The Reason Female Actors Get Paid Less That Nobody Wants To Talk About

I’ve often wondered, as I’m sure many of us do, just how different it is to be rich and famous. Are rich people fundamentally happier than we are? Are they constantly jumping around for joy because they found that pot at the end of the rainbow? We wonder if they are, but every now and then something comes along to remind you that actually, the rich are just like us.

They still have, for instance, an unquenchable and all-too-human desire to have something to complain about, no matter what. With this in mind, Jennifer Lawrence, the world’s most highly paid actress, took to Facebook recently to complain about all those male stars getting paid more than her.

Jennifer Lawrence

While it may be true, yes, that male stars tend to earn a bigger paycheck, the question remains exactly why this is? Can audiences just not take women seriously in major roles? There may be several reasons, but there’s one in particular that no one wants to talk about.

In regular workplaces, a big reason men tend to earn more is because they choose jobs where they experience greater risk. Its hardly surprising that, given we do the jobs that account for more than 90% of workplace deaths, us men get a few dollars an hour extra to compensate.

Like a typical working women who wonders why she gets paid less than men despite working in a comfortable, air-conditioned office 9-5 Monday to Friday, female stars just can’t work out why so many more roles are available to men. Let me try and shed some light here.

The reason is because male characters – like their real world equivalents – suffer far more than their female co-stars.

This isn’t hard to prove.

For instance, if there’s one big show on at the moment which draws the ire of feminists because of its frequent depictions of violence against women, its obviously Game of Thrones. But here’s the thing, even misogynistic, medieval Thrones shows violence that is almost exclusively between men. Don’t believe me? You can check for yourself. Somebody (with way too much time on their hands) took the trouble of making a compilation of all of the onscreen deaths in the show.

The grand total comes to 373 deaths – nearly ten an episode (and that’s just the first four seasons).

But here’s the thing. Out of the those 373, how many depict women dying? Half? Three-quarters? A third? Actually it’s a much, much smaller number. So small, I’m going to put a trigger warning on this next sentence. For those who have not yet swallowed the red pill, imminent, worldview-changing facts are about to appear.

The answer – out of those 373 deaths, the number of people who die on the show, who are women…comes to…seven.


Not seventy. Not a hundred and seven. Seven. Against 366 men. Put another way – 98% of all the onscreen deaths in Game of Thrones are of men. Seriously, I’m going to have to put this in meme form. Please share it far and wide.

Game of Thrones

The most poignant scene of this has to be in Blackwater when King’s Landing is under siege. The men are outside, fighting and dying. There’s limbs getting chopped off. Men drowning. Men burning alive. Where are the women?

Inside, cowering and getting drunk…and if memory serves correct – they’re still fucking complaining. Really, think of any violent movie or TV show. How many women do you see with limbs blown off? With burns covering most of their body? With a sword sticking through their chest? Can anyone name the female equivalent of Sean Bean?

Sean Bean

People complain all the time. Oh! There’s no enough women in Star Wars. Well fucking thank god! Most people in Star Wars get killed. It’s why its Star Wars.

Really ladies, which part did you want to play? The guy who gets all his limbs chopped off, is horribly burned and has to live in a suit which breathes for him the rest of his life? His son, who also gets a limb chopped off, finds himself fighting some horrible monster at least once per movie and later has to compete with his father in a fight to the death?

Perhaps the guy who is horribly tortured by the empire for information, frozen in carbonite, and nearly fed to another giant monster? Or just one of those anonymous stormtroopers or fighter pilots, who are always men, and who you see for like five seconds before they get a laser through the chest and die?

Darth Vader

You know why women didn’t play those roles? Because the audience simply wouldn’t accept it.

Harrison Ford can cut down twenty guys, and it’s a spectacle. One woman gets a paper cut, and everyone loses their goddamn minds. In 2015, as in 1977, or probably 1348 for all I know, audiences simply won’t put up with women being tortured, having limbs chopped off or otherwise suffering horrible, violent deaths the same way as men, at least not with such flippancy.

Its just visceral. Sure they can die, but if they do, it better be at the climax of the movie. Women suffering is nearly always a major plot point. Men suffering is just entertainment. Art imitates life. Whether we’re talking about workplace accidents, car crashes, violence or suicide, men bare the brunt of nearly any kind of suffering, Our media reflects this. We simply won’t put up with women being treated like such cannon fodder.

One tiny downside for the fairer sex, as Jennifer Lawrence is starting to become aware of even if she doesn’t quite understand it, is that, yes, female actresses may be excluded from a number of the more “interesting” roles. Suffering breeds character, and without that suffering, there will be fewer roles for female actresses to play.

And to add insult to injury, its hardly the patriarchy that is enforcing these standards. Its those same feminists who screech the loudest about “violence against women” that are sabotaging their own cause. If viewers can’t handle violence against women, then Hollywood directors aren’t going to put female actresses in dangerous situations.

Hence, poor Jen has to put up with a smaller paycheck.

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  1. Also, women can’t negotiate to save their fucking life. I’d be interested to see if her agent is a woman. Too bad her mind has been infected with the drivel spewing out of lena Dunham.
    And then we have Anne Hathaway. She, *sniffling*, bu bu bu but, they don’t hire me anymore. Here’s a little knowledge for ya Annie, women are not as hot when they’re 60 as they were when they were 20, hell even th same thing applies to 30 to 20. Get over it. Sorry hun but you’re rich because you used to be hot. We don’t hear you complaining about you getting more roles than ugly fat women.

    1. I thought I read she wasn’t complaining about her being skipped over for roles, because it benefited her so much over the last decade or so. Whatever. She likes anal, so she has that going for her, which is nice.

      1. I would too, I’d sabotage the condom too. My seed is strong and I’d like to see some child support payments going the other way for once. Not that I’d be around that fucking kid for one second.

  2. Great article. I also think it has a lot to do with consumer demand, men AND women want to see men in leading roles because it is natural for men to display leadership qualities. Women in leadership roles is only an aphrodisiac to the feminist lefties.

      1. Whether it’s women in charge of businesses, countries, finances, armies, the result is always disastrous.

        1. As much as I can agree with you about that (especially in these days of Affirmative Action), I have to admit that a woman can be successful when she is qualified, serious, and dedicated, as well as responsible — and willing to pay the price for it. Remember Elizabeth I? Possibly the greatest queen that England ever had.

    1. Movies with females in leading roles do not make that much money. Period.
      Can’t wait to see how that ghostbuster movie flops

      1. Do Melissa McCarthy movies make very much? The only people I hear say anything about them are full retards, and I refuse to see for myself.

        1. Her movies make money though, that’s the sad part.
          Then again, there are plenty of women who are large-and-in-charge who probably relate to that tub of lard.
          There is little more offensive to me than having to endure a fat woman on screen.

        2. “..There is little more offensive to me than having to endure a fat woman on screen.”
          The only thing worse would be having to endure a similar fat, entitled, loud-mouthed tub of female lard in real life.

      2. They’ve corrupted Star Wars as well. Now it is supposedly all about some tech-savvy woman who’s going to battle some evil white guy.

        1. I am very happy by these turn of events, it keeps a lot more money in my pocket when they only produce shitty movies.

        2. I go to the movies once per year, at Christmas with my sons when they come home for a visit. The past three years it was a hobbit movie. There is a Marvel superhero movie we have already selected for this year (it was advertised last Christmas as a coming attraction). Other than that I find I don’t even watch the product of Hollywierd when it comes on TV for free.

        3. ive taken to no longer attending movies that portray stupid sjw messages and I refuse to go see movies produced by those that keep pushing the sjw message.
          unfortunately this means I didn’t get to see avengers 2. I think ill live.

        4. didn’t watch don’t know anything about it. whats his nuts the buffy director is a piece of shit sjw so I voted with my wallet.
          wish more people would remember they can do that.

        5. it was the director. I will not funnel money to projects that pay people that hate me and my beliefs. I don’t even remember the guys name did buffy

        6. “a Marvel superhero movie”
          Those superhero movies are like a massive diarrhea that’s continually spurting out of Hollywood’s unoriginal bowels.

        7. BIG surprise…I expected this when I saw that Lucas had sold out to the PC/Feminist/Gay Empire of Disney.
          Walt must be spinning in his grave.

        8. That’s true for me, too. When I was in the Navy twenty years ago, I was seeing at least two to three movies every weekend or every other weekend. Now I can barely stomach the PC crap that they release, so I go maybe once a year or so to see something that looks good.
          Television? Don’t make me laugh — it’s only good for old movies, documentaries, news, and weather forecasts.
          Online is where I am now — on Youtube, for instructional videos, documentaries, music, and movies; Khan Academy for learning.

        9. There was no bad message. True, Joss Whedon is a SJW extrodanaire, but art is still art, and many people besides him played major roles in its production.

        10. Yes and if u want to win wars instead of minor battles u need to reward the right people and punish the sjws if they are involved u don’t support it .It’s the same thing the have progressively and successfully done for 40yrs. This is why they are everywhere . U want to keep supporting sjws and their enablers have at it . I don’t.

        11. I should also ask how many larger men did black widow defeat by herself? Remember she doesn’t have super powers.

        12. Oh she was punting hydra and robots left and right. But she is also one of the most deadly assassins in the Marvel Universe, raised from childhood to kill. Also in the comics ( at least some versions) she has been enhanced somewhat. Besides, if you want realism, I would avoid superhero movies in general.

