4 Ways We Spoil Ourselves Rotten

There’s a pattern I’ve noticed in some of my own friends and people I’ve met and followed throughout the years. It’s a pattern that has led to their unhappiness with life. They are perpetually malcontent, even to the point of depression. And it’s something they’ve brought on themselves.

When thinking of these people I’m reminded of Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. She gets everything she wants but she always wants more. Her dad always gets her more. Other people in the film comment about Veruca that she’s been spoiled rotten. That’s exactly what happens to these people I know. You likely know people who have been spoiled rotten too, or it is the source of your own malcontent.

Worst of all, and unlike Veruca Salt whose father spoiled her, these people have spoiled themselves rotten. Here are the four primary ways people do that.

1. Food

You’ve probably known people who eat out most meals. When they do cook at home they make something you’d only ever eat at a fancy restaurant; eggplant risotto or quails drowned in butter or a souffle or something along those lines. Eating in this way drains your bank account but people do it just because they can because they are adults and nobody can tell them no.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with this if you can always afford it or get your way, but for most people, that’s not likely. Eating out gets expensive and cooking these foods takes time and effort and skills most don’t have. It’s hard for these people to eat something simple like a PB & J sandwich or scrambled eggs. Foods most of us just eat for energy and ease and because it’s cheap. These foodies get spoiled by their own food choices and become unable to eat a simple inexpensive meal and move on with their lives. It can become a small but potentially significant source of unhappiness which shouldn’t affect one’s happiness at all.

2. Travel

I know a person who traveled a lot in their twenties. They went a lot of places, met a lot of people, slept with a lot of people, and got all that insight people like Anthony Bourdain said you get from traveling. Work wasn’t life for them. Work was the area between traveling, the period of time spent saving enough funds to buy a new backpack and tent and dry rations and money for hostels. The consequences of that lifestyle weren’t felt until they were in their thirties when travel was replaced by college and work.

At that point, life was no longer happy. The adventures, which were no more than backpacking through other places and sleeping with foreigners, were gone. When they “grew up” and tried to get a regular job they were always unhappy. If it wasn’t for one reason it was for another. But the real reason for their unhappiness was the fact that they never got content with work. They never accepted the daily grind as part of life.

Most people just accept that they have to work. They might not be content with their particular job but they are content with having to bang out eight hours a day to afford the rent. When people get too used to travel and go back to a more stable life it seems too boring and they feel unhappy. They feel like they are missing out on something.

3. Sexual Partners

Normally on red pill/manosphere websites, we only hear about how promiscuity damages women from connecting with men, but the opposite can be true as well. When men or women have many sexual partners they can get used to a certain plethora and variety of sexual experiences and partners. Once they are used to that variety switching to something less exciting can be a challenge and source of unhappiness.

Happily married men will tell you that sex with their wives isn’t always an event. There’s not usually a date or any seduction. The husband initiates sex and the wife goes with it. The sex isn’t particularly thrilling, it’s just a good 3-8 minutes of intimacy that results in a nice climax for the man and potentially a climax for the woman. It’s no big deal.

But when people get used to seduction and picking through the weeds for a new sex partner the more mundane or routine sex life isn’t exciting. There is no thrill in it. The urge to find a new sex partner and experience more “variety” still remains. Having a long-term relationship while feeling that urge becomes a source of unhappiness, one that ultimately prevents people from connecting with the opposite sex in more meaningful ways.

4. Novelty

The common factor here is novelty. Eating extravagant and exotic foods, traveling to extravagant and exotic places, sleeping with exotic strangers, all involves seeking out novelty for the sake of novelty. People who seek novelty or enjoy novelty as a way of life cannot be content with the mundane. That means they’ll never be happy in a stable job. They’ll never be happy in a family environment. They’ll never be content doing boring things with boring people.

Most people aren’t like this. Most people have accepted that they have to work Monday-Friday so that they can BBQ with their friends on Saturday and have a few laughs. Most people have accepted day-to-day life without much novelty and they are happier for it.

