5 Things That Have Ruined American Women

Pretty much everyone is aware that American women are messed up, but the real question is “how did they get that way?” While this is not a complete list, here are five things that have contributed to the degeneration of American women.

1. Popularity of the Disney princesses


Most American girls grow up watching Disney princess movies. The wildly popular franchise spans the decades from the classics like Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and The Little Mermaid to more recent movies like Tangled, Brave, and Frozen.

So what’s wrong with Disney princesses? Well, Disney has done a fantastic job of editing all the unpleasant aspects that colored the original fairy tales—things like consequences and failure. For instance, Hans Christian Andersen’s version of The Little Mermaid doesn’t end in a catchy song and dance number. The mermaid dies by throwing herself into the ocean and turning into sea foam. There is no happy ending or romantic rescue by the prince. He actually marries someone else.

Additionally, Andersen’s little mermaid faced harsh consequences for her decision to become human and pursue a mortal man. The sea witch in the story cuts out her tongue in exchange for giving her human legs, and these new legs bring the mermaid great pain as she feels like she is walking on sharp shards of glass every time she takes a step. In the Disney version, the only penalty in the story is that Ariel will become a mermaid once more if she fails to land herself a prince.

The bottom line is girls are indoctrinated at a very young age that even the most harebrained of schemes will always work out in the end as long as you believe. All loves, even when they involve the poorest of choices, are meant to be. Who cares if your parents disapprove? Is it any wonder that American women can’t handle the smallest of failures or that they are terrible at picking a suitable partner?

2. Girl power and self esteem culture lead to a delusional view of life


Our culture has gradually been replacing real sins with imaginary ones. In place of lying and stealing, we have transphobia and not recycling. Another one of these imaginary sins is hurting someone’s self-esteem, especially the self-esteem of a girl. Whether it is in school, Girl Scouts, magazines, or sports, girls are taught that they are super awesome no matter what they do.

Are you obese? No problem, real men love curves. Can’t do math? It’s because the evil patriarchy didn’t do enough to encourage you to take STEM classes. Are you dim-witted? Dye your hair blue (or pink), support left wing causes, and you can consider yourself smarter than everyone else.

Western culture, especially American culture, is unique in promoting self-esteem above real accomplishment. In many Asian countries, classrooms are organized so that the top students sit in the front row and the worst students sit in the back. Every student always knows exactly how he stacks up against other students.

It might seem cruel to us, but at least their children don’t grow up with the delusion that they are special snowflakes and that everything should be handed to them on a silver platter.

3. Unrealistic expectations


Most men don’t measure up

One result of the combination of Disney princess syndrome and self-esteem culture is that American women have completely unrealistic expectations. Every American woman expects that her future husband will be a handsome, wealthy, urbane aristocrat who speaks four languages, plays in the NBA, and sings lead vocals in a rock band. In other words, he will be Prince Charming.

Of course, it doesn’t matter that the woman herself is fat, lazy, ignorant, and slutty. She will still think that she deserves Prince Charming because she has been told her entire life that she is super awesome just the way she is.

The problem is that in the real world very few men fit the requirements for being Prince Charming. This means that most American women have to “settle” for less than they feel they deserve when they decide to get married. The modern American woman will start out her life disappointed with her husband even though he would be considered an astounding catch by any rational standard.

The inevitable result is that after a few years of marriage, lots of women start looking for more exciting pastures. These women will think nothing of destroying their families and leaving their perfectly loving husbands for broke DJ’s with hot tattoos and a drug problem.

4. Feminist-influenced media gives women a deformed understanding of what men want


Women’s magazines spend a lot of time talking about relationships, but all of the information they provide is wrong. Here are some typical headlines from Cosmopolitan magazine:

21 Mind Blowing Sex Moves You’ve Never Tried Before (Introducing the Brazilian “Sweet Treat”)

How To Touch A Naked Man: 16 Naughty Strokes That Will Send Him Over The Edge

The same message is conveyed in television shows that are popular with women like Sex in the City and Girls: men like sluts.

Now, its true that men want a woman who knows “16 naughty strokes,” but only if they are looking for a one night stand or a friendship with benefits. In other words, men only want the well-worn, highly skilled slut for a pump and dump.

But when it comes to marriage, men are looking for innocence. No man wants his bride to beg him to give her a Dirty Sanchez on their wedding night.

These magazines and TV shows are not trying to provide accurate information—they are primarily trying to make money. Any information that they do provide is tainted by a feminist philosophy: Cosmopolitan was founded by feminist Helen Gurley Brown and Girls is a Lena Dunham vehicle. However, the girls who devour this tripe take it be the gospel truth and do their best to live their lives accordingly.

But you may be asking, why are women learning about what men want through magazines, movies, and television shows? It’s because parents have abdicated their parenting duties.

5. Lack of parenting


Hello Mr. Filthy Kuffar. We are here to date your daughter.

At some point after the sexual revolution in the 1960s, parents stopped giving their children any guidance on anything related to love, sex, and marriage. They will parent their children in other ways, such as encouraging them to get good grades, but not with regard to anything involving sex. With sex, there is always “no judgment.”

Lack of parental guidance is harmful to boys, but it is devastating to girls. Boys naturally know what they want. They are attracted to wholesome looking girls, who usually turn out to be wholesome in fact—ROK readers know that unwholesome girls usually provide “tells” about their defective character. Girls, on the other hand, seem to make the worst choices when they lack parental guidance.

I recently saw a young couple on a date. The girl was a wholesome-looking redhead with a too-short dress. The man was a little older. He was dressed like he was part of ISIS. He was in full Islamic garb, including a hat and a long beard that was dyed red in imitation of the Prophet Mohammed—an indicator that he was a hardcore Muslim.

Now, on what planet would anyone think that this pairing was a good idea? The “no judgment” parent might have reservations, but he would never give them voice for fear of treading on his daughter’s free rein when it comes to dating.

Where does this come from?


All is proceeding according to plan

I don’t think there is a single group conspiring for the destruction of Western civilization, but at least some of what has happened to women is the result of Marxist philosophy, which is still popular among the American elite. They don’t want it for themselves, but they do want to confer it as a gift upon the unwashed masses.

Both Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels felt that the family was the origin of inequality and slavery. In The Origin of the Family, Private Property, and the State, Engels predicted that the family would be destroyed to give rise to “the gradual growth of unconstrained sexual intercourse.” Feminism ultimately has its roots in Marxism, so it is not hard to discern the common goals.


The sad part of this process has been the human toll. Many men will not be able to find suitable wives in the current climate, but it is not just men. Women, too, have been sold a bunch of lies, which will prevent them from ever enjoying a normal life.

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469 thoughts on “5 Things That Have Ruined American Women”

  1. I see number 3 all the time. On FB, I’m friends with this chick I used to bang in college. She was well known as one of the biggest sluts in school. Back then she was a 7.5, but she loved hard drinking, riding the carousel, and she was a total pothead. She got pregnant our senior year. The father was a dude so worthless that she didn’t even try to snare him to fulfill the provider roll. Then, while she’s pregnant, she continues to party and racks up a couple of DUI’s. Post kid, she turned into a complete blimp – we’re talking perfect replica of the Hindenberg. She also continued to party because, you know, her son is “the most important thing” in her life. Now, almost 20 years on, she’s still single. She finally decided to drop the weight, but her body has been unnaturally stretched for so long that it sags in weird places, like her arms. She’s constantly making all these posts about what “real men” should want in a woman, and what a “strong woman” like her brings to the table. Haha. I suppose a post wall apocalypse with a worn out body, a cavernous disease hole, and a kid (admittedly now almost grown) is actually a real catch. I hadn’t thought of that! Alpha fucks. Beta bux.

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      1. Epiphany a few years ago. looking at LZ 1st album cover and considering the lyrics of those great songs, I realized that someone knew what they were doing by using that photo and touching it up with that famous album artwork. So phallic, so alpha …

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      1. And whats sad is that all you spineless creatures can come up with are insults about a females body or worth XD XD XD

    1. I know that woman. Her three favorite movies are “Jerry Maguire”, “50 Shades of Grey” and “Son of God”. She’ll get shit-faced Saturday nights then drag her son to church on Sunday morning so he can learn his morals.

      1. Exactly.
        On another note I would also put the blame on terrible pop culture.When girls see those pop shits like Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift,they start overestimating themselves.”Ooh,she does drugs,it’s so cool.””Ooh she acts like a slut…..I will also be a slut…” and blah,blah.Heterophobia is another reason for the ruin of American women.They lack good role models in the form of Alpha men and rather than finding a strong father to give advice,she grows up in that notorious “single mom” environment and on the streets,she finds dozens of gay asses,retarded people focused on changing their gender and in the institutions,a mass rape hysteria.Mainstream movies and media are responsible for the downfall.A newspaper article,a fashion article or a movie review,everything is stuffed with shitty feminist propaganda calling something sexist,racist or misogyny.And not to forget,having beta,emasculated men as presidents,scholars,directors ia another big reason for the downfall of American women.

        1. Miley Cyrus has gone full batshit crazy. Now she’s into the transgender movement. Hanah Montana is another confused disney princess.

        2. Heres one I made after the whole Miley tounge out-bent over with Robin Thicke fiasco.

        3. I disagree on Taylor Swift. She is the only pop star worth a damn today. She has a friendly and positive personality, doesn’t slut it up in her songs or videos, and actually writes her own music. If little girls of the world need a pop hero, better her than some piece of trash like Niki Minaj or Iggy Azelia.

        4. And she just proved herself to be a trick- Calvin Harris will get the last laugh once he starts posting up some pics of himself with club slores galore.

        5. ~Yee Yee~ However, photos prove she lined up a sucker before jumping ship. Ok enough TMZ

        6. You sir, are an idiot. Taylor Swift has been on the cock carousel. Before she even left Calvin Harris, she started fucking Tom Middleston (Loki from the movie Thor). Is it a surprise to you why so many men leave your so-called “friendly and positive personality” slut of a woman? I hope you don’t have daughters who listen to that crap and get brainwashed from her. BTW, she is avid supporter of Lena Dunham. Case closed.

        7. You can add the faggy male actors to this list who is being pushed as the ideal, Will Ferral, Jack Black, Zac Effron, Steve Carrell, Adam Sandler, Shia Le Bouff, Ben Stiller, the list is long, few real male actors that actually present the image of a real man is few and far between, not long before you have a total pansy playing the role of Uber Alpha James Bond.
          Then again that is the Hollywood narrative and that’s what they want to sell.

        8. Beta men are men that can’t take up a role of masculinity they think giving money and paying for things is masculine which it isn’t

        9. The song that he stole and only changed “achen breakin” to achy breaky and got away with it.

        10. Uh huh. And she makes a song about every guy she breaks up with. Serial dater, one after the other.

        1. It ain’t the site bro’. It’s the community of aspiring people. Masculinity is just the salt and pepper.

    2. As funny as her hamstering is, it’s also actually deeply sad. She has been trying to clean up her act, going to the gym, dropping the weight, trying to live healthy, etc… But it’s just too little, too late. She spent her best years giving away her best asset at rock bottom prices, and now she has no investment to fall back on. She was formed in a society that encouraged it, and let’s be honest, I am complicit. I was happy to fall back on her as one of my go-to fuck buddies whenever other prospects didn’t pan out. But all of this was accruing a huge liability on her balance sheet, and now she’s in the red and will never recover. She has realized too late what was really important, and unfortunately, you can’t turn back time. We all know that she will ultimately be able to find some uber-beta to fill the provider role, but we also all know that a reformed carouseler will never truly be happy unless she’s bouncing on Alpha dick. In short, this woman condemned herself to sexual purgatory with society’s blessing. It’s actually really depressing to consider.

      1. And this is the only time when I feel sympathy for women. While a lot of blame rests at their feet, they are weak vessels and react to stimuli in our environment. So when they see sluttery glamorized and rewarded, it is natural for them to pursue sluttery themselves, especially when no institution or group of men is telling them truths like “Men desire innocence in a woman”
        At some point, I do think most women regret living the way they have (although some are clearly utterly incapable of regret or remorse in any way) and it’s these slutted up land whales who I do feel sorry for in a way.
        There is the famous study that any woman with more than 3 sexual partners will have a difficult time pair bonding with a man. Well, based on that, the sad reality is that 98% of women in the west are unmarriable. I don’t advocate sending them to work camps, so what do you do with them? They are spoiled goods at this point, and yet we’re not just going to exterminate them all, they must live out the rest of their lives alone, or struggling from one poor relationship to the next, living in misery. And because I am a caring man I do feel sympathy for this.
        The real question is why aren’t we saving the lives of young daughters today by preventing them from committing slow motion emotional and mental suicide by making the wrong decisions today.

        1. Last women I slept with had 6 lovers in a year, including me.
          Thats my lifetime tally lol
          She is still married though, so good for her, hopefully it sticks

        2. Yeah, I’m more concerned about girls who haven’t been poisoned yet.

        3. a year? boy, you catched an innocent one. last chick i was pursuing had 6 lovers simultaneously. i only wanted sex and she knew it. last time she still spoke to me was when she had one of those “i need to get my life together” phases. i told her that she should fuck me and she said she rather wants to lower the number of lovers and be “more serious” about life. i’d be really well advised to start working on my game; i must have given her reason to believe i would buy that bullshit. meh.

        4. Haha! She wants to “lower the number of lovers?” Since I presume she doesn’t have a time machine to reverse all that dick back out of her nasty ass, she must mean that she’s going to lie about the number in the first place to snare the provider. The provider will get an inkling that something’s wrong when his dick begins to burn, itch and drip, but he’ll tell himself, “nah, she’s not like that.” LOLZ!!

        5. she actually had a nice ass. considering her sluttiness, she was a really beautiful girl. i always liked her for being so confident and jolly about her sexuality. no need to pretend with her.
          as for provider, her bad boy type boyfriend has already proposed to have children with her. she herself is not sure if she wants that. i myself am left wondering how a man can be so good at fucking girls, but so bad at estimating the outcome of certain decisions.
          just an example of said bad boy’s behavior: he dumped her for being slutty. we had a non-friendly talk over facebook where he told me that it was breaking his heart that she needed so much cock validation.
          he said that she needed to be punished for such reckless behavior. yet when i wrote him that i thought she was a bitch at heart, the first thing he thought of was to forward my messages to her to protect her from me. he even called her and they “finally had a conversation again”, which she thanked me for, although she then hated me.
          nutty people.

        6. I am. My sister knows that me and my brother will consider her dead if she ever throws herself away like this, even once.
          If we could get all the men in the country to slut shame their relatives into submission, this problem would disappear. Women crave male leadership so much that this would work.

        7. Six men AT ONCE? I just threw up a little in my mouth.
          Women who participate in group sex are not wife material.
          That is just the height of sluttiness.

        8. not group sex. she was just maintaining active sex relationships with six people. she did say she experimented with more people, too, though.

        9. Yeah, I’ve had women ask me when the subject of sex comes up, (usually when they talk about having to hide the fact we are fucking from their family): “Would you prefer if I was a virgin?”
          My answer is typically something like: I would prefer to have a pet unicorn, but it’s 2015 and these things simply don’t exist.
          Of course the truth is yes, which I would gladly tell to a young virgin. But to a carousel woman, this will only convince her how she needs to lie to her future partners, so my answer is more nuanced.

