10 More Magazine Covers That Will Trigger The Feminists And SJWs In Your Life

Here are 10 more Modern Beta Magazine covers that I recently put together for ROK readers…

I hope you will share them with your friends and family. Doing so will sure make it a heck of a lot easier to spot the betas, feminists, SJW’s and cucks in your personal sphere of habituation, that’s for sure. (And as the wise man once said, “Forewarned is forearmed…”)

So without further adieu, let’s get started.

1. Fake a brain tumor


2. Cuck lives matter


3. Bring out your inner beta bad boy


4. Notch count math for betas


5. Hot workout video


6. How NAWALT can prevent suicide


7. Hot bedroom talk


8. How to get an alpha male fired


9. Why buying your wife breast implants has its perks


10. Christmas cooking for cucks



An ROK reader asked about printing the first batch of 16 magazine covers out, and putting them in conspicuous places, like public restrooms. I’m all for that if anybody has a mind to do so.

By right-clicking on each image, and then selecting “View Image”, you should be able to pull them up in a much-cleaner (and smaller) format, which will be suitable for printing.

I hope you enjoyed these latest magazine covers, and don’t forget to do your best to wake up the men who are still on the fence regarding the red-pill perspective. We are facing a long, uphill climb, but every little bit of effort helps.

So wake up a few betas, SJW’s and cucks today, by sharing these images with as many people as you can. If enough people do their part, who knows, maybe the current epidemic of mind-numbing SJW retardedness will soon be history.

And if not, we’ll still be able to get a good laugh out of it. It’s an ultimate win/win either way…

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123 thoughts on “10 More Magazine Covers That Will Trigger The Feminists And SJWs In Your Life”

        1. I mentioned some time ago, that Kratom almost did opium in back in the day, in Thailand.
          It took a death penalty ban on Kratom for opium to get back on the horse, so to speak.

    1. Besides kidding, ourselves, Someone really needs to study the reasons for why such hysteria becomes more commonplace, Paul Joseph Watson offers in one of his videos an explanation (attention seeking, sorry I meant whoring) but while true it is too specific that really shows some damage.

  1. Apparently Corey Haims rapist may soon be revealed, and he’s supposedly an A-list actor and household name.

      1. According to “Radar Online” it could become one of the biggest pedophile scandals in american history.

  2. Here in Australia those ‘End Violence Against Women’ posters are often inside public toilets so putting the main image from #8 next to one would be perfect.

  3. The most politically incorrect piece published in a magazine was back in 1979 in the National Lampoon Magazine, “The Hughes Engagement guide”
    Link: http://archive.is/UTmnA
    Before and After pictures of your woman’s looks based on age (diagram)
    Body part looks trajectory over time based on different initial conditions i.e. large tits, medium tits, small tits (diagrams)
    Personality assessment tables based on a given action in a given context
    How to unveil female trickery (diagram)
    Genealogy assessment to determine offspring appearance and health via deception and distraction
    Family background check to determine future financial and emotional burden in the future
    How to conduct a physical exam involving penetration of the
    vagina and anus with your index and middle fingers (Have her cough for
    you while inside)
    How to judge future sex quality based on initial quality and quantity.
    “The food gets better, but not the sex”
    Tell tale signs that she is luring you in for high investment so that she can get fat and lazy
    Gives examples of women bullshitting to not put-out
    How to strategically determine her natural looks and aroma without her catching on.
    How to detect fake sexual pleasure
    Backup plans you should make just in case you decide to back out during the wedding.

      1. You would enjoy a documentary from a few years back about Natl Lampoon during its heyday

        1. I saw one on Showtime a few weeks back. Went over all the major players. What happened to them, and with them. Don’t know if that was the same one or not…(???)

        2. Probably, the movie is newish, made maybe 3 or 4 years ago. Man, to be writing for them back in the 1970s…

        3. I wish I had a time machine for that opportunity…probably be dead from all those drugs though. What a way to go.

  4. One thing you said that was right even for alphas: sex with hot girls is overrated. Most of them suck in bed. Really, why would they waste their time learning good sex techniques? Men literally salivate to please them.

        1. I agree with you. Hot women are usually lousy in bed, unless they want something. They figure they can just lay there and the guy will go nuts and blow his load at the mere sight of them (and they’re usually right).

        2. This is my experience about 50/50. A lot of very hot women are incredibly insecure for some crazy reason.

        3. Usually. I agree. But if they are trying to get a rock star to marry them, or some billionaire, they’ll pull out all the stops – “OMG you’re a CHAMPION…nobody fucks me like you do.” And suddenly they’ll start sucking it like a hooker with an oral fixation. Grunting, groaning, faking multiple orgasms, etc. Fuckin’ cunts. Can’t trust one of ’em!

        4. Yup. Dated this 10. She caused fights in bars, car accidents. She wore bulky sweatshirts much of the time – allegedly had body dysmorphia. Insecure as fuck on the one hand. Arrogant cunt on the other. Nice bunch of girls, like all of ’em are…and yeah, she was a lousy fuck. But it didn’t matter. All she had to do was look at me and say, “Wanna fuck?” – and I was all over it. Shameful, in retrospect.

