Man Must Pay $30,000 Child Support For Someone Else’s Kid

Imagine a story that starts in 1987. Unbeknownst to you, your ex-girlfriend fraudulently claims you are the father of her child to “earn” welfare payments. In 1991, you realize for the first time that you’re a “dad” because a cop has pulled you over and says you’re a deadbeat parent who owes thousands in child support. Meanwhile, your scheming ex has received thousands in taxpayer funds as a result of her hideous lie.

Oh, but it gets worse! You’re incarcerated on another matter and a court server falsifies a document to make it look as if you refused to sign a court summons about the so-called child support debt. But how could you have? You were in jail. Once released from prison, you’re unable to track down the mother who’s your ex and the court-provided address for her is the wrong one.

You finally find your alleged baby mama in 2013 and a DNA test proves that you are not the father, and the woman freely admits she took you for a ride. Worse still, the real father is and has been involved in the now adult kid’s life.

Now guess what? You’re about to meet a judge with a broom so far up her ass that it’s touching both her spinal cord and the moon. And she’s making you pay $30,000 in backdated child support to that scamming ex of yours. All while falsely impugning your character and rubbing pounds of salt into your festering emotional and financial wounds.

Behold! A terrible human being named Kathleen McCarthy.

Meet a truly unlucky man

Thankfully for you, a casual observer, the man in this case, and it’s a very, very real case, is named Carnell Alexander, a resident of Detroit. The details of the situation are truly gut-wrenching [1] [2] [3].

“I am outraged that Mr. Alexander for two and a half decades failed to take this matter seriously,” bellowed Judge Kathleen McCarthy, who is now the leading contender for Bitch of the Century for her psychopathic condemnations.

McCarthy’s “outrage” stems from Alexander’s inability to appeal the paternity and child support issues earlier, as legally required within three years. Yet given the two massive frauds of both the ex and the server, not to mention Alexander’s poverty and deprived education, it’s hard to share her sense of being offended if you haven’t been sniffing gasoline for a year.

The reason we have lawyers is because most people, understandably, lack the requisite legal knowledge in an increasingly complex and technical world. And the cost of seeking this knowledge through an attorney is usually prohibitive for the most upper middle-class families, let alone a poverty-stricken African-American from the Detroit area.

News reports allege that Alexander has but an eighth grade education. Even if he were college-educated, the idea that he should be held responsible for a welfare-scamming ex, a forgery-loving server and the false address information provided by the court system itself is as fanciful as the Philadelphia 76ers going on a 30 week winning streak.

Blame where no blame exists

Importantly, again, Alexander was destitute for much of the time since the birth of the child. At one stage he had been released from prison and didn’t have a penny to his name. Inasmuch as he has made some poor life choices in other areas, an indigent person such as him has committed neither a fraud nor another injustice worthy of McCarthy’s disdain and inhumane vitriol.

We cannot blame McCarthy for the law itself, which often rules squarely and dispassionately against common sense and any shred of fairness. But judges routinely, through what is known as obiter dicta, opine on aspects of the law not central to the determination of the case, which is called the ratio decidendi. For example, U.S. District Court Judge Orlando Garcia described the future legalization of gay marriage as a march towards equality, but was still forced to enter a stay upholding the present one-man, one-woman law.

Obiter dicta, which are often phrased sympathetically towards the losing party or side, can be found across all forms of law, even in the most banal commercial cases.

If Judge McCarthy had said her hands were tied, someone aware of a judicial officer’s limitations could understand her position and defend it based on the separation of powers. She is, after all, only there to interpret the law. But the draconian way in which she treated Alexander, a victim of two gargantuan moral, if not criminal frauds, is beyond the pale and evinces a clearly anti-male bias in her reasoning. The mother and ex, a professional scam artist and clear sadist, received nothing of the same rebuke.

…and the welfare and other frauds it inspires.

Men are fourth-class citizens in family courts

As you must already know, Alexander’s plight is far from the first not only unfair but moronic anti-male family court debacle. Take the older case of Ari Schochet. His court-ordered alimony and child support payments were astronomical, but affordable when he was earning the magical sum of $1 million per annum. But when the economy and his business both tanked, funds were harder to come by.

The lifetime nature of his alimony meant that the rate was locked in, irrespective of how much he was earning on an ongoing basis in years subsequent. Consequently, he frequently found himself in jail for “missed” payments based on his formerly huge but now vastly depleted income.

The only plus here is that Carnell Alexander’s loss and humiliation over nearly three decades will shine further light on a hysterical and virulently anti-male family legal process. In the meantime, let’s hope and pray that the man finally begins to receive the support and solace so long denied to him.

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349 thoughts on “Man Must Pay $30,000 Child Support For Someone Else’s Kid”

  1. I don’t mean to digress from the main article, but I just to mention this.
    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. NEVER HAVE CHILDREN!!!
    My God, it’s as if people have stopped thinking with any logic or common sense. And I don’t care if this post hurts the feelings of any men out there with kids because at the end of the day, I tell people what they need to hear, rather than what they want to hear.
    Having a child in this day and age equates to financial suicide. There are many reports online and even commentators such as Tom Leykis, who have mentioned that the cost of raising one child has now exceeded past $300,000. What kind of average joe has that amount of capital, or can accumulate that kind of wealth to raise a child?
    Forget the fact that the upbringing of a child is expensive, but take into consideration the real problem- a child’s future. In 20 years time, 45% of the population will be unemployed because of artificial intelligence. AI will replace not only blue collar, but also white collar jobs as well. So essentially, there are not going to be enough jobs left in the future. And this is not a conspiracy theory, but an actual reality that is going to happen. There is plenty of evidence to support this, such as the report from Oxford University and even Bill Gates mentioning that jobs will be replaced by technology.
    The current unemployment rate in America is close to 100 million and 100 million on food stamps. That is the reality. So taking all this into consideration, is it worth raising a child in this day and age? For once, people need to stop being selfish and think of the child’s actual welfare when he/she becomes an adult. How many times do you hear parents screaming “My child graduated from college and can’t find a job and lives at home? What am I gonna do about him?” Don’t be that sucker.
    Try to enjoy the remainder of your life by being child and wife free.

    1. I think it was on Survivorman where I saw a German guy had moved to South Africa somewhere, had become part of an indigenous african tribe and fathered few children with a tribeswoman there. It seemed he was pretty blended with the community, and the other women together with his woman were all chipping in to raise the kids.
      Made me think, although it would be a bitch and a hard life to live like that, it’s probably a more “natural” way to have kids, as opposed to having kids in this continent only to be used as a cashcow by wife, government, lawyers and just about everyone else.
      What a fucking nightmare.

    2. So life is about employment? The economy is changing (as it has always done) and that is a good enough reason to put an end to your bloodline. Try to look over the horizon for once.

      1. The economy does not cater towards family life and having children. The economy is a cold hearted bastard that has no feelings for the struggles of the everyday person.
        And this life is indeed, about money. That is the reality. I know people will disagree with me, but try living a life without money being the purpose of your existence, and see how far that will take you.

        1. Life is not all about money and a strong family will do you more good than a million in the bank. You can always find cheaper or free alternatives to your material wants. It is dangerous to always think in terms of money, you will remain blind to a lot of things.

        2. “Life is not all about money and a strong family will do you more good than a million in the bank. ”
          -But in order to maintain a strong family, you need strong finances. Divorce rate is now 60% (70% initiated by women) and the primary cause is mostly to do with money.
          “You can always find cheaper or free alternatives to your material wants”
          “It is dangerous to always think in terms of money, you will remain blind to a lot of things.
          -That is true. But at the end of the day, you are up against the system, and the system does not care for you unless you can present the big fat dollar bag.

        3. but in order to maintain a strong family, you need strong finances.
          Divorce rate is now 60% (70% initiated by women) and the primary cause
          is mostly to do with money.
          -then adjust your filter for a decent girl, there are still plenty of them left, despite the pessimistic views of most guys here. If you aim for nothing…
          That is true. But at the end of the day, you are up against the system,
          and the system does not care for you unless you can present the big fat
          dollar bag.
          -I don’t care about the system either. If there is too much of a squeeze, then relocate. And you don’t have to be ‘against’ the system since there are so many ways around it. I’m not American and in my part of the world things are a lot more messed up and on paper I should be in a very tight spot. On paper that is. Love and cherish yourself and always have a Plan B and alternative skill sets and strategies. I’ve seen hyperinflation first-hand and it’s no big deal as long as you look for ways to get out of a bad situation faster than people can push you into a bad situation.

        4. “then adjust your filter for a decent girl, there are still plenty of them left, despite the pessimistic views of most guys here. If you aim for nothing…”
          -I will NEVER adjust anything in my life for some woman. I live my life by my rules, not hers. As Tom Leykis perfectly says, “tell her to get out.” There maybe some women who are decent, but that is only an exception to the rule. And I’m not going to waste the remainder of my life trying to find “the one.” I’ve lived long enough to realise there are better things to do in life, rather than squander my money on pussy.
          “I don’t care about the system either. If there is too much of a squeeze, then relocate. And you don’t have to be ‘against’ the system since there are so many ways around it. I’m not American and in my part of the world things are a lot more messed up and on paper I should be ina very tight spot. On paper that is. Love and cherish yourself and always have a Plan B and alternative skill sets and strategies. I’ve
          seen hyperinflation first-hand and it’s no big deal as long as you look for ways to get out of a bad situation faster than people can push you into a bad situation.”
          -Agreed. I’ve lived my entire life with back up plans, but are you ready for the inevitable economic collapse? Every man needs to be prepared for this.

        5. -I will NEVER adjust anything in my life some women. I live my life by
          my rules, not hers. As Tom Leykis perfectly says, “tell her to get out.”
          There maybe some women who are decent, but that is only an exception to
          the rule. And I’m not going to waste the remainder of my life trying to
          find “the one.” I’ve lived long enough to realise there are better
          things to do in life, rather than squander my money on pussy.
          -About five years ago I used to think in a somewhat similar way but then some events forced me to become more socially fluid, for the first time I had to solve problems relying solely on my ‘social capital’ and had to look deeper into the social dynamics around me. What I saw was not some covered up dirt, but a wealth of oportunities that were hidden (mostly unintentionally) from me.

        6. Have done. Financial independence, no debt, house, well behavaed insane wife, good food, lazy days. Life aint about money, its about time and enjoyment.

        7. “Life aint about money, its about time and enjoyment.”
          -You need money for time and enjoyment. Without it, you would not have it.

        8. Try again. Firewood is free. Food is free. Water is free. Games are free Sex is free. Books are free or cheap. Woodworkin is free. Films are free or cheap. Music is free. Hygiene is cheap. I pay for electric, net, fuel, booze, car repars, new laptops and the odd new garment. The most money you really need is £1000 a month for two people. Never work for less than £20/h. So thats more free time without spending any more. Gives a bit of room for membershis to clubs where you can get more free shit like tours, entertainment, food, nights out and stuff to keep the woman quiet.
          Life is what you make of it kid.

        9. You sure? Cause I just ate chicken stir fry that cost me nothing, am settlin into a bed I got for free under bedding that cost me pennies in a home warmed with free trees watching a film that cost me nothin on the same computer ive had and repaired (for free) for over five years.
          Everything can be got for free. The only factor is patience and smarts.

        10. Ridiculous counter argument. And the last statement makes you look like some leftist beggar, asking for a handout.

        11. Leftism? Self sufficiency is an art. You learn to look after yourself. Humans existed long before money. We can exist without it too. Drop us on a desert island and we build shelter, find food, settle nd breed. Money is a batering chip for things that are already there.

        12. What bollocks is that? Humans exist without money all over the world. Go to Africa, they have tribes. Only a dumbass millenial brat could believe his existence hinges on an iphone and a career.

        13. Extend the dumbass theory to gen x and even baby boomers. The whole live in the wild concept is something that most people are not going to adhere towards, and things are going to get messy.

        14. You cant play “off the grid” unless the grid is intact; if it ever came to that, the zombie hordes from the city would overrun you eventually. You wouldnt have enough bullets, and you cant guard your corn crop 24/7

        15. It sounds like you’re presenting a very extreme, deep woods, Thoreau style life. That’s cool and I respect it. But to present it as the option for how to navigate modern society only makes ‘Truth’s’ point stronger. Things are not looking good.
          So the two options are this;
          1. Live in a cabin in a state of complete woodsman self-sufficiency (or nearly)
          2. Make 300k a year in a both stagnant and extremely competitive economy.
          The point is that the bulk of males aren’t going to be able to pull off those extremes, thus they are extremes.
          ‘Truth’ is saying that there is a lot to consider. People talking about how they have successfully navigated a minefield doesn’t take away the fact that there is a minefield.

        16. Ther was never a golden age. In the middle ages if you didnt have a god immune system and couldnt toil fields you would likely die before 40. In the early 1900s you were more likely to go to war than not. In ancient Rome you could either live under peasant conditions metres away from barbarians, under the ruling of crazy militia, under crazy governmental reps or around liberal whiners and bitchy women in a harsh econommic climate. Life has alwats needed you to excel. Boomer bullshit is all you’ve been fed. There was no golden age without a minefield, there is nothing you inherently deserve, life has always been hard and the very greatest are the only ones to ever lead a good life or leave a legacy. So become greater.

