Chris Pratt Shows How A Relationship Is Doomed If One Partner’s Value Changes Dramatically

A divorce between a Hollywood A-list couple always brings people to tears. I’ve never understood why this is. Every time a “power couple” breaks up, people take to Twitter and write sob messages about how sad they are, and if “They can’t make it, love doesn’t exist!”

Except, in the case of the split between Chris Pratt and Anna Faris, the tears had some merit. Because a very popular A-list actor directly confirmed what we’ve been saying for years now: men prefer younger and more beautiful women—every time.

Hollywood is always an interesting dynamic in displaying how the sexual marketplace really works, simply because there can be such drastic changes in value in a short amount of time. A C-list actor may be happy to take on an aging A-list actress because of the status and connections in Hollywood she gives him access to, but if that actor makes it big, he’ll be looking to jump off the ship ASAP.

On the flip side, you actually don’t see a ton of the younger women/older man dynamics—likely because of the backlash the older actor would receive. Even one of the most famous bachelors of Hollywood, George Clooney, ended up marrying a woman who was 35 when they wed (albeit still over a decade his junior).

Not too long ago, Chris Pratt looked like this:

His new look?

Chris Is A Smart Man

With his physical transformation over the years, combined with his increasing star power, Chris Pratt is a smart man for getting off the sinking ship that his soon-to-be ex wife, Anna Faris. From what I gather, they’ve been married for about ten years. Prior to the marriage, both had success in Hollywood—but Chris has now exploded.

He’s getting out of the marriage before he gets even bigger movie roles, bigger star power, and therefore—even bigger paydays (that she would likely be entitled to, as it’s relatively suspected they don’t have a pre-nup). At the same time, he’s now got his choice of pretty much any younger and hotter girls in the world instead of this:

Now, I’ll say this—she doesn’t look bad for 40. You’ve probably seen better, but you’ve also probably seen a hell of a lot worse. She’s preferably to many of the women like this. But, then you go and compare her to Jennifer Lawrence (it’s been rumored Pratt is now with), and it’s no contest. Even if Lawrence is batshit crazy.

What The Politically Correct Statements Will Say

The media, and Chris himself, will likely make up some crap about how they had drifted apart, but that they needed to grow individually, and how it’s not anybody’s fault because they still love each other and always will.

Everybody reading this website knows that’s a load of crap. Pratt is now entering the prime of his life (38)—one could argue that 35-40 is a man’s prime in general, provided he has his life together. This is even more true for an A-list Hollywood actor. He has a superhero contract with one of the largest movie franchises to ever hit the screen as Peter Quill in the Marvel Universe.

Then he moonlights with another mammoth contract where he’s taming dinosaurs in the Jurassic franchise. Throw in a few other larger contracts, and you can see that he’s not going anywhere. Meanwhile, Faris works on some show called Mom (apparently on CBS). If you Google “anna faris mom”, Chris Pratt’s name shows up in results 5-10 for his one guest appearance.

How Career Dictates Value

Those who are unplugged know the truths: men value youth and beauty, and women value power. Youth and beauty is relatively self-explanatory. Power is a bit trickier to define though. It’s the reason that so many females can’t ever describe what their real “type” is. That’s because power manifests in many shapes and forms—by social proof (other females wanting a man), money, physique, and other elements that are beyond the scope of this article.

It’s rare that men will sacrifice our prime desires (youth and beauty) in order to enhance our career or status. And when they first wed, it made sense.

Pratt had far less money, no physique, and way less social proof (women thought he was an adorable teddy bear instead of wet-panties-inspiring). You can look at older photos and say, “Yeah, that’s a couple that makes sense together.”

Closing Thoughts

We’ll never know the truth about any of these divorces, but it’s not hard to see the writing on the wall. While maybe Hollywood couples do marry for the right reasons, it always seems to end messy. Despite what the media and all of Hollywood would like us to think, biology is still very much in control of us. Men are going to want younger and more beautiful women. As careers rise and more access is given, you can expect the marriages to fall apart.

I, for one, applaud Chris Pratt for getting out while he can. He’ll never admit it, and maybe it was mutual—but I’d bet money on the fact that he’s been feeling increasingly resentful towards his life choices over the past years as his star power has grown. It was a smart choice.

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401 thoughts on “Chris Pratt Shows How A Relationship Is Doomed If One Partner’s Value Changes Dramatically”

  1. Problem with Pratt being with Lawrence:
    Pratt spent one Easter erecting a huge cross.
    Lawrence considers Christians to be an angry mob.
    Not exactly a match.

    1. I wouldn’t worry about that. Her anti-Christian stuff will go right out the window if she thinks she’ll get more status from a Christian. Women like her have… malleable convictions. 🙂

      1. I wouldn’t put it past her to become another celebrity “Christian” author, in that case.
        “How to treat people with love and respect” by the lady who insults others on the regular.
        “10 keys to a happy marriage” by a carousel-rider with a few months of “marriage” under her belt.
        Stuff like that.

        1. Yep, she’s the sort.
          Assuming she can read and write. So far I’m not entirely convinced. 😉

      2. Wait! Are you saying that actors AREN’T morally and intellectually centered? Impossible! /sarc

      3. That’s what a lot of men even in the Mano sphere seem to be forgetting. Women are followers. If you are a man and have strong convictions about something women will naturally mold theirselves to fit you. You just have to stick to your guns regardless of your opposition.

        1. True I agree for a lot of women it isn’t worth it. Too many men are simps that would bow to their whims. So good behavior isn’t consistently reinforced

        2. Wait a minute, you’re right about women being followers, but it all depends WHERE they go.
          If she is outside of the home, she will morph herself more into the world.
          If she is inside the home, she will morph herself more into her husband.

        3. True but the only way they are gonna be proper housewives is if they are raised by proper dads and maintained by a strong husband.

        4. Just keep her in a cage for a while and brainwash her with intense redpill fuck and reformatting. After that, Even when outside, the world would have no more effect on her.
          (cage is metaphorical eh.)

        5. A carrousel rider can be a perfect private fuckdoll if maintained by a strong redpill frame. Been here done that

    2. I was gonna say the problem is that she’s kind of a crazy bitch, but that works too….

    3. I’m ashamed to know this, but Lawrence is ‘dating’ – code for sleeping with – her boss, Darren (((Aronofsky))), a guy, what, twenty years her senior? Pratt, despite being an actor, has too many values that Lawrence absolutely abhors.

      1. Ah. Have we learned nothing about women? They are not rational. Never assume women think like men. Just because she hates your guts and everything you represent in no way disqualifies you as a sexual partner!

      2. I was thinking the same thing (with an equal amount of guilt and shame for knowing it…)
        This is SOP for A-list actresses: When they hit their peak, they marry their jewish manager who milks their decline for all its worth. The final phase of their career is in more “edgy, avant-garde” roles that typically involve one or more of the following:
        -Shaved head or other manner of mutilation
        -girl-on-girl action (at best)
        -pissing/pooping/torture porn
        All under the guidance of thier “partner/manager” who of course dumps them once they hit the wall.

        1. kinda related, but sinead oconnor has finally gone past the point of no return…Id post the video, but its really sad

        2. i remember when she tore up that pic of the pope on live tv- you could hear the audience members gasping…now, they would cheer that move

        3. No, more typically the hot young things disappear around age 30-35 for about ten years. They have babies, “retire”, etc.
          Then, in their mid-forties, about a third of them reappear to play mothers on television shows. The other two-thirds either have totally lost their looks, lost the acting bug, or lost all auditions.

        4. “Then, in their mid-forties, about a third of them reappear to play mothers on television shows.”
          or, the “Hallmark Channel Effect” as its known.
          What you describe is the Best Case scenario

        5. High-Time.
          though she did do that ‘Monster’ movie where her good looks were mutilated. Right on schedule.

      3. Strangely enough, before she became an actress, she was a semi-right winger herself. Was loyal to her boyfriend, lived in Kentucky, had guns, etc. (((They))) did a total hit on her soul. But maybe deep down she’s yearning to get back to that? I dunno, I’m ever the optimist, but I’m probably wrong.

