How Al Bundy’s Advice Changed My Life

Kelly: Daddy, did you pick up the permission slip at school like I asked you?

Al: Pumpkin, have I ever disappointed you before?

Kelly: Yes Daddy. Lots of times.

Al: Then what I have to tell you won’t come as a surprise.

When “Married With Children” first came on the air the buzz was about cheap, mindless bathroom humor. So I didn’t watch the first two seasons. Finally, I watched an episode and discovered it was hilarious…and hilarious because it was filled with truth and wisdom. It became a favorite show of mine. I watched it for years and in reruns.

In one episode a young, handsome salesman has begun working with Al at the shoe store. Al and the young man have bonded because they both played football at Polk High. One day the young man comes to work and asks Al for advice. He wants to ask his high school sweetheart to marry him. Al is horrified. Al was an all-state fullback who once scored 4 touchdowns in one game. Then he married Peggy, his high school sweetheart, and his life went downhill from there.


Desperate to save his young friend from making the same mistake he had made, Al takes the young man for a walk in the mall. They come to the intersection with a large circle of benches for weary shoppers to rest. The seating area is filled with men holding on to large shopping bags from department stores. They’re obviously the “mules” for their wives…assigned to follow the women around and carry the bags. The men all sit expressionless. Like zombies bored out of their minds but resigned to their fate.

Al tells the young man that he is young and vibrant and full of life. He has endless possibilities. Then Al points to the men sitting with the bags and says, “They all used to be like you.”

Fast forward 10 years. I’m following my wife in the mall carrying her shopping bags. “My God,” I thought, “I’m Al Bundy.”

A few days later I woke up and looked at my wife standing naked at the dresser. My wife was young and beautiful with a centerfold figure. We’d had great sex the night before as we had every night we’d been together. And every time we made love I asked myself if all that came with marriage to this woman made the sex worth it. I’d always answered that question “yes” but nevertheless, I was asking the question. This morning my answer would change.

I reviewed the trade-off. It was difficult for me to be a dog on a leash. The loss of freedom, dealing with her irrational moments, no longer having control over decisions for my time and money and energy, living in fear of displeasing her…I had willingly accepted all of it for the promise of love, devotion and companionship…and steady sex. But now I was rethinking that decision. I wanted to run and put it all behind me. I wanted my life back.

So, there I am laying in bed looking at her beautiful, naked ass and asking myself if that ass was worth the trade-off. What possessed me to think the following I’ll never know. My thought was, “I can do better.” That’s a bold statement for a man to say about his young, beautiful wife. In that moment I was prepared to give up the love, devotion, and sex in order to get my freedom back.

I had no reason to think I could do better but for some reason I believed it and I wanted a life with possibilities. I’d never traveled outside the country. I wasn’t thinking at that moment of moving to a foreign country. My life in America wasn’t bad at all but, for some reason, I thought I could do better. More importantly, I had to have my life back. I was no longer willing to trade my freedom for a secure sex life.


And, as it would come to pass, I did do better. Better than I could ever have imagined. Girls more beautiful. Girls sexier. The bar has been raised and my ex-wife is a distant memory. But, the best part of the decision I made that morning is that now I’m in charge of my life. I have the power. I make my own decisions based on my own self-interests. In a sentence, I got my balls back.

I owe Al Bundy a debt of gratitude. I can’t remember if the young man in that episode took Al’s advice, but I sure did. And I’m better off for it.

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299 thoughts on “How Al Bundy’s Advice Changed My Life”

      1. if you don’t have kids, she’s just a girl friend, married or not….. get rid of her….. if you have kids, that’s another matter, a lot more complicated…..

        1. A lot more…complicated?
          Nawww, more like having a slave master over you who doubles as a welfare professional during the day, and moonlights as the heroic victim at night by all the menz she is “objectified/victimized” by.

    1. You give people an inch, they take a yard.
      It’s that way with the obese, we agree to not be so demeaning and people let themselves go.
      Time for a rebound.

    2. The funny thing is the fat women featured aren’t half as fat as the ones you see roaming the streets/malls now.

    3. AWESOME. I never thought I’d say it, but ahhhhh the good ol’ days… I miss ’em.

    4. Thank for posting had some great laughs. My favorite sitcom growing up and full of no BS red pill… plus Katey Seagal and Christina Applegate were damn fine. Notice how the times change… fat shaming was rampant in this prime-time highly-rated TV sitcom. The 90’s was the final decade; the end of an era.

    5. It’s crazy how much better of an actor he is now on Modern Family. Here he reads his lines like a kid in a high school play.

  1. My God! I was wondering when someone would touch on Al Bundy!! Married With Children was the epitome of red pill truths. Don’t chalk up your freedom. Being arrogant is manly. Whether you fail or not, own it. Always know you will be chipped and prodded until death if you marry. You will embrace the little things like gold such as your long forgotten freedom, if you marry. All these truths and more were laid out on that show. The funniest part, quite a few of those episodes were written by a woman, Amanda Bearse. Seasons 1 and 2 didn’t really weigh as greatly as the seasons after, especially once Jefferson entered the picture. Heck, even the later seasons were flooded with porn stars, soft core porn actresses and Playmates galore. This was easily one of the last great shows to make me feel happy to be a man.

        1. We were neutered, and now we are enduring the subsequent reduction of testosterone in our collective titrations.

      1. Adam Carolla has a pretty good podcast that is worth listening to. He even has another one he shares with Dr Drew

    1. You’re going to end a relationship the way you start it. Enter as a beta, and you’ll be the bitch carrying her bags. Enter as an alpha and a leader, and you’ll be the dude who’s wife is happy to say good night with a blowjob.
      It’s your choice gentlemen.

      1. That’s a little optimistic regarding most American women, although I agree with your general point.
        I can give you a list of older alphas I know paying child support and unable to control “the bitch”… especially the ones with their own career (many good looking women in health care especially). And I have seen alphas dumped flat on their ass in a relationship due to money issues.
        Alpha or beta, the system is working against you right now.

        1. blame the system, blame the woman, blame everyone else except yourself…. you have to be an icy cold mother fucking pimp to hold down a woman these days, and the only incentive is if you have children with her….. it can be done….. but unless you really like her AND you have kids with her, it’s not worth it….. no kids = nothing worth holding on to…..

        2. It is a master – slave relationship. Spartacus was an alpha but still a slave. You are the slave and the government is your master. The woman is merely one of the many agents that the government by which the government enslaves you.

        3. Celtic religion, made for women, by women with a penis. The fact is, men have been better off before the advent of women running anything.

        4. With minimal effort! They built all that hype around that character who ended up being a joke! Good one, Jackson!

      2. +1
        Also, find a good woman, and by that I mean you need to find your equal that has the following;
        a. Has interest in you (sexually and mentally). The two comments I hear from my wife most often are, “You’re lucky I’m addicted to your d**k” & “The smartest guy in the room, that’s why I married you!”
        b. Find someone that isn’t ‘needy’ or high maintenance. A needy woman will drain your life.
        c. Don’t marry a complainer or a princess. I’ve got a sure fire way to avoid this one, find a girl that has all brothers. Contrary to the idea that they would be the only princess in the family, instead I find that they are the ones that know they have to pull their own weight, like to be around masculine men, appreciate masculinity and sports, and can carry on a conversation about something other than what Kim Kardashian is naming her baby.
        d. Doesn’t hold money in high regard. This one is tough, it can be well hidden and crafty. A woman like this will spend a lot of time either pushing (read, insulting, belittling, etc.) a man to be a better provider or willing to leave the relationship for a better provider.
        good luck.

        1. That last point!! Easily the most insidious point on the list. Always check for a builder/sculptor. More often than not these women seem the most loving but you are in fact, the best project they could find.

        2. Oh yeah. And, they cannot be dissuaded from their mission (which they’ll deny to their dying breath) to change you into a “success”.
          By nature, I find that most women are attracted to masculine men that are self-focused, determined, have a lot of self-esteem and are uninterested in feminine matters. When men attempt to change to appease their wives/girlfriends, they start down the path of destroying the very person that their girl is attracted to.
          I am who I am, if you don’t like it, get the f**k out. I’m an ______ (fill in the blank), not a _____ (fill in the blank), and I don’t care how much more a _____ makes, I not willing to be stressed and unhappy to become something I’m not or something I hate. If you can’t handle it, leave.
          ^– that’s how simple it is.

        3. d) If she was raised with a silver spoon in her mouth, she will NEVER let it go.
          I know a Harvard edumacated woman (age 28) who works for Ontario government advocating for impoverished groups.
          She is from a whop area (high-middle class Italian suburb where her daddy gave her all the money she could ever ask for).
          No matter how strongly she advocates for helping the poor, it doesn’t stop her from buying expensive clothes, driving a Lexus, or hunting for high-income dick. She came from wealth and she’ll never give it up…

        4. Clark, I added your submission (e) if that’s OK. Very good point. Daddy giving baby girl everything spoils them beyond saving.

        5. I found c to be very true, the funest girls to be around have no sisters and only brothers and basically do not have alot of the princess problems and attitude problems. Also a is most important, you need to find a girl who likes you more than you like her. This is probably not the hottest chick you can pull, but once a woman realizes she can pull better cock, she will. So by marrying the hottest chick you can find, you are setting yourself up for misery. She will either stay hot and leave you for the big better deal, or she will get fat and you’ll be disappointed.

      3. Hard to be an alpha in a relationship because the truth is most women are somewhere between. What usually happens is the alpha is the one who got away or who boinks her every few months and then when she can’t control him and they fight the alpha walks away. there is no “Relationship” really unless you can find a girl who will be obedient and submissive in the long term. And outside of e. europe, africa and east asia, I doubt that exist.

    2. Its kind of like Mad Men in a way. But rather than laughing at the silly man, he is portrayed as a fraud in a wholly negative manner. Mad Men is the ultimate feminist TV show.

