The Rise Of The Ratchets

Pop culture has a massive influence on the masses, especially in a place like North America. With technology and social media aiding its delivery, never has there been a time where we’ve been more connected to the entertainment industry. New fads and trends are constantly being introduced to consumers, who eat it up without question. It’s troubling to think that such an industry holds so much social power over a nation, more so when the rest of the world is watching its every move to see what is “cool” or “in”. Those lost in its realm don’t know any better, and those who know its detriments to society shake their heads disdainfully.

So what does Hollywood and the modern media have to do with the manosphere? Quite a bit, unfortunately. Women are submissive and highly influenced creatures, which makes them prime targets for manipulation. Not to say men aren’t as well, but it’s shocking how much power a female star holds on women who are always looking for a role model for their religion: “You-go-girlism”. Observing these movements can provide valuable insight into the minds of modern women and help decipher their ongoing changes in behavior. Let’s take a look at a recent phenomenon which spawned recently and has spread like wildfire to every corner of the U.S. and Canada: The Ratchet Hoe.


What’s a “Ratchet?”

Urban Dictionary describes the ratchet as: “A diva, mostly from urban cities and ghettos, that has reason to believe she is every man’s eye candy”. The meaning goes deeper, however, “ratchet” can be used as an adjective too, as seen in the phrase “Let’s get ratchet”. While at first this word had very negative connotation for women, it has since adopted a lighter meaning to signify a girl who is crazy or dirty with regards to behavior and image.

It is presumed that this word started in lower class neighborhoods, to describe a girl who flaunts her body and exploits her own sexuality to men— usually to gain money or security in exchange for a strictly sexual relationship. While this is frowned upon by women of higher classes, it is an effective survival technique for poorer women looking to raise their social status by any means necessary. These women have accepted the role of sexual object in the eyes of men, so their whole existence revolves around sexualizing themselves as much as possible.

These behaviors have been seen in the wild. Female monkeys are said to sell their bodies for sex in exchange for tokens of food when it’s scarce (you can research it yourself). Other women despise these ratchets because they earn the attention of men in the cheapest possible manner. Of course, the disapproval shown towards them only fuels their drive to continue their lifestyle as a borderline prostitute, and this behavior disorder continues to infect Western women like the plague.


How It Got Popular

This trend was no overnight ordeal, its been a while coming. The culprit: hip-hop. As an avid fan of the genre I observe its many changes closely and I was taken aback when this new type of rap music starting getting popular. It mainly promotes partying and misconduct, which I endorse 100% as a playful activity, but it’s now gone too far. Instead of staying a a cult for select listeners, this rap game has gone fairly mainstream now and is swallowing the popular music world whole.

It makes one wonder about the general direction of society when young white girls from suburbs are trying to “twerk” and use ecstasy as recreational activities. America’s second drug wave? Could be, but lets take a look at the “who told them this was okay.”

The lovely Miley Cyrus, released a video recently called “We Can’t Stop”, and for those who don’t have time like me to watch Disney girls shake their junk on Youtube, I’ll explain the video. Miley talks about “dancing with molly”, “twerking” and is shown donning golden teeth while flaunting her pilates-hardened ass for her millions of viewers. Quite a contrast from her Hannah Montana show where she was America’s country-music star sweetheart. In other words, the little white girl role model has just entered ratchet territory and is bringing all her young fans along with her.

The always entertaining Justin Bieber, another mogul in the pop music game, has also become fairly ratchet himself. With attempts to enter the rap game failed, Justin has settled for acting rather douche-like with his new hip-hop buddies as his favorite pastime. Snapbacks, tattoos and  luxury vehicles are now all part of Justin’s  lifestyle— with monthly run-ins with the law and angry tantrums with paparazzi on top. Bieber’s very young, impressionable fan base of teenage girls are watching his every move and are becoming enchanted with his persona for their own romantic lives.

With these two young superstars exhibiting this sort of behavior, it is no doubt their many, many fans will follow their ways like sheep.


