American Girl Gushes About Getting Divorced And “Dating” Her Way Across Europe

I think you can learn from every person and every relationship, no matter how brief (or awkward). I’m building a better picture of what I want in a partner, but I’m also learning that I don’t need one to be happy.

— Elise Linscott justifying the cock carousel for our friends at Cosmopolitan

The name Elise Linscott is normal enough for an American girl. Sadly, so, too, are her sexual habits. Having divorced her husband at the age of 26, she went on a ten-week cock carousel tour to Europe. As Linscott puts it, she “dated” across most of the 11 countries she visitedCosmopolitan then dutifully picked up her story for publication.

This summer, just two days after my divorce, I left for a 10-week solo trip through Europe, visiting 11 countries and dating in most of them.

My ex and I eloped to Hawaii when we were 25. But shortly after we started arguing more, and with more intensity. Despite counseling, neither of us was happy, so I moved back in with my family. That was last winter.

By summer, I was feeling like myself again, but I was falling for a guy I met on Tinder. Will* was a passionate, outgoing PhD student who wasn’t looking for commitment and who was leaving for a summer internship across the country.

So at 26, single for the first time in my adult life, I decided to spend the summer traveling. And dating men abroad.

The hamstering is unbelievably strong in this “article,” which reads more like a manifesto of badly rationalized decisions than a deliberately candid insight into the female mind. Following her divorce, Elise Linscott said she was “falling for” another man called Will in the United States. This didn’t stop her from spreading her legs for what seems to have been a lot more men than she talks about in the article.

You can presume she engaged in a lot of other undesirable female behaviors, but here’s some of what she explicitly or basically admits in the article (we can be sure these behaviors repeated themselves):

  • she spent dates with men talking about her desire for Will (alpha widow based on a few sex sessions?);
  • she asked for men’s opinions and was evidently offended when those opinions contradicted her own emotional conclusions;
  • she promised to pay men back for dates and then evaded/blocked them when they asked for the money back; and
  • she slept with multiple men and presumably will never tell Will about them all (we know there are more than the two or three she talks about in her piece).

Plus, significant amounts of time are missing from her trip. What she describes appears to have taken up about a week only–just 10% of her stay in Europe. What happened during the rest of her journeys? Do we want to know?

The ex-husband–relevant or not?

Is this pairing really so bad?

A number of people in the manosphere responding to Elise Linscott’s article are commenting on the dorky appearance and demeanor of her ex-husband, suggesting it motivated her divorce and subsequent European cock carousel tour. There may be some merit to this, but it’s worth emphasizing how very indulging modern Western “culture” is to young women. Two decades ago and this couple would likely still be together. Women’s standards and expectations have been inflated to the point where I think even we are sometimes guilty of presuming an otherwise average man is out of the league of an aesthetically normal girl.

It’s hard, if not nigh on impossible to isolate specific causal factors behind Linscott’s leg-spreading path of “liberation.” Nevertheless, we can look at the general ones easily enough. Eat Pray Love-style narratives stand out as obvious contenders for what changes and corrupts girls like her in the United States and other Anglosphere countries. Pretty much anything that privileges “never settle” and “always try to find yourself” over more common sense mantras directed toward women will suffice as an explanation.

The problem with essentially red-pilled men always raising the appearance or personality of an ex-husband or ex-boyfriend is that it underestimates the pernicious effect of popular culture on women. Girls are by and large artificially enhanced creatures, using L’Oreal, other products, and digital filters to present themselves to the world. Despite all this investment, objectively-speaking Elise Linscott’s ex-husband matched fairly well. In a healthy, balanced society, their pairing would raise no eyebrows whatsoever. Out of control, socially-reinforced female hypergamy is what makes us think much of what we think about the ex-husband. Remember that.

The rise–and rise–of the female sex tour


Female sex tours, marketed as “holidays” or “self-discovery,” have been with us for years. Expect them to only increase in popularity over the next decade. We are, however, dealing with the tip of the iceberg. European getaways serving as cock carousel treats for women catch our attention because they involve other countries and more exotic destinations.

Numerous other female antics occur right under the noses of unsuspecting men every day. God knows how many future husbands, for example, are unaware of the true notch count of their “near-virginal” betrothed. Most of this happens in places like Lexington, Kentucky or Melbourne, Florida, not Sevilla in Spain or Nantes in western France.

Let’s look on the positive side, though. Any self-respecting man who has read Elise Linscott’s account, or accounts delivered by any girl like her, will steer clear of a woman like this.

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164 thoughts on “American Girl Gushes About Getting Divorced And “Dating” Her Way Across Europe”

  1. Not sure what she’s getting out of announcing her promiscuity publicly, with clearly identifiable photos. I doubt Cosmopolitan is paying that much for her writing. That sad, props to the concentration camp dude for dating way up. Maybe he has game.

    1. I’d suspect it wasn’t his game, but her sense that she could bully him. When she realized after marrying him that she resented him for being a worm, she couldn’t stand that anymore. The European Tour of Cock was more about ego, reassuring herself that she could bag something better than Sir Dorkalot. (As if any passably attractive girl would have trouble finding a thirsty guy. That gigantic hambeast slag in the UK who was a serial rape-accuser, after all, had CONSENSUAL sex with some of her victims.)

      1. The saddest thing is that by the time she hits the wall her ex husband won’t be there to take her back as most likely he’d be married to a single mom or a retired partygirl with roastbeef vagina and tattoos. I do feel bad for him, as she isn’t attractive enough for him to have seen this coming. It’s truly mindboggling how women like this one get princessed up by the media to the extent of leaving marriages to sleep around with men above their SMV.

