Two Powerful Tactics For Winning The Culture War

This article was originally published on Roosh V.

It’s probably obvious to you that our enemy had a bad 2014. Feminists, SJW’s, and their totalitarian liberal buddies were on the ropes for much of the year and for the first time had to play defense to their delusional and incorrect beliefs. One of the reasons they’ve been successful up to now is that they pretended to be moderate. They simply preached the idea of “equality” and the cessation of violence against women. What monster would be against that?

But now many moderates are finding out that they wanted much more than equality. They have pursued censorship and hate while advocating for the removal of due process for men and their marginalization in order to make them second-class citizens. As they’ve made rapid gains over the past few years, their cry for equality has been rightly outed as a anti-man movement.

Since moderates tend to be reasonable—perhaps foolishingly so—in that they want to hear both sides of the story before making a decision, I believe they can be convinced of our correct views if we pursue the following two tactics:

1. Label the enemy mentally insane

Once a moderate finds out that they are being pressured by someone who has a host of psychiatric disorders, they are less inclined to believe them. This will be easy to do since the enemy has adopted transsexuality as their pet cause.

Let’s be clear that transsexuality is not being biologically born with mutated sex parts from two sexes like a hermaphrodite. A transsexual is someone who was biologically born with one sex but feels they are another. This is a legitimate psychiatric disorder, one of the most severe you can have, because it increases your rate for drug addiction and suicide while leading to irreversible surgical changes to your body that leave you as neither man nor woman.

The American Psychiatric Association, however, has stopped calling it a disorder for the sole reason to “reduce stigma,” a political decision that does not change the fact that transsexuals are grossly ill, exhibiting a behavioral pattern that you simply don’t see in non-humans. The fact that narcissism is labeled a disorder while transsexualism is not should clue you in to how science is no longer being used in the APA.

You can make the argument that some homosexual behavior is found in the wild, especially in primates, but have you ever heard of an animal biting off its penis because it wanted a vagina instead? Yet they are letting transsexuals and those who support them dictate policy that affects sane men while trying to normalize their deranged behavior. You must call it out for what it is.

The video I did on Laci Green, a prominent Youtube feminist who suffered from suicidal ideation and had to be given medication so she wouldn’t end her life, shows that most of these people are mentally sick in some way, with a host of serious personal demons that preclude them from coming up with public policies or mandates when they can’t even take care of themselves without popping pharmaceuticals or mutilating themselves. Take your pick from this list—they likely have more than one conditon:

People with mental disorders should get the treatment and medication they need (at their own expense) instead of trying to change the world into their image by legitimizing and normalizing their frightful psychoses.

2. Show how women are consistent liars who can’t be trusted

We’ve long known that women are essentially overgrown children who are unable to take care of themselves or act in moral and virtuous manner when not properly influenced by a male figure. Even a dog, when let loose from its master, does not begin to go on a rampage of destruction like women do when released from their traditional role.

When left to their own devices, their true nature implores them to pursue base behaviors of narcissism, attention whoring, deceit, backstabbing, cheating, manipulation, status-seeking, golddigging, and violence against men. These qualities prevent her from being a loyal wife, fit mother, or even a barely informed citizen who knows more about geopolitical issues of the day than which celebrity is fucking who.

Give a girl the “empowerment” and “independence” to go to university and she’ll pop out four years later with a million selfies on her smartphone and a notch count of at least 20 while being unable to come up with one good idea to advance civilization in a way that men have been doing for centuries. Without male guidance, a woman becomes useless in her natural motherly role.

This fact is important when dealing with today’s rape hysteria. We must make it clear to moderates that women are liars who have been proven to lie in the past and who will continue to use lies against men for their own personal gain. Once the legitimacy of a woman’s word is undermined, moderates will no longer stand by while their preach their myths of rape culture, patriarchy, and the unequal wage gap. They will be skeptical and treat women as they ought to be treated.

Whenever a woman alleges rape, tell your confused friend the following: “Women have lied in the past about rape, such as with Brian Banks, the Duke Lacrosse team, and also with the recent UVA hoax. Without clear evidence that can be used in a court of law, we must remain skeptical.” Clearly show how women behave in a way to maximize their attention and validation for personal benefit while shaming, disparaging, and denouncing innocent men that have done no wrong. Call out bogus “1 in 4 women have been sexually assaulted” studies whenever you see them by highlighting methodology so flawed that it would offend even a Haitian voodoo priest.

The key word is “skepticism.” Once you get people in the habit of being skeptical of any claim by a woman, their hysterics and rantings will then be ignored except in cases where true harm against them was performed (i.e. real rape, something that has been declining in America for decades).

Red pill ideas against the enemy is spreading rapidly, and you can now commonly see them in the comments section of mainstream publications (the ones that haven’t removed them, anyway). I believe the two tactics above will quicken the pace in getting more people over to our side.

While we should not dilute our message or moderate ourselves to win these people over, we should help spread doubt that those who are trying to influence them are either mentally insane or flat out liars (commonly both). Hammer that into their brains over the next year or two and they will properly disregard the latest rantings and accusations that attempt to further escalate the war against men. While I don’t want to declare that victory may be within sight, I can say we’re inching ever so closer.

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144 thoughts on “Two Powerful Tactics For Winning The Culture War”

    1. Calling out an insane person as insane is not a “label game”, it’s a load of hard truth that many suspect but few are brave enough to say out loud.
      When the king walks around nude, pointing and laughing and declaring that he’s a fraud is serious business, not a game.