Concerning the Manosphere

The decline of quality women in Western civilization is no new novelty for frequent readers of the manosphere, but it has just taken another blow. While the followers of the celebrities mentioned above perhaps are too young to be relevant for your consideration as sexual candidates, they won’t be in 3-5 years–they are the future. Their influence will only heighten the problems already being seen, which are:

1. Hypergamy

Every young girl is being taught that only the best of the best will suffice for her romantic life. Her worth is too large for just any bloke on the street, no matter how charming or educated. Only men that resemble Prince Bieber both in looks and status, is worthy of having access to their vaginas. When this dream man doesn’t show up on their doorstep as they stupidly hoped, they will settle for #2, whoever that may be, which they will resent for not being their initial choice or man of their dreams.

2. You-Go-Girl-amy

A dangerous trait for a young woman’s development. Miley has taught them that being an obnoxious, drug using, party girl is all part of the “good life” resulting in thousands of replicas running around in their natural night-life habitat. You will have to cater your act to sleep with these girls, which probably won’t give you much satisfaction and will likely give you a few STD scares. If you’re neutral to what kind of pussy you get, then all the power to you. Turn on TMZ and observe your girl’s goddess spiral deep into the abyss of fame and stupidity.

 3. Cross-Cultural Infection

As I mentioned earlier, the whole world is watching our pop culture intently (more so now with technological advances) and draw many ideas from the 1st world. Places like Brazil and Eastern Europe which were once untainted paradises for beautiful feminine women, will slowly start becoming more and more westernized. It is only a matter of time before we start seeing ratchet trends and behaviors in the most unlikely places around the world. Lets hope it doesn’t.

I was drawn to write about this after hearing my cousins and their friends dancing to this new song in my native Argentina. I cried inside as they recited the lyrics to “We Can’t Stop” just weeks after its release in the U.S. I tried convincing them that it wasn’t cool but they wouldn’t listen and instead dubbed me a hater. So to all of my fellow haters who are reading this, be wary of the shifts in pop culture, as trivial as it may seem to be educated on the subject. If this paradigm continues, I may have to start speaking in new age slang and get a “YOLO” tattoo just to get some ass. You’ve been warned.


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104 thoughts on “The Rise Of The Ratchets”

    1. Man, this dude is right. I love that down home wisdom from experience. It comes in plain terms that even a dumb ass can understand. Yet it incorporates very advanced concepts of morality, but with that rapper new car smell. LOL
      Loved it.

    2. This guy speaks some good words. Like any sane person, he’s baffled as to why wealthy celebrities would want to emulate the self-destructive dregs. Trying to find the answer to this question can drive a man insane until he begins to appreciate the essentially nihilistic, negative, and destructive force manifested in modern American womanhood. Why do they do it? Because they can. And because they don’t care. Because they are immature, spoiled, sheltered, pampered louts who know nothing about hardship or struggle.
      The difference is that in earlier ages, societies would pay dearly for their degeneracy and corruption. Hulagu, Genghis Khan, or Attila would ride in and burn the cities down a build a mountain of skulls fifty feet high with Ratchet-heads. And that would be the end of the likes of ratchetism and other similar corruptions.
      Maybe we could use a few generations of barbarism, until the ancient lessons are re-learned.

      1. Perhaps it is ‘elite’ policy that the celebrities emulate dregs and the celebrities are beholden to the elites for power and money.
        The ‘masses’, in emulating dregs, further disempower themselves and hence are ripe for elite social control.

      2. I think what you’ve described will eventually happen in the West (or is already happening at a slow pace thanks to high levels of immigration, etc.) and the whole house of cards will come crashing down sooner or later.
        There’s a reason women’s behavior has been placed under tight control by societies for thousands of years – well, those that have survived.

