Introducing The Muscle Bio-Diversity (MBD) Movement

There is a new sphere on the internet called Muscle Bio-diversity (MBD). It is composed of black men reviewing the latest literature that describes racial differences on muscle fiber type and athleticism. They have the science to back up the fact that black men are better athletes than white men, and have taken it upon themselves to broadcast this superiority on the internet. They have created dozens of blogs where they review and re-phrase decade-old data. They have invaded other blogs with a flood of comments saying how blacks are better athletes than whites.

Even when a blog post has nothing to do with racial differences in sports, they somehow bring the topic back to black superiority. They have provided an acceptable amount of science for black nationalists to push the idea that white men should be exiled from all sports. An ironic feature of the movement is that none of the most famous MBD’ers are actual athletes.

I just painted a fictional scenario, but the Human Bio-diversity (HBD) sphere is real. It’s a group of people who say than white people are smarter than black people, using IQ studies as proof. A surprisingly balanced summary of their movement, which even Steve Sailor’s declared “not all that bad,” can be found on Daily Kos:

There’s an easy way to differentiate the scientific side of HBD from the racist side: fixation on IQ. These people love to wring the IQ data for every ounce of scientific justification they can find for their racism. They analyze IQ scores by race, religion, gender, national origin, and lots of other factors; I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them hasn’t calculated the correlation coefficient of IQ score with aversion to broccoli. They triumphantly trumpet the results that support their prejudices and quietly ignore results that undermine their prejudices, such as the finding that national IQ scores are correlated with GDP per capita.

Let’s say that white people are indeed smarter than black people. My response to that is… so what? It would be the same as me, a tall person, starting a movement saying that tall people make more money. This very well may be true, but what benefit is there for me to push that assertion unless I’m feeling insecure about my position as a tall person? I enjoy the benefits of being tall every week—I don’t need a scientific study to tell me, just like how a guy with a Porsche doesn’t need to street-race a kid in a souped-up Civic to know his car is faster. I would understand if you want to challenge a specific enemy to an IQ duel, but to brag that your race is better than another race makes me wonder how you see your own intellect. It doesn’t seem all that different than identifying with a sports team.

I’m sure an HDB’er will say that it’s important to know intellectual differences to help manage society, but unless you plan on a eugenic campaign to eliminate those with inferior IQs, HBD theories have no real-world use. I see HBD less as racist than a colossal waste of time that doesn’t even benefit its adherents.

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  1. perfect.
    and something funny about genectics: some great geniuses had no children like Isaac Newton. It’s seems a comom pattern in Middle Ages.

  2. The one productive thing the HBD movement could do is dispel the notion that blacks are being held down by whites. The average black IQ is about 85 and the average white IQ is about 100 in America. Most of the income/wealth differences between blacks and whites could be explained by that stat alone, but the mainstream media and others like to say that racism is the root cause of the differences. That is probably the biggest benefit the HBD movement has.
    As for bragging, you have to remember that these are averages and that the distribution of IQ in a population is approximately a normal distribution (bell curve), so there will be some overlap between whites and blacks. The people who brag see to forget that.
    Side note: His name is spelled Steve Sailer, not Steve Sailor.

    1. Not to mention that there are HBDers who acknowledge and praise the East Asian IQ, which is higher than the average white IQ.
      Even though I’m an evil WN, I do agree with Roosh that bragging about racial differences is not very productive. For me, it’s more about identity than anything else. I’m not pro-white because I think I’m better than blacks for whatever reason. I’m pro-white because I care about my race and my heritage.

    2. The Chinese Han people have average high IQ of 105 or higher.
      They are at once the most numerous and homogeneous ethnic group in the world.
      And China was a fucked country since industrialization era, precisely because they were isolated from the world, believing that the rest were barbarians.

    3. Pretty much. It also has major implications for global issues, with one FP writer recently asking in distraught whether “development experts [are] becoming racists?” Which is of practical relevance to a whole lot of stuff from foreign aid to deciding whether to make long-term investments in, say, Sierra Leone or Vietnam.
      An ironic feature of the movement is that none of the most famous MBD’ers are actual athletes.
      Few historians are Great Men (Churchill is the only exception I can think of), and few economists are billionaires, and so on. Not the best argument.

  3. Wasn’t it Chris Rock who said that many superb athletes are African-American because their ancestors were bred to be super slaves?

    1. There was a recent paper convincingly arguing that blacks in the New World have relatively high amounts of fast twitch muscle because so many less muscular people died on the slave ships! People go on about “west african” genes for fast twitch muscle and sprinting ability, but it turns out west africans in west africa don’t really have these traits. It’s just black people in the Americas.

  4. Get rid of affirmative action and disparate impact and the HBD movement will mostly disappear. The whole movement is a response to white males being blamed for every failing of blacks. If we started reserving spots in the NBA and the NFL for whites based on their proportion of society, I wouldn’t be surprised if a muscle-bio-diversity movement happened and I wouldn’t particularly care.

    1. Good call, ScottA.
      And, of course, affirmative action is based upon the premise that white men are evil, which is HBD, right there.