        1. Border line personality disorder going beyond mood swings: eating disorder, penis envy complex, daddy issues, queer, etc. Maybe 50% of female population in america now.

  1. Good opener into effective psy-ops, Roosh. Incrementalism is something that takes time and finesse and requires buy in from the target. This is something the Fabians (modern Progressives) have understood and used effectively against us for at least a century or longer. You’re on the right track and these are good strategies to start the trek back to a saner world.
    As I’ve mentioned many times before, I’m starting to hear unsolicited “red pill” things in bars and when only men are talking (and women are absent). This is a new thing, and should be encouraged. The best role to play is not one of the preacher, but the agree & amplify type who confirms their observations and plants further seeds of doubts regarding the blue pill world, which is basically what you’ve outlined above.
    Well done, sir.

      1. Yeah, but Roosh’s second term has a draw back, a negative side effect if you will.
        It smacks of a one sided view of the opposite sex as feminism. It is not that I disagree. It is that it could be said in a more diabolical, yet convincing manner that won’t ping the red flags of his intended targets. Also, it won’t have to be anything like what feminists have done these last 30-50 years.
        Yes, I think women do have a childish nature. Yet that is often what makes them a benefit to the home. Weaponizing a character trait of the opposite sex against them like Judo/Aikido, though tempting, smacks of the feminist dogma that has been aimed at us for so long, and since all of us were even born. Let alone conceived.

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    1. Psy ops was interestingly developed by Communists such as Marx who were of a particular ethnicity/religion that got 100 million white christians killed due to Communism, as well as over 1 billion plus people killed in history. Their God is money/their narcissism, and they fund all subversive movements for their fake country. Bring on the haters, only proves its true.

      1. Marx might have been born of ethnically Jewish parents but he was raised Lutherans and hated Jews as much as you.

      2. Maybe 40 million Christians martyred under the USSR. Not all of those “white,” God only knows how many Asians included among that number, millions probably:

        “Their God is money/their narcissism, and they fund all subversive movements for their fake country.”
        There are Jews and there are “Jews” pretending to be Jews and Gentiles (sometimes while also pretending to be a crypto Jew). If you hate the Jews and Israel, then they’ve accomplished their work with you.

        1. ” If you hate the Jews and Israel, then they’ve accomplished their work with you.”
          The way it’s supposed to work is that by the time you start hating the jews, it’s already too late and they have complete control.
          The internet fucked that up, and their work is unfinished to the point where it’s going to completely backfire on them.

    2. The general idea behind these tactics is make the enemy reveal themselves.
      And as Napoleon said, “never interfere when the enemy is making a mistake.”
      Their overreach is getting the better of them.
      Just like an older Returnofkings article about how hegemons always overextend and make too many enemies.
      Moderates, the manosphere, religious traditionalists, hbd’ers and nationalists all have a vested interest in this fight

      1. The enemy will be revealing themselves before congress on March 3rd, without an invite from the president.

    1. Washington (with the others) was willing to loose everything for the cause. I don’t know if anyone here (myself included) has quite reached that level of devotion, yet.

  2. Say we do win the culture war. What is the prize for winning? The cat is out of the bag, we know women hate men and they cannot love. Atleast now both men and women can be honest about hating each other. Seems a win already.

    1. We’ve always known the nature of women, so we go back to that point (or forward to it again, if you wish). Nobody can read Macbeth or The Taming Of The Shrew and come away thinking “Wow, those dudes in the past knew nothing about women”.
      What you articulate used to be common knowledge. Once we have a cultural remembrance, we can then go about constructing a society where these things are kept in check.

      1. Thank you, GOJ, I have not read or seen a Shakespeare performance since taking the red pill.. I need to.

        1. Lady Macbeth lays bare the naked soul of a woman. As does the queen in Hamlet as well, that was sheer open hypergamy – she basically went for the bad boy violent alpha (Hamlet’s uncle) who murdered her kindly gentle boring provider beta “king”. Hamlet knew it from the get go.
          I’m not a huge fan of the Bard, but he did seem to have a lot of insight that seems amazingly accurate once you re-read him with red pill lenses fully in place.

        2. I’ve never “gotten” him, but I’m wondering how much that will change with the new RP lenses focusing clearly, hoping he isn’t really “Much Ado About Nothing”. My father was always a huge fan, especially of Macbeth.

        3. I’ve been told that Shakespeare might have been a group of ghost writers.
          Might have been the earliest manosphere. It would seem right because the time period was such that the whig-temperance “progressive” ideology was also getting its start in those days.

        4. No, he was an actual person. Owned property even, with recorded deeds that are still in existence. He was actually rather wealthy, which afforded him lots of time to goof off aka write.

        5. Lady Macbeth seduced Macbeth with evil temptation. He murdered his king, and payed for it. Moral of the story don’t trust witches or women.

    2. You know what happens after that? A kind of “red pill for women”. Now, it’s NOT what they have now. Women have no true red pill.
      What they have is a pack of lies raised on narcissim and built on delusion. They are told it’s perfectly OK so suck cocks by the bag and then expect to throw a lever at 35 and become a wife and mother and be taken care of by a real man.
      Nobody here is against sluts (women are conditioned to shame real sluts because sluts drive down the value of all vaginas). What we are generally against is this pack of lies, a great part of which relies on and grooms men into being pathetic thirsty betas.

