Why College Is A Warzone For Young Men

If you graduated college more than five years ago, you have no idea what kind of indoctrination center your alma mater has become.  Last month I became involved in a weekly community program at my local university.  The college environment has changed so much that I barely recognize it, and must strongly encourage young men to reconsider entering the financial and social wasteland known as the American university system.

Ugliness Everywhere


I’m stable and healthy, trust me.

When I entered college as a freshman, it was an oasis of beauty.  This was the first time many teenage girls were able to show off their fit bodies without parental control, and they took advantage of this, showing off smooth, toned legs, nice figures, and long hair.  Yes, there were fat girls, goth-types that wanted to rebel by wearing black and being unique, just like all the other goth kids, and yes, several girls had tattoos.  But it’s nothing like what I see today.  If a girl had a tattoo in the last decade, you typically wouldn’t see it until you removed her clothing.  If she was fat, she would avert her eyes when you passed because she was embarrassed by her bad hygiene and weight.


If they were so oppressed and unhappy, why are they smiling?

Today, as I enter campus, I must search hard to find a co-ed even worth gazing at.  Laziness and ugliness are the norm.  Multiple facial (and I’m sure other) piercings, visible tattoos, neon hair, obesity, and poor hygiene are the norm.  The smartphone addiction is so bad it is rare to even make eye contact.  But most disturbing are the social changes.

Hetero Male Students Are The Enemy


National Gender Studies Honor Society at UCLA

During every visit to campus, without fail, I have been bombarded with at least one NEW anti-male slogan, flyer, sticker, or commentary.  Walking down the halls, one will see “Rape Free Zone” stickers and “Safe Space!” signs over professor’s doorways.  Female only, gay only, and degenerate only groups are encouraged, but male groups are met with violent reaction.  There are flyers for LGBTQ clubs and meetings.  I picked up the student paper to find a story about a new staff position that has been created to help comfort and support victims of sexual harassment.

The message, sent over and over again, is that YOU, straight male student, YOU are the problem, YOU are being watched, YOU had better shut up, and stop being patriarchal and sexist, YOU are responsible for all the ills of society, and YOU are not welcome here!  Finally, this new generation of students is going to control speech, censor ideas, and create new vocabulary until all the problems of society are fixed.

Today they have it all, but they're angry and pissed.

Today they have it all, but they’re angry and pissed.

Pick up the student newspaper: I guarantee the editor is a feminist.  Look around at the flyers.  You will see meetings to discuss sexual deviancy, clubs celebrating degeneracy, and recruitment to the gender studies department (hint: ROK will teach you more in a week about females than any gender studies degree).  This week an FBI agent was coming to discuss the sex slave trade and rape culture in America.

Entitled Attitude From Feminists With Zero Accomplishments


College Life, One Generation Ago

While male students are seeing daily reminders of what worthless pieces of shit they are, feminists and other degenerates walk around with their heads held high.  And why shouldn’t they?  They are king of the mountain here.  And don’t think this will end once they graduate college.

We are creating a new world, a new society where HR departments in the double digits are a requirement for any medium sized business, where gender studies consultants are demanded to give annual lectures to employees who may be tempted to use language not approved by the censors, and where employment benefits packages will include subsidized sex change operations, polyamorous spousal benefits, and free pet food, because it’s not fair to subsidize the children of married coworkers but not the expenses for those who have an unhealthy obsession with their German Shepherd.


Pick up a copy of the student newspaper, and you will be exposed to bland, insecure writing equality, feminism, diversity, and a variety of social justice issues, with warnings about second guessing everything you do.  Want to visit the Greek food festival this weekend?  Fine, but remember not to culturally appropriate anything you bigot!  Want to date someone from another culture?  That’s a nice gesture, but you’d better not be upsetting the power balance and microaggressing while you flirt.

In between propaganda articles, you will see ads touting the school’s diversity policy, reminding the student body how to behave in a nondiscriminatory manner, and oh look, here’s an article on trigger warnings, which half of college professors are already using, without the schools even telling them to.


I read a “review” of a local coffee shop that the feminist journalist didn’t really like because, like, they didn’t even smile at me when they handed my suppafrappalatte to me, and like they didn’t even offer the seasonal pumpkin spice option that I later wished I had ordered, and the music was kind of dumb so I doubt I’ll be going back there because I just felt kind of creepy the whole time.

Zero Balance

The underlying message behind it all

The underlying message behind it all

I am in favor of colleges being open, diverse, and free.  A university should expose students to a wide range of ideas, to people from a variety of backgrounds, to new subjects and areas of study, and languages, and foods, and experiences, and ways of thinking.  A broad, liberal arts education creates a well rounded, civilized society.  But that is not what is happening today.

The group that always made up the largest, most intelligent, and successful group of students, is being attacked, belittled, and marginalized, at the expense of diversity.  Diversity is good when it exposes someone to a new viewpoint, culture, or theory.  Diversity is bad when it removes two white men and replaces them with chicks with dicks, and pretends now they will be able to better cure cancer.  It doesn’t work that way.

A Brave New World


It is extremely easy for me to walk down the hallways, smirking at the latest silly SJW slogan, or safe space notice, but that’s because I was raised with common sense, morals, and a *real* liberal arts background.  People are social animals, and are products of our environment.  We are tribal, and as much as we’d like to think we are all independent autonomous geniuses, our behavior is based in large part on what society teaches us is acceptable.

Why do we eat a cow but not a dog?  But in parts of Asia this is reversed?  Why do Arab men expect women to be submissive?  Why do Western men wear coats in 90 degree summer weather if we work white collar jobs?  It’s because of our culture and its expectations.


Yeah, who needs morals, right?

The university system is creating a culture where diversity for diversity’s sake is good.  Where straight masculine men are evil and bad.  And where one should be accepted for who they are, no matter how hideous or unhealthy they appear.

This will create less masculine men.

If society tells children and youth that changing genders, mutilating your body, being weak and snarky, and having no universal standards or morality is good, then that’s what society will create.

Reconsider College


Rhodes students learning about rape culture

While I went to college, and got some benefit out of it, I would highly recommend young men to reconsider this option today.  I come from a family background where one is expected to attend a good college, perform at a high level, and be successful.  And yet, I’m not sure I would want my future son or daughter to attend college.  The amount of social conditioning, not to mention the increasing financial cost, makes the value of a Western university education questionable. (Although this is tempting).

If you are in college, resist the temptation to chase coeds.  They are being told on a daily basis that there are rapists out there, and a culture of rape, and a culture of sex slavery and the people behind all this look exactly like YOU.  Minimize your time with fellow students, and focus on getting into the workforce as soon as possible.  Or do something truly diverse:  take a semester abroad and visit a different culture that may affect your thinking and judgment for the rest of your life.

Seek out truly diverse opinions.  Take what good you can from the college experience.  Expose yourself to alternate sources of news, information, and viewpoints.  Listen to the Kingmaker Podcast instead of bad music.  Question friends, and plant seeds of thought and reason.  There was a brief time when I actually believed the one in 5 myth.  Until someone pointed out that it couldn’t possibly be true.  Be the voice of reason.  Avoid the conditioning, and live life on your terms.

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  1. School was always cancer. Never seen a buff, smart and disciplined teacher with an open mind and a zero bullshit policy in my entire life.

    1. Should have taken my classes. Then again, they made my life so miserable that I stopped teaching.

      1. If you claim to be that person you also have to proof it. I don’t believe anyone with a fake name and fake picture. Too many scammers and hypocrites in the manosphere.

        1. He and I converse off line of ROK. He’s the real deal.
          Give him a full head of steam on a topic and the amount of professional level philosophical word count he can spew about even the most trivial of topics will convince you immediately of his credentials.

        2. That’s ok buck….I don’t feel the particular need to prove it and I don’t blame you for wanting proof. I haven’t taught for 10 years now and will never go back to it. My experience in the academy was much the same as yours so I was mostly agreeing. I tried to make a life out of it and became miserable doing so. If I knew you better I would let you read my ratemyprofessors.com entries from various schools, but people online finding out who I am is not a valuable trade off for proving that I did a particular job 10 years ago to a stranger. I am sure you will understand.
          That said, if you stick around long enough I think you will see that my comments, while silly and often times just plain fucking stupid, show a mastery in academic philosophy as well as body building. You can take that for what it is.

        3. Actually I just went and read your reviews. How cool is that shit? Very nice.

        4. right. there are a bunch and some spell my name wrong….but my students thought I was a peach and my number of flirtatious reviews and chili peppers are off the chart. That said, I don’t blame @valorforfreedom.com for calling shenanigans, it is only natural. I just can’t put myself out here to every stranger to prove how big my dick is. That is a short cut to my boss saying “you use the word faggot a lot”

        5. It is just common sense to not believe people that claim certain things without proof. And as long as you don’t proof what you claim – you remain a nobody that some people blindly believe. Or would you believe someone that claims to be buff and does not have ANY pictures around?

        6. Like I said, I totally see that and agree that it is a valid standpoint as I am sure you would understand that for me making my name public to get social proof from a stranger would not be worth the possible danger to my way of life it would cause. That said, I don’t need to prove to you that I used to be a professor or that I am a weightlifting fanatic. One way or another, if you stick around, we will either get along or not…that seems enough. cheers!

        7. I never doubted his philosophical knowledge by the way. And you saying that he is the real deal does not proof that he is buff,disciplined and smart. Anyway I have better things to do than arguing on the internet. Have a nice day gentlemen.

        8. Don’t worry, I don’t care if you are. And I will stick around because the majority of open minded and above average men are found in the manosphere. Connecting and networking with capable men is not only important for my life but also for my Business. I will hit the gym now.
          If you have twitter I would like to follow each other. Every other man that considers himself capable can add me too to share knowledge and do Business. Here is mine: https://twitter.com/ValorForFreedom
          Have a nice day!

        9. It’s doubtful that I have a vested interest in lying. I am too selfish to fake reality on behalf of somebody else.

      1. Ride or die bitches!
        Your privilege level is SHITLORD with a score of 225
        Want to save your score? Please to Facebook.
        PRIVACY NOTICE: CheckMyPrivilege.com does not collect your EMail address and we will never send you spam.

        1. Your privilege level is SHITLORD with a score of 210

        2. Or be taller. Or better looking. Heh.
          If they had a selection for “Massive quantities of hair” though you’d be topping lolknee’s score.

        3. Hah right? Well I put tall down on the test because even though I’m only 6’0″, most of the people I know are a bit shorter than me, so I gave it the benefit of the doubt. I checked that I had a good face but didn’t click the 9+/10 box…I’m not ripped (yet).

        4. Your privilege level is Extremely Oppressed with a score of -355
          But I should clarify that I was filling in the questions on behalf of the Mammalkin in the picture third from last in the article.

