5 Ways The Left Lies To You

As nearly everyone who is red-pilled knows, SJWs, progressives, and leftists in general are all too often liars and twisters of the truth. Indeed, the Left not only thrives on inconsistency and double-standards, but also on deception, obfuscation, and misdirection. And this claim holds true whether the progressive-leftists in question are professionals, such as media personalities and politicians, or merely progressive morons on the internet.

In light of this truth, it is imperative for individuals on the political-right—especially for those who are new to the culture wars—to understand how this sort of lying can be done. After all, to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Now, in my experience in law enforcement, there exist five main types of lies. In fact, all the lies that people tell can be fit into one of these five categories, or a combination thereof, and progressive-leftists are not unique in this regard. So let us thus examine these five types of lies in order to better understand how they are used against the political-right on a day-to-day basis by the leftwing media, academia, and politicians.

Lies of Fabrication

Lies of fabrication—also called lies of deceit—are self-explanatory. These are the lies that are completely fake. They are the stories made out of whole cloth. They are the lies of black propaganda. And they are also the lies that are the very hardest to use given that their complete falsehood can be relatively easily discovered—especially in the age of the internet.

Now, in fairness to progressives and SJWs, lies of fabrication are also the lies that are least used by them. And this especially true in the case of professional progressives, such as the media, because if they were caught in a lie of fabrication, then an almost fatal amount of their credibility would be lost—and they actually are smart enough to know this.

However, while lies of deceit are not normally used by such progressive groups as the leftwing media directly, it is nevertheless true that there are indirect ways for professional progressives to use such lies.

For example, when the leftwing media reports what an “anonymous” source says, it is patently obvious that the anonymous source could very well be fabricating his entire story, but the media has plausible deniability when they report the story through the filter of such a “source”. So while direct lies of fabrication might not be used by such left-leaning outlets as the mainstream media, they are often used in an indirect fashion by such groups. Consequently, anytime a progressive has even a fig-leaf of plausible deniability, then know that there is a very real possibility that you are being potentially fed with an indirect lie of fabrication.

Lies of Denial

If only it was this easy to recognize.

This is the type of lie where a person simply claims that they were not involved in a certain event or incident, even though they were. In the political arena, this type of lie is most often used to deny a past statement or claim. And that is how many progressives and SJWs employ this lie.

For example, if you are having a discussion with a SJW, and the SJW suddenly moves the goal-posts of the discussion, do not be surprised if the SJW outright denies that he has shifted the goal-posts or changed the subject when you call him out on this maneuver.

Even if the SJW’s maneuver is obvious, not only will the SJW often deny that he has employed such a move, but the SJW might even double-down on his denial, thus making it an even more shocking kind of lie than it normally would be. In the end, though, this is not as shocking as it seems; after all, as the saying goes, SJWs always lie.

Lies of Minimization

Within the last few years, everyone no doubt remembers reading some media article, and immediately noticing that a very relevant fact concerning that article—perhaps the ethnicity of an assailant or the fact that the article is based on unconfirmed anonymous sources—is buried in the last few paragraphs of the article. Or maybe the article is fully transparent, but the article itself is buried on page fifteen of the newspaper when it should be on page one. This is lying by minimization.

In this type of lie, the offender takes some relevant fact or point, and then tries to make that fact seem as unimportant as possible. It is not omitting the fact, but it is trying to undermine the fact’s importance or relevance through the way that the fact is framed, or articulated, or presented.

For example, did a Muslim slash someone’s throat? Well, if such an incident is reported as a mere “assault”, then such a report is not actually false, nor is it an omission, but it is a lie of minimization. And unlike lies of fabrication, lies of minimization are used by progressive-leftists all the time, especially when reporting on negative things which other progressive-leftists have done or when reporting on facts which harm the progressive narrative. As such, this is one type of lie to always watch out for when reading or listening to any SJW or progressive discuss his side’s own follies.

Lies of Exaggeration

The opposite of minimizing a fact is exaggerating a fact, and lies of exaggeration are the left’s primary form of lie when speaking about anyone on the right of the political spectrum.

For example, did some no-name skinhead white supremacist murder his girlfriend in a domestic dispute? Well, don’t be surprised if some leftist think-tank suddenly counts such an incident as an example of right-wing terrorism. Is some right-wing personality merely a libertarian or even a centrist? Well, don’t be surprised if that person is labeled by the progressive-left as ‘extremely far-right’ or a ‘neo-Nazi’. Of course, all these leftist claims are absurd, but that is the point. The leftist is exaggerating for effect.

Such exaggerations are a clear form of lying when done deliberately. And apart from the progressive true-believers who are forty paces to the left of Marx, many forked-tongue progressive-leftists know exactly what they are doing when they exaggerate their claims against the political-right.

Lies of Omission

Here is, arguably, the type of lie that the progressive-left uses the most in general situations. For example, every day on the internet you will find some progressive-Christian providing a short scriptural verse to support his point, but “strangely”, the progressive-Christian leaves out the greater context of the whole chapter. Of course, once the whole scriptural chapter is read, it completely undermines the progressive-Christian’s selective quoting. And so, this is just plain old lying by omission.

Furthermore, we all know how often such lying happens in the media when they, for example, neglect to report—at least until it can no longer be avoided—that some terrorist attacker is a Muslim or a recently arrived refugee. After all, it is almost a humorous truism that when the Western European media, for example, reports that a gang of “Asian youths” assaulted someone, what they actually mean is that a bunch of Muslims caused yet another riot, but they are trying to omit that fact by covering it up with more acceptable terminology.