  5. This is something I keep running into on TheRedPill over on reddit. People want to co-opt red pill thinking for racism. I made a pretty coherent point that was basically this:
    I certainly agree that if there were a genetic link to behavior found, we could certainly analyze it.
    That said, the types of speculations made are unlikely because, as I pointed out in the last thread, the evolution (and deviation) between the genders has progressed for MILLIONS of years, whereas race is in the hundreds of thousands.
    Obviously race and culture will be closely tied together because both develop by being separated from other cultures (thus why they’re called cultures), however drawing an inextricable link between the two is naive at best given what we understand about genetics.
    The likely findings will be differences in aggression, differing levels of certain hormones, but none that even approach the differences between the genders. (a black man and a white man’s testosterone levels far closer than between a man and a woman.)
    I’ve seen it on this sub a few times, and I have deleted it. Comments like “that’s what she gets for dating a black guy” is racist and will be deleted. If it was “that’s what she gets for dating a thug” then we’re golden.

  6. The point is not “racial superiority.” The point is that there are billions in public funds, and further private billions in externalities, that are being squandered under the false premise that cognitive biodiversity is nonexistent. There are not myriad public programs targetting the “socially-constructed tall-short achievement gap.” It’s not about “managing society,” it’s about NOT mis-managing society.
    Acknowledging differences in *average* IQ between different populations should be no more controversial than acknowledging different distributions of melanin. This is not to say that higher IQ is “superior” to lower IQ any more that darker skin is “superior” to lighter skin.
    Acknowledging the truth can be a good in and of itself. I’m surprised an opponent of feminism doesn’t appreciate that.

    1. This is a good response.
      In a world where everyone was comfortable acknowledging the reality of HBD (and MBD) and we all just treated each other as individuals, maybe there would be something to the HBD/Insecure white guy connection.
      But that’s not the world we live in. Average differences exist (as I think Roosh and everyone else would agree) but we’re not allowed to talk about them, and the Diversity Industry costs us billions.

  7. If I were running an athletic development program I would indeed select black kids, unless a white kid was some sort of freak

    1. Was Napoleon a beta? He was only 5’6 and was the Emperor of France. The most powerful nation in Europe at the time.

      1. Im as guilty of this as anyone else but we need to stop pretending that every successful man is alpha. Napoleon was actually defeated
        Mostly because of his inner betaness. He was a miltary genius but in his private life he was a very insecure man, and other leaders used this insecurity to kneecap him off the battlefield.

      2. “Was Napoleon a beta?”
        Yeah. So much so that we have termed over compensating little men “Napoleonic”. He’s been immortalized as the quintessence of beta.

      3. Napoleon was taller than the average man of his time. The idea that he had an inferiority complex about his height is a myth invented by 20th psychoanalysts.

    2. lol, if you’re under 5′ 10”, move to asia. You may not be as smart as the locals, though you can still pound their women.

    3. Plenty of powerful politicians, actors, businessmen, casanovas way under 5’10” around. Putin, Berlusconi, Sarkozy, Medvedev, Dale Carnegie, Gabriele d’Annunzio… all around 5’4″.

  8. Why be curious about race and IQ?
    Why not be curious?
    It is good to be curious, and I do not believe in censorship or oppression of data as Mr. Sailer does.
    So everybody has the right to be curious about race and IQ, but there is still a larger functional reason: there is an obvious correlation between IQ and many factors – such as scientific and economic development, and the forward march of a civilization. If that IQ is lowered because a nation doesn’t protect its own genes, then the species as a whole suffers as science and technology stagnates. This is what is happening in America.

  9. Actually most of the HBD guys (including Sailer) are happy to admit that Jews and Asians are smarter than white people, so characterizing them as being “all about proving white people are smarter than black people” is not accurate.
    While some of the data is no doubt used by WNs, “white people have higher IQs” isn’t an argument that goes anywhere.
    However, if there are differences between races, broadly, pointing them out is the same as pointing out the differences between men and women and destroying the pretty lies of feminists.
    And, as with feminists, the “we’re all the same under the skin” crowd extorts massive amounts of public money to do unrealistic things.

    1. Thanks a ton, JD.
      Again, for emphasis: “However, if there are differences between races, broadly, pointing them out is the same as pointing out the differences between men and women and destroying the pretty lies of feminists.”
      (It’s perfectly normal for people to be curious about differences between the races, sexes, height, and anything else. Do not censor curiosity.)

  10. I’ve come to read everything Steve Sailer writes. He has a willingness to dig into all sorts of things that nobody else will touch, think about or consider. He’s a great researcher. As the commenter above noted, he’ll be more than happy to tell you about Asian IQs being higher than whites’. His basic point is “Isn’t it interesting that these differences exist? Don’t you think they are worth looking at and thinking about? And if you don’t, why not?”

  11. Well, what do you say, Roosh? Are white people smarter than black people? Do blacks have more fast-twitch muscle that allows them to excel in certain sports more than white people? I’ll guess that you will admit to the latter, but not the former, because to admit to the former is functionally illegal. The official law of the United States states that blacks and whites are intellectually and behaviorally the same and any observed differences are due to white racism. This has huge political and social implications that are the primary concern of people discussing HBD. The superiority of blacks in certain sports- primarily the North American sports of football and basketball- is simply accepted as fact, as it has cultural and social implications but no political implications.
    You have no interest in politics, and have given up on American society, but you have a strong interest in sex and seem to have come to the conclusion that European women are superior sexually from the standpoint of appearance and behavior. You believe in HBD yourself, so you can hardly criticize others for believing it.

    1. Men(Whites) are exactly the same as women(Blacks) except for all the things women(blacks) are better at. It’s the same stupid argument the chicks at Jezebel use and because a couple of black game bloggers are butt hurt about it suddenly HBD people are a cult.