        1. I’ve heard rumors that the casting couch is not only real, it’s compulsory for most actors. Female, male, young, very young, illegally young…

        2. Ashley Judd is another former Kentuckian corrupted by Hollywood. Have you seen the video of her complaining that a guy at an airport called her sweetheart? She said he touched her elbow and could feel her skin burn. She spoke as though she had been I’m from ky and that’s just the culture. Everyone is called honey, baby and sweetheart and she knows this. I suspect her outrage is a means of getting attention to remain relevant and a combination of just being a uppity cunt.

        3. These sort of people has been a blight on the friendly Southern culture of yesteryear. Wherever a university springs up, that sort of thing dies off.
          Fortunately, everywhere else is still as friendly as ever.

        4. married a top flight driver, good looking guy…no kids…
          she is 50 and clearly insane at this point

        5. Tony Danza was Merv Griffin’s buttboy. True story. Merv had him serve drinks shirtless at parties to all his gay friends. Laid around the pool looking sexy.
          Demi Moore was apparently a call girl for several years before some producer agreed to give her a part. So was that chick that Charlie Sheen married, can’t remember her name, Denise something.

        6. At her age and with her rapidly declining looks and career it’s only a matter of time until she’s locked up in a mental institution, eating her own shit.

        7. another cherish childhood memory rooned by this site. what next? winnie cooper was actually a tranny?

        8. i thought reagan shut most of them down?
          she will run for KY senate, defeating mitch mcconnell in a landslide

        9. No, the Democrat Congress defunded most of them. But Reagan gets the blame, because well, media.

        10. Jennifer Lawrcence looks like one of those girls who’s been chewed up. Only passable with makeup. I’d make her face away.

        11. Knowing the 33’s, all celebs are sucking somebody’s somethings. There’s no free lunch–that’s why big money makes you eat out.

        12. I know what you mean about that southern cultural norm. I worked at a nuclear plant with a guy from New Orleans. He called everyone baby. I didn’t object at all, and neither did anyone else. He called you baby only if he liked you. Since he was about 6′ 5″ and 400 pounds, we all preferred to be liked.

        13. She looked fine in that video with her face covered with cum. I didn’t notice any makeup.

        14. Indeed. Closing the mental hospitals was a “human rights issue.” The libtards argued that you couldn’t keep insane people incarcerated against their will. Next thing you know, the schizophrenics were shitting in the street and everybody was blaming Reagan for it.

        15. Right, stop the crazy people in nice safe hospitals “epidemic” and create the crazy homeless people on the streets epidemic.

        16. I used to work with a 6 3 buff/strong Puerto Rican former special forces guy(the stories he told about Somali…) He called people baby.
          Like some say man or dude.
          It took me a while to adjust.
          He was all around cool.
          Perfect balance between professional and friendly.

        17. I had heard several years ago that the Dem powers that be actually did a full vetting for Judd to run for Senate. They didn’t like what they found, and let the idea go.
          But today? Who knows, maybe they’ll groom her for a presidential bid?

        18. Similar story (minus the nuke plant), the big dude in my case called guys (all of them), “cat”.
          Ironically, he was the only person of any complexion tone to use that term I’ve ever heard do it outside of actors in blaxploitation flicks.

        19. Had a Puerto Rican boss who was the same way, she called all the men chico and all the women chica. It was clearly meant well, a cultural thing with no weird subtext. You know, ACTUAL diversity to be tolerated one would think.

        20. Haha, love how you guys are all so “alpha” – notice the small a – on this site, unless someone bigger than you does something you don’t like, then you just roll over and show your bellies!!
          Real men clearly!

  2. i think 10 yrs of marriage gets you lifetime alimony in Cali. Yeah he really dodged a bullet.
    shes been planning this divorce for 2 years

      1. Yep. My ex told me early on in our marriage that “when” she left me it would be for “an older man with money with one foot on a banana peel and the other one in the grave.” Notice it was “when”, not “if”. That’s exactly what she did. Ironically that was 29 years ago and he ain’t dead yet, lol!

        1. That’s a horrible life, how did you accept it? Being in close-quarters with someone who is virtually an enemy of yours, scheming & planning for her own future at your expense?

        2. I self medicated and stayed gone a lot. That didn’t help the situation either. I married her when I was eighteen. She looked like a young Sandra Bullock. I am convinced that a young man does not have enough blood in his body to support an erection and coherent thought at the same time. There was more to it than that, but you get the point.

        3. Alpha fucks; beta bux. All the 30+ girl crowd does is dream of the half-dead millionaire. It’s their unicorn.

        4. whoa. reminds of a roast where nick dipaolo slams anna nicole smith- “why are you here? shouldnt you be in the nearest nursing home blowing the guy with the nicest rims on his wheelchair?”

        5. Yup. They want to fuck Chris hemsworth and marry the rich old codger in the nursing home with the nicest rims on his wheelchair.

        6. good lord did your ex actually said that WHILE you were married?? Jesus that’s scary…

        7. My mama used to say “It’s often a good thing that we don’t get what we deserve.” 😉

        8. It was a love / hate relationship. Before it was over we loved hating each other, lol. We both said a lot of things to hurt each other. By the time I grew up enough to maintain frame, not let her push my buttons and make it work it was too late. IOW, it wasn’t all her fault.

      2. My ex began to threaten to divorce me ON OUR HONEYMOON. We’d been married for under a week. True story.
        Young men: This is what you risk getting when you put a ring on it.

        1. holy shit!
          I kinda got that (in jest….I think?), but in fairness I got caught checking out a slut on our honeymoon….

        2. No, this was her picking a fight out of thin air because she realized that she couldn’t backtrack any longer, the deed was done. Then escalating it to “if you don’t like my behavior like then fucking divorce me, just do it, I won’t stand in your way”. We hadn’t even signed the thank you cards yet.

        3. I’m afraid to ask “what behavior?” here. Heh.

        4. There was so much bad behavior from her, I can’t remember. I’ve wiped the hard drive clean.

        5. Hard Drive?!?! Man after my own heart. Remember kids, save everything. Texts, love you notes, messenger, whatsapp, time stamps will be your saving grace of shit hits the fan. Put that lady on a file if you need to. Never know when they’ll break their word on anything.

        6. I worked with a young woman (pushing 30) that got married. She and her new husband went to Jamaica, in June, for their honeymoon. First they were hit by a hurricane. Then she got food poisoning and was put in the hospital. Then they got hit with a second hurricane. She was still laid up in the hospital when he went home. He had the marriage annulled before she was out of the hospital. He figures God was speaking to him, big time, and this marriage was doomed (as they mostly are).

        7. I have 2 sons, and I love my family story and it’s history. I want grandkids to carry the next chapter. But, the thought of my boys marrying anyone (especially an American girl) actually fills me with panic.

    1. They actually have fairly similar net worths, believe it or not. It seems he is exiting before the gap becomes huge and he would have to take an absurd hit.

      1. good. hope he put all his cash in trust for that tree creature from guardians of the galaxy

        1. goddamn, gotta be vin diesel’s easiest pay check ever. might be the easiest acting paycheck of all time actually. how hard is it to memorize one line

        2. Mark Hamill’s glorified cameo in that Star Wars sequel has got to be a pretty close runner-up. “Okay, turn around, mouth gaping a bit and…done! Thanks, Mark!”

        3. at least he had to look presentable. vin coulda gained 30 lbs and he still woulda gotten that undeserved paycheck

    2. I think also, besides physical and career, that their politics are different. Chris is from Texas and has made more than a few social media posts that are less than leftist. I hear she is a raving wackadoodle proggie loon.