        17. Then go wild. Though I doubt that the average fatass boomer or millenial brat will last a week. What, 25% of the population now needs meds just to live? 67% is overweight at least? 40% of the rest are weak old codgers? How many of the 15% left have the smarts to do fuck? even if they all did live, there is more than enough wild food and would be more than enough feral farms an upspringing ecosystems to feed those worthy of surviving. We could fit all 7B of us in Texas, ffs. We could all live out of Sudafrica if it were farmed well or out of India if it went wild. Humans, especially once the idiots, fatasses, sick and old are dead, cooperate rather than fight. We form communities during war, not tribes. Observe any social decline. Hndreds of healthy villages spring from the ash of civilization. So what if people will die? So what if there’s war? You want to opt out already? Nd you want to opt out, not because of the reality, but because of your little headfantasy.
          You millenials do like your dystopian apocalyptic futures, though. So of course the sensible pattern of decline is no fun to you.

        18. In another words, “Man Up!”
          Dude, we’re sick of “Man Up!” because it’s always for the sake of the collective that no longer offers anything to white males. Get it? That’s why the manosphere exists.

        19. It’s not for the collective. Being a hopeless pussy whining about how shit you have it and how you have no options dont hurt me. Theres a little x at the top of the screen for that. Guess who its hurting, kid?

        20. We’re not from some shithole like you Ivan. Maybe that’s why America has been so great. We don’t take it up the ass so gladly like you and your conquered, hungry compatriots. We’re American. Don’t try to understand. A ‘hopeless pussy’ is guys like you and your buddies Sergei and Vlad who accept bullshit like stupid mules. We’re on a different plane so fuck off back to your potato farm.

        21. Strange. Because I thought you were the one bitching about life being unfaaaaaaaaaaaaaair and hwo hard it is to get by and how horrible it is and how its impossible to get a good woman. My potato farm is doing me more favours than your entitled whiney beta millenial attitude is. Grow a pair and do something with your life or shut the fuck up, brat. We dont exactly need more of you.

        22. Though I guess I never will understand that pinnacle of american culture and happiness, the sex-starved obese man stuck in an office 10 hours a day, living in a dirty city with a 401k he shares with his bitch of an ex wife. I guess I cant see the joy and pleasure and success that lies behind your whinging because Im just not american enough. Thank fuck.

        23. So you would not play a part in such a ripoff as the typical American male’s life…yet you shame those Americans who have called bullshit on this same life that you ‘thank fuck’ for not having to be a part of. You cancelled yourself out there.

        24. Ha ha. You just projected whatever nonsense on to me that you need to complete your argument. Oh well, I guess it’s the internet. You have misread me point by point. Crying ‘Unfair’ has never come into play because what difference would it make? I left twenty years ago and it’s been great. The real BS is when white males are shamed for having self-interest when every other demographic is having a big party and putting it all on Richie Cunningham’s tab.

        25. I think you and I are more on the same page than not and you’re beng contrary for the sake of it.

    3. It was in raising my kids that I pursued a high paying career and now can easily retire in my mid 40’s. How is that financial suicide?
      Not being financially savvy, not knowing even basic home economics let alone basic investing, not making sound financial decisions, these are what make you (not you personally) poor. It’s no task at all to make yourself a good high paying career/business and reap far more rewards over and above $300k that it takes to raise a kid.
      Raise a hands on, smart kid and employment will not be a worry. Raise an “average” kid that you send to college to get a useless liberal arts degree on the other hand, well, you basically have consigned him to loserdom.

      1. “It was in raising my kids that I pursued a high paying career and now can easily retire in my mid 40’s. How is that financial suicide?”
        -Most people do not earn high figure salaries. The cost of raising a child has surpassed $300,000, wages and salaries are stagnating, more jobs are going to be replaced by artificial intelligence (including white collar jobs) the unemployment rate is close to 100 million (with more people in society than there are jobs available.) This all equates to financial suicide.
        “Not being financially savvy, not knowing even basic home economics let alone basic investing, is what makes you poor. It’s no task at all to make yourself a good high paying career/business and reap far more rewards over and above $300k that it takes to raise a kid.”
        – I don’t think everyone has the capability to to have a career/business that can reap more than $300,000. If that was the case, than more Americans would be wealthy than ever before and unemployment would not be a serious issue.
        “Raise a hands on, smart kid and employment will not be a worry. Raise an “average” kid that you send to college to get a useless liberal arts degree on the other hand, well, you basically have consigned him to loserdom.”
        -Agreed. But the unemployment crisis has now extended beyond the liberal arts major. Many industries (including engineering) are being outsourced and automated. Factor in the fact that there are not enough jobs to accomodate the growing population, and you can start to see the crisis emerge.

        1. This all equates to financial suicide.
          So the solution is extinction? No thanks.
          I don’t think everyone has the capability to to have a career/business that can reap more than $300,000. If that was the case, than more Americans wouldbe wealthy than ever before and unemployment would not be a serious issue.
          Somebody making $30,000 a year can bring home that amount of money in 10 years. Granted, he can’t spend it on anything else.
          The $300k cost is not all due up front AND it is not a static cost. The cost of some hillybilly raising a kid out in flyover country for a lifetime investment of maybe $60,000 is averaged in with some NYC yuppie couple raising young Princess Perfect to the tune of a cool $2 million. Furthermore there are many expectations that are placed into this assumption breadbasket that may not apply to all kids in all situations. Keep in mind that there are plenty of kids in Appalachia who are raised on a shoestring budget and are still shoeless.
          Don’t confuse an average cost with “the cost”.
          But the unemployment crisis has now extended beyond the liberal arts major. Many industries (including engineering) are being outsourced and automated. Factor in the fact that there are not enough jobs to accomodate the growing population, and you can start to see the crisis emerge.
          I’ve heard the same thing on the radio shows. The problem here, and I might be wrong (or right) is that it is a necessarily Malthusian outlook, and does not account for replacement jobs. Motorized harvesting machines replaced manual harvesting, which reduced the number of farmers, while increasing crops overall, and the displaced population filled other roles created by all the industries required to help sustain a culture where mechanized harvesters were possible.
          The bleak outlook is rarely the right outlook once time has passed, and I use it as an endpoint, just as I do the rosy colored glasses outlook. The truth is almost always smack dab in the middle, neither as dire nor as great as predicted once the reality is known.

        2. I just read an article that there is a huge lack of IT repair and support for farmers’ fancy new computerized equipment.

        3. There’s a huge lack of IT everywhere. Hence the push to bring over hordes of H1B’s. Home grown white boys don’t have the “umph” to get that STEM degree any more. But the jobs are there in abundance. If you know programming languages and can be creative, you can write your own paycheque in that field.

        4. What’s worrisome is that it falls so in line with Feminism’s and Marxism’s goal to destroy the family unit, and so few realize it.

        5. Nobody is pushing for extinction, but asking people for an astute observation about the direction in which this world is heading towards.

        6. The future jobs can’t be projected nearly as accurately as the jobs that will be lost.
          The economic territory the US is in is somewhat unprecedented, but for most there are many less positive indicators of the economy (low economic activity rate, U6 persistently high, GDP:Federal debt ratio, decades of stagnant median wage). Needless to say, I would not be remotely comfortable starting a family now and I am guessing most others shouldn’t either.

        7. That’s just it, and why the Malthusian argument attracts so many people. I can easily predict how many jobs will be lost in the buggy whip industry in 1898, but I have no way of knowing the impact of that weird auto-hing Ford is driving around at the same time.
          It’s a wash. Indicators mean little to me, and the “experts” are almost always “stunned” or “surprise” at “unexpected” outcomes. Eh, wait and see. Use prudence, work according to the reality you have to deal with, move forward. Works fine for me.
          Imagine having kids in Russia in 1917.

        8. There may be intended eugenic consequences to creating an environment where the dumb to average reproduce and suffer the consequences while the critical thinkers abstain.

        9. It really doesn’t even have to be intentional but an unhappy convergence of bad ideas and ideology at the wrong time and place. But it could be, no question.

        10. humanity wont go extinct ghost- there are plenty of people(some say a more reasonable global pop is 2 billion, not the 7 bil- plus we have now). Its just if you have more and more people fighting for fewer and fewer resources, whether its a banana or a job, how is it a good time to have kids? All those jobs that disappeared since china joined the WTO arent coming back- what jobs will kids have in 20 yrs? Peak private employment in the US was back in 2000.
          Unfortunately, I have to agree with Truth.

        11. See below. I’m not claiming “humanity”.
          People who tell me “reasonable global pop” levels give me the willies. Let the third world reduce themselves, there’s no need for my family to go extinct because *they* (third world scum) are bored and fuck all day while living in grass huts. Screw them.
          What jobs did buggy whip makers in 1898 have in the year 1910. Doubt they all threw up their arms, shot themselves in the head and gave up.

        12. global pop was less than 2 bil in 1898. We’ve added over 5 billion people in 115 years.
          At USA’s peak in the late 60s/early 70s, we had 50% of GLOBAL GDP, yet only 5% of global pop. To me, that is mindblowing. We still are around 5% pop, but how low has GDP dropped? I honestly dont know, 20, 25%???
          First the factories went, then we switched to the FIRE economy, high tech etc. A lot of those gigs are gone now.
          No one is saying give up, just saying if you are under 30, its probably not a good idea to start a family.

        13. AI could eventually replace the engineer who develops the bots. That is how much of a threat AI is becoming for the human race.

        14. I do acknowledge that possibility theoretically (anything is possible…), but I don’t believe it’s possible to determine the true limit of future AI at this point with any accuracy. That one complex-looking diagram is just one type of machine learning. The capabilities are still pretty limited, and most machine learning utility is highly limited by the quality of data, which means the real effect an Auto can have on the world is dependent upon the quality of the sensors, and data-noise reduction algorithms. We are very far from computers developing and executing learning algorithms themselves. This only way for this to even be in the realm of possibility is if a very large organization (Microsoft large) were to set out with the goal of developing a computer algorithm that can develop other computer algorithms. It would take that much work. Computers are fundamentally deterministic. With the use of random data, they can apply probability theories which have helped immensely with artificial intelligence, data mining, etc…
          But right now machine learning is pretty much limited to classification, regression, ranking, clustering, and dimensionality reduction of data (filters out potential decision-making characteristics if statistically insignificant, via regression analysis). These functions provide the illusion that computers can “independently make decisions”, but they are solely limited to the few types of “thinking” (mere statistical analysis) that I listed above… unless there is some type of mathematical revolution (leading to revolutionary statistical methods of data analysis), computers won’t be “teaching” themselves anytime soon. I’m just afraid of what the governments are going to do with this type of automation. Because it could definitely be used (and probably already is in the US) for high-efficiency, effective surveillance networks, face-detecting Auto robots armed with lethal weapons and law-based decision making protocol…these things Autos would be great for. I guess we already have the drones right…
          And the “complex” graphic, “multidimensional neural network algorithm” shown in the video is simply a bunch of regression analysis meshed together; in other words, the computer applies statistical regression analysis to multiple sets of data (each data set is a “dimension”), takes the input data (one data point from each dimension), processes it through the regression analysis it applied to the historical reference data (known as labelled data), which produces a projection data point which can be then processed through a predetermined decision making algorithm (this must come from human intelligence, as robots cannot think in the abstract like us humans can; THIS is why computers cannot develop their own AI. It requires abstract thinking, and cannot come from a list of predetermined outcomes, which is what computers are limited to doing).
          BUT, any and all simple decision making tasks will definitely be replaced by robots, guaranteed. Most jobs are just drudgery, and don’t require abstract thinking, which means they all can be simulated through decision-making programs.
          Most of what the video said is technically true, but was conveyed in a way to make the viewer think doomsday is coming…false.

        15. So what happens once humans are no longer necessary for work?
          I see 2 possibilities.
          1) The Robo-Oligarchy becomes a welfare state. Everyone gets a guaranteed basic income.
          2) Techno-totalitarianism.
          In the case of (1), why wouldn’t there be opportunity to have children? If all basic needs are covered through AI machinery, people would be able to have children.
          What would decide who and who is not allowed to have children?
          It is a huge topic but those are my initial thoughts on it.

        16. GoJ, I like the way you talk. People forget that life was extremely brutal once upon a time. They’re not full red pill yet methinks.

        17. Clark, there are problems with scenario number 1, too. How do rental agreements work, land ownership, other business affairs where one person can claim ownership over a resource and exlcude others if the “serfs” do not serve the owners of said property or raw materials in some way? And how can the “serfs” serve anyone if a machine can do the job more effectvely with no political power to challenge the land / resource owners?
          There are other issues as well, involving the needs and perceived needs of the machines. You think these machines won’t have needs of their own that they’re programmed to look out for? What kind of intelligent machine just lets itself die or wither if it’s been rooted with a directive it is hard-wired to believe is important? I’m thinking HAL, and I’m not joking.

        18. Great questions.
          I agree, if things truly develop in this way, the economy, legal structure, and political philosophy will have to be completely re-thought out.
          If work is obsolete, than owning property is obsolete.
          If I understand correctly, the whole idea of owning property relates to one’s willingness to trade their time and hard work to own capital.
          I’m not necessarily thinking HAL and Skynet, although those are issues that we can’t ignore.
          I’m thinking more along the lines of what kind of people would be able to live in such a society. I imagine the only virtue would be how entertaining you are as an individual. If everyone’s needs are met and hard work carries no meaning, all there is is hedonism… But eventually the senses get dulled. Why would people bother doing anything?
          There will either be revolution or all the people predisposed to self-sufficiency will die off. Perhaps it will be a world for scientists and artists?
          Perhaps the owners of the machines will just engineer everything manually… Brave New World style…

        19. You make some good points. Art as a personal endeavor wold probably endure as long as people do. Art as a shared experience might not, as machines will be so much more capable of mechanically relating, but perhaps relating to people will still be one area where machines struggle for a long time. The human brain is so finely tuned for social interaction.
          People might find value and meaning in forming relationships, and intelligent machine moderators might actually help guide these interactions in a way to wisely craft situations to prevent drama, or at least allow only enough drama to allow people to tap into meaningful emotions without things escalating into pure chaos.
          There are a lot of what-ifs and unclear answers. The problem with relinquishing property is that not all property us created equal. Why would someone opt to endurehe harsh winters of the north when the could instead live in a climate like Southern California? And how can a place like SoCal possibly accommodate all the people that would want to live there no longer being tied to a job or mortgage?
          There are a lot of issues. I agree that it will involve a complete re-thinking of how we view ur lives, but honestly, I think there are some people who are already doing and living some of these new ideologies.

