Why Game Is Necessary (Part 2)

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We’re big on the concept of self-improvement here at ROK, and for good reason. We understand that men cannot hope to get want they want out of life (romantically or otherwise) without taking a serious look at themselves, objectively and efficiently identifying their faults and working diligently to improve upon them. Society’s judgment of men who fail to do this is a very poor one, and the judgement of the female sex is harsher still. Weak men who show themselves unable or unwilling to address their faults are the floor upon which members of this society trample and spit upon. Their only defense is to begin the process of self-improvement.


It is often beneficial to facilitate this process through example. By providing illustrations of what should and should not be done, one can provide the male concerned with legitimate self-improvement a figurative “map” of sorts with which to guide himself forward, a source of directions that shows him where he needs to go and where he really shouldn’t be.

The more thorough and common the provision of these “directions”, the more effective the broader process of male self-improvement. Fewer men engage in pathetic activities that render them perpetual romantic failures and more women get to enjoy the company of men with at least a moderate degree of romantic competence. Everyone wins.

Today I am going to do my part to facilitate this process by providing an example of where no man should seek to be (as I have done before). The scenario is simple enough: a guy gets access to a girl via social circle contacts. He is able to build enough attraction for her to give him a shot and manages a couple of dates. He fails spectacularly for reasons that will become evident below.

I will let the images speak for themselves.

01 - 0QppjKm

02 - WR3tLc7

03 - HOrbM4T

04 - w2LiWpt

05 - w0Eq8sm

06 - bdbrWAp

07 - ZAdTd9s

08 - Is9UvaX

09 - GzTAbRn

10 - 0Sy3hFb

11 - x2g2TGR

12 - WdTLWm1

13 - 2zqM9G2

14 - uZTzMZy

So, where’d this guy go wrong? I think I could make multiple posts answering that question, so in the interest of time I’ll just abbreviate with three simple points.

1. Too many texts

He’s sending her 3 or 4 texts for every one he receives. From the very beginning, he’s too talkative and comes across as entirely too eager. We’ve all been here, and we’ve all run headfirst into the consequence: seeming too needy. This is the kiss of death with any female.

2. Too much cutesy talk

This guy thinks he’s being charming, funny and cool with his use of “foeva” and the like, but really he just sounds kind of like a goofy try-hard.

3. He telegraphs interest far too early and far too directly.

It takes him two days to invite the girl he barely knows (they’ve only been on a date or two) on a cruise.

Note how prior to this point (which you can find above in the fourth image), despite his goofy wordiness, she’s at least moderately responsive. When he starts calling/texting her late at night with something to say, she at least manages a response eventually (“I’m at a baby shower, what’s up?”) and hears him out. Up until this point, he never sends more than 3 messages without getting a response (though this is still a horrible ratio) and that response usually comes less than a day after he’s said something. She’s not totally ignoring him. The guy was playing it poorly, but (miraculously) wasn’t totally out of her life yet.

After he mentions this cruise, she says “I don’t want to commit to anything for the summer right now”. She then goes dead silent on him for almost 10 days. Despite all of the mistakes he had made within the earliest stages of the conversation (wordiness, overeager tone, 3-to-1 text/response ratio, etc), it was his move to try and get her to offer some form of commitment early on that really convinced her to completely shut things down.

This demonstrates a very valuable reality for young men pursuing women to understand: be very wary of offering commitment. Women may be the gatekeepers of sex, but men are the gatekeepers of commitment. A gatekeeper’s value is inherently linked to his/her ability to guard the objects being kept (sex for women, commitment for men).

Women who fail to guard their sex (read: highly promiscuous women who gain a reputation for providing easy sex to many men) are marked as poor gatekeepers and generally not held in high esteem.

Men who fail to guard their commitment (read: overeager, insecure, needy men who seem all to ready to wife up a girl within a very short time period and ooze desperation in the process) are no better and, actually, are in many ways held in much lower regard than the aforementioned highly promiscuous women (who hate them too).