      1. Almost watched that show as well. No breast size is worth watching a guy get emasculated.

        1. I once said before, “it is a celebration of fat chicks”. Never in any office have I seen a chumbster get such attention from capable men. It is a woman’s fantasy. “I can get fat and men will still want me.”
          Sorry no.
          That said, I think it is required watching for all red-pillers. It is a window into the thoughts of feminists. I watch it regularly and it is instructive.

        2. I’ll give it another shot. Had no references other than Christine ‘whatever her name is’ and her beautiful breasts as reasons to watch. If I can learn from it, it deserves a review. Not enough red pill material to learn from.

        3. Yeah I wouldn’t watch it for her breasts. You never see them. Breasts don’t count on a fat chick. But it is a good lesson on how things went wrong.

      1. Amanda Bearse a.k.a. Marcy Darsy, is a lesbian, actress, and director who while receiving a bunch of flack, will go down in history for her role on that show. She co-wrote and directed several episodes.

      1. Just finished watching it. The mall part was good, but it does unfortunately devolve into a somewhat NAWALT story line. One with a humorous ending of course.

  2. This was a good show cause it was different than the other Family Shows. The humor was pretty good.

  3. Would like to hear more about the author’s story. Where did he go, what did he do, how old is he, how old was he when he was scoring the “sexier” chicks, how did he break it to his wife. I’m sure he faced a lot of criticism for his decision. How dare a man tell himself that he can do better than his wife? Also how did she take it? What happened to her?

  4. Yeah great to hear a story about a man who decided to own his shit, ignore the feminists dogma and go and live the life we all deserve.

    1. What life is that? Growing old, never having kids, and becoming that sad old guy at work who always tells the younger guys how much he regrets never having kids?
      Yeah, sounds like fun.
      Feminism is all about breaking up the family and has created a generation of spineless men without fathers. And this website is apparently promoting the male version of that society destroying, “live for the moment” philosophy.
      Yeah guys, go out there, slap the girls around and be a total dick. See where that gets you.
      You’ll end up sad and alone, just like all of those old Feminist cat ladies.

      1. I guess if you don’t want the responsibility of children then you should just go ahead & have them anyways, huh?
        The most miserable men I’ve ever seen in my life are married & have kids that loathe them.
        Perhaps he is speaking to men in their 20’s & 30’s as the rhetoric of the young man in the story suggests.

        1. Secret: half of betas didn’t want kids, that just came as a necessary requirement, on behalf of the wife, for continued access to pussy.

      2. Personally, I’ve learned a few things from this site. Like a jump start on what to predict with the nature of different types of women in general, that is WITHOUT having to go through the course of another relationship and be hit by surprise with the fatal bullshit.
        Today we see a controlled demolition of standard beta provider families where the woman gets wings and becomes the empowered bitch (whether they have dependent children or not). The self aware alpha is the wild card amid the feminist onslaught. Really the system plays as an alien force doing the onslaught hatchetwork on the family, breaking down and dispatching the beta while forcing the bitches hand against him while having her believe all the while that SHE is in control of the whack job.
        Let her try whack jobbing the local cabal of family court hacks or socialist service mobsters and she finds real soon that she has only been empowered to kill of the man, her man, which is a very narrow and restricted power.
        It is an unconventional but nonetheless REAL and HOT war being waged against the family. If beta providers had the keen sexual insight from experience as an alpha, and the ability to ‘read’ a woman more critically, they wouldn’t be t-boned or stabbed in the back nearly as often. The alpha always lives on.

        1. This. I think it’s a common misconception that feminism is ever going to kill off or do anything to stop the alphas having their fun. I doubt that’s so: alphas, being supremely rational actors, will find willing pussy somewhere on the planet. The prime casualties of feminism are and always have been beta male providers — indeed Kate Millet testifies that destruction of the family was as big a priority as “liberation” of women.
          My take on it is that under the pre-feminist Western society, beta provider males who were its foundation, were respected for that role, and were in the vast majority. True alphas were much rarer and at best equivocal since it was seen as a man’s (Christian?) duty to start a family, procreate, and raise his children to be good men and women.
          Feminism has spread like a cancer on beta male providers: it is a mutation of the desire to protect women, it has consumed its host by the fact beta males simply did not recognise it until it was too late, and it has left behind a truly dysfunctional gender market, one where alpha game is the only thing that stands a chance of cutting through with the majority of female psyches in the West.

        2. Exactly, it’s a cancer. I try to connect the dots and follow the feminism plague forecast, trying to trace its vectors back to the source. It is hitting everywhere. East India, remote Aboriginal tribes are being infected (peace corps has program to ’empower’ aboriginal women even on remote islands), and Latin America is showing first symptoms. No race or nationality would elect to bring this onto themselves. Leaders have long known that empowering women over men is suicide. There is NO WAY that any human influence can be ultimately responsible for promoting feminism to the degree that we see. If it is alien (cancer could rhetorically be called ‘alien’) it is likely INSECTOID (which does not exclude spiritual or demonic).

        3. Wait till that movie “50 Shades of Grey ” comes out. That will redefine how a BF or husband should behave…

        4. Thoughts and ideas can be viruses.
          Look up the old classic “Popular Delusions And The Madness Of Crowds” for a detailed, if dated, look at this concept across history.

        5. LOL. My wife read that book. About the time she started saying something to me about what the guy was doing to the girl, I brought up how sick she (my wife) was for reading that shit. She looked at me funny and then I laid it out for her…
          So, what you’re telling me is that you want to enact a rape and torture fantasy right? You want to be tied up and raped, have all of your orifices abused and experience pain while I get my rocks off hurting you? First of all, I’d have to be a sick puppy to want to tie you up so I could rape you and f*** all of your holes however I like. Second, how could you ever want to be with someone that could only get off if they were hurting you? Ever heard of serial killers? ‘Cause that’s how they get off, and they act progressively, which means that sooner or later, just hurting you won’t be enough, then it will be only killing you that will satisfy them.”
          My wife’s mouth fell open and she just got this disgusted look on her face and said, “Oh my God, I can’t believe I was reading this shit!” Then she got on the phone and told her mother (she was the one that loaned her the book) how I had broke it down for her and how disgusting she was with it. That was pretty much the end of that, other than my wife having a less than kindly reaction to the book’s presence in the book stores and the upcoming movie’s advertising.

        6. Right. And if a book came out like this one for men then how do you think it would have been accepted by women and society?
          Book burning sessions, shaming, etc…but women can do it because it’s “empowering”.
          You can’t make that shit up.

        7. Yep, I totally agree. I think they’d call it a snuff film/book or something. Definitely would be considered something dark and sideous, like a training manual on how to raise serial rapists/killers, and outright promotion of continuing “rape culture” or something. It actually stuns me that so-called feminists can read that trash and enjoy it after all of their talk about female degradation, abuse from men, emotional and physical trauma, ad nauseum and yet they don’t say one peep about that book.
          As it stands now, I’m surprised that the libs/progs aren’t demanding “50 Shades of Puke”‘s inclusion in every HS library in the US.

        8. Obligatory: I understand even the BDSM community hates the fucking book. They regularly jump up and down that it is a very, very stupid representation of that sort of activities and that the lead male character is, in fact, an abusive fuckwad.

        9. She realized the gig was up and had to reclaim the loving wife card. This is just 1 of the few recent ‘Gotcha!’ moments in gender relations the last few years.
          This brings me back to an article here on being Overt. I wonder if being subvert would have had a different outcome.

        10. I imagine she would have been traumatized. For the sake of privacy, let’s just say that she has issues that would have become apparent in such a scenario…

        11. For starters, EL James is a shit ass writer. The fact that 50 Shades made so much money is absurd. On another note, though, and as someone commented below, nobody (myself included) who is actually into BDSM likes that book, and it gives a terrible name to a sexual practice that ALREADY had a terrible name. You should know that people who engage in BDSM are not serial killers, though. They tend to be the under-the-radar nerds who happen to like kinky sex.

      3. Yeah I get what your saying. I guess I should re phrase my comment that although the author is clearly a dick, it’s good to see this happening to a woman for a change. Normally you hear of only men on the other side of the story.

      4. You can be happy and alone. Have friends, travel and see the world, have hobbies, things to keep you occupied.
        There’s a difference between alone and lonely

        1. I’m happiest when alone working on my hobbies. You’re right about there being a difference. I wonder how many guys on here have been in a relationship with what they thought was their true love, only to feel lonely. Realizing the pretty smile, perky tits, nice ass… was just window dressing for an empty abyss.

        2. I’m laughing inside (not out loud). Your choice of women sucks, literally, if you chose the life-sucking harpy. Looking for the hottest girl you can get to walk down the aisle with you is a recipe for disaster.
          I’ve never dated a girl for more than two weeks that I couldn’t tell if they were;
          a. High maintenance.
          b. A self-centered princess (the world must cater to me /hairflip).
          c. Money centric and more interested in my social stature than me.
          d. Someone that enjoys belittling others (a sure sign that the subject will be you in the future).
          Don’t get me wrong, I like doing my hobbies, and I can do them for hours on end without thinking twice about what I could have been doing otherwise. But, when I think back upon the best moments of my life, they don’t involve me being alone doing my hobbies…they involve times I’ve spent with my wife and kids or family gatherings. Nothing gives my heart greater joy than to see my kids succeed or to do, ‘the right thing’. Sorry, hobbies just don’t cut it in comparison, plus that legacy (love, family, values, life lessons, etc.) will go on far after I’m gone.

