An Afternoon With Mike During Men’s Month

Mike rounded the corner, passing a large billboard with a picture of four men–white, black, Asian, and Latino, all smiling. At the bottom of the sign, a state employment agency with the motto “We’ll find you the right job to satisfy you—no matter what!” He barely noticed the sign as he entered the door to one of the newest establishments in town, and hopped up onto the barstool grinning.

It was men’s night at the new local taqueria, and that meant half price drinks for him and all his buddies. He had just left the nonprofit group Men’s Wellness, where he was paid an extremely respectable stipend to visit local public schools and educate the children on issues facing men in society.  It was a fairly easy job, requiring just three hours a day, which left him free to attend classes at the local university where he took classes in men’s studies and woodworking (just for fun) and his income was paid by a generous government grant, with great job stability.


As Mike sat at the bar, overlooking the open kitchen area, he noticed the entire waitstaff and kitchen crew were decked out in special red sportcoats.  A quick glance around the room reminded him that this was the first of April—Men’s Month—how could he forget!?  The many posters and flyers around the room informed anyone in the restaurant—or even walking by—that this was Men’s Month, and a portion of all proceeds from the restaurant would be diverted to a special government fund used for such activities as Mike’s part time wellness gig.

In addition to the red sportscoats, each employee’s shirt had an individual message, from “Teaching and nursing are for MEN too!” to the classic “Father STILL knows best!”

Mike glanced around the room, waiting for a couple of buddies to show up. The room was a good mix of men, there for the Thursday special prices, and also women, who knew this was a great opportunity to possibly meet an eligible bachelor. The women were dressed stylishly, but somewhat conservatively, and many had taken extra time before heading out to freshen up their makeup, slip into a feminine dress and heels, and brush their long silky hair, as they didn’t want to waste an opportunity to make a good first impression.

Soon Mike’s friend Jason showed up. Jason was a high school buddy of Mike’s, and they didn’t have much in common anymore, but still met up occasionally in group social settings. Jason and Mike had played basketball together in high school, but since then Jason had let himself go, and had gained several pounds.  He no longer worked out, and while he had been a talented debate team member, with a voracious appetite for reading, he had recently started hanging out at bars every night and dropped the gym for a heavy video game habit.

Mike didn’t really approve of the lifestyle, but Jason seemed happy enough. He always had a smile on his face, a big group of friends, and women seemed to be just as attracted to him, even though his hygiene left something to be desired, and he was about 30 pounds overweight.

Jason gave Mike a high five and before they could get the bartender’s attention, a couple of girls walked up and handed them each a shot of tequila. They smiled, saying “Hi guys, just wanted to wish you a happy start to Men’s Month! I’m Stacy, and this is my friend Cynthia.” They downed the two drinks, and as Mike stuck out his hand to greet the women, Jason blurted out “I’m busy, and my friend is taken.”

The girls quickly turned and walked away quickly with a sad look on their face. “What, we just got here, can’t we socialize in peace without being immediately interrupted by strangers?” Jason said.

Mike shrugged his shoulders, grabbed a menu, and asked what Jason had been up to. “Just got back from organizing a protest this Sunday after church, we’re marching down Main Street to kick off Men’s Month with a rally against Social Flaking. Did you know that one out of five guys will be ignored or stood up by a woman THIS WEEK?

Mike rolled his eyes slightly. Sure, he’d had girls flake on them. Everyone knew women were unreliable. But he also knew the one in five stat was a gross exaggeration, including women who took longer than five minutes to respond to a text message or phone call as a “flake.” While that could be annoying, most of these women ended up replying within 30 minutes, and life went on.

Mike did his best to ignore the Social Flaking Movement, but the “No Flake” symbol of an older gentleman sternly wagging finger was ubiquitous–the latest updates for Apple iOS 10.1 included a subset of “No Flake” emojis in black, yellow, tan, white, and both light and dark brown, which Apple quickly released to respond to Android’s feature that would automatically re-send a message to a confirmed female recipient every five minutes until she responded.

Mike glanced up at the TV. They were showing his college’s women’s volleyball team. However, instead of their normal spandex and kneepads, the team was all wearing red business suits. Mike loved Men’s Month. Lots of attention, food and drink specials everywhere, free health checkups at the local hospitals, and plenty of education on the importance of fathers and the family. But he really didn’t think the girls volleyball team needed to dress up in suits to show their support. After all, isn’t being feminine one of the best ways to support your man? Oh well, not his problem!

nfl pink logo

The guys shared a chips and salsa—only red chips and salsa were available all month long, and even guacamole wouldn’t be sold until Men’s Month ended. A city bus passed by the street outside with a billboard advertising the Federal Men’s Advocacy Center. Ten years ago, the government had opened up the department with local offices in all major cities. The centers were designed to be one stop shops to meet the special needs of men in areas that didn’t overlap with women. Men could come in for free counseling and intermediation designed to help them get through issues with their spouse or partner who didn’t see things as rationally as them.