        10. Oh! Now I see. Having sex with more than one man at once is still disgusting. If a woman becomes pregnant or catches a disease while sleeping with more than one man, she will never know which one of them impregnated her or gave her an STD.

        11. No. I dont mess with a man’s family; thats justifiable homocide in my mind.
          Had a few married women want to go down that road (including a hot coworker who would cook for me, she’d drag her clueless husband around town to get ingredients for meals she prepared for me).
          What can I say, I was raised properly(improperly by today’s standards).

        12. That makes sense. As long as you don’t marry a whore should you decide to go that road, you can simply enjoy your time with the carousel riders.
          When I was single, I found it intriguing to date loser betas but I knew I could never sleep with them or build a life with their mangina asses.

        13. You just gave me a sudden revelation. Women riding the carousel as being described with the six men is in fact a female reverting to a more primitive state. We as men desiring women who do no engage in such behavior is an example of our want to continue civilization as it was passed on to us. Literally women who act as men and whore around are devolving into their more primitive state.

        14. Its usually the sagging vaginal muscles that give it away, and just having that little too much ability with blowjobs.

      2. Don’t be sad for her. She got to have fun and she got to have a kid (motherhood is a woman’s highest ambition and distinction). No woman is entitled to a life-long romantic relationship, just as no man is entitled to anonymous sex with multiple partners.
        Life’s tough. She did OK.

        1. Not sad for her, per se, more sad for a society that basically encourages all girls to follow this dead end path, and the ones that will be foolish enough to walk it. But yeah, she made her own bed. I don’t lose that much sleep over it.

    3. “Strong woman” in my experience means loud, obnoxious, drunk, and with 40 or 50 past sexual partners.
      Looks like this experience stretches around the globe

      1. I’ve never understood why it’s “weak” to suppress your own impulses in order to act civil toward others. In my own experience, I find it quite challenging.

        1. Exactly. Values have been inversed.
          I despise the kind of woman that people call “strong”.
          There are strong women out there. War widows bringing up families etc. Not obese, drunken slatterns shagging every perceived alpha-jackass in sight

        2. Those woman are monsters. There is a disgraceful man who walks parallel to a disgraceful woman. And they together create the lack of respect between sexes seen in our society today. But one I learned is not to blame for all.

        3. On dating sites, once I read “I am a strong blah blah blah” I move on to the next. Don’t even bother!

        4. don’t see the word slattern every day. I like ‘nightbag’ as well.

        5. ‘brown scorned corn’
          ‘humpty dumpty would hump&dump thee’
          ‘cabbage patch rodent’
          ‘backwoods bayou bongwater becky’
          . . It’s up to moms for the most part to potty train kids. And it’s up to the patriarch THE FATHER to PUSSY TRAIN their sons and teach them how to identify the danger holes to avoid versus the right holes, the holes that welcome and harbor the man’s heritage. A good wholesome woman and her pussy is like fertile soil to a righteous man. A righteous father can smell when he is in the presence of good fertile soil and can steer his son right.

        6. Those women usually say” Ive made mistakes but I wouldnt change a thing”. Also “if you cant handle me at my worst, you dont desrve to see me at my best” and have one of their five kids all from five different fathers. in the background of their ugly pitiful duckface selfies.

        7. Slattern is a word whose time has come again. Let us all try to work slattern into our daily conversations; it shouldn’t be too hard with the number of slatterns around every day.

        8. My preferred term is “slattern trollop.” Time to bring back those old-timey words.

        1. Have you ever had the feeling that some woman hasn’t eaten all day and is trying to make up for it on your date?

        2. back in my 100% blue pill beta days, this happened more often than i would like to admit.

      2. No, a REAL strong woman is none of those things. It is a woman who loves her femeninity and body enough to never give time to the hateful men Ive discovered incubating on this site.

        1. So you admit you are not a strong woman hence you are hanging out on this site?
          Go make me a sandwich.

        2. I actually agree I am weak to let anger overcome me reading this foul crap. But idk if you want a sandwich from me bc I will more than likely poison it

        3. My God! What wit! What originality! Who would have ever guessed that you would utter the phrase “Make me a sandwich”? Where DO you come up with these zingers?

      3. women who call themselves “strong” usually dont have any strengths worth talking about
        it’s like fat women telling themselves they’re attractive
        Restating a direct contradiction of reality is how they keep their cognitive dissonance suppressed

        1. But Terry… Your face. It’s not good. It’s like you telling yourself that you’re attractive.

        2. Yeah.Its an overblown defense mechanism. We’ve seen it a million times on daytime t.v. Ghetto bitches using “strong and Independent” as their default front for being an ignorant, loud, obnoxious, fat, illiterate piece of shit.

        3. literally you need to stop because there is no such thing as “ugly” and “pretty”. women’s looks are just a fucking social construct that needs to end.

        4. female characteristics aren’t based on if their single or not, why is that so hard to understand??? women express themselves and want to be their own person and they’re automatically ignorant, loud, obnoxious, fat, and illiterate???? what the fuck ??????

        5. Must be why there arent many ancient sculptures of ugly women. Aesthetics and appearance are very significant, only a complete fool would state otherwise.

      4. Don’t forget lack of domestic skills, feminist and fat. Look at the way Tess Munster is being glorified! We live in a backwards age where land whales are celebrated and thinner women are shamed.
        I loved Sex and The City when I was an impressionable kid of 19. I was so naive that I found those characters exciting and “strong”.
        Now when I watch those episodes as a married woman at age 33, I just feel sad that hard faced women were portrayed as heroines for being slutty spinsters. Women today are indoctrinated with this misleading nonsense and it is leading to the destruction of relationships. Young women who don’t believe in sleeping around and want to get married are treated as fools. Even the marginally decent character (Charlotte) on Sex and The City was bullied and shamed by the other girls for being traditional. She was sometimes slutty out of peer pressure.
        I notice that too many men want virgins who have sex like porn stars. They cannot have it both ways; a less experienced woman will need to be taught by her loving and patient husband. While I wasn’t a virgin when I married, my husband was very excited to finally meet a woman who didn’t sleep with him after 1-5 dates. He was used to bar sluts. There were still many things that I have only done with my husband. I believe that my innocence has sweetened our marriage.
        American men who want to get married need to look for foreign women or first generation North American women with strict parents.

        1. Heck, my ex-wife came into the marriage with a fetish for being tied up and gagged that she had developed from her ex-boyfriend that was growing pot in his bedroom that he fucked her in. I came into the marriage with a total of 4 women and nothing that was like that. I wish I never would have met that woman.

        2. Darling, I won’t be able to sleep tonight because of this video. LOL
          That monster is literally three of me. How can someone let herself get this gigantic?

        3. You know someone is way beyond normal weight when they start to get fat on the forearms and calves. They’re beyond fatties, they’re at the dangerously unhealthy end of obesity.
          A lot of people would consider the blonde in the front to be a “fattie” but I’d say that’s acceptable fat to me.

        4. Good God. There’s enough metric tonnage there to affect the earth’s gravitational constant.
          I’m in shock that the floor didn’t give way underneath them.

        5. I agree, the blonde looks “statuesque” in comparison. Which is why I believe other women cosign with fatties. Fatties make normal women look like models, therefore increasing their own SMW.

        6. The floor was probably designed by a team of male architects who slaved away at M.I.T while Tess ate twinkies.

        7. I really should stop calling myself “fat” because I am nowhere near as big as the walruses in your gif. In fact, I am even smaller than the smallest fatty in that gif.

        8. Nope. Laws of physics n’all.
          Here is a pic of three guys who died after doing the horizontal mambo with a fattie.

        9. Nope.
          I do have a pic of a corpulence queen driving a guy into the ground like a tent stake.

        10. OH MY GOD.
          Shep, you are a true artist who paints with a twisted palate.
          And Cajun isn’t helping either.

        11. I dunno. Cajun is not too far from his diaper changing days. I think that coprac view of the world brings an interesting flavor to his comments.

        12. Oh, fuck! That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen all day!
          That lard lollipop is a recipe for scoliosis.

        13. You fuckers STILL claim Kratom doesn’t work? Look and the photographic proof!
          3. Kratom Could Directly Increase Your Motivation. Check!
          4. Kratom Can Make You Better At Networking And Handling People. Check!
          5. Kratom Could Delay Stress And Mental Fatigue. Check!
          * as with any nutritional supplement that shouldn’t be ingested by humans, only used by amateurs biologists and idiots, consult an online marketer to find out which Kratom is right for you.

        14. I’m a Libertarian. I really don’t care whether or not it works, but you are quite welcome to my portion.

        15. Let’s not discount the possibility of a post-simian parasitic male.
          For reference I’ve attached an image of an instance of male parasitism in a more attractive sp.

        16. Haha! I’m not sure if Caitlyn’s new restructured hips can support the weight.

        17. Cowgirl position has been the doom of many a man, quiet as it has been kept.
          Here is a man who should be in our hearts and prayers.

        18. I’ve seen real whales with more grace and beauty than these land ones lol.

        19. What was the photographer thinking?
          That man needs immediate medical assistance instead of a photo …

        20. How do you fit that and more than a thimbleful of water in the same bathtub?

        21. In the event of a water landing, that thing will serve as a flotation device …
          And in the event of a bathtub landing, you just look for the inflate valve and stick the garden hose there — problem solved. 🙂

        22. You should let us know when you make a major change.

        23. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/420928/churches-gay-marriage-insurance
          Two Summers ago, in Nashville, the former General Counsel of the Boy Scouts of America, in a private conversation, told me and two of my closest friends that this would happen.
          He also told me that the rulings which permitted the BSA to not accept advocating homosexuals would lose their force if any part of the sponsoring church advocated for homosexuality.
          The danger from his perspective, was that if the BSA accepted homosexuality, and the church sponsored BSA units, the church could also be compelled to accept homosexual pastors, and could also be compelled to perform homosexual weddings.
          He made a few other predictions that night. So far he’s batting 1000.

        24. The insurance company weaselspeak has begun. Next comes the liability policy that sounds like coverage but in the “Exceptions” section, printed in .01 font will be a list of everything and anything remotely having to do with LGBT weddings, bar mitzvahs, Quinceañeras, and on and on.
          This all reminds me of a hurricane. One big badass political/cultural hurricane.

        25. That show was repulsive. That Sarah Jessica Parker is one of the most butt ugly Yids on the planet. She could play a Nosferatu on some vampire show without the theatrical make-up. I never watched it, not even out of morbid curiousity.

        26. Probably safer that way-if it was reversed, he would probably sink like quicksand, and the high pressure deep inside here would complete his transformation into a fossil fuel.

        27. Absorption is inevitable…he is to join and become something greater than himself…

        28. EXACTLY! Just like the male anglerfish joining with the female, that man above will be absorbed by his behemoth, adding to her biomass.

        29. Oh, free love, smoke pot, and kill babies…libertarianism: a movement that thinks it’s really Classical Liberalism, except, it’s not.

        30. Who owns your body?
          1.) You own your own body. I would not abuse mine by engaging in free love. Allowing for individual freedom is not an endorsement of “free love”.
          2.) You own your own body. I would not abuse mine by smoking pot. Allowing for individual freedom is not an endorsement of “smoking pot”.
          Perhaps you think the state owns your body? If the state does not own our bodies, then what right does the state have to tell us what to do with them?
          3.) About a third of Libertarians understand that at some point before birth, a baby becomes human, distinct, and entitled to the protection of the state. I am among those Libertarians.

        31. Jesus Christ, you could take a mailorder bride under 35 and under 130 lbs, with three days of English classes-and literally have more sparks flying and hope for your future than if you married one of those heffers.

        32. It’s actually quite stunning that it is only a third. I actually think that the two thirds who are pro-abortion, are denying Libertarianism. Regardless:

        33. I’ve heard your arguments before…yet, I can leave all my wealth to an unborn child that hasn’t even been conceived, yet. The Constitution is based upon a Common Law framework, and from that perspective, only, EVERY unborn child ALREADY owns themselves, and has a Right to Life, Liberty, and Property.
          You libertarians think you’re something special. You’re NOT, you’re all a bunch of flaming fools, with absolutely NO CHANCE at winning a single national office.

        34. You can leave all your wealth to your cat too. I’m on your side for almost all of the abortion argument, and I am more inclined to listen to someone who is kind and confident. You don’t come off that way at all.
          Why are you so angry? Have I harmed you somehow?

      5. Don’t forget the degrees! I once told a woman, “want to know a secret? We (men) don’t care about your degrees!”
        1) i am not gonna fuck your degrees and 2) your degrees wont help raise my child. GTFO!

      6. “Strong man” in my experience means bossy, abusive, careless, and no one cares about how many sexual partners he’s had, because that double standard does not exist for men.
        Looks like we live in a disgusting patriarchy where women can’t make decisions for themselves without being overly speculated.

        1. Don’t base your idea of what a strong man is from a woman’s perspective. You would never learn what it means to be a man. Plus A lot of women need a magazine and social media to tell them what it means to be a woman. So woman would be the worst to ask, I bet you can get better advice from your dog or cat.

        2. That sounds sad. There’s no double standard though. A master key opens every lock, while a busted lock…

      1. They sure do and I cant wait for the apocalypse so I can slay all of you along with the zombies<3

    4. “She’s constantly making all these posts about what “real men” should want in a woman, and what a “strong woman” like her brings to the table.”
      – I am always amazed out how these women post their opinion(s) without any fear/guilt.
      It’s equivalent to taking a shit on the sidewalk and then yelling, “Hey everybody! Look what I just did!”

      1. That sir, makes no sense. Im pretty sure your referring to the 90% meat farm of men responding to and creating these moronic articles.

        1. The only one “Incubating” this site is your sorry dumb broad self. “De-incubate” and beat it, creep————>

        2. Why don’t you go sleep with a bunch of random men like all the other lard ass feminists?

        3. Lol im tiny and i refuse to sleep around. Its disgusting and i rather love a quality guy than sleep with trash like the men on this site

        4. Wow that was intelligent, i give you 3 snaps and a clap for those words of wisdom

        5. So if you are so tiny and decent, how do you find time to post trolling nonsense on here? Shouldn’t you be with your boyfriend?

        6. Technically everyone on here is a troll especially you. I hate the day I came across this site…it exposed me to ugliness of people especially men.. But I know there are good men out there so I will just remove myself from this site and focus on better more positive things

        7. Every girl says this. Because they were never spanked for lying like men were.
          You are part of the most privileged class of people in the world, and yet you believe you are entitled to more.
          Strong evidence for why humans need discipline and consequences to become healthy, strong individuals.

        8. Yep… and then you will dump him when he is thirty and take his kids with you, fucking them up and driving him to sites like this.
          Problems like you would take care of themselves… if the government didn’t endorse your stupidity.

