Donald Trump Indisputably Destroys Hillary Clinton In The Second Presidential Debate

The second Presidential debate at Washington University in St. Louis has delivered a remarkable victory to Donald Trump. After his toughest week on the campaign trail yet, following grossly unsubstantiated claims that he sexually abused women, Trump piled on Hillary Clinton with a vengeance. Everything, from her email scandal to her husband’s history with women, was turned against her in dramatic fashion on Sunday night. Not even the biased intercessions of the two moderators, CNN’s Anderson Cooper and ABC’s Martha Raddatz, could save the former Secretary of State.

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Let’s face it: many Donald Trump supporters found his first debate performance at Hofstra University two weeks ago underwhelming. I for one was one of those who felt Trump beat Clinton even then, but many others were not convinced. Last night, however, the outcome was clear. Trump hammered Clinton where it mattered and numerous times she was left reeling from his words.

Below you will find some of the truth bombs over which Hillary Clinton will be having nightmares for weeks to come.

Trump promised to get a special prosecutor to investigate Clinton’s email scandals

Donald Trump was brutally focused in his castigation of Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails scandal. Homing in on Clinton’s deletion of emails after she had been subpoenaed, Trump pointed out that anyone doing a fifth of what she had done would already be in jail. To that end, he promised to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Clinton’s misdeeds and the bizarre scenario involving a plane meeting between her husband Bill Clinton and US Attorney-General Loretta Lynch, who was the person most responsible for overseeing the investigation. Trump also highlighted reports that many FBI officials are bemoaning the leniency shown to Clinton.

Media commentary after the debate attacked Trump for supposedly being authoritarian in promising to put Hillary Clinton in jail. This is way off the mark, as Presidential administrations regularly go after people for “illegal” activities, well before a court has pronounced judgment. For example, under Barack Obama’s authority, the US Federal Government is suing Trump supporter Peter Thiel’s technology company, Palantir, for what it says is certain “racial discrimination.” Bear in mind that only weeks ago Thiel was fronting the Republican National Convention to support Trump. How convenient!

Hillary was unable to push the “Trump hates women” agenda fully because…

Yup, it’s due to the guy on the right.

Naturally, Hillary Clinton sought to attack Donald Trump for eleven-year-old video footage of him that was only publicized days ago. The footage featured the Republican nominee making remarks about women, which the Trump campaign described as mere locker room banter and liberals attacked as “misogyny” and “proof” of sexual assault. Nonetheless, the Democratic nominee’s criticisms fell far short of what many had expected.

The presence at Washington University of both Hillary’s husband Bill and a series of women who had accused the former President of rape, sexual assault, and general sexual impropriety definitely restricted what she could say about the Trump video. Better yet, Trump strengthened his position by reiterating the inappropriateness of what was said in 2005 but also categorically denying that he had ever sexually assaulted women. The Clinton campaign is so used to Trump not saying that he’s wrong that it had no back-up plan for the very deft response he gave to his critics last night.

“Revelations” about Trump this week, orchestrated by CNN to perfectly time with the upcoming debate, were meant to destroy the businessman’s campaign. By contrast, they have actually highlight the fragility of Hillary’s. As someone who has said previously that women need to be believed whenever they allege sexual assault or rape, she knows she will do herself no favors by pressing too hard against Trump on women. This is, after all, the same former First Lady who tried to destroy her husband’s accusers, women who have for years refused to recant their chilling claims. It’s a very messy situation for Hillary indeed.

Bill Clinton’s face, one that has given us many moments throughout the Presidential race so far, was especially classic on Sunday evening. NBC’s focus on him as he was being mentioned by Trump regarding sexual abuse is a camera shot countless people will remember for a very, very long time.

Hillary’s “you need a public and a private position” comment was blamed on Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln

Apparently Hillary’s line only related to applying pressure on Congress. Do you really believe that?

The most surreal moment of the debate was when Hillary Clinton blamed her “you need a public and a private position” comment on the Steven Spielberg film Lincoln. After Wikileaks recently released partial transcripts of her speeches to Wall Street, including to Goldman Sachs, quick attention in particular was paid to this remark. In one moment during the debate that would have dragged on excruciatingly for any Democrat watching, Hillary said that this quote was really just praise for the strategies used by Abraham Lincoln to manage Congress and pass the Thirteenth Amendment, as depicted in Lincoln.

Though Trump could have better linked this poor rationalization by Clinton to her flip-flopping on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, an issue where she has multiple times argued for “open borders,” he did enough to greatly unsettle her. So much so that she needed to divert with “But let’s talk about what’s really going on here…” What followed was yet another rehash of her Russian conspiracy theory, whereby Clinton’s long-term, documented duplicity on the issues should be ignored in favor of looking into a not just murky but opaque purported master-plan by Vladimir Putin to help Donald Trump win the November general election.

On this note, Trump delivered his equal best line (alongside “Because you’d be in jail”) of the night:

Hillary had no answer to Trump’s tax retort

George Soros not only uses legal tax provisions, like Trump – he “broke” the Bank of England in 1992 through his currency speculations, too.

Unsurprisingly, Hillary Clinton went after Donald Trump over allegations he reported a nearly one billion dollar loss in the 1990s to “avoid” paying federal income taxes. Putting the undeniable legality of his actions twenty years ago to the side, Trump retorted in a fashion his opponent did not expect, asking why he should be attacked for legitimately using laws exploited by Hillary’s own top donors. As an illustration, Warren Buffett and George Soros, both major Trump haters, are believed to have similarly saved huge, if not greater amounts of cash from the coffers of the taxman.

Strangely as well, Clinton said if elected President she would root out the presence of “dark, unaccountable money” in politics. But where would that leave Soros and her other financial lifelines? Hedge fund operators and other corporations, legal entities whose motivations are very hard to trace, let alone control, have backed Clinton over Trump to an unprecedented extent so far, with the present disparity only due to widen further:

Moreover, what is most lost on Hillary and her supporters is that Trump’s resurrection from near financial ruin in the 1990s is the perfect microcosm of what America needs. With $20 trillion in debt, the United States requires a massive reversal to arrest its decline as a world superpower. Trump’s own experiences demonstrate that he can perform this Lazarus-like transformation far better than Clinton, whose main source of income is delivering “speeches.”

Prepare for the typical leftist counterattack via more “dirt”-digging against Trump

Image courtesy of Branco,

Just as my colleague Michael Sebastian explored the other day, Donald Trump is being targeted and vilified for being a heterosexual male and proud American unafraid to challenge the status quo. Powerful interests are at work to discredit him with heinous, patently false allegations. Trump’s schooling of Hillary on Sunday night will have only inflamed their hatred of him and their pathological desire to see his fall.

So much work is yet to be done. Hillary’s hounds in the media will be out again trying to unseat him from his perch. Traitorous Republicans, like the dozens who abandoned him after his harmless remarks from over a decade ago were released, will even go so far as to fuel the flames against Trump for Hillary and the Democrats.

The second debate was a triumph for Trump, but one that he (and we, too) cannot rest on.

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343 thoughts on “Donald Trump Indisputably Destroys Hillary Clinton In The Second Presidential Debate”

  1. You wrote, “…but one that he, nor we, can rest on.” I believe you meant to have a “not” before rest.
    I note too how all of the REgressive sites I visit have characterized Trump’s retort, “because you’d be in jail” as a threat to imprison her if elected ala Stalin or Hitler. When in fact it was no such thing. It was an expression that millions of us feel because of the disgusting investigation of her 30,000+ felonies.

    1. Yeah, the Left finds anybody who hints that they should be held accountable for their deeds as nearly Satan himself.

      1. Yeah, and they’re not even consistent with who they demonize or canonize. U.S. public opinion of Putin has shifted from left to right to left to right again.