        20. “There are a lot of issues. I agree that it will involve a complete re-thinking of how we view ur lives, but honestly, I think there are some people who are already doing and living some of these new ideologies.”
          Really like who? What makes you say that?

        21. No there’s not. ‘Human Extinction’ and ‘not having a kid’ are not the same thing. A globe with 8 billion people is not on the verge of human extinction.
          People on here are pushing for the idea that you don’t have to have a kid to be a legitimate human being. That’s all. I admire a guy like GOJ who can pull it off how it’s supposed to be done. My point earlier is that if we’re talking about having to be a 1 percenter in already the wealthiest country in order to have a good life for your kid then maybe think twice.

        22. HA! HA! HA! buggy whip makers! Dude paraphrasing Danny Devito from the movie Other People’s Money doesn’t exactly boost my confidence in your sound financial wisdom. Nice laugh though, you’re so sweet.

        23. Screw conservatism, Traditionalism or Bust!
          “Northern conservatism never conserves anything. Its history has been that it demurs to each aggression of the progressive party, and aims to save its credit by a respectable amount of growling, but always acquiesces at last in the innovation. What was the resisted novelty of yesterday is today one of the accepted principles of conservatism; it is now conservative only in affecting to resist the next innovation, which will tomorrow be forced upon its timidity and will be succeeded by some third revolution; to be denounced and then adopted in its turn. American conservatism is merely the shadow that follows Radicalism as it moves forward towards perdition. It remains behind it, but never retards it, and always advances near its leader. This pretended salt hath utterly lost its savor: wherewith shall it be salted? Its impotency is not hard, indeed, to explain. It is worthless because it is the conservatism of expediency only, and not of sturdy principle. It intends to risk nothing serious for the sake of the truth.”
          ~ Rev. Dr. Robert Lewis Dabney (March 5, 1820 – January 3, 1898) Minister, Professor of Theology at Union Theological Seminary and Chief of Staff to General Stonewall Jackson

        24. Some are called hippies. There have been complaints about hippies because they just leech off the system. When machines do all the work, everyone will be leeching off the system.
          There are people in Northern California and the Pacific Northwest who have been living alternative lifestyles for quite some time.

        25. Agreed.
          For those types its going to be the best thing that ever happened to them. In such an environment I kinda get the feeling that the only way to thrive will be to win the popularity contest. It will take Roosh’s concept of clown-game to the next level.
          As I said before, perhaps there will be a place for Renaissance men as well…
          But what will happen to traditional family men (aka the bulk of men)? Relationships will serve no purpose other than ephemeral pleasure. Will families still exist or would it just be the one family of humans!?
          Will we just turn into naked-mole-rats?

          Hopefully we’ll turn into the birds of paradise instead…

        26. “For those types, it’s going to be the best thing that ever happened to them”
          Lol true. I imagine in such a world, there will be a lot of ways to thrill oneself. People might give up the power of owning property to travel the world as a wanderer and hedonist. Technology will know few limits, so the ability to entertain oneself will be endless.
          It might be the job of the machines to distract people from the banality of work with thrills we’re not even capable of imagining at the moment.
          It does concern me, though, as limited natural resources still puts a real burden on the system. There will need to be a central nervous system that has to make discriminating decisions in order for everything to run. I still think there is the potential for the machine to trick people into offing themselves once it has gained complete control. Think about a human setting a trap for a much less intelligent animal. The animal thinks it’s getting fed, but it doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of realizing what is happening to it until it’s too late.

        27. I like where you took that.
          We should write a sci-fi short story 😉
          It is similar to the Matrix but a little closer to reality.
          I like the idea of a machine with “central nervous system” that manages all the resources and can psychologically control the human population.
          But the humans are still living in reality rather than a virtual reality in their Matrix dream… It starts out as seemingly perfect freedom from work and “other people”… But what does it lead to?

        28. I hear you but today it’s a brand new paradigm. In the past advanced technology tore down but created new venues. Today all we seem to be doing is creating a situation where less and less worker drones are needed to keep the elites NWA going. There are going to be ways to survive, but it will take taxing your creativity and bravery to the max.

      2. At the end of the day when you have children you are creating a unique individual. I had the best….the best…parents…and I have the best friends and I do very well for myself. My brother had the same, and he is a fuck up. You never know with kids. There is absolutely no guarantee how they will turn out.

        1. There’s no guarantee, but you can do or not do things that affect the outcome. If you treat a gifted, fantastic kid like shit he’ll eventually develop deep seated resentment that may hold him for the rest of his life and stunt his choices. All things being equal and decent though, I don’t disagree.

        2. Im talking about affording them every tool possible to pursue whatever they want, and they can still fuck up. You can lead a horse to water…. My dad used to say “You either pay for your kids now (school, tools, etc..) or you pay more later” However, even when you do so they can STILL fuck up. And again Im giving my own flesh and blood brother as an example. My parents are deceased. If something happens to me, he is fucked. You never know.

        3. I don’t disagree. What I’m saying is that you can contribute to the end result. Neglect a kid for life and he will have some ember of anger or badness in him even if he is otherwise good. Parents do influence the outcome in some respects, but I strongly suspect that it’s related to intelligence AND personality more than to just personality.
          The bad apple I’m inclined to agree with you on wholly. I’m speaking more the good kid being brought down more easily due to circumstances. Bad kids are normally just bad and little “good” can change them. I don’t mean evil, I mean the fuckup type that you’re dealing with in your life.

        4. You’re right. I had a great family, friends, and some teachers that truly cared; yet I still fucked up a majority of my teens and 20’s. Luckily for me it wasn’t too late to redeem myself, although I’m sure others aren’t so lucky.

        5. ” You never know with kids. There is absolutely no guarantee how they will turn out.”
          I know that all too well.

      3. @ghostofjefferson:disqus
        And nowhere in your post do you even acknowledge the consequences of the modern-day scourge called divorce and it’s devastating socio-economic consequences.
        I’ll take my relationship advice from Tom Leykis thank you.

      4. Agreed you ‘earn while you learn’ with kids. Or more precisely, you learn how to earn with kids because you have to. In the beginning I wasn’t in the kid business for the companionship but for the racial/cultural preservation line that I’d actually preach more than do as a teen. After having kids though you become attached. The motives for having more kids after that point may become as mundane as the fact that you simply have pattern sex with your spouse daily or nightly and if she rolls another one out then who’s going to stop you (or her).
        With more kids the female will be more challenged and if she needs head pills to cope, then she’s beyond her capacity. If she wasn’t primed for accepting polygamy as a solution previously and before this point, then she becomes a fatal time bomb like many failed families where the female member flakes or cracks. I’ve learned this the hard way.
        Trying to manage too many kids with too few females is like running your car in a race without shifting gears or knowing that there’s a stick shift within reach and within your means. Once a stressed woman feels the ease of ‘GEARING DOWN’ she’ll be sold on polygamy GAR-OWN-TEED.
        To fortify and strengthen the family the woman must #1 be open to polygamy and #2 both must accept that the family is renegade in this day and age and be comfortable with the fact that you all are outlaws fighting for your culture and tribe.
        Join and accept a gang mentality with other like minded families to strengthen your local vein of your tribe. That is to say you must ultimately live and exercise your own tribal law over all others. A family is only as strong as the help and reinforcements that come to your aid if your klan is attacked. Messing with your kids must be established as being as hazardous as messing with a mafiosos kids or a cops kids. They all basically behave as vigilante gangs don’t they? I’m not talking the stereotypical city gangs who are wanton purveyors in vice and are culturally bankrupt, but PRO FAMILY AND CULTURE gangs that aggressively defend one another and have the skill sets to survive as a fertile hedge of their preserved culture. Too many families have a disconnect with other like families in their same area and are likewise collectively weakened and preyed upon.
        Keep the picket fence and the table manners but remember that ADOPTING THE GANG MODEL IS PART OF THE SOLUTION.

      1. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Feminists have declared men guilty until proven innocent, and the standard of proof is a moving target. Patriarchy… misogyny…

      2. I once had a check arrive in my mail adressed to an ex who had left years before. The amount was for a measly $125 and was for one of her cuckold kids that was by then 18 at least. The money must have cost the state ten times that amount to collect at gunpoint after tracking down and hounding some guy. I ripped it up pissed off that there was no way to convert the money somehow to take down the insideous ring of thieves and opressors that nest in every western community. It made me again a little fonder of the great Napoleon.

    4. To each his own. I don’t begrudge men who don’t want to have children. But that’s not this guy’s problem – he didn’t have any children. Considering that, the advice should actually be “never have sex” (and even then there are no guarantees with an idiotic judge like this).

      1. Ding! Exactly the point everybody is missing in rushing to “don’t be makin’ no kids!” to bolster the goal of Marxism and Feminism.
        You don’t have to. The Marxist will simply deem you the father. No consent or even sex required.

        1. It’s just getting worse. Which is why whether you have kids or not is becoming irrelevant. This is a big, wide noose.

        2. I’ll tell you one good thing I like. I come from a family of three, my sister is as dumb as a rock but my brother is an accountant. I don’t feel obligated to have kids and thats great. But I see where you are coming from, people who are world-savvy won’t exactly be hurting the world from making more intelligent people.

    5. Maybe your genes need to wiped out from the face of the earth thinking like that. Why not just have children with a decent woman? And have as many as you can afford.

      1. Grow up. I’m sick of your kind, that are obsessed with leaving your “legacy” behind. Firstly, no one gives a, if I say so, a shit about your legacy or your kids.
        If your kids get screwed over because the economy and the system did not accomomdate them, then you only have yourself to blame.

        1. You don’t have to give a shit about his legacy. That’s his job.
          Every generation can be screwed over. Big whoop. Roll the dice if you’re inclined.
          According to the article however it doesn’t matter either way, have them or don’t, apparently now you can just be declared a father by a woman you do not know.

        2. The last thing any country needs is more kids- there are plenty of people. And no, that does not equate to extinction, but merely a temporary halt/pause, because until the economy recovers (which I personally doubt) you are only bringing a child into a bleak world, even though you may bring him up with the right ideals.

        3. And again, nothing but doom and gloom.
          Check out demographics stats. We’re going away. Not people in general, European/descent types. Except Russia I mean, heh.
          The world is not as bad as you’ve dreamed of in your philosophy. Get out and have some fun in real life man, if your state isn’t locked in ice.

        4. How old are you (serious question). Extremes of any world view are not “reality”. The truth of the state of the world is never seen by one man, no matter what we tell ourselves. Moderated experience informs me contrary to your extreme pessimism.
          Life isn’t perfect, but it can be a hell of a lot worse. Future fortune tellers of extreme doom have usually always been wrong.

        5. You sound like a feminist, all bitter and twisted, the same scum feminists that want Men and women childless, isolated single and lonely, to further their feminist agenda of a society free of Men with their free thought that embrace their masculinity.

        6. Firstly, I sound like a reasonable individual who can see through the smoke and mirrors that have blinded people from common sense.
          Secondly, I am not in favour of feminism. If you took the time to read some of my comments in the other articles in the ROK archive, you would know that.
          Thirdly, you need to ask yourself (without getting emotional about spreading your genes) whether the world needs anymore people. Does the world have enough resources (by resources, I mean jobs, food, housing etc) to provide your children and grandchildren with a future? If anything, you will be doing them a great injustice, if they grow up to find nothing to fall back on such as jobs and business opportunities.
          But anyway, I don’t have to prove my point. Let reality do it.

        7. “Thirdly, you need to ask yourself (without getting emotional about spreading your genes) whether the world needs anymore people. Does the world have enough resources (by resources, I mean jobs, food, housing etc) to provide your children and grandchildren with a future?”
          Tis better to have loved and lost: Than never to have loved at all. Obama could trigger WW3 tomorrow and my children could all die. Even if I’m watching them die in front of me, I’m not to be thinking, “I’m sorry you ever existed.”

        8. Clarey opposes children, so he is not looking for ways to win, which doesn’t interest me. The solution must be: how to reproduce at the lowest cost (frugal), how to insulate kids from lies (by teaching them truths), how to keep woman from placing more trust in politicians than their mate. Going childless is surrender.

    6. Not having kids is idiotic. Your money is already paying for several kids, through your taxes (welfare, WIC, etc). Going extinct is for dinosaurs, and uhh dodo birds, and ummm wooly mammoths. A few others… sabre tooth tigers.

      1. A good alternative is to have kids AND raise them to thwart the government’s bullshit.

      2. How so? There are already enough children in society and the world’s population is somewhat around 7 billion. Are there enough jobs and businesses for these people? Nope. That is the reality.
        If anything, bringing up the extinction concept is idiotic. Nobody is preaching for extinction-just merely the idea of how much hardship the world is bringing for a new set of kids born into the world.