This man was a piss poor gatekeeper, and he was treated accordingly. He did not understand what his commitment was worth, and offered it too casually. His needy, overeager nature and likely scarcity mentality were his undoing.


To improve romantically, men must learn to understand the true value of their commitment (a desirable commodity that can be offered and removed at will only by men) and understand the need to guard it accordingly. This knowledge must also be combined with focused efforts in other aspects related to broad self-improvement (style, finances, fitness, etc), which will be needed in order to make you into the kind of man whose commitment is actually desired by attractive women in the first place.

This is the way forward for the self-aware male seeking to better his romantic lot in life—you begin by becoming the kind of man women are attracted to (and, by extension, the man whose commitment is desired). The increased demand for your commitment (to which you are the gatekeeper, remember) then enhances your romantic value and allows you to enjoy higher quality relationships with higher quality women on a more regular basis.

It will also allow you to avoid becoming anything remotely resembling this sad example of manhood here, who (unaware of the lessons I am attempting to disseminate in this post) wasn’t done texting this now totally uninterested girl:

1 - ys5k5uA

2 - x28jBa9

3 - EeQo3Zz

4 - 1Rh1MYE

5 - lJ0zrrk

6 - hjSZ8YE

7 - mG1BjoW

8 - 9XqOos9

9 - VbjXfh5

Now, I want to make this clear: none of the mistakes displayed above are particularly rare. I think that the bulk of men on this site have been repeat offenders at some point in their lives. I know that I have certainly been guilty of much of the behavior displayed and described above (neediness, over-texting, etc).

How do we respond? We live and we learn, often the hard way. It isn’t just about avoiding the mistakes, but making sure they are properly utilized as catalysts along the path to self-improvement, small boosts that can move you closer to the ultimate goal.

By displaying such catastrophic romantic blunders and highlighting their faults for all to see, I hope to make that process of mistake utilization a smoother one for other men who have either just recently made such errors or will soon do so.


Take it from somebody who has made the above errors on more than one occasion and seen the pitiful destination to which they lead: you don’t want to be there. Don’t be that guy. Stick with ROK and, eventually, you will internalize the steps necessary to avoid hitting the kind of rock-bottoms displayed above and, hopefully, will never find yourself there again. That will be more than hundreds of millions of young males in this modern world can say, and that’s an accomplishment.

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129 thoughts on “Why Game Is Necessary (Part 2)”

  1. at first, I felt embarrassed for the guy who was sending the texts.
    Then I just wanted to slap him.
    Also: the old 1940s ideal of “the man needs to be persistent” is mostly DEAD. Try that now, and not only will the girl cut off communications, it’ll get labeled as

        1. That girl is a 5.5. She doesn’t deserve hover hands!
          Which, I guess, is a bigger statement on the guy than on her, sadly.

      1. It’s also fake. They’re both RL friends (cosplayer is Jessica Nigri) and made an joke photo. Doesn’t make it not hilarious, though.

    1. persistent against LMR, and if they’re attracted but coy, yes.
      persistent if they fucking hate your guts no.

  2. The key to it all: “Women may be the gatekeepers of sex, but men are the gatekeepers of commitment.”
    Just as we men don’t value women who give their ass away easily, women don’t value men who give their commitment away easily.
    This is a very important lesson to learn.

    1. Yeah I think it’s time the old monika of ‘Game’ was dropped entirely and it was just called LIFE.
      You chase the horse it runs away… the chinese were talking about this shit in 4000BC it ain’t nothing new.
      The shame of it though is that enthusiastic, positive minded, easy going, productive people are punished – where manipulative, devisive, and sociopathic people are rewarded…
      Game is basically an everyday version of politics… present yourself in an appealing if largely false light, to win peoples attention and affection.
      We only have to look at what politics has done for the world to see the net result of this so called game.
      It’s fucking pathetic…and yet absolutely necessary at the same time… such is the ZEN of existence..

