We’re Surrounded By Smartphone Zombies

I wake up, shower, make myself pretty for the world and go to work. There are a few women working as secretaries for the company. It’s usually only seven in the morning when I roll in but their faces are already down and planted to their smart phones. When they notice it’s me they manage to peel their eyes away for a few seconds. I flirt with them, and since two are single mothers and the third is single in her thirties they eagerly drink it up. As soon as I go into the back their eyes flip back down to whatever important business is going on in iPhone land.

I go to whatever coffee shop my partner wants to. We stand in line, and I look around and see the professional women in suits and skirts fiddling around with their smart phones while waiting in line. I can’t tell if their zombified looks come from a bad nights sleep or the intense focus they have on their touch screens.

We go to a domestic jobsite, being let into the house by a bored looking wife. She barely acknowledges our presence, too absorbed with her iPad to even ask for our credentials. We could be two murderous rapists disguised as electricians but she can’t be bothered to check that; the 50% off I can see on the screen is just far too captivating for her to bother with such things as safety or courtesy. She points in the direction of the basement, and passing the living room I see her four year old daughter sitting on the floor in front of the television. Her eyes are glued to the commercial, the toys around her unheeded.

At lunch we find ourselves in a fast food joint. The same type of professional women from the coffee shop earlier are in here, ordering salads as if that’ll negate the large Mocha and Espresso’s they gulped down earlier. Their phones are still in their hands, their thumbs still jittering around the screen like it’s possessed. I stare at some, wondering just what is so important that it needs their full attention while they’re in the middle of ordering. Some look up for a fraction of a second, catch my eye, and I can almost see a struggle in them to maintain eye contact. The urge for the phone wins, usually within a few seconds, and I place my order with a cashier who almost seems startled that a customer isn’t darting their attention between the menu and an electronic gadget.

At the end of the day, I park in the company garage and come in through the back. Out front the secretaries are still tapping away. I’m in too much of a rush to stop and flirt. Most days they don’t even notice that I’ve gone by. They often ask why I don’t hang out with after work. Personally, I believe it’s because I just couldn’t handle the excitement of being around such vivacious women.

I go home, eat, and head out to the gym. I plug in my old iPod Nano and go about my routine. In between sets I look around, seeing who’s all in there tonight, who’s making progress, if any particularly cute gal is mirin. There are several such cuties in attendance, slowly pumping their overly tanned legs on the treadmills and elliptical machines or half heartedly curling the lightest dumbbells. While on the machines they stare down, always down, their thumbs the only thing getting a real workout. In the free weight area they do five reps, drop the weight and spend the next three minutes tapping away. I marvel at their multitasking, admiring how their highly advanced brains can focus on their social media updates and texting while they do such strenuous exercises as running 3 km/hour and curling a 10 pound dumbbell four times. My mind has to focus so much while I squat three plus plates that I barely register the Katy Perry song playing on my Nano. I curse my mental deficiencies.

After the gym I get home and finally check my cell phone. Seven missed texts and two missed calls. Six out of nine are from my current bang buddy, wanting to ‘hang out’ that night. I text her back to still see if she’s up for it and the reply comes before I can even snap my flip phone closed.

I go to her place, spend twenty minutes watching reality television while she juggles her smart phone, a laptop and the television remote, flipping between a cooking show and a wedding show whenever a commercial comes on for either one. Eventually I get bored and impatient and blatantly cup her crotch and the electronics go down for a half hour while we rock the Kasbah. I get up to wipe myself down and by the time I come back to put on my gitch the smart phone has reappeared. She barely mumbles half a sentence and a goodbye when I throw on the rest of my clothes and leave.

I get back home and casually glance at my phone. Thee new texts, with one actually being from the girl I just left asking if I was going to the social this weekend. I shake my head, honestly wondering if she sent me the text while I was physically in her presence. I reply with maybe, briefly check my article comments on Return Of Kings to further boost my ego and ban trolls, and go to bed.

I have been around a hundred different women that day and I doubt ninety percent looked up long enough to take notice of the world around them. The one woman I was physically inside had all the alacrity of someone riding high on novocaine. I’m sure at some point in the day most of these women will have posted or liked a status having to do with the complete dearth of available men in their city. That or the eternal complaint about how men just use them for sex; why can’t any guy, like, just sit down and have a friggin conversation for once amirite?!!!!

When the sexbots arrive I honestly don’t even think I’ll notice a change in society. We’re already living in nations of vaginally equipped robots. Finding a woman with a mind that thinks beyond 140 characters will soon be an impossible task. It’s becoming increasingly pointless to interact with the female of the species beyond the purposes of getting your dinky stinky.

On the plus side; at least our sexbots won’t waste our time with texts and reality television. The conversation will probably be better as well.

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239 thoughts on “We’re Surrounded By Smartphone Zombies”

  1. Aye, decent article, didn’t like the very ending though, sexbots are the ultimate in omega, though I understood you set it up in an ironic context by way of comparison.
    My favorite excuse when I note that it’s almost exclusively females that do this are the mangina white knight defenders “Man, I wish it were only women, guys are just as bad!”
    I ride a motorcycle, as in all the time, take long cross country cruises from Ohio to Idaho and back, fire it up in Ohio Februrary and put it away in late Ohio December. Hard core dedicated rider. And let me tell you that it is an easy 90%/10% split between female iZombies and male iZombies, as measure by the amounts of “You asshole!” (for the male) and “You bitch!” (for the females) that I utter when I see them with their heads down texting instead of looking at the road. As a biker, you notice this shit because you have to constantly account for it or dodge it these last 5-8 years or so. “You bitch” crosses my lips so often that the occasional “You asshole” surprises even me sometimes.
    Or lunchtime. I go to a regular spot to eat nearly every day, and the cafeteria is filled with
    a) Women of all ages, usually grossly overweight, constantly staring at their screens as they shovel fried crap carb loaded grease food down their gullets. Occasional cackles of witch like laughter erupts and one will show the rest of the table the latest, well who knows the fuck what, LOLCats pic or something on Facebook, they look for 1.5 seconds, cackle, then all eyes down and the shoveling recommences.
    b) Men of all ages, some overweight but most in a normal weight range, sitting and talking to each other as they eat. There are exceptions, usually the guy you suspect is gay, or omega, always a balloon of fat, who sits at the tables with the land whales, texting away.
    Men who are being taught to be men again really, really, really need to put social media down if they use it, refuse to participate and extract themselves from this wholly feminine iCrap, female self-affirming zone.

    1. Well put mate, it really does seem that these women and some guys live vicariously through the 5 inch screen that is their mobile phone. I remember once sitting in a cafe and a few tables away a typical hipster women probably about 18 or 19 years old was glued to her laptop while somehow typing away on her phone.
      She was fixated to the gadgets since she had sat down, but all of a sudden I heard a loud scream almost as if someone had been stabbed I along with everyone else in the cafe looked up and it was the same hipster woman glued to the laptop she was so hysterical she smashed her glass coffee cup spilling liquid everywhere. One of the baristas quickly ran to her to see what the problem was she was shouting something indecipherable is it was fused with her crying after this she quickly gathered her shit and left till seething and glued to her phone.
      I eventually asked the same guy who asked her is she was alright what had happened, I was expecting she might have gotten some horrible news like her dad or mum has passed away, it turns out according to the guy she was upset that only 4 people had liked her latest Facebook status I SHIT YOU NOT.
      The reason why I tell this story is that the only conclusion I’m able to draw from this is that these women have intertwined their lives so much into Facebook, Twitter or what ever shitty new social medium they have that one adverse comment or situation and they will be inconsolable and depressed. Can you imagine having to live with these people seven days a week? We truly live in fucked up times.

      1. You’ll read about that girl some day, likely very soon, either getting into or causing an automobile wreck, or being videoed walking off the side of a cliff while staring at her iCrack. And I don’t know about you, but I would feel zero sympathy for her. Might even chuckle if no other victims were involved.

        1. Don’t particularly care myself. While I don’t wish death on other people, I do hope that they total their car and bang themselves up enough that they learn the lesson.

        2. Buddy of mine got knocked off his ride at 45 by a Princess Fairydust who was updating her status on some social media bullshit, just about 1.5 years ago. Fortunately was in leathers and had on a lid. After over a year of therapy he’s just now gotten back on his ride (new one of course) and saw him at the first bike night this last Wednesday. Still rough, but back in the saddle.
          My patience for Princess Fairydust and Her Magical Device Of Ego Affirmation has bottomed out to 0.0 on the care-o-meter.
          Silver lining: It’s a crime to text and drive in Ohio. He’s taking her to the cleaners.

        3. Texting and driving is just as bad if not worse than drinking and driving. Same with people on their cell phones while driving.

        4. One of the reasons I sold my motorcycle. Where I live I had to be so hyper-vigilant just to get from point A to B alive that riding was unenjoyable. Lost two close friends from motorcycle accidents and have been to dozens of fatal motorcycle accidents. I will not own another until my children are grown.

        5. Yeah, I don’t live in a city proper, more in the rural/semi-suburban area north of Columbus in another county even. Plenty of back country roads that serve as fine detours that Princess Fairydust doesn’t know about because she can only navigate a car two ways: 1) She knows the way from habit or 2) She uses GPS which keeps her on the main highways and bi-ways.
          Know what you mean though, it sets my nerves on edge when I have to pass through major cities on my way out West, at least into and past St. Louis. After that I relax a bit…but just a bit.

