The Cultural Impact Of A Donald Trump Presidency

“The thing worse than rebellion is the thing that causes rebellion.”
“Power concedes nothing without demand. It never has, and it never will”
Frederick Douglass

Nearly two years ago, I wrote an article for ROK describing Gamer Gate and its potential marker as a turning point in the Culture War. The major premise was that in attempting to alienate and demean gamers as misogynist losers, the social justice brigade overplayed its hand. It incited a violent, effective backlash, which proved to be a counterweight to the incessant march of Cultural Marxism into the arena of gaming, at least for the time being.

As positive as the Gamer Gate uprising was, at the end of the day it was taking place in a somewhat peripheral arena. Video games are for most people nothing more than entertainment, and as such the gaming medium was always unlikely to be the springboard for the sweeping cultural changes espoused on sites such as this. To effect real change, a GamerGate–like force needed to emerge in the wider sphere. The waves Donald Trump is currently making in politics is looking like such a force, with his candidacy representing another, even bigger marker in the Culture War.

The Rise of Donald Trump: The Politician

Like most people, I completely dismissed Trump’s candidacy when he first announced it in June of 2015. I thought it was merely a publicity stunt, and summarily wrote him off. I had paid little attention to the election in general, until the outrage over Trump’s comments about John McCain as a war hero bubbled up.

It wasn’t so much the merits of what Trump had said as much as his willingness to spit in the eye of the Republican top brass which piqued my interest. I had long since become disillusioned with the Republican party, and the prospects of a Jeb Bush nomination had me ready to tune out of politics yet again. Trump’s antics made me pay closer attention to what he was offering, through to the first Republican Debate a few weeks after the McCain outrage.


It was 5 minutes or so into that debate, held on Fox News, that I punched my ticket onto the #TrumpTrain and never looked back. In what was clearly a hit job from Fox, the moderators opened the debate by asking the contestants if they would refuse to pledge to support the Republican nominee and not run as a third party candidate. Only Trump raised his hand.

Next, Megyn Kelly asked him an obvious gotcha question relating to “misogynous” things Trump had said in the past. This treatment of Trump, who was at the time the leading candidate in the polls, in front of a record audience largely drawn in by Trump, by right-leaning Fox News, was a confirmation of what I had suspected: that the establishment in both politics and media were anti-Trump. As per Roosh, this was merely a sign that the individual in question has ideas that are beneficial to America.

The combination of Trump’s wealth, business expertise, virtually 100% name recognition, multi decade exposure to the media and natural charisma enabled him to break through that establishment behemoth which lined against him. A politician with similar ideas but lesser means would have been drowned out by establishment donors. Another billionaire without the media experience would have been crushed by the intense media scrutiny and gotcha games, while Trump regularly trolls the media with ease.

Considering his anti-globalist, anti-Cultural Marxist, America First message, Trump is perhaps the only man in America who could have had the impact he has.

Social ‘Progress’ Doesn’t Feel So Good

A Trump candidacy wouldn’t have been necessary but for the massive changes in the economic and cultural milieu over the last 50 years. Consider the following quote from President Obama in an interview he did with NPR at the end of last year:

I do think that the country is inexorably changing, I believe in all kinds of positive ways. I think we are — when I talk to my daughters and their friends, I think they are more tolerant, more welcoming of people who are different than them, more sophisticated about different cultures and what’s happening around the world.

But I do think that when you combine that demographic change with all the economic stresses that people have been going through because of the financial crisis, because of technology, because of globalization, the fact that wages and incomes have been flatlining for some time, and that particularly blue-collar men have had a lot of trouble in this new economy, where they are no longer getting the same bargain that they got when they were going to a factory and able to support their families on a single paycheck, you combine those things and it means that there is going to be potential anger, frustration, fear. Some of it justified but just misdirected. I think somebody like Mr. Trump is taking advantage of that. That’s what he’s exploiting during the course of his campaign.

What he is essentially describing are the effects of the twin forces of cultural and economic Marxism applied incrementally over decades.

Economically, the US economy went from a goods producing economy supported by savings and investment to a smartphone app producing economy supported by exponentially increasing debt, conspicuous consumption, and administrative, legal and compliance work.

We don't need this guy anymore because we have a service economy now

We don’t need this guy anymore because we have a service economy now

This ‘new economy’ was ultimately constructed by the academics influenced by John Maynard Keynes, who ended up dominating the intellectual and policy-making landscape of postwar Western nations.

The new economy brought with it the death of the American Dream. For most, merely going to college now requires going tens of thousands of dollars in debt. Assuming one gets a good paying job, and finds a girl worth marrying, it is likely that she too is inundated with student loans which become an further liability.

Buying a house and a car requires much more debt relative to incomes than 50 years ago. Keep in mind that modern incomes are supplemented by a second income earner, whereas 50 years ago it was most likely one breadwinner. On top of this, the dual breadwinner of today is likely maxed out on multiple credit cards, all to achieve the same as the single breadwinner did 50 years ago with minimal debt and room for savings to boot.

In short, the American Dream lifestyle was far more attainable in years past, and didn’t require one to sell himself deeper into debt slavery at every turn.

Culturally, the US has succumbed to the Marxist ideals of equality, diversity, and the promotion of ‘oppressed’ classes above all else. Note that in the Obama quote above, he immediately cites the ‘tolerance’ and worldly sophistication of his daughters and their friends as evidence that the United States has changed for the better. The subversion brought about by cultural Marxism is most pronounced in the policing of language, beliefs and attitudes through political correctness.

Cultural Marxists view racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia and other violations are as extremely grave offenses, while simultaneously believing their existence is prevalent even in the most mundane situations. For example, correcting someone’s grammar is potentially racist, and air conditioning is sexist.

Despite the supposed ubiquity of ‘bigotry,’ the penalties for these crimes are still severe. This corrosive paradigm exists solely to control people. If one can lose employment and thus the means to survive because of a mean post on Facebook, the message is clearly that one must fall in line with the prevailing narrative or else.

This makes the media’s incessant charge of fascism against Trump that much more laughable, but we should know from Vox Day that SJW’s always project. Their replacement of objective truths with Marxist whims intended to serve a subjective vision of ‘equality’ has ultimately brought about it a much more unstable society.

Marginalizing Traditional America

In Democracy In America, Alexis de Tocqueville wrote the following describing the uniqueness of the American in the world:

Their strictly Puritanical origin, their exclusively commercial habits, even the country they inhabit, which seems to divert their minds from the pursuit of science, literature, and the arts, the proximity of Europe, which allows them to neglect these pursuits without relapsing into barbarism, a thousand special causes, of which I have only been able to point out the most important, have singularly concurred to fix the mind of the American upon purely practical objects. His passions, his wants, his education, and everything about him seem to unite in drawing the native of the United States earthward; his religion alone bids him turn, from time to time, a transient and distracted glance to heaven.