        3. Knowing how to recognize something is an ability learned from experience. I’m willing to bet that every straight guy on the planet has experienced the analogy to a degree, been burned… and either learned to recognize the “abyss with lipstick” traits, or not.
          With regards to being alone and lonely, the point is there is a difference. It wasn’t one about literal happiest moments in life, that’s obviously going to be different for everyone, we all experience life differently, and ups and downs come and go like the wind. The main point was one can certainly be happy while alone, and feel lonely when not alone.
          Some of my happiest moments were with my son, others were experienced completely alone. However I do not recall ever feeling happy any time I experienced feeling lonely.

        4. Yeah, I guess I got a good deal of ‘raw’ experience in high school with the various types of girls. I’m glad I learned it early enough without having any “mistakes” and managed to be ‘free range’ until I met my wife when I was 28 (married at 31). My choices prior to … 21 (?) would probably have been disasterous.

      5. Difference between men and women is that men actually have interests that don’t involve the opposite sex. Men enjoy being alone if the alternative is a fat nagging wench with a chip on her shoulder.

      6. You sound like a woman. “You’ll die alone blah blah blah…”
        You’re definitely a woman.”

      7. Oh sweetheart, are you just worried your husband is going to read this and leave you too? I’m sure you are a strong and independent woman and will be fine.

      8. I know this is anecdotal, but I have several divorced old guy acquaintances who are pretty happy. These men got divorced after their kids were out of the house and a common refrain is “I’ve had enough. Screw it.” Based on what they tell me their kids are ok and productive.
        I do agree that men should keep their commitments and not actively try to burn down society.

      9. “Yeah guys, go out there, slap the girls around and be a total dick. See where that gets you.”
        Go out there, be a meek, unquestioning man, and submit fully to her will. See if that gets you any further. Unless you think the 50% divorce rate in the West is composed solely of partnerships involving alpha males.

      10. There are way more sad old guys at work who’ve been shafted by multiple divorces and kids they hardly see.
        I don’t mind ending up alone, as long as I keep my money and dignity.

      1. That was my response to this article as well.
        The dude went to the altar and told a woman that he loved that he’d stick with her til death. Then went on the internet and read Eat Pray Pump-n-Dump and ditched…
        Whether you’re red pill or blue pill… his word just doesn’t seem worth much. If this is what we’re promoting, than we can’t really complain when we end up with American ghettos with bastard cracker boys running after slutty 10 year old girls.
        As much as I want to see the cat ladies figure out what they’ve done and learn to regret it, we don’t deserve a better fate if our word isn’t jack.

        1. To be fair the vows could have been different or there was a prenup or theres things she did we werent aware of. He clued us in with his lack of feeling when he described how far in the past she is. Theres more we dont know but i think he understood his worth before making his move. I say theres more to the story.

        2. I’m just saying its the exact opposite of the Eat Pray Love story… And Al Bundy was a shoe-salesman who married a slut and sat in front of the TV every episode…
          If we think its wrong for women to ditch husbands because some women’s magazine told them they should, than why does it make sense to ditch your wife because the manosphere said to do it?
          Because we’re men and therefore its cool if we use up a woman’s best years and then ditch after convincing her she had a sure thing?
          You’re right every story is different, I can’t really truly judge the author without knowing more details (like did he have children), but if the message of the manosphere is to completely trash society… than lets just be open about it and say it… “We want to be like the black ghettos of America and willfully lower our standards.”
          I’m enjoying the decline because I don’t see much of a choice.
          I’m not going to applaud some random guy on the internet just because he got bored and left what he described as a great wife.

        3. Every decent person thinks what you just said. Online everyone pretends to be a master alpha who can kick a girl out of bed and replace her like chewing gum.
          This is where PUA gets sort of sadistic and everything formerly thought of as decent behavior is now “beta”.

        4. I think it’s healthy to do a reality check when it comes to personal accountability. I’m in agreement with you about this.

        5. I would say that author made his own bed, now he needs to lay in it. He shouldn’t be dumping the wife, he should have just reclaimed his balls. He knows enough to know that he had given up his balls, and he was missing his “freedom”. So, all he has to do take his freedom from within the relationship, chances are she’ll love him even more because he’ll stop being a pussy and return to his former, manly, self.
          Try this on for size;
          1. Stop carrying her bag.
          2. Stop being a dog on a leash.
          3. Stop doing feminine things with her like you’re her gay BFF.
          4. Stop being a moping wuss and have some self dignity.
          He could have only done this to himself, and yet his solution is to get rid of the wife instead of fixing himself. Now he thinks he’s got it made, got his freedom back and stuff. But in reality, he’s like the guy having a mid-life crisis that thinks that having a topee and a Maserati makes him cool and his life complete. He is just a sad excuse for a man.
          If your relationship doesn’t work out because you’ve grown apart or she’s a bitch, or cheats on you or whatever, fine. But, if you leave her because you lost your man card, THAT’S ON YOU!

        6. Yes. By the way it was described, the wife was ok, no big offenses or anything, but the author just had to ditch her because “he just wasn’t haaaaaappy” and all of that.. what a feminist thing to do..
          I’ll be pretty much echoing your comment, but the truth is many so called “red-pillers” these days think they can do anything, absolutely anything to get pussy and treat women like shit even when these women are ok (if she’s a bitch, then yeah, treat her like a bitch). But if staying true to your word, having decency and honor will lead you to being nice to a woman that has done nothing wrong to you, then you are automatically the “beta white knight”. We can’t be irrational and let our honor standards approach those of feminists..

        7. Yes, it is about honor, but also personal responsibility (something sorely lacking in today’s society). Blaming the wife (by getting rid of her) for your surrender to beta-ism should be an act worthy of public shaming. There is slut-shaming, we should start a trend of beta-shaming (I’m claiming rights to that one).
          No one can take your mancard, you have to give it up freely. –> Leads to Beta-Shaming.

        8. I’m not making any excuses. It seemed like the author married this woman just for steady sex, which is fucking pathetic. I have enough good looking women that I’ve had sex with, and steady sex gets boring with anyone. With a reason like that to get married, what can one expect?

        9. I think the problem with women ditching husbands is for trivial reasons sometimes beyond our control such as ‘I wasn’t happy’ not ‘i can do better’ or ‘i want more in life’ necessarily. That being said i will frown upon leaving a chick after her SMV hit the dirt.. but that brings into question what she did to get to this point which we really can’t go into.
          Having sat back for a while thinking about your fourth paragraph it kinda hurts cause it hits home and having thought about this scenario it looks pretty bleak from the eyes of a dark skinned American. As a man who left all that behind and promised never to return, i’ve realized that we can’t help everyone and they who don’t help themselves, can’t be helped. The world would suck if it was 1 big hood.
          While i don’t want to abandon the world and throw it away there’s very little i can do to correct it until we can sit down and discuss a plan or influence those who may help turn things around. In the end what you want to do is your decision and yours alone.
          For this reason i can’t really look down upon him for doing so. He didn’t do it to solely ride the carousel while spending his wife’s money to fuck chicks in the house she paid for on her bed. This story had been on my mind since 2pm est and i think your pov is paramount.. but we need to know more.

        10. I think he moved too quickly.
          Most men find the red pill whilst looking to get / find / secure sex. Because it works.
          But you don’t have to stay in the ‘sphere long before you realise that whilst the red pill may start as ‘all about getting sex’, ultimately it is really simply about one thing; self improvement.
          About being a better man. Eventually, getting sex becomes a non-issue because women will be attracted to the man you become. Sex becomes an incidental benefit as you move forward toward your goals.
          Looks to me like the author got as far as the ‘getting sex’ part and blew up his marriage before moving on to the self improvement part.

        11. Interesting analysis.
          I think one of the other commenters said that he could have harnessed more freedom from within his marriage. He could have just become more alpha and not have to dump his wife.
          And yeah I agree that the manosphere is ultimately about self-development and sharing of information. It serves the function that men’s clubs used to… we don’t have any places like that anymore in the real world.

        12. Indeed.
          IMO there are so many issues arising from this article;
          He appears to have blown up his marriage because he was unhaaaaaappy. We rail against this in the ‘sphere when women do it. We seek to teach men to be better than that.
          Being a better man is rooted in being a man that other men (not women) consider worthy of respect. Gaining the respect of other worthy men is (IMO) the goal we should all shoot for. It takes effort and sacrifice and once gained requires relentless hard work to maintain. It isn’t easy – that’s the point. A huge part of being a worthy man is honoring your commitments – your word is your bond. The author did not honour his commitment. If the author’s wife did not honour her commitment then – fair enough – he is released from his. But does not appear to be the case here.
          The author appears to have been at that ‘giddy-drunk’ phase we all experience when first discovering the red pill when he ended his marriage. The few weeks when everything starts falling into place, when everything we read reveals truths so profound that you sometimes forget to breath. It can imbue men with an enormous sense of power. This is not a good place from which to make life-changing decisions.
          All this is the result of the feminist destruction of men’s clubs and the loss of ways for men to pass on the true nature of women to the next generation. It also reveals the desperate need young men have for red pill guidance. Not just in relation to women, but also career, lifestyle and life in general.
          I’m an old fart who has made the journey to the red pill. There’s a lot – a lot – of black between blue and red. But the result is transformative – to every aspect of a man’s life. And so I try to ‘instruct’ the young ‘uns where ever I can. And you know what, they crave this knowledge, they hunger for it. They, by turns, inspire me and humble me.
          Never count men out. Never.

  5. What a shitty article. So, basically you were a complete pussy and now you’re screwing bar sluts with STDs and paying for child support.
    Woo hoo… sounds like a blast…
    When is the next child custody hearing?

    1. He gives up a woman and gains his life and freedom.
      Was this hard to understand? I find that some women think they are some sort of prize cause theres an expensive dead dino carcus on their finger or cause they have legal control over their supposedly ‘loved one’ so im happy for this man for having the balls to do what he knew was right.