        1. Not extinction of humans. Extinction of Westerners. Bit of a diff. The crap continents will breed until the sun explodes, no question. They do not enter the equation. Westerners on the other hand are the only ones who made life even marginally livable. We go, and it’s over.
          Me bringing kids into the world brings you no hardship. Mgambo fathering 22 kids in Somalia on the other hand, or Leroy in Detroit with 16 “shorties” by 10 baby mommas he no longer has contact with just might, given foreign aid and welfare.

        2. Tell that to the average middle class family in America who did everything by the book, and still cannot make ends meet, simply because the economic and political model has failed them.
          America’s population is somewhere over 315 million. Are there around the same number of jobs available? Nope.
          Thats why people in the West should reconsider having children, because the last thing America needs is more kids, and having the taxpayer subsidise them. Bringing a child into a world with nothing but hardship and poverty (yes, it also exists in America, not just third world countries) is actually wrong.

        3. You have a victim mentality. It does not accord with my experience with the world. Skepticism and reality is fine, doom and gloom will lead you nowhere but nihilism and anger.
          I like you, but use your outlook as a peg on the one side of how I view things, and over-optimistic men the other side. Life isn’t as bad as you think. I promise.

        4. No victimisation mindset here. But let me point out the fallacy in the typical conservative mindset (and I am not a liberal or conservative, but a political athiest.)
          You conservatives bang on about how every life in this world is precious and how family is important, yet when people are born in this world, its every man for himself and you’re on your own kid.
          I’ve seen it before so many times, and if anything, it is the selfish baby boomer generation that has deprived and wasted any future preservations for future generations.
          So if you’re gonna continue selling people the crap that having kids is important, even though there is going to be nothing left for these kids such as jobs and businesses, there is something sick in your logic.

        5. I’m libertarian.
          And yes, you have a full on victim mentality going on dude.
          I don’t think every life in this world is precious, people living in poverty due to their stupid cultures I could give two shits about. My family is important, because I deem them so, and you are under no obligation to care about them.
          Every man for himself is a fine thing, if you are raised well, and raise your kids well. They should be independent and self aware.
          Who cares about the baby boomers? I’m GenX
          And your last paragraph is, again, fatalism and victim mentality.
          You are free to never have a child. I support your right to make that choice. You and your DNA go away. Not my problem. Mine continues. Not your problem.
          See? Compromise, heh.

        6. I like you man. And your slight optimism is fresh to see.
          But nonetheless you and I are going to see things differently. So to conclude this pissing contest, I personally do not believe that we need to be bringing anymore kids into this world. The negatives outweigh the positives:
          -Not enough jobs.
          -More jobs are disappearing by automation and outsourcing
          -The debt which we have accrued and burdened on future generations is outrageous
          -The cost of raising a child is astronomical
          -Taxpayer constantly being burdened to subsidise other kids
          If we want to help establish our children’s independence when they are older, then we must leave them something behind. This is not going to happen, if the unemployment rate is going to increase. And if you want the victimisation mindset to stop (as you keep telling me that I have) then you must leave something behind in order to champion the winners and the very best in society.
          See you in another article.

        7. I think there’s a lot of uneasiness and uncertainty about what the future holds. Your average middle class male is going to be reluctant to willingly invest what it takes to start a family, especially without a stable job market, let alone the governments war against the family unit. Also, don’t forget the lack of quality women to actually marry.

        8. “If we want to help establish our children’s independence when they are older, then we must leave them something behind.”
          Teach your children to hunt, farm, and build some basic log housing. Your children can take their mates and go into the vast wilderness of North America or Siberia and be free of whatever you’re worried about happening to society. But, as Ghost guy wrote, you’ve got a victim/loser/Democrat mentality.

        9. You are wrong about me. What you call victim/loser mindset, I call common sense. In order for people to become self sufficient, independent and champions in our society, you must leave them something behind. Otherwise, nothing will work out. Its like trying to play Monopoly without any of the pieces. In order to play the game of life, you must be able to leave something behind.
          You talk about teaching children hunting and farming. Well in order to do that, you must provide them with the tools, supply and knowledge in order for that to work.
          I am not a victim. If anything, I am a winner by today’s standards in society. I have worked hard my whole life and have made good money. However, I would not have been able to to do that if someone did not provide me with that opportunity. It is called reciprocation.
          That is why you conservative types are just as flawed and ignorant as the liberal types. Both ideologies are substantially and inherently flawed in their own ways.

        10. “even though there is going to be nothing left for these kids such as jobs and businesses”
          You absolutely DO have a victim mindset. You assume a loss already before anything has even happened, that your kids will have “nothing” and be jobless. You definitely 100% have a victim mindset. Wealth is not zero sum. Many billionaires today make products that didn’t even exist 20 years ago. Many jobs didn’t exist 25 years ago. The key is to give the youth an education based on what the adults want, not what government bureaucrats say is valuable. The latter is why companies have been outsourcing so much. This gap between the employment world and the high school graduate’s average skill level is why things appear to be getting worse.

        11. Most of the debate here is for economic reasons to have children or not. While I do think that 7+ billion population is going to make economic conditions very difficult going forward, my decision has nothing to do with economics, but purely social reasons .
          While it would be a serious financial burden to raise ~$300,000 over 20 years to raise a kid, I could do it, but I absolutely do not want to raise a child in the corrupt, immoral western society, especially the US.
          I do not want a child raised to think that might makes right, to live in a restricted growing police state that curtails civil liberties, thinks that it is ok to start wars and kill strange people that you have never met, as long as they are brown, and thinks that it is normal to have group sex in middle school, giving dozens of blowjobs by the time one finishes 7th grade, and having to deal with the horrible personal interactions of women of the future. Remember, the horrible Americunts of 20 years old today were born in the 1990s, a time that was much free-er and more masculine. I can’t imagine what a girl born in the US today will turn into .
          Then there is the society and government one will live under. Regular things I did as a kid are now criminal acts. A kid in Alabama recently committed suicide because after he streaked at his high school football game, the authorities scared him and were going to put him on a sex offender registry, which would ruin his life. The patriot act makes the government today far more powerful and oppressive than it was 10 years ago. The president has the legal authority to kill anyone without cause or trial, and this power WILL be exercised in the future. Drones give the power to kill anonymously on a large scale. Feminism and taxation will increase. And this is without touching on the fact that the governments wreckless military and social spending is unsustainable at current tax rates. Life in a future US seems only an oppressive hell to me.
          The only way I would consider marriage / family is in another country, at the bare minimum Europe but most likely Latin America or SE Asia. And I’m not living there yet, so currently I’m not even considering it.
          The social aspect is an absolute dealkiller. But to touch on the economic issues, remember that life can continue with 7, 10, maybe even 20 billion. But the quality of life will decline proportionally. Factory farming, dense urban living, GMOs, pesticides, higher infection rates, a stronger government, and higher pollution levels are a byproduct of higher population levels. For these reasons, I prefer a much smaller population level for the world.

        12. One of the main problems I have with American conservatism (besides their insane bankrupting economic policy and warmongering) is that they too often refuse to use the logical tools available to solve a real problem. If one does not want to care about people in poverty, then do something to discourage overpopulation. The US financially rewards breeding, which is insane. If it was neutral or even financially punished others for creating a societal burden by bringing new children into the world, it could help control poverty.
          The book Freakonomics was mainly controversial over its claim that legalizing abortion reduced crime rates in the US 18 years later, when many of these street thugs would have reached prime criminal age if they had not been aborted. If one is not going to care or provide for poor, underprivileged poverty stricken people, then at least do something about them. To allow them to continue and live in abysmal conditions doing nothing is inhumane. Either take action to reduce them from breeding entire communities of dependency, or actually take care of them once they are born. Take your pick. Otherwise, the problem remains and festers.

        13. You and your ilk are definately the ignorant type. What you call “victim mindset” I call common sense, and this in itself, reflects your stupidity. You not even know what being a victim is about, so stop talking like a real loser.
          You are also very ignorant as to how reality and economics work. You presume that there will be a future based on the workings of a corporation, but clearly are living in denial as to how the world and technology around us, is working and accelerating at the current pace. Furthermore, you do not even understand the workings of a corporation and presume that because they build all these great products, that somehow it will create jobs.
          All those products are made in China, to which Americans continue to consume. And no, its not about education. Its about economics. Read my above posts and you will understand what I am talking about.

        14. What a post. I also don’t want to bring a kid into the modern US culture; boy or girl. I don’t want to see my own son be told he’s a piece of shit and I don’t want to watch my own daughter grow into an entitled cunt. If I have to constantly parent against those two trends then I’ll just sit this one out, thank you very much. You can only direct your kids against their own culture so much. I’m sure some are successfully doing it and congratulations are in order to them, but if it’s a full-time culture war with your own kid as the battlefield then, again, no thanks.
          You bring up a real significant issue. The current 22 year old mega-cunts are bad enough, but what about a girl born in 2005? Imagine the world they’ve seen. The constant belittlement/blaming of males. The pedestalization in schools. The cultural training that decent, modest males are laughably unattractive clowns. If things keep deteriorating at this clip, it’s really going to be a shitshow.

    7. How unfortunate, that those of us with the intelligence to actually battle the downward spiral of Western Civilization, are being coerced by factions of our own to NOT procreate responsible, proper men to take over when we go on to the End.
      I’m not a rich man, but I am raising 2 young boys to become 2 young men of integrity, regardless of the cost. The name of my family and our conservative, logical, upbringing must go on, if not for my legacy, the betterment of our world in general.

      1. You can talk about all the great ideals you plan to instill in your children, but reality does not give a damn and it will kick you really hard in the teeth, if your children fall into that 45% unemployment bracket.
        Put the emotions aside and think rationally about economics and the labor market and you will start to see where I am coming from.

        1. If you have a decent iq and a good work ethic, you do not have an unemployment issue and never will.

        2. Its not about IQ and work ethic- it is to do with economics and the labor market.
          If there is a machine that can do your job more efficiently and costs less than hiring a human, then you will be deemed “unemployable.”
          No IQ and degree can save your job or profession if AI is developed at the rate it is currently being done at. It does not take a high IQ to realise that.

        3. It actually has to do with both. Do you know what the unemployment rate is for people with a college degree? Stated is 2.8%. If you double that for U6 (real unemployment), that means the rate is ~5.5% which is nearly full employment.
          I grew up quite poor and in the last 12 years have gone from making $7/hr to $84/hr in my early 30s all from hard work and above average IQ (and I’m still living in a low cost of living area in the Southeast with that wage rate).

        4. You can’t seem to grasp the concept of automation and AI. I’ll say it again: if there is a machine that can do your job more efficiently and costs less for a corporation than to hire a human, then IQ and education is not going to save your job.
          Also, stop believing in government reports. Everyone knows they lie to manipulate the masses with false data and information.
          When AI is fully developed, you better brace yourself for the worst.

        5. I absolutely can grasp it. Why do you think I believe all govt reports? I already said to double what the .gov reported. At some point ai may overtake all jobs but certainly not in my life and probably not for 100+ years. I and most of my friends are living proof that you can succeed into today’s environment, albeit more difficult than in the past.

        6. You are wrong. You are blinded by your own narcissism and need to look at the issue with an open mind. Your’s and your friends’ success means nothing in this issue.
          You talk about AI not replacing jobs for 100 years, when in reality, it is has been forecasted to replace jobs in 20 years. I suggest you look at the report from Oxford University, or the documentary “Humans Need Not Apply” or look at the statements by Bill Gates, Elon Musk or Stephen Hawking on AI.

        7. I never AI wouldn’t take over some jobs in 20 years..I said all jobs. Technology is ALWAYS a disruptor. Sometimes it creates more jobs than it kills and other times it kills more jobs than it creates. Nearly always it adds value to mankind, though. AI will absolutely kill some jobs within 20 years but will create others as well.
          In my current line of work, 25 years ago, most of the people in Financial analytics were mostly grunts spending thousands of hours compiling data together with a few guys at the top. Business intelligence & ERP software has greatly cheapened the grunt side of the work but greatly increased the desire for actual analysis and suggestions on how to improve and shape the business. So instead of a lot of low level analysts, there are far more senior analysts, managers and directors of finance than before (and a lot more IT guys to manage the data as well). I am using “AI” to some degrees in some of my forecast but most of the software available is extremely expensive, time consuming to get running, and frequently worse than in house approaches. I get calls every week from someone trying to sell me some super sophisticated computer program and nearly all of them are garbage. Will they be in 20 years? Probably not and they will probably kill some jobs but it will create more as well (more mgrs/directors/vps, more DBAs and Cloud tech people, etc). I’m far more worried about outsourcing than AI in 20 years time. Over 200 years? More worried about AI and not just on the job side of AI. Of course, I won’t be around then.
          Lastly, a man should always be self improving. I’ve had jobs in a wide variety of things (Operations, LP, Finance, general mgmt in retail, etc) and am not stuck with just one industry or skill set. It’s the reason I got my MBA instead of a Masters/PHD in Economics or statistics was because I wanted a broader skill set. Always keep reinventing yourself and take some calculated risks (I interviewed for an IR job last week for example). That’s why I said people with good work ethics AND IQ is needed to succeed. And I don’t mean just showing up for work and doing what your asked as good work ethic. I mean learning the business & industry, going beyond, looking for opportunities for the company, department, and most importantly yourself to generate value. Lastly, look to join industries that are GROWING (eg: tech, healthcare, natural foods, etc currently) and avoid industries that are shrinking (radio shacks of the world).