        9. Sadly this isn’t true unless we are talking about the snotty nosed brats with loads of money who can get anything they want except find it in themselves to use their privilege to help others or put some effort into the wold around them. Women in many countries in Northern Africa, Middle East, India, and others have no privilege or freedom whatsoever. They are murdered and raped daily and have no rights as a human should have. Even in peach America being a woman is not that great. You are constantly judged by your appearance and are deemed absolutely nothing if you do not meet mens’ standards. Its seems a lot of these men on this site have either been wronged by women or are not attractive and are angry that they are rejected daily.

        10. Why is it only happily married women seem to post here? We are never visited by frustrated, single, tattooed feminist landwhales.

        11. That’s not true. I’ve seen angry feminists post here all the time.
          Maybe their content just gets deleted.
          It could also be that happily married women are happy to read a blog that embraces traditional values.

    5. It’s easy to mess around with life, but when it comes back at you, it’s like a boomerang, you better be prepared to catch it or it will hit you right in the face.

    6. It always amuses me the type of woman you described, knowing what a “Real Man” is, as if her prior years of Honor and Virtue suddenly make her an Expert at judging the character of what Makes a “Real Man”, it’s unfortunate she chose her path in life, she has cornered her SMV into thirsty High School Graduates , and POF Fuck Buddies, the “Real Man” knows better than to get involved.

      1. They probably rejected a lot of men who had those “real men” qualities because they didn’t give her tingles.

    7. “he’s constantly making all these posts about what “real men” should want
      in a woman, and what a “strong woman” like her brings to the table. ”
      The funniest thing is finding old retired strippers making these claims….and by retired I mean the ones too old and flabby to make money so they were forced out.
      There is no way an old run-through whore is going to make a man change what he’s attracted to.

    8. one of the main ways facebook can be useful is showing you all the bullets you dodged in your younger years.

    9. Yes. Spot on. I’ve even seen women in their 50s and 60s who spout the same tripe. Western women have been brainwashed to believe that they are “special” and “superior” simply because they are women. Western women have bought into feminism because they want a society where there are no consequences for bad behavior and poor choices.

    10. And let me guess… she’s got tattoos. That would complete the picture of a totally fucked up American white woman.

  2. Number 1 alone makes this article spectacular. I personally call it the Disney Effect. There was likely never a more eye-opening moment in my life than when (around fifteen,pre-Y2K), a girl I was with stopped me and said: “You know, it’s really unfair that you put me on this pedestal, I’m not perfect.” Women never admit that openly, but it is true and you see it all the time when a woman wants Prince Charming and the royal treatment. Really most are holding themselves high while hiding Ursula under an Ariel mask.
    Women can’t handle even minimum expectations when they are real and inside their bubble and holding them accountable, only when they are these abstract delusions that never have to be factually lived up to. They’re all princesses, right? And that’s the entire problem, women (and our society on their behalf) have been building castles out of greeting cards, and no wonder they are not well-suited for homes.

    1. i was spending a day with a hottie once and treated her like i would treat anyone. she told me that even her two boyfriends always told her how “special” she was and how she hated it, having to live up to some stupid expectations while she really is a “normal” person as well. she was very appreciative of my mocking her “specialness”.
      i think it is what asshole game partly comes down to. showing the girl a light at the end of the tunnel, giving her a free card to stop pretending to be an angel.

      1. yeah, that was the conclusion I reached, but as this was long before this redpill concept, when confronted with it by her, I asked myself why I was doing such a thing. I wasn’t the origin of the behavior, I had learned it through external manipulation like Disney movies. Treating women simply or even encouraging “naughtiness” does work in the proper venue and generally allows you to judge her stability and sense of reality. And she’ll likely be happier for it.
        But then a lot of women I’ve encountered over the next decade plus would build up to a false self-assertion (as the article says) of being special without having done anything or measuring up and when that is threatened in the slightest, prepare for ballistics.

        1. true. i actually wrote something along the lines that she was a lazy bitch to one of her boyfriends. since she was his “one”, he forwarded the texts to her so that she wouldn’t like me – which i kinda expected. what actually surprised me, though, was that she took his side. well, lesson learned; i don’t regret it for a second.

  3. While we are somewhat on topic with “The Little Mermaid”, this scene captures the stupidity of women brilliantly. Thanks Disney.

    1. Except you will NEVER see the look of guilt or embarrassment from 0:12 – 0:14 from an Americunt.

  4. I’d say social media should be the top one, even though it probably is outdated by all of those.

  5. Jimminey Christmas Michael! You should be writing books! You have only touched the surface of 5 VERY important matters that are critical to the health of the family and therefore the health of America. ROK is a great introduction for you, but we need more!

  6. I wish you guys would STOP putting that stock picture of the faux-redhead feminist without warning us. It’s bad for my libido >:(
    No seriously, I got that feeling in my stomach when someone sneaks up and scares the piss out of you.

  7. The number one is: we men are not the men our great great great great grandfathers were. Women noticed and felt this in the home as their fathers and brothers and husbands weren’t acting on the level (initiative, guiding, leading, protecting, morally, etc) they should have. As it is fundamental to women’s functioning (and happiness) the masculine principle doesn’t waver and does guide and does protect. Women -easily misled by propaganda of liberals, lefties and feminists- started to step in by complementing the apparent lack of masculinity with theirs. An utterly hopeless solution if there ever was one. We let it happen. The rest follows. There is no way out of this quicksand but by men, or Divine intervention.

    1. The only “solution” is an extinction level event that wipes 95% of the population from the planet… putting us back in a “natural” state where the rules of how nature just works can’t be ignored… because then you’d be dead. I fear until we get to that point nothing will change our course. Thankfully since we’re our own worst enemy we might actually get it done. The only question then is are we going to wreck our habitat in the same stroke… which sadly I imagine we will.

      1. Is that what being in charge and failing is called? We men gave it away, under pressure of environmental (e.g. ideological, technological) influences but nevertheless, we gave it away. To counter your lame comment: women can not lead (how white knight is that for you?!?) and so-called ‘independent’ women are an anomaly (i.e. such a thing does not exist), even an abomination and they also were/are easily mislead (see 5 reasons of articles), looking for the wrong solutions. They can’t fix it as they are not designed to fix this (nothing white knight about this one either; I am just putting them in place). Look up what a white knight means. The term first appeared in Lewis Carroll’s Through The Looking Glass. Women are helpmates, not equals, and therefore men need to guide, provide and protect (caveat: a man should not provide and protect if the woman does not belong to him which means accepting his lead – contrary to white knights who are stupid enough to give without demanding). This should clarify it up.

        1. Women are responsible for their own sins; and there are
          enough of them to doom civilization. They are not mere responders as your comment overtly implies: “Women
          noticed and felt this (they also in large part contributed to this) in the home as their fathers and brothers and husbands weren’t acting on the level (initiative, guiding, leading, protecting, morally, etc) they should have (according to their feminist wants and expectations). As it is fundamental to women’s functioning (and happiness)…”.
          Women initiate and men respond just as men initiate and women respond. Your fragging of men is not leadership, but acquiescence to the feminine imperative. You ostensibly protect the women from culpability and join in their lament about no good men left. Your bravado is apparent as you
          engage in man shaming and woman protecting from their own sins. That is why I dub thee Sir Panderalot, a member of the white knights of the realm. I hope your white knighting at least gets you laid.

        2. I never said women are mere responders. I said they are helpmates and followers rather than leaders. Reading is an art indeed. Evidently, both sexes initiate and respond.Then, women test men all the time, mostly unconsciously. Because they represent the material world and men represent the spiritual world, which they can not fully understand. leading starts in the spirit and is acted out in the material. Men can understand both therefore we must lead. You rate women too highly ascribing to them all sorts of qualities very few of them possess. It smells of making women your equal if not putting them on a pedestal. Quite White Knight-ish.
          And no, mine is not acquiescence to their imperative. We are not to do their bidding. It is the sexes’ respective nature, one to lead, the other to follow. Like in Argentinian tango. It is by design. Men might just as well complain (and this happens a lot on ROK) that women don’t follow. Is true. But we should lead.
          And then, dear boy (as it is boys that are afraid they don’t get laid enough), I am a handsome man of 48 and get plenty of pretty pussy. Three this month alone and all three several times over, and without effort. One 10 years younger and the other two 20 years younger. I am in charge.

  8. After reading your conclusion I can only make an addition to point 3:
    The inflated female self image due to modern technology.
    Instant messaging and dating site profiles opened up a whole new possibility for women to get instant attention and validation from dozens of men, all without ever leaving the house. On the old local dance floor, or in community hall where a man had a physical shape and a human personality women had to look good to find a mate, in the new digital world men are regarded as disposable items like you see in a catalog. He is a product with his own specifications, flaws and things he can offer her, and just like any other product there is always something better coming out next month. Women between the ages of 15-28 reject hundreds of honest ambitious men as potential partners, to later in life complain about the lack of “good” men and settle for less. In previous times this was unlikely to happen. The problem is not that men should be disappointing by not being chosen, but that this new media creates a false sense of high sexual market value for women with (actual) appearances ranging from unattractive to acceptable at best. In the end the overwhelming choice women now have from suitors isn’t making them happier and more committed when they finally decide to have a relationship. She keeps the idea in the back of her mind that a ‘better’ option is already waiting for her online when the relationship get’s predictable. This is very damaging for society because I believe it destroys so many relationships and even may contribute to all the fertility treatments on women who just wanted to wait but in the end didn’t find what they thought they could/should get but didn’t.
    If a women breaks up at the age of 29 or 30 and get’s a new relationship at 31, then before the couple will start thinking about children you are 3 years in the future. Then she is 34. Now she’s biologically likely to bear a child with defects, or even can’t have a child anymore without medical intervention. All because she thought she deserved a better man. But the whole breakup was actually about something stupid. I’ve seen this happen i.e women go so extreme with hypergamy father time an mother nature punish them both.

    1. One thing I’ve noticed is that good men with minor yet detectable flaws can be thrown on the scrap heap.
      A sad state of affairs.
      My Granddad was nothing like a player. Just a highly intelligent and very principled man. My Gran was a livewire and a real catch back in her day according to family stories. She had several men propose to her within days of meeting, but my Granddad won.
      In today’s world I fear he’d be alone as women celebrate jackasses and not the values that sustain society

      1. Yes indeed. Women don’t want to build something together. They have a, let’s call it the “laid out table term”. Starting from scrap is not an option. They want a man that already has a good job, a fully furnished house, a decent car and a ripped body.
        Tom Leykis has a saying. “Making money is not attractive, having money is”.
        They don’t want to know about you struggling in college, they don’t want to have you not be at home because you have to hit the gym or make long hours at work.

        1. Women now have the mentality that men are shoes. A closet full of cheap uncomfortable shoes, they liked at the time, for the occasion, with new ones coming in the door any moment now.

        2. Maybe cellphones are a better equation.
          “She has a phone that was the best there was, she played and played with is. Took it everywhere she went. It was the best model back then. But now, a new one came out that is even more promising. It’s bigger, faster, more shiny and because of the price also a little harder to get. Oh, does she lorn for the new model! It’s so exciting to get that new bad ass phone. She will look so great, and the user experience will be so great. Then, finally she goes to the store (the date) and pays for it with money (or pussy in this case) The new phone doesn’t let her down, is always on and can be used whenever she feels like it. But then, after 2 , maybe 3 years, the lacquer of this once awesome phone starts to peel of at the bottom. It’s hardly visible, but she starts to hate it. Also the surface of the screen has some scratches. Despite of the regular updates the phone gets she grows more and more bored with it. Especially because she has seen the new model op a poster in a bus stop. She starts making calculations, can she afford the new model or not? She keeps it quit, and a month later she pulls out the simcard of the old phone and puts the phone it in a drawer never to be seen again. She puts on her boots and grabs her purse. This is so exciting, she tells herself. At the cashregister she swipes the card thru the slot. The machine makes a noise. Thank you for your purchase. Now it’s mine she thinks, this new amazing phone. And brand new too.”
          This is a ridiculous story I wrote. But imagine for a second you are the phone. This is exactly how it goes. Women get bored very quickly nowadays. Unlike shoes, an old phone never will be used by her again, and they don’t get stored in a shoe rack but go somewhere she won’t will be reminded of that once amazing phone.

        3. I think that is one angle seldom discussed in detail, that women do not care about what is required to be successful and only want the finished product.
          The “keys to being successful” are many and this is lost on women (and betas).
          as an example – people see a bodybuilder (ie man with a almost perfect human body) find out he uses performance enhancers and attribute the success to that, even gym junkies on steroids are meticulous in their diet, sleep, minerals/vitamins, timings of meals/exercise, perfect form/routines and lots of hard work and consistency over a long period of time to achieve the end result.
          Our current world is instant validation/gratification/sex/humour or any other emotion with no effort required (just click the mouse/swipe left/right).
          This instant world we have created extends to cooking/cleaning/transport and every facet of our lives.
          Back in the old days instant coffee was a novelty.
          I think modern humans have re-wired their brains and women especially, (or maybe they are just more susceptible).
          The solution many men search for lies back in time.
          The world is constantly changing and bad news, its not heading backwards and even if it did it will take many many generations to reverse what has been done.
          So strap yourself in and enjoy the ride.

        4. Yeah, just wait ’til mobile phones have a specialised app that’ll activate the Bluetooth version of the Rez “trance vibrator” …
          Then imagine what “model obsolescence” is going to look like.

    2. Social media brings out the worst in women
      Encouraging overly pro-social behavior isn’t any better than extreme anti-social behavior. Too much socialization and you get a society that cares only about what is “socially acceptable”, looking endlessly for consensus and stamping out others with witch hunts

    3. It’s not just modern technology.. although that certainly compounds the problem.
      It’s the simple fact that women are way too picky for their own good. And not capable of making sober, rational and realistic decisions when it comes to finding a long-term mate. Given too much freedom, women will abuse their freedom.. and squander their most marriageable years, i.e., when they’re younger, sexier and more nubile, and have more to offer to a man in order for him to offer lifelong commitment to one woman in return, on their career, slutting it up with the “hawt” bad boys, and on frivolous pursuits like traveling, partying, etc.
      In the past, women were coerced into monogamy through social shaming and social mores.. in some countries and cultures such as Chinese and Indian cultures., this is still the case even if westernization and feminist ideas and influences seep into them and are changing things. Most women think they deserve the top 5% if men even if they’re mediocre and average themselves. In the past, women would be coerced into marrying good men who while weren’t flashy and alpha were the type who made good husbands and fathers. These days, women find those men like OMG.. ssooooo BORING.. LOL and all that. Miss Average has gotten fucked by guys much hotter than she is and has sampled multiple dicks.. she will never settle for Mr. Average now.. until it’s too late. .and even then, half-heartedly and will divorce him once she gets restless and pops out a kid or two.
      This is our reality now.

      1. Agreed. And that reality exists because we have disassociated women from consequences of their choices. Have a kid out of wedlock 50 years ago… you struggled… and you were chastised for your choice. Today… you’re celebrated as a strong single mom who can suck on the govt tit for sustinance indefinitely. 50 years ago you hit your man with something… you were getting hit back. Today… your wife can spit on you and constantly assault you… you hit back… you lose your job and your livelihood forever. 50 years ago if you were a slut… you got called a slut… and good men wouldn’t touch you. Today… you’re celebrated as a “sexually empowered woman” and people clap for you as you march down the street demonstrating your sluttiness.
        It’s all about consequences. Remove the consequences… and it all goes to shit. Baltimore recently is a prime example of that basic fundamental concept of humanity.