  2. Trump said all the things civillain Republicans(me and you) wanted to say for decades while controlling the moderators,who we know aren’t voting for Trump.
    He did what he had to do and he was very convincing.

    1. He’s also exposing the hypocrisy by leftists and the MSM when it comes to sexual assault allegations.
      As we all know here . . . the mere second some bitch on a college campus regrets having sex and claims “rape,” they’re all too happy to crucify the innocent guy while proclaiming ‘all women have right to be heard and believed.’ Quite the opposite when it comes to an allegation against Bill Clinton or one of their beloved (D) icons.
      I’m glad TRUMP is not backing down on this if they’re going to equate locker room banter as sexual assault.

  3. Are you delusional? Trump absolutely lost the debate… again. Granted, for at least a hot second, he attempted to answer a policy question with fact or logic then trailed off as usual into an incoherent stream of platitudes and buzzwords. He couldn’t explain any more than saying “Scalia” and “2nd amendment.” No explanation as to why. It’s clear the man lacks leadership skills and is in over his head. Even my life long small business, gun toting, church going father (who loves Pence) thought he was/is terrible and lost.

    1. These debates are all about optics and Trump won the optic war with ease.
      He looked like an Alpha Male,delivered crushing lines where it counted(You’d be in jail” and the hilarious Honest Abe line) and successfully got past that lame ass tape “scandal”.

      1. I agree. The Honest Abe line is right up there with “I knew Jack Kennedy and you’re no Jack Kennedy”.
        If anyone is the anti-Lincoln it’s good old Hillary.
        Fingers crossed in Canada.
        Go Jays!
        Go Trump!

    2. Oh come now. These are not and have not been actual debates for decades on end, regardless of Trump. It’s all about showmanship, and on that count, Trump did come out far, far ahead of the Witch.

      1. Even if you believe them to be that, he didn’t win. It’s only a small portion of voters who find “petulant child” tops “rehearsed presidential candidate.” I’m currently home w the folks in swing state PA and listened as my father and his three friends (all life long R’s) talked about how awful and embarrassing a candidate Trump is. My dad is considering Johnson for Pete’s sake (which makes me happy)!

        1. According to every non-Leftist dominated site I read, you’re interpretation is not even close to the reality being expressed by others. Maybe it’s what you and your kin think, but I’m not seeing that response outside of your family from the Right.

        2. You mean other than the unprecedented number of republican politicians not supporting their party’s candidate?

        3. Right, the Establishment types like Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney. You really want that kind in your corner?

        4. So what? Almost to a man, Establishment types. I really could care less about them. They represent 1% of the population, of which I am not a member.
          It’s not like you’re getting a better candidate with Johnson. Dude really isn’t very libertarian, outside of “legalize weeeeeed, dude!”.
          This election cycle is a Storm of Suck. We know that. What I’m most concerned about is SCOTUS. Hillary will have the Constitution repealed the moment she replaces Scalia on SCOTUS. She is a known quantity. Trump’s list of SCOTUS candidates are hard core Constitutionalists (even if Trump isn’t). That’s where it matters. Johnson has zero chance and even if he could win, he’s not an actual libertarian. So yeah.

        5. So our choice is more stringent 2nd amendment laws or further decimation of the 4th and 5th? Trump defended stop and frisk and stated the police would take away guns. I don’t trust him to appoint SCOTUS nominees.
          Johnson is libertarian light but he’s a start in the right direction.

        6. Johnson is NOT libertarian. While I admit my views on libertarianism is rather hardcore compared to most, still, Johnson is too interested in using government force for too many things for me to call him libertarian. I may be guilty of little Scotsman fallacy here, but I dont consider him to be anymore libertarian leaning than Rand Paul.

        7. Johnson is an opportunist. His only libertarian position is “Weeeeeed, duuuuude!” and that’s it. Big fucking deal, you can find that with 99% of the Bernouts. He has a fundamental lack of understanding regarding free markets that is glaring, has zero foreign policy chops and would run as a Green Party candidate if he thought it would give him a better chance to get in office.
          The candidates Trump fronted are Constitutionalists. What Trump himself may say he wants, means little, POTUS doesn’t have any real power. He won’t be building a wall nor will any of the rest of his agenda, outside of possibly having Hillary brought to justice, be enacted even with a GOP controlled Congress.
          But he will appoint SCOTUS judges. We know what kind Hillary will appoint, at least with Trump we have a higher than average shot of getting somebody good into SCOTUS.

        8. But you can’t say his appointments will uphold the constitution because Scalia and his ilk have gone against it numerous times. The right side of the court is just as bad as the left. Neither actually care about freedom and limiting government.
          If Johnson is not qualified due to lack of knowledge of economics and foreign policy than Trump is surely not qualified. At least Johnson has ran some sort of government.

        9. Ok, then vote for Hillary (or the leftist Johnson). Why take a chance and maybe get a good outcome, when you can vote for Hillary and get a known bad outcome, or vote for Johnson and…well, who knows, but at least he’s all for pot so…ok.

        10. The only reason I am denied my rights to concealed carry is because of the 3rd District court, which ruled the opposite of two other District Courts. So Illinois gets CCW, but the people in the Mid-Atlantic and NE do not. This issue WILL go to SCOTUS.
          If Hillary wins, her appointments will reverse decades of progress in gun rights and the right to self defense. I am convinced that if her ilk gains control of the court, we will see the 2nd Amendment reduced to meaning a state can have a National Guard. We will become the UK or France, where gun ownership is almost 100% illegal and you have no natural right to self defense (goodbye castle doctrine.. goodbye stand your ground).

        11. That is precisely what will happen. It’s not even theoretical, the Left is openly salivating at this exact opportunity.

        12. Im not afraid. When Bush was elected we were going to be Nazi Germany and invade everybody and start a world war. Didn’t happen. When Obama was elected we were going to be Nazi Germany with no guns and lots of death panels. Didn’t happen. I’ll be fine no matter who is elected. I’d rather vote with integrity than cower and vote in fear. Let me guess, this time it’s real?

        13. You went off the rails with that post. Scalia, while not the most conservative justice on the court, has been on the right side of many decisions that involve limiting the power of the federal government to the right of free association.
          What would you rather have? A SCOTUS with Scalia like justices or filled with the likes of Elna Kagan?

        14. I don’t like Trump. But I understand how SCOTUS needs to be preserved at least a bit to the Right, or everything we value goes away in half a decade or less. But yeah, you vote with your integrity and maybe when Mrs. Clinton gets around to public executions you can hold your dignity proudly in front of her firing squads.

        15. Yeah, see that’s not going to happen and you know it. Hell, Trump was the one who said he’d jail his opponent. Stop being so obtuse.

        16. “Hell, Trump was the one who said he’d jail his opponent. Stop being so obtuse.”
          Because she broke the law and is not be held accountable. Stop being obtuse.

        17. His opponent NEEDS JAILED. She’s a fucking mafiaosa. The only reason she’s not in jail now is political connections and the name “Clinton”. Fuck a duck, how is this even a question?
          And with hard core progressives, firing squads and death camps are never out of the question. They love those things, historically and are highly intolerant of any dissent. As you know.
          But no, go ahead and vote for whomever you want. It really, really isn’t my problem.

        18. He’s also been on the wrong side of many. 4th and 5th, assisted suicide, etc.
          Not a Kagan fan but I did just attend an event with Sotomayor who I surprisingly really enjoyed (even if I disagree w her on her Citizens dissent and other issues).

        19. No, they talk about it pretty openly when they believe they are amongst their own.BTW- The weathermen Terrorist Group had a member who was Bill Ayers who Obama was closely affailitared in his early his political career.

        20. Now, be careful there GOJ.
          A fully loaded barbell might “slip” and fall on your throat, the brakes of your car might fail, or you might shoot yourself in the back of the head. Twice.