    8. I have more confidence in my genes than that. But if you doubt your quality, yeh, dont breed.

        1. No. It is about you. Because if you think you are dumb enough your kids wnt stand a chance at high quality universities and uneducated enough that nothing you can teach them will make a difference, humans are better off when you’re a dead-end.
          I am more intelligent and educted than that, so my children will succeed with or without money or education, just as I did.

        2. No. Its not about me. You still think its all about intelligence, universities and education? This statement alone goes to show me how delusional you and the rest of your ilk are.
          When AI is fully developed and functional, you will start to see a catastrophic effect (worse than now) in the labor market when more jobs are replaced. When you are considered “not employable” because there is a machine that can do the job better than a human and costs less for a corporation, then all your education and quality universities mean shit. And yes, this also includes white collar jobs and professions being replaced.
          And as for your children being successful, is that based on their current professions or based on trust fund wealth you are leaving for them? Cause if its the prior one, then you really are underestimating the power of AI. No job and profession (even medical professions) are secure from the threat of AI.

        3. Multiple languages, computer literate, skilled in the arts, able mechanics… If they learn everything I teach them there won’t be a single subject they couldnt advance into a job.
          And if theyre bright they can survive off grid too. You underestimate intelligence.

        4. Corporations will not make it so that they have no consumers.
          You underestimate intelligence.

        5. Kid, why are you living in so much fear? Life is there to be enjoyed and youre stressing over irrational bollocks. Its like youre looking for something to be scared of. Shit works itself out. Always has, always will. Humans wont die out because a company wants to sell cheap paperclips. Because then there would be no buyers and no company. Work your shit out and go for what you want. Crazy ass kid.

        6. Have you heard about eugenics and the Georgia Guidestones? Yes the crazy stuff from the “crazy conspiracy theorists” like Alex Jones, you know that the mainstream media love to mock?
          Cause everything he and the rest of the so called “conspiracy nuts” have been saying for a long time, is actually coming true. As for fear, well you will see it for yourself when the time comes. And by time, I mean AI and the economic collapse.

        7. Actually, at the most recent Davos Economic Forum, it was leaked that the elite have no solution to the growing income inequality and rising unemployment, and that they are developing escape plans and buying up airstrips and masses of land.

        8. Yeah. And? The whole world’s population plus the needed infrastructure can fit into texas. The “elite” won’t be needing or taking all the worlds farmlands, wilderness, trees, animals and rocks any time soon.

        9. Again, if you dont need money to live, how in the actual fuck does it affect humans as a species? We had this economic collapse in ancient Greece and China and we’re still here.

        10. By “we” how many? Cause from reading history, many civilizations have been wiped out. So with the current upcoming disaster, how many are going to survive?

        11. And humans live through collapse after collapse. This isn’t Terminator. It’s just more social change like we have seen hundreds of times over in our existence. The smart and skilled survive and carry on. The idiots are wiped out. The absolute retards don’t even invest in the game.

        12. Do you understand how cvilizations are wiped out? Their government collapses and they go tribal and are bred in with the surrounding people. They dont just disappear off the map. Their culture dies and they breed into other populations and contnue to exist. The smart ones survive and carry on.

        13. But the damage will be done and will be catastrophic. Anyway, this will be my last comment. All the best.

        14. “Yes the crazy stuff from the “crazy conspiracy theorists” like Alex Jones, you know that the mainstream media love to mock?
          “Cause everything he and the rest of the so called ‘conspiracy nuts’ have been saying for a long time, is actually coming true.”
          You’ll notice Alex Jones has a wife and at least three children and hope for the future. Why? Because, this was all prophesied in the Revelation almost two 2000 years before the term “conspiracy theorist” was coined. Sure, the good guys lose in the short term, but they win because lived and fought the Beast system, and then the Lord Jesus Christ returns. Eternal life.
          You should try believing in Christianity, what have you got to lose, your own fatalism? Paschal’s Wager.

        15. Look, truth, at the very least the means for surviving alone are getting easier and easier. If A.I. replaces all of the need for labor, simple skills and even rudimentary creative work, it’ll also exist within a framework where solar panels are cheap, and everything else will be cheaper (otherwise, why do it). So maybe it’ll be harder to get a job, so be it. But it’ll also be easier to live self-sufficiently. Youtube alone has enabled me to do many fixes on my own (plumbing, installing doors, tiling floor). The university system is actually on its way out, replaced by actual demonstrable skills, which are easier to acquire than ever.

    1. Based on what we know from this article, the odds are that he’s from a single parent home. Single moms are such reliable people, right?

      1. Single mothers are a disease to this country. The evidence is there to support this fact, yet the feminists will ignore it.

      2. Well if something like this happened to my brother I wouldve shot the miserable cunt.
        But it is possible that he has a single mother. My mother is useless.

  2. Stuff like this is why every good awake man should be working every day, even if all he has is a minute, to find a way to bring this entire civilization down..
    Don’t marry.
    Don’t have kids.
    Don’t be chasing cunts. It only encourages them.
    Don’t be a chump “working hard” in any means of income that is tracked and traced (off the books though you should go to town as much as you can as long as you can). Render unto Caesar that only which he knows about (meaning: don’t be a fucking tax slave).
    Don’t serve in the armed forces.
    Don’t volunteer anything to anybody or organization.
    Never call the police (only call the cops to report a stolen car or if a dead body turns up on your property and you didn’t put it there) and make every measure to avoid the police as you would a state-sanctioned murderous gang that gets away with everything.
    Do not try to save people from their own democracy but find every which way to circumvent it.
    Move out of monetary assets or move your money offshore.
    Don’t eat their GMO shit or take their cancer-filled vaccines (unless you want a Harkonnen Heart Plug and be just as controlled as those “without my insulin I’ll die” people).
    No “saving” anybody. If there were rape gangs chasing women around, save your ammo. A box of cartridges will be worth more than a woman.
    If they outsource your career find every which way to suck off the system and use your spare time to start your own business.
    We are headed for a new age of piracy and not on the “I want to take your stuff” piracy but for being the villain for wanting to keep your own stuff.
    Remember we are already in a societal collapse. It’s already a zombie apocalypse (we’re surrounded by mindless consumers – that’s as zombie as it needs to get – and they can vote). There is NO MORE REASON for an honest man to get out of bed in the morning. The only reason why was to have a family, to be fulfilled, loved. “They” took that all away. So let’s see to it that “they” end up squatting in caves and picking nits out of their sisters’ hair.

    1. Doktor Jeep 4 President!!! This fucking guy KNOWS the Real Deal and How to Deal those Cards like a PRO!

    2. I love your advice…. but can you provide more insight in how to not to “be a chump “working hard” in any means of income that is tracked and traced (off the books though you should go to town as much as you can as long as you can”?
      What do you mean by go to town as much as you can?

      1. “Go to town” meaning go crazy, work hard and suck up as much tax free crispers as possible.

      2. Hustle your ass off to make tax free money, devote time to that and build up a savings. I like to have an ‘on the books’ job just to show some income, then try to make at least twice as much from side jobs.

      3. Work in a trade, not for a corporation, and collect smaller amounts of money from a lot of people, instead of $30,000 from one corporation, collect $1,000 from 30 clients.

    3. Man, start your own blog. Or do something similar to Robert Greene’s 48 Laws and write one brief paragraph on each and sell it on Amazon Kindle for a dollar. Or two. Seriously!

    4. Don’t marry.

      Don’t serve in the armed forces.

      Remember we are already in a societal collapse. It’s already a zombie apocalypse. No “saving” anybody. If there were rape gangs chasing women around, save your ammo. A box of cartridges will be worth more than a woman. There is NO MORE REASON for an honest man to get out of bed in the morning. The only reason why was to have a family, to be fulfilled, loved. “They” took that all away. So let’s see to it that “they” end up squatting in caves and picking nits out of their sisters’ hair.

      1. Contrary to what that poster implies, Israel is NOT a badguy when it comes to the Middle-Eastern conflicts.

        1. Israel is a blight on humanity and a serious threat to humanities collective existence. Where do you think the anti-Christ will reign from? And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

        2. “will, to be” – I see only assumptions.
          WTF? Dozens of christians are slaughtered every day by muslims in Africa, Asia and Europe and the threat to christianity is Israel? And just for the record. Israel is the only country in the middle east where christians fell safe.

        3. Of course not. But who is killing the Christians in Asia and Africa? Who is raping Christian girls in Europe? Who will destroy Europe in 20-30 years from now? Who is converting churches into mosques? Who have dozens of No-Go zones spread in EU? Jews? Zionists? Your hatred has blinded you. If you will blame the jews for all your troubles you are only admitting that 20 million people dictate 7 billion people. It only means that you are pussies and jews are alphas.

        4. Stop smoking that skunk, just Google “Greater Israel” and the concept of from the Med to the Euphrates

      2. I travel to the US and while waiting for my flights i sat next to two ex soilders with no legs. Sad. So many young men who don’t know what to do with their lives end up joining up and paying for it for the rest of their life. I talk to one of them who told me he life was ruin, I reply yes it is but what are you going to do now. I sugguested to him to be anti war and go out there help to convice other young men not to join

      1. Dr. Larry Palevsky is a board-certified pediatrician trained at the New York School of Medicine, and one of the leading physicians in the country.

      2. Just read the little pamphlet that comes with them.
        Just look at how much the government and the media, known to be in bed with the medical industrial complex, pushes them.
        I have not had a vaccine since the mid 1990s (military) . I am in my mid 40s, have all of my hair, weight the same as I weighed in high school with a 32″ waist, and have never needed surgery or medications.

        1. The only vaccinations i have had were the basics as an infant (smallpox, etc)
          I opted back in 2008 to take the hepatitus A&B vaccination, yelow fever, dypteria and tetnus booster. I have a friend in europe who is a doctor who does not belöieve the conspiracy theories.
          And I too am in great health — no ilnesses or surgery needed.

        2. Only time I have gotten a vaccine since an infant is to travel to Africa on safari. I was terrified of some of the shit they have over there. Then again, in hindsight most of my fears were probably overblown. And there are millions of unvaccinated people living there that don’t contract Yellow Fever, etc. But I think the most dangerous type of vaccine is the mandated one that the whole population gets, and when it is given to children.

        3. Your comment brings up several points.
          First, as a lawyer, I’d offer a caveat to the warnings you read on everything – they’re not really meant to protect you. In our retarded society, tort litigation is out of control. If you’re ever wondered why there has to be a warning label telling you not to shave with your weed eater, or use your electric toaster in the bathtub, it’s because some fucking dumbass did it, hurt himself, and got sued. I don’t want to derail the discussion, but this is all wound up in tort law doctrines regarding assumption of the risk and informed consent, the latter of which is particularly important in medical malpractice cases. Suffice it to say, one of the first lines of defense for a company is to warn you of a risk, no matter how stupid, small or insignificant so they can say that you had informed consent and assumed the risk of using the product. It’s not necessarily likely that any of these risks will actually pan out.
          Moreover, in a vaccine context, there is the tricky issue of causation versus correlation. Many side effects may correlate with vaccines, but this doesn’t mean that vaccines cause them. It could be some unaccounted for factor that is the true cause, but again, the company will warn of a possible risk to protect themselves. And, indeed, it would be very difficult, if not impossible to prove this type of causation.
          But, even if we were to assume some such link were factually accurate, the record of vaccines speak for themselves. In the 20th century, it is estimated that 300 million people died of smallpox worldwide. To put that in perspective, that is more people than died in both world wars, and under both Stalin and Mao. Since widespread vaccination, the last known case of wild smallpox happened in 1977, and to my knowledge, there has been no death from small pox since. In 1918 alone, the flu killed between 5 to 10 times more people than died in all of WWI. How many kids do you hear about dying of the flu now that we regularly vaccinate? Not many, and all of them are unvaccinated. Measles used to kill around 6,000 kids per year – that’s almost as many as the total number of KIA in both Iraq and Afghanistan for the entire duration of the wars. Again, the only fatalities these days are the anti-vaxxer kids. So even if there is some small risk to vaccines, and I’m willing to concede that there is – so what? Life is entirely about weighing different risks and making informed decisions.
          This is like seat belts in a car. Sure, there may be a risk that some small number of people will be trapped in a burning or sinking car, but far more people are saved by their seatbelt in a crash. So I wear my seatbelt, and it has served me well. Maybe one day I’ll find myself in a burning car trapped by my seatbelt, but I weigh that highly unlikely risk against the far more likely risk that some idiot soccer mom will plow into me while texting, and that leads me to make the prudent decision to wear the seatbelt even if there is some small risk to my doing so.
          You note that you were pumped full of vaccines in the military. So was I. You point to your health since then as evidence that vaccines are unnecessary. Personally, I’m in the same boat as you, and I happen to think that I am more resistant to getting sick because I have been vaccinated against all kinds of shit that kicked my immune system into overdrive. It may just be that you are healthy because you have had the vaccines.
          My real beef with anti-vaxxers is that they actually rely on vaccines to protect them, and this means that they are parasites. Without herd immunity – made possible by vaccines that are supposed to be evil – they would be dying by the thousands alongside everyone else. It’s all well and good to take a libertarian position and say that you should have a right to self determination if you’re not hurting someone. But you are hurting someone by making yourself a vector for disease. I recognize that you could easily turn this argument around and say, “yeah, well you’re hurting the folks who do suffer legitimate side effects.” To that, I say that this is for the greater societal good. And all the cheap shots about socialism/communism/fascism aside – every society, no matter what form, must embrace some element of individual sacrifice in order to work. There is no successful society that has ever existed otherwise. To my knowledge, the only place currently trying for it is Somalia – it’s not turning out so well.
          On this site, I see endless lament about the decline of society. But, a nihilistic, no-risk-to-me attitude is part of the problem. You cannot say that you wish to return western culture to its proper state while simultaneously insisting that you bear no personal risk in the endeavor. No society can function like that. You’re older and wiser than many of the readers here, and surely you know that. You may still harbor anti-vaccine beliefs, and none of what I’ve said will probably change your mind. But you ought to at least acknowledge that your position on this point is self-centered. The fact is, even if you want to believe Jenny McCarthy’s bullshit about autism, etc…there are nowhere as many people being diagnosed as autistic these days as there used to be fatalities from commonly preventable diseases. You have simply decided to weight a slight personal risk to you heavier than the enormous societal risk to others. That’s all well and good if you live like the unibomber in a hut somewhere. For people like me who live around dipshit science illiterate liberals who do not vaccinate, this is deadly serious to my family. I don’t have the luxury of being a single man who doesn’t have to give a shit about anyone but himself.