    3. great video. and though he does analyse ‘white musicians trying to be gangster’ very well, its curious that he doesnt even bother analysing why gangster has to remain gangster.
      unless you go from the argument that they can’t better their circumstances [okay the drug laws in the US are shit but still, if 50 cent can have some kind of business acumen and sense why can’t they].
      anyway i think i’ll share an excerpt from samseau last post [which in turn was from bonecrcker originally]:
      “In my experience, racism plays a big part of what’s going on with American women. Several times I have met women whose attraction to men is race based… the more negatively stereotyped, the better. Behind their back, they use racial slurs, even when talking about their partner. You talk to them and it becomes clear that they have strong racist views, usually negative. They are chasing bad men and the racist views colors these men as bad. So, they go after them. It’s a complicated issue, and one that women will test you on to see if you will accept it from them.
      For example, there was one stripper I knew. For awhile, she was sizing me up as a potential man. One day, out of the blue, she says this to me, “I’ve been with a lot of black boys.” “Do you think less of me?” My answer to her at the time was, “Of course not.”
      But that was the wrong answer. My answer should have been yes. There are several reasons. First of all, she is testing me, not looking for reassurance of her worth. She wants to see if I will accept her in a devalued state. If the answer to that is yes, she loses interest (she did lol) and, at the same time, goes hog wild in the process of devaluing herself further. On the surface, she wants to know if I’m racist. But what she is really saying is she is racist, and a whore to boot. What’s behind her statement is several years of screwing black men, but only from the criminal class of society. She did this in exchange for money and drugs. Certainly she would have no interest in a black man in a 3-piece suit and a law degree. Part of the manipulation has to do with what she means by “black boys.” She means black men from the criminal class of society. But, phrasing it this way is a trap. If you say it devalues her, it seems like something racist (being with black guys devalues you) but, it’s the having sex with men from the criminal class that devalues her. If you say no to this sort of behavior, it implies that you are racist. You’ll see a lot of manipulation along these lines in society, especially with women. They want you to accept deviant behavior by associating it to minorities. Reject the behavior and they act as if you rejected the minority.
      You will see this pattern repeatedly with American women… multiple minority partners, sometimes multiple children of mixed racial background. The big lie is that inter-racial couples are now accepted, so people feel free to get together with those they like. But the truth is that racism and fucked-upness are behind most of these relationships (white men with black women; seem to me to be the exception). Look for extreme racist views in one or both of the partners (should be the LAST thing in an inter-racial couple), a history of trading sex for money and drugs, and multiple one night stands, often resulting in children. Like any good lie, there is always a grain of truth in the center to give it credibility. There are lots of legitimate inter-racial marriages. You can tell the legitimate ones by their stability, high degree of education of both partners, and successful career the man has.
      Racist views of women are a part of what’s going on.”
      the point being that criminality is celebrated

      1. Your statement is one of the best I’ve ever read because it touches bases usually left uncovered. I’m a black male and although I’m not nerdy or boring I at times won’t be “black” enough to some white girls like the stripper you described because I don’t sell “molly”.

    4. Without the pressure of rebelling beta males, societal collapse or outward enemies, the apex alpha males love to encourage women to be sluts (look at all the hip hop and other videos) and teach them how they can be hypergamous and get that higher-value man, at least for a night or a short time–be a slut.
      Men will fuck down in quality or value for short-term and so that’s what the celebrities promote.
      The apex alpha males strongly motivate the “alpha” females (like the female pop stars) who then influence the beta females who then influence the beta males.

    5. This reminds me of an essay by Theodore Dalrymple about the English upper class imitating the lower class. He worked with, as a psych doctor, and wrote a lot about the incredible disfunction of the English welfare class and couldn’t understand why the upper class was imitating their habits to be fashionable (or something like that).

        1. Roosh, Theodore Dalrymple writes extensively for City Journal. If you are looking for a good collection of some of his best essays try: Our Culture, What’s Left of It. His essays are pretty incredible, and they seem kind of like a hyper-educated, proto-red pill.

        2. Hi, Roosh. I’m not aware of any online material. I was introduced to Dalrymple in his book “Life at the Bottom”, a collection of essays- the particular essay I was thinking of is probably in that collection. It may be from “Our Culture, What’s Left of It”. I found the second book disappointing, in comparison to the first, which wowed me, so only read a few chapters; accordingly, it’s probably in the first book.

    6. And here is the thing; she doesn’t need to emulate ratchetness, when she
      comes from a different subculture and community. Her daddy is Billy Ray
      Cyrus, a Southern white man, country and western royalty. She could
      have done pretty well within that genre, had she taken that direction
      after she finished with Hannah Montana. She could have cultivated a
      more wholesome image that would have fit in well there. I find it hard
      to believe that there would not have been a market for her within her
      “tribe”. As for selling out, as the guy in the video described it?
      Selling out never applied to her.

      1. Selling out? I think you need to rewatch the vid. He implied no such thing. He was wondering why she doing “ignant nigga shit”. Selling out isn’t even part of the equation-except for as he stated in his case with his desire to go mainstream.