      2. Your last paragraph pretty much sums it all up. This new generation of tech geeks with no social graces is going to be very difficult to deal with on any human level.
        Will these people have real emotions? Will they only be able to communicate with other human beings through and electronic medium of some sort?
        Its already becoming exhausting dealing with women in this society. No we have to compete for their attention with phantoms online too? I’m not sure if it’ll be worth it. Maybe this sexbot idea is not such a bad thing afterall. You gotta admit, with the rapidly declining quality of modern women generation after generation, sexbots may start looking like a good alternative. Is sex really worth all the headaches women bring? A lot of men going their own way would say no.

      3. Dude I live in Miami and if you are on a bike it feel like being a middle linebacker in a cover 2 defense , you gotta keep everything in front of you in sight and react quickly because everybody is on their damn phone while driving.

    2. Had a very interesting experience with this smartphone mania the other night. Went out with a lady friend to a local place that has a nice clubby bar, Northwoods atmosphere, great menu, no blaring music and kids highly discouraged. Great classy local joint. We’re sitting at the bar having a couple of drinks and notice a millennial age couple completely engrossed in their phones. No conversation through drinks, appetizers, and an entree. Two sentences tops. Pathetic. I wanted to swat the guy on the back of the head because the girl was bordering on gorgeous.
      A group of two couples at the other end of the bar noticed the same thing and we all chuckled about it, we hung out with the other couples and had a nice chat with them, because that’s what humans are supposed to do in bars, talk and have real interaction. I don’t understand what the hell is going on.

      1. Saw something similar in a bar recently too, though the guy spent time talking to those around him while his nominal iGrrrl texted and didn’t, to me recollection, say a single word in the entire half hour they were in the joint. To be fair he only talked some of the time, and constantly was checking his iCrap. And yes, millenials. Idiocy squared.

        1. I know the owner of the restaurant a little bit and the phone thing drives him nuts. He specifically set the place up to encourage conversation, interaction etc among his customers.
          Again, I just don’t get it. Why leave your home if you’re going to spend the whole night staring at a little screen? And yes women are far worse about this then men, which is why a man with a phone addiction is really sad.

        2. when email first came it out was the latest greatest thing, and now quite a few large companies have done away with email as it causes a large loss in productivity……. it’s only a matter of time before the smart phone follows….. in time scientists will show that there is some kind of addictive dopamine rush involved with staring into a bright screen and checking useless messages…. it’s an addiction for sure.

        3. Yeah, its pretty sad for the millenials. They are going to be a pretty fucked up, sad, lonely generation of people on the whole as they enter adulthood.

      2. That sounds like a great place. Website for the place? I have not been to an enjoyable bar/restaurant in years. There a few restaurants left that I enjoy but I have no bars near me that I enjoy.

    3. I’ve noticed that as well. While leathers and patches prevent most of the aggressive driving, there’s very little you can do about the cellphone crowd. Over time I’ve learned that the single biggest threat on the road is fat, middle aged, white women. It’s almost a guarantee that they’re gonna be on the phone and completely oblivious to anything you do.

      1. It’s funny, as a biker you see people doing these things, you realize quite consciously that what they’re doing is risking peoples lives… but somehow people say guns need to be taken away from people because guns kill people…
        God society is retarded, they would kill a snake for fear of it’s bite while ignoring the jaguar that’s eating them whole.

        1. Yeah, this society is going down in flames pretty rapidly.
          I’m glad its a big country. Plenty of big, empty western states to move to in order to get away from this shit. If you are so inclined.

      2. I regrettably stopped riding. Regardless of my riding skill and experience, one fat chick in a van or a teen girl texting can negate that shit in 5 seconds. Too many close calls. They just drive blissfully fucking ignorant of their surroundings, in a hurry to buy shoes or something.
        They scream about guns, drunk driving and breast cancer but actually don’t do anything about it behind a smartphone.

    4. Also Jeff:
      If you’re ever in Red/White/Black territory we should meet up and grab some beers.

      1. You in Santa Cruz (or at least Cali) or New York? Haven’t ridden out to Cali yet (used to live there while in the military though), and given that I carry whenever I ride not sure if it’s wise to, heh. If you’re heading to Sturgis this year though we could do a meet up for certain. Will be heading from SD through Wyoming then up through Montana and back down as well, same week.
        Out here it’s mainly Outlaws and affiliates, and of course the usual 99% MC’s which are mostly social activities for weekend riders.

        1. Think Central. And not sure yet about Sturgis, if I do go up I’ll be tagging along with Black and Gold.

        2. Come mid/late July I can drop you a line if you have a throwaway email you can post. Hard to communicate through Disqus in a non-public format.

  2. It’s true. People are always in the phone where I work. And slightly off topic, but I over heard a woman and a white-knight arguing. The woman was saying that if a man was doing nothing wrong and a woman was starting up with him, hitting him, then he has every right to defend himself and hit her. The man said there’s no reason to hit a woman ever. Not even when he got pepper sprayed, which doesn’t affect him he said. As for “no reason,” something tells me his delusion of women being infallible angels would disappear if he saw the video of two women beating up a pregnant woman, the victim on the ground with blood visible in the snow. No reason to hit a woman? So if you saw women viciously attacking a pregnant woman you wouldn’t knock those beasts out?

    1. It’s not a matter of being a mangina, it’s a smart legal recommendation to never hit a woman (except as a very last resort). While it would be fantastic to be able to invoke the Connery Maxim on occasion (use the open hand and not the fist, since your intent is correction through punishment, not deathly harm to the woman), fact is you even touch a woman in any way perceived as even modestly violent and the White Knight In Uniform Squad swoops in, handcuffs you, beats you to within an ounce of your life, carts you off to jail and then you get to be legal-raped until you cannot stand up again.

      1. Agree, that’s why i tell men that if a woman ever gets you mad to the point that you want to hit her just walk away. It’s really not worth it.

        1. There are couselors now that emphasize to men that if they are arguing with a woman they should always be in a room with at least two exits. This is because many women, knowing they are totally invulnerable, have taken to blocking the exits so they can continue to attack a man.

      2. Which is true, but to me it sounded like he wouldn’t hit a woman even in the situation I described above, or if he really was in danger.

        1. He was full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.
          Nobody, except those cranked up really high on drugs, is immune to good quality pepper spray or tazers. I’d challenge him to put his money where his mouth is, and if he accepts bring normal pepper spray and bear spray. He’d be on the ground within a second of being blasted.
          Fuckin’ white knights only pretend they are like the strong warriors from the past who wore armor and killed shit for a living. The truth of the matter always turns out different than their claimed Virtual Combat Prowess.

        2. LOL, isn’t that the truth. One of the ALR here was at a country bar here when some nerd came in wearing a tapout shirt talking about how the last time he’d been at a bar, he’d fought off three guys in the bar and it took five cops to put him down. Of course the guy decided to start shit later and it only took one bouncer to throw him out….and the guy was on the sidewalk crying afterwards.

      3. Good advice. You hit a woman in this rotten society and you will go away for a long time, lads. Don’t kid yourselves. Protect yourselves. Walk away from any confrontation with women. Even tough guys don’t do well in prison.

        1. Exactly. There has to be a way to solve this issue as well, but that’s another discussion entirely.

    2. Aye, white knights can be such a problem. Apparently now feminists are encouraging white knights to intervene in bars when women are “being harassed” by the guy who wants to hook up with em.

      1. This is why it behooves actual masculine men to work out and have self defense down pat. There are no depths that white knights won’t sink to in their depraved quest for unavailable, off limits “but gee if I really impress her she’s GOT to give me some!” pussy, including getting irrationally violent themselves.

        1. I ran into one of those recently. We stared the guy down, and he ran off and came back with 5 of his buddies……even 6-2 they weren’t any braver. They talked shit, but none of them had the balls to actually swing on me or my bro.

        2. It’s strange isn’t it? Had some GenY pull that kind of thing on me a few years ago. They were puffed up skinny guys in a group of four, jumping bad and playing the talk shit game, but not a one of them would touch me. It was very easy to stand leaning with my back against the wall smiling and saying calmly “Anytime you’re ready junior”. They lost a lot of face in front of a large crowd of other GenY in the particular bar I was in, ended up stomping out as a group, it was rather fun to take part in.
          To their credit they’re the only “men” from their generation that I’ve encountered who haven’t acted like total submissive bitches in front of me, so there is that going for them. Still, geesh.

        3. Yeah, the mental schema those guys are running in their heads in perverse, at best. They truly believe that arbitrarily sticking their neck out for a strange woman will help them get laid. They get into a fight to defend her “honor, then get hauled away to jail for the night. Meanwhile the woman they were trying to bed goes home with some aloof scumbag with a neck tattoo who showed up late to the bar and ignored her all night.
          There is a sucker born every minute.

        4. White male gen y’s are the biggest pussies I have ever seen. I’ve even encountered gen Y combat vets that were total fucking wimps. They all have a big mouth and do a lot of talking (like blacks when it is one on one) but cower in fear when they realize I’m willing to go hands on.

        5. I am black and I will tell you a little something , if a black dude comes up and starts talking shit by himself he ain’t gonna do shit but run his mouth. If he is gonna do something he would just do it. For the record even if a group of black dudes come up talking shit they likely are not going to do shit but talk, and make a scene. When someone has made up his mind to do something he does not speak, he does. When you see a man of any color approach you with that look of single minded determination in his eyes either strike immediately , or make a hasty exit.