      1. Shit, hiring a really good full-time nanny is probably the best thing either of these narcissists could do for their kid.

        1. I think it’s the extreme negative emotions that all right thinking men experience whenever they don’t treat women – even fatties – like goddesses who can do no wrong. Women deserve absolute unconditional respect, and if we don’t give it to them we experience these horrid emotions that tear us apart inside

        2. You are simping on the wrong board….that blue pill you ate makes the little wall paper licking brat on Willie Wonkas Chocolate factory look positively Ethiopian. Roll you off to the presses….

        3. I know, right? When did the comedy hour come to this place? I had a genuine “Wait, What?” moment there, and it honest hurt my head and neck.

        4. If you follow his posts, you’d know that he’s being humorous.

        5. You Neanderthals with your red pills and your blue pills… can you just stop raping my rainbow please.

        6. Yes, I guess so. Only recently found Return of Kings, so yes. My mistake.

        7. Stop taking the Name of Rape in vain.
          What goes on under the rainbow stays under the rainbow (until the public health authorities demand a list of prior sexual partners).

    1. She does look good in that photo. Knowing nothing about her, I wouldn’t have guessed 40.

  3. A divorce between a Hollywood A-list couple always brings people to tears. I’ve never understood why this is.
    Because they lead lives devoid of meaning or substance. Their identity is defined by worshiping and living vicariously through celebrities. These are also the busybody types, never having any important business of their own to tend to.

    1. That observation is very accurate. Coming from the country / small town USA I know this is true. The nosiest people were the ones that had very little going on in their own lives. They wanted to know your business so they could use it to add a little salt to their bland existence. I guess it’s just too much trouble for them to go do something useful or exciting. They are usually the first to criticize if you do.

        1. Townie? Sort of… I lived way out in the country, but spent a lot of time in the thriving metropolis of six hundred people where my grandparents lived. When I got out of the military we moved to that same little town for a while. We had a nosy older neighbor named Pearl who would just walk into your house without knocking and announce herself with “Hi neighbor!” We were a young couple prone to chasing each other around the house naked and weren’t real keen on Pearl’s unwanted visits.
          I had a full screened front porch and a nine foot long boa constrictor. I spotted Pearl heading across her yard one summer afternoon in my direction. I grabbed the snake out of the cage, set him on the porch, went in the house and waited.
          Pretty soon I heard the storm door open then, “Aieeee!!!” By the time I got on the porch that old broad was high-tailing it across her front yard. I have never seen a seventy something fat woman move that fast before or since! It was a sight to behold. I felt kind of bad afterwards because she could have had a heart attack or a stroke. But she sure as hell never came back. LOL!

        2. Oh hell yeah! Y’all come on over this weekend. We’ll be out back in the pasture mixin’ a little gunpowder and alkihol. 😉

        3. Oh I don’t feel bad about it at all now. And you pegged it with retard. She wasn’t the brightest bulb in the fixture. This was in the early eighties and most folks around town didn’t lock their doors when they were home, especially in the summer. This old bat knew it and did this intentionally trying to catch you doing something she could gossip about. What can you say. Small minds with small lives…

        4. I’m pretty damn familiar with my neighbors and they know the code to my front door lock. But they are still polite and knock before coming in. I’d straight up tell someone to not enter without knocking first at least. And if uninvited, I’d call 9-1-1 and charge them with burglary.

        5. I grew up in an environment where that wasn’t necessary. Things have changed now. I lock the door all the time and keep a gun handy now. I liked it a lot better when Pearl was my biggest threat.

        6. Hilarious. Never lived in a suburban type area (although they are starting to creep my way). Similar thing happened with my mother, the family dog and a pushy salesman. Parents still don’t get salesmen after all these years. Father once had to help a neighbor chase a cow, and half threatened to shoot another (newer) neighbor.
          At my current place I rarely see my neighbors. Only half a dozen houses on this dirt road.

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        9. Because he lives in an ethnically homogeneous neighborhood and there is no need to do so.

        10. I agree for the most part but we have parts of white society that are scum and I’m sure America has its share too. White trash or whatever are as bad as niggers and spics and gooks don’t you think?

        11. Absolutely. Any individual can be a scumbag but there is no question that a White neighborhood would be a multitude times safer than another. This isn’t just my opinion, statistics could not be more evident. I just get tired of having to pretend reality is taboo and diversity is our greatest strength. I grew up in a city that is exactly as you describe, a city with a reputation for being violent & crime ridden. And it was. But it was White and we didn’t break into our neighbors’ homes (or housing project apartment) because the communal fabric was not shredded.

        12. Diversity is our downfall, in Europe we have a proliferation of of illiterates from the Middle East who cannot be assimilated into our society as they do not want to or even understand our values. Hence the crime, the violence and the rape gangs that roam some of our cities.
          I sympathise with their plight but the answer is not to dump them no questions asked into our communities and our towns.

    2. Because movie stars are their on-screen avatars for the life of excitement they want to live in make-believe land. When bad stuff happens to them in real life, reality hits them again like a brick.

    3. I had no idea who these celebrities were. Entertainment news wasn’t as big many years ago. I think Time/Life Inc.’s People magazine founded in 1974 was one of the big milestones.

    4. Lookie here fucko. People touch other people’s lives sometimes and we then take interest. I personally didn’t weep when Chris Pratt and Anna Faris decided to get divorced but those that acknowledge a divorce sucks aren’t monsters. A lot of people do go way over the top with their responses to what is a pretty commonplace legal process, but if news passes your ears, you’re allowed to acknowledge if that news troubles you. Even if it’s only a little. When Mitch Hedberg died I was sad. When I heard Christopher Hitchens got cancer I was sad. When Prince died it made was sad. When any mom and dad split up and they have a kid it makes me sad. Not because I know them personally and not because I didn’t have anything better to do. It’s just because I have empathy and I can acknowledge a situation as being sad without feeling shame.
      Yes there are some people who caterwaul and obsess and tweet how these two were #RelationshipGoals but a lot of people are capable of acknowledging that a mom and dad (even though they’ve never met them) with a kid getting a divorce is just generally a sad thing… even if it’s a Hollywood couple. You don’t have to speciously claim that they just don’t have anything better to do.

      1. Fucko? Fucko?!
        You went out of your way to make an account for that? Well, I guess you showed me!

        1. did you get past the fucko part to the part where you’re way off base and pretty much wrong or was that the big hang up for you?

        2. Well, you didn’t say anything really all that unreasonable. In fact, if you understood the context the way everyone else in the world seems to have understood it, you’d have understood it was more or less directed at those who would “caterwaul and obsess and tweet”.
          So conversing with you is very tedious and unnecessary.

        3. that’s my point. You’re making this us vs them. You and the author of this blog categorize everyone who laments a celebrity breakup as incomprehensible when it’s totally comprehensible for all the reasons I mentioned. Take a step back to the middle and stop being so inflammatory and telling people they’re stupid when they feel bad or that they should find something better to do with their time. If a person says, “oh that’s sad, I wish that couple had worked out” it’s not a fucking travesty. It takes two seconds to say and it’s a fair sentiment

  4. My opinion is that almost all celebrities working in Hollywood are bitches and man-whores, losers doing drugs/alcohol, batshit crazy women and so on. Only few exceptions, but most cases are the same. So, Chris Pratt is another man-whore who dumped a bitch to get another (even a bigger one) bitch. Nothing surprising here, I don’t have any reason to admire/ see him as a role model. These people are equal with zero in my eyes. The only one I feel pity for is their son, for having parents unable to act like mature/intelligent people (I’m so against divorces that I’d approve 100% an anti-divorce law if someone will come up with this idea. Another law that I’d approve is anti-abortion law but we don’t talk here about abortions).

      1. Yes, I have. I also have a dog, a guinea pig and I had a tarantula (I love arachnids, besides cats and dogs. I also like very much dolphins too but for some reasonable reasons, of course I can’t keep one as a pet) but unfortunately he died 2 months ago. And yes, I have time to take care of all my animals and love them equally .