Or when some progressive-leftist claims that more Americans have been killed by right-wing terrorists than by Islamists—a claim that is false—these progressive-leftists often omit to mention that they start counting their statistics one day after 9/11, or that their statistics fail to take into account the most recent terrorist attacks committing by Islamists in America, or so on and so forth. Again, all lies by omission.

In fact, lies by omission are so often used by the progressive-left that whenever reading or listening to some leftwing media source, always watch for what is not being said. Often, what is being omitted will speak louder than what is actually being stated.


So, these are the five main types of lies. They can, of course, be combined. They can also be used by anyone, but they are very often used—in a deliberate manner—by those on the political-left. Remember these types of lies. Know how to spot them. And always be on your guard for them whenever you are receiving information from anyone on the progressive-left.

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234 thoughts on “5 Ways The Left Lies To You”

  1. To sum it up, there are two types of lies:
    1) Lies we believe
    2) Lies we don’t believe

  2. DARVO
    reverse victim oppressor
    gas-lighting, strawman, ad hominum, mocking shaming.
    every girlfriend — in every country.
    Every leftist…
    I just wander if they learn it, or is in their DNA…
    wish I knew of it 30 years ago. At 54 its hard to start over…

    1. I know it as DAMCA
      Deny everything
      Admit nothing
      Make Cunter Accusations
      The politician’s handbook

  3. What the Left is principally made of:
    Media (including advertising and news)
    Federal bureaucracy/unelected govenmental functionaries
    NGOs (particularly as they facilitate the sale of debt)
    Finance (investment banking, securities, and other debt sales appratus)
    Social sciences (anthropology, psychology, sociology)
    People from these various institutions are essentially interchangable in world-view, and are distinguisable only by professional skillset. Your average local TV news producer sees the same world as your average NGO executive, as your average international securities broker, as an average manager at a federal agency, as an average psych professor. It is all one Left.

    1. AKA welfare queens. What the left are essentially people who follow their heart… and then expect the rest of society to pay their bills.

      1. Very well compensated at that. My experience with this lot is that, for the most part, they have not faced foreign competition and wage hammer downs like most blue collar trades and IT in particular. Their insulated lives allow them to believe that open borders and free trade is good.
        I mean, who is making over $100k per year that isn’t happy with the status quo? IE almost everybody on your list there.
        Most of them also have no idea just how poor most Americans are: The median individual income in these United States is around $26k per year — which means that half of all people with a job in the USA make less than that.
        They live in protected insulated bubbles and talk down to those of us who have scratch and claw and live in vibrancy. They call us uneducated, rednecks, hillbillies, inbreds, and a host of other derogatory names.
        When Juan, Bindi, and mohammed come for their jobs and they see their salaries cut in half or more, maybe they’ll wake up.
        But you aren’t going to talk any sense into them. They live a very privelidged existence,. And telling them how the world works is like telling a 5 year old that Santa isn’t real. They don’t want to hear it. Their gravy trains are still running on schedule.

        1. If someone is making $100k/yr it doesn’t mean they’ve never been poor or that they like the status quo. It means they learned a valuable skill and are being compensated for it. Period.

        2. I saw that you 1+ed a lady’s comment, for all your previous skepticism.

      1. I only lie to myself. That way, everything I tell everyone else is true.

  4. Another big left wing lie “Only White Males Do School Shootings”. Ever seen how mental Japanese female Teachers can go on their well behaved female students?

      1. Forty-eighty of 86 is 55.8%, much smaller than the proportion of whites in the population, which means those minorities are punching above their weight in this category.
        By the way something, what qualifies as a “mass shooting”? Does it count if one perp has multiple victims spread out over time? I bet there’s under-reporting of such things in the urban Vietnams like Chicago and Baltimore.

        1. I wonder if anybody has analyzed the data for number of deaths per perpetrator. I bet white guys would boast a higher average kill rate. Shit, Tim McVeigh alone would weight that average heavily — 168 dead dwarfs all other modern mass murders, at least for perps who were U.S. citizens.

        2. “Mass murderer efficiency rates” is probably not a study that’s gonna draw in a lot of grant money, even if it could be used to demonize the white man further.
          Besides, if we’re throwing in “terrorist” acts, the Sept. 11 fellows are pretty close at about 157 per, so it’s not all going the white man’s way

    1. One thing’s for sure: the teachers can’t shoot worth shit. What, their target acquisition rate makes Imperial Stormtroopers look like friggin scout snipers.

  5. Nice read. It would have been interesting to mention how these lies used by commie teachers in academia are destroying our young.
    Anyway, this works as a simple and effective confirmation that there are two types of leftists:
    The ones who lie.
    The ones who lie harder.

    1. You did forget the third category, the ones who are actually rather innocuous:
      The ones who are 6 feet under and have thus stopped lying.

  6. I’ve noticed in the last couple of years our local tv station doesn’t state the race of suspected criminals anymore when giving a description, although I guess they don’t really have to most of the time.

    1. Oh, they do that here. If the suspect is white. You’ll immediately hear a list of identifying features, such as “white male in his mid twenties with blonde hair and blue eyes, last seen around XYZ ville”. If it is not a white then we hear “Suspect is in his mid twenties and was last seen around XYZ ville. He was wearing a red cap.”

      1. Same here, suspect was approximately 6 feet tall wearing jeans and a dark colored hoodie. Last seen running south in the 121st block of Fuckup street.

      2. In the UK, Pakistani and Arab offenders are often referred to as “of Asian descent”

        1. That’s bizarre. Pakistani’s aren’t Asian at all, they are in fact related to white people and speak an Indo European language (Urdu). Arabs are Semitic people who have nothing at all to do with being Asian.