      2. and that’s complete bullshit, they know full well what they went to the bar for.

    3. To paraphrase Bill Burr. “No reason to hit a woman? There is a reason, I’m not recommending you hit one, but there is a reason.”

      1. great comic. the video I referenced is real, by the way. It just made me sick.

  3. Smart phones can be so problematic because you lose touch with the world. Why should feminists complain about being mugged or assaulted when they have those damn headphones in their ears, completely oblivious to their surroundings? It doesn’t help that they wear skimpy clothes either. But the smart phone has turned into a woman’s drug of choice. It gives her time to completely ignore everyone but herself and also control the fates of desperate beta men thirsty for her v spot.

  4. I finally had to get a real smartphone for work last year. It’s convenient to be able to get e-mail, look stuff up, use the gps, and play Angry Birds while taking a dump. Then I put the thing away and forget about it. I can’t even imagine what all the obsessed men and women are staring at constantly.
    I see people walking around in public with zero situational awareness. These must be great days for muggers.

    1. steve jobs had the concept of the computer / technology being an extension of your mind…. that was fine when it was tethered to a desk and had a decent sized screen, better yet, attach several screens and give yourself a real work space and convenient interface. I work on 6 x 24″ screens these days… welcome to the 21st Century.
      Sadly everyone else decided it was a great idea to shrink the gadgets down and have a 3″ screen and use 2 thumbs instead of 10 full digits… and all this for the benefit of it being portable….
      So now the interface is so slow and time consuming and the extension of your mind so constantly available that the real world barely exists….
      this was not exactly the point of having computing power….
      even a large ipad is so slow compared to a decent 17″ laptop that I am at a loss why anyone would want one.

      1. Welcome to middle age Ray! 🙂
        And I agree with you. The computer met it’s apex in about 2004 when flat screens got big and storage sizes and speed ramped up. Most of what happened after that has been fluff and toys for the kiddies.

        1. Yes, I used to have some games, but the time that I wasted on them blew my mind.
          I erased all the games and replaced them with exercise and training apps.

      2. There are pros and cons. Portability vs practicality and so on. I have a 7 inch tablet which for me is perfect. Its fast enough to do what I need (order groceries, GPS Nav, play the occasional game) and fits right in my pocket. I wouldn’t buy a large tablet but that’s just me. I also have a laptop for on the road computing power and a desktop for high power applications at home. A 3 inch screen on a smartphone is fine for little female hands but I favour a 5 inch for myself.
        Technology is neither good or bad, its all in how you use it. Don’t become a Luddite just because some people misuse their tech. That doesn’t define how you need to be. Otherwise, you’ll sound like a old guy raging against the world that changed one day when you turned your back.

    2. I’ve had one for 6+ years now. I haven’t played games on my smartphone in 5 years I think, it’s just not worth the time. It’s invaluable when on work travel. It’s also nice to occasionally check e-mail and my calendars away from a computer. There are a number of jogging/hiking/tracking apps that are fun for specific activities, I occasionally pull them out. I did get myself a bitcoin wallet for my smartphone, and I’ve used it like twice, to make online purchases. I still haven’t found any local shops/restaurants that’ll take bitcoin from my phone… and… That’s about it. I never did join any of the major social networking sites though, at least not in anything other than a token fashion, so maybe that’s why smartphones always stayed a tool for me.

      1. That seems a more appropriate use of the technology. Really when we talk about iZombies we’re talking about the constant texting constant social media idiots, not the guy who uses it to find a decent restaurant on a visit to a new town.

        1. I can’t see myself ever wanting to get sucked into those sorts of uses. I actually get pissed off at girls if they text me too much… I figure if they’ve got that much to say, they should call or show up.

        2. I have the misfortune of living under some trashy neighbors who throw drunken parties or talk on the patio. It’s painful to hear what they talk about because they don’t seem to do any critical thinking. I like to talk as well, but I want to LEARN or teach. Or share. But chatterboxes seem to lack the ability to filter or care about whether they are saying anything memoriable.
          I suppose it also has to do with age. I value my time on earth so I want words and things that happen in my life to matter.
          About finding a good restaurant in town. Again, useful for travel. At home, when pondering what restaurants to try, I like to search various forums such as tripadvisor and the small screen of a smart phone makes it pretty tough to go through all the reviews. With a notebook or even desktop PC, I can read about a dozen reviews in a moment while scrolling through them on a small screen is painful.

        3. Not sure if it’s age or not. I recall having many, far too many, conversations that boiled down to philosophy when I was in my 20’s, at least with my friends. I’m not a dork glasses wearing dweeb here, wasn’t then either, it’s just that we seemed to care more about it at the time. Hell even my redneck buddies (said label which I also apply to myself) would at least try to get a bit deeper when going off against the government, and most all had read the Constitution enough to plausibly make decent points in a conversation.
          Based on your comments it sounds like we’re nearly the same age. Class of ’85 here.

        4. Perhaps a lot of it has to do with going to Europe where people seem to be a lot more thoughtful and careful with their words while Americans seem to feel a need to blab.
          Now back to RoK and other important stuff. 🙂

        5. I think rednecks are fucking cool, they say what they mean and mean what they say. Plus they can hit a target when they shoot it, and field dress a deer. Never did understand the NASCAR obsession , formula 1 just seems cooler to me . To each his own….

        6. Yeah, I’m not into NASCAR either, but the obsession comes from the fact that it sprang directly from the moonshiners and moonshine runners, who were basically all Appalachians.

        7. I know! They text so fucking much that I say we should meet up or go out and they’re like yeah definitely but then they continue texting blah blah blah. They write paragraphs to my broken phrases.

      2. I see some good uses for a smartphone: To take pictures of a rental car so you don’t get falsely charged for damage. Or to deal with plane and hotel reservations. In general, they’re fantastic for travel. With wifi and skype, they can essentially be a world phone wherever you go. Calendars are nice to track what you’re doing.
        All that said, I can live without them. Really. A mobile phone itself is now harder to live without because the pay phone infrastructure is gone. Back in the days when payphones were still around, I didn’t bother buying a mobile phone. I rarely needed a payphone so to spend a quarter (that’s how old I am) on one from time to time wasn’t a big deal. But now, with marriage and other relationships, I need a mobile phone. But a smart phone for normal people who don’t travel a lot?? I don’t see how they’re necessary.
        A notebook computer still rules for such things as this forum, for example. At home, I use a desktop because of the amazing amount of power I can utilize.

        1. I still know people who refuse to buy any form of cell phone. Yes, some of them are very weird, as in they spend their weekends at the local library (I am *not* joking). But for the most part, they exist just fine.

        2. The easiest way to become invisible to family, friends and authorities is to put down the cell phone, drive in a non-GPS enabled car/bike, and use cash. Do it all the time. Frickin’ invisible, for doing nothing more than acting perfectly normally in the year, say, 1992.
          Figure the wife trusts me, the friends know I’m not on the hook 24/7 to hear about their latest updates regarding poorly spoken cats, and if the authorities want to track me I’m going to make them work for it and send out real human beings. The way it should be. heh

        3. That’s just it: If I was alone then I probably wouldn’t even bother with the cell phone. But with family, I need to be in touch for emergencies and stuff that comes up that I’m glad to be available for.
          I’m reminded of when personal computers first came out. They were pitched, like TV in the beginning, to make people and kids smarter which is a joke. The computer was sold to help kids study, or do their homework, or to save recipes (I’m not making this up.) There’s a funny episode where Al Bundy buys a PC for that reason.
          But in reality, at the time, it was a great gaming platform and later, fantastic for porn. But even so, it’s indispensable today for doing your taxes, paying your bills, looking for work, etc. But 25 years ago, the applications didn’t exist or weren’t practical for that purpose.
          I think the same with “smart phones” today. They’re largely toys. In 10 years, I’m sure I will need one for such tasks as shopping (being able to find the nearest store that has a rare part for my car and at the best price, for example) but that will require a lot of development that hasn’t been done yet. Another “app” that would be great is to be able to shop at the grocery store and scan all your purchases and walk out and then it would track what you bought for the year, for example. But again, the store would need to be integrated with such an app. In 10 years, sure, I’ll want and “need” one but for now, I’m an old fogey who knows better about what I “need” or not.
          In the meantime, I can load skype onto my wife’s old slider phone and then use wifi to make cheap phone calls from airports where I usually would have been subject to horrific roaming charges in the past. Otherwise, I’ll use my laptop for reservations and other such travel needs. Ipads are still toys in my opinion.

        4. They’re great for travel and the ease of keeping in touch with work. That’s the end of their utility.

        5. 46 and have never owner a cell phone. Don’t want my employer to think I’m “on call” 24 hours a day. When I punch out at the end of the day, that’s MY time. I’m also single with no family obligations, so no need to keep in constant contact with the wife or kids.

        6. My employer almost never calls me on my cell phone, and if they do, it’s either a real emergency (as in something might catch fire in the lab), or they apologize profusely.

        7. Smart people, cell phones cause cancer. I cannot go into it but I worked with a cell company on litigation ( a big one) and it was common knowledge that the impending lawsuit would dwarf the tobacco litigation. The company bigwigs had lead lined cases to keep their phones in and would check them every 15-30 min and rarely spoke on them once the research came back. A lot stuck to land lines and email.