      2. HAha. that test should have given me bonus points when I laughed out loud at the difference between “Trans” and “Trans (passable)” haha.. like.. could you actually fool a guy into making out with you or not. haha that’s good. Ugly trans vs pretty trans. I like it. I’m going to start questioning that every time someone mentions a tranny. “Yeah, but were they passable tranny or just tranny?”
        Yeah, I’m shitlord 230.

    1. By the way, if you want to see the real lunacy of the idea of privilege put in that you are an investment banking plutocrat making 1 trillion dollars a year but that you are black, gay and trans. Apparently the world will fucking owe you a lot.

    1. So many people in the manosphere have this fucking opt-in. They don’t realize how many new customers and regular visitors they lose with that shit.

        1. I don’t mind that popup too much. Guess I’ve been desensitized to it from other sites. I would however like to register a formal complaint about the mobile version of the site. About 75% of the time I log into the ROK site from my phone, it automatically redirects me to some sweepstakes/sales pitch looking advert. I’ve had instances where I’ve gone to ROK 3-5 times and it redirecting me every time. Very annoying.

        2. You would stop reading ROK, one of the few male centric sites, which champions masculinity and opposes globalism and feminism because of an annoying pop up? Yeah. It’s annoying but, let’s put things in perspective.

    2. Agreed.
      At least post another Sponsored Kratom Post, or Mike Chang electrolyte thing…

      1. be careful. if Kratom pop ups will be the efficient cause of the apocalypse. As for Mike Chang….Mike Chang pops up on you its time to find a new website 🙂

        1. Both are equally worthy of ridicule. Please try to understand the necessity of removal of that annoying Deus Vult pop-up.
          Deus Vult is Deus Vult, no arguing about that one, but it shouldn’t pop up in your face.

        2. yeah it really is fucking insanely annoying. I don’t know much about computers but I am sure they can tell the difference between someone who is a return viewer or a new viewer and give them the pop up once. Hell, just put a sign up box in the corner of the page.

        3. Its kinda cool, reminds me of the opening credits of the 60s Batman show, it spins in, then it spins out

    3. Anyone else see Columbia university is having a leadership retreat for everyone except whites??
      Seriously. We have gotten to that point.

      But those dn crackers better not think of having their own thing, thays wwaaaasisisicist.

      1. Can we put this in Hillary’s email? Better yet, right on her PC’s desktop? That would be justice for all.

  2. Great article and frankly scary as fuck. A few comments on pics though. God have mercy on my soul….first pic….WB. No question about it. I know, I know. I am not saying I would date her…but a ONS…absolutely. Yes, it is stupid and probably disgusting. I am owning it though.
    Picture 2: the only way to make the average college girl smile like that is to remove the seats from the bicycles.
    Pic 3: Ok, no obvious hotties and that guy is a total fag but I must be honest—that is a fairly decent looking group for a national gender honors society…better than I would have imagined at least.
    Skipping 4 and going to 5 with the guys sitting around….that literally (hitler) looks exactly the way I remember college in the early 90’s minus it being black and white. Yeah there were goths and hippies and all that shit but my group were the types who wore blazers and (kill me) dockers to campus. I bet if I really worked hard at it and called a bunch of people I used to know I could find someone who has a very similar photo of my crew hanging out at Tom’s Restaurant (the Diner made famous by Seinfeld) or at the fountain….I look at the picture in this article and beam with nostalgia and then read the article and want to vomit
    Skipping a few more down to the two girls in bras…again, I know, I know, but as long as we are talking ONS then yes WB, W happily B

    1. The girls in the bras don’t appear to be inked up, clown haired nor with 10,000 piercings, so yeah, wipe that stupid billboard of stupidity off of them and they’re doable, no question. The first one though? Fuck dude, that’s kinda really out there. The picture of her in the background shows a decent looking chick, but she clearly destroyed her looks. Why man, why?

      1. I know, it is terrible…but I am a disgusting guy who needs novelty because of years of fucking things….I have a feeling that that thing as a ONS whose name you never get will do some really fun things

      2. It might very well be the princess mentality gone too far. Saw a woman go full she beast yesterday. Half her head was shaved, her gut had guts, her legs were like ox legs, with hair to boot. Once upon a time a woman like that would have been considered an insult to her family and in need of a psychiatrist. Now she is ‘expressing her freedoms’. Who would have thought living in a sea of nubile women would be comparable to Planet of The Apes?!

        1. My daughter is well aware that drifting towards that kind of thing *IS* an insult to the family and shows a clear lack of self respect and dignity.

        2. “her gut had guts”
          This was such a clear description of a type of woman in 4 words. I mean really fucking nice.

        3. Except for the military leader, they were a pretty cordial lot, weren’t they?

  3. A broad, liberal arts education creates a well rounded, civilized society.
    Does it?
    What the hell does that even mean, when you get down to it?
    Say I want to be an engineer. Sure, I have to be able to read, write competently. But why in the hell do I need to take “Comparative Asian Art History” to be “well rounded”?
    We’d be much better served returning to the actual framework colleges and universities used to follow. Educate you for your career, eliminate 95% of the “liberal arts” bullshit that exists today (Keep canonical literature, writing, philosophy, a non-affiliated poli-sci, languages, rhetoric) and get a degree in far less than the 4 to 5 years that it takes due to filler bullshit “liberal arts” requirements.

    1. I have such a hard time with this stuff but in the end I agree with you. Liberal arts ought to be an avocation, not a vocation. I do feel that the study of it ought to be required for SOME people. For instance, if you are training to be a lawyer I would like to know that you have read some literature, some ethical philosophy, some mythology. Not 100 years of it, but enough to know it exists. If you are training to be an electrician I think you should have ample access to it for free on the internet (or in libraries…’member those) and if that kind of stuff interests you it should be totally free for you and encouraged to you that you seek it out.
      A liberal arts degree is really only useful for people who are going to teach in the liberal arts. This is fine. Every student in college 75 years ago would have taken a poetry class. Every college graduate would have been expected to have some rudimentary knowledge of poetry and philosophy and music and all these wonderful things. Also, far less people went to college.
      I had a professor that was very important to me. He was an much older guy. I think he got his PhD in the early 60’s. When he went to school he actually majored in English Literature and then did a specialization in philosophy in graduate school. Afterwards he became a professor. He was a really cool guy and much missed. He was also a huge advocate for all academics to spend at least a short time in the army. I thought he was nuts when I was 18. I now understand he was 152% correct. But the idea that he would have studied a course of philosophy as a major in an undergrad school was nuts to him.
      Now I see people majoring in all sorts of shit. If 65% of your course load is studying an obscure dialect some defunct language and then reading books in it and looking at their connection to modern literature as an undergrad you might as well have studied underwater pediatric gynecology. The idea that one of those degrees makes you well rounded is a perversion of the idea that someone with a real degree knowing enough to be mildly conversational about something like that makes them well rounded.
      Once again we have taken the idea that one small aspect of a human life is important and turned it into “lets make the the most important aspect all together.” It is ok for me to like to dress stylishly. It is one aspect of my general personhood….however, if I take that to “the only thing that is important is to dress stylishly” than I am a foppish faggot. Now reapply that to academia and groan.

      1. “A liberal arts degree is really only useful for people who are going to teach in the liberal arts”
        Without such an education people will be hard pressed to effectively criticise the powers that be

        1. absolutely. However, there is a difference between everyone learning the tools to critically think and the history of the world and poetry and music and philosophy to make them a well rounded person which I am totally in favor of and the people who decide “fuck any practical shit I am going to major in this nonsense and use all my electives and make sure I don’t learn anything of any kind of practical value”
          Someone said it above….only 20% of the people in universities belong there.

        2. of course. Arguably modern ‘liberal’ education deprives people of critical thinking skills. Most people would however probably benefit from learning a broadly liberal education, even if some / most may be better off learning a specialised or technical skill at higher ed level. My only concern here is that people should not be deprived of the ability to think clearly, something which requires training even if not necessarily advanced training

        3. Agreed. But there is a big difference between an engineer who has taken some philosophy classes and a philosophy major who is totally unprepared to deal with the realities and needs that the world is going to thrust upon him.
          There is a reason that philosophers and economists and, later on, physicicts came from affluent families. They could afford to go to college and not learn how to support themselves so they pursued all higher minded ideas. There is no use in this world for someone who knows how to think, is a ass ton in debt and has no practical skills to get a job. I know it is a common joke, but the sheer number of people in 6 figure debt who have 5-8 years of college and 1 or 2 post grad degrees making coffee is fucking startling.
          It is incumbent on every man to be able to think at a higher level than that of a little child. And they should be introduced, in some survey classes, one and all, regardless of future profession to some very high minded ideas as well as taught how to use a public library and how to search the web for things on perseus and open library should they wish to pursue further in their lives. However, if you spend 8 years reading fucking Kierkegaard in Danish and wind up working in a record store while making minimum payments for a very expensive education then you should pretty much just be shot.

        4. I can’t disagree with that. The issue here is probably the ability to borrow large amounts of money to do degrees that won’t help either you or society. Degree subjects though tend to be ‘useless’ when they aren’t oriented towards some future profession or trade.
          I just worry that the baby will be thrown out with the bathwater. The problem here is the focus on everybody doing degrees for the sake of it. Arguably you can achieve a broad liberal education before getting to higher education.

        5. It is a fair worry and there needs to be serious thought, consideration and overhaul and that needs to be done by wiser men than me…but there is a problem.

        6. agreed. I’m against elitism, but the democratisation of education has been pretty disastrous, and that’s probably because higher ed cannot not be elitist if it is not to become completely dumbed down

        7. there is a such thing as a more benign elitism. Like I said, I don’t have the answers but I do have a pretty good idea of many of the problems which is a start. The sad thing is that if everyone knew all the problems and fool proof ways to solve them 100% no question asked they still wouldn’t be implemented. billion dollar industries like academia don’t just give up their revenue source because it is hurting the local population.

        8. i’d say it would be pretty difficult today to distinguish the democratisation of education from its commercialisation. American and British universities dominate at present. It would be interesting to really investigate how those rating systems work. What is excellence? Some of it’s real. Some of it’s political correctness, and ticking boxes. I don’t have time to look into it, but I’m sure there’s a lot of horseshit mixed in with the vaunted research excellence

        9. You are closer to the truth than you think. To a great extent American Universities rankings owe their rankings to the massive amount of publications and research (thanks to thousands of foreign researchers and staff whose education was undertaken by foreign educational centers therefore neither America or UK incurred inthe cost of educating and training this personnel), political correctness bs and amount of grants and the “impact of its graduates” ie. Of course the university of Hitlary will earn points in the ranking due to the impact of its graduate. Education quality all in all is a rather small component.
          Hence a German, Russian or Austrian university may have a better education quality (and less PC BS) but its brighter often flock to America or UK to do research and it receives far less in donations, less citations due to less research and so on. Hence it will never appear in the top ten of a University Ranking.