Men reporting sexual problems were first screened to eliminate the possibility of any medical problems, then a team of counselors, fitness coaches, and makeup artists would put the woman through an intensive six week program designed to improve her outlook, demeanor, and physical appearance so the husband could rekindle his desire for her.

The centers also helped men obtain a SNATCH card (Supplemental Nutritional Athletic Team Card for Health) which entitled the man to a free membership for up to five years to a local gym, who were required to have a full time male nutritionist and sports team organizer offering at least six men only sports leagues.

Finally, their buddy Brad showed up. Brad was a community organizer of the local Preservation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice chapter, charged with reviewing all new technology, fashion, and products to determine if they had any qualities which deemed them unsafe for women or children. If so, the products could not be legally sold to women married less than 20 years or children under the age of 20.

As Brad ordered his drink at the bar, a guy in a sharp business suit walked up to them, and handed them a flyer reminding them of this weekend’s prostate cancer fun run. Hundreds of corporations in the city, valuing the enormous contribution the men of the city provided, had agreed to donate tens of thousands of dollars for medical research.

Brad met regularly with politicians, and was instrumental in passing the Palimony Laws of 2015. Under the new law, a woman was obligated to continue to provide sexual services to her former partner for a period of six months after termination of an exclusive relationship lasting six months or longer. The theory being that if a man had allowed a relationship to form, and emotionally and financially invested in a specific woman, he intended for the relationship to be serious, and it was unfair to punish him by ending the relationship and forcing him to quickly search for another partner.

Mike didn’t take advantage of this law, feeling it was unnecessary and took advantage of women by forcing them to give up their bodies after the relationship had already ended, but many men were lazy, and gladly accepted the free and easy sex the government guaranteed. The penalty for noncompliance was garnishment of the woman’s income and resources in an amount necessary to reimburse the government for its cost in providing services to the man at the public escort services operated by the county, which were available to any men who were not currently in a relationship and not actively seeking one (Some complained that the “not actively seeking one” rule severely undercounted the number of single men, but the government insisted that was the best definition for single).

As the three of them enjoyed their discounted food and drink, another group of girls approached, this time without drinks in hand. The tallest and thinnest girl, an athletic, long haired, pleasant brunette with a warm smile, but slightly nervous tone, placed her arm gently on Brad’s shoulder and said “Hey, I like your shoes. Where did you get those?”

“I think the mall,” Brad blurted out, clearly annoyed, as he turned back to face his buddies.

“Guys, this place is full of creepy, strange women. That girl I didn’t even know touched me and asked me some dumb question about my clothes. Let’s get out of here and go to Bob’s—I hear he just got a new sexbot.”  At that, everyone’s eyes lit up. They quickly paid their tab and hailed a bright red taxi—freshly painted for Men’s Month—and sped down the road to Bob’s house. They all knew this was going to be a fantastic Men’s Month.

Inspired by the fictional writings of Roosh and the pink insanity seen one weekend in October, 2015.

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132 thoughts on “An Afternoon With Mike During Men’s Month”

  1. Wow, this is fucking interesting. Gives me something to think on the rest of the day.

  2. Fat dude cuntblocked like nobody’s business!
    Funny story. Well played.

  3. Off-topic: is in America “latino” a euphemism of “brown”?
    That’s weird to me being Spaniard and milky-white, you know like most european latinos.

    1. Well that is because you are a real latino, like italian, romanian etc. In america when they say latino they mean south americans that speak spanish a latin language, even though most of them except argentinians are more indian than european.

      1. Depends on the region. In Uruguay, Argentina and South Brasil peeps are white. Chile is so so. They all good people in S. America, friendly mofos.

        1. Yes that is true, only mentioned argentina because its the most obvious example of european descended population.

        2. I’ve been alot of places, but not those parts of S. America. Good friends tell me it will be their retirement place (or bolt hole) in the future.
          It’s on my bucket list none-the-less.

        3. Bueno Aires is pretty cool from what I heard and the Argies I’ve met see chill and happy. It’s a second world country tho, but it’s making giant steps towards progressiveness.

    2. Eh, not so much. Latino here is the same as hispanic, which is anybody from central and south America (and Mexico, which is technically north America), regardless of whether they are dark brown or lilly white. Here Ricardo Montalban, a whitey white white whited in the pure white factory, is latino (or hispanic). So is Pedro, the mostly Injun lawn guy.

      1. But hispanic comes from ‘Hispania’, the latin word for ‘Spain’.
        Still doesn’t make any sense.

        1. It doesn’t have to make sense. Who said it had to make sense?
          You know how you translate the Czech phrase for having a hangover, into English? In Czech it’s “ja mam okno”, which means “I have a window”. Does that make sense? Hell no, it doesn’t. But it’s what they say. So I accept it and move forward.
          So should you, regarding Hispanic or Latino.

    1. I dunno….if sexbots become largely available, rendering women unnecessary, you might see a paradigm switch. Granted, it would take a LOT of men opting out of the market for real women in lieu of a sexbot, but it’s theoretically possible.
      As has been said before, women hold the power of guarding the gates for sex. If that power is removed, what happens?