        8. Havent had a cellphone for years. Dont answer phones. Like everything in life, anyone calling you is either trying to scam money off you, bug you to do them a favor, or trying to scam money off you.
          Still have a very cool old Nokia 8290 in perfect shape in my kitchen drawer if I ever want to use one again.

        9. Smart phones are a fucking amazing invention. Sure, you could live without them… You could live without any human inventions if you wanted to, but why? They have so many uses, so many functions, why not utilize that to lead a more effective and efficient life? Just because some vapid chicks are addicted to Instagram doesn’t mean the cool technology invented by smart men isn’t cool.

        10. The technology is fine, the problem is people infuse these things with meaning. It’s just a tool.

        11. So educate me, the old geezer, Richard. I’m open minded.
          Just because something has so many uses, doesn’t mean they are USEFUL. Sure, you can play games, or pay your bills online, but I do that from my home PC. I agree that for travel they are highly useful. And the built in GPS is great. You can skype people from airports, deal with reservations, etc. but for the rest of the time, how are they better than an expensive toy? The question isn’t whether I could literally live without them but whether they’re worth the cost for the average guy.
          Perhaps you’re more plugged into the greatest apps I’m missing out on. Since my wife wants to get one of the things, I want to know.
          For me at this time, I work with computers all day and then use one when I get home. The rest of the time when I’m out at restaurants, shopping, fishing, etc. I don’t want to be plugged in and like the refreshing change.

        12. I think smart phones will become as indispensable as smart phones and PCs have become, but at this point they’re still toys just as computers were in 1984 for most people. Most people couldn’t do much on the computers because they weren’t integrated back then. It was about the apps. You couldn’t buy a plane ticket on a PC in 1984. Well, you could but then you’d have to go to the airport for ticketing anyway.
          I think in a few years, smartphones won’t exist. We’ll all have google glass. By then, also, there will be genuinely useful apps such as being able to go to a grocery store and compare prices on any item with their competitors.
          For now, they’re way underutilized. For example, I shouldn’t have anymore credit cards, driver’s licenses, or frequent shopper cards. They should all be encrypted into my phone. When that app hits AND IS SUPPORTED BY ALL STORES, I’ll certainly consider making my thick wallet obsolete.

        13. Cancer existed before cell phones.
          In fact, if cell phones were an actual cause of cancer, there should be very good circumstantial evidence as cell phones came into common use in about a 10-15 year span in the developed world. If we see a very sudden jump in the rate of incidence of cancer that matches said adoption period, you might have a point.
          Microwave radiation in the 1-3 GHz band cannot ionize chemical compounds. There are significant modes in that band that will excite thermal modes of water molecules, which is what gives rise to microwave ovens. Ever notice that if you put completely dry food, like powders, into a microwave oven, they don’t get nearly as hot? That’s because microwave ovens are primarily trying to heat the water in your food to heat the food up. This is also why bread dries out so fast if you try to microwave it (the water escapes easily).
          If you could ionize chemical compounds with said radiation your microwave ovens would be altering every meal you put in them, scrambling the chemicals you’re eating into compounds only seen in bio labs. If this were the case, we would likely have well-documented incidents of poisoning from using microwave ovens when people put one food in, and got something else that was bad for them out.
          Now, ionization of a chemical compound is a sufficient, but not the sole cause of an errant protein instruction in cellular tissue. Proteins have energy modes just like the water molecule. It is plausible that microwave radiation can induce modes into your cellular proteins that twist them into shapes that are harmful to you, and even some that cause cancer. However, in order to make water molecules heat up, microwave ovens use power levels up to 1100 watts, your cell phone uses about 500 milliwatts at peak power, or 2200 times less power than your average microwave oven, so this doesn’t seem that likely, does it?

        14. I will not get to specific here because I don’t want to end up in a bad place. The unnamed company I worked for gave a scientist money to prove cell phones did not cause brain cancer, he found otherwise not only did they cause brain cancer ( increase the risk would be the proper way to state his findings) having the phone on a hip holster led to blood disorders and malignant mutations due to the large amount of blood produced in the pelvis and the rapid division occurring in that region of the body. In short the scientist did not play ball and tried to report his findings ethically . His house was burned ,family threatened, and he was kicked out of several scientific societies , as well as denied grants and was blacklisted in his scientific community. They even got him arrested for misappropriation of research funds. Moral of the story, play ball and keep cell phone use to a minimum .

        15. Increased risk is a statistically meaningless statement.
          By eating, I have increased risk of food poisoning.

        16. By posting idiotic statements, you have increased risked of being publicly embarrassed by a superior male and mind. Your ignorance is intolerable.
          NOT JUST BRAIN CANCER, Barrie Trowers has something to tell you, so listen to his videos!

          Females are born with all of their eggs for an entire lifetime of offspring. Cell phone radiation has potential to genetically damage the ovaries and every subsequent generation brought through HER. The ovaries and eggs do not have sufficient shielding during childhood, making susceptibility to genetic mutation far greater, and matters exponentially worse…

        17. Again “potential”, no proven effects. You accuse me of stupidity, and then quote “potential” as if it means you’re absolutely going to die if you use this technology. You know sunlight also has the potential to kill you, right?
          You demonstrate your poor understanding of risk vs reality with every comment like this.

        18. I am not going to insult you because you did not insult me so allow me to explain the use of the word potential in the scientific community in basic terms. If you smoke a 2 packs of cigarettes a day for 40 years you increase the potential of lung disease. This is no guarantee you will acquire it but it is considerably more likely . If a woman puts on a slutty outfit and gets blackout drunk and walks through a shitty part of town it increases the potential of sexual assault but it is no guarantee it will occur. If you park a convertible Lamborghini in Southside Chicago with the keys in the ignition and 50,000 dollars in the passenger seat there is an increased potential that Lamborghini is going to get stolen.
          I used extreme examples to make a point. Now moving on to the real issue, using a cell phone for 5-8 years is not the issue it is 10-20 years of sustained daily use especially in individuals predisposed to rapid cell division ( children, adolescents, women pre menopause)

        19. While I was in grad school I didn’t have a cell phone but I caved into the pressure since everyone else has one and it became a real hassle trying to get together with people when plans change at the last minute.

    3. Guess what, is not even necessary to use it while taking a dump … can’t you just concentrate doing it? like in the old times?

        1. Seriously. I spoke with a lady once whose husband was pushing so hard on the toilet that he had a brain aneurysm and died.
          I couldnt stop laughing.

        2. If he had eaten a nice big green salad every day he wouldn’t have had to strain so hard.

        3. Or the easy way out, and just eat some beets.
          The retirement home folks are onto something….

        4. I don’t use a toilet for shitting purposes anymore. I place toilet paper on the floor, hold on to the tub edge, squat real low, and then shit. Purportedly squatting in such a low position results in a more complete and rapid evacuation, and I must say, this seems to be the case. It also gives me the opportunity to examine my feces occasionally; just as you have to watch what you put in your body, it’s sometimes good to be aware of what’s coming out.
          Also, I feel more like an animal doing it that way, which I like! The fact that I live alone makes this much easier to do; imagine a wife or kids walking to bathroom and seeing you shitting on the floor! 😀 I piss in the toilet first to make sure don’t spray all over the bathroom. 😛

    4. You are not kidding even when I’m going to work at 7am! Who or what in the hell are doing with that phone so early in the morning??

    5. Zero situational awareness. A great term to use. This should be as inappropriate as peeing in public as it’s almost as esthetically repulsive. Perhaps one day walking around with a phone in front of you like a drone will become illegal.

      1. In Army TRADOC, corrective action would follow those who were walking and texting/talking on a cell.

        1. Corrective action? Just don’t get out of their way. I don’t move for people staring at their phones when walking

      2. Nope. In two years google glasses will fuck up things even worse, you will be looking directly into people’s face and they will be looking at updates on their glasses, not you.

        1. I can’t wait for these hipster nerd douche bags to start walking around with them. I’d love to smack it off their faces.

        2. That’s sad. I can’t see how google glasses will become popular since they look so… not cool and so Terminator like, but god knows I have been wrong before about Instagram, twitter, etc….

    6. I’m mainly just looking at slutty snapchat pictures and videos from girls I used to bang, or future prospects.
      It’s all good and fun until the inevitable one showcasing the new guy comes up. Defriend!

  5. A woman’s attachment to her cell pho….I mean Personal Validation Machine, is a pretty accurate way to assess her value as a person.

  6. A little off topic but I want to ask this from the guys.
    What should a man do if he follows one of the Abrahamic religion,but still wants to game ? I mean, he cannot commit fornication as that is huge sin. He can’t swing around and have fun with multiple women,just the like folks who are not restricted due to religion. We all know that finding a virgin wife in North America is almost non-existent. The man also can’t move from this country because of factors which are not in control. So, what holds true for his future ? Is he destined to be alone because he simply can’t find one woman who had respect and saved herself for marriage or any LTR ?
    Can the folks over here guide us.
    P.S Asked this on rooshv as well

    1. Why would you necessarily have to be getting sex from all of your women if you establish at the outset that you’re into the holy religious thing right from the get go? Outside of the PIV sex, you can do a lot of other things that are not a sin I’d hope. Outside of that the rules are the same.

      1. Ok.Not multiple but at least a good honest virgin woman. How can I find someone like that ?

        1. Hell man, the only place I can even suggest to look for virgins, at least on the continental united States, is in the 16-18 year old range. Ol’ Phil from that Duck show’s advice was right, snag them young before they get ruined.
          Even then, YMMV and there are no guarantees. Check consent ages in whichever state you decide to visit, they vary widely.

