What Will The Next Great SJW Hysteria Be?

With the rapid implosion of the UVA rape case, America’s bout of rape hysteria appears to be grinding to a halt. Like lemmings strutting off a cliff, the SJW media and prominent feminists lined up behind Rolling Stone and Sabrina Rubin Erdely’s tale of violent gang rape at a University of Virginia frat… only to be left with egg on their faces when it was revealed that the “victim,” Jackie Coakley, was nothing more than a psycho stalker with an overactive imagination.

But just because one lie has been punctured doesn’t mean that the SJW hate machine will be stopping any time soon. What crisis will the aggrieved dilettantes of xoJane and Jezebel be manufacturing next?

While it’s difficult to predict these things in advance, if we look at all of the white girl problems of the past couple years, from “street harassment” to college rape claims, a few commonalities emerge. By analyzing the traits of previous SJW witch-hunts, we can get a clearer idea of which society-wide issue we’ll be expected to care about next. (Credit to AnonymousBosch of the Roosh V Forum for giving me the idea for this article.)

My personal opinion is that we’ll be seeing a lot of stories about women confronting their online “harassers.” It’s a narrative that fits in with existing SJW ideology, triggers the defective personalities of young women, and benefits the powers that be. Here’s why.


1. The story must be something that the writer is personally involved in.

Because modern women are malignant narcissists, they can’t imagine any reality outside of their own. As a result, virtually all SJW hysterias are driven by first-person accounts of the supposed horrors that some women are facing. The more grotesque the experience, the better, and no story is too unbelievable for the average SJW. This is how we ended up with abortion clinic escorts decrying how pro-life protesters call them “Nazis” and women talking about how men jack off on their exposed legs in the subway. The women who write these stories are seeking narcissistic supply in the form of other women calling them “strong,” “brave,” or “independent.”

Online harassment stories from SJW personalities like Anita Sarkeesian are a dime a dozen these days. Some of these stories are true, such as 4chan’s infamous trolling of Jezebel with rape and gore porn, while others are clearly invented or faked by the SJWs in question. Either way, they serve the narrative, and the narrative is all that the left cares about.


2. The story must be unverifiable.

SJW witch-hunts need to be about something that few women will ever experience, ensuring that no one will call bullshit on obviously fake stories. The reason why so many people bought the UVA rape hoax, for example, was precisely because so few women are raped. The most effective hoaxes are those that prey on the ignorance and gullibility of the average moron, which is how phony memoirists such as James Frey and “Misha Defonseca” were able to foist blatant lies on the reading public.

Online harassment more than fits the bill here. All a woman has to do to get attention these days is claim she’s receiving “rape threats” or “death threats.” In many cases, she doesn’t even have to provide evidence that she’s receiving threats, and many SJWs have tried to pass off fake threats as real to get sympathy. Given that Sabrina Rubin Erdely and Rolling Stone didn’t bother to thoroughly investigate Jackie Coakley’s story of being gang-raped for hours on broken glass, what makes you think the media will bother to verify SJW claims of “harassment?”


3. The story must benefit some very powerful people.

This is the clincher. Every single SJW narrative pushed by the mainstream media is one that benefits corporations, the government, or another powerful group. Money is the secret force behind every SJW campaign, whether it’s Suey Park accusing Stephen Colbert of “racism” to gin up interest in her speaking engagements or Gawker Media hurting their rival Business Insider by drawing attention to Pax Dickinson’s “offensive” Tweets. For example, few if any people have been drawing attention to Sabrina Rubin Erdely’s connections to Emily Renda, who serves both as UVA’s Vice President of Student Affairs as well as on the Virginia Governor’s Task Force on Combating Campus Sexual Violence.

The most common remedy for ending online harassment, suggested by everyone from Facebook’s Randi Zuckerberg to anti-GamerGate SJW developer Ernest W. Adams to the British government, is ending online anonymity. While many writers have focused on the chilling effect this would have on free speech, the real motivator for banning online anonymity is money. Facebook, Google, Twitter and other social media companies make money by selling their users’ data to advertisers, and the more data they have, the more money they can make.

That’s the joke here: social justice warriors imagine themselves to be valiant crusaders against an oppressive society when they are nothing more than tools of corporate and government power. Every witch-hunt they instigate, every “shitlord” they harass, every cause they champion was bought, sold, and paid for by the ultra-rich. If you want to predict what they’ll be bleating about in 2015, just look at who happens to be pulling their strings.

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368 thoughts on “What Will The Next Great SJW Hysteria Be?”

  1. Anything that allows SJWs to play the victtim could become their next hysterical crusade. They feed of playing the victim as it gives them purpose in life.

    1. There’s only one way to combat this and that is giving in to the true destruction of man. Take a page from the middle east. They’re women are loyal and obedient because of threats to their lives.
      The only way to defeat the SJW is by accepting the rule of nature. Kill or be killed. Hunt or be hunted.

      1. The other law of nature is that most men never get a woman. Let’s not go that route. Under the Christian Western traditions each man had a wife and family if he wanted one.

        1. Yeah i remember that. Because a single mom was seen as an outlaw or a whore with a bastard. They asked questions with common sense back then. Today it´s called empowerment and independance….

    2. It’s all they know how to do. It’s attention whoring at it’s finest and they’ve been trained (through generations) on how to complain (about anything and everything). If anyone tries to suggest or complain, then they attack and take over because no one is a bigger “victim” then the white, entitled female. They’ve had it so tough over the years…so how could anyone understand.
      Fucking snowflakes.

      1. That’s exactly right, stupid thing is white females in the Aglosphere are the most protected an entitled people on the plannet yet they claim to be the biggest victims. We’ve created a generation that seems to take pride in being a victim.

        1. Oh yeah. It’s pretty bad when you see these 20 year girls out there today on social media acting like they were put through death camps and sold into slavery. You’d think we owed them everything because they’ve made it through so much…I just shake my fucking head.

        2. Yea I see it an shake my head too. Must be hard being born and in a society that tells you you’re smarter, stronger an can take more pain than men, having affirmative action to put more women in the workplace, an generally having no restrictions put on your behavior with the ‘you go girl’ and ‘YOLO’ type thinking that is prominent in our culture. Yep those poor innocent millennial women living in the Anglosphere have it so bad.

        3. Indeed. Society, as a whole, has been giving them nothing but praise and it has been “empowering” them since birth. Yes, the latest round (generation) of these “empowered” women is ridiculous – see Facebook posts or Instagram with all the selfie shots.
          It reminds me of how the unions got out of hand with asking for more and more….and then they wondered why a company would pack up (and relocate). Truly idiots.

  2. Maybe an unrelated thought but I’m not sure. Watching people like Sarkeesian, Zoe Quinn, Sarah Lacey, etc., is like deja vu. I’ve seen identical models, with different methods of implementation, enacted within the Black community. Professional “victim”, as a career, is not a new thing. The feminists seem to be taking a page from Al Sharpton, Tawana Brawley, The Jena 6, Trayvon Martin (his mom copyrighted his name), Michael Brown (his family fought over the sale of t-shirts with his image), and countless others who are part of the Civil Rights Industrial Complex.

    1. what does that even mean? If I named my gender-neutral child Trayvon, she can sue me? Do I have to pay her a licensing fee?

      1. Same bullshit here. A muslim can do whatever he wants and when he gets the special treatment he deserved it´s the evil internalized nazi in us. But that he himself put him into the position first and did shit no sane and civilized person would do is not a question to ask in public. The color white is to blame and if it is an earthquake. IT was the white color that did it. And sorry… but why cry for a gang member who robs weaker guys and bullies them in his private live ? Fuck that too!

        1. “A muslim can do whatever he wants”
          Since 9/11, Muslims are frowned upon everywhere.
          Have you even read the report on Brown’s death?

        2. They are frowned upon so much, that they get away with worshipping in public and blocking the street (happens all the time at the mosque near me). Its illegal to worship in public. Do a search for this in France and Germany. They shut down streets during prayer.

      2. Isn’t that a misspell there? I thought it’s “Gone Too Soon”. Maybe it’s just me.. I am not familiar with some of the minorities intricacies..

    2. Equalism is a human flaw that repeats itself throughout history
      The moment one equalist is old enough to stop believing in equality, or dies, young children take up that idealism, and so on

  3. If I had to guess, I would not be surprised to see them try to take down some high-profile male CEOs in 2015. Being male and capitalist makes them inherently evil in the eyes of the SJW. Corporate Boards are cowardly and stupid – so they will toss a CEO under the bus if some fake allegations make the headlines.

    1. that’s been happening from day one and is nothing too special. Any corporate board will throw their own under bus if it keeps the wheels turning.

      1. Like the PGA guy (president of PGA, or announcer maybe?) who got pilloried for saying some golfer swung like a little girl. Of curse, dude did swing like a little girl…

  4. Its a bit vague what im saying, but pick some number of traditional, masculine activities and im sure at least one of those will be demonized.
    Also I predict PUA guys and approaching women in general will have far worse call-to-arms and demands for legal protection against perceived “harassment”, shaming males pursuing women and attempts to make a faux stigma as has been seen before but more widespread here.
    What a sick country America is turning out to be. Those with personality disorders and emotional issues are knighting themselves before mounting their chariots of entitlement on their quest to destroy the lives of others.

    1. I now know the answer. Dont care about the “others”. Only care about yourself and the ones who are like you. Redpillers all over the world need to realize that our western society is shit. It´s garbage and we have to move ahead alone with our rules. No sympathies or emotions attached to what was good but what is there for us to get.

      1. I don’t want to be a part (with the exception of being part of what will probably be the small part that resist those who would destroy what’s left of American society.
        On the other hand, I don’t want to stand by and simply let it happen.
        But I can definitely tell that I’m back to looking into pursuing a more worthwhile woman from overseas. I’ve almost had enough of what a large percentage of American women do.

        1. I know exactly what you mean. But i have thought so many times about my own complex of -heroism. And it´s a mistake. This concept was worthwhile in a time where we were raised this way. But today you only hurt yourself. You have one life only and thats yours. But i understand your feelings about wanting to not let it all happen;)
          And the only real deal we can do is to improve ourself and try to convince guys to open up their eyes. Just awake them slowly who are worthy of it.

  5. Whatever their next move will be, feminists have proven one thing:
    As long as they have corrupt government to support their actions, then they will attempt to destroy more innocent men. A woman by nature, is dysfunctional and the epidemic of false rape cases that we have witnessed this year, proves my point.
    It is with the wave of feminism that more men are now growing angrier and more importantly, more stronger. Over the course of the year, I have noticed how much more support the manosphere is getting and it simply goes to show you just how fed up and pissed men rightfully are. As more men start to take the red pill and awaken to the reality of the hell which feminists have created for us, it is important, that we as men, continue to support and guide one another in the manosphere, by providing our wisdom and knowledge because in essence, this is truly the most effective way to combat against feminism and the corruption that they spread.
    And I truly believe that it is working. Society and even the mainstream media is starting to notice the effects of the manosphere growing- the decline in marriage, the decline in sperm donation, the decline in relationships etc. Of course, you will have the snooty critics claiming that we are the degenerates of society. On the contrary- we as men are simply responding to a hostile environment which has been created and perpetuated by the evil force known as feminism.
    As long as feminism continues to disrupt our society, then I believe that the manosphere will continue to grow stronger. I believe that the manosphere is the antidote and cure for the poison spread by feminism. I hope that the strong proponents such as Tom Leykis and Return of Kings, will continue to endevour and support us men as we go into a new year. And I will do my part to help and contribute towards supporting other men with my wisdom and knowledge.
    Have a happy new year and I wish everyone a happy 2015.