You can have novelty and be happy with the mundane aspects of life simultaneously. The two are not mutually exclusive. Novelty can very easily be had after your boring work day is over. You can travel and experience new places and eat new foods during your vacations. I don’t personally advise finding new sex partners if you already have a stable relationship. Generally speaking, life is better with a stable, faithful partner.

If you are young it is especially important you do not spoil yourself rotten. You’ll feel the effects of it later. If you’re older and already feel the unhappiness you’ll have to figure out how to accept the more mundane side of life. Accept being “normal.”

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81 thoughts on “4 Ways We Spoil Ourselves Rotten”

  1. “It’s hard for these people to eat something simple like a PB & J sandwich or scrambled eggs. Foods most of us just eat for energy and ease and because it’s cheap. ”
    1) PB&J…blech! Kiddie food!
    2) “Foods most of us just eat for energy..” — I am guessing you are of Northern European descent. Us Southern European descendants love to eat! And even so, 6’1″ 170 — never been fat in my life.

    1. You need to lift weights. For a healthy male, at least 75% of his food intake should be carefully considered based on it’s macro-nutrients and his physical state. Eating food isn’t some festive event that should always be plentiful and have great taste.

      1. “You need to lift weights. ”
        – I lift light weights. I’m too old for heavy weights.
        And do body weight exercises — pushups, dips, leg raises, deep knee bends, etc..
        “Eating food isn’t some festive event that should always be plentiful and have great taste.”
        – I agree that small meals are fine. I eat an apple or banana or handful of walnuts for breakfast. But I usually try to eat something I really like at lunch. Even if just a hero sandwich, I always try to get the best.

        1. Unless you are 105, you are not too old for heavy weights. At 6’1″, you should weigh at least 220 and be able to deadlift at least 500 and squat 405. Those are not impressive numbers but just a baseline of strength that any healthy male should be able to lift with effective training and sufficient food intake.

      2. Translation: I eat like a dainty princess.
        Give me steaks and then a couple of miles to run. Done.
        Fuck macro-nutrients. The greatest warriors in the greatest civilizations in history weren’t concerned with “macro-nutrients.”

      1. Fuck off, shit for brains.
        Go take your AZT, steroids and Joe Weider weight gain crap, or whatever it is you homos do to look like pumped up freaks.

      2. I’m 6-0, 165, guaranteed older than you, and I doubt you’d want to fight me, “George.” If you had any kind of street smarts you’d have learned that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

    2. “You can travel and experience new places and eat new foods during your vacations.”
      I waited until I had earned enough money to live for the rest of my life without working (age 45). Moved to Asia aged 52, and I haven’t looked back.
      Yesterday I was climbing down waterfalls in Thailand, I then went swimming at the bottom of this one.

      View post on imgur.com

      1. Especially all those heavily doctored photos on the biographies for men and women that are actually hobbits and trolls,.How about you, Betatrike?

  2. As far as (3) is concerned, I believe the female’s age absolutely comes into the picture.
    No one wants to bang a wrinkled old bag in her 40’s with sagging boobs and gray hairs coming in. I can’t believe any guy is happy with that. Even the ugliest guy in the world wants a hot young girl.

    1. Yeah, but the ugliest guy in the world had better be lucky if even a woman in her 40s with sagging boobs and gray hairs wants to lay with his Cheetos-fingered, neckbearded, tub-o’-lad-belly ass.
      Better to get laid by SOMEBODY closer within your range, than sit there masturbating all day long.

      1. If the ugly guy has disposable income, getting laid will not be a problem.
        Better to pay for sex than to bang old bags.

  3. I do not agree with number 2, “traveling”. People, especially people in the U.S., need to travel more, as this beneficial to real world learning about the world. The majority of people in the U.S. only have knowledge of other countries by watching FOX, CNN or some other lame news station.

    1. Travel is overated.Highly.Tourists do not live like locals,face the issues they face or the solutions they come up with to overcome their life’s roadblocks;which is the whole point of going toa new destination.To gain an appreciation of life back home:what is taken for granted and what could be implemented from the visited place.Living in resorts or even someone’s couch;then visiting the Tripadvisor’s must see places and eating at all the most recommended places.This is surface level feel goodism.Some of the most travelled people have no better or unique insight into life even though they can tell you how aaammmaazing the icelandic hot pools are.