        2. My advice would be to start by studying that kind of woman. Find out where they hang out(usually church groups, activity groups, and religious dating websites), then figure out what kind of man they like so you can advertise the traits they like and develop the ones you need.
          In other words approach it with a marketing mindset. Typically these girls actually like being women…..so they’re going to want a guy who they can respect, but who is still masculine enough to lead them.

        3. Huge thanks man. Your advice is spot on and I would definitely try to implement them in my life

        4. You are kidding yourself if you think the majority of 16 – 18 year old women in the US are virgins. The assumptions by most experts is that if they are in High School they are having sex and doing drugs. Unless they are homeschooled 16 year olds the odds of being a virgin are low.
          I would suggest, as your comment alludes, you get out of the continental US. I would add get out of the western civilization. It is doomed and the women are the ones dragging it into the abyss.
          BTW I am living what I preach. I married a 25 year old virgin in the Philippines. Great looker and great wife. She weighs the same as the day we married almost 6 years ago. Don’t expect a porn star performance in the bedroom, but a loving wife and mother for your children is available.

        1. By worrying about getting a female and “being alone” you pretty much are worshiping fictional characters — “bro”
          Dont worry about pussy. There are 3.7 billion slimy cuntholes on this planet. Are they really all that special?

    2. voxday.blogspot.com
      Same writer. He’s a Christian. RoK is a good blog but probably not the place to get advice on Religion

    3. Game is not just about fornication. In fact, I suspect the highest use of game is maintaining societal frame.

    4. Get the fuck out of the North America as soon as possible using whatever means possible. Go to a third world nation. You are truly wasting your time where you are given your lifestyle.

  7. Oh well, this sound all too familiar, had this problem as well and here is what i did: My gf would constantly be on her phone from walking in/leaving the Apartment. After sex, the phone reappears immediately.It was annoying, but i was afraid of coming off as beta telling her to drop the phone (in case she thought i was jealous and needed attention). I had one of my late night drinking sessions in my apartment, and she was next to me on the couch. All of sudden I roared; Do you have to be on the phone ALL the motherFUCKING time?, its such a fucking turnoff!. She got really scared and apologised quickly. The next day she told me she had been discussing my reaction with her gf’s, but none of them had experienced same from their bfs (no surprise). Nowadays, shes still on the phone, but it goes down the second i enter the room. very rarely she will pick it up when Im present, and if so only for a very brief time. Its common courtesy and respect of another person not to stay in-trance on your iphone for the best amount of time when witth someone else.
    Also, “It’s becoming increasingly pointless to interact with the female of the species beyond the purposes of getting your dinky stinky”
    As far as Im concerned its always been like this, Never had a rational, intelligent, even emotionally stimulating conversation with a female my whole life. The only difference is now that they are getting increasingly respectless and increasingly sliding out of their roles (increased masculinity).

    1. An easily fixed mistake. Telling her to get off the phone (or even politely but firmly requesting), isn’t a beta behavior. What was a beta behavior was being afraid of being beta because you let fear influence your actions…..Good job recognizing that fear though and now there’s no reason to let it happen again!

      1. You are right, I can honestly say I feared to tell her off firmly that her behaviour annoyed me. It took some amount of alcohol in order for me to do that eventually.. Im still pretty new to red pill, it was a loong process, but I swallowed it only about 3 months ago. This is what happened to me during two weeks: My Alpha friend introduced me to red pill, we went out in xmas time, found to girls and banged them + swithced girls. We banged them all night, and when we woke up we drank all their booze. On new years eve i banged a recently divorced woman who told me shed only been with one guy her whole life. Shed agree to come home with me, but told me straight off we would not have sex. 20 min later she was actually begging me to put my dick inside her. Couple of days later i banged i smoking asian whom i met through tinder. She was playing miss good girl, but once in the bedroom she wanted it all night long (first date). 2 days later I banged another girl from tinder (first date), she was a bit chubby,but great tits, After a few drinks she made the first move, crunching up against me taking my hands on her tits. Then back to my apt and banged her.
        That pretty much did it for me, it was a long process, but these two weeks combined with stumbling upon ROK and CH just unplugged me for rest of my life im sure.

    2. It’s good to scare the bitches once in a while. I’m a pretty quiet and patient guy most of the time, but when a woman totally exasperates me I kind of fucking flip out; not enough to hit them, but enough to slam a fucking door so hard that it shatters the glass (oops!). Each of my exes have called me crazy and said she’s scared of me at some point, usually toward the end of the relationship.
      Good cell phone story, though it would have been cool to take one of those nice long drunk pisses, return from the bathroom and snatch the phone from her hand, then dump it in the unflushed toilet bowl.

      1. Yes hehehe, that would do the trick, random rare displays of testosterone does Wonders for every guys dread game

    3. I would just have said “either the phone goes away, or I go away”. She will take it serious when she knows you have options to choose from.

  8. What do you expect from pigs but a grunt? An interesting insight into the low grade pussy thirsty proles guzzle. Get your shit together gentlemen, or this ‘zombification’ will reach the strata of women enjoyed by the high IQ, high income red pill man. Study the Trivium (and later the Quadrivium), leave behind ‘pop culture’ and the ‘game’ meme. In short, use the Jews as a primer for how to band together for the good of your race and the male gender of the species in general. The proles will have no choice but to catch up or perish.

  9. The Western world lives their fucking lives through a 4″ LCD screen. It’s like something out of some dystopian Orwell novel. Everyone aimlessly meandering around staring down at a handheld electronic device. You go to any social gathering, music concerts, etc. and it’s a see of people faces glowing staring at their fucking cell phones. The ones that aren’t are holding it up in front of their face to record the show because enjoying the experience is nothing compared to being able to watch it later in compressed 720p mpeg format on a 3.5″ iPhone screen. There is ball this real life beauty and art happening right in front of you; right in your presence and you filter it through a fucking cellphone screen. You go to coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and you see families and groups of friends all not saying a goddamn word to eachother just staring at their phones scrolling up and down the Facebook newsfeed like a involuntary social tick, or texting people when they have a handful of real lie friends sitting with them physically they could have real life conversations with using real verbal communication. Makes my fucking blood boil.


    1. It’s made my blood boil so much that, with the exception of a few people I can trust, I’ve banned visitors from bringing their phones into my house. This pisses off my family to no end, and I’ve lost a few friends over my boycott, but hey, it’s my goddamn home.

    2. I saw some young men hanging out at the local pub. All four of them staring at smartphones. What is the fucking point.

  10. I blame Steve Jewbs and the Zionist Occupied Apple for this outbreak of…oh, I’m sorry. Wrong article.

    1. Imbecile: Steve Jobs was not Jewish. He was adopted and his biological father was Syrian.

  11. It’s like a drug for the instant generation. Everything is so important that something can be missed in the minute or two if they put the phone down.
    As a programmer, I can see the benefit with mobile tech can help out our lives but not have it take over our lives where it becomes an unhealthy obsession like Mr. Chubbs described in the article. Want to really make a girl mad? Take her phone out of her hands.
    I am sure this can be looked at why people have a hard time maintaining eye contact, holding a conversation, or other social events without thumbing away on their phones or tablets.

    1. you can also ask her who’s she texting. that’ll piss her off, even if you only intended it as a conversation state.

  12. Is it me or are people who live in second / third world countries like, in general, happier? I see young kids here with no fucking futures at all other than dead end sales jobs in run down malls and they’ve got big smiles on their faces, chatting it up with each other with no other care in the world other than getting enough dough back to their dear old mom and dads.
    Your average Amerikunt with her overpaid desk job has what seems to be a constant grimace on her face.
    I see cute girls here with nothing in the next few decades of their life other than staffing stock rooms for cheap clothing storefronts, and they always seem happy to just be alive. And they don’t love their phones THAT much. I think they mostly use them to play games. It’s cute.

    1. My last ride to Wyoming, back in 2012 I didn’t see any natives using these devices. Traveled nearly across the width and breadth of the state and didn’t see one iCrap in sight. Same in South Dakota, except in Sturgis/Rapid City/Wall where there are a lot of imports to the state for a small span of the year. Even then, kinda sparse, given the demographic that likes to attend Sturgis.
      Not saying there aren’t folks from out West who don’t use the things, but the absence of iCrap was so noticeable as to be palpable. Chicks at the gas stations actually were working, they smiled and knew how to talk to you in sentences longer than 3 words (some of them excessively so). Kids seemed to be working in real jobs, usually family owned, and didn’t appear to have time to bother with it.
      A general absence of airplanes too, now that I think back, heh.

    2. Amerika… the land filled with 300,000,000 people have so much fucking Taco Bell to stuff into their fat fucking mouths and have enough Frappucinos to lubricate their assholes a quadrillion times over….
      A land where people have so much free time other than the core one of surviving and taking care of ones family that all we do is worry about stupid fucking shit like race, dating, romcom or robot movies, shitty TV shows, designer bags, overpriced college educations, parties filled with fake fucking people, stupid fuckin’ cell phones….
      I’m starting to pine for the time when most people only lived to 30 and had to work manual labor just to keep their kids alive. No time for any of this feminism bullshit, and people actually learned to love each other under the constant fear of death…. I’m actually tired now as I’m closing in on 30, I’m really fucking tired of the constant battle in the world, the war between man and woman, the war between races, the war between left and right, I’m tired of it all.
      I only care about my wife and my family now, fuck everyone else, AMERICA and its feminist / degenerate / leftist / multicultural / racist bullshit made the world like this, not me.

