7 Wikileaks Revelations About Hillary Clinton That The Media Is Completely Ignoring

The recent Wikileaks revelations about the Clintons, the Clinton campaign, media collusion, and the various hypocrisies of the Democratic Party are groundbreaking in both their scope and depth. The sheer number of hacked emails covering so many topics, combined with the shadiness of the activities involved, should have already handed Donald Trump the election.

Alas, the media, whose collusion with the Clinton campaign is laid out in many of the emails, will not have a bar of reporting them in a professional, ethical fashion. The following seven email exchanges have either been deliberately suppressed by mainstream outlets or given the slimmest coverage to feebly ward off accusations that they are in the de facto service (or pocket) of Hillary Clinton.

1. “Women’s advocate” Hillary Clinton admits that Saudi Arabia and Qatar fund ISIS, but refuses to rebuke them for it

Hillary Clinton and them Saudis.

After rounding on Donald Trump for very tamely calling former Miss Universe Alicia Machado “Miss Piggy,” one might think that Hillary Clinton has the interests of women at heart. Her admission that Saudi Arabia and Qatar fund female-enslaving ISIS tells another story. It is impossible to see that Trump has anything to answer for regarding women as is, not to mention when his record is contrasted with Hillary’s enabling of Saudi and Qatari behavior.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar practice their own intense forms of oppression against women and the Clinton email means that she is only too aware that they are exporting this oppression by financially backing ISIS. As will be explored below, the Clintons are arguably beholden to the Saudis and Qataris, who have given very large donations to the Clinton Foundation.

Meanwhile, what of the massive arms sales and other military support given to the Saudis and Gulf States? Why help arm those states which are funding ISIS?

2. John Podesta owned 75,000 shares in a Putin-linked company, despite he and Clinton criticizing the Trump campaign for its Russian connections

John Podesta.

One mantra used by the Clinton campaign ad infinitum so far is that Donald Trump’s campaign is merely a slave movement for advancing the interests of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Democrats and journalists alike (wait, aren’t they the same thing?) have claimed that the Russian business ties of Trump and his associates are a national security risk should the Republican nominee be elected. So why was nothing said publicly of John Podesta’s ownership of 75,000 shares in Joule Unlimited? Joule had received millions in funds from a government-backed Russian fund and Podesta was on its executive board.

After all, remember Paul Manafort Jr., the national chairman of the Trump campaign? He moved on/was moved on after the liberal media continually attacked him for his alleged sympathies towards Russia. Especially due his former role as a lobbyist for the now ousted pro-Russian Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovych, commentators screamed that Manafort’s history was a liability. Moreover, Trump’s entire presidential campaign was likewise characterized as benefiting Putin more than America. The New York Times, Time and other outlets published a flurry of hit pieces centered on Manafort and his then boss, during the exact same period that the Clinton campaign was ramping up its “Russian collusion” angle against Trump.

And Podesta? Well, he gets a free ride.

3. “Anti-SJW” ex-politician and Heat Street head Louise Mensch wrote ad material for Hillary Clinton—so which other “conservatives” are doing similar things?

Louise Mensch.

Louise Mensch is a former Conservative British MP exposed by Wikileaks for her outright collusion with the Clinton campaign. Though she had outed herself as a “never Trump” hacktivist long before this, her help in writing ad material for Hillary Clinton was surreptitious until more of the Podesta emails went public. Online publication Heat Street, which Mensch heads, has tried to make a name for itself in supposedly outing SJW lunacy and other leftist stupidities.

The question remains, is Mensch a cucked conservative or an outright political double agent? Perhaps, more opportunistically, she is a mere financial opportunist whose political allegiances are amenable to dollar signs. Heat Street pays her bills for now, but should Clinton win in November, could she be wanting a new, safer career? The leftist media milieu is pretty crowded at the moment; the ad material could be Mensch’s entry card to the media big time.

