Rash Of “Pregnant Man” Stories From Mainstream Media Confirm You Need A Vagina To Have Children

There is a recent news article under the headline ‘“My body is awesome’: Trans man expecting first child“, about a couple in Portland, Oregon who are having a baby in July. The noteworthy (well, sort of) part of the story is that—according to the article, anyway—both parents are men.

A dude got pregnant?

No, this isn’t from the Weekly World News. Neither is it from The Onion. It’s from CNN. It’s not just the Clinton News Network either, because several other mainstream media sources are covering the same story, all with the same glowing tone. The article indicates that the expectant mother…

…who was assigned the female gender at birth and says he kept his “original parts,” adds that he never wanted to change his body.

“I think my body is awesome. I feel like it’s a gift to have been born with the body that I did, and I made the necessary changes so that I could keep living in it, both through hormones and through other body modifications…

Okay, the first sentence has two framing tactics in it; I understand that much. What I don’t understand is how the second sentence makes any sense in light of the first.

Clearly the reporter covered nothing but softball questions. I would’ve asked: “If you never wanted to change your body, then why take steroids and get body modifications?” After that, “How is it possible for two males to conceive a baby together?” I might also ask how they plan to explain this to the kid later on, or if they feel there’s a risk the child or his peers will be confused. The interviewer clearly didn’t have the balls for that, any more than the mother does. Given the state of today’s journalism, though, any reporter asking questions like that would be looking for a new job.

Anyway, it continues:

I’m OK with my body being a trans body. I’m OK being a man who has a uterus and has the capacity and capability of carrying a baby. I don’t feel like it makes me any less of a man. I just happen to be a man who is able to carry a baby.

Hold that thought for a moment; we’ll be getting back to that line of argumentation shortly. The second half of the article is stuff about gastric symptoms, food cravings, and telling their two adopted kids that another little one is on the way. That would have questionable relevance even if they were covering a big celebrity’s pregnancy. Perhaps there’s some real information in the couple’s linked Facebook video, but I don’t feel like watching it for fear of getting gastric symptoms.

According to another puff piece:

The partners say that the Portland community has been “incredibly supportive”… partly because it’s not uncommon there for a transgender man to carry a baby.

“We know dozens of transgender men who have gone through this exact same process, and there is now quite a bit of medical evidence that shows that this would be a safe and healthy thing for us to engage in, medically speaking…”

Interesting. What’s up with Portland, anyway?

Leftists don’t get biology

Those who are perplexed can have a look at the dictionary definition of female. In the context of animal biology, this means:

…of, relating to, or being the sex that typically has the capacity to bear young or produce eggs

That’s right. Getting pregnant—or simply being born with the required body parts to do so—is proof of being female.

Leftists tend to look down their nose at creationists for denying the theory of evolution, considering them to be superstitious sixth grade dropouts or the like. Fine, I’ve read Richard Dawkins too; I get it about natural selection and survival of the fittest. In my heathen opinion, that there’s nothing wrong with believing that Providence set things in motion, though that’s beside the point.

Now here’s the thing. If creationists can be criticized for denying Darwinism then leftists who believe in this gender-bending stuff can be criticized for denying basic biology. Even the most diehard fundamentalist knows what a man or a woman is. These aren’t some blurry, undefinable categories either. Actually, it’s right there in the beginning of their creation story:

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

Now who understands this aspect of basic biology better: Bible thumpers, or leftists who proclaim that there are dozens of genders (but only one race, of course)? Even when I was a very small child, I understood that boys and girls are different; further, they act different and are interested in different things. So what’s with all these journalists (and professors) who can’t figure it out?

Despite all that, I’m convinced that deep down, even the looniest SJWs actually know what male and female mean, but their ideology blinds them to reality. They know the truth, but avoid cognitive dissonance by putting up a mental shield (“crimestop” in Orwell’s Newspeak) or create elaborate rationalizations to avoid thoughtcrime. Even leftists who recognize that the narrative is bullshit might not dare to speak up, because they’d risk getting shouted down and ostracized.

Really, it’s pretty sad. The ability to create life is an awesome and unique part of being female, although radical feminists tend to have some strange complexes about that. Now the MSM pushes the line that this isn’t even a uniquely female characteristic. Who do they think they’re trying to fool, anyway? Their increasingly transparent propaganda contrary to the public’s values and sensibility is why they’re losing readership. They’ve blown their credibility, and their audience is starting to tune them out.

The truth is that a “trans man” is a confused stone butch who might take lots of steroids or get her breasts removed, but none of that turns her into a man. An actual man can go to gay bathhouses and take a thousand loads from other dudes without the slightest chance of pregnancy. (I wouldn’t care to observe it, but you know what I mean.) In any event, people should respect their bodies.

More logic

Can we call reductio ad absurdum on this gender bending stuff now? Something can’t be true and not true at the same time. If an argument leads to this kind of contradiction, then it’s wrong. You can’t reconcile “women are the sex that can give birth” with “a man can get pregnant”. As Ayn Rand wrote:

Contradictions do not exist. Whenever you find yourself facing an apparent contradiction, check your premises. You will find that one of them is wrong.

Aside from that, these “man gets pregnant” articles—lacking any difficult questions, not balancing it with alternative perspectives, and uncritically accepting a very bizarre narrative—is a clear sign of how low modern journalism has fallen. Consider it a good indication of the MSM’s reliability.

I miss the Weekly World News. If they wrote about a man getting pregnant, they’d make it entertaining, and they wouldn’t pretend it was real. Fake news was a lot better when it was fun.

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  1. The whole transgender thing is pretty disgusting as a whole. A man wanting to be a woman, because they feel like a woman, but still sound like a man, only to be a Top to have sex with other men and women, but are now subject to the laws of women, meaning their relevance ends when they stop being youthfully comparable to a woman. It would probably be a problem for them to just admit they are being a bitch and being so for too long created women envy. It would be very honest if we all admit transgender is just a byproduct of society over valuing women and men not having a community in most cases to teach each other how to be men.
    Meanwhile, in the Jewish camp they have the synagogue. When the weather is nice, and maybe when it isn’t, a team of 20 young boys and male educators go around learning history, speaking their language and English, learning their history and yours, without any stigma of having to be gay or experimenting. That behavior needs to be modeled by all communities.

  2. Liberalism, feminism, transexualism….whatever you want to call it, is a mental disorder.

  3. You guys sure get worked up over what other people, who you will never meet, decide to do with their own lives.

    1. The news is a focus on the lives of other people. Not sure what made you think otherwise.
      Meanwhile, in Virginia there is a gunman specifically shooting Republicans. At first he was targeting the GOP baseball game. Now, the gunman has shot at five members including GOP Steve Scalise. Things are getting wild.