        1. Yes, of course, they’re everywhere in Europe, including in my country and hometown (I live in Bucharest, Romania’s capital).

        2. okay, if you ever wanna get rid of em, you take them there for some extra cash, not the shelter

        3. Possibly solved the mysterious demise of the hairy spider – the Chink slop chute angle…

    1. Actually he’s a right winger, pro-gun, Christian.

      1. He looks it. The number of women I’ve seen swoon over his Jurassic World portrayal without understanding exactly why, he’s probably pretty red-pill (hell, he could even be a commenter here. Maybe…lolknee?!?!)
        Plus, you don’t see Pratt on many magazine covers unless a new film is coming out, so odds are he’s not playing the paparazzi-pandering SJW game.

        1. Nah, it’s not the Kneeman, I can tell you for a fact. Likely one of the overtly Christian without being in your business types though.

        1. There’s no such thing as a man-whore, buddy. There are men, and there are whores, but never the twain shall meet.

        2. Yes, they’re. And some of them are bigger whores than women. A man should be a better moral being, not whore himself around.

      2. You said you’re married Will you divorce your wife and leave your kids without a father to protect them and take care of them for a whore? I don’t think so, you seems a good and devoted husband/father from what I’ve read from your comments.

        1. 1. How do you know it was him who started the divorce?
          2. What if she were abusing the child, which women do routinely and fathers cannot stop or they risk jail time?

        2. Well, if she started the divorce, then fault of both of them: his for letting his wife (and mass media) know that he’s fucking a gold digging bitch (because I’m sure that this actress only like his money and/or maybe his popularity, what else she should like at him in order to DESTROY a family?) and his wife’s fault if she decided to divorce him. Both of them are guilty. And if she is abusing the child, he should man up and take the child from her, not leave him for a filthy bitch.

      3. If he’s a Hollywood actor he’s most likely a degenerate…most have to bend over to sodomites to get the big budget gigs

    2. You only live once. If you have an opportunity to fck the most lusted after woman in your country, you take it.

      1. I’d fuck her, of course, but I’ll not divorce my wife. I’d rather cheat on my wife with girls I lust after than leaver her and my child(ren). Its a huge difference. Once I’ll marry I’ll never divorce (unless my wife will divorce me, but even so, I’ll fight tooth and nails to not give her the divorce).

        1. So you’d commit an actual sin as defined by God, Adultery, but not divorce her? Seems like six one way half dozen the other. Doesn’t give you much of a platform on the Moral High Ground here, Manuel.

        2. Yes, I’d rather commit a “sin” (is only sex, nothing more) than divorce, especially if I have kids. I fuck a woman (my wife will not know anything, I’ll take care of this) but I’ll not leave my family. Secret adultery will not hurt anyone (besides I’ll not fuck someone sick or let her pregnant, I’m not so careless and stupid). So, maybe I’m not 100% loyal, but I’m not a man whore ready to leave my family for a GOLD DIGGER BITCH.

        3. I’m not perfect, man, I’m an immense flawed person but at least I try to follow my own morals (as few as they’re) and convictions. Nobody on this world is perfect but each of us should remain true to our believes.

  5. This 17-minute Three Stooges short film perfectly sums up the female mentality in terms of what happens when a man’s SMV suddenly increases…they should have titled this “AWALT”, instead of “Brideless Groom” (it’s fucking hilarious) –

    1. And if I’m not mistaken, it’s the one that gave us, “Hold hands, you lovebirds” before someone getting whacked on the head with a birdcage.

      1. Quick synopsis for anybody who cares: Shemp is going to inherit $500,000 but he has to get married by 3:00 p.m. the following day (I think, might be the same day, er, anyway) so he calls up a bunch of women and asks them if they want to get married. They all hang up on him. But then it comes out in the newspaper that he’s going to inherit the money if he can find a bride by 3:00 p.m.. All the women who hung up on him show up at his place, and try to force him to marry them. You know. AWALT.

        1. $500,000 back then would be HUGE amounts of money today. Tens of millions I’d bet.

        2. I was thinkin’ that same exact thing. It’s hilarious when all the bitches start cat-fighting with each other, pulling hair, slapping, clawing, etc. Heck that was made back in what, 1947. According to the following online calculator, $100 in 1947 had the same buying power as $1,122.94 in 2017. So women would definitely fight really hard for that kinda scratch. (I think they might be off here. I think they are on the low side with that estimation, but…no way to prove it.)

        3. $5,614,700 bucks today. A tidy sum, to be sure.

        4. I’ve seen women fight over a lot less money than that. A lot of women would kill anybody who stood between them and money like that…

        5. And this is why a guy never let’s women know how much money he has, if he wants a real relationship, and conversely, always ensures a woman knows how much money he has if he just wants a good time in the sack with her for a night to a few weeks.

        6. Sound wisdom. And that’s my angle, my friend, as you know (the second one).
          Flash it, smash it, and trash it.

        7. About 4 million, if this inflation calculator is correct.
          Of course, today a $4m inheritance leaves you owing the government $4.63 by the time it’s all said and done…

        8. Actually, my good man, the inheritance tax no longer kicks in until $6 million. Big change not too long back. Long overdue, it was destroying family owned small businesses.

        9. Thank god. Maybe we won’t lose the family farm when my beloved granny passes on to her reward, then.
          (Hopefully many, many years from now.)

        10. This can’t be stressed enough if you’re out and about traveling in foreign nations as well. A rich foreigner is an excellent target for all kinds of mischief!!

        11. Ten years ago, when I was doing some plundering on, I did an experiment. I went from listing no income figure on my profile to listing it as $150,000+, which was the highest number available. In no time I had so many women messaging me that I had to shut down the profile.

        12. I used to apply that trick for my recent dates. This, plus a decent muscular body works wonder.. Damn if i knew how easy it was a decade ago… Fucking blue pill

    1. yep. she is now on a “comedy” where she is a single mom and her single mom mother comes back into the picture.

        1. I actually watched the show through the first few seasons because I know somebody who works on it. They lost me last year when the Anna Faris character (a former drunk cokehead stripper) sees a guy to whom she had traded the pussy for some coke 16 years earlier, and then decided that he had raped her, with attendant PC victim/trauma, etc. How about this explanation: She was just a fucking coke whore? I wish my friend well, but no more time or money will be devoted to that lame-brained feminist poppycock.
          Hell, once I made a bitch spread ass in exchange for my setting the timing on her Mustang. That was just a business deal, plain and simple.

  6. A mans shelf life value will only expire if they neglect themselves physical fitness wise. Maintain that and a steady income and you are golden. Make a decision that is contrary to preserving those two things, bam, you set a near future date of irrelevance, a life of emotional and physical hardship.
    A womans shelf life is solely based off of their appearance and ability to have healthy children, but because they are lazy and self entitled and hung up on their own gratification over any thought given to the effects of laziness , self entitlement and belief they will always be a ‘goddess” no matter the amount of “sins” the indulge in, they fail to see that the wall they run into at 35 at high speed, can come much sooner the more gratuitous, unrestrained indulgence of those consumption of “sins” (partying, self indulgence eating, drinking, cock carousel riding and in general feeding the hypergamy they own).

  7. Anna Faris was in a movie about a chick worried about landing a husband after getting plowed on the cock carousel. Emblematic of the modern female.

  8. I heard he was actually a fairly nice, christian valued guy. But that she is Bat-Shit-Crazy. Could be wrong, but seems like he had enough of BSC….. not chasing tail elswhere. And J-Law is dating some beta-tard. I think this is another case of AWALT, and that Pratt would have gladly stayed with his wife if she had the character of Hugh Jackman’s or Pierce Brosnan’s or Tom Selleck’s (three ugly) wives.