    5. How does not having your own kids solve the problem? All it does is leave a vacuum for the chads who do have kids to have more of them. Going extinct, voluntarily cuckolded by the welfare state/injustice system, is the dumbest proposal. It’s an anti-solution.

      1. What is your problem with guys not wanting to have kids? I want kids but I know better enough not to have any. It’s not in my best interest. I can’t help but think you’re a woman posting as a guy.

        1. If you read the article, it doesn’t matter if you have kids or not. A woman deems you the father and you don’t even have to had met her, boom, you’re the father.

        2. Right, just trying to actually counter both sides to this, the kneejerk “don’t have kids” and the “have kids” (even though I did contribute a bit to it myself at first). Having or not having, doesn’t matter.

        3. Tbh, I wouldn’t mind having kids or getting married if the government wasn’t involved. But I’d rather pay for a kid that’s not mine (the fact that I’m even saying that shows how fucked up it is for men) than to have someone I was there for since birth taken away from me, and then told I could not see him or her unless I paid cuntsupport. I think that would kill me knowing some bitch is indoctrinating my kid and whatnot, while using them as bargaining chips.

        4. Yeah. Imagine the horror of kidnapping. Having your child stolen. Movies are made about it. It’s the ultimate nightmare, yet it happens to men all the time. I’ve thought about that too, having a feminist cunt of an enemy simply take your child, your home and then stand their with her palm out, saying, “Pay me, bitch. Every month.”
          I’d rather just go hiking frankly.

        5. I think you’re a feminist agent trying to get more men who oppose the feminist agenda to voluntary go extinct and remove any possibility of them raising sons who will fight their agenda. Now tell me which is more probable.

        6. not having kids is what the feminists want of most men and yet men willingly comply. most men on this site should be dumping their seed at the banks. in USA you can get paid. hopefully the lesbians that adopt your children will be unable to convert that which was born from red pill.

        7. God, having your child stolen sounds truely terrible. The cuntocracy will do anything to make men’s lives miserable. When I have kids, It’ll be with a virgin in a third world country.

        8. This has happened to people I know. Apparently there are black father’s (a lot of them) who want to be in their kids lives but their wives or significant others are batshit

        9. Why would you wanna bring a child into this hell? Especially if it’s your son who they will try to force feed this feminist dogma…Heavens forbid you try to take matters into your own hands and the woman you smashed has him “legally” absconded with. Then trains him to hate you and by extension himself.

      2. So let the left eat itself. Don’t bring a child into the world to feed it. Enjoy yourself and bow out without any skin in the game if it suits you. I think having a child on my terms isn’t really possible anyway. I would want safety, innocence and freedom for my child and those things are gone. So sorry, little buddy. Being a sperm on a hot escort’s tits is as close as you get. That’s not bad anyway. Not having children solves all kinds of problems for this ever growing sewer of 8 billion people, all with varying degrees of solipsism. I bet that you talk about children like a lot of people do–erroneously. You imagine the injustice of a child never being born. Well, someone who has never been born just isn’t there, so don’t worry about them. There’s no injustice. You might as well shame a couple with 12 children for depriving that 13th child of his/her existence. It’s the same dynamic. You could sit in the backyard and weep over imagined children if you want. Draw pictures of them or something. The carved gnome in your garden is more real and of more consequence than this would-be child. A lot of people are thinking they don’t want to bring a boy into this world just to watch his natural dreams and fascination and opportunity get snuffed out by the left. A lot of people don’t want to bring a girl into this world and watch her turn into a cunt right before their own eyes. It’s not a bad idea to just stay out of it. Remember that you were once someone’s little miracle too and your life and comfort are also a concern. To me a child means going back into the extraordinarily dark world of constant financial worry. It’s bad enough as it is. I can’t image a 300,000$ tab added to it. Of course those worries come AFTER I hand half my money over to other people’s kids first through ludicrous entitlements for the so called ‘lower class’ who have lives of royalty, imo.
        Oh what? Hey a woman just walked by me in this internet cafe. I could have fucked her. A child could have existed! Oh, the horror! That soul was denied its rightful existence because she was on her cell phone and didn’t notice me and my bilions of sperm in my pants just waiting to exist.

      3. I second you there.
        Years back Andy Rooney almost got fired for noticing “The less-fit are those reproducing the most”
        We were already creating an “Idiocracy” with society effectively rewarding those that were unfit and reproduced and discouraging those who were well off from reproducing. The anti-male marriage laws go more towards it.
        And we know there’s an “Enemy” out there, of mankind, and his followers with their “Protocols” to debase and degenerate mankind. But we have to fight him and his works.

    6. “We are headed for a new age of piracy and not on the “I want to take your stuff” piracy but for being the villain for wanting to keep your own stuff. ”

      1. Sometimes someone can say so much in so few words. Doktorjeep nailed the new reality in two lines.

    7. Seriously, you need to start a blog or write a book. Either way get this message out there. But not just make it about “yada yada yada your being fucked and heres why.” Make it into a guide to get men out of this shit by giving them actionable advice. Teach men how to dodge taxes and move money offshore, teach them how to start an off the books business, teach them how to avoid cops, teach them how to survive and thrive in a toxic environment thats literally out to take all it can from them. Id buy that shit.

    8. I really am ashamed to say this, but there are times when I wish one of those most-of-mankind-gets-wiped-out apocalypses would happen.
      Get rid of the majority of our problems, and let us start over again.

    9. Genetically modified food is safe. It is only the ownership of genetically modified genomes that renders GM crops undesirable. Vaccines are not cancer-filled, getting vaccinated helps the individual as much as, if not more than, the rest of society. Other than that – pretty spot on.

    10. 99% chance you’ll get fucked by a woman. 1% you may find love. 99% chance that love you find will be brainwashed into a feminist monster down the road, and take you to town anyways.
      99.9% chance you’re fucked.

  3. I remember that article a while back that said that paternity fraud is worse than rape. But I think that paternity fraud is rape… It rapes your wallet.

  4. The left has succeeded in the destruction of the family. “Civilization” as a functional concept no longer exist, just the outside appearance of one. The west is dead and there is no ‘western civilization’ to save or ever will be again:

    To quote Arron Clarey “Enjoy the Decline”.

      1. but does the machine use more or less energy than it takes to create X gallons of oil?

        1. reminds me of kentucky fried movie where they directly tap the oil from the teenagers zitty faces to solve the OPEC energy crisis

        2. I didnt design it. I wouldnt know. Hopefully after the collapse someone can figure it out? Like how the Egyptians were burning mummies? lol

        3. If it’s solar-powered, it’d provide a good stop-gap to keep the existing machines running, regardless of EROI.

  5. For anyone who fathers a child, I don’t care how much you love/trust/whatever the mother, get a DNA test done. Really, it should be MANDATORY before a child leaves the hospital, but if they won’t do one for you citing the mother’s right to “privacy” (aka “freedom from consequences”) get one of the commercially available ones and run the test, twice, to be sure. In many states, you only have ONE YEAR to challenge paternity, and if you miss that, you’re screwed EVEN IF THE CHILD IS DEMONSTRABLY NOT YOURS.

    1. I really don’t understand how men can be forced to support a child that isn’t his, even after 1 year or 10 years of finding out. That really boggles my mind.

      1. I completely agree. That said, the law hasn’t caught up with technology and there wasn’t really a lot of political will behind reform, b/c the powers that be like the present system. Also, from the state’s perspective, forcing someone *other* than the state to pay is the better options, although it’s usually couched in terms of “what is best for the child”.
        Remember Amber Frey, the chick who was involved with Scott Peterson (the guy who killed his pregnant wife?) She turned up later as having had a child with one guy, but another guy was paying support. Her attorney stated that, of course, she thought that the guy paying support was the dad, but personally, I think she picked the guy with the best job/most $. Regardless of what else that she knew/didn’t know, she certainly knew she was fucking more than one guy, and could have easily figured out who the real dad was.

    2. I heard in the UK you cannot get a DNA test of your child without the mother’s consent.
      By comparison, the US is much more man-friendly.
      Still sucks though.

      1. Holy fuck that’s fucked. You aren’t even allowed to question whether the kid is yours or not? So any woman off the street can claim your the father of her kid and can deny you the right to a paternity test?

      2. The system in the UK is a LOT more rational and fair (for now) than most states in the US.
        In the UK if you are contacted by the CSA (Child Support Services) regarding child support….(This is the first step for someone chasing you for child support) you have the option of asking for a DNA test…..IF the mother refuses… then NO financial support will be required from you…..even the COST of the test is reimbursed to you if the DNA proves negative.

        1. Oh, I didn’t realize that you were not required to provide child support if the DNA test is refused.
          The US needs to adopt this fast.

      1. There are many commercially available DNA kits, including some that are free to ship (you only pay if you use them and them in for a result). In such case, the (putative) father then knows whether it was his knock or not. That is something (peace of mind?) regardless of what is legally admissible.

        1. I do not doubt that such a private test exists, but the issue is about fair protocol on the part of the system which, of course, is NOT fair.

  6. He also suffered from the unfortunate circumstance of being poor and uneducated, which all but guarantees he was going to get shafted in the justice system.

    1. It costs the STATE something like 50 grand a year to put someone in jail.
      Since this guy can’t pay the STATE the 30 grand he “cost” the STATE, the solution is for the STATE to pay for him to be in jail.
      Since the STATE just “borrows” all the “money” it “needs” from the benevolent Federal Reserve, it’s obviously a win-win situation.

  7. Multiple commentators are recommending to not have children. I cannot imagine a more feminine and immature response to the modern difficulty of paternity fraud.
    “It’s too dangerous! It’s too difficult!” What a bunch of whiny bullshit.
    Although there has never been worse time or place to get hitched, almost half of marriages still remain unbroken until death in our slum of a US culture. What makes you unable to accomplish that feat? Do you not consider yourself more capable than the average man?
    The RP truther who plays childless until death meets the same fate as the feminist who puts career first and rides the carousel until menopause. They both breed themselves out of the future of our race.
    It’s natural selection. Be my guest.

    1. I pay taxes, I cant afford my own kids. Maybe if I knock up 10 broads and go back to jail I can get you to pay for my kids huh?

    2. When you die it will not matter at all whether you had no kids or 10 kids.You’re dead. It doesn’t matter. Your future doesn’t matter when you’re dead because you don’t have a future. Because you’re dead lol
      Hopefully you understand that when you’re dead nothing matters anymore. You’re dead.

      1. So basically what you’re saying is that in order to have children, one must have a sense that life and a world exists outside of oneself? In essence, one must not delve into solipsism if one is to have children?
        Doesn’t that rather validate Neal Kenneth’s point?

        1. No, we’re not talking about what’s in order to have kids. We’re discussing how some men feel the need to keep their genes and name going on by having kids.

        2. The first need for a man to want to keep his genes going is a sense that a world exists outside of himself, which he wishes to contribute to. A man who utterly doesn’t care about the world after he’s gone will not be inclined to necessarily want children, for exactly the reasons you state (“why bother, you’ll be dead!” etc).
          Now being careless like a hoodrat and not caring if you knock up some ho and walking away not knowing if you have kids (and do), sure, clearly you don’t need to care about the world to be “that guy”. But I’m talking about your response to the OP who was talking about willfully having kids, ergo, the “what’s in order” seems to be accurate. If you want progeny, you can’t be utterly solipsistic. Women are utterly solipsistic, hence why they are abandoning family having and child raising for their Career ™.

      2. Yeah, also, when I hear people say, “well fine, don’t have kids, let YOUR DNA die out, but MINE is going to continue,” I like to remind them that my DNA is 50% the same as a bananas, 99% the same as a chimps, and statistically identical to theirs. The differences between humans are primarily due to factors other than DNA.
        If I cared about making a difference, leaving something behind, having a legacy, I would focus on other ways of doing so, then by spawning (volunteer, work at a foundation or charity, write a book, etc)

    3. Multiple commentators are recommending to not have children. I cannot imagine a more feminine and immature response

      1. Stop shaming men. That’s what femishits do.
      2. Their response is the opposite of immature. It’s adult and well thought through.

      Although there has never been worse time or place to get hitched, almost half of marriages still remain unbroken until death in our slum of a US culture.

      FIRST we fix marriage and custody laws THEN we can talk about marriage.

    4. You forgot to mention that most of the 50% lucky marriages are unhappy and miserable, the women was a whore before and after tying the knot, and all the rest of modern maladies.
      The rest of the article is good. We as men must become bolder and more creative since preserving the hearth a is exclusively the province of men these days…

      1. Most of the ‘successful’ marriages are likely a result of the woman dropping 4 or 5 SMV points below her husband via obesity and the husband stays in the marriage anyway because men are loyal like that, and he doesn’t want to be financially doomed also. How many men have a long, happy marriage with a woman who stays fit and bangable for 30 years? I’d say 5%. Yippee.