Whatever the case, Louise Mensch’s perverse game of anti-Trump conservatism by day and Hillary stooge by night is one others are undoubtedly resorting to as well. Many traitors to the conservative cause will not have been as reckless as Mensch, who left an easy paper trail in helping the Clinton campaign. Had their budding relationship turned sour, it could have been the DNC or Clinton’s campaign who outed her, not Wikileaks. So how many of the chat-on-the-couch types of conservatives, Glenn Beck among them, are establishing quiet relationships with the Clinton campaign to stop Trump?

Fundamentally, who can we really trust amongst the anti-leftist insurgency?

4. Clinton allies want to create a voting public that does not think or assess politics critically

Bill Ivey.

And as I’ve mentioned, we’ve all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry.

— Bill Ivey, Clinton insider and former Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts under President Bill Clinton

A long-time friend of the Clintons, Bill Ivey, wrote an email to Podesta bemoaning how the American public was still “unaware” but lacked “compliance.” Ivey was very frank in admitting that he and others wanted to “conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry.” The necessary method was to “conflate entertainment with the electoral process.”

The worried tone of the Ivey email published by Wikileaks indicates that Trump’s charismatic style, usually attacked by the Clinton campaign, is one that Democrats well and truly desire for their rather dull candidate. This jealousy aside, we ourselves should be concerned. Clinton supporters have the overwhelmingly clout in both Hollywood and major newsrooms across the United States, plus the newspapers and other media mediums. A series of celebrity and media figures could easily weaponize themselves further in producing a more politically biased entertainment and news industry.

Recent political-entertainment farces, such as Katy Perry’s naked call for Americans to vote, have been performed with the cover of being “comedy” (in case they failed to produce a result), but the underlying intent was to both reach and expand a dumbed-down audience. Skits like the Perry one should actually be read as: “I’m trying to be funny and get you to vote for anyone, but I really mean Hillary Clinton!” Unlike Trump, who actively questions the wisdom of an oligopoly controlling the media, high finance, and other vested interests, celebrities roped in to assist Clinton or any future leftist candidate will merely use their breasts, profanity, or other irrelevant talking points to create propaganda.

5. Tim Kaine was selected as Hillary’s running mate—in July 2015

Robert Bass.

Lobbyist Erick Mullen wrote an email to Podesta in July 2015 apparently complaining that Bob Glennon, an attorney for billionaire Robert Bass’ Keystone, Inc., was telling two other Senators that Hillary Clinton had already picked Senator Tim Kaine as her running mate. More recent information about a Vice Presidential nominee “shortlist,” which included Bill Gates and Tim Cook, seems to have been a cover. Almost a year to the day after Mullen’s email, Kaine was officially announced as Hillary’s running mate.

The Mullen revelation demonstrates two appalling potential aspects of the Clinton campaign: 1) a very fake process of searching for people to fill positions already decided on takes place and 2) this process heavily depends on/is determined by the scrutiny of donating billionaires and their advisers. Robert Bass is well-known for his financial support of Democrats and it is immediately suspicious that one of his attorneys would have been cited as spreading Kaine’s name as a certainty so early on in the game. What’s going on there?

6. Hillary’s campaign was tipped off about the likelihood of the State Department releasing her Benghazi emails

Heather Samuelson.

Heather Samuelson, a lawyer and the former White House liaison for the State Department, leaked a tip to the Clinton campaign that 300 of Hillary’s Benghazi emails were about to be released. Just as the decision not to prosecute Hillary over her private email server has bamboozled many a FBI insider and agent, this new discovery of special assistance to the Clinton campaign will greatly anger those interested in impartial judicial or Congressional investigations.

The substantial cross-over between federal government officials and those working for Democratic political campaigns is alarming. Heather Samuelson is just one of many who have carved careers out of switching from bureaucrat to partisan operative. It is hard to see how such jumping around can lead to good outcomes, especially as Samuelson’s source appears to be from the State Department itself.

7. Repressive Arab states have paid the Clinton Foundation millions for Bill Clinton’s “time”

Hillary Clinton’s Saudi and Qatari ties are cause for serious concern.