  3. A new disorder needs to be created for “confused” women.
    I recently met a young, thin, short haired, lightly tattooed social justice warrior activist, who refers to herself as a “cis-female” (She introduced me to that term, which is apparently a way of saying one is a woman, attracted to men, but saying it in a PC way that doesn’t hurt trannies’ feelings). She works for a nonprofit that spreads tranny equality in the public schools. She is also a “polyamour” who has sex with married couples, etc. and doesn’t shave her legs. So basically I view her as utterly corrupt and working for the destruction of our society.
    But here’s the thing. I have talked to her a couple of times since then, and found that she is quite friendly, kind, genuinely interested and happy, and has a light, sweet, feminine voice. This is a woman that would be genuinely attractive and desirable to men if she just shaved, grew her hair to a normal female length, removed her one tattoo, and wore a dress. But I can’t imagine anyone wanting her in her current state.
    Why in the world someone with the rare qualities of a kind, feminine voice, gentle demeanor, and fit body would ruin them in such a way is maddening. The only conclusion I come to is that women need to be controlled, by a society, a man, a religion, an institution, something, but they absolutely need to be restrained somehow.

    1. By adopting her anti-male attracting appearance she IS being controlled by something – feminists. She is as submissive to them as the men she would have been submissive to in a past life. So in a way your observation is spot on regarding control.

    2. “One of those” women, buzzed head and all, works in the same building I work in. Same office I see guys come out of who look like the sort who collect anime and have body-pillows with My Little Pony deco on it.
      She has an aura of hatred about her. I never spoke to her and in the central lobby when I have seen her she looks at me like I was wearing a Nazi uniform and goose-stepping.
      (And I never will speak to her because I’ll probably get accused of something).
      Indeed it’s a sickness and it does show. That’s the key.
      These people need to be called out and shamed.
      Yesterday on Twitter I got some belly laughs because some “dude”, a fat bald guy, posted a comparison pic of himself and the second pic was “this is after X months on HRT”.
      Yeah HRT. But the only difference was he had a beard in and before picture, but the “After” Pic was the same moron with a clean close shave. I was following someone who called “him” out on it and it was hilarious watching that “guy” melt down. He’s so freaking delusional thinking that he’s transitioning I could not help it but laugh.
      And now this Bruce Jenner character. What’s funny about this is that back in the 80s we knew he was a homo or dabbled in it. If someone was athletic back in those days but we wanted to bust his balls we “called him Bruce” which was equivalent to calling someone a homo.
      Yet do you notice something? The media is still calling him “He” and referring to him as “the patriarch of the Kardashian” family (my several years run of having the fortune to not know who the fuck these people are is over apparently).
      I recall in the past that the SJW crowd would be rapelling out of helicopters if the media “mis-pronouned’ someone. But why not now? Why not this time? And why all in lockstep? Wikipedia had a civil war over Bradley Manning for example. So there is some “marching order” afoot here and “they” are up to something for sure but I don’t know what.

      1. Easy. He’s “the patriarch”. Meaning, patriarchy is really a homo transexual faker. These SJW’s don’t actually *like* their own kind and can turn a Privileged Victim status word into an insult at the blink of an eye if they think it will harm their perceived enemies.

        1. That’s pretty much the conclusion I’m arriving at. Rather than strip Jenner of “patriarch status”, they’ll make him their patriarch clown clopping around in high heels and wearing makeup, looking and acting ridiculous.
          (like the rest of that hive of miscreants)
          Expect a reality show or a spinoff from one of those other shows.

    3. Anybody using terms like cis has bought into PC culture. It might just be a phase they grow out of in a few years. It might mean they are SJW trying to control what other people do. Its not worth investing lots of time and energy with them. Maybe fuck buddies in best case scenario if she can clean up.

    4. Unrestrained women are useless – can’t wife up that ho and she still is leading to the destruction of the west and the white man/family. So, just because someone is fuckable due to looks+personality is not enough – they have to not be a home/nationwrecker.

      1. Oh I wouldn’t call her fuckable. I couldn’t imagine being attracted to her. I think the feminine, soothing voice and smiling while talking to me is what gets me the most, because SO many American women talk with deep gravelly voices, have vocal fry, cuss like sailors, and have resting bitch face. It’s just such a shame to finally find something like a feminine voice, and it is attached to this creature.

  4. Ok, this is pretty fucking disgusting. Seriously? “Feminism” and their SJW allies are bad, but this sort of rhetoric is arguably worse.

    1. You sneer but provide no constructive critique of why his methods are wrong. Giving practical advice and examples of their use is not rhetoric so much as instructional information, btw.
      Having used them and other subtle variants in my own personal dealings with people I can relate that they seem to work quite well. They are also the foundational tactics that have *proven* themselves effective because, hey, look around and notice the destruction of feminism. This shit didn’t happen by chance or because everybody decided to become a feminist in the year 1996. This shit happened because of a long series of psychological manipulations starting with the Fabians and their ilk and peculating through society and its upper echelons for over a century.
      What do you suggest as a counter? Straight logical debate? If that worked against emotionalism we would have nipped this bullshit in the bud prior to 1920. So what are your suggestions? What solutions do you offer, if you know that these suggestions are so wrong?

    2. Don’t we have a rule about women commenting on this site? “this is pretty fucking disgusting” sounds like something my 12 year old girl cousin would say. Take your disgust back to Jezebel

      1. Thank you for demonstrating that you are just as bad as the feminists calling anyone who doesn’t agree with them anti. when you have no room for moderates you are the problem. That IS rhetoric.