    2. I didn’t see any mention of any children. Indeed the fact his young wife managed to retain a centrefold figure and was still giving him relatively steady sex is a pretty good indicator that no kids were involved in his decision. That being so, the only person he wound up hurting might have been his wife, who, being an independent woman filled with all the horseshit feminism has browbeaten society with, probably went on to have a fine old life elsewhere.

    3. What’s with the ad hominem attacks? If you’re going to criticize the article, at least deconstruct the points you take issue with & lay them out. Discuss.
      Your tone makes you sound like you’re not yet ready to sit at the Adult’s Table.

      1. It still makes no sense why anyone would jump ship on a gem wife getting consistent set for the alternative of hunting down the field.
        The story is missing something.

        1. I wonder why he never mentioned her mental state or anything BUT her body. Maybe he was speaking from a beta point of view or the main reason they got together.
          Also It’s not like we can go out and easily find a woman we can discuss stuff red pill issues with lol. If you mention foley’s article they will reply with such shame tactics, vitriol commentary, and seething hatred that you probably might miss the part where they actually participate in the discussion or debunk anything said.

  6. I liked MWC. Sitcoms need drama/conflict though, which is the opposite of a healthy relationship which tends to run on the absence of drama.

  7. This is the reason for the interest in sexual substitution.
    Sexbots and VR sex isn’t about losers that can’t get any.
    It’s about a contingency against just the sort of problems this man is describing.

    1. Look into the phenomenon of “grass eaters” in Japan. An estimated 60% of men 20-34, all of the view that it’s emotionally and financially safer to be out of a relationship and not have sex at all. And the Japanese were (and are) some of the most, racist, insular, and Red Pill people on the planet.

      1. Japan is more or less a generation ahead of the western world and I think most western cultures are already heading that way, in the sense that most men will become MGTOW, sexless gammas or divorced-indentured betas; while most women will become Alpha Widows, spinsters and divorced cunts.
        Only that in western cultures it will be much more worse than Japan, because the obesity epidemic (which hasn’t happened there) is alarmingly diminishing the pool of attractive women. Alphas and Greater Betas who took the Red Pill will somewhat be spared the worst consequences of the decline, but still will suffer.

      2. Can you blame them, Japan legal system has a conviction rate of over 99%, Japanese men who go abroad to have sex, are prosecuted by their local government as sex tourist and are villified and investigated by the authorities
        “Mr Shigeta is being investigated for human trafficking and child exploitation, but Thai police say they haven’t found evidence of either. The 24-year-old, now the focus of an Asia-wide investigation, has said through a lawyer that he simply wanted a big family.
        He has not been charged with any crime and is trying to get his children back – 12 are currently in Thailand being cared for by social services.”
        Read more:
        Follow us: @TheNationalUAE on Twitter | on Facebook
        His crime of having surrogate mothers in thailand to avoid japanese women.
        Now he is the son of a billionaire and runs a major finance company, so this won’t hurt him, but if he was the average hiroto six pack, hed be unemployed and out of a job. Hence not sleeping with women, is a viable alternative in THATa atmosphere. I like game and picking up women, that is why I come here. But if faced with prison or gaming, I am not going to become a criminal.

        1. Really I thought Japan had a monopoly on keeping women on their feminine graces

    2. That plus someday replacing HR departments with computer systems that pretty much do what HR departments do, but can be advertised as being “100 Percent Unbiased” by boiling down everybody to “metrics” and making all decisions on that.
      The day such a system is written will be a true “Revenge of the Nerds” against the SJWs.

      1. Not gonna happen. A diversity quotient for past injustices must be included in the algorithm. We must stomp out historical privilege implicit in educational opportunities!

      1. 42 years old. The Wall. Remember what Andre the Giant intoned during “The Princess Bride”: THERE AHHH NO SURVIVAAHHHS.

  8. The mall near me has a Barnes&Noble, so I go there occasionally to get some coffee and read a book. It’s so depressing to see all the guys there with their fat unattractive wives, and you could see the sadness and despair in their eyes.

  9. At first glance of this article i thought it read “How Ted Bundy’s advice changed my life”

  10. I get the same feeling thinking about all the girls I pined for in high school, now I wouldnt touch them with a ten foot pole.

    1. Fuck yes. I had the luckiest escape of my life when the girl I pined after in high school had no fucking interest in me. Particularly given I wound up as her lawyer defending her on criminal charges fifteen years down the line.

        1. Let’s just say the last time I did see her, she was an excellent advertisement for Mr. Garrison’s wisdom that drugs’re bad, mmmkay?

      1. She’d love for you to be her “beta” support system, today. It’s sad when you see these women (years later) and where they end up.

        1. The exact same scenario happened to me, further validating Red Pill theory. Long story short, hot 20 yr old dumped my ass while I was in college, shit out 2 kids, badboy drug addicted lover winds up in prison, and she, now in her 30s, having gone from a SMV of 8.5 then to a hard 3 now, having been around the block more than FedEx, thinks she can get me back and turn me into her provider. It’s pathetic.
          I’ve seen this same scenario play out enough that it’s a law of nature to me, because women almost always follow that general path in life unless cultural mores intervene.

        2. Did she find you on FB and contact you that way? Your story sounds eerily similar to mine except she added this tidbit “he hasn’t worked in 8 years and I’ve been working two jobs while he cheated on me!”. I replied to her “life is great. I’m making XXX, travelling the world and single. Not interested in what you’re selling”.

  11. “I had willingly accepted all of it for the promise of love, devotion and companionship…and steady sex.”
    The hook that gets ’em all.
    Steady sex –> No more dating, no more awkward introductions, no more games, no more effort really. The grass will always be greener on the other side.
    Married to a beautiful woman who is great in bed, albeit a little crazy? Sure, tons of guys are.
    The question is: are you the kind of guy who will stand on 17 or are you the kind of guy who will hit until he sees 21? Most guys spend the best years of their lives standing on 17 and see that one guy hit BlackJack.
    I’m not carrying the wife’s bags as she spends my money shopping. Chances are, I won’t even be there to carry a thing. If that’s unacceptable for her….don’t stand. Get up from the table and find another game.
    Casino analogies. Yeah.

    1. Except that most guys who are standing… Don’t have as much as 17. That’d how sad it is out there

      1. Damn right…it’s a shame.
        I’m telling young guys all of the time…don’t let women pull that bullshit on you. If she starts to shit test you, then hold your ground. If the drama starts and it’s nonstop, then show her ass the door.
        Don’t put up with stupid shit from women.

        1. The irony of feminism is that it has made women disposable, not because men “objectify” but because women have lost their redeeming qualities.

        2. The ride will turn against millennial women, even before they hit 30. Just show up to a wedding as a good oiling guy who looks like he has some money … half of the 25 to 33ish demographic of young ladies will eye you.
          There isn’t enough government money, fake jobs, and betas bucks around like previous generations.
          Young women, more than betas are soon to be beyond be fucked.

        3. Baby boomer women got away with multiple marriages because the men had assets they could fleece. There are very few millennial men with any kind of money for them to even take. Many don’t even give a shit to get married, theyd rather play video games.
          These dumb young women believed their femi teachers that they didn’t really need a man and they’ll pay a heavy fucking price for it.
          and unlike a nerdy beta who can start lifting weights and change his life, older women are fucked with no options.

        4. Fingers crossed. Who knows. I’ve hear people on the site argue that there are plenty of beta bucks around.

        5. This entire site would rather play video games than get married. I’d rather get to the top level in WoW than get married, and I don’t even play Wow.

  12. No he didn’t take the advice. He instead threw away his “good girl” and later went with an equivalent of “Peggy” (Al’s wife)…
    As a kid I loved this show. I still watch it from time to time

      1. BROKK simply pointed out what actually happened in the episode the writer was alluding to.

  13. I reviewed the trade-off. It was difficult for me to be a dog on a leash. The loss of freedom, dealing with her irrational moments, no longer having control over decisions for my time and money and energy, living in fear of displeasing her…I had willingly accepted all of it for the promise of love, devotion and companionship…and steady sex. But now I was rethinking that decision. I wanted to run and put it all behind me. I wanted my life back.

    1. That paragraph completely resonated with me. So many guys are afraid to make that decision and take their life back. I think it’s great to hear this story.
      Are guys really screaming and whining that he left his wife? That’s got to be women posting. Stop worrying ladies, she’ll be fine.

      1. Unfortunately he lot of them are long time male commenters who obviously have stopped attending their “beta’s anonymous” addiction meetings.

        1. I thought I was the only one thinking, wtf, to some of those comments. The very reason a bunch of relationships are shit, is because we chose to treat our word as bond while the other sex treated it as a statement, open to amendment. Why stay when you aren’t happy?

        2. But It’s not about happy.
          Look at this man’s statement above…
          The wife/vampire is sucking the blood out of him and the reaction here is not he should run get garlic, a cross and a stake, but rather “he must be true to your word”. Let her continue to feed!!!
          I mean what mother fucker signed up to be bled dry!

        3. Here is the thing, and I, 100% agree, he was being bled dry. I get that people want to shame him. There are so few good women out she should bee treasured and the like. We can’t speak to how they related. He felt the touch of a vampire and didn’t know. She could have been lazy. She could have been making his life hers and living vicariously through him. He even voiced his dread of losing her consistently. Emotional distraught is no way to live.
          It is this attitude of shaming which is holding men back. Why should he honor his commitment to a woman he doesn’t enjoy? He left her in her late 20s. She lost time but he freed her. This happens. People need to grow and commitment shaming doesn’t assist either party here.
          Before this site, I was in a relationship where I only wish I had this kind of foresight. And like most men here, I guarantee, I’d have been looked at as a fool for leaving her. Beautiful, smart, funny, adventurous. All great qualities. But I lost years of my time. My immaturity for not understanding myself.
          But to say he should have eaten that bile and stayed because he had something most guys are starved for destroys one thing, they are human. She was fallible. Her flaws weren’t worth it. When you date more, some of you may find these same qualities and also decide, the woman isn’t worth it. Would it be cool to shame you for that?