  12. “Various human groups differ in average intelligence” and “various human groups differ in average athletic ability” are both HBD statements. HBD means humans are diverse in natural talent. This doesn’t mean that outliers exist in all groups. They do. This is a numbers game.
    If you want to break it down (I’m just eyeballing Olympic medal counts and other competition results on wikipedia)
    East Africans are the kings of endurance events like marathons.
    Scandinavians and residents of the Baltic coast are the kings of absolute strength (world’s strongest man, superheavyweight powerlifting, etc)
    West African/European hybrids (virtually all black people in the western hemisphere) are the kings of sprinting, jumping, and other sports that test maximum explosiveness.
    Pure west Africans don’t do quite as well as their cousins in the western hemisphere.
    East Asians (specifically Chinese) are very good at pound for pound strength in lower weight class Olympic weightlifting if the medal count is any indication. Also they seem to be pretty good at diving and gymnastics.
    The Indian subcontinent is the world black hole of athletic ability and they only win things nobody else plays (Cricket).

    1. The Indian example is particularly interesting. My thought is that it’s a genetic cumulative effect of thousands of years of widespread vegetarianism, which selects for people with high tolerance to B12 deficiency, among other things. Such a selection process is bound to weed out those with superior athletic genes, because strong people generally metabolize more B12, and at a faster rate.
      In general, I think we really need to recognize that each culture and ethnic group has distinct strengths and weaknesses, but not obsess over it. The optimal strategy is to figure out how to best utilize each culture/ethnicity/individual’s strengths while minimizing impacts of the liabilities. Like that old joke about Europe:
      In European heaven:
      Chefs are French
      Mechanics are German
      Cops are British
      Lovers are Italian
      And it’s all organized by the Swiss.
      In European hell:
      Cooks are British
      Mechanics are French
      Cops are German
      Lovers are Swiss
      And it’s all organized by the Italians.

      1. The way I heard it, a smart man will look for:
        – a French chef
        – a German mechanic
        – an Italian tailor, and
        – an English Butler.
        The worst scenario is:
        – an English chef
        – a French mechanic
        – a German tailor, and
        – an Italian butler.

    2. well india will take time to get good atcsports like china of recent yrs they been getting better n better even though asians except mongolians are sterotyped to bein weak.
      west africans are actually quite strong n had recent success at the last commonwealth games in weightliftin. i think they can rival north n eastern europeans if they had the same level of trainin n nutrtion

  13. “I’m sure an HDB’er will say that it’s important to know intellectual differences to help manage society…”
    Actually I’d say it’s important to accept that humans are different (across race AND gender) in order to stop managing society.

  14. Hilarious. All the HBD’ers congregate in this spot and then don’t even acknowledge Roosh’s argument.

      1. The core of Roosh’s argument is, “HBD has no real-world use” and so it is a “waste of time.” That’s actually a reasonable statement. However, I would disagree with it on the grounds that it is very useful to me to know what is true and what is not true. If we say that truth is good, and the ideal life is the good life, then the ideal life will involve pursuit of truth as a central tenet. Of course, even that can be debated. Nietzsche was not wild about truth, in that he thought an excessive focus on it was a weakening force. Roosh seems to be saying something similar. Perhaps the correct answer is to split the difference: Know the truth of HBD but focus on action and improvement in one’s life.

    1. Of course HBD has real world use. If group A people have a 2/10 chance to break into my house and steal shit and group B people have a 1/10 chance then I’m gonna try to live in a group B neighborhood. I like my stuff more than I like being non judgmental.

  15. Hopefully this means we white guys can start getting some affirmative action love at NFL/NBA tryouts.
    What’s most interesting to me is that the Manosphere is simultaneously the most racist place in the world, in the sense that anyone who’s paying attention basically agrees with the facts of HBD, and the least racist, in the sense that the majority of us actually don’t give a shit what colour anyone else is.
    Contrast that to actual America, where everyone pays lip service to tolerance and anti-racism, but spends six figures a year to live in a neighborhood with ‘good schools.’

  16. Why does this site censor all comments which mentions the race that rhymes with “yew”? Especially since this site mocks feminism, and that’s a yew-ish movement?

    1. Because, after everything’s said and done, Western society allows us to debate white vs. black, native vs. immigrant, but Jew vs. gentile is off-limits. Period.

  17. HBD is about more than just IQ. If you’ve heard of the late professor Rushton and his r-K selection theory, as a PUA you can use it to form intuitions about how the world works (which may prove true or false, but they are things you wouldn’t have even considered otherwise). Things like for example: women living in warm climates with no seasonal variation are going be easier on average than the average White woman, because any children are easier to survive in that environment. This could, for example, explain why 10% of Thailand’s female population between 18-25 is much more willing to have sex with anyone than any European girls, even if in exchange for money.

  18. The MBD movement is a fruitful analogy, but Roosh doesn’t follow where it leads. It is true that African Americans (and, more generally, people descended from west African slaves) are overrepresented in certain sports. Imagine if, given this situation: (a) it were widely believed that this disparity was the result of unjustified racial discrimination; (b) there were an official government policy to promote non-blacks over blacks in sports where blacks are overrepresented; and (c) any deviation from (a) or opposition to (b) would bring opprobrium at best and criminal prosecution at worst. Under such circumstances, a Muscle Bio-Diversity movement would be a welcome dose of sanity. MBD would say: Nature is true and not a lie. In short: maybe black people excel at certain sports because they are naturally better at them.
    Human biodiversity is simply the general case, and in real life contains MBD as a subset. Its real-world applications include a re-appraisal of racial preferences, a healthy skepticism of democratic tribalism, and a challenge to the assumption that differential racial outcomes derive from fundamental unfairness. In other words, HBD is a missile aimed at the heart of Leftism.
    Finally, human biodiversity is useful for the name alone: coopting the term diversity, which every good Progressive loves like mother’s milk, is reactionary trolling at its finest.