  9. All of this very well may be true, but I’d caution against assigning too much meaning to the lives of Hollywood celebs, regardless of how much they might make our point on a superficial level. It’s just the inverse of all those shallow, People Magazine-reading thots who get affirmation on their effed up lives by reading about famous people. Spoiler alter thots: your fave celeb doesn’t have a thing in common with you.
    Same here. Lord knows wtf is going on btw these two people. Be careful not to assign too much value to the valueless.

  10. Well at least she’s back on the market I’d bang her. Also according to the tabloids Chris Pratt is religious and Anna Faris is not. I can tell you from personal experience that if both people are not on board regarding religion, that becomes a problem after children are born. Women who are non religious are insufferable and would rather get divorced than get on board with church. So you divorce them and go ahead and baptize your children anyway. My God women are stupid.
    So when Chris Pratt saw his star rising he jumped off the boat. Still he should find a non Hollywood female who just wants to be a housewife and a mother. All actresses are whores and have massive egos. If only these Hollywood men would read this blog they wouldn’t have such horrible marriages.

    1. He is. He is not, however as far as I know, Catholic.
      He’s also an unabashed gun owner and basically is right wing in everything but name. He does, says and works all towards non-Leftist goals and does it without shame.
      I don’t begrudge him his day in the sun.

      1. True. You can see him putting up a big cross on his yard and visiting children’s hospitals with Chris Evans in full GOTG costume. He seems all in all a pretty genuine guy.

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    1. See you at the betting window when we cash out, or out behind the Lucky Thong if we lose, [with] some good skunk weed and a 12-pack of PBR.
      This doesn’t have to be either/or. We can do both!

        1. Lucky Thong
          I’ll be disappointed to find out the dancers here aren’t all Chinese chicks. That’d be false advertising!

        2. Yeah. The buffet is great. A really nice spread. All you can eat, VIP room. $10. The meat is a little pink in the middle, but still…

    2. “or out behind the Lucky Thong if we lose, where I’ve already stashed some good skunk weed and a 12-pack of PBR
      Now HERE’s a guy I can hang out with!

      1. Once sports betting is legal pretty much nationwide (by the start of the NFL regular season in 2018, in my estimation) we should definitely hang out. I’ll be going around the USA to make wagers. So if I’m in the neighborhood, or if you’re in the neighborhood, wherever that might be, well…why not get wasted, drill some sluts, and make money at the same time, eh. That goes for anybody else here at ROK, too. Except for the female commenters. Who are welcome to tag along, but only if they’re hot. (Live webcam proof required. No exceptions.)

        1. Hey-ull yeah. Good thing I never drank PBR, I probably would have gotten arrested twice as often back in the day…

  12. Chris Pratt is a great story for all the average guys out there, me included. He worked hard, got a few breaks, transformed himself and became a star. Jet-setting around the world usually puts massive strain on any relationship. I can’t blame him for trading up to JLaw although that will come with its own set a problems.

    1. Problem is that he locked himself down again. I get more pussy than Chris Pratt.

      1. He isn’t *married* to JLaw.
        If he’s there to smash out that little pussy and move on, then more power to him.

        1. Agreed. I’d be more impressed if every week he was caught banging a new 10 out on a private yacht.

        2. He doesn’t strike me as that kind of guy, he’s *extremely* Christian. JLaw is probably having a flashback to when she was a normal girl who believed in being loyal to her boyfriend, and who liked guns, lived in Kentucky, etc. I doubt it will last long because her soul has been removed and replaced with something demonic, but there might still be something there yearning for her traditional past that Pratt is filling. I doubt she’ll be there long though.

        3. JLaw is with Darren Aronofsky, Rachel Weisz’s ex. (Downgrade for Darren) As if Chris Pratt is dumb enough to go from one alcoholic to another. Gawd don’t you guys read the gossip sites???

        4. Oh I’d say he’s filling her alright……. not a fan of JLaw but would smash over and over….. do multitude of deranged shit then drive out into the wilderness and drop her off…. in a bikini and high heels……

        5. A puszy isn’t like a pistol. It can handle more than one “bullet” at a time

        6. I haven’t seen any Monarch imagery associated with Jlaw – but I have seen her sextape

      2. I’m sure that after banging, or being able to bang any puss… eventually you have to challenge yourself by banging bitches that think their puss is a cut pink diamond mine…

  13. I hate recommending that guys watch a movie I have not seen, but William
    Friedkin says “The Babadook” (2014) is a great horror film. Since he
    directed “The Exorcist”, I’m gonna watch it. It’s on Showtime 2 and it
    just now started like 30 seconds ago in case anybody is interested. Showtime 2 right
    now. (Don’t blame me if it sucks.)

  14. I’m trying to remember (and don’t want to waste the seconds googling) which actor said that the only thing women bring to a relationship is youth. Obviously it’s true because he got a lot of sht for it.
    I don’t blame guys that have cash trading an older woman for a younger one. If you can do it, by all means. Bitches dump guys for the dumbest reason, and everyone for the most part embraces their idiotic reasons.
    So if a man has an oldie, and has no problem getting a young lass by all means, do it.
    No one with ridiculous flow of cash buys cars with crazy mileage, even when they buy vintage, it’s always the lowest miles preferred.

  15. I hate recommending any movie that I have not seen, but William Friedkin says “The Babadook” (2014) is a great horror film. Since he directed “The Exorcist”, I’m gonna watch it. It’s on Showtime 2 and it just now started like 30 seconds ago in case anybody is interested. (Don’t blame me if it sucks.) Showtime 2 right now.

    1. So far, it looks like we have a little incestual undertone permeating the film, between mommy and son. Figures.

      1. Yeah. What is up with all the Oedipal shit I see that seems to keep popping up here and there?

    2. It’s a pretty good horror movie, but be prepared for the ending.
      Spoiler; it’s awful.

      1. Wow. Just finished watching it. I’ll give it a 6 out 10, just to be kind. It had its moments.

  16. Let’s see – after checking, I find that I have absolutely zero fucks to give about anything related to Hollyweird or the SJW-brainwashed zombie actors and actresses that make up the ‘star’ list.
    Red pill truth? Sure. Anything else about this? Nope. Back to reading more military history.

    1. Been enjoying the Trinity and Beyond newer edition. Lots of boom and effective crater making.

  17. Never heard of either of these two. And I can’t bring myself to care enough to find out more. Modern hollywack celebrities are shallow, fake and attention whores. Why people obsess over them is beyond me.

  18. Frankly I don’t know how a good looking A-list actor would ever get married or at least get married later. Being a good looking a-lister male actor is the closest thing to being a God-on-Earth ( same for rock stars..)as you can get. Clooney had it right marry a younger chick and knock out some kids. I can’t fathom the tail a guy like Pratt could get. He could have a threesome every nite. I have some sympathy for Pratt’s wife , actress Anna Faris as she is a good actress and put her career on hold to become a wife and mother. She’s a great supporting actress . If they were married in California and didn’t have a prenup she’s gonna do fine $$$

    1. He didn’t start on A list. Did you read the post? Chris was a tv guy until his massive weight loss and….hair transplant

    2. “Being a good looking a-lister male actor is the closest thing to being a God-on-Earth ( same for rock stars..)as you can get. ”
      A lot of folks would agree but I’d prefer to just have plenty of money and remain relatively unknown outside of my niche. Maybe it’s introversion but being famous would make me feel like I had a target painted on my back. I like to go out and about on my own an awful lot and prefer not to be bothered by anybody.
      With sufficient money a guy can replicate almost everything the famous actor or rock star can obtain, without worrying about being stalked by paparazzi and risk seeing his haggard face plastered on the cover of the National Enquirer the day after a drunken binge.
      Not to mention lawsuits by pissed-off psycho ex’s and so forth.

