8 Ways Men Compensate For Not Having A Dad

People are the most foolish when they compensate for their inferiority. Feminists fabricate a rape culture to compensate for the fact no one desires them. Fat people compensate for their low self-esteem by filling themselves up with food. And poor people compensate for their inability to be valuable to society by criticizing rich people.

Likewise, if our father was only a sperm donor, we inevitably feel a sense of inferiority that we defend against in a myriad of annoying if not destructive ways:

1. Defend reputation incessantly


Reputation is a euphemism for “what everyone else thinks.” Same with legacy. The thoughts of others matter but what matters more is what we think. If we’ve failed to develop a healthy identity—because our father left and took with him the nutrition of his challenging nature—then we’ll only be able use the opinions of others as reality. The calmness of defending ourselves against reality is replaced by the frenzy of defending ourselves against opinion.

2. Parade girlfriend

It’s good to have an attractive girlfriend because beauty nourishes our soul. But if our dad left because he didn’t think we were cool (in our minds), then we need other guys to think we’re cool. A good way to do this is to get a hot girlfriend and then parade her around like a show dog. To be even more annoying, we may ask other guys what they think of her in an anticipatory manner.

3. View other men as competition


Competition is fun, but when our predilection is to view men as rivals to be bested or discredited, this says more about us than it does about them. We had no dad, after all, so there’s no model for relating to other men in a healthy way—there’s no brain state for understanding such a relationship. When we whiff precariousness in relating to men, it’s easier to fight and gossip.

4. View other men as superior


This is the low-testosterone way of seeing men as competition. Instead of lashing out in inferiority, we submit to the inferiority. We never learned to stand up to a dad, so it’s going to be difficult to stand up to a co-worker or friend.

5. Focus on “haters” or “trolls”


It’s no coincidence these neologisms came into being around the time fatherless guys hit the workforce. The purpose of the dad is to troll and hate so his son learns his approval doesn’t matter. Without such a test in the formative years, we grow up to see disapproval as overwhelming. The same is true for guys who rejoice in trolls and use them for motivation. Men who had dads understand criticism is a part of life and find it difficult to even consider the opinions of avatars, let alone accuse them of cruelty.

6. Collect shoes


The archetypal programming in man drives us to gain status. A healthy way to do this is to figure out how to be valuable to the world. But this often takes years of trial and the sublimation of pain. Without a dad, persistence is a seen as suffocating, so we spend 300 dollars on a belt, scour the internet for shoe deals, and collect pocket squares. Treating fashion as more than a game is a pretense to having a strong sense of self.

7. Blame girls


It’s healthy to correct a girl’s behavior for the purpose of wanting the best for her, but too often correcting spills over into criticizing, which spills over into blaming. Without a dad to correct our behavior, we blame others to assuage our lack of self-mastery. Fighting culture is a clever rationalization for fighting ourselves.

8. Think postmodern art is legitimate


The father’s love is conditional while the mother’s love is unconditional. When dad left, our mom had free reign to give us love no matter what we did, and so we think spilling paint on a canvas is praiseworthy.


Our dad may not love us, but before we confirm the false narrative of being unlovable by trying to compensate for it, let’s recognize our inferiority for what it is and manage it in a healthy way. At the very least we’ll save a lot of people from being annoyed by us.

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146 thoughts on “8 Ways Men Compensate For Not Having A Dad”

  1. “8. Think postmodern art is legitimate”
    The term “postmodern art” is rather broad. I think one could argue there exists post modern art that is good. Are you refering to the proverbial minimalist work, like the black square you have pictured? If so then I agree.

    1. actually ‘the black square’ isn’t defined as post modern under canonical art history, which is what they are going with by even using the term, so they fail on that one too.

      1. “actually ‘the black square’ isn’t defined as post modern under canonical art history, which is what they are going with by even using the term, so they fail on that one too.”
        That’s a valid point. I think the term ‘modern art’, to the average joe, conjures up an avant-garde the-emperor-has-no-clothes style image / sculpture in their minds.

    2. The first seven points were pretty good, but point 8 just kind of seems like it was thrown in to justify a personal bias.

