Second Presidential Debate Between Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump (OPEN THREAD)

I created this page for those who want to leave comments during the debate or in the immediate aftermath. You can also discuss it on this RVF thread.

The debate will start at 9PM EST. For those of you who don’t live in the United States, you may be able to find a live stream on this site. Things have already gotten dramatic with Trump appearing in a pre-debate press conference with four women who have accused Bill Clinton of rape.

“Mr. Trump may have said some bad words, but Bill Clinton raped me and Hillary Clinton threatened me. I don’t think there’s anything worse,” Broaddrick said.

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343 thoughts on “Second Presidential Debate Between Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump (OPEN THREAD)”

  1. Sneak Press Conference by Trump with 4 rape victims one hour before the debate! SHOTS FIRED RIGHT INTO SHITLARY’S CRUSTY PUSSY!!!!

  2. Question for Hilary: “Hilary, What is your favorite color?”
    Question for Trump: Trump, with rising tensions in Syria why do you hate women and how will you stop rape while simultaneously reducing the national debt to zero?”
    These moderators..

    1. when your writing checks to NBC etc for $500 million or more; you get the home calls so to speak. Trump isn’t buying ads thats why this isn’t even going to be remotely fair.

    2. “It’s 3 on 1.”
      Now he’s calling out the media!! This is great. I haven’t had an erection this hard since I discovered r/realgirls.

      1. I loved how he turned around right after he said that- as if saying, “fuck you guys, you’re all disgusting”.

      2. actually i think that was a bad idea. it made him come off as a whiner. still i think he won this round though

  3. i’m gonna have to put a towel or something over half the screen so i wont have to see Hillary’s stupid sh!t eating grin.

  4. I have been banned from WP, NBC and CNN.. you think I will make it here? Lol. I heard trump did an interview with the 4 woman bill attacked and the gal that hillary got off in the 1970’s. this should get entertaining. I don’t plan on watching as hillary is just a pure disgusting liar. Wikileaks has shown that their isn’t anything coming out of her mouth as even remotely trustworthy.

    1. He needs to nail her with the rape stuff during the entire debate without letting go. News will HAVE to talk about it if he does that.

      1. he needs to go after them both; full throttle. Gloves are off. Honestly, at this point- if Hillary wins; I hope there are riots in these liberal towns every week. This hyena is not to be trusted.

        1. Same. If Shitlary wins, the country needs to get off its ass and riot. I keep hearing that even tons of people in the army are for Trump. If those people AND the populace riot all at once, boom, coup and you’re done.

      2. I hope he convinced the four victims to get their revenge by chanting “The Clintons are rapists!” in front of a live national audience, knowing that they could not be squelched any longer by the Clinton machine.

    2. I heard trump did an interview with the 4 woman bill attacked and the gal that hillary got off in the 1970’s.

      He did but I doubt that you’ll hear about it on the news. Share it on social media; If it goes viral, they’ll have to report it:

      1. I’, glad Paul Jones told the shitbird reporters to “go ask Bill Clinton and Hillary that”…

  5. God bless and keep Donald Trump for giving a fair hearing to four women who assuredly did not invent or imagine the outrages against them, and are risking their lives by coming forward now.
    (I believe women who accuse men of rape when the women have nothing to gain from lying and everything to lose. That’s rarely the case unless the alleged rapist is wealthy and powerful enough to have her murdered or disappeared at the drop of a hat.)
    There are very few genuinely brave women out there, willing to put their country ahead of their narrow self-interest. No surprise that they stand with Donald Trump.
    I hope President Trump is gracious enough to invite them as well to Hillary’s execution.

  6. Trump needs to go full hog against Klinton and make it about issues instead of manufactured controversy. His line of the night needs to be “we are here to talk about issues important to the American people not some manufactured controversy based upon something that was said 11 years ago”.

    1. She paid NBC to bring this up; and now its wide open conflict. he needs to parade every gal bill ever talked to that has a grudge in front of those knucklehead liberals.
      I would also say – there are no issues; hillary is promising free everything and only tax that “evil” 1 % . Libs are schmucks and believe this. She sold out to the banks long ago and these chumps will vote for this insidious woman.

      1. I agree with you to a point. I just think strategy wise making her look like a one complaint witch who is pussy hurt because Trump didn’t grab hers is not the best decision. He needs to frame shift this debate. Agree and amplify isn’t going to work.

  7. So him saying that women let him kiss them and grab their pussies are now considered non-consensual sexual interactions?

    1. I think fat ugly lesbian liberals are just jealous Trump didn’t make out with them and bang the shit out of them.

  8. Of course anderson 10,000 dead from Katrina cooper first question is to accuse Trump of sexual assault.

  9. Funny how Trump saying things most guy have about women they’ve hit on, surfaces, props SJW undertone to the forefront, and stands as one of the Leftoid prime topics. Clinton just said;”He’s raped women on their appearance?” This bitch just redefined rape, just like Yes Means Yes, and all the other bullshit laws she’ll have her Supreme Court Justices pass.
    Let exactly what Clinton says tonight, be a definite foreshadow of what she’ll do in office.

    1. Pretty sure she said “rated” as in giving them 1-10. He does that on twitter sometimes.

    Go to
    I guess the accusation of of lying or not having the liberal viewpoint of facts is enough to gain voters for Shillary.

  11. “Yeah, because you’d be in jail.”
    HAAAAAAAAHAHAHHA, EPIC!!! This is the Trump I wanted to see!!!

    1. Best motherphucken line I’ve ever heard in a political debate.
      Thats how a man handles his business.

      1. And the show has just begun. OMG I can’t remove the smile from my face. This is gonna be GREAT tonight.

  12. Damn just look at her face she sold her soul a long time ago. There is nothing there.

    1. They hit below the belt with that desperation tape leak. Now he’s going to make them pay.

      1. Yeah they did hit below the belt, can’t believe the debate was started on that topic too. They must be desperate.

        1. What I can’t believe is that I read an article claiming the questions were leaked, and the first question was going to be about the pussy grabbing quote. Then they started the debate, and claimed it was completely unbiased and no one knew the questions ahead of time. Then the first question turned out to be about the pussy talk. Never seen such media bias.