    2. Maybe he has game OR maybe he is a betabux OR when they first she was equally dorky as he and over time she came upon female influence which may have amplified her looks while making her a typical Americunt.
      Just goes to show. If you’re planning on marrying an Americunt, make sure she is below your perceived SMV because otherwise, in a society that makes women feel they can get away with murder, they must have dread in their heart that it is YOU that can do better. Pulling a girl above your SMV is all cool but when it comes to marriage you are really playing with fire if she is any sort of Westernized. Put simply, all the shit you used to pull her isn’t going to keep her and if she views you as less than her (and in marriage this is more likely for uglier dudes), then don’t say I didn’t warn you. His mistake was wiring her up. Probably thought she was the best he could ever get. His mindset was all in the wrong place from the start. He may have had outer game but his inner game sucked (of course it did, look at his appearance)

        1. It is civilized society’s job to keep her faithful. She went on a sex romp and wrote an article to brag about the dick she was getting. No woman is faithful because she is. Hypergamy says it all and it is normal. The purpose of civil society is to keep that in check. The same deep roots of hypergamy and its survival purpose is also present in the need to be desirable for long term commitment. (not a slut) Hypergamy makes productive masculine men “sexy” and slut shaming in culture,church and law taps into the same instincts to keep it in line. with out it we have no civil society (see western europe today. )

      1. “If you’re planning on marrying an Americunt, make sure she is below your perceived SMV ”
        This is a homerism:
        “Aim low. Aim so low that nobody will care that you succeed.”

    3. She’s getting attention. Women want attention, that’s why they do stuff like this. They never think about long term consequences.
      The guy could be a successful developer. They make a lot of money. Women marry men based on rational decisions, and fuck men based on emotional decisions.

    4. It wasn’t game. If he had game he would have been smart enough to avoid marriage. It was money. The slut doesn’t have any marketable skills nor a decent paying job “freelance writer” and lives in expensive areas like NYC & Massachusetts. So she landed a dork with money, got a free trip to Hawaii, suckered him into quickly marrying her, and escaped with his money within 3 months (over the winter). Then went on a European cock tour with part of her ill gotten gains. The sad part is that our society is so degenerate that it won’t even shame her about any of it.

    5. I’m beginning to think Cosmo is actually a project to secretly redpill young men about modern young women, disguised as a feminist rag.

    6. She’s setting herself up for her future, self-published book…
      Eat, Pray, FUCK
      … your way around the world!

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      1. What a Kent
        Remember guys AWALT. Guard your passwords, accounts, screens etc as if a criminal is in your home looking over your shoulder – because they are…
        Every, fucking, time.
        Kelsey Grammar – another famous celebrity – loses his art/wealth to another unknown harridan

  2. She looks like a typical 7. Most likely a ditz with zero personality and leftist ideologies. That guy got out in time. She will be pregnant by 30. Guaranteed.

  3. What kind of pathetic guy keeps talking to a girl that is fucking her way through Europe? This article should make her toxic to any guy, but it won’t. She’ll still be able to pull guys way higher in quality than she should be able to.

    1. Hahaha! I liked it when she wrote about how most European men met her and fucked/wanted to fuck her (most likely they did but she’s too ashamed to admit it), but then came up with excuses when it came to menial favors like translating a menu or paying for a drink. Bitch is so stupid she actually writes about it and blames those men for being interested in sex only, flirting with hotter women or inventing excuses to get rid of her after the porkage. An EE girl would be mortified and would never even mention such treatment, she makes it a point to complain about it. In writing. Openly. Good grief.
      Sorry bros, but American women are the worst there is out there. Unattractive, rude, loud, masculine, demanding a lot but offering nothing in return. They have absolutely no respect for anything, morals, manners, not even their families. They are uneducated and ignorant yet expect the royal treatment especially from foreign men, i wonder where does this entitlement come from? Who was the first woman who LIED and told all American women that European men like them? They actually find them ridiculous but very easy to fuck. I choked from laughter when the dudes who fucked this chick kept making excuses, from getting stuck in another city (teleportation perhaps) to going to a wedding and asking for their money back :)))) fucking hilarious. It’s true, European men feel like buying an Ameriskank a plate of fish’n’chips is too much for the bad return.

  4. There are three good aspects of this for the ex, at least. One is that he is definitely young enough to recover emotionally and financially. Two, is that the marriage broke up before kids arrived on the scene. Three, and it may be a state-by-state thing, but marriages that have a duration less than five years do not have the requirement to divide assets “equally”, so he’s not going to be an indentured servant for the next decade or be required to cash in assets in order to fork over “her share”.

    1. Depends on what state your in. For most states you have to divide the assets equally regardless of marital duration. A couple of states (5 or 6 I believe) aren’t automatically “community property” states. But in something like 95% of states the woman gets to walk away with the loot. Regardless of martial duration.
      In Florida not only is everything community property, but we have lifetime alimony. There are cases of men being forced to pay alimony for the rest of their lives after marriages that only lasted 1 or 2 years. Keep in mind Florida is the 3rd largest state by population.

  5. The grand canyon guy looks like a baffoon. She looks like she’s planning. Guess she was. You’d think it would be easier to find yourself on sabbatical than in the arms of strangers, dating to find yourself sounds like trying to read a book at a crowded arena. I’ve learned a lot from my scars, but I didn’t get them from cutting myself. It’s that seed of destruction that every woman sews unless a strong man (hopefully with villiage and familial support) draws solid boundaries for her. Grand-canyon man looks sooner to whine and flap those ears to cross that canyon than to draw a hard line in the sand. It’s his fault things didn’t work out, but it’s in his favor to chance a new younger girl. That girl wouldn’t have been faithful. She had so much lust in her heart.