        13. True but I’m reminded of the scene in either the first one or an iron man where she goes through a hallway full of trained soldiers before the guy she was with could beat a single dude. There’s a diff between fantasy and pushing a narrative. They are always pushing the narrative

        14. Oh yes, Iron Man 2. Yes I see your point. I really like that scene though; and because she’s Black Widow, I don’t find it offensive.

        15. Shades of Mad Max: Fury Road, maybe? Same bullshit, different movie. Damn they know how to fuck shit up. I won’t be going to see the new Star Wars movie. I’d rather just live with what I know with the rest of them. I mean, god damn, the last one (or two) with some of the FI bullshit was enough to drive anyone away. I think I’ll stop with those episodes while I’m ahead (just like I did with Mad Max).

        16. Agree. They fucked up the Fantastic Four trying to be PC and add a black person to the “superhero” lineup. The only problem is it doesn’t make sense. If you had the black guy playing either of the other two characters, maybe ok…but you had him play the brother of the brother/sister (it made no sense). All because we’re trying to be PC and make everyone happy.

        17. That was a great one. If you like sci-fi, check out Ex Machina, perhaps not excellent, but very good. It has quite a red pill message too.

        18. ex machina did sound good. i was trying to think of the last good hollywood movie i’ve seen. probably something from the cohen brothers, either no country for old men or burning after reading, whichever came last. i don’t see a lot of movies.

        19. Yep the whites are the enemy too.
          One of my patients is into superhero movies. She was talking about the fantastic four movie (this was a while ago). For those that don’t know, the fantastic four is made up of Reed Richards (a genius white dude), his white wife Sue, her white brother Jonnie and Reed’s best (white friend) Ben. In the latest movie, they decided it would make sense to keep Sue white, but make her brother Jonnie black. Huh?
          I asked my patient what she thought about making Jonnie white. Being female, she loved it. Naturally. I asked her why it is good. “Diversity” and it made the movie “more interesting”. Being a comic book fan from way back, I decided to demolish her.
          So making a character black (or female, or trans, or gay) makes them more interesting? That’s amusing because I’ve always found the opposite. When a character “becomes” black/gay/donkey-kin/pansexual/amputee it is no longer about what made them interesting in the first place, their entire identity is now “look at me I’m black” and all the stereotypes that come with it. The writers are more worried about how the character will be perceived and the potential backlash if the character is mistreated (much like the article above discusses, female characters simply aren’t exposed to what male characters are). The characters are written “safe”. Think about white Tony Stark; genius billionaire playboy. The guy was reckless and immature and irresponsible. Then he got captured, his mortality was challenged and he built a set of armour to save himself, which he adapted to protect the world. Would this story be any more interesting if he was black? No it wouldn’t. If it would be more interesting to you solely based on the colour of his skin, then that’s racist.

        20. Before torrents, blazing internet and terabyte hard drives, I bought a lot of DVDs but mostly second hand or from the bargain bin. Of the ones that I paid full price for, most were superhero movies: Iron Man, Spiderman II, and even Unbreakable (if you want to stretch a bit).

        21. You already do. Movies suck up all sorts of tax credits and exemptions, especially those outside of America.

        22. I remember a story about an experienced theatre director who, once it came out that he had donated a hundred bucks to support Prop. 8 , was blacklisted and that basically ruined his career.

        23. The new X-Men had a good mix including a (white) teenage girl, a black woman, a Russian, a German (circus freak) and a vertically impaired Canadian.
          The spin offs really jumped the shark. Alpha Flight apparently needed a killer midget, a North American Indian and gay French guy.
          The New Mutants had an Indian girl, a Scottish girl, a dark-skinned Brazilian, and a white trash coal miner (the only white male other than Prof. X himself).

        24. Despite his political leanings, he’s damn good at making these movies. I have to give credit where it’s due.

        25. Realistically, it’s unavoidable. These people are among the elite. They own/run companies that provide goods/services for things you probably utilize on a daily basis and couldn’t live without unless you were off the grid. This is the end result of “prosperity.”

        26. Again no challenge is truly impossible if enough people choose to the beast can be starved. The May have wealth but that only generates income if we choose to fund them . Yes there are somethings that may be unavoidable but doesn’t mean admit defeat and keep handingt hem more money to produce more crap to disparage ur beliefs

        27. i thought it was excellent, both for the theme and for the fact that everyone in the movie is ugly. it’s one of the only movies i can think of that depicts americans how they really look. gummo is the only other example that comes to mind.

        1. They won’t get the message. Hollywood really doesn’t care if their movies flop. They don’t like it, but if a movie can “stick it to the man,” and make no money, they’re happy. Take the film Redacted, by Brian de Palma, an anti-American, anti-military movie in 2007. It made absolutely no money, completely tanking at the box office, and probably stayed, at best, two weeks in theaters. Did it affect Palma? No. He’s happy as can be.

        2. Hollywood does not operate under normal business accounting rules as most. Take away that special status and the tax breaks and Hollywood would disappear in the night.

      3. Ghostbitches won’t flop.
        The latest SJW version of Terminator was a big success too. Who wants to see female ghostbusters? The same people who went to see an Asian T-1000 and a 5′ 2″ tall Sarah Connor.

      1. I did too, there are always exceptions, which as I like to say – exceptions prove the rule. However, if not for the incredible special effects, directing, all the other great stuff men did, men and women wouldn’t have flocked to the theaters to see Alien.

    2. Same thing in politics. Women are 51% of the electorate but – outside of places where there is an affirmative action requirement – the number is closer to 25%. Why? Because women don’t vote for women in free elections and neither do men.

    3. I think what you’ve said is the heart of the matter. The article’s premise may be slightly misdirected. I don’t think men directly get paid more because of their pretending to suffer more, its because we find them more entertaining. Acting is pretend, not much difference in James Bond pretending to punch a guy and Julia Roberts pretending to be slapped in Pretty Woman, after all, a lot of these guys have stunt doubles. BUT men are more entertaining, they depict a greater variety of scenes that ALL people want to see whether its the Hangover or Saving Private Ryan. AND when men don’t have stunt doubles or play physically demanding roles like Matt Damon did in Courage Under Fire where in REALITY he lost an ungodly amount of weight then MEN rightly demand more money.
      Also let’s not forget we’ve got about 2000 years worth of men doing more interesting things than women in REAL LIFE. Women only stopped being homemakers 60 years ago. Real life often find itself in movies, no one wants to go to the movies to watch Sara or Jane bake a cake, especially not Sara who actually baked the cake.

    4. My damn gf dragged me to see Ironman and Thor, didnt even think those were chick flicks but I guarantee she wouldn’t give two craps for a female ironman or thor lead movie.

  3. Women are in lots of movies, mostly “romantic bullshit films designed to cuckold betas into believing women love them for who they are”, but they bitch about not being in enough action movies. It just so happens that the demographics of the majority of action movie consumers happens to be men.
    Ergo, men appear in action films more often than women. Women cannot harness or achieve brutality, aggression or relatable action characters for men. Women in action movies, with the exception of the ultra rare unicorns, could only be secondary characters.

  4. I’m getting tired of Jennifer Lawrence and her incessant whining. Real tired. The same goes for the overrated crap she stars in.

    1. Her primary demographic are stupid teenage girls, who are the unfortunately, the vast majority of people who consume the Hollywood crap she stars in such as the hunger games and the other bullshit.

      1. “Her primary demographic are stupid teenage girls”
        Maybe that’s the primary market… but don’t be fooled.
        Manginas… manginas everywhere 0.O

        1. LOL one of my male friends told me to read the book. I sneaked a peak at the movie. I thought “fuck is this shit?”

        2. There are two levels of manginas: 1) the ones who will go to some shit chick flick because a girl wants to and he thinks putting up with a couple hours of nonsense will help get him into her pants and 2) the sorry-ass lost souls who actually enjoy those shitty movies. In either case, guess who will be paying?
          Admittedly, I have taken one for the team on occasion, but that is at the point where the girl and I were a team and we had developed a bit of give and take in the relationship.

        3. The study that feminists often cite actually says that female actresses in their 20s make MORE than male actors in their 20s. Major missed opportunity by the author. Only later in life, after age 34, do actors begin to make more than actresses.
          Female value in Hollywood closely follows female value in real life. A woman’s value is based on her beauty and fertility, and let’s face it, when it comes to attracting an audience, women pushing 40 just can’t compete against the latest 20 year old hottie, who is at the peak of her fertility. Sex sells. When people go to the movies they want to see a woman who is beautiful, and that means YOUNG and fertile looking (think thin but curvy hips). Male beauty ages much better, and hence why they get paid more, not to mention most of the main roles in Hollywood are for young women in their 20s.

        4. Depending on where you look women do very well economically compared to young men.
          In Toronto young women with useless liberal arts degrees are hired en mass for administrative and service sector work. People often find women less intimidating and so they get hired them for customer interaction roles and such. Not to mention the hospitality industry where women rule.
          The pay gap might be true in certain cases that I’m unaware of… But I’ve worked in a number of places where women make 3x or more what the men make, even though the men do the actually difficult hard work.
          The pay-gap nonsense is ironically pushed by white women who are doing very well and have tonnes of opportunity just because they’re white chicks.
          Seems women will never stop complaining regardless of their situation. If women want to make as much as men at the very top or become CEOs, they should start more companies and take on more risk… But they often don’t.
          I don’t even understand how feminism is still such a thing considering so many of their claims turn out to be impossible to prove.