      1. My thought is rather that no healthy man would prefer a sexbot to real female attention. He would have to be soulless. Or the woman would have to be seriously fucked up.

        1. I think one would get bored pretty quickly. Granted, in my past, I was afraid of real females due to psychological problems. But now as that is solved, I find that – for instance – porn is becoming immensely unsatisfying.

        2. You’re thinking in today’s terms. What if “she” were indistinguishable from a real woman, except for the programming? In other words, a sweet wonderful woman who gave you all the sex you wanted, with none of the downsides? That’s what I think some mean by sexbot, and not some plastic thing that looks like a mannequin one off.

        3. Yeah sure, but what about the pride of having been chosen and deemed worthy?
          Also, it is theoretical insofar as it can not be told with certainty whether you would be able to connect with such a robot. Maybe that ‘soul’ component plays a role. Can not say for sure, of course.

        4. woman would have to be seriously fucked up

          Unfortunately AWALT.

        5. Sex bots will be the only options for incels, and there are more of them out there than one would think.

        6. I am one. But I would not want to fuck a sexbot. Well, maybe I would. But I do not think it would satisfy me in the long term. In the end, I think game and real self-confidence is the only way out of that shit.

        7. There’s a psychological element to that I agree with but most men can’t even be bothered turning the TV over, so… well…do you think he’s gonna turn down a cyber Bridget Bardot fuck anytime tomorrow?

        8. You know what? These sex bots could actually be used as medicine. They fuck you and while they fuck you, they reprogram your brain. They can do this easily because they tolerate everything you do to them – even rape – while teaching you how to deal with your emotions.

        9. Hell yeah, that sounds amazng! I, for one, am not ashamed in the to say that a sexbot fascimile who is actually pleasing, yet unable to extort you would be ideal, especially for guys with a lot of experience.

        10. It is not fear of real women that could drive men to sexbots, it is experiencing the serial vampirism that seems to develop in pretty much every hetero-relationship in this day and agem

        11. Exactly. Also, if you program it, it is no longer a challenge and it no longer inspires curiosity and anticipation. You would need to add some randomness variables. But to make you actually value the relationship, you would have to actually program the robot to possibly leave you. Also, if the robot never aged, you would never appreciate the beauty it still has. As Nick Cave sang: All beauty must die. I think you would end up programming a real woman, anyway. So why bother.

        12. yeah, think rachael in blade runner, not the weird, japanese manequin robots you see online once in a while.

        13. Ehh, I wouldn’t worry to much about it though 🙂 the best thing is to search for the right one, and to hell with the rest! Ha

        14. *Loads shell*Maybe not.. but if we stick together we may still have a chance against this Creature *Racks shotgun*

        15. Yeah, and i’m sure there is a black hole worth of room up there, ehhh hard to even think about. Lol!

        16. True, but if there was a black hole in them everybody would be dead so we wouldn’t know the difference 🙂

        17. You know, you may be on to something here, Human blacks holes are an overlooked but important part to the better understanding of the Universe, I think your Observations would greatly contribute to the scientific community, Well Done!

        18. “Vampiric relationships certainly exist.”
          Parasitic relationships exist. I acknowledge this every tax filing.

        19. I think it’s an interesting scientific question whether or not robots/AI will be able to fulfill men’s sexual appetite.
          If a robot can give a man a boner…

        20. Give it another ten years and the AI will be worked out. Nerds are working on this shit around the clock… Watch this video til the first minute mark. Ignore Anna Kasparian though who doesn’t hide the fact that this disturbs her.

        21. I get what you’re saying but if one of the most fool-proof ways to attract women these days is to lie about having done jail-time then I think we can leave ‘pride of having been chosen’ in the dust bin.

        22. It wouldn’t be preference, it would be necessity. If 95% of the women are physically repulsive (and they’re getting there) plus the thin ones are hypergamous, then you’re talking about 99% of the men getting nothing at all in terms of sex. I don’t think it’s a case of guys flipping the bird at Irina Shayk and running off to their humanoid.

        23. Well, it depends on the woman. I admit that I am not active in the market, so I may have naive expectations.
          On the other hand, nothing speaks against a little jail time. I hear it toughens up.

        24. Well, that is quite a dystopic vision. I hope – for my own sake – that it is an exaggeration. But if it is not, yeah, you may be on to something.

        25. I worked at Popeyes when I was younger, and we had a 500+ lb. cop come in every other day. The fat bastard took two seats (one for each cheek). He would sit and eat a 20-piece, with sides, in one sitting. We would gather around the register and watch him eat. It was amazing…

      2. Extremely unlikely, there is nothing quite like a living, breathing, thinking feeling human female who is into you. Its best if they are the kind worth investing in long term else you need to walk.

      3. I think every married man will have access to a sex bot either hidden away in the attic or maybe stored away somewhere at work. Then marriage would become bearable. Arguments will always end with the wife saying why don’t you go fuck your sex bot.