      1. I was assured by the NRA that mass shootings are so infrequent as to be inconsequential.

        1. And they are right. Turns out the few that happen are perpetrated by Leftists like you.

        2. So true. I don’t understand why the news is covering such an inconsequential event.

        3. To show the horror of you ghoulish Leftists for all the world to see, hopefully. I doubt that’s their actual reasoning, but hey, it’s still demonstrating the fact, so I approve of the coverage.

        4. I don’t care what you think, puddin’. I’m using you strictly as a foil, your actual feelings or what you “think” mean nothing to me.

        5. Clearly, you care what I think, which is why you can’t resist responding to me despite the 12 times you pretended to “block” me. Weak sauce.

        6. I’ve never blocked you or threatened to. I have said that I’m done talking to you on a thread from time to time, but that’s not “block”. Try to keep your trolling spreadsheet updated or at least put in some effort to understand the technology you’re using.

        1. It is happening currently. Daily Mail is live streaming it but other media outlets should be following it as well.

      1. Deviant is in the eye of the beholder. It affects my life exactly zero if some transexual I’ll never meet found a way to have a baby.

        1. I’m still confused why Porcer was banned (I literally have no idea, he was polite to a fault) but this cunt gets a free pass to shit on threads at will.

        2. I’m confused why supposed “masculine men” are whining about banning people. Is this your special safe space? Weak sauce, kid.

        3. bestiality, pedophilia, necrophilia, its all good if the individual decides these behaviors are not deviant in the own twisted minds???

        4. No, you’re just here to troll. *yawn*

        5. Don’t bother. Her kind celebrates mental illness, even if 60% of the people she celebrates committ suicide, she doesn’t care. That’s how far they’ve exited from the off ramp of humanity.

        6. Those behaviors are all illegal. Did you think being a transexual was illegal? That’s what this article is about.

        7. I clicked his profile and read recent comments, I didnt see anything remotely controversial

        8. Now you “talk about me?” You must be the most timid little bitch I’ve ever seen. LMFAO

        9. Derp derp derp, hur hur hur.
          There. I’ve made every post you’ll ever make, on your behalf, so that all you have to do is copy and paste to get your desperately needed attention fix.

        10. Free Porcer!!!!
          but this chick aint the end of the world. Sometimes its fun to get a woefully misguided point of view to spar with. Who knows – we might even help her.

        11. “6666666664666666666666”
          4 is the deviation. There is one instance of it.
          ‘odd-balls’ can be quantified.

        12. Hmm, but we live in a society of over 300 million, with all sorts of people doing all sorts of things. By your measure, everyone is a deviant.

        13. Reel it it, slick. We’re talking pregnancy. A ‘man’ being pregnant IS the deviation!

        14. “Biker who does needlepoint” is a deviation too – but I don’t see any articles ranting about that. Why does the existence of homosexuals and transexuals send conservatives into such vitriolic anger? I’ve honestly never understood it.

        15. Yes it is.
          And I’m sure you can find vitriolic anger against bikers who needlepoint if you GO LOOKING FOR IT too.

        16. I don’t see republicans trying to outlaw it, but I do see them trying to pass “bathroom laws” that state, in essence, that there is not really any such thing as a transexual.

        17. She says this, meanwhile policing a thread trying to intimidate and stomp out any opposing views to her Leftist agenda.
          The lunacy of these people and the blindness to their own faults is breathtaking sometimes.

        18. It would be a sure bet that any biker that brought his needlepoint into his social circles would get flack from his mates. GOJ? You have any opinion on this?

        19. The former head of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins said transexuals are mentally ill, and this behavior should NOT be encouraged. I will take his opinion over yours on the matter

        20. Totally off topic, but if you insist:
          “bathroom laws” are intended to protect people from Predatory Perverts which are far more statistically likely than any harmless so-called transsexual trying to avoid a urinal for attention.

        21. No they aren’t. Transexuals have been using the restroom of their choice for years – there are no crimes that prompted these laws.

        22. I imagine you’ll take the opinion of whoever tells you what you want to hear.

        23. Are you the current head of psychiatry at a hospital? yeah, of course not

        24. I’m neither, but I’m a decent enough person not to use a medical diagnosis to discriminate against strangers I’ll never meet. Tell me again how transexuals are ruining your life?

        25. Heh, right? I meant in a general sense. If anything in life, I’ve learned that the least physically intimidating people on God’s green earth are Leftists. Hipsters and pajamaboys and butchdykes are hardly something to fear. This was more in the “I’m going to drown out all discussion with a constant stream of ad hominem, hur hur” way.

        26. Youre not a decent person if you think anything goes in this world- you are a spineless coward

        27. Oh, you’re the guy that gets to tell everyone else how they should live. Conservative, huh?

        28. if you have a dik you use the dik-havers room.
          That’s it. It doesn’t matter what you feel, its a matter of equipment.

        29. next time I take a wiz, I gonna be laffing at the men’s room door hysterically like some lunatic

        30. Agreed, the only moral they are willing to stand up for is judgementalism. They don’t care if they are causing real damage by their behavior, it is what people think that needs to be stopped in their opinion.

        31. “Those who will standing for nothing will fall for anything.”

        32. Clearly, you care. You just made a pronouncement about which restrooms people should use. My question is – WHY do you care? I’ve been using public restrooms my whole life. I’m certain I’ve used such restrooms alongside a transexual now and again. It’s caused zero problems for me.

        33. What I said was not a pronouncement. It was a logical argument.
          I only care insomuch as I wanted to give you an answer instead of the grief that is rightfully being heaped upon you for being so damned obtuse.

        34. 2 + 2 = 4 is not subject to anyone’s opinion. Which restroom a transexual should use IS subject to someone’s opinion. That’s why it causes controversy, and 2 + 2 doesnt.

        35. “Which restroom a transexual should use IS subject to someone’s opinion.”
          The answer to this has nothing to do with opinion – the solution can be reasonably proved (see “dik-havers” above)

        36. It absolutely is subject to someone’s opinion. There is nothing that can be “proved” about the issue.

        37. My “dik-havers” argument is beyond reproach. The logic is elegant in its perfection. if you challenge it, then you challenge the very tenets of mathematics itself.

        38. It’s not an argument – any more than insisting “left-handed people should walk on the left side if the street!!” is an argument. You could make a rule that said that. You could even come up with some argument as to WHY they ought to, but the statement itself is not an argument.

        39. That analogy is not sound.
          The construction of sidewalks and streets is independent of a persons dominant hand (@disqus_68anDuoclq:disqus can back me up on this).
          Urinal’s are designed specifically to accommodate diks. If you have a dik, that’s the facility for you.

        40. All of the public restrooms I’ve ever been in have toilets as well as urinals, which meets the needs of female-to-male transexuals, who may have vaginas. Your argument is invalid.