        21. I’ll speak as I wish. You’re free to deny the reality of the enemy we face as much as you wish. I recognize them from their clear historical record for exactly what they are.

        22. Arkansascide is a real thing. But you, well, like, you know, that kind of thing is out of the question. I mean, there’s no precedent for Leftists, once fully seated in power, slaughtering as many dissenters as possible. Never happened in history, not even once.

        23. False. Setting up private email server without proper notification or following protocol that lead to a huge security breach. Destroying evidence. Ignoring supoenas. If you or or I did that, we would be in jail.
          You really need to put the blunt down and drop your Johnson.

        24. Only a fucking idiot would vote for a “libertarian” who says he would “force a Jewish bakery to bake a cake for a Nazi.” Since when was it alright for libertarians to meddle in the free market? Not even phony establishment “conservatives” believe in that nonsense. The man is a nincompoop.

        25. Exactly. He’s on record as simultaneously being for meddling in the free market AND denying religious liberty. Both positions that actual libertarians have a HUGE issue with.
          But hey, he’s for weeeeeeed, dude!

        26. What a cucked statement.
          He very clearly said he would appoint a prosecutor to actually do their damn job and hold this bitch accountable for an obvious wrong that anyone occupying a lower status in the hierarchy would’ve easily went down for.
          Prosecuting = subjecting an alleged offender to the scrutiny of the legal system in order to render a decision of guilt or innocence in the matter.
          “Because you’d be in jail” OBVIOUSLY references that we all know what she did was wrong and that DT is confident that had she stood trial for these allegations (rather than being lightly reprimanded and cut loose) she would be found guilty.
          Its reprehensibly irresponsible to conjecture that the man advocates locking his opposition in the Tower of London merely for speaking against him. What she did was against the law, and her only defense was “well we don’t have evidence that my system was hacked”

        27. I saw some video of that clown berating the interviewer for saying Mexican instead of Latino American (or something like that). He embodies practically everything that has gone wrong within the libertarian party the last several years, especially with the leftist virtue signaling.
          I have several establishment republican friends/family who hate Trump, say they’re voting for Johnson, and are posting #nevertrump constantly. However, I think that once they’re in that voting booth reality will hit them and they’ll make the right decision. They just need to do their own brand of virtue signaling on social media so that people don’t think they’re sexist racist mysoginists hellbent on starting WWIII

        28. At least Johnson has ran some sort of government.
          What, no respect for the “citizen legislator” that the Founders hoped for?! Nothing to be said for running economic engines, instead of living on the trough of the “law” and its manipulation one’s whole life?

        29. Right, if they are Scotsmen then Trump is not a Scotsman. You and your family really like the Republican Party don’t you ?

        30. We actually spiralled into a massive debt because of all of the people we invaded, the department of homeland security etc etc the establishment republicans have absolutely no interest in anything other than enriching themselves which is the exact same aim as the democrats. There is no way in hell that I am not voting for trump. No, I don’t think that he’s the best person on the planet but he’s absolutely the best option available.

        31. You’re a delusional idiot to believe Hilldog won’t take away your second amendment rights in an executive order. Who is the military, police, and NRA supporting this time around? Stop and frisk works when your own community won’t police itself and it was ruled constitutional.

        32. So voting for Hillary (a known corrupt politician) is voting with integrity. Hahahaha, if you (americans) vote for her you deserve everything you will get. In a single debate she spouted lies about Syria’s situation and redefined rape. Don’t make me laugh.

        33. The thing is I know Trump isn’t the best but I know he could stop the rise of feminist and SJW bullshit, put a plug on these politician jokesters and thrn wait for a better replacement.

        34. Thanks, I meant, she spouted.
          Lies spotted amongst the many:
          Hillary stated that Russia has escalated the war in Syria provoking the deaths of innocent civilians when it’s been the U.S. and its European vassals, the ones who have been arming the rebels for 5 five years, along with Saudi Arabia, and the commitment of the US forces to help the rebels (a bunch of terrorists and mass murderers) is so deep that US just bombed the Syrian army…and US haven’t even declared a formal war…
          Conflating banter and locker room talk with sexual assault and rape when her husband is accused of real rape and she is proven criminal who should be serving time…

        35. Well, you should tell them you are voting for fellow since U.S. “liberatarian” candidate is anything but libertarian.

      2. I don’t even get the point of calling them debates anymore. It’s like everyone has collectively forgotten what the word debate even means.

        1. They aren’t and haven’t been debates in forever. Even during the Reagan years they were more or less fashion shows for quip writers. Demanding “tough policy questions, etc!” is kind of funny at this point. We have hard core Leftist moderators playing clear favorites, and script writers trying their best to write zingers.

        2. It comes with the obvious conclusion that politicians are now entertainers, more than actual leaders. I could never accept the idea that candidates would read speeches written by their staff; it’s as if a shepherd followed his sheep. In the end, what are they bringing anew?

        3. TV ruined debates. When Nixon beat JFK through argument and debate and lost because he was sweating and Kennedy looked cool and composed “presidential debates” ceased to mean dick

        4. Absolutely.
          “presidential debates” ceased to mean dick
          Nice pun considering the topic included Nixon. Heh.

      3. Isn’t the moderators the one setting the tone and the topics? I would find that going into foreign, healthcare and economic policy details would be great, but that would also expose Hillary’s weaknesses and links to the current dismal results.
        I am not sure Hillary can get any more miles out of constantly asking Trump “has he stopped beating his wife” and exclaiming to the audience “he is mean man.”

        1. This is actually something that bothers me about the GOP. They let every single one of their candidates stand up there in front of “moderators” who are all Leftists and never once ask for political balance for moderators. It’s like they’re trying to lose or something.

        2. Canada used to let candidates just rip into each other with no moderation. I am not sure if that is better though.

      4. Right Lincoln v Douglas debates went on for hours and are always referred to as the gold standard for political debates…. No moderators .

      1. Yep. Extreme bias that presidential candidates should have a grasp of political issues and the facts surrounding them and to be able to clearly articulate them.

        1. That’s your right. But I wouldn’t consider him to fit your criteria to “have a grasp of political issues and the facts surrounding them and to be able to clearly articulate them.” His gaffes have been worse than Trump. Plus Paul Joseph Watson completely outted him as a paid globalist stooge.

        2. How anybody can confuse Johnson with a libertarian is anybody’s guess. Oh good, he digs pot, well whoopdy fucking do. So does Bernie Sanders, the socialist.

        3. Pot heads are amazingly single issue people. I would make it legal just so they would keep themselves on the couch, in a stupor, and far away from the voting booth.

        4. That’s kind of my take too. I’m against the WOD because it is wholly unconstitutional. AND I’m for Darwinism as well. If we repeal the WOD and a load of Bernouts die from overdosing, I see that as a win win.

    3. Your comment reflects someone up to his ears in blue pill emasculation so that when you see an alpha male standing up for himself, your face gets all smudgy.

      1. Your comment reflects somebody with no arguments other than ad hominem attacks. You’re the one with Trump oneitis, you cuck faggot. See, I can do it too.

      1. Turncoat implies I was on your side to start. I’ve been a registered independent for 20 years. I was okay with a Trump presidency until I saw the first debate and soon realized he’d be terrible at running a country. Still voting Johnson because I will never vote for a political dynasty aside from every other HRC problem.

        1. a) Gary Johnson is only in the race to siphon the votes of saps like you, so the corporatists/globalists can get their puppet Hillary into office.
          b) The only reason you have to vote for Johnson is out of sheer vanity and ego gratification.
          You’re a damned fool and your willful naivety is putting us all at greater risk.

        2. Actually he’s drawing off more of the Left than the Right this election cycle. Bernouts are all about casting a vote for him in protest of Hillary, or so I hear.

        3. I’ve heard the same thing but I’ve yet to see the numbers. Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me. Actual Libertarian-minded people can spot a fake Libertarian from a mile away.