        4. Here’s the problem for me. Feminism has entitled women so much that they bring NOTHING to the table but a vag, an ass and a mouth… all used.
          They can’t cook, they can’t care for children, etc. etc… They have been replaced by a dishwasher and babysitter. They have no value. WTF?

        5. I couldn’t agree more. Once upon a time they did bring things. As I cooked my own meals, washed my own clothes, and managed my own accounts all the relationship cost me was energy explaining my actions to someone who was barely above a mime. A pretty face, pleasant demeanor, sense of humor, and career goals seem great on paper. But if the person does nothing but sit there and stare, and can’t add to any experience other than being a vacuous party member, pump and dump. Eventually, you will get tired of being her entertainment.

        6. hold on, you mean you’re not impressed by their vast knowledge of politics, world history, and local news? (sarcasm)

    2. It is very easy to be in a long term relationship and maintain alpha dominance with your girl. You have to start the first time you meet and never let it slide. Further, in order for LTR to work the woman must be willing to accept her place at a man’s side. The author seemed like he was unhappy, yet by his own admission he handed in his balls. Thus, his wife had to assume an unnatural role, which in turn put him in the position he found himself in. Iadvocate staying; however I don’t believe that the author would have been able to change his frame to take his balls back.

      1. Marriage has become a labor of Hercules because the deck is stacked against all men. Alpha dominance is not impenetrable, but vulnerable to an ever troubling feminist culture.

        1. Anyone who thinks alpha dominance is impenetrable isn’t an alpha… open your eyes.
          I have met many alphas at the gym and through fighting who have been legally and socially raped by women.

        2. I am not advocating marriage. Don’t commit a generalization fallacy. I agree that one can let their dominance be penetrated (see what I did there?), but there is no reason a man should stand for a shit test in a relationship. For example, when I first started dating my girl I told her that if she didn’t want to be with me she knew where the door was. In the less than a handful of instances when she has tried to shit test me, I kindly remind her that she is free to leave at anytime. (See what I did again? Hint: I equated shit testing to not wanting to be with me. And women being the emotional creatures they are…)This literally stops shit tests and drama because you have made it apparent that you don’t need her and if you got her she is aware that she can be replaced. It’s not really that hard of a concept.

        3. I didn’t say you were advocating marriage, but since the author was hitched then the topic is wives… not fiances, live in girlfriends, or girlfriends. See all your LTR commentary is well and good, but none of strategies reference men dealing with the feminist divorce industry.

        4. Kudos, I did something similar with a drama queen I started dating right before I became exclusive with my wife. I told her flat out, “You’re an energy draining sinkhole. You can either cut out that crap or I’m outta here.” Within two days she was back to the same crap and I told her she had to leave because my ‘girlfriend’ was coming over…but you’re definitely on point, that when you give them notice that you don’t need them and that you’re more than willing to go, the power shifts immediately and dramatically. But, it has to be established from the beginning, not after your mancard has already been revoked.

        5. Good point. As I haven’t been married I cannot comment on that. One could replace wife with significant other and avoid the terms issue.

      2. With everything else going steady, I agree that within a relationship you can maintain alpha-status. Basically, hold onto your dignity and if she leaves kuz she is unhaaaaaaapy then she fucked up and lost a good man. Her problem.
        I think where maintaining alpha status is a problem is when problems come up in the man’s life. He gets fired from his job for whatever reason, he gets crippled in an accident for whatever reason. Kinda hard to maintain alpha status when you’re too busy trying to keep your shit together.
        At this point is where you need rock-solid game and need to maintain a masculine frame (strength, courage, honour, skills)… and even then, your woman can easily trade up if circumstances are in her favour (e.g., she has an office job with a boss that has been offering her money and dick).
        Also, I think some other commenters on here are mistaking my position that community and traditionalism has some value, with the idea that you should “man up and marry those sluts,” which I am not advocating.
        The current marriage laws and overall situation for men is completely Orwellian and fucked… I’m just trying to beg the question, what is the end-game here if not for a stable society where people can form healthy families? Why does building a family and community in a decent environment sound beta? Thats the oldest trick in the book…

        1. Good post. One last thing, never be afraid of a woman trading you for a more high status male. If you have allowed yourself to fall that low you deserve it. (Status implies intelligence, material wealth, looks, and game, as in knowing how to play the game of life to get what you want.) Let her go and return to the basics. A man should never be busy trying to keep his life together, that is a beta mindset. I was there and now I don’t have to try to keep my life in order. I have been maintaining the same frame so the past few years and since then, even the things that seem uncontroable can be mitigated/controlled with the right mindset. And for those really uncontroable events-if you show fear to your woman she will trade you in. Who could blame her? The same way men trade in their girls when their girls get fat.

        2. I agree with you.
          It would be nice if women were more understanding… but if you imagine back to cave-man times, it is not totally unreasonable if she leaves a man who can’t take care of her… thats the bottom line.
          I also think that sometimes even if you’re totally alpha in your relationship, she still might fuck up.
          I do not believe that alphas never get cheated on… and in those cases, just move on and get back to the things you love.
          Where I think our modern times are kind of weird though… and different than those caveman times… is that modern technology and social structures play on our instincts in weird ways…. Davis Aurini had an interesting youtube video where he discussed the idea that a women’s career and the corporation that she is associated with, in many ways taps into her instinct to love a husband. In this way, “Big Daddy government” appeals to that part of her that a husband and family would normally appeal to. This is pathological in the sense that these money making business entities don’t actually give a flying fuck about her as an individual… wont be able to give her a family… But she dresses up to go to the office and win the attention of the institution… and the personification of that institution, her boss. Thought it was an interesting idea.

        3. The study if pathology is only about 150 years old. So from that premis, women started being more politically active about ~100 years ago. Further, the real research into pathology only began about 80 years ago. Women’s lib came about in the sixties. So based off what you said about pathology; I ponder this: are the two related? Collieries-defenetly. But connected? Given the pathological nature of women, (wise men of the past knew and wrote about this,) is it possible that someone or group could use the knowledge of women and pathology and then apply it to society in some sort of grand experiment? Hypothetical, yes, but still an interesting thing to ponder.

        4. I don’t think that idea is far fetched… Wouldn’t surprise me much at all. Science often proves common sense wisdom anyways. Superstition was the birth of science it has been said.

    1. That’s kinda of what I thought. Hence the harem comment above. If you married a “good” woman, (Let’s not open a can of worms,) and you get bored, why not go out and scratch that itch. The author describes his ex as feminine with a centerfold body. Who gave him sex and it seems that the sex was frequent. He bought a show cow got high quality milk and decided to sell the cow cause the milk, while being the same quality as in the beginning, started to taste the mundane. There’s a boy in them man shoes.

      1. And how often do we criticize women for this? Needing to find themselves? I think the key is here, is to think long and hard before making a lifelong commitment to someone.

  14. Average Guy
    What happened in that episode was that the guy dumped his girlfrined, and returned to his former girlfriend.
    The girlfriend turned out to be beutiful, feminine, knows how to cook, loves sport and minimal drama. His former girlfriend turned out to be a black “Peggie Bundy”.
    Talk about not getting it right…
    The Male Brain

  15. Cheers to author for this article. Teaches us where the shit is so we won’t have to step in it. You older gangstas are like our freedom pioneers, austronauts etc. Teach us well, well taught teachers !

    1. Yep, and that’s what it’s about. The author used his own blue pill (fucked up) experience to share “what not to do” in order to come out ahead in the long run. He even admitted the point in which his actions were blue pill…the change..and what to do in the future.
      Young guys…read this one and learn from it.

    1. Well, we need Al to show us what not to do. He is the epitome of the Baby Boomer Loser. No financial plan, no will power, no discipline, no soul and a whole bunch of excuses. He has a woman’s job, lives in past glories, has a blue-pill weak son and slut daughter.

        1. That show was great on many levels. It reminded us of how things were or should be….and it shows us the direction that feminism was taking us as a society (it wasn’t about equality – it was about power and control).
          The show had so many messages (looking back, now).

    1. Read: 10 hours of walking in sections of NYC no self-respecting woman or man would be seen, studiously avoiding anywhere relatively sane like Wall Street or the Upper West Side, and blatantly editing the results to make men look as bad as possible. More feminist horseshit. FFS even the image selected in the video shows the woman walking past a graffited sign beneath a warning that the area is under video surveillance.

      1. My God! I had no idea that civilization had fallen so low as this. What sort of world are we living in when people can ask you, “How you doing today?”
        Somebody do something.

        1. I swear to God, I have seen little corners of the Internet where women have said that part of rape culture is being called pretty. When you’re a little girl. By your own family.

        2. or guys walking past them saying “hello, how are you today?”.
          Women…I felt uncomfortable like he was going to rape me.
          Should men feel that way, too, when a woman walks by them and speaks? We are going after equality here, right?
          Fucking joke.

      2. The funny thing is the girl is overweight. The black guys are on her like flies to shit. The neighborhoods she’s walking through aren’t the kind of neighborhoods I would encourage a white woman to walk through alone. New York is a big city there are places if you are the wrong race you will get jumped. If the worst this independent woman endured was catcalls then she got off easy. It isn’t any easier for a white boy to wander around aimlessly through a big city.

        1. The other thing being: she walked for 10 full hours through NYC, city of a million people, and all she could find was 2 minutes of misogyny in total?
          For real?
          That’s like, 0.3% of the total elapsed time of the experiment.

        2. You can always “skew” the results in your favor…for anything.
          Take her out of NYC and let her walk for 10 hours in Virginia or North Carolina. A whole different story with plenty of friendly people.
          That video is bullshit.