        5. Male beauty perhaps ages better, though I’m not entirely sure about that. Older male actors in Hollywood present as alpha males: high income, commanding attention and deeply experienced and self assured from years of surviving. Young males are not taken seriously, they have maybe 10 cents worth of sperm until they have proven themselves. A fertile and willing womb is a fleeting thing hence we value it more even if the girl is of only slightly above average intelligence. It’s supply and demand.
          In addition what may be going on is what many have observed: men present more at the extremes of the scale of success and failure and it maybe genetic. This is what Larry Sommers noted at Harvard and which got him into trouble. High end actors, eg Mel Gibson often get involved in production, writing, directing.

    2. She shouldn’t complain about the patriarchy in Hollywood. Who else would say, “this chick can’t act worth shit but she’s cute, give her a leading role.” Show some gratitude lady.

      1. “this chick can’t act worth shit but she let me go from her ass to her mouth, give her a leading role.”
        Fixed it

        1. I like it when they take my tool out of their vagina and put it straight in their mouth, sometimes still with the condom on.

      2. If women want to get paid more for film roles why don’t they write, direct, produce, fund, and distribute their own films? Oh, they don’t have the drive and ability to? They need to be given opportunities by men? Well then they should just be grateful that men oblige. It’s not a man’s responsilbity to provide women with jobs. If they want something they should get off their asses and accomplish it themselves. Create your own path in this world and stop expecting handouts.

        1. No, b/c they don’t earn the same MONEY to produce. Get real! Women are producing and writing all the time and have the same drive as men. You are so naive. Grow up.

    3. “I’m getting tired of Jennifer Lawrence and her incessant whining. Real tired. The same goes for the overrated crap she stars in.”
      ‘Incessant whining’ seems to describe most of her part in the Hunger Games.
      I would say that her only significant contribution consists of her leaked nude pictures, but I haven’t viewed them, and for reasons of morality, I can’t.

    4. She knows her worth. Being a cunt is a last resort to stay in the limelight. The great thing about about actresses is that they’re easily replaceable. Before you know it she’ll be an old hag whining about not being able to land a role because she’s too old.

      1. Wow. I truly hope you don’t have daughters someday, little girls whom you love with all your heart and whom you’d never want a man calling her a cunt or old hag. I imagine you have a horrible mother and sisters you hate or you wouldn’t be able to refer to any women this way. I don’t know if Jennifer Lawrence’s complaints are valid. It’s all about box office demand. That’s all that matters when it comes to their pay scales and quite frankly that’s all that should matter. I see the writer’s point about how women aren’t put into roles where they’re tortured and killed as men are. I don’t think that matters as long as people are tuning in to see them. He mentioned that the women during the batter were just complaining and getting drunk, but failed to mention that they also had a soldier in there with them to kill them if the battle was lost, so that they wouldn’t just be raped and then possibly killed by their captors. Keep in mind that they weren’t trained/raised for battle during that time and that wasn’t their fault, but rape was the violence due them. Personally, I’d rather fight and die on the battle field than wait to be raped. Part of my point here is that we can discuss this stuff without the nasty, sexist comments right? We evolved beyond that, right?

        1. I can only hope you don’t drive the men in your life insane with that insufferable drivel. Standard female logic, I insult one woman that equates to me “hating” women. Any woman I associate with can tell you I’m a gentleman’s gentleman. Take your bs to Jezebel.

    5. Waaahwaah I only got paid $5 million instead of $10 million for a movie where its an ensemble cast… Help me everyone!

        1. You tricked me. Had to reload the page to see the image. Or maybe I need to up my Kratom dosage.

  5. Don’t argue the point. The difference is called protection money. Men are the only ones required by law to register for mandatory military service if needed. Women ultimately rely on that protection. So a few extra bucks can be filed under a down payment on a man’s standby status to die for society’s protection. No money, no protection. It’s coming to the point where the West is not worth dying for given the disdain males are subjected to by their own government.

  6. Just pointless whining, if they show up it means they’re satisfied with the salary, because 1) since they believe that everyone should be paid the same then they realize that they are interchangeable with other actresses who were “unfairly” not hired 2) they don’t need the money! their closets are filled with clothes they got for free, rich men will buy them anything they want, even working for no salary like the pro cheerleaders would be worth it: they are overpaid.
    What Lawrence really wants is a guarantee that the studio won’t be able to replace her with a lesser-known (youngerhottertighter) actress at a lower salary, if the role has to be high-paid based on an artificial regulation the studio probably won’t risk hiring the new girl

    1. Her own argument does seem to fall by the wayside, doesn’t it? At least if she follows the typical leftist narrative:
      I as a woman, don’t make as much as men do…but I make millions of dollars per movie I’m in…..nobody needs to make that much money, so I should be taxed out of it all….I’m part of the 1% but I’m crying because I don’t make more…..MY LIFE IS A LIE!

  7. Usually when women are horribly tortured and killed, it’s a slasher movie.
    That’s about it. In an action movie, a female character’s death, if depicted, is usually quick.

  8. Fun article. But you fail to make any connection between those deaths and the paychecks. Not that I care about them getting paid less – for all I know, the bitches can work for free. But it would be good to back this up with some kind of evidence, otherwise it is just a cool theory.

    1. Yeah, I don’t really understand the connection. Actors are paid more than actresses because they die on film more? I guess that is more hazardous work? To fake your death on film?

      1. For me, actresses or actors (or any celebrity) bitching about not getting paid enough just makes me ask:
        What percentage of the pimp’s money should the whore get?

  9. J-Law didn’t exactly complain in that post. She wrote, that she’s angry about herself(!) because she prematurely stopped bartering.
    Stay classy, RoK

    1. What I’ve read in the daily paper about this didn’t sound like that at all. If what you say is true it certainly hasn’t been presented that way.

      1. You still believe the papers want to tell the truth instead of entertaining, you’re so cute.
        Look for the original post on facebook. Money Quote: “I didn’t get mad at Sony, I got mad at myself”

        1. What I’m saying is it looks like news outlets are playing games with identity politics.
          There’s a big difference between “I should negotiate better” and “Society should change so I don’t get paid less than men”.

  10. So the reason that male actors are paid more is because male characters get fake-hurt and fake-killed more? I’m dubious about that argument. I could see them being paid more because in order to film a 4 minute battle scene they have to stand around in a muddy field for 10 hours in 40 degree weather and medieval clothing. Or that stunts are risky and therefore worthy of more compensation. But when it comes to A-list stars such as Jennifer Lawrence, their paycheck comes down to how much clout their agent has, the box office earnings of their other films, focus group testing, etc. All things tangential to the actual acting part of acting.

  11. Let’s also not forget that actresses are usually chosen based on looks above all else, while men have to have true acting ability. When you think of great actors do any women come to mind first thing?
    And on the subject, most media created for women is garbage. Daytime talk shows, soap operas, fashion magazines, and chick flicks are usually devoid of any kind of intellectual content. The reason why movies starring men are so popular is because they’re typically more exciting, and it’s also more believable to have a male in an action/adventure/comedic role. Meanwhile, movies like the Hunger Games just feature a female character who’s trying to be like a man.
    And in many films female characters are added in for romantic subplots and nothing else. And this is pretty much the only way women will go to see a movie. I’d be perfectly content to see “The Theory of Everything” if it was just about Hawking’s genius, but every ad made it seem like a romantic drama. “The Imitation Game”, this time about a computer genius, featured Kiera Knightley as a female tech whiz who was being treated like a romantic interest…..Even though Alan Turing was gay. And I cringed any time Natalie Portman was onscreen in the Star Wars prequels because her character was just a plot device, nothing else, which therefore made her character incredibly uninteresting. The movies could’ve functioned perfectly well without a romantic subplot driving the whole thing.

  12. You forgot to mention the most important thing. Movies with male characters tend to make more money. When a female is hot she makes bank, but most of the time that isn’t the case.

  13. Women, first and foremost – ESPECIALLY in acting and entertainment jobs – are hired for their looks…. then talent. Cute rich kid gets kidnapped and killed, gets all sorts of news coverage, poor inner-city kid has the same happen, a blip on local news cast.
    Art imitating life… ironically, life imitating art (if you wanna call it that), is largely why the world’s so fucked to begin with.

  14. Female porn stars get paid more money than men. It’s not easy for a guy to maintain a boner in front of all those strangers they should be compensated. All the woman has to do is lie there while a gang of men pound her. Yet she gets paid more money. Some of the men work for free with hopes of just getting into the business. What about that pay gap?

    1. Also female ramp models,hostess,etc. get paid more than their male counterparts.
      Women like Jeniffer Lawrence crying about equal pay crap seriously shows, how much of a dumb role model they are to young girls.

  15. By the way the trailer of the new star wars movie reeks of political correctness and social engineering.
    The female hero is a transsexual version of Luke skywalker (she wears almost the sames clothes he wore in Empire strikes back), who saves a black stormtrooper and is shown doing some mechanic work like all women love to do.
    The cool badass villain silver stormtrooper who is supposed to be a boba fett like character is an androgenic woman too.

  16. I think it’s more due to how hard they must work off screen. Did Jennifer have to train like Hugh Jackman for any of her roles? No. Chris Evans? No. Chris Hemsworth? No.
    She just had to stay in shap.