        1. I feel you brother… but what I also feel, is that the manosphere is going to be successful at making some major changes to the world….
          The truth might be bitter but at least it’s the truth…
          What no one has thought into properly is what happens when women get their teeth into the redpill and it becomes the way to be… feminism is just a fashion led by bitter ugly jealous females…. once women see other women truly happy, they are going to go apeshit not for MBA and Presidencies but to please men…
          It only takes a few sticks to light a fire, and the whole forest will burn…. WE ARE THE STICKS!!!
          check this lot out:

      1. Look, your interpreting it all wrong. I’m going to make things very easy for you brother. Visit ManhoodAcademy and READ their FREE ebook. It’s time to remove your head from your assumptions.

    2. That’s an honestly a very true statement. I’ve never considered this aspect of the man vs women relationship but looking back it is very accurate. For this piece of knowledge I will share another I thought was very true. “Men are fall in love with what they see where Women fall in love with what they hear. Thats why women wear makeup and men lie.”

  3. Good god thank god I learned about this right after I tuned 21. Seriously, saved my life. Delayed texts, short, simple, blunt. Works all the time. A woman questions a man who can constantly text. Wtf does he do with his time, no life ? Stay busy !

  4. LOL, that was painful but entertaining. I’ve been an AFC before but not to that degree. Great post.

  5. LOL, that was painful but entertaining. I’ve been an AFC before but not to that degree. Great post.

  6. Pathetic!!! This guy is a perfect example of a sad situation : how many thousands of desperate men act like him with women across North America? Maybe this one will learn something from his mistakes, someday…

  7. No. 1 rule for texting:
    don’t reply with more than 1 message unless absolutely neccessary.
    Actually, don’t even fuck around with texting too much. Typing on an onscreen keyboard is a huge waste of time and extremely impersonal.

    1. I think you can assign about 50% of the economic down turn since 2008 – to the loss of productivity caused by the smart phone.
      you can lose an entire hour thumb typing into a 2″ screen,
      whereas in 2004 you would have been using a full sized keyboard and a 17″ screen.
      now there is progress for you.
      Ask yourself if you really need to be online 24/7. Mostly i have the wifi and 3G disabled in my phone and just use it for phone calls. that is why it’s called a PHONE doh!
      For my PC I use 6 x 24″ screen with 1920 x 1200 resolution. Email on one screen, Word on another, Web on another, the gain in productivity is amazing and my system is from 2007….

    2. the thing with the rules is, for any newbs out here reading, is that you have to bait a hook to catch a fish. being indifferent without giving the odd wriggle [of attraction, jealousy] once in a while is a one way ticket to thinking every girl is a cold dead fish.
      ideally this is always done in person, and then attention is withdrawn [few replies, vague, only text to meet or booty] to build up their fear of loss.
      but if they’re a high quality, highly sought after woman, then persistence is the difference between spunking on her ass cheeks or spunking in your hand, at the end of the night.
      for those women you have to make it clear you only think of them as a sex object, and depending on the time and place they may actually respond to a booty text. but not some kind of romantic faux boyfriend shit

    3. Agree with 1 text, but disagree about texting. I stopped using the phone looong time ago, proper texting works great!

  8. That was P-A-I-N-F-U-L. That made me think of a quote from Superbad.
    “I would go down on her for…several hours. She would like that, she would be smitten by that. Or I would just hump the shit out of her leg.”
    I remember when I was the consolation prize “can we at least be friends,” kind of guy, but at least I realized when things fizzled out.
    I think the real litmus test for most women (or so-called “friends”) that have at least some interest in you is this: If you were to stop calling/texting them altogether, would you ever hear from them again?
    I decided a long time ago to stop making a priority in those who barely make me an option.