      1. Stephen Stephens? With a name like that, he was ready to blow years ago

  7. CBS News- faked documents regarding GWBs military service.
    NBC News- faked gas tank explosion on GM truck with model rocket motors.
    On the nightly news Tom Brokaw reported there were more gun dealers than gas stations in the US.
    Edited George Zimmermans 911 call to make him look like a racist.
    CNN- colluded with Hillary Clintons presidential campaign by giving her debate questions to disadvantage her competitors.
    I wonder how many times they haven’t got caught?

    1. Those are just (some of) the blatant lies, how many times do they omit or twist news stories? Better question is how many times do they NOT twist news stories?

      1. I don’t think they can report one without twisting lol they probably all have bad backs

      2. Jimmy, I really think you have hit on the core question. We know they are lying to us. It’s not just a little white lie here and there. It’s not even just a general error rate of 5% or 10%. It’s much more significant than that.
        How much are they lying to us? Are they ever telling the truth?

      3. And the new electronic frontier: clickbait headlines, so even if you don’t click on the link, you get a skewed perspective.
        A example from just this morning :
        CNN trumpeting “Vast Majority Vote for Puerto Rican Statehood”. Unless you click through, you get the impression there’s a huge clamor to create a new blue state. Even if you read the story, they bury the fact that turnout was only 23%, it’s a totally non-binding referendum, and Congress has no interest in the idea.

        1. Take the extra minute and skim the article; then click on the links within the article, and go to the sources cited by the article; you can be reading the source material-minus bias-within a minute and a half.
          “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.”
          ― Benjamin Franklin

        2. Thanks for demonstrating MPAI, and they’re pompous, self-important asses to boot.

    2. The NYT times being cheerleaders for Stalin but despite his planned starvation/genocide of the Ukraine….Think the reporter was named Duranty who won a Pulitzer for journalism.. Water carriers for lefties e.g Castro, Che, Stalin….

    3. I remember watching a gun battle in the Middle East on CNN. They had a reporter on-sight delivering volumes of purple prose, unflinching. I was’t surprised when I saw the “fake protest”, because I’d already figured out how they stage things.
      They trick you to get caught-up in the moment as you watch, so that you aren’t scrutinizing what’s actually happening.

  8. Vox day puts out good material. It’d be nice if his stuff was talked about more regularly.

    1. I like this article, but I can’t stomach another article about how Milo will rise again. And there’s no way of letting him know it, because he filters anti-Milo comments. I’m just waiting for him to get over it.

      1. Fuck filters. Long live RoK. Where even a street tramp making $263 a day can have her say.

        1. good and you might want to learn how to neg instead of going full-throttle gamma

        2. i could use my body to get attention if i wanted to and really do some damage.

      2. Milo = #notmyfaggot
        I am of the opinion that we on the alt right should not make enemies unnecessarily and that includes making alliances with gays when appropriate. I am sure many gays would like to limit or outright abolish any type of immigration/resettlement of muslims/brown people in this country. But when it comes to Milo I must condemn that race mixing, effeminate, faggot.
        I genuinely dislike Milo and it is not just because he is a man who willingly accept penis in his rear end. If he was Peter Thiel type gay (ie: you wouldn’t know he was gay unless he told you), only partnered with white guys, and didn’t criticize white nationalism I’d be ok with him.

        1. Yeah, I personally don’t like him either. He made everyone wait in line for an extremely long time when he came into town. I was the only one who threw-down about it. Everyone else acted like he was some kind of celebrity, not that he was only in the spotlight because we decided we liked him. He was a nobody before he strolled into the redpill world.
          That aside, I don’t have anything against him as an icon, as long as he’s actually benefiting my views or effective against my enemy. Which he’s lost a lot of his clout, so not my problem. I’m not going to volunteer my time to make him a person of interest again, and I’m no longer interested in blog posts about Milo. He’s tragically neglected his base, and suffered the consequences. His godlike aura will never be rekindled, and I don’t think it would be worth the effort.

        2. I can definitely see him acting like that. He has that prima donna vibe to him. With that said, if he speaks out against identity politics(white nationalism) and openly race mixes(thereby condoning it at the very least) is he really helping the message? Sounds like he’s hurting it.

        3. He helped with the media, he helped with Trump. Now, however, he can retire.

        4. He did that first thing in an attempt to regain supporters. He is a little globalist, albeit subtly. I’m not sure if he’s a race-mixer, as he’s not putting anything of his into the proverbial blender to produce proverbial smoothie that would later become a literal baby.
          I just didn’t know where to go with that.

        5. I have to say, after the whole “pedophile” incident, I couldn’t say he wasn’t a pedophile. To me, that was almost like an admission, and I wouldn’t put it past the dude. He’d also given me no reason to trust him.

        6. Yeah in my definition you are a race mixer if you are having sex with anyone who is not white. You don’t necessarily have to produce kids. I just think it is so filthy how he lusts after black guys. It is probably the filithiest thing someone can do. Let us not forget gay black men have some of the highest rates of HIV out of any group of people.