  19. So all these responders on behalf of HBD, after directly called out, put on their Sunday best and seem perfectly rational. But you’re not acknowledging the other half of what Roosh was hitting on:
    A) That almost every large site in the manosphere attracts obnoxious HBD style race trolls that do in fact want to turn every discussion into how “minorities are, actually, _______, if you would just look at the facts”
    B) That not everyone in the HBD camp is a perfectly rational amateur scientist & philosopher king who seeks only to uncover the mysteries of biology, and that some are in fact more interested in rationalizing the superiority of whites. You see their hate leak out all over the page every time they leave a comment somewhere (uninvited).
    I think Roosh is directing this at that wing of HBDers who are under the surface just pissed off and looking for someone to blame for their problems instead of focusing on improving their own lives. Just like there’s a contingent of the MRA movement full of bitter losers who won’t move on with their lives and want to complain about how bad men have it to anyone who will listen.

  20. Ah, I thought I’d never see this: Roosh bows to the biggest among the pretty little lies, and with an incredibly weak argument.
    Game is just another part of HBD. The tenet of HBD is very simple: biology matters. It matters to explain the differences between men and women and it matters to explain the differences between races.
    As to your argument ‘so what?’. Really? There are billions of dollars, your taxes, my taxes, badly allocated because people don’t understand HBD. There is a miriad of regulations (school admissions, as well as marriage laws) that ruin the life of literally millions that are in place because people don’t understand HBD. And you ask so what?
    I guess we can’t expect everyone to understand everything, but at least when the issues are this similar…

  21. “HBD theories have no real-world use.”
    Real-world uses of HBD in game blog context:
    1. Tips on what to expect from different racial type chicks.
    2. Explanation of why black women tend to have enormous nipples. That freaks me out.
    3. Explanation of the black ass. It’s been on everyone’s minds.
    4. Where the hot latinas with no kids at?
    5. The enigma of Asian women.
    6. Do the shades match the carpet?
    7. Where the easy white women at?

  22. What is “superiority”?
    Since we are talking about biology let’s use the natural definition of superiority, the evolutionary one, shall we? Superiority is being capable to endure time and reproduce… When we apply this concept to race, what race is superior right now? The blacks, the asians… not white people.
    I’m a white nationalist, proudly. That doesn’t stop me having friends of native american and black origin, but I acknowledge reality.
    I don’t care if we are superior or not, I just care with the survival of my people… what is so demoniac about that? Why do I have to be forced in agree with miscegenation? Why do I have to renounce to my recessive traits in order to please blacks and other races?
    Maybe someday you will see what hipocrisy you are preaching in this matter. You love the fair skin, light eyes and angelical faces of eastern european women… but you don’t care the future generations will be incapable of apreciate this due to miscegenation and declining white birthrates.
    You just care about your pleasure right now and of your fellow friends of other races, whose despise their women so much and desire most of all the white meat they so much criticize.
    We maybe don’t have the highest IQ’s, we aren’t the best sportsmen in some sports, so? History is our ally and our evidence.
    There is something holy about the white race? I don’t know, but in the future we will disapear or we will clash in the greatest war until now, unfortunately, because with a little of common sense this could be stoped, but time is long gone.
    “there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will for ever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality.”
    President Lincoln
    Sorry for my english.

  23. Good article Roosh. (i genuinely mean this)
    You mention just enough about HBD and HBD-aphiles to show that this particular movement is a bit tired, but without resorting to namecalling or taking an angrier position (see just about any red pill writer that is from a minority).
    I predict though that some of your readership will
    A) try to read too much into your brief article and inject their own biases (it did not really say all that much tbh)
    others will
    B) take great offence at even the slightest hint that HBD is a tired time wasting distraction at best, and declare you a cultural marxist or that you as a leopard have changed his spots or some such j’accuse.
    with others still
    C) writing in a semi passive aggressive tone disputing the article, but again drawing issues in your article (which does not really say all that much, besides HBD being a bit of a time waster) to extrapolate some sort of comment on the ‘decline of the quality of your writing or something’.
    Personally i find HBD to be a great waste of time. no different than groups moaning over entitlements, instead we have others still moaning over the superiority or inferiority of one group against another. A lot of common sense observations (oriental girls are meek, south american girls are fiery, black girls usually have fat asses) get bottled into HBD theory when its being tarted up to be attractive to the next young angry man.
    Stop moaning guys

  24. I wince when I read about HBD on here or Roosh, like when I see a Monistat commercial, but I thought of one more practical application of HBD when mickey-dickey mackin’. To wit, how to determine age in races you are unfamiliar with. If you’re not smooth that question can have the effect of a Velveeta fart, and a lie can be really bad. “A gentleman never asks, a lady never tells”.