  19. Most women in this sickened culture will decry Pratt as selfish and cruel, while being secretly glad he is open territory again, and at the same time, profess the sisterhood mantra for the soon to be ex-wife. And this is supposedly the normal reaction to this breakup. Who cares? Those of us who capture a young woman bemoaning the fact that love is dead, as evidenced by this breakup.
    What a world we live in. Chortle

      1. Yes. Elizabeth Taylor dumped Eddie Fisher for Richard Burton and Farrah Fawcett dumped Lee Majors. It’s not an equality issue, it’s about SMV parity and when one marriage partner has a substantial SMV increase, that greener grass gets greener.

  20. The first thing I thought when I read about this was, “good, he deserves better pussy that what’s-her-name”.

  21. See also James McAvoy divorcing his (5/10 at her youthful peak) much older wife – and, sadly, mother to his kids – in the inevitable aftermath of him becoming A-List while she remains British TV quality tier.

  22. You can do anything. But never go against your family.
    I disagree on this occasion because Anna is a high-quality woman that respects and admires Chris Pratt and actually she is family oriented and wanted more children. So, in my opinion, Chris is a weak male that abandoned his family for money and power.

    1. I would say the author is a bit unfair about the older family pics and saying “yeah, they look right together” because anna was thigh gapped and blonde and has a nice face. More like, “that fatso must have a good personality to land the house bunny”
      but who know, maybe she sucks in real life like normal people tend to do.

      1. It shouldn’t be. Men are meant to be the prize not women. Men shouldn’t marry up for a trophy wife. It essentially is pussy worship and assumes the woman is superior to us.

  23. I do not care about Hollywood couples however this just shows men will trade for sex and money. Some men like to accuse woman of things that ironically are things men do too. Women are lazy (foresight showed me men can be lazy), women sleep around on you (a lot of men sleep around. High chance a girl could find out her boyfriend is sleeping with other people), women care only about looks, women only care about money etc. You get the point. Yes, there are women that I do not trust but I gotten to the point I see men can just be as bad. I have women upfront tell me if I did something wrong or tell me when they found out someone lied about me to try to shift the blame off them. How many men would do that for their fellow man? How many men would flat out tell a good looking woman they have a girlfriend when approached? I bet I find more women that were willing to give that info out to kick reality into that situation. I also conclude that when a person is fixed and spends most of their time on listing or accusing someone of things it probably is things that they most likely do too.

  24. I wonder if Celebrity Men have learnt a lesson from Amber Heard. If any guy falls for her again then he obviously doesn’t have 2 brain cells to rub together

  25. well, anna farris was freaking hawt back in the what’s your number and house bunny days. I think disgusting dan would appreciate that loyalty of tapping ten cooter like those prime days of anna.
    Of course, pratt is super famous now so who knows. Jlaw cleans up well on screen but she’s also has pics on the net of her covered in spooge.

  26. So men should dump women they’ve made commitments to (and vice versa) and had children with and who have supported them through their worst days just because a woman turns 40? This is the lesson? Whatever happened to integrity?

    1. Ask women. The fact is, 80% of no-fault divorces are initiated by the wife.. IOW, “I’m boooooooored with this loser”. If women today are displaying a complete lack of integrity, why should men bother?

      1. …. for all we know, it was Faris that wanted the divorce, and for her own reasons not for anything Pratt did.

      2. So if your wife is loyal, you ditch her because of what other women are doing. What in the fuck. You have a victim mentality.

        1. What the fuck is right. I’ve seen enough divorces in my small circle (not my own thank christ) that it’s made me incredibly jaded. If that makes me a victim, then whatever dude.

    2. They’re actors, they think integrity means “doing what’s best for me always”. 🙂

  27. During the press tour for “Passengers”, Pratt kept taking selfies where Jennifer Lawrence was “mistakenly” half-cropped out. It was a hilarious neg.

  28. Chris used to be a fat guy and played comic relief in movies, apparently he started lifting and stopped eating bad, now he’s swole. Pratt went from John Candy to a new Harrison Ford, obviously he realizes this because now he’s an action hero in Hollywood, so its time to trade up from Anna Faris to something else. He’s got money and success, went from Beta to Alpha.
    Yes he’s a famous douchebag, but he clearly demonstrates that with some hard work, some discipline, a beta loser can turn into an alpha winner. Its all about mindset and discipline.

  29. Most people are so fckin stupid today. They actually believe that “hollywood divorces” are actual divorces. Hollywood divorces are PLANNED and PUBLICIZED. Hollywood is owned and controlled by the marxist elite. They arrange for divorces to happen and then mass publicize it in the social engineering effort to normalize divorce (of which is a mortal sin) and then to encourage FEMALES to divorce their husbands. When some stupid bitch is standing in line at the grocery store and sees tabloids every day of some dumb female twit in hollywood divorcing, she begins to entertain the thought: “Hey, Angelonie is divorcing, that is so hip and hollywood cool. Maybe I will divorce my husband of 20 years afterall since I am sooo unnnnhhapppy”.
    They do the same thing with drugs. “Hey, look at so and so. He’s a hollywood star and uses drugs. So it’s maybe not so bad after all that my kid does drugs. In fact, it’s kinda hip and cool”. That’s why there have been so many movies and tv shows made over the past so many decades where marijuana is always being promoted as some kind of funny stoner hip trendy thing to do. So then all the stupid sheep out in the general public of America follow.

  30. This site needs to make up it’s f#$%!ng mind… is marriage and loyalty (from BOTH spouses) and tradition best, or is “game”, f#$% ’em and leave ’em, and constant trophy wife upgrades best? Because they’re mutually incompatible. Pick one.

    1. ROK doesn’t have “a mind.” It’s a platform for a collection of authors, each of us with our own opinions and judgments. Roosh vets and edits the articles, but they are more akin to editorials then news, as in they have reasoning and original thought.
      However, to your point, I believe the general consensus ROK belief on this is, raise your value, game bitches, find an awesome girl, then keep her. Pratt is doing this, but his first girl apparently was not awesome; more of an industry connection.

    2. This site is all over the effin place. Alt.right one minute, fitness the next, religion after that, PUA stuff after religion .., good grief. As for Pratt, I thought hypergamy was a female thing. The more you know …

      1. You know, you don’t have to read every article. You can pick and choose the one’s you’re interested in. There are folks on here with very different attitudes and goals when it comes to relationships.

    3. I like exploring topics with slightly different perspectives. ROK is like Thought Catalog for men… I’ll publish anything nicely written and well thought out that doesn’t majorly conflict with a masculine viewpoint.

      1. That’s a truly daft statement. An intelligent viewpoint is attractive for being just that – intelligent. It is not gender-dependent.
        Let’s call a spade a spade here – in stating that you won’t publish anything that “doesn’t majorly conflict with a masculine viewpoint”, what you’re really saying is you won’t publish anything that majorly conflicts with YOUR viewpoint.
        Which basically means that what you consider to be “nicely written and well thought out” is anything that you’ve selectively cherry-picked, and which subscribes to your own insular and unworldly opinions.
        I think you’d probably do well in future to publish a few things that don’t subscribe to your “masculine viewpoint”. It would get your out of your comfort zone in the same way that spending time in a country with women who won’t sleep with you so easily (yes I’ve read your laughable articles on that issue) would encourage you to drop your own insecure ego and act like a man for a change.

      2. I appreciate a board where men seem to be able to actually share perspective and stories and DISAGREE, so thank you. Beats the echo chambers everywhere else…

  31. If he’s married for that long it’s safe to assume his wife is a good woman. I thought ROK was about traditional relationships and not jumping ship just because one partner suddenly became successful.
    Hugh Jackman has been with the same woman before he was famous. Props to Jackman for not letting success get to his head.

    1. It’s not safe to assume anything. It might be Faris wanted the divorce simply for losing the feelz, she’s at about the right age for that to occur.

  32. What is with people thinking Jennifer Lawrence is hot? There’s something decidedly unattractive about her mouth, and that’s before all the leftist diarrhea spills out of it.