      1. Your idea of going back to a time when people constantly were at the threat of an early death may be repulsive to most of Amerika. But I too pine for a time like that.

    3. The third world country yuou are in must be different than the ones I have been in. Yes they seem to be much more able to just enjoy being alive. And the women are much nicer to be around. However, the women have the phones surgically implanted in their hands (I guess no blue tooth devices yet). I am talking Thailand and the Philippines. Where are you?

      1. Yeah, here in Mexico they are all getting zombified, too. Maybe not to such a horrendous degree, but still.

  13. Great piece. I was just ranting about this on the forum. I wrote that real life is becoming a ghost town because of things like this. Smart phones = dumb society.

  14. Ever occurred that people do work and read E-mails from their phones? That’s at least what I do. Of course I sometimes read articles or something from my phone but then I don’t want to socialize because I’ve socialized enough.
    When I am out with friends or dates then I don’t check my phone because I don’t want to be rude. Not everything done by smartphones is useless and even if it would be, it’s not my thing what people do with their time and assets.

    1. That’s fine as far as it goes, we all have the right to pursue happiness as we see fit. However some of us out here in real life are in constant danger of getting run off the roads by iZombies who don’t seem to care as much about our right to life as they do about their right to Like a FB status while driving.
      Unplug brother. Join the living. It’s fun, there’s a lot of beauty to be seen that is better than any pixelated image, and it turns out that face to face conversation is far more fulfilling.
      Social media and texting is for women, ergo, it’s insipid and mindless. Unplug brother, unplug.

      1. I am unplugged mostly. I’ve noticed that I don’t add girls on facebook unless I’ve fucked them. ALWAYS GET THE GIRL ON THE PHONE WHEN PLANNING DATES!
        Peace bro!

    2. True, but we’re largely talking about younger folks here. People who don’t have real business on their phones. If you work at Starbucks, you’re not exactly checking your phone for work related stuff.
      I think it’s fair to say that the vast majority of stuff being done on a phone across the entire population is complete and total bullshit; pointless texting, Facebook updates, etc.
      The demand for these phones is mostly fueled by their entertainment aspect.
      Am I wrong?

  15. I’ll go out and watch a group girls determining if it’s worth my time talking to. 2 in particular I watched for about 8~10minutes. The one couldn’t put down her phone for more than about 30 secs. The other did slightly better clocking in at 1 min of uninterrupted no phone time. I finished my last drink, went home to get up to get my work out in the morning.

  16. Instead of just complaining about it we need to figure out a way to put an end to it.

    1. Disengage from social media and texting immediately.
      Do not answer “Why aren’t you on (insert social media)” with supplicating.
      Go with “Because being a man I have no use for it and have better things to do with my life” or something along those lines.
      Don’t put up with her texting/updating in front of you, make it a condition of seeing her that she spends the time with you, not online.
      If she fails any of these, throw her to the curb, if she comes back she agrees to abide by the rules, if not, tough shit. Enough alpha types/alpha wannabes start doing this and the chicks will start getting really bored with only interfacing with beta orbiting idiots. Ultimately most of them still want bad boy alpha types, and nothing is more bad boy in their little heads than a man who rejects society’s norms.
      Most men I say this to go “but but but….pussy is on FB, I have to be on FB to get pussy!”. Amateurs.

        1. LinkedIn is actually good if you use it for its intended purpose . I hate when people outside my field or bullshit recruiters try to add me. But if you work in a dynamic or constantly changing field LinkedIn is cool. It is not a time waster like Facebook .

        2. It’s a useful tool for networking with people who can get you jobs, not a site bitches should be posting selfies on.

        3. Everyone can’t be a highly skilled professional with impeccable ethics. They are on LinkedIN.

        4. Facebook has yielded me a ton of @$$ with little or no effort. However in the future, once I score a premium LTR with a Slavic babe that is 4-10 years my junior, I plan to delete Facebook all together.

  17. Take the phone away from her. I do it all the time. They bitch and moan but after a few minutes they subconsciously associate it with the kind of thing a strong father would do (remember fathers?). My lawyerette quasi-gf now leaves the phone in her purse whenever I see her – except for genuine work-related emails, which I also reply to – that’s reasonable. Or just make fun of them. This behavior shows just how solipsistic women are, and also how socially awkward, shy and club-footed Millennials are in general.

    1. The Millennials: The first generation in American history to be more boring and uninteresting that the generation that came before.
      These poor millennials will be such a sad, fat, depressed group of nothings when they are older. Definitely the first generation of Americans that will wholeheartedly accept totalitarianism without a fight.
      They’re all about the novelty of “firsts.” First black President, First Female President ( Hillary) , first openly gay blah blah blah….
      First generation to watch their peers get thrown into a gulag….
      You get the idea.

      1. If America goes totalitarian, don’t blame this Millennial. I tried to warn them about Commies like Obama, but my generation flat out wouldn’t listen.
        I was called a Racist and a Nazi for simply disagreeing with Obama’s commie policies. I specifically remember how everyone, especially the media, regarded Obama as the 2nd Coming of Christ and how you should vote for him solely BECAUSE he is black. If you didn’t vote for Obama, you were also made to feel bad about that. Last I checked, voting for someone solely because he or she is black is really racist.
        Don’t lump me in with the rest of my generation. I was in the minority who saw Obama for what he is: a charlatan and a fraud.
        If America goes totalitarian, I sure as hell won’t be the first to be thrown in a gulag.

    2. I make fun of them. An 18-year-old I went out with last week responded to a text on our date and I was like “Is that your mommy making sure you’ve got to be home by bedtime?”
      She put the phone away and didn’t mess with it again during our date.

  18. The scourge of the Female that damn Smartphone! I thought i was the only one who was seeing this!
    I walk around and see those zombies walking around with their heads down and then they wonder why they cannot find a person to have a conversation with! I usually keep my phone is silence, sometimes i leave it in my car or at home! When people ask me to text them i tell them i do not have my phone with me as i left it home. They look at me all crazy and shit! Hell i even get hated on by the wife when i do not answer her texts!
    I hate cell phones! The ultimate cock blocker! lol

  19. The future doesn’t look good in terms of communication technology.
    Sure many of the new upcoming gadgets will be cool, but clearly it is costing humanity it’s soul.
    These modern smartphones do really make it quite difficult to interact with the opposite sex. Many of the women( and men) who are glued to them use them as a crutch due to shyness and poor social skills. For a woman who is socially awkward ( many of them) , she can always stare into that stupid phone instead of making eye contact with others. She can pretend that she is important and actually has someone worth talking to on the other end. All the while she’s playing Angry Birds, or checking her email to see if her Amazon order of Valtrex and Prozac is on the way.
    The future really looks strange. Technology is really getting away from us rapidly. Hope is doesn’t turn out like Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

    1. I hope it does turn out like Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Fighting robots will help us evolve.

  20. I always make sure if I’m around a woman Im banging or going out with that my phone is off and put away, I specifically state that from her as well or I’ll call her out and how it’s rude and to put it away. I’ve never gotten any backtalk from it surprisingly.
    Social media has ruined society, has made females high in demand, the thirst in unbareable online, ruined what we at one point called dating & ltr’s. While I’m thankful it’s easy to get a bang from social media, there are more negatives than positives.

  21. This is not news.
    I’ve been using tech since I was a kid back in the AOL days when hanging out in chatrooms was the social media and meeting people online was taboo. My thoughts on technology is that it should be a tool of ASSISTANCE not a tool of DEPENDENCE.
    Once texting emerged it became no different than talking to someone in a chatroom (besides being able to call from said device) and people in general became comfortable with typing behind a screen, lowering real communication abilities.
    I’ve been on dates where i specifically explained to them i do not appreciate texting during dates. I’ve seen couples at restaurants sit there at the table both looking at their smart phones. I believe it’s one of the ultimate blue pill tools. Why deal with reality when you can have your phone keep you distracted and comfortable?

  22. I’m 45, I live with my 35 year old “post wall” woman, and I’d never consider a ltr with a millennial type. A lifetime of instant gratification does not teach the patience needed to be successful in a ltr. My post wall white woman gets carded every time we go out, and weighs less than the average American 20 year old. My woman has never owned a computer, and has a smart phone for her work as a nanny. She uses her phone for recipes, cooking blogs, and gps. She has no idea what Twitter is or how it works. I’m glad I’m an old geezer, and I’ll stick with my old lady.

  23. If you have a katy perry song on your iPod you are a fag.
    You should have lied about liking music made for 12 yr old girls.

  24. Stop lights are unbearable any more. If you see a female at a stop light you can be damn sure she is fiddling with the phone.
    Then the light turns green, oh.. finish text, click send, press power, put down, look up and slowly move. The lady behind her notices the car in front of her moved, she repeats the process and so on.

    1. Meanwhile, coming the other direction is Princess Lollipop who was updating her status and didn’t notice the light turned red and zoomed right through the intersection without a care in the world. See it all….the…fucking….time. Red lights and me, we have a very deep, personal relationship now, I put my head on a swivel and assume all cars are unmanned until they are at a complete halt.

    2. In Australia, getting hit by walking across the road has increased by 1000% in the last 5 years! Even getting hit as well as the guy behind him. They are or have set fines if people are walking across the road while looking down at their smart phones! Bloody stupid ppl!