        10. that’s interesting. I think the english language is a huge boon too, in terms of soft power and modelling anglo-US institutions as the acme of academic excellence. Over the last five years or I’ve noticed a lot of foreign universities now offer their most popular courses in English as well as the native language as they can attract foreign students. This is all part of the package of turning higher education into a business like any other, and of course turning students into consumers like any other, but of course there are going to be obvious disadvantages for such institutions compared to anglo-US universities that can assume English only.
          Poaching foreign talent aside though (I don’t actually mind UK universities being amongst the pick of the crop) I would be interested to discover if anyone has specifically looked at how ideological factors feed into the ratings system. I’m sure diversity, social inclusion is going to feature in there, but what concerns me more is the impact of ideology / political correctness on the research agenda. I actually find it slightly worrying that at a time when I’ve personally found myself appalled at the direction being taken by modern universities including at the level of curricula, those same institutions are wending their way right to the top. It’s fine for instance that oxbridge in the UK or Harvard etc in the US are still the cream of the cream, but less so when I recall that most of the stories I hear about them these days relate to completely insane politically correct policies. Oxford in particular seems to have turned into SJW heaven recently, and guess what, it achieved the top spot this year. What I want to know is, whether that’s down to excellent research being done or in good part precisely because it’s spazzed out on the PC front

        11. English language hegemony and the transition to a “new” business model are good points. But graduate’s impact can’t be discounted.
          PC points I don’t know for sure. When it comes to research agendas, from my limited experience (as I had a MS and had to publish for my thesis) in a STEM subject political correctness related to the “global change” has been creeping steadily into the research areas and steering the investigation topics ie. research about the famous carbon footprint was a hot topic. In the same vein research about the transport and logistics sector CO2 emissions was a hot topic.
          Even gender related topics have been creeping steadily and polluting the universities’ research arenas. Therefore a few years ago articles about women this, inequality this have started popping up in my field. It’s been 3 years since I don’t publish so I can’t tell what’s the situation. But one thing is certain. If STEM subjects are not immune, I don’t want to imagine how it is in business related fields or Humanities.

        12. it’s truly appalling that these insidious ideas are now creeping into STEM, but unfortunately it’s not surprising. I’ve not done research myself, but I was thinking for a while about pursuing a research degree at a later stage. My area was psychology / social science so I did a bit of reading on the kinds of research projects that were getting approved and funded. Most of it seemed to be PC crap and all the supervisors were lefties or literal marxists. It’s a hostile environment for anyone with ideas that aren’t entirely on-message

        13. At the moment its not a good idea. But at some point the subject may need to be reclaimed from the marxists

        14. That’s the attitude. We men dropped from academia, that’s why we are living in the mess right now.

        15. Exactly. The academic world is too important in culture and politics to be left to a bunch of crazies and marxists

      2. Curious of your thoughts on men being required to do military service. Or do you mean only academics? I can see both sides of the required military service thing. On the one hand, it does instill some basic rules and discipline, which is woefully lacking in our society. Come to think of it, there should be something similar for women, because they seem to severely lack self discipline themselves. Also it does create the sort of “nationalism” or teamwork or we’re all in it together mentality that seems essential for the nation state to get the peons to remain loyal servants the rest of their lives, always remembering to vote and do their civic duty and “if you see something say something” and all of that.
        On the other hand, it seems an odd thing for a nihilist to advocate. It’s very collectivist, and frankly I have zero interest in learning how to kill other people. My views on the military have grown from somewhat pacifist to actually thinking Putin would be doing us a favor if he took us over. I also think it’s somewhat cultish, and teaches people to blindly follow their governments, and take orders without thinking. You might say, well that’s a good thing for society that *most* people do that, just not me and the handful of other nihilists. And you may be right. Just curious why you advocate this.

        1. I also think it’s somewhat cultish, and teaches people to blindly follow their governments, and take orders without thinking.
          This is not the case actually. You are required to disobey unlawful orders. And if you talk to any soldiers who have been in the field and/or combat for a while you’ll find that they are the opposite of mindless order obeying bootlickers.
          Generally your mindless rule spouting, salute every walking thing, bootlicker is a REMF.

        2. When I was in my early 20’s I had a buddy named Tom who did 2 years or so in the USMC. He was a hand to hand combat guy. One thing I noticed about Tom was how organized his apartment was, how nearly his bed was made. I envied it. He wound up getting a job in a hotel doing security while the government paid the lions share for his education in some IT field. When he graduated he eventually found a job. He travels for free. Has a huge security blanket if something goes wrong and he loses his job. He met friends that will last a life time and his mind is very organized and structured. Not only that but he was taught to be in good shape and has kept it up. This to me is an ideal.
          One of my regrets is not spending a short time in one of the branches of the military. Not for a desire to have been killing machine (my eyes do that to the ladies already!) but because there are things you learn there about living a life and benefits you take from there that you simply can’t get elsewhere.
          As for this notion of losing your individuality to a collective…maybe for lifers who are in for 20 years but I know a load of guys who spent time in the Mil and I have never found them to be drones who have lost their individuality.
          That said, the idea of dying on a battle field is not very appealing to me and I would never want to be in a war. But there are a lot of things I will never learn and a lot of experiences I will never have and a lot of benefits I will never reap which all could have been bought with two years of my life that I look back and don’t even remember really now. Seems like it would have been a good thing.
          With all of that..I have zero first hand experience and it may very well just be a grass is greener on the other side feeling. But for what it is worth, I don’t think that a mandatory conscription for a short period of time for all people is a terrible idea at all.

        3. “..mandatory conscription for a short period of time for all people is a terrible idea at all.”
          All men. Conscripting women would be a huge mistake and a waste of resources.

        4. Sorry, I thought “men” was assumed there. Women never occurred to me. Of course, you are correct but that you for clearing it up.

        5. “It’s very collectivist, and frankly I have zero interest in learning
          how to kill other people. My views on the military have grown from
          somewhat pacifist to actually thinking Putin would be doing us a favor
          if he took us over. I also think it’s somewhat cultish, and teaches
          people to blindly follow their governments, and take orders without
          Much of what you say here is a chariacture of the military that has been intentionally peddled and reinforced since Vietnam and the rise of feminism.
          First, let me say that I don’t think people should be forced to serve if they have no interest in it. Many fail to appreciate that what makes our military so lethal is that it IS NOT a conscript military, but rather a volunteer profession. It is treated as a subject that you have to study and master, not just an ordeal that you have to survive.
          On that point, part of the misconception about “blindly following orders” has already been addressed by GoJ, but I would note that it’s not just about disobeying unlawful orders – it is about THINKING about what your orders mean and problem solving to best execute them. In bootcamp, you certainly learn to follow orders, but if you pay attention, you are also being trained to work together as a unit to problem solve. I would agree that there is an element of collectivism in this, but that is how a military unit has to operate to be effective – as a team. No leader who is worth a damn expects blind obedience – he expects his men to accomplish the mission he gives them in the most effective manner. For example, in Iraq, we were once pinned down in an ambush, and part of the ambush had insurgents raking our position with automotic weapons fire from under cover behind a berm about 200 meters away across an open field. I ordered two squads of Marines to assault across the field to the berm and clear it. What I did not expect was for my Marines to charge across the field no matter what – in other words, if they stepped off and came under fire from an unseen flanking position, or it was revealed that the enemy was far more numerous and heavily armed than thought, I would not have expected them to charge forward anyway and needlessly kill themselves. Instead, I expected them to focus on the mission – clear the berm to relieve the pressure on us freeing us to maneuver. How they did that was up to them, and if my orders to cross the field proved impractical or impossible, I expected them to figure out another solution.
          “Blind obedience” is a subtle theme that has been woven into the discussion of the military by feminists and anti-war types for the better part of 50 years in order to undermine a traditionally masculine institution by making it seem unappealing. But blind obedience has never been the requirement, and is not the requirement now.
          So too for killing people. First, I have to address the philosophical basis of violence. Many say trite things like “violence is never the answer” or “killing never solves anything.” The pages of every history book ever written falsify these things. But so does everyday life. Does anyone really believe that violence never solves problems, and is never justified? If a random guy in a bar gets jealous that you are having luck with some woman he wanted and decides to jump you, you are not allowed to fight back? If some guy breaks into your house to kill you, you are not justified in killing him? If you are protecting your own small children, you are not morally obligated to do so if necessary? I categorically reject the notion that violence is never justified or good (I would note that centuries of common law also agrees). But whether or not you would agree on those points, I find it hard to believe that anyone except the most hard core pacifist would argue that violence is never necessary, and even then, I would posit that the pacifist is either naive or has this luxury because others are willing to do violence on his behalf.
          The red pill is about seeing the world for what it is, not what we naively wish it to be. No matter how much we may wish otherwise, the world is often violent, and violence is often necessary in response. It is not fashionable in our current snowflake victim culture to say so, but knowing how to be violent when needed – including how to kill someone if the need arises – is a usefull skill.
          Realize that there is a distinction between knowing how to kill and wanting or liking to kill. Just because you know how to be violent doesn’t mean that you have to be, and it doesn’t mean that you have to like being violent if you find yourself in a situation where you must use violence. Violence is a useful tool, and hopefully sparely utilized, if ever.
          Certain elements of our society have spent generations slowly undermining the legitimacy of violence in the minds of men as a way to exercise control over them. You may have no interest in killing – indeed, I have none myself – but you should be very careful about accepting platitudes about how it is terrible and unnecessary. These statements are lies designed to weaken you.

        6. Learning killing people may be a useful skill when you have to defend yourself (yourself, not the ‘fatherland’). “Learning” to follow drills and orders without questioning them for a second … no thanks.

        7. Damn, that was thought-provoking.
          Well, here’s what goes through my mind. Firstly, a couple warmovies I saw. Bullying seemed one theme that was explored, but also this blind obedience thingy. Although I think it was depicted on the Soviet side, where if the soldier was too afraid and jumped ship, he was shot. Fuck that shit.
          And then, another commenter here did remark to me that in the military you do have to follow orders blindly, even if you have much better ideas how to do stuff and even if the task is pointless etc. and that some can’t handle it.

        8. I left ten years ago, so can’t comment on the ridiculous shit going on today, but combat is the ultimate no bullshit zone. Snowflake notions of equality don’t fly there. Either you can do the job, or you can’t. So combat arms jobs are somewhat insulated, even though there is a current attempt to undermine them by injecting females. One hope I have for a Trump presidency is that he reverses those executive orders, fires the current branch secretaries and restores normalcy.