      2. Indeed. But you have to admit that technology made hypergamy so much easier for women. So much. What does a cellphone actually? For men, it’s a gadget now. a way to make an appointment quickly. The phone itself always was a way to look more distinguished and important than others. But what is a cellphone for (young) women? It’s in the first place an attention-device, offering them on demand validation.
        Her: “Hi, what are you doing tonight?”
        Me: homework, got a better idea?
        Her: “oh no, just checking”
        Me: that sounded like an invitation?
        Her: “Oh, I’m so busy tomorrow, tired, blabla.”
        What does that look like? I’ve had this happen a dozen times. It’s women seeking attention trough the use of a cellphone. If they’re not gonna get it from you, they’re going to instigate it themselves. Sad right. But we’ve all had this message. It’s like dangling a carrot in front of you, so you’ll respond. And then a few lines later you’re like: WTF. Why bother.
        Tinder, PoF, Match.com. Nothing but catalogs full of men waiting to be tested. Facebook: the fake version of the ancient Town Hall. A place where you furbish your ego and try to get as much attention.
        The inflated female self image IS worse than ever…due to modern technology. And it’s like you said yourself disrupting the natural order of the matinggame, that should be held in real life. Not in anonymity behind a screen.

        1. No, a mobile phone is a “beta orbiter management device” and an “alpha cock scheduler” rolled into one device …

        2. You can also call it that yes. But that’s pretty specific. Alpha or Beta: women want attention from both. Thus: an attentiondevice.

        3. Watch how they use the devices, and you’ll observe how they act like managers of the social crack cocaine they’re being fed.
          It’s not just about attention — it’s about specific doses of attention at specific times.
          If you have a minion work force composed of attention-delivery “specialists”, it’s useful to manage that workforce with a single device.
          Watching a tatted 5 on a long-haul bus across the South West of England from a high vantage point was very instructive — she fed some of her orbiters false location information so they’d keep hopes up that she’d “drop in”, while she fed others correct information meant to ensure a timely hook-up.
          So it’s not just attention through the device — it’s full-on manipulation.

  9. How do you write this article without mentioning the overwhelming barrage of validation that women receive through a combination of social media and smartphones?
    Social media has created a matriarchal monster in which a basic 9 can be consistently showered with attention for her food, travels, socialization, opinions, and most of all, physical features. Not only is the stream of narcissism prevalent, it is made constant with portable society death-machines called smartphones.
    In the past, men traded love, attention, compliments, and resources for sex. Modern women have unlimited access to male attention and equal if not more opportunity to acquire resources without providing sex for either.
    If we want to stop this mess, the entire male population must become technological Luddites who lurk in the shadows of Discus and Reddit. Good luck scaling that mountain.
    Welcome to the matriarchy, men.

    1. I think narcissism is probably the key social evil today, and the one women are most directly involved in. Everything that contributes to female narcissism should be targeted, from smartphones, to facebook to male thirst. Male thirst is of course our issue not theirs

      1. you are onto something. narcissism is a pest and it not only destroys women, but neuters men as well, because they grow up addicted to (female) validation.

        1. I do think its key, and yes it increasingly weakens men too. There are some old articles by 2wicked on the subject you might find worth reading if you have the time

      2. Absolutely. Narcisim explains Caitlin Jenner. It explains Miley Cyrus. It explains Madonna and her book of her fingering her pussy in a mirror. It explains Girls Gone Wild. It explains the inability to socially interact one on one because dozens of others are competing for you through the smartphone at the same moment. It explains so much wrong with our society today. Women live off of emotional ups and downs, and attention, and their worst behaviors are rewarded by giving them exactly what they want.

        1. What would happen if men started demanding that women shut off their smartphones during dates? Feminists would concoct some foolish smartphone movement but at least men would get their voices heard one this issue.
          My husband has informed me that I am to stay off my phone while he is home and awake. We feel that it is disrespectful for me to focus on my phone when he is around. Whenever I have tried to break that rule, my husband silently takes my phone from my hands and puts it in his pocket for the rest of the day. Any complaining or anger is met with a firm “I said NO PHONE.” Women are really just little children who need a strong male to discipline them.
          More men need to provide loving domination in the form of calmly stated rules and consequences. Women might push back but we also respect men who don’t behave like desperate betas.

        2. I was doing this even before I discovered the manosphere or redpill. It’s an absolute must. I will start out jokingly the first time, say something like “Must be a pretty intense game of words with friends you have going there”
          The next time I will act somewhat worried “Is everything alright? Do you need to take an important call?” When she gives me her embarrassed answer that she was just looking at a meme her friend posted to her instagram or something silly I will take her phone and turn it over.
          Rarely does it proceed past this stage, but if it does I get up and go to the bathroom, or go outside or just go home.

        3. quick question. why do you validate the metal derangement of bruce jenner by calling him Caitlyn? trans genders are divorced from reality so they are by definition insane and should be institunalized not validated. just my two cents

    2. Would it help to seek out women who rarely use social media?
      We are rare but we do exist.
      When I see women who constantly post on social media to brag, I wonder why many of us are so vain and overconfident. I am not so full of myself that I sincerely believe everyone wants to see a selfie of me or what I ate for dinner. I get enough attention from my husband.

      1. I can typically decipher whether a woman has a boyfriend from her social media profile simply by the quantity of her posts. A woman’s thirst for attention is typically nourished enough by her boyfriend so the frequency of her posts is minimal and she is not drowning in followers/likes.

  10. The effects of the influences mentioned in this article, along with many others, might well have been mitigated or eliminated were it not for one thing: far too many American men tolerated the results, even to the extent of catering to feminist delusions.
    Yet another lesson in the overriding importance of the corrective application of negative feedback, a.k.a. “punishment.” But that, too, has been declared anathema in our time, hasn’t it?

    1. ” . . . far too many American men tolerated the results, even to the extent of catering to feminist delusions.”
      In the early 1800’s the care of pre-school aged children was legally taken from men and given to women. By 1900 the age had been expanded to children under the age of leaving school. By WWII it had become the age of majority.
      We are not just a generation of men raised by women; generations of men were raised to cater to the wants of women, one bit of slippery slope at a time.

      1. The thing is though society used to have a balance to it. We were certainly taught to cater to our women… because our women were in turn taught to cater to men. It was a symbiotic relationship that worked so well it took America from nothing to world’s most dominant power in 4 generations. I don’t think that’s ever been done before in the history of humanity.
        I believe that with the WWII vets returning… they all went and had babies… and they were all so damn worn out and traumatized from WWII that they didn’t have the energy and fortitude to raise them right. (can’t say I blame them) So then the boomers were the start of the “hands off” parenting ideology… where instead of molding children to be great adults… we let children run wild and grow up to be adult children. Then boomers had kids… and the same parenting ideology got even worse… and it’s snowballed since. Boomers are responsible for pretty much all of the moral decline of the country since WWII.

        1. If you look at the movers and shakers of the 60’s, you will find they were almost all Silents. Helen Gurley Brown, mentioned in the article, is a Greatest, as was Tim Leary.
          It was the parents and grandparents of the Greatest who gave women the vote. They were already a generation of men raised by women, acceding to women’s demands.
          The Boomers were just as much victims as the Millennials. The worst generation was that which gave us WWI, which destroyed western civilization.
          To find men raised by men, you have to go back to before 1800, when John Adams was still able to tell Abigail “No” when she made a plea that the Constitutional Convention include the rights of women.
          And even then Courtly Love and the degenerate, female favoring, form of chivalry which it spawned had done a considerable amount of damage.

        2. Courtly Love began as a women’s strategy for dealing with arranged marriages. It evolved into a code of conduct through which adulterous affairs could be conducted without forcing all men to challenge all men to duels of honor, which would have destroyed civilization.
          One of the tools of Courtly Love was poetry, a pastime of the upper classes. From there it became a genre of poetry itself, and from there it entered into the consciousness of the lower classes.
          The function of Courtly Love is to make men bow and scrape to women. The first women to apply it were legally and socially unavailable to the men they desired and who desired them. Above, out of reach, untouchable. It is the pedestal.

        3. i have read about it on wikipedia and recall reading that there is no evidence of courtly love being actually about sexual relationships, more about an intimate friendship / non-sexual romance.
          which makes absolute sense to me because prince charmings get to have just that.

        4. “. . . there is no evidence of courtly love being actually about sexual
          relationships . . .”
          Yes, that’s the entire point of it. Sexual relationships were absolutely forbidden. It was the invention of non-sexual romance. It’s formalized beta orbiting.

        5. Well to an extent maybe. It was the pedestal yes… but a) the pedestal was much lower… and I’d argue being placed on the pedestal actually brought women up to a man’s level vs. exalting her over him as is the case today… and b) courtly love served a societal function.
          Women back then knew and acknowledged that they were the gatekeepers of sex and reproduction. They knew and acknowledged that this was great power and a great responsibility. They took that seriously… and only let a man have access to that after he was deemed “worthy”. It was simply society’s version of “survival of the fittest”. They knew that although men were out there running the world outside the home… they ultimately ran the home and that balance of power was OK.
          The difference between then and today was the rest of society also acknowledged this extreme inherent power women had and therefore society had rules and other cultural instruments to keep them in check. It’s when those controls were removed and women started going apeshit (read: the 60s) is when the power balance became way out of control and the idea of courtship began to be used against us.

        6. The first brick is not the building, but you would be put to some pains to construct the building without it.
          It took about 400 years from when women taught men to bend a knee to women simply for being women, to men giving them default custody of children. It took another 100 to get men to give them the vote. Another 50 to get men to give them equal legal rights (without equal responsibility) and only another 25 to get men to give up their balls.
          Fasten your seatbelts, the next 10 years are going to be a bumpy ride.

        7. I wish for a return to dueling. Not for women but simply because I want to erase white knights legally.

        8. giving women the vote was one of the worst decisions ever made, the flow-on effects have destroyed society

    2. Indeed, male strength keeps toxic femininity in control – so some of the blame does fall on the men
      Time to stop being so tolerant folks

    3. I prefer to call it consequences rather than punishment. It is neither my job nor my responsibility to punish these women. Punishment is doled out by someone based on their judgment. Consequences come naturally and are not based on some person’s judgment but rather by mother nature herself (and she is a bitch). However, the ahole white knights have taken it on themselves to ensure that these women never suffer any consequences for their idiotic behavior and choices. Without the feed back of consequences how would any of us have learned not to be assholes. So, most (if not all ) western women are assholes.

  11. I had a conversation with an old pal last night, we were talking about our primary school days (aged 5 – 11) and what had become of certain people.
    Truly depressing. The destruction of what made western society great in the era I’d define as “post-war to space race” is truly tragic and can be directly traced back to the radicals of the 60s.
    Interestingly I don’t see it as captilism v socialism. Capitalism is just a relative absence of trade constraints – I see it as values v anti-values – the latter of which uses socialism as an anchor.
    The west’s demise is profoundly a spiritual one

        1. I wish.
          The Western Roman empire took 200-300 years to fall from it’s height to nothing.
          The Ottoman Empire took 250 to go from the Gates of Vienna (part 2) to the dustbin of history.
          Unfortunately, we will not righteously see this wretched nation collapse,as it should for embracing leftism. We will merely experience the long death throes.

        2. You are very spot on. It is also known as The End of Days which is immediately followed by the Messianic Age. It can’t happen soon enough for me. I pray every single day that “Today should be the day that we are all waiting for.” : )

        3. I really wish someone would come along and tell me I’m wrong, but I’m a real doomsayer. If I’m able to pull up images of Miley Cyrus’s genitals and anus, something is wrong.

        4. The recent article on Sweden shows we have a long way to go. And Sweden is still a very nice place in many other ways (infrastructure, jobs, general quality of life, excluding family) I’m sure it’s an awesome place to visit. It will be a very long and torturous decline, and the quality of men will decline as we become slowly boiled frogs in the broth of feminism.

        5. I would beg to disagree. The Roman and Ottomann Empires exsisted in much different circumstances than what we have today.
          I think the end events will happen rapidly through a combination of issues perculating today. The collapse of the fiat currencies, failing economies (eg. Greece), obtuse world leaders doubling down on failed socilaist policies (eg. Obama), uncontrolled immigration with no assimilation possible, etc… the wars happening now in N. Africa and the ME are a taste of what is to come elsewhere. I look for a terror group to ignite a nuclear weapon in the West at some point (probably NYC) as our security services and militaries have become a joke. Not to mention internal civil and social strife (which certain political parties enjoy as to keep people divided and controlled) and the distruct citizens have for their ruling class.
          I exlcuded many things from above example, but the whole rotten structure will come down swiftly. Faster than anyone could imagine.

        6. Perhaps you’re right. But previous times had cataclysmic changes too: plagues and earthquakes and fires. But it was always the human structure, not the physical, that gave way.
          Fast or slow, it will come, and deservingly so; on that we are both agreed.

        7. In 1914 the European world was made up of monarchies and empires which spanned the world. By 1950 all of that was gone. The English Empire outlasted most and was the last to go. The Austro-Hungarian empire, the German Empire, and the Russian Empire were all gone by 1918, only 4 years later. I think the example of the Roman Empire’s fall is not pertinent to today’s reality.

        8. Over the course of a long life, every time I thought it couldn’t possibly get any worse, I have been proven wrong.

  12. #1 is outta control, especially on FB; women constantly referring to their little 4 or 5 years as a “princess”. They dress them up as a princess (I see it in my feed, Im sure you guys do in yours).
    They are little girls!!
    The boys are never referred to/dressed up as princes though…

    1. My sister has a daughter with her looser beta husband. Little 2 year old girl who’s cute as can be… but of course they infantilize her and “princess” her. She’s already showing spoiled rotten signs… at 2.
      Moms today need to understand that society is going to condition your little girl in to a princess slut… unless you teach her not to be. Any mom who loves her daughter today will be a counter to the culture at large. But let’s be real… not many parents really love their children today. Rather they’re tokens… pets… something to show off and say “look what I did”.
      Child worship. George Carlin was right

      1. Woman who I used to think was sensible posted a pic of her 3 or 4 yr old in a 2 piece bikini…

        1. Back when I used Tinder… I was absolutely taken aback by how many women had pictures of their kids on there. Yes it’s nice you have a kid. However if you were a good mother… you’d probably want to shield them and protect them from your whoring… not subject them to it.

        2. yeah, its not a selling point…if you were posing next to your porsche…nah, does nothing for me either lol

        3. Yep. I am sure its becoming the norm. There was a model, maybe actress I never hear of in the gossip page today posing in a 2 piece with her 4 or 5 yr daughter in one too…

        4. There is a site that records the nude selfies taken by women in their bathrooms with small children in the frame.

      2. that’s a great analogy, they are pets to them. like pets they can’t handle, but would never give them away out of childish pride, believing they own them, akin to a little fish in a plastic case keychain. they claim they love them, but they love them like a product, a little obedient robot they can love to death. how else can you explain that a mother would take away a son from a father, but for her personal joy of abusing him with her empowered motherhood?