  9. Note the niceguy “I’m so nice” / “I’m so bad” dichotomy right up in this bitch.

  10. Jesus Christ. Just scrolling down this far HURT ME IN MY BALLS.
    But a thousand thanks for providing a webpage / link where I can go if before I ever text a chick more than one syllable.
    YOU: “11PM bring da movies”.
    SHE: “Are we always going to be just friends with benefits.”
    YOU: “No come over.”
    SHE: ” K 🙂 ”
    YOU: “Just benefits lozlozzlozlzozlozlzozl”

  11. Oh my God this guy… ahh! Sadly I know his kind. That girl was really polite, she hinted that she wasn’t interested many times before actually blowing him off. I’m more blunt with my “no”.
    Problem is even an average OK guy could have a chance with a girl if he acts well aka has a pair. But when he is both average n has poor social skills is sad. Most women get their creep detectors turned on by these guys cause they can’t help but wonder what made this guy so desperate n how was he raised since he is so socially retarded?!

      1. Guess that for every king on Return of kings there must be a jester like you. Ass licking? What are you, gay? What man throws an insult like that?! :))

        1. Oh gimme a break. What if every repressed dude started linking to that article? Would that change the fact that his stupid insult was a sign of weakness n bad judgment?

        2. Really? Now what if every repressed dude started linking to that article? Would that excuse their dumb unnecessary insults? Would that change the fact that they give off signs of weakness ? Pfff

      2. There’s no harm in letting her speak if she has something relevant and intelligible to say.

  12. I can’t really come down on the guy too hard. I once wrote a poem to a girl I liked. I was too scared to just walk up and give it to her, so I slipped it under her door. I hate even admitting that story, but oh well. If I had a time machine, I’d go back to about 3 seconds before I slipped that poem under the door and slap the shit out of myself.
    Live and learn.

  13. this isn’t neediness, this is just creepy. I’ve been in a similar situation once or twice. if I would have been in her place I would have freaked out after half of the messages. This guy behaves way too intimidating.

    1. Neediness is often the root cause of what we would consider “creepy” behavior. This is a desperate guy with a strong scarcity mentality. He has her on a pedestal already and is very much in need of her affection in return—he’s desperate for it. He simply isn’t secure/confident/self-aware/mature enough to provide his own validation, and therefore depends on receiving it from someone else. This leads to “creepy” results.

      1. Fuck all that. The new and revised definition of “Creepy” from the Feminist Word Bible (they don’t call it a “dictionary” because of the phallic connotations of the first syllable) reads as follows:
        creep·y [kree-pee] adjective: All heterosexual male activities. (Ex. Breathing, walking, eating, speaking.)

        1. That’s not quite precise enough. It should read: “All heterosexual BETA male activities.”
          What is “creepy” can vary widely depending on the male in question.

    2. Observe, gentlemen, why there are some women who feel like just about every man in the world is about to rape them, when the men they fear are the very men who wouldn’t dare give them a head peck without without prior, express permission. . .
      . . . and then run back to their thug boyfriends who smack them around, begging for forgiveness. That man is not intimidating. He is her dream throb and it would kill her if he dumped her.
      No, it is the man in the photo, submissively being sat on by the girl, who is behaving in an intimidating manner.
      Observe, gentlemen, and remember. Always remember.

      1. I think it’s the fact that he can’t take no for an answer, and he keeps pressing on, even though she is giving him no indication that she wants his attention that makes him creepy. She is obviously uncomfortable, but he is totally oblivious to her discomfort. He’s probably the kind of guy that hits on you, and then follows you around even if you ignore him, and then when you run away to hide in the bathroom, waits for you outside so you guys can “talk”.

    1. An old roommate was a total pimp (a male nurse, incidentally). He was talking to one of his harem girls and she said she couldn’t come over because her car was broken. So he was like, “Cool. Give me a call when you get your shit together” and hurriedly ended the conversation when he saw she was no use to him sexually.
      She called back two minutes later saying she’d be over that night. I remember him saying, “Your boyfriend’s car? Ha ha. That’s not right. See you in a bit.”
      I remembered that when I envisioned that bitch taking the car “Charm” bought her to get anal from some asshole who treats her like shit, while “Charm” is desperately texting her, asking when she’ll come over next. “I bought her a $30,000 car, so she must want me now, right?!?!”