This judgment is a bit harsh given that at the time Tocqueville was writing, the US was still a fledgling country trying to establish itself. The country didn’t have time for establishing a robust art and literature scene when it had to build itself from the ground up.

America did built itself up, and then some, through the prioritization of freedom, competition and hard work, essentially being as ruthless and pragmatic as possible in pursuit of commercial ends. Christianity generally set the moral boundaries. The sanctity of property rights and patriarchal family structures established a strong foundation for civilization, ensuring that the gains made could be passed on to the next generation. This is essentially ‘traditional America’ as we know of it today.


Economic and cultural Marxism erodes these values at every turn. ‘Socialism,’ Tocqueville wrote, ‘seeks equality in restraint and servitude.’ The push to normalize homosexuality, broken families and androgyny leads to an erosion of the culture at its very base.

So when Donald Trump came along, with his simple message of ‘Make America Great Again,’ those who felt marginalized by the ‘new economy’ and political correctness suddenly had a voice. Conversely, those who wish to see traditional American values destroyed felt a pang of worry upon hearing the Trump slogan, as it invokes an age of greatly reduced, if not nonexistent Cultural Marxist influence.

Indeed, the backlash has been strong, from all sides. Kevin Williamson of the conservative National Review wrote an article back in March eviscerating the mostly white, rural, industrial Trump supporter for having the temerity to long for a time when manufacturing jobs were still plentiful, even writing that those communities ‘deserved to die’ for not getting with the globalist program. Hillary Clinton’s infamous ‘deplorables’ comment was made in reference to a similar constituency.

In the face of long overdue resistance from average Americans to the destructive forces of economic and cultural Marxism, that the elites have chosen to double down in their disdain for those in opposition should underline the importance of the battle at hand.

Turning the Tide

The personal contrast between Trump and Hillary Clinton is especially clear, with their personal lives being emblematic of the large choice America is facing. Trump is a patriarch, the unabashedly masculine head of a strong family. His wife is feminine, and has remained largely in the background during the campaign. He has five children, who despite growing up absurdly wealthy, did not succumb to the same pitfalls many rich kids do. Trump has eight grandchildren to whom the wealth he’s amassed are to be bequeathed at some stage. While not perfect, Trump is a man of conviction; he sticks to his guns and is bold and defiant when challenged.


Clinton shares Trump masculinity, which would be flattering if she wasn’t a woman. Her pant-suit-wearing-career-girl-lawyer-power-hungry-striver persona is cartoon-like. She manage to pop out the standard one child but remained laser-focused on her career, eschewing the idea of baking cookies and having tea, as she once put it. She is running on a hyperfeminist platform, to the point where feminist icons were being trotted out to warn women that eternal damnation awaits for not voting for a fellow woman.

Everything about Trump’s lifestyle, from his patriarchal headship to his above replacement rate family formation, is frowned upon in Current Year America. While the ‘strength and independence’ of Hillary Clinton is praised to the heavens.

Politically, Trump’s candidacy has given Americans a real choice for once. Consider that from 1980 to 2013, a member of either the Clinton or Bush family has been in the White House or among the President’s Cabinet. To the extent that the United States has deteriorated over that time, the establishment from both parties has directly overseen it. The media’s favored Republican candidates, such as Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and John Kasich are all from the same Bush political family tree meaning there would have been little change had they won.

While I have no illusions about Trump being the perfect candidate, the best one can hope for is the right candidate for the time. At this time in American history, a change away from default Cultural Marxist views is what is needed. In order to achieve that change would require a transcendent candidate to snap people out of thinking, and voting in the default way set by the elites.

Trump, with his strong frame and appeal to a strong national identity, touches an emotive chord which has reached a large number of people. There are many voters who have either never voted, or previously voted Democrat who are lining up to vote for Trump.

Even those who think Trump is too much of a blowhard must concede that he is probably what is necessary to turn things around, at least initially, in an emotional sense. It’s not as though Barack Obama, for example, won in 2008 because the electorate appreciated the intricacies of his cap and trade proposals. He won because he uttered ‘hope and change!’ every other phrase, and that resonated with people in that time.

The real, fundamental change required is more quickly had via an appeal to emotion versus logic and reason. Once Trump succeeds in building the platform to Make America Great Again, the policy wonks can drive it home, provided they promote policies in the same vein.


The main idea in Nassir Ghaemi’s 2012 book, A First Rate Madness is that in times of complexity and turmoil, the best leaders are often the ones who are unconventional, with abnormal minds and the ability to think outside the box. During times of tranquility, more even-keeled, square-like types are better to maintain the flow.


To show this, Ghaemi explores the mental backgrounds of historical figures such as Winston Churchill and General William Sherman to understand why they were uniquely equipped to deal with the crises they faced. In contrast, square-like figures such as Neville Chamberlain, Tony Blair and George W. Bush were like deer in headlights when the pressure was on.

Trump might be ‘extreme’ and ‘not presidential,’ but in this climate being moderate means criminalizing criticism of an ever expanding list of protected classes by labeling everything as hate speech. Being presidential means refusing to acknowledge threats to society, if those threats come from those protected classes.

The years ahead are shaping up to be years of economic and cultural crisis. These crises are born of the Cultural and Economic Marxist dogma. As per the Frederick Douglass quote at the beginning, the rebellion spearheaded by Trump is preferable to the Marxist status quo that it responds to, and seeks to replace, even though there may be turbulence in the transition. It is exactly a candidate like Trump, ‘insane’ from the Marxist vantage point, who is most apt to cure a nation afflicted with Marxism.

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  1. Wow Anita Sarkeesian got fat. Guess that’s what happens when you have your cake and eat it too.

    1. And here I thought she was simply faking it for the cause. Guess she really is a true believer.

  2. i supported trump until watching the first debate. that was an absolute fucking trainwreck. you cant sit here and tell me you really think he deserves to be the next president after that.

    1. You have two choices: Donald or Hillary. “Trump did bad in the debate” does not mean Hillary should be allowed to run the country further down the fucking toilet.

        1. Not so, most elections are between Diet Coke and Coca Cola.
          That is to say, both candidates tend to represent the same left-wing policies, the “uniparty”, one is just the “lite” version.
          Trump v Hillary is one of the few elections where 2 actually separate “products” are running.

    2. Thank you for Correcting the Record Mr. Leibowitz. We all know that an old woman reading back pre-written and rehearsed “zingers” are all America really needs.