      4. What if that motherfucker glitches, while blowing you? It might bite your dick off…
        Speaking of glitches, I once dated a girl who had sporadic, frequent seizures; she had one during sex and froze up. It was the strangest feeling.

  4. Get.
    The fuck.
    Off of the site.
    You persistent idiot troll.
    We will look at your profile and NOT visit it simply because you are being a nuisance.
    That is all.

  5. Funny, but It’s a serious problem alright. Over the past few decades I’d say there was 4 stages of marriage
    1. Beneficial
    2. Risky
    3. Reckless
    4. Impossible
    At the moment I’d say we were somewhere between 3 and 4
    When we hit 4 for real, the House of Cards collapses, as basically speaking the whole developed world economy is reliant on exploited and overworked men.
    Ask yourself this, what happens when guys opt out of marriage and buy one bedroom apartments and old farmhouses instead of mcmansions in the suburbs? Think about the knock on effects of this becoming the norm.
    Why the fuck would a guy work 60 hours in a job he despises and is probably killing him for an extra few thousand bucks his ungrateful bitch spouse blows on shitty, worthless consumer tat and a tasteless architectural travesty in an “up and coming” part of town.
    Remember too that the female jobs beyond the caring sector and teaching minors are net takers from the tax pool. All the true value-adding jobs are done by men. When the tax take from the real jobs falls there’ll be no money to pay for the millions of artificial jobs women sit on in government departments.
    Men going on strike is going to get fucking ugly. The sums don’t add up to “allow” it to happen.
    Even beyond the pension-demographic time bomb, men refusing to be slaves for the government-commercial complex will crash the economy and society in real time.

    1. Those reasons you list above is precisely why I’m glad I got a wife with traditional values. While she IS working full-time right now, she wants to become a stay-at-home mom. She even said the other night she couldn’t wait until I landed “that job” where she can quit and iron my work clothes every day. Yes…she said that without me leading the conversation in any way. The few times she complains about not getting this or that I ask her “well what’s more important: this new shiny gadget or you not having to work anymore?” All of a sudden, that new toy isn’t as shiny.

        1. Yes, the consumer-led life is dead. And let’s all keep in mind that the brainwashing of women, the largest consumers of stupid, worthless crap, is the only thing that still keeps it going.
          Men de-fund womens’ spending would solve a host of problems.

      1. An old friend of Mine is vacationing in Thailand now, and from what I’ve heard, Thailand is thee hotspot right now. Maybe it’s a result of the Manosphere philosophy

    2. This is so true and with a declining economy I see it benefiting men (hopefully) I work in the private force in engineering and even here the vast majority of the jobs taken by women are parasitic and don’t contribute nowhere near the revenue as those done by men. I see some get away with doing nothing for most of the time. The only men that benefit with raises are the few in corporate positions who rake in the profits for themselves by taking it from those who actually WORK and make the products.

    3. “Ask yourself this, what happens when guys opt out of marriage and buy one bedroom apartments and old farmhouses instead of mcmansions in the suburbs?”
      A lot will happen on a large socio-economic scale. I don’t think I could tell you anything you don’t seem to know.
      One thing that will happen on the one to one personal level is that a lot of the guys who got roped into the drone’s life for a 180 pound screecher are going to be goddamned aggravated in the company of men who saw through it. The “Man-up!” chants are going to become deafening. The amount of “What is this guy? A fag?” gossiping (coming from married drones) will be enough to make 8th grade mean girls shake their head and laugh at how pathetic it is to talk that much shit.
      Also, the amount of life-validation that people will be seeking through their children is also going to explode. You can see it on FB if you haven’t already quit. People post EVERYTHING that their children do as if you pump up their own lost life. I wish parents the best and most of my friends have great kids but it is a major sacrifice and not everyone knew that going in. The ones that didn’t know struggle, martyr themselves over it or just have to hustle to validate it…that’s IF they didn’t know what they were signing up for. A lot of great parents knew it and they’re all good. I wouldn’t jump into it at all now that the laws and the entire culture has basically made marriage into a spider web with a got-danged HUGE black widow with dripping fangs saying “C’mon in. What are your worried about? C’mon.”

  6. so…basically feminism for men? is this really what you want? i couldnt even get through the article without cringing. i know the article was a joke, but still…too many ppl on ROK seem to want some kind of “masculism,” or feminism with men benefitting instead of women.
    If the government started a rape crisis center for men who were raped by women, and started throwing women in jail for “raping” men while drunk, most of you ROK readers would be happy about it.

    1. this is satire to point out how ridiculous feminism is…not an attempt to paint a picture of what an ideal world would be for men. Get it together Dick!

  7. I absolutely adore these utopian (or is it dystopian? not sure…) short stories. It just sounds so ridiculous when men are privileged and yet society behaves this way towards women, under the false pretense of equality.

    1. Fuck Pink…
      Because you don’t want to fuck anyone wearing pink
      Just pointing out the obvious

  8. Interesting future, but I think I would ditch the guys from my circle of friends, who preferred the Sexbot to the Real Thing.