  1. Of course all the symbolism…the one eye, the mirrors, alter egos, sexuality…just shows who her handlers are.
    Pop star music videos are pretty much all the same now.

    1. Christians take that shit waaaay too literally… much like the Bible. Sure, “musicians” nowadays like to make those symbols but that’s just them trying to be cool as God nowadays isn’t cool. Yeah, I’ll admit, some take the whole schtick way too seriously *cough* Beyonce *cough* Jay Z, but that’s like with anything, you’ll always have the nutters.

  2. The other parts of the world would like to emulate this stupid behavior, but it won’t unless you have high enough level of prosperity. What permits this degenerate behavior is not that it’s “cool”, it’s if you’re a girl at 20 in a soviet apartment block, with a job that pays you $100 a month, that reality will be in your face ten-fold compared to the current pop-culture. She might think it’s cool, but her empty fridge (if she has a fridge) will scare more than if she’s not “cool”.

  3. The other parts of the world would like to emulate this stupid behavior, but it won’t unless you have high enough level of prosperity. What permits this degenerate behavior is not that it’s “cool”, it’s if you’re a girl at 20 in a soviet apartment block, with a job that pays you $100 a month, that reality will be in your face ten-fold compared to the current pop-culture. She might think it’s cool, but her empty fridge (if she has a fridge) will scare more than if she’s not “cool”.

  4. By incentivising women to engage in divisive behaviour against males and also to reward socially negative male behaviour, both men and women are locked in a downward spiral of nihilistic hedonism as the West succumbs to the infection produced by the elite to keep the masses in check.

  5. Repulsive fucking entities, these “people”. They aren’t women…they are glorified whores.

    1. I like the term “entities” a lot. I’m gonna have to start using that one.

    2. This is a great article. You have the two forces of pop-culture ratchets (or raunch queens) on one hand and feminists on the other. Both encourage hypergamy in women and what’s the main way you get a higher-status man? You (a woman) slut it up and offer up sex cheap and quick.
      I talk about this in my post at justfourguys called, Feminists and Raunch Queens are the Dominant Alpha Mares. They are leading the herd and many girls and women are following the herd narrative, some because they intrinsically like the things taught and others just to be part of the herd.
      And most/many of the apex alphas and other high-status males (alphas and greater betas) are loving the additional pussy, votes, workers and customers that result from feminism and raunch culture.

    3. Exactly, and who can glorify these women more than the entertainment industry and make them into desirable entities? Only America. Ratchets exist in other countries, I’ve seen them, but they get spit on whereas the west puts them on your television set and lays a millions in their ratchet bank accounts. A dangerous combination for a struggling society.

      1. Right, and we’re told we being “racist”, “judgmental”, or “gay” for not wanting to lower our selves for those pieces of shit (that was a compliment btw).

    4. Exactly, and who can glorify these women more than the entertainment industry and make them into desirable entities? Only America. Ratchets exist in other countries, I’ve seen them, but they get spit on whereas the west puts them on your television set and lays millions in their ratchet bank accounts. A dangerous combination for a struggling society.

      1. Right, and we’re told we being “racist”, “judgmental”, or “gay” for not wanting to lower our selves for those pieces of shit.

    5. Right, and we’re told we being “racist”, “judgmental”, or “gay” for not wanting to lower our selves for those pieces of shit (that was a compliment btw).
      You’re right Jeff. And I’m sick of them acting as if they’re royalty and being expected to treat them like Queens and hold them on a pedestal when they’re lower than scum (thats a compliment btw).

  6. ROK=jezebel with a cock. Pointless articles that have nothing to do with improving lifestyle. A few years ago Roosh was talking shit on “Men’s Rights” blogs then a year later, he proclaims that the MRA movement is dead. He then attempts to fill the vacuum with his monetized blog ROK since his book money is drying up. Daryush Valizadeh pedestalizes and romanticizes becoming financially independent, but only because he’ll never become employed again.

    1. Ad hominem shaming tactics that make no sense and use of hipster phrases (really tell us how you really feel) further prove my point.

    2. Go back to the couch and masturbate fuck yo couch. Perhaps one day you will get good at something, even though like your opinion it will have no relevance to reality whatsoever.

    3. What planet do you live on? There’s plenty of self-improvement articles on here. More so than social commentary.
      And there’s nothing wrong with financial independence. More power to Roosh if he can continue to pull it off.