  3. This “hate speech” nonsense show what our elites really care about. You can criticize the Federal Reserve System all you want with impunity, as we’ve seen with Ron Paul and his easy life, despite his self-promotion as an enemy of tyranny. That shows that our elites just don’t feel vulnerable through attacks on the Fed.
    By contrast, if a public figure challenges our elites’ ideology and childish utopianism about race, immigration, feminism, gay degeneracy and even climate change, then they and their proxies will attack you vigorously.
    The difference demonstrates what matters to our elites, what they view as their most powerful tools for controlling and reshaping society, and where they feel threatened by the people who stand up to their bullshit. I can see why our elites want to steer alienated whites into Ron Paul’s libertarianism and away from the Alt Right, which has identified the real battlegrounds in our country and has attracted men willing to fight on them.

    1. The real battleground is the Federal Reserve, don’t get yourself wrong. Stop the credit diarrhea and the rest will collapse due to its own weight, including feminism.

      1. The federal reserve is the center of gravity for the entire system, which is why it is the most fortified institution in the country. So you can’t actually take it on, making other, more trivial arguments the real battleground.

    2. Ron Paul is hawking freeze dried foods for the upcoming zombie apocalypse. The Jew was never concerned with his criticism of their banks because he was never allowed to be a threat.

    3. Perhaps it’s simply that the elites don’t fear Ron Paul. He’s not “in it to win it”.
      He’s the “right wing” forerunner to Bernie Sanders as he developed something of a following by challenging the establishment (and being “the weed candidate”) but then threw in the towel. He also even shared Bernie’s problem/image of not being able to find a suit that fit.

  4. Please, dear Lord Baby Jesus, please tell me that Trump does in fact have a pet bald eagle that sits on his desk.

      1. Libertards were all in a self-righteous tizzy because Trump reached for a bottle of advil laying near it and the eagle got upset.
        Using animals to divine political leaders? What next? Examine the entrails of a goat? Oh, right. “Wiccans”.

  5. Opening with a Frederick Douglass quote? Does it count as irony to use the words of someone who would today be a cultural marxist to support a candidate who is opposed to cultural marxism?
    Additionally, if not for Douglass then Hillary wouldn’t even have a chance as the black voting bloc would be greatly diminished as Douglass was a stalwart, and successful, opponent of the Liberia initiative.

    1. Dude, you normally have good comments. You seriously need to let this thing go.
      No one’s going back to Africa. No one’s going back to Europe. The only ones going back are those here illegally. The rest of us better just learn to get along because we’re all stuck here together.

      1. Whether or not we’re stuck here is a different discussion, I’m wondering why the article is referencing Frederick Douglass.
        It’s not even a particularly moving quote so irony is the only reason I’m coming up with.
        The list of “influential black social reformers who should be quoted” begins and ends with Booker T, and even he had his issues.

  6. “This ‘new economy’ was ultimately constructed by the academics influenced by John Maynard Keynes, who ended up dominating the intellectual and policy-making landscape of postwar Western nations.”
    Keynes was also the 1st Baron Keynes, CB (Companion of the Order of Bath) and FBA (Fellow of the British Academy). In short, he was British nobility. He was also at one point, a director of the Bank of England (meaning, a close affiliate of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, but, in actuality, the Bank of England is the overseer of those two well-known operations).
    So it’s easy to put 2 and 2 together there, and see that royalty (aka the elite) is the spearhead behind the notion that all the world’s ills are due to that dastardly toxic virus, namely, “cultural Marxism”. They deflect what’s really going on, and pin in on “those damned Marxist Commies”…so easy to see. On the other hand, they pin it on right-wing nuts who are against SJW beliefs. So they basically give you two choices (Coke vs. Pepsi). Same old shit. Divide and conquer. Both choices keep the veil in place, over your eyes. Both solutions, both camps, are ineffectual.
    At least from my perspective, it’s obvious. Opinions vary. And I’m always open to changing my mind about pretty much anything…

    1. It would seem then that the Brits have always been gunning for our finances as there’s the old-as-dirt conspiracy theory that the Brits were the ones who tanked the economy after Andrew Jackson paid off the US debt entirely.
      …Jackson must have been doing something right as nowadays he’s reviled by both the left and much of the right.

      1. Yes. Look at Gandhi. He was a point man for the expansion of the British Empire. The elite’s media and Hollywood movie companies turned him into a saint who only wanted equal rights and world peace. His first fast was held over a South African edict that proposed giving equal footing to the Untouchables of the Hindu caste system. A curious thing to do there, for an alleged “man of the people”. He laid a wreath at the base of Queen Victoria’s pedestal in Durban, South Africa, after getting word of her death in 1901. He was a loyal subject of the British Empire. There are countless examples of ruthless methods employed by the British to expand their empire. Look at Canada. (British owned and operated.) The British Monarchy owns gigantic swaths of formerly “public owned” lands here in the USA, not to mention ungodly amounts of other property. I’m not saying the British Empire is behind every evil thing that happens, but they are part of the octopus. These Puppet Masters create bogeymen (“the dastardly Commies”, et al) and try to convince half the world that those bogeymen are the source of all evil. Meanwhile, they try to convince the other half that the notion is crazy, and it’s all due to wrong-thinking troglodytes who are clinging to non-SJW beliefs and “progressive” notions. Funny how they only offer you two plausible choices as president, as well. Heh. Coke vs. Pepsi. Name your poison.

    2. You’re on the money, Bob. Also, the Bank of England led by Montagu Norman (also a Baron) triggered the Wall Street Crash and the Great Depression.
      The USA is totally under the control of the City of London and it’s the war dog of the post-British Empire.

      1. Hey, I can’t blame the British…or the rest of the octopus. The British are just one tentacle. If I had that much power, I’d probably use it, too. Human nature being what it is and all. I have this theory that most people who complain about the balance of power, do so because they secretly want to be in charge…heh. Especially true when it comes to us men, who like to believe we are in control of our domain, pissing in the yard to mark our territory, fighting off guys who want access to our “bitches”, etc. It’s hardwired in a guy to want to be the captain. Once you get that high up the food chain, it has to be the ultimate drug. You could quickly delude yourself into thinking you control the entire universe. Whether that’s true or not remains to be seen. I have no enmity for the NWO. Every day I go to a grocery store and see some fat, disgusting, tatted-up bitch with blue hair, who is thumb-fucking the keyboard of her cell phone, I see their point. In the end it’s about survival of the fittest. Knowledge is the ultimate weapon. Those who stagnate are the authors of their own demise. Those who let go and realize they don’t know shit, and drop all of their force-fed beliefs (which means pretty much every single thing they believe), well, they have a chance at being more than men. A lot more. It will all work out. Life goes on…and on…and on…all lessons, nothing more. A school for idiots, the earth plane is. We graduate, we ascend. We fail, we fall back. All in due time.