        9. Movies are fantasy. They exist on the screen and nowhere else.
          Realize that Soviets did emphasize blind obedience, so much different than American military.
          Can’t speak to the particular commenter you spoke with, but I started enlisted and then became an officer. My perception as a junior enlisted was much different than later. I realized that what I thought were better ideas were unworkable for various reasons.

        10. Military does breed a lifetime brotherhood as well, even with men you didn’t serve with. Almost weekly I have discussions with other men who were in the service about our time in, and it then turns to other topics where that experience has become relevant.

        11. But again, the women are in huge need of discipline, structure, and leadership, especially the ones which don’t have daddy in their life. I suppose you prefer they stay that way so that you can later enjoy depravities with pinhead looking girls like #1 above.
          I visited an older female friend who is “retired” from the military. She took me to her base. She is maybe 50 years old, and has some sort of “disability” that doesn’t allow her to work, although she has a functioning ranch and I hung out with her for several weeks and noticed nothing odd.
          Anyway, when we went to her base, she explained it was an air force facility. I’m very aware of the huge amounts of money showered on the military, and think most of our aggressive adventurism is both immoral and a massive waste of funds that could be desperately be put to use at home. So I was mildly upset at seeing this huge taxpayer expenditure designed to kill and destroy and cause mayhem, when in reality we live in the longest relative period of peace in modern history.
          She showed me all the different areas, where the maintenance guys live, where the military police are, where she worked, etc. All the different groups of people there who are all supporting the activity of the pilots and their planes or helicopters, who are the entire purpose of this air force base.
          At the end I asked her.. so, where is the air strip and the planes? “Oh,” she replied, “they removed those several years ago.” I laughed long and hard, but did not tell her why. Suddenly I felt completely at ease. I wasn’t in the heart of a military killing operation. I was in a kindergarten. A welfare with a purpose.
          These were people who dressed up in uniforms every day, went in and pushed papers or did pushups or whatever, day in and day out, in a fake air force base that didn’t have any planes in it. It is a completely pointless operation, but it does give these people a purpose, and teaches them discipline and how to make their bed and all that.
          The point being, since 99.9% of the military doesn’t involve combat, and we haven’t really been in a real infantry war in my lifetime, I have no problem with females being forced to enter the military as well. They could damn well use the discipline and most of the work has nothing to do with firing bullets, anyway. It’s the biggest socialist program America has.

        12. There should be national service that is mandatory for each gender between the ages of 17-20. For men it should be about protecting your nation and learning masculine skills and for women similarly they should be taught feminine skills. This would take place simultaneously with genders being separate for the most part.
          A certain German with a moustache had plans to do as such but, we are, never to speak of him as he was literally Hitler.

        13. very possible that that is the way now…In 1990 when I briefly considered it it was only 2.

        14. I could be wrong…..it was a long time ago. That is my memory of it. I defer to people with first hand info

        15. We called them REMF – Rear Echelon Mother Fuckers.

        16. My sister, God bless her, was one of the females selected during the test phase for women in the USMC infantry. In spite of being an athlete her entire life, she eventually herniated a disc on a hike in the hills of Camp Pendleton. Any physiologist will state that male and female bodies are built to withstand far different stressors.

        17. And your sister was probably in the top 1% of fit women in the country.
          I saw some women on my deployment and it was pretty much a negative experience all around. They should not be anywhere near a combat zone. Combat arms and special ops shouldn’t even be considered.
          There was a female MP captain who made the news in 89′ when she led a platoon of MPs to take a position in Panama. She was an immediate feminist celeb and was asked to speak to young women until she told all those young women, “don’t join the army. You will end up ruining your body and the environment is not suited for women.” She was dropped and forgotten immediately.

        18. Ditto regarding the being deployed with females part. Discipline grinds to a halt due to double standards naturally arising.

        19. I hate the idea of “required” anything. Conscription is nothing more than slavery. No one should be forced to fight for or defend a cause they don’t believe in.
          I understand the reasoning some people give for wanting it, I just think it’s immoral to put a comply or die mandate component to anything people do that doesn’t infringe on the rights of others.

        20. I had thought about joining the military, but my dad (who was a Viet am machine gun sergeant) phorbade it. He said that the military protects politicians and their interests. Not American citizenry. He told me the worst thing he ever did was to sign up to kill a bunch if people because LBJ said it was a good idea.
          I think if soldiers wanted to protect Americans, they would stay home and shoot the politicians instead of going to foreign lands to clean up the messes created by those same politicians.

        21. I would feel the same way if I was in Vietnam. Maybe different if I was in some cool base in Hawaii when there was no war going on and PS1 had bushido Blade

        22. I agree that no one should be conscprited to fight for a cause they don’t believe in, but at the very least some form of military-disciplined social duty should be necessary to access some of the nation’s services.

        23. Women shouldn’t be in combat anyways. They just aren’t made to fight either physically or mentally.
          One of the worst things a man can be considered is a coward. So even if a man is afraid for his physical safety, he’ll risk his safety because being considered a coward by his peers scares him even more. And especially being considered a coward by women. So in a war situation, a man is more likely to be brave and do what needs to be done.
          Not so for women. Being known as a coward isn’t much of an insult for women. That’s why it’s absurd to put an 18 year old prom queen on a battle field and expect her to be a soldier. So if you’re under enemy fire and need her to cover your rear, she’s likely to be reduced to tears and go somewhere and hide, which could cost the man his life because he could be shot from behind, all the while thinking this girl is watching his back.
          Now we all know if that happens, it wouldn’t be a surprise. Does anyone expect an 18 year old girl to be a brave soldier? No, if she starts crying hysterically in the middle of gunfire, she’s just doing what we’d all expect. Except we have to pretend everyone’s equal.
          Now imagine if a guy left his fellow troop alone on the battlefield in the middle of enemy gunfire and was found somewhere hiding and crying? He’d be viewed as a disgrace by all of his peers and everyone would look down on him. Even the 18 year old girl who was also hiding and crying. Especially the 18 year old girl. Because she’s just doing what we’d expect a girl to do (in a sane society).

        24. Complete agreement. Keep in my mind who wants young women to be soliders? Not men. It is old gray-haired harpies and leftists, who will never fight or have any idea what they are asking, believing in the big feminist lie in order to feed their ego.

        25. Do you realize (any of you) that not so long ago every college man was required to be in ROTC. It was assumed that in time of war all college graduate men would be immediately doing their duty in the military, as an officer, and therefore the training was essential to their education as a well rounded citizen. College was supposed to prepare you for leadership in society.

        26. There are different terms of active duty, but all enlistments in the US military are for ten years. For two year draftees back during Nam that meant two years as cannon fodder, then being inactive reserve for 8 years. If the military decides they want you they have you. Ask the guys in the Korean war who got a Truman year tacked onto their “voluntary” enlistments.
          And don’t forget the fine print. In there they reserve the right to recall you to active duty at any point for the rest of your life, if there is a national emergency. I am very old and bald, and fat, but I am still listed as being in the fleet reserve.

        27. Probably. This was decades ago info told to me by a recruiter–not the most scrupulous guys. Between that and my memory I’ll take your word

        28. I had an uncle at the Battle of the Bulge. Most of the infantry, including the airborne troops, lacked winter parkas because the REMFs had held them up for themselves. After the battle the 101st delighted in beating the shit out of the REMFs they found wearing the parkas.

        29. The first rule of the military is never believe a single thing told to you by a recruiter or a detailer (the guy that sends you on your next assignment.)

        30. They have age limits to join the military. But I’d feel better having a 50 year old man with me in combat than an 18 year old girl. Obviously, a middle aged man is more prone to health problems than a girl that age, but a fit, healthy 50 something year old man would be physically stronger than a girl that age and would no doubt be more valiant in combat.

        31. Well my time is long since passed and I decided against it. Still, times I wish I had given it a shot.

    2. I was just thinking of a funny way to explain this:
      Russian Engineer educated in Moscow comes to America. American engineer meets him and is impressed that he knows Gogol and Dostoyevsky and Turgenev and Bugalkov like we know nursery rhymes. And he also knows Plato and how to play chess and possibly violin. American engineer goes home and sends his kid to college to learn the literature and philosophy and chess and music not realizing that those were only cool because they were the hobbies of a successful engineer, not in and of themselves. Russian engineer goes home and sends his son to be an engineer and teaches his kid and appreciation of the arts at home.

    3. Exactly i had to take 3 art classes to graduate with a business degree, like wtf do i need to kearn to paint for to be a manager.

      1. Well you might have to draw a very nice graph for a presentation one day and you will be happy for the art class…..smh…the things schools get away with make BLM Ape riots look tame.

        1. That’s the thing one was, painting the ither was sculpture, and one HAD to be shit ass theatre. I mean we had to take an exercise class, i wanted golf incase id actually have to play in a business setting, of course they didn’t have it

        2. Believe it or not, golf is still an excellent sport to be at least good enough at that you wont embarrass yourself in business I find.

        3. That’s the thing i can be at least average at most sports, but i like to win when i play, coming in second, to me is the worst. I routinely win money now at bowling, but how many business people bowl to discuss business?

        4. the times I have gone golfing with people from work it has been more about them getting away from their wives and getting drunk in the afternoon. One of my favorite lines is “no, I am not very good at golfing…I am not married”

    4. Only about 20% of kids enrolled belong in college, what else would they study? Gotta give em busy work!

      1. Yeah, that kind of leads into another point; In what universe does every single living breathing soul need a “degree”? That’s just ludicrous.

        1. The fun part is when you have a degree, but it’s not worth anything because you don’t have a license.

        2. In my country, figuratively, everyone younger than 50 years has a degree, without it there are no job prospects, also because of the high unemployment rate you need and a master’s diploma only to increase the prospects of getting hired. Pre-service might be required but diploma-less here you can find work only in small towns and villages in agriculture and the few industries.
          In short it is a situation that was created due to over-education, which means that most people get diplomas and this once proved that they were more dedicated but due to our system’s shortcomings (like the lack of a referencial system for NON-mandatory dissertations) doesn’t mean much anymore, so more and more are demanded.

        3. “I am in favor of colleges being open, diverse, and free.  ”
          The author also stated the above. Why should post secondary education be free? Makes no sense.

        4. Agreed there is no such thing as “free” education. Taxpayers would pay to send even more useless people than now if we had so called “free university.”

        5. Greece put the cart before the horse in the 80s and 90s by pushing kids to get degrees with poorly developed industries that offered little opportunity. It is as if Greeks thought that the jobs would appear miraculously, out of thin air, once they completed their degrees. That it would be like the rest of Europe. They were sadly mistaken.