      2. I think a lot of them give up their whorelike ways, but they do make the husband absolutely miserable and neutered. Remember, women can turn off sexuality like a lightswitch. I’ve had girls finger their pussies for me on webcam and then get a phone call or something interrupts it and are 0% horny. They may enjoy sex, but don’t need it the way a man does. They can go without for months or years, and focus their energies towards manipulating and dominating their mate. It happens gradually and incrementally so many don’t realize it, like a slowly boiling frog.
        The only chance of happiness is if she wants to divorce the guy, first he cries and is miserable, then he becomes free and is ecstatic and overjoyed to live again. Seen it happen to many friends. Of course about half of them voluntarily enter into a new marriage for some insane reason…

    5. Hey a “Man Up” guy. Original.
      The no-kids crowd is just saying, “I don’t want to have kids. Congratulations if you have them and good luck.”
      (Some) of the ‘Not having kids is idiotic crowd’ are attacking the no-kids crowd. Namecalling and hostility.
      I think the attack is telling in this situation. The guy who is not sure of his decision and was maybe socially coerced into something he didn’t really want to do is far more likely to go into attack mode than the person who knows they are acting in a way true to themselves. How often does a single man (who is happy with his 20 year old girlfriend) openly attack and insult a decent married father. I’ve never seen it. But married men will often insult single, childless men. A truly free country would have respect for both. Pursuit of happiness and all….Yeah, I know it’s funny to bring up ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ in a tax-bitch nation but it’s still an idea to think about.

    1. The power struggle is always changing within the ranks of SJW’s.
      Minorities>Women>LGBT, or LGBT>Women>Minorities, no wait its Women>Minorities>LGBTQRIASIJIJZ…whatever other gender is allowed. Back and forth.
      Nobody knows their head from their ass. Personally I think they’re all a bunch of cunts.

  8. Pro Tip: If your are served with any court papers, buy an hour from a competent attorney and get a review of the situation and what your options are. Don’t sugarcoat the situation, don’t lie, and take this seriously. Cheaping out could be the most expensive decision you will ever make. Oh, and DO NOT discuss it with ANYONE else, unless you like to see your buddies testifying against you – even as a hostile wittness.
    Better yet, get ahead of the game and find a good attorney now and start a relationship with a general review of who you are and where you are going. It’s cheap when you consider the alternative.

  9. single mothers are funny..They are all over dating websites demanding their version of the perfect husband #2, #3, #4, sometimes #5 .

      1. That ad is so bad you’d swear it is a parody but sadly I believe it’s probably real.

        1. It’s real and it is so cliché. Every single mom online says the exact same thing about her “child is my world” and is “looking for a real man”

        2. No doubt. I meant that the, ahem, quality of the alleged female doesn’t seem to jibe with the ability to demand shit, let alone “not settle”. She settled for some hood rat, got fat (if she wasn’t already) and is ugly no matter her weight. And she thinks she can demand anything outside of a cup of coffee at Starbucks?
          But yeah no doubt that this kind of entitlement is there. It’s laughable. I’d play nice and set up a “date” just to meet her face to face and mock her in public.

        3. Women like her are the reason I deleted my POF and OKCupid accounts. Online dating sites are filled with these kind of women and it’s just become a waste of time to try to find a decent woman online while sifting through all the trash. So many worthless women feel they deserve a good man that “must love kids because I have 2 and they’re my world”.
          That shit doesn’t even make sense lol Why would a self-respecting man want to be with a fat woman that has kids by some ghetto thug?

        4. Yeah, that’s stupid. Sign up with an ugly fat broad who is telling you right off the bat that you’ll never be her first priority. Sounds fantastic.

        5. I still scrounge up the occasional hot single mom pump and dump from Plenty of Shit and OkStupid. They love a guy with a job. DISCLAIMER: I had a vasectomy after my first and only child, so I give-and-go with the load.

      2. Pretty high expectations from an unattractive, poor, divorced miscegenationist with lots of baggage.

      3. some big fucking giant dumbass will “love” her,; you know it. He also will drive the kids to rehab and juvenile detention centers when they hit their teenage years.

  10. Glad to see someone finally cover this.
    And not to pick a fight, but this shows exactly why MGTOW men are not safe.
    If you are a man, you are a target. Period. You are in the fight, and fight you must.

  11. I personally know a man who paid 3 years of child support for a boy he thought was his until facial features developed that didn’t resemble anyone on his side of the family. He got a paternity test, and turns out it was someone else’s.
    He dumped the bitch, went to court, and he stated to the judge:”Since I’ve got 2 other kids of my own with this woman, for whom I’ve paid child support, the amount I put towards the child that’s NOT mine will be applied to the 2 kids that ARE mine right?”
    Judge’s Response:”No Sir, those payments will be considered a GIFT to the mother.”
    And that’s exactly how it’s done.

      1. Severely disturbing. He was telling me in the gym locker room, with tears in his eyes, after we both got done lifting…

    1. If court ordered child support proves to be in error, the funds PLUS penalty should be returned to the father. If one is imprisoned and later found innocent, that inmate gets compensated. But it doesnt work that way with support. Fuck this gay earth.

      1. Yea, I don’t know if some sort of common law b.s. was a driver behind that decision as well or not, because they lived together for years up until the point he found out the kid wasn’t his and dumped her. Plus, as to be expected, he raised and loved the kid as if his own.

    2. So the enemy is the state, not women. The state is who enables these injustices. Women and men have competing reproductive strategies. The state currently enables women’s reproductive strategy (mate with whomever they want, guaranteed funding of child), while denying male reproductive strategy (mate and raise child with woman to ensure they grow up successful to mate).

      1. But keep in mind the French government will provide a lot for the raising of French babies, so it’s not quite as onerous as it would be in the US. For example if you have a baby, they give you something like 2 years of a nanny to come visit your home and care for the baby.

        1. French taxpayers. But their overall rate is not significantly worse than the 50%+ that federal/state/local governments take here in the US. I’d rather have my government spend $3 trillion on nannies than $3 trillion on failed wars in Afghanistan. Of course ideally a lower rate would be nice, but that’s not gonna happen.

    1. Fatherhood is determined by society and race is a social construct and women are mens equals. Damn them Causcasians sure can raise some stupid people!

  12. This is an important story and I’m glad that the injustice of this poor man’s case is being exposed. But I think you are wrong on some of the facts. The mother did fraudulently claim Mr. Alexander as the father in court documents in the 80’s to get child support. BUT she actually had no idea the state was pursuing him and didn’t know that they would when she filled out the form. When she found out, she personally went before a judge and asked that the debt supposedly owed to her ($70,000) be forgiven, which it was. The $30,000 that he is ordered to pay is to the STATE, not the MOTHER.
    So when you say, “And she’s making you pay $30,000 in backdated child support to that scamming ex of yours”, this is simply not true. The woman was stupid to put the poor guy down as the father, but it doesn’t sound like she set out to ruin his life intentionally. I know the whole “evil scheming woman” thing fits your narrative nicely, but get your facts straight.
    EDIT: Also doesn’t fit in to your evil scheming women narrative is the fact that a female lawyer stepped up to represent him pro bono upon hearing of the case.

    1. So if I put somebody down as a co-signer to my mortgage without their knowledge or consent and then default, and didn’t realize that the bank would go after the co-signor despite that being the whole point of a co-signor (and parent listing on a birth certificate), that means that I didn’t actually *mean* to harm them and thus should not be judged so harshly?
      Mary, thy name is hamster.
      What was the $30,000 *for* precisely then. Not who was it paid to, why did he have to pay it in the first place?

    2. “The woman was stupid to put the poor guy down as the father, but it
      doesn’t sound like she set out to ruin his life intentionally.”
      Careless people never do. That’s why the tort of negligence exists, and in most rational societies it’s applied against morons who don’t do basic common sense things to stop other people being hurt. And it does not change the fact fraud is, without doubt, intentional. It’s rather similar to arson where you torch a building that you didn’t know someone was sleeping in: you don’t get to claim you didn’t intend to kill anyone, you go down for murder.

    3. Lying about a person is evil regardless of whether you thought they would be harmed by it or not.

  13. What’s the issue? We all are forced to pay child support for other people’s kids, through welfare and other subsidies for poor mothers. This is just 1 clear victim, but paying for other people’s kids is the DEFAULT in our tax system. We all are forced to pay money for other kids that deprives us of giving to our own (or future kids). The root issue is taxation (coercive theft), not this single instance of concentrated injustice.

    1. Taxation and child support are two different issues, although the way they intersect is accurate by your description. Both are a problem.

    2. I pay 10k a year in property taxes that mostly goes to public indoctrination schools. Those of you with kids are welcome

  14. I work with a pipe fitter from Texas who is in his 50s and paying back child support to a woman in her late 30s who’s married with kids that’s not even his daughter, in Texas you have 2 years to rebuke it and after stumbling on a letter from an abortion clinic that his wife visited while he was out of town got in an argument where she even admitted that their daughter wasn’t his either so he packed his shit and left that night, filed for a divorce the next day and went about his life. 8 years later the cops arrested him outside shell refinery in deerpark Houston and he fought it for a few years but lost cause of a piece of shit activist judge (which is another big problem here in America) he got a letter a while back stating they are trying to change the law and make paternal fraud an actual crime…if only

  15. A lot of people here are whining about how you shouldn’t have children because cases like this.
    The truth is, ROK teaches men how to be naturally attractive to women. If applied correctly, you should get a wider selection of potential mates than most other men. This will allow you to filter out potentially bad matches who would pull this child support bullshit.
    The site is called “Return of Kings” not death of a civilization. People like us should breed in order to raise masculine sons and feminine daughters. That way, the idiots who are destroying civilization will get out-bred, out-voted, and doomed to extinction.

    1. The most important thing you can do in life is create a powerful
      lineage. Sons that are self-sufficient, strong, smart and good.
      Daughters that are chaste, motherly, intelligent and noble. The siren’s song of materialism is the
      poison that causes people to use birth control, which is really a
      Marxistic term. I would rather call it something like “life
      obstruction,” because that is exactly what it is. Consider this quote by
      Ragnar Redbeard in Might is Right: “What is “evolution and culture” if
      their noxious blossoms are sterilized women?” We all know that
      demographics IS destiny. The destiny of your people will be nothing if
      your demographics amount to nothing, or rather your birth rate is nil or
      negative. You will be replaced. If this “modern culture” kills your
      people, natural selection weeded them out because materialistic desires
      destroyed their virility. Every one who cares about their people should
      commit to never using “life obstruction.” If you’re afraid of siring
      bastard children, you shouldn’t be having sex anyway, but spending that
      time finding a proper spouse so you can have legitimate children, rather
      than being a pleb. If you come from a family of unmarried parents you
      should doubly know better than to do the same thing to your own
      children. Lastly, I abhor the excuse “I don’t want to bring children
      into this terrible world.” That is the statement of a pathetic person
      who is useless to his people, an evolutionary dead end, probably
      convincing himself/herself that this ludicrous reasoning is true so they
      can better live a selfish life of hedonism rather than a life in
      service to their God and kindred. This may anger some folks, but I’d
      rather have a few Internet people angry with me, posting mostly
      far-fetched “exceptional circumstances” to justify their hedonism, than
      leave what needs to be said unsaid.

  16. appalling case, yet he doesn’t seem to have any recourse in law. The only way the tide is going to turn is when the lawyers are incentivised to take up the cause. That means there has to be money to make (because they are parasites whose interest in justice – social or otherwise – is co-terminous with the amount of money they can make). At some point there will be an opening, and then the litigation will start, but who could this guy sue, even if he had the cash to do so?

    1. Wouldn’t it require a legislative solution rather than a lawyer one? Because, right, who could you sue?

      1. not really my area of expertise even if I did advance my opinion! What I think needs to happen is for there to be some kind of high profile big bucks test case which establishes some precedent that will open the flood gates. As I say I don’t know enough about the law to say anything with confidence here (there’s also the US constitutional versus UK common law to consider) but just look how the ‘principle of equality’ has been abused to make billions in divorce law, employment law etc… advances seems to follow the money

  17. “Your Children” are PROPERTY OF THE STATE. They do not “belong” to you but to government.

    1. My guns and will say otherwise.
      What other people declare has little meaning if you don’t accept it. So far I’ve raised two hardcore traditionalist conservative-libertarian kids, one to adulthood the other one there soon. Guess the state isn’t as powerful as it claims.

        1. False. Don’t assume to know my children or me.
          hard core capitalists, do not believe government has the right to tax your income, pro-gun to the n-th degree (boy was a range master in Scouts and has fired many full auto weapons, and owns three firearms he keeps in his room), etc.
          If you declare a certain reality, then declare everybody you talk to as fitting into that reality regardless of the facts, then you’ll form a nice case of confirmation bias.

        2. I lived in North Columbus for 14 years. I wanted to stay there and raise a family, but my liberated attorney ex wife wanted the high life and $$$ that Dallas offered her. I ended up working 9 hrs per day, changing our son’s diapers and my mother doing all the housework . She liked moving & shaking with the high rollers so much, I had to get my pussy elsewhere. I loved Ohio.

        3. If it’s not too much to ask, whereabouts? I’m actually not in Columbus, not even in the same county, but up in Delaware county.
          Beautiful up here once the crops are in the ground. Winter sucks hind tit though, cloudy day after cloudy day, heh.