    1. Almost sounds the manosphere will reach the point of pulling an ISIS and just killing off women ala Elliot Rodger. After all, it is in man’s nature to seek, conquer, destroy, leave no survivors. It is up to men to herald in the apocalypse for it is meant to happen anyways.

      1. What you just described, perfectly describes a woman.
        Afterall, it is in a woman’s nature to seek, conquer, destroy, leave no survivors (men) in a feminst dystopia that the Western hemisphere has turned into.

        1. Not in this case. Women were not the reason for imperialism…the conquering of lands. Women did observe this and applied it to how to destroy men.
          That’s a bad analogy and it makes you sound like a wuss.
          At best women don’t have the drive to conquer, they just want what they want and the survivors are the kids. If not, women still expect men to man up after they leave them.

        2. “At best women don’t have the drive to conquer, they just want what they want and the survivors are the kids.”
          Yes like the millions of babies that women abort every year.
          Good job on those “survivors” faggot.
          It is good knowing you will likely never reproduce or just kill off your offspring. At least you are aware even sub-consciously that your genes are the shit stain of humanity.

        3. Women don’t care about anyone else but themselves….yes, even the kids are second to them. Women are too self centered to care about anything outside of attention whoring.

      2. What a stupid thing to say. While conquest may be the nature of alpha males, it has played an important role in the evolution of society. Had men not sought new vistas to conquer since he formed his first thought, we’d still be swinging from trees.
        As for the rest, if it’s ‘man’s nature to destroy’, why the fuck has man built civilization from nothing but an idea, two bags of dirt and a rock? Why are there skyscrapers piercing the clouds, automobiles and ships and nature reserves and markets and currency and the internet and space travel and every other thing humans rely on/enjoy? All of it, CREATED BY MEN. Yes, there are some men w/ destructive natures, but they have obviously lost to the creators.
        It is the female, in her blind narcissism, that destroys. Just as we are seeing now in the West; man has created a safe place where women were free to do as they please, and women immediately set about destroying it like the rampaging, doltish, self-obsessed trolls they are, tearing everything down simply because they have no other way to make their mark on the world. When females haven’t bothered maturing past the age of 14, destruction is all they’re really capable of.

        1. I didn’t know the. RHO whatever state/county did that.
          You sound just like one of them actually.
          Also what man had created did get destroyed, quite repetitive of human nature might I add.
          Men need to realize you can’t have it both ways. You can call a chick on her narcissism but that’s what happens with consumerism.
          You sound like a Middle Eastern male with that mindset.
          That is comtinuing the spiral. Find something that breaks the spiral otherwise you talk like how women talk.

        2. He appears to be a troll sent to discredit the manosphere through linking it to ISIS and Rogers, both patently absurd comparisons on any level.

        3. Yep…the Elliot Roger reference was a giveaway.
          Fortunately (and unlike feminism), the manosphere can’t be summed up by referring to some lunatic even slightly related to it

        4. For me the redpill is about MYSELF. I can share my experience with you guys and we all try to improve everyone here and there with wisdom and skills or recommendations but it´s all about yourself. I wouldnt want a club with a name. And thats a good thing. PRO individualism it is for me!
          And violence is also a thing for anyone himself. Do it or dont do it. But dont speak in the same of others.

        5. The “linking” is right out of a talking point manual.
          I think we are already seeing the new SJW crusade right here.

        6. Yep until Hillary wins in 2016. Then what are you going to do? This whole manosphere is just a phase for the inevitable point of no return. Elliot Rodger believed in the exact same thing the manosphere stands for.

        7. Why dont you retard just visit some place you like heh Mrs. Mega retard!
          To retarded to use your brain or what. Usualy people hang around a place they like retard!
          Here is a saying. If you dont like it.
          —————————————-> DOOR Mrs. Retard

        8. I think it would be perfectly fitting for us to have a woman president during the collapse.
          And knowing what kind of women we are dealing with, and know how women are in general and how they would support the desperation of “their woman”, the circus will be most entertaining and their attempts at establishing effective tyranny as their solution will fail so wonderfully that I already look at MRAPs and see the engines in those things being pulled and used for muscle cars.
          She’ll even bring in the United Nations and we’ll be trading that free equipment at gun shows for decades.

        9. Yes, concerning the manosphere and the mainstream, we’ve passed the “first they ignore you, then they laugh at you” phases, and now we’re entering the “then they fight you” phase.

        10. If Hillary wins it’s the best possible outcome for the manosphere because our audience will continue to grow. The Elliot Rodger line is nothing but a desperate ad hominem attack. This is a PUA website. Elliot Rodger hated PUAs. Hence, why he frequented puahate.com. The manosphere is more diverse than you think. Your ignorance is showing. I can tell you’re afraid of our growing influence.

        11. …this is Hillary Clinton you’re talking about.
          Worry when Feinstein or Warren decide to run…you’d have a lot more credibility to go on if those two become candidates.

        12. How? Hillary is too gender neutral and at best the growth would stagnate.
          You should worry more if Dianne Feinstein or Elizabeth Warren decide to run…

        13. Trust me, I’m not worried. When feminists are given unchecked power they inevitably go on witch hunts and ultimately discredit themselves. The best thing that could happen is that they are given a bigger platform to prove how ridiculous they are. See “Drunk Girl in Public” and UVa Rape hoaxes.

        14. I wonder…would most women rally to a female president’s stupid, selfish cause? And by doing so, perhaps wake up a majority of men who’ve been sleeping through the female-headed decline?
          Hillary in 2016 could in fact be the death knell of feminism

        15. Whatever he is troll or idiot, he needs to be fragged. Can’t have fools that imperil the mission.

        16. Rumour has it that Hillary has eaten more bearded clam than Bill. In that context Bills games with interns make sense. She looks like it.

        17. Hillary Clinton will not become the President. Measured in State Governerships and congress/senate seats, the Republicans have become stronger than they have ever been before since at least the 1920’s.
          Society is changing, man. The average voter is waking up to the gravity of the left wing SJW problem and are rectifying it en masse by electing right wing leaders. Right wing conservatives rule in Australia, Canada and New Zealand now as well. In England the political story of the century is the astonishing (to the media) rise of right wing UKIP.
          Hilary will not become president, the tide of history is turning against her.

      3. that lilac haze liked your comment was pretty telling… right lilac haze ? Still here spectating and getting horny knowing no one would fuck you ?

      4. Go back to your handlers and let them know that the old “lumping in” methods used back in the 1990s is not working in the internet age. You know, lumping in all patriots with white supremacists and KKK could only work back when the internet was uncommon and all of the mouth breathers out there were only partly paying attention with the TV on while they did something else.
        I’m sure your handlers look back on those days as good times. Tell them those days are over, and their methods are so transparent that anybody still dumb enough to fall for it is also too dumb to matter under any other circumstances anyway.

        1. Hey man, in the words of Napolean Bonaparte: “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”
          You clue them in to the inefficacy of their methods, they’re liable to change them. Don’t give them a reason to step up their game.

    2. Very nice…well said. I love how many call this movement a “fringe movement”. They don’t realize that’s how feminism started in the first place…as a fringe movement. I tell any feminists that I come in contact with “we are coming….”. You should see the look on their faces when I tell them. Priceless.

      1. Usually, when I say, “we are coming,” it’s because all the voices in my head are yelling at the same time when I’m about to bust a nut on a stripper’s face. They like that, right?

    3. You said; “A woman by nature, is dysfunctional”.
      Statements like that are counter productive. It just confirms to reasonable women that the feminists might be right.
      You should either put in the qualifier “many” or target feminists or say narcistic females. Attack ALL women and ALL will think you are unreasonable or ALL will feel threatened. I suppose some feminists have gotten quite far by attacking ALL men but it’s leading to a backlash.
      Leave the good ones a place to go. If you don’t believe there are any good ones at all then maybe that is a definition of misoginy.

    4. Touche! Well said, sir.
      I used to work at a nursing school. During this time, I came to know a LOT of single women in their late 20s/early 30s. Most attractive enough to garner a man with a decent attempt at sanity.
      The majority of these girls (say 80%, conservatively) are single or divorced. It’s funny to watch them self-impload on social media, going from one beta male to the other, melting down during the holidays, posting feel good memes every week. It’s like watching a child really, unable to understand the circumstances that surround them.
      The growth of the Manosphere, and it ideas is something that they have not yet digested. It’s a cultural shift. Women are group thinkers and they have been taught to obediently suck the tit of second wave feminism. Now, that all they’ve received are diminishing returns, they seem unable to muster the courage to change their world view.
      I, for one, do not care. I believe that those who have been mean, cruel, hateful to others should reap what they sow. I care more for the innocent, the younger generation who these older feminists will be looking to emotionally destroy.

    5. I’m confused as to what the manoshpere is advocating. Is it advocating no marriage and no relationships or traditional marriage where the man is the head of the house and the wife stays at home? What exactly are the objectives that the manoshpere is striving for.

  6. SJW’s only have the power to go after wage slaves, i.e. the 99%.
    They’re one of the most effective attack dogs for the truly privileged in society.
    Is that irony?

  7. A clean-cut, no neck tattoos, white male for the cover photo? Not the type of social justice warrior I would imagine Matt Forney would select! (good article though)

  8. This fugly Army chick just got an Army commendation medal “for confronting online intolerance.” We don’t have a military any more, we have a feminist/SJW/diversity outreach experimentation arm.

      1. Yeah brave. Next time she should go to the trenches and show her true value. What have we become. Dday soldiers or our Stalingrad ones all had to endure so much shit and today… fuck that faggotry!

      2. Did she do anything brave like
        1 kill the enemy?
        2 risk her life to complete the mission?
        3 risk her life to save a comrad?
        4 successfully plan and execute a mission that achieved military objectives while avoiding own casualties with her carear on the line.
        5 suffer a life changing battle wound.
        6 complete tour of duty, watching colleagues get attrited on the way.

      3. What’s next…an award for walking and chewing gum at the same time. Boy, it’s pretty fucking sad.

      4. Good Lord. General Patton is turning in his fucking grave.
        Our military has become a fucking joke!

      5. I seem to remember a recent article on Mil.com concerning the “all-encompassing”(offensive behavior to harassment to rape)sexual misconduct problem in the Military.
        Branch percentages showed Army as the 2nd lowest. Looking at this picture, I know why, but wonder why the Army doesn’t have the least problem by far.

      6. Someone please explain what is she be awarded for? I would assume she’s getting a purple heart (sarcasm) since she’s that thrilled for that award

      1. Google “Army Thanks Soldier For Confronting Offensive Behavior Online” its a Military.com story. I can’t link it or it will be detected as spam.