        1. when i think back, i don’t know if i ever felt something that would qualify as “true love”. maybe it’s an invention. an utterance made in the euphoria of a hormonal storm.
          i think that any love worth a dime is a rational appreciation of something. like the sight a really beautiful girl who takes care of herself. or like a perfectly thought out machine. infatuation really doesn’t qualify. true love must be one that is crystal clear, not blind.

        2. “i don’t know if i ever felt something that would qualify as “true love””. Did your mum forbid you to go to theatre school? LOL all jokes aside, if a mother wouldn’t be forced by hormones love her child then we would have seen women drinking and smoking with their baby’s head hanging out of her. It’s biology and that love is indeed unconditional and not rational at all.

        3. Sadly I think your idea that unconditional love is innate in a mother is not only foolhardy but incredibly dangerous. Dennis Prager puts it perfectly: “Human good is like gold… it must be constantly mined”. Unconditional love is not an innate quality of human beings and fewer and fewer mothers today are capable of it. What you’re referring to is a mother’s innate drive to protect a child. Protection and love are no the same. I protect my possessions… doesn’t mean I unconditionally love them.

        4. You said that you never quite felt that true love or maternal love, when it fact you probably felt it. What sort of love did you expect? Are there more than one type of love. Probably you are digging too deep trying to find an answer for your lack of love when in fact you went so deep and seen it for what it really is; chemistry and electricity running through the nervous system. I think you may be a bit distraught with the whole concept of a woman’s love. It’s not like the love you felt as a child and now, as an adult you probably don’t feel it the same.
          Ice cream tasted better when you were a child, am I right?
          I see an emotional chasm in you Tom, and that can only hinder you with women. You seem to group love for an object different than love for a women. When the woman will fake love you, you might be fooled as it may seem like it’s original.
          A mother’s love for her child is the only love you are going to receive because it’s instinctual. Nothing can really make a mother not love her child. At the end of the day it’s her creation and women hate to give free stuff to men.
          On the other hand, women need a bit of drama to kick that love into gear and our over-the-top safe environment has created careless mothers who use children to prove their worth and win “arguments” with their ex or current husband.
          A few weeks ago I was with my old man in a steak house and saw some shit happen, live. I was getting a pint (coz I’m a proper geezer) and this couple was having an argument like all couples do, and it was quite. All of a sudden, the women, failing to win an argument, raises the baby car basket thing ( with the baby in it, of course) a few inches and slams it to the ground. Me and 2 other people around alarmed, tried to help but we were met with a swift “Fuck off”. The husband stood there like a fuken beta bitch.

        5. well, i couldn’t possibly feel maternal love – because i can not be a mother. i can only see it’s expression and that showed me that my mother’s love towards me was one of drowning me in immeasurable comfort, which was of course beautiful, but that so-called love never gave her any strength which i wanted her to have – which is, in hindsight, the strength of a father.
          yes, maybe i was expecting too much. it is good for what it is. nevertheless, it is a very limited and blind love, wreaking havoc if not controlled by herself (impossible?) or a man.
          what do you mean with emotional chasm?
          yes, i was often guilty of not loving a woman the way i would love a thing. and i agree about the potential mistake of thinking it’s the original. i have known this on a cognitive basis for a long time and it made me cut off contact to a woman where i saw myself getting into that kind of trouble. she was all about ‘you seem restless. don’t you want to come to peace? don’t you want a home?’ that made me feel too well to trust it.
          is that what you meant?
          that story sounds something horrible. if it were my child, i would make sure to hurt her and not let her near it again. yet in today’s world, i may very well fail and end up without wife and kid.
          well, for whatever it’s worth, i think i’m smart and paranoid enough not to bind myself to any woman with the current jurisdiction. i reckon i am more willing to cut off the love of my life within a second than to risk losing my freedom. but that’s empty words so far.

        6. Maternal attraction is strictly biological.
          The next time someone talks about “unconditional love”, remind them that finding a fridge full of human heads and a sinktrap full of gonads is a condition that might just end “unconditional” love.

      3. My niece is 5 and raised on shows like “Sophia the First,” where the main character is a princess because her whore mother marries royalty. She’s only 5, but already unbearable to be around — total bitch, always whining and correcting people. I cannot imagine what she’ll end up like as a teen. But she’s so unbearable now, I refuse to go to most family functions.

      4. In some Native American cultures, the mothers brother was in charge of disciplining the children. I see the wisdom in this approach. Perhaps there is a way you, with the important role of Uncle, can affect real change. Small seeds planted by my extended family have grown and served as valuable touchstones for me as I navigate life and its myriad of sometimes confusing, often dangerous choices.

  13. You might want to add the fact that women make “friends” with gay men, who have their own screwed up lives. Gay men objectify the “hot” male body, focus on the superficial and engage in promiscuity, so naturally they give their fag hags bad advice about relationships.

  14. Cosmopolitan was founded 35 years before Helen Gurley Brown was born. She was hired by Hearst as editor to “spiff it up” and save the failing magazine.
    Ya gotta admit, she did her job.

    1. Cosmo before HGB and after HGB were two very different magazines. So, in modern context, HGB created the magazine we now know as Cosmo.

  15. To the last point. Quotes from an European feminist conference held in Hungary (excuse any translating mistakes):
    “The structure built on male dominance is not only present on an individual level (family), but …”
    “The neoliberal capitalism threatens women’s progress so far”
    “The communist and feminist movements are necessarily connected”
    Nicole-Edith Thévenin, French feminist. A bit more about her: she was expelled from the French Communist Party when founding “Women red from anger” feminist-communist movement, intending to fight the “patriarchal structure which is determinative to class differences”. “[She] sees the future, in an active international cooperation based on solidarity”
    Did that last one catch your eye? I think this would be a powerful weapon for any conservative politician in any non-communist country to fight feminism. Totally internationalist, hardcore commie crap (solidarity, etc…). A bit more:
    “capitalism, which strengthens the patriarchal structure is more and more aggressive, and the sufferers of this are women” Nicoletta Pirotta, Italian feminist.
    “people would think that introducing democracy would equal freedom, but the exact opposite has happened” Nina Sankari, Polish feminist.
    Golden nuggets for fighting cultural Marxism… after a slow, gradual build-up (reversing the media manipulation, etc.) which lasts for decades, quotes like this and the appropriate speech, from the right politician(s) could be used annihilate feminism (among other things).

    1. Feminism dovetails well with old school socialism. Women are supposedly 2nd class citizens and could only benefit from an upheaval of the social order. But their gut instinct still tells them to marry wealth or power, which creates internal conflict in the hamster brain while they espouse “equality”.

    2. yeah, people jump onto this “neoliberal” bandwagon and despise capitalism. germany here. solidarity is one of the strongest words to sway people here.

      1. “Neoliberalism” is a meaningless word invented by the left. Whenever someone says this I know that he’s stupid as fuck.

        1. It isn’t hard to find someone stupid as fuck. In todays world you can pretty much make the determination at random and have a 90%+ chance of being right.

    3. There was an article published a couple of years ago by Kate Millet’s disillusion sister (think her name is Patricia) which reports on a radical feminist meeting she attended decades ago. Basically they were all planning marxist revolution to destroy the heterosexual family. That’s just one report but linking back to it helps demonstrate feminism’s underlying (yet rarely admitted) allegiances. I don’t think that’s enough though – nobody’s going to really be that susprised that feminists ‘used to be’ (or are) hard core marxist (for a start they can say that that was last decade or something and that they’ve moved on). What’s more damaging I think is to link them both to revolutionary marxist politics as well as to the fact that they are now as an effective arm of the internationalist state doing the work of the elites ,the 1% i.e. effectively selling out to the corporate / governmental (new world) order. Their real achille’s heel is not revolutionary politics (which is what radical feminism has always claimed to be) but the fact that they are using radical politics to perpetuate and increase privilege. What we need to do in other words, is to demonstrate dissonance between what is said / claimed and what is done. What we need to do is demonstrate feminist parasitism

      1. Women want “equality” except when it comes to registering for military service, serving equal time in prison for the same crimes, and getting the house and the children in divorce.

        1. I think for the hardcore feminists it goes well beyond inconsistency, to the point where its about a completely unequal redistribution of resources. As the Engels references points to, equality with marxism actually becomes matriarchy, so the in terms of the aim its very conscious

        1. cheers. It is quite the insider view of what those marxist harridans get up to

    4. I think that capitalism has a lot to answer for.
      It is one of the major supporters of feminism, eg the femen “owner” guy who started the group to sell more newspapers.
      Houses now require 2 incomes, and if you want children then 2 incomes with long work hours.
      We outsource parenting to nannies/daycare/teachers anyone else except the parents as they are at work.
      I’m not promoting communism but I’m not promoting capitalism, it is the powerful marketing campaigns/government donations of big business that create laws and cultural trends.
      That is why I am unsure why many ROK commentators lean toward or promote right wing politics.
      Multi-nationals pay no tax and therefore don’t contribute positively to building society.
      Multi-nationals care only about profit for their specific shareholders, everything else is insignificant, even if it kills/poisons people.
      The Australian Prime Minister responded to questions about food safety (feces, yes shit, was found on frozen berries, dozen people in hospital) said its up to the corporations to not want to poison people, not for the govt to regulate or intervene.
      BOTH sides (or all spectrums) are complicit, all guided by big business.
      As an individual I can benefit from capitalism, but if the question moves towards what is better for society it becomes difficult to support it.
      I do however think there is a difference between capitalism for small business and multi-nationals.

      1. Multinational have nothing to do with capitalism. Capitalism is about many producers selling to many buyers in a free and balanced market. That has no baring on any economy currently existing in the modern world. What we have in the west is at best crony capitalism where rent seeking is the norm, or at worst an oligarchy thinly disguised as democracy, where the single two headed party takes turns doing their master’s bidding.

  16. By far the funniest thing about Western Women is the fact that most of them are completely oblivious to how many decades it will take to undo the damage they have done in men’s eyes. We have 4 groups of women at this stage:
    1) Lesbians (reports vary, but not more than 2% per estimates
    2) Women who are asexual (less than 1%)
    3) Women who claim they are hetero but have no interest in marrying
    4) Same as 3, but want to marry
    I’d reckon Group 4 is easily at 80% or higher, and Group 3 may change their tune as they get older
    Which brings us to the hilarity that is women’s magazines. It’s not that these women don’t want to get married, it’s that men ARE NOT asking them to get married. So they are left to hit the wall, or for those that have already hit the wall, a bleak future of bon-bons, cat herding, and Lifetime Television.

    1. The asexual number is much higher among married women. For those married more than 5 years the number of asexual women is 80% at least 90% of the time. For them sex is about controlling their beta who the really do not desire.

    2. just saw two of the most fat gross old hags with oily hair locks sit in a restaurant and shit-talk about how some 90 year old man is being used by some younger women who ask him for money, calling him stupid. as they noticed i was listening, they turned around, expecting me to be an obedient little slave who laughs at their gossip, but all i could do was blankly stare at them, leading one of them to ask me if everything was alright.
      these monsters didn’t take the slightest care of themselves. i can’t believe that the lowest man would touch them. and there they are pranking that they should find themselves some rich dude to use, like those “horrible” girls.

      1. that 90 yr old knows the deal.
        Paraphrasing Nickie Dipaolo(talking at Ann Nicole Smith):
        “Why are you even here? Shouldnt you be at the nearest resthome blowing the guy with the most expensive rims on his wheelchair?”

        1. Actually, in a rest home, it’s the guy who can still legally drive at night that gets treated like the prom king.

      2. the thing is no matter what the woman looks like their are currently 15 dudes that will fuck her. this is a huge part of the problem, even the lowest smv women have a hoard of beta orbiters that tell her shes sexy ect. this causes women to vastly overestimate their actual smv, so they feel no need to improve themselves

    3. 5) Non-western woman you made the effort to land and keep. Seems to drive the western women crazy.

    1. I had to google dirty sanchez. Millennial chicks are more into degrading sex than I realized.

  17. The only thing we can do, and there’s an article on this site about it, is improve ourselves to the point of being in high demand for quality women. After 2 years of deep introspection and disciplined self improvement, I am beginning to be at that point. There are quality girls, but the pickings are slim so you need to increase your smv. We are in defcock 2 or in the edge of 3. Make yourself, find a good wife, and let the rest of the world burn.

    1. No marriage. At least not in America with the current laws.
      Find yourself a couple decent girls (if you can) and date. Repeat as necessary when they eventually leave.
      Never stop working on yourself and keep yourself as priority one.

  18. No matter what they say, females fundamentally rely on (male) leadership. Even so called female leaders in feminism depend on feminist males to steer or otherwise guide them. The prog icon Gloria Steinem was rumored to be taking marching orders from the communist influenced CIA at the time and there is evidence to support the rumor.
    When a female lacks leadership, her world comes crumbling down as she becomes unsure of which direction to take. This is why they gravitate to Alpha males who project leadership and friendzone beta manginas who don’t. Their emo-instinctual nature tends to add further chaos to their feminist consciousness, as it (the latter) struggles to understand why it craves real Men when it believes itself to be drawn to males who “understand” her. The answer to that is: her subconscious ID is drawn to real Men as thousands of years of anthropological instinct has psychologically taught her to (for increase in survival) and it inevitably clashes with the aesthetic feminism her conscious ego applies to herself.
    Today Barack Obama represents feminism arguably better than any female calling herself a feminist. I ask all of you, what other mangina living today is as (in)famous for promoting purely on the basis of (female) gender, (homo)sexuality, and (progressive) philosophy?

    1. + she dated Henry Kissinger. I’m sure down the line we’ll discover Obama dated Henry Kissinger too

    2. Not rumored – it is an admitted fact (by the Kunt herself) that she was on the CIA payroll and took marching orders.

      1. It is said that Bill Clinton was our first black president and Obummer was our first female president.

    3. Also Obama’s gay. I’m not saying that out of speculation. I’ve heard some things to that effect.

      1. Funny how his homosexual lovers tend to end up “sleeping with the fishes”
        There is of course no concrete proof, because it’s been thrown down the nearest ocean along with the homosexual lovers.
        As to whether he is homo or bi, i leave that for others to decide upon. All i believe is that he ain’t a hetero and his “Wife” is likely a tranny.
        On a related note: even if he was a homo, he wouldn’t technically be our first one. James Buchanan may well hold that distinction. Andrew Jackson and others made fun of him and his curious affinity for the near exclusive company of another same sex associate.

        1. So was J. Edgar Hoover. He was also probably black as well. The reason his name was Hoover was because he sucked up every bit of dirt there was on everyone in power in Washington. When he finally died all his personal records in his office safe went missing; for some strange reason this was never investigated.

  19. Not just America. English speaking countries around the world are exactly the same. Wherever American culture has influence women turn into narcissistic, helpless fools. All these strong, independent women with their careers living on beans on toast or microwave weight watchers meals when they get home after a hard a day at the office, washing the whole concoction down with another glass of Chardonnay. The apartment, car, clothes, and eventually when time has passed the first of many cats….. good luck ladies….howz that career working out for ya????