        2. I just searched through my history and can’t find it. I can’t ever find stuff in my history, maybe the NSA is deleting all my interesting site visits.
          Anyway, I found this via google search:

          This is some really Orwellian level shit. I clearly heard them say minutes before the debate started that no one knew the questions ahead of time, and here is CNN itself (CNN Money for some reason!) publishing an article in advance about the first question that one of its own reporters will be asking at the debate!?! The fuck!
          I’d screenshot it if you want to preserve the story.

        3. Yep, the media has gotten pretty blatant about it the last few years, yet the sheep still gobble it up.

    2. This is more entertaining than watching a movie. Hahahaha, this is what I wanted 2 weeks ago.
      Worth the wait 100%

    3. Even so, I’m tuning out. I just can’t stand watching that shill of a money grubbing NWO whore in her Mao pantsuit spew her nonsense any longer. It’s time to watch Bourne Identity for the 15th time.

      1. Side note: Did Bourne Identity, which wasn’t directed by Greengrass, have the spastic editing, quick cuts and “shaky cam” that the Greengrass-directed sequels were known for?

    4. My favorite part was when Hitlery utterly destroyed herself by saying
      “when they go low, i go high” …then promptly proceeded to go lower than a bilge rat. No swing voter missed that.

  13. Basically it comes down to what Trump said about sluts 11 years ago vs. What state secrets Hillary sold to the highest bidder

    1. Oh GOD no, he keeps talking over people who try to interupt him. Threw MANY epic hillarious lines at her. This is AMAZING.
      Just now- “Anderson, excuse me”, And he just keeps talking. A FUCKING MAZING.

        1. Wish that Trump would have told Anderson Poofter and the scarecrow to shut the fuck up a time or two!

    2. No he’s being more aggressive. He said he’s going to have a special prosecuter investigate hillary when he wins

  14. All of the cucks on my facebook wall are melting. I, on the other hand am enjoying every moment of this.
    I haven’t seen an “opposition” candidate go the attack like this, ever I think.

  15. The fat lesbian Muslim asked how Donald is people will stop looking at her as a threat. The way she looks is a threat every time I have to look at her I feel like throwing up.

  16. Of course we are at a war with Islam. That is patently obvious to anyone who hasn’t drank the kool-aid.

  17. Started out good now getting a little boring with all the Pc feel good, we are going to have a utopia bs

  18. It really is three against one. The moderators are exceptionally hostile toward Trump, and they’re making no effort to hide it.

    1. Yet he’s doing so, so SO much better than last time. So much more assertive and doesn’t let the moderators walk all over him.

  19. Its the Russians fault you know about my emails that I lost how dare they.

  20. Trump should just say your calls for me to release my tax returns resulted in the illegal theft of private information. So who is encouraging lawlessness?

    1. The way he just replied about Abraham Lincoln…
      This is too good, I feel like crying tears of manly happiness

        1. So many good parts.
          I loved when he said -YOU CAN LOOK AT ME- right in the middle of the sentence. The guy was probably looking down or looking at Hillary while Trump was answering his question.
          Trump has masterful body language here. And he does not let anyone interrupt him. This is wonderful.

        2. I guess. But the way he walks around, he just dominates the stage. At least, I feel that way watching him. I love the way he stands in the background while she’s speaking

  21. Cooper: “Trump I’m going to let you respond to that, but first How dare you make deductions on your taxes.”

    1. This tax debate is so ridiculous. I’m a CPA and everyone takes their goddamn deductions, net operating losses, the kitchen sink, whatever it takes to not pay into the system. Within the law of course

      1. lol. No one in their right mind would not take all the deductions you can get. Its given to govt who is 20 trillion in the hole that waste money faster than it can be brought in mostly on shit that no one wants like wars in the third world countries.

      2. Spot on. I had to actually walk back my CPA because he was too aggressive. The prior year I spend 6 months dealing with the IRS explaining all the deductions. Frankly that’s what I pay a CPA for.

      3. Same here. I’m a CPA and only a fucking moron does not take all deductions that are allowed. These asshole leftists pretend they don’t claim losses and deductions on their tax returns.

    2. If anything would make you unqualified for the presidency it would be paying too much in taxes when it is completely legal to tax a deduction.

    1. Trump should have put the kibosh (cie’ ba’s) on that ASAFP. He was not there to debate the mods, and should have shut that scarecrow the fuck up tout-suite.

  22. “You know, it’s funny, she went one minute over, and you didn’t stop her. I go one second over, you stop me. Very interesting.”

    1. Sitting in a chair like that for that length of time was the hardest workout hes had in decades

      1. He was sweating profusely. I’m honestly concerned for his health, but that’s fat shaming.

    2. Yeah, his second chin looked like a vestigial twin, a’la Quato from Total Recall. Guy was tall, too, well over 6’6″.

  23. You don’t have a place in America, period, if you are here against the laws of the land.

  24. Oh, BULLYING and FEELZ now. I wanna see what Trump says.
    Hopefully something about her bullying of rape victims.
    Trump bullies assholes like you. You bully victims in a sneaky cowardly way then pretend like you’re acting nice.

  25. America’s most pressing issues are what tweets Donald Trump sent about a beauty contestant.

        1. As if tweeting at 3AM was a sign that he lacks discipline- give me a break. He is shining a spotlight of ridicule over all these non-controversies that kept emerging for the past month.

  26. Was just thinking how much of these issues are a bit like trying to look into the future.
    Hillary talks about some boy pulled out of rubble, full of blood or whatever. She says we need to get these people to the US to help them. Yeah? You think that’s good reasoning? Why do you want to bring people with serious trauma into the US? Will they grow from their pain into strong Americans? Maybe. Or will they eat that pain into themselves and harbor hatred towards humanity and one day become a shooter that nobody saw coming because nobody could see inside him? Maybe. Who the fuck knows.