      1. Imagine, China has a larger population of alpha males than the US.
        In China a man can hit a woman for her foolishness. In the US a man has to watch what he says in response to her foolishness

        1. “Imagine, China has a larger population of alpha males than the US.”
          China has a larger population than the US.
          Even with that, I doubt they have more alphas. Soy-based food reduce testosterone levels

        2. I don’t know. I give mine fair warning in public (I can smack you now, here, or at home if you don’t knock that shit off). It pretty much works because she stops the nonsense.

        3. Doubt it. I lived in Korea for 2 years and I’ll wager that the two cultures have more in common than they don’t. Pathetic sniveling little sycophants.
          At least China is currently “Xenophobic” and “Racist”, by which I mean proudly nationalistic and proud of their ethnic heritage, which are strengths in my book.

        4. Agreed, Europeans forged empires with the same mentality. I believe awareness of race and ethnicity increase both sense of community and self.

        5. In the western world a man is no longer allowed to exhibit his dominance through physical presence. He must do so through words, and the words must be finely chosen. If he fails to do so, this man will be challenged. Not only through law but through social media. He will be shunned, shamed and prosecuted. He will be left where man started. No earthly goods, but only himself to count on. From there he will build, never looking back. Every day is his last but also the beginning of a new. Play hard, be fair but be careful my brothers.

        6. That was a cuntish thing to say, you sound like a harpy or maybe just a mangina. Your suit of white armor is waiting for you at victorias secret..

        7. because I think slapping women in reprehensible? y’all are pathetic if you think that’s “alpha”

        8. To be fair to the guys in question, one was in Xuzhou (just outside of Shanghai) and the other was from Guanzhou (near Hong Kong). Hong Kong and Shanghai girls have bad reputations for how they treat their guys and they tend to be rather westernized with divorce rates approaching USA levels.
          Of all the couples I have met here in China, none of the guys came across as being “alpha” and the women certainly were not of the submissive Asian wife stereotype. They all seemed to have what would pass for a traditional family life, with the variation that the grandparents were typically closely involved in caring for the children.

      2. If by steamroll you mean colonize, then yeah. All that money flowing over there is coming back here, gobbling up ANY real estate available. Hell, one overpaid here in NYC for a crap house in my area by 300 (1 mil in cash), gotta protect their investments.

        1. What I know is that many german companys invest in the US because of the crisis with russia. Thats at least what the mainstream says. So money comes to the US from europe.

        2. This statement is just like so many I heard in the 80’s just replace China with Japan. China’s already starting to implode, they’re losing jobs to other (cheaper wage) countries.

        3. Japs were buying lux and commercial real estate. Chinese are overpaying for the house next door.

        4. Japanese companies bought that stuff, the Japanese that had money (but not obscenely “rich”) bought plenty of real estate. They overpaid for a lot of property as well, just not as badly. Keep hyping that line though, and I’ll see you in ten years after its passed.

        5. Im not hyping anything Joe. The hot money flowing in from China, Russia, and parts of Europe are gobbling up joe public houses now, grossly distorting the prices in markets like Miami, NYC, DC and Frisco. They want to park their $ anywhere other than cash. Keep living in the 80s. It will serve your portfolio well…

      3. Last time I checked, China was facing problems on its own territorial turmoil in Hong Kong and Taiwan while the US is making influential gains in FSU and Cuba.

        1. “Last time I checked, China was facing problems on its own territorial turmoil in Hong Kong and Taiwan while the US is making influential gains in FSU and Cuba.”
          You know things are bad when Obama has to improve relations with (surrender to) Cuba out of the blue. USA actions in Syria and Ukraine are desperation, not strength.

        2. Actually, it’s just normal American history in march.
          The US have always grown by fucking somebody else to expand their territory or influence: the Indians, the Mexicans, the Spanish, the Russians, the Arabs, and now the Chinese and re-Russians.
          The POTUS has little influence on internal affairs but much more on foreign affairs.
          My advice to guys here: learn about Constitutional law instead of buying every Conspiracy theory. That’s more Red Pill

        3. Fuck, you’re a Debbie Downer, you know that? Howzabout that silver lining? Now we can go to Cuba, get good cigars and drain our balls in hot Caribbean chicks who’ll look at a $10 and think, “Ooooh! Food for a week!”
          Try the audacity of hope, bro.

        4. drain our balls. absolutely. i fucked this austrian chick 5x in a few-hour span over the weekend. it was heaven.
          sometimes i really feel like it’s DYB > everything

        5. Cuban chicks are usually staff, you will be fucking Canadian or European tourists. Theres always the staffs daughters though…

        6. You utterly my missed my point with your need to see the trees and not the forrest. I was indicating that we are creating a military that will roll over and die at the first hint of real conflict. One does now win wars with a military that awards SJW causes and which promotes weakness and femininity.

        7. America has never been so powerful: Europe is our bitch, China is a pussy outside the economic sphere, Russia has no money for its ambition, Islamists are our Trojan horse to the Middle East and Africa. We have no credible instutional enemy.
          What more do you want?

        8. “The US have always grown by fucking somebody else to expand their territory or influence: ”
          That can be said about every successful state at some point in its history of growth.
          Oh wait, that’s right, Napolean expanded by winning territory with paper rock scissors.

      4. At that point, I wonder what they’ll do to our feminists who tell them to check their privilege!

        1. Yeah, the problem with that theory is that unlike Cambodia, the populace here in the US is armed to the TEETH. I doubt very much that there’d be death squads wiping out 1/3 of the population. It also wouldn’t serve the powers that be to have their serfs unavailable to them to support their lifestyle.

        1. As the inimitable Mark Steyn has often said: a large population of single, young males who can’t get any action, and have no hope of getting any action, is not a recipe for social harmony.

        2. The hope is that they’ll likely go get some in Southeast Asia or North Korea – for the latter, the pretext being that the then current exemplar of the Kim dynasty is a danger to peace in Asia, and PROC is doing the world a favor by reigning in its client state – in the process burning off lots of its single young men as well as male Norks.

        3. I understand – I think that the thrust of my comment was a surmise that PROC wouldn’t necessarily start a conflict with the United States, but rather a “liberation” of some nation in its Asian/Pacific sphere of influence, in the process burning off some of its young single men of military age as well as those of the adversary, possibly generating a humanitarian and refugee crisis which could provide some brides for some of the surviving Chinese bachelors.

        4. We should send over a all of our feminists. They’ll get slapped, and the chinks will get laid. Two problems solved.

        5. The Chinese would send them back, most feminists are unbangable an even a desperate Chinese man wouldn’t wanna put up with their personalites.

        6. That’s not true, you insensitive bastard! They’d get sent back because the poor, 5’6″, 145lb. Chinese bastard would suffocate in her fat rolls.

        7. I wonder what happens when she tells The Chinese to stop objectifying her, an tells them they have to live with her curves an “healthy” body shape.

        8. No, no. The complete lack of fast food and lack of food in general will have the fattie beasts committing mass suicide.

        9. Thanks, but I wish it weren’t. I wish there were more humor there, but fuck–you’ve seen the herd, right?

        10. There is plenty of fast food in China. I also started to see a rise in the number fat Chinese people while I was there.

    1. It’s the ‘everybody gets a trophy’ mentality by these SJWs. They’re “oppressed” and they have to keep fighting that evil force.

    2. Back in the day, a soldier like that wouldn’t last long in the field…if the enemy didn’t get her, someone else would frag her.
      She must be proud and happy with her Dildo Promotion.

    3. The pussification of our Military makes me ill. Thank God I served long ago. I remember at the end of my hitch when I first saw a “Wave” on the water.
      Although it was just a barge tug stateside, we were all shocked and thought THAT would never last. Now the powers that be have stationed them on SUBMARINES. Surprise! There’s already problems.
      BTW, at that frighteningly high level of FUGLY, she no longer resides in the “chick” category, and any such references are punishable under the UCMJ.

    4. I spent more time in the USMC doing bullshit sexual harassment classes than I did on crew served weapons. (admittedly, I wasn’t a machine gunner, but the odds of actually using an m240/mk19/m2 and knowing how to run one were far more important to me than any of the PC BS classes were had to do annually)

  9. Just awhile ago, I was reading about the history of the Soviet Union and it occured to me that all these feminists and SJWs would not be tolerated one single bit by the likes of Stalin or his successors. Which is extremely ironic considering that the former group is influenced by cultural marxism.
    As much as I hate to admit it, a part of me wishes that we could have a strong no-nonsense right wing leader who won’t hesitate to throw these degenerate flth into a gulag. The weakling Obama has allowed all these filth to come about during his time as President but I highly doubt that a Republican President would get rid of these SJWs. Seeing its that the corporate powers that be are the ones who run the show and the money.
    Think I’m gonna write a letter to Putin asking him to restart the Cold War…

      1. Pinochet was bad but he did crush commies and the Hugo Chavez types from taking over the country. Chile is the most prosperous country in South America because of it….

    1. Stalin would have used the feminists to destroy social cohesion, THEN thrown them in the gulag.
      While Stalin and his ilk followed faulty ideologies, every day I become more convinced that humanity will only succeed if dragged into the future by a strong–if brutal–leader. Democracy doesn’t work; humans are too greedy and corruptible for it to thrive long. I like Plato’s idea of the Philosopher King, though he (the monarch) would have to be willing to get his hands dirty.
      And by dirty, I mean bloody.

      1. “Democracy doesn’t work”
        Are you starving? Are you jailed for expressing your opinions on the net? Are you tough enough to make it in Plato’s world?

        1. I am not starving, but have been jailed. Yes, I am tough enough to survive in a brutal environment. My icon may not be musclebound, but I am…at least enough to survive in difficult, trying situations. Or not…only time will tell.
          I’m not basing my estimation of democracy’s success off of my own personal wellbeing, but with its intent vs. cold, hard reality. Democracy was meant to be rule of the people, and those people could only rule themselves when they are kept informed of political machinations by the Fifth Estate…the news. Yet in our era, we have been weaned off actual news in favor of opinionators and celebrity/sports gossip. This is the result of both an expanded voting populace that–because we are spoiled and have it easy–don’t give a shit about what our politicians do…so long as we have our bread and circuses. At this point, even if we do decide to give a shit, our vote doesn’t count. A very tiny sliver of the population has grabbed hold of the levers of power while we watched American Gladiators and jersey Shore, or else obsessed over trivial, ego-soothing bullshit or silly social dynamics. The power has been taken from the people, and nothing will bring it back but blood.
          Democracy works when the population is invested in the political process…but with success comes torpor, or else egomania. It is a repeating cycle. Success makes a nation lazy, selfish, and easy to corrupt. In 100 years, there will be no American democracy

        2. “Yes, I am tough enough to survive in a brutal environment.”
          So why don’t you move to Russia. What’s the point of staying here and torture yourself?