  20. Good stuff particularly in reference to Marxism. Most people don’t realize that Marxism is predicated on cultural and individual destruction.

  21. That Cosmopolitan cover that has “10 THINGS GUYS CRAVE IN BED” should read:
    1. Don’t talk.
    2. Don’t talk.
    3. Don’t talk.
    4. Don’t talk.
    5. Don’t talk.
    6. Don’t talk.
    7. Don’t talk.
    8. Do as I say.
    9. If I want more, be at the ready. IF!
    10. Know in advance that it will only be as good as I want/allow it to be, seeing as to how you are merely three holes with a woman (unfortunately) wrapped around them. Understood? Good!

  22. My only point of contention here is #4. I do want the woman I’m with to get dirty with me and be up for anything. I don’t want to be in an LTR or marriage with some mousy virgin who can’t find her way around my balls. Sorry but that is a boring sex life and I doubt that many guys here would truly enjoy being locked into a woman who’s prudish with her own husband. You’ll get tired of her real fast and start looking for side poon before long. All that being said, if a woman has genuine desire and arousal for you, she’ll do anything you want in the sack.

    1. Weren’t all girls that are good at sex once virgins? To say you wouldn’t want a virgin because your sex life will be dull is silly. I married a virgin and our sex was amazing….
      I divorced her but that’s another story lol

      1. True they all were but my point is that I don’t necessarily want an innocent girl that is very timid in bed. I find it frustrating-just a personal preference.

        1. That’s why you train her.
          I’d rather have a virgin that I train to my liking instead of some slut.
          Don’t be lazy.

  23. “ROK readers know that unwholesome girls usually provide “tells” about their defective character.”
    1. Followed the link.
    2. Checked out the comments
    Holy jesus… what a cluster-fuck of shit.

    1. One of my favorite things about this site is the amount of pseudoscience, rejection of actual reputable research, and bullshit statistics made up on the spot while being totally self-congratulatory about their manly use of “logic and facts.”

      1. 90% of all statistics are made up; including this one. And I say this as a professional statistician.

  24. I can’t stand feminism because when I hear that word I think of things women do to empower themselves as women, aka, love their femininity, dress up in femme ways, appreciate the things they can do for men and the femininity that men prefer, look forward to give themselves a form of power based on their feminine qualities. It seems the definition is completely opposite, unless I am seeing it wrong. Now feminists do everything in their power to be the same or “better” than men, they don’t want to take care of their figures, because somehow it is the man’s brainwashing that forced women to become barbie dolls, they don’t want to shave because objectification or some bull, they need to have the same pay but do less work; it’s contradictory. Men and women, literally, are not able to be the same. It’s physically impossible.
    Since when has feminism become a war against man, when it (again, I foolishly thought) was about empowering personal power as a woman?

    1. Nice to see other women who see that feminism is just pure contradictory nonsense.
      One of the fallacies of feminism is that women and men are the same and should be treated as such. It’s not true. Women are more vulnerable. We need protection and loving dominance from Alpha men. Unfortunately, these days men are afraid to say that they are traditional because they know the feminazis would skin them alive.
      We need to stop rewarding feminists with attention and special treatment.

      1. It’s not just men. Good women are scared shitless also… and the spiral continues downward….

        1. Absolutely. I don’t tell many other women that I am traditional because I get ripped to shreds. Feminism has made traditional marriage verboten.

  25. Lack of masculine nationalism
    Yeah, it has to be said
    One simple act of ignoring girls’ complaints would have greatly prevented this societal condition:
    Girl: That’s not nice my/somebody’s feels are hurt
    People around her: Who cares? stop whining
    Just that action alone, done more frequently, could turn things around

    1. As I have written before:
      The magic word for women is “Please.”
      For men it is “No.”
      When women came to be the dominant influence in the raising of children the first thing they did was teach boys that the magic word was “Please.” To women.
      That was Patriarchy’s, such as it ever really was, mortal blow.

  26. “These women will think nothing of destroying their families and leaving their perfectly loving husbands for broke DJ’s with hot tattoos and a drug problem.”
    Two school chums of my sister did exactly that last year. “I was bored” was the official excuse they both stated for busting up the family.

    1. I knew a woman who left a perfectly good husband because she was “unhappy”. They had a lovely daughter. Now that single mom is complaining because she is living in poverty with her mother and her teenage daughter who is dressing just like her slutty mom.
      The worst part was, her ex adored his family, provided well for them, didn’t cheat, didn’t do drugs or beat her. She broke up her family because she read “Eat Pray Love” too many times.

      1. The ex husbands were average Joes– provider, job, took care of the bills, etc… Both have teenage sons. They don’t know it, but these two ex-wives have provided a great lesson for their boys— never trust a woman. They all have snakes in the head.

  27. I totally agree with this article ,half of it is what I’ve been saying for awhile.

  28. Pop culture (music+tv) brainwashing is even worse than all the disney bullcrap. When you ask young girls who their idols are you’ll get answers like: Kim K, Taylor S, Britney S. What do all these women have in common? They are raging sluts who didn’t accomplish anything in life without their pussy, they all say the same bullshit about men and relationships but yet date complete assholes over and over again. Add to that all the reality TV and scripted programs broadcasted on the cable. You obtain the perfect explosive cocktail to have generations of broken fucked up women who will probably 20-30 years from now end up living alone with a cat (after destroying the cock carousel from intensive use and failed relationships)

  29. “In the Disney version, the only penalty in the story is that Ariel will
    become a mermaid once more if she fails to land herself a prince.”
    Small thing but the price is actually bigger than that. She not only becomes a mermaid again but she then belongs to the Sea Witch who will turn her into one of those shriveled creatures. Oddly the original Mermaid probably had more of what would be considered a feminists message: The folly of sacrificing yourself and putting your freedom on the line for a man. Whereas in the Disney version it’s the opposite message since it actually pays off in the end.

  30. I’m no longer going to read visit RoK anymore. The number of shit
    spam posts is getting near equal to the actual articles. If I want
    bullshit articles, I’ll go to “The Guardian”. At least they don’t
    suggest that drugs are good for my life…..

  31. “”””….elite. They don’t want it for themselves, but they do want to confer it as a gift upon the unwashed masses.”””
    This is not an American only problem, this need to be discussed more here ROK, the elite promote the values they themselves don’t practice because they know is bad for them.

    1. I love when people comment on the subject of the illuminati and elitist agenda. Whether people believe it or not. It doesn’t matter – they do. And yes, it is more than a American issue, it is a worldwide one. Their plans are exactly what are unfolding in the western and soon to be rest of the world.

      1. It doesn’t matter if you call them illuminati, da jooz, reptilians or whatever.
        Fact is that the top 1% want to keep the majority of unwashed proles in check – and they succeed, as we see every day.

  32. The 5 things that are actually ruining women are
    1. Men allowed the Disney princesses to become the default pattern for girls and women.
    2. Men allowed the delusional concept of girl power being equivalent to male power
    3. Men allowed the accurate response to reality to be superseded by delusional expectations of girls and women.
    4. Men allowed feminists to highjack the MSM.
    5. Men allowed parenting to become the abomination it is today in many families
    Where does this come from
    Men allowed a couple of other men more than 150 years ago to begin this wrecking ball travesty.
    In Conclusion
    Men will put a stop to this.

    1. Testosterone in men has been steadily falling for the last couple of decades.
      Your average young man today isn’t even half the man his grandfather used to be.
      I believe the simple lack of raw T in men explains a large part of their betaness and faggotry today.

      1. Agreed. “Low T” is so universal that most men could stroll into the Dr’s office today and be diagnosed. Especially if they are overweight (fat increases estrogen and decreases test). Far too much estrogen in our food and in the environment. Also, doing “women shit” actually does impact your hormone balance. Sit around knitting all day and talking quietly with the girls, your test goes down (especially marked if you spend time around young children). Go out and compete with men in a sport/business/etc and your test goes up.

        1. There is a lot of estrogen and pharmaceutical residue in the water supply in most municipalities. It is extremely expensive to filter out this stuff, and no municipality does it. I have a reverse osmosis filter that removes most all chemicals and drugs, including fluoride, which Harvard studies show reduces IQ by 10 points or more over 10 years, and it runs around $400+.
          Remember that something like 25% of all women are taking mood altering drugs. They piss them out, the water is treated and chlorinated but the residue for all their crazy pills remains, and we drink it.
          I’m not as sure about the part re:doing women shit. Cooking dinner for myself doesn’t develop me in the same way lifting weights at the gym does, but I consider any solitude to be peaceful and rewarding in itself. As long as one is getting a balanced social life.

    2. Here’s the thing though… putting a stop to it means immense sacrifice on our part. I run my business like an alpha. All my employees are women (medical profession… males just don’t get into it). I take zero crap from them. When an employee sexually comes on to me… I fire them. When one of them is disrespectful… I chew them out. You get the picture. BUT… when a vindictive ex employee wants revenge… all she has to do is go forth saying “he’s a rapist!!!” and it all comes crashing down. Like no joke… going from an income of about $250K a year to flirting with bankruptcy. So yes… we are part of the solution. But a) we can’t do it alone… as much as I hate to say it we need good women standing up for us… and b) it’s going to come with incredible sacrifice. I’ve already resigned to the fact that I’m probably going to lose my business because of an evil cunt… but hopefully the world can then start to see just how evil cunts can be.
      But I’m the proverbial guy who falls on the grenade for his brothers. That’s a hard walk to ask others to take

  33. I read a lot of articles on this site (although the content and quality have really been going down hill as of late). A frequent theme appears to be the overall degeneracy of Western women. Outside of the obvious obesity epidemic, I can’t help but wonder if many of the behaviors criticized are not representative of all women, but more a product of social media/dating sites. My suggestion stems from the fact that I have a good deal of contact with a lot of twenty something women, both in my personal and professional life. Their behavior doesn’t match what is oft described on this site. The vast majority of them are settling down/engaged/married/ buying houses/ starting families etc…Even those that are dating have either never tried, or are completely put off by sites such as Tinder etc… My point being if you only meet women on line or in skeezy nightclubs, well, those women are in those situations because they are attracted to that lifestyle, but that may not represent all women. Not sure I’m right about this, just wondering why my experiences seem so different.

      1. I am Canadian, grew up in Vancouver and have lived in Toronto for about the last 8 years. Out of curiosity, what is flyover country? I’ve heard that expression a lot and never knew what area it refers to. In both my hometown and my current home the cost of living is so high that most people in their twenties just can’t afford to troll bars every weekend. They seem to socialize a lot at each other’s houses, which is what we did in Vancouver, for the same reason. In fact, most young people I know, men and women, don’t on line date at all because of the behaviour frequently described on this site. So my impression is that the on line world is attracting a certain type of people.

  34. “In many Asian countries, classrooms are organized so that the top
    students sit in the front row and the worst students sit in the back.
    Every student always knows exactly how he stacks up against other
    It might seem cruel to us, but at least their children don’t grow up
    with the delusion that they are special snowflakes and that everything
    should be handed to them on a silver platter.”
    This is worse than watching Disney Princesses. It creates little government automatrons who value memorization over a true education and who are easily controlled because they accept as truth anything government puts into their head.
    ALL government schools are harmful…regardless of race or national origin.

  35. You guys seriously sound like the biggest losers on the planet. Good lord, what a circle jerk of sophomoric bile. And the ridiculous article itself — it’s so transparently bad you’d think it was satire. Well, normal people would think that, I mean, so none of you moronic fanboys. I also sincerely hope none of you have children, especially girls.

    1. And yet you can`t refute any of his points using logic.
      Go back to Jezebel and feeeeel about facts…

      1. They never can buddy. They can dish out insults easily, like how we sound like the “biggest losers on the planet”.
        But nothing can be refuted using logic (the enemy of feminists everywhere)

    2. Cause we are looking for solutions from the degeneracy of the cultural marxist, who by the way, are doing everything possible to screw you over and quite effectively? You know once your usefulness expires they’ll fuck you over harder than a 18 year old on viagra smoking crack.
      Introduce your ass to the other side of the door.

  36. What causes girls of today feels thrilled when a guy with tattoos approach her? Why they feel creepy when a guy with no tattoos approach to her? What caused besides all the 5 things mentioned in the article to chase bad boys? Why men are forced to act like assholes even though it’s not part of their personality?

  37. Once again it comes down to the parents. I’m not a parent by choice but from what I see Most fathers want best for their girl. They spoil them and then they check out and let the mother handle everything. They use poisonous Disney movies as a default babysitter/ entertainer, morality guide etc and have no clue why these little girls end up turning on their parents by the age of fifteen and go into rebel mode till they hit the wall. Then they come crawling back to the parents IF they are still together. Chances are they divorced by the time the girl was old enough to cope with the divorce. Usually high school or college.
    The bottom line is it comes down to the father and his relationship with the daughter on how she eventually chooses guys to date. If she’s a daddy’s girl with a good father , she probably has good self esteem and will pick a guy thats like her father to settle down with. If she had a shitty relationship with her father , chances are she’s on the pole, the pipe and pretty much hates men.
    Fathers need to fight for their daughters life as far as nurturing a humble down to earth smart girl that will make wise choices. i know the system is set up for a father to fail. Rigged divorce system,Hypergamy, adultery, cheating on the part of the mother but that also comes down to choosing a good woman.The cycle continues.
    I think thers a disconnect as far as female sexuality and the current ideal of a good woman. For too long woman of virtue and good mother material has been the model of the chaste wife with no more than a couple lovers from the past. This belief is old 1930’s thinking and its not realistic. Neomasculinists need to get over the old ideal of what a good woman should be.They fantasize about the June Cleaver virgin at the alter and its bullshit. The hard truth is women are just as sexual or more sexual than guys are. I think we’re seeing this now with the phenomenon of rampant amatuer selfie porn. Sure girls are fueled by constant validation and no drug is more powerful to these vapid girls than attention on the internet. Its not that some women are sluts, I just think we’re seeing a change in the zeitgeist of female sexuality. I just so happens that the internet is their addictive way of showing it. Women do want to be as slutty as guys are. Its just that religion and other obsolete forms of moral control are dissolving and we’re seeing it unfold.
    Sure it would be great to find a chick that hasnt fucked a hundred guys but even the woman thats prim and proper wants to get manhandled and have the shit fucked out of them if they’re actually honest about their sexuality. Red pillers and neomasculinist need to realize that its natural and inherent in femininity to submit and be treated like a slut in the bedroom as long as they’re treated with respect outside of the bedroom. This isnt the 1950’s . Guys need to get over the delusion of the classic no notch virgin at the wedding just as much as girls need to realize they’e probably not going to find Prince Charming and come back down to reality and stop being spoiled brat entitled cunts.