    1. Yea no shit. That in itself needs to be heavily emphasized. a few months of toning at best, is all most actresses need. If they’re not in shape, they’ve type-casted themselves into niche roles anyways, thus less pay.

      1. I remember seeing an old Men’s Health magazine that showed Hugh Jackman training for the role of Wolverine. The dude was doing some serious deadlifting and taking ice cold showers every morning. His motto was “if the bar ain’t bending, then you’re pretending.” How many women train like that for a role?

  17. Only in the West can an average-looking chick whine and complain that she made $50 million to play Hollywood make-believe.

  18. Part of the reason women aren’t in action hero roles more often is because it’s unbelievable.
    The job of any story-teller is to suspend the audience’s disbelief. Both men AND women can’t believe that a 100lb. woman soaking wet can beat up on men twice her mass and six times her strength. It doesn’t matter how much kung fu she knows, any man with even a modicum of combat skill can overpower her. All the kicks and screams and flips she can do mean nothing. Force=Mass X Velocity. There is a reason boxing fights are matched by weight class, because one blow from a heavyweight means about five from a middle-weight.
    What’s even more unbelievable is women, even in military roles, who think they know something about strategic and tactical thinking. No, she does not. Boys have more sense than any woman because boys compete. They learn combat strategy and tactics from a very early age. The only reason she’s wearing a uniform is because some dink of a man thought it might win him votes, not for anything practical.
    Women in combat in general is also unrelatable to most other women, because that is not what women do. Only if she has no choice can anyone relate to her, such as Ripley in Aliens.

    1. For someone that is very much a believer that a man better versed in fighting skills will beat the one that isn’t. At a certain point, all the crane kicks and fu kung fu la la only goes so far. A single leg takedown won’t subdue a grizzly bear who can’t tell the difference from arm bar to a chocolate bar. That’s because the bear needs no techniques against a human because he’s 6x stronger. Same thing among humans and especially true between the sexes.

      1. Bears are more than 6x stronger than humans, except the strongest men, and then they’re probably about 3x. Tack on the bear’s claws and jaws, and that thing can rip open a car. I watched a Kodiak Bear rip apart a tractor tire in Alaska. He took his time, but he did it, with no help from anything else. But your point, as well as mine, is made.
        When I taught self-defense and firearms training to people in my parish, the first thing I would teach mainly to women is situational awareness, and I had to remind them that whatever feminism has taught them about the sexes being equal is nonsense. With women I would tell them that the last thing in the world they want to get into is a melee fight with a man, because he could kill her in one well-placed blow on accident.

    2. “Both men AND women can’t believe that a 100lb. woman soaking wet can beat up on men twice her mass and six times her strength.”
      But they still try to push these movies, Damnit. I pray for a box office bomb every time I see the “strong female character” bullshit.

        1. That entire franchise needs to die and go away, regardless of its politics or SJW idiocy. Star Trek held up and continues to because it creates new story lines and new venues. Even the remake of the original cast set them on a new reality-path. Star Wars is just one giant incestuous “This was so and so, here’s his father, then ok here’s his father when he was so and so’s age, and now here is so and so and look, he’s old, and…” Meh.
          Didn’t like Star Wars when it was new and fresh when I was young.

  19. Can someone please explain who this fat blonde American ‘comedian ‘ bitch is who has started appearing on uk tv ? Think she was in some chick flick last year bridesmaids ? Take her back please she’s hideous , annoying and not funny , playing the ‘ I’m fat so I’m funny you go girl ‘ card

    1. Because there is a social stigma against seeing women killed on screen it limits their potential for roles be it lead or otherwise

      1. Yeah, I can see that, but in the example of Jennifer Lawrence above, she got a lead role and according to her is still making “much less … than the lucky people with dicks,” which is true for American Hustle. Not sure how she compares in her pay for Hunger Games with males in similar movie roles though.

  20. I don’t get the fuss about her. The fact that she is considered beautiful bothers me even more. She is plain looking to me.

    1. Give it a few years until reality sets in. She can’t really act and she’s getting parts because she’s younger. Just wait until she hits the wall and Hollywood has the new “flavor of the month” starring in her place. Reality will set in and she’ll be on the outs wishing for all of those old “underpaid” pay days. Women have no clue until they are on the outside looking in. Just ask someone like Tara Reid or Cameron Diaz.

      1. And Ann Hathaway. She had to go topless in this one flick way after her prime to be noticed. Then she butched her hair and turned feminist.

        1. Too bad for Hathaway, she was actually quite pretty in an old school way when she was in her prime.

    2. Yeah, she really is rather plane Jane when you see un-Hollywood-ized pictures of her.

  21. There is also the insane body building or weight loss stuff people like Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale have done.

    1. Speaking of Christian Bale’s weight changes for roles:
      I remember Jennifer Lawrence bitching that she had to kiss Bale when he became fat for a role — all this after she complained about being told she was too fat for the Hunger Games character.

  22. More men getting killed means more male actors getting roles. Women get smaller roles, thus smaller paychecks. Jennifer Lawrence is the only lead female actor in American Hustle. Anyways, no one wants to see a “strong” woman. You barely see any female superheroes. It’s 4 to 1 (4 men to 1 woman) in Avengers. They didn’t even remake Wonder Woman yet. SuperGirl might not succeed on television. Maybe Wasp Girl will do better when paired with Ant Man.

    1. Her role was the smallest among the four actors.
      She was more like a supporting actress….also nominated for the best supporting actress role.
      lead actress was Amy Adams.

  23. Question for Ms. Lawrence: Which is more of an actual crisis to woman’s rights: getting paid less than men for less work than men (nevermind she’s making more than a lot of men who actually produce something useful for society), or the rape epidemic in Europe and in the Middle East?

  24. Jennifer Lawrence seems to whine a lot more since the entire world saw a picture of her with cum on her face.

  25. Uhm seriously – could you guys be any more delusional ? The arguments you try pull out of your sorry behinds are so laughable, they can only be topped by the fact that you seriously don’t see yourself how ridiculous your are.
    Male actors suffer more because they die more often… in MOVIES?!?
    Dying in a movie equals suffering?
    If you ‘Kings’ would be truly representative of the male gender, then we would urgently need a Matriarchy. Immediately.
    You may wish to rule but sorry blokes,- I hate to break it to you- such responsibility requires a functioning brain. A small pair of insecure balls is not enough 🙂

      1. There is nothing to agree or disagree, because there is no valid text, let alone argument. Just spilling out self ridicule and delusions doesn’t qualify for an article just because it is published on a not even that funny webpage.

        1. Lawrence explains in her own words what is behind her smaller paycheck (excuse me while I puke over the idea that her checks for playing make-believe are small):
          “When the Sony hack happened and I found out how much less I was being paid than the lucky people with dicks, I didn’t get mad at Sony. I got mad at myself. I failed as a negotiator because I gave up early.”
          So it seems Ms. Lawrence wants it both ways: she complains that her lack of negotiation chops are the reason she is “underpaid” compared to her male colleagues. She then claims those men get paid more because they are “lucky people with dicks”, while implying that they also have better negotiating skills. So which is it: their cocks or their negotiating skills? She wants to be treated just like a man would in a negotiation, but then complains that she is a shitty negotiator and blames it on a lack of a penis. And idiot Millenial girls admire this moron.
          Stupidity and hypocrisy know no limits in Ms. Lawrence and feminists in general.

        2. If a woman had an equally dangerous/controversial role, she would (naturally) receive equal payment to a man, provided also her credentials are equal (popularity, seniority, ability to negotiate, etc).
          The reason for inequality is that women tend to just sit back and bitch while men get off their asses and get shit done.

        3. Whatever honey. Keep convincing yourself if that makes you happy. I actually have no interest in arguing with guys of your club here. Not even remotely discussion worthy.
          Thankfully you kings, bangers and “rational” males( that’s a good one) are a bad joke form the past that still weakly lingers to eventually wither away.

        4. I’m not your honey, fag. And the fact that you cannot counter my argument except with insults proves my point for everyone to see. Saying “I have no interest in arguing….” is the classic tactic of a loser who has no rational response. Good job. Your gay friends will be proud. And don’t write to me again, fagboy. I don’t want you.

        5. Hehe,- I still find it hard to believe this isn’t all satire, but against all odds and rationality you do really believe all your funny little male testosterone myths. Cute 🙂

        6. Well, stallion it is then? 😉
          So Stallion – No matter how hard you try there really is nothing to counter. You don’t have any arguments. Zero. Nada 🙂
          And I am not insulting you to counter, it’s just fun and so easy because you do the whole work yourself 🙂

        7. Well, yes and I am doing you a favour because it simply is the highest form of attention the drivel here deserves.
          Now I’m getting bored with it though. So bye bye kiddies. Maybe some day, some of you will grow up. Maybe…
          Until then good luck and good night 🙂

        8. How do you explain Lawrence’s hypocritical statement, Harvey Milk? All you are doing is running from the challenge I posed and then you behave in typically wussie fashion like most lefists. I get it, you don’t want to really debate, you just want to hurl insults.

        9. Would you like to actually answer the point raised and what Lawrence actually thinks is the reason for her smaller paycheck? Or are you just pulling the standard “Shit, he’s got a point, I’d better flounce now before I expose my ignorance?”

        10. When you answer the direct question I posed to you at the beginning of our exchange (me: quotes from Lawrence. you: insults) about her hypocrisy, I’ll answer your question how I know you are gay.