        3. So what you are saying is “If you don’t agree with me and toe the line, then you can’t be a part of X group (X being ‘americans’, I presume)? Sounds suspiciously close to the ‘there is only one way, and it is mine’ philosophy of an SJW.
          Or should I just stop critically thinking? Stop wondering about human nature, and whether or not a future is possible when so many are hellbent on selfish materialism? Stop observing the rapid degeneration of a once great nation because a lot of people enjoy, and actively participate in, that degeneration?
          I’m no philosopher, but I enjoy philosophy, and I enjoy thinking critically, even if it uncovers uncomfortable truths. Those truths may be subjective, and are certainly open to discussion…but only with those who can muster intelligent responses.
          Just because I can survive in a brutal environment doesn’t mean I’m going to go murder someone just so I can go to prison and prove it. Just because I know how to hunt and fish doesn’t mean I don’t go to the grocery store. And just because I have come to believe that humans are too consumed by ego and greed to create a stable society for more than a few centuries doesn’t mean I’m going to just kill myself to escape such a depressing sentiment.

        4. Not sure what your point is.
          Just because I can survive a brutal environment doesn’t mean I’m going to go kill someone so I can to go to prison and prove it. Just because I can hunt and fish doesn’t mean I don’t use the grocery store. Just because I know how to fight doesn’t mean I’m going to beat the shit out of everyone who annoys me.
          You apparently dislike someone criticizing a system that offers you advantages. Sounds suspiciously close to SJW territory, pal.
          Humans have made it plain that they will corrupt any system in an attempt to garner power and wealth for themselves. It may take a few years or a few centuries, but people will always find a way to twist a good system into a bad one. It is what has happened here. If you think you live in a democracy where your individual voice matters, you are deluded. Once, when people actually gave a shit about anything other than themselves, democracy worked. Now, the majority of americans know next to nothing about how royally fucked our system is…not out of stupidity, but out of laziness.
          If you don’t care, fine, enjoy the decline. I enjoy critical thinking. That sometimes uncovers uncomfortable ideas. Those ideas may be subjective, and are certainly open to discussion…provided you can muster an intelligent argument.

        5. Which advantage do I get? I’m part of the upper middle-class.
          What decline are you talking about? The US are fucking Russia and China up to the ass. Amerca’s prosperity relies on terrotorial and influential expansion.
          You spend too much time on Conspiracy theories website.
          No need to answer this. I don’t like people questioning my intelligence. I don’t think you do that with white folks.

        6. “I’m part of the upper middle-class.
          What decline are you talking
          about? The US are fucking Russia and China up to the ass. Amerca’s prosperity relies on terrotorial and influential expansion.You spend too much time on Conspiracy theories website.No need to answer this. I don’t like people questioning my intelligence. I don’t think you do that with white folks.”
          People are questioning your intelligence because you think US is winning against Russia/China, not because of your race.
          If US is “winning,” then Russia and China are happy to see US continue to “win.”

        7. Russia has lost Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine in a heartbeat. China is facing difficulties on its own territory: Hong Kong and Taiwan (still officially Chinese).
          Besides, the EU has become US’s bitch and Cuba will be soon dependent on USD brought by American tourists.
          US foreign policy relies on fucking up other countries and it has worked well since 1776.

        8. Here we go…racism!!! I don’t care about your color. I’m responding to your claim that if I don’t like America I should go to Russia. Notice I said nothing about color, nor do I give a fuck about it. But if being a victim works, go for it

        9. What I am wondering is why you stay in a country that despises you. If I were White I would move to Russia. There was no aggression here.

        10. I don’t wanna argue with ya bud, we’re all on the same wavelength here as far as TRP goes. The question you’re posing me could be asked to anyone who questioned a corrupt culture; that includes men like Martin Luther King. I don’t hate the idea of america, I hate that our nation has been co-opted by a small group of despots who have gained ownership of all our major sources of information, and have used those outlets to corrupt, dilute, and pervert the democratic process. It’s hard to see hope when the majority of americans have bought empty consumerism and nihilistic naval-gazing over stewardship of a higher ideal

        11. Humans are evil by nature. You can just choose the evil that suits you. Talking about Luther King, I’m not sure he actually helped the Black Community since he buried Separatism which was best for everybody.

      2. IF humans are too corruptible and greedy for Democracy what makes you think a ruler (that is, a human who is easily corruptible and greedy) with absolute power will act in a manner consistent with honesty, integrity, responsibility, and benevolence?

        1. Humans, as a whole, are corruptible and greedy, as history has shown time and time again. Common minds desire power over others, it is just how we are wired.
          I was referring to Plato’s ‘Philosopher-King’, a concept that a wise man rules with ultimate power, seeing to the needs of his people because with wisdom comes benevolence.
          I’m not saying it will happen (who would choose the king? who would succeed him); more pointing out that humanity, due to our corruptible nature, will destroy whatever system is put in place, given enough time.

    2. Have to agree man. However even some neo con reuplican figure is just as bad as liberals.
      The corporatist constraints on american politicians almost render them neutered.
      Rather than a cold war, Putin should call out Obama for being a pussy and call out america for being a nation of sluts…
      Oh the media coveeage on that would fantastic entertainment….

  10. The connection between Erdely and Emily Renda is interesting and something to be explored. From the beginning, given the dramatic, over-the-top way in which UVA President Teresa Sullivan reacted to the RS article suggested to me that it was an inside job. The day the RS hit-piece was released, Sullivan was sending out e-mails to all alumni expressing her sadness over the rape culture at UVA, as if she were immediately assuming the story was true. I would have expected Sullivan to defend UVA and ask for people to not make a rush to judgement; but instead she herself made a rush to judgement.
    I hate to go into conspiracy theory territory, but it seems perfectly rational to me to speculate that President Teresa Sullivan has a feminist agenda and worked with Erdely, or at least helped her along. Renda was probably the liaison.
    Someone should file for a public disclosure of all of Renda’s e-mail.

    1. Thomas Jefferson supported establishing the University of Virginia to promote the work of the Enlightenment. No doubt personally he would have found feminism ridiculous, like any patriarchal Virginia planter. But the social ideology he embraced a bit too uncritically has led to this feminist nonsense plaguing the world today.
      This goes to show how key people can wind up spreading damaging ideas, even if they meant well. We just need to figure out how to position ourselves to spread better ideas. And we should respect older ideas that have a vast body of experience behind them, especially patriarchy.

      1. The ideas Jefferson wished to spread included a political representative system where ONLY men, and only property owning men, were allowed to vote.
        It wasn’t his ideas which caused the current mess, it’s the ideas of the socialists injecting their poison into our institutions from the 1920’s forward and using lies and language twisting to subvert the ideas of Jefferson and the FF’s.

      2. Reminds me of a Nietzsche quote:
        “A nation is a detour of nature to arrive at five or six great men…yes, and then to get around them”.
        Seems even the products of Man’s greatest minds will be promptly corrupted by the venal and greedy sots who follow

  11. http://fortune.com/2014/12/20/jesse-jackson-talks-diversity-in-silicon-valley/
    I seriously think this is a good example of what the SJW’s will try to push. Jesse Jackson thinks that there are not enough blacks and Hispanics working in the tech industry. Never mind the fact that there are already tons of people of “color” (Indians and other Asians) working there, because for some reason they don’t matter. Maybe it’s because these guys actually worked hard to get through school and college? No, for Jackson corporate America is “racist” because they don’t hire blacks and hispanics. The thing is, corporations will actually listen to this nut because they will lose media revenue if they don’t. It’s like the mafia.

    1. Thing is, it’ll be harder for the govt to force high tech to hire blacks/Mexicans than it was to force enrollment in universities, per se.
      We can’t change engineering and development requirements for new product development like you can lower test scores for admissions.
      Bottom line is that blacks, Mexicans and women in general *choose* not to go after high tech engineering type jobs. And beyond that, well gotta put the truth out there: in the aggregate , blacks and Mexicans Dont become engineers with the same proportions as say white, Asians or east Indians.
      you can’t force a company to ‘dumb down’ to axcommodate SJW agenda without significant impact on its ability to remain profitable and competitive.

  12. The feminist grievance industry will boil over in support of hillary, with the media getting paid huge money to scream about patriarchy and misogyny.

  13. I predict that there will be more attacks on male socialising on university campus. The SJWs will attack men for anything they consider offensive to women/minority. I think there will be a lot of stories on women being intimitaded by drunk loud guys, women excluded from male dominated sports, male drinking culture (even though the girls are just as bad), weight lifting etc.. Basically anything conceivably masculine will be attacked. This will be mainly limited to university campuses probably because sjws know that control of universitys makes shaping wider culture easier. It’s a tried and tested technique.

    1. I don’t think minorities even want to be associated with feminists. I know plenty of minorites who despise feminism and want nothing to do with that corrupt movement.

      1. Many don’t but there are more than enough Hispanic and black feminists out there who have an interest in what goes on at university. Although what I meant was that if possible SJWs will use race to further their aims providing it fits their narrative. Eg. If there was a false rape claim from a latina they would certainly bring her background into it.

      2. When the feminazis ignore the muslim radicals then the minorities like them. Be sure of that. Sometimes it´s also about what they dont speak about but what should matter to a society…. but fuck that anyway. It´s a dead end to care about garbage 😉

      3. It’s funny to watch their coalition crumble. We say it in the 2008 Dem Primaries where the Fems and the Negros played “I be mo’ oppressed, therefore my candidate (Hilary/Obama depending on the side) should get the nomination”.

      4. No, lots of minority guys buy into feminism if not only as a weapon to spite whites
        Its’ a pity

      5. Wait, I was taught in undergrad school 8 years ago that women, blacks, basically any ethnicity, except white are ALL considered minorities. This was a Sociology class or business ethics or something. All one has to do is be “underprivileged.” Minorities ARE women per the USA university definition. Hate to tell ya but true.

  14. 2015 is about to begin and to say the least the state of
    affairs for men in the West has not improved a great deal. It is no wonder that
    movements like PUA, MRA, and MGTOW are growing more each year. The Misandry bubble that was predicted has become a reality.
    “Turn on, tune in, drop out” is a counterculture-era
    phrase popularized by Timothy Leary in 1966. In many ways all three of these
    groups have in some way adopted this belief. Men are beginning to turn on to
    the issues, they have tune in, and now they are coming to terms with the
    reasons why they are dropping out. I firmly believe any man who is currently
    disenfranchised with the current state of affairs should just completely drop
    out of society. Society as a whole cannot function without men. We must convince
    other men to do the same. The more men that drop out the more noticeable
    effects will begin to become clear to the public at large. There is no point in
    trying to rescue a broken system. The best we can hope for is to crash the
    system and start over. We must learn from our mistakes and make sure that with
    all our effort we pass on that knowledge to future generations.

    1. Except for one logical fallacy. You say society cannot function without men. This is true however you see groups that were forced out of society or drop out of society in order to break the system…there is no starting over in life
      What you are talking about is heralding the ultimate beginning of the end. Apocalypse.
      You are talking about femicide.

      1. You are talking about femicide.
        So men not participating in their destruction is men are purposefully aiming to literally murder all women.
        Um, yeah, that’s not a claim full of histrionics.