      1. @Penny – The travels you’re describing are the marketed planned vacation types, the ‘plastic’ vanity activities. A Princess Cruise Lines package vacation is just that – a processed package like a snack cake or other item of packaged dead food with indefinite shelf life in a vending machine. It barely registers as food for the soul. Like junk food, sweets of the matrix act synergistically with all the other plug ins. Like kid’s junk food, it works the best when you’re fully plugged in – – earbuds in your ears, VR goggles on watching make believe kids programming while ingesting Coco Puffs and flapping wildly “WAHOO” like the cuckoo bird in the commercial as its body reacts to the insane dextrose spike. You’re ‘plugged in’ to the matrix basically.
        Even on a backpacking trip you’re still plugged into the matrix unless you’re a fugitive or just plain renegade without papers. A backpacker trip with hostels is planned with rules and approved routes and the most independent minded women abound, not much in the way of traditional pioneerism. What if you want to stay in the Alps and carve out a homestead and patron a clan with a breeder woman or two? What is some dipsh¡t mounted federalé with a tin badge gonna come horse sh¡tting on your sacred claimed turf for building a cabin? Yeah you gotta follow the rules and return to your jurisdiction when your papers expire. Ain’t that the sh¡t? And you got crabs out the ass and mysterious rashes from all the hippie chicks. Some chicks even get an IUD just to go packing for two years because there ain’t no spermicidal foam or rubber machines in the jungle.
        The way to hit the world is just go out and do it. Have a mission like any of the great Male conquerors in history. Or maybe you’re like a guru or apostle where preaching is your game. Eat up turf, chew people’s minds and blaze that trail across the globe then. Travel and voyaging and venturing is all about mind over matter and navigating/controlling your surroundings.
        Just never travel as a ‘refugee’. A refugee in a rubber dinghy boat surrounded by a bunch of low IQ smelly boat people doesn’t count as ‘travel’. You’re being used as ‘dump’ like when the highway department dumps a gravel mound to block a roadway.

  4. Great article Jared!
    I had a very difficult childhood… my parents divorced when I was around 7 and I didn’t have much contact with my Father when I was growing up. My mother struggled making ends meet. It was hard growing up without a lot of feedback and advice from a father figure. I had to learn what it means to be a man mostly on my own. The School of Hard Knocks gave me a good beating at all sectors of my life: women, finances, friendships, career and so on. But looking back now I believe God made me struggle and suffer a lot during my childhood, teenage-hood and early 20s to build my character and strength. The only regret I have is not joining the military when I was younger I believe this its one of the best paths to build character, virtue, masculinity and strength.
    When I see the youth of today I seriously worry about how they will deal with life’s frustrations and their failures. Young adults who had a perfect childhood with their parents spoiling them rotten, paying for their tuition, giving them an allowance and basically letting them get their way at everything will suffer a lot when they find out that life is mostly about grinding, suffering and conquering. The ones who cant find enjoyment in the building process of their life will never find happiness. Looking back now I believe that if I had a more “normal” childhood like most people I think that I wouldn’t have matured and achieved as much as I did.

    1. “The only regret I have is not joining the military when I was younger I believe this its one of the best paths to build character, virtue, masculinity and strength.”
      – Agreed. I too regret not taking that path.

        1. My >10 years in was overall a very positive experience. Saw and did a lot. Can’t imagine not having enlisted.

        2. Wonder who are the 6 wannabes that downvoted Merle’s comment. You fuckers aren’t fit to tie his shoes.

        3. @ BED
          At 24 I moved to Ca. I wanted to join the Navy as an officer, as I had gotten my BSCS degree at 21 and had 3 years of IT experience. They tried to convince me to go into the Nuke program as an enlisted. Assured me that after 2 years I would be “fleeted in” as an officer. I called my father (he was an Lt. in the Navy in the 50s) and he said go in as an officer or nothing. I listened to him. In hindsight I think I should have done it. Anyways, it’s in the past…

        1. It is indeed 36 for active duty. I believe the Army Reserves is 40, but none of the branches exceed that. Back in 2003 I went to basic at Ft. Sill, OK with a 26 year old and he was the “old man” in the platoon.