    1. Regarding Syria, Trump took waaaaaay too long on that topic. He should have said: “It’s [situation in Syria] a civil war, not our goddamn problem…Next!”

  27. Hillary: “I want to appoint supreme court justices who understand the real world, with the exception of emails and classified material”

  28. Ive been skeptical of trump the last month of so, but he’s tearing this bitch apart. The fact he says he is going to prosecute Killary – reason alone to vote for him.

  29. Trump’s making her look like a fool. “There’s hatred in her heart.” The look on her face when he said that – you could actually see the hatred in her heart. She was probably lining him up to be Body County Victim No. 142 in her mind, right after he said that…

    1. Bob, I tried to do a little spiritual warfare by connecting with Hillary and feeding her some pain. Join me in the dark side, mwahahahaha.

      1. I tried too, but it smelled too bad in there. Flies actually started landing on her face, did you see that?

    2. “You’d be in Jail”
      -The knockout punch of the night. Killary never recovered. Hopefully, Trump keeps on the offensive. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

    3. Then she put away the dart realizing the show was live. Better to wait for a pre recorded one.

  30. Now the event playing out before us is a main driver of the Hegelian dialectic via the media

  31. Everyone, notice how she hardly smiles anymore, and when she does it’s a tiny super-forced fake smile. At the beginning, she was very smily, now she looks angry as FUCK. LOL

    1. He tone and facial expessions have really changed compared to the beginning of the debate. He is a cat toying with a mouse. If you look at her in the background sometimes, you can tell she’s angry.

  32. Oh, BOOM. What a good and unexpected question just now. (name one thing that you respect about each other). Her answer: “I respect his children”. YEAH RIGHT

    1. It wasn’t even a real compliment. Sad fact is that Ivanka is a Democrat. All Hilary was doing was saying “I like other Democrats”. Hardly complimentary.

  33. Who gives one fuck about any party’s comprehensive policy on anything? Do you think all the dumb fucks that live in this country, averaging around an 80 IQ can understand the international pricing of oil? Of course not. All they understand is 1) do I have a job and 2) do I make enough money at that job to pay my family’s expenses. That is it. That is all.

    1. That’s why politics is so much about feelings. Most people don’t have insight in most issues. How could they? There are so many variables. I will readily admit that I’m emotional about this. He’s a man. He’s for values that I like. Does that mean I / he am right right about everything. Probably not. There are a thousand questions in my head I don’t think I’ll ever have answers to.

      1. I have an analytical mind so I can break down policy, but many don’t. Literally I met a guy who was probably of average intelligence that said he votes on who would protect animals the most (like that is even a federal issue). The deep down problem with our governmental system is it was contrived by highly intelligent men who wrote it for several microcultures that were meant to be separate to most extents. The average intelligence of you colonist was also extremely high. A dummy just stayed in the old country. It was only those who wanted something better that would risk everything to make the journey. Now we are packed with dindus and other trash immigrants. We are supposed to have one monolithic culture when that was never the intent of the federal system. It’s amazing that there is still gas in the tank after 225+ years. I just don’t think it can keep on going much longer.

        1. I wouldn’t say I’m dumb, but I think that while you can analyze policies with the rational mind, it is very hard to predict outcomes. Whenever we try to do this, we look into the past to justify measures in the now, while blissfully unaware of thousands of factors that possibly played into the result in the past. Scatter diagrams are a good example of this. A lot of ‘science’ is just mysticism frankly. There is only so much we can know for sure I think.

        2. I agree with you in the sense that the federal government as it exists today was never meant to exist. The intention of the founders was a relatively weak central government and the states largely took care of their own people. That doesn’t happen any more. The only way the country is going to stay together is if we return to that system.

        3. I didn’t say you are dumb. Just you are a rationale actor. If emotion is the juice that runs you then so be it. Nothing wrong with that.
          And yes most “science” is just our best guess. We actually have no idea how the universe started, how old it is, how nature works, where oil actually comes from, and many many other questions. By definition a “hypothesis” is a best guess based upon the evidence you have at the time you make it. Don’t get me wrong the evidence we have available is getting better over the years, but still not enough where we can make any real conclusions. Heck, some scientists actually think we live in a computer simulation (and I agree with some of their conclusions…would explain why random unexplained shit just happens).

        4. I didn’t want to insinuate you were calling me dumb. I was just making an observation about myself.
          Yup. I agree with most of what you write.

    2. Think about how stupid the average person is, then think how about half are more stupid than that.

    3. Only in majority black countries do you see an average IQ that low. Learn some research skills, kiddo.

  34. It was handed to clinton on a silver platter by the MSM to win tonights debate, but Trump owned this debate and is the clear winner. He’s even made the “lewd comments” attack by the MSM irrelevant after tonight.

  35. No matter how often Hillary is tossed a softball question, she always shows what she is – a heartless, insincere, venomous, self-serving attack dog, with a grating, completely obnoxious tone of voice.

        1. The long trail of bodies behind her suggests otherwise.

      1. He missed a good oportunity to bring up her health though.
        “She doesn’t quit, she’s a fighter- DESPITE HER TREMENDOUS HEALTH PROBLEMS”.
        It was the last question, too. Imagine if he had closed the debate like that.

      1. Even Faux (fox) has gotten megyn kelly attacking trump. Rinos. The media cant admit Trump won no contest.

        1. Megyn kelly just tried to bring it back again in the after debate commentary. Man she is a bitch.

    1. My thoughts also, he looked much better and more assertive this time.

      1. I think we can objectively say he won this one. He was clearly on the offensive tonight in comparison to the last debate.

        1. Yep instead of the new improved apologizing Trump we got the old “fuck you” Trump back lol

    1. Absolutely epic lines by Trump. It’s gonna be very hard for anybody to spin this as a loss for Trump.

      1. They try hard, tho. At the end, the commentators said ‘Trump seemed to suggest this is rigged against him’, while they keep blathering about how this was a win for Hil.

        1. I’m sure people won’t be stupid enough to fall for that though. This was a massacre. Did he lower the expectations on purpose last time to make this one hit harder? Anyway, great job Trump.