    1. “The hard truth is women are just as sexual or more sexual than guys are.”
      I agree with most of your post, however, this particular line is just bullshit. Any way you look at it, there’s no possible way that women are even CLOSE to as sexual as guys are. If they were, things would be very, very different.
      Look at the market for male vs female prostitutes. That should give you a good indication. Look at hours of porn consumed by men vs women. Another good idea. Mastrubation frequency, men vs women. Or, perhaps most telling, the number of married men saying “I can’t ever get any from my wife” compared to married women saying the same.
      This “women are just as or (even better) more sexual than men” bullshit is just feminist fantasy. Yes, women can have multiple orgasms and men cannot. Yes, one women can fuck 20 men in one night, 1 man cannot fuck 20 women (and have an orgasm with each) in a single night. That’s just physical difference though and has nothing to do with desire for sex.
      We need to set the script correctly, and, “women want sex as much as men” is not rational given all the indicators that I’ve shown above. In fact, they want sex a LOT less than men. They want the resources that come from sex though, which is why they are typically willing to do it.
      The final death of this myth is painfully obvious to any man who’s ever had a hormone imbalance. Most bodybuilders, because of steroid use (including myself) have had times when their estrogen got too high (but still not nearly as high as a woman’s). Let me tell you, you could give 2 fucks about sex. Never think about it, and would never miss it if it didn’t happen again. Now, the flip side of that, get your estrogen controlled correctly and have high levels of test? Holy shit, you’d fuck a goat if it had a nice ass. I remember someone posting on a bodybuilding board that while on cycle, his sex drive was so out of control that he was “beating off in traffic” on his way to/from work. That’s not because he was taking estrogen, it’s because he raised his testosterone level.
      Women are not nearly as sexual/sexually motivated as men. Believe otherwise at your peril.

      1. ^^^^ Agreed.
        Woman are not as sexual, or more sexual, than men. Here’s another reason why.
        Women, every time they have sex with a man, woman, goat, they lose a part of themselves emotionally. They connect, whether they want to or not, and they get most of the gratification from the interaction after orgasm (whether it was hers or his, or the goat’s, doesn’t matter). It is not wired in them to need sex as much. Yes, they respond biologically, but their mind is what gets them off; the fantasy in the build up, and the nurturing after.
        Women who claim they just like to fuck all the time and more than men are doing it for other reasons besides primal instinct. Typically they have some mental problem, or severe emotional issues they are trying to calm down by using sex as a vice, and in the end they wind up used up, depressed, and self hating.

        1. As a regular peruser of the comments section, I appreciate a logical woman’s perspective. Good work.

      2. This.
        Though, for the whole notion that women are as inherently sexual as men, all I need to know is that Roissy considers that notion to be utterly absurd.
        Roissy, the goddamn proprietor of Chateau motherfucking Heartiste. A man who has charted the deepest, darkest recesses of female sexuality and emerged without any illusions.

  38. And it clearly shows how all this filters through to society and those in the public eye – take Simone Battle of the all girl group “G.R.L.” the group was being interviewed by a radio announcer in which they made the point their music was about “empowering women” and yet within weeks of that interview she had committed suicide. Interesting how making negative music about men and committing suicide is empowering women.

  39. Writer dude, Michael Sebastian, knows his Islamic theology very well – dying the beard red (with henna), like اَلإِنْسَانِ الكَامِلْ Muhammad is indeed an indicator of taking his evil religion seriously, ie Salafist/Wahhabist.

  40. Actually, Little Mermaid’s punishment for failure was to turn into some wormlike thing the witch collected for fun. Also the witch looks like your typical fat feminist with weird hair (and tentacles!). As for cutting tongues, the witch did take Ariel’s voice alright. I think it is ok for a children flic to tone down the gore. Watch it yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyFVG4VfPmg
    And why the little mermaid failed? Because the witch tricked and seduced the prince first, by using Ariel’s stolen voice. In the movie, the voice is contained in a seashell, standard freudian symbol for the vagina. From this, we can imply that while Ariel was chaste (voiceless) the witch used sex to seduce the prince. Like feminists use their good looks in their younger years to extract resources from men, while good loyal girls suffer. The wedding: https://youtu.be/A3zNFPKjb44?t=24
    When Ariel failed, her father saved her by becoming the worm himself, giving the witch his trident (a phallic symbol). See how loss of the masculine trident is associated with transforming into a despiceable worm. I think this symbolizes white knights, who give up their masculinity for benefit of feminists. And note that while he just wanted to save his little girl what he actually did was give the witch power to destroy the world. Just like white knights in the government making laws for benefit of women which lead to the downfall of civilization. In the cartoon this is done by actually signing the contact (the law!) by a blast from the trindent (ejaculation). Watch here https://youtu.be/A3zNFPKjb44?t=182
    Then, what the witch does with the newly acquired power? Maybe uses it to build a palace for herself? Like, the Triton’s? No, she just stirs the sea making a great storm. Very feminist indeed.
    And then the prince saves everybody by ramming the witch with his ship. (Did you see the phallic symbolism here again?)
    Watch the final battle here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o642qBLvfQM
    To sum it up: Ariel was a typical stupid girl, who fell in love with a boy, a fat feminist did horrible things to her, almost destroying the world in process, but then her father and boyfriend saved her. Traditional sex roles and stuff. Women screw up, men drag them out.

  41. A very good article, thanks. #4 in particilar hit home, combined with #5 – I do know girls who really were ruined by the influence of things like Sex and the City combined with parents not controlling them and making sure they don’t lose their virginity, they often realise it was all a pack of lies when they hit 30 but by then it’s too late.

  42. “… she has been told her entire life that she is super awesome just the way she is.” On what planet would this be? Anyone have a spaceship they could loan me so I can go there?

  43. 3 and 5 are the most devastating. Not only in US. It’s spread worldwide.
    Many girls in their 20’s don’t know what they want. I know a couple of girls who constantly indulge in one night stands or having friends with benefits but keep turning down decent guys who want a serious relationship because “he is no the one”. Then when they’re in their late 20’s they question themselves: “Why nobody wants to marry me?”.
    I remember I used to fuck a 40 years old milf. She always kept telling me how stupid she was when she was young. She was a 7-8 in her 20s (saw the pictures in bikini) and by her own words she was very desired by many good men (engineers, doctors etc.). She regrets for turning guys for foolish excuses such as: “he was bald”, “he had a long nose” etc. Today she is alone, depressed, without kids (not even a pet) and fucking young guys like me.
    Actually, I’d felt sorrow for her, but later I realized that she deserved this fate. I know it sounds very cruel, but I see many girls behave the same way.
    That’s why pump and dump is the only way today.

    1. You as a man felt compassion for that milf. She, on the other hand, felt no compassion nor remorse for the men she dumped. She only felt regret for herself.

  44. Great article. #1 is what I noticed in the early 2000’s as I had a little one I watch movies with. Every Disney movie portrays the parents are stupid and the kids as smart. Sad part is the girls usually buy into this, boys not so much because boys usually get checked on the playground.

  45. Women are celebrated for expressing their inner manhood by doing manly things like bodybuilding or boxing. When a guy expresses his inner manhood for doing the same things, “omg he’s a sexist closeted homosexual patriarchal neanderthal!”

    1. It’s worth reading about. He was a filthy bastard who never washed to the point he had terrible boils. The oddest thing considering the Marxist feminists is . . . He owned a female slave, got her pregnant and refused to provide any support for the kid. He was almost satanic in his hatred for tradition and humanity, and so influential.

      1. Cool story bro. There was no slavery in England during Marx’s time.
        His housekeeper got pregnant once, and she refused to tell who the father was, Marx being a significant possibility. Engels did recognize paternity, though he might have done it to protect Marx.

  46. In many Asian countries, classrooms are organized so that the top students sit in the front row and the worst students sit in the back. Every student always knows exactly how he stacks up against other students.
    It might seem cruel to us, but at least their children don’t grow up with the delusion that they are special snowflakes and that everything should be handed to them on a silver platter.

    This point is key and one of the reasons I’ve strayed from modern liberalism. Tell me the truth, no matter how hard it is, or don’t if you want to be polite, but don’t fill my head with crap that is not true just because you think it will make me feel better in the moment.
    In the long-term, lying to people (especially children) in this way is a recipe for disaster, as they find that they aren’t able to get what they think they deserve. It’s much better to accept your lot and pursue realistic goals than to keep beating your head against a wall that ain’t going to budge.
    If the message being conveyed by these people was, “Please don’t chastise fat people because they’re usually sensitive about it”, that would be one thing, but actively supporting it and saying bullshit like “fat is beautiful” is disingenuous and actually more damaging as people are set up to have their feelings hurt.
    The same goes with the LGBT issue. Rather than calling it a sociobiological quirk that we should be accepting of and try to find a “best case scenario” approach because they can’t help that they’re that way, the left is actively normalizing this behavior/way of being as if it were on par with heterosexuality, the reason everyone on this planet is here!

  47. The original three Disney princesses (Snow White, Cinderella and Aurora) are hated by feminists because they’re sweet, not whiny despite the actual hardship they face (being abused by evil stepmothers or growing in a peasant hut in the woods), take care of others, and do housework. These may be good role models for girls. As for the Little Mermaid, the Japanese and European adaptations are much closer to the original tale. They have less lavish animation but, on the plus side, no stupid songs.

  48. Marxism is based on the premise of the fallacy of egalitarianism despite the fact that it is not based on reality and is not the same thing as justice
    And since the leveling impulse inherent in egalitarianism is easier to implement by cutting down the greater and the better rather than building everyone up. This results in the destruction of quality in general and creates the hulking mess of socialist societies in general.

  49. You forgot the most important factor: promiscuity, casual sex.
    “Dieu se rit des hommes qui déplorent les effets dont ils chérissent les causes” (In English: God laughs at those who deplore the effects of which causes they cherish)

  50. Fuck Rooshv, the articles your have written in the last month are well written and researched!

  51. There is a country and western song with the lyrics (paraphrased) “Save the whales, don’t date them.” As I scrolled down, I didn’t realize how prophetic it was.

  52. There may not be a single group conspiring for the destruction of Western civilization, but a key place to start would be the Women’s Studies department on nearly every college campus. In fact, I’m surprised this isn’t first on this list.

  53. Arguing what ruined American women is like historians arguing over what killed Rome. That being said, the problems go back a lot further than Disney films: America was and still is a frontier nation. Especially now, more “sausage” is imported daily while the supply of attractive women remains stagnant and even decreases. Even with local exceptions where there’s a high supply of good looking women, it’s hard wired into the culture after centuries going back to Plymouth Rock.
    Next, back to the Rock, there’s white knight chivalry from jolly old England including sailers ordered to go down with the ship (the Birkenhead) that set the (misnamed) “law” of the sea where men were declared disposable. Combined with an emerging “women’s suffrage” movement of the time, even back then, there was a culture of feminine entitlement and men as disposable.
    In the USA, (thanks to Puritan wackos), legalized prostitution was eliminated about a century ago while the “hooking up” culture of modern dinner dating and “pickups” took hold. Normal women would never have dated a scoundrel and normal men wouldn’t have dated a tease. Both such lowlifes would have stuck to the red-light district in the old days.
    Regarding Uncle Karl Marx. Feminism isn’t just dependent upon a state sponsored form of faux equality, but rather upon western chivalrous men running such a state. As we can see, as women truly are gaining more power and influence in western politics rather than as useful idiots, they implode upon themselves such as Western Europe and even the USA. Most women in the states today are far worse off than they were a half century ago.

    1. In the USA, (thanks to Puritan wackos), legalized prostitution was eliminated about a century ago…

      Feminism will ensure that it remains illegal. The militant feminazi crowd knows that control over sex is one of the ways they can extract favors from manginas and white knights.
      Prostitution takes away that control, as a man could simply and easily pay for what he wants then go his merry way.

  54. What has ruined women? The 1960’s. The rise of hippy love, feel good, proto-politically correct bullshit.
    That whole period of time gave birth to all the problems we face now.

  55. Yeah sure, Disney Princesses have ruined a lot of peoples lives… hahahaha…
    Anyhow, all the other items made sense and did I see Roosh in that picture at point #5? perhaps. However, ROK can do better than come up with 5 item list which looks like a warped version of Men’s Health mixed with Buzzfeed.

  56. im laughing at you all so much oh my god. better go dye my hair blue to keep men like you away for good.

  57. #1 reason any of this exists is because Men allow it. Dickheads, literally…. are the cause of Marxisms unending successes.
    Men can boycott this bs and reclaim control but they choose not to because, “pussy!”. Mans weakness I suppose.

    1. The flaw in your theory is that originally pussy was completely free. Cave men bonked cave women over the head, dragged them into a cave and f*cked them doggy style while they were still unconscious like mother nature intended.
      The reason abominations like marxist socialism/collectivism/anti-individualist were invented (as well as society, religion, democracy, civilization, law, etc.,) and embraced was because of the inferiority and weakness (not horniness) of most men which cause them to empathise/identify with females. Most males have more in common with silly twats than they do with a man.
      In a pack of wolves only the alpha male breeds with the females. The beta males are not butt hurt by this, but instinctively know that it is best for the species to only allow the best genetic material to be reproduced. In contrast homo sapiens are primates with brains that are too big for the good of their own species who figured out how every inferior troglodyte could get laid along with how to develope philosophies and technologies that polluted and destroyed their natural environment and health so that a short sighted minority of “elites” could horde more riches than they could ever spend. Naturally this “elite” minority (of which Marx was member) who invened the $hit are in reality the weakest, most inferior betas in a natural environment. The reason they had to employ this survival strategy was to no longer be the complete bottom of the barrel among primates. Homo sapiens are the architects of their own destruction however only one chosen tribe truely profit in the short term, oblivious or indifferent to how it is unsustainable. Even if it doesn’t catch up with them personally in their lifetimes, historically it has always caught up with their descendants. Parasites like termites voraciously eat away at a wooden cabin because it is the only way they can survive, they don’t pace themselves and diet so the cabin will be around long enough for them to give someone a chance to build another one next door that they can move into after the first one is in their bellies so they end up starving.
      If you doubt this historical fact study the ancient Romans and other failed empires. Like today, 99% of males were stupid and weak however if arranged in formation they were a force capable of conquering the ancient world. The original definition of the word “faggot” was a bundle of sticks. Military leaders taught the benefit of formations by easily snapping a skinny twig in half, then bundling a buch of twigs the same size together and challenging anyone to attempt to snap that in half. When nobody could, the lesson was taught. Police/military are modern day “faggots”

      1. Your analysis of the wolf pack is incorrect. Each wolf male pairs off for life with one female. The Alpha pair is the only one that breeds (at the moment) and the entire pack helps raise the pups. Then, very quickly, there is another pair that becomes the alpha pair and breed. It is not a horse herd where one stallion breeds all the mares and fights off all the beta males.

  58. Number 4 is right on target. I am especially disappointed with magz directed at teenage girls and their increasingly sexualized content in the last decade. Seventeen Magazine is a prime example of how teenage girls are indoctrinated with the tween perspective (13 going on 27) that pretty much destroys any realistic expectations for them.
    Number 4 all in itself is food for thought for parents of girls.

  59. Well this all goes back to Roosh’s earlier book review on the CofC. Marx = Jew. Communism = Jew. Feminism = Jew. Civilization’s decay = Jew. It’s really that simple. Jews are a multi-virulent organism bent on destruction. Got Jews, got problems.