  9. “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.” – Exodus 20:16
    “If a malicious witness rises up against a man to accuse him of wrongdoing, then both the men who have the dispute shall stand before Yahweh, before the priests and the judges who will be in office in those days. The judges shall investigate thoroughly, and if the witness is a false witness and he has accused his brother falsely, then you shall do to him just as he had intended to do to his brother. Thus you shall purge the evil from among you. The rest will hear and be afraid, and will never again do such an evil thing among you. Thus you shall not show pity: life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot.” – Deuteronomy 19

  10. Gay propaganda is everywhere. A recent study showed that the average American believes that 40% of the population is gay when in reality it’s less than 1%. The left has put gay propaganda in movies, music, magazines and television. In their attempt to make homosexuality an omnipresence in America they have actually successfully convinced ppl that 40% of the population is gay. With that kind of validation they’re able to convince ppl that it’s normal. Being gay is nothing more than a mental disorder and it affects a very small population of ppl. Masculinity is the biggest threat to the left. The more men they can get to turn into lispy, limp wristed wimps the better the chances they will vote Democrat. It’s their version of castrating men. Look at how many straight men these days act gay.

    1. The gay thing is really annoying. If you are in the presence of a straight guy who is acting gay to “impress” others, smack him on the back of the head (verbally) and don’t back down when he throws a little hissy fit. People need to start hearing and seeing real life opposition to their stupidity.
      All that said, almost all of the gay propaganda can be avoided by simply turning off the television. The little that can’t, like street signs of whatever, I guess we just have to ignore and get on with life. End of the day propaganda only works on people who refuse to think for themselves, so we just ensure that we’re not in that group of people.

      1. Turning off the television is one of the best things one can do for oneself.

        1. “All that said, almost all of the gay propaganda can be avoided by simply turning off the television.”
          Same with the “diversity” propaganda.

      2. I find it cute whenever someone finds out that I dislike homosexuals and call me their favorite buzzword “homophobe”. It really has no effect on me, because the word is idiotically used, although sadly far too often.
        The most annoying people in my opinion though, aren’t those acting like faggots, but those who virtue-signal how tolerant they are of homosexuals. Some even try to make it seem like bisexuals have “the best of both worlds”. Yeah, too bad the second world is mostly in their mentally ill heads.

        1. I don’t really get that much, “homophobe”. If I ever hear it I’ll just note “Nope, not scared of them at all, I mean, they’re effeminate by nature” and laugh.

        2. Good response. Never let them intimidate you. And if someone tries to pick an argument with me on why I dislike homosexuals, I never back down on my resolve. If they can tolerate two guys shagging each other, they can tolerate me finding them disgusting. If not, that’s their problem.

        3. Exactly. “Hey man, it’s just my personal opinion, man, and like, where’s your tolerance for diverse opinions, man?”
          I’ve been using “fag” and “faggot” a lot in public recently. It’s kind of a cool ice breaker when you’re hanging with a bunch of guys at a bar and you see something faggy on the tube and you pipe up with “Gay” or “Man, that fag shit is way too much”

        4. I get along fine with most male homosexuals, at least the ones who’ve grown up and are acting like adults.
          Many lesbians, however, often carry world-class chips on their shoulders, at least around me.

        5. With homos of both dik-bearing and non-dik-bearing variety I find that about 20% are reasonable adults, while the balance are mentally unsound on a myriad of levels.
          Nonetheless I find the pop-culture glorification of this mental anomaly irritating.

        6. I know! They ought to just call you a bigot – far more inclusive, and let’s face it, odds are, there’s all kinds of other minorities you hate just as bad as you hate the gays

        7. I feel like gay guys I meet are actually just trying hard to be liked. I also feel like they aren’t actually entirely gay. They always tell me I’m sweet and pretty and I don’t know.

        8. I was wondering when you would crawl out of your mother’s basement for your typical childish stomping.
          Get lost, faggot.

        9. Actually, tell them your fear is ‘NOT irrational (like a phobia) but much more realistic and fact-based. Like they are Aids-carriers. THAT is a reasonable fear. The word Homophobe and Islamophobe are actually leftist creations.

        10. Try, “It is a mental disorder. Where you find one mental disorder you almost always find more. Now if you find fault with that line of reasoning, that is your opinion you you have a right to hold it. If you can’t tolerate my having an opinion that differs, that is on you.”

        11. You do know that the definition of bigot is someone that is intolerant of the opinions of others. You have demonstrated that in this conversation it is you who are the bigot.

        12. Most of us here reject the notion that a small, shrill and arguably mentally ill minority can dictate the terms of existence to the rest of us.

        13. How about responding “Oh darling you sound so cute when you say that!”

        14. In that case you should celebrate the fact that Lesbian are the givers and receivers of the worst cases of domestic battery.

      3. ,,People need to start hearing and seeing real life opposition to their stupidity.”
        We need to go into depth with this.

    2. True that gay propaganda is everywhere. But it is intended to only be to the benefit of those who are gay. To illustrate this, there is currently a news story doing the rounds, which is that a clothing retailer in the UK sent a tweet about “Gay Pride”, saying:
      “The Pride community is everybody, not just people”.
      Well the lefties are up in arms about this, replying:
      “Pride is for people because of the ways it’s forcibly taken from us”.
      So yes gay propaganda is everywhere. But the left doesn’t want “everyone” to share in the “pride” of this homosexuality. They only want a limited number of people to take part in it, those who are gay, and they are the only ones allowed to be proud of it.
      Still, I’m not sure I want to feel pride in homosexuality, even if I’m not involved in it. So maybe the left are right on this occasion!

      1. Who ever is promoting homosexuality will sure rot in hell !
        How on the earth one can feel or want to feel pride in “homosexuality” !? There is a reason for the very existence of someone being “heterosexual” ! The so called “gays or lesbians” are here because their “parents” are of “opposite” sex !
        Being homo is a SIN, a disgrace, a mental disorder !!