    1. You are spot on Seth. That guy looks like a Bernie Supporter. She would have been a easy pull. Lucky for him he will not be stuck with the bill on someone elses kid.

      1. it was better than this platform. dont remember if there were email notifications. I did enjoy comments that received -45 pts though…less confusing than this

  6. I find it completely ironic how folks in the media gives this bitch praise for writing about her experiences riding the worldwide cock carousel after her divorce but when Roosh wrote his Bang series about his travels and his sexual experiences with women he met the media instantly turns Roosh into a international villian to be demonized by calling him every vile name under the sun. So according to feminist and their legion of white knights its okay to fuck around as long as its a woman doing it but if a man bangs multiple women he will labeled as a monster who uses women for sex. This kind of hypocrisy is the reason to never take feminists or women in general seriously when it comes to their rants and nonsensical rambling about sex when they try to demonize men for doing acting according to our male nature while at the same time celebrating “sexual liberation” for cunts like Elise Linscott.

    1. Good money making idea for her–“Bang Europe”– well-received, best-selling book on Amazon. Oh, wait, there’s already one of those, I think– Eat, Pray, Love.

  7. What’s the difference between her and the guys on RVF who “date across” Europe? I get that she’s a cunt but are “flag collectors” any better?

    1. I am generally against all promiscuity. But “flag collecting” for men is impressive as it takes a lot of effort and skill to do it successfully. There is nothing impressive about a woman just spreading her legs and taking any and all come that comes her way.

    2. Only if you think men and women are exactly equal. Which isn’t the case. What works for men generally doesn’t work for women, what works for women generally doesn’t work for men. Casual sex is damaging to both sexes, but especially damaging to women. Sex is an act of submission to a woman. Having a physically much stronger creature mount you and trusting his sexual organs in and out of your body is a very invasive experience. Sex to a man is conquering…a mini war if you will.

    3. The difference is that western women do this because feminism told them to.
      Men who travel and experience women are learning to become leaders as their value escalates.
      Feminism told women that they can be like men. In reality, it will only lead to utter loneliness for the last 40 years of their lives. They waste their most beautiful years on douchebags, and then become raging cat ladies at 35 when no one is attracted to them anymore.

      1. Feminism is cancer, undoubtedly. I just don’t like double standards, which I’ve seen nearly everywhere in the Manosphere. Sure flag collecting builds character and strengthens Game, but on the other hand, it doesn’t make us any better than cock carousel riders.

    4. The so-called double standard will always exist. It will always exist because a man would have to work hard at getting laid across a continent. A woman just has to stick her ass out.

    5. The difference is that the guys on RVF don’t: fraudulently promise lifetime commitment, legally entrap the women they bang, then rob them blind!!! Your question is like asking what the difference is between a seducer and a rapist. The difference is that one is consensual and the other is not!

  8. I think he was hitting way above his SMVclass — good for him.
    She is typical old-school americaness.
    I banged many in my years as an international backpacker.
    thank you. Smiley and happy. Not like many of the cunty ugly feminists I’m harassed by…
    problem now is they all do it. And never stop.
    Solution is various degrees of self-improvement – and Independence, outcome-immunity from the fem/Marxist/Borg

  9. What’s fucking sad here is that this chick is entirely average. I mean, look at those buttercheeks. She is Plain Jane personified. The only reason why she’s even remotely attractive is because the quality of American women is in the gutter, and because she’s less than 185lbs. That’s it.

    1. Yeah but look at her ex. That dude probably asked for permission to have sex and he only did missionary only I bet. You gotta pull their hair, choke them, and slap them while your cock is inside to remind them you’re the king and she’s the bitch

  10. Looks to me the ex dodged a bullet. Yes, divorce sucks, but it sucks more a when you’ve been married for more than a year.

    1. I think the writers here feel that she has no right to divorce him. At least they had no kids together. Just protect yourself financially who cares if women branch swing ?

  11. She looks like an inferior, corrupted version of some of my Amish neighbors. What’s sad is this chick could have had a happy and fulfilling life. I am sure in the present she thinks she has got that, but the meowmasters are waiting.

    1. Indeed !!
      A guy’s trip to thailand will result in his penis being cut by a pussy !
      So, in the same spirit (MEN and women are “equal”, aren’t they !?) a pussy’s trip to Europe should result in her “clit” being cut by a MAN !!

    1. I don’t disagree, but it will never happen.
      I know several families with 20-something kids who’ve gone through divorce- “Oh, they’re still great friends, they just didn’t want to be married.” The ease of attaining divorce has made it more attractive than the hard work of slogging through the tough parts of marriage. I also see a lot of young couples who live together, then get married and panic when they realize they’re committed. There’s a reason older generations called it “playing house.”

      1. total collapse will have to happen then
        it’s the only way to be sure
        A lot of women won’t get more than a shovel from me. She’ll need it – or the poor bastard who finds her after she starves to death will need it to bury her with it.

    2. agree – but only getting worse.
      I reckon this Weinstein is the next ratchet down.
      That mentalist Ashley Judd (The Barreness of Catzville) reckons she didn’t speak out as “who would believe me?”
      so as well as no-fault-divorce , hubby will be a sexual molester rapist – by accusation.
      It already happens often during divorce. Now maybe will automatically result in 100% assets to woman, via accusation.
      who knows?