        11. Oh, I know, I was just wondering if Mr Flounce had an actual argument. He seems to have real issues with his sexuality and his relationships with women given how hard he defends them on his posting history.

        12. See, that is exactly the core problem with studs like you .
          Reality is just not at all how you fantasise and instead of accepting that in order to start dealing with it and eventually growing, you just make stuff up. No mater how absurd and detached from reality, in order to fit the world into your limited perception. One in which someone like me can of course only be gay, although you have no ground whatsoever for your ‘ knowledge’.
          This is per definition a delusion and there is no arguing with delusions.
          So no, you don’t actually have to tell me how you know, because you can’t know whether I am gay or not anyway.

        13. Again, you avoid the issue. You can’t address Lawrence’s hypocrisy directly as I requested. I highlighted the blatant hypocrisy in her statement and ask for your analysis and then you call me “honey”. Enjoy your evening, Julian.

        14. Can’t drop the wishful thinking this days eh? 😉
          In all fairness though, yes, anything will rust in time because none of us is getting any younger. So far love & life have been pretty terrific tough. Well, at least ever since I got out of puberty in the mid 80’s.
          One thing I realized early on that has only been confirmed over and over again –
          Real self confident and truly self respecting men naturally and easily respect women not an ounce less than themselves and don’t feel the slightest need to dominate or control a woman.

        15. Mid eighties? You must be around my father’s age. In his 28 years (and counting)of marriage he’s known women are nuts.
          It is hard to explain (as much of human nature is) but a self-respecting man makes people want to be dominated or controlled, for that allows an emotional intimacy/security. An example of which (not involving women) would be the brotherhood between feudal lord and his soldiers. Through superior cunning, intellect and his own self-respect he makes people want his respect and dominion -Yes- NATURALLY. It is through realizing that he is superior to his fellow man and his humility that make him an idol.
          Even Roosh is starting to feel hollow, going from anger to depression (see his “have sex with girls you don’t like video) and even acceptance (See chart). Most people in the manosphere are still in the “anger phase”.

        16. Let me get this straight –
          You so far make 2 assumptions about me:
          1. I am not interacting with women much
          2.) I am young enough that you can give me advice on how my armour will rust in due time.
          Now the actual facts are :
          1.) My life was and is filled with emotionally, sexually and intellectually extremely fulfilling relationships with women.
          2.) I am old enough to be your father
          So you make these completely false assumptions simply because you need to fit me into your distorted world view and yet you still think you can/should lecture me about the relationship between men and woman and human nature?
          Why? Because of your fathers experience who for whatever reason was unlucky enough to only attract nuts women?
          Too bad for him, but what has that to do with your or me?
          Do your really need to make the limited experience of your father a benchmark for your future life?
          The fun part really is when you point to a video of Roosh, who is an utter idiot to begin with and a prime example for the the insecure type of men I was referring too.
          Ironically even Roosh at this point at least partly realizes the hollowness of his manosphere drivel.
          The thing is though – I already knew that before i even had my first girlfriend. As a result I skipped all that bullshit and sexual relationships that could make me fell hollow. I had almost none of these, except for a very few mistakes I can count on half of my right hand.
          And no,- before you jump jump to another wrong conclusion,- not because of a lack of opportunity.
          I had more than enough opportunity for shallow one night stands. I just couldn’t care less.
          So, do you really think you, Roosh or any other wannabe “king” of this manosphere has anything valuable to teach me?
          Maybe, just maybe you would gain a lot more form stepping out of that stupid manosphere and get a wider perspective.

    1. You’ve clearly misunderstood the article – if not deliberately trolling. Its not the actors – the characters suffer more.
      Of course most films don’t have a significant death toll, its that art is imitating life. To have a 50 kilo woman playing the Bruce Willis role in a film is a sure way to disrupt the suspension of disbelief.
      The audience also couldn’t deal with her getting hurt like a typical male lead – which just shows you how biased we are about gender. Women getting hurt is still orders of magnitude worse than the same for men. Likewise, all those faceless goons the hero gets to mow down are always men, because women aren’t normally treated like such cannon fodder.
      Even in the Hunger Games, what’s Katniss’s weapon of choice? A bow and arrow. Its the usual fantasy weapon Hollywood gives women because they don’t have to get up close and personal with the men. Its slightly less ridiculous than having a women dress up in armour and fighting with a sword. There’s also less chance of them getting skewered by an opponent and dying a horrible death.
      Game of Thrones does the same with Ygritte (I realise Brienne’s an exception, but she’s meant to stand out as being unusual). Also in the Narnia films, out of the three children who fight. the two guys get swords and armour – the girl get a bow and arrow. She gets to stand 200 feet behind the others and hit the enemy from a distance. We wouldn’t want to see her getting all messy now would we? And those are just the examples off the top of my head.
      The bottom line – we want to follow stories (films, books, etc) about heroes, but being a hero is inherently dangerous. Since we still treat women as precious creatures far more then men, this greatly limits their options on film, so female actresses subsequently get paid less.
      How is this train of thought particularly hard to follow?

    2. You offer no argument and give only insults. Insulting people is easy and it doesn’t take a profound person to create an insult. If you know why everyone is delusional and lacks a functioning brain then provide the evidence, otherwise your low choice of baseless accusations show your lack of intellect.

      1. It’s a policy of mine to never, ever under any circumstance reply to people with their gay pride icons. I know precisely what they’re going to say, how they’re going to say it and how they’re going to snark and ad hominem. They are boring.

        1. It would have served me well to heed your advice, Mr. Jefferson. Nonetheless, if exposing one more SJW idiot helps the cause, even minutely, it will have been worth it.

  26. In a lot of movies, the villain is the big star. Women are eternally innocent victims. Just as in the real world, people that are claiming to be the helpless victim all time are not very interesting to be around.
    Why are there no complaints about men making less in the porn industry? Why are the equality warriors OK with this?

  27. Suffering breeds character, and without that suffering, there will be fewer roles for female actresses to play.
    The playwright Samuel Beckett famously said that he could never write a serious or tragic role for a female character in any of his dramatic works and even his comedic roles rarely involve women. His most famous depiction of a female character on stage is Winnie in the macabre 1961 comedy “Happy Days”.
    Winnie embodies for Beckett that never-ending, never changing, garrulous female persona who prattles away to eternity about absolutely nothing of consequence to her taciturn husband, Willie, who rarely responds directly to what is simply her head endlessly prattling away, unaware as ever, from the top of a mound of clay that began at her waist in Act 1. The play is both bleak and funny, but, never tragic, as Winnie, his best and most complete representative of femaleness in many key respects is never, ever, ever a tragic character. Unlike his male characters who’ve elements of farce and wit about them in their clownish tramp like rag tails and punched out bowler hats (Vladamir and Estragon in Godot), there’s also always that element of pathos and despair in them that makes them characters in the sense not Winnie never is, with her endless lack of introspection, wit and pathos.
    Modern feminists English lecturers dislike intensely Beckett’s entire oeuvre because of the neglect and absence of female characters across his stage works, and, when they do appear they’re generally as toothless crones living in dust bins or characters like Winnie, prattling away endless nonsense as she’s been buried in clay.
    Beckett who was remarkably exact and demanding about who played what roles in his plays wrote in exact instructions with every character that they are never to be performed by a female actress on stage if the part is male.
    Late in his life, he was asked by a Journalist why he was so particular,exact and inflexible about demanding that Vladamir and Estragon in Godot to be performed only by men on stage, to which he retorted in his usual laconic style “Because women don’t have prostrates, that’s why”.

  28. To be truthful we must consider that women get hacked up plenty in slasher flicks. I have seen females die some pretty gruesome deaths in some of the films I have seen. Maybe men and women actually get paid equally but more women just spend that money so fast they think they had less OR, men just know how to pick better lawyers when it comes to contract negotiations.

  29. Two things in am confounded by:
    People who say Jennifer Lawrence can’t act
    People who hate Marvel movies.

    1. She is indeed a talented actress, but her script on this issue, if you’ll pardon the bad pun, is poorly written and exposes her childish, immature perception of how the world really works…even among Hollywood degenerates.

    2. She can act, kinda sorta I guess. Standards of acting have fallen so far across the industry that it’s a pretty low bar to be a good actor or actress these days.
      As to Marvel movies, those would be great if I were a teenager. As a middle aged man, they’re just not my cup of tea, I need something a bit more engaging than “Hulk smash!”.

      1. Yes, the hulk has a rather limited vocabulary. And his stand alone movie is pretty much the black sheep of the Marvel Universe. But to be fair, he only says that once, and most of the other movies are excellent
        One of the reasons I love superhero movies is that they portray people (albeit fictional ones) that would really be worth looking up to if they really existed. In real life, we only get athletes, musicians, and actors. There ARE real heroes of course, but they get at most a day or two of mild recognition, whereas we get told more than we ever would want to know about the Kardashians. These days, being called a hero often requires nothing more than being popupar famous. I will always think of fictitious characters like Batman and Captain America as better role models than any real life celebrity.
        Which leads me to wonder…who would get more press? A real life superhuman who saves a city from annihilation, or a mentally ill athelete who “bravely” changes his sex (to no real opposition)?
        I must be getting that cynicism thing I keep hearing about 🙁

  30. Whenever violence in a movie involves women, feminists protest and say the movie glorifies violence against women, but feminist’s believe women should be in Military Combat and Special Forces and feminists praise each advancement a woman makes in those career fields even though those career fields will ultimately lead to violence against women…
    There is another reason that female actresses are paid less then Male actors and it has to do with Male actors are more in demand than female actresses, Male actors pull more audience to theaters than female actress’s do, so Male actors are more valuable to movie studios and the Male actors are compensated for their value.