  33. I’ve always wondered why people say Lawrence is hot. She really isn’t, at least in my opinion.
    Her twisted ideology makes her even more unappealing.

    1. by hollywood standars yes, she is nothing special, by the average standards she is a 9, compare their naked pics with an average girl naked.

      1. Average in America maybe. I’m afraid little Jenny doesn’t rate on the scale when compared to a … different pool of women. 😀

        1. also they have design clothes, make up artists, nutritionist, trainers, hair stylist, expensive Doctors and dentists, You can pour a lot of money into a 7 and she can become a 9.
          The Meh version, Thin and white, nothing special

          The Better version, after expending a lot of money into her image

          In the first she looks like trailer park white trash.

        2. Hot girl in bikini. Hot girl in bathing suit with makeup on. What is your point exactly?

        3. I don’t know, the second one looks like white trash too.
          But you make an excellent point nonetheless. 🙂

  34. If he were smart, he wouldn´t get married. Smart men don´t get married and even more importantly – really smart men are in control of their instincts.

  35. This is depressing, does that mean even if I try hard and find good husband as soon as he becomes more successful and I get older he will go for prettier younger girls?
    I am 22 now, and I think of getting married to a guy 5 years older. Life is scary.

    1. It is worthwhile to realize that both men and women have different temptations, as this article somewhat points out. Men are attracted to beauty/femininity and women are attracted to confidence/dominance/money/status/etc. There are many men on sites like this that despair of finding a good wife (when they have experienced first-hand women chasing after someone with more money or higher status) just as you are worried about finding a good husband. Based on this, you can at least know that there are men out there in their 20’s-30’s who want long-term marriage (I am one myself).
      My point is that any long-term monogamous marriage will face testing and temptation, but it is certainly not impossible for it to thrive and survive; indeed long-term monogamous marriages were the norm up until a few decades ago. Human nature has not changed in the past few decades; we have only made it easier to do what is wrong.
      This does mean though, that both men and women should enter marriage aware of potential pitfalls. A married man can’t settle into a life of laziness, tv watching, and gorging on junkfood and expect his wife to still be happy. Likewise, a wife needs to be aware of what appeals to men and keep up her fitness, appearance, and willingness to have regular sex if she wants him to be happy. While beauty and youth appeal to men, they are not the only things. General femininity, submissive behavior, sexual availability, shared experiences/values, and yes, love count for a whole lot. This is not even getting into the bond of raising children together. Now there are plenty of men out there who want marriage and a family, but, if that is your goal, you must make sure the man you are dating shares it.
      I will say upfront that it is important you both are on the same page as to what you expect from a marriage. I am a Christian and a very traditionalist one at that. I consider divorce acceptable only if there is adultery. Otherwise, I consider divorce failure and I make that clear to any woman I date. I don’t know what you and the man you are interested in believe or value, but your relationship can work if you both have marriage as your goal and you are both willing to work for it. Make sure you are both in agreement on what duties a husband owes his wife and what duties a wife owes her husband.
      I would also add that Hollywood is not the “real world” for most people. There is a whole other set of temptations constantly before the eyes of those who have fame and the money to get whatever they want. I do not excuse their behavior because of this, but I do think it explains it.
      So, yes life is scary and there is darkness (I would say sin) in both men and women. But, there is good in men and women as well. Don’t despair, but do be aware of human nature. Be aware of what your goals are and make sure your boyfriend shares them. Imitate the successful husbands and wives of older times (the 50’s weren’t perfect but their standards were at least better than today) and pray. Give prayer a try even if you doubt. You may be surprised. Good luck…

    2. The author is making a lot of assumptions, the largest being it was Pratt that wanted the divorce. He’s writing it from his preconceptions not based on knowledge of what occurred.
      Based on age it is just as, if not more, likely that Faris wanted the divorce driven by boredom/lost the feelz/mid-life depression which is more common in women than men.
      Most guys are like dogs, if you’re good to them, treat them right, abide by the vows of marriage they’ll be loyal. The most frequent reason for women to file for divorce in long term marriages– ‘he couldn’t make me happy’, the most frequent reason for men- ‘I couldn’t make her happy’. The guy who’s 5 years older than you has more to worry about than you do when it comes to divorce. He needs to maintain frame so you continue to appreciate him vice taking him for granted and getting bored.

    3. FWIW– Faris seems to have been the one to make the decision,
      “Life is too short to be in relationships where you feel this isn’t fully right or somebody doesn’t have your back, or somebody doesn’t fully value you,” she said. “Don’t be afraid to feel your independence if things aren’t right.”
      “I made that mistake, I think, a little bit, like ‘I’m checking my relationship off the list,’” she continued. “If that would be the final piece of advice I could give you, that would be, ‘Know your worth, know your independence.’”

  36. Wonder35f

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    1. Agreed.
      She’s overweight, too tall, and has a round face.
      If I were him I’d go after teen groupies with no fame or money at all. Use ’em & lose ’em….
      God…I wish I were him…

  37. Hollywood relationship article? are you fcking serious I don’t even know why i come here anymore. Tried to avoid this garbage when i come online. absolutely disgusting.

  38. Sync34e

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  39. I can understand Pratt throwing over Faris for a younger model.. but Jennifer Lawrence? Seriously? The chick has smaller tits than even Pratt in his “teddy bear” days, and she is approaching that wall at a rapid pace. I’m not queer but Pratt has far higher SMV than Lawrence, and if he’s not smashing 21-year-old starlet poosy from one end of Hollywood to the other, it just makes us all look bad. Oh well maybe Jen’s a stepping stone.

    1. Lawrence is a bigger star, Pratt get aroused with high status women. He is trading up, Male Hypergamy?

      1. This is nonsense. This only works if Lawrence could help Pratt with his career or transfer money to him. This did work for Kutchner and Demi Moore (Demi apparently was hurt when he went for Mila Kunis who is a good match economically but Mila without makeup, yikes!)
        Such behavior is beta male. If he has money in the bank and is doing otherwise well and Anna isn’t a total b*** or on drugs or a spending spree, he should stick with her.

  40. “We’ll never know the truth about any of these divorces”
    So, how does the analysis change if it’s Faris that wanted the divorce.

  41. This article is disgusting and completely contributes to a stereotyped depiction of both women and men. Ug. “Women value power.” Ug..

    1. Have you considered that most stereotypes exist for a reason. They are generalizations yes, and thus don’t hold true for all, but stereotypes are based on the collective experience of the majority.
      Consider it from an evolutionary/survival perspective if that helps. The signs of beauty men value in women are largely signs of fertility: youth, large breasts, not overweight, a low waist to hip ratio. All these things men value in women are indicators a woman would be likely to have a healthy child. Likewise, the things women stereotypical value in men, muscles/strength, ambition, confidence, money, power, status, are all things that would help in providing for and protecting a child.
      Furthermore, consider the number of young attractive women who are willing to marry much older men. Then count up the number of young attractive men willing to marry older women. The first number is quite a bit larger than the later.
      To clarify, I do not support divorce except in the case of adultery. However, it is worthwhile to ponder human nature and the temptations unique to men and women.

      1. I liked Anna Faris because she reminds me of sweet Polish girls and seems to hold her age pretty well. If Pratt is going to go on an alpha male pump and dump, he should probably avoid women such as Jennifer Lawrence because she seems to be a flake and instead stick with girls off-the-boat in L.A. and wherever he’s filming.
        All that said, he has children with Anna and she’s not bad looking and as the father of a daughter, I value my wife greatly because my daughter sees how we interact as a family and this matters greatly to her. People tell me that she’s turning out to be a beautiful, savvy girl with a good head on her shoulders.
        He has kids. Unless Anna is doing drugs or being a super b****, he should stick with her.

      2. Sorry, but I just think these ideas are antiquated. The women I know value humor, intelligence and kindness far beyond the things you listed.