When Hillary Clinton was serving as Secretary of State, Saudi and Qatari interests were funding the Clinton Foundation to the tune of millions. The fact that Bill Clinton was then the main focus of Arab leaders’ requests for time and phone calls is irrelevant, as Clinton Foundation donors were heavily represented in the individuals and groups Hillary had official meetings with during her time at State.

Two email conversations are particularly troubling. In the first, John Podesta and various Clinton workers, including from the Clinton Foundation, have an exchange about Bill’s phone call with a Saudi sheikh. One staffer says that unless a $6 million check has been written out by the sheikh, the idea is “crazy.” In the second, Qatar desires a “five minute” meeting with Bill to give him a $1 million check for his birthday the previous year.

What exactly are the Saudis and Qataris getting out of these meetings and phone calls? And why, given Hillary’s own acknowledgment that both states fund ISIS, has the money not been returned?

This stuff is much bigger than Watergate

Richard Nixon fell into political oblivion for his alleged involvement in the break-in at Washington D.C.’s Watergate hotel in the early 1970s. Compare this scandal to the Clinton revelations published by Wikileaks and it appears minuscule. Everything from Hillary Clinton acquiescing to the funding of ISIS by the Saudis and Qataris (and keeping money from them) to the preordained selection of Tim Kaine as VP nominee reeks of political and moral corruption.

With Wikileaks promising to release even more emails and other evidence soon, will the media finally stand up and report the truth?

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333 thoughts on “7 Wikileaks Revelations About Hillary Clinton That The Media Is Completely Ignoring”

  1. I trust mainstream media to cover things objectively about as far as I can throw a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier these days.
    The only way these files and e-mails can make it out is to do it ourselves.
    Ironic, the media that brought Sinclair Lewis’ “The Jungle” to light and uncovered Watergate has failed today. They actively cover up this sick (mentally and physically,) and miserable excuse of a human when the facts are out there.

    1. Not really that surprising when you consider it. The media as it is today basically exists BECAUSE of the government. Think about it, with the information resources now available on the internet, why do we need print or TV media anymore? Answer: we don’t. Realizing that, the media jumped into bed with the government to establish a regulatory protection racket, but once you do that, you can no longer bite the hand that feeds you. Same with online media who is eager to have the government “regulate” the internet – read stifle competition. But the government’s not going to scratch your back unless you scratch its.

      1. And of course the (((media))) has its own vested interests. They wanted to get rid of Nixon because he wasn’t pushing along their degenerate agenda, ie open borders, enforced integration of blacks into white areas over the objections of their inhabitants, porn and trash culture, affirmative action handouts, etc. The same legacy (((media))) will never hold Hillary up to similar scrutiny because she is in favour of all of these things and more.

        1. Most Americans want to live in a free country as much as possible. That means that the minimum restrictions should be placed on freedoms: That includes black citizens, gays, and even porn watchers.