        41. What you say is anecdotal. No bearing on my argument.
          You are “position arguing” – that is you have no interest in
          resolving any question, just repeating yourself to people who don’t share your
          and : “female-to-male transexual”?
          Are we talking “girl dressed as boy” (mentally ill) Or “girl who grew a dik”(almost non-existent)?

        42. What possible difference does it make to you what genitals someone else has?

        43. To me? Unless I’m fixin’ to cok them, none, but In the context of “selection of plumbing fixture” it matters.

        44. Why do you want to put women and girls at risk? If they are in a public restroom, how will they know if the bearded figure walking in on them is an attacker, or just a harmless transexual trying to obey the law you insisted on?

        45. bem, buddy, you really have to stop taking this chick’s bait. She is an attention whore, and all you are doing is giving her the attention she craves. You are not having a discussion with a rational person, you are feeding a troll who will continue to troll despite anything you say or do.

        46. Yep, she wants to make the comments section seventy pages of her spinning around and around trying to divert the topic. She has no interest in the outcome or even the discussion, she’s just here to distract. Beats day work I guess.

        47. And how will this protect us from terrorism!??!!?
          Look junior, you’re all over the place….and I tire of following you

        48. She is all over the place because she is not trying to discuss or argue or have a conversation. She is only trolling, using her little Alinsky-ite tactics to spin, deflect, defer, avoid… all to just keep trying to aggravate and annoy. Stop playing her game.
          Block and ignore.

    2. You sit and get worked up that people don’t approve of your opinions and then post on a site with people who don’t like you to sneer. I’m thinking…you come out the bigger loser here, sugartits.

        1. No, you’re worked up. I just said that you get worked up, just like you accused us of getting worked up, so that makes it true by your standards.

      1. He is used to pointless bickering because he grew up in a shitty family. All those years fighting with mom, dad (if he was even around), brothers and sisters. It’s all he knows.

        1. These kind are usually broken right from the start I’ve found. It starts with the family then they become the school losers and build a big glaring grudge against the world and normal people. It’s so easy to see.

      2. We need a special name for this guy – I’m thinking “brown-sugartits.”

    3. Fagtard, enlighten us: what is your pet name for Hillaryz cock? I’m going with “Frauzerfaust” because I could see Hillary getting off on thinking she was blasting your face with a nazi-dyke-bazooka, but I may be wrong.
      No need to tell us her pet name for you, we already know it: ‘Lil Puby.

        1. I knew you would admit that Hillary was a dude.
          What’s wrong with being gay? I thought gayz were at the top of your protected class special feelz pyramid? Now I’m confused, should people be ashamed of being gay? Enlighten us retard. Does the left hate gayz, or love them?

        2. Enjoy your full day of talking about gay sex in chat, and sorry the job search hasn’t panned out. 🙁

        3. If you really want to make the Leftist retards’ heads explode ask them point blank if they’d want their children to be gay. They insist it’s ‘normal and natural’ so would they enjoy the idea of such or would they try to hamster wheel out of it? It’s a scream seeing them get all worked up.

        4. Don’t worry, bro. I’m on the job now. Taking a break from billable work (one day you might know what that is…on second though, you’re a retard, so probably not) to laugh at your gay ass.

        5. If you want this one’s head to explode, ask him “would you want your children to be gay, like you?”

        6. OHHHHH man! Stepped into a big trap there. Owned in the special olympics by a retard. Guess itz back to Haitian law skuul fer me. Herp Derp. SLIZZURP!

        7. I don’t discriminate. I only pointed out his clear fixation on gay sex. I didn’t say it was bad.

    1. I miss the “Ambiguously Gay Duo” from SNL. No way Smigel gets away with that anymore
      Comedy is dead!

    2. Me too, those were always my favorite.
      When I was in the military back in the Civil War era, I’d buy the Weekly World News every week. I had more than one uptight sneering type criticize me for that. “You know you’re a smart guy, why do you lower yourself to reading such garbage” was the normal sneer. “Because I enjoy life, I don’t take it seriously, and I have a sense of humor” was my usual reply.

  4. none of this madness could go viral w/o social media and a smartphone…people like this existed before 2008 or so, there was just no easy way to broadcast how brave and beautiful they were

    1. Likely they all existed more prolifically as soon as porn magazines and newspaper classifieds and ‘seeking’ personals allowed them to find friends. They weren’t brave and beautiful until Third Wave Feminism made female victimhood a public grace.

    2. And not only that, but Facebook has become the world’s largest echo-chamber.
      Make a right-wing (common-sense?) post on Facebook and it very well could be used to ruin your career or ostracize you.
      I’m starting to think the Facebook mob really believes everyone in the world thinks the way they do because that is all they ever see. And furthermore, that ideas that exist outside of Facebook are illegitimate by definition because Facebook represents the publicly-approved (i.e., manufactured) worldview of the masses.

      1. Why are you, a straight white right wing male, on Facebook Clark? There is no excuse to patronize it. None. Not even “keep in touch with family and friends and I only look at it once a month”.

        1. Dude, wrong answer. You know who they are, and you know how insane they are.
          Look man, I know that, say, Trannies are fucked up in the head. The suicide stats and their behavior bear this out. As such, I feel no need to go down to the Tranny Meeting Hall and consort with them. They’re a known quality, they aren’t changing. Why continue to be tortured watching them drown in a sea of retardedness and faggotry?

        2. Even in a biblical context, “knowing your enemy” is fraught with danger.

        3. Speaking of, there is someone in the Canada area on Facebook that you should probably link up with. He should have just turned 29 and has pretty much the same mindset as you on a few things. He is also a Superman fan.

        4. My father discovered fb at 50. Was such a fine man. Now he spends his day locked in a room, in front of a screen “reading politics”.

        5. Thanks man. Anybody here got any idea how do I start to red pill him ? The problem with old men is that they think they know everything.

        6. eesh. Tough job….I am of the opinion that people lose the ability to “change their mind” or “see things differently” at about 45.

        7. Probably..maybe even earlier. Dude is a natural since he had a tough youth but is unaware of what is going on right now. For example , he still thinks the most important thing is to be a good provider and you’ll easily find a good woman like he did and live a happy life. I can’t begin to red pill him since people in my family will think I’m being strange. They still do actually.

        8. Provider role and having a wife and children endangers men into becoming blue pill after all patriarchy was made for the purpose of blue pill interests

        9. Probably true for the USA. Where I live, in a small Third World village in the mountains of Mexico, Facebook is how they communicate. Few actually call by phone. They send a message via Facebook if they want to communicate. I do not know how long that will be true.

        10. I empathize with your struggle there. Facebook is a cancerous tumor on all of our existences at this point, but it’s tempting to keep it just to get a glimpse of what goes on inside the hive mind. I think you and I are of a generation that prizes information, and some of that is only available through detestable avenues such as social media.