    3. Yeah, people need to know the facts.
      Re: gays, one percent is actually too low. I’ve read that 3% of all Western men are living openly gay lives. Another 6% of all Western men have experimented with homosexuality, then have returned to women. Some enjoy manlove on the downlow. So that’s about 9% total, depending how you define homosexuality.
      Open lesbians are fewer in number, about 1.5% of the female population. But the number of women who experimented with girlfriends in college? Who knows. Fucking near 50% I’d wager lol.
      Agreed on the gay propaganda. It’s very noticeable and it’s out of proportion to the size of the population.

      1. When do you think we’re going to see those Trump indictments, Jammy? Sometime this month, maybe?

        1. I hope their is an invisible prop plane in her new movie! no jets in WW1

        2. quite right.
          Or invisible poison gas….o wait.
          no the point is they should be talking to us first.

      2. Nah, I’m with Gene Nolan and I’ve read similar. 1%. Openly gay 3%? Nowhere except a few urbanized areas.
        Hell, I must know over a thousand guys here in flyoverland, and I know zero open gays. I assume the ones that were here moved to NYC or SF.

      1. True. They need to start getting their asses kicked again. Too many effeminate pussy men.

      2. I don’t think I have witnessed a straight man acting gay.
        Is this something that some men do when they are joking, and no women are around?
        What do straight men acting gay do?

        1. They take hockey sticks and try to put it in each others anus. The last man standing with an undefiled anus wins.

        2. It must be a learned behavior; carried from male sports-team-rituals into their adult life: athletes are rife with sexual assault; male-on- male(s), males that usually identify as heterosexual.
          Mepham: The Final Chapter
          Fourth player to get probation in hazing scandal:
          The fourth and final suspect in the Mepham hazing/sexual assault trial was sentenced on was sentenced on Wednesday and again another one escapes with a cushy sentence. The mystery suspect only has to do 50 hours of community service, write a letter of apology to the victims and compose an essay describing how the case has affected him and others. Why didn’t the judge just make him write “I will not shove pine cones in other people asses” on the blackboard a hundred times. I seriously do not understand what Judge Robert J. Conway was thinking. He closed of proceeding to the public, instituted gag orders for all those involved, tried none of the four as adults, and gave mostly light sentences to the offenders. It seems like he thought that this was just a case of boys being boys. That would be true if they were trying out for the football team in ATTICA!!!!!!!!!!!
          Local football hazing incidents
          Oct. 15, 1997: Prospect High School students allegedly hold down a teammate in the football locker room and sexually assault him with a foreign object.
          Aug. 11, 1999: Two Stevenson High School students allegedly push peeled bananas against the bare buttocks of two junior varsity football players.
          Aug. 13, 1999: Two Stevenson players reportedly blindfold five junior varsity players, straddling them and tricking them into sitting up into their bare butts–a so-called atomic situp.
          Alexander High School
          Alexander, Ohio
          Football sodomy
          Travis A. Hawk, a team captain, pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of hazing involving several freshman teammates in the locker room showers. Parents of the victims contended their sons were sodomized with shampoo bottles after football practice on separate nights and suffered from mental anguish and continued harassment in school. Hawk was given a suspended sentence and $50 fine, plus community service requirement.
          Rancho Bernardo High School
          Rancho Bernardo, California
          Baseball sexual assault
          Three players pleaded guilty to sodomizing a freshman teammate with a broom handle in a school locker room after a game. They served time in juvenile hall for the crime. The school district paid $675,000 to settle a claim by the victim. According to the sworn declarations by students as the case proceeded, a tradition of hazing among athletes had existed at the school. Students said that varsity team members would intimidate freshmen by threatening to rape them and also were involved in simulated rapes.
          Hilton Head High School
          Hilton Head, SC
          Wrestling assaults
          The wrestling coach resigned and six players were suspended after a player complained of being sexually assaulted with a broomstick. In a statement, police also found that wrestlers engaged in practices called “trademarking,” in which wrestlers were hit, usually on the back, while sweating, which would leave a welt; and “dinking” which is a distraction technique used by the wrestlers during wrestling matches to defeat their opponent. Dinking “is when the finger is placed in or about the rectum area to distract the other (wrestler),” police said. The victims declined to press charges.
          North Carolina State University high school basketball camp
          Raleigh, North Carolina
          After a lengthy investigation, two Avery County basketball players working at an NCSU basketball camp admitted sodomizing younger students in a dormitory, according to the Raleigh News & Observer. One was found guilty of ten counts of hazing and the other was guilty of multiple accounts of simple assault. One was expelled from Avery and both were kicked off the basketball team. The two were placed on probation and ordered to stay away from the victims. A father told the newspaper is son’s rectum was severely injured. The families of the victims cooperated with the court to let the more culpable offender receive a misdemeanor charge instead of a felony charge that brought with it far tougher sentencing. Avery basketball coaches were supposed to be supervising the counselor
          Colonia High School
          Middlesex County, New Jersey
          Sexual hazing on soccer team
          November 2004
          Four soccer players entered guilty please to allegations they put a banana between a player’s bare buttocks to simulate a sex act, a common prank at the school according to testimony reported in the Star-Ledger. In the course of the so-called prank, the victim’s buttocks had been touched. The players argued they considered the event to be a joke, not an assault. One of those accused of criminal restraint, age 18. went on to play college soccer at a New Jersey College and was interviewed subsequently in an article on campus behavior to say that hazing was not allowed at his new school. Colina High forfeited a game during the investigation. Lawyers for the accused stressed the event was supposed to be a prank, not a hazing, in the minds of their clients.
          Barnegat High School
          Barnegat, New Jersey
          Alleged JV football team hazing
          September 24, 2004
          Hazing allegations involving molestation of a 14-year-old were reported after a party at a residence where a football team member was reportedly held down by other team members and sexually assaulted with a pool stick, according to the ABC-TV web site. Some team members used cell phones to photograph the alleged initiation, according to the Badjocks.com site. Police charged one juvenile with aggravated criminal sexual contact, criminal restraint, assault, and possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose. Two others were charged with lesser offenses, including the attempted destruction of cell phone evidence.