        4. His only contribution in this election cycle has been turning Colorado from Perma-Blue to a swing-state.

    4. Both YouGov and CNN focus groups declared Clinton the winner. I thought it was a draw, but since there’s no scorecard, we’re all just fingerpainting here.

    5. You obviously have different standards than me, but I’m curious why you think that Trump would be terrible at running the country? You say below that you’ve long been a registered independent – do I take that to mean you are Libertarian? Isn’t it a general feature of Libertarianism that a government that does least does best. Where I’m going with this is that, whatever his merits or drawbacks, Trump is undeniably an insurgent candidate. NO ONE from either side wants to support him. This means that he will not have a cooperative congress, or cooperation from the Courts, and the Media will watch him like a hawk. In other words, unless he governs very wisely, it is unlikely that he will get anything done (I am fine with this, as I would also be fine if he could only deliver on 10% of his promises). But a government that simply halts the expanse of the regulatory state would seem to be a libertarian victory, so what’s not to like about that?

  4. I keep wondering why the Trump tape is such a big deal when Slick Willie kept his zipper well greased. Pass the cigars.

    1. That was a very, very good line wasn’t it? Every single election I sit wondering why the high power types get a free pass to be lawless. Seeing somebody mention that it may not be the case this time around is nearly unique in my lifetime.

      1. I have noticed that on my drive in to work this morning, NPR was hammering this as a negative. They don’t realize how this resonates with people who think Clinton was not held to account for what she has done. I listened to exactly five minutes of the debate yesterday, and I was lucky enough that I heard this segment of it. When I heard that, I literally laughed out loud, jumped off the couch in excitement, turned off the debate because I heard everything I needed to hear, and had to go for a walk to calm down because I was so excited.

        1. Waaaaaaawaaaa.
          You mean Trump man. Crime isn’t negative. Criminals can and are, in the case of HRC, nice people who get a pass on murder and mayhem because she’s a liberal and has a vagina. And, you can never cross the line and say anything negative about a liberal vagina that’s spawned yet another liberal vagina from her vagina.
          So I guess we should all STFU and stop being so mean to the scores of females sitting in prisons for the “crimes.” The pussy pass is greater than a Presidential Pardon.

        2. I laughed and clapped when I watched that part, even though I knew it was coming, only watched it last night…. damn made me smile.

        3. Romans 12:19-21
          “Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.
          Therefore if thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink: for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head.
          Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.”
          I leave judgement up to God.

        4. But is it not also true that all it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing? There’s little personal judgement in acknowledging the right thing and taking action. The man that first spoke those words may not have a fraction of the authority of the Lord but if charisma is a divine gift then it was certainly inspired by Him.

        1. She was transmitting “Cold, hard hatred” for the majority of the debate with her facial expressions and glares. She feigned a couple of really tight and brief and fake smiles, but her face went right back to “Mean, hateful” as the default. The glares she was giving him would have set paper on fire if a piece fell between her and Trump.

        2. I dunno man. Maybe it was a cocktail of heavy meds or something, but I noticed her sitting there lifelessly grinning in a catatonic stupor for every moment that she wasn’t locked in a death stare.

        3. I could only watch in segments, to be honest. The “normal people” all asked clearly scripted Leftist favoring questions that the media *clearly* set them up to ask, so I spent a bit of time yelling at my computer screen everytime some flaccid beta dweeb would start droning on with things like “Assuming that socialized medicine is the best thing to ever happen to us, why would you as President ever dare deny us free health care?” (not a real question, but still, about the same content wise as most of them)

        4. Every time one of those hammy spinsters stood up I thought “oh heeeere we fuckin go” but honestly it could’ve been worse. I liked the question posed about energy reliance and how it assumed that any answer that could be given must focus on preventing global warming. Mostly I liked how DT ignored that treehugger part of the question and told the fucker how it is in the real world.

        5. There was the “Muslim” fat woman (who clearly was not an observing Muslim because she had no burka. In fact, her hair was DYED PINK or something), who asked “how can I, as a Muslim, be safe with Islamophobia on the rise and if everyone think’s I’m a threat to the country?”
          Yeah, I’m suuuuure she was really an undecided voter.

        6. Has to be. It doesn’t look that weird at first blush, but having a bug land on your face on national tv, with zero reaction..that is bizarre the more you think about it. It’s an instinctive reaction to get rid of something that feels like a bee or a spider etc on you. Especially if it’s on your head!

        7. Yeah, stuff going near my face always ‘bugs’me out…
          But what do I know, I’m just a simple pleb…

        8. The debate was in St. Louis, Missouri. It was a crispy snoot sammich. Show some respect to both the good people of Mizzou and the Carolinas.

        9. She gets called out on obvious fraud and just shit-eating grins through it. The, “Oh that’s so absurd I’m cracking up over here” defense. Also, Trump needs to blatantly ask why filthy rich, Persian gulf nations take no refugees. Ironic.

        10. YES! And link this with the obvious disparity in input between us and fucking all of our allies.
          We need to cooperate with muslim majority nations in order to deal with today’s battles, well maybe they should start cooperating with US!

        11. The shilling for middle eastern voters was very transparent and laughable is my point, you fucking jerk off.

      2. Do you believe any of the polling data? I have a hard time understanding how he can be down 10 points, yet he is drawing such huge crowds in battleground states.

        1. I really don’t believe any of their fucking polls anymore.
          Its been over a year, and the polls have never been in our favor. We’re still here standing.
          Did you see the lip last night about CNN coaching the “independent” focus group? Keep in mind this was the only “independent” focus group who said Hillary won that I’ve seen.
          Listen closely before they cut to the group:

        2. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Logically, if you compare his rallies to Shitlary’s, he is clearly winning. But it’s still pretty scary when you see her winning all the polls, and all the news are on her side.
          Even here in Canada! Today in the newspapers, all the debate talk was about how he intimidated her, threatened to put her in jail, was a big fat meany, oh and also, he hates women. No context was given for anything, of course. And no mention of Hitlery being a rape enabler. But it’s Trump who hates women! Yeah, makes sense…
          Even social media is f*cking insane and there seems to be tons of Shitlary supporters attacking Trump for every one of his tweets. It’s like I’m in the twilight zone and everyone is stupid, acting as if Killery won the debate when it’s very clear that the opposite is true!
          What’s the deal, for real? This is killing me!

        3. Dang, it’s even more biased than I thought. Still, it’s reassuring because it tells you how badly the numbers are skewed and why you shouldn’t trust them.
          Seems to me that the number of people at rallies give a much better idea of who’s gonna vote for who. We’re talking about thousands of people physically there. How many does Shitlary get at her rallies? And how many of those are confirmed actors? Also look at how many people are liking Trump’s tweets compared to hers.
          They tried to pull that shit with Brexit, even the morning of the vote (from what I heard), people were being told there was no chance of it passing… and then it did.
          I just hope I’m not deluding myself.

        4. This really concerns me, seeing how far he is behind in the polls….
          But remember, us Brexit supporters in the UK were trailing in the polls….. I keep having to remind myself what actually happened.

        5. The polls overrepresent demographics that vote democrat by 8 to 12 percent, and underrepresent demographics that vote conservative by 6 to 8 percent. They simply want to demoralize his supporters and use psychological pulling on fence sitters (and women).

        6. The funny part? It’s a bunch of virgin nerds sitting in a bullpen at Hillary’s dedicated shill site, Correct the Record, that make a lot of these comments or incite less informed people to follow along. When they think they’ve hit a snag, they call in friends to bombard it with several accounts for each person to try and create a false consensus.