        11. Yeah exactly.
          I think GOJ doesn’t quite get this. I live in Toronto anyways, my whole life is Facebook. Any info I can be plugged into that reveals a bit of what’s going on I pay attention to.
          But I do understand where he is coming from with his comment.

      2. somebody somewhere just lost their job for LIKING a post on FB. Madness(I dont have the link)

        1. I don’t doubt it. Every day I hear at least one comment in the corporate or academic world about fuck Trump.

        2. A dude in Pakistan just got a death sentence for blasphemy on Faceberger, and a woman in Germany just paid a 1300 euro fine for liking an anti-migrant meme on Facefuck.
          FB makes the former Stasi look like amateurs.
          Don’t use it.
          Fuck (((facebook))).

      3. Something very sinister about Facebook is that it seems smartphone manufacturers are compulsorily adding it to their devices with no option to delete it . I tried to delete it permanently but was only offered the option to “restore factory version” , what the hells going on there , and no I don’t want to go through the hassle of rooting my phone ?

    3. Pretty much this.
      Once I unplugged myself from social media I was shocked just how little of this nonsense was present in real life.
      It’s why I advice anyone who doesn’t want to deal with this to just stay away from the internet and social media and only use them to get information for whatever subjects you are interested with, read blogs like RoK or if you want to comunicate with your friends.
      Social Media is a big circle jerk for losers who failed in life and go to these platforms to blame society or other people for their failures. It’s toxic, and brings nothing of value.

    4. Exactly. The net percentage of freaks has not changed – only the media attention given to them has increased.

    1. fuck that guy and fuck Time- they just shitcanned another 300 heads- GOOD RIDDANCE

      1. Amen to that. So glad to see these degenerate “media” outlets dying so rapidly. As you say, fuck them.

        1. I understand times are tough, and its getting harder to speak out cuz you risk losing your job, but the people have spoken, and you will just lose your job anyway, so why not stand up for whats right?

        2. Thankfully with the President change, you can’t lose your job anymore. You’ll just lose fake friends. Best trade off you can have.

      2. We got a trans man in the jail. Looks exactly like a man, beard and all, but still has female equipment. Couldn’t put that in the men’s area.

    2. And yet we are supposed to trust these supposed “science experts” on things like global warming.

      1. Meh, they’d just argue that it’s two different groups of experts.
        “Yeah, those pregnant-man guys are totally looney, but they aren’t us, you can trust us climate-change experts, totally!”

    3. That would have made me vomit if I didn’t have Best Gore on the next tab.
      Holy crazy breastfeeding freaks!

    4. That person’s child is going to be one of the most prolific serial killers ever.

    5. The culture vultures promoting this garbage need to do themselves and the world a favor and off themselves.

    6. Seriously repulsive. I PITY the tortured soul THAT child will be. Unfair. The world’s getting crazy and picking up steam.

  5. “If creationists can be criticized for denying Darwinism then leftists who believe in this gender-bending stuff can be criticized for denying basic biology.”
    What people don’t realize is that pedophiles are currently using the “LGBT playbook” to get their own degeneracy “normalized.” A few decent people on the left are trying to stop that from happening. They will fail.
    All the arguments these few remaining decent people on the left can bring to the table are the exact arguments that were used against trans-sexualism and gay marriage before that.
    If a man can claim to be a woman trapped in a man’s body, and vice versa, then why can’t a man claim to be a 9 year old in a45 year old’s body? Both are equally insane, going against biological facts that are testable and verifiable, but one has somehow become socially accepted, and the other is beginning to start becoming socially accepted.
    “Pedophiles need psychological help!!” A trans-sexual will shriek.
    “We said the same thing about trans-sexuals as little as five years ago, and we said the same thing about gay people 40 years ago,” is the reply.
    “It’s not normal for a man and a child to have sex!” A gay man will scream to the heavens.
    “We said the same thing about your so-called marriage 20 years ago.”
    “It’s not legal! They can marry someone their own age!!” A purple-haired land-whale will smugly say.
    “We said that gay people could marry someone of another gender.”
    “It’s wrong! You’re a fucking-white-male!!!” A thick-glasses-wearing cuck will squeak.
    “Why do you oppose love? Are you a hater?” Will be the response.
    “It can’t be allowed…!!” Some soccer mom will yell.
    “Don’t be pedophilephobic.” I’ll respond.
    “It can’t be allowed!”
    And then I use the one argument, the one sword-of-Damocles that will shut them down, the left’s kryptonite, the one linguistic nuke that will shut them up…
    All those few remaining decent people on the left will shut up at that last one. They are more terrified of being called a “bigot” (or a “hater”) than standing up alone for what is right.
    How many pedophiles do you think are in schools across the West who are laying the foundations for the future? In ten years, the 8 year olds under their care will be voting… If a book can be read to children about how someone has “two mommies” or “two daddies” why can’t a book be read to children about say… A young boy who is nervous about his new stepmom, and after listing all the things that could go wrong, the twist at the end is that his new stepmom is just he fellow 8 year old classmate…
    Why can’t that book be published and read? I guarantee you some sicko pedophile has that book on his harddisk, waiting for the right moment to send it to a publisher, and sent to a school near you…
    Those arguments being made FOR pedophile have been used, and the arguments being used AGAINST pedophilia have been used. The US Supreme court have ruled that the arguments against are not sufficient enough.
    With gay marriage, the left opened pandora’s box. With “trans-sexualism” they flipped that box upside-down and gave it a few good shakes.
    Get ready to live in a world where pedophilia is legalized, and where YOU are wrong for opposing it.

    1. All true, except when some faggot touches my kids, I’m clicking off safe. Call me a bigot all you want, it will be hard to hear you over my outgoing fire.

    2. In Greek mythology Pandora´s box also contain Hope.
      I made that argument before, Pedophile and mental age, Remember that stupid mind games that tell you your mental age? A few years ago there was quiz and test that determine your mental age, So if you play Pokemon, watch cartoons and play with bubbles your mental age is 8. So in the future a psychologist can determine a person mental age, so numbers are a social construct, age is a number, age is a social construct, and there will be a mental age and a biological age same as with genders, so a degenerate pedophile can claim a lower mental age as a legal defense.
      Second argument, The love argument, They will claim historical boy lovers since the Greeks and they will tell us that it was good for the boy, a bond, not gay, normal etc, and that the boys health is not hurt. is a guidance for the boys just like the Greeks.
      Third argument The nature argument, same as gayness is natural and can be find in the animal kingdom same as pedophilia.
      Note that this somehow needs to be aimed to only boys, and Man to boy love, or better, Gay to boy love, it´s not being pushed at full force because it will help heterosexual normal guy to have sex with young nubile girls and that´s a big NO for the left. Anything that will help cis men is prohibited. So the first step is to destroy men, then impose pedophilia only for the fags, it is all part of the anti male propaganda, a boy who like dolls is converted to a trans girl, chop his dick. But a girl who likes cars it´s just a phase put her a dress.