        2. Don’t underestimate how easily people can be swayed tho. Maybe they did feel he was winning. But then they heard ‘the consensus of experts’ and started doubting themselves and gone was that impression. I’m sure this is true for some.

        3. yeah i have to agree….the anaylsis by experts afterwards is the big part.
          Trump has Hannity….and a few random bloggers….Clinton has nearly everyone including half of fox news.
          Hannity is trying his best….but fucking hell, He’s not a miracle worker.

    2. To use an old saying, ” he stomped a mud hole in her ass then walked it dry”.

  36. MSM is trying to paint this as an ugly debate, but I have a feeling the silent majority disagrees. This was a thing of beauty, and it was essential for Trump to win this debate in order to create a resurgence of faith in his campaign. He accomplished that. Now pussy gate is a thing of the past, and Hillary is about to take her shots and try not to die.

  37. Man. Trump dropped bombs on “the champion of women” by bringing up bills rape accusers and clinton defending the rapist of a 12 yr old girl and laughing about it. “Champion of women”…not. ..

  38. Hillary could fart like a rocket launcher, throw up bloody vomit, and then faint dead away, and the MSM would say she won the debate. The whole world is seeing that now.

      1. Her husband is a dirt bag. He so awful even Bill can’t stand him. The two probably can’t be in the same room together.

      2. Pretty sure he was sitting right next to her. I don’t know because I don’t care about who celebrities or politicians are married to, but she was with some guy around her age.

    1. I haven’t heard any rumors that Chelsea has sexual relationships with Muslim chicks like her mom.

  39. We needed this. A lot of us were getting demoralized by the relentless attacks and this debate shows that Trump clearly has what it takes to go all the way. I’m on this train and not getting off.
    Let’s enjoy the next 48 hour victory lap, because a new wave of attacks will come before you know it. We’ll have to start moving our focus into getting out the vote to people we know (friends, family), and that includes last-minute voter registration. Don’t be discouraged if things seem hopeless within the next 30 days, because it’s not hopeless until that vote count is finished on November 8. Our brothers in Britain showed that with the Brexit vote. Stay the course and focus on converting high energy into high votes.

    1. My biggest worry is the fake pedo accusations that are supposedly coming tomorrow.
      I think Trump did great with the sneak conference right before the debate though. Now, if they try it on him, it’ll look like they’re just copying him. Plus, they don’t have any victims to show off (because they’re fake), as opposed to Trump, who had 4 women present.
      So their accusations will already looks less convincing right off the bat.
      I hope Trump is already prepared with an iron-clad team of lawyers.

      1. That may be a preemptive move. No guy like Trump who is surrounded by beautiful women and tries to bang all of them isn’t going to have some scorned lovers. It’s coming be ready.

      2. I think I heard about some Jerry Springer producer was behind some 13 year old accusing him of crazy shit about 2 or three months ago.

      1. i was praying for him the whole debate….because good fucking hell, we cannot take clinton winning.

    2. Unless the Marxists steal the election like they did in Brazil using the SMARTMATIC voting fraud software.

    3. to me it just seems like more “change you can believe in” that’s not a change at all…. brexit was planned to sow discord in the EU… Trump at best is going to be a ruse like that….. the bankers don’t care, they already have it in the bag.

    1. The fly would make a better president than either of these assclowns

  40. R1- hillary
    R2 – trump
    he fuckin smashed her tonight. loved it!! the ‘youd be in jail’ and abe lincoln comebacks were hilarious

    1. The “grab her by the pussy” line was clearly an exageration for comedic purpose. Reminds me of Roosh’s entire ordeal last year, when they threw a fit over his satirical article.

  41. That fly was there because it is attracted to the rot of death, such as is the case with Hillary’s gumline.

  42. I’m betting the third debate will see Trump’s game lowered, and Hillary’s raised – a dead heat. For maximum drama. Expected line from Trump in final debate: “Hillary, you talked about my importation of Chinese steel for my buildings during the last debate…did you import foreign carpet for you office as Secretary of State, and if so, how much did you enjoy munching it?”

  43. I suspect that over the coming week she won’t be talking about his comments from 05 any more😆

  44. Expected line from Trump during final debate: “Hillary, you talked about my importation of Chinese steel for my buildings during the last debate…did you import foreign carpet for your office as Secretary of State, and if so, how much did you enjoy munching it?”

      1. Did Huma use your Blackberry to arrange for the importation of that carpet you two munched…

    1. That would have been EPIC!
      I would also have liked, as his final line when he had to praise an aspect of her:
      “I respect that she’s a fighter, and doesn’t quit- DESPITE HER TREMENDOUS HEALTH PROBLEMS”.

        1. Maybe, I don’t know. But I would’ve laughed my ass off because it would have been an amazing troll move and one final slap as the last word.

  45. “This isn’t the man you want making policy folks”
    “…because you’d be in prison”
    lol fucking lost it at that.

    1. I think it was the first punch to the gut. Seems like it’s already the favorite line for everyone 😀

  46. So we have the Hillary pneumonia episode, the Trump “pussy-grabbing” faux pas, and what will we have before the final debate…that is the question.

      1. Ah. But who “knows” anything…I borrowed a page from your book there. Seriously, who does.

        1. Speaking of which, I like dating women with multiple personalities…it’s like banging a different girl, every time you fuck them.

    1. Apparently fake pedo accusations are coming tomorrow. Trump better lawyer the fuck up.

      1. “By the pricks and media bums…something wicked this way comes.” – William “Shakes Spear”

        1. I’ve hated shakespeare my entire life thanks to teachers that made me read or listen to outloud romeo and juilet at least 1000 times
          dont know how “bob smith” of all generic ass names, found me a quote from shakespeare that i actually like.
          now where’s the exist from this twilight zone?

        1. If any accusations come, he will surely make videos to defend himself, and he can point out that he did a conference before the debate with some real rape victims.
          You know, now that I think about it… with all the Clinton rape stuff, maybe they won’t dare bring up the subject. Seems like it would be easy for Trump to turn the tables on them if they tried their luck. After all, he has real dirt on them- they don’t.
          Anyways, it’s been fun, hope to see you guys at the next debate. Well, actually, I hope Hillary drops dead before then and there will be no debate. But, you know what I mean.