        1. Tell that to ISIS. There are groups that would rather murder their woman than rather have them exist.

        2. Because ISIS is a group of men who have encountered rabid feminism and decided that instead of marrying up a used up slut, they were better off building successful careers and partaking in fun and interesting hobbies, without women.
          Or, it’s a group of malcontent Muslims in a society which allows them no access to anything, let alone women.
          Some equivocation you got going on there, chief.

        3. ISIS encountered rabid feminism. It’s the Middle East. Very rarely do sluts exist in the Middle East at least nowadays.
          If I didn’t know any better, it sounds like you considered joining ISIS based on your response.
          Islam is the most stringent of religions that kept feminism in line, it’s non existent.

        4. ISIS was not formed due to feminism, it’s a radical Islamic group set about to create some form of their legendary caliphate. They are not even remotely close to comparable to the men on this site and their goals, which have nothing to do with the mass extermination of women (femicide).
          If I didn’t know any better,
          You don’t.

        5. Agreed. It should probably also be mentioned that what is less well known about Islam is that there are very strict rules for men as well. Perhaps even more so in some respects.

        6. Indeed, some posters here have shared the rather outrageous demands put upon men as well. Great observation.

        7. Even islam is slipping in it’s “control” of women. I just ended a relationship with a muslim woman from Dubai. As big of a careerist, cock carousel riding, selfish, narcissistic slut as any Americunt. Dumped her when she got to be too much of a pain in the ass.

        8. She’s from Dubai. They are a bit more liberal there. Not by much, but it’s significant enough of a mention.
          Dubai has Western influences.

        9. Feminism cannot exist in a poor or unstable country. It’s an economic luxury that would cause a population collapse in the 3rd world. Hell, it’s practically causing a population collapse in the 1st world, and we’ve got modern medicine. Forcing feminism on a bunch of goat herders is asking them to commit suicide. I’m not surprised they are fighting it every step of the way. Traditional religions are designed for survivalist societies.

        10. Dubai is also filthy rich. Feminism is only possible in a wealthy society. In the 3rd world, men and women must stick to their gender roles due to their efficiency.

        11. Indeed it does. I’d say anal (and oral and everything else) on the first date is pretty “westernized”!

      2. Enough with your silly attempts to make us out to be a bunch of misanthropes advocating for the murder of women. No one here is saying that. We are pointing out the follies of female domination, not girding ourselves up for genocide. Whether you are an agent of the Cuntocracy (Ghost’s word) or simply a dolt, your critical thinking leaves much to be desired

  15. Banning sandpaper.
    Banning anything with more than 2 eyes.
    Banning cottage cheese (both the word and the food).

  16. First up looks to be this silly man-spreading issue. It’s crossed the border into Toronto now (but of course, it’s Toronto).
    But really, I think they’ll go for the things that men have withdrawn to where there is not a large female audience. We saw this with video games, sports, frats, even heavy metal. Where ever there are men, mostly perceived to be weaker socially, enjoying themselves without the company of women, that is where they will strike. Like most bullies, they’ll go for the weak easy targets with few support networks.

    1. Giving women too much credit for their atrocities makes you look like an omega faggot to the extreme. I’m sorry. Men who complain but don’t take action are worse than the women they complain about.

        1. If you are asking an anonymous person for ideas you are not a real man. Not like the great inventors.
          Truly shameful.

        2. You suggested that men were not taking action, so I put you to task for what exactly you would have men do. Given as it is YOU who is snarking and sneering at others, then surely you must have an idea of a better way to proceed.
          This is akin to asking a person to provide the math for how they came at the solution during a test in school.
          If you cannot engage on this site without ad hominem you’re going to find your tradcon arse on the outs in short order.

        3. Men have imaginations. Or they had it. Edison came up with his inventions. The Wright brothers came up with their inventions. I’m pretty sure they kept their ideas to themselves.
          That being said there is only one real solution…hopefully you can figure it out before others do.

        4. So if I read you correctly, you have no actions to suggest either, but wish to snarl at men for not taking action?
          This is productive how precisely?
          My solution, action in real life actually, is to recruit as many down and out men to the manosphere as I can, using subtle conversational strategies that steer them here without it seeming like a complete public relations recruitment stunt. Three or four conversations and suddenly they’re out looking up ROK, or Heartiste, or Rollo.
          Convince them to become recruiters for men who are beaten down by feminism, and it grows exponentially. Gain a critical mass of men in society who then start working against feminism in the legal system as well as withdrawing their monetary and spiritual support from the Cuntocracy, and change will happen. The question is what is critical mass? 5%? 10%? I read it took 13% of the U.S. population during the 1700’s to make the Revolution inevitable.

        5. Indeed. Minority groups are virtually always the engine of change, for the great masses are almost always intellectually dull and quite apathetic. Change, as can be seen by feminist movement, requires an energetic and imaginative minority of individuals so set brush fires in the minds of others.

        6. Men had an opportunity to do that years ago. The 1980s was the best shot at implementing something like that. The element of fear has ALWAYS been the best way to manipluate but unfortunately for us fear is overriden by crazy and psychotic actions. Things done for the shock value.
          If you want to implement the belief now might be the time to do it…maybe not as many more are decrying the patriarchy than joining the manosphere.
          Right now I would say the anti-cop/anti-authorative sentiment will be a litmus test to see how well the manosphere stands.

        7. Who let this mouthbreather out of his cage? Reading his comments is like looking into the mind of an autistic faggot.

        8. “maybe not as many more are decrying the patriarchy than joining the manosphere.”
          A weakness of the current feminist movement though is that decrying the patriarchy doesn’t mean very much.
          The “patriarchy” is a wishy-washy term that seems to be employed in different ways at different times…
          Sometimes the “patriarchy” is men sitting on subways, sometimes it means men beating their wives, sometimes it means portraying women a certain way in video games even though men are the primary consumers and market stimulus…
          The weakness of feminist rhetoric is that it does not hold up to facts when research is performed. For example, Erin Pizzey demonstrated that the idea that women are the primary victims of domestic abuse simply turned out to be untrue, as men and women are equally likely to be victims of abuse from their spouses.
          Feminists are simply complaining… Women asked for stuff, and men completely turned society upside down to please them… To say that the average man is not for women is absurd if you just look at how much we have contributed to your movement in terms of tax money and social sacrifice. And not only that, but women tend to be the ones to initiate divorce 70% of the time, and walk away with all sorts of benefits.
          You’ve got to realize that the movement as it is right now doesn’t produce anything of value… If anything, women have fewer options than before since we’ve halved the value of the dollar.
          The manosphere on the other hand has some tangible objectives. Boycott marriage until laws change and make it a safer proposition for men, eliminate legal biases on college campuses (e.g., Yes Means Yes in California), create better working/schooling environments for men as they are lagging behind in employment due to HR biases and a mismatch in boy’s/men’s learning styles and the available educational institutions, create spaces where men can identify with each other specifically as men, etc.
          If you are an empiricist, mountains of research have demonstrated irreconcilable biological differences between men and women that lead to very different behaviours and psychology.
          The feminist movement is trying to gloss over all these issues rather than address them.
          I’ve asked self-identifying feminists why we can’t just call the movement “humanitarian” or the “equality” movement as I, a male, do not identify with the “feminist” movement. The common response is that women are oppressed and men have it so easy…
          This is completely out of sync with my own personal experience and the experiences of many members of the manosphere. The manosphere isn’t primarily ideologically driven… It is driven by the suffering and frustrations of men. We are at the point where we recognize that no one gives a shit about us… so men are joining ranks to ultimately figure out a better future for ourselves.

        9. What the fuck are you talking about…men still have ideas and we still are the inventors. We’re still leading the way in any and every technological advancement (women are just along for the ride).
          Who the fuck let this chick in? Beat it ————————>

    2. I saw the “manspreading” issue in the Metro Newspaper last week and just laughed… couldn’t believe I was seeing Swedish feminism creeping into my city…
      Now I have to sit on the subway with my legs crossed? Is this the Twilight Zone or something?

        1. If my post gave the impression that I’m going to sit a certain way so as to not offend petty idiots than allow me to make my position clear.
          Modern feminism can suck my $%#@.

      1. I make a point of manspreading whenever possible. Just to piss them off.
        Nor will I pee sitting down.

        1. How true. I chuckle when women complain about chivalry being dead. Femininity begets chilvary. And of course feminity is dead in north America. I purposely go out of my way not to hold doors etc for young Americunts. I just stare at them. They don’t dare say a thing. (Of course I still help old ladies.. Lol)

        2. I think we should have a national manspreading day for all men to feel free to openly spread. Thoughts?

        3. Everyone should sit on the subways in a super split, a la Jean Claude Van Damme. That would be funny, only 6 guys could sit-split per train car.

        4. Lol same.
          Always walk in first, not hold the door…etc.
          Best part is that this type of disregarded assholery actually works for you- in getting down their panties…

      1. Subway is the fastest and most effective transport for Toronto.
        But you’ve touched on something I suspected all along, like Street harassment, they’re attempting to go after men from a certain socio-economic demographic, thinking they see an easy target.

      1. She’s an attention whore (at best) and she’s looking to cash in on her new found “fame”. It will be short and she’ll be like alot of these bullshit reality TV stars…here for now and gone soon.

  17. The next form of oppression they’re going to call attention to is going to be left handism.

  18. I have a feeling that the next SJW thing will have something to do with the casting (or possible casting, I’m not sure) of the new James Bond actor…. a black dude… and that’s definetly going to trigger something,,,

      1. Yes… I mean, seriously, James Bond was described by its author (Ian Fleming) as a white man in this drawing that he himself had made
        casting a black actor (nothing against him) to portray Bond makes as much sense as casting George Clooney to play Nelson Mandela… but oh well.. PC, right?

        1. He doesn’t look like Roger Moore or Daniel Craig to me. Besides, most of the movies departed from the original books … but that doesn’t seem to bother you at all.

        2. Neither does Morgan Freeman looks like Mandela…. nor Cuba Gooding Jr. looks like Ben Carson, nor Mos Def looks like Viven Thomas and on and on… but we can all see a pattern right there.. right?

        3. Obviously: Movie producers are not looking for physical resemblance but for what makes more money. thank you for pointing that out.

    1. But but but…Ian Flemming is not hip anymore and so social unsensitive. We need more vaseline for our other humanoid beings here on planet utopia. We are all the same sisters and sisters. Hail the -nocolored humans. Today we will have a black James Pond and tomorow we will have a female Jesus and transmutant Thor!

  19. These SJWs /Snarkessian types are delusional. I doubt everything they say. This Snarkeessian types are MAKING SHIT UP…
    Fellas if you want to see a great movie that shows you the devious/irrational /psychotic nature of women watch “Gone Girl”.

  20. SJWs also go after weak targets, or at least targets that appear on the outside to be weak.
    Brendon Eich? A neck beard.
    “Brogammers?” awkward autistic types.
    “Gamers?” nerds.
    The NFL? Rin by weak leadership that apologizes for its fans.
    ESPN Disney & the Corporate Media? Scared of offending anybody in power.