    3. If pederasty was acceptable to the Ancient Greeks and Romans, who were arguably the most advanced civilisation of their days, you’d have to be insane (or a liberal) to believe that pedophilia couldn’t be legalised in your lifetime, if you’re a millenial. I think the first serious, mainstream push will come from the Muslim community and as with everything when it comes to Muslims, our leaders will just bend themselves over backwards to accomodate them and we’ll pass laws that allow Muslims to marry younger and younger girls.

      1. I agree with this. Incrementalism works. It worked for making homosexuality mainstream, and it is already working for normalizing pedophilia. They will continue to push the Overton Window to “normalize” more and more of their depravity.

        1. They accused Republicans of hysterically claiming a slippery slope, but the repubs were completely right.

        2. Oh yeah, the left completely destroyed to notion that such a thing as a slippery slope fallacy exists. They proved the so called right-wing nut-jobs completely correct.

    4. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep repeating it: No, the left will *never* legitimise paedophilia because it is the left (its feminazi component) that is already against a 40 year old man banging/dating/marrying a, say, 20 year old girl.
      Or will there be a gay only + cougar only clause to it?

      1. It’ll be an intersectional fuckfest, and they’re just dying to submit themselves. They’ll play it as freedom for some while demonizing ANYTHING done by a white male. It’ll be blatantly hypocritical and they’ll simply not acknowledge that.

        1. Already in Europe older white female SJWs are banging younger and even underage refugee males with impunity and without apology. (Of course a
          mitigating factor is that something like 70% of underage refugees are just pretending to be underage [of course they are also mostly pretend refugees].)
          See the BatikHaxor in Sweden (I think it means ‘tie-dye witch’):
          “Swedish commentator Ann Heberlein says that she personally knows of numerous cases of female social workers having sex with young refugee men.
          Heberlein says she even knows examples of married women who decided they
          would rather have sex with young refugees than continue their marriage. Many women sign up to be a foster home for so-called ‘unaccompanied minors’ for the purpose of having sex with them.” Swedish tax dollars at work.
          “The communist website Black Spot published an explosive anonymous column from a female social worker stating that it is common to have sex with young male refugees. The anonymous columnist says that the males are traumatized
          and the sex is therapeutic for them.
          The ongoing scandal has sparked accusations that so-called ‘Batikhäxor’ are not driven by ideological convictions, but by hedonism and lust.”
          (Interesting site, by the way!)

        2. I brought that up with some female journalists. They were mad at me. Mostly based on anecdotal evidence but probably true to a significant extent.

      2. That’s what’s kept me from thinking it will be total free for all.
        The last thing they want is 30 yo men /banging/dating/ marrying 15 16 yo girls.

        1. The ranking in SJW of most victimized groups are in this order.
          1. Faggots and trannies and all the fucking non-binary crap
          2. Women
          3. Blacks
          4. Muslim refugees
          5. Fatties

        2. Feminism is old news. The left already found their new “victims” and are the Muslims. This is the reason the government is now protecting the Muslims and leaving women at their own will.

        3. There is something wrong with your progressive stack. Women rank 2 while muslims rank only 4? How come the rapefugees were barely reported then?

        4. I’d agree that it seems Muslims are on the top of the totem pole right now, that was also the thought of the cartoonist. I also recall reading an article about German female wannabes who were scared to leave their apartment for fear of Muslim gangs. I’m sure gays are intimidated also. For women, besides actual (under-reported) rapes we have the fear manifested in carrying pepper spray and buying anti-rape pants, In some areas the local government was actually advising blondes to dye their hair.
          This is what woke me up. It seemed like the SJW serpent was eating its own tail. I thought liberals heads would be exploding (from not being able to process the contradiction)! Not so, unfortunately.
          Any victim ranking however is just an overall thing, I think. Of course the powers that be behind the SJW movement are just cynically using these groups to further their own plans.

      3. There are radical feminists that want elementary boys to get raped by gays to teach them what it’s like to be a girl.

      4. What’s with salon and all the like then? Also, a 40 year old dude banging a 20 year old isn’t pedophilia per se.

        1. “Also, a 40 year old dude banging a 20 year old isn’t pedophilia per se.”
          It isn’t, that’s what I’m saying, but leftist feminazis seem to think otherwise. Hence my post.

        2. I was unaware that their narrative is that any age difference equals pedophilia.
          But still, pedophiles fit the leftist mold for being a victim class perfectly and a couple with a simple age difference does not.
          As long as it’s disgusting and amoral I trust it to the lefties to somehow find a way to embrace it.

    5. “If a man can claim to be a woman trapped in a man’s body, and vice versa, then why can’t a man claim to be a 9 year old in a 45 year old’s body?”
      Or why not both, I remember this ‘girl’:
      Trans Woman Lives Her Life As A Six Year Old Girl

    6. You’re a fucking white male!

      So funny.

      Great post.
      Their lack of logical thinking knows no bounds.

    7. LGBT has an awfully lot of interest in children. I remember some fag among them said every young boy should have an adult gay friend growing up pretty shifty

  6. I’ve honestly not once ever heard a story like this. Then again, I’ve stopped following the MSM entirely so it’s doubtful I’d ever encounter this kind of “news” except in articles like this by people who still follow the MSM.
    It feels *so* good to be totally unplugged from the propaganda.

        1. he was a good boy, he was handed his script, and he stuck to it

      1. think about it, when they can get a Mr Olympia doing this shit, you know it’s over.

      2. I’m surprised the haven’t remade his best film as Pregnant Predator – in which two proud inter-species mum’s do battle in the Columbian jungle

    1. You and me both Ghost. I’ve been completely unplugged and loving it. I’ve been thinking clearer, sleeping better and feeling on a whole better albeit taking the red pill does leave you prone to melancholia at times given the wretched state of the world but it’s a glorious burden and I liken it to the Choice of Heracles.

    2. I’m with you GOJ. I get all the news I need through alternative sources that focus on my areas of interest. The MSM is essentially on life support now. I can’t wait to see them “unplugged.”

      1. As I hear tell it’s dying fast. So much the better.

      2. Internet was their greatest fear. Really after the advent of the internet many were able to wake up from the blue pill

      1. I really do. When I read/hear things like this the level of propaganda nonsense is so glaringly bright that it’s cartoonish. I guess to those inside the matrix though, it’s all normal and somehow doesn’t sound like a 4th grade attempt at heavy handed Soviet propaganda.

        1. I’ve personally never been amazed by what some people are willing to tell themselves in order to keep honest introspection at bay.