        1. that sucks..
          My ex is very wealthy – men get nothing.
          I have nothing to pay — but they ruin you one way or another.

  12. The key here is they “eloped to Hawaii”. That means she wanted a trip, and he offered to pay for it. During the trip, she convinced herself to marry this guy, cause look at the fun I’m having! When the reality of everyday life set in, she dumped his ass for Europe.

    1. He must have had a really big… wallet. It’s a huge win for her. As long as she’s willing to flush her morals down the toilet. Free trip to Hawaii —> convince clueless dork to sign on the dotted line—> divorce his ass within 3 months (last winter) —> have a secret “tinder relationship” with an alpha while legal proceedings are going on to ensure you get a favorable settlement —> go on a European cock tour with part of your ill gotten gains largely funded by suckers err “dates” —> live a life of leisure as a ‘freelance writer’ until it’s time to repeat the cycle again.

  13. Relax, this girl had her elimination phase most people go through earlier in life at 18-21. South European guys are unreliable players. Yes of course they are you naive little…
    Give her five years and she’ll be crawling floors to get married and have a man fix her horrible financial situation and her shit apartment (if not a shared room) and make her pregnant.
    She just does things a bit in the wrong order but you cannot always plan life.

  14. I can’t help but notice her smirk while hold a newspaper with that says
    “Snowstorm dumps 10 inches” I’m guessing she’s the snowstorm…

  15. She is an outwardly attractive girl, but a look at every one of these pictures tells why she’s banging material at best, not wife material. Anyone with an ounce of experience in life can read the body language. You don’t need to bite into a mouthful of maggots when you see a couple on the outside of the apple, after all.
    She has a sneer in her eyes and her “smile”- fine for a shitlord, but what guy wants yo marry himself? I’d guess she was a pampered brat, a demanding selfish bitch looking for an indulging guy like her ex, but, as others have pointed out, AFTER she’s had the bottom knocked out by couple dozen guys.
    Her ex’s demeanor is very telling. I’d guess her initial attraction to him was based on his docility . We don’t get to pick the genetics that shape our features, but everything about him accentuates his negatives. The pee-wee glasses, the little-bus haircut that accentuates his ears, the goofy open-maw smile- everything makes him look like a goof. The Grand Canyon picture shows her firmly in control, almost embarrassed though, and him weakly trying to pull her towards him.
    Even if she hadn’t fucked every indigent in Europe, she’d still be a losing bet. Hitting the wall might make her desperate enough to hide her true nature, but she’ll always be an impossible to please bitch.
    This guy should count himself lucky: given enough time she’d have him lapping up the drippings after she’d been bored out my Mandingo.

      1. You know, it has occurred to be lately that the embargo on dating single moms should be lifted only for those who are too old to have another kid, and only to pump and dump them, solely for the purpose of making single moms miserable because they deserve it.
        (of course I would be sure to check that she’s not a legitimate widow first)

    1. Hopefully she will pick up a drug habit – something laced with a fentanyl derivative, perhaps – and then do the world a favor. Or maybe rot herself out with lots of caine or crystal. That, in a way would be better than the former.

  16. The surname “Linscott”, photo of her reading the local paper of Nantucket, and doing so in a colonial-looking house sufficiently old that the electrical conduit is on the wall (rather than behind it) suggest that this proud skank is of old American stock of means. Someone perhaps descended from the Puritans who landed at Plymouth Rock and went on to create the New England mill aristocracy or become a Boston Brahmin.
    Madison Grant was right to title his book about the coming eclipse of WASP America as “The Passing of the Great Race”.
    Sad decline.

      1. No doubt the role of the Israelites has been and is destructive, but the Yankees embraced feminism and other “isms” all by themselves in the 19th century long before Jews had any substantial presence in America. Jacob Schiff for example first arrived in 1865.
        There was almost no Northern Jewish community at all at that time. There were Southern, primarily Sephardic, Jewish communities in Charleston and New Orleans.
        It’s also worth noting that Southern Jews consistently supported slavery and sexual comity and did not promote degeneracy. Judah P. Benjamin was both Secretary of War and Secretary of the Treasury in the Confederacy.
        The Seneca Falls Convention and the Oneida Community were both in 1848–well before German Jews, let alone Ostjuden, began to arrive in the North in substantial numbers.

        1. Indeed, the southern jews were the largest per capita slave owners. Ulysses Grant complained that they were responsible for running Union blockades. Oddly enough, no one talks about this. Malcolm X and Farrakhan yes, but not mainstream lefties.

      1. You Americans have so many basic, overweight girls that everytime you see one that isn’t 225 lbs heavy you say “HOT!”.

        1. You nailed it, @DerLetzte !!
          I was just about to say same thing ! The pussy is in that image is a mere “plain vanilla” ! Nothing special or “hot” about that “below average” pussy !!
          Sorry @Sir Lee, but calling that pussy “hot” is beyond my comprehension.

        2. Aye that be true. A woman can be all sorts of rotten, all the way to the core. But if she’s not a typical fucking hambeast that’ll get overlooked.
          That’s how bad things are here.

        3. that’s true.
          I like her waist/hips/bikini
          face looked better in other pics – -plain Jane – which is good.
          I prefer Asian skinny chicks though

        4. she’s not super hot or a model by any means but she’s not bad, she is date-able/bang-able in my eyes and I’ve been married to a foreign woman.

      2. She is hot. Loll at the guys saying she is just not ugly because she is skinny. The guy on the other hand.. Well.. He probably had a great personality.

      1. White women are too dangerous for me.
        Maybe if she didn’t know where I lived, name and nationality (holiday fuck).