        1. I have thought about that too. They do play Gods and do impose some sort of social natural selection. Hunger Games. Which is why the information (the knowledge) is available and at the same time invisible to the most of people.
          But even though you have a point that power can corrupt any man, we must remember that past some powerful men were also noble.
          The difference between today’s elite and the past one can be seen clearly in the world of Art, for example. The former have completely destroyed art and now the ugly is the beauty.

        2. Yes. Right now, although it might change, I see the NWO’s point. I was raised in an NWO family. I resisted the mantra for much of my life – at my own considerable expense. Nowadays…well…I will take their final solution over that of a blue-haired SJW’s. Or an “educated man” who has good intentions but is myopically naive and woefully outmanned when it comes to his state of overall awareness. I now have a go-with-the-flow mentality. Survive to see the next day. Grow. Don’t cling to the past, or to my beliefs. Strive to learn more and to be more. As for art, yes, they deliberately co-opted that to replace beauty with ugliness. To dumb people down. It’s all part of the process. But a person doesn’t have to concede the point, and say, “Yes, that painting of a vagina with black droplets oozing out of it is just beauuuuuu-tiful.” But most people do. The choice is theirs. So…what value do they have, if they swallow the lie? What do they bring to the table that will enlighten another person? Absolutely nothing. This may sound harsh, but it’s how I currently look at it (knowing my perspective will probably change at some point) – it’s survival of the fittest, baby. The fewer pajama people (people who are sleep) there are, the more space I will have to breathe. If I go down, it will be due to my own ignorance, or due to old age, or weakness, or frailty, or whatever. But I am not going to try to wake those sleeping people up, because…I know they are incapable of waking up. It’s not their time. And who’s to say they are human? Most “people” I know are energetic vampires. In the movie The Matrix, we have the agents – non-human but human in appearance. Interesting that the manosphere’s notion of the Red Pill originates from that film…what if many “people” aren’t human at all, but projections, holograms, like in the very movie the manosphere loves so much? Other cultures have talked about this at length. I have met far too many energy-sucking vampires to think that all men are created equal – or are even “men” to begin with…okay, it’s time for my shock therapy and an icewater bath. Look at the time! Have to chug down some meds in a few hours, you know, just to keep up with the Joneses…

      2. The British should rebuild their third-world empire and spit at the UN globalists who will inevitably whine about “international law and norms”.

      1. Yeah I’m the first to admit I don’t know shit, in the general scheme of things. Most of the things I believe in, I wind up disbelieving. Everything changes. It’s a law. (Unless we cling fanatically to our beliefs…)

        1. It’s funny, you know.
          I had this rather extreme psychedelic trip where I wound up in a lot of suffering. And the only way out, as they say, is ‘surrender’. Basically, what happened was that the whole world/universe/my universe kept changing. To almost unrecognizable states. My mind would go on about analyzing that new state, applying ‘rules’ to it and then the universe/the drug just washed it all away and that was painful. Whenever I clinged to an idea, the universe would create an alternate reality where that idea was utterly incorrect, just to prove me to let go.
          At one point, I ended up with the belief ‘You can be sure of nothing. Everything changes’. And you can bet your ass that the drug created a reality where that is not true and smashed me once more.
          Clinging to beliefs and thoughts seems to be what finishes us off rather often.

        2. Oh god yeah. I smoked some laced pot a few years back. Used to love getting high, gave it up for a while. And when I got uproariously high, I suddenly realized what an absolute phony I was. Why? Because I’d never let go, and just given my totality to whatever I was engaged in. Like love, a close relationship. I was always guarded, I always held back. I saw this, plain as day. And I didn’t like what I saw. I didn’t surrender and fly on the wings of intent to whatever locale I could have visited. I held back at everything. I’m not advocating banging down a quart of magic mushrooms, but as you said, belief is transitory. We are clinging to the epicenter of our own self-reflection most of the time. And that is terminal. That is suicidal. We are infinitely more than 99 cents’ worth of elements from the Periodic Table, housed in a sac of skin. And that’s too “out there” for a forum like this, but tantalizing nonetheless. One thing we might both agree on – or maybe all readers here – is this: Fear is the prison.

        3. Oh yeah, nicely said. I can see that holding back in myself too, but it’s rather overshadowed by immense pain and fear regarding other things, so you might say it’s not that important to me right now. But hey, maybe this being shown to you was not so much a criticism of yourself but an invitation to love this aspect of yourself no matter. My ‘guru’ always says that everything in the universe just wants to be loved, heh.

        4. Haha! Yeah…and that guru makes bank on selling that notion. I think it’s all a process. We have to go through great pain, quite often, to be shaken out of the comfort of our miserable existence, and press ahead. From great suffering comes great art, etc. I try not to look at pain and personal suffering as “why me?” I try to look at it like a chance for the Phoenix to rise from the ashes. Lives of quite desperation, and all that.

        5. Well, he has not made a cent from me, so I don’t think that’s what he’s aiming at. But hey, I am not going to be defending ‘my guru’ or anything. I said it because I find it to be true in many cases.
          This ‘why me’ thought is in my head a lot. Well, not exactly this thought. In fact, the ‘why me’ specifically is something I didn’t think about much, but I do tend to feel self-pity a lot. Already gotten better, but it’s a beast.

        6. Fuck yeah it is, brother. It is the mortal enemy of all mankind. I try to think of this whenever I feel self-pity, and it works for me – I think of my impending death. I have no time for self-pity. It will all work out. You are in transition. Keep being contrary. It’s your finest quality, IMHO…

        7. Really. What’s my worst?
          The thing with pity is … I keep wondering why it is there. What purpose it serves. I can’t believe there’s something in the universe that’s just … useless and bothersome.