  31. If they do have a woman in a “kickass” role which happens to be a lot in primetime because of women can do anything especially bodes well for advertisers who pander to women because hey are more gullible when it comes to believing in all the bullshit in the ads on t.v.

  32. A bit too much commentary here
    The reason why men do better in anything is that men are generally superior at most things

  33. To be fair, women do get routinely massacred in horror movies. However, feminists don’t seem to complain about that . If anything it’s the women themselves offering themselves in these movies as both fuck toys and as cannon fodder for the Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers of this world. Or like Shannon Elizabeth here, offering herself to be raped to death by an evil anthropomorphic snowman. Maybe it feeds their sense of desirability and their victim complex.

  34. Jennifer complains about pay disparity for projects like American Hustle where she was not the star, but her salary jumped from 500K to 10M after the first Hunger Games movie. Did the co-starring actor playing her fawning little beta get paid as much? Would she be willing to lower her salary so that they were paid equally?
    Jessica Chastain’s name has also come up in this discussion. She made far less than Damon (25 vs. 1.7) for “The Martian” because she is not the fucking star. I would expect her to have made more for Zero Dark Thirty since she was the lead. If she didn’t then she needs better management.

  35. Typical ultra-spoiled rich bitch who complains about “sexism” while being richer than 99.9% of men.

    1. She wants to be richer than 99.99999% of men or it’s discrimination.
      Few actors are known for their brains but I find this girl bitching about equal pay ridiculous.
      Actors belong to SAG, the union, and are paid based on a scale and men and females are paid equally for the same roles.
      A handful of the top actors negotiate their pay for a film and it’s based on what the studio believes the film will earn with that actor, it’s a business.
      She hasn’t even been around long enough to have any track record that will almost guarantee the film will be profitable so I’m surprised that she’s being paid what she is based on a couple of films. I can make a list of actresses who had a big hit and then were never heard from again.If any of them had stayed in acting and got some big deal for a film the studio would be taking a big chance of losing money.So what’s up with this girl and her high pay? She’s going to flop soon.

  36. Plain and simple–the biggest moneymakers in Hollywood are action-packed blockbusters and everyone wants to see men in the roles of the main asskickers. If a woman asskicker is thrown in, it’s usually for SJW reasons or because the gamma nerds in the audience like to imagine themselves getting beat up by her.
    If all movies by law had to be romantic comedies, you can bet the income disparity between male and female actors would drop like a rock. (Or rise in the favor of women once men abandoned the movies altogether…)

    1. If all movies by law have to be romantic comedies, men wouldn’t voluntarily go wait in line for hours on the premier opener. Women would be the primary audience. The problem is that most women do not want to go anywhere alone. They always need their husbands or boyfriends with them. Most of the times, women don’t or can’t decide what movie to watch and leave it to the men to decide for both of them. Guys would then pick something else than watching romantic comedies so the demand drops and actresses would be out of work.

      1. Her: “So honey, which do you want to see? Debbie Finds Herself With Her New Boytoy or How To Give Women Love And Flowers All The Time In New York?”
        Me: “Terminator 2

  37. Dear Jennifer,
    Given your celebrity status, your net worth is most likely an enormous sum, unless you’ve been struck by some financial hardship about which the public does not know.
    Your complaints about making less money than male actors is going to accomplish nothing other than empowering women to perpetuate ridiculous statistics about the wage gap, unequal pay and the evil, toxic hand of the patriarchy, through which all things have been made possible. That includes the camera that was used to snap your naked pictures.
    Use your talents and just exist as an entertainer, not some shill. Enjoy the seven or so more years of relevance you might have before you have to resort to releasing a gang bang video in order to stay on the popular side of the fence.
    Victimhood looks good on no one and as you’ve clearly demonstrated, it knows no bounds.
    -Sir Michael the Honest

  38. What I find most hilarious is, with all the flaming left-wing zealotry espoused by the Hollywood elite, it is they themselves who have failed this great liberal shit test of comparable worth, equal pay, etc.
    Quotas for the great unwashed masses in fly-over country, but merit pay for we in the entertainment industry!

  39. The worth of women in films is T & A. if they get naked and show the goodies then they make a ton more then men. Just like in real life though once they give up the goodies they are devalued just like once a car leaves the dealership lot. Plus who wants to watch a woman do the same thing a male lead does. Like Arnold busting skulls in an action movie. No one wants to watch a woman do that.

  40. The obvious reason is that women do not have the versatility of men. women running, even across a high street, look absolutely ridiculous. they tend to like their high heels too, so that rules them out of doing loads of things, so theyve ruled themselves out all by themselves. lmao. Nobody is going to take seriously a female detective in a suit & high heels chasing the bad guy through the city sewer systems. even policewomen in regular uniform look laughable when running & couldn’t catch sh–. Its the same deal with female soldiers, expert snipers & grizzled veterans? gimme a f—-g break. lmao
    Many, many other things too, as we all know, women have no sense of humour and couldn’t tell a decent joke to save their lives. it looks as unnatural as f–k on screen if they do try it.

  41. The kill ratio is skewed across all shows.
    If you go to the Sopranos wiki, to the list of deaths, the entire show had 92 deaths, 85 men and 7 women. This is a mafia show, yet still, male expendability is the norm.

    1. Even gangsters don’t kill females. If one is so bad that they have to be taught a lesson they used to get some homosexual to beat her up.I’m serious about that.That’s what the real gangsters did.

  42. Anyone see Obama’s new slogan “Play like a girl.” with the girl’s soccer team? He says it means you’re a badass.
    Well seeing these girls saying play like a girl, I would hope so since they DO look like girls unless her last name is Jenner.

  43. Good article, but you don’t go far enough. Men are far more interesting. The hero needs to overcome a challenge to get the girl. The girl tends to sit there looking pretty. What challenges do women NEED to overcome? Basically none. The world comes to them. Men, in art as in life, have to fight tooth and nail for every little thing. The danger is the flip side of this. Some men triumph and others die. It’s interesting viewing. The women just bumble along looking nice.
    A young man needs to earn his place in the world. A young woman arrives with her place already earned courtesy of what’s between her legs.
    It comes back to the fact that women are human beings, but men are human doings. When the medium calls for mere existence, with something to look at, women out-earn men by an obscene margin.

  44. There is a more fundamental reason why female actors get paid less. Nobody, neither men nor women, really wants to watch them.

    1. Well, except for porno. Although in that case women make *way* more than the men in that genre. Something I’ll bet feminists never bring up.

  45. A recent example: I’ve heard a lot of people complain about Katie McGrath’s death scene in Jurassic World as being “overkill or too much”. But I haven’t heard any complaints about Vincent D’Onofrio’s death scene, which was way more personal and gory. Now that I think about it… She may be the only female character to die in the whole quadrilogy. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    1. Dude gets munched in half by a dinosaur while sitting on a toilet, no biggie, in fact it’s a laugh line. Chick dies “OMG! Overkill! Too much!”

  46. Great article. Can a piece be done on how commercials portray men, mostly white, as bumbling fools and everyone else as bright individuals?

    1. That cat’s been out of the bag for a long time. What needs to be done now, I think, is to organize a movement against this kind of portrayal, or at least getting some kind of vocal boycott going.

    2. It was always a bit like that but has now become absurd. Remember that it was stay at home wives who watched the daytime soap operas and of course men had to be the villains and females the victims. OK I’ve never watched them so perhaps I’m overstating it but I have a feeling that it was this way with only the occasional female villain.

  47. So you’re saying men get paid more because they have to fake die more? Is fake dying somehow harder to enact for an actor for which they need extra compensation? Spurious argument.

    1. I don’t completely follow the logic. You could say that there are more action roles for men so they will be in more demand and therefore paid a premium. Plus “special skills” (driving, shooting, fighting and such) are more common among actors than actresses and those skills come at a premium. People who fight on screen are more likely to die on screen, so there could be a mild third hand connection.
      But that is talking about stunt work, character actors and background performers. If discussing leads, costars and supporting roles, I think there is something more fundamental going on.

    2. It’s because they can’t get the “hurt more” roles, which are almost always lead roles (unless you wear a red shirt on Star Trek), because society doesn’t seem to cotton to women being tortured and harmed with impunity like it does with men. This is rather like how children being killed is far less frequent than men being killed, because it’s so shocking to our consciousness. The Hunger Games scene (the first movie) where the kids all started their initial run after the loot and started mass murdering each other was *highly* disturbing to me, to the point that I almost stopped watching the movie. It’s just so uncommon.

      1. Men are disposable in real life and the films.When they want to show a real heinous scene they’ll show a female getting killed, or even just smacked around a little.That’s after a 100 men get killed and mutilated trying to save her.

  48. A woman’s prime time to star in movies is nearly equivalent to her time to hit the Wall. Once she hits the Wall, in the movies, she gets selected for far fewer roles and far less glamorous roles, which rarely if ever command top dollar. Even if she’s the star at an older age, it’s normally on some idiot RomCom which gets hardly anything big bucks wise compared to when she was 19 and playing the T&A eye candy in an action movie. There are exceptions, but these are due almost solely to typecasting aka Ripley.
    This means that over her career she’ll make a hell of a lot less when averaged out than men like Sean Connery who got more and more money the more he aged since men don’t have a “Wall” like women do that stops them from being viable after the age of 28.