        1. Nice reflection of modern day gynocentrism. The ideas are “antiquated”(hah)…a product of feminism and its deviance. Monkey branch much, burn a bra lately?

        2. Women’s natural sex drive that has evolved over millions of years suddenly changed in the last 30-40 years? Not likely.

        3. Wow. I really wish discussions on the Internet could rise above being mean.. but oh well, i’ll just carry on in civility.. my comments have nothing to do with feminism, or deviance.
          Rather than saying “the women I know” although true, I’ll make it more personal. I value humor, intelligence and kindness over money and power and I simply believe the article is misleading to generalize women as either money or power hungry. If a man has power and is unkind, what good is power? Same with money! Being treated poorly without kindness would demean and trump anything else.
          When I use the word antiquated I don’t mean anything about innate desires evolving, I mean that over the years we have learned about the value of kindness, humor and intelligence through experience. Assumptions about “others” is incredibly problematic to understanding each other, especially via these discussions.

    2. Stereotypes exist for a reason, its because the are statements of reality. Maybe you have a hard time with the reflection in the mirror because it fits. I’m not offended by them because I don’t have to lie to the image in my mirror. I don’t have to live a lie to fit in to this world and be like. IDGAF if I am liked for my opinions or point of view by anyone else, I just have to be ok with the eyes of the man who looks back at me in the mirror and as along as those eyes don’t hate what they see, the rest really doesn’t matter to me.

  42. I thought I was going to read about the ethical question: should men ditch their spouse if their fortunes improve dramatically (no pun intended).
    You could ask, “what are women doing when fortunes change dramatically”? By and large, they are ditching their spouse. Are we fools if we are loyal when most women follow their “feelings”?

  43. Vows mean nothing anymore. Everything, everyone, every thought and deed is now disposable. How is this a better world?

  44. 1. It’s Hollywood. The “relationships” that exist there have little connection to actual human reality.
    2. Jennifer Lawrence is a loudmouth lefty moron and any man involved with her better have an extremely strong pimp hand or he’ll get chewed up and spit out.

  45. While I agree with the whole red pill truth of putting women in their place and next to reality, Chris did break his earthly vows to the Lord. Now Chris is a professing Christ worshipping bible believer (as much as you can in ((())) Hollywood), but I guess he fell to his base instincts. Mind you I have no issue if he had married a much younger woman to begin with, much like the conservative James woods who constantly hooks up with hot young tail.

  46. A man should be grateful and loyal to the woman who married him, but that’s none of my business. He’s a SLUT.

  47. Watch his popularity take a massive hit for going against the feminine imperative.
    Cases of branch-swinging hypergamy;
    Males: 1 (Chris Pratt)
    Females: hundreds of millions

  48. No offense to the author. The article was well written but it is hypocritical. We attack women for being hypergamous but we dont condemn Chris Pratt for the same thing. She was with him when he was a fat slob and now that he is in high demand he ditches her? Thats not cool. What he shoulda done was stuck with her and done his little dirt on the side. That is what harems are for with the loyal woman at the top. Who knows why they really split. Hollywierd is a weird satanic cult anyway. But if its for the reasons listen in this article, then we as objective men need to condemn this. You should be loyal to the girl that was with you when you werent anything. And Anna Faris is still hot. Its not like she let herself go.

  49. So you’re basically advocating for a man to leave his wife and have his child(ren) grow up in a broken home because younger, attractive women are available to him now?

    1. Yeah. It’s like if your girl is starting to look like shit and doesn’t want to fuck you as often, maybe you should see how truly alpha you are to where she decided that letting herself go is OK.
      Not that she let herself go. But even if she did he should still examine his behavior because when a girl has what she believes to be an alpha, she is not going to get comfortable.

  50. Lets just hope our man here will not pull a Brad Pitt…. you know how it is going out with crazies…

    1. This. And why the fuck did the author compare a glamour shot to some shot of her from a paparazzi cam? Logic not even once.

  51. For all my comments I have made since finding Return of Kings and my beliefs on relationshits and women and all, there is one thing I will not waver on at all. A mans word is his word, a vow is a vow and integrity is only for those who abide both of those. If you cannot trust a man to honor and keep his word, it matters not what the rest of the world and society turns out like. if you cannot hold “men” (mankind) to its bond and word, then they worthless and untrustworthy and not worth the time of effort even for forgiveness.
    Stand up and LIVE up to your word, and EVERYTHING else would not be a mess that it is right now. and that goes for you hypergamous whore women TOO! You want things to be sane, then freaking act like it. Chris Pratt is screwing his kid up with this crap in the long run, a shitty example, a shitty broken abnormal home, a shitty example of men and how they can act, and shitty treatment of a woman who seems to have honored her part in the relationshit.

  52. OK the double standard about divorce cracked me up on this one. So a woman leaving a man for more money is wrong and skanky but a man is totally cool leaving a woman for a younger model. There will never be a firm ground if such DSs are allowed.
    What gives on that one? I thought it was great to find a woman who promotes your success and wants you to do well, she supports you and does what it takes to be there for you…then when she does she’s dumped? Where is her incentive?
    That’s rather twisted.

      1. Yep. For me? I have primarily supported my husband for the majority of our relationship. I helped him to be the man he has become and it’s great – it is a complete 180 from the man he was when I met him. I still love him but I know over the years that I don’t motivate him to do well when I am WITH him, he gets too comfortable only when he wants me and has longing.
        So I left him. He’s doing great now and hopes we will get back together. I am loving his successes now and so very proud of him. I think he might like to be with a younger woman as he’s never had success – with what I see in his future he could have a family in 3-5 years. I encourage it.
        If he loves me as much as he says he’ll still love me when he’s successful. We’ll see. If he doesn’t then I did the right thing.
        Unfortunately I am just burnt out. Had I not left I could see me working until the day I died and that’s not what I wanted so I had to make the move for both of us.

    1. And yet 80% of all divorces are initiated by the woman. Kinda makes your comment about poor supportive wives being dumped ring hollow.. it’s actually the other way round.

  53. Men shouldn’t be looking to marry or date up honestly. We are the prize to be won. When men find their trophy, they start elevating her, worshipping her pussy and becoming the betas they were always comfortable being.
    But then once they happens she gets bored and cheats! And she will always think of you as beneath HER.
    This is the inherent problem with male hypergamy. We shouldn’t look for a woman who is better than we are. We are kings. Kings don’t look for a queen. They find a woman and then she becomes the queen.
    If we are looking for a queen then by us finding her we don’t become her king. We become her bitch.
    Raise your SMV so high that everything is mostly below you. And if you can’t do that then just keep plate spinning. But hypergamy is not for men. We should add to a woman’s world. She should feel grateful for us entering her life. And when you find that, men…you keep her. The more you play the game the more you find that a woman who comes close to worshipping you is a true gift. Cherish and protect her. You are meant to be above her. This is why she needs you. Don’t chase after women who think themselves better than you

  54. >Those who are unplugged know the truths: men value youth and beauty, and women value power.
    This in its essence, is all a man needs to know to under sexual dynamics

  55. I can’t back this. She’s not bad looking for 40 at all, not to mention all the pics of her younger self are glamor shots. On top of that she married him and bore his children when he was a chubby c list actor. His second guardians movie us a success and he celebrates by leaving her and breaking their home… for a slutty feminist? Chris Pratt is a scumbag.

  56. I believe this is called ‘hypergamy’ …and a man is to be applauded for it ?
    While other articles about it here at ROK, condemn women for it.
    Just sayin.

  57. We’ve seen this with Kevin Hart, Jessie Williams, and now Chris Pratt. No wonder George Clooney waited to get married.

  58. It’s been my observation that when an actor and actress wed, the marriage will fail unless the wife puts her career on the backburner. In other words, one person has the career and the other has the occasional job. Think Paul Newman/Joanne Woodward or Annette Bening/Warren Beatty.

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