      2. Trump a pedo? He’s like 70, and surrounded by beautiful women. That doesn’t even seem plausible in any way. He could (and likely has) had several beauty pageant girls. Don’t even give shit like this the dignity of a response.

    2. I’m sure we’ll have lots of fake rape charges against Trump. Or perhaps an assassination attempt. I’m not sure what else they could do to stop him at this point.

  47. Pence tweet: “Congrats to my running mate @realDonaldTrump on a big debate win! Proud to stand with you as we #MAGA.”
    Good to see.

    1. It was an undeniable win and anyone who says otherwise is lying willingly. 2 weeks ago, I could see how people might say he lost. Tonight? No way.

      1. He started out really, really bad at the beginning, and was wandering all over topics. He really turned it around by the end, but I have to credit a lot to the media bias in making it look unfair and him winning.

  48. go on any lib site and they have Hillary winning. I don’t know. ..its hard to beat the militant leftist hate media.

    1. The challenge for Hillary there is it’s getting to the point where the media has gone full propaganda. For a lot of people sitting in the middle, this may very well be sufficient to push them towards Trump.

      1. It’s just Trump’s head superimposed on WWE’s Vince McMahon’s body. He (McMahon) does a great stereotypical bodybuilder duck walk, BTW.

  49. The media is all out against Trump, even Faux (fox) is against Trump. The megyn kelly show is full steam against Trump. The media cant say it, that Trump won hands down….the frank luntz raise of hands has Trump winning on Faux!!!

      1. Hannity is great. I nicknamed him “the pitbull” , he latches on to a topic and doesnt let up. Kinda reminds me of a pitbull latching on to something , and violently shaking it. 🙂

        1. you know its funny….i wasnt always a fan of hannity….my talk radio love from years ago started with glenn beck….then he would slowly become whatever the hell he’s become now not even sure….grew to like rush and michael savage and coast to coast am and dave ramsey….never became a big fan of hannity….and even in 2012, I was willing to toss my vote into a third party candidate.
          but Hannity has earned my respect….he gets it and i get it now too. this isnt the year to go all third party as good as a third party breaking up the system would be. hannity gets that and he wasnt always a trump guy either. i think he was a cruz guy is i remember right.
          i wish these so called republicans, could understand it, understand what hannity has managed to grasp….this is not the year to experiment with third party shenanigans.
          hannity is taking one for the country….every day preaching the pro-trump message. he knows trump ain’t perfect and that trump wasn’t his first choice. but he sees the bigger picture….that is if clinton gets in the republic is dead. the great experiment ends.

        2. it really is.
          the supreme court issue has to be the top issue, if not the top, then the top 3. God help us if Clinton gets to pick up to 4 supreme court justices.

        3. got a link to this latest rant?
          and yeah libertarians especially so, do not seem to understand the supreme court issue will kill us. they are so high on gary johnson like he’s the best thing since sliced bread(yet i guarantee it, if he posed a threat to clinton, we’d be hearing all about his random ass stupid shit from 20 years ago)
          this really isnt the year for third party shenanigans….and i used to be a glenn beck fan too. he’s one the reasons I’m conservative to start with.

        4. watched that….amazing breakdown.
          while i share his anger and frustration and I’m not calling Trump perfect….but like tonight….Megyn Kelly gets up on TV and starts crucifying Trump again because the women he brought out sunday that were rape victims may or may not be lying. when she could instead being nailing Clinton for another 11,000 leaked emails of shady as fuck stuff. or Megan Mccain on the radio tonight….blasting Trump because she can’t handle defending him anymore.
          Paul Ryan who could unify this party isn’t. fucking worthless beta POS hypocrite. I’ve lost all respect for that asshole.
          like come on guys….get behind Trump so there is an America left to even argue about which Clinton will finish the job….the supreme court picks will doom us all beyond any repair that will require a full blown american revolution 2 to fix. he wants to lower taxes, get tough on the middle east, and fix the mexican border….what more do you guys want and reasonably expect to get done?
          beck talks about believing in the idea….well unless beck is meeting with some new founding fathers and they are planning revolution 2….then he’s about to be one of the ones responsible for americas final nail in the coffin.
          like these clowns don’t get it….if Clinton wins….the republic is dead. even if Clinton only picks ONE new supreme court judge.

        5. I know exactly what you are saying, at this point, i’m praying to God every night till election day.

        6. someone forwarded this gem from becks page on face book:
          “October 8 at 2:18pm ·
          Facebook Mentions
          Every person, each of us must decide what is a bridge too far.
          Mike Lee has obviously reached that point, where the moral compromise his party is asking him to make is simply beyond what is acceptable.
          It is not acceptable to ask a moral, dignified man to cast his vote to help elect an immoral man who is absent decency or dignity.
          If the consequence of standing against Trump and for principles is indeed the election of Hillary Clinton, so be it. At least it is a moral, ethical choice.
          If she is elected, the world does not end…. Once elected, Hillary can be fought. Her tactics are blatant and juvenile, and battling her by means of political and procedural maneuvering or through the media , through public marches and online articles, all of that will be moral, worthy of man of principal.
          Her nominees can be blocked, her proposed laws voted down.
          The alternative does not offer a moral person the same opportunity. If one helps to elect an immoral man to the highest office, then one is merely validating his immorality, lewdness, and depravity.
          But it’s OK, at least it is not her! Right??
          Lee’s call for Trump to step down and withdraw from the race is respectful to him and to the process.
          Trump stepping down does not guarantee a Clinton win, but it does guarantee that the Republican party still stands for something, still allows its members to maintain thier own self respect and that it still has a future.”