  9. “Just got back from organizing a protest this Sunday after church, we’re marching down Main Street to kick off Men’s Month with a rally against Social Flaking. Did you know that one out of five guys will be ignored or stood up by a woman THIS WEEK?”
    that got a hearty chuckle from me.

  10. Imagine a world where women obey in submission, yearn to please, and seek to make their Husband happy, the same way an uncomplicated Sexbot grants every desire, obeys every request, and guarantees no conflict or headache’s…*MIND BLOWN*
    And for that observation I believe a self congratulatory is in Order… Thanks Vladimir.

    1. It doesn’t even have to be that ideal. A lot of guys these days would be happy with a woman who simply doesn’t specifically seek to end anything that makes her man happy and keeps herself below 160. The bar is so phenomenally low for woman in terms of being a ‘catch’.

  11. You’re pathetic and you deserve your sexless sexbots. That’s all your red bill game is worth. The more I look at the boys on this site, the more disappointed I become, you’re nothing but a bunch of weak, useless, beta dreaming nerds, who haven’t the balls or intellect to win over women.
    Your’e nothing like your patriarchal fathers, and you’ll never, ever earn the respect of a real man, who hunts and fishes has a wife and knows his Shakespeare from his Milton. Like all sons who boast and think they know best, you’ll never measure up in terms of respect and manliness. You deserve either your loveless “relationships” with sexbots or your equally soulless and loveless marriages to those females called your wives. Until that woman knows you as a man and not as a boy,then you deserve to be treated as shit on her shoes.
    You boys deserve what you get and I’d chew you up and spit you out if you came to my house as a suitor to my girl. I’d nearly tell her to be a lesbian these days, perhaps she’ll find more masculinity there then with a boy/man these times.

    1. You no longer recognize satire. Do you have children gramps? Are your drunk now?
      You should travel kid.

      1. He’s right though. This article may be satire but a lot of others became in fact really stupid. They’re like written by females trapped in male bodies. The last article before this one (with the weird coffee shop guys who bragged about their lays on Twitter) for example.
        Most on ROK praise this shit like it’s heroic and awesome fucking every easy available, stinky and drunk hole they can get their hands on. It’s idiotic and incredibly dumb, that’s what it is. This website is called “Return of KINGS” and not “Return of puberty.”
        First we question stuff like Facebook and a few articles later we worship two retards and their pussy blog on Twitter. Hypocrisy?
        ROK should stop accepting and posting articles from every idiot. The quality of articles was way better in 2012 and 2013 and it seems like ROK is running out of ammo. Blanks don’t do it for me, I want quality.

    2. “but a bunch of weak, useless, beta dreaming nerds”, ”
      Before the red pill, I was a typical ‘nice guy’ Christian virgin omega loser who checked all the boxes, did what society, my church, my family told me what women wanted and required, was stupid to enough to believe them, and when I asked them about it reality not reconciling with what they told me, they told me “Trust in the Lord”, and crap like that, never explaining to me the nature of men and women. It drove me insane, so on the verge of slitting my throat, I googled for answers, and I stumbled on RooshV. I couldn’t agree with his lifestyle, but some of what he had to say answered my questions, and I searched until I found red-pill Christians. Saved my life and turned me around. Can’t stand any of my family now, but like the man says: “To gain, you must lose”.
      “who haven’t the balls or intellect to win over women.”
      American women aren’t worth it; I’ve dated the pastor’s daughter (in rural Oklahoma no less). I’m currently in a serious relationship with an Orthodox woman from Ukraine, but if she rejects me or one reason or another, I know now that my worth as a man isn’t tied to a woman, for it is tied to my identity in Christ, and I also know the true nature of men and women.
      “Your’e nothing like your patriarchal fathers”
      My father was an idiot, and my mother was the idiot who married him. They divorced, and I got the ‘fun’ of getting involved in the divorce for all 30-odd years of my life. Not too certain where your generation is, but my generation is filled with broken boys who never given a proper father. Of course, if you were a decent man, you’d help the broken ones, and stop being a cranky, pompous, judgmental ass (with all apologies to the wonderful creature God created).
      “knows his Shakespeare from his Milton”
      I’ll see Shakespeare and Milton, and raise you Dante, Gilbert, and Dostoyevsky (just to name a few).
      “Like all sons who boast and think they know best, you’ll never measure up in terms of respect and manliness.”
      My current job involves telling people older than me and more experienced than me they’re wrong, and if they don’t listen to me, the place will fall apart. Thing is, both sides are right about half the time, so there is a measure of respect and civility for each others’ positions. Just because you’re older, doesn’t mean you know better, or are even wiser.
      “You deserve either your loveless “relationships” with sexbots or your equally soulless and loveless marriages to those females called your wives.”
      Nobody ‘deserves’ a woman. However, society has made it infinitely more complicated for stable marriages and relationships to exist. PUAism is simply a reaction to the feminist movement. I may not agree with the PUA lifestyle, (and I would rather they move toward red-pill Christianity), but given a choice between them shooting up people a la Elliot Rodgers or them ‘reading the book’ of women and using it for their own advantage, the second alternative at least precludes violence.
      “Until that woman knows you as a man and not as a boy,then you deserve to be treated as shit on her shoes.You boys deserve what you get and I’d chew you up and spit you out if you came to my house as a suitor to my girl”
      Assuming she’s American, AND raised by you, wouldn’t touch her with 39.5 foot pole (I’ve dated a pastor’s daughter; I don’t need a second lesson in the ‘quality’ of American women). Foreign women actually demand that you BE a man, not just act like one (and I know this first-hand; I much prefer the way I am challenged to be one).
      May God damn you, ‘sir’, and damn the horse that bred you.