    1. it seems like you want to blame all the problems on Jews. So if you run over a nail and you get a flat tire, is that Jew’s fault too? If you accidentally shat on your underwear, would that be Jew’s fault too?

    2. well, for what it’s worth Roosh also gave most exciting reviews to The Way Of Men – a gay book by gay Jack Donovan. what are you going to make of it?

      1. Proto-feminism goes back much further than that, all the way to the so-called world’s oldest “profession”. Feminism was shat out into the world when the first whore had the gall to charge a guy for pussy, and the stupid beta actually paid for it instead of claiming it as his natural right from the weaker sex.

  60. “No man wants his bride to beg him to give her a Dirty Sanchez on their wedding night.”
    You should avoid such sweeping generalizations.

  61. All 10 Planks to the Communist Manifesto have already been installed in the US and most of it happened under the “New Deal” of the tool FDR.

  62. Very solid work until the bizarre and embarrassing foolishness involved in the author’s veering into Marxism. “Cultural Marxism” is not an actual thing, and aside from the wet dream of a deluded few on the left (and in the fevered dreams of conspiracy on the far right) there is no great conspiracy to destroy Western civilization.
    The best refutation of it appears at “Cultural Marxism, Cultural Conservatism and the Frankfurt School: Making Sense of Nonsense,” at

    Western culture, especially American culture, is unique in promoting self-esteem above real accomplishment.

    It has been an extraordinary recipe for disaster. We’ll begin to repair some of the damage when we tie self-esteem to doing estimable things.

  63. Also Instagram, and for two reasons.
    1) It gives spoiled Western women exactly what they want — they can simply fish for compliments via posting pictures. They can even do “reposts” where they post the same picture as previously posted maybe weeks or months before and get the same amount or even more “likes.” “Likes”, or, in a Western woman’s mind, compliments, praises, etc. So, in a sense, not only does it cater to the Western woman’s ideal that she is the center of the universe, but to her laziness — she doesn’t even need to be original to receive flattery.
    2) A girl can look at pictures of a man and — because she is a Westerner and most likely will be much more materialistic — she will judge him based off of his looks. She doesn’t even have to date anymore. She can just refer to a man’s Instagram pictures to see if he is even worth her “precious” time. This is why I don’t have an Instagram. Unfortunately for them, the women I date actually have to get to know me FIRST.

    1. Yeah I’ve viewed a few of these social media type apps.. routinely women who are a 6 at best will have likes in the THOUSANDS. It’s really sick. Plus no way you can ever stand out in a field like that.

    Most men do NOT know how to raise daughters. They default to “my little princess” and spoil them. When they, supposedly, grow up they leave daddy’s house a narcissistic spoiled brat with no skills or inclination to do anything for anyone, especially a nasty man whom all of which oppress women. An important aspect of this is that fathers do not impose consequences on their daughters like they do their sons. It’s the “girls are wonderful syndrome” that blinds the dads.
    Dads raise monsters then release them on the world. The sociopath females have destroyed everything acting out their self entitled expectations.
    If anything, dads should spoil their sons, they get straightened out by society fast. Girls are enabled to become sociopaths for life, no one stands up to them for fear of being “sexist”.

    1. The worst girls are the ones who grow up without fathers, though. They never learn to instinctively build male-female relationships. They end up as sluts with a long history of failed relationships, and many become single mothers… if they don’t murder their baby in the womb before it’s born.

  65. Playboy was art.
    Cosmo is porn. How? Can you find another magazine so completely focused on prurient interest, with no socially redeeming value?

  66. Has anybody read those Cosmopolitan magazines?
    It’s got, “10 things guys crave in bed,” advertised on the cover. I’m curious, does it tell the truth and say, “He wants to fuck your ass and come in your mouth,” in its pages?
    Or is it preaching boring nonsense, like “sensual” massaging guides or new soixante-neuf techniques and other turn-offs?

    1. I read one article while standing in line as some stupid cashier was trying to figure out how to fix the prices for a demanding lady that had a coupon that wasn’t valid then paid in food stamps. It was basically shades of “he wants your butt and then blow his load all over your face” just in female code.

  67. Sex in the City was perhaps the worst influence on a generation of women. Most women now feel like they have to talk about their naughty escapades in public or they aren’t real women.
    I was in a nice restaurant last weekend, a small cozy joint. There were a group of women talking about their weekend hook ups so loud the entire place could here (and there were children in this place too). Finally one girl said “and then I swallowed his entire load” and a mom flipped out going over to the table yelling at them to shut their traps. A few minutes later a manager went over and told them that he had closed out their tab, they weren’t being charged, but they needed to leave immediately. The women argued with the manager outside for a good five minutes (couldn’t hear what was going on) before they left. The manager then had to go around apologizing quietly to every table. Hey at least I got free dessert.

    1. Christ. Record them with an iPhone.
      I have done that with women who go full “drama lama” just to show them what they look like a few days later. They never recall any of the filth and accusations coming out of their mouths until I show them the clip — which they fully denied ever saying just a few minutes prior.

    2. i remember when i was a teenager in Moscow in 80s, one young girl on a bus complained to another that her other girlfriend “didn’t even learn yet how to spread her legs”. there was no “sex in the city” – or anything even close. pretty much any official discussions of sex were suppressed by the Communist Party – let alone its representation in movies or on tv – even mild erotica.

    3. Doesn’t sound like a nice restaurant based on the type of clients they cater for, and on top sounds like it has an incompetent manager, either kick the slags out right away, or fucking own it.
      I’m betting the Girl Scouts will be back this weekend since they got away without paying the tab.

      1. Yeah, way to encourage terrible behavior.. come eat and get drunk and talk about slutty behavior at our establishment, and then we will pick up your tab for you.

    4. I hate sex and the city as much as everyone, however, these were just modern (white) women.
      They are sluts obviously,but ‘Sex and The City’ waas 20 years ago.
      It’s not the tv, it’s the sluts.

  68. Marxist policies that been implemented into today’s American society have taken it’s toll on the family. There is a good portion of the population of females that grew up without fathers or grew up in the typical “mom divorced and remarried and that’s my cool nice step-father” scenario. For the most part, when females are young, they choose their guys to be with based on stupid immature delusional thoughts about what they think is cool. An 18 year old girl might think that a guy that works at Burger King and does drugs and has a low IQ is a high social status cool guy. I see it all the time because those decisions a female makes is based on her juvenile perception and also what mainstream media/hollywood/music industry has taught her. So she’ll actually get with that same guy in her late teens early 20s and have kids with the loser and/or get married to him. Because of this, traditionally, men needed to play a huge role in the types of guys his daughter dated. A grown man that is educated and responsible, will know what type of guy would make a great dependable husband and father in the future. An immature female in her late teens and even through her 20s cannot make those decisions in a lot of cases.

    1. Wow, even the commercials were pleasant. The photograph one told me the Fotomat service is efficient and reliable. Then the nice pleasant woman talks about wheat thins and how tasty they are. I can’t stand to watch any advertising today. And of course it’s never about a simple message like “this is a quality product” or “we offer efficient service” .. no its bullshit like “hey buy this product, it will get you likes on fb”
      Notice how Marsha comes around and realizes the guy is a scumbag at the end, because she is deferring to her father’s judgment, even if it’s just subliminal. So refreshing to see a positive male role model.

      1. Don’t forget that the actor that played the dad was gay and had AIDS when he died of cancer in IIRC 1992.

        1. But he wasn’t openly and proudly gay. I didn’t know he was gay until you said that. There have been gay people since the beginning of time, and that doesn’t bother me. Robert Reed was married and had a child. He kept his other sexual proclivities private and quiet, and they didn’t harm anyone except himself. And I suppose he enjoyed them, so who’se to say they were a net negative to him (he died of cancer after all, not AIDS). More importantly, he portrayed a positive male role model, which is more than any straight male TV actor I can think of is doing in Hollywood these days.

        2. And the actor on Star Trek was just some Canadian guy and nevwr flew through space fucking green naked alien girls. That’s kind of the point of actors.

  69. 1 and 3 result directly from 5.
    We teach our kids that tv shows and movies are just that, works of fiction, and you can never expect things you see in them to work out that way in real life. If anything it makes the escapism more fun as it marks more of a hard delineation between fun and real life.

    1. Doesn’t matter what you tell the conscious brain. No such thing as non-fiction from a deep psychological perspective. Any image the subconscious brain sees or sound that it hears (including subliminals), it takes literally. It can’t distinguish between story / reality, which is why Hollywood is such a destructive societal force. Once a message / image is recorded in the subconscious, it percolates up to affect and ultimately dominate the conscious mind. This is why those in the know who are motivated to subvert / control / dominate a society have always gravitated towards story telling and music (as well as financial / medical / political means, of course also).
      The only protection for children is avoidance. Nothing you’re telling them can convince their subconscious minds to NOT believe it.

  70. They won’t be happy until they destroy the civilization, and unleash hell. When this happens it will be the world of the barbarian, and they’ll all be toast. Feminists, and the wealthy people who support them, will be the first to get slaughtered. We’ve been warning them, and warning them…we are NOT immune from history.

  71. 6. American men – who STILL believe in this:
    “Where does this come from?
    I don’t think there is a single group conspiring for the destruction of Western civilization,
    NWO Plans Exposed By Insider In 1969
    ‘This is a transcript of two out of three tapes on the “New World System.” Tapes one and two were recorded in 1988 and are the recollections of Dr. Lawrence Dunegan regarding a lecture he attended on March 20, 1969 at a meeting of the Pittsburgh Paediatric Society. The lecturer at that gathering of paediatricians (identified in tape three recorded in 1991) was a Dr. Richard Day (who died in 1989). At the time, Dr. Day was Professor of Paediatrics at Mount Sinai Medical School in New York. Previously he had served as Medical Director of Planned Parenthood Federation of America.
    Dr. Dunegan was formerly a student of Dr. Day at the University of Pittsburgh and was well acquainted with him, though not intimately. He describes Dr. Day as an insider of the “Order” and although Dr. Dunegan’s memory was somewhat dimmed by the intervening years, he is able to provide enough details of the lecture to enable any enlightened person to discern the real purposes behind the trends of our time. This is a transcript of a loose, conversational monologue that makes for better listening than reading.’

  72. 1. That’s rhetorical. Proof of this is, you still see “mature” women idolizing Princesses. At least when occasionally I still watch Dragonball, I get a better lesson from Son Goku, like being kind and noble towards others and training hard.

  73. “…not recycling”
    You lump environmental stewardship in with tranny bathroom bullshit? Nope. Recycle god damn it.

    1. Either you recycle or put the trash in its place, or you risk having the town or city you live in looking like either an inner city hood or a dirty trailer park. Plus, recycling has helped me be a bit more self reliant financially. So I send a shout out to all the drunkards out there who leave their empty tall boy cans all over the place.

      1. All the cool kids recycle glass and metal. Both are nearly infinitely reusable with the simple application of heat, and require far less natural resources than producing new virgin material.
        …oh, and I guess food waste. If you’ve got a plot of land you’re growing at least some vegetables. Free compost is nice for the tomatoes.
        Everything else is completely bullshit. More resources, more energy, more clean water wasted to “recycle.”

    2. Yeah one of my pet peeves is when anyone who rejects modern feminism needs to be pigeonholed into the category of a bodybuilding gun toting Trump voting Berlin Wall building environment hating evangelical Christian racist. I’m a left-leaning non-spiritual libertarian (ie more concerned about the environment, civil rights, general welfare (in the classical sense). Which drives the feminists even nuttier if they find out that I share some views with them.

  74. Feminism results naturally from all the other trends in modernity which dissolve traditional, organic social bonds.
    Don’t like what the Catholic Church teaches? Find a Protestant pastor who preaches what you want to hear, and join his church.
    Don’t like the deal offered by the Flemish merchant? Take the better deal offered by the Jewish merchant.
    Don’t like living under the French king? Shop around for another sovereign who offers to treat you better.
    Don’t like living in Europe or the British Isles in general? Get on a ship and settle in a colony far away from the Old Country.
    So, of course, women observe what the menfolk in their communities do, and they decide: Don’t want to marry the cousin in your village chosen for you by your parents? Hook up with that handsome and mysterious Mr. Faust who came through town instead, and go with him to wherever he wants to go.
    In other words, in a way the forces which resulted in modern feminist degeneracy started several centuries ago. A radical solution to the problem would probably also require restoring the kind of society we had perhaps 500 years ago, unless someone can think of a more elegant way to bring women to heel that would work in modern societies.

  75. Awesome article. Never realized how much of an effect the archetypes of the Disney prince/princess have on imprinting young girls. The line “Our culture has gradually been replacing real sins with imaginary ones. In place of lying and stealing, we have transphobia and not recycling” is quote-worthy.

    1. Women get pissed off when they try to talk about princesses around me. Telling them that princesses were nothing more than vagina-slaves to whoever their father sold them to is quite upsetting.

      1. I love the poster/meme that shows a knight in armor with the word “She asked me to treat her like a princess” at the top. At the bottom are the words, “So I married her off to the second son of the king of Poland to strengthen our military alliance”

  76. I sing lead vocals in a band and speak 2 languages so I am at least 1/2 of their expectations for a Prince Charming….

  77. In the original tale of cinderella called cendrillion , she kills her first stepmother and the punishment is a wereguild, so her father marries the maid, and she becomes a maid to pay off the wereguild which is a gold ring and is impossible on a maids salery, so when the ball comes because the warlord wants a wife,there is no fairy god mother in the original story so her father gives her the mothers wedding dress and squirrel slippers.

  78. You left off birth control which encourages women to have sex way more than Disney and blue hair.

  79. “No man wants his bride to beg him to give her a Dirty Sanchez on their wedding night.” SPEAK FOR YOUR SELF! Give me that Cleveland steamer too!

  80. I don’t want 16 naughty strokes? T.. no, I want at least 20 like a tootsy pop.

  81. I don’t see what Karl Marx has anything to do with. It’s akin to saying the U.S. went downhill after Lincoln was assassinated.

    1. I know, if Marx was the cause, you would former Communist countries like Ukraine would have women worse than American. Instead is the opposite.
      I think Marx said were spot on, like worker should unite to own the means of production instead of being a slave to make capitalist bosses richer. But this idea of ‘to each according to need’ is a total green light for individuals to live irresponsibility because the government will bail you out of your mistakes.

      1. Communism was invented by jews in russia as a weapon to infect the USA (hippy communes of the 1960’s and beatnicks before that) as a cold war strategy. Unions were invented to turn members of the same racial tribe against each other based on artificially created differences in economic class after inventing capitalism first so there would be something for communism to revolt against later.

      2. Prior communist countries hav populations that have first hand experience on how stupid and deadly communism is. Therefore they learned to hate it and avoid all its works. As a result their women are not like western women that are still in the process of drinking the Kool-Aid.

  82. Very few people had read and understood this:
    – The Communist Manifesto
    – The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
    “In The Origin of the Family, Private Property, and the State, Engels predicted that the family would be destroyed to give rise to “the gradual growth of unconstrained sexual intercourse.””
    Perfect example: Sweden today. 100% comunist!

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