        2. A guy I worked with joined the Air Force (active) about 3 years ago tops. He is 41 now, so he had to have been 38 or so when he went in.

      1. Yeah, metoo, I missed out on shooting foreign women and kids, every American should get their chance to be paid to kill foreigners.

        1. Welp, you’re a fucking psychopath…
          I’d rather fuck foreign women than kill them. Just me, though.

    2. Thanks Howard my story is similar. I had to learn excellence and manhood on my own. Am I better for it? I don’t know. On the one hand I’ve felt a few years behind some of my peers. On the other hand because I learned it the hard way and had to figure it out it gave me a lot of wisdom I can communicate with others. But no point crying over spilt milk. Like your last article says, we make the best out of the time we have left on this planet.

    3. Don’t regret it in hindsight. What’s the point? It doesn’t have to be official military, but you can and should always affiliate with a fighting group that is red pill and on the cutting edge and it’s never too late to do that. Retired career military I’ve noticed are some of the most over fed while inactive bodies out there with advanced aging and fatty liver condition. Once the VA after care starts, a 50+ yo military retiree looks like some deformed walmart greeter as they waddle in or ride their buggy into the VA to get their meds. Air Force and Navy mess halls and officer buffets are just plain stuffy calorie bombs. Talk about a gut grenade.
      The plusses are military service would have left you with a schedule of entitlements and some old buddies to reunite with and share stories, some battle stories maybe but nothing in the way of stories of how you battled the globohomo citadel and snapped the neck of the beast system as you and your comrades raised the flag upon it’s broken mound. Naah military service in the west hasn’t reached that goalpost so far . .

    4. I had a very easy childhood… my parents are still married, and I had much contact with my Father when I was growing up. My parents were both educated & affluent. I got a lot of feedback and advice from a father figure. But that was mostly just bullshit from “one man’s perspective,” not necessarily what suited me. Women, finances, friendships, career and so on were still a mother fucker. Looking back now, I believe I struggled and suffered a lot during my childhood, teenage-hood and early 20s, since every phase of life is a mother fucker of not fully knowing what the fuck is going on, or knowing who the fuck does. The only regret I have….LOL! The ONLY regret? Are you fucking kidding me?
      When I see the youth of today, I don’t give a fuck. So I don’t project my “history” on them. Some of them will fail; some with succeed (whatever the fuck that means), and most will fall into that ditch of mediocrity. No matter where these people end up, they will still feel dissatisfied, since humans come hardwired to find present circumstances “lacking.”
      Maybe I think some of them had “perfect” childhoods. But I doubt it felt that way to them, since media hucksters said that other kids were enjoying something a little “better.” And, even when these kids repeatedly “got there way,” there was always a subsequent letdown from whatever “high” they had recently enjoyed. Then it was right back to feeling plagued by desire. Dissatisfaction they fell now (and will feel later) is not unlike dissatisfaction they felt then.
      Young adults (who had a perfect childhood) will “deal” with life, since they’ve already felt its “extreme highs, “extreme lows,” & all that shit that comes therebetween. Looking back now, I believe that, if I had had Childhood X, or Childhood Y, or Childhood Z, I’d still be fucked. Nothing good lasts forever. So there’s no permanent vacation. Life is an inherent clusterfuck of wanting, getting, wanting, getting, and so on. Military shitheads can’t fix that. Unfortunately, nobody can. Get bent, Howie. That is all.