    4. So, what’s got your panties in a wad? Sounds like either sour grapes or a personal problem to me. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

    5. I’m sure ROK appreciates your help in monetizing this blog. Keep up the clicks!

  7. 1) I fucking love that chick. She would scream in orgasm and call me her master while I’m screwing her. :p
    2) “…to describe a girl who flaunts her body and exploits her own sexuality to men…” Isn’t this EVERY woman? You guys still have trouble believing that every girl uses her body&sexuality for reaching her goals. Prostitution and attentionwhoring is their core nature.
    3) “….young white girls from suburbs are trying to “twerk” and use ecstasy as recreational activities”. I doubt this. When you go into nightlife you see massive amounts of guys on XTC. That is how they numb their ego and still can have fun while all the chicks are trying to get their ego satisfied by the guys that give them attention and validation. If I see girls using drugs it’s cocaine. The cost is not an issue. It’s freely available to them since there are always guys that will provide them the powder. Still: drugs is a male thing. Just go out and observe to verify this.

    1. I’ve seen a lot of girls on just about any kind of drug you can imagine.
      But they have always loved the nose candy.
      I forget what comic it was but he did a great bit about the whole reason cocaine is illegal is because it makes it too easy for just about any dude that has it to get tons of pussy. Society would grind to a halt.

      1. 2 be frankly, I yet have to see a girl on XTC. Sometimes I get a line of coke from girls in nightclubs. Coke she got from “a friend”. For chicks it’s an ego-thing. Look, I do expensive drugs. Why drive a Fiat if you can have a Porche?

  8. Officially a hater.
    Not just Cyrus, but all girls of our country in every state are being affected. It is as if a horrible disease is sweeping only the female gender of our country, and we all don’t care. We are content to replace them with excess women raised by fathers overseas; I did and I have not looked back. They may not care as they get access to the power and money of the US, but I refuse to believe that the males are not affected to. We cannot live around this taint and think we are not affected.
    Men, driven by the sexual marketplace will change in order to gain access. So we have truly, with no looking back, come to the cross roads. Most of us will take the left path without even noticing we passed the right one.
    These rap producers, at first I thought they were something special, now I think they are destroying music itself. They can’t help it, they are just greedy and following the money. I can’t blame them though, our people are the ones driving the market. So I can’t totally blame men either.
    I blame the Baby Boomers more then myself and any other. Their parents overcame a Great Depression, and established the US on the backs of all the broken countries they bombed. It effectively made the greatest minds come here and establish the US as the cornerstone of the world. Yet what did they do with this gift? They threw caution to the wind, demanded unlimited sex and divorce, allowed their kids to be raised by sexist harpies (feminists, now we get girls of every color like Miley Cyrus), sold themselves to inflation like hookers so they could buy everything they saw on TV; and now, now their own kids and grand children may not allow them the social security net they built on their descendents back. They may also not even have a home to go to when they are old and unable to care for themselves. I am thinking I may have to anticipate seeing old people’s corpse lining the street someday as they will have no money, and no family who cares enough to take care of them. You can’t threaten your kids with abortion, ruined familial relationships, and neglect and abandonment as punishment; and expect a false 1950s outcome of morality. Math effects everything, and therefore life does not work that way. There is a debt, and it must be paid.
    Look at this video, and then look at the crime and race hatred statistics. They blew it, and we will too.
    If all the negative economic and moral calamity does not come we may never learn. It does seem like we might destroy ourselves?

  9. Whatever wholesome cornfed girls next door are popular right now on Disney or Nickelodeon, at least one will be skanking it up in about +5 years.

  10. I’d rather die a permavirgin than get a #YOLO tattoo. I have limits to how much pop-culture stupidity I’m willing to put up with. And if SWAG/YOLO is the future of evolution, then so be it. Count me out.
    Although I still have my fantasies that Metal will rule again and obliterate swaggotry and bring about a new culture where masculinity is valued and honored. One can dream, right?

    1. Swaggotry? Hahahahaha
      That should get an award like Colbert’s “truthiness.”

    2. Do yourself a favour and turn off the tv. Plus stay away from mainstream film and magazines. They are all distractions. Find something worthwhile to put your energies into.