  5. I can tell this article is timely because “they” are really pushing the tranny thing hard, and I’m seeing more cases of meltdown from that camp.
    But you must also follow the money.
    I predict that “trans” will be the be new “gluten free”. You see to be unable to handle gluten was a rare condition at one time, and still is. But why all of a sudden everything that has no gluten in it was “gluten free”?
    Think about how you find out how people are “gluten intolerant” in the same manner you find out they are into crossfit or yoga. (They tell you within 2 minutes of meeting them).
    Think about how these “gluten intolerant” people lord it over everybody else, usually at parties and in eateries. You see getting people to sign onto some victim status (oh you didn’t think about ME when you ordered the food!) works best when you can hand them a “Whip of Proggressiveness and Tolerance” to lash out with and feel empowered.
    You know what all that gluten shit was really about? Covering for the jacked up wheat industry. There’s a lot of GMO out there causing health issues, making it hard to digest. Plus the way it’s grown now, making it really crappy food anyway. Read the book “Wheat Belly” to see what I mean.
    So the whole “Gluten thing” was a cover for Big Food and GMO.
    And those groups need a new cover. And before they do that, the media (that they own) needs to prime the pump.
    Can anybody tell me why we got so many mangirls (big jaws and hands, tall, barrel torso, etc.) running around these days?
    Can anybody tell me why we see a lot of teenage boys who weight 100 lbs or less and are super skinny? (no offense to the ectomorphs but back in my day, if you hit age 14 and were 100 lbs or less you got taken to a doctor).
    I can tell you why: “they” didn’t just fuck up the wheat. They fucked up everything and it’s causing a shitload of hormone imbalance. So now more and more I see teenagers where it’s like a game of “What’s that?”. Used to be that a fat girl, if you shaved her head (by whatever calamity) could pass off as a fat dude. Now they do shave their heads.
    So the media engine is going to try to cover for the pharma and food industry again by making “trans” the new big deal. And that might Whip of Progressiveness and Tolerance will be handed out to everybody who SHOULD be reviewing their diet and getting their endocrine systems checked but instead will decide they are trans will all of the “look at me” attention whoring and victim card that comes with it.
    The day will come when it’s like “Hey will you guys clear the alley I need to move that truck” and one of them will be like “Guys? What makes you think … blah blah blah” while the “trans” person gets off on the power he/she wields and the rest of the group enjoys a dose of “oh look a CIS-gendered shitlord” hateraid.

    1. Out of curiosity, if it was simply a food supply fuck up (or hormones in the water supply, or whatever mass epidemic), why doesn’t it affect all males and females, or at least the developing males and female adolescents? There are a load of fucking guys at my kids’ high school who are 6’3+ and in good shape (a fair number of whom actually hunt, as a pleasant surprise), and believe me when I tell you that there are no fat manjaw femicunts on the cheerleader squad or even, from what I’ve seen, in attendance during homecomings. Wouldn’t a universal cause have a nearly universal effect, outside of true genetic outliers? It’s not like I live on an island separated from the world or in a dome-village submerged beneath the sea, this is central Ohio I’m talking about, just 20 minutes north of Columbus.

      1. I think it’s “all around”. We have a lot of additives in the US food market/supply that are illegal in other countries for example. Other countries are starting to ban GMO, and yes, the plastics are also an issue.
        And the drugs in the ground water would also be a factor. But for the most part, “the system” does not want us addressing what’s in our food.
        It’s interesting that you point this out. As a hunter ed instructor in Florida near a major city, I can tell who the “city” folk were and the country folk by their kids. The country folk did have boys who appeared to be on their way to being “strapping young lads” as the saying would go and girls who had potential to grow up to be like Daisy Duke (it was the South after all so I gotta use that example) . But the city dweller kids were dull-eyed and had an “andro body” about them. Like if you took the boys and girls, shaved their heads and dressed them all the same you would not be able to tell them apart. Just call everybody “Bob” or something. It was a very remarkable contrast. There was once a family in my class who I swore must have been living on venison and well water because they all looked like they could take on a pack of wolves empty handed and finish the day wearing wolf jackets.
        I also see the differences between the consumption of dairy products with hormones in it versus those who drink raw milk. In Seattle and Tacoma I see a lot of teenage girls who look like their “estr fat” came on too early and they walk funny, like their thighs have more fat on them than was needed and with a touch of hip displaysia. I used to jog on the main trails in the “east side” and see a lot of this. But when I was living in the hinterlands up north, roughly 40 miles, where you can’t throw a stone without hitting a source of raw milk from grass fed cows, the girls and young women didn’t have these problems.
        The bottom line is the entire medical industrial complex and the food industry is all about making more patients so money can be extracted from them. You see if you hit the “man on the street” with a killer virus, he falls over and dies. But what of his gun collection? What of his coins he might have collected? What about his property he might own or maybe he has a classic car or some other valuables? He’s dead. What are you going to do, look for his keys in his pockets so you can get his stuff? And who are you going to sell it to?
        No, you need to hit the “man on the street” with soft kill so he gets sick and has to pay thousands a month for meds that cost only a few hundred (if even that much) to produce. Then give him “just enough” health insurance to cover the astronomical cost (we can’t have him just throwing his hand up in the air and running off, can we? We don’t get his stuff) paid for by people who are not sick (yet) but he’ll have to sell off his assets to “make ends meet”. Having to fire sale your life to pay for overcharged medical treatment is very profitable.
        And consider that coming as the end result of having already sold to him the means of getting him sick.
        So the food supply, the water, everything, is jacked up. A clearly visible result of all these mangirls and girlyboys because their endocrine systems have taken a hit. So “they” are gearing up to make everybody think “Oh look, this trans thing was with us and common alllllll aloonnnng and we only see and hear about it so much now because society is so much mooooore acceptinnnng”.
        And that’ll be bullshit.
        The people who jacked the food supply and run the medical industrial complex will be sneaking off with their bags of money and snickering.