        7. this was my reply:
          Trump and Clinton are noticably different…Trump is strong on several things(sure he aint perfect but who is)….Clinton will actually factually kill america. Trump isnt going to do that.
          Glenn beck needs to get off whatever high horse he is on, realize there is a bigger picture here. if he loves america so damn much, then vote for trump so there will be an america left to even argue about. with Clinton your so called morals by electing her, will spell the death of you.
          Just think of the possibly 4 supreme court justices Clinton could nominate….that would kill america. that would be the end of the republic.
          Trump offers some hope….lower taxes, a border, and tough on the war. what more do we really need right this second? those are 3 of the biggest issues plaguing us and Trump is promising to tackle them head on and as a bonus imprison Clinton.
          there is a bigger issue….America if it on it’s so called morals, cannot vote for Trump, then they will elect Clinton and she will destroy the country. Please i ask you….get off your moral high horse and give america it’s last glimmer of hope, a chance to survive.
          The moment america falls, world war 3 will begin.
          are we really ready for that? and if we are…who do we want leading the charge? Trump or Clinton?
          “Trump stepping down does not guarantee a Clinton win,”
          The hell is Beck going on about? no one else can win. the third parties don’t have the power or the backing to do it. Beck has sold his soul to the devil. He’s actively trying to elect that witch at this point. That witch who i would not be shocked to know is in regular meetings with Satan himself.

        8. Glenn beck has gone off the deep end completely. Beck fasted and prayed to God for Ted Cruz to win,and God answered with Trump winning the GOP nominee. Beck should have humbled himself to Gods response, but he wont, and he has continued to relentlessy attack Trump.

        9. of course he won’t stop. he’s too deep in. i suspect he’s sold his soul. its the only logical conclusion at this point.
          these clowns simply do not get it. Hannity made a fantastic point today as did his two women guests. they said something like.
          “if Clinton wins she will have unchecked power. Congress won’t stop her like they didn’t stop Obama, she will nominate up to 4 supreme court judges, and having the white house. there has never been an election like this in history”
          “I want to speak to you christians right now getting mad at Trumps sex scandal. Do you really think you’ll be able to defend your God and your faith under a Clinton reign? Look at the middle east where christians are beheaded. This isn’t just about Trump and his sex scandal this is about giving the unborn a choice and a voice that don’t have unless you stop Clinton from getting into the white house. stop acting like kim kardashian and realize there is a bigger issue here than Trumps sex scandal.”
          it was something like that. it was quite a powerful argument.

  50. The final exchange, in the final debate:
    Trump: “Hillary, that was a spirited dick-suction.”
    Hillary: “Thanks for cumming.”

  51. Trump needs to nuke Hillary before she makes the Russians nuke the United States.

  52. Hot damn, he spared no quarter. Any better and she would’ve suffered a stroke or collapsed.

  53. I think we should savor this one. Because eight years from now, we’ll see a tranny debating a lesbian…

  54. Another women said to Megyn kelly on the kelly files show, just now, that Trumps comments about women is basically harmless locker room banter, and reminded kelly , that women do the same thing, to which kelly replied “ive never done such things!” …i guess kelly has forgotten about her howard stern interview where she talked about breasts and penise sizes..

      1. amazing how much better she looks with long hair. until i saw them flashback her and trump….i had forgotten she actually looks decent….but man her shorthair look is fugly.

  55. Trump’s response to pussy-grabbing accusations should have been: “That’s what I identify with. And as all of you liberals have to understand, I was just born this way.”

  56. Trump needs to stay more focused. He looked terrible the first 30 minutes. Ask him a question on Syria and he answers rambling about NAFTA and some girl who had regret sex with Bill Clinton 40 years ago.
    Didn’t handle the pussy grabbing incident well at all. Rambled and changed the subject and tried to talk about something that Hillary’s husband was accused but never found guilty of doing in the past. He should have just said, I didn’t realize the mic was on, it was locker room talk, and I apologize. Now let’s move on to the real questions that a president will face.
    He found his balls half way through and started wearing Hillary down.
    The questions were incredibly stupid and boring, and the moderators did such an awful job they only asked like 5 questions all night.
    I’ve never seen such media bias. Interrupting him when they didn’t like his answers, letting Hillary go way over her time, asking him rude and personal questions and showing a clear bias against him. Ridiculing him when he didn’t answer the question but ignoring when Hillary did the same thing.
    By the end he was running on all cylinders and doing great, but then the debate ended. He needs to get his debate game on from the sound of the bell, not at the end of the match.

    1. Disagree about how you think he handled the lewd comment controversy attacks. Hillary prizes herself as the champion of women, and Trump had to air out her dirty laundry by informing everyone of bills rape accusations, and also the child rapist she defended. She was hitting after Trump for the lewd comments , and attepmting to bring a strong misogyny case against him, so Trump had to bring up bills rape allegations and hillaries defense of a child rapist ( the child was a girl) . Trump had to let her know, “hey, if you wanna go there, then we’ll go there” , and he let her know , very brilliantly.

      1. On some level I understand that ROK readers just want to “win at all costs.” However, I would hope there are some standards of honor and principle that we can follow. There are for me, which is why I refuse to get involved in politics.
        Don’t we say that all public rape allegations are false? Then why are we so eager to hear about some old hags publicly making decades old allegations about Hillary’s husband? The courts are the adjudicator of justice, and they have deemed these allegations meritless.
        Would we give any sort of credence to someone falsely accusing Melania Trump of doing something bad? And would that be relevant to Donald’s presidency anyway?
        Let’s not lose our principles because we want to see Hillary lose so badly.
        And yes, Trump handled the question about pussy grabbing very poorly. His answer was: “This was locker room talk. I’m not proud of it. I apologized to my family.” End of answer. But instead of shutting up he continued “we are in medieval times” (WTF?) and then “I will knock the hell out of ISIS… Hillary helped create ISIS”. We have people pouring in over the borders. I’m going to make American great again and we have to make America wealthy again first.
        None of that has anything to do with the issue, and it allowed Hillary to input her feelings about it. If he just gave a short and sweet answer, she would look like the rambling, distracting fool talking about lewd sex, not him. They went on talking about this for 20 minutes. That’s a lose. I would have shut it down in less than a minute and answered real questions about being president, not whose pussy I want to grab in my free time.
        Also, by not succinctly and directly addressing and shutting this down, it opened the door to Shillary going on about all the other things he should have apologized for, like the Muslim army guy who died, and she even forced Donald to apologize for that live during the debate, which made him look weak.