      2. By “government ” you’re actually referring to the Globalist(money-changer monetary tyrants) controlled bureaucratic unConstitutional agencies that now rule over “WE the People” like selfappointed kingdoms over “WE the peasants”.
        The mainstream media diseminates propaganda as dictated from the very top- unAmerican Globalist’s much like Pravda did in the USSR.
        Their branch orifice’s are; the-FED/IRS/iMF+UN.
        They actually own the faux incorporated United States of America-(however WE are still the true American union of sovereign States).
        This takeover goes directly back to 1913 and Woodrow Wilson(D-potus) and the Dem run House + Senate illegally shoved thru the unConstitutional Federal Reserve Act to eventually enslave the American people to be milked like cows in stantions on their gubmint run farms. After they brought America to its knees by the orchestrated ‘Crash of 29’ and allowed it to go into the ‘Great Depression’.
        FDR was then placed strategically to finish plowing under OUR 3 Founding documents. He then funded Stalins SOVIET UNION + giving him 1/2 the free world at the same time to counter-balance America’s influence of “freedoms under Liberty”(as the Globalist’s continued fleecing the world). These money-changers have set up and financed both of most all the wars since at le1800the year1800. Rothchild alone is personally worth $300 trillion; they bailout the IMF- whom runs the Incorporated American system of bilking + controlling us at every turn- owning controlling interests of all major corporation to direct the PC+DC narratives with their ‘monetary cattle prod’ for WE the sheople shills.
        FDR sold the American people as monetary slave guarantors by SocSec #’s(Ponsi scheme) to the IMF/WB in the Bretton Woods Agreement(1944) along with allowing the U.N. onto American soil who gave the communist’s 1/2 Korea+Vietnam and planned the same for Japan but for Truman dropping the A-bomb precluding that planned manuever.
        And so it went- and still goes with many successors. This all actually originates in 1862 but that’s another aspect of OUR ongoing dilemma kept hidden from the American public once called “the sleeping giant” and still is so far.
        Like Gulliver waking up being tied down by the Lilliputian’s
        American’s better wake up soon enough to vote for Trump.
        No he is NOT thee answer-!
        That still remains with us but he is definitely pro Americanism not a bought+paid for unAmerican Globlist/statist puppet shill like Khill-liary + MAO-bama~!

        1. HooYah, someone else actually gets it! mtman, this is what I’ve been trying to get Americans to understand for decades now. Reagan got it, we discussed it several times.

        2. It is undiscernable to the indoctrinated, PC minded, non-critical thinking- tho naive and willing useful-shills.
          However if they don’t awaken in time they will be very sorry-
          much too late ~!

        3. Agreed. But if you take your medicine, go to the meetings, pray, and learn some rational thinking techniques, you might manage to wake yourself up and re-join the human race.

        4. Anyone who identifies himself as “we the people” you just know is going to say a lot of really stupid things, and mtman2 does not let us down. He is the archetypal conspiracy theorist straight from central casting. If a movie script placed what he just said to us in a script, it would not seem at all believable. But he is real. Scary! Poe’s Law.

        5. Whoops- looks like the “dull razor” didn’t like his revue, eh?
          Oh well- so much for paid trolls, especially
          Un-American shills for their unseen masters.
          “WE the People” were given the Right to be OUR own masters O.
          Only WE can abdicate from that gift- by ignorance, sloth and ignorance.
          Even you can gain ears to hear + eyes to see.
          Tho this is only possible from a grateful heart for the gift of “freedoms under Liberty” -or- foolishly remain a parasite= this choice stands before us all as to the responsiblity for being an American.
          Best wishes for you Occam- beware the razor and to where it points ~!

        6. There’s more of us every day- speaking and preaching it uncovers the “Unseen Hand” moving us forward towards the OneWorld system they have planned.
          Unless WE can hold it back here- American Patriotsl lives won’t “be worth spit”.
          Because America has been God’s beacon for true “freedoms under Liberty” for over 400yrs emanating directly from the Reformation wich spawned the Pilgrim/Puritan movement that fled here which began it all….Thanksgiving should carry far more meaning for what it truly meant to the world at large ~!
          ps- Nothing involving mankind is foolproof nor error free.
          Tho I’d compare the Sovereign States of America to any other setup in mans long dark history past or present…

        7. I don’t need to be paid to disagree with you. You are delusional. Citizens of the USA have certain very constrained freedoms but are no more free than the citizens of many other liberal democracies. We are all bound by the rule of laws made by those who we elect to govern us in the common interest.
          So you can pedal that frog shit to the marines. Perhaps they will be dumb enouth to believe it.