  17. Looking at the husband I was about to ‘victim blame’ him but then I remembered the adage. She’s not yours, it’s just your turn.
    He’s better off now and was lucky he wasn’t divorced rape as far as I read.

  18. All this man – bitching…. jeez.
    Just accept it, she will notch it up and there will ALWAYS be some 40 yr old dorky guy who becomes successful and then becomes thankful she wants to marry him when she’s a declining 35 year old.
    Shaming only works if it comes from other women. Female and male partner count has been declining generation after generation. Why does nobody write about this sh*t? It’s all just in your face because of technology. This means women have been whoring it up since always. Nothing new.
    Did you know the most common and profitable form of porn is masturbatory camming? An occasional movie is only done for marketing to promote the camming. Sex is declining even in porn lol
    Roosh, keep the info on this site up to the times. The data is in and old.

    1. The number of educated successful 40 year old men is too small for the number of educated, even marginally successful women like this. Male/female ratios in professions and colleges guarantee this. Plus if the 40 year old goes to another country he can easily find a younger woman.

      1. You consider a 60 female to 40 male ratio (google) “too small?”
        Lmao that just leaves 1 out of 10 without a match.
        (I rounded up to 60… still plenty of chumps wifing them up believing like the previous article says “focus on success and your future wife will find you while hiking mountains and reading philosophy.” Oh yeah…. born again virgins who are willing to make the chump “wait” for sex in which he believes his chaste future wife magically appeared).

  19. To be completely honest the ex-husband looks goofy as f*ck. Looks wise she’s way out of his league. Which leads me to think she didn’t have much (if any) experience prior to her husband….conservative Christian girl? She does have that Mormon look. In the picture in the header she has that sweet innocent look: the beginning stages of the relationship, possibly didn’t even consume the marriage yet at that stage. In both pictures in the article (the one with the newspaper and the other with the sun setting) she has the thousand-cock-stare. I assume she was cheating at this stage (the reason for the discord and subsequent divorce?). When did dating become a euphemism for f*cking?

    1. “Looks wise…”
      That’s how it works. pussies are expected to be “good looking” and (if not well-endowed !) at least “above average”. Looking “goofy” has nothing to do with “providing and taking care” of a pussy. That pussy is very much aware of her “pussy pass” and the “pussy centric” Society, Legal System and Media.
      To sum it up, that pussy “divorced raped” a decent, well earning “beta MALE” and now enjoying the “legal” booty !!

    2. According to her webpage she’s a freelance writer and studied fashion design.
      She has lived in NYC and Massachusetts. Any woman living the sex in the city lifestyle in NYC is far from a virgin, and big cities in the North East are notoriously expensive. My guess is that daddy and uncle sugar were funding her lifestyle while she was a university student. Then when she graduated she married her nerdy husband (no prenup please) because he had such a big, large, huge… bank account. Once her idiot husband signed on the dotted line his assets were hers and she divorced his ass within 3 months (last winter). She had a secret “tinder relationship” while the divorce was happening. Then after all the legal paperwork was done she was free and clear to publicly go on her European cock tour! Not only that but she also got a known publication to pay her for a story about her degenerate life choices!
      I have no sympathy for any man stupid enough to sign on the dotted line and get legally married in the modern era. The man gains literally no benefit at all, and in exchange assumes enormous liabilities. Up to and including literally being thrown in a cell with murderers and rapists because he’s unable to pay an unreasonably large Child Support or Alimony payment. All of this information is readily available and only a google search away. If you want to use money to get hot chicks ‘sugar dating’ is a much more safe and efficient way to do that. If you’re smart about it you don’t even need to pay out as long as you only want a bang or two per woman.

  20. “Out of control, socially-reinforced female hypergamy is what makes us think much of what we think about the ex-husband. Remember that.”
    So, her inflated sense of self-worth, and what she believes she truly deserves, are both part of an elaborate (and unacknowledged) social construct?
    But, wait. There’s good news. If her expectations are only a social construct, then we can mock them endlessly as a romantic (and therefore hopelessly stupid) list of demands, even most bank-robbers wouldn’t dare to have fulfilled. I say the standard practice of mock, denigrate her sense of unfounded entitlement she undoubtedly shares with many other women, shame them for believing in this social construct, LATHER, RINSE, REPEAT. ALWAYS REPEAT.

    (Homer Jay, will you teach us how to make love)?

  21. Doktor Jeep this is what I have been saying for quite a long time. I feel if the world became more primal again, we can start all over. People will call me sick, but there’s a little bit of blame on society when I wish on a complete collapse in Rule of Law and society, so I can kill my ex, and take my children back from her white guilt, feminist, destructive teachings. There, I said it.

  22. Lets be clear. That dorky stringbean probably has a massive coil of cock in his trousers. We know where that smile come from, brothers. #88

  23. my guess is that they ‘argued’ because she wanted a ‘baby’ -and sir dork-a-lot deflected (when women see their friends/sisters having babies they naturally want to jump in the pool with them..(women without children are a danger at any age- but especialy when the biological timeclock begins to whisper in their ear

    1. My guess is that they argued about who should be doing the cooking and cleaning. Being that she married an obvious beta-cuck, she figured he would do it. And he most likely figured that since he “cared” about her, and “appreciated and respected” her, she, out of gratitude”, would do it. He was wrong. “Sluttus Americanis” will never be her grandma, no matter how right that would be. Ain’t gonna happen. Gloria Steinem told them not to do it, after all.

  24. I recently told my mum that she’ll never have grand kids. The she went pale in the face and asked me why. I told her ‘ma, check your phone’. She says what for? Had sent her a link to ROK.