    3. “The term “postmodern art” is rather broad.”
      And its broadly shit, created and propagated as legitimate by spatially retarded edgy-anti-traditionalists. It is a cultural dead end and intentionally created for that end, by people who hold traditional western concepts and culture in contempt.
      Visually it is shit. Philosophically it is shit. There are some glimmers of actually trying new things musically, in what is considered minimalism. But it is also almost entirely garbage.
      It’s not so much that it is shit that enrages people; it’s that its a product of debasement and shilled at every level of our society, making everything ugly and no longer “ours”. There is a reason why most Dadaists had the dignity to kill themselves or escaped it for a different path; embracing postmodern precepts is a dead end.
      But most postmodernists, out of hubris and pretension, cannot perceive their own worthlessness and the detrimental effects of their shitty system in western culture. Learning from history, when not rationalizing it, is unacceptable for them. They are the ones who now bastardize humanism, which used to be an admirable philosophic school of thought. But they made humanism shitty as well.

        1. That’s a bullshit response, Morrison. I watched the PJW video out of courtesy for you, and it is in no way a refutation of my points. If anything, it vindicates them.
          One thing I did state, but should have been more clear about, was the shilling of terrible, pointless, ugly art by the school of postmodernism. I should have been more clear that as an establishment, it celebrates all things pointless and antithetical to what made western civilization great by “artists” who don’t appreciate or understand western art and beauty. Contrary to popular belief about their technical skill, the vast majority of postmodern painters, sculptors, architects & etc.. lack the technical proficiency to even duplicate it.
          PJW agreed on these points, in a sense. Just as he agreed that non-spatially-retarded artists, who are legitimately talented like Muek, are indeed kind of thrust down and shunned by the cabal of talentless asshats actively destroying western beauty and culture wherever they can.
          PJW simply doesn’t go far enough to deride and humiliate postmodern “””art”””.

        2. Ok, I hear ya, then you do not find Muek’s work good? I’m not saying I would want any of his sculptures in my apartment, but I do respect his skill. Could you direct me to art that you find good?

        3. “Ok, I hear ya, then you do not find Muek’s work good?”
          No, you don’t bro. My point was that artists like Muek are visually masterful, but the establishment of contemporary art, after the postmodern take over, openly shill against people like Muek. PJW made this point too.
          It’s like they hate competence. I don’t consider most anything Muek has done to be beautiful or visually appealing, but he’s visually masterful at his craft. Some of it is actually ugly, but I’m not saying there’s no place for that. But it’s not deliberately visually retarded or literal shit (literally), like a solid portion of postmodern art. The vast majority of postmodern art is, however, unintentionally shit.
          It would be different if the vast majority of postmodern artists had a deep appreciation of the classical western artists like Bernini and Rembrandt, but those people mock them and their institutions, many postmodernists consider Mozart to be boring.
          They simply don’t understand the richness of western culture, and actively try to destroy its legacy and our cultural heritage. I don’t think competent artists like Muek are in league with those pieces of shit, and that may be why his legacy and reputation have suffered because he is grouped in with postmodernism. (Again, PJW mentioned all of this in his video you referenced).
          Look what artists were doing before Dadaism, before this terrible, ugly art took off and the so called “elites” of the community started shilling it. Look at the Aschcan School, etc.. That’s true American art and great modern art. For a time, those interesting visual changes and adaptions were reflected in Cinema, and advanced it as a medium, in film Noir, westerns, etc..
          I have a deep appreciation for that genre and style of art. It wasn’t shit.

        4. “the postmodern take over, openly shill against people like Muek. PJW made this point too. It’s like they hate competence.”
          I agree – and agree on your points made. I have a friend who does interesting photocollage work and painting and he was told that he will have a difficult time getting his work taken serious by the art world because it wasn’t obnoxious enough.
          For example graffit art – what’s your take? How would you rate Banksy? And what do you think about the work of this brazillian artist (uploaded here)

        5. Graffiti art of that quality isn’t something typical. It’ very impressive! The whole Bansky phase, even postmodernists who once praised him now mock and condemn him for not thinking correctly. I always thought his reputation was a bit bloated, but I still chuckle at some of the things I see of his, or get a stir of emotions in some regard. He’s legit, too.
          To what extent that I create art, a solid percentage of it is so focused on this kind post-irony and a contempt of postmodernism that is just now kind of getting on the tracks.
          There is this permeating feel of betrayal when I see most examples of it. Many feel like some deeply important things have been lost, and they aren’t just rationalizing their conservatism or bemoaning the terrible, ugly aesthetic. It’s like they’ve killed beauty and our history and culture in many regards.
          But perhaps you’re right Morrison, and I come off as too angry and too harsh. I will work on that in the future.