        7. Is there a way to have any accurate information on the results of early voting, which I’ve heard has already started?

        8. Impossible, unless you collect data yourself, which will be obfuscated by the people who refuse to answer.

        9. He is ten points down, but still has the support of a huge minority. You shouldn’t ever convince yourself that a candidate has overall popularity by the crowds he/she draws, because those people will always go to those events.
          In 2013 the left in Australia convinced themselves that they would win the election because they surrounded themselves in like minded people. The reality was that only 32% (or there about) of people gave the left their first preference vote.
          So don’t be misled by what like minded people are saying, it’s a birds of a feather thing.

      3. Betting odds are not looking good. Last I checked, Clinton was minus 500…oh gee look that mothershitting popup ad…and trump plus 325. So something like 89% to 11%. Wonder what the odds are on a gun sales spike immediately after hillary’s coronation.

      4. “Every single election I sit wondering why the high power types get a free pass to be lawless”
        Despotism. It got progressively worse in every decade since the Great Depression for several reasons.
        But the cruel irony of last night’s debate was that, many were saying how Trump’s “you’d be in jail” comment was a sign that he was despotic or dictatorial in essence.
        The reality is that “low-capital” people in the military and government have been brutally prosecuted for much, much less than only Hillary’s e-mail scandal, her other scandals set aside.
        And its quite obvious that despite Sanders being an utter cuckold, he could have been the legitimate nominee if the DNC wouldn’t have been even more corrupt than the GOP.
        And that lets us know how far gone the citizenry is intellectually, and how subservient they are towards despotism. The media, as proven by their “focus group” and “scientific poll” last night, in which Hillary won, which is fucking laughable. It would be more comical if the consequences weren’t so dire.

      1. Nah, that probably happens all the time. The cankles are like a storm gutter while her granny shoes act as a rain barrel.

    2. Why? Because you think he’d actually do it? You know that’s nonsense right? These people live in a completely different world that we do. They’re friends. DT and BC are golf buddies. Their daughters talk regularly. Donald Trump would never in a million years do that. But it makes you feel good to hear it, I guess.
      Wake up.

      1. Will he really do it – who knows? But him having the balls to say it is priceless.
        I firmly believe that she should be re-investigated, charged and tried by the next administration. But I’d also be perfectly happy to see that criminal cunt abolished from public life for the rest of her hellish existence on this earth. And a Trump victory would make that a reality. So if it gets him votes (which it does), even if he has no intention of carrying through with it, I’m very happy to hear him say what the vast majority of people actually think.

    3. That truly was the line of the debate.
      That should be on t-shirts and the subject of memes and gifs everywhere. I don’t know how many times I replayed that moment. The look on his face after he said it was fucking priceless as well.

    4. I thought it disgusting. It smacks of Hitler, Mao, Stalin and Kim Jong Un. To jail ones political opponents is the work of extremists.

      1. To jail someone who violates the law is not extremist. It is extremist to allow someone who violates the law to go unpunished just because they are a politician, while ordinary citizens are punished harshly for infractions far less serious – that is the work of any of the extremists you cite.

  5. Didn’t watch it, but the fact that people are saying he controlled the moderators is the best news imo. Clinton is such a weak-ass candidate that it’s hard for any halfway competent person to lose to her. But when you are also fighting against a legion of journo activists who create the perception of reality for millions of Americans, that’s a whole other thing.
    Trump should really just spend the next month destroying the media if he wants to win.

        1. Seriously, it’s like saying “you said she shot him dead, well nuh-uhh, she stabbed him dead with a knife you fucking liar!” Completely fucking retarded.

      1. As someone in IT… I just can’t even.
        Makes me think of my cousin’s autistic son. You can’t use any sort of metaphor or euphemism with him because he’ll take you completely literally.

  6. Beelzebub always gives us a clue who he supports. I find it very peculiar, regardless of any ominous religion based “sign”, how the Left seems to be literally (Hitler) attracting flies the last 8 years or so and they don’t even seem to notice them. Fucking creepy stuff.

    1. I’m telling you, flies are much more intelligent than we hold them to be.
      Finding shit, homing in, and landing are no easy feats. They are experts in their niche.

      1. Lol. C’mon.
        At that logic, trees are geniuses for being able to contort their bodies and grow in the direction of their food source, all without a brain or any traditional senses.
        I think arachnids are smart.
        Flies though? Nah.

        1. In their defense, at least one of them did manage to breach white house defenses and land on the biggest turd in Washington. That must count for something.

    2. Sheeyit, that fly (or is it a dung beetle?) – is eating Obama Buraq Hussein’s third-eye chakra in the 2nd pic… creeepy.

    1. I downloaded this snippet and I will watch it every single day.
      I will make it my alarm and my ringtone.
      That ice cold frame is pure gold.

    1. I look forward to the time when George Soros has to ask permission from Trump to spend any of his money.

  7. Didn’t see the debate, but while driving into work this morning, I noted how shrill the german female radio announcer sounded when talking about the debate (he’s literally Hitler. Literally). I knew Trump must have hit it out of the park last night.

    1. “how shrill the german female radio announcer sounded”
      Haha liberals are getting Trumpian ulcers. Good to know. It could also be that she was grabbed by the pussy too long ago…

      1. I just checked in to see what my russian in-laws are saying. LOL. Safe to say they are not Hillary supporters from the comments.

        1. No joke. TIME made Stalin Man of the Year in 1939.
          The American press gets wet for leftist dictators. Always have.

        1. I asked you a straight forward question. Can you ever just give a straight answer?

        2. I thought it was pretty clear – nobody.
          You only encourage them by voting. Democracy is a con. Which is why I believe that Trump will ‘win’. His candidacy will guarantee a high turn out of voters (on both sides) and once elected the elite will be able to continues with their policies but this time democratically endorsed by the public.
          Trump is Obama 2.0

        3. Voting for nobody is fine. Trump is not Obama. He’s an opportunist, Obama is a pure ideologue.

        4. Hey, look, if you haven’t been paying any attention, just admit it. No need to carry on like a fool.

        5. Equivalency is not how I process things when there are clear differences.

        6. Or, maybe life is what it seems sometimes and not everything is some shady nefarious conspiracy.

        7. Irrelevant. Not everything is a conspiracy. Some people are ideologues, some people are opportunists, some people are pragmatists. It’s a normal part of being a human being.

        8. True but those that get into power are not your random ideologues, opportunists or pragmatists … although they might appear so.

  8. Shillary is blaming her comments on a Hollywood movie? Seriously? Her lies are getting so transparent and weak that it’s laughable.
    I guess we need to review all movies produced in the last 50 years or so to find other political positions Hillary takes or to explain her psychotic behavior. A couple of moves come to mind.

  9. The fly on Hillary’s forehead will also make an impression, despite the irrationality of reading anything into that.
    As in, Hillary already has the stench of death about her.

  10. One thing I am certain, if Trump does win in November, the rug will be pulled out from under the economy. Over the past year or so, I have become more and more convinced that the various federal agencies have been gaming to economic statistics. The latest example was the Census bureau showing a big uptick in household income when nothing else in the economy would support that data point.
    The illusion of prosperity (if you can call this prosperity) has been kept up by 0% rates funding stock buybacks, and ever increasing stock market, and a re-inflated housing bubble.
    The crack in the prosperity facade’ IMHO is public pension funds (State and local level). Many are insolvent, even after assuming an 8% annual return on investment. Should the S&P drop 30%+ and stay that way, I suspect that we will see a few defaults suddenly turn into a tsunami of red ink. If you want to see how insane the financing issues are getting, check out what Alaska is doing:
    I hope Trump finds a treasury secretary with the skill and fortitude of Andrew Mellon (the man who helped get the USA out of the Depression of 1920-21). Trump will need it.