    2. I still can’t believe that guy bought a fuckin car for another guy’s girlfriend?!
      I had to reread that pic a few times to make sure I got it right…

  14. lol. Those texts remind me of the scene in ‘Swingers’ where Mikey keeps leaving messages on the girl’s answering machine: It’s literally too embarrassing to watch….and it’s embarrassing because I’ve done shit like that, too. (Maybe not THAT bad, but in the ballpark.)
    Discriminating about what girls you commit to and not allowing yourself to invest emotionally (or otherwise) in girls who aren’t giving you anything in return is really Game 101, I think. Just be disciplined and don’t spiral into these black holes.

  15. I’ll admit I have been like this with a couple girls pre-red pill….but not nearly that bad! OMG my freakin eyeballs, that was painful to read. I just texted too much and was a bit overbearing and that’s what turned these girls off, who the first 2 weeks of dating pretty much considered me Mr. Amazing.
    Be scarce, be mysterious, be unavailable pretty often. It works…

  16. I used to be a beta, not as nearly as bad as our texting friend here, but still beta. Recently I met one of those rare girls who met the criteria for a longterm relationship vs the mini relationship or pump and dump. Trying not to appear over eager to her very enthusiastic texts and emails, I may have been too cold and it fell apart. A learning moment for sure.

      1. That there is a happy medium. A rule of thumb I heard once is to be about 80% as enthusiastic as she is. All in all though, my “cold” game worked for a while. It is 10000 times better than needy game every time, but can be overdone. I actually liked her vs just wanting to bang her, so I tried extra hard to project not caring, and I guess it was just too much. Another game lesson learned through experience I suppose.

        1. I do try hard to improve my game. You must be one of those guys who expects things to just happen by chance one day like in a Romance Comedy…. game isn’t effortless.

        2. True, girls do not like it if you stay ice-cold in your texts *all* the time.
          Try to mix in some suave, sexy messages like an Italian playboy would send.
          If you want some examples, check out Magnetic Messaging 99 Best Texts guide, and Love Systems Ultimate Guide to Text Game.
          They both have some great messages to send that re-spark conversation and get her feeling sweet and sexy.
          Also, mix in telephone calls so not all communication is by text.

        3. I had 2 nearly identical experiences with 2 women about the same age and with the same number of kids. Both divorced a few years ago.
          Both upper 30’s, 3 kids, divorced, had many relationships since their divorce.
          Both got very attached to me right away and were falling all over themselves praising me, acting like the fucking sun rose and set in my ass everyday, and both times I played it cool for a couple weeks. Then they backed off a bit, and I was suddenly on the defensive, being the one texting more often, showing some neediness and being a bit overbearing. Both women shut down after that, eventually telling me thanks but no thanks..but of course still wanting to “be friends”.
          This was pre-red pill. Lessons learned, as noted above by Athlone. You have to find that balance.
          Bitches be totally crazy, especially divorced women with baggage galore and aging a bit.
          But I also know now (I’m 41, with 2 boys of my own) that these women are not the ones to go after anymore, especially since I can still get the younger ones.

        4. “You have to find that balance. Bitches be totally crazy,”
          Oh pu-leeze CNT (certified nurse technician)! You’re the one who plays games and admits being “imbalance” and those women are the ones who are “crazy”?!

    1. I’ve been there.
      I’m still not sure if there is any reliable, formulaic way to find that medium. In my experience, it just takes practice. Having been on both extremes (insanely needy as a teen, overly apathetic after discovering Roosh and working on game) I now feel much closer to that medium than I have ever been.
      I can’t honestly say I’ve gotten there with any sort of plan or formula-I mostly just tried, failed and learned the hard way. I got to the middle ground by trodding on the soil of both extremes first, and learning not do so anymore. I found the happy medium by simply stepping everywhere else, failing, internalizing that failure as a learning experience and never stepping there again. I matured a little with each lesson and got a touch closer to the happy medium with each failure.
      I’m starting to think that this may just be the only way forward for men-we’ve just got to make mistakes and learn the hard way. A little forewarning can expedite the process (which is what the manosphere is for), but it still has to happen.

