Much much lower population rate.
    3. Unchecked murder of other groups were way more acceptable then.

    1. DEVIL’S
      Unchecked murder is now directed towards whites in low-income areas.
      Whites had 12 kids 100 years ago.
      Morality and subjectivity-tobacco is hated now and pot is considered to be wonderful. When I was young, pot was a thing for low-energy stoners used while tobacco was considered normal and socially acceptable.

    2. The problem with you logic fags is instead of compensating ur self-esteem deficit with ur own arguments you waste ur time splitting hairs over trivial distinctions only an autist would care about.
      I bet you have one of those youtube accounts where you obsessively deconstruct the fineprint of some minor youtube feminist.

  8. Don’t forget it allows them to apply for and get Social Security because of the lifelong “disability” through a disease that can be / MUST be maintained through regular drug dosages and medical care and ins some cases disqualifies them from working in fields related to healthcare (provided they were educated in those fields) and food service due to communicability.
    Don’t for a moment believe that some people will do anything to get on the freebie train so they don’t have to work and its all play anyways, not that they would EVER tell the truth of their status.

  9. Most “homosexuals” I know are just what I like to dub “accidental homosexuals”. These are men who were never good with women and after trying sometimes only for years and sometimes for decades become reconciled to saying “while maybe I am just gay”.
    My theory has always been serial female rejection can result in mental illness to weaker men and that plays out as same-sex attraction disorder. Rejection is rough, serial rejection by women can be even worse, makes sense it would produce some kind of mental illness.

    1. I’ve always contended that white women make a lot of faggots. In the suburbs especially. A male needs to go somewhere that females have to act right, or the chance of perversion exists. Look at all the older men lining up to service a young male with blue balls. The new rallying cry should be Go East Young Man! And don’t stop till you hit Bulgaria

      1. BIFF
        The US has made prostitution so unacceptable and illegal that there really is no other avenue.
        Combine that with the blurring of any moral boundaries and bisexuality whereby 4 women engage in sex with 1 Chad.
        Therefore, males have no access to females anyhow.

      2. biff
        Not true. Russian/Eastern Europe has only few faggots & they normally keep it to themselves. You don’t see gay parades in Russia.

    2. ANOTHER
      Like prison, homosexuality is some sort of sexual activity for males that would otherwise get none at all.
      This is especially true as women became sluts and concubinage becomes normal with 8 or 9 women fucking one Chad. The ordinary or less-attractive males do not get shit.
      Also, women now are encouraged to engage in bisexuality, which also erases the need for a male.
      Because of utter amorality among women and bisexual chic the ordinary male will get no sex from females if has no money.

  10. the astonishing thing about the accelerated rise and rise of the gay faction is the fact that it happened immediately after aids became a thing. The one thing which in a sense proved that their lifestyle was wrought with risk to the health of themselves and others (and in the 80s / 90s there was no telling how bad things would get) came to be a foundation stone of gay identity, and I suspect this explains in part why such a thing as pozzing may exist: it’s not just a perverse and dangerous activity but something which encapsulates the perverse “romance” of gay malesness, a romance which, however strange it may seem, was successfully used to sell homosexuality and the gay lifestyle to the wider public. The first point to note was that while homosexuality wasn’t exactly popular pre-80s/90s it was largely tolerated, with a few notable exceptions. After aids ‘broke out’ and spread even to the hetero world, then suddenly ‘gay’ and gay rights / acceptance etc became an issue. Now you’d expect that gayness would come under fire for being a vector for disease, and indeed it did, but it is precisely this onslaught on gay identity which fuelled the raised consciousness of the homosexual community, and literally, in an obvious sense HIV went from negative to positive, but not only in the sense of a positive result. Works of fiction like Angels in America etc began a big push to make what people expected would be a stigmatised identity based on having the lurgy into a kind of tragic existential state of being born into the wrong body / sexuality and having to negotiate the hurdles of straight hostility / coming out / gay health problems / HIV etc. So the very thing that was expected to sink them, in fact made them. This rather perverse sense of gay romance / tragedy actually elevates the HIV sufferer to the gay top (rather than the gay bottom) of the gay tree, hence bug chasers want some, and reckon they’ll survive just fine on immuno-suppressant drugs

    1. Interesting breakdown, good one…adding to previous comments on the telltale psychologies such as serial rejection as a potential catalyst for hetero-gay transition, etc., in the mental-illness chain of events. All of this has helped build-up into a strange pop culture phenomenon, a cult of acceptance going the way down to trifles such as the gross misappropriation of rainbows, refracted light FFS (and stealing those symbols, just couldn’t stop with pink triangle). Your post actually does a service to the high % of the lost/confused within the gay ranks…they treat each other worse than many of the people who purportedly hate them…in a way, people who can analyze this correctly (IMO) almost seem more of a friend to them than they are to each other, by lifting facades and letting the reality sink in. Beyond the obvious, one of the numerous reasons I generally avoid the west coast metro gays around here is NOT so much that they ended up gay (b/c I work with and cross paths with some of them), but b/c of what I observe as the sheer EERIE DETACHMENT they have from reality…drives me up the wall, full GTFO mode.