  25. I agree with a lot of these points, but I’m not going to lie, sitting down to take a poop with my phone in hand has as an extension of my office adds a solid 2-3 extra hours productivity to my work week. I run two shops that run 24/7, and youd be surprised how effective you can be working when you don’t have the disctraction of someone coming into your office every five minutes for something.
    This small window of the day is the one time a man can truly be alone to his thoughts, and when used properly, smartphones provide a useful tool to make a man more productive. I do some of my best strategizing and decision making while taking a dump. Plus, its the one time I have an opportunity to read up on the news and check RoK.
    Like any tool or technology, the smart phone can be a great aide to people who make the most of it, or create bigger idiots out of those who would rather spend their day texting and playing Candy Crush.

    1. “…sitting down to take a poop with my phone in hand…”
      What are you? A 3 year old?
      Sit down to take a crap or take a shit or take a dump.
      A grown man to using the word “poop” is emasculating.

      1. To be fair, he did say that he loves his iPhone, so the emasculation is kind of assumed from the get go.

        1. So using technology to do your job is emasculating? Where anywhere in there does it say I “love my iPhone” ?

  26. Great article Chubbs. This trend completely boggles my mind. I wrote my senior paper in college on the effect of problematic internet use on social and psychological health. It didn’t surprise me that a bunch of issues like anxiety and depression were closely linked with too much internet use. When someone gets most of their social interaction by looking through a screen they are going to struggle with interaction in real life. Why do you think all the neckbeards playing World of Warcraft have no social skills? It’s possible that having no social skills leads one to use the internet more, but I think the correlation goes both ways. This is why it is vital that men trying to improve themselves should use things like social media sparingly. You need to practice social interaction in REAL LIFE situations if you want to get better at it.

    1. Mate, can I read your paper, im interested to know more! I know human beings need social interaction for good health which people lack with poor socialising time! Looking down at a screen might stimulates the brain but our bodies need interaction or your health is likely to decrease!

  27. I see these chicks all the time near my office: girl with a phone permanently glued to her hand, hand bag on the crook of the same arm, keeping her phone up, so we’ll all know she is so popular and important. And they walk around like this.
    I took my son to his gym class on the weekend, it’s a parent-child thing. I was the only father, rest were mothers. Do you think they could keep their phones in their pockets for 5 minutes to pay attention to their kids, let alone for the whole hour? Not one of them.

  28. Most white dudes have enough class to not be yapping on their smartphones in public I have noticed. We set a good example for everyone.

  29. this has to apply to San Francisco more than any other place, even New York City. I wonder if Mr. Chubbs lives.

  30. I’m in an LTR with an otherwise awesome chick. About 4 months into this badass relationship, we were having a few drinks at a nice bar one Friday night. I was going on about something important to me, that I truly gave a fuck about (they love a man with passion…amirite?! ;). Then, she giggles. Given the subject matter, this did not warrant a laugh.
    “What is so funny?”, I said.
    “Oh, this text from whoever”, she responded with a smile.
    “Fuck you. When we’re together, the phone goes in your purse. Unless there is an extraordinary emergency with work or family, I don’t want to see it out. To punch away on that while I’m here is the height of rudeness and bad manners. Don’t be that girl. I know it’s supposedly OK to do that because everyone else is glued to their phones. But, it’s not OK with me. You either choose to talk to me or whatever shit is happening on your phone.”
    I got up to use the restroom and come back a few minutes later to find a girl nearly in tears, at a busy bar. She apologized profusely and in the last 4 months, the phone never comes out.
    TL;DR – don’t be afraid to call a girl out. they love it.

    1. If I go out on a date with a girl – I hope I would date one that would have more common sense then that.

    2. girls weep far more easy than guys. It’s not nearly as serious when a girl cries, she could be PMSing or just have a bad day, but when a man cries, you know something serious happened (unless he’s a mangina).

  31. There was a study done last month that found some parents are so obsessed with their phones that they’re neglecting to pay attention to their children.
    The researchers observed parents with their children in a fast food restaurant and one in three of the parents were too focused on their cell phones to pay any attention to their children, which caused the children to act up and try to get attention.
    “‘Caregivers who were highly absorbed in their devices seemed to have more negative or less engaged interactions with children,’ said behavioural paediatrics expert Dr Jenny Radesky.”

  32. I recently got a smart phone…realized I was dumb for getting it. I have a laptop if I need to see something on the internet. I’m paying tons for it…i’m a dumbass for getting it. I need a cell phone…for just the phone. all the idiot women at work have one and they feel special downloading the latest apps. I haven’t downloaded one and won’t. I feel like a tool with this brick in my pocket. It does not go with nice clothes, it’s a burden to have in my pocket like an extra weight I don’t need especially with my gun on me which serves a bigger purpose. the phone does nothing but weigh me down. useless garbage.

  33. China actually acknowledges smart phone addiction! It’s class as an addiction via the government! I stop using FB, twitter a couple years ago due to exams. I notice how much better my life was without it so I never reactivated my accounts! It’s the same as watching TV all day and acting like a walking zombie! I feel sorry to children, for good health they need aknowledgement from parents. I notice children are the same where they lack social skills due to this!
    If im hanging with a girl, I tell her to put her phone on silent if she wants to spend time with me! One of my mates, I haven’t seen him in years… I go over there and he’s on his computer. I’m like… If your 2 busy I’ll piss off than. He tried to get off the computer but I just left! Didnt catch up with him for a while, he invited me over and stayed off it the whole time. The next time I went over there, he was his old self again…
    Some girls in the past that I was seeing that were hardcore addicts, I leave their phone in my car! I notice they feel uneasy, Lol.. After sex, she goes to the toilet than to my car for the next 30 mins than comes back inside. Fucking addicts everywhere these days!! So many people aren’t living in the real world!

  34. Jesus, stop being such a whinging Luddite. Smart phones are fucking fantastic, they provide me with so much power, the power to access so much information so quickly no matter where I am or what I’m doing or what anybody else thinks. I utilise that power to make myself a greater, more effective, more influential, more powerful man. You jelly?

    1. I agree that the tech is awesome, but I think you are missing the context of the post.

    2. So convince us. Don’t just tell us that you have the ability to record new songs on your smartphone or look up the weather in China for your great wall trip. Tell us how you actually saved money or helped your career or even got nookie with a smartphone that would have been far more difficult with a regular PC.
      Computers help make us more effective. That is well known. But how a smartphone with a tiny little screen is better than a laptop or even a desktop computer remains to be seen in most circumstances.

  35. “I wake up, shower, make myself pretty for the world and go to work. ”
    What? Make yourself pretty? I stopped reading there

  36. This trend is creeping further and further into Eastern Europe but it’s still far from what it is in the U.S. The question is whether consumerist popular culture can overcome traditional cultural norms developed over centuries. I think the multicultural/multiracial U.S. has such watered down traditions and values to where this is possible, but other countries will be tougher nuts to crack. On most of my dates with Polish girls they don’t check their phones once and if they do they’ll state it in advance and apologize after. Social shaming for rude behavior is a big factor.

  37. I hate even having to own a flip phone..how bout dem apples? I still refer to it as my devil machine.

    1. You don’t have to own a flip phone but for when you need to reach your family, it’s invaluable and not terribly expensive (I have a plan for $60 a month for my wife and I.) A regular phone line costs at least $25.00 although magic jack is $20 a year if you have internet.

  38. I’ve got the trusty Nokia prepaid, but its gotten past the technological tipping point now – if you don’t have tech today, you are behind. You are no longer the late 80s Gordon Gekko douchebag, but the equivalent of horse n buggy in the car age.
    TBH I think there are some amazing benefits, namely the massive cut down of search, transaction and information costs associated with doing business and going about your own daily life. Any app I get has to pass this test.
    However, its pathetic the way women use them. Isn’t it ironic that the people who use them the most ultimately despise the beta males who invented, developed, maintain and support them?

  39. So, I get that smart phones have bad sides but I think they are a wonderful invention, simplifying life in so many ways. I quickly went through my iPhone and listed all the apps I find useful on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.
    Music library
    News websites
    Different magazines & articles
    Ebay for buying wristwatches
    Amazon for everything else
    Skype for calling friends/family in other countries
    Buying plane tickets
    App for QR-codes for plane/train tickets
    Travel guides for new cities/countries
    Mic recorder (when I get ideas or I come up with a cool melody for a song)
    Contacts & Address book
    Buying tickets in public transport
    Public transport schedules & maps in my city and any city I travel to
    Restaurant recommendations by area, in my city and beyond
    Interactive To-do-lists to share with family
    Cooking ideas (for when shopping groceries)
    Reading Press releases and other “useless” but mandatory documents for work
    Dropbox for having access to important documents
    Remote for playing music in my house
    Soundcloud for discovering new music
    Slack & Asana for professional & personal project management
    Food diary & caloric calculator to support workout
    Running apps
    Fitness apps
    Sleep tracking app to improve my quality of sleep
    Think about the amount of extra stuff & crap I would have to physically carry around if I did this in the old “manual” way?
    Sure one can live without a smart phone, but I enjoy the practicality of it. All you need to do is just charge it.