  17. Reading this, it just hurts. Any man with empathy would want to punch both of these sorry excuses for a man in the face – hoping they wake up, stop being such fools. Ouch, it hurts so much… any work-out session is a walk in the park compared to this!

  18. I couldn’t read all of his texts, too much pain. I also found it important to note that when he asked her where he went wrong, she just said that “she just plain and simple didn’t like him.” Chicks give this response EVERY TIME. They honestly don’t know what you did to turn them off, so it takes a while for a guy to learn that kind of stuff. Ah well, that’s life. Keep at it boys.

  19. Depressing. You guys think its cool and funny to bash and mock the dude. Me, I feel sad for him. From women, I would expect that kind of abuse. But from fellow guys…

    1. That’s the difference between men and women. Woman just flatter each other for ego boost, while men are honest with each other.

  20. Men should be required to pass a text game exam before they can be legally granted access to a cell phone.

  21. Oh my god. For the first set, I thought each image was a different conversation, and it was brutal game in each image individually. THEN I realized IT’S ALL THE SAME GUY talking to the SAME GIRL. Holy mother of hell.

  22. Game can only take people so far. If you have some type of condition, such as being ugly, short, or Black, you can just give up on your quest to get attractive women.

    1. can’t give up that easily, I mean I’ve been trying to help my 5’1 friend get girls, and I’m no coach, but he has gotten some girls to flirt with him(I know girls flirt around a lot, but it is still progress). But he ain’t ugly…and he is black…but dem white bitches don’t mind him. I just have to get him all the way to sex. I was asking for advise on here since I’m no dating coach.

      1. Just tell him to give it up. If you’re short and Black, you’re not going to get laid unless you’re into fatass rejects. Even tall Black men have a hard time scoring attractive women.

        1. Seriously? Tall black mean have problems scoring chicks? I see 5’6-5’8 black dudes pulling goodlooking chicks a fair bit. And no they are mot famous, they just talk cool. To be fair, most of my black friends do not go for black women.

        2. I’m talking about Asian women too, in particular. Black dudes tend to get stuck with fat reject White women and fat reject Latinas, with the occasional fat reject Filipina (never knew they made fatass reject Asian chicks, but usually that’s what Black guys get).

        3. As I always say, if I weren’t Black I’d be in China, Taiwan, or Japan getting myself some balls-deep action.

        4. It’s true though. If I weren’t Black, I’d be in Asia boning yellow women. I can’t make Asian women like Black men, and I can’t change my race.

        5. It’s understandable, I’d have self-pity if I were an African American too. However, at least you can get all the hoodrat pussy rather easily.

        6. This faggot is on youtube playing some shit called tank attack 2. Confirmed for white beta with a black dick obsession.
          If there is one thing worst than niggers it is fucking faggots. You’re a disgrace, a stain on the white race. To stoop so low as to posture as a coon is pathetic and fucking embarassing

    2. This is late but had to respond. I’m black and I have attractive women giving me fuck me eyes all the time. Most of them are married though. It helps to make yourself into a high value man. If you are not, then make yourself one.
      Don’t dog yourself out so much.

  23. Just showed this post to my 16yo daughter. She couldn’t even make it through all those texts.

  24. It’s hard for me to believe that such manginas could possibly exist, sending wave after wave of needy pathetic text messages. But these guys are the reason the legal system is fucked. They’ll do anything for female approval, absolutely anything.

  25. Athlone-
    Thanks for this article. Painful to read those texts but a necessary follow up treatment for the red pill for me.

  26. Okay, 5’1 guy who is average looking and has average job, but only wants to date Caucasians; how does this man improve his SML without becoming famous <—friend of mine. I feel bad for him because I used to poke fun at his height because he was so short, but after seeing how he never gets sex even though I learned all my dressing tips from him(guy knows how to dress sharp, suit or casual), I want to help him…and since I am no dating coach, thought I’d get advise on how to help him…you know to atleast bang an average looking chick who is not fat. I told him to get hookers even though they are illegal (I live in the US). He is not rich, but has his own pad near the main bars, so I know logistics are not his issue.