    1. Very true. Her main job is to look hot on screen and in the promo ads. This is why despite spending almost a half-million on plastic surgery Demi Moore is only up for roles that have the description of “mom” now.

      1. Demi Moore, there’s a blast from the past. I honestly haven’t seen a movie she’s been in, in fact I don’t know a movie she’s been in, since the 1990’s. Her ex-husband and all around man’s man, Bruce Willis, is still cranking out box office gold. Just like in real life between women and men, so it is in Hollywood between women and men.

        1. You made my point. She’s an obvious example of an actress that was on top of the mountain and has desperately and vainly tried to maintain her standings in Hollywood. Unfortunately the wall and Father Time have other plans.

        2. Demi was OK in Blame It On Rio when she was 20 and had nice natural firm boobs for the topless scenes.
          Lawrence will be overweight and flabby in 2-3 years.
          Actors live in a fantasy world and some can’t accept the fact that they’re too old for the roles they play. Errol Flynn was getting to look ridiculous in his 40’s playing swashbuckling roles like Robin Hood.An older man if he’s a good actor can play older roles. He died in his 50’s just after marrying a girl who I believe was 15 or16 years old.
          Any of you know Mickey Rourke?He was very big in the 80’s. My mother knows him. Well, when he was younger he was a fair boxer and was telling me that he wanted to go pro.I told him he’s almost 40 and all he’d get was his face beaten in by a younger guy and his boxing days were over and to stick to acting where he was making good money.As he got older he could just play older roles like Richard Gere.Didn’t listen and sure enough got his face messed up, got plastic surgery that made him look even worse.It was only sheer luck that he got to play loser stumblebum roles like in the Wrestler. Stick to what you know and know your limitations.Some of it is ageing but look at him in 8 1/2 Weeks compared to the Wrestler. He would have just looked like a good looking older man compared to looking like a steamroller went over his face.That’s from taking a beating and plastic surgery that after a certain age just doesn’t heal right.

        3. Oh no, totally agree, when she was young she was quite succulent. I totally get why Willis decided to wife her up (that was acceptable at the time, heh). That didn’t last long though.
          She aged fast, then bought herself a boy toy “husband” who then left her when he discovered he could attract hordes of 19 year old girls. Heh.

        4. That Ashton dummy. He must have mommy issues lol
          Ok it’s easy to see why he left. She was too old to have a kid. He married that Kunis girl and she got pregnant right away.A lot of young guys many times can’t see what a female will look like in 5 years. If he’s 25 and she’s pushing 40 she may still look ok but in a very short time you’ll be 30 and for a man look young but she be past menopause and it will begin to look like she’s your mother. Females can go to pot fast once they lose their oestrogen.
          That actor from Grease, Caulfield married Mills who was 20 years older when he was young himself and is still married but although he looks like a nice older man she in her 70’s looks like his mother.

  49. And let’s not forget the main reason; actresses like JLaw are just less compelling and less committed than the top male actors. Christian Bale is iconic, and has physically committed himself to widely diverse roles (The Machinist, Batman, American Hustle) where his weight and body composition have dramatically, and unhealthfully, shifted. You can’t replace Bale and have the performance be the same.
    Jennifer Lawrence, you could replace with Shailene Woodley, Dakota Johnson, ScarJo, Alexandra Daddario, etc. and the quality of the performance would be exactly the same. She’s wooden faced and unimpressive, and there’s simply no reason to overpay for that

  50. Hah!! female “””actresses””” thinking they are worth a damn.
    You are just a pretty face, bitch, if you leave they can just get another one.

  51. I have to agree that Jennifer Lawrence is a terrible actress. I think this article is way off though. I don’t think that men depicting men’s suffering in art imitating life has anything to do with the pay gap. People like Harrison Ford and Tom Hanks are really good at their craft. Very few men could do what they do as well as they do it. Who else could play the roles Robert Deniro played, or Al Pacino played? Very few people is the answer.
    Who else could play the roles Jennifer Lawrence could play? Any attractive female is the answer. I’ve never been to Hollywood, but I hear they have so many attractive females trying to get into the movies that you can sit at a coffee shop with head shots of girls in a manila envelope and get laid left and right by 8’s and 9’s. It really backs up the idea that beauty is cheap. These women should ask themselves what else they have going on? Honestly, they could probably get by with hiring a beautiful girl from the coffee shop and paying her rent for 12 months in most cases if they really wanted to.
    Since someone else mentioned Star Wars, I’d like to note that Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia, was hired for her acting ability and not beauty. She’s really not that cute. She’s about a 6 with a decent body in my book. Or she was at that time. Anyone who’s interested should look up the casting auditions for princess leia before the original movie. They passed up some much prettier girls whom were just terrible actors. Carrie Fisher nailed the upity regalness and stoic calm of royalty, followed by the brattiness that was to come to dominate the culture of american princesses for the next several decades. I think she had exactly what Lucas needed.
    One more example of an actress hired for her ability and not her beauty. Barbara Strisand (no idea how to spell her last name). Chicks love everything she is in. She might be the least attractive female in hollywood but she sure can sing. I bet she quietly demands more money than miss Lawrence and get’s it when she decides to work.

    1. Carrie Fischer is Eddie Fischer’s daughter with Debbie Reynolds, both big stars in their day. She was also married to Paul Simon at the time so she apparently had some In with the studio.On her own she’d never get anywhere.
      This is a bit before my time but Fischer always looked like a mangina to me.Richard Burton took Liz Taylor away from him.You know Burton, that hard drinking Welshman who used to give Taylor a black eye once in a while.She absolutely loved him and even after getting a divorce she married him a 2nd time lol Dick died of a brain haemorrhage likely due to drinking 3 bottles of Scotch a day.She loved him :o)

  52. He also contracted anally transmitted sex death disease. So basically what I’m saying here is that your uncle is quite untrustworthy.

  53. There is Jackie Chan and Jet Li, but they are martial artists. Choy Yun Fat comes to mind but he has always been gun fu in western minds. Only Andy Lau comes to mind but he has never broken though into western media. Strictly speaking, John Cho is Korean-American and a few other Korean men have had break out parts in western movies, but generally they are overlooked while hot Asian women can do well in Hollywood by wrapping their knees about their necks or playing kung fu doll, not that I am complaining. . .

  54. Females actors are overpaid when young and good looking but then go downhill fast because outside of their looks they rarely have anything else to offer.Do you know of any fugly young girls who are ‘stars’? I bet that I could take a good looking girl and easily train her as an actress equal to anything you see on the screen today. All females are natural actresses anyway. I’ll have to get another grant and study it to amuse myself and prove my point.

    1. That fat chick they’ve been using as a protagonist in several “See? Fat people are cool!” movies from the mid 2000’s. Don’t recall her name, but she is (was) young and horrible. Some stupid dance movie is what I’m thinking of, can’t remember the name of it.

  55. How can you say that Lawrence hasn’t suffered? She once broke a fingernail, and needed therapy for PTSD when someone said she was a bit chubby.

  56. While it may be true, yes, that male stars tend to earn a bigger paycheck, the question remains exactly why this is? … The reason is because male characters – like their real world equivalents – suffer far more than their female co-stars.

    This article is dumb. The author clearly didn’t read the study that feminists often cite, which actually says that female actresses in their 20s make MORE than male actors in their 20s. Major missed opportunity by the author. Only later in life, in their mid-30s, do actors make more than actresses. Female value in Hollywood closely follows female value in real life. A woman’s value is based on her beauty and fertility, and let’s face it, when it comes to attracting an audience, old women just can’t compete against the latest 20-something hottie.

  57. so the author is complaining that the male CHARACTERS suffer more than female characters? you do know the characters aren’t real people, right?
    and how exactly is this related to the actors’ paychecks?
    Edit: I just re-read the article and he does mention that it is because there is a greater variety of roles available to male actors. I guess that makes sense, but I still get a vibe from this article like the author is bitching about the “injustices” that men have to suffer, just like a feminist.

    1. I’d say I’m here to combat the nonsense of the social justice crowd, wherever it is. If that just makes me the mirror image of them, well, so be it.

  58. Something is seriously wrong with Australians (the author is Australian). The fact that they let their guns be confiscated alone is proof that there is something wrong with them. But if you’ve ever met, or even seen a video of, an australian woman, they all have this crazy vibe, like they’re on meth or something. Ever notice how the Australian feminists are the craziest?
    Also, I just found out that John Money, the psychologist who convinced David Reimer’s parents to raise him as a girl, and then (according to Reimer) sexually abused Reimer and his brother during their sessions, was from New Zealand (close enough). When I found out his nationality, I was not surprised at all. In fact, the whole David Reimer story makes a lot more sense now.