        6. I hear ya – and I too have similar conclusions as you. It’s as if I had to go out of my way to find good art, trying to find answers myself to what constututes good art that is getting produced today. Everything we’ve been told is a lie – and it would seem also art as well.
          Apparently this video has been making the rounds, some examples of the massurreal art (towards the end of the presentation) is a bit weird, but some is quite good. But I think it does a great job at looking at a certain type of art and the influences from the past up to today – mercifully brief 7 minutes.:

        7. “Thanks for the interesting redpill on massurrealism, Morrison”
          You are welcome. I though it was interesting on the history that led up to massurrealism and the tools and means artists have today. This is more-or-less a current school and these guys seem more serious about producing good work.

  2. My parents divorced when I was 7, in 1989. Despite being relatively close to both to this day, I’d be liying if I didn’t say it wasn’t a seismic event in my life that on some level reverberates to this day.
    People split up and will continue to. What is literally unforgivable is leftwing scum pimping this phenomina like it’s some kind of fucking virtue.
    A family without a Father is like a tragedy. I advise everyone on here to fight to the death defending that fact if necessary. I know I will!

    1. I was in Kindergarten when my parents divorced. (It would’ve been around ’89-’90 as well.) My mother quickly re-married some guy from her work. I had a tremendously HARD time accepting him but of course was suppose to just accept it. I’d only get to see my father a couple times a month. And when we were together, we always had a great time.
      My father, not in good judgement, eventually remarried a woman from his high school class. Once married … she quit work and sat at home all the time. Needless to say, she was simply using my father for money. Both the man and woman my parents remarried had children from previous marriages. I went from being an only child to suddenly having a step-brother and sister. This is something which I never could accept. It was far too odd for me to somehow accept random kids being a “brother” and “sister.”
      My father eventually saw the light and got out of the disaster which was his 2nd marriage. I still have a decent relationship with my father but have pretty much lost touch with my mother. I cannot stand the man she is with for multiple reasons.
      I’ve not thought about my childhood for a long time. Like you, I despise how divorce has become a political tool feminists and the left use to “empower” women. I’ve also never thought how the chronic instability of my childhood possibly affected me. Frankly, I’m envious of all my cousins who had in-tact parents throughout their childhood and never experienced divorce.
      My experience also shaped my view on marriage. I saw how it was too easy for a woman to toss a father . . . yet garnish his wages to support her end of the dream. I will never get married because of this. There’s simply no way I’m going to marry, re-produce and run the risk that one day she says I’m no longer welcome in my home and deny me my children.

      1. “My father, not in good judgement, eventually remarried a woman from his high school class. Once married … she quit (…) This is something which I never could accept. It was far too odd for me to somehow accept random kids suddenly being a “brother” and “sister””
        I hear ya. My mom and dad got divorced, eventually he remarried. I had nothing against these new people in my life, but it was really difficult to simply be “re-assigned” a new family, even though these were good people.
        But my dad remarried out of desperation – nothing more. He married a feminist – ’nuff said.
        Seriously knowing what I know now about women – never, never will I marry, ever.

        1. Instead of giving up entirely, why not hunt elsewhere? My pop suggested Brazil if I want a Latina, or Ukrainian if I want White.

        2. True, but it’s not spreading faster than you can travel. There are still some places that aren’t forsaken. I know Putin has slowed the spread of feminism down in Russia.

        3. I get where you’re coming from but, you can find a woman and lead her right. It;s been done by many of us.
          Women have had the same character since the beginning of time and yet, somehow previous generations of men found a way to make marriage work.

        4. In previous times husbands had the support structure of tradition, laws, the church, and social shaming of women’s bad behavior. Now every man has to fight against all those social structures that should be supporting him.

        5. “Women have had the same character since the beginning of time and yet, somehow previous generations of men found a way to make marriage work.”
          I hear ya – but it does get increasingly more difficult today. Plus I’m in an unusual situation: I’m in my late 40’s – for some reason I can still get with women mid 20’s ish – but that will end soon. I can’t stand being around spinsters past their prime.

        6. I had a guy at my gym, 51 years old, just had his first kid back in October. Wife is 35.
          Never too late my man.

        7. It certainly is possible, but man I would not want to be 67 year old father at my child’s high school graduation.

      2. “I will never get married because of this.”
        Your story is daming proof of the damage that single mother homes are doing to our society!
        Especially in the challenges men raised by mothers face later on in life..