    3. The so-called “elites” of our current time ARE the cultural marxists. Unfortunately, they aren’t communists, but socialists, in other words, they are pro-totalitarian, anti-traditionalists. The perversity of the process comes from the fact that they learned how to push for “real socialism” with the failure of the Soviet Union. They are trying to put a leash on peoples’ minds and lives (culture), before they go after economy.
      You can observe it pretty clearly in Europe, where “socialists”, “social democrats” and even “christian democrats” all converge on capitalism, the teachings of the Austrian School and ALWAYS, globalism. In fact, you can understand SJWism/cultural marxism if you apply the “Subjective theory of Value” to the sociological fitness of a given individual. Therefore, you have to erradicate intrinsic value (identity: gender, family, race, religion, nation…) to increase subjective value (financial earnings, consumerist peacocking, social network whoring, etc.).
      Real communists would not disdain the “Deplorables”, the electors of Marine Le Pen or anyone supporting the Brexit. Why? Because face it, they are the poor, those who will never benefit from globalism. Only urban, sedentary middle class (and upper) are for the advancement of the process, as they need to further the “transformation” to survive. They need economic monopolies (like the oil industries or the technological giants), taxes directed against small units (individuals, small companies, families), unqualified, cheap labour to drive salaries down and, of course, low interest rates combined with controlled, sustained inflation. In other words, they freeze the economic advancement of the working class, something contrary to both traditional capitalism (somewhat darwinian it might be) and communism (as the WORKING man is, in theory, privileged in such a regime). This is a new breed of wannabe totalitarianism (which will increasingly take force in its hands, hence the terrorist strawman), and perhaps we should name it differently. “Globalism”, “cultural marxism” are simple functional characteristics of this new political and sociological order.

  7. Consider what would happen the day after a Trump victory on November 8th. The Left is going to completely lose its mind. They’ve convinced 45% of the population that Trump is “literally Hitler”. Suppose Obama and a bunch of Democrat state governors, backed by a packed federal court system, try to pull of something to block Trump’s victory from being certified. A pile of lawsuits, extra-constitutional actions, probable mass protests and riots would all be backed by a sympathetic national media. Wouldn’t put anything past them at this point.

    1. The internet is abuzz with awareness of the MSM/establishment shenanigans. If the globalist/shitlibs try to ramrod back a Tump win after the case, expect mass mobilizations a hundred or thousand fold of what we saw with the few men braving sjw nutjobs to assemble last summer for the meetups. Upon hearing of a victory, many people’s heads begin swimming and they take for granted that their wish has come true. But not without work. De-shitliberalizing America will take time, devotion and work. There will be a powerful aire of “Trump is in – what now?” resonating everywhere. Many shitlibs and sjw’s will be running in circles shitting down their pantlegs and sliding in it, crashing into each other. We’ll surf it out. Really we will.
      Look foreward to 5 or so years of hitting the streets quite a bit. It’s fun and good exercise to get out and link up with other like minded Americans. There will be cheerleading ‘Trump chants’ to learn and make up. Look foreward to doing them.

    2. If that happens, i would be laughing so hard at those marxist idiots…Can you imagine black lives matter ghetto niggers going bananas, crazy ass feminism going all slut walk mode and the cry babys on the media and the “intellectual” front felling literally sick???…Hahahaha, what a day, that would be!

  8. What if both candidates are wholly owned and operated by the elite, and Trump does a 180 upon being elected…what then? The left will say, “I told you so”, the right will be devastated. They do the same shit every time they change the shape of the president (donkey vs. elephant). Eight years ago, Obama was going to save the world and give us all hope and change and great health care. Heh. Look how that worked out. The only difference now is, the shit is poised to really hit the fan for the masses, and the NWO is just getting warmed up. It’s very likely Trump will win. And if that happens, he will do an about-face. “My hands are tied, the Democrats won’t let me do anything.” I’d like to believe in Santa Claus again, and the triumph of good over evil. I’d like to believe some savior is going to swoop down out of the sky and save us, but religion, unfortunately, is Santa Claus for adults. You have to save yourself. Via knowledge. And via the understanding of that knowledge in mind, body and spirit (the “real” trinity). That’s how the elite rule the world – they possess true knowledge; not the puppet-making bullshit they teach at their schools and universities. You can’t save anybody else if you don’t know what’s going on in the world. You can’t protect yourself from an enemy whom you don’t know exists. It’s all lessons…nothing more. Evolve or involve. The choice is ours.

    1. Trump will make an U-turn once elected and it’s only logical considering his background. You don’t get filthy rich by playing nice to people, you exploit them and you don’t get filthy rich without the right connections, including the mafia.
      It is sad to see the manosphere which claimes to have swollen the red pill to completely ignore the facts. I guess people are desperate but it is a sign of weakness.
      Like you, I’ve said it too before – Trump is poised to win. After him they might select a woman for a president but it’s just too early after the first black one.

      1. Baby steps. Waking up takes baby steps. First you take that initial red pill. Yummy. Then, your eyes open a bit. If you don’t like what you see, you cling to your beliefs with all your might, because to change your way of thinking means letting loose of everything in which you believe. And that is hard as hell. People will kill you if you try to do that to them (as they are programmed to do). Which is why you can’t get too pushy. All in due time. People either evolve and continue to discover more and more, or they stay at whatever location on the mountain upon which they currently reside. It’s like a guy near the top of the mountain, who sees what the climbers below can’t see. “Fucking avalanche!” The guys below look around, they can’t see what the guy above them sees, so they say, “That guys a crazy conspiracy theorist.” It’s all about vantage points as you climb. Some stay where they are, because it’s warm and comfortable. Others climb higher. The perspective changes. But we’re all gonna die anyway – due to our own ignorance, mostly. Unless there’s a way around that, too. And I’m not closing my mind on the possibility of being able to sidestep death, either. Infinity is a great big place. Lots to know. Lots to realize. And all things are possible. “That will be $1, put your money in the basket on the way out, and I’ll put in a good word for you, next time I talk to Jesus. I swear.” (Wink.)

        1. There’s a website which I frequent and I think you might appreciate it too. Send me a PM and I’ll give you the link.

      2. Get elected the left will continue to antagonized his administration. He’ll be forced to deal with the fools harshly. He’ll be actively supported by hidden Jewish interests. Minorities groups like BLM will continue to be funded by the same globalists and the public will actively call on extreme measures to protect order and the government will do it.
        Jews will again their false “humanitarian” bullshit claiming “Never again” happened again and call on a global police force to “destroy the criminal Trump regime” and say this is the result of a deep genetic hatred of all Caucasians that must be eliminated for “World Peace.” Their talking head pseudo scientists will manufacture false data to suggest it’s backed by science.
        Jew will actively start interbreeding with Chinese to acquire influence and wealth to further disestablish the west. Again Jewish identity will play a big part in demonizing Chinese nationalist who formerly accepted them for the short term economic benefit. They’ll find a way to support and enforce immigration of a failed North Korea and Japanese in to China and cause a cultural clash knowing their is a mutual historical animosity between them.
        Sound familiar?

    2. He will be facing a hostile Congress his complete term and I even doubt the senate will confirm any of his SCOTUS picks.

    1. Not only the US. Hillary could start a conflict with Russia, and all the world is doomed.

      1. Yeah but as an American I’m primarily concerned with the fate of the US. Trump would be friends with Putin.

        1. I live in Europe. Here all the press is pro-Hillary. Everyday they publish lies about Trump making him a kind of monster.