    1. Oh and I even forgot a couple:
      Weather forecast (especially great when biking through Europe and you camp around in places)

    2. I’m reminded of 30 years ago when everyone had to have a walkman. Or a CB. They were cool but superfluous. The above leaves me chuckling.
      If you’re traveling, I say that the versatility to buy tickets and make reservations is invaluable. Agreed. But when I travel I usually make those arrangements in advance anyway and use my notebook when I arrive to make plans. The 15 inch screen is a lot more versatile than the squinters I observe pecking at their phone for a half hour at a time. Same with news. With high speed internet and a big screen, I can read a lot of news and this forum for example far more quickly than on a 5 inch screen. Are you reading this forum from a smart phone right now? I betcha you’re not!
      I’m sorry if I’m making fun of you, but a microphone to record song ideas? Seriously? I’m reminded of Kramer from Seinfeld. You do that at least once a month? How many songs have you published?
      About google: I often watch a show and wonder “What’s that actor’s name?” and want to google but then I sit for a few minutes and it comes to me. I’m happy I do that rather than hit a smartphone right away because it keeps me mentally on my toes. Same thing with the calculator. I can go to the store and calculate in my head the bill to within about 5 percent. I have a regular mobile phone with a calculator if I need it, but rarely do.

      1. Maybe it’s a lifestyle question, then.
        About the traveling, this is less about tickets and more about reservations, but f.ex if I’m biking across Europe, I can’t (and don’t want to) make definitive plans beforehand. You might realise on a few hours notice that you have to change your hotel booking/camping plans.
        I also often spend a good amount of time per day on public transport, which I like to use to read news. For me it works, small screen or not.
        And yes, a mic to record song ideas. I sing, play the keyboard, guitar and flute (and drums on a good day, which I admit, most are not). We play music together with a couple of friends on a regular basis and try to play mostly our own music. It’s a loved hobby, not a profession – so we have not “published any songs”. Is that the measure of everything? Can’t you do something enjoyable just for yourself, and not always share with the world?
        And about Google – yes, you can use it for that kind of stuff, or just use it for anything. Last week I spilled some red wine on my shirt at a picnic. Got it out because I could Google it.
        Still, I listed 33 apps/uses/things, so even if we deducted the ones you criticise, it would still make a mighty useful device.
        By all means do not use a smartphone if it is of no use for you and you prefer to live without. But acknowledge that some people make great use of them.

        1. I acknowledged that for travelers, the smartphone is very useful. Outside of that, I don’t hear too many people using them in a useful manner. OK, you use it to record songs (business or pleasure) but most people don’t. Most people use the things for twitter, weather reports for places they are not planning to go to that week, email, facebook, googling trivia. Mostly crap. And for an extra $40 or more on their bill which comes out to $500 a year.
          Even the use case you describe, getting red wine out of your shirt, I wouldn’t need google for that. Everyone with some life experience knows that club soda and salt is what you need. Am I correct? (Even diet coke is good provided you rinse it afterward.) I figured all that out on my own.
          I’m really old school back from when calculators were controversial . They were considered to be crutches that many kids would use to avoid learning math. When I go grocery shopping, I run a tally of the items and approximate what the total should be. I am almost always within about 5% but often even closer. So if the computer miscalculates a discount, I tell the checkout clerk and they adjust it. It’s like a superpower. Until smart phones wipe my butt, I prefer to retain some of my wits on my own.
          Consider: Even if I didn’t know how to get out wine stains, I have a wife whose usually near a computer or friends. I can call them and they can look it up for me. Yes, I’m burdening them but it’s also socializing without a twitter feed. Record songs? My normal mobile phone has a record feature.
          The $300 computer features of most smartphones are a tragic waste. That’s not to say that someday, useful apps will be written that will make them indispensable and better interfaces found. About 20 years ago, there was the Newton (look it up), a tablet that was supposed to recognize handwriting but failed miserably. Some early adopters bought them and claimed to get a lot of use, but in reality they were just toys. One of the things about age and experience is recognizing the difference between a gadget, and a useful device. For most folks, they’re just gadgets.

  40. In terms of dating, it also has implications. Along with chicks commonly plugging in the iPod on public transport or when walking, the iPhone it raises the barriers to going up to her, putting her in a bubble, reducing natural opportunities for game.
    Given chicks love to blab about nothing at a rate 3 time the typical man, it just enables it. Also, given the choice between the instant validation hits of another ‘like’ on Facebook of some new profile pic she spent hours making herself up for, she’ll take the validation hit over a random stranger any day.
    It also raises (in their own mind) their perceived SMV – its like drift netting for validation. While confidence is good for a man, it blows women’s heads up to the point of conceit. Swimming in this day in day out, year in year out, no wonder the attitudes and behaviours we see.

  41. Just an extension of the gossipy nature of women. They don’t have to wait until they meet up physically anymore; it’s just 24/7 gossip now.

  42. Great article. Ever since I ditched Facebook and Twitter it felt like being severed from the hive mind. No more headaches both literal and metaphorical. My phone has one app…making calls.

  43. “It’s becoming increasingly pointless to interact with the female of the species beyond the purposes of getting your dinky stinky.”
    Exactly the conclusion I’ve come to.

  44. I literally tossed my cellphone into the garbage about 7 years ago and never looked back. I have a pre-paid flip phone in the glove box of my car for road emergencies — that’s it. I have a Vonage line at home. I’ve never texted and am fucking proud of it. Women I meet can’t get their vapid minds around it. It’s a total novelty to them. Oh, I also haven’t had cable or satellite TV in my home for about 8 years! I’m 45 years old, never felt better, and lovin’ it. As long as the iPhones don’t start to disintegrate vaginas (I don’t care about the brain tumors…) then I’m fine w/ them because I no longer have a need or desire to have meaningful communication w/ women. Sad but true.

  45. This topic is one frequently bouncing through my mind. I seem to fantasize about discarding my smartphone for good but the realization that it has become almost necessary for my work, communication with family, friends, and even my daily alarm clock. Not to mention the various other uses that are handy as fuck. Reminiscent of the automobile, at first it was a secondary means of fast transportation as opposed to walking on foot, bicycles, etc. In current day and age your hard pressed to find many walks of life without some sort of motorized transport. Cant help but feel its like a ploy, with each passing year the smartphones conveniences are multiplied to the point its some peoples necessity and its thrust upon us more and more. Alas hopefully one day I can cast off the crutch

  46. I own a smartphone, and I use it pretty frequently to read or BS. Do I use it as if it’s the most exhilarating and interesting thing I could ever be doing? Nah. Just to read some nonsense or firearms related stuff. I let my cell service lapse and I use it as a wifi phone because why not. It’s entirely possible to have a smart phone but not let it rule your life, contrary to most western women (namely American women)

  47. This reality has become more and more apparent in the last year or two.
    Women moan about how there are no decent men around but they wouldn’t even notice if a naked Brad Pitt walked past them in the street because their gaze is permanently planted downwards.
    It’s a sad state of affairs to be in but unfortunately I can’t see an end to it. I might just start purposefully bumping into girls in the street as an opener.

  48. 20 chimpanzees in a study were given smartphones with game apps. The gorillas promptly discovered solved the problem of best usage for the high-tech devices — scoop poop from their chutes to fling at their friends.
    Researchers found striking similarities between chimpanzee usage and human female smartphone usage on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and feminist (i.e. Jezebel).

  49. I loved the build up of the article to how you mentioned that you squat 3+ plates and had 10 texts from your “fuck buddies”.

  50. Before smart phones and even before cell phones were common, I remember thinking how sexy it was for a girl to be into video games or a PDA. I thought their interest in gadgets was unique and stood them out. I remember when texting first started, girls were still not sold on the idea as they generally avoided technology all together. Now they have far surpassed us in general gadgetry use and it is completely unappealing. It seems they can’t go 15 minutes without some sort of affirmation through social media – whether it’s that stupid duck face selfie they just posted on Facebook or the video of their dumb fatherless bastard of a child singing songs from “Frozen”. And I notice their Facebook personality is such a dumbed down bore of a status quo muppet, trying to make up for years of being a whore. When I see that pic of her kissing her son, I can’t help but to remember what that same mouth did to me and however many other guys back in the day.

  51. Some introverted girls prefer being behind a screen spending hours watching TV, posting on Facebook/Twitter, and sending unbelievably long text messages rather than having actual human contact. I’m in complete awe.

  52. Chicks are literally married to their shit phones: there have been apps around for a while to turn the smart phone into vibrators so these cunts can use it on themselves.
    Ego gratification: check.
    Social gratification: check.
    Sexual gratification: check.

  53. Good article. I see this everywhere, today, and it’s pretty sad.
    Women constantly complain about not finding a good man (while glued to their Iphone the entire time since they’ve left the house). You pull up next to one of them at a stop light…head down..into the phone. Also, in line at the store, same deal or walking to their parked car, etc…
    How the hell are you going to find anyone with your head down (or up your ass – like our elders used to tell us)?

  54. Both men and women do it, but especially women take their phone out while being alone at the busstop, trainstation, dentist, cafetaria etc. It’s like some kind of anxiety to be alone and have nobody to talk to. These people always have to do something and interact with somebody. It’s the new smoking. “Looking cool” while doing something totally unnecessary. everybody can do what he/she wants, but what makes me angry are people that constantly look at the screen of their phone when you’re talking with them, or are at a birthday(party) Shoot those screenpeople. Please.
    I have a datingexperience. Dated a girl age 18, and she was looking at her cell every 2-3 minutes. It annoyed me. She was probably texting some other guy. The next time that happens during a date, I bail.

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