      3. Some beautiful 12-year-old girl committed suicide on live Facebook feed two weeks ago because her idiot mom got her a stepfather who ended up molesting her. Her video got taken down everywhere except best gore.

        1. Thats not how it was spun, was it? I thought it was due to “bullying”. Horrible either way

        2. At first, everyone figured it was typical bullying, but according to the girl’s discovered diary, her stepfather violated her innocence.
          I still can’t get the video out of my head.

        3. Jesus…
          I loathe Facebook. Both for providing the stage for the suicide and then for wiping away the evidence of the tragedy.
          Why isn’t this a much wider story?

        4. Want to see the 42 minute feed on best gore? I would NOT recommend it.
          The police claim the video was ordered to be taken down for the sake of not hindering their investigation.
          I’ve grown to hate Facebook myself because it gives me the illusion that all my friends are living perfectly happy lives with their hot wives and beautiful babies, whereas I am alone and miserable.
          I use it though, because it’s the only way I have to communicate with an overseas buddy of mine.

        5. use email or skype or something, Facebook just isnt worth it. When you delete that account, not just deactivate, a weight will be lifted from your shoulders (and soul).
          Horrible fucking site. Any other site that allowed a 12yo to stream their suicide would be shut down.

    2. Divorce has become something like a sacrament for women, anymore. Single motherhood has become a sacrament. There is a ritual component to it, like women are being initiated into the full sisterhood– doing something strong and “empowering” instead of something devastating and ruinous. It is as perverse and vile as it is tragic.

      1. Indeed. Observe commercials now a days. The amount of “I’m a single mom …” is mind blowing. It’s become a coveted status. And the most sickening is that eHarmony commercial where the dude says he was looking for a single mom with kid.

        1. I have never seen that eHarmony commercial, but it sounds like serious blue pill propaganda.

        2. Would you believe e-harmony’s founder is a conservative Christian? Ye shall know them by their fruits tho

        3. I am prepared to give him and most other guys the benefit of the doubt– they are blue pill because they were trained to be. They really, honestly think they are doing the right and moral thing by supporting toxic feminism.

      2. Yeah, Liberals love to whip out the “think of the children” card whenever I protest welfare abuse.

      3. It’s only a sacrament for stupid and suggestible women.
        Unfortunately, since most of us are sheep and we are quick to bow to peer pressure, the vast majority of women are foolish enough to follow damaging social trends. I blame the prevalence of single moms raising kids and passing on the toxic “strong single mother” rhetoric.
        I’m glad that I was raised in a two parent home where my mother refused to leave my father.

        1. Unfortunately, it is also viewed with reverence by socially conditioned blue pill (majority) men. It is not just the women acting out this reckless violence that are to blame. It is male enablers, who think they are somehow honor-bound to respect and support these damaging behaviors and points of view. It is a culture-wide problem, and cuts across most ages, racial groups, levels of education and economic strata.

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      5. I can attest to this. Men, don’t let your wives befriend and hang with single mothers. Find nice wholesome couples or families to make friends with. I’m serious. If you value your marriage and children’s well being…don’t allow single mom’s to make friends with your wife. Tell her she’s not welcome.

    3. Yes, it’s one of the great unsayable: kids need both parents to stay married. Kids need dads and mums. Divorce is a horrible tragedy. Lucas, I hope you got over it and were able to do what we did: make sure you have a damn good marriage and bring up kids and never, ever divorce. Regards

    4. My parents divorced when I was 7, too. In 1972. I never saw my father again. And my mother was a man-hating, abusive #*! Yeah, lots of love. Women have no business raising boys. I am 51 and only now coming to terms with manhood. That is why I come here. That is why I endorse the manosphere. That is why I use my real name and real picture. I have no wisdom or quotes to offer you. But I leave you with this; take charge of your life, build the best life for yourself that you can, and don’t let a bitch push you around EVER. American women are worthless cunts. Best of luck gentlemen.

    1. lol, someone posted this the other day and I clicked on it to make it larger so I could read all the words. Got distracted with work and walked away from my desk. When I came back the IT Director was sitting in my office waiting for me and laughing.

      1. If I would have left that open on my desktop at the company I just did an internship at, I would have been instantly fired.

        1. lol. an intern at my company might have as well. I have an executive position and a private office so it is a little different.

      2. I didn’t message my ex GFs in years but because this picture is so great and they were all raised by single moms I just had to send it to all of them.