    1. He should go for Asians. Asians are superior, and while height is an advantage, they’ll go for anybody as long as they’re not Black.

    2. He’s going to need to take the white girls off the pedestal and broaden his perspective a bit if he wants to find more consistent success. Asia is by far his best option.

      1. Asia is his best option, but unfortunately for him, he’s Black, so he can take Asia off of his list. He’s going to have to settle for fatties, fuglies, or faggots.

      2. I’ve tried the Asian option man, like to give you an example, when we went to Thailand for full moon festival, I paid good bank for an Asian hooker for him;nice tits and ass and hot face and young….was getting blue balls cause I was the one paying for my friend. Turns out he could not get it up.The dude is just not attracted to Asians.
        Although I have told him to go for Latinas, and he seems keen on them so guess I’ll see how that goes. I made him read Bang aswell.
        This is what I’ve been doing to get him to become more attractive:
        – Work out hard get jacked as fuck
        -Get a better car
        -get a cooler hair cut
        -get more money
        -Bleach his skin lightly to make it fairer
        -Hire some tall body guards to walk around with( I know this sounds silly, but my theory is that if chicks see a little guy being protected by two 6’5 buff guys, that is may give off high status)
        He has no trouble dressing…he dresses to well.
        I’m grasping at straws here, Like I’m 5’11 and above average looking so I am very lazy in my pick up….but I have made it sort of a personal project to improve this guy and get him laid with a chick who is a 8-9/10.

        1. Well, you’ve given him all of the options he can take. There’s not much he can do beyond what you’ve told him.
          If he has that much of an issue with Asian girls, then I feel for him because they’re by far his best bet. Latinas could also be receptive, however, so there is hope there at least.
          He absolutely must remove his focus on caucasian women, however, especially those who live in western nations (read: the majority of them). White women are pedestalized by enough of the world’s male populace and have enough wealth to generally not have to compromise as much as other women do. Barring absolutely flawless game and/or a willingness to accept a woman whose SMV is lowered in some way (she’s got a couple of kids, she’s 40+, she’s quite big, etc), this guy is going to have a nearly impossible time focusing on them. White girls in the 8/9 range simply aren’t going to happen.
          He needs to focus on markets where he will be most desirable, and he needs to compromise in order to do that. The success of your project is going to depend heavily on his ability to do that.

        2. Agreed. I’ll just have to make him focus solely on latina. Like this guy does not even get hard to Asian lesbian porn haha.
          I think a couple of years and he should have a harem of Latinas; he does not want LTR or marriage, must like me.
          He probably needs some sort of micro-fame. Possibly being a promoter for a dive bar or something….not sure on how to go about this.
          Is there eventually hope for him to bang7/10 or 8/10 white girls in Eastern Europe or non-western countries ?

        3. “Like this guy does not even get hard to Asian lesbian porn haha.”
          Lesbians don’t do much for me either so I see where he’s coming from.
          “I think a couple of years and he should have a harem of Latinas”
          Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Focus on getting this guy one girl first.
          “Is there eventually hope for him to bang7/10 or 8/10 white girls in Eastern Europe or non-western countries ?”
          Outside chance in second-tier Eastern Europe with a ton of preparation and very good game. Unlikely, though.

  27. Okay so they were
    both Jews. That makes it even funnier. I can kinda understand this guy
    now. He’s writing her this long shit because – let’s face it, Jewish
    women generally have higher IQs and are more easy to persuade with
    reason than an average woman. The Jewish population is below 1% in the
    US and these are two dirty Hebrew losers chatting it up so he thought he
    had a shot. I think this is just how Jews act. I don’t think this has
    anything to do with game or lack of game. He’s just a Jew. He’s probably
    5’5” and 120 pounds. What do you expect his game to be like?
    Pointless article.

  28. I don’t know whether this is a real text convo, because ROK does so many cute fake-conversation or hypothetical-but-ostensibly-relevent-situation posts. Which are fucking stupid. Stop doing that, guys. Write for real.