        1. Good words.
          This is so fucking basic, or at least it should be… You put something artificial or some chemical shit in your body its gonna have a response in the body, you are what you eat.

        2. I don’t think you’re far off the mark – all the things you have pointed out are becoming more and more noticeable.

        3. “So the food supply, the water, everything, is jacked up. A clearly visible result of all these mangirls and girlyboys because their endocrine systems have taken a hit.”
          Meanwhile, under the red, white, and blue flag of the country that is leader of the Free World.

          Moscow has no reason to encourage the production of genetically modified products or import them into the country, Medvedev told a congress of deputies from rural settlements on Saturday.
          “If the Americans like to eat GMO products, let them eat it
          then. We don’t need to do that; we have enough space and
          opportunities to produce organic food,” he said.
          RT – Russia bans GMO’s labels them terrorists:

      2. I hope I’m not derailing the thread but you have to “follow the money”. Feminism has delivered half of a country (the women) into corporate slaveship and taxpayer status.
        NO idea gets this far when it’s not profitable. And I think it’s a gauntlet run with the trans thing. I would not “just happen” if the SJWs and monkey-wrenchers feel like it. There has to be money behind it.
        Taking on the “left” and the SJWs is going to be a huge hit on some pocketbooks and they will pull out every last stop to protect their cash cow, and/or prevent their liability.
        We need to keep that in mind so it’s not a surprise when all of a sudden “the system” is declaring victory on us.

        1. I think that’s universal now (in the U.S.). Drugging us against our will and all that, but who cares now, bunch of fucking sheep.

        2. Since 2010, over 150 communities have removed fluoride.

          But yeah, they will drug in other ways. I bet most of the sheep don’t even drink tap water anymore, so they figure why bother.
          Another big concern is all the prescription drug residue that passes through the body and enters the water supply. There are studies that show that if you drink enough tap water in many communities, it is just like being on Prozac. A good reverse osmosis filter should get rid of most of that too.

      3. Maybe the parents are feeding their kids better food? Fresh stuff – not all processed etc?

        1. Sure, in pockets. Across the entire county and surrounding counties? Dunno man, maybe?

    1. We can win the culture war by applying one dictum I live by:
      Real freedom is not needing acceptance or permission from someone else.

    1. Hopefully you are right and many more people are waking up to the terrors of the Left the past and possibable future if it contiue. The left still control the education system and the media which is producing many more students each year with these views.

      1. I hope so too but I see it getting stronger as you said mainstream media, education an even now parts of the legal system are all left wing. They effectively nhave a stranglehold on society.

  6. “Once the legitimacy of a woman’s word is undermined, moderates will no longer stand by while their preach their myths of rape culture, patriarchy, and the unequal wage gap”
    I wonder if that many people believe it anyway. People go along with things because until recently change was done quite slowly so that people didn’t realise what was going on. Now, though the SJWs are in power effectively, and are pushing change through rapidly – as in gay marriage which was bull-dozed through. That’s the reasons more people are raising eyebrows (I hesitate to say ‘waking up’ because I’m not sure most are at that stage yet)
    As for the trans-sexual issue, it will be interesting to see if it can be ‘naturalised’ in the same way as activists have sought to natutralise gayness. There are ‘gay’ penguins, and cows into leather, but how long before trans-activists are pointing out that male spiders cocks sometimes drop off after meating (or something like that). Re. the trans-issue relating to mental illness its worth remembering that psychiatry has always had a role in legitimising and stigmatising, identifying what is healthy, and what is unhealthy, or even ultimately psychotic. It is other words an important battle-ground on which political (and sexual) values will be fought. That does mean holding out against updates (as in DSM IV and the new DSM V) which are designed to prop up ‘progress’. Personally I think the target here should be the concept and (mis)uses of ‘gender’ – if you want the moral high-ground be careful of attacking the mentally ill – rather point out that John Money who first employed the term sliced off the penis of John Reimer (he had an accident I think) and then tried to turn him into a girl. Money believed that gender was purely ‘cultural’ in nature, a belief that resulted in Reimer eventually committing suicide. In other words one of the very first gender reassignment cases resulted in suicide.
    That gender is ‘culture’ and not biology is still de facto feminist / SJW doctrine and the absurdity of this belief needs to be tirelessly attacked. But ultimately though for the hard-core progressives it isn’t about reality, its about change: transexualism, gay rights etc is all about creating the brave new world, beyond nasty masculinity. Transexualism is at least in part about the golem of transhumanism: humanity 2.0.
    For the SJW, progressive, feminist etc. humanity is due to get a firmware update. Welcome to your camp cyborg future.