        3. Your comment is full of shit for multiple reasons
          1. She’s not overweight. She’s average at best.
          2. Black and white guys were trying to get at her.
          3. It’s a bad part of town yet no one said or did any wrong. A woman of any race can walk through a city alone and get the same results if she’s attractive enough.
          4. It isn’t any easier for white boys? Their is some truth. Overall I see white guys wandering NY just fine.
          If anything the video is a clear illustration of thirty dudes and men who just happen to find her attractive.

        4. Oh did I hit a raw nerve Mr. Surgeon of Death? Do white boys wander around the lovely projects of New York and get treated well? I grew up in the DC area and I can assure you terrible things happen to white people who wander around aimlessly in the wrong neighborhoods. Attractive women walked around my white neighborhood in Northern Virginia all the time and nothing ever happened to them. If cat calling is your thing and you want to defend it go ahead but I’m going to point out who’s guilty of it. I still think the broad should lose some weight, maybe if she did she could get a boyfriend, then she wouldn’t need to post stupid videos of herself being harassed.

        5. Negative. No nerves were hit. No one in the projects gets treated well. So you grew up in Dc, I grew up in Ny. I’m aware of what happens to people in general. Attractive women can walk anywhere and something may or may not happen. Never catcalled a day in my life. Not denying she’s chubby. If she had a bf I’m sure she would find the time to post stupid shit for attention.

        6. Toadt Hill Staten Island you will see them walking and talking just fine lol. This is pretty normal for this transient city.

        7. I’m not sure if I understand the use of the term misogyny… I was under the impression that it means hating or being hateful towards women… I think these fellas actually like what they see and women in general.

    2. What women don’t want to talk about is the role feminism and liberalism played in creating such a ghetto.

    3. Holy shit! I never knew that blacks guys like to holler out at a white girl with a big booty. I’m shocked!

  16. I never understood how guys let themselves be used as baggage handlers or carriers. Even if it was “ideal” for a guy to do this it is an incredible waste of time and the shopping takes longer than it would when compared to a woman going by herself. This is even more true with kids.
    If my wife goes shopping she takes the kids and carries her own stuff. I get to relax.

    1. Abso-freakin-lutely!
      Exactly. The author SURRENDERED his man card/balls willingly. Since he had no real negatives to say about the (ex) wife, I’d have recommended he just re-grow his balls and go renew the man card, because what needed fixing was him, not the wife. By all accounts, she was a hot lady and sexually active with him, so his pussification was what led to his unhappiness. His fix was to dump the wife, which means he still hasn’t learned his lesson…
      If you’ve lost your mancard, get that back first, then re-assess the terrain. If your woman is a ‘good one’, then don’t leave her. Your freedom is only as far away as your reclaiming of your self-esteem. Only YOU can put that “dog leash” around your throat.

  17. “Son, don’t try to understand women. Women understand women and they hate each other” -Al Bundy

  18. “Hooters, hooters…yum, yum, yum. Hooters, hooters…on a girl thats dumb.”
    “Having sex with your pregnant wife is like putting gas in your car after you just totalled it.”
    -Al Bundy
    The feminists would never allow a red pill show like this on tv these days. What a shame.

      1. or the shows where the man’s character is “stupid” or “childish”…if it’s the husband and the gay male friend or girlfriend in the circle of friends.

        1. Agree wholehartedly with both of you in general but, happily, there seems to be an exception now. Check out NBC’s sitcom “About a Boy” sometime. Will (David Walton) is a single guy who’s doing his best to make sure that the peri-pubescent son of his tree-hugging, granola-crunching single mom of a neighbor (Minnie Driver) doesn’t become a pussy. Example: While she’s a vegan, he feeds the kid grilled steak. I’ve been allergic to sitcoms since MWC left the air in 1997, but this one isn’t emasculating at all. If anything, it pokes a lot more fun at how flaky the mother is.

      2. Even kids entertainment. Back then cartoons had boys that acted well, like boys. They made rash decisions but they always made things right in the end and they did it with intelligence. They weren’t complete idiots. One show had a boy asking his dad if he could borrow his acetylene torch to fix something he broke that belonged to his friend.
        Fast forward to today and the boys on kids shows are complete idiots with the girls portrayed as so much smarter and better than they are. And of course they’re shoehorning their other agendas as well, where we have a show now where a boy turns into a girl with superpowers for no reason.

        1. I’d say there’s one or two left like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia where women are still depicted honestly.

  19. “..The loss of freedom, dealing with her irrational moments, no longer having control over decisions for my time and money and energy, living in fear of displeasing her…”
    This is the scream of the blue-pill.
    This writer was too weak, too insecure and too immature to be a real husband. He suffered so that you may not. He was a gay man trying to be hetero, thus the overt focus on his ex-wife’s ass. He is now reformed and able to look fellow real men in the eye, though his journey shall never be forgotten. A good woman was wasted on him. Do not waste your good woman! Do not be the weak fag this writer once was.

    1. A good woman? Nope…you’re assuming that she was one. I’m sure besides some of the blue pill shit….she was probably a pain in the ass who need to be put in her place (often).
      A good looking woman will always try that shit with a man…you just have to stop it, or stop the bus and tell her to GTFO.
      Works like a charm.

  20. The author must gloss over what happened in that episode. The younger man’s high school girlfriend was sweet, pretty, and charming. She liked to cook and spoke of her desire to go to college with him even though they were to be married. Basically, she was just about everything a man could ask for in a mate. Thanks to Al, the boy broke up with her and hooked up with his ex, a young woman with large red hair, questionable behavior, and bad motives. Al Bundy had in fact altered the course of this young man’s life, and probably not for the better. It is humorous that the author should use this episode to demonstrate why he got divorced.
    The author has ran with that as his own set of bad intentions. His wife was hot. His wife was having sex with him. That’s a pretty good life honestly, and not really one to give up, especially if she shared goals with him, which is a subject that he seems to have never broached.
    I was trapped in a marriage with a woman who let herself go, refused to have sex, and had beaten me down to the point that I didn’t think I could do any better. That is when a man needs to leave.

    1. It comes down to exactly how much you’re willing to take, and what your personal standard for a happy life is. The real issue is when you go into marriage thinking, without a basis for comparison, that you can’t do any better.

    2. I agree with some of this (towards the end) but the author did say something similar to “was the tradeoff worth it?”…meaning dealing with her irrational moments. It’s never worth it to deal with irrational behavior and you have to stop that shit it its tracks.

    3. Sounds like the author fell into trap of the grass is alway greener on the other side. I agree with the other commenter, the author handed over his balls. Should have at men his balls back and started a harem.

    1. I don’t do feminist mega whore humor. Nothing is more self serving than a bullshit narrative that paints religious girls as ass sluts.

        1. And black people eating watermelon is funny…. but only because we’ve been condition to laugh.
          HPV, teen pregnancy and anal sluttery are feminist diseases, just like aids is a gay one.

  21. I think your marriage situation was a failure on your own part, you freely handed over your balls and once you do that, you can’t respect yourself, let alone expect your wife to. What ever made you hand in your balls in the first place?
    When my wife asks me to carry her purse or a shopping bag I say, “no.” (period). If my wife asks a second time, I tell her, “Do I look like your gay shopping buddy? You want someone to carry your bag, hand it to the kids”.
    If I get coerced into walking through/into a clothing store, like Dillard’s, Macy’s, etc. the 5 minute timer starts the moment I cross the threshold, after that, I’m out the door and on my way to an electronics store, sports store, getting some food/drink or heading to the car.
    I like to cook, hence, I do almost all of the grocery shopping. My visits to the store last about 20 minutes, I know where everything is, I know what I’m getting and I don’t stand around comparing every item and ingredient. If my wife accompanies me, she either keeps up or she has to find me somewhere down another aisle. She doesn’t like it, but she knows I’m not waiting around for her to stand staring at all the different types of tea.
    Basically, I’m low maintenance, and I’ve trained my kids to be the same. I don’t mind doing things like making dinner for the family, doing my own laundry (or others’, if there is room), cleaning up around the house (kids must always pitch in) in addition to my normal duties of house repair, lawn maintenance and car care. However, I expect the same from my wife. There is no rubbing of feet (although she’ll ask), no answering of trap questions (“notice anything different?”, “what do you think of my hair?”, “do you think I need to lose any weight?”, etc.), no going to yoga/pilates classes with her, and no going with her to do anything that is strictly feminine (hair stylist, clothes/shoe shopping, make-up stores, and so on). I kept my balls and I’m a happy man. I get called an asshole occasionally, but I just agree and remind her that I don’t *need* her, so she is free to head on out if she is dissatisfied with her mate.
    Make no mistake, I love my wife. She is a great friend, fantastic lover and a terrific mother. She and I have gone through some very tough times, and we’ve always been there for each other and had the others’ back. I’d take a bullet for her without hesitation and I’ll defend her against anyone. I just never surrendered who I am or what I’m willing to do, I guess I’m stubborn that way.
    A word of advice, the easiest way to avoid doing the things you don’t want (and shouldn’t want) to do, is to simply say, “no.” If they ask why you don’t want to spend time with them, just say, “I don’t want to spend time with you doing THAT (or there, depending)”.
    If you’re not willing to stand up for yourself, no one else will and you’ll end up “missing yourself” later in life. That will inevitably cause some regret and anger (probably mistakenly directed at your partner).

    1. Near the end, the article pretty much summed it up (plus read his bio).
      I think he learned (down the road) on how to handle these situations….many guys have learned, now, thanks to ROK and sharing stories.
      You are right, though. Women will always test you and you have to draw that line. Women do this constantly as a shit test and you have to let her know (constantly) where she stands..or you’ve lost.