    3. Good news then: if you’re a standard poster on this site, you will in fact very much die a permavirgin. We all talk like we got some before but clearly we haven’t.

  11. I hate to say it, but this country needs another Civil War. Or at least a Russian invasion. We’re all so bored out of our minds that we’ve allowed Miley Cyrus to rise to popularity. We’re too fat and happy. Americans need to get scared.
    Time to start culling the herd.

    1. Don’t worry. Based on the attitudes of not only Obama worshiping Dems and Chris Christie RINOs but even ‘conservatives’ like this guy towards our new surveillance state overlords:
      …Civil War 2.0 is just around the corner. Probably when some governor decides he’s had enough and orders the arrest of a lawless Attorney General and the ‘rescue squad’ meets a buzzsaw. Or an an F-16 pilot on Red Flag outta Hill AFB (which I am not and don’t know any) decides it’s only a hop and skip to the Utah Data Center while he’s got 1,000 pounder under each wing and goes out a folk hero.
      Or a mysterious EMP strike that reduces millions to begging for entrance to the 3 squares and a cot of the FEMA camps, with all these u-go-girrrrls reduced to massive whoring just to survive while the psychotic butch sisters become women’s camp guards.
      As I’ve tried to remind the NSA Stasi enthusiasts on Twitter, there are 200 million firearms in private hands (on the low end) of which 90 milion have been sold since the current greatest gun salesman in the history of the universe took office in 2009. 120 million plus are rifles of some battlefield utility, according to blogger Bob Owens. As Alex Jones likes to say, are these people so divorced from reality that they really think if they go to war with Americans everyone’s just going to sit in their house waiting for the stormtroopers to come? That there are going to be front lines with blue and gray going after each other instead of horrible Sarajevo style sniping and Argentina dirty war-type reprisals?
      There are tons of purely hypothetical scenarios for how it would kick off. But I’m convinced we’ll be told everything’s normal even after folks start disappearing, every critic of the regime turns out to have a child porn stash, or armored vehicles roll through the streets. Miley will still be having her concerts and Bieber will still be on the radio.

      1. Honestly, I’m kinda excited about national socialists gaining following in Europe again. I would like to see shit hit the fan.
        Something that hits home would do everyone good, rather than wars on third world countries people can check out of when they turn off their TVs.

    1. Probably a natural progression. She made a name for herself by being the sweet girl and then, once fame and money came, decided to appeal to the lowest common denominator.
      She’s in good company: Madonna, Britney, Christina, Spice Girls . . .

    2. Go rewatch those old Hannah Montanas. She was never a sweet little girl. She was a “sassy” back talking elder disrespecting girl even back then. Hell, the whole point of the show was how big a dufus her father and older brother were.
      A lot of people saw this one coming years ago.

  12. The deeper I go in root-cause analysis, to me, the less I worry about this stuff. To me, this can boil down to class behavior. We’re inclined to think of social class as being related to economics, but doing so ignores the role of birth, behavior and social mobility. This is all low-class behavior, enabled by people who believe that they’re middle class or above, because they do not know the conventions that define class. As men, we continue to have mate choice from above or below in terms of class, dependent on our purposes. Women don’t have that choice, and this drives their behaviors. They can be selected to move up a class or stay within class, but they can choose to be selected by an underclass man, and it never occurs to them that this choosing isn’t empowering at all, but rather, a forced decision. It’s not a choice when you can only choose to go down or be chosen to stay or go up.
    Finally, this bullshit behavior is a good thing, to me, and fears of 3rd world consequences for our future dating pool are reasonable, but buffered by our own ability to select. The 3rd world is still poor and mostly made up of underclass women. They can choose to be whores, and select themselves out of our search for whom to bring up to our class as a potential mate, but their piggish behavior still allows us to use them for our pleasure and cast them aside when done. Not a nice thing, but there it is. The fact is, finding a foreign girl for a long-term relationship is still difficult anyhow. I’d rather know from the outset that she’s a stupid fucking whore so I don’t invest too much time in her.

  13. The only way society changes is by a shift in a majority of individuals. Keep selecting the right women for your own reasons, and hopefully more men will follow the lead. It’s a marketplace, fellas. Don’t go dumpster diving. Move somewhere better if necessary.