      1. Red pill, Blue pill don’t make’it the man. Because, you can’t handle an American girl, you give up and go foreign, eh? That’s no solution. That’s capitulation and retreat, and, behavior unbecoming of a strong man. It’s like saying “I hate my country”, and moaning and bitching on about it like some little teenage girl who doesn’t have the spine or fortitude to go out there and defend and honour what’s best about your Nation. People who run off to foreign lands or foreign girls are generally running away from themselves and their own weakness, and they’ll discover these home truths about themselves, at some point, somewhere east of Eden. Experience and travel has taught me this. I’ve seen it on so many occasions, but, perhaps your different, hey?
        Lately, so many of the articles on this site seem to be penned by “boys” who’ve no experience of the world. Making statements on things they know nothing about, and as a result you end up with a moanfest of a site, where you’ve these “boys” chattering away like a bunch of little beta schoolgirls. “Big bad women said booh to me today” now I’m going to find a bunch of 20 something boys who can all bemoan and bitch on together about how bad women treat us little all us. Oh please, fucking man up or what! Mates, I had when I was young wouldn’t indulge such feminine girly talk among ourselves, you get knocked back, BIG DEAL, you didn’t get laid today, BIG DEAL…we’d go out to the bars, do some snooker, go to late clubs, meet more women and have a good time. That’s fucking real life, that’s where you learn about what’s called “gaming” these days. It’s ain’t difficult, it’s enjoyable and that’s what I mean by the lack of experience and immaturity of thought that you find with many of the writers who pen articles here. That’s why there’s some much “drama”, moaning and whining on about the poor white male predicament from these boys.
        Frankly, it’s unbecoming behavior for a man to let himself indulge in. As a white man, I don’t going around feeling sorry for myself, bemoaning the fact the life’s hard and relationships with women one of the hardest, but, most satisfying parts; I would never let myself become a “victim” and quite bluntly that’s the girly, feminine way some aspects of this site are going.
        May God damn you, ‘sir’, and damn the horse that bred you.. I like that “insult” son, it’s almost a complaint, almost….

        1. ” you give up and go foreign, eh?”
          There is no “paradise’ (on this mortal plane); ‘all roads are bent’, as Tolkien put it. And as Spengler’s law says, men (sons of Adam) and women (daughters of Eve) of every culture ultimately deserve each other.
          ” defend and honour what’s best about your Nation.”
          I gave up my nationalism because it got in the way of my faith, like my Brownist ancestors. There’s nothing best about my country to ‘defend and honor’; it’s a dead man walking, and short of God’s intervention (and if you don’t believe in God, that narrows the odds), it will stay dead.
          God makes no distinction and no favorites among the nations, tribes, or peoples; you are either FOR Him, or AGAINST Him. It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of a living God, and the West is about to get a taste of that. It may be the turn of the East someday; it will be the turn of the entire world. I’m not in charge of the ‘when’ and ‘where’; my country is not of this Earth.
          “Experience and travel has taught me this. I’ve seen it on so many occasions, but, perhaps your different, hey? Lately, so many of the articles on this site seem to be penned by “boys” who’ve no experience of the world”
          Then write a better article, and let the community judge it through the comments. Or shut up, and go away. No one forces you to be here.
          “BIG DEAL, you didn’t get laid today”
          I don’t sleep around; it’s sounds quite distasteful, and is against the Way, the Truth, and the Life. It’s not my place to condemn the sinners, but the sin. I have hopes that RooshV and others finding their lifestyle ‘a vanity’ ala Solomon will come to know the salvation of Jesus Christ. I can’t force that decision, but I will be here if they make it.
          And I am sorry that everyone is not as perfect as you.
          “the girly, feminine way”
          You mean like the nagging ‘man-up’ rants that are given by society, church, and you (nagging is feminine quality, the one that never works)? And if guys never grow out of the ‘ranting online’ phase, I would much rather they do that than shoot someone a la Elliot Rodgers.