        5. I find that girls who make their living in the fashion world have a startling mix of knock out looks, horrible insecurity and daddy issues. It often makes for just incredible fucks.

        6. Hmm. Most hotties I’ve dated were boring in bed. Guess I need to take some Kneeman notes…do you talk dirty. Do you ask, “Who’s your daddy?” Spill it, brother. I need tricks for my golf bag on the Senior Circuit.

        7. I spank my own ass Bob. I am that fucking good.
          Seriously though. My “method” if you want to call it that is pretty simple. I stick to girls who happen to really be turned on by something I am (whether it is being the opposite of their ex or the fact that I am a big corporate dude or the fact that I come from nothing, or that I have a framed picture of me boxing on my wall, or that I was a philosophy professor). I tick a lot of boxes and stick to girls who are revved up by that. I never drop frame and I always ghost within 2 months usually sooner.
          If I don’t have a box to tick for a girl then I am getting to fuck her. I turn those down in search of the girl who is looking to get fucked by something I am.

        8. I mean, in the end it is simple. Everyone wants something. Learn to tell what a woman wants and then learn to be honest with yourself if you have it. You find some little 9 who just moved to the city and is working as an admin at some large company, living with 3 room mates in the city for the first time and trying to make it on a shoe string budget. Her boyfriend back home is crying to her on the phone and constantly feeling jealous and insecure.
          When she meets me: totally different than what she knew growing up, knowing the city inside and out, with a job closer to her bosses job than her peers, not a jealous faggot like her crying boyfriend at home, knowing all the right places to go, introducing her to people in business and fashion who all smile when they see me, walking into restaurants her friends talk about wanting to go to and having the bartender shake my hand, manager come out and greet me and everyone is super nice to her because she is on my arms. I am not trying to get laid anymore. She is. She is trying to fuck me.
          Moreover, it isn’t about who I am. It is about what she fantasizes about. Another girl may quickly roll her fucking eyes at that treatment and not give me the time of day. The cool thing about living in new York is that you are on an island where there are 3 million singles with a 3:1 female to male ratio easy. It is just a matter of knowing what a person’s triggers are and being honest enough with yourself about whether you hit them or not.

        9. Okay now…”Kneeman’s Banging Bible”. That would be a really good read. I am filing these pearls of yours away for future reference. I have never looked at game in that way before. And it’s solid as fuck (as you know). It makes sense, which is the most important aspect, I think…too much of that, “Hustle and close the deal” shit out there. I really like the psychological approach to game. Much more interesting and useful, I think…bravo dude.

        10. Surprisingly enough, I had some really hot russian girl give me the whole nine yards.
          Women probably won`t care about your pleasure unless you`re ridiculously high value. Uglier women will go out of their way to please. Hypergamy ya know.

        11. Makes sense. Women with small tits are pleasers, too. I think it’s all wide open for critical analysis and critical thought.

        12. agreed. I never understood the hustle and close the deal stuff. I mean, I guess population density plays a role in it, but why do I want to close a deal with a girl when with just a little patience I can find a girl that wants to close a deal with me. Those are the ones who will really put out.
          I just finished a few week relationship with a fashion model from Russia. She was really impressed with my education. She comes from a very educated family and is here in new York surrounded by fashion people. She also liked my masculinity because her work has her around fags all the time. We went to a bunch of parties for new York fashion week. I am not kidding when I say that she got me closest to oneitis than any girl in a long long time. I actually had to blow things up with her sooner than I would have liked because I can’t run that risk. She was so good that I found myself drinking less for fear of losing frame. I would flirt with her friends and she would get pissed at them and then take me home and fuck. But the stuff that impressed the girl in the last scenario? She can get that by batting her eye lashes. Rich finance guys would kill each other to give her that treatment. But how many of them were professors? How many of them were boxers?
          I don’t know if you play bridge. I picked it up in grad school and used to play with my friends on the weekends. It is an interesting game (like spades or hearts) and if you know any of those games you know that there are stronger and weaker cards, but it is always less about that and more about what the right card to play in the right situation is.
          I am not about to play some fucking clown game to get some girl to let me fuck her? Fuck that noise. I want to give a girl the fantasy she dreams about so it turns her on to the point that she is about to rape me. I can’t do it for every girl but I can do it for some. What’s important to remember is that it can’t be maintained. 4-8 weeks tops. After that the fantasy dies. By that point I am gone. This is why they invariably will call me back after they go through a few guys who play the game and bore her.

        13. The thing is though… She’s actually enjoying it lol. That’s how you can tell the broken ones, they get bitter about it.