        1. Buried in the depths of Reddit and Imgur via a link on one of the forums I browse. A relative of the girl in question had submitted the conversation for judgement.

  29. This article looks at a conversation (between high school kids for all we know) without suggesting realistically what the man should have said. This violates one of the basic rules of criticism: if you don’t suggest a better alternative, your armchair criticism doesn’t mean much. We don’t have any reason to believe the girl was ever interested in the guy texting her either, so game doesn’t seem to even be a factor here. As one astute commenter pointed out, the guy was a tiny Jewish loser. From all we can tell, she was using him for free weed and possibly a free concert full of manginas (Dave Matthews Band).
    It is really annoying that article after article gets published on here and when a woman doesn’t reply to a guy all of the commenters go, “ahahaha beta alert! Beta boyz in da club!!!” When the girl replies the reaction is, “Textbook game guys. You can all learn from this player right here.” I guess if it had worked out (or if the woman had replied normally to his first message), the author would be praising the Heartriste-recommended handling of the texts: bad grammar, no punctuation, etc. Let’s get this results-oriented bullshit (superficial analysis) out of the manosphere because it is completely intellectually dishonest and leads to a misunderstanding of social interactions in your own mind after they occur.

  30. No. No we have not all been like this. This guy is a needy psycho. Girl stops texting, the proper response is: “Your Loss, Twat.” And then move on.

  31. Actually, that was painful to read. I’m sure each of us here could have a paste and cut session like the one discussed above, but I got to the point where it was uncomfortable to me. Title should be…”how to turn a woman off with less than 100 text messages”

  32. As an aside, there needs to be more info out there for Text Game/Online Game – it seems to be the go to means of communication – but can really be impersonal – and easy to ignore. I personally don’t know where the line is for too little or too much – the place where it’s “just right”.

    1. No more info man. We got enough. Guys need to learn from their mistakes on their own. That’s the greatest lesson.
      No more of this let me refer to my “how to be an alpha 101 site” for every single little thing a girl may throw your way.
      No one learns from other people’s mistakes except the really disciplined.
      We all learn from our mistakes, so we need to make them quicker, and be more conscious of what we’re doing. Stop referring to texts and other sites, go and live your own life.

  33. the other thing this person did wrong is keep messaging someone who didn’t want to talk to him. i’ve reported people for this.

  34. Extremely painful to read. Unfortunately, you don’t need to be close to that inept in order to screw up with a girl, which is sad but a good thing to be aware of.
    One thing I notice are a lot of guys will be just this persistent when a woman already has a serious boyfriend. I have a feeling they think they are being alpha because they are daring to go against the fact that she belongs to another man, but I can’t help but think that behavior is needy and weird too. Of all the women in the world, you’re that desperate to be with one who isn’t even available?
    There’s also the possibility that she was just never interested in the first place. But all in all this is just really sad.

  35. we need game because feminism destroys. these poor over-texting and desperate guys are not pathetic; they’re simply the by-product of feminist brainwashing. It’s not going anyways any time soon. It may get much worse before it gets better.

  36. If you have 0 game like the guy in this article, you’ll end up marrying a fat bitch and be miserable for the rest of your life. True story.

  37. Author asserts he made the same mistakes. And in the interests of what he considers “academics”, didn’t have the balls to showcase his own. Weak man. Real weak.

  38. The way it should have gone down:
    “Outta work in a few, grabbing beer. up for it?”
    “No thanks, I am here with ice cream for the night. Maybe next time.”
    “No worries, I’ll just hang out with someone else. If you get bored before about 9, feel free to show up at Sparky’s. If not, like you said, maybe next time.”
    Never text her again. Almost guarantee even if she doesn’t show up, she’s going to text you the next day to find out if you slept with ‘someone else’, or to try and set up that ‘next time.’

  39. MAN, that was embarrassing and funny. I’ll be bookmarking this page. That picture with the girl thanking her “bff” for a CAR was hilariously humiliating as well.

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