  21. Reading these comments made me realize that the majority are missing the mark or are not taking the article seriously. SJW will revisit several political issues for sure. I’d say athletic sports are up for battle. But the main concern would be with general consumerism. Once they attack that, it’s done.
    The advantage women have is manipulating the economy through buying power.
    Unfortunately, unless Bitcoin picks up again, this uphill battle ends in a stalemate and the betas are weeded out.

    1. ” . . . the main concern would be with general consumerism.”
      You’re late to the party, that’s the main anti-gamer agenda.

      1. You are not thinking hard enough. Remove gaming. Remove the leisure activities. Women are not going after the fishing or golfing industry are they?

  22. Can someone with more social clot than me start a meme to destroy the diamond industry? Maybe a little Afro kid, missing a hand, clawing in the dirt with the caption “How else could 2 months salary oppress forever. DeBeers”?
    This would: Fuck over entitled woman, Save men 2 month’s salary, fuck over the jew diamond industry, save little Afros (if that’s your thing).
    Make wearing a diamond as taboo as wearing a leopard skin coat and kick the cunt of women’s entitlement.

      1. Actually this knocks two things. Hit the diamond industry? Awesome. But you rid of coal dependence too this way. Carbon is worthless. And should you have a man pushing for other forms of fuel/energy then this really does help men as a whole.
        This is smart.
        Probably the best way to attack.

    1. That would actually work. I’m dead serious. It does. Or you as a man can be smart and realize that diamonds are worthless anyways. It’s fucking crystallized coal.

    2. DeCaprio and company tried that a while back with Blood Diamonds (a movie). Know plenty of women who actually saw it, and know that those same women hint every year for more diamond studded jewelry. We’ll never change them regarding diamonds.
      Men on the other hand, as I’ve said on other threads, are the actual problem. Convince *them* that diamonds are awful and that the cost of pussy is quite literally forcing slave children in Africa to mine for diamonds at gunpoint, and that this cost is too high, and then we’d be getting somewhere. But it appears that still, even in these days of selfie taking shrill feminist manjawed Nazis with vaginas, men will sell their souls for a whiff o’ dat pussy.

      1. You can change a chicks perception on diamonds.
        It’s called gold. Promise a woman a golden ring and she’s yours.
        That one is easy to manipulate.

        1. Yeah. Not so much. Peer pressure from other hens immediately apply force “What…no diamond? That band is nice…I guess…even if it doesn’t have a diamond”.
          If a woman would settle for a gold band happily over a diamond already, diamonds wouldn’t be an issue today.

        2. Gold has worth. Diamond does not. If men are able to manipluate women into making them more attractive via make up, why not with engagement rings?
          A man made his ring from scratch with platinum.
          The ring issue is 100% a mans fault. No argument.
          The female friends care about the ring. The female family just care about her getting married.
          Fix this.

        3. Gold and diamonds both have worth insofar as they are valued by human beings. Their actual wealth is conferred by tradition alone, as well as some level of actual utility, which both posses.
          The female friends care about the ring.
          Which won’t happen in the West. The diamond is too deeply ingrained into every woman’s expectations regarding engagements/weddings.
          Changing *men’s* minds, is the path. In the natural order of life, women follow the lead of men, not vice versa.

        4. No. Diamonds are worthless. Youve been fooled. Diamonds are just another form of carbon, therefore, it is worthless. Diamonds don’t even grow in value. Once you have it, it depreciates. Sell back a diamond, see what happens.
          Gold however is a commodity and still considered a rare element on the earth.
          Plus, with the carbon mentioning someone came up with a great idea but it needs to go one step further to impact the global market.
          Fuck carbon, find other energies.

        5. “Changing *men’s* minds, is the path. In the natural order of life, women follow the lead of men, not vice versa.”
          Indeed. It was men [in power] who foolishly allowed women, for example, to acquire the vote without the responsibility of earning it. Men have also allowed women to accuse other men at their whim without insisting upon severe punishment for such malevolent behavior.

        6. I like that video. Heard awhile back that the diamond supply was controlled to jack the price up. Makes sense when you consider that carbon is one of the most common elements.
          Because of their hardness they have utility. Wouldn’t have guess that somebody from DeBeers would actually say that they are intrinsically worthless.
          Get men to appreciate the beauty of hand blown glass.

        7. Yeah, ok, well time for you to research industrial uses of diamonds. Not to mention their utility in glass cutting.

      2. Yep…women will ‘feel bad’ for the little slaves, but would never sacrifice the social approval they get from a flashy diamond for the sake of children half a world away. Shows how the female brain operates (in the low-minded woman); “oh someone must save the childrens…just wait until I get my diamond first!”
        The gold-diggers need the diamond-diggers in order to boost their self-esteem

  23. So apparently this whole UVA rape thing was a way for Jackie to get attention from a guy friend that romantically rejected her, Ryan Duffin. She wanted to make him jealous, so she made up a guy that liked her, named “Haven Monahan,” used a fake image of her high school classmate, and texted that Ryan guy from an internet service that allows people to send anonymous texts saying she was Haven. What the fuck. Apparently, when that didn’t make Ryan jealous she fabricated a story about a gang rape in order to get sympathy and attention from Ryan. I swear. Fucking women…

    1. Even if I sympathized with a [real] rape victim, I’d see them as damaged goods and never want to date her.
      “Haven Monahan”, What a stupid cunt. It’d be to easy to find that no one by that name exist in the state, much less on campus.

      1. Originally she told Ryan she was only forced to do oral sex. He slept on her floor for the next two nights to comfort her. She probably was hoping he’d climb into bed with her, but he wasn’t interested. Later she changed this “Haven” guy from her Chemistry class to “Drew,” the lifeguard. I’m telling you, bitch made the whole thing up.

        1. I get the feeling that she was drunk and and offered ‘a round for the boys’…with her mouth. So she got down on her knees between a few high-fiving frat boys and blew them like a whore…because to her puny female brain, it made her ‘cool’. Later, when she realized she was just a cum-soaked trollop thanks to her own poor judgement, she decided her silly decision was rape…because, well, rape.
          How women like this can ever assume that allowing men to run a train on her will somehow make her cool goes a long way in explaining the childish, nay retarded, thinking of the low-minded members of the female race

        2. Nah, probably never happened considering everything else she said indicates it was made up. The real kicker is after this Haven/Drew guy allegedly raped her, Mr. Rapist himself sent an email to Ryan telling him how perfect Jackie and Ryan would be together as a couple. Of course, no one can find this/these guy/guys anywhere. I mean what the fuck. Who does that?

        3. Derfel the whole story was a lie. It’s not even partially true.
          You, and many like you are assuming at least some portion of it is true. IT’S ALL A FUCKING LIE. No BJ offer, no nothing.
          It shows how most people are out of touch with how psychotic and delusional women are. You view her as an honorable person when you should not.
          You are looking for substance when there is none.
          It’s clear women are almost sub-human. You can’t hold them to the same standards as men.

        4. It shows how most people are out of touch with how psychotic and delusional women are.

          Women are so sinisterly manipulative they’ve even convinced 99% of men that they aren’t manipulative. They do this individually, and in concert, as the women who were the best manipulators got the best/most resources out of men. It is simply in their nature to lie and manipulate for personal gain.
          A common example of this is how women claim they lack power in government, right, so we need to give them more power? Wrong. For decades women have cast millions more votes than men.

        5. No, I def don’t see any honor, whatever the story might be. While you may be right in that she just spun this story out of thin air, I just got the feeling that she did something dumb, then regretted it and tried to cover it up with a rape allegation. If it did happen the way I’d posited, I wouldn’t consider it rape; it was just some ho blowing a bunch of dudes, of her own free will
          Sure, it might all be bullshit, but I feel that would just make her insane, rather than a lying sack of shit. The worst part is we will never know. Already the news cycle and general populace has forgotten it ever happened….at least, everyone but the manosphere and UVA frat students

      2. Real rape victims are actually quite reasonable in my experience. All have made stable wives though have required some time to work through the shock. I’ve known three. I’m not talking regret rape but nabbed of the street rape. I’m a bit older and have done work in self help groups where such things come out. The feminist message is all men are rapist, if the women takes on this view, yes she is seriously damaged and less likely to recover a healthy outlook that can function as part of a relationship.

    2. Yeah, she is a fucking attention whore… She is messed up with a shit ton of issues like a lot of women…

  24. This whole thing played out just months ago with the Somaly Mam/Nicholas Kristof sex trafficking rape scandal. And with “Sex Trafficking hysteria” in general.
    Not only did Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times write many fake made up stories about “Somaly Mam” and sex trafficking he also promote it, and wrote books, ,made documentaries and did marketing for her.
    Somaly Mam and Nicholas Kristof should have lawsuits filed against them for committing fraud and stealing money from the public by providing the public with false sex trafficking horror stories that were lies to send money to the Somaly Mam and Afesip charities. These charities then committed human trafficking themselves by forcing women and girls to stay in their (rescue) centers against their will and to lie about being forced into sex trafficking to the western media and donors.
    Kristof of the New York Times newspaper appeared with Somaly Mam at many fund raising events. He acted as her press, marketing and celebrity agent. Writing books and making documentaries about her. It seemed like Kristof was working for Somaly Mam. Was he getting a kick-back from her? Why was he doing all this work for her? How much money did Nicholas Kristof make from Somaly Mam?
    And guess what? Somaly Mam continues to make millions of dollars off of her lies with her new anti-sex trafficking NGO. Nicholas Kristof was never fired and continues to make millions off of lies.

  25. Take a wider view. Look at all of the recently publicized themes:
    domestic violence
    non-free birth control drugs and devices
    systemic oppression of minorities by police
    All of these are “feels” sentiments which are being trumped and pumped by The Cathedral in order to foster a senses of fear, victimhood and general helplessness in the protected classes, despite the fact that the rates of these crimes have been going steadily downward over time.
    Look at who these groups of people are:
    generally privileged white women (literally can’t even SJWs)
    strong independent black women (don’t need no man)
    single moms (he was verbally and financially abusive!)
    mestizo amerindians (the new slaves)
    rap-life-fixated fatherless black males (dindu nuffinz)
    pudgy white beta male cuckolds (pajamaboy bluepillers)
    Since the last general election, the frequency and shrillness of discourse on these topics has increased steadily, as though they were being ticked off of a list. Once they reach orchestrated crescendo shortly before November 2016, these targeted messages will have coursed directly into the rent-seeking hindbrains of pitiful Americans and hit their intended mark. Gone will be any notion of agency and self-determination, the only salvation to be had will be to march down to the polls and vote, vote, vote for whichever candidate bears the torch of equality and handouts.
    It’s obvious.

  26. The fight against the male spread–you know, how men sit with their legs spread so as to avoid crushing their balls–has gotten some traction. It’s threatening to the delicate flowers, you know.

  27. All this is your typical “2 minutes hate” style hysteria. Working the masses into a frenzy over some imagined villain.

  28. Here is the next hysteria: White, virile, heterosexual male spotted with his traditions, culture, religion, language and personal pride completely intact!