    4. The (maybe) straight men in the city with beards, seem and act more feminin than many of the women

    5. Soy in everything. All that exposure to soy from baby formula to the oil they cook French fries in. I think that contributes to plummeting testosterone levels.

      1. Exactly. Baby formula is why you see all those skinny men with giant heads. That’s why they have low T. That’s why they look very similar to adult preemies. That’s also why they’re all liberal: mom had to be a career woman.

    6. You seem to worry a lot about homosexuals. Are they hurting you somehow? No, “they” aren’t trying to make men gay so that they’ll vote democrat. Do you always drop acid in the middle of the afternoon?

      1. Hollyweird wants to shape society into Their mentally unstable image. Maybe one day another dictator will come along and start tossing effeminate fag living men into ovens.

      2. Like so many, I have no fear of homosexuals. ”Homophobia” is a term designed to disparage and silence any critics, like the term ‘racist’. IF (and that’s a big IF) what they did in their own bedrooms had zero financial impact on the rest of us, I wouldn’t give two rats’ asses. However, studies by CDC and National Institutes of Health (NIH) show that a gay lifestyle corresponds to increased risk of the following:
        substance abuse.
        domestic abuse
        Treatment of HIV in 2014 costs (again, CDC data) are > $30,000 per year, and new treatments have raised expected survival of 24 years. Cost is this well over $600,000 per patient over the lifetime for treatment. Since self-identified gay and bi men are 2.3% of the population (self-identified to US Census Bureau and studies by Johns Hopkins, NIH, and CDC) but over 67% of HIV cases, they are disproportionate users of health care for HIV.
        CDC studies estimate that the average lifespan of gays is around 20 years less than the straight population. It is a relatively easy extrapolation to realize that healthcare issues affect productivity in jobs, which affects overall economy.
        Now – with public funding for healthcare and all these other problems, why should I NOT be concerned, since my tax $$$ are going to pay for these significant physical and mental health costs?

        1. Maybe being oppressed and discriminated against by bigots makes gay people sad, which increases the likelihood of substance abuse, depression, and suicide.

        2. Awesome. So cool. Good luck in the fall – starting high school is a huge step.

        3. What are even doing here? You are clearly behaving like a woman. Nobody likes you.

        4. I notice that you don’t respond at all to the medical costs associated with treating an avoidable disease that the rest of us end up having to pay through tax dollars. Or is it that you can’t, so you have to resort to the classic liberal misdirection that was pointed out in the article above to distract from the nettlesome facts? Don’t you want to acknowledge the extreme promiscuity of the gay community? You know – the one that puts gay people at extreme risk of very costly and deadly diseases?

        5. Medical costs? Do heterosexuals not get STD’s? Pro-tip – this entire website is about promiscuity.

        6. Because sticking your penis in a guys asshole is the height of sofistication. Keep your pinky up while you’re getting shit on your dick, Nancy boy.

        7. Or it could be that homosexuality is just naturally associated with a range of other psychological disturbances, from “drama queen” all the way up to full-blown Dahmer, but it’s more convenient to blame all your mental issues on muh persecution

        8. Hmm, before we decide – which answer fits in best with what you prefer to believe?

        9. I have no preference, being neither gay nor bigot. I guess I’m the more objective observer between the 2 of us, and I have to say, you seem to be wrong.

        10. because its degeneracy and yes they take over public spaces with their dick in the ass parades. i dont want my (future) kids exposed to that level of degeneracy.

        11. Degeneracy is in the eye of the beholder. Why are you worried about other men’s dicks?

        12. one persons truth may not be another persons truth, especially when it comes to these matters. my solution? break up the USA in two parts. you can take yourself and your gay, lesbian, queer friends and we will take all the good hard working conservative folks. deal?

        13. It’s hilarious you think that homosexuals are neither good nor hard-working.

        14. Call your Senator. Tell him you demand a Constitutional amendment to protect you from being offended. Till then, suck it up.

        15. We don’t need to divide the country in half to placate bigots – but feel free to leave whenever you want.

        16. You don’t look particularly intelligent ranting about “SJW tactics!!!”

        17. still have a US passport and social security number. not by my choice but was given that when I was born. If someone gave me the choice, yes I would choose the Thai citizenship.

        18. Send a letter to the state department and renounce your citizenship. It’s a shame to walk around with such a burden.

        19. That’s the children who don’t exist, in the country you choose to not live in, right?

        20. that firing was politically driven. are you suggesting that he has a low IQ, or that he doesnt work hard writing books and touring all around the US?

        21. Does it sound like something a rational, logical person would do? Ppl like you are freaks.

        22. Or better yet we could adopt an anti gay propaganda bill like Russia did to protect children from pedophile fags such as yourself.

        23. You don’t look particularly intelligent getting schooled by everyone, learning nothing and then coming back for more. Ppl like you are knuckle dragging degenerates. You behave like animals then expect us to believe you’re intelligent. As societies advanced homosexuality became less acceptable. There’s nothing logical or intelligent about fucking a guy in the ass… It’s actually regressive and primitive.

        24. Homosexuality used to be in the DSM-IV until a big angry mob of gay people intimidated the moderators of the DSM with violence to take it out….