  25. Anyone who puts stock in this kind of bullshit needs to read Bounce – the author completely demolishes the idea of an Ethiopian genetic advantage regarding long-distance running.
    Im sick of reading bizarre bullshit on the web from people with a laymans knowledge of genetics. If I want to read a rich tapestry of dreams and context, I’ll read something where the author isn’t trying desperately to quell their own stench of inferiority complex.
    There is a lot deluded, half-baked shit on the web. Being open-minded is always good, but while someone wastes endless hours on [HBD/Edenism/MHBD/MRA/Insert bullshit here] the clock of life is slowly ticking regardless…

  26. I agree that that kind of racial pride is for people with no accomplishments of their own. However, just because retards like to harp on HBD constantly, does not in any way shape or form mean that it has “no real-world use”. That is just as stupid, possibly more so.
    I’ve literally never brought up HBD in an argument, btw.

    1. I disagree. I’m still pretty young, but my racial pride gives me inspiration to go on and do great things for myself, and my race (white).

  27. They probably are better athletes, whites may even have potential for higher IQ’s, but humans are born with the same spirit to achieve which balances everything out.

  28. Tell that to your boy Roissy /Greg Elliott.What the hell happened to him anyway?
    Its also partly why the republicans lost yet again.
    Stop telling people how much better you believe you are than them. What did you think was gonna happen? Did you think that other races would just simply accept your tribal,quasi silver back chest pounding and nod in agreement? No. They,Latinos in particular, will simply ignore your supremacy bs and vote against OUR own conservative interests, seeing as that most Latinos are conservative. Not only that,but some are DELIBERATELY having MORE kids just to mess with the GABACHOS.
    Latinos,particularly Mexicans are very defiant,and passively aggressive,and patient about sticking it to “whitey” and just cant wait for those demographics to kick in…

  29. What’s annoying about HBD is that virtually everyone involved in these debates, from whatever race, is likely to be of above average intelligence.
    In other words, you have white guys shouting down black and brown brothers who often have higher IQ’s than the average Caucasian.
    This needs to be borne in mind – the minuscule fraction of men commenting in these blogs and forums are of high cognitive ability and are outliers of their race, whatever that may be.

  30. I’m not saying HBD/MBD is correct, but its an AWFULLY big coincidence that THIS is something you, Roosh, take notice of and call BS on. The HBD thing has been screwing up the manosphere for awhile but NOW its a problem, NOW you write an article about it, because some black guys started one saying they’re superior? Not buying it man. This isn’t a coincidence.

  31. You love eastern European women but if they all mixed with black or Mexican I’m sure your love for them would instantly disappear.
    Light eyes/skin/hair are recessive traits. I’m a eastern euro judaic man and I also feel very attracted to those features. But if they mixed I would feel sad b/c the type of beauty I’m particularly into would be gone.

  32. Well, there is the little matter of black Americans only dominating football and basketball. All other sports are dominated by other groups. And black Americans are one of the most grotesquely obese groups in the world.

  33. Pretty weak troll on this one Roosh. You are oretty short sighted if you can’t see that HBD would have a wide range of policy implications. Sounds like you just want to spew some blue pill PC nonsense in the hopes of some dark skinned friends or addressing your own ethnic insecurities.

  34. “so what?” of IQ, athleticism etc matters when liberals try to claim that any difference in outcome (jobs, status) is due to discrimination instead of natural differences. They cry racism when differences can no longer be attributed to “discriminaaaaaation, bring the NAACP, discriminaaation”. Instead of trying to shove exactly 50% women and 12.9% blacks into every job and career the differences in physical and mental characteristics should be recognized as the true cause.

  35. I keep reading “Black people have lower iqs on average”.
    And I’m just wondering .. were Black Africans included in this testing too?
    Or are we just talking about Black Americans who .. when compared to Africans are less disciplined.
    Also .. How many different sub-ethnicities/nationalities were included and/or identified within these studies?

      1. Oh okay so this data was not considered.
        Like when people post racial crime statistics and don’t bother to distinguish between people who are poor/are in low income areas and those who aren’t/are not.
        It only makes sense that one would post half the story to suit their own agendas.

  36. Human “equality” has become some kind of world wide jingoist movement where it is the duty of America to bring equality and democracy to the world resulting in war and massive unrest and upheaval, as well as migration and displacement of native populations.

  37. The white taxpayer is simultaneously despised, and fleeced, to pay for the false diagnosis of racial oppression. His funds pay for teachers to indoctrinate his children with self-hatred and revisionist history from an early age. If he does not fully embrace a dogma that paints white males as the reason for every evil in history, he will be denied work and other opportunities. He will be tested on his commitment to this dogma in many ways, and his loyalties will be felt out. If there is any sense that he might actually be proud of where he comes from and who is ancestors were, rather than deeply ashamed, he will be cast out of the SWPL circle as a heretic, lower than a child abuser or a rapist even. The only way he could possibly regain admittance to their circle of prosperity would be to blow a full lineup of L.A. Lakers on camera, to be broadcast on PBS as Diversity Training.
    So what?