        4. Westerville & Gahanna. I used to go to Mount Vernon all the time for wrestling tournaments.

        5. Oh shit, home fries, Westerville is right down the road from me, I can ride my bicycle there. If you know where Powell is, you’re in the general area (except outside of Franklin county).
          If you ever get back in town give me a shout, we can hit the range and maybe the bars afterward.

        6. North Hamilton Road takes you everywhere on the east side. I occasionally go to Ohio State Football games, but slacked in the last few years due to child custody battles. When I do , I sure will remember you.

        7. Occasionally. Most places I work out of are unintentional Faraday cages and block AM radio.

        8. Half-ish. If it’s against taxes, or pro-gun, or against illegal immigration, or about Obama’s usurping power unconstitutionally, sure, who wouldn’t? And this has what to do with our conversation?

        9. Just trying to get a grasp on “where” you are coming from (philosophically). I find that most “Conservatives” are not very conservative once you start peeling back the layers. “ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR.: Well, my opinion hasn’t changed, that the press has been negligent, and that the large amount of support for the President, and for the people that did vote for the President, that large numbers of them would not have done so, had they known the truth about his policies, and his record. You say my opinion changed, but it hasn’t changed.
          You know I’ve known this for many years, because of my anecdotal experience. I give about 40 speeches a year, in red states to Republican audiences, and I get the same enthusiastic responses from those audiences as I get from Liberal college audiences. The only difference is, is that the Republicans often say to me, “How come we’ve never heard this before?” I made the conclusion many years ago that there’s not a huge values difference between Red State Republicans and Blue State Democrats. The distinction is really informational. 80% of Republicans are just Democrats who don’t know what’s going on. And my anecdotal conclusion was confirmed by a survey done immediately after the 2004 election called the PIPA report, which tested Bush supporters and Kerry supporters based upon their knowledge of current events. It found that among Bush supporters, they were widespread in its interpretations, or there were factual errors in the way that they viewed Bush’s major public policy initiatives.
          For example, 75% of the Republican respondents believed that Saddam Hussein bombed the World Trade Center, and 72% believed that WMD had been found in Iraq. And most of them believed that the war in Iraq had strong support among Iraq’s Muslim neighbors and our traditional allies in Europe, which of course is wrong. The Democrats as a whole had a much more accurate view of those events. And then PIPA went back twice to these same people. The first time it went back to the people that had these misinterpretations, and asked them where they were getting their news, and invariably they said talk radio and FOX news. And PIPA went back a third time, and made inquiries about their fundamental values, and it did start with a string of hypotheticals:
          “What if there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? What if Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with bombing the World Trade Center? What if the U.S. Invasion of Iraq had little support among Iraq’s Muslim neighbors and was largely opposed by Iraq’s Muslim neighbors, and by our troops and allies in Europe? Should we have still gone in?” And roughly 80% of Dem and 80% of Rep said the same thing, “We should not.” And so the values were the same. It was the facts, the information, it was the access to information that was different.”
          I can tell that you are intelligent but intelligence does not necessarily mean smart, hence the questions on my part.

        10. I never bought Bush’s neocon crap, the war in Iraq was unconstitutional since it was not formally declared, and it was based on a false pretense of “WMD” which was never actually shown nor proven. Afghanistan, seems to me, to be a kneejerk, unconstitutional “war” (of the type above) that had no actual justification outside of “we need to hurt people”, at least as was communicated to the public.
          I’ve argued the slant drilling approval by our state department with neocons many times, well aware he wasn’t the actual enemy and that this excuse was hypocrisy.
          War keeps the surplus labor and treasure low, which is supposed to “stimulate” the mercantilistic/fascistic type economic system we currently seem to have. Turns out, it just creates massive debt through budgetary crap and unfunded liabilities and derivatives.
          Let’s see, what else?
          The Fed Reserve is a criminal organization and needs to be carpet bombed out of existence and replaced with nothing.
          Vietnam, Korea, every war after WW2 was unconstitutional and thus illegal and meant as a way to expend blood and treasure lest the common man get ahold of it and do something undesirable such as spend it on his own interests.
          Foreign aid needs to be entirely abolished, for all countries, no exceptions, immediately.
          War on drugs – wrong and a horrible tool to destroy our rights.
          Every single law to come out of the FedGov since 2001 – police state bullshit and unconstitutional and severely in violate of most of the rights of the individual.
          Hope that helps.

        11. Just south of Delaware. Which probably tells you precisely where I’m at. If you’re shooting 23 south from Delaware proper you’re at my house in less than 15 minutes.

        12. Yes gives me a few ideas. Always preferred 315 over 23. Much more scenic. I live about 2 hrs north of you, gives you an idea where Im at. If you think Columbus winters are rough….

        13. Some say it was about honor, but in modern times, people don’t really think in those terms or even use that word. So, basically, it was kind of like, “look, you fucked with us(towers), now this is what happens(we kill a bunch of muslims).” I’m not saying that’s good or bad, but just a different perspective.

  18. This is why we should cheat the state wherever possible. They no longer work for us but against us.

      1. In any way you can. Welfare, food stamps, whatever is on offer.
        At the same time, don’t become dependent. Take what you can get, but be prepared for the collapse.

        1. I don’t think single men without kids can get welfare though. I’d have no problem at all getting welfare or EBT, considering how much taxes I’ve been paying and not seeing the benefits from it.

  19. Paternity tests should be required at birth for every single birth. It’s clear who the mother is, it should be clear who the father is, particularly if the state is going to hold the father accountable for support.

  20. This is unfortunately the type of socialism that Republicans are extremely enthusiastic about.
    This is why I stopped voting Republican, and have persuaded several other men to do the same. Now, I just don’t vote at all….

  21. I have said it before and I will say it again. Unless there is a mass non violent rebellion of non cooperation by the majority of men these things will never change. Never.

    1. Non-violent? Why?
      Violence is the answer. Sad but true.
      Why is it that only the peaceful black men are the ones socked with paternity fraud? Given how violent black men are, why isn’t the victim here bringing up his natural violent instincts (which would be warranted in this case).

      1. Something very very similar. Ex got pregnant while I was deployed, Navy brass decided it was mine, 20 years later and my life is still wrecked.
        On the plus side, it got me off my ass, got me into a business that cannot be garnished, because it’s mine alone, and I don’t have to take shit from anyone… not even customers.

      2. I really don’t want to say too much about it because it would sound like whining… but despite the navy PC bullshit, I still consider military men (Not the egomaniacal political assholes with scrambled eggs on their shoulders) To be the best men on earth… and the military women to be the best reactor shielding on earth.

  22. Go get a dog, he speaks to you in a primal way, which is best suited for men, dudes, bros etc. I just hear situations like this and it makes me pull out, even when I’m not having sex.

  23. No man should ever have to pay for a child that isnt in his custody. Paternity fraud should have penalties as severe or more severe than “rape.”

  24. The judge is evil. She’s an inhuman monster and I have no doubt that every single case she has sat on should be thrown out. Think about the number of innocent lives this woman has ruined. She’s like a serial killer

  25. Would it be preferable if Mr Alexander just crossed over into Canada and asked for asylum, stay in a homeless shelter or lived with Canadian friends if he has any? I know Canada is a feminist paradise, but it would be better for him to be in Canada than an American prison.

  26. I have no idea why this guy is taking this shit laying down. If it ever gets to this point where you owe 30k to a bitch that you’ll never even get to make because your in prison you might as well accept your life is over and go out like a boss. If that were me on trial for this I would rush the podium and beat that bitch to within an inch of her miserable fucking life. The fuck are they going do about it? Send me to prison? lol

    1. The custodial ‘blood money’ collection racket against men will have to face off with the snowballing manosphere soon. We’re not just a bunch of yahoos in the woods or debilitated victims of state ‘bitch tyranny’ by proxy. Many professionals and powerful movers can see the real threat of the bitch rule onslaught to the survival of our species and they now give inertia to the rapidly growing sphere. I bet the guy who coined the term ‘manosphere’ is real proud by now.
      Our species is at a crossroads. There is a razor’s edge between the world being matriarchal or patriarchal. No stable middle ground exists. The bitch insurgency occurs when civilization gets too near the center in regards to the division of authority between the genders.

  27. hahaha white men complaining about lack of rights… sorry but there was a time when you had rights but you chose to be wimps and give them up… whine all you want – most of the media is not outraged by this, this is normal, western men are castrated anyways…

    1. There might come a time soon when white men will flee to Africa just to get away from all this bullshit. Which would be ironic

    2. Most the men here aren’t white. The victim in the article is black. A lame attempt at ad hom trolling.

  28. Not sure if it will make a difference, but has an online petition. This is just vulgar.

    1. Where? I scrolled through a few screen’s worth of listings and did not see it, and then used the search field to search for “child support”, “paternity”, and “Alexander”, and still did not see it. Did they delete the petition?

  29. If you’re expecting outrage from the public, dear reader, don’t.
    This event is exactly what feminism is designed for. It is the female reproductive mandate literally codified into law. As far as the greater matriarchal society is concerned, this is Situation Nominal.
    Women have two avenues for collecting a mans earnings today. One is through the traditional wedding, but there’s an obvious catch-women have to meet a financially valuable man first, then lie to him until the event.The lower a girl is on the SMV scale, the harder that gets and there’s always a risk the mark could simply leave before the marriage legally happens .For the women unwilling or unable to run that play, there’s The Government Option. Bypass the marriage license office and go straight to Child Services.Once your name hits the collection warrant, there is no exiting and there is no appeal.Pay,leave the country, or die. Those are the realistic options on the table.
    It is only supposition on my part, but the day will likely come when just being a part of a woman’s sexual history equals legal grounds to collect. Sure, she’s with another dude right now but YOURE the highest earning ex BF she’s had and its all about the good of the child, no?

    1. Pay,leave the country, or die.

      Some countries have child support agreements with the USA. So if you do leave the country, there are still certain places that you don’t want to go. I would suggest renouncing your American citizenship completely, which costs thousands of dollars now. The USA is the only civilized country in the world that requires its citizens to pay taxes even when working in living in a different country.

  30. Many countries ban women becoming Judges or Generals, most women judges make laws as they please, than following the laws.

  31. This is where we should hold our local “Tea Party” or “Republican” to see if their D-ck matches their trunk…
    Oh, I wouldn’t ask them to make an “Anti-FemiNOT” bill…That’d get them targeted by the media and be overturned as biased.
    But I would ask them to make a “Defend the Family” bill that in plain English makes a Pre-Nup worth the PAPER it’s printed on. Agreements in the prenup stick like glue. If the lady cheats and ‘no cheating’ is in it, she’s out with the clothes on her back, can be sued for desertion and have no or limited child visitation rights.
    It’s not “Biased” either – a dominant woman can get her ManGina to sign that he has to crawl in a ballet tutu on weekends and let “Rakim” or her other black boyfriends sh-t on him when they come over to F-Ck her. THat’s fine, I’m “Liberal” here and all for “Alternative Death-er LifeStyles…”, F-ck the Man-Gina with a big black d-ck… Rakim, please fudge him extra hard, just for me?
    But the men out there who produce who hold their own and know how to survive and thrive despite the New World Order are those any woman worth having really want. They get pressured by the Femi-NOTs and their lie education to hurt and betray them. Pre-Nups worth their weight will make them think ten times, not mmmmaybe once, before betraying their man.

  32. another fine example of a femi-nazi judge who has no business holding court. Another woman who had a bad childhood and wants to make all men pay for her daddy’s mistake of shacking up with her mom.

  33. Someone should do an indepth piece on “zombie marriages”. That is a marriage that comes back to haunt you years or even decades after you finalized all the paperwork, got your finances in order, and thought everything was settled. Don’t think this only happens to people who are cheap and don’t get proper legal representation. It happens to people who pay big bucks for lawyers too.
    It usually happens in the form of an alimony modification showing up in the mail when the wife retires or tries to go on public benefits. Yes, some states have laws that allow a court to re-open long ago decrees to force spouses to pay alimony if an ex wife loses their job or tries to go on public benefits.
    I heard one guy got a court order two decades after his first marriage was over. He had a successful business at the time and she wanted a chunk of it. She was claiming that the settlement didn’t pay her out for her interest in the business because she had done some work in year 1 before they separated.
    Another guy was ordered to pay $20,000 plus interest to his ex-wife’s lawyer years after the divorce ended. The settlement called for him to pay a percent of her legal bills for all proceedings during a certain time period. Problem was the wording was “all proceedings” not just “divorce proceedings” and the ex-wife got arrested for a DUI a few months before the final decree. Her lawyer not being able to collect sued the ex-husband for the legal bill and won.
    Fortunately some states have finally changed their laws only allowing for decrees to be re-opened within a few years you get a final one. I think any fair minded man (and woman) can agree that at some point in time an ex should not be your problem and you should be able to get on with your life. Alimony reform in both MA and FL are very telling that is is the new movement.

    1. Stories like these ^ and the ones in the article infuriate me. Its bad enough when a partner (in many countries they don’t have to be married) can walk out of a relationship after a couple of years, even if they cheated, and claim entitlement to half the other person’s assets even though it was accumulated well before and/or with no help from them, but these stories where the women are still managing to leech off the man years after the relationship in done & dusted are terrible. Likewise the stories of men who subsequently discover that their child is not theirs but some other guy’s but the courts still enforce that they must provide for the duplicitous ex and the offspring of some other man.
      I thought one of the objectives of modern law was to be ‘just and fair’. I’m glad the picture of the judge was shown, as these people screwing over its citizens (well 49% of them) should be named & shown. Good to read some states are changing the law on this BS and there should be a petition on this.

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