        6. Ah yes. LICENSING! Where the government uses its monopoly of coersion to keep you from working and then sells your right to work back to you with a nice piece of paper to hang on your wall. Because regardless of your education, experience or connections, you just aren’t competent until you get your red rubber stamp of approval from Sally Mae at the State Board!

        7. I would bet he meant free in the terms of non-restricted inquiry and exploration, not at no cost to the student.

        1. Most degrees are now well below water, to use a housing term. Most graduates owe more than they will ever be able to pay back because the price of the degree doesn’t generate a career sufficiently well paid to do so.

    5. “North American: academic subjects such as literature, philosophy, mathematics, and social and physical sciences as distinct from professional and technical subjects.”
      I think it just means a broad liberal education. Not liberal as in left-liberal
      I would add, we are arguably talking about the only kind of education that would involve critical thinking skills

      1. Ok, then remove “social sciences” and I’m good. That’s the bulk of the problem anyway.

        1. Pretty much. Psychology is pretty corrupted today, but it’s still a valid area of enquiry, amongst others. As a whole social science in the last century has dragged everything else down

        2. Psychology/psychiatry are borderline real sciences, so I think they don’t really belong to the social sciences, as weird as that is to say. When I think social “sciences” I think “Womyn’s Studies” or “Gender Inequality Studies” etc.

        3. borderline is a good word to use. Psychogy has never been entirely convinced it is a real science. Psychiatry even less so. Obviously it depends on how you define science, but all such ‘social sciences’ are likely to remain a bit schizo, which of course opens the door to completely batshit insane bunny boiling subjects like womyns studies.

    6. Well the great thinkers of ancient Greece believed so. But they also believed only a small minority of people belonged in college. I think if one dedicates oneself to learning, it should not be done in a narrow, tunnel vision way. Kind of like how we have articles here about more than just getting laid, and it ends up making us better men.

      1. I must have missed it, what degree did Socrates have again? Heh.
        I’m ok with a poetry class or a philosophy class here or there. But when 1/2 or more of your curriculum is “liberal arts” when you’re studying physics, there’s a big problem.

        1. Socrates, Plato, Aristotle etc spent their entire lives learning, examining and debating. Much more than any degree :p They were “free men” thanks to a slave economy.
          Papers are only needed to prove to strangers what you supposedly know. A problem that’s a lot less prevalent in the world of small city states.
          Wasn’t it 1/3 just 5 minutes ago? If half, yes that seems excessive.

        2. I pick random numbers simply to throw in a dash of hyperbole. Heh.

    7. There is nothing wrong with a lot of those subjects in their essence. Just the way they’ve been interpreted and misdirected by leftists.
      Besides what you might need to know for a certain trade, I’d prescribe plenty of history, philosophy and rethoric. It doesn’t need to be taught to you at university, but it needs to be somewhere.

      1. My issue is that to get a degree in something actually useful in life (STEM) you’re still taking a buttload of “liberal arts” courses. I get having some grounding in literature, history, philosophy, but they shouldn’t take up 1/3 of my entire curriculum over 4 years if I’m shooting for a Physics degree.

        1. That’s always annoyed me.
          “I want to be an engineer!”
          “Great! Let’s require you pass these courses in Art History, Medical Ethics, Psychology, and Social Dynamics in order to get your degree.”
          “….What do these have to do with my–”
          “–Have a nice day!”

        2. I understand what you mean and they apparently failed in getting you to see their value 😉 But I think we should be careful with hasty judgements of what’s useful without also asking “for what?”.
          Roosh has a STEM-degree right? And it’s useless for what he does now. A history or philosophy degree would have served his current undertaking better. But truthfully, he wouldn’t have needed a uni degree at all.

        3. They don’t want you to have tunnel vision.
          Just like most study more maths than they will actually need unless they’re going into STEM-fields.

        4. Yeah, it’s bullshit. It should be my choice what to learn and what not to learn. “To become an engineer” should not be about “I want to be called and payed like the status symbol called ENGINEER” but “I want to be building stuff with understanding physics and electronics”.

        5. I think part of the problem are federal standards on education and universities. That there is something like a ‘standard engineer’. Instead of people simply searching for people who can do the job at hand and likewise schools offering specific programs for specific things to learn. In fact, why not abolish the idea of ‘engineer’ and divide the whole thing into little courses for each topic one may be interested in?
          But you wouldn’t even have to think about this, if it was all privatized. There would be competition and everyone would get the offer they desire (hopefully). Instead, it’s kinda all the same everywhere and you end up arguing about ‘how our schools should be’ instead of simply choosing one you like.

        6. In fact I have two degrees. One is a Bachelor of Arts. I still don’t see why an engineer will profit from multiple Womyn’s Studies classes.

        7. I don’t think that’s true at all. They want you indoctrinated into their Leftist views, which is the very definition of tunnel vision. Your actual degree skills that you need are secondary in their eyes.

        8. Women’s Studies as it is conducted now is an ideology, not a proper academic subject. I would abolish it.
          But subjects like philosophy and history have existed for millennia and can become great again under the right teachers.
          Don’t make the mistake of throwing out the baby with the bathwater. All these newly created fake subjects can indeed be questioned.

        9. I have already said that I get having some grounding in literature, history and philosophy. I don’t understand why they have to be nearly as important as the actual field of study you’re pursuing. Seems a lot like welfare for colleges to me.

        10. I would aways load up on beer, kim-chi, burritoes, and of course I was an absolutely polite pig in class but for some reasons the lesbians left my table after my stench injector O-ring had numerous malfunctions.
          I then gained a new group at my round table composed of some decent male nerds and a respectable hetero older white gal who was nothing but nice.
          The book for this college class in the opening statement I shit you not stated that men are abusers etc.

    8. If he refers to the study of the liberal arts, which means serius philosophy, like Plato, Aristotle, Kant and Schmitt and the study of some critical theory, he will be able to differentiate between good and bad ideas.
      i agree though with your note about the usefullness. In truth liberal arts were developed during the middle ages: for scolars, priests and noblemen. The reason was that these people were the thinking part of society or the ones enrolled in politics. The only reason why liberal arts should be studied by the general population today is because we ask people to vote the next leader. If they are stupid and think only in material points, as the majority does then we have the modern situation.
      The liberal arts have that name because they were designed to make free men or better to help men achieve liberty, of the mind and soul of a person. For the ones who wish to study it, I would advise, though, against it. You should take a degree that gives prospects for work, like business management or economics or if you are able a STEM. If one wants to become liberated in the mind he should read good philosophy alone for insight and entertainment, that is what has be done personally and it won’t become regretted.
      For modern “liberal” arts, they only help enslave the people who take them as they better glue them to their flesh, their sexual passions and help promote delusions and degeneracy of the mind. THESE SHOULD BE AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS!!!

    9. No, no, no. If people start getting their degrees in 2 years instead of 6, then who will pay for the loan sharks’ sweet condos in Miami? They need those kids to take out six figure loans for those Sociology degrees at a 25% interest rate. They’ve got kids to feed.

    10. Isn’t this “liberal arts” stuff the shit you learn in school anyway? Why is there a need for it at university?
      Btw, I used to have quite below-average grades for writing, at least once it started being all about ‘speech analysis’ and ‘text interpretation’. I hated that stuff and failed miserably at it.

    11. “A broad, liberal arts education creates a well rounded, civilized society.
      Does it?
      What the hell does that even mean, when you get down to it?”
      Well rounded in the sense that you are aware of things that exist outside the realm of market logic and can appreciate them. Unfortunately that kind of liberal arts education is mostly lost today, which is why people who complete those degrees are cultureless dolts with a smug sense of superiority.

  4. “When I entered college as a freshman, it was an oasis of beauty. This was the first time many teenage girls were able to show off their fit bodies without parental control, and they took advantage of this, showing off smooth, toned legs, nice figures, and long hair”
    Indeed. Some collages were known for their hotties, eg: many southern californian colleges, and schools in rural south usa like Alsbama, Georgia.
    But no more. Done.

    1. I don’t know about other places, but there are still herds o’ hotties at OSU, and OU. Columbus State CC however (When did Columbus become a state?) has a whole mess of really damaged and ugly broads for some reason.

      1. Again I find it is about where you situate yourself. Even back when I was in college, I could have hung out with the wiccan bitches and beta boys and would have come away saying “holy shit university is filled with fat bitches” but as it was I hung out with different people. I am pretty sure that you can go to any college campus in America and find the circle of hot chicks…even if the circle is……..I hesitate to say getting smaller because it is actually growing by size if not by number.

        1. Columbus State is really small, you can “hang out” on campus and see basically everybody attending that day without having to get up from your seat. Yeah there are cuties here or there, but it seems to have a higher ratio of clown haired idiots than I see on real college campuses.

        2. yes, that I buy 100%. My family from upstate apple farm country lives not to farm from a college called Marist where there is a very high ratio of smoke shows to smoke nos. Then again, that is a college which is in apple farm country. Their demographics represent that.

  5. “If you are in college, resist the temptation to chase coeds. They are being told on a daily basis that there are rapists out there, and a culture of rape, and a culture of sex slavery and the people behind all this look exactly like YOU. ”
    Exactly. And it’s worse if you’re white guy.

  6. Excellent advice. Only an idiot would consider sending his son to such an environment. I highly doubt there is anything today’s shit-hole higher learning institutions can teach today.
    Best to think of a niche one can fill during the collapse and coming dystopia.

    1. STEM. You really aren’t going to make a good mechanical engineer without some solid physics and higher math courses under your belt.

        1. Trades are a perfectly cromulant path and embiggens anybody who pursues them. I’ve informed my son that he should probably think about taking some trade craft type classes on the side after he gets out of school (for, of course, mechanical engineering).

        2. It is less about what you want to do and more about how you want to live I believe. A tradesmen can make a lot more money than a mechanical engineer….or a lot less, or the same.
          However, regardless of that they will live different types of lives. I am a wake up early in the morning and put my suit on and go to work in my office kind of guy. Even if it meant 20% increase in salary I wouldn’t trade my job for a standing outside all day job. Not that there is something wrong with that type of work but it is not for me. Everyone is different.
          When evaluating what you want to do in the future as a career I think it is far more important to ask yourself what kind of person you are and what kind of lifestyle makes you happy. If you are a DIY, standing outdoors with the guys type you will never be happy in a tie at a desk no matter how much you make and vice versa.

        3. This is the advice I wish someone gave me instead of telling me to dream big and I can do anything I want to do. That shit is for the birds.

        4. Brooks Brothers shirt, body armor and a stickball bat- its a nice look

        5. Hell, all you really have to do is offer to buy the advancing Irish hordes a couple of rounds on the house. You go from enemy to boon friend within seconds.