  25. Ten years since the black Philip show and it’s needed now more than ever.
    These dudes (like the ex husband) simply need to learn some bitch management.

    1. Exactly. It’s pretty hilarious to see these idiots REEEEEE-ing over a girl doing the exact same thing they advocate on this site.

      1. Well Stan, that’s not groundbreaking research. No man is jealous of a woman. Some thing so n this site I agree with, some I do not. In your case your arguments are in line with a delusional woman’s.

    2. There was an ROK article where all that was talked about; I confirm the hypocrisy of shaming slutty behavior while encouraging “game”, that ends up laying those same women.
      By doing that, they are giving sluts attention-and-value they don’t deserve, and regular girls see that, and yearning for the same attention, they become sluts themselves, and thus make it harder and harder for any guy seeking a wife to find one.

    3. but getting laid is work for a man, it takes a combination of looks, socializing, charisma, and knowledge that makes a man sexy. For a woman, it is just looks, nothing else.

  26. In addition to her Cosmo article, she has a series of books coming out:
    Banged in Iceland
    Banged in Turkey
    Banged in Spain
    Banged in Sweden
    Banged in France
    Banged in Italy
    Not Banged in Denmark

  27. I guess we could look at this situation two different ways.
    One is that she has an artificially over-inflated SMV due to our current society’s low standards and this has caused her to dump a perfectly good, loving provider man, something that a woman of previous generations would not have done.
    On the other hand, men of previous generations were more naturally dominant and masculine. If these 2 people were married 50 years ago, average as he is, he may have had the ability to keep this woman simply due to having grown up in an environment that encouraged his masculinity and taught the truth about the natures of women and men.
    The quality of both sexes has declined.

      1. That’s because most “Christian” churches/groups are made-up-of/led-by Fake Christians.
        People who think God/Christ condemned self-defense, when He did not. When Christ said “turn the other cheek”, He meant “brush off insults”. A slap was considered an insult, not an assault, back then.
        He would later tell his disciples that whoever doesn’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.
        In the Old Testament, the Torah, Exodus, it is written that if a thief breaks into your home, and he dies, there shall be no blood shed for him.
        It is also written that a false accuser must pay the SAME penalty that the accused would have served if the accused was actually guilty. (Hint: All the false rape accusations going on these days.)

  28. The New Zealand chick was better. WASPy trust funders who espouse cultural Marxism while claiming that they don’t know anything about C.M. are boner destroyers and will destroy your soul if you get involved.
    Bang and move on not wifey stock.

  29. You mention the difference between her and her husband looks wise. When you go to say college christian clubs it was very common to see these very pretty blonde girls with goofy looking guys. No these guys did not have big wallets, big dicks, alpha game or an interesting personality.
    The reality is women slightly outnumber men, and women for the most part put in effort to look pretty. You very rarely see a girl with short hair, ugly tattoos, a ton of piercings and dyed hair among very religious circles. Even in the american south it was almost rare to see a girl under 30 really let herself go weight wise.

    1. Conservative Christian circles feature feminine looking women and guys who are beta dorks.
      The guys can hope to maintain their wife IF she has a village of strong male role models (like a daddy who didn’t treat her like a princess), matriarchs who slut shame, and feminine friends who are the same.
      I am willing to bet this was their background. They are from Western Massachusetts aka not the big city. I bet they both grew up Christian conservative. But then she was exposed to the cock carousel. Somewhere she had modern women influence and when that happened she was lost.
      So my message is this to Christian guys: your women are not immune. Either lose the dorky emasculated modern Christian male persona or this will happen to you.
      Christian contemporary culture is very emasculating. However the patriarchs and matriarchs of old have managed to have enough influence on their millennial children to minimize this but never prevent it. So many modern Christian guys may be lucky that they can get away with being goofy board playing wimps but God forbid their wife makes ONE heathen friend and watch her demeanor change. This is why I can’t be friends with modern Christian men. I feel like my testosterone drops by the minute after sitting there playing Settlers of Cataan

  30. One woman does this & in the first sentence you generalize her behavior to all contemporary women. OK …

    1. BMI does not equate to an athletic , attractive body. He’s almost emaciated. Men are supposed to eat not drink mountain dew and look like hardened prisoners.

    2. Lol he has the build of a child. I am a thin guy myself actually but I have managed to become sinewy through physical labor. This guy looks like an IT loser. He poses no threat to anyone. He looks like an easy target. Even if he isn’t a bitch he sure as hell would have to prove himself more than a bigger guy who can be a complete bitch but at least looks.imposing and you don’t want to fuck with him on the off chance he ends up not being a bitch.

  31. Yes, that pairing was a disaster from the beginning. She is way above him in smv, I wonder why she married him. Is he super rich? Uber charismatic? This one does not surprise me at all in the end. What does surprise me is why she settled for him in the first place.