  5. This “foodie” hype is fucking over so many people in so many ways without them realizing it. I know some girls who call themselves “foodies”, which basically means you eat out 3 times a week, ordering a full 3-course menu plus a bottle of wine, arranging all the shit on the table (preferably including sunglasses, fancy wallets, and a “oops I didn’t mean to show my hand on the photo, but while it’s there, check out my new watch”) and taking a photo for Instagram with some bullshit hashtag about how much you love life.
    All of the above is occurring on regular Tuesday nights, when most people come home from work, eat a nice, home-cooked dinner, and talk about their day with their spouse, parents, roommates etc.
    And while the latter goes to bed satisfied and financially and mentally healthy, the former will go to bed trying to convince herself she’s “living the good life with her besties”, even-though she has just spend 80 euro’s on a fucking Tuesday night while every day of the month she’s scared to open her back account because what she’ll find inside is never satisfactory

    1. Don’t forger, in female IG posts, #blessed/#soblessed hashtag must always be included as well, along with #lovinglife…

  6. 1. Nothing wrong with simple foods. Half the time I find that people who go out just pay a premium for what is my normal weekend breakfast. Two scrambled eggs, a link of sausage, and piece of toast, and small glass of OJ. At some places in the city this will cost you $15. Sometimes learning to like the simple is what really makes you enjoy the extravagant. Plus why waste all your money eating out? Save it.
    2. Travel. Wish I had more time to do it. Part my fault got one of these high stress high paying jobs too early in my life. But I still make it out of the country at least once a year for about two weeks. Take long weekends whenever I can. Not everyone can be a nomad or travel blogger.
    3. Sexual partners. I did the whole game thing for awhile. It got tiring spending most of my free time dealing with flakes and spending money on countless nights out. When I hit my 30’s I got it down to a few and like it that way. I get more satisfaction out of being with a woman who I actually know something about then some hen I picked up at club that is going to be use for a glory hole essentially.
    4. Novelty. Enjoy the little things in life because when you get older they stop coming around as much. I remember on football Sundays (when I used to watch football) all of my friends would be having parties or there would be something going on. Now it might be a few times a season. Kids. People move. Get married. Or are just plain busy on the weekends. Same was with find a travel buddy. Used to be a few weeks notice and some phone calls. Now it could take up to six months notice to get someone to confirm. Life happens so enjoy the novelty of every moment.

  7. If you want to travel travel. if you want to bang chicks for the rest of your life bang chicks. if you want to eat all the Exquisite food in your home or out do it. Do these things because they make you happy and you don’t give a f*** what anybody else thinks.
    Badasses do whatever the fuck they want whenever they fuck they want and with whoever the fuck they want.

    1. ..and end up in debt,counselling,std clinic or addicted to opiates/ethanol.
      BadAsses are DumbAsses in hindsight.

      1. Often times they don’t live long enough to deal with those consequences. Anecdotally I’ve known a few and most of them around my age (50) are no longer breathing. A couple slowed down, acknowledged their human frailty, and transformed to some sort of tame normality. The rest slid sideways in a cloud of tire smoke (figuratively) into their graves at full fucking speed. No old age homes or retirement funds needed for bad-asses. Most of them are dead before 50.
        With our national debt, environmental issues, weak ass unstable currency, and the immivasion, declining quality of western women, SJWism, and White Genocide (TM), more men, White men in particular, may decide to become bad-asses in the sense of no longer giving a fuck about traditional male roles or the long term future, like having kids, provisioning women, investing in careers etc.
        If they’re not natural bad-asses, they may just go Galt.
        Who is John Galt?
        Sperm is cheap. Eggs are expensive. Men are expendable — most of us.
        So it doesn’t matter if half of us go Galt or badass in the grand scheme of things.

  8. You know that you live in hell when the US is a police state and you are not allowed to say it.
    The US is a bankrupt warmongering police state, but Americans think everything is just fine.
    Anyone who challenges the narrative will be called a nutjob or racist and will be banned, get an IRS audit, be arrested, or be killed.
    Doesn’t the collapse of the US bother you?
    How can you sleep at night now?
    Are you going to speak up while the USA collapses or are you just another mindless zombie?
    Those who stay silent today are no better than the elites who have turned the US into a bankrupt police state, are pushing for a civil war, and are doing everything they can to start WWIII.

    1. “You know that you live in hell when the US is a police state and you are not allowed to say it.”
      You just said it, though. SWAT come crashing through your window yet?
      Don’t act like a feminist. Nobody’s arresting you for this shit, even if someone’s platform like Twitter may ban you.
      If you conservative morons had enough intelligence, you’d develop your own damn platforms instead of always getting mad at liberal morons for creating their own shit.