      3. Wow, there’s hope for humanity if IT directors are non-PC AND have a sense of humor! 🙂

        1. Well it helps that a) I work in a male dominated industry (real estate development) and also b) that I donthe hiring.

        2. As a side note this is the most non PC guy ever, not in the sense of just being not pc but in the sense that he is an incredibly devout catholic who bucks every single trend, honestly doesn’t give a fuck what people think and lives his life in accords with Catholic dogma and religion more strictly than anyone I have ever known before. In many way I feel he might be one of the bravest men I’ve ever known

        3. It’s prettt pc proof at least in my little corner. There are parts of the company which I have no say in that are less so, but all in all it is a good place to be. It takes the kind of atttitudes and masculinity you find in construction and blends it with a corporate atmosphere that I like a lot. For guys who want a job in corporate America I would suggest that RE Development is second only to Finance when it comes to not dealing with modern bs

        4. I’m not Catholic but a protestant Christian. However, I’ve always found that Jesus and the Gospels is the biggest proof yet against the horrors of our secular PC society. It just puts you right outside all the BS and gives you sanity. But, boy, is it crazy right now out there! I just don’t see how it can go on.

        5. It certainly is one way. I don’t really feel the crazy out there as much as most. To be honest, most of the craziness out there I find out about on this site. My world and that world simply don’t interact and I am prone to think that, like homos in media, the amount of bs that is out there is actually over represented in the manosphere

        6. I work in finance. it is PC central. 70% of banking employment is women. I work for the 3rd or 4th largest bank in the US. I had to sit with a bunch of my 50+, grey haired, white, straight, male coworkers and listen to a diversity lecture where they openly stated that they were only interested in hiring, retaining, and promoting any one except white straight males.

        7. wow, that is nuts. The guys I know in finance have no women and no pc culture. Maybe it is just their office?

    2. I find it amazing that, after my divorce, I was simply trying to learn game and ended up agreeing with the statement “Do you see this piece of shit?” And then some. The world is against you MEN! When I say men…..I mean RP men.

  3. An interesting article. I am not so sure about viewing other men as competition. I mean, I guess if you mean pathologically to the point where it consumes you, but I feel that a healthy sense of being in competition with other men is natural.
    As for spending money…that can go one of two ways. There are people who spend money on labels and people who spend money on quality. Occasionally these two things coincide in the same idem, but very often you are just paying for a label. In the paying for a label to show off I can see where you are coming from for sure. That said, paying for quality has always struck me as a very good trait. As long as you are spending within you means (not on credit) and buying things because you want them and not because you want the status you believe they will confer then I don’t see any problems here.
    WRT post modern art: yes, some of it is patently absurd. However, to broad stroke over all post modern art the way you do here just shows a fundamental misunderstanding of art and a “boo” or “yay” concept of aesthetics rather than an actual understanding of what a judgement such as “this is beautiful” actually means. It is a common trope on this site which is actually very sad as this site has contributors and commenters who are often looking for a better and deeper understanding of the world around them and then when it comes to an incredibly interesting question like “what constitutes beauty to a human subject” the meat of the issue is totally ignored for political reasons which is the very problem we have with SJWs ignoring facts (“gender,” “global warming,” “toxic masculinity” etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.) because they want to make a political point rather than actually do the leg work of thinking about the issue.

    1. Modern art is a fraud. If you have to be trained to appreciate it, its a fraud. If you dont have a natural appreciation for a piece of art, its bullshit. Just take a walk through the San Francisco Museum of Modern art. Its a total joke.