  9. “…the establishment in both politics and media were anti-Trump. As per Roosh, this was merely a sign that the individual in question has ideas that are beneficial to America.”
    There has to be some small number of Trump supporters that realize there are some Republican politicians that are Anti-Trump because they truly feel he’s in over his head, right? As in they are watching in real time as Trump sinks the GOP almost singlehandedly.
    You might like what he says, or what you think he represents, but there has to be a number of you that take a good look at that guy and honestly don’t think he can be the President. But, you continue to ride hard for this guy because of his “anti-establishment” stance, very similar to Bernie’s hipster-ass fan base.
    I’m not saying there’s no position at all for Trump in politics, but President is definitely not it. In fact, take a second and ask yourself what other political position would Donald Trump run for, and if given that position, you’d feel confident in his decision-making. Secretary of Treasury? Senator?
    I swear this site ride’s Trump’s dick just as hard as a feminist site rides Hillary’s.

    1. Yes, the position isn’t very balanced at all, is it? If true to its philosophy this site should either not take a side at all or at least publish an article which constructively criticizes D. Trump.
      Otherwise, like you said, there’s no difference between this site and the lefties ones.

    2. Secretary of Housing & Urban Development
      Mayor of NYC
      Ambassador to Monaco

      1. You’re a white man, and what you think is starting to matter less and less. If you didn’t believe that, you wouldn’t visit sites like this.
        The smart, adaptive, forward-thinking approach you should be taking would be to try to make some allies with other like-minded men of different backgrounds. There are plenty of non-white men who value many of the same things you value, but refuse to go along with your archaic thinking.
        Until white men as a collective decide to do that, feel free to enjoy your decline.

        1. What dindus think doesn’t matter, has never mattered, and matters less everyday as well. If you think dindus are somehow “on the come up”, you are sorely mistaken. Make no mistake – we are certainly in decline, and have been for many hundreds of years, and in perfect correlation with our decline has been the decline of the society in general. We may be in decline but we are taking all of our work down with us.
          If you were smart, adaptive, and a forward-thinker you wouldn’t come onto these comment sections yapping about your supposed “big black dick” – and you people wonder why everyone hates dindus?

        2. Why are you talking about my dick out of nowhere? If anything, you just exposed your own weakness. And I’m absolutely sure you haven’t contributed anything positive and specific to society, so I’m not quite sure by “taking all of our work down with us” means.
          You are the worst kind of interneter — one of those that talks all the shit in the world yet backs absolutely nothing up with any kind of action. Being that I’m positive you’ve contributed nothing to society nor do you act on your words in any sense, you seem like the type of white guy that is helping your own decline.

        3. You have the memory of a gnat. It’s funny to watch dindus try to engage in some kind of argument on the internet, every single time you show yourselves to be nearly brain dead. You probably don’t even remember what you did five minutes ago.

        4. Of course I remember!
          But right now I’m busy making fun of dumbfuck inbred three-tooth southern trailer park white supremacists.

  10. In the hypothetical that he does win and resuscitates the government from its marxist coma, the best thing we can do for our generation is build a family and work hard. Drive home the lessons of the failures of democracy in the 21st century, and perhaps an advanced version of colonial America can resurface, bringing out its peoples long-buried entrepreneurial spirit. On the other hand, I’m keeping my cards down for full on war to end their sick and twisted hijacking of our planet.

  11. Just wanted to copy/paste this from ChateauHeartiste… It’s too epic…
    From OP I Mildly Touched Richard Dawkins
    “This got long, and rambling. Perhaps worst of all for MPC, this got sincere. Real as f**k, yo. But hell with it:
    For all its Vox Day-ness, SJWs always lie is damn good stuff. Never apologize. Never surrender. Especially never surrender the narrative.
    Trump is already ahead of Romney. He’s polling closer in blue states-heck, Washington is just about in play. NJ too. Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, PA-when were these last in the game? Hes even holding steady with Romneys numbers in California. Even New mexico will come down to how Johnson’s 24% collapses nov 8th.
    By any measure, Trump is the best Republican candidate since Reagan. Bush I coasted on Ronnie. Dubya got a split decision by judicial fiat, and barely managed to put away JOHN KERRY in 04 with a point here or there.
    I have not a word of criticism. Every scandal faded when he ignored it. The entire media elite on both sides has only held him to a tight race with a near certain win (many paths to victory!) and a potential electoral landslide. His gaffes arent not a bit worse than anyone elses.
    “It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by the dust and sweat and blood…and who, at worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly; so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory or defeat.”
    Be as alpha as you like. Be as silver tongued and fearless as you like. Any of us-anyone else- would have long since broken. Its been a year and a half and every day from every side, Trump has been under unremitting, vicious, downright depraved attack.
    I mean- we forget, you know? Not to get mushy…no, f**k it. Lets get mushy. Lets get real.
    Theres no reason in HELL to do this. For all the shitlib conspiracy theories, he has the favors, the connections to get out of any supposed debt or legal tangle. Hes been good friends with the Clintons, the Bushes, the Kennedys, a dozen others.
    His name, his family, his company, his legacy, his health, his pride, his history; his life-both his social and literal life-all of it thrown on the altar. Not to mewl cuck BS but because he loves this rotten shell of failing dreams. He loves the country that gave his family everything, and he has pledged his life, his fortune, and his sacred honor to fight for her in terrible peril.
    Damn us all. Damn us all to hell. A year and a half ago every cockswinging deplorable was jerking off to Teddy Cruz and glumly ready to suck it up and vote Jeb. So we could get our amnesty with a side of guac before we ran to some f**king hideyhole. Maybe let our kids turn ten before the jigs moved in next to the spics. So we could huddle down and “enjoy the decline.” Maybe catch a piece or two of bluehaired vagina while the Romes our fathers built-not just one, but a dozen Romes from coast to coast- rotted and burned.
    Criticize? Comment? The unlimited hubris of it. We were WHIPPED, gang. We joked about road wars to whistle past the f**king graveyard because we knew it’d never be that good. Just slow rot and shitty jobs until we died, getting older and weaker and fewer while an endless horde of muds twerked in the ruins of our grandeur.
    70 years old. Taking 15 months of endless hate to take a chance at 8 years more.
    The more I think of it, the more it moves me. I didn’t think we got men like this anymore. Laugh if you like. I dont give a damn. Donald Trump turned his back on endless, unlimited fame, wealth, hedonism, luxury and peace. Cincinnatus left a plow, not a throne.
    I dont care if he ain’t couth. I dont care if he had every wife in Christendom, or missteps ten times or ten thousand times, or doesnt hand me every policy I love on a golden platter.
    Theres a story, about Washington. After the war, with no money coming, a number of officers started the Newburgh Conspiracy-plotting a coup. Fascinating stuff, but the gist is this. Washington found out, and went to address them. He gave a speech-great, beautiful speech-to little effect. In a last attempt, he pulled out a letter from a congressman promising (again) money. Started to read it, and faltered.
    He took out his glasses. Something almost none of them had seen him wear. And said:
    “Gentlemen, you will permit me to put on my spectacles, for I have not only grown gray but almost blind in the service of my country.”
    From anyone else,almost any other man in history that would be grotesque pandering. But Washington was really everything they say he is. And his men, these tough bastards from Saratoga and Valley Forge, wept. The conspiracy ended.
    I never thought Id see a leader like that. I never thought they’d make another.
    Call me naive. Call me glorystruck, blind, a sycophant and a fool. I dont care.
    That’s how I feel about Donald From the By God Celebrity Apprentice Trump.
    We say “God Emperor” for ironic detachment. A fantasy from Dune or a silly game for overgrown manchildren. The symbols of our cultural degeneracy used as a wall to shield us from the terrible hope we feel. We nitpick and niggle to stay on the details of this and that maneuver to hide away what we’re scared to say. Using the same humorously ironic detachment we condemn in straggling millennial twerps to hide from ourselves.
    He isn’t a “shitlord” or a fantasy figure, or a meme.
    The terrible, terrifying truth is for the second time-for all the warts and wives- we got another man that goddamned GOOD. We deserve-hah. After decades of failure, neglect, tomfoolery and greed, we deserve to get exactly what they say he is. Every filthy lie, every depraved fantasy of the sniveling f**king cowards we call fellow citizens is our due.
    But by the grace of God-the no s**t, real deal, grace and blessing of the Great Jehovah- the dying remnant of our gangrenous nation flipped one last card.
    And it came up a Trump.
    Im with him. If he wants me to go to Valley Forge or hell, Im with him. Even if he loses, he gave it all, all the costs he’ll bear-and he will suffer terribly- to cut a path for us out of the wilderness.
    Im going back to ironic detachment now. But I wanted to speak my mind to say that I no s**t, no homo, no takebacks, no lie-love Donald J. Trump. And the only thing we could ever do to repay this truely great man, is Make America Great Again.”