    1. Imagine that. Our politicians hate the russians. Oh look there are white slavic people who are proud of the christian heritage and they dont treat homosexuals and others…. with special care. TEH DEVILS MADE EM DO IT! Crush them with sanctions these christain white people!!!
      No coincidence that our politicians speak about a Hitler-Stalin contract when ONE little politician talks about having a dialogue with the russians. Thats serious. Thats the mainstream oppinion here.

    2. I proudly creeped out the clone-twat working the tanning counter when I went in to bake last week. I knew her from before, and she asked how I was doing.. I heard her talk some anti-guy b.s. another time I was in there and I said:”Well, you know, just enjoying my white male privilege among the patriarchy while warding off the feminist imperative.”
      You could hear that hamster wheel speed up and take off like an RC helicopter. I’m pretty sure it made her wet.

  29. hmm… porn!
    I dont know why but i´m sure they will regulate porn somehow like they did in the UK. These new laws about what stuff you cant record is just weird. What idiot would gag fuck a woman and kill her on a tape.. that stuff is for the diplomats! And their excuse was about child molestation… as if the included -what not to do- “positions” has anything to do with musels abusing thousands of white children for the rich and ugly fucknuts in britain.
    So yeah. After metalgate we will have some porngate. But be sure it´s about what we males cant do! And the porn biz elite guys are almost ALL of the same kind… they will help each other out. It´s all for the good thing ya know 😉
    Whatever it will be i will not read it! Or else…
    Oh wait. We here in europe already have a hysteria. The Nazis are back and want to establish the Reich because we people are sick of radical islamists. So we have it already. Our leftists are SJWs to the core. They dont only hate themself and their own identity NO. They want YOU also to hate yourself and your identity. Fuck the left!
    The best thing with these retards is… they are almost never affected by the problems they yell about. Heh, that is their bravery. They imagine themself into the victims position and run amok emotionaly. Pretty disturbing fact.
    It´s weird that you guys over there have the same fucking assholes in power and around like we here. Complete west is a sinking ship and when you focus on that it´s just frustrating. Better to get rid of that and focus on your own abilitys and perpestives. Thats the only thing realy important these days. Focus on yourself and read what you like and empowers you!

    1. The best thing with these retards is… they are almost never affected by the problems they yell about.

      Same thing with race relations in the USA. Everyone’s heard the leftwing media rail about racism in the Deep South. Here’s what they don’t tell you, the most segregated cities in the USA are NOT in the Deep South. In the South, blacks and whites live in much closer proximity, as that’s where the the nation’s black population overwhelmingly resides (map below). The South’s obsession with guns is out of self preservation. In Haiti in 1805 the slaves committed mass genocide against all whites: men, women, and children. White women were raped and forced to marry black men. Even the whites who were sympathetic to the slaves were not spared. The Southern white man fears something along those lines. Most white leftists in the USA live in peaceful all-white neighborhoods.

      1. Yes sure. It´s easy to be this “feel so moraly good today” lifestyle miles away from the reality. They are clowns. worth to be spit on because they tell you living in one of those fucked up suburbans that your reality is not political correct and you should change your reality by listen and belive!

  30. Ending internet anonymity would essentially end many open dialogues – only completely doxxed and financially independent people would dare speak out. And there would be even less of them, since no one would admit to support them out of fear of getting fired.
    Yes that way – the SJW could again dictate popular opinions like in the old days: “You wanna get heard? Go open a newspaper or a TV station – oh and we can withdraw your license and your funding via commercials anyway if we do not like your content. Good luck with that.”

    1. That would be the nail in the coffin for the farce these people in power call free and democratic societys. Thats it. There is no excuse for destroying the anonymous nature of the Internet or else where when it comes to the exchange of oppinions and conversations. But you are right… we will see this and it´s not to far away. When it comes we have it on the table how “democratic” our states truly are….
      You know these SJWs use of media is like the old days of the church. today the media is the church gospel. Either you go with the flow or you are a heretical “racist, mysogonist, anti-muslim, etc.” It´s exactly the same. The state is the old aristocrat who uses force and the advocates of the new religion that is Radfem uses his social influence to shame and destroy you!
      And with the union of the idiology of Radfem into the politics we have a complete dictatorship. They want your mind (soul) and your body (taxes)

    2. Hell, they do that now on websites and blogs if you’re not an “echo chamber”. You see many comments deleted when there was nothing more than a debate going on (no rude language, names, cussing, etc…). Some didn’t agree with the mod so they deleted the comments.

    1. Feminists love internet harassment
      They can bask in popular sympathy while knowing nothing will actually happen
      It’s the same reason girls make up rape stories on campus

  31. Caught part of a Nightline show on sex trafficking in Columbia couple nights ago. What they were calling trafficking was really a go between working with girls who were working as prostitutes because it’s the quickest, easiest way to get enough money they desperately needed. One interviewed with her face hidden admitted she did it only because she needed money for school and things (no doubt supplies, food, etc..)
    It was some small organization that travels around working with local authorities with volunteers that included two cross fit trainers from Utah and some actress from The Walking Dead. (who felt she needed to wear a wig to not jeopardize the sting because she might get recognized way down in Columbia.)
    Now if they were to go to some places deep off the tourist trail in Thailand were there’s actual trafficking, where they have guns and don’t just bring girls in a van and won’t hesitate to cap somebody who they think is going to disrupt their business, I’d say they’re doing more than just fulfilling an action hero fantasy.
    The next outrage may not be a single event but lots of behaviors or trivial incidents group together to demonstrate the broken nature of men.
    But I guess you could say that’s already here. It’s what’s used to maintain a presence until they next grand gesture comes up.
    As was said in “No Country For Old Men”, “if it’s not trouble it’ll do till the real trouble gets hear”.
    That story about the guy pressing up against the women in the subway reminded me of the time a fat girl in the club tried to get my attention when she was behind me by pressing her boobs up against my back.

  32. My prediction:
    Women ultimately are to be driven to a state of being able to clap their hands and say “Guards! Take him away” – literally of course – for any man they dislike or do something they do not approve of.
    You see in Germany during the 1930s the Gestapo was understaffed, so they relied on people feeling empowered by reporting on each other. It was bad enough that they even started telling people that reporting on someone just to get back at them for something would get them in trouble.
    So I see this as the next SJW wave. “Empowerment” of women against all sorts of existing hobgoblins by giving them the ability to even imply an inkling if rape or “creepyness” and get some man hauled off, for anything.
    The crowning achievement will be that they can use existing rape shield laws under new precedents so that a man is hauled off “for something” but never gets to know who or what or even why. Just an arrest and “you are being charged with…” and no information given to mount a defense and no facing of the accuser.
    The goal ultimately is to create an environment of fear and further empower the state. If you can be rolled up for “being creepy”, well then, owning a gun is creepy too. Believing in God will be creepy too. Being the only single guy on the street (MGTOW/PUA, etc.) will be creepy (and an attack on the “cathedral” of false ideals and self-enforced fealty to the marriages of the beta males ).
    Internet anonymity is indeed under attack because one of the SJW moves is to “get you fired” for your ideals. This was a Nazi tactic to destroy your means of making a living by ruining your business, taking it away, denying grants, etc. I don’t think that the SJWs are thinking (in any case) about the desires of corporate America to track and trace everything, they are merely focused on their own carrot.

  33. In all honesty Mr. Forney, I think you’re time in the spotlight with these people is coming.
    You’ll probably be the ‘harasser.’

  34. IMO the current trend of social justice wackos these days is to mix misandry, anti-white racism and nerd bashing. So anything that is popular among white men or nerds is at risk of being attacked by another hysterical witch hunting campaign.

  35. By the way, the SJW’s crusade against gamers is failing miserably. Even though gaming websites are attempting to force gamers to accept the SJW’s point of view by censoring posts and banning everyone, the vast majority of gamers still hate SJWs and their outrageous lies. The SJW establishment attempted to change the opinions of gamers by abusing their powers, but it failed. The backlash against SJWs among gamers is stronger than ever. SJWs achieved nothing.

  36. Well, next time at least the mainstream media will actually investigate unfounded rape allegations and not just automatically run with them…………Har! Gotcha!

  37. Video game developers want to make money. Pushing a SJW agenda in a video game is bad for business, end of story.
    Take for example Dragon Age: Inquisition. EA bragged for months about how “inclusive” they are because they added gay characters in the game. They even added transgendered characters into the game (I am not making this up). Basically the entire marketing campaign of this game was SJW propaganda.
    Even if the game was given a “game of the year” award by multiple SJW gaming journalists, the sales are poor. According to Vgchartz, the platform with the most sales is the PS4, with about 800 000. This is considered pretty bad for a game of this magnitude. The game can almost be considered a flop (“misogynyst” Grand Theft Auto V sold 20 millions copies only on the PS3).
    Personally, I firmly believe that EA LOST sales of the game because of their SJW bull***t. If they removed that SJW garbage and promoted the game on the fantasy elements instead, they would have sold more copies. I am convinced of it.
    So this is just another proof that the SJW infiltration of the gaming industry is failing. They can’t force something on gamers if they don’t buy the game.

    1. He’s reportedly gone on the offensive and hired private investigators to dig up dirt on the accusers.
      I like how he’s playing this. No silly public “confessions,” “apologies,” or “denials” which do nothing to change SJWs’ minds on the issue, as they’d hang him anyway, but cold, calm and silent action. I hope he doesn’t crack under the strain, as any word he’d say on this will simply keep the story in the news for longer than it otherwise would be.
      As for me, until there’s any shred of evidence that Cosby raped anyone, I won’t call him a rapist.

      1. I saw that too. A perfect move and if you listen to the media they are making public gasps and are stammering, not knowing how to react. I have even started to hear some local radio jocks coming out on his side the last couple of weeks.
        He is handling it like a boss and we should study his methods and strategies, he is literally disarming the social justice weenies of their most potent weapon.

        1. Other men who are on the receiving end of baseless rape accusations better take note. This is the only way to fight back. The false accuser must be totally destroyed in a legal sense.

  38. As we get closer to a Hilary Clinton presidency, the tone will change from “whites are racist bigots” to “men are sexist rapists”.
    Whatever comes as the next chain of outrage events, it will be centered on women as victims. I laugh every time another manosphere site declares “peak ______”. We’re nowhere near peak ANYTHING. Shit, we’re the 0.01% of people who can even see that the narrative is against whites and males in general. Everybody else eats up the narrative and believes it.
    Here’s how you combat it. Go to the extreme on their side every time, always, on every news site, forum and real-life public event. Shout down a Beatles song because the band is 4 white cis males (although watch out when using the word “cis” as people tend to know you’re trolling). You must be believable. Extreme left SJW ideology must be spewed from your keyboard and mouth. Make people cringe. Bully people into full submission for daring to crack a gay joke. Get hysterical. Mean it. Call them “____ist” or “_____phobe” and ALWAYS ALWAYS finish by saying they support genocide against the offended group.

    1. “”I laugh every time another manosphere site declares “peak ______”. We’re nowhere near peak ANYTHING. Shit, we’re the 0.01% of people who can even see that the narrative is against whites and males in general. Everybody else eats up the narrative and believes it.””
      Van_Ram_32, I believe your gauge of the stage of the battle to be correct. It’s ONLY just begun. In fact, I’d bet a lot more heat comes the way of these sites in the next 12 months too.