    1. Your ancestors perpetuated the majority of shamefully inhumane and barbaric acts in mankind’s history. Deal with it.

  38. “… even Steve Sailor”
    Read Steve SAILER’s IQ FAQ:
    Why Do We Keep Writing About Intelligence? An IQ FAQ
    Q. How would understanding IQ better help America?
    A. It becoming ever more clear that the combination of racial gaps in IQ and the IQ taboo acts as a black hole that sucks all the intelligence out of an institution. Racial gaps in achievement are the overwhelmingly dominant fact driving school performance, for instance, but nobody is allowed to mention the IQ gap among the races, so misbegotten nonsense rushes in. Last month, the California Superintendent of Schools announced that the cause of low black achievement was “absolutely, positively not genetic.” [Summit called to address racial disparities in academic performance, by Nanette Asimov, San Francisco Chronicle, November 12, 2007] Instead, white teachers imposing too much discipline on black youths “who learn at church that it’s good to clap, speak loudly and be a bit raucous” were too blame. Of course, the last thing public schools need is less discipline.
    Similarly, in 2001, President Bush and Senator Kennedy got together and passed the No Child Left Behind Act, which is certifiably insane. It mandates eliminating all racial gaps and making every student in America “proficient” (i.e., above average) by 2014.

  39. “Let’s say that white people are indeed smarter than black people. My response to that is… so what? It would be the same as me, a tall person, starting a movement saying that tall people make more money. This very well may be true, but what benefit is there for me to push that assertion unless I’m feeling insecure about my position as a tall person?”
    If there were groups of people trying to push the the idea that the making of more money by tall people was due to the evilness of tall people, then pointing out the opposite would be to your benefit lest you find yourself and all other tall people in front of a guillotine.
    The fact is, there are segments of academia and society that push the idea that the disparities in socioeconomic outcomes between minorities and white people (except for Asians, they can never explain the success of Asians), is the result of the evilness of whites, when the fact is IQ and hence intelligence can almost perfectly account for those disparities yet is automatically dismissed out of hand a priori as not the cause. Why? Well for some of them it means their myth about the blank slate will be false and hence true equality never achieved (absent an inhumane totalitarian like society), and for others it means they won’t be able to gerry up hatred and resentment of white people. You know, good old fashioned hate mongering racism.

  40. Roosh,
    I think you realize that as the manosphere movement becomes more popular, feminism will be exposed for the lie that it is. Deep down, you know that the same will then take place with regard to our society’s PC racial attitudes. Both attitudes are premised on the idea that society determines outcomes and behavior more so then race.
    You recognize this intuitively and this post is an attempt to distance yourself from the shitstorm that is bound to ensue when racial differences in intelligence becomes something that people discuss.
    Perhaps as someone who has neither a homeland nor patriotism, to you HBD is unimportant. however, to someone who cares deeply about the viability and future of America, HBD awareness makes one deeply troubled by current trends in demographics – especially w regard to immigration policy and providing welfare support to irresponsible single mothers.
    For all your talk of red pill, this post is shockingly ignorant. You have started a movement and it may be too late to stop. Hope that humanity has the compassion to deal maturely with HBD once it becomes common knowledge.

  41. Whenever I fell insecure, I go check google to find out what athlete is performing well that week/month.
    I immediately go out and purchase a jersey with that athlete’s name on it. This allows me to stand in the radiated glory from their accomplishments. Surely, others can see that by the mere act of wearing a duplicate of a winner’s jersey that the athlete’s “winner” status is life is automatically imputed to me.
    This also worked well for me in establishing bad-boy cred with that very shrewd purchase of a Harley Davidson t-shirt. The shirts are far cheaper than an actual motorcycle, and a little bit of bluffing and redirection of the conversation can fool many a slutty barfly into believing that I actually own a Harley. “It’s in the shop” is all I need to say as I load her inebriated ass into my Ford Escort for the ride back to my place. A more inquisitive woman might wonder, if I own a Harley, what need I might have for a Harley t-shirt, but hey – these are women we’re talking about. A little game papers over the whole uncomfortable truth.
    If these HBDers are right, perhaps there is yet another opportunity to associate myself (“branding” as the marketing folk say) with a group of winners. Does anyone know if there are any apparel manufacturers that produce clothing that will ensure that I will be identified as “white”?
    I mean, I have some game, but hawking my faux white-cred can only improve my chances of getting the bang, right? I mean, I am already white, by why take chances when such a crucial opportunity to group identify is at risk?
    Maybe I could try to get clever and just wear a white t-shirt with no label? Get it?? White?? Not everyone will, of course, it will be left to those who are truly in the know and are gifted with wit to get the association.
    For warmer weather, maybe I can get a white t-shirt that has no sleeves on it. Then I can sit by my escort in front of my motor home and sip a Miller Lite. I’ll be the perfect poster child for superiority of white people. A little Skynrd and we’re set.

  42. HBD is about acknowledging the differences between races like this blog is about acknowledging the differences between sexes.
    As someone else said, stop affirmative action and let ability speak for itself and no one will care about racial differences.