        6. yeah, but then you have to suffer first night rituals and, tbh, in Ireland that might be more of a chore than anything else.

        7. I coulda saved 15 years of occupational bullshit if I had been given this same kind of advice when I was young. Instead, all I got was go to school, get a good job and marry a nice girl. Wasted so much time believing that bullshit.

        8. Same here duke. Nothing for it but to rectify the issue moving forward and try and let the younger bucks know

  7. Teachers screwing their students (female) puts them in their place as servants. Teachers not screwing their female students cultivates the hamster powered feminist. One or two servants amongst twenty or more maturing femitists makes 10%/90%.
    Politics resembles the academia cathedral but males get screwed as well by a top dog down gay heirarchy. Luckily Trump isn’t much of a politician. We’re dealing with free range balls at the helm. We must realize that. A ballsy awakening is unfolding.

  8. American people need to take a stand concerning these freaks.
    Letting them run amock creates more freaks.
    Marx (the j000 devil ) is laughing his ass off at crumbling America.

  9. Liberation Theology needs to be carefully analyzed and counteracted.
    Enough of the feminist and j3iwsh bullshit.
    It’s time to take a fucking stand against these ass holes.
    Want to know the best way to do it ?
    I have no fucking clue, but I can bet we can find some pretty good directions in the Bible.

    1. “Taking a stand” is realistic it if you are willing to die from governmental lead poisoning. There just aren’t enough pissed off guys to put up a good enough defense of the stand they take.

      1. piss’em off !
        make them aware.
        We are a few now. We will be many.
        God’s will.
        salutes from East Europe

  10. Kenyon College….isn’t that Odumbo’s alma mater?
    Wait, that was Kenyan College. Nevermind.

    1. ‘CRO’bama

  11. That lone male in the gender studies pic. You know that guy is trying to rock some serious beta game.

    1. Can you imagine how many late night drunken calls with those bitches teary eyed after they get a good pump and dump? I can see it now, half in tears himself, “you are such a beautiful woman you deserve so much better” her: why can’t more guys be like you Him: well, you know, I have always………..Her: hold on…..ok I’m back…listen, I have to run I am going out. Him: but it’s 230 am Her: yeah, but he said he really wants me to come over to talk

      1. Him: well if you need me for anything just give me a call , ill be right here ( im always right here…) Her: click.

        1. I audibly said “ewwww” when I read “I’m always right here”

        2. Don’t mean to ruin your joke btw, but I read (independently, many years ago) that this vagina design stuff is kinda type-specific, so it may not be a real reliable indicator for overuse.

        3. Redo that pic, with the beef slathered in Italian dressing.

        4. I would never suggest not enjoying it…only not taking it home and marrying it

      2. I always LOVED dating chicks with a male BFF. It would crack me up to AMOG these tools and see their frustration when she would still go out with an “asshole” like me when such a “great guy” was RIGHT THERE! Hahaha.
        Sometimes their hate made keep banging the chick longer than I normally would. The bitterness of a loser’s unrequited love can be such a turn on sometimes. Or I maybe developing a touch of the sociopathy.

  12. Very far off the topic but i was reading around and find it surprising that hopppy beers like ipas and such contain estrogen in them while, red wine improves testosterone. Anyone think this could have significant effects on people?

    1. Didn’t know that. The beer drinker with belly does get like a dough boy with puffy hands. It may depend on your metabolism. Subsistence winos are for the most part slender. Dirty but lean. Wine is drink of the gods. Electrolytes in wine are good. Protein and other essentials can’t be neglected though.

    2. I keep hearing that, but then I think back to the men just two generations ago, who quaffed enough beer to slay an entire continent every weekend, and they were hard, masculine men one and all (the WW2 generation).

      1. was there something different about the beers between then and now….something as trivial as hops or something as nefarious as chemical additives ?

        1. Beer had less hops and never did did have much in it other than fermented grain.. Modern craft beer has more barley less corn and rice. Not as filtered. In other words one of the few things that is much healthier than the way it used t be

        2. You are talking about beer made pre Roman empire. They have been adding hops a very lone time. It was pretty much universal by the 1600’s

        3. Eh, some. Most did though, even way back when. Meads didn’t though, nor normally anyway.

        4. That’s only half the story. Craft brought about really hoppy beer. Made with hops is not the same as hoppy.

        5. What you are talking about is the isohumulone in the hops. The amount of that in a beer is called an IBU or international bittering unit. In the 1700’s the most popular beer in England was Porter. It had about 50 IBUs in it. Which is about the same as modern American IPAs have in them. I have never heard that the English back when they had the baddest military in the world, had a problem with low testosterone levels

        6. Buddy homebrews and I’ll be trying some mead made from fresh local honey this weekend.

        7. If it’s any good, ask him if he doesn’t mind sharing the recipe and process. I’d like to get into making some homebrewed stuff if it doesn’t require a lot of equipment to start up.

        1. They weren’t drinking IPA’s like exist now, but they were drinking beer with normal amounts of hops in them. Hops were standard in almost all beers by the early 1500’s, and many of them long before that.

      2. Yeah but they ate real meat more, nit this gmo crap, and probably actually exercised to combat it.

        1. yeah a diet of good beef and vegetables mixed with a lifestyle which was far less sedentary than our own probably has a lot to do with it.

        2. When I was young my grandfather would put the boxing gloves on my cousins and I and wrap ropes around the trees and the boys would do boxing competitions for our uncles (the girls would put on dance shows). The idea that we would stay inside was absurd and al forms of physicality were encouraged. One of my favorites was when my cousin mike and I put on catchers chest padding, stole some brooms and got on our bikes to try to joust. We both wound up banged up pretty bad and everyone thought it was hilarious.

        3. It was assumed we would leave the house after eating in the morning and might not be back until sunset. It is no mystery why being fat was so rare

        4. Similar story, me and my two friends would go over to my house and play football, we always needed my younger brother to play. We were in hs he was just in 6th grade. We play in my front yard which was on a hill with the pond on the far right as ine side of out of bounds. We had two trees on one side that were the endzone and the other endzone was our rock driveway. That kid got tackled on rock, pushed into the pond and tackled by kids that were much bigger than him. Have to say tho he is one toughest kids i know.

        5. Yeo me and my brother would do shit outside all day, literally would make anything into a fake gun or weapon. We lived in the country tho so it was easy. I wonder if there is a correlation between having a brother and not because id probably be fat without my younger brother

        6. I was the oldest and only boy. But there were so many kids outside you never lacked for other guys to run with

        7. Same here. Either we played tackle football, or we played soccer. Not the safe soccer mom variety, but the street soccer variety, full with hardcore slides, shoulder bumps, balls (no homo) to the face, and the occasional broken ankle.

      3. I feel like its no coincidence one of my old friends was very pussified for a man, he was a vegetarian and drank ipas alot. While i had real meat, lived on a semi farm. But who actually knows

        1. Yes. I don’t think I have ever met a male vegan that was little more than a flat chested chick with a cock.
          Also, has anyone EVER met a vegetarian man who came to this decision on his own? It seems like every vegetarian “man” I’ve ever met, their wife or girlfriend just so happens to be vegetarian also. Somehow I don’t think it was the guy’s idea.

    3. The Ghost already made my point but I drank a lot of beer. Enough where I am sure the alcohol did cut my testosterone levels down a wee bit. But not enough to keep me from being a young animal. Worked out, big muscles and horny as hell. Today young guys also tend to end up medicated as well. None of us back then took any drugs that were not for fun or to kill an infection. Maybe if you add it all up, including the fact that younge guys are a lot fatter than we ever were,
      Then maybe the IPAs are making it all worse. Honestly the poor guys have never been encouraged to be men

      1. Maybe it’s the damn opioids in medications. I’m no pharmacist, but if opioids aren’t turning men effeminate, it’s turning them into addicted slobs.

        1. Opioids do lower testosterone a lot. And being fat converts testosterone to estrogen. Men need a little estrogen but too much does a lot of harm. I am thinking it might be a combination of a lot of things

  13. Fear not, lads. I can guarantee you that in the West, there will always be some guy thirsty enough to validate any piece of ass that comes his way and even wife her up.
    Your biggest enemy is white knighting.

    1. Bitches don’t even need betas anymore… the government now is the default white knight.

        1. You hate men who go out and try to be with women?
          Or do you just hate the ones that don’t bumble around and make an ass out of themselves and come across as needy little waifs?

        2. No, since every man wants to be with a woman, unless you are a fag or a MGTOW (Virgins going their own way). I agree with this article, it is one of the best articles on ROK ever http://www.returnofkings.com/85081/6-signs-youre-a-slave-to-vagina. Also, what do you think of those conservative anti-feminists who keep quite about their views in order to not blew a chance of some random woman they go out with. I once talked to a feminist at a dating site and I stood up for my views and told her feminism sucks and is useless. She got pissed off and ran away but I at least
          I didn’t pretend to be a feminist just to get some feminist vagina.

      1. Oh please. Knowing the ins and outs of getting a woman in the sack is not putting her on a pedestal. Knowing the ins and outs of how to work on and maintain a motorcycle does not mean that you obsess only about motorcycles or hold it higher than anything else, it means you simply have a skill set that you use to accomplish a task.

      2. I think MGTOWS take this pedestalisation idea the wrong way. Pedestalising a girl means being a pushover, a white knight to her, not the fact that you biologically desire pussy, which any healthy heterosexual male is biologically wired to do.

  14. Im raising a son, but he knows I wont pay for a crappy degree, its going to be a profession like medicine or Science/IT, no crappy arts or silly business course.

  15. No. No. No. chase coeds… but at nearby colleges.
    Their feminist kangaroo courts don’t apply to you because you are a student elsewhere. If any chicks believes she was raped she’ll have to call the real cops!
    I went to college in no cal. So I know of what I speak.
    Also after ever encounter send a text that says you were drunk and taken advantage of. She’ll see it as teasing, but if you ever needed it, then you are prepared

  16. “If they were so oppressed and unhappy, why are they smiling?”
    I am not saying they WERE, but a smile is not necessarily a sign for not being oppressed. In fact, I dare argue that the one who smiles most is the submissive slave.

    1. Advertising is a bitch I tell you. That’s how they sell Disneyland, by advertising happiness, smiles, and rainbow induced farts. And is it a coincidence that it was born in the 50s?

    2. You ought to look more closely, that photo says quite a lot. Perhaps a smile isn’t 100% proof, but, what about the full facial expression? Or their posture? What is their body language suggesting? Their clothes/fashion? I see, over all, two happy and well adjusted individuals.