  14. Ok, buzzballs.. here’s the scoop: All women are basically becoming sellouts to this media-whoredom and social status it brings. Women are selling out virtues for social reasons, and their natural character.. (hint, hint) is nowhere to be seen on the marketplace.. Or anywhere in Western culture; there are no models of that behavior. Take a look at Rion’s Relational Dynamics if you really want to ‘get it’.
    Secondly, and ever-so more importantly, RESEARCH MK-ULTRA. (EsotericKitten is a purrrfect teacher.)
    I take no responsibility what will happen to your psyche once acknowledging the latter, but you are obviously here seeking answers and must learn to deal.

    1. “Rion’s Relational Dynamics” is a joke… grade-six writing, and big-time logical failures like this excerpt:
      – –
      Or winning a casting audition for the ‘Mickey Mouse Club’ leads to Justin Timberlake,Xtina, and Britney years down the road. There are COUNTLESS examples becauseeverything is essentially chaos or buerfly effect looking back.Robert Rodriguez was interested in film and made ‘Bedhead’ around his home. Thenhe made El Mariachi on money from a month in a hospital for research. He madethose things happen which influenced where he is at today with his own multi-milliondollar in house studio and being in demand for bringing productions under budgetand profitable (rare and he does it consistently).George Lucas was inspired by the influence of Flash Gordon and ‘The Hero with 1,000Faces’. All rock groups can recall their original influences; they walked into a ‘youname it’ concert and it forever changed them. There was a Coke commercial where Jimi Hendrix was a kid and saw a guitar near a Coke machine and an accordion near aPepsi machine.Few of the great people weren’t aware of who else they would have become if theysomehow ‘missed’ that initial stimulus or influence. Laced throughout the Back to theFuture movies are examples of this. If George McFly didn’t stand up to Biff, he neverwould have danced and then kissed Lorraine to eventually give birth to Marty.Can you see how powerful each moment is? Your own potentiality is unlimited. Canyou start to see how maybe being a sponge to television is a waste of your time andfuture?
      – –
      he says TV/movies is a waste of time, immediately after pointing out all the great examples of successful people producing… the very same stuff. ridiculous.

  15. What else is new? White entertainers have been aping black culture for nearly a century now, if not more. In a strictly musical sense, we have been in the shadow of Black America since the time of waltz’s and polka songs…

    1. White entertainers used to ape high quality Black culture: the Blues, Jazz, Soul, Funk… what’s new is they now insist on aping also the bad stuff

  16. “Only men that resemble Prince Bieber both in looks and status, is worthy of having access to their vaginas.”
    This I suppose is hyperbole, but what IS the definition of hypergamy to the readers of this blog? Is it not wanting to associate with any man who hasn’t got ‘status’, celebrity or otheriwse, or simply not wanting to settle for someone in their own social stratum?

    1. Hypergamy can explain the biological (we assume) imperative of a woman to trade up when she intrinsically fears that her current mate is not up to snuff; and get a new dick with testicles to give her vaginal center dripping with the moist attraction of feeling secure that her current man is a bad ass.
      For men it is different. To where a woman may trade up for a guy who is hung like a horse, or can go like Kratos from god of war and destroy any one her crosses his path; a man can get a woman who has bigger tits, or a nicer ass. Or the old cliche is a younger, more “respectful” model then the whiny aging harpy he can’t wait to leave behind.
      Hypergamy, though is used to explain women, is indicative of both men and women, male and female, of all species.
      The difference these last two thousand years or less is that civilizations have conditioned their males to accept a mate as she is; while his mate must look out for herself no matter what. Traditional marriage was designed to bring out the best of women, guarantee the offspring were his, and the man; he would not beat her or neglect her needs. If her current man is weak, she may go out and find one who she feels provides whatever makes her feel secure more. Men here just no longer feel that system is relevant as it is practiced by women in general; and certainly not the family courts.
      Men on the other hand are easier; until a woman creates an environment in the home where she is hostile, and let’s go too much after kids that he is no longer attracted. A man will stay even if she is difficult more than she should be. We men here are educating men that this is unacceptable, and how to use this like a master over his harem. If you don’t like it, leave.
      Neither scenario is based on fairness, but libido, and procreation. At least that is sort of how it goes. Men here, could care less.
      Happy? 😉

  17. I never knew or even heard of the term Rachet before today..
    “Urban Dictionary describes the ratchet as: “A diva, mostly from
    urban cities and ghettos, that has reason to believe she is every man’s
    eye candy”.”
    This explains why all those fat dregs at SlutWalk actually feel like they’re in some sort of rape culture danger.. they actually think they’re eye candy when in fact they make men reach of bottles of hand sanitizer to pour into their eyes.