  59. Jennifer Lawrence is only 25 years old, I daresay she probably earns more than any 25 year old male actor. There are of course some superb actresses out there from a craft point of view but Lawrence is perhaps being a whiney Pratt.
    I suspect that 1/ men find it harder to get to the top but probably stay there a bit longer if they do whereas 2/ girls get there quicker (due to looks) but then fall of as their looks fade. The ones that remain are capable.
    Another factor my simply be the intersection of the old “supply and demand” curves: there are plenty of young girls who want to be actresses (whose desire has supposedly been exploited on the casting couch) whereas there are probably simply less men and those men who are involved or they are more determined.
    Many of Laurence’s roles are based on ‘looks’ and superb beauty rather than some hard core method acting suffering or deep understanding of character despite the “spin” that she is an ‘Laurence Olivier’. Hopefully she turns up to work on time and knows her lines, which is half of bankable acting.
    I suspect its quite hard for a non Jewish male actor as well.

  60. The feminist criticisms of Game of Thrones are baffling to me. If you REALLY watch the show and think about it, the women have all the power and are the most cunning. The men are just out there doing grunt work and look like a bunch of dopes. If anything the show is pro-women. Sure, there’s sex, hookers and violence toward women. But that’s part of the HBO formula. They actually have a nudity quota, a sex quota and especially a gay quota. And at the end of the day, its more like real life, which is what people want in a show. Or so I thought.

  61. Now that you think about it, they’re all a bunch of snowflakes. It makes sense now that woman actors make less money, because every single role they’d take on comes with artistic restrictions. Hell, it’s almost never that you see a female serial killer or one who does something inhuman. It’s always men who are the worst villains. I noticed in Hunger Games that her character NEVER ACTUALLY KILLED ANYONE! The industry follows the forumla that society and SJW’s use to put woman in that special place where they can get away with pretending to be better than they are.

  62. you tube bill burr, epidemic of gold digging whores. “A guy gets his penis cut off and she throws it in the garbage disposal” and its funny………

  63. You might have some good points BUT its still a case of people on seats at theatres – Can anyone name a block buster that has a female lead(the blockbuster Mad Max doesn’t count) the only one I can think of is Bridget Jones Diary. Whining women in the entertainment field seem to be starting to mimic real life Jennifer Lawrence prior to her Helen Mirren.

  64. The fact also is women are disposable in movies. You have roles where the man needs to be old and have some gusto do you pull a de Niro or Pacino. These women get old quick you are just a pretty face not an actual presence so soon they will find another pretty face, but you can’t find another on screen personality which these women actresses just don’t have.

  65. Excellent piece. The only thing you left out is the fact that men get kicked in the crotch in movies and it’s supposedly funny when they’re writhing on the floor in pain, especially if a woman did the kicking. Women get kicked in the crotch… never. If they did, the studio that allowed such barbaric treatment of women in film would be boycotted.

  66. This was my problem with Anita’s stupid criticism of video games. She looked at violent video games in which the player character slaughters thousands of anonymous men, and then cherry picks a few optional scenarios in which women in distress exist for the sake of drama, and only fucking talks about those. It’s disgusting misandry, acting like the heaps of male corpses in those games don’t matter at all.

  67. Also Jennifer Lawrence is a boring cunt whose miserable failed acting ruined the Hunger Games for me even though I enjoyed the books.

  68. But, but, but what about Lara Croft, Tomb Raider? She kicks mens’ asses!
    Hey, that gives me an idea for a porn movie: Larry Crotch, Womb Raider…Ha!

  69. If Jennifer Lawrence wants to be a film star that makes more than her male counterparts, she should do porn

  70. According to the following website:
    There are 392 dead characters in GOT at this stage of the tale.
    Of which 58 (14,8%) are women.
    On the following website:
    there are 40 chosen characters’ death circumstances. Of which 11 (27.5%) are women.
    I conducted statistical test that showed there are female characters overrepresented in the article that samples those forty dead characters (p=0.012).
    Moreover, I conducted another serial test that showed that the first aforementioned website when characters are sorted by search rate have female deceased characters significantly more sought for (p=0.026)
    A conclusion can be drawn: Female deceased characters of GOT are more interesting for the audience and, consequenly, are overrepresented in some articles on the internet.

  71. Also include this: Women tend to be more narrowly typecast than men. For example, imagine Angelina Jolie as Katniss Everdeen. Doesn’t work, right? The smaller number of roles for which a particular actress is deemed “a good fit” somewhat reduces the amount she can demand per role.
    It occurred to me as I wrote the above that female villains are fairly rare, as well. No doubt that also has an effect on actresses’ remuneration.

  72. I refuse to see “hunger games” or “divergent” or “jupiter ascending” or any other movie where the central plot revolves around the “intelligent” decisions of a XX’er.
    The reason being: as disconnected from reality as these movies tend to be, having to be exposed to an additional layer of fecal feminism on top of what already exists is sufficient enough to trigger an emesis moment.
    Watching a female behave like a male and males behave like females is something i prefer to avoid.

    1. I did find Hunger Games and Divergent to be mildly entertaining, but nowhere near masterpiece status. It helped that I rented them way after the hype died. Of course watching Lawrence naked in it would have been a bonus, because she is hot, but nowhere Shaylene Woodley hot.

      1. Meh. To each his own. I can’t disconnect my mind away from the feminism these movies promote to care.
        I will say that the chick from divergent seems intriguing to me, if only for her remarks criticizing feminism.

  73. Anything with the stink of Lena Dunham should not be trusted. That woman fails as a journalist and has the beauty and grace of a baboon’s ass.
    Meanwhile in journalism heaven, Walter Kronkite sobs uncontrollably.

  74. Christ, I saw her in the news whining about the wage inequality and I’m thinking, “Bitch! You’re filthy, fucking rich! You are richer than most men; how much more goddamn money do you want?”

  75. “We simply won’t put up with women being treated like such cannon fodder.”
    Unless the women live in the middle east. Then all bets are off.

  76. There’s this person making literally infinite more than me(I’m unemployed student, I actually make negative income), and she’s saying her paychecks small. Go out there and meet some poor people. Just go out into the street, half of them are starving and homeless.

  77. Don’t lump actresses in with the commentators writing critiques on their work. I worked professionally in both theatre and film for years – theatre, in particular, is focussed around women in all but the casting (2/3 female audience, but women go to the theatre to see hot men, and so you need a brooding/hot male lead in the publicity photo), and every actress I knew was well aware of what you point out. They want more interesting roles, and so it isn’t the actresses that complain about depictions of rape/violence against women.
    In fact, the contrary aims of actresses are well-known to feminist critics, who often throw them under the bus with barbed criticisms of how they’re prone to overlook sexism for the sake of turning rape into a ‘a challenging performance’. If you look at the plays written or directed by women, they’re far more likely to have nasty/flawed/suffering – i.e. interesting – female characters. It’s always the white-knight male writers that insert the boringly flawless female lead; usually making them their ‘voice of the writer’s conscience’, completely disconnected from the plot other than to be the pure angelic love interest who points out the main character’s errors.

  78. Your point holds no logic. I have worked on movie sets. I have even rigged a woman who was getting shot. I see actors at work. Someone getting staged to get killed (gruesomely or less gruesomely) does not mean they are working any harder than the actors who are not getting killed. I am sorry but your argument makes no logical sense. Not only are having two separate conversations which do not make sense together, but you are only using one show’s statistics to prove your point without bringing in the greater movie/TV industry statistics to even make one of your points about violence. Your idea that someone doing the more violent roles being what warrants more pay is simply not true to what I have seen in the industry. Stunt scenes are hard, true, but murder scenes are alot harder for crew than anyone. The actor is simply doing their job as an actor as they would in any other scene. Now stunt scenes? They are much harder, but more and more women are doing the stunts too. Jennifer Lawrence has done alot of stunt work in roles she has played. ‘Hunger Games’ was indeed an intense shoot in which she stepped up to the plate consistently. Acting is ALOT harder than it looks on TV when it comes to intense drama. They all tend to work long hours and sometimes under difficult conditions. I once was on a set where we had a female actress lead who was playing the role of being locked in a basement in this pretty dress I had dressed her in. The director closed the set. She ended up putting her hand through an old window and slicing her wrist and we had to rush her to the hospital. She had to have a cast and put off nerve damage surgery until the shoot was over. I had to learn how to dress her to cover up the cast in scenes that were not yet shot and in some scenes maintain continuity from when she was wearing a cocktail dress. She worked incredibly hard and under highly difficult and crucial circumstances to save the entire film, despite the fact that she was in an incredible amount of pain and taking very light pain killers because she had to stay on her game and we were pulling sometimes 17 hour days. Oh and then there is also the factor that women tend to have to endure filming in outdoor conditions in the cold wearing much less clothing than the males. I cannot tell you how many times I have been throwing blankets on women in between cuts because they were asked to stand in the cold with skirts minimal hosiery, light jackets and high heels!!! They also have to stand in heels all flipping day long which is incredibly fatiguing!!! Saying that women take less actual risks in asserting themselves in the industry, and that it results in less pay is one of the most ignorant and misogynistic assertions I have ever heard made. There is a simple reason why men earn more in the industry. It is simply because they are men and our society regards their roles in film to be more crucially operative and the female to be the supporting (even if they are both being referred to as ‘leads’). Bottom line, men get paid more in the industry simply because our society still unconsciously prefers male leads. And it is not just men’s fault. It is a reality that both men and women continue to unconsciously support.

  79. Not too mention, the vast majority of people making Hollywood films are liberals, hiring other liberals; so the hypocrisy between the way they pay employees and the way they b*tch about the way employees are paid is an irony I hope nobody is missing.

  80. This is the silliest excuse for why women actors don’t get paid the same! lol. Whether someone “dies” in a movie, has nothing to do with how much a person gets paid. You must be very young.

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