    1. Good prediction. Trump could be Captain Perfect Libertarian (you know, to get the “if he’s not perfect I refuse!” rabble) and guaranteed that the Fed would crank interest rates up 5 points over night after the inauguration and that the government would suddenly start “reporting real numbers”, combined with a drum beat by the media declaring doom and gloom.
      I remember during Bush’s last term, the media CONSTANTLY hyperventilating about how “awful” the economy was, what, with its < 4% unemployment, etc. The moment Obama gets in that all goes away.
      I don’t know what they’re going to call this kind of bullshit in the future, but I hope and pray to God it gets labeled, studied and quantified such that future generations never see it happen again.

      1. Trump was never my first choice. I don’t think he has a deep understanding of economics. However, I have been warming up to him based on what has been released in his economic plan. Trump appears to be a guy who knows what he doesn’t know and will hire the right people to fill in those gaps.
        The worst bosses I have ever worked for were smart people who though they knew and could do everything (everyone else beneath them were ‘idiots’). The best ones delegated, listened, and conversed with their subordinates.
        I expect an financial storm to come soon. There is just too much debt (government, personal, business). The debt bomb has to go off, which at first with lead the world into a deflationary death spiral (as assets and wealth is destroyed). What happens next depends on what Trump and company do. If we try to print our way out of it, we will get stagflation not seen since the late 1970s. If we did what we did in 1920, we will get a horrific depression, but one that will end in 24 months or so. The latter requires immense courage, because the forces, from the single mom on welfare, to the elite of the elites will be screaming for the former.

        1. Having Carl Ichan on his team proves to me that he has he ability to find the best people to fill in the gaps in his abilities.

        2. The problem is that Trump is surrounding himself with morons on most subjects. That scares me. However on climate I hear the guy he’s picked is actually good.

      2. Only ardent team D fans believe the bullshit presentations we get on the economy these days. Everyone else feels the reality.
        If the fed raises rates considerably while the EU and Japan are doing NIRP that could cause capital to drain from them to the USA. So the fed is really stuck there.
        But on the other hand the so-called elite want to punish people who don’t vote for what they want. Just not sure how they can pull that off without hurting themselves and their goals even more.

    2. Public pension funds are millstones that the taxpayers are not aware of yet.
      I wouldn’t want to be in state when the music stops and those checks stop coming.

      1. What will happen? Bunch of old guys charging the government with hunting rifles? Thugs robbing stores to feed Granny?

    3. Biggest fallacy of our time is the belief in the magical 8% returns year after year. Do some numbers and see what happens if you lose 40% in one whack at age 40.

      1. I did.. That is why I converted everything to cash or near-cash equivalents in my IRA, HSA, and 401k. I am even buying a little bit of gold, platinum, and silver as a hedge.

        1. I did basically the same thing. I think it’s a few months to a couple years away, but a big correction is coming. Something on the order of the DOW going to 12,000 or lower. I thought it was going to break last year, so I pulled back then and am waiting. I have 50% in muni bonds, 50% cash. The bonds are beating this stagnant market soundly at combined 5.5% (appreciation + dividend), but it is still exposure that is looking worse daily. That and the every present mortgage.

      1. Why? Putin can just wait till after the election to decide if he wants to take out the US and it’s tranny military. I wonder if the new regulations will allow for combat in high heels??

  11. Can we all agree that all of Bill’s ex mistresses/rape/assault victims i.e. Broderick et al have not aged well? Whew…can hear the “splat” of them hitting the wall….

    1. Right, but they are really, really old, as is he. I don’t expect 65+ year old women to “look hot”. They should rightly, and proudly, look like grandmothers.
      Christie Brinkley is the only exception to this rule, who seems to be God’s way of mocking Western post wall women. “She can age and be beautiful with no surgurey, lol, you skanks can’t, lolllzzzlllzzzz!” I like when God trolls.

      1. Right again GOJ…I forget their ages.. Bill also looks horrible. I mean the dude looks like he’s got a malignancy…

    1. Something I realized from the last debate. People asked Trump why he didn’t go after Bill’s exploits and he said he didn’t want to do that in front of his daughter who was in the audience. Clintons counted on that and Trump played them. Bill and Hubble’s kid sat in the audience again and he didn’t hold back. Strange the Clintons didn’t realize the jig was up when Trump had a pre-media briefing with Bill’s victims who were later in the audience. Hillary had her scripted lines and couldn’t deivate (as she cannot wing anything) at the last second and Trump disassembled her.

  12. This election will go one for the ages. Trump, even if he looses, as the toughest balls i ever seen in politics. Here is a men fighting against the marxist party of america, fighting against the degenerate leftist culture so ingrained in the anglo world and even, sadly, beyond, fighting the media, fighting his own party, fighting against a 11 year old video, where he his just being a healthy heterosexual male horny about a attractive women, where, btw, nothing happen between them…and still manages to at least stop the bleeding and punch Hillary in the face. Booooommmm!!! Mister Trump, i salute you.

  13. One thing to bear in mind is this:
    It doesn’t really matter who we at RoK believe won the debate. In fact, it doesn’t even matter who intellectually or factually won the debate in an academic sense (ie: who presented and argued for their ideas with the most logic and rhetoric).
    What matters is whether the non-manosphere (which is probably over 99%) voting public thinks. And how the media plays the narrative. That will determine who “won” in the hearts and minds of the average voter.
    Is it right that the media so blatantly has control and is actively campaigning for Hillary? Hell no. But it’s the reality.
    Believe it or not, we need the rest of America to get on board with the whole neo-masculinity thing and the patriarchy in general. We are not a big enough voting bloc or possess enough organized collective wealth to act on our own and influence elections.
    Eventually, the manosphere will have to transition from being about grievances we have against SJWs, Feminism and progressive-ism and argue why neo-masculinity, the Red Pill, and a patriarchy are the right direction for America. We cannot forever argue on a platform that is mostly “Why SJW/misandry is bad.” I personally know Sanders supporters who hate SJWs and are fully onboard with the idea that third-wave feminism is misandry. Even these left-wing socialists can’t stand people like Valenti who think they are on the same side (as them).
    The manosphere needs someone who has
    -Taken the Red Pill
    -Is realistic about where we are in the culture war right now: We are Cornwallis pinned at Yorktown with the French fleet behind us and the Continential Army in front of us. We are losing.
    -Has clear ideas on how to fix it: start influencing mainstream conservatives to the Red Pill, build up wealth to influence politicians and the media, and start putting out art/entertainment with subtle Red Pill messages.
    Until we set a strategy that is realistic and based on facts as opposed to hopeful projections, our movement to change the culture of America will work as well as the 2003 Invasion of Iraq, which was based on almost as much wishful thinking as I see around here sometimes.

    1. I agree with what you’ve said, but don’t despair. The average American gets it more than our media lets on. Look at any non-biased poll sample (where democrats are not sampled at double the rates of republicans) and it varies from Trump with small lead to Trump completely crushing Clinton. Moreover, most of these polls are drawn from about 1,000 people. If ten of these people lie, it will swing the poll by a point, and if you read any of the comments online, lots of people say that they are lying to the pollsters this election for various reasons, including that they just don’t want to argue with them. Who knows if they are telling the truth, but that’s precisely the problem. There is no way to predict this election until the votes are counted.

      1. I despise pollsters and polls, yet they keep calling me every other day (maybe because I’m an Independent?) and I tell them I’m voting for Hillary Scott. Sure, they probably think I just got the name wrong, but that’s not my concern. And I will never vote for a dynasty candidate, especially HRC.

        1. That’s the other thing I’m curious about – I have a landline, but I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a call from a pollster. Yet some people like you say that you have been polled multiple times. If you keep asking the same people who they are going to vote for and they don’t change their minds much, does that really mean anything? It’s not a random sample if you’re not randomly sampling from the entire population.

        2. I get polling calls weekly, sometimes a couple of calls a week (not more than 3 a week though). I generally answer as some kind of young minority voting for Hillary. I like skewing polls.