        2. You self evidently have your beliefs which are fine. I’m not religious in your sense. I never could be. Belief negates thinking in my mind. I can only believe in something once I’ve thought about it from a couple of different angles, besides, how can anything in this world inspire the type of belief you have, unless you despise the world?. I don’t feel that way. The world is what it is- an incomplete, terrible, wonderful, strange mystery, and it’s from that perspective that I draw my faith in something higher than the merely human.
          Such a Deity, Creator or Divinity that made creation doesn’t equate in my mind with a tribal God who seems to despise and hate what he made. This is me, seems patently absurd and irrational, bordering on insanity. So a belief in such a supreme being like the God of the Hebrews is incompatible both with the nature of the Divine and with the goal as a human being of trying to understand the nature of God in creation.
          You asked me why I’m here. Well the same question applies to you my friend. I’m a white western heterosexual male with an inquiring mind. I think that’s enough to qualify,if I had to sign up to anything else then I be gone. Yes Sir.

        3. Not entering the argument that’s going on, but you say you’ve thought of religion (i’m assuming that means God) from multiple angles, have you considered the angle of how existence came to be? Do you believe everything spontaneously happened from nothing without any divine Guidance? Just curious.

        4. Well, I don’t believe in ex nilhio (out of nothing) creation as it’s logically inconsistent.
          Divine Guidance. That’s a good question. Yes, I think so, but, the nature of the divinity whom guides us is a very deep mystery. Shakespeare said it best in Hamlet:-
          “There’s a divinity that shapes our ends,
          Rough-hew them how we will.”
          How can one add to that, hey!

      2. You are a red-pill Christian? Well met, friend! I believe that woman’s nature is a result of humanity’s fall from grace. Remember that Eve ate the fruit first.

        1. Yes, humanity has fallen from grace. But by the blood of Jesus Christ are our sins forgiven! HALLELUYAH!

    3. You are 100% correct. Thanks for saying it. Quality of articles became kind of shitty and girly. There have only been 2 really good writers on ROK so far…they never disappoint.
      All the rest is just repetitive bitching and whining and other whimpy stuff.

    4. There is nothing more pathetic than a man who bases his identity on female approval.
      And by the way, your daughter is not a princess and she is nothing special. Who cares if she becomes a lesbian?

      1. There is nothing more pathetic than a man who bases his identity on female approval. So screwing sexboots is based on female approval. This is teenage bullshit. As a man you mature and you learn how to form a viable relationship with your woman, it’s not based on some type of female or male “identity approval system” between husband and wife. She knows her place and I know mine, it’s that fucking simple and it works well.
        And don’t you have the presumption to tell me who’s special or not in my life. She mightn’t be any special to you who think’ you’re a “sorted man” while all his does is fuck sexboot dolls as emotionless and dead as he’s on the inside. She married a good, sturdy, well raised and well manner young man, a real alpha, who’d never use this term about himself, because he’s too modest and sorted to be interested in labeling himself. There’s so many guys like you on this site, you think you’re a sorted alpha who knows the world, who knows women, but they’re not, they’re just little immature betas who think they’re alphas.
        A real alpha is strong, confident and sorted guy who’s lived and learnt a lot from the world. Who has prospects, settles down and brings up a good family and home. You might learn this some day, kid.

        1. “Until that woman knows you as a man and not as a boy,then you deserve to be treated as shit on her shoes.”
          —Smoking Jacket
          “There is nothing more pathetic than a man who bases his identity on female approval.”
          —Smoking Jacket
          Soooo…….which is it then? LMAO. You must have partied hard with your Testosterone Supplements this morning. Say hello to 1954 for me.

        2. You’re typical of your generation. Dumb, stupid and lazy. The below quote you idiot was from the other guy I was disagreeing with, you HALFWIT LOL!
          “There is nothing more pathetic than a man who bases his identity on female approval”
          That’s given a real funny stir to my day, sonny lol! Go push some boy’s buttons next time. When you deal with a man you better know your stuff.

        3. You are so far up your own ass.
          How’s the wife looking these days? Let me guess…”She’s bweautiful and I wuv her.”

        4. And you love nobody! What a surprise. Keep up your good stroke work with the sexboots lol! They’ll reward you one day Sonny…can’t stop laughing!

        5. I love the twenty year old Asian girl’s ass that I’m going to spend my afternoon with. How’s the wife looking?

        6. Still, you resort to insulting remarks about my wife. You’re not even witty or remotely amusing. You think you’re real smart, but guess what, you’re not. Why couldn’t you get an American girl one wonders!

        7. “You think you’re real smart, but guess what, you’re not.”
          Major league zinger there. Can I use that? That is a laptop shutting, plug-pulling internet nuclear bomb there. Mic-dropping shutdown.

        8. It is nearly impossible to learn anything from someone who cannot express their thoughts coherently. I mean, it sounds like you’re punching yourself in the head while you type.

    5. Ha ha. Such obvious “Man Up” tingles flowing through your balls with that one. Go whack it to a picture of John Wayne then you latent weirdo.

      1. Hit a sore nerve Sonny. I’ll leave you to your internet fin de siecle masturbatory thoughts on plastic dolls then. Weirdo, that’s a complaint, How I’d hate to be a member of your non-entity generation.