      1. And this is what I mean. Then issue at stake here isn’t just if you like it or not. I like rhubarb pie, that doesn’t make it “good” in the way that, say, Plato talks about good.
        There is so much cultural bullshit that goes into you that decides whether you like something or not. I like this. I don’t like that. These are judgments which are based on absolutely nothing but the culmination of your subjective experiences. Is this all that art is? Is this all that it means to be “beautiful?” Is there really nothing more meaningful? If I take a hammer to some random rock it isn’t a bad thing. If I take it to the statue of David it is very much different.
        Something in the mind of the human being happens when a judgment is made “this is beautiful” and that something transcends the meager notion of “this is something I like” and speaks to a much more important concept.
        If we go with your definition, that anything you just happen to naturally like is beautiful art than all beauty is totally subjective and all art is “good” art and that is a croc. See, in the end you know that some art is bullshit but you don’t see how saying that it’s nonsense unless you have a natural and untrained appreciation of it goes against your fundamental principle.
        Further; I am not suggesting the need to be an art historian…though knowing something about art can only be helpful here. I don’t ask a woman what she thinks about a car before I buy it, I don’t ask a homeless guy how to best forward my career, people have natural guy reactions based on their own private world.
        What I am suggesting, however, is better understanding not the art but the human being. Have you ever seen a work of art that was so beautiful it quite literally sat you down and shut you up? Have you ever stood before a work of art in absolute awe? You have to be open to it, but when it happens it is quite powerful — you begin to understand a lot more about the world and yourself when you see something and just are raptured and taken out of your preconceived notions.
        I am suggesting that a better understanding of what is going on in the mind of man when he is enraptured by art would allow for a better understanding and that it is he art which occasions this particular occurrence that we property say “is beautiful” and there is plenty of art that is beautiful in the post modern world and it is your opinions, life experience and prejudices which is disallowed you from understanding or experiencing that in the same way that some cunt of a feminist won’t believe basic truths because she is so blinded by her own personal nonsense

      2. My personal Art-O-Meter is as follows:
        my appreciation of the art is inversely proportional to how long the essay is explaining it.

    2. And I would like to add preferences despite variation do exhibit a certain trend indicating the underlying objective beauty.
      So modern art should be judged on this objective metric of beauty.
      Crap is crap and excellence is excellence.

      1. I think this is close, however I am a firm believer in the Kantian criteria of it being subjective-universal. The judgment of beauty in art is a judgment about the human subject and an interaction with the transcendental feeedom which makes consciousness (and in turn the appreciation of beauty) possible and the work of art is merely the object which occasions this. It takes a hot minute to explain, but once there I think isn’t that complicated really. The art allows a moment where the human is thrown out of his need for categorization and confronts the possibilities by which consciousness is possible which he shares, necessarily, with all conscious entities. So the judgment is subjective as it is, strictly speaking, about the individual viewing it, but since it is about something which is necessarily common in all people it is universal in that it must hold for all thinking subjects

  4. Barack Obama never knew his father. We here at RoK don’t know Obama personally, but you would have to agree that none of these eight factors really describe him.
    Obama did feel drawn to politics though, despite not being a political type, so maybe that’s how he compensated for it.

    1. Not sure I follow. I think we can put down Obama doing for sure….
      1 (He’s always doing that. I did this. I did that. I’m so great. Etc.)
      2 (Michele. HAHA! OK maybe not!)
      3 & 4 (The way he gets defensive when anybody even slightly disagrees.)
      5 (His unbecoming cattiness.)
      See? 🙂

      1. No, he’s literally Hitler made that “look at her” move several times. And his wife has traps like an ancient Egyptian tomb.

      2. His gayness.
        Men without dads end up yearning psychologically for male attention….hence the explosion of homosexuality.

        1. Most of the time this comes in the form of collecting father figures. Depending on the luck of the person, they might run into very good father figures. But it is a dice roll. I think that the 1-1.5% of people who are faggots are that way for more complicated reasons which is born out, as another commenter put it, that regardless of the type of clulture, as open as San Fagsisco or as closed as the taliban, the 1-2% of the population being homos never seems to change

    2. Eight years have gone by, and we still aren’t allowed to so much as read his college records.

    1. Agreed with your #10 defend women. Surprised that become male feminist wasn’t top of the list. ROK ain’t what it used to be.

  5. Even when psychology is not a science, they sometimes hit the nail. The lack of a father, due to divorce or single motherhood, brings serious consequences to the mind of a young male.

    1. The dynamic of family with the balance of the masculine (husband) and the feminine (wife) and the innocence (child) is part and parcel of what it means to be human. While breaking it won’t necessarily turn you into Charles Manson it will change the child inexorably. That change can be better, worse or neutral, but it will never be the same.

        1. Heisenberg is pulled over by a police officer for speeding. The police officer asks “do you have any idea how fast you were going?” Heisenberg looks at him and says “I have absolutely no clue. I do, however, know precisely which direction I was heading in.”

  6. You forgot the most important thing: The Red Pill. At least for me, TRP is like the dad I never had. Well I had him every other weekend but that’s not enough obviously.

  7. I have been guilty of some of these things. But I moved past that shit. Much happier now.

  8. Great article, as a man who grew up with a very passive and distant father, I can relate to most of these problems.

  9. Milo…
    He acts like one of those fags in #proudtobe youtube thing.
    I don’t see a huge difference between him and other faggots.