        25. Degeneracy is objective. It is not relative. There are absolute standards. Simply because you do not acknowlege them does not mean they do not exist.

        26. Look up the stats you clueless, basement dweller. Particularly the aids epidemic among gays. Good luck with your HIV you limp wristed little twat. Educate yourself instead of mindlessly following a trend. This is why I originally said you weren’t worth responding to. You’re not capable of deviating from what you’ve been taught. You’re not capable of critical thought. You’re just too fucking stupid to explain anything to. No comprehension.

        27. Compare the cost of HIV infections among promiscuous homosexuals with the cost of unwanted children among promiscuous heterosexuals. Don’t bother responding – I consider you a bigoted moron.

        28. Or maybe being mentally ill and half of them having over 500 sex partners and a third over 1000 contributes to feeling like a worthless shit?
          Because they are?
          Those numbers don’t come from sane people.
          You will not invent causality were there is none. Sodomites are being paraded around and praised for nothing. There is no discrimination “problem” against them but there should be.

        29. And we are going to take your word for it.
          Aren’t you just bigoted against the truth of a natural lifestyle and diverting harm from a society?

        30. so what is your solution about Japan? they are a bunch of raycisssss bigots over there. are you going to kick of a Japan tour and start protesting in the streets?

        31. What could it possibly be.
          Live and eat healthy, train your body and mind, overcome addictions and embrace your nature in form of masculinity or femininity according to your sex.

        32. I’m not you – I don’t fret as much about countries I don’t live in.

        33. Sodomites are mentally ill. Those numbers don’t come from sane people. In no way are they living a natural lifestyle.
          That suggestion doesn’t have any backing.

        34. The issue is when homosexuals want special treatment, affirmative action, protection and leniency on their criminal behavior and the law conforming to it.
          If a boss calls one of his gay workers inefficient and fires him the homo will sue the boss for firing him for being gay taking a word that the boss said out of context and then winning the case.
          Whereas people can disparage a Christian and use hate speech on them as much as possible while the law does nothing on that. Bet if you treated a muslim that way shit would fly.

        35. Except by studies even in the most red states shown there is almost no hate speech or bullying gays. Nobody even knows people are gay until they say they are.

      3. A better drug reference for the aggressively judgmental person on the edge of paranoia would be Coke and/or Meth.
        LSD use is most often associated with a feeling of expansive-connection-to-oneness.
        Psychedelics are a quick, cost-effective way to treat depression, anxiety and PTSD.
        “…the choice right now; between fear and love…we can explore space together, both inner and outer, forever, in peace…”
        RIP Bill Hicks (December 16, 1961 – February 26, 1994)

    7. Well there’s quite the number of homosexuals in prison. In fact homosexuality might be higher in prison than outside of it.

    8. Very Well Said……I Concur….100% Men In America Have Lost Their ‘Balls’!

  11. You forgot one type of fake news, the most insidious one – Lies of Context.
    That is when a news story is printed which could be factually true, but has no relevance or context and only serves to subliminally equate the target to something bad.
    Examples: a NYT article that states: “Washington Post Journalist claims that Trump is a disaster”.
    It is a genuine quote, not fake, but it is just some journo’s personal opnion, however it will receive front page, a full color interview and long debates as if someone important said it.
    Nobody should care about this specific private person’s opinion of Trump, but the story itself serves to paint Trump as something bad and that’s what people will remember.
    Another example: Having a story about something bad unrelated to Trump (say rising gas prices or gays being refused entry to Starbucks) and artificially slipping something about Trump or his policies or his “hate speech” into the unrelated story, just to give people a reminder that Trump=Bad.

    1. This is exactly what I can’t stand… the manufacturing of “news.”
      The people who read RoK, /pol/, Zerohedge et;al are in the SMALL minority of critical thinkers. Everyone else is easily led around by the nose with this kind of “reporting” and “journalism” which only serves one purpose, to indoctrinate the plebes. (((who))) runs Bartertown?

        1. So the fact that a disproportionate amount of a specific minority has vested interests in just about every US media outlet doesn’t hold any merit in this conversation?

        2. Additionally, I didn’t blame “everything” on “them” either. That was your assumption.

        3. I didn’t accuse you of blaming everything on (((them))). You inferred that accusation.

        4. And, just for the record, blaming (((nothing))) on them isn’t critical thinking, either.

      1. It doesn’t only serve to indoctrinate the plebs, it’s also a kind of signalling to sister orginizations that lets them know what the current message is and what kind of stories to run, what to focus on etc.
        So you’ll see one article about immigrants that were attacked “In light of Trump’s latest speech” and suddenly every liberal news site and comedy site (Cracked, Collegehumor etc.) is running similar stories with a very specific message.

  12. the biggest; by far -lie in America is that immigration in any form is good for America. Do you want 5 people eating a pie or 5000? Its ridiculous to think 325 million people fighting for their very existence is not enough. Its sick quite frankly/

  13. Good timing. You also need to be aware of the specific psychological tactics being used. The Trump-Russia story, for example, is almost a complete hoax, but these lies, combined with attention channeling devices such as presuppositional statements, have turned it into one of the best ad campaigns I’ve ever seen. The list of tactics is rather extensive, and being unaware of them will leave you open to manipulation. http://masculineepic.com/index.php/2017/06/10/the-trump-russia-connection/
    The left has long used these kinds of things while basic bitch conservatives didn’t. Trump changed that. In a way that may be seen as rather sad, telling the truth is often not as effective as lying, because lying allows you to draw more attention, for starters.