  43. I see HBD as part of a more general economic policy framework. The core of HBD is that we can’t all go to college and design iphones. Some people are only suited to certain kinds of work. We’ve denied this and basically destroyed their way of life.
    Let’s take the difference between two countries I’ve lived in. Japan and America.
    In Japan people understand that not everyone is equal, and that if people don’t become CEOs it isn’t because they didn’t try hard enough. As a result people feel shame about trying to pump themselves up too much, because they know they are lucky to have many of their gifts. As a result income inequality is kept low through a variety of public and private policies.
    In America everyone thinks they “earned” their lot in life. They don’t think they were lucky to be born smart, rather they just worked harder. The existence of a bell curve for IQ can’t be acknowledged because that would mean acknowledging blacks average IQ relative to whites, which would be the most evil thing in the world. As a result we have massive wealth disparity.
    In Japan its acknowledged that not everyone can go to college and do abstract work. So they make it a part of their industrial policy to promote a robust set of mid-skill manufacturing jobs. They also heavily restrict immigration to keep down labor competition.
    In America we moved our factories overseas and imported millions of low IQ Mexicans to drive down the cost of labor. We then told all these poor bastards to go to Harvard. It destroyed the entire left half of the bell curve. They have no jobs, their families have fallen apart, their communities are shattered. HBD denial is a big part of that.
    I consider “my people” to be the white working class. My Dad did hard labor for 40 years. He belonged to a union, earned a living wage, took a lot of pride in his work. He was able to raise a family and live in a functioning community.
    HBD denialist policies destroyed that. Last year his union got busted. They had to take a 40% paycut and lost their health benefits. Mexican scabs were a huge part of that. The next generation of my father won’t be able to raise a family and live a first world life. Instead they will live in broken crime riden NAM communities.
    This stuff matters. And it didn’t have to be this way. In Asian, where HBD acceptance is common, they don’t implement these batshit insane policies that destroy their own people.

    1. As someone from Australia who has lived in Japan and visited China and Vietnam I cannot agree more with your analysis here.
      That said I think people are being too hard on Roosh. He has found one truth and done his level best to expose it, does he need to accept all the hard and ugly truths in the world to have value? Many after reading Roosh will take the logical next step, even if he cannot bring himself to do so.
      There are a lot of big lies that form the foundations of the modern west and most go back or have roots that go back at least 200 years, be thankful for small mercies people.
      A lot of people point out that Japan is demographically dying. Most Japanese I know don’t see it that way, they choose to view the shrinking and aging of their population as a tricky readjustment that will take all their skills as a relatively close knit society to deal with. This is a country after all where the local frikkin Mafia send trucks full of aid to natural disasters and then refuses to admit that they have done so.
      As a HBD believer I sometimes wish I was Japanese, despite the drawbacks inherent in the culture and the people. As a believer I also recognise that this can never be so.
      Would those agreeing with Roosh on this thread seriously argue that such insights have no value?

      1. I normally regard sub replacement fertility as a tacit admission that your society is a failure and doesn’t deserve to survive. However, in the case of Japan its just so fucking crowded. One can’t get stuff into a train and then complain about low fertility.
        At some point the fertility issue will balance out. The key is no accepting immigrants. Providing for lots of retirees in the inevitable demographic hump is hard, but eventually you get over it. Not if you accept immigrants though. Then you permanetly destroy the culture.

  44. Your government believes in HBD. Or else, why do they intend to keep Affirmative Action till kingdom come? Elites know that the Gap will never close. And what do you call 3 generations of preferential treatment? Privilege.

  45. One of the practical aspects of HBD is the explanation about democracy, catholic church and why tribalism is so widespread on arab countries. Personally I find those explanation fascinating and have never encountered anything about IQ or Race superiorities, just degrees of inbreeding on societies via cousin marriage, hence degrees of mistrust on institutions, which I find perfectly logical. Read this and judge…
    I’m wondering if we’re talking about the same HBD…

  46. People automatically thinkin HBD implies more than genetic, but also character differences, and that acknowledging differences equates to a character judgment based on an expected mean.
    Being a normal black guy does not make you a bad person!!! Relax! Even if you’re a standard deviation less intelligent than a normal white guy. He might as well be a dick. I’m sure many are.

  47. Thanks for acknowledging the elephant in the room, Roosh. At the risk of sounding like the feminist social justice hacks we all despise, the racism in the manosphere (and the general tolerance of it) keeps me from being more involved. It damages the credibility of the movement when feminists can point to literally any manosphere site and say “Look how they tolerate racism, I wouldn’t expect anything less.”
    Part of being red pill is accepting uncomfortable truths, but the science is nowhere near conclusive on HBD. Even if the data was as undeniable as gravity it wouldn’t explain the sheer hate.

  48. My response to that is… so what?
    Because according to the official narrative when white people succeed, it is because of racism or white privilege or the legacy of colonialism, etc, etc which needs to be corrected with remedial policies like disparate lawsuits, etc.

  49. The is thing is about wn’s. They maybe more intelligent than the average black person but then a Benjamin Carson comes along and contributes more than 1000 of em

  50. “[HBD is] a group of people who say than white people are smarter than black people, using IQ studies as proof.”
    This is not entirely correct. They are saying white people generally outscore black people on tests that measure IQ, i.e. whites generally have higher IQ:s than blacks. HBD-enthusiasts avoid words like “smart” because they are too losely defined to have any real meaning.
    Incidentally, HBD:ers also say Ashkenazi (European) Jews and Northeast Asians generally score higher than whites on IQ tests.
    I was wondering if the “Steve Sailor”-thing was deliberate, a way of poking fun, but after I read the rest of the post it looks to me like it is an honest mistake and you just haven’t taken the time to familiarize yourself with what you are writing about. You really should, if you find the time, it’s a fascinating subject. Good places to start are the FAQ:s about race and IQ linked to in the iSteve blogpost you link to above.
    Sailer answers your “so what?” question thusly:
    “Q. Why is all this important? Shouldn’t we just think of people as individuals?
    A. That sounds good to me, but we don’t. We’re social and political animals, and many of our government policies are based on group membership: not just explicit affirmative action programs, but most anti-discrimination cases as well are based not on evidence of actual discrimination but on “disparate impact,” a legal theory that’s built on the big assumption that different groups are identical in IQ and other traits.
    Q. How would understanding IQ better help America?
    A. It becoming ever more clear that the combination of racial gaps in IQ and the IQ taboo acts as a black hole that sucks all the intelligence out of an institution. Racial gaps in achievement are the overwhelmingly dominant fact driving school performance, for instance, but nobody is allowed to mention the IQ gap among the races, so misbegotten nonsense rushes in. Last month, the California Superintendent of Schools announced that the cause of low black achievement was “absolutely, positively not genetic.” [Summit called to address racial disparities in academic performance, by Nanette Asimov, San Francisco Chronicle, November 12, 2007] Instead, white teachers imposing too much discipline on black youths “who learn at church that it’s good to clap, speak loudly and be a bit raucous” were too blame. Of course, the last thing public schools need is less discipline.”