      1. I think people tend to overinterpret photographs. I am a fucked up man and there are hundreds of pictures of me where I look joyful and content. Even a shitty life has bright moments and vice versa. A photo only says something about a moment, not about a person. But the fact that we tend to overinterpret images gets enforced and used by the media, who for example take a picture of a ‘criminal’ in a split second where he looks ‘ashamed’ or ‘guilty’ or whatever and then they say ‘Look, here you see an evil person’.

  17. looking at all these pictures I had a funny thought. When I was in college there was always one fat chick in every group of 10 hot girls. But now that hotness is shamed it seems the paradigm has changed to at least one beta faggot to every group of you go girls.

    1. Ehm, sorry, terribly apologize for interrupting, gals, emm I mean female …. emm I mean fellow human beings. Somebody need a shoulder to cry on?

  18. Those “Rhodes students learning about rape culture” look scary. You just look at them and you can’t but think “People with an agenda and no scrupel to walk over dead bodies” (at least in their minds). How they stand there with their nicely prepared letters, grim faces of (in)determination, almost-sloppy-but-not-criticizable clothing, graceful female indignation, …

  19. Unless they plan to become teachers themselves, young people should go to college *only* for STEM (including medicine) or business (including accounting and economics). Anything else is a waste of time and money.

    1. Yes. When people mention the boost in pay from a college degree, it really depends upon which college degree. STEM, computer science, or something economic are good, but humanities such as art are often worse than useless due to the student debt that you accumulate.
      And not even all better-paying fields are equally good either. Some, such as chemistry, aren’t as valuable. Others, such as law school, were well-known enough to suffer a glut and now aren’t as good either. The less popular or well-known sciences, such as statistics or geography, tend to be better.

  20. “Still not asking for it.”
    Trust me, in ten years or so, YOU are the one looking for fellas that are asking for it sweetie.

    1. Still not asking for what? Said with a look of disgust. Was how I always handled those crazy bitches.

  21. My sophomore year of college, there was a dormitory that was slated to be torn down and turned into a parking lot. Then Hurricane Katrina happened, and all the nice little liberals begged the school to not tear down the dorm and instead use it to house Katrina victims. The school bowed, and a couple hundred Katrina victims moved in.
    If you’ve never visited New Orleans, the best way I can convey a large portion of their native population is to compare them to the same wonderful folks living in those super safe Chicago neighborhoods that only suffer from a couple shootings a day. They work extremely hard to ensure their welfare checks and EBT cards arrive on time.
    The week they moved in, there were 20+ car break-ins, a couple of violent rapes, and several assaults/robberies across campus. I wonder why?
    The point is, start using college dormitories to house the dregs of society. Let these entitled cunts get raped by real rapists who have every intention of raping them. Let them get robbed at gun point and beaten half to death. Hell, let a few of them get killed. Those sweet little liberals on my campus changed their fucking tone once those poor refugees moved in. Shit got real, people got hurt, and they finally realized that their fantasy land was simply fantasy.
    By the way, those innocent little refugees never left. They decided to squat in other people’s homes, held protests because the states they had escaped to paid them a small portion of what they thought they were entitled to, and helped decrease property values wherever they decided to call home. There is a reason why the governor of Texas (I think it was him) said those mother fuckers weren’t welcome to return ever again…

  22. I had a great time in college. I graduate last year. I would walk through campus with my MAGA hat and just soak up all the petty disdain. I would leave 30 minute early for class, because so many people stopped me to talk. Immersing oneself in a liberal shit fuck teaches a person a VERY valuable lesson: 80% of the time, people will not respond to civil and rational discourse. It is better to understand people than to understand facts or theory.
    I mean I was socially ostracized. Even the right wing students didst want anything to do with me, but I did learn to avoid surface level friendships.
    Going to a liberal shit fuck school will make you strong just by being able to endure the onslaught of the SJW anti-white male deluge that is summoned everyday.
    I recommend going to college, but only if you are brave enough to be open with your beliefs. If you are a right winger and are open on a college campus, aside for joining the military, I doubt you will face anything as hard, which will make you stronger.

    1. I mean I was socially ostracized. Even the right wing students didst want anything to do with me
      IIRC the Harvard Republicans slammed Trump not too long ago.

    1. Lifeless, soulless drones. Really sad to see kids act like that. I would be laughing my ass of, and am.

    2. They look like future part-time Starbucks baristas and stinky crazy old cat ladies to me!

  23. It’s not nearly as bad in smaller colleges in redder states. (For example, I got considerably more positive reactions than negative ones from wearing a MAGA hat.) And although it is getting worse in tandem with the rest of the nation, I suspect it’ll hit a much lower ceiling since the deleterious effects of crazy SJWery are much better known in the small colleges than in, say, Poland, where they eagerly lap up anything American, good or bad.

  24. “I picked up the student paper to find a story about a new staff position that has been created to help comfort and support victims of sexual harassment.”
    And how about one for survivors of false rape and sexual harassment allegations? Don’t those poor bastards deserve a little consoling?

  25. College is completely unnecessary and likely harmful unless you are laser-focused on a very small set of possible careers (lawyer, doctor, STEM, basically). Anything else and you are literally Hitler wasting years of your life, not to mention money.

    1. My plumber probably makes half that, but sleeps as long as he wants to, works 4 hours a day, and uses tons of profanity and trigger words when he comes to my house. He did a stint in the Navy, where he experienced many a whore, is basically done with women at this point, and keeps praying for the day when the shit hits the fan. Really fun guy, seriously. haha.

    2. I wish someone had told me that when I was coming out of high school. Instead, trades were referred to derisively if at all and I bought the you-must-get-a-degree bullshit hook, line, and sinker.
      Fortunately I wised up after escaping college, worthless piece of paper in hand, but I wasted a number of years and a shitload of my parents’ money.

    3. I’m a poor labourer, and being on the bottom of the food chain actually comes with much freedom, no one really cares what you think or say, and women don’t seem to want to get their hands dirty, so there’s no ‘safe spaces’ or forbidden ‘trigger’ words, you just get on with your work. I may be poor, but i’m the freest man alive.

    4. Just like not everyone is college material, not everyone is tradesman material either.
      There are ways to get a useful STEM degree in college without having to deal the problems being discussed here. And odds are if you’re in a STEM program, you won’t have time to get extensively involved in such things anyway.

      1. ^Truth. As a STEM student, I was 100% unaware that my campus this year has had a BLM rally[despite my state being 98.5% white], a slut walk, No Means No rally, and a Trump rally[which I actually think is cool] until other students brought it up in convo.
        I’m too busy studying to get a real degree.

  26. “There are flyers for LGBTQ clubs and meetings.”
    WRONG!!! It’s been changed, pal…so get with the times. The new term is LGBTQTIA2S. Note that 2S stands for “Two-Spirited,” of which I am a proud member. I’m a misgynist and an asshole.

  27. This sounds like a fucking nightmare. What was once a place for pig roasts, keg stands and good ole partying has been replaced by solidarity assemblies where losers talk about how much of a loser they are and blaming the winners. Here is the thing. This whole mess is unsustainable. I truly believe that. Never mind the degradation of the social climate at school, financially this is a huge bubble. Oh, and its now undeniable that college has very little use. Consider that a college grad has no more income potential then a high school grad. Student loans are such a burden that they keep people from buying houses, cars….forming fucking families…basically moving forward with their lives. This cult of victims holds them ideologically hostage too, which I think is the gravest of all sins. I don’t see this lasting, I really don’t. academia is failing in its sole purpose and has become a hotbed of truly fanatic zealots. Its the losers of the world, the unattractive, the unathletic, the unremarkable, the borning, the obnoxious, the assholes, that are now impressing our kids, both winners and losers, bringing them all down to their pathetic miserable level. Not to mention that academia is incredible oppressive…you don’t even have freedom of speech – that is fucked up. I see a major disruption occurring. I think online learning offers a superior economic alternative to conventional education because its customized, more effective and significantly cheaper.

    1. “Consider that a college grad has no more income potential then a high school grad.”
      I know guys from my HS graduating class from the 80s who learned a trade (eg. certfied welder) or had a relvative land them a sweet gig in GM or Ford (it has always been nepatism as far as I know) and those who went to college are just catching up to them in terms of wealth in their mid 40s.
      These days I would agree to skip the sheepskin unless you have STEM goal or want to become an accountant. Besides, the amount of undispatchable debt and the complete devaluation of a college degree, the curretn academic institution is dying on the vine. Tech will reduce the need for a brick and mortar facility and more employers will be looking for certs, not degrees regading hiring practices.
      Edit: Any young men reading this, I would recommend (1) learn a trade while an apprentice and earning some cash; (2) attend night school at the local JC for a worth while degree while sharing rent or living at home; (3) never take on debt or live outside your means. You will be so far ahead of the curve by the time your 30 you should have a good life ahead of you. PS- Don’t let anyone f*ck it up for you.

      1. Hey guys. If you are not cut out for Engineering School, try Instrumentation Engineer. Its a 2 year degree and you make big bucks after a few years. You can work anywhere. My nephew did it and he is making big money right out of school.

  28. Lmao at the “anti-rape” protests. Those bitches are so fugly that even on LSD I wouldn’t touch them!!!

  29. I like your enthusiasm but jewish judges / female judges / lawyers in general are firmly down with the SJW cause

    1. I dunno. I’ve seen cases where the first judge shut down an anti-male-inspired gender discrimination lawsuit and the second judge overruled the first – allowing the victimized male to proceed with his suit.
      The funny thing about the law is that one can trap themselves within their own double standards. Become good at pointing this out to the right media organizations – and one can become quite unstoppable.
      Men need to recognize how the system is rigged against them and then just start suing whomever discriminates against them. Finding lawyers to work ‘on commission’ so to speak isn’t really that difficult – because if you win big – they win big, too. That’s what feminism is really all about – forcing wealth and power from men to women. Men need only fight fire with fire.

  30. I do wish the writers on Return of Kings would stop trying to frighten young boys away from college. The amount of attention paid social justice warriors, fatties, and sodomites on campus is, at least in my experience, vastly disproportionate to either their numbers or the amount of influence they possess on campus. The people whose worldviews are fundamentally changed by college are so tractable and weak-minded that they should never have set foot on a university campus in the first place. Those of sturdier intellect and character will not be moved one iota by the freaks and degenerates. Furthermore, at least at my university, jest at the expense of these creatures is considered good sport among much, if not most, of the student body (women included). We have the usual collection of gay and ethnic minority organizations, but their members are few and their very existence seems quite perfunctory, done only for the sake of good optics. To wit, take the observations of cynical middle-aged men with a grain of salt. If you select the right university and associate with the right people you can still have a peaceful and edifying time at college.