    3. If it wasn’t for my wife liking some TV (local and network news, and PBS), I would rip our 21″ TV apart with my bare hands. On the plus side, she ain’t buying one bit of the diversity crap, pro-gay crap, etc., presented by the MSM.

      1. Personally I like to watch return of kings on my tv, ie my monitor 😉

    4. Unfortunately, I live right across the river from Portland. This kind of stupid insanity is all too common. Along with the trash and debris from the celebrated (and dignified) street people.

  7. “He who wants to persuade should put his trust not in the right argument, but in the right word. The power of sound has always been greater than the power of sense.” —Joseph Conrad, Lord Jim, 1900
    “Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.” —Charles Mackay, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, 1841
    “It is worthy of remark that a belief constantly inculcated during the early years of life, whilst the brain is impressible, appears to acquire almost the nature of an instinct; and the very essence of an instinct is that it is followed independently of reason.” —Charles Darwin, The Descent of Man, 1871
    “A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep.” —Saul Bellow, To Jerusalem and Back, 1976
    “Propaganda is a soft weapon; hold it in your hands too long, and it will move about like a snake, and strike the other way.” —Jean Anouilh, L’Alouette, 1952
    “Only the mob and the elite can be attracted by the momentum of totalitarianism itself. The masses have to be won by propaganda.” —Hannah Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism, 1951
    “Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state.” —Noam Chomsky, Media Control: The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda, 1997

    1. “There’s a sucker born every minute”
      “This way to the egress”

      — phineas t Barnum.

  8. If ever there was a time for an asteroid to hit the planet and exterminate human life or for God to unleash the Apocalypse per Revelation this is it… What an absolutely sickening display. I feel so sick that I am going to throw up and mind you I haven’t done so since 1996.
    Can somebody please tell me what the fuck is going on?!

    1. Playboy no longer has nudie pics.
      Time magazine, a mainstream mag if ever there was one, puts a pic of a half man/half woman breastfeeding its child on its website. To me, thats a pornographic image
      Up is down, down is up

      1. Lord have mercy…
        It brings to mind what I say to the clowns who try to get me to sign a petition for gay marriage-I’ll smile and say ‘When cats and dogs can get married I will think about signing your petition-check your speciest privilege, asshole’.

        1. They haven’t cracked Nascar yet if I am not mistaken so maybe there’s hope.

        2. Yes-that… What a sad state of affairs. What kind of lunatic would allow them into that? They can’t parallel park as it is!

        3. The Gods must truly be crazy. It has to be some kind of cosmic joke where they’re fucking with us to see how far they can go before we put a stop the insanity.

        4. Yea!
          Why someone hasn’t organized an all female Asians over 40 demolition derby yet is beyond me!

    2. Mental illness. Delusional behaviour. From WebMD: “Delusional disorder, previously called paranoid disorder, is a type of serious mental illness called a “psychosis” in which a person cannot tell what is real from what is imagined. The main feature of this disorder is the presence of delusions, unshakable beliefs in something untrue or not based on reality.”
      THAT is what the fuck is going on Mr. BHGoH.

      1. Nicely put-the diagnosis is very fitting and in my professional opinion the prognosis is terminal.

        1. It’s all happening by accident, though. No need to worry. “All is well…”

        2. some prophecies actually talk about the acceleration of events at the end of times. Spooky…

        3. Now sit down and shovel down your jumbo-sized concoction of sugar and fat, enjoy the decadent reality programming, devote hours to vapid videogames and pornography and express your private feelings on social media like the good drone you are.

        4. We’re there. I remain convinced that the Mulatto idiot that usurped the Oval Office was a harbinger of the End.

        5. there seems to be a no-fap “movement” among millenials. It’s probably a fad like the bucket challenge.

        6. Eh, nothing wrong with no-fap if you channel that energy into actually getting laid or you do something else with the energy.

        7. It brings to mind this- Citizen! Whence came your voice? Your right to speak? Is there a purpose to your tongue and gnawing teeth? I ask thee; How deep and hollow is your mouth? What lie is too decayed for you to stomach?

        8. Ummmm…I’m very progressive. I am open to just about anything. As long as the TV tells me it’s true, or trendy, or the right thing to do…

        9. I’m open to such but if Social Media tells me then that only solidifies my resolved. Independent thinking and facts be damned.

        10. women will think

          What an odd turn of a phrase. It’s like saying “fish will build a rocket and go to the moon” to me. Heh.

        11. Whenever I have questions
          I turn on CNN
          It makes me feel happy
          While I’m locked up in my pen…

        12. I like to make my shots economical, expensive shots always seem like a waste of resources to me.

        13. MSNBC while using Instagram. That’s how all the hip kids do it.

        14. “…Im gonna be a happy idjit, and struggle for the legal tender…”

  9. Mental illness. No wonder people are killing themselves in record number (RoK article yesterday) by drugs – legal or otherwise. I knew what this was because this garbage was usually on one of those supermarket rags along with “alien has baby on earth” stories. This use to be relegated to these dime store trash papers. Now it is presented as reality. Only the mentally ill believe this nonsense and its called being delusional. NEWS FLASH: Woman pretending to be a man is pregnant. Woman has uterus.
    Now, I am going off to paint black and white stripes on myself. Please call me “zebra”.

    1. I’ll join you while painting spots-you can call me Leopardus I, Lord of the Amazon.

  10. Don’t worry about any of this bizarre stuff, guys…the TSA is testing facial recognition and fingerprint recognition systems to “help speed up traveling and make us all safer”, at airports in Denver and Atlanta, even as we speak…it’s not like all of this stuff is part of some planned, dystopian future; anybody who believes that is a freakin’ conspiracy nut –

        1. I saw an airshow awhile back where they had pictures of Amelia Earhart on the advertizements. It was advertized as a regular air show but near the end at the concession stands/awards they had a couple of feminist speakers suddenly appear who spoke of some drive to get more women into flying. They had the majority of podium time drolling out facts like “It’s ashame that less than 10% of pilots are women” and how “we” all need to encourage all our girls to learn to fly. After the speeches, some fat matriarch looking white woman who couldn’t stand up clapped the loudest with an almost angry clap, audibly breathing as she socked her hands together like the way you punch a catchers mit. She looked like someone’s 40ish divorcee mother but a mad one. I had no idea the show was doubling as a feminist set up. The two parked prop planes in front of the lines being shown off had girl names painted on the sides. After the speeches my radar went up and I noticed hardly anyone chatting up the few hot girls there. Some were with their family/group but there were plenty of planes/props to open anyone with chat. It seemed like an awfully white knighty crowd, like standing around a sensitivity trained fire hall or co-ed campus police dept.

        2. I work in aeronautics and we’re constantly bombarded by that propaganda about how there aren’t enough women in that industry and that it’s predominantly old white males who lead. I have 4 levels of bosses above me, all women and it’s a disaster.