      1. After 17 years of marriage, I can attest that the re-testing slows down quite a bit, at least it did for me, probably around the 10 year mark. My wife’s a smart cookie, by now she knows I’m not going with her to her hair appointment, so she usually schedules it on a Saturday when I’m watching football or doing yard work or something.
        I think the issue I face most often these days is jealousy. She’s always been jealous, but she is more vocal about it now, probably because we’re in our 40s, which is socially a drop off point for women and not so much for men (being more established financially, being comfortable in our own shoes, an acceptable amount of degradation physically, etc.). But, I’m certainly not placating her, when she sees me looking at some 20-something running down the road, it doesn’t even phase me for her to say something. I just say, “Start worrying when I STOP looking”. I’m not some lewd pervert ogling women, so I don’t think I’m embarrassing her, by any means, but I’m not going to hide the fact that I still *look*, I’m hetero for Christ’s sake. You won’t find me going, “What, what do you mean, I wasn’t checking anyone out…”, I totally admit I’m attracted to women and I don’t try and hide that from her (as long as I’m not being a disrespectful lout about it).
        Really, it’s quite easy. Just keep your mancard up to date and everything works pretty well. If you want, imagine it like this, if your wife/gf started acting more masculine, assertive, sat around with her elbows on her knees shouting at a MMA fight, would you find her more or less attractive? Simple viewpoint reversal. Men find feminine women attractive and want to be with them. Women are the same way by nature (IMHO), but some think that they want something ‘different’, typically defined by societal pressures (pussification of American men), but when they get what they want they will find that they are less attracted to them (and less respectful) than when they first met them.
        Stay true to who you are, and the rest will fall in place.

        1. Red Pill really helped with my marriage even after both of us became Christians. That was the biggest help in our marriage, but the Red Pill made a big difference too.
          She looked fondly and fantasized for a long time about the time I told her, “We’re not equals, you know.”

    2. Your position is correct. Be a good husband and father but also stand strong. No one wins when the man of the house is being walked over.

  22. Al Bundy was my man!!! Always related to a lot of his character and I’ve seen every episode.

  23. “I’m gonna go to Africa and be the Great White Hooter Hunter”.
    — Al Bundy
    (Best line ever)

  24. Al Bundy was an excellent character, but what undermines Married With Children’s status somewhat as a show delivering red pill truths is that his masculine diatribes were generally a source of mockery rather than wisdom. You could argue that the writers were using humour to ‘soften the blow’, and to an extent they were, but a big part of the humour with Al is that he had been left behind culturally, and many of the jokes exploited the gap that existed between his beliefs and changing social values around him, and not necessarily to his advantage either.
    Great show though.

    1. Yep…great show…and that’s where we are today with society. Look at even the commercials on TV that laugh in the face at any man’s plight (stupid fellows) while it praises the women; even raising her up.
      Yes, you all have to love that “equality” that has come along with feminism.
      We’re all equal, now (yes, that’s a fucking joke for some of you who looked confused).

    2. I watched the show when i was a teenager. It opened my eyes about the discrimination against men and the general shit-state we are being put on.
      If you are healthy man, this show will turn you into a red-pill guy.

  25. Hey, Average Guy, good job getting the fuck out of that marriage. Whatever your ex-wife’s ass looked like at the time, it was not going to last. But your servitude would last forever if you had kids with her.
    It never ceases to amaze me that American men do not understand what marriage is about in the US. It is no longer a commitment made before God and community between a man and a woman for the purpose of raising a family. No, marriage is a legally binding contract that a man unwittingly enters in to with the state! By the way, it is also a contract the woman enters into with the state, full of rewards for her for getting a man to be so stupid.
    The implications of that contract for man are endless. Your average divorce lawyer could write a thousand point list of the horrid implications. It all boils down to indentured servitude to the feminist state.
    That’s fucked up. Well past time that men learn the truth about the “marriage contract.” If they really understood it, the few men left that would be willing to enter into such a masochistic contract would not be desirable mating material for anyone but the fattest and ugliest women. (OK, that is 70% of women in the US).

    1. I’m waiting for one of the writers at ROK to do a piece that clearly describes what “marriage” is. A black and white description of the contract nature of marriage. When you look at it with cold objectivism, it truly is shocking that any man would sign such a contract.

    2. it still makes me feel sad all the same. but then again, who wouldn’t when a simple childhood dream (or more accurately, teenhood dream) of a wife and 2-3 kids gets so easily crushed in the eyes of a young adult.

    NOT an epiphany and not even a new idea, but a very VERY time proven and ancient solution. A SISTER WIFE. Thats right, a sister wife would gladly accompany the woman or her rounds, carrying bags, scurrying about the hen errands would she not. Every man carrying a papoose included.
    Rocket science this is not but IT IS CHEMISTRY. Sexual chemistry that is real and is unfortunately downplayed and kept obscure. Marriage can become impossible if not down right grueling without the helping hands of your devoted sister wives. They can be essential. Female jealousy is not natural and is in reality merely another front of feminism. Another shackle upon man.
    A polygamous family is the strongest structure known next to the synthetic diamond. It is virtually impossible for the state to control, subvert or dismember. A sister wife is not likely to run like a nut bag to her mothers, leaving the place trashed like a stressed single wife. Sisters sit at the table and discuss their issues. It is the pinnacle of patriarchal order. No one looses.
    If our leaders were polygamist, there would be much less state harassment of polygamous unions. Over a century ago, president Abraham Lincoln gave US marshalls the green light to hunt down Mormons like jackrabbits. This was during an era of reconstruction and power grabbing when many rights were suspended and state control was being centralized to some degree.
    Today, the only obstacle to polygamy might come from government bureaucrats or religous groups who practice male circumcision. A full unchopped dick is THE MAST for his tent. HIS HOUSE is not blown down. HIS WIVES remain loyal.

    1. what do you mean the only obstacle is the government? Like that is some small obstacle, prison ain’t fun.

      1. I wouldn’t advise legally marrying ANYONE. Not even in a monogamous relationship. Personally I have no marriage certificate, no paper trail connecting me to anyone and I live by my words which are ”screw the system”. Real marriage is a covenant that YOU AND YOUR SPOUSE(S) make with god almighty himself. Not the state. SCREW THE STATE. A marriage certificate is a worthless scrap of paper if your woman doesn’t stand by you, and is a liability and probes into your personal life if she does loyally stand by you. Either way FUCK THE STATE.
        You can have two girlfriends and even have both knocked up and it is perfectly legal. Just say they are your honeys or your wives, depending on who asks. Simple. Also, network with other polygamous families. They all watch each others backs, and moreso your sisters watch each others backs in your family. It is a closed club of a family and almost impossible for some outside fem bitch influence to crack or undermine.

        1. how do you meet other polygamous families? Also, it would be very interesting to hear more about how you got into this and your advice on how others can get into it.

  27. female attraction is a disgusting and base thing.
    how much money he has or seems to have, that’s it. 80% of the male populace gets excluded, while women share their bodies and diseases with the top 20%.
    meanwhile, all a woman has to do in order to be attractive to a man is be nice and not shovel food into her facecunt.

    1. Whats most bizarre about female attraction is how temporary and situational it is. The highschool quarterback, frat president, cool drummer, lawyer, etc…
      Their guage for what is socially attractive obviously changes with age. They will date 1 type of badboy but when they hit the real world it suddenly shifts and they don’t even notice the heavy contradiction in their own minds.

      1. Bundy probably made a good move wifing up his HS sweetheart because he was by far at his highest SMV.

  28. So you did what we rail against women who do the same do. Frivorced your pretty decent wife who didn’t do anything wrong to you. Marriage is a commitment for men and women. This is probably the first ‘bad’ article I’ve seen on RoK

    1. “I reviewed the trade-off. It was difficult for me to be a dog on a leash.” There’s a chance she was far from ‘decent’ during his evaluation.
      Also marriage is a commitment to the STATE. There’s a reason you can get screwed by divorce in COURT and not really by the hands of your ex-wife.
      Think she’ll have the authority, at the begining/middle/end of the commitment between you and her, to pull up to your house and take half your shit and some/all of the kids/pets against your will?
      She can’t and won’t because you will most likely stop her.
      The only difference is in reality she has the law behind her.
      Welcome to RoK.

      1. I have a pretty traditional view of marriage. It’s a commitment under God the state got its grubby hands into. I’ve been here awhile and I just didn’t like this particular article. I’m not going to stop reading or anything. We can’t all like everything.

        1. The article is reality. Marriage is a commitment under god. Make it you role in the world to change the state into one that sees marriage as a commitment under god.

  29. The working title for Married with Chidren, before a single episode was written or actor cast, was “Not the Cosby Show” – which was the biggest show on air at the time. But, in this case, not only would the father (Al) not have a clue, neither would any other Bundy. It dared to portray a houswife (Peggy) not as the glue that holds the family together, but the leech that holds the family down. It showed a teen girl as dumb and slutty, when most shows then and now still show them as smarter and wittier then parents, while being un-threateningly attractive And Bud, well, he was the most beta of kids. No matter we watched him growing up, anytime he did get with a woman, it rarely lasted. And there was no one special lady for him.
    And of course, when calling Al Bundy a loser, be prepared to deal with the greatest comeback of all time:

  30. …and for the nay-sayer’s, saying “I can do better” is not to knock an otherwise decent woman; its to say that compared to asking for permission to spend your own money, running any plan you have by someone with veto-authority, and just waiting for the ass to drop now that she’s made the sale…
    YES, any man under 70 CAN DO BETTER.

  31. For all the whiners and idiots that lack reading comprehension skills, let me make it simple for you:
    Authors Marriage-
    Pros: hot wife, good sex
    Cons: everything else
    Chose to be a man and go live his life solely on his terms. Author is happy with his decision and apparently banging even hotter girls and enjoying life. What’s the problem?

    1. he over simplifies his decision which make it sound like bullshit. So he left a job to go prancing around the world banging hookers or barflies? He’s willing to contract a disease just to be with hotter women? hat means his ex was not that hot at all. If I am with a 9, that behaves right, then I do not need a 9.5, that small scale improvement may not be worth all the trouble and having to figure the new girl out. If he had a 6 and upgraded to 9s then thats another story.