        1. Again, i have to disagree. Trump had to do what he had to do. He had to hit her where it hurts, and thats bills reputation with women.

        2. Shillary’s approval rating during the Monica Lewinsky affair was 88%. If her husband cheats on her, she’s likely to get sympathy. If that’s the angle Trump’s going for, that’s an awful strategy. What is he implying anyway, that she failed in her wifely duties which led Bill to stray? That’s quite a stretch…

        3. Hillary totes herself as the “champion of women”. Trump challenged her “title” with bills rape accusers and the 12yr old girl, by basically saying, “if you’re the champion of women, then why do you stand by a Man with numerous rape allegations, (one where bill settled $850,000 out of court), and why did you defend, a Rapist of a 12yr old girl?” Trump was simply reminding her of her place. Btw hillary’s involvement in bills rape accusations, has her supposedly threatening bills victims to remain silent, so she is kinda acting like his enabler.

    2. got to agree….Trump was on fire at times but other times he wasnt and I do agree he really fumbled the locker room talk part to some extent….but i do like the fact he hit her hard with the rape accusations….though I would’ve gone with Clinton and her ties to Syria where they actually stone women to death.
      and i think he ended it wrongly….sending her out on a high note.

    3. “He found his balls” Why do idiots not only have to accuse someone of being an idiot, but being a weakling as well? They have to project in the lowest ways possible.
      You’re one of those idiots who will never appreciate a victory.
      Idiots and weaklings who don’t appreciate intelligence and strength will always nitpick, misunderstand, and denigrate.
      No doubt you’ll respond by calling me a Trump nuthugger, or some other clever, choice insult, but the truth is that dopes like you are just a boring fucking drain.
      You don’t get it, you never will.
      So keep slinging frivolous criticisms like some endlessly unsatisfied, whining old woman.
      Leave it to the man to win the White House.
      You can criticize him afterwards (lol).

      1. I won’t say anything to criticize “you” because I know nothing about an anonymous internet poster, and it would be silly to make any sort of ad hominem attack against “you.” not to mention a public forum is not the place for direct personal remarks, and it would completely bore the reading audience.
        I’ll only say, stay tuned until election day, and see if Trump did enough to convert independents to his side. Trump is no weakling, but he is somewhat short sighted and unfocused–he often mentions Bernie Sanders, recognizing on some level that those are votes he really needs, but he doesn’t have a reasoned plan to go after them. This election will be all about the 20% independents and Trump has his work cut out for him to convince them over the next month. I’m hoping for a great performance in the third debate. His gains in the second were Yuge!

  57. Trump and Hillary are eating at a drive-in. The waitress comes over on roller skates, and takes their order. Trump and Hillary give their selections from the menu. About 10 minutes later the waitress comes back with their food. Trump hands her a $20 bill, and the waitress short-changes him, skating off with all the loot. To which Hillary says, “You should have grabbed her by the pussy.” To which Trump replies, “I stole the money out of your purse…take her out, killer.”

    1. The commenters are going ballistic on anyone who doesn’t think Don went down in flames.

  58. Trump beat Hillary like a rented mule. By any objective standard, he won, but Clinton News Network still calls it for Hillary.

  59. For those of you who can’t get enough delicious cuck butthurt…….
    Feast your eyes on the obvious despair over at National Review, where the articles read:
    “On a Bizarre Night, Trump comes Through Okay.”
    “Donald Trump Lives to Lose Another Day.”
    While at the Weekly Standard, they were more direct……..
    “For Conservatives, Second Debate a Disaster.”
    “The Debate’s Biggest Loser was the GOP.”
    When even the cucks can’t come up with something negative to say, you know it’s a good night!

  60. After watching the first debate, and the first part of the 2nd, Im sure Trump is a cucked shoe-in for Hillary, how can you guys not see this? He keeps repeating he “agrees with everything Hillary is saying” like he is her vice-president, and while Hillary goes in for savage low blows from the start, Trump keeps his mouth shut and looks like a bumbling goof broken record next to Hillary’s polished con-artist style. You can see Hillary is using NLP tactics like approaching audience members, smiling, and tonality she has modeled from Bill, while Trump keeps repeating the same things over and over again like he has some kind of dementia.
    My god there has never been a more corrupt or wicked candidate for president than Hillary Clinton, a mass murdering rapist-enabling war monger serial killer, and you can bet Trump isn’t dumb enough to ignore the lengthy list of crimes Hillary has committed, so the only logical reason is that he is putting on a ‘dog and pony’ show and putting up a very pathetic token effort. The path to presidency has never been easier, and all he has to do is lay out the script of Hillary’s most vilest crimes, ( e.g. Hillary getting off that vicious rapist, why the f$## doesn;t he use that to retort against this latest sexual assault bs?) This whole fiasco of a debate left a revolting taste in my mouth, similar to what you would feel if you saw a potential champion boxer play part in a match fixing against a vile and vicious cheat, and put up a token effort before pretending to be knocked out. Its sad that this site and many others are so blinded that you cannot see the obvious, this whole game is totally and completely rigged, and you are the suckers for playing in the two party 419.

    1. I don’t really know if Trump is the joke candidate, or Hillary is. Make no mistake, I really want Trump.

  61. Trump is a smart guy. But lets be fairly objective here: After his fauxpas by telling the truth about the abilities of rich old men to touch lady parts at will – do you really think he can win this election?
    Don’t get me wrong. I am from pussified Germany where Trump is depicted as a bumbling redneck with zero chances of winning around the media.

    1. Quite the same in France. We have leftists like Laurence Haïm of I-Télé, and we have the center-right newspaper named Le Figaro, which the owner – the Dassault family – is selling weapons to islamists of ISIS, Saudi Arabia, Qatar. So, yes, it’s biased. Thanks to taxes on the French people, the banana “French” Republic is paying the MSM to spread propaganda and lies. “French” Republic is not France! We Nationalists are now at war against the totalitarianism of globalism and we must defeat them.