      1. Dude are we really going to expect anyone to settle for marrying someone much less attractive than they are?
        I bust my ass in taking care of my appearance and I know it has helped me immensely with women.
        Obviously this guy has shit bitch management skills. If you’re gonna be ugly at least know how to put someone in their place. He had neither the looks nor self respect.
        I essence she ended up being the prize. Women hate that shit. If there are ugly men with hot girls these men at least can keep them on their toes. This dude failed there. I don’t feel good about it but fuck, if genetics aren’t on your side then at least change your outlook about life. This dude probably had a pussy mentality. And ugly on top of that. Women are more likely to forgive White knightery in weak attractive men (Justin Trudeau’s case), but they will NOT be subjected to weakness from ugly men as they will eat them alive.
        Me I have decent facial aesthetics which means I have landed pussy even while white knighting and being a beta bitch. But believe me if I didn’t have that going for me I would get away with it much less and truly feel shit for being a nice guy. But as a guy with decent aesthetics I know that if I was uglier, women wouldn’t even allow me to do half the shit that I do simply by just avoiding me. I remember this as I can get away with “newbie mistakes” way more now than when I was uglier. Anything I say now that is considered sweet back then would have been considered creepy. Why? Because looks do matter.
        Sad fact of life unfortunately. I have decent facial aesthetics but I am only 5’9. As a result I know the taller guys have a bit of an advantage over me and have to rely way less on game.

        1. Right on . Working harder whether it be in the weight room or on our clothes in order to be more attractive to women is an exercise in building up your self esteem. This is healthy and makes you a better man in the end

  32. She is a total cunt. He was had. He OBVIOUSLY was a blue pilled dude. He thought she was “nice”. Poor sap. Hope he learned from this and gets a shark lawyer to get OUT of paying alimony. Thank God there were no kids.

      1. So what? She’s a women and nothing special if she looks better than him… His job is to ‘bring other things to the table’.
        There are a lot of couples, where the women is above the guy in looks and it works. Or what can be observed – in many family sisters look much better than brothers.
        And I would say this guy doesnt look so bad at all. He has potential. If he starts working out, improves his Body Language and eliminate the feminine/dorky/ weird manerisms, learns some game- he will be able to land better women… Im quite sure about it.
        While she probably goes down a destructive path…

        1. ” If he starts working out, improves his Body Language and eliminate the feminine/dorky/ weird manerisms, learns some game” – the problem is he hasn’t and probably doesn’t want to. There are thousands of men who act feminine and want to stay that way. Currently his present position is that HE DID NOT improve himself. Just because your sisters are with less attractive men, doesn’t mean women should have to. Even in the 50s and 60s women thought Kennedy was handsome or James Dean was beautiful. Women have a right to go for looks, and there is nothing wrong with that. Everyone has different standards. Just like you and myself do not like fat women , women should NOT be required to date fat or bald or skinny guys.

        2. Exactly. I think it’s a pretty beta thing to think that women shouldn’t have to be turned on by you in order to bone you. It’s almost like you’re complaining that better men are winning.
          Like me. I am only 5’9 and I have a darker complexion and features. Not exactly a Chad. However I know my limitations and would never think women should just like me “because i am awesome”. That is weak shit, man. It is the same as fat women complaining they don’t get dates even though they have “a great personality”
          I work out. I lift. I eat right. I have a small waist and visible abs and I weigh 180 (at 5’9). I know that if I was taller the ass I would pull would he much higher in number. But one thing I don’t do is get mad that women aren’t as physically attracted to me than to other taller guys. Because at least I lift and take care of my appearance. But I do know women basically hold the keys to sex so I can’t be mad when a better looking guy outdoes me. Such is life man.

  33. She wasn’t engaging in any behavior really different from women 16-25. She was married to the poor sap, tried to save the marriage, and failed. She engaged into intercourse with European stallions, but the limbic remembrance of his husband creeped to the surface. Most likely, she does not hate him, but hates the feeling abut him.

  34. I’ve a niece who’s just back from her European ‘tour’…wasn’t only men she banged. What made me laugh was the fact that she was complaining that her boyfriend back home wasn’t contacting her as much as she would have liked! Family is family but if I ever saw that poor schmuck again I’d drop a red pill on him in 30 seconds flat.

  35. Any one remember the Erica Johng Book “Fear of Flying”? A novel written as an autographical adventure of a woman seeking the ‘zipless fuck’. The woman under discussion here probably has no idea as to the origin of the meme dancing in her head, driving her about from man to man. But what is most amusing about this creature is her complete degree of unawareness, lack of historical sense – indeed, I question if she has read a book in years. And this was the dream, the goal, the acme of feminist hopes as booting about in the 1970s, when things began to go bad.

  36. Not that it is an excuse for her divorcing him and whoring around Europe, but the husband looks like your typical sad, beta, wagecuck. At least he should have developed an alpha personality that she’d respect and also he should’ve learned how to fuck her properly. I strongly suspect his skills in the bedroom were lacking.

    1. I think we agree that he should have seen the warning signs prior to marrying her. The major sign being her sexual appetite for him. I think she is a user for marrying him for whatever reason then divorcing. You live and you learn . Hopefully he becomes a better man

  37. Man,
    Firs of all congrats. I will buy you a beer soon or later.
    I see a different problem. That is not necessarily gender-oriented.
    You anglo-saxons marry too early in your life.
    I am into the opposite extreme. 44 and a happy bachelor. But what I can say for sure is that at 26 you are really too young to settle down. Especially now that we are more in a sort of open culture.
    Any marriage that happens before 30 (and especially before 25) is really doomed to fail. There is still too much to live and experience. You get the right ‘bait’ and you throw away any commitment done. After all you’re still plenty of time to settle down again
    What I write is not detrimental to your opinion. But really you should take what I write into account.
    Also the husband looks really like a mangina…

  38. Typical hypergamy and female nature. People here blaming the man for “not being Alpha enough” are fucking idiots. Brad Pitt has been divorced multiple times, is he not Alpha-nuff either? Telling the man to work out and just happily pay alimony is fucking hypocrisy, I would tell him to move countries and avoid paying that shit like the plague.
    Women like her deserve to get raped in Europe, maybe it will help them know what they’re throwing away. But this is just another story of a woman getting her way in a gynocentric society.