        3. And what’s funny is that they are literally (Hitler) bitching about the choices that other women have consciously made and blaming it on us. Fuck them.

        4. My wife had one of those talent shows highlights pulled up on youtube the other night. There was this female magician who had a monologue going on and on and on about how women were mistreated in the magic business while she was doing her act, which wasn’t very good.
          Three of the judges just went on and on about how great it was. All you go grrrll. But then it was Simon’s turn. I really wonder if he’s not closet alpha. He told her the magic was ok but he didn’t care for her monologue about female oppression. Of course all the obnoxious womyn started booing but he just shrugged and told her something like she needs to focus on magic and not being oppressed.
          It was actually quite refreshing. I had overheard the segment and told my wife that the girl was a stinking feminist and then old Simon said pretty much the same thing. Like I said, possible closet alpha

        5. If you search ‘famous childless women’ she’s right at the top. Every year on ‘Amelia Earhart day’ childless older women celebrate in solace. They too will all vanish into nothingness along with their seedlines.
          I remember relatives who grew up in flyover conntry during the 40s-50s. The public elementary schools made Earhart out to be a goddess and at the same time, Hitler was demonized to no ends of the Earth. Hirohito wasn’t so much demonized but Hitler was the Devil incarnate. This Hitler hate and Amelia love still is evident in a lot of the parents of midwestern boomers.

        6. I think it’s the generally sincere boy scout ethic of the airfields that makes it easily penetrable, like firehalls for white knighting and the inability to call out any yapping rhetoric spewing feminist that walks in. Where they’re met with smiles and “but of course” yes men, the feminist begins hopping about shit testing everywhere as she lays her demonic eggs.
          Air clubs need to embrace the culture of motorcycle and car clubs with hot bitches posing on the hoods and bending over an engine with a thong and heels. When is the last time you saw a stunt plane at an airshow photo op with three sexpots in heels, one straddling the engine cowel and the other two buffing the smiling captain’s shoes and cap? I didn’t see a single high heel model posing for her man’s stunt plane at that show. It was all flat foot women spectators and one female pilot had sweats and nikes.

      1. Ive always wanted a Harrier. Vertical takeover is neat, land in your backyard

  11. men can’t have babies. Even mixing oestregen with kratom couldn’t achieve that surely?

    1. It’s not about the reality of biology Michael. It’s about creating the narrative and perception that reality doesn’t actually conform to itself and is subject to interpretation.

      1. I’m just wondering if it gets into the wrong hands whether kratom could be used for evil rather than good

        1. I was just thinking they should bring out a kratom backed cryptocurrency

      1. pretty sure Chuck would never get pregnant, but if he did it would probably be so he could loose a deadly cannon-ball like strike against his opponent from his man uterus

  12. The men posing have beer bellies.
    You can tell a beer belly from a prego belly where the beer belly is higher up from the preg belly and the naval makes an equilateral triangle with the titties. In this excess beer consumption propaganda gif, we see a woman, obviously self pleasuring with a vibrator who is unphased by the beer belly which rests higher and can take the force of a belly bump.
    Unlike the male beer belly, the pregnant female belly sags lower with other features like the naval forming more of an elongated triangle with the tit nipples.

  13. Don’t be surprised if this fucking cowshit MSM posts another article:
    “pussies can impregnate MEN” !!!

  14. I’m genuinely concerned for the child. In the womb it is being exposed to hormones and other factors that have deformed the mother’s body. What is it doing to the baby?

    1. Don’t you worry…Bigfoot will protect it. He got a nursing degree by going to night school.

      1. I thought he’d signed on to sponsor some beef jerky company?

  15. “I had noticed that both in the very poor and very rich extremes of society the mad were often allowed to mingle freely.” ― Charles Bukowski, “Ham on Rye”

        1. You know, we think it has, but in reality most of the world is just normal and getting by to get by. This kind of shit is real, no question, but do you really ever see it in real life? I don’t. Never once saw a pregnant man. Not once. In fact I rarely even see clown haired lesbos except now and then in small clots on OSU campus where they are the extreme exception even there.
          It’s good to know about this stuff and fight it, but let’s not make them bigger than they really are. We are the majority and always will be if we stay vigilant.

        2. Thanks for ratcheting me down…thought is gravity and if we think about shit long enough, it becomes real…

        3. I only see trannys n shit when I go to the city (or its rural equivalent). Seeing the freaks after my hermiting has been quite an experience.

        4. Regarding your last sentence :
          Staying vigilant means having lots of pale face kids NOW!

          demographic change in USA is real and happening as we speak.

      1. Scored a lot of pussy, too. A real man’s man. (Not in the pregnant man’s man sense…)

        1. I may be wrong, but wasn’t a lot of the tail her scored pretty low shelf though? I mean he was not a beauty and shit so that’s fine if he enjoyed it, but I thought most of his pussy was the kind you’d find in truck stops?

        2. I don’t know for sure. I had heard he scored a lot of pussy, but it might have been the bargain-basement variety. I think he had animal magnetism, which usually attracts a lot of animals, so that would figure…

        3. Oh I don’t begrudge him anything, good on him no matter who he got. I was thinking it was usually barfly types though, and not the pretty but slutty kind. Given his appearance, that he got any pussy, let alone a lot of it, is a fantastic thing.

        4. I really got to pick up his writings and essay them again. Been far too long.

        5. he scored a lot of low rent trashy pussy when he was a starving author. As his fame increased…well…

        6. I really don’t know a lot about the physical appearance of what he scored in either case, I’m just going on the few I’ve seen pictures of. If he got some prime HB8+ pussy then I want to dig him up from the grave and shake his hand.

        7. the absolute most disgusting. Until fame struck and he could walk into any California coffee shop in proximity to a university and fuck any lit major

        8. after he was famous the young lit chicks were all over him. Before he was famous, think one step above homeless woman one step below girl at a bar named Tara.

        9. True.
          But he was the type of guy to get blind drunk and wake up in bed with a tranny or a pregnant man.

        10. Yeah and she wasn’t too bad looking a broad especially considering him

        11. He looks like a real peach. He must of had money in this interview because the younger woman was hanging around while he dished out the abuse.

      2. Dinosauria We- quite a presicent poem(debasement of our currency, etc)

      3. Unfortunately too many cunts read his work and think they are some “educated” class

    1. I read all Hank’s stuff by the time I was 18. Greatest red pill lessons you can get.

  16. A man having a baby is like saying the sun comes up in the west, you can say it all you want but, it still ain’t happening.

    1. Well, these compass directions are an arbitrary social construct, ya know.

      1. What’s up is down and down is up is the new normal I guess.

  17. Just kill these freaks already, fuck the fake laws protecting these faggots and invalids. I don’t care anymore, they don’t deserve to live, they are a blight to humanity, God, freedom, and whatever our true purpose was meant to be.