        3. I still have a landline, but the phone hooked to it is turned off. It is pretty much there for the alarm system to dial out on. The landline is going away once i upgrade the alarm system.
          Back when I did answer the phone, I used to get polling calls for the local election. In reality, they were push-polls, where I would answer a question and the person on the other end would try to “correct” my “invalid” position on a subject.

        4. A person in a swing state, or potential swing state, would be subject to a much higher number of poling calls.

  14. Despite the statistics saying he’s got a ~15% chance of winning, has anyone considered the far higher republican than democrat turnout in the primaries may mean theres tons of people planning to vote who have not been polled and Trump actually may pull this off? my god would that be a glorious upset

    1. These polls are garbage anyway. Some of them are polling democrats at twice the rate of republicans and they still show Clinton with only a small lead. Read any comments section below a poll, or in an article about a poll, and tons of people say that they are lying to the pollsters to avoid having to argue the issue. There is no way to know if they are telling the truth, but that’s the whole point – when a poll is based on a sample of 1,000 people, ten lies can skew the result by a point. When you can’t know if people are being honest, you can’t trust the polls at all.

      1. What I do not understand is why. Do they want to make a Republican loss look guaranteed so voters will see it as pointless and stay home? It could have the reverse effect. If democrat voters think victory is assured they may stay home to watch TV while desperate Trump supporters get out the vite.

  15. After watching the debate, not having any direct skin in the game so to speak, I did find the whole thing a little childish.
    Trump, however, to the weak minded individuals out there will come across as a bully. The way he strutted about the room with little weak Hillary giving her boiler plate answers. He was sniping, taking shots and slowly knocking off her armour. Bits of it were lying all over the room by the end of the debate.
    The “you’d be in jail” comment was unprecedented in modern presidential debates in my experience. Its up there with “you sir are no John F Kennedy”. She was shown as weak and dishonest in those few seconds and it swung it.
    The press in Europe are of course claiming it for Hillary based on the CNN polls, etc. As a European with a small “e” I am disgusted by the outright lying to which we are being subjected over here. Fuck this place. When our Emperor gets the throne he will Make Europe Great Again! MEGA!

    1. I don’t think he came across as bullying at all. Being firm and persistent is not bullying. Let the little Witch be de-armored, good I say.

        1. Sure, but SJW’s and shitlibs will never be part of my factoring with regards to “undecided voters”.

        2. Independents are, by their own designation, weak minded, and those fools are the reason we lurch from D to R to D to R.

    2. I just watched that comment in a video on Facebook. I realize that the thing that made me consider his performance to be very good was partly the reaction of the crowd. Oh how they applauded this comment!

    3. We never had a Presidential candidate that had a criminal investigation going on, or had. The public is well aware that she broke the law, and numerous times with perjury.

      1. I doubt the validity of this statement. We’ve had some real pieces of work run for (and win) POTUS. Trump himself has some kind of rape case coming up.

  16. Trump won the election last night. He was pitch perfect and prosecuted the entire Clinton clan into permanent political irrelevance. The media and academia will continue to release polls that show Clinton ahead because they cannot abide a Trump Presidency, but rest assured: Trump sealed the deal last night and is winning this election. November 8 can’t come fast enough

  17. Gentlemen, I think it’s time to realize that Trump isn’t going to win. I’m speaking objectively, as I live in a state that always votes red. Donald’s only way to victory was if he gained new supporters. He hasn’t done that. And everything that has been brought up causes people to further distance themselves from this guy. Unless Hilary is discovered to be an alien from outer space, she will win.

    1. “Unless Hilary is discovered to be an alien from outer space, she will win.”
      I doubt that would sway her followers. To be honset, I think you are right as there is simply to many members of the Free Shit Army who really are not that astute (eg. women will vote for her beacause…vagina) and her incomptence and criminal activity means nothing to them. The open fraud that is perpetuated and protected ensure she will have that carload of “lost” ballots she needs in the key swing states to win. I just think it’s amusing that media, both main political parties and public institutions have dropped the mask of being unbiased a long time ago (they loathe us and most of their own constituents) and they still have to pull out all the stops just to barely drag their candidate across the finish line. It is going to get worse every election as the gulf between citizens vs rulers widens.
      I would enjoy a Trump victory, and he got my vote, but I am not willing to bet on it.

    2. Hillary doesn’t have any popular support. George Soros is on tape saying Trump will win the popular vote, but “we’ve got the electoral college votes for Hillary”, i.e the election is rigged. Add to that Homeland Security have officials at every voting station, along with the ability to alter the digital votes, it is just stacked against Trump, but not from the people. But we need to keep our heads up and network, get trained and get ready for war, as war is coming. Hillary said 2 years ago “We will have adult fun camps”, and we know what that means. We need a massive massive push in propaganda to get people awake – or just given the information, as there are still tens of millions of whites that do not understand what is really happening in this race war against us by the kikejewparasite.

    3. Huff Po sending out more Demoralizing Agents now that the Left lost last night. Interesting.

    4. They would still vote her if she removed her skin and showed her true lizard appearance. They would also vote for her if they put on special sunglasses and saw her true appearance.

    5. It’s not about a popular vote either. Hillary might win, and she’s still favored, but a lot could happen in 4 swing states for the electoral college to give Trump a narrow victory. So it’s all relative. I’m not wasting my time voting on election day because I reside in California. I will be paying attention to Pennsylvania, Florida, and Nevada though.

  18. Awesome debate, amazing article. Globalist channel CNN any many more have fake polls where Hillary won the debate. I about soiled myself when I saw that. I expected nothing else really though. This election will be a landslide in Trumps favor.

    1. Clinton backers have been hacking the online polls. They gave the Drudge poll about 200,000 Hillary votes at some point during the night.

  19. It’s crazy that women in this country have to choose between someone who so clearly supports rape, and rapists, who will do nothing to help women in this country, who has a history of using them to promote their own political agenda, and Donald Trump.
    Make America great again.

    1. a woman I know was complaining he was using his height to intimidate her. What is he supposed to do? Stand farther from the camera in order to make her look taller?

      1. They did that with the split-screen cameras in the first debate, made it seem as if the two of them were equal height. #RIGGED

        1. take your tinfoil hat off for a second. they’re equal height on a split screen for visual symmetry.
          any 1-camera shot you saw of them clearly showed Trump was taller.

        2. I can’t tell if you’re reading my whole comment or not, so I’ll repeat it but with the end of the comment first:
          All single camera shots (the hard, non-moving central cameras that capture the main show) showed that Trump is clearly taller than Hilary, because he is.
          All split-screen shots showed their heads at equal levels, due to visual symmetry. Visually, to have a hard line down the middle of your screen and then an imaginary “crooked” head line is visually jarring. it would be the same as if a split screen showed a bust shot (waist-up) next to someone with a full-body showing. Visually jarring.

        3. Re: single camera shots, DUH? condescension detected, or perhaps you’ve just got an extremely strong grasp of the obvious.
          Re: split screen shots, they zoomed Hillary in so her head was not only level with but bigger than Trump’s head, + you add MicrophoneGate, and theyre clearly trying to pump her up and make Trump recede. The proper thing to have done would have been level the bottom of the frame at some equal point on their podiums, probably the top, then line up the constitution script text in the background on the same line, and set the top of the frame slightly above the taller candidate’s head and use that frame for both candidates.
          It’s fucking rigged in Hillary’s favor, end of story.

        4. I promise you sound just as emotional as a far left Hilary supporter. Different sides of the same coin.
          Horseshoe theory, confirmed.

        5. In the first debate the HRC camp wanted a special podium to to make them appear the same height. They were denied and granted some other things to the same end instead.

        6. Understood. But in a 2-camera/split screen setup, you wouldn’t base your camera position from a variable like different podium or stand heights. The one common position for the vast majority of humans is the distance from their head-shoulders-waist. You’d base your camera off the tops of each person’s head for visual symmetry.
          What my man is talking about up there, with Clinton’s head being zoomed in on the split screen, is tin foil cone hat thinking.