        14. . I never understood the hustle and close the deal stuff.
          It’s an ironic thing you are saying. Usually it is people from privileged homes that are accused of not appreciating what people from difficult backgrounds have to go through. You on the other hand do not appreciate what men who lack excellence and drive go through. Which is a very funny thing to see in a person.
          Most of us aren’t boxers, corporate heads or philosophy professors, and even rarer still is any man all three, especially for someone that made it from nothing.
          The majority of us don’t have either the drive or desire to do what you have done. Nor should we. Note I didn’t bring up your looks, intelligence or physical height, I strongly suspect if you were an ugly short guy with average intelligence your success would still be high because you clearly have a strong will and drive. This simply is not all of us, nor would society necessarily be effective if it was. The most important quality that all men must have is integrity which is a broad category that includes respecting the needs and property rights of other men with a set of laws that establish order so that men can be effective in a way that advances the general good.
          The other thing I’ve noticed in your writings is that there is a sterile aspect to the life you describe. Which again is ironic given that the life you describe has every other aspect of virility save for the results of virility. That is, the life I’ve read you describe is not directed towards the greater good of a wider group.
          Note, I’m not criticizing you. I can’t.
          I lived in NYC for most of my life, I know firsthand that there are very good reasons why a sane man would avoid having children or commitments of any kind in such an environment. There is no point asking a man to build and work a farm if it’s guaranteed that raiders/government will come in every couple of weeks to steal everything he’s grown.
          Unfortunately the West has degenerated into that state without realizing it.

        15. I’ll assume you’re talking about but he girls who aren’t models and wish they were. I work with runway models, and the lot of them are quite balanced. Imagine that.

        16. More the ones who are doing run way for nothing or maybe nominal fees for smaller designers with the hopes of moving up to the next rung. It wasn’t that I found them unbalanced. Actually, if you ask some people I spoke to I said I was positively close to oneities with the one I was seeing hence my need to blow it up. However, I do feel that that world didn’t lead towards a stable and traditional kind of relationship which is how the thread got started.

        17. I have worked in the fashion world for 6 years. All of the above is true. Working with models really messes with your mind. I loved my Dad a lot.. he passed last year. He also told me women have to be thin and pretty…. wish he told me more about making money honestly. Men are want women that majored in something real. :’ ( I just know how to make things pretty.

        18. I don’t know, I think thin and pretty goes a long way so long as you have a man that appreciates it and separate what the woman’s job is from what the man’s job is and both sides make sure to do what is expected of them

    1. Yeah it also takes a lot of game to get some head out of them that it isn’t even worth it half the time.

      1. I state that, even though they have experience, said experience wasn’t fruitful. Just like a gym workout with a dude with no form.

  5. Looks like OP is recovering from trauma, has cucked beta syndrome. The male equivalent of the feminist who has rape tourette syndrome.

  6. Number two-WRONG, any man holding Kratom is not going to be wearing a sissy looking beret, he is going to be building a rock house or digging a mine with a shovel or going lion hunting with his bare hands.

    1. Or, like ultra-alpha-man Henry Knox, he’ll be dragging artillery pieces for many miles, aiming them using his math skills, loading 24-pounders with one arm and then firing them without causing injury to himself or others.

    2. Digging a mine with a shovel? Shovel and lion hunting with bare hands? What kind of faggot watered down Keatom you using down there in Georgia? After a line of Kratom I dug a mine with my dick and lions just kill themselves

      1. Well, we try to give the lions a sporting chance and the last time I dug a mine with my dick I wore a blister on it. It already looked kind of rough from getting the hell beat out of it a couple of times a day when I was a teenager and I didn’t want to make it worse.

        1. I gave a girlfriend Kratom once, and she started kicking my nuts and then ripped my fucking house down. Literally (Hitler)!

      2. Thats weird, I was able to dig the mine by just pissing on the ground, and Lions decided to work for me.

  7. So you guys really never were in a normal, at least semi-mature (mutually respectful, fulfilling) relationship? Is it really what all your experiences look like? I’m really curious.

    1. Humor is basically telling a plausible sotry and blowing one element way out of proportion.
      -paraphrased from G. Carlin (That’s twice today)
      Do not hate fun.

  8. I might have some tasks for you. But only if you can mold clay figurines with your vagina muscles or suck the tarnish off a lawn jockey. Call me…

  9. That was really Good, especially #8 which is the most serious as these pathetic skirt chasers would ruin everyone to have the idea that one day they may get laid.
    Keep up the Good Work Bob Smith!

    1. Thanks brother. I have a new one for submission at a later date. “The Period of Modern Feminism” (magazine). Heavy emphasis on “Period” there, complete with a bloody handprint up top. These are unbridledly brutal. No punches pulled.

    1. Thanks, man. Best I can do there is suggest a right-click on the image, and then select “View Image”. Comes up cleaner…

    1. I notice you’re doing this on every article. Make a snark about the article, then tell us all how ROK is in decline. Try to flesh things out a bit, don’t be a one trick pony.

  10. Guys, this is absolutely fucking awful. All the people who contribute here and they couldn’t find someone remotely proficient at photoshop? Tell me where to enlist on here and I’ll make some goddamn covers for you.

    1. So put your money where your mouth is and and post an image here in the comments. The OP started out doing that and put them here all in one place because so many asked him to do so.
      He even managed to do it without putting someone else down.

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