    1. ” male spiders cocks sometimes drop off after meating ”
      I think you mean mating.
      But that does tend to describe marriage in the human realm. 😀

      1. Freudian slip there! Yes, I think its not unreasonable to suppose that the only way women of the future won’t be claiming half our manly assets as part of the divorce settlement will be if the whole thing just quietly drops off on consummating the marriage. Its about equality remember

        1. Nah. They’ll go “black widow” on us and just make it acceptable to kill the husband.
          Of course now they just prefer to work him half to death first and then divorce rape him so he has to work the other half of himself to death. So outright murder of the husband is probably not going to happen because the married fellow still has a lot to “give” at that point.

  7. Trannys are dead in the water.How many Libs preach “Diversity” and then move their family to the Negro-free suburbs? Do you think those same people are going to send their children to Mrs Chaz Bono’s 4th grade class?
    No. Just like everything else, libs will support the demented tranny faggots until they get too close.
    Here in WA at “Evergreen State University” a 50 year old Tranny student demanded to use the women’s locker room. When did this faggot want to use it? Why when the local middle school girls were there to practice, of course. The dyed in the wool Dem parents found themselves “on the wrong side of history”.

    Students from nearby Olympia High School as well as children at a local swimming club share locker rooms with the college.

    According to a police report, the mother of a 17-year-old girl complained after her daughter saw the transgender individual walking naked in the locker room. A female swim coach confronted the man sprawled out in a sauna exposing himself. She ordered him to leave and called police.
    The coach later apologized when she discovered the man was transgendered but explained there were girls using the facility as young as six years old who weren’t used to seeing male genitals.

    1. This is the world we get when we throw out restraints on our own behavior. We forget that those restraints kept an awful lot locked away in the deep dark hearts of sinful man.

  8. Oh, just for the record: If anyone is wondering why “Transgender” has because the next big thing despite the fact that there are so few trannys, it’s because the jew is seeing just how far he can push you. I guess they determined that it is not yet time to put goat fucking on the agenda.

    1. Death by a thousand paper cuts.
      Water torture.
      It’s a legitimate tactic, you can use it on women. Whenever they’re about to do something tell them to do it (e.g. she’s about to sit down, tell her to take a seat). Let them get used to taking commands from you, then tell them to do something they wouldn’t normally do.
      In this case it’s about submission. They slowly take 100 tiny freedoms away from you to get you used to the feeling of submitting; then you won’t kick up a fuss when they take the roof from over your heads, or take your guns away, or your pensions, or…

  9. Excellent commentary, but Roosh neglected to mention another disturbing trend in mental illness and self-mutilation; The Therian or ‘Otherkin’ fetish where SWPL-Eloi aren’t rejecting their sex, rather their human identity by claiming they are a specific sort of animal trapped in a human body. Often using the same rationalization[s] as Homosexuals and Transsexuals. Seriously. I thought this sort of thing was isolated to a deranged individual or two like the late Dennis Avner aka ‘Tigerman’ aka ‘Stalking Cat’.
    It appears however, this is a real fetish that is spreading;

    1. I heard they’re doing a remake of Manimal. Actually there’s a long tradition of people claiming to have some kind of animal spirit particularly in animist cultures (e.g. the spice islands of indonesia). I don’t think it was ever supposed to be part of their ‘identity’ let alone their sexual identity. Shaman’s might use some drug as part of a ceremony perhaps in order to get inside a panther to go hunting in the jungle, but when I say hunting I don’t mean with a view to raping a cougar or something

      1. and of course if you identity as an animal you could arguably claim the right to have sex with other animals. Forget getting a harem. Get a farm

        1. that’s surreal. animal porn is banned in UK so I’m surprised actual animal escorting (shepherding?) would be allowed on continental europe

        2. I’m not saying I totally believe it, but it wouldn’t surprise me. I was surprised originally, but then read a few articles on it and was astounded that it might actually be true.

    2. See how the dog looks at her like “you’re fucked in the head”. If my kid pulled this shit I’d beat it out of them. Fucking ridiculous – what next?
      She should go and hang out with a pack of wolves if she is so convinced – see what happens.

    3. I am an animal, or rather I transform into one and roar like a savage beast before blowing my load into a woman.

    4. I love how this shit reminds me of when Conservative commentators got roundly criticized that when this gay/trans shit becomes mainstream, people will start to fuck and want to be animals. Everyone looked at them and joked that they were fucking crazy. Looks to me like they were much more prophetic than everything.
      Therefore I am Napoleon Bonaparte, everyone who denies it is napoleo-phobic, and you have to accept it without question. It’s not a disorder, I’ve always felt this way, saying otherwise makes you an intolerant bigot. Leftists, you see how fucking crazy that sounds? That’s how normal sane people view your agenda.

      1. Multiple wives will be the last thing “allowed”.
        (though honestly because one wife is bad enough who the fuck is crazy enough to want more than one)

        1. Multiple wives is only for the rich and powerful even in those societies that allow it. Usually they found that only 6% of men in a large study were able to have more than one wife, and most of them only had two. Very few (1%) had more than that historically. Although I think if business as usual continues it will be legal as it fits perfectly with women’s hypergamous instinct. Western society is still in denial mode about women’s hypergamy so that’s why it is illegal. Once women’s hypergamy becomes accepted, nay, embraced, then they will demand it.
          Although if I were a rich guy in America the last thing I would want is to get married here, but that’s my two cents.