  18. Bull$hit is the order of the day. Thought when trump got elected it would stop. Guess not.

    1. How would the election of any POTUS make an overnight change in the culture?

      1. After the asinine fuckery of the Obama years I was holding out hope that things would be better. I know no president or any other elected officials can solve our problems. That’s on us.

  19. Ya know, my wife had to give me the hind-lick maneuver last night during dinner – I starting choking on a piece of meat (seriously)… I’m so glad to be alive to witness this morning’s gender clusterfuk! Long live ROK!

  20. Im sure the chemical cocktail of drugs and hormones is devestating on the baby. As soon as the child is delivered, the “man” should be charged for child abuse.

  21. Pro tip: the same populace that thinks you can walk into a gun store and buy a machine gun over the counter also thinks that there is nothing wrong with a pregnant woman on some kind of hormone replacement program.
    The entire 100 percent reason why we are wired for the right hip-to-waist ratio is due to that being governed by hormones. A woman with a good figure has properly balanced hormones. She will have healthy normal offspring. A barrel-torso woman will crank out tards/autists with health issues.
    A “woman” with a beard and generally dosed up to be a man with a vagina? This could get very very ugly.

    1. In her youth circa 1989, Ellen DeGeneres beamed with feminine genetic correctness and refinement:
      And below the neck as well she carried a lovely rack along with the ideal hip ratio for a prime breeder. Her torseau was the antithesis of a 32oz Ragu jar. It was something the borough mamas and stay at homes could idealize. But that wasn’t the plan for the consuming public. The Hollywood freak show knew she was a perfected image and so they defaced and butched her out for public consumption. Today she’s still a well paid freak poser along with the likes of Bruce Jenner.

      1. Look at that manjaw though. The kind of look that, when she or a woman who looks like that comes out, I become Doktor Jeep’s complete lack of surprise.

  22. ‘Pregnant Dad’: “I made the necessary changes so that I could keep living in [my body]” – A little petulant threat of suicide thrown in.

  23. “The ability to create life is an awesome and unique part of being female”
    But do women really have the ability to create life? They certainly grow and give birth to babies, but that is not the same thing.
    A baby is created only when a man’s sperm penetrates a woman’s egg. Without the sperm, no life is created. Put a million women in an enclave with no men, and ask them to create even one single new life; and you will be waiting for ever. The women will all die without producing a single baby.
    A woman does not even produce her own eggs. They are already inside her from the day she is born. She does not generate any additional eggs at all, at any time in her life. All the eggs a woman will ever have, are there from day one. She is born with them as surely as she is born with a head, legs and arms. She will not grow or produce so much as one extra egg as long as she lives, any more than she will grow an extra head or an extra leg.
    Quite the contrary: during her life she will only lose eggs. Her body will steadily discard them until she is no longer capable of bearing children.
    So can women really claim to be the “creators” of life, when they do not in fact create anything, and their bodies steadily destroy what they are born with?
    Sperm however is a completely different matter. When a boy is born he does not have a single sperm in his body. But from puberty onwards he will generate sperm, and in vast quantities. Most men can and will carry on generating sperm within their own bodies for the rest of their lives. It is a process that has no natural end except with death.
    It is amazing that such a vital process, the generation of sperm (spermatogenesis), has been so little investigated and is so poorly understood. For in any meaningful sense of the words, this is nothing less than the generation of life itself.
    Consider. How do we define life? There are different opinions of course, but how about this:
    A life form will have a defined and recognisable shape, with a definite inside and outside; it will be composed of tissue that is capable of changing; it has a specific purpose that it recognises and undertakes of its own volition; it is sensitive to its surroundings and reacts to them; it is capable of independent movement using its own resources, expending energy as it does so; it takes sustenance from its surroundings; it can exist outside of its parent’s body and without any contact with it; it is capable of contributing to the reproduction of its own kind; and it can undergo a process that is recognisable as death.
    How is that for a working definition of life? I think that any thing that satisfies all those criteria has a perfectly reasonable claim to be a living entity. If so, then we must acknowledge sperm as a true life form.
    If I am right and sperm has a fair claim to be a living entity in its own right, then we must also acknowledge an inescapable conclusion: that the act of spermatogenesis that takes place inside the bodies of males, is nothing less than the creation of life itself.
    Without a female in sight.
    We should not get blase over the fact that men generate sperm by the billions and trillions, and that over the course of time men have produced oceans of these creatures. The fact that they are so commonplace should not diminish the miracle one iota. Men are creating new life forms, minute by minute, day by day, week in week out, year in year out, all through their adult lives. And each new sperm is a new life and a new miracle. Over and over and over again do men achieve this.
    So we should not be misled by any claims that it is women who create life. It is men that create life in the form of sperm, and it is those sperm that spark the otherwise inert and dependent female egg, that cannot survive or develop on its own, into reacting in a way that eventually forms a baby. Nor should we be misled by the fact that this miraculous reaction takes place inside the woman. She is just the host to the reaction, not the creator of it. She is the growbag, not the seed.

  24. Good article, stories of these women who had had themselves cut and pasted to look like men and the media’s fondness for these things pretty much shows modern liberalism has mutated to a mental disease.

  25. Yet prescribing testosterone to a man whose levels are shot to shit is illegal because he’s a man and testosterone is bad. But they’re happy to enable it in someone with a mental disorder.

  26. It’s always the same. Humanity is always embroiled in some religion, just in different forms.
    We need more free speech, not less.
    We need more discussion, not less.
    We need more disagreement, not less.
    Free market of ideas.
    Free market period.
    More expansive world rather than a more controlled one.
    I just hate that power and force always has to creep in.

  27. Also, a baby that is going to be raised by a transgender and a gay man is called child abuse. And the government is normalizing all these types of child abuse.

  28. Take note of the scar above the belly where the right breast had been located. Good Gawd!!!!

  29. Okay, so, fun fact: I’m from Portland. It is a MESS. Our mayor is a GD lesbian, who should be about out of ink. She signs every scrap of paper they push at her. My friend got STABBED BY A HOBO. There were two hobos, a black and a hispanic. A hobo also started an industrial-district fire not long ago. The city robbed the sewer-fund to build a bikes and transit ONLY bridge. The nubile women here are fucking sparse and afraid of men. We’re all guilty until proven innocent. You will have to fight to escape the friend zone in Stumptown. There are a lot of ‘bros’ to compete with, surprisingly. Almost everyone here is agnostic, atheist, darwinian, or a Sanders fanatic. I’ve watched good-natured right-wing friends grow old and strange. It’s disheartening.
    This is the first I’ve heard of some faggot getting knocked up. The kids gonna be fucking “Gay Damian” or some shit.

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