    2. The current morass is unsolvable with our current demographics. America is finished as a nation. We are no longer a nation. We are a multi-ethnic empire composed of a number of competing tribes. Held together by force.
      We will not vote our way out of this. The deep state, msm, and the entire mass of governments from federal to local, are onboard with the globohomo agenda and are actively opposing any efforts by White people to organize for their own interests (in EU and USA), and any efforts to make America great again. Hell they’re even against the USA having a border FFS. In Europe they want to make war on Hungary to force Hungary to take mohameddans. I’d nuke a motherfucker if he tried to force mohameddans into my house. I’d rather die than live near or under the goatfucker system. FUCK. THAT. SHIT.
      There’s no way people who give a fuck are ever going to compromise or meet in the middle with the globohomos.
      A war is coming and the winner will indeed take all. Either we stand for our people and our culture, or we go the gulags/dustbin of history.
      It’s that serious. But most people are uninformed thanks to social and mainstream media. Those that dig deeper understand what’s happening and who has instigated most of it ((())).
      Sanity will return to these lands, but not before much blood is shed IMO. The left is too entrenched and dedicated to wiping our people off the face of the earth.
      Until White men, en masse, grok that and fight back, shit will continue to slowly deteriorate.
      Eventually the Saxon will awaken. I hope I live to see it. A great injustice will be corrected and (((those))) most responsible for the destruction of our people will be held to account.

      1. @Mike Gavin – I would not use Trump’s slogan of “Make America Great Again”, as that slogan fools the people of the United States of America into believing the ideal is to make United States of America great again. Trump is a freemason and is controlled by the masonic, British Israelist and age old luciferianist agenda of reestablishing the land of Amaruca (land of the feathered serpent), meaning the entire American continent. That is why immigration from Mexico, central and south America has gone unenforced for many, many years.

  9. This article seems to be for the indoctrinated sheep. You bots need to work 12 hours a day 6 days a week to be content. Dont travel, don’t do interesting stuff. Be miserable so you get happy when a crumble falls on you.
    You’re taking it too far in my opinion. It’s all about a balance avoiding excesses

    1. Working long hours is one of the best ways to make more money.
      Money is what allows men to travel, eat and drink in expensive restaurants and bang hot girls (unless you are a Brad Pitt pretty boy type). Working long hours to have the lifestyle you want does not make one a “bot”.

      1. No, but anonymous shitty advice that isn’t necessarily true DOES probably make you a Russian bot.

    2. My thoughts exactly.
      #2 I know a person who didn’t travel in his twenties, they went to a lot of cheap pubs, met the same eight people multiple times, started dating a hard 4. Work was life for him and was on the tip of his tongue for a whole decade. He took his business diploma he was so proud of and with it got an entry level position at an office, or warehouse or some such.
      He worked hard for another man, making lots of money for his boss over ten years until he finally noticed him and gave him the junior vice-supervisor position (with a $1.35 hourly raise!) Excited he decided to deliberate taking his first paid holiday to Thailand but couldn’t. After all, who could look after his 1.7 kids and troglodyte wife?

    3. Well, you know RoK writers. They’re anonymous losers writing for a damn blog, who love to act like they can verify the success rate of half the shit they just pull out of their asses which they call “advice.”

  10. Don’t cheat yourself. Treat yourself.
    I eat the best food I can get everyday. I bang the hottest ladies I can get as often as I can. When I travel I’m going on adventure.
    Life will be gone before you know it. Don’t take it for granted. One day you look back and a decade has passed you by.
    It’s not necessary to be shallow and vain, like the people Jared portrays in this fine article, but you don’t have to deprive yourself either.
    In spite of my statement I like this article. It is not “feel good” but it is insightful and honest.
    And as always, I leave you with this:
    Get “fuck you” money and quit the rat race. FOREVER!!!!!

  11. “Promiscuity damages women from connecting with men, but the opposite can be true as well”
    Understatement of the century. It’s a double-edged sword that doesn’t let you have your cake and eat it, too.
    “Women are too slutty these days and are only after you for your money!”
    “Hey, you! Wanna know easier ways to pick up women and make them wet? Well, follow these instructions on game and they’ll come FLYING to your bed!”