  39. Rest assured that the next SJW hysteria will be double-blind tested and coordinated like these ones from this year, but that cover for them will be instantly provided ahead of time a to head off any attempts by anti-SJW’s to poke holes in the story. This will be a Journolist and Community-Organizer-coordinated scandal, making sure everyone is on the same page.
    The Michael Brown/Trayvon Martin/Michale Gardner fiascos blew up in the SJWs faces—to the point that the 2014 elections went completely for the opposing party, police officers were murdered, riots occurred, and the mayor of NYC has publicly lost the NYPD—but they at least have screamed down with the magaphone.
    Gamergate blew up in their faces, and won some anti-SJW converts, and gave Roosh a new website (good luck, sir).
    The Rolling Stone/UVA rape blew up in their faces, leading to a public take down in WaPo and even some feminists openly questioning whether rape hysteria has gone too far.
    What the SJWs have learned, however, is that the Anti-SJW crowd is organized on a grassroots level and willing to ask the questions about SJW pablum that the SJW have shamed major media outlets from asking. In effect, the anti-SJW crowd has given away its positions and organizations somewhat.
    The SJWs will thus be searching for a major league symbolic winner, and will either 1) make sure it is unreproachable; or, more likely 2) make sure NO ONE can question it—and will attack sites like this with a fury. Expect comment sections filled with trolls shouting down opposition or mobys demanding violent action. Expect Roosh and or another anti-SJW man to be targeted for arrest or serious libel or slander.
    Roosh said earlier this year (or was it last) that the anti-SJW victories recently should not be used to create false confidence, but for retrenchment. He was right. We are in a guerrilla war; we have the common people on our side, but any large-scale organizing is not possible and will be smashed by the SJWs. Roosh has bravely stuck his head out there and is risking a personal attack.

  40. I’m of the opinion that “defending” against the next SJW and left feminist attack won’t work, on its own. Sure be ready for their tactics but the attack needs to be taken back on them. Waiting around for the enemy to come to you has some advantages but also major disadvantages such as not knowing what is next. It needs to be done carefully, they have defense mechanisms. One defense mechanism is turning into a “victim” even the “damsel in distress” is used by man hater feminists which plays into general protective sympathies of men and women alike.
    The feminists have been using false, grossly skewed, exaggerated studies on rape rates, domestic violence. The media gullibly regurgitates these. Skewed by a factor of 25 as in campus rape. They have vulnerabilities.
    One attack might be to find a male victim of a false rape charge. You need victims (who become heroes) and villains (psychotic female supported by hateful feminists).
    What needs to remember on isn’t persuading radical feminists. One is persuading still reasonable people both men and women. One is isolating the radical feminists and shaming them into a hole they ate scared to come out of.

  41. Not a new one but the ” white privilege” drum will be beat more louder especially by feminists both white and non and their so-called LGBT allies.

  42. What about making up our own stories? Grab an image of a girl and start sending outrageous stories of harassment to these feminists sites to try and get them to run with it and then humiliating them after they do. Inundate these sites with that crap and then they will have to at least start ‘investigating’ the validity of all claims before they start cranking out stories about them.

    1. You don’t need to fake. And we must never be caught out faking: that’s a victory for them. There are plenty of cases of men going to jail on fake rape charges. There are cases of 911 or 000 being called by a woman over a disagreement. Of course we are probably not taking simple steps of checking fakes.

      1. “There are plenty of cases of men going to jail on fake rape charges.” The problem is, the media will just ignore these cases, which makes it an uphill battle for the manosphere to raise awareness on the issue.
        Amateur support is suggesting a jiu-jitsu strategy where we use the feminist media’s strength against itself i.e. we get them to do the dirty work of making a false case go viral and thereby destroying their own credibility in the process.

        1. Interesting thought experiment, however we must remember that the SJW lies align with the narrative.
          If the manosphere were to fabricate a story- or even true stories, we have a hard enough time as it is reaching out to blue pill men.
          IMO: let’s continue striking with the cold, dark and sharp blade of truth…the honorable noble way.
          (And if ya have to fib here and there to bang some hot chics, shell love u for it)

  43. They will just keep chipping away at male pride. I’ve noticed in Australia at least that these stories and hashtag campaigns are making their way into the mainstream media. Women are now a protected species incapable of wrong doing and deserving of all our corporate government complex has to offer.

  44. no matter what the next SJW lie is it will be harder to fool the online public. Anyone making such an accusation better have it verified 3 times over. If the story is unverifiable I will assume it to be false.

    1. The degree to which the story conforms to the SJW narrative dictates how skeptical one should be and how much harder one should dig for the facts which are being hidden from public view.

      1. Agreed, however whishful thinking.
        The unthinking masses of sheeple don’t want to or simply can’t apply the critical thinking required to come to a truthful conclusion, and then advocate it even if it goes against the grain.

  45. Does anyone else think that Sarkeesian dreses like an hooker trying to extend her use by date? There are huge hoopy earrings with their fetish elements, some plunging necklines, intense lipstic, a face piercing, cultivated long hair, possibly with extensions.
    Normally I wouldn’t be as callouse as to attack a ladies appearance but in this case it’s relevant. She complaints about the sexualisation of female characters yet she dresses to that self same standard.
    That is one hypocritical screwed up chick.

    1. I prefer Selective Justice Wanker or Weenie. These bitches don’t deserve the title of Warrior.

  46. I bet on animals. No one is more under-privileged. I mean we actually EAT them. Take that white males. The proof is all the stories on the news about animals that I hear every day.

  47. Being a rape victim is trendy and popular. Because the definition of rape is constantly being expanded, young women now consider their boyfriend from four years earlier who asked for sex three times until she acquiesced even though she wasn’t in the mood a rapist. Now young women meet in large numbers to discuss how victimized they are. Look at Lena Dunham, she wanted to join the exclusive victims’ club, so she fabricated a story in her book, even though she herself sexually abused her infant sister. In this movement’s desire for attention and sympathy, they have created an entire victim playing culture. If a woman has been whistled at on the sidewalk, she’s a victim. If a man notices that a woman has lost weight, she’s a victim. If none of those things have happened, she can just make something up and join all her other friends who are “survivors” too. And then they wonder why they’re not being taken seriously

  48. Social justice itself IS hysteria
    There isn’t a single social cause in the western world that’s isn’t founded on fearful exaggeration

  49. My best guess, they are going to directly attack natural male behavior or actions. You already see them using the “manspreading” and they are trying to make that mostly natural act out as an act of sexism. They have made hacked together videos complaining about a woman getting what amounts to the occasional wolf whistle or catcall. There is currently an article circulating among feminists websites about something called “fart rape”, in the event a man should unleash a loud fart in the presence of a woman.
    I fully expect to see louder feminist demands for things like men being required or trained from birth to sit to urinate. A demand that sports be even less competitive, further attacks against American style football. Pressure to have boys adopt more feminine hair styles.
    The only good news is that no society can long stand SJWs running wild.

    1. A split second before for seeing your post I thought of “manspreading”. Hateful bitches! Clearly they know how shrill and insane they come across to many but they know how to spread their shit.

  50. This is SPOT fucking on. Some shit ended up in my online feeds called, “The Creep Collection: The Scary Things Men Say When Confronted Online.” The page was filled with middle aged fuglies blurting out their SWJ rhetoric.
    What about the scary shit women say to your face? Like “I’m divorcing you and taking the kids to Nebraska.” Or, “I’ve been sleeping with my personal trainer from 24 Hour Fitness.”
    Rather than dedicate themselves to a little self-improvement, they are hell bent on making sure that nobody in America experiences romantic happiness. So fucking evil.

  51. In 30 years our children will learn about the great SJW heroes of the new millennium just like we learned about “heroes” such as Nelson Mandela and Malcolm X.

  52. ‘For example, few if any people have been drawing attention to Sabrina Rubin Erdely’s connections to Emily Renda, who serves both as UVA’s Vice President of Student Affairs as well as on the Virginia Governor’s Task Force on Combating Campus Sexual Violence.’¹———–
    THIS IS WHY! This is why that the this utter bullshit was foisted upon the public. I said it once and I’ll say it again, THIS WAS ALL A SET UP. Jackie was making it all up on purpose. Total bs. I knew that she knew someone and this is that someone. The whole Rolling Stone story was an editorial hit on the fraternities and the men in them. PLEASE DO MOMENT RESEARCH. There is a larger story here. Please dig deeper. Don’t let these slime balls slink away with not but embarrassment.

  53. Fuck all of these so-called “SJW”s. Why is this site so obsessed with them? Without all of our attention they amount to fuck all! They produce nothing of value. They are worthless. Ignore them. They are not worth your time.

  54. Great article, but I think you missed an important point with regards to how the censorship of the internet and the loss of anonymity will benefit those in power. IMO it’s not as much about Facebook, Twitter, etc making money off our personal information as it is about maintaining the status quo. How many guys in the manosphere are only willing to speak their minds because of anonymity? Same goes for any other SJW “progressive” cause. We live in a culture in which a climate of fear has been allowed to flourish. The ONLY way most people are going to feel safe speaking their minds is behind the cloak of anonymity. Remove that, and a good portion of those who are opposed to the enforced narratives of the SJW’s will disappear over night. People will stop challenging the status quo over fears of being ostracized by their peers, or retaliation in the form of campaigns to have them fired.

    1. We basically live in a new dark age, where you have to accept the Left-wing narrative even though they fail to provide sufficient evidence to back up their claims. At best you’ll get an “ad hoc rescue” we’ve all heard a million times. They want to do everything possible to silence free speech on the internet. They can’t dish out vigilante justice if people are anonymous. That’s why they play up the “online bullying” narrative so much, even though we have MUCH MUCH bigger problems.

    2. Agreed. The MSM socio-politico-corporate industrial complex has done a great job at creating an ominous fear of being doxxed and associated with discussing dark truths.
      It amazes me that the inverse is passively disregarded. Rolling Stone and that particular bitch journalist should be burned to the ground for publishing such lies.
      Sure enough if a white male journalist posted a lie about a minority or female sexual/hate crime he’d be crucified on a spinning cheeseburger and put on cable/internet MSM heavy rotation…

  55. It will be transgendered pre-teens and teens committing suicide, and the eventual, creeping, criminal investigations of their parents for “harassment” and negligence for failing to properly (permit) raise them to be the sex they believe they are. It will be a cottage industry of SJC (social justice creeps) and attorneys. Bank $$ on it.

  56. But no matter what SJW’s are like spoiled children no matter how much you appease them they will just find something else to piss and moan about.

  57. As a white heterosexual man I know that I will be blamed for whatever shit they decide to go after next. I’ve checked out. Fuck them. . They don’t realize that ship sailed. . I won’t be paying for anything or giving a fuck. Let it burn. . Tired of being blamed for shit I didn’t do, while its open season on me

  58. Can we rename these losers known as SJW’s.It falsely credits them with something sounding noble. Lets rebrand them. The new acronym is better: T.W.A.T.S for thought warriors against thinking sanely.

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