    1. DEEP. THROAT.
      Goddamn I wish I knew someone that could gargle my dick like this guy. I’d simp up and marry them on the spot.

    2. (((Roissy))) is probably the only alt-right/white nationalist who takes Trump’s dick in every orifice more than Matt Forney.

      1. I have to agree. It’s actually a little disturbing. I used to like the site way back when, but it’s nothing but an echo chamber now with the same group of posters stuck in a perpetual circle jerk.
        Somehow you’re supposed to believe these guys are PUA alphas fucking nothing but the cream.

        1. Supposedly the PUA who goes by the name of “Roissy” no longer writes the new material on the Heartiste website, and was replaced by another writer. I don’t know if that’s true or not, though.
          Whoever’s writing the current material, though, is clearly just a complete fucking idiot. That’s all there is to it. He seems to think he knows everything about everything when he actually knows nothing, but he’s surrounded by an echo chamber who continuously inflate his ego.

      2. Because Trump not only represents the future of the West, but the absolute highest level of Game that exists at this moment.

        1. I have nothing against Trump the man personally. Overall I believe him to be a more-or-less genuinely good person. I also agree with many of Trump the politician’s ideas.
          My point is that Roissy is simply a repellant human being.

        2. I’ve only really read his blog the last months since the Trump train took off. What’s your beef?

        3. Have you not read his blog?
          For starters he seems to fall into the bullshit Richard Spencer myth that “huhwhytes” are this pure Nordic race that are being outnumbered and diluted by “mongrelized mud people,” which is a complete falsehood. He fancies himself some sort of expert on HBD when just about every single one of his statements are either completely wrong or distorted in some way so it puts “huhwhytes” in a good light. What’s more, like most white nationalists (or perhaps more specifically manospherian white nationalist types) he puts Eastern Europe and Slavic pussy on the pedestal, when the reality is eastern Europe is not western civilization and will not save western civilization. He also falls for the WN belief that America was a country for all white people, when that’s only a half truth. America was only for Anglo-Germanic Protestants. The “Slavic shitlords and goddesses” that he and so many others of his ilk praise to the skies likely would not have been allowed into the United States if the founders were still alive today.
          If Europeans want to bring their numbers up I have no problem with that. But at least get all the facts straight.

        4. It seems you are, as your response to uncomfortable perceptions of others is not to evaluate it to determine if it is true, but to reaffirm your premise to yourself by flipping out. The reason liberals are stupid is not genetic most of the time, it’s due to them never evaluating the premise of their beliefs. Their life is a cycle of of using logic to try to rationalize faulty, emotion based premises of reality they created in school when their brains were not yet fully developed.

        5. Actually, not true. Liberals (or more specifically regressive leftists) are the way they are because of genetics. Our political beliefs, along with basically every other aspect of our behavior, is at least partially shaped by genetics. By the same token Heartiste and other alt-righters hate others because their genetics incline them to hate others.
          I’m not exactly sure where you’re trying to go with this. Heartiste has the right to say whatever he wants. But I have the right to call him out on his bullshit.

        6. Genetics predispose, and to make conclusions based on nothing but loose anecdotal correlation towards the most complex nanotechnology on the planet is ridiculous. Those predispositions will be wiped out by declining birth rate, but genes act through operons, transposition and many other processes, it cannot be explained in absolutes. Mendel lucked out with the traits he studied; genetics in its entirety is much more complicated.

        7. While often stupid, liberals’ real motives is that they are ridden with anxiety neuroses which they believe totalitarian government will alleviate.

        8. Which is an entirely emotional way of thinking. Since they refuse to face adulthood, nature will wipe them out for failing to reproduce.
          It is hard not to admire the stark purity of this justice.

        9. Well, they are cutting out and killing their unborn more frequently than anyone except the black Americans they control.