        1. So you identify yourself with your generation? What a collective ninny you are then. I’m my own man. I don’t hide behind the cliches of my generation like someone I know.

        2. You’re a “man” without an original thought. Typical of your prosaic generation.

        3. You’re just on auto-pilot internet attack mode now. This isn’t even addressing me at all.

        4. But, dear boy, there’s nothing or nobody to address in such a case as your one. You fail to make any coherent argument and you were the one who began with your snarky, belittling remarks to me, calling me a weirdo and telling me to wack off to a picture of John Wayne.
          Do not play the victim role with me. How dare you sanctimoniously tell me that I’m just attacking poor you now. You insulted me. I wasn’t communicating with you and you interjected with your above comments. How did you think I was going to respond?

        5. Non-sequiturs throughout.
          No handy pictures of John Wayne, eh? I can tell because you’re still irritable. Have the grandkids google “Topless John Wayne,” for you. (Don’t forget to ask them to leave the room.)

    6. ha – good one Dad! blame/shame/guilt/devaluation and abandonment… what’s new?
      Consider reality for a moment then go back to your bullshit :
      Divorce Laws, Domestic Violence Laws, Child Support model of parenting laws are just a few Federally ensured societal, cultural and personal ‘empowerments’ a women has to ensure she don’t need no man – you included – if you’re male.
      Then there’s Title IX Enrollment Requirements, Yes Means Yes and ‘Rape Culture’ at the university level effectively reducing males from higher education combined with Western Civilization’s suicidially altruistic memes of Equality, Diversity and Tolerance designed to create a slave class – work force and a large immigrant/feminist voting block to perpetuate and maintain your second/third class status… all of this includes you Smakingracket ~ if you are in fact a man.

      1. Your generation has reaped what it sowed. Your generation were born with a sense of entitlement, brought up with shopping malls, computer games and everything consumerism could give you- accept wisdom and perhaps love.
        So you’re all grown up now and you realize the world owes you nothing and you’re just like the next Joe waiting in line for when everything “works out”. The world can be cruel, especially with those who thought it would play their tune, and you’d be living the dream by 25.
        You probably think I’m patronizing you, but I’m not. I feel really sorry for the generations born from about the mid 1980s on wards. You were given everything that money could buy in a lot of cases, everything in terms of skills and resources, but often, because of the way families have changed since then, and with the absence of a father or full time mother in the house, kids from that generation, to me, seem unable to genuinely feel the capacity to form loving relationships with members of the opposite sex. Additionally, without a father in such families, so many of these kids grew up not knowing the fact that every father instills into his kids ” that you can’t have everything in the shop window”, in other words, the wisdom a good father can give to his son about the world has been missing from the mid 1980s.
        What’s the result, “Generation Entitlement” with all their equality and feminism ideology, it’s the prime strategy of getting back, seeking revenge, against what these people perceived as the ” dead absent patriarch” in American families who were never there to love them. Instead of seeking restitution and atonement, this generation are seeking to exorcise once and for all, the ghost of the dead white patriarchal father and everything he represented. This generation might mock their elders, but, in reality they’re only mocking themselves.

        1. how ‘old’ do you think I am Smokenmirrors?
          I agree with you – fatherlessness is the root cause of most societal ills – but your condemnation of men is feminine at best, outright hateful and exacerbating otherwise.

        2. Hateful and exacerbating- hardly. Besides, don’t go all victim mode now! Without being hypocritical some of the remarks about women and Jews could be said to be exactly the same, in fact, much worse here. But, them be the rules, you accept them, so, don’t start saying my remarks were inciting hatred against white men! You’re falling into the lefty SJW feminine trap yourself. Once you define yourself in the enemies terms you’ve lost the game.

        3. ‘victim mode’… and you presume to counsel me about hypocrisy… well ok, have it your way: ‘eat shit and die, bitch’. next.

        4. Now that’s very mature, isn’t it. Before you call other people feminine you should examine your own emotional responses. Grow up and be a man.

  12. “He’s not a bad guy at all”
    True, his last comment notwithstanding.
    “but yeah an old-school archaic”
    I don’t old-school and archaic (I’m more of my grandfather’s mind than my parents, and my stepfather, although he was in my life, was pretty useless overall), but I have zero tolerance for condescension.

  13. If this was satire then it was damn good because I was left completely confused. I hate every male character in this fictional story.

  14. There once was a man named Bob. He had four balls and so they called him the umpire. He could not walk. Little did he know that he’d be elected president deeze nuts after a freak election where the people voted in nutz. Blah blah blah blah blah blah.
    Stuff happens. A climax of epic purportions.
    Deeze nuts learns iron crotch and spends out his end days living in the temple after he confronts fearless leader bangkok. Bangkok has the fiercest nut punch in the land.
    Alright pay me.

  15. OMFG! Too damn funny….and yet, in an odd way, true. Very reminiscent of Jonathon Swift’s writings.

  16. That woman at the bar should’ve been charged with assault! That poor man is probably going to need a lot of therapy after being violently touched on the shoulder without consent.

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