  12. on number 2 on the list -Travel.
    If you travel (mentally armed with red pill wisdom)in order to find a suitable wife – it can be a best investment in your life.
    It worked for me 17 year ago.
    The rest of the article is correct.

  13. Normal is boring. And normal sure as hell isn’t better.
    It was normal to have more women die during childbirth.
    It was normal for more of mankind to die en masse due to stupid wars.
    It was normal for women to be property.
    It was normal for rampant disease to fill out a good percentage of humanity.
    You are all a pack of psychopaths and sociopaths who don’t care about “better”.
    You guys are extremely selfish.

    1. “It was normal for women to be property. ”
      Wait, I’m not following you here. Are you saying women as property is a bad thing??

      1. “Things Only A Sexually-Frustrated Virgin Would Say,” for $500, Alex…
        Guess you’re not as desirable to women as you hope you are.
        I prefer women who think like me: Let’s have a good time, and not think about trying to control or own each other.
        These women do exist. You just have to be their type.

  14. I’ll spoil myself rotten with whatever the fuck I want, because I can. Fuck all you broke-ass white boys.

    1. Instead of spoiling yourself, send some money to mom. She’s
      giving BJs down in Tijuana for $5 a pop, but ain’t getting much action these days cuz she’s old and fugly now.
      Oh, and your dad was an American sailor. Just sayin’

      1. I’ll send some to yours, she’s dopesick and doing some questionable shit on webcam for her next fix.
        And your dad is your uncle. Just saying.
        But seriously, I eat fine foods, drive a 70k muscle car, travel to Europe every year and I ate a blonde milf’s ass after she watched my band play last night. You mad bro?

        1. “…and I ate a blonde milf’s ass…”
          Hey Chico.
          I don’t think that is something you want to brag about…

        2. Why not? Some dudes on here like watching their wives get fucked by large black men. Others fuck their sisters. Hell, it was even suggested on here as a last resort in an article about doing your part to preserve the white race.
          So I like eating some white girl ass. I’d say that’s not so bad considering all the furry Nazi rape incest tentacle porn shit some of you fuckers are into.

        3. @Automaticslim….some just have a huge appetite for sh** taco….That’s them foodies for ya….Now he has to go update his Instagram.

        4. @Automaticslim….the g*y community approves of his menu choices with multiple side choices of intestinal worms, so that is telling of some truths he is hiding…But Automaticslim you are a homophobe, for not approving of his choices.. Just sayin..(/sarc)

        5. “But seriously, I eat fine foods, drive a 70k muscle car, travel to Europe every year and I ate a blonde milf’s ass after she watched my band play last night. You mad bro?”
          You have a very vivid imagination, Jose. Guess that comes from all you short little Amerinidans and your peyote and hallucinating.
          To even think about the shit you talk about like eating milf ass proves what a little degenerate you are. Degenerate troll, that is.

        6. uncle, you forgot that a lot of these beaners and native americans also love to huff paint and fry their brains.

        7. Ya’ll are mad! I love it. I have more than you will ever have and you hate it because you will never come up and society doesn’t give a shit. More and more of us are thriving, we’re buying your foreclosed homes, we drive better cars than you, we get more out of our schooling, we have the better jobs, and we’re fucking your women while you stand in a corner and cry. Live with it. Kiss the rings, whiny crybaby faggots.

          Enjoy your wives leaving your bitch asses for someone that actually makes them wet.

    1. It had nowhere to go but down. They’re a bunch of dainty betas, trying to convince themselves they’re not.

  15. Pure Genius.
    Since all there is for a successful American to do is Eat, Travel, Fuck, and try Novel activities you should instead stay home and watch Pre-Recorded episodes of The View while eating Soy Popsicles you just removed from your butt.
    After ten years of Obama-ites destroying America I guess you’re now considered “Spoiled” if you dare take a new girl out to a non-local dinner.
    Hell awaits all those who took this article seriously.

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