    3. Strong agree except it was Trump who made me consider Republican. Never attracted to Bushes or Cruz.

  12. Let’s compare first ladies:
    Alina Kabayeva (to-be Putin?) is a very very talented and limber gem and specimin of femininity.
    Whoooah! Betty Ford, nope. Roselyn Carter, nope. Barbara bush, Eleanor roosevelt, Jackie Kennedy, Hillary, Michelle the cross-dresser . . . NONE OF THEM can catch that ball.
    Melania is the only (prospective) 1st lady that even comes close. Could Melania actually do that gymnastics move like Putin’s girl? Ivanka could . . maybe. I bet Melania is doing her mat exercises right now in the morning. For 1st ladies and other respectable wives, keeping up with the Putins is the new ‘space race’, beautifying the ‘space’ that opens up when shameful hambeasts fall to the wayside. Trends dictate both a resurgence of masculinity AND a concurrent decline of hambeastery in the upcoming forecast. Women everywhere will soon begin sexying it up and packaging themselves for LTR service to patriarchs – and they’ll be competing and trying to at least match their respective national first ladies. I have a crystal ball somewhere you know. Just have to find it but trust me I got it.
    Melania is anxious to show other American women what she too can do.
    eeh . . well ok that’s not Melania but at least Melania has perfect eyebrows. Not since Julia Tyler have we seen a 1st lady who knew that eyebrow obscessing is something known only to women with a face worth keeping (or showing to the masses).
    Julia Tyler was actually a covergirl before she became 1st lady in 1844. She was known for her amazingly large and productive tatas. This was in an age before surgical enhancement. Julia was for real. Real working genes! Proof is in the puddin. Julia Tyler produced five Tyler sons and two Tyler daughters. That alone puts her a point above Melania. Be a real ultimate woman. Use ’em till you’re dry Melania.
    Now I don’t know for certain if this next 1st lady is even a ‘lady’. I’m trying to compare her eyebrows to Melania’s/Julia’s but this sic(woman’s) eyebrows are harder to see than Hillary election signs around here. The deers must have chewed the signposts. Hmm where’s the eyebrows? I need to up my reading glasses again. Shit.
    Holy shit I just had a flashback. That’s my old elementary school lunch lady. My bad.

  13. “While I have no illusions about Trump being the perfect candidate, the
    best one can hope for is the right candidate for the time.”
    Agree 100%
    Pat Buchanan is the perfect candidate. But he is too old now and not running. Trump is the best we can hope for at this point in time. Go Trump!

  14. You guys really think 1 man can fix an entire nation? America is in too deep shit it’s already to late. Right now the next president is already chosen. It’s a circus show while we eat popcorn watching it. It’s like watching the last season of a show and the story is tying together. The fall of America is soon and the way the world is headed were in for a long haul. Best I can say is start making smart moves and investing in ammunition cause shits gonna hit the fan. Survival of the fittest indeed.

    1. It has to start somewhere.
      Trump building the wall and banning muslims is a start in the right direction. And mocking this PC nonsense is very important too. And then maybe the next POTUS will ban ALL 3rd world immigration and end Title 9. And the next one repeal the great society programs and the insidious, unconstitutional 64 and 68 civil rights acts. It has to start somewhere…

      1. Trump will shake hands with devil if he wants to win. But I will admit he is challenging the system, and that poses a great threat to the khazarian/zionists overall scheme who are hungry for war with Russia. As we know what happened to JFK as he also challenged the system, was ridden of.

    2. He is not one man. He is millions of us. Don’t under estimate yourself so. And keep your powder dry.

      1. It seems “they” want Clinton to win. The lusting for war with Russia has never been this close.

        1. The ruling elite want war as cover for their failings to the constitution of the US. Also war is needed to exhaust any country not on board for control by the elite ruling class via world government and international banking.

        2. The ruling elite has done its job with America and no longer needs her as she was the whore for her resources and military. Now a power shift will move to the state of Israel. “Pax Judaica”.
          Those who planned to replace Pax Americana with Pax Judaica began plotting America’s fall even before the demise of Pax Britannica. The seeds of America’s collapse were sown at a meeting of Rothschild associated bankers on November 22, 1910 when they drafted legislation to create the Federal Reserve bank.

  15. Trump will help but even Trump is not immune to the cultural rot as he condones the sodomite/trans social programming being implemented but nobody can get elected if they don’t kiss sodomite assholes nowadays. Still the best candidate by far and triggers the left better than anybody.

  16. Anyone watching Pence right now? He’s being WAY tougher than Trump was last week- though he missed some good chances to bring up stuff like Haiti.

    1. Poor man. I dont have to agree with what Gov Pence is saying to see that he has a good grasp on many subjects. Where he looks bad, and Sen Kaine knows and exploits, is that he has to stick up for the dumb shit Trump has said.

      1. Trump really hasn’t said too terribly many “dumb” things. One or two gaffs, but generally what the Left is calling “dumb” is little more than truth, which they then take out of context and distort and start screaming about.

        1. Highest Common Denominator is a real-life dindu that simply feels threatened by Trump and has swallowed the “raycis” MSM propaganda. He is here trying to sow discontent among us. Why does Roosh let dindus on this site???

  17. I recall Trump saying that he was asked to run for Governor for the state of New York. He said he declined saying he had other plans without saying what those plans were. But we know now what those other plans were.
    There are also some videos around from Trump in the 1980’s. One was with Oprah and she asked if he would ever run for President when he talked about the bad trade deals at the time which are now even worse.

  18. O, what a supreme irony. Britain is on course to become the true bastion of proper conservatism once more and its been done by a woman with intelligence, steel and convection who believes deeply in the Nation State that is “Great” Britain.
    She’s declared war on the liberal elites in the media and politic classes who are out of step with the values of ordinary people, she’s not going to “grovel” to Europe on the immigration issue, where non-brits will now be deported even if they’ve minor criminal convections. An end to multiculturalism and a call to British people to feel proud of their country and its achievements, inducing feeling proud of their Christian past.
    Things are looking up over here….and yet the US will elect her antitheses in Hill dog.

  19. If our country is to be saved, we’d need the media to be totally destroyed. Or at least we’d need the playing field leveled. As it stands, every popular tv station, news site, newspaper, social networking site, and now smartphone app are totally far left wing liberal… I don’t see any straight male, christian, or white person having a voice for much longer. If Trump doesn’t absolutely decimate the media, or cause some kind of revolution, it’s just gonna be another wild left wing regime when he’s done.
    Maybe it’s time we pick a city in another country and we all move there. Some place patriarchal, conservative, with beautiful women and good food. Any suggestions?

  20. Great article, to which I would add the following. I am firmly in Trump’s camp, but the math of the Electoral College sadly makes it unlikely that he will prevail.
    So consider then that six months from now, three of the West’s most powerful nations will be led by women who have a grand total of one child among them. That says it all, don’t you think?

  21. If Hillary gets elected it’s a guarantee the country is completely fucked, if Trump gets elected there’s a chance the country can stave off becoming completely fucked. All I expect from a Trump presidency are non-liberal supreme court nominations and his mouth moving the Overton window as far as political correctness is concerned.

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