    1. He is often used as proof that just because Right-wingers like myself hate the sin, we don’t necessarily hate the sinner.
      Gotta feel sorry for him, because rule of thumb about fags is that they were most likely molested when they were children.

        1. I thought he already is in love with Christ. He’s known to be a devoted gay Catholic. It’s what makes him known in the first place. Not to mention he loves his penis-shaped water bottle very much.
          My suggestion doesn’t matter, it will not change a thing.

      1. Don’t tell him about your rule of thumb, where he puts your thumb there won’t be enough soap in the world to ever clean

  10. #7 is bullshit, those who deserve criticism deserve to be criticized, having a vagina doesn’t magically give you a free pass where you are no longer the cause of any problems for anyone.

  11. ”Defend reputation incessantly” – the picture you use is from the film The Stoning of Soraya M….who’s husband conspired to get rid of her so he could marry a 12-year old(based on a true story)…she was f*cked no matter what.

  12. Fathers provide confidence… mothers, comfort.
    Imagine dad has a rough/stressful day at work. He comes home to see sonny standing there, arms outstretched, excited to see him. Dad isn’t quite ready for family time just yet and is short with the child. The child feels this slight, and runs to mom. Mom tells him “aw it’s okay, your father didn’t mean anything by it… he just had a long day working for us, he still loves you though!” Comfort provided.
    Sonny is standing at the edge of the pool… he really looks like he wants to jump in. Both parents see that he wants to swim, but is on the fence about getting cold/wet and is anxious because of it. Mom says “aw it’s okay, if you don’t want to, you can wait until you’re ready!” Dad says…. nothing. Dad picks up son and throws him into pool. Son surfaces from underneath the water, both surprised, and exhilarated from the rush. Mom might be a little upset with what dad did, but the point is, sonny just learned that sometimes in life you have to just jump in and learn the hard way. Hemming and hawing over a decision gets you no where. Confidence provided.
    It’s a balancing act, and both types of parenting (in moderation) produce stable, well rounded kids. Too much comfort turns a child into a beta dweeb too afraid of risk/failure or making anything of themselves. Too much confidence turns them into a seething, narcissistic mess only concerned with revenge and what others think of them.

    1. Thing is; you also have to do that with daughters or they take no risk. If you want to grow in life- you jump in and get your head kicked in but sometimes that is what we all need.

      1. Yeah….. that was meant to apply to any child. But I’m no parent, so take that with a grain of salt, obviously.

      2. I’m not sure throwing a nervous girl into the pool would elicit the same positive response in her as it would in a boy. Same desired end might demand a different tactic.

        1. My sister was tossed into the deep end as a child by uncles and grandfather while they were drinking and laughing. That is how we all learned to swim. Learning to ride a bike was similar. Top of hill + bike. Took about 3 goes before you learned how. Now as adults we all sit around, the guys and girls, talking about how that was the best time in our lives

        2. She was thrown in without warning? I ask because I think males respond to aggression and stress differently. I see where a boy would rise to the challenge of attack – this is the rite of male initiation encapsulated. But girls don’t play fight for fun. Rather than the surprise and exhilaration DamnShame describes, the violent surprise might cause a young girl to cower and become fearful or distrust might morph into hate. Feminism ahoy! Although I can see a tomboy sort of girl feeling differently maybe? (not suggesting one toss in the pool will give birth to a man hater. I’m thinking long term strategy) A few weeks back someone here observed that women react differently to perceived aggression – even going so far as to sense danger when there was none. I agree. Women are shaken more easily then men. Our flight or fight response is very different than yours. Maybe this explains the typical women’s over reaction to a so called wolf whistle (also discussed in another recent post)? What seems fun and non threatening to you can legitimately unnerve a girl. I was eleven the first time men “wolf whistled” at me. I really didn’t understand anything they were saying but I got the basic idea. I didn’t throw my bike down and confront them. I didn’t yell. I didn’t feel anger. I cried. Different stress response. I don’t know. My father is crazy firm and strict but he never threw me into the pool. And the bike on a hill trick … I knew what was happening and why. He for sure wouldn’t have hesitated to throw any of my brothers into the pool though. I get the “toughen them up” approach but do you want a tough aka strong independent women? That sounds risky.