        2. And so, having seen someone use the word “nay”, I may now fade into the next life.
          Just kidding.

      2. “people will start to fuck and want to be animals”

        Forget Transgender, Get Ready for Transpecies:
        Like Trannies, Transpecies Americans create special pronouns for themselves and insist that refusing to pretend that they’re cats or wolves is a hate crime.
        Like most newly minted civil rights groups, Trannies are intolerant
        of Transpecies Americans accusing them of only pretending to think that they’re cats and playing the old, “How dare you compare your pain to my pain and your imaginary identity to my imaginary identity” game.
        Men who claim that they were really born women based on their
        personality insist that the idea of men who claim they were born cats is
        just nuts.

        1. Fucking yuck! But they say that truth is stranger than fiction. At any rate, let it continue, because it only bolsters our case all the more. When debating “trannies” I often use the example of trans species (i.e. catman (an actual man that mutilated himself to try to look like a cat, he failed miserably I might add) as a way to underscore the lunacy of emoting oneself into a state that they simply can never be.

        2. Reminds me of this guy:

          This is a guy who claims he is a horse trapped in a human body, and will “neigh” and “pbbbb” his lips through the interview, was truly hilarious and entertaining. I hope no one is taking such people seriously. It’s surely all entertainment. And remember, never take women seriously.

    5. What the fucking fuck?
      I’m seriously wondering if there’s really a small cadre of people out there running a test to see if they can drag society down from below with degeneracy as opposed to pushing it down from the top with corruption and lies.

    6. i should start invest in a pharmaceutical company. i can start seeing them making profits from selling meds to these retarded fucks.

  10. Dont forget – I can never vote democrat again until the SJW mess is cleaned up. I will be forced to be libertarian by you. Works like a charm.

  11. Probably 50% of the women in my city have both borderline and histrionic personality disorders. They are very common.

  12. Any young Boy who shows interest in anything Masculine is automatically prescribed Ritalin and diagnosed with ADHD. The enemy is already using Mental Labeling tactics against Men.

    1. This is simply not true and exaggeration weakens your point. As a physician, I do agree that psycho active meds are over prescribed to both adults and children, but there are standardized assessment tools to diagnose ADD.

      1. You agree that Psych Meds are over prescribed but then you say my Claims are untrue and exaggerated?I’ve known Hypochondriacs and very often the doctor will prescribe them something even if nothing is wrong, Standardized Assessment Tools or not.

        1. Most of the ADD/ADHD is caused by DIET. Kids are being fueled with cheap food that causes their blood sugar to spike. This is not normal, has never been normal in history and actually makes sense.
          Does Europe have the same problem?
          Do developing countries have the same problem with ADD?
          …. we wouldn’t know because that would require the media to do their job and it doesn’t follow the narrative. Or sell a Big Mac……

  13. Label the enemy mentally insane
    Here’s the problem that conservatives haven’t solved yet: The liberals constantly use terms to make fun of conservatives and portray them in a bad light (“Islamophobes”, “Homophobes”, “Sexists” and so on).
    But conservatives don’t seem to realize that labeling their opponents is one of the major tactics how liberals win arguments/discussions.
    Conservatives don’t have
    1. a word that portrays homosexuality as something bad/abnormal.
    2. a word that portrays aversion against homosexuals as something good/normal.
    They seem to have no bad words for liberals AT ALL while the liberals constantly invent new terms and shoot them like bullets from a machine gun, “-ist”, “-ist”, “-ist”, “-ist”, “-ist”, “-ist”.

    1. Conservatives don’t have
      1. a word that portrays homosexuality as something bad/abnormal.
      2. a word that portrays aversion against homosexuals as something good/normal.

      What’s wrong with “fag”…

      1. What’s wrong with “fag”…

        >Presidential debate
        >Liberals accuse the conservative frontrunner of being a homophobe
        >Liberals want a constitutional ammendment to outlaw homophobia.
        >Conservative frontrunner responds by “FAG!”
        Won’t work.

      2. A lot of people I know get offended when I use the word “faggot”. They get offended because they are raging homosexuals.

        1. Yes… yes, I do believe you’re right. One I met a while ago didn’t mind the word “fag” but blew a cork at any word with “Sodom” in it.

    2. “Conservatives don’t have
      1. a word that portrays homosexuality as something bad/abnormal.
      2. a word that portrays aversion against homosexuals as something good/normal.”
      1. Sodomite.
      2. Orthodoxy.

      1. 1. Sodomite.

        No, that’s some religious aversion against everything from anal sex (even heterosexual anal sex) to bestiality. And it’s nothing where you could condemn adoption by homosexuals and other things.

        2. Orthodoxy.

        Dito. Again some religiously tainted, broad meaning word.

        1. That’s the whole point. A world without Christian truths in what was once Christendom, is a world that reverts back to the decadence and perversion of the pre-Christian world. Neither the Greeks, nor the Romans, nor anyone else was shy about “alternative lifestyles.”

  14. You might want to read through the symptoms of those disorders again. You might have a few or maybe a lot of them. Kinda surprised you haven’t blown your brains out or murdered a hooker yet. I bet you’ll kill yourself in the next 20 years. Unless, you’re too big a pussy. I guess if you are you could OD on sleeping pills or something

    1. I’m against suicide but you do sound real mad Roosh. You should like smoke a blunt and chill out.

      1. Yes, ignoring a problem, not fighting back, and self medicating with dope is how we really go about changing society. What a great strategy.

      2. Speak for yourself dummy. You’re all over this site upvoting PCP influenced feminist rage. Creep.

    2. Ah yes, the compassion of a Leftist on full display. No thought of death, murder or suicide regarding somebody who has an ideological difference is too grand for them.
      And you wonder why people loath the left. Well, no, you probably don’t, that would require introspection and a sound mind.