  18. Not with crane.
    I would link some Khmer music Divas but ForeignBride gets belligerent if she catches me surfing Khmer or Chinese culture.

  19. The only thing to do at this point is spectate while American civilization collapses.

  20. Haven’t heard this term Ratcheting but the disease of the mind that has infected so many only seems to be spreading. Nothing is wrong with female hypergamy it’s just the fact that women are so self destructive about it. I think if you’re a strong will manned you can still guard and whip a woman into shape. Obviously it’s best to start with as untouched clay with the most potential than some thoroughly mentally diseased girl.

  21. Sodom and Gomorrah, Part II. (I’m not religious, by the way.)
    It’s amazing how very little changes with human nature as the centuries pass by.

    1. Despite all our technological advances, humankind really hasn’t crawled that far from the primordial ooze from whence we came.

      1. I’ve been thinking the same thing. Life on this planet really hasn’t changed that much in 4 billion years.
        It’s still about survival of the fittest and the ruthless business of saving those heredities that work, and rejecting those that don’t. Humans, in our short time on the planet, have just managed to force everyone to put a smiley face on that cold reality.

  22. “Places like Brazil and Eastern Europe which were once untainted paradises for beautiful feminine women, will slowly start becoming more and more westernized.”
    Unfortunately, Poland is quickly becoming westernized (at least in the big cities). Wrocław, Trójmiasto, Warsaw, etc. The 20-something chicks remind me of Americans (I call them “Polericans”). Tattoos, attitude, embracing EVERYTHING American, Facebook, smartphones, etc. My advice to y’all is if you are thinking about visiting Poland, do it now. Before its gone.

    1. It’s getting worse, but we’re still 10-15 years away from the Americanized nightmare.

    1. Nonsense.
      Like Heartiste used to say, you can mourn the ongoing destruction, while still fulfilling your biological needs and taking advantage of the situation (“sitting poolside”).
      Also, someone with decent game doesn’t need girls to be ratchets in order to get action. Good game means that you can get girls in bed who are several levels above this craziness.

      1. I agree, I always believed we should use unsavory or otherwise low value people for our needs then after we’re done, shame them.

  23. I think Rene Descartes said it best “Any community that gets its laughs by pretending to be idiots will eventually be flooded by actual idiots believing they are in good company.”

  24. Good post. My only qualm is that I can’t muster up the feeling to care that culture has polluted so many impressionable women. If they’re so impressionable, they deserve to be fed to the wolves. Have fun with them and never call them back.
    A small group of women that happen to know what’s good for them do exist, and that’s all I think we should care about.

  25. I frankly just find Miley Cyrus extremely unattractive in pretty much every capacity.

  26. So, is Miley Cyrus still a country singer? Oh and I might be mistaken but um, white women have been doing ecstasy before the ratchets. As a matter of fact, it’s my understanding that ecstasy started out as a white middle class drug. I just wanted to correct something the author of this post said.

  27. We have become a nation of “the lowest common denominator” Why? Because it’s easy. It takes work to be a real hero and real heroes are put down as being out of touch. Everything is upside down and backwards. It’s the tyranny of relativism which, means the beginning of the end. No society that has walked down this road ever survived; we are naive to think ours will.

  28. What really pisses me off is nobody ever glamorizes lower class whites, man. Why don’t we see any music videos about getting drunk, picking fights, and beating your wife cause she didn’t make dinner? Leaving out all us scotch irish. It’s fucking injustice and I won’t stand for it.

  29. These “rachets” look like they got their fashion tips from “Paris is Burning” that old HBO documentary about Harlem drag queens. Probably with Lady Gaga as the intermediary, because none of these chicks would knowingly mimic a drag queen the way Lady Gaga deliberately does. Case in point, the sudden resurgence in fake eyelashes in the last few years, long relegated to the drag queen world for 3 generations now, this hideous 40s fashion accoutrement is now popping up everywhere amongst “rachets.”

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