        3. Honestly it was so long ago I don’t really remember but none of them grew up to be Tom boys. My family was just always hyper aggressive and very physical. Everything was a competition…everything. Dinner was a competition. All of us turned out to be successful in our chosen fields, boys and girls alike

        4. yeah my brothers are ridiculously competitive, and physical and aggressive but they always left me out of it. And I never much felt the need to join because … well, I guess because girls are by nature usually different. Usually.

        5. I once, of many times, helped my uncle on the farm and he told me to drive the pickup truck and some wagons to the other side of the county. I told him I was only 14 and didn’t have a license. He cut me short…”don’t tell me what you don’t have. Now drive the fucking truck!”
          “..was the best time in our lives”
          It was.

        6. “Now as adults we all sit around, the guys and girls, talking about how that was the best time in our lives”
          Yup, me too. The good ol days. The millenials will have it worst 30 years from now when they look back on today as being the good ol days, just before the great european civil war.

      1. “Great post. And another reason why homo couples adopting children is a horrible idea”
        One of many reasons.

  13. Lets not forget the impact that single mothers have on boys. IF there is a rape culture (there isn’t) and women do the bulk of child raising then I have to ask, why do mothers teach their sons to rape?

  14. Is the bigger issue not having a dad; or being brainwashed by the liberal matrix?
    Any 8-10 year old boy is willing to strap a b on and get sent to allah. How is that kid going to turn out at 30 or watching gay liberal tv every day.

  15. I would’ve thought that you would mention guys that compete constantly to achieve validation from others. Like hard core cyclists, or mountain climbers, or people that have to constantly compete or show off to get the approval that was otherwise never given. High driven career professionals are similar, they are seeking validation via a career rather than settling for a comfy family life, with good family relationships.

  16. American society has been ghettoized, and it’s been decades since formal art movements have been a bellwether of our culture. The author writes as if the man on the street has serious opinions (or any opinions) about postmodernism or any other formal art style. That simply isn’t the case.

    1. “What if Dad thinks postmodern art is legitimate?”
      Damned good question. My dad enjoyed Picasso, as well as Peter Max.

  17. I don’t think the word compensate is correct for what you describe. I don’t know when the word compensate became a bad word. Compensate actually means to catch up after being held back or to have additional benefit to make up for one’s weaknesses. Compensating is a word akin to hard work and playing a useful role. A man born with no legs will compensate it with building a good mind and strong arms for example.

  18. “1. Defend reputation incessantly”
    From the modern western situation, yes this is probably correct. But do remember that in a more ancient circumstance where you lack police etc, your reputation can easily be the difference between getting attacked or not. As such, you cannot allow it to be sullied.

  19. “The purpose of the dad is to troll and hate…”
    The purpose of a father is to teach and discipline.

    1. Teach mentor discipline and rebuke…but ULTIMATELY…be a ROLE MODEL or an EXAMPLE of what to be or NOT to be!!! Mostly my Dad as the living proof that I can learn from his example when things did not go right, of strength when I watched him suffer in miserable weather to FIX emergencies, but mostly his dedication to his family by doing all he could to PROVIDE for us, that the family was the focus more than on himself. That lesson alone carried over throughout my life, to always put family first during times of financial strain and adversity. My kids mom demonstrated always putting herself first. She hasn’t changed at all, my kids are grateful that I have not either.

  20. Great post. I’d like to see how you would fix these problems instead of only stating them. That would add a massive amount of value to any boys who may have lost their fathers.

  21. Modern Progressive America does one thing EXCEPTIONALLY well. Chase off and criminalize the men who do give a damn about their family (destroying TRADITIONAL families) and lauding the perversions of the Progressives to fill the vacuum (identity politics). here is what they accomplish by destroying fathers and chasing men away from and out of the childrens lives (both girls and boys).
    Dad/Men that teach mentor discipline and rebuke…but ULTIMATELY…be a ROLE MODEL or an EXAMPLE of what to be or NOT to be!!!
    Mostly my Dad as the living proof that I can learn from his example when things did not go right, of strength when I watched him suffer in illness pain and in miserable weather to FIX emergencies to protect and provide for his family, but mostly his steadfast dedication to his family by doing all he could to PROVIDE for us, that the family was the focus more than on himself.
    That lesson and role model alone carried over throughout my life, to always put my kids first during times of financial strain and adversity. My kids mom demonstrated always putting herself first. She hasn’t changed at all, my kids are grateful that I have not either.

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