  20. Trump has already achieved something on the level of greatness – He spoke plainly on the highest panel of political correctness and doublethink.
    No matter what happens from here on out, this debate will forever be in the records for showing that there is a will and spirit of the people that is wholly misrepresented by the media.
    If we are the deplorables (all those millions of us), then what does that make the rest of you spineless fucks?

  21. After THAT debate – Trump is obviously a rapist.
    I’m just a bit mad that I didn’t see the debate live this time because I had to work while I stayed up for the first debate which was borderline boring.

  22. The way the Neocons quickly turned on Trump over the tape was very telling. They’re not even hiding the fact that they wanted Hillary elected all along anymore.

      1. That’s so fucking lame, compared to BC. It’s so lame that the media (and their backers) decides this is the big isssue. I’m glad DT kept talking about the bigger issues.

  23. Trump is still done. It’s unfortunate, but it’s time to start planning for a grim future under a feminazi cunt.

        1. You can only make a better odds scenario when you understand the framework of the action being bet upon. This entire cycle is a “new thing”, nobody can reasonably calculate odds on it.

        2. You game no idea about gambling do you?
          The odds are created from the betting pool preference. If more betters like heads over tails vegas will move the line so they make money no matter what. Odds are financial not statistical

        3. That goes without saying. I’m citing lines because it shows people with money on the line tend to have a more accurate outlook than some moron on TV and the money is heavily shifting towards Hillary.

        4. Nah. Most bettors are morons. That’s how vegas stays in business. Also those TV mouths are mostly propagandist trying to change people minds with prognostications.

    1. it’s over globalist. The noontime for your kind has arrived and is now sunsetting. Trump wins 292 to her 216.

  24. The Donald once said that he “never asked God’s forgiveness” for anything. That’s all you need to know about that guy. He’s the consummate Alpha. Confident. Talented. Strong. He’s really inspired me to strive to be a better man.

  25. It almost worries me that the establishment is getting more and more desperate.
    What will they come up with if shaming Trump dosen`t work.?
    “White-nationalist terrorism” has crossed my mind.
    I`m sure they could find some chump who would do it,
    just like with Jo Cox ahead of Brexit, only on a larger scale.

    1. Their bag of tricks is getting pretty well worn. The problem is coming up with something convincing that doesn’t cause them more trouble.

  26. I really liked Trump much better on this debate. Let’s cross fingers that the demographics still allows him to win.

  27. Here’s my take:
    1.) First of all, why hasn’t anyone brought up the claim made by Bill Clinton back in the 1992 campaign that if they vote for him, HIllary would be running the country as well? He made the comment that ( paraphrasing him ) you get two for the price of one.
    If that is the case, can we hold all of the successess and failures of the Clinton admin. to her and evaluate her in regard to past events? In particular why have we not removed our forces from the area of the former nation of Yugoslavia?
    2.) Trump should have held up a copy of the cdrom of 2 Live Crew with their tituar hit “Me so horny” and ask why isn’t the whole rap music industry held to the standard he is being judged to?
    3.) At some point in the debate, he should have asked Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick and Ms. Shelton and asked them to identify Bill and Hillary Clinton and ask them to elaborate on what they did to them. Specifically, he should have conducted a pseudo-trial questioning and asked questions that a prosecuting attorney would ask to establish guilt in a courtroom procedure.
    4.) Trump needs to consult with one or more immigration attorneys and learn something about immigration law. He needs to understand the concept of Admissibility and how the government processes anyone immigrating to the country. He must go and talk to the Border Patrolmens Union and find out what is going on with the border and everything else there. Then begin bringing that up at every appearance and debate from now until the election.
    Just my two cents.

  28. I felt like the debate hall suddenly became a courtroom. Trump was laying onto Hillary and she was panicking and losing composure.

  29. Trump trounced her on this and bounced back from his first loss. Even liberals shouldn’t deny his resilience. It’s just like how he went bankrupt, dusted himself and got back up to get it back.
    Her private and public position is the absolute horse shit ever, since she’s the one with the most to hide of course she would try and issue this idea as a step of righteousness, that the end justifies the means crap because then anything she tries to accuse of Trump he should be pardoned for those being his “private position” isn’t it? Of course Hillary just wanted to throw the chess board off the table at this point to remove all the pieces in position when she knows she’s losing
    Flies knew where the shit was coming from, it was Hillary. Anyone thought Martha looked like a corpse? I wonder what Hillary would look like under that make up and plastic surgery, the flies can see the “dead rotting lies” underneath her plastic exterior.
    Fake outside, dead on the inside.

  30. Every time the crowd started clapping for Trump, Cooper tell them to shut up. But when they cheered for Hillary he said nothing.

  31. Seems kind of strange that Anderson Cooper, a guy who has repeatedly taken it up the ass from dudes or buttfucked other dudes, is the moral arbiter over Trump, due to a few words about women from a casual throwaway conversation he had 10 years ago. But I guess that’s what political correctness is all about.

    1. you have to remember ; he is given orders. Big checks are written by Hillary .. when your writing 50-500 million dollar checks- you take it up the ass as a reporter. All leftist media and the major networks are so biased at the point; if hillary wins- I may never watch anything on these networks again as long as I am alive.

      1. You’re still watching those networks? Just turn off the boob-tube and walk away. That will be your red-pill. It worked for me – that and video games.

        1. I watched the debate on the Alex Jones Youtube channel. I refuse to contribute viewership ratings to the corrupt MSM.

        2. Aaaahhhhhh, a fellow believer! Thank you for turning away from the networks and their bias. Maybe when they run out of sponsors they will – no wait, let them crash and burn! Then I will L.O.L. for the rest of my life.

  32. Don’t worry about the polls, they’re all bullshit anyway. I saw this in the comment section of Heartiste today and thought it was worthy of a share.
    I attempted to trace the source all the way back but best I could find was this article:
    74% likelihood of Britain remaing in the EU. haw haw we all know how that turned out.
    MAGA 2016

  33. Honestly Donald Trump trotting out women he paid, to push false rape accusations against Bill Clinton was a low-point in American history. I commented on the other article about this phenomenon, it’s a very beta move. It is incredibly harmful to men’s rights I think, and I think the author and many commenters are so blinded by Hillary derangement they are missing this. Trump needs to man up and stop trying to change the subject, own his shit.

  34. Trump wont make it to Oval Office, but has put enough holes in the Hillary ship to really set the stage for future events. It’s going to get crazy.

  35. That walk Trump took on camera behind Clinton as she was talking and looking over her shoulder at her was total Alpha predatory. Throughout the debates it was sharp eye focus, back straight, chin slightly up, like a wolf going in for the kill. He knew he bagged her and was in charge. After the first hour Clinton’s voice began to crack, eyes were rimmed red, wrinkled forehead. She knew she was floundering. It was probably the first time anyone in decades put her in her place to face the music and let her know what they thought of her, her husband and their crimes.

  36. Do you guys think Trump’s finished in this election, now that even his own party has abandoned him?
    I’m asking that seriously, not as any attempt at trolling.

  37. Pathetic attempt at still trying to portray him as a “winner”. He is currently throwing a hissy fit on twitter, like a the red-pill alpha man that he is.
    You all are such faggots.

  38. Donald was trying to score more voters telling Hillary of her wrongdoings and jail but that was a mistake bringing that out. Hillary and her sponsors will cover her ass like there’s no tomorrow now. Jail her after you become prez and make sure you’ve laid out a plan and trap beforehand before speaking about it.

  39. Highlighting what Trump said about grabbing pussy is such a poor move because that can move to Bill Clinton’s actual physical sexual assaults which is worlds apart from a person just saying he would grab pussy

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