      1. It is not about logic it is about freedom to make his own choices. If he chose to do research on space travel and develop a propulsion technology that allow near light speed travel would you still have the same attitude towards the guy.

  32. Left because he wasn’t happy.
    Felt he could do better by following his hypergamous instinct.
    This article was written by a feminist.
    If we are going to do the same things as women we should stop bashing them and start admiring them. ROK can have articles like how to be like a serial slut, and how to be like a baby mama and get checks from the govt and such. Maybe how to dump your wife for the hotter mess with tats down the street or at work.
    Seriously is there no editor?
    If the only point is a nihilistic pursuit of pleasure just state it as so and stop pretending you are only doing these things because teh wimminz are bad. No shit they are bad, so are you. You either claim existence is valueless and scumbag it or you try to do well with what is given.

    1. Although i don’t recall the authors of some books i’ve read in 8th grade i found there were a few who were great at writing from different perspectives and it became clear after reading how the author was able to weave their feelings, mindset, and other things into the story so you could see it through their eyes as opposed to yours or the characters. (There are clues and missing clues that force us to ask ‘well what’s missing?’ like the fact that he only speaks of her body and shape. If she’s really aight then she still has a SMV and society will keep her afloat. Society however will not keep this older gentleman in it’s warm embraces.)
      I think this is what the writer aimed for in his own way. Yeah it might sound like i’m hamstering away here but i didn’t read an article but instead a man’s gamble.
      Lastly he wanted his freedom and he clued us all in on why she was a hindrance. There were alternate avenues he could have taken, but what would we do in his shoes?

    2. It sounded like it was written by a child. I hope it was a huge oversimplification of what was happening in the relationship. Being that flippant about a marriage – a sworn oath – wow. Not the actions of a mature man.

  33. I love “Married with Children” too. The rest of the article sounds like complete nonsense.

    1. yeah all he had to do was grow some balls and tell his wife to shut the f***k up and have a little bit of his own life. He didn’t need to give up job or hot wife. ROK specifically wants the old style family values to return . this is more of a Jersey Shore/Bachelor Show bullshit mindframe.

  34. Why did you choose to divorce your wife (did you have actual grounds or was it just due to boredom?), rather than work to change your marriage? Take back financial control, stop doing subservient shit for her, etc.? You did commit to marriage until death do us part and so on in your vows, correct? What was your line of reasoning to allow you to divorce without rendering yourself a liar? I don’t mean this as a personal attack, I’m just curious how you were able to reconcile divorcing your wife seemingly without a legitimate reason, without breaking your vow (considering that keeping ones word is a manly virtue).

    1. You’re the only one committed to marriage. No body else is from the church, culture, public opinion, and the law no body give a shit about your love and commitment and most importantly your wife sure as hell doesn’t give a shit and by law, religion, and culture doesn’t have to.

  35. That moment thinking, “I can do better.” An epiphany of my life, too. Never looked back.

  36. That episode is funny. So what happens is the kid does take Al Bundy’s advice and gives up his uber-hot beautiful kind and understanding girlfriend and ends up back with his new girl.
    A girl named “Meg” who already looks just like “Peg”.
    And Al is horrified by what he’s done because the other girl was 50 times better and even Al by the end of meeting her is like, “Marry me?”
    So now the kid has given up a winner for a girl who is just like “Peg”.

  37. I feel for you American men. There is an American girl in my class and she’s a rude self obsessed bore. When the teacher speaks to her, she just plays on her iPad and this is after she asks him a question. Shes a spoilt actress from California, wouldn’t you know.

  38. Then Al points to the men sitting with the bags and says, “They all used to be like you.”
    LOL, classic. Al Bundy, a true king among kings.

  39. “I was no longer willing to trade my freedom for a secure sex life.”
    -> This is the essence of a beta male. As long as you think like that you will *never* have any meaningful relationship nor marriage.
    The real alpha male trades sex for servdom.
    HE gives her good sex and she will be supporting HIS goals and following HIS lead. Whatever it may be.
    Your duty is ot lead and to fuck her good. As long as she is worth it.
    @Al bundy
    It was not peg who made him miserable – it was his slave job.
    True Alpha males not only have their wifes in check – they also value their time.
    No way would we waste 1/3+ of our lives working a shit job. Jobs are per definition something betas do, even if it is well paid.
    If you are not your own master -> you are a beta.
    Get that into your head, even if you dont like it.

  40. Article makes a decent point, but it was impossible to make it through without cringing at this guy’s descriptions of his ex-wife. Sounds like a goddamn romance novel.
    “My wife was young and beautiful with a centerfold figure. We’d had great
    sex the night before as we had every night we’d been together.
    “And every time we made love”
    ” there I am laying in bed looking at her beautiful, naked ass”
    “That’s a bold statement for a man to say about his young, beautiful wife”
    Get over her already for fuck’s sake.

  41. When I got to the part of your article where you realized you “could do better,” I thought you realized that marriage does not mean surrendering your entire life to someone else and that “sexual security” did not come at the price of emotional slavery. Alas, your epiphany amounted to nothing more than a rationalization of your cowardice. Instead of being a man and changing the paradigm of your marriage, you ran away. A real man (what this site is supposedly all about) does not let his wife stop him from living his life and pursuing his ambitions. But he does ask her to come along with him.
    Yes, you could do better; it is a shame you didn’t.

  42. I once met a man waxing his Ferrari. I asked him how he enjoyed his pretty red sports car. He answered, “Owning a Ferrari is like being married to a beautiful young woman. One morning you ask yourself, is the fucking I’m getting worth the fucking I’m getting?”

  43. Its great to have a wife with a fine ass and nice tits. It is awesome to breed out a woman and get healthy, intelligent children. So when you ask yourself, can you do better, ask yourself instead, can you do better with her?
    Feeling in a rut? Feeling like Al Bundy ? There are lots of guys out there who want to game your wife and fuck her. You could toss the mother of your children aside for other pussy if you want or you could make her new. Try this: Game your wife.
    Take everything you are learning from these pages and game her. She will react exactly the same way that all women react to Game and because she will act more feminine as a result of game, she will instantly be more attractive.
    Lift weights, work out, lose weight, make yourself more attractive, focus on your work and your interests, ignore her, tease her, call her princess, fuck the shit out of her, go back to work. Game her. Game your wife. If your wife is a fat ugly bitch then maybe it isn’t worth the effort, but if your wife is good looking and has a nice ass, then maybe you should realize that all pussy is the same pussy as long as it looks good and if you dump the mother of your kids, she will just get long dicked by someone else.
    Game her. Try it before you give up on her.

    1. “Try it before you give up on her and if you are worried about sitting around a shopping mall holding her fucking bags, try learning to say ‘THE’ magic word. NO.”
      *fixed it for ya! “No” is probably the most powerful word you could ever use on a bitch.

      1. AMEN!
        That is the test of your servitude, dude! If you FEAR to tell your wife “NO!”, you are a slave! She should be afraid to HEAR you say “No!”
        “If you want to know who your master is, ask yourself who it is you’re not allowed to criticize.”

  44. Written by an Omega male who was unable to live up to his committments and ran off because he wasn’t happy in his life decision to marry… just like a modern woman. Alpha males understand things like honor. Omega males find some way to justify their behavior… just like a modern woman. If you weren’t ready for committment, you should not have made the life decision to marry. Bad advice all around, based on a tv show no less.

    1. Honor for men in the west is just irresponsible behavior. At this time in history a man makes honor a special and meaningful. Currently honor is a not respected entitlement that is used as the reason to punish men. Good advise for men to avoid commitment in this day an age. Anytime is the right time. The only commitment worth keeping is your wanted child the rest can go fuck themselves.

      1. Honor is not irresponsible, it’s a measure of character. Listening to an OMega Male writing this article about trading up on a better woman after he already married one just for the sake of fulfilling his own inadequacies is no different than the feminist who talks about how she divorced her first husband after taking him to the cleaners and realizing she, too, could do better. Those who wish to do away with masculine principles like Honor, Loyalty, Courage, and Committment are at best misguided man-children thinking they can live the way they want and ride society’s downward spiral while getting all they can out of it and at worse are agent provocateurs willingly leading western civilization to destruction.

        1. Masculine principles are reserved for other men and their children. To display those characteristics to anybody else is irresponsible. It is men’s sense of honor that feeds the misandry beast

  45. Do miss some of the old MWC episodes. Not entirely sorry for Al though. Should have done more about how his wife was bustin his balls and wasting there money. Lot of red pill truths though. Unlike Al though I do not allow fate to screw me in the a$$, I do not believe in fate and f her back instead. Thinking of only past glory is for the dogs if one lives in the past the way he did in the end.

  46. Marriage is, unfortunately, evil. It didn’t used to be. Back when women were real women and men were real men, it was a much better institution. Now, women have been raised to believe that they’re really the ones in charge, and men, addicted to sex, are allowing it. And so we end up with exactly what you’ve described.
    I was married for nine years, and miserable through most of it. My then-wife was bossy, abusive, know-it-all, you could NEVER win an argument with her because the rules changed on the fly, and just always pissed about something I did or didn’t do and the “disrespect” she felt as a result. WTF. I’m so glad I got out.
    I will never marry again, and I advise everybody I can not to either. If you wanna shack up with one, fine. But don’t marry her. And be aware of any local “commonlaw marriage” laws that could cause problems down the road. But the point is that both of you should be together because you WANT to, not because you’re tied together legally. The legal system is what gives the woman her power. It pretty much always screws the man, so avoid the pitfalls and don’t marry.

  47. You’re only responsible for your children until they’re 18, you’re responsible for your overgrown child wife until death

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