    3. One of the heraldic characteristics of red-pill thought is in fact, logic.Red Pillers strive to create a BETTER society. Suicide and random murder both contradict those very virtues.

  15. Can I just concede the current culture war and found a new culture as I see fit, thereby letting the various cultural, political and religious factions duke it out until they see the error of their ways. By that time my new culture will have emerged that is vastly superior to anything that one would waste energy fighting against. And, by employing energy and resources to obtaining wealth and power for the new cultural epoch, I can let those who war deplete themselves of wealth and resources to the point they are dependent on me and men who likewise are preparing for the new world where the old factions have effectively killed each other off, and have no power to stand against me.

  16. I wanna chime in about transsexuals since I’m surrounded by them living in SE Asia… actually, that’s irrelevant. I will say that for 99% of them you’re spot on, they are mentally disturbed. But I have seen two types of poof: 1. Looks like a guy, acts like a girl. 2. Looks like a fucked up version of a guy, acts like a girl.
    Let’s be real people are born with all ranges of everything (height, intelligence, testosterone etc.) and for some people the mix just isn’t right. And for some transsexuals it’s literally that they have been born with a brain that thinks like a female (due to chemical imbalances) but have balls.

    1. Chemical imbalances is one of the ways we diagnose mental illness. This is why psychiatrists can write you a ‘scrip for meds actually.

      1. Fair enough. But you also have DNA imbalances / mutations. No scripts for those (that I know of).

        1. I wasn’t claiming it was the sole reason for mental illness, rather, I was countering the notion that it wasn’t a mental illness because it is instead a ‘chemical imbalance’.
          Aristotle and me, we’re mates.

    2. But the issue remains that, per your stats, that of the trannies, who are already a very small minority, of which the vast 99% majority is deranged then there is no reason to re-calibrate society and culture to not only fit by literally to be remolded to be tranny-centric as it is in the west.

  17. Pure truth as usual, Roosh. Preach on. I recently discovered this site and it has become my daily bread ever since.

  18. Good stuff Roosh. I’ll humbly add that we can also win the culture war by using technology, namely, usurping the main stream media’s influence by relying entirely on the internet to provide our cultural experience. I’ve mentioned this before but we’re an app away from having complete control over what we see thus decentralizing the current centralized trough that most people consume media through. This will also decentralize content creation. The web is going to radically change academia too. It seems that practically everyone in this community has already done this. Going forward its going to be easier to literally custom design your own tv channel(s). These new apps will be a disruptive substitution to the legacy media, which is effectively already obsolete.

  19. View this as the beginning of WW2..its going to be a long hard slog, but the bad guys will get it in the end.

  20. In the video on Laci Green, it killed me when you played the ” I’m a stable person” in slow motion hahahaha. She says she was suicidal and cut herself, then proclaims she’s stable. What a fuckin basket case. And the fucked up part is millions watch her videos and idolize her.

  21. “You can make the argument that some homosexual behavior is found in the wild, especially in primates”
    Glad you brought this up. My thesis on the subject debunks the canard that a lot of homosexualists use to try and push for the acceptance of homosexuality through bs beliefs like this. I will list my points in numerical fashion:
    1: Science has shown that correlation is not necessarily causation.
    Simply put, just because there are examples in nature of homosexual animals it does not mean that it is naturally occuring, anymore than nuclear radiation in the Ukraine must be natural simply because it can be found there. Scientists have come to discover other factors to blame (such as environmental pollution) that is having an evidently deleterious and gender bending effect on the animals in a particular habitat.
    Whether its atrazine with frogs (which is still legal in the US, curiously enough) or mercury with birds, it’s clear that the argument for animal homosexuality is not as cut and dried as the homosexualists lead people to believe.
    2: If animal homosexuality was natural, why didn’t Darwin observe any?
    This one is pretty simple. Charles Darwin during his (almost) 5 year mission to study life abroad and aboard the beagle, never once wrote about homosexuality being exhibited by the animals he was studying. Mind you, this was the guy who rebelled from Christianity, so it’s not like going a step farther and declaring homosexuality a result of nature’s playful tendency to create more diverse life would have been that much more controversial to him. He studied hundreds of species over his journeys and NONE exhibited the homosexual characteristics many homosexualists gleefully chirp about to themselves and others.
    3: If homosexual animals are natural, why hasn’t nature produced more of them?
    So called homosexual animals constitute less than .003% of all the animal life that reproduces on earth. To put it succinctly, homosexualists are basing their arguments on examples that don’t even make up 1 percent of the total animal population, in order to make their case that it’s “natural”
    This is the equivalent of saying that aliens must be natural because less than 1% of the human population believes they are. Wishful thinking, to say the least.
    These three arguments are the main points i use against the farcical belief that so called animal homosexuality is natural, is widespread, and is legitimate.
    All evidence points to the contrary.

    1. Agree with everything you stated in exception to the ad hominem insertion about Darwin’s religious views; he was a devout catholic till the day he died. But nonetheless it takes no merit from what he studied or what you’ve stated

      1. Not to nitpick but my research shows he divorced himself from his faith the more he came to accept a scientific view that clashed with his faith. By all accounts near the end of his life he was at the very least an agnostic, which is why i inserted the word “rebelled” since questioning the existence of God after having believed in the existence of God qualifies as a spiritual rebellion at the very least.
        Still, i don’t mind if you disagree.

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