    1. Shady: You might be right. I have a friend whose feminist ex-wife constantly moaned about how “horrible” she thought North American men were. Then she went on a sex tour and was robbed and raped. Gee, maybe her ex wasn’t so bad after all.

  39. An Old Slacker here
    One poster remarked that “20 years ago” in 1997 their marriage would have stayed together and I have to disagree.
    The 1990’s was the most decadent era at the height of Clinton in the White House but there were not as many cell phones around back then.

  40. SHADES
    Brad Pitt is in fact nowhere near Alpha enough, he is (Or was) pretty. Now he looks like that weird middle-aged hick stoner who grows pot.
    Pretty Boys lose their appeal somewhat in middle-age like Decaprio did.
    That is why so many pretty boys have come and gone from the marquee-David Soul, Kneau Reeves etc-but Norris and Eastwood manage to remain somewhat appealing to women for decades.

  41. Things even out because her husband at 44 will still be productive and masculine enough to pull a 25 year old woman or even marry one (Maybe easier as he will be well into his career and earning power by then).
    Think of the girls yesteryear lust who starred with Brad Pitt or Corey Feldman in the 80’s or 90’s like Ally Sheedy or Molly Ringwald or Jennifer Jason Leigh.
    Not one guy under 30 has ever heard of them.
    Sylvester Stallone is still appealing to some women at 71.
    It evens out.

  42. I am sad to say that marriages in the early 20’s do not seem to work out as often as those above 25. People are just too young and want to do too much.
    As for American women getting screwed in Europe in the old Clinton era days when America was still much-loved American males used to do the same thing with European girls.
    It was almost a joke around US army bases in Germany.

    1. Around Europe and the U.K. at least in the 60’s and 70’s the girls were throwing themselves at you because they wanted a ticket to the States.
      Once you got them here though, you might as well just file for divorce. They’ll be banging everything in sight as soon as you leave on your next deployment.
      I saw this with my own eyes… girls night out at the NCO club. Heck, they didn’t even take it off base.

  43. I don’t think most people actually see that only betas marry now a days. Unless you marry much younger or way higher up your smv, your a cuck. It’s hard to accept your shittyness, but as this site shows only self improvement results in success. My sister dates one alpha and the next faggy halfway husband is a cucky product of a single mother household. They want to be the man. Step the fuck up, stop bitching about a bitch who is a 7 only not where there are bangers all about. Be the beast fags, a young belle will give you what you need not what you want. Only then do you hang thee jersey up. Great example of a hypocrite soon to be wall slag though.

  44. Alpha is a bullshit term. You must use your patriarchy. It is actually your duty as a man to control your eve. Why the hell do you think it was the first sin of Adam to let his Eve stray?

  45. I noticed that the writer mentions sex tours for women. Notice that there are no international marriage agencies for western women. All of the tours for women are about riding the cock carrousel, not finding a serious relationship. Why? Because the same western feminist women who turn their noses up at the majority of western men as being “not worthy” of them, are only finding foreign as sex partners. The foreign men who would meet their unrealistic expectations don’t want them. Most foreign men don’t consider western women as possible marriage candidates. Why? Their own women by and large, are more feminine, and more attractive. They also aren’t spoiled, pampered, princesses. Western women are viewed as fun, easy sex partners. In Latin American countries there is a joke about North American women: “Gringas are for fun, women from home are for marriage”.
    In 2003 a group of feminists in Boston started a foreign tour service for women called Lilith Romance Tours. Their slogan was “Dump the chump, get a hot foreign guy.” They had several tours to Mexico City, Paris, Panama City, Madrid, and Brussels. The majority of men who showed up to their parties were either con artists or unattractive. They had numerous complaints from the women on the tours. The company then had several law suites from women who claimed that they had been raped or assaulted by men whom they met on the tours.
    The company then went bankrupt and shut down their website.
    I know this because a friend’s ex-wife went on two of the tours and contracted an std. One of her friends was one of the women alleging rape.

  46. This is a little OT but in the new season of Stranger Things a guy who was beta in high school starts dating a middle aged woman with 2 kids who never gave him the time of day in high school. Now, this woman is beat and works a dead-end job. This guy is so happy now that he tells her “I can’t believe I get to date you!”. Shows the American beta mentality perfectly. However, these shows aren’t saying this is wrong, but rather trying to pound into the heads of viewers that this is acceptable behavior.

    1. When you go to your high school class reunion, keep your wits about you.
      All the girls that you fantasized about will be there, and now that you are a success, they will be easy pickins. Unfortunately they are coming off their divorce with one or two kids in tow. Now they just want a meal ticket to carry them for the next 20 or 30 years.

  47. She was pretty circa 2012 then really bloated around the time she went free to explore other cocks on the other side of the world. Wonder how she is now.

  48. Sad reality is she will be applauded; “You go girl! Find yourself”; so sad this generation has no decency or morals. We’re fucked.

  49. I live in Europe and I was frankly shocked to discover how many women who are visiting for just a day or two are looking for hookups on Tinder… Some even post dates of when they’ll be in each different european city. You wouldn’t guess how hypersexual they are just by looking at them… The are normal next door women of all ages. If I was visiting a far away city for just a single day, suffering jet lag and being in a totally new environment, sex would be the last thing on my mind.

  50. No doubt she put the poor bastard through hell. There is hope for him. Men can dramatically improve their appearance even as they age. Look at Bezos pictures. Dramatic change. She on the other hand will soon be the equivalent of a depreciating liability. Hopefully he uses this experience for future growth

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