  62. I am amazed that commentors, especially on this site, did not see it for what it was. Trump dominated entirely. I was depressed after the 1st debate as I though Trump was outclassed. But it was no contest this time.
    Total victory Trump. I am surprised even one person on the good ol Roosh site disagrees. I thought even Trump’s beginning was good.

    1. I thought he was going to prep the bull for Clinton when he started. I was immediately proven wrong.

  63. Trump did well. He speaks about things that matter while Hillary continued the typical liberal tactic of defaulting to ad hominem attacks. Leftists bash Trump for what is inconsequential “locker-room” talk while trying to distract us away from Hillary’s actual actions and decisions that have done harm to this nation.
    I think that Trump should just boycott the last debate. He held his own against Hillary *and* both debate “moderators” who were ganging up against him. He made excellent points this evening. From this time forward, there is no more need to reach out to any of those undecided voters. If you are undecided at this point, you are probably too lazy to do your own research (to find your own sources instead of relying on mainstream media to spoon-feed you) or lack good judgement; either of which makes you unfit to participate in the democratic process.

  64. I’m sorry buds but anyone who thinks trump is going to win this election is really in for a big let down. Kneeman’s prediction is that this fat dyke is going to take 400 electoral votes.

      1. Maybe. And I am the least knowledgeable about this stuff. At this point I feel that the electoral map is going to look a lot like 1980 but with the colors reversed.

        1. Important mention, since social change (more than political ideas or even the actors themselves) is the reason for this.
          Americans (and westerners) are not who they used to be. Immigrants and cultural “new minorities” (the 10.000 new genders and the little snowflakes of all sorts) are, indeed, CONQUERING POWER, to the detriment of “white men”, or, better saying, the families and companies they (we) used to lead.
          This is where we need “political conscience” within our lives. Social and political power has been taken from us, using questionable values as a pretext. If our Societies are abundant, “europeans” (men, traditional) built them this way, not other groups and certainly not our historical adversaries (muslims, “deviants”, licentious women, etc.).
          Even if hedonism ends up a pragmatical, mind-soothing lifestyle (and I can easily admit it, I’ve got a good bargain, right now, at least), it’s impossible to deny that we have Hannibal at our gates
          The Brexit’s victory was a rural victory, and perhaps an ephemeral one. Trump, Republicans, the American Right (even beyond Alt-Right) and also, european nationalism… might turn out frustrated last breaths of a declining order. A once functioning, bright order.
          If only Trump was a more enchanting paladin…

        2. Could be. But I doubt it. Trump is an absurd clown and the right will turn out in places that are totally statistically irrelevant.
          Not to put to fine a point on it but 75% of traditional right wing states are totally meaningless wrt national politics.
          Meanwhile, I don’t even think trump will win Texas.
          We will see. Will be fun

        3. I admit I’m sort of treating this like a sideshow. I don’t have to live there during Hillary the Hag’s reign if she makes it. Still, I hope Trump wins even though I’m under no illusions that he’s some kind of second coming or something. 🙂

        4. Agreed. Trump and his campaign have done nothing to attract anything other than the traditional republican voters. The country (speaking only of voters, not the majority that doesn’t vote) is about 40% Republican 40% Democrat and 20% unaffiliated. The party that wins is the party that wins that 20%. Every time.

        5. What you are not taking in to account is the presumptuous nature of the left. Many will not go vote due to the belief that even Republicans are against Trump. (ie headlines “Republican leader convene to replace Trump” “Republicans pulling support for Trump”) In the end the Black voters who know by now that the Dems don’t give a shit about them and the Trump supporters who are truly afraid of a Hillary presidency (more so than the Hillary supporters) will show up. The anti Trump thing is a “me too” phenomenon. The anti Hillary people really have reasons and facts behind what they are about. Itll translate at the polls. If the MSM says its a statistical tie then its really 10% to Trumps favor. The MSM will show a Hillary jump after this Tape shit and the id bet there will sill be a poll or 2 still showing Trump up.. most people showing outrage, male or female, know they have said something similar or worse than what Trump said… we got this Kneeman. the old Kneetuition I think is alil off on this one.

        6. He is actually going hard at black voters and at least in my circles it is showing progress. A lot of Anti Trumpers actually have no one they like in this election and will undoubtedly not show up to vote. Im predicting a low voter turnout. Lowest in the last 20 years.

        7. i hope you are right and i am wrong. I personally don’t like him but at least he isn’t evil on a stick like she is. Either way we will find out soon.

        8. I tend to agree, but I can’t make any predictions. I think the tv ratings for the debates are YUGE, so people are definitely interested and paying attention, even if they don’t like either one of the candidates. If you invest all that time and energy giving hours of your time watching debates and following the stories, maybe you feel like a fool if you don’t follow through and at least vote for SOMEONE.

        9. Are you questioning the populous’ motivation to not look like a fool?.. lol cmon man! People are best at making a fool of themselves in the west. If you could vote on a computer or on your phone maybe, but wait in line to vote?? Many wont and many will lie and say they did, in order to continue arguing about it and talking shit on social media. lol

  65. Trump definitely saved his campaign. However, the corrupt media will continue to play the clip over, and over, and over again until they think it is engrained in our minds that Mr. Media knows best. We need to unite, Republicans, Libertarians, and Conservatives, in order to preserve our religious rights, gun rights, masculinity, and our country. This should not have come to one election, but it has. The corporate elites, the Hollywood elites, and the Political elites are so far out of touch. Their power is in question, and they will use anything they can to defeat the people’s voice: DJT.
    Vote Trump in November!

  66. Looking forward to Trump grinding Clinton into the ground in the third debate. He just needs to keep the topic on all her corruption – a topic the MSM won’t talk about.

  67. Wait a minute, you guys actually think America has free and fair elections?
    You actually think there are two sides and that this is anything more than a punch and judy show for the masses? Seriously? Are you all that retarded?

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