      1. thanks. Like many I find it a puzzling phenomenon, and something in need of explanation, particularly insofar as it is an identity that increasing numbers seem to have taken up in the last decade or – something which shouldn’t be the case since people are supposed to ‘born gay’ or otherwise. Only this week GLAAD were trying to suggest that in the 18-35 group 20% identified as gay: how exactly do they explain that (even if it’s bullshit it is clearly bullshit they should should need to justify in terms of the rate of change, and coming out of the cupboard doesn’t quite cut it after so long)
        I actually don’t mind gay people, and have liked many I’ve known. I don’t bother myself with what they do in the bedroom, and beyond destructive or self-destructive behaviour I have a live and let live attitude. I do agree with the analysis that many have a poor handle on reality. Gay males are often obsessed with (non-)acceptance and justification of their lifestyle as well as the aforementioned existential romance of persecution & illness/mortality while the women have their own equivalent, which is about changing the world by dating other women, or – the real achievement for an identity borne from and saturated in feminism – by not having sex with men. Indeed there is a sense in which male gayness and female gayness or mirror images, for gay men it is about unlimited sex and for women about limiting, and controlling sex (i.e. hetero) with men as a form of power (refusal). Everything else – except for the hard core dykes – is psychologically secondary

    2. MICHAEL
      More males became flaming gay in the 90’s because it became sexually acceptable.
      This was a bi-product of the bisexual chic of the era that started in porn with women and was popularized in the “alternative” 90’s by Angelina Jolie and other Gen X females and went across the board to males.
      Gays had always been there-Jeffrey Dahmer was a famous case.
      But by the time Andrew Cunanan became known, gays were becoming socially acceptable.

      1. That’s certainly part of it. I do think internet porn has made people ‘curious’ in a way that was never possible before, and we live in a culture that does everything it can to encourage people to act on that curiousity (and unfortunately that’s increasingly true with regard to children too). The other thing I’d say is the assault on traditional identities and the rise of alternative idenitity politics and alternative communities. People are never just motivated by sex, and indeed this hasn’t just been a movement about sexual indulgence, but about finding out who you are based on who or what you want to stick your dick into. In a sense straight men have set the precedent here as too many see their identities as relating to their desire to to fuck women. Gay men take that further I’d say, but in either case it is a rather flimsy basis for esta blishing one’s sense of selfhood. With a minority identity community though you get to feel special too and can define yourself against the ‘norms’ and the vanillas who are like everybody else.

  11. What is the half life of those meds ? Does it get into our drinking water ?

  12. There’s no way that’s a real thing is this like a duffle blog story

  13. Beware of women that sleep with switch hitters; raw dogging ass in the Castro one night, blowing semen into that club hoes vagina the next. Homosexuality is a mental disorder shamefully condoned in clown world. Absolutely fucking vile.

    1. Medical Professions-
      SECRET PLACE No 4 was the name of my girly bar in the Philippines-I was co-owner.
      I would go with the girls-23 of them-to be checked out at the doctor’s once a month as Filipino law stipulated in order for the club to remain licensed.
      Almost all of these girls became nurses or dental technicians in the States, Canada or UK eventually. That was the funny thing.
      Vanessa “The Rimmer Woman” became a dental assistant in Vancouver.
      All of these women, who later became nurses, contracted VD’s of course. Most of them were treatable.
      Here is one funny thing.
      One girl who was a nurse in the states CAME BACK and went BACK TO WORK AT MY BAR and a few months later got another nursing job.

      1. Marz
        I don’t think Pinays turn to tricks because they’re poor, they do it because they’re whores at heart.

        1. Vanessa has her fingers in people’s mouth…
          She was a shabu crazed Pinay hooker who loved to rim guys asses.

      2. MM
        Last time I visited the UK there were a saw a few Pinoy surses heading to work to a major west London hospital. Afetr reading your story I am extra glad I no longer need to rely on the NHS and their nurses.

  14. We are venturing out onto this glass ceiling with weight heavy enough to shatter it any instant. Its not a matter of when it will break but how close are you to an edge that you can grab ahold of to avoid being lost into the abyss. Add up all of these signs folks, we are one step away from going full savage beast, unrestrained.

    1. Chuck, Today Klinger would not get a section 8, for dressing like a woman. Today he would be promoted to a general.
      Frank Burns was really a closet fag.
      Mash, TV show reference for you young’ns.

  15. Honestly, I couldn’t get past the first three paragraphs of this article. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed for less than what Western Civilization has become. If I saw fire and brimstone rain down on these degenerates, I could only get down on my knees and thank God with tears in my eyes.

  16. Yeah gay marriage. Gays have mommies and daddies. If only parents could follow their gay children around, they would disown them. They sure would if their straight children lived like that. You know, with straights.

  17. Don’t be surprised if a few of them
    get close enough to groups of children
    as a gay teacher, coach, or scoutmaster
    and pinches them all with infected needles.
    Homeschool them as long as it’s still legal.

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