  31. If you go to college just remember that their are feminists everywhere and they are determined to crush masculinity. That translates into trying to prevent real men from graduating and making it out in the professional world. So if you go to college, make sure you can agree with all the feminist bull-shit with a straight face until you graduate.

  32. Hey Roscoe, do you think these crazy students, who are almost all certainly running around with smart phones on their person, are being manipulated psychotronically? Consider these lyrics. Could a technology as suggested in this song be part of the reason for the change over the last 5 years or so? Interpretive comments are in parentheses:
    Hello darkness, my old friend
    I’ve come to talk with you again
    Because a vision softly creeping
    Left its seeds while I was sleeping
    And the vision that was planted in my brain (neurophonic implantation)
    Still remains
    Within the sound of silence (not heard, because it’s in microwaves registering directly into the brain)
    In restless dreams I walked alone
    Narrow streets of cobblestone
    ‘Neath the halo of a streetlamp
    I turned my collar to the cold and damp
    When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light
    That split the night (perhaps microwaving of the author was electronically interfered with, jammed, or otherwise interrupted by the electromagnetic waves associated with the flash of the neon light interacting with the microwaves, resulting in him realizing he was being manipulated for a moment)
    And touched the sound of silence
    And in the naked light I saw (in the fluorescent lit large floor operations office, circa 1969 or 1970)
    Ten thousand people, maybe more (working at terminals, maybe even still using keypunch technology, because desktops had not been invented yet)
    People talking without speaking (sending messages to people without ever speaking, by typing them into a computer connected to a microwave tower system broadcasting messages to large areas ‘the war in Viet Nam is critical to fighting communism’, ‘don’t worry about the unjust Supreme Court rulings’.)
    People hearing without listening (on the victim end, receiving them directly into their heads without any sound being involved)
    People writing songs that voices never share (because they are neurophonic, and considering the last three lyric lines, what the hell else could the author be talking about?)
    No one dare
    Disturb the sound of silence (because they’d be worse than just fired)
    “Fools” said I, “You do not know
    Silence like a cancer grows (government and elite manipulating more and more, people’s indifference and apathy growing, people not being concerned with obvious government wrongs)
    Hear my words that I might teach you
    Take my arms that I might reach you”
    But my words like silent raindrops fell (so strong was the fear, and the constant undiscernible mental manipulation)
    And echoed in the wells of silence
    And the people bowed and prayed
    To the neon god they made
    And the sign flashed out its warning
    In the words that it was forming
    And the sign said “The words of the prophets
    Are written on the subway walls
    And tenement halls
    And whispered in the sounds of silence” (by the first victims of microwave weapons who could not get the ‘voices’ to stop, and scrawled messages on the walls)
    The neurophone was invented in the late 50s/early 60s, and a national security classification was slapped on the patent as soon as it was granted, it is alleged. There is such a technology, as in one of the first evidences in 1972, grown men, SALT negotiators, were depressed and crying for no reason. It turned out the Soviets were beaming microwaves into their offices and motel rooms. Today, the government has worked hard as hell to get ‘smart meters’ on as many homes as possible. Everyone has a cell phone, most of them smart phones. Perhaps there is a psychotronic operation manipulating entire populations, to go along with the efforts of the superrich elite control freaks who fund things like BLM. Maybe this is why there is such a sudden change in college students, going bonkers-communist? Maybe this is part of how there are so many stupid clueless people such as Mark Dice is able to show at will on a beachfront or sidewalk. They go to sleep at night, their smart phone is right there on the table by the bed, and it is planting visions in their brains while they sleep. Maybe this is how black people always vote Democrat. How the general population can be oblivious to a grid full of chemtrails in the sky overhead. What would be possible with supercomputers, the Internet, satellites, the GWEN towers, smart meters, and cell phones today. What level and scope of manipulation would be possible?

  33. If you are a straight white man stay FAR FAR away from college. To describe the modern campus culture as hostile to you is a gross understatement. You are the absolute enemy. The entire institution is designed to discriminate against you. Every single facet of it. From the teaching, to student groups, to encouraged activism, to even the code of conduct and speech codes. Basically it is modern day Jim Crow for white men. Again, I am not understating this. It is far worse than most public reports make it to be. There are even mandatory “professional development” course faculty, staff, and administrators are required to take on the evils of “whiteness”.
    If you have to get a degree go to community college for the first year or two. When you get enough credits then transfer to your state related flagship school. Take as many classes as you can and get out as soon as possible. Don’t live on campus. Don’t socialize with any student groups. Don’t date women or go to parties. If you have to endure what is the modern campus your sole mission should be to get out as soon as possible.
    Even four or five years ago I would have never told a man advice like this. I would say go, have fun, take some classes, drink some beers, have sex with a bunch of women your own age, etc. But that is not true these days. Get in and get out as quickly as possible. Keep your head down. Don’t even say anything remotely political. It is seriously that bad.
    If you are a white man you are a racist, sexist, homophobe, bigot, rapist. Have drunken sex with one woman and you get expelled with no due process. And when that happens you are still on the hook for student loans also good luck getting into another school to finish you degree. You won’t even be able to get into clown college. Say one thing off the mark that offends a woman or minority and expect the same treatment. Yeah you might not get expelled if you go to a public school (as they still have to respect the first amendment at least at the time of this writing but wait for that to change once Klinton get her SC nominee in) but good luck actually finding a job after being publicly shamed all over the internet by Twatter hate mobs. Not even the local gas station is going to hire you. Good luck paying off your student loans with your zero salary.

  34. Fortunately most colleges offer accredited online learning options and the technology in that sector continues to improve.
    In a few years it might be possible for people inclined to get a STEM degree with only a very minimal physical on-campus presence. The idea that one must live on campus for 4+ years to get a useful college degree is slowly and surely becoming obsolete.

  35. There’s a Professor Doom, who writes a blog called “Confessions of a College Professor Rants and raves about the mess of higher education in the United States” at http://professorconfess.blogspot.com/ .
    He complains about PC, but just for an enticing example here’s a post on another topic that impressed me:
    “Revisiting The Remediation Scam”:
    “I’ve written before on the remediation scam. The vast majority of classes on campus, at least community college campuses, are remedial, pre-high school coursework (with the high school coursework most of my readers would be familiar with being now regarded as college coursework).
    I’ve shown many times that 90% of the academic coursework on community college campuses is pre-college, with much of it 6th grade level or lower. It’s well known and quite documented that 90% of remedial students fail to get even a 2 year degree in 3 years. Despite what admin says, you can’t make up six to nine years of public school in two semesters.

    Administration is paid based on the size of the campus, not on the caliber or success of the students. Even schools with legitimate coursework still have vast halls and endless sections of remedial coursework. This coursework is in violation of Federal law, but the money, the huge sums of money, administrators get for selling these courses make such considerations irrelevant. The coursework is paid for by student loans and the Pell Grant scam…and these students wander from campus to campus, getting this money, giving most of it to the colleges, and taking the scraps home. It’s an open, everyday fraud on most every campus in this country.
    But let’s pretend it’s not a fraud. How much good is remediation doing, under the assumption this is a good faith effort to help people? Let’s look at the stats:
    In Math, at 1 level below, 57.4% do not complete a degree/certificate, or become transfer prepared, at 2 levels below, 57.4% do not complete a degree/certificate, or become transfer prepared, 3 levels below, 68.6% do not complete a degree/certificate, or become transfer prepared, at 4 levels below, 74.6% do not complete a degree/certificate, or become transfer prepared.

    Thus the “4 levels below” course referenced above is roughly 2nd grade or 3rd grade level work. Again, I’ve taught such courses at the community college, where I try to get the ideas across of how to add and subtract whole numbers, for example. I do the best I can, but attendance is poor; for some reason, almost nobody shows up once the checks are distributed.”
    (This bodes ill for Clinton’s “free college for everyone” scheme, by the way.)

    1. Basically the problem with education in general was kicked up to college when the K-12 system failed. This is why unprepared minorities get in under racist action (err….affirmative action) but then are subjected to summer classes for essentially four years.

  36. Did you ever consider that you actually go to college to learn?
    Let’s not act like sexual assault by over-entitled males who can’t control themselves once they consume isn’t a problem?
    As for feminist if you don’t agree with them ignore them.
    My point is go to college to LEARN.
    If the social scene isn’t your cup of tea then just ignore it and concentrate on developing the skills you need to earn a livelihood in an economy where intellectual capital is placed at a premium.

    1. There is nothing to learn in college except for maybe some STEM fields. Even those are getting muddier though with SJW BS. Had a friend tell me the other day his straight up biology class dedicated three different lectures to “disprove” race had any kind of genetic link. When he asked about the theory in the book The Bell Curve he was scolded by the professor and told it was “junk science” with no further academic explanation why it was such.
      All that college is these days are a leftist re-education camp and institution designed to discriminate, openly and blatantly, toward men, specifically white men. Maybe in a few elite schools you can still find an actual professor but after seeing that video of Yale students (the one where they almost physically assault an administrator for suggesting policing halloween costumes was a stupid idea) I highly doubt even the most elite universities (at least in this country) have gone uncorrupted.

    2. “As for feminist if you don’t agree with them ignore them.”
      Hahahaha…that’s cute….so how do we “ignore” the laws and social conventions perpetuated on feminists behalf?
      There isn’t a single right that men have that women don’t. Yet here are five legal rights that women have yet men don’t:
      Ignoring feminists is what is making the problem worse. They should be fought.

    3. Jazzy cunt.
      There is so little rape on campus that major magazines have to run fake stories. And you can’t ignore feminism as the classes and programs are mandatory for you to graduate.
      You are one dumb shithead

  37. You can’t grab your dick and “Just be”
    They want you sitting down to piss and lowering your eyes as you follow orders and act submissive to their rules
    Better worker bees for the system
    It doesn’t give a damn about you and never will. The game is the game. All its doing now is making shit better for them to stay in power while the rest remain docile, dumb, and dependent on a system that wouldn’t be shit without you but doesn’t give a damn about you
    Being a man in 2016 is a warzone anyway. Its funny how in order to have what we have now, back then, you had to be a savage and go for yours at any means
    Fast forward now that everything is comfortable and safe, they want us in a submissive state.
    “We built a wall from danger then become trapped inside the ones we created. Progress?” -MDP

  38. The white male empire has itself to blame. Western civilization seems to over analyze things and then tries to monetize every facet of it. White men when given the test over morality get the wrong message, they try too damn hard to look like the morally right like it’s a competition.

  39. Let them be dumb like most college kids , once they hit the real world all this crap will go away, minus some tatoos maybe. The real criminals we should punish are the SJW spin doctors acting behind the scenes.

  40. Aren’t there any good conservative college in the USA ? Even with a strong non dellutional religious background ?

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