  14. They like to treat people like cattle and herd them as such. 30 years ago, obesity was a much smaller problem, around that time the mainstream health community started telling the masses to eat low fat, and to reduce meat consumption. The result was more people consumed more sugar and processed foods. Obesity in many parts of the country TRIPLED, now the population is in such shape that they are at the mercy of an expensive healthcare system, yet the same quacks were telling people to eat “low fat” 30 years ago, and now two thirds of the American population is overweight or obese, its so bad the average American is 20 to 25 pounds overweight. So if you are fit, you are in the minority.
    The other big lie was the leftist media believed Trump had no chance of winning the Presidency, but really we know he won because he faced Hillary, a person that many Americans absolutely despise. And despite the negative feelings of most Americans towards her, she almost became President, so you can see how the powerful media machine can influence the masses.
    And ever since Trump entered the White House, the establishment has been fighting him tooth and nail. Its gotten to the point where there is already special prosecutor assigned to investigate the Trump campaign and its staff. That has caused all of his major initiatives to stall or be cancelled.
    It wouldn’t surprise me that the powers that be will find a new candidate to replace Trump in the next election, these people aren’t stupid, but they did underestimate him by choosing Hillary to run against him. Trump probably would not have won if he faced Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders.

  15. It is usually very easy to read between the lines to determine the race or religion of the perpetrators of some crime or atrocity: if the race is omitted or obfuscated they are Black. If the religion is omitted they are Muslim (Sunni in particular).

  16. If not for Lies and Fake News the so called fair and balanced liberal news media would be posting no news so Thank God we have the internet so that people who want to know what the truth might be can find it.

  17. I hate to be the proverbial turd in the punch bowl, but everything you accuse the left of doing in this article the right also does.

    1. That sure works the other way.
      – The antifascists are using fascism to oppose the right.
      – The left campaigned on “love trumps hate,” yet show nothing but absolute hatred for the right. Some love.
      – The left used to say no to violence, yet are using violence against the right.
      – The left are know to be hard anti-gun, yet are now taking up arms to murder people on the right.

  18. The one achilles heel of elites is truth.
    They may be good at influencing and swaying, but the one weakness they always have is that they are lying.
    They may have the advantage of clever lies, and stupid masses. But we have the advantage of truth, a master that even the elites must bow to and recognize.

  19. They’re all just a bunch of fucked losers who can’t get a girlfriend : )

  20. There is a meme on Facebook that compares Muslims to Republicans. It lists several tenets of Sharia Law, then asks the reader if it reminds them of anyone – Republicans. I have called this meme out three times. I always ask “Why does the left work so hard to convince to accept those who practice Sharia Law, but then compares their political enemies with those who practice Sharia Law?” Two people who posted this unfriended me, no explanation. The third to his credit did not unfriend me, but just could not see the hypocrisy in the meme.

  21. Speaking of “lies of omission”…
    A critical problem with leftists is that they only want to hear things that support their case. Anything that even hints at their concepts being a delusion is ushered away. Here is a clear example of the kind of self-serving censorship that leftists live by:
    I commented on an article that requests commentary on this well known bit of “feel good”:
    Attached is my comment. Of course the honest truth hurts, but it is an earnest attempt at getting people out of the delusion of basically, “I’m a woman so I don’t have to try because I’m perfect the way I am. Men? Men have to love me as is, but they’d better be six feet, six-packed and six-figured”.
    What happens? Well, Mellifluous ( @melli02 ) https://disqus.com/by/melli02/ , or agents thereof, decided that her audience should only see what she wants them to see. My post was deleted and my posting privileges revoked. This is the legacy of leftism.

    1. Leftists are all about creating their “version of the truth”. Anything they see that could shake apart their lies needs to be suppressed.

      1. Well done, with all due respect!!!
        That perfectly summarizes the mission statement, so to speak, of the “Cult of the Evil Left, Libs, and Dems, (and I repeat myself.)

  22. May I add Method No.6. I call it the “Mommy Hates Little Johnny!” method. It is mainly used in the “Generate A Negative Headline No Matter What The Facts Are!” strategy. Anyway, here is how it works:
    Five year old Little Johnny ask Mommy for a cookie. Mommy says, “No, that will spoil your appetite! Plus, you are already a little chubby and you don’t need any extra sugar.” Little Johnny says, “If you don’t give me a cookie, then you don’t love me!” Mommy says, “Tough sh*t, you ain’t getting a cookie!” Little Johnny cries, “You hate me!”, as he stomps angrily out of the room.”
    The Main Stream Press (MSM) runs the headline, Mommy Hates Little Johnny!
    The body of the story reads, “A hungry child was refused a cookie by his Mommy, who doesn’t love him. Her cruel refusal, supposedly based on questionable dietary concerns, left the child both angry, and emotionally upset. At last report, Little Johnny is still his room, quietly sobbing to himself.”
    By eschewing an actual reporting of the facts, and relying simply on the characterization of the event by one of the parties, negative headlines are easier to gin up. Plus, just relying on somebody else’s characterization of the facts saves a lot of time doing actual reporting. It is an effective smear tactic.
    The MSM has been doing this for years, simply reporting the Democratic Party characterization of things (The DNC Narrative) as “facts.” I think many people do not read much beyond the headlines, so this is an effective propaganda tactic. Anybody linking to such a story, will also inherit the false and negative headline.
    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  23. Feminism, Feminists,Queers,Fags,Lesbians, Homo-sexuals,The Sky Is Falling, The World Is Heating Up’, Defending Illegal Aliens,Free Education,No Border Walls. do you know what they all have in Common”””? ………They are All Democrats Or Progressives. Enough Said”!

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