  51. Wow, I expected more from you roosh.
    “My response to that is… so what?”
    It is assumed that all men (and women) are equal. Therefore, when there are differences in outcomes, then these differences must be the result of some injustice or malicious action.
    Hence, we see the rise of affirmative action, wealth redistribution and a whole host of egalitarian socialist laws and polices, the kind of which you would be decrying if they were policies aimed at making women equal to men.
    “It’s a group of people who say than white people are smarter than black people, using IQ studies as proof.”
    No, they say that white have higher IQs than blacks, not “smarter” (whatever that means). And they don’t just use IQ as some magical number pulled from thin air’ IQ has extremely REAL consequences (
    The point is that it’s unrealistic to expect there ever to be racial SES-equaity, and policies aimed at such will only ever be destructive.
    PLUS, these “racists” believe that north-east asians and ahkenazi jews have the highest IQs! So, no, it has nothing to do with superiority-complexes. If that’s all it was about, all we would have to do is point out how Europe was the light of the world, and that pre-colonial africa saw no technological progress whatsoever.
    HBD has nothing to do with superiority, its economic and legal self-defense on the part of whites.
    Jesus Christ Roosh, get your shit together. I know some big dumb stupid-heads on stromfront said some nasty stuff about you, that doesn’t justify your blatant intellectual dishonesty.

    1. “Wow, I expected more from you roosh.”
      Yeah, me too.
      HBD (the position that humans differ racially) is about facts. This touches a raw nerve with roosh though–hence all this emotionalism around the subject.

  52. The HBD movement is just about informing people of facts. Your straw man here is that it is also about a convincing people of a certain value–that’s not true.
    This touches a raw nerve for you though–hence the emotionalism (the straw man sophistry.) Perhaps this is the last blue pill molecule left in you.
    Please, get it out and done with. Seeing you struggle with it for so long is pathetic.

  53. What? This is just poor business sense. What about all the black men that read this blog? Don’t you value them?

  54. HBD is not only about intelligence. All other things equal, I wonder what would Roosh prefer: a future world full of White girls, or one full of Black and Aboriginal ones? Keep in mind, the people seeking to censor HBD research are ones whose actions result in less of the former and more of the latter. This for me would be reason enough to support the HBDers.

  55. I propose that we do not talk about sex differences between males and females. It is all a waste of time.
    When we talk about ways in which men perform better than females, we are all just showing how insecure we are.

  56. “so what?” I think you got that part right.
    What happed is all the “idealogs/supremicest”
    just picked up the HBD communities stuff and started running with it.
    HBD itself i don’t believe has tied any ideology or policy to there
    ideas. As well as they have never limited themselves to only
    discussing White/Black issues.
    If you want to know what effect cousin marriage system does to
    crime rates there the people to ask. (Surprisingly good by the way)
    HBD people come many colors. White,Navajo white,White
    Women….They probably have a explanation for that.
    Thats my impression of them from the limited amount of knowledge I
    have gathered from them to further my trolling of progressives.

  57. Anyone who has extensively studied statistics, would know that HBD is bullshit. But opinion heads keep talking. GDP is correlated with IQ. Is China getting smarter although their GDP is growing? no. But i bet many urban educated Chinese who are descendants of poor farmers would score higher on tests then their ancestors.. Why? Because of education, nutrition etc. I thought the manosphere was supposed to be about truth and knowledge, not a bunch of pussies trying to put themselves on a pedestal by playing some race game.

  58. This article is a how-to for blue-pills: “How Not to ‘Get’ It: Avoiding the Obvious When It Suits You.”
    The fixation on IQ is a bit pedestrian, generally by those of lesser understanding of the full implications of HBD, but it’s not wrong… most of the time, at least. It’s a way of describing the REAL reasons for obvious inequalities of people across the world. The Marxist explanations we’ve become accustomed to are pure garbage, and with genetic scientific advancements, we now know a lot of things for certain that would have been dismissed in, say, the 1970’s or even as late as 10 years ago, as the equivalent of phrenology, but today are known to be true.
    It’s (almost) all about biology, and most of that is genes. Though it’s not really all about IQ, the single-factor-model in this case still leads to the correct results.

  59. Allow me to post a completely racist comment:
    When you take a look at the black “culture” of today and make an assumption that they are mildly retarded, then it all makes sense – the ebonics are the way a retarded person would speak English, the pants hanging down are akin to a retarded person not knowing how to dress, the constant references to “ass” (kick your ass, kiss my ass etc) are again how a retarded person is obsessed with body parts and functions and so on.
    Current black culture is the culture of mild retardation.

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