        8. Aww- tisk tisk now let’s not lose composure there Razor.
          Amazing just how myopic forgetful folks are as to just how handy the U.S. Marines were in stopping the Nazis and Emperial Japanese from taking over the world, eh 0?
          I know you just forgot to be grateful again, eh…?
          No other nation ever has had “freedoms under Liberty” as did the American Founding.
          What the other nations did eventually acquire was only a facimile of OUR 3-Founding documents- in faux diluted copycat forms. Never the real thing- which the socialist /statist’s here also have been working at undermining for over a hundred yrs.
          Those documents are the Foundations of any laws here and if in violation of them “are no law at all”.
          Unlike in Europe were anything can change or go to extremes. Esp with the EU Globalist masters;
          Brexit was a breathe of fresh air however. Hopefully England does well for itself…

        9. Aww- tisk tisk now let’s not lose composure there Razor.
          Amazing just how myopic forgetful folks are as to just how handy the U.S. Marines were in stopping the Nazis and Emperial Japanese from taking over the world, eh 0?
          I know you just forgot to be grateful again, eh…?
          No other nation ever has had “freedoms under Liberty” as did the American Founding.
          What the other nations did eventually acquire was only a facimile of OUR 3-Founding documents- in faux diluted copycat forms. Never the real thing- which the socialist /statist’s here also have been working at undermining for over a hundred yrs.
          Those documents are the Foundations of any laws here and if in violation of them “are no law at all”.
          Unlike in Europe were anything can change or go to extremes. Esp with the EU Globalist masters;
          Brexit was a breathe of fresh air however. Hopefully England does well for itself…

        10. No. That total freedom stuff is just what they teach American kids at school. Most modern democracies are as free as the USA, they just don’t talk about it so much. It is true that we have some great talk about freedom in our foundation documents, but that does not translate so well in practice.
          We have a multitude of laws that bind our freedoms in many ways and we have the highest prison incarceration rate in the world – not by population, but in absolute numbers – more than even China. We even still have capital punishment. Our prisoners work as slave laborers for private companies that profit massively from their work.
          Brexit was not essentially about freedom. David Cameron promised a vote in an election campaign because he was sure they would opt to stay in Europe. Prior to that they had no choice. That example shows how the popular will is not always the best thing for the country. The UK has a lot of dumb conservatives too.
          Yes, the US Marines were terrific in the Pacific, and the Navy too. Shame about the Army. MacArthur was a disaster.
          The USA did not save all the Europeans from the Nazis. The Brits stood alone until 1942, and the Russians did much more to defeat Germany than did the USA. Australia saved itself from the Jap Marines in PNG before America got there. The USA had to defeat the Nazis and Japs in its own interests and it was necessary to fight those battles in other countries.
          I don’t expect you to understand any of this because it goes against everything you have been taught all your life.

        11. The very little you actual grasp about history is much on the childish PC side of the surfacy+shallow brainwashing you glummed unto.
          My family was on both sides of both WW’s. You have no idea what your talking about and would “appear” intelligent by being silent.
          England and France created Hitler with Wilson’s wrongfull help- then via the Treaty of Versaille.They raped Germany for 12 yrs for “reparations” directly causing WWII. I am named for my uncle who was killed in the battle of the Somme.
          During the Weimar Republic my father as a farm boy was in fire fights with communist terrorist’s before fleeing to America I am currently writing a book on this entire subject.
          The Nazi’s didn’t invade the U.S.
          Britain+France made that happen by their karma and WE bailed them out again.
          And WE financed and shipped millions of tons of food and equipment to that monster Stalin or he’d have been hung on a lamp post like Mussilini by his own people if it wasn’t for that socialist idiot FDR. As operation Barbarosa would have rolled right thru Moscow.
          General Zukov himself stated if it weren’t for America’s help they were lost. Only FDR gave him far to much or the two armies could’ve broken each other on the Eastern front and there would have been no need for a D-Day massacre of OUR men+boys to free Europe or a future communist threat.
          Further at Yalta FDR gave “his friend” Stalin(USSR) 1/2 the free world to pillage, plunder and rape til Reagan came along and called their bluff.
          What MacArthur did at Inchon was a master stroke and yes WE should have kept N. Korea for the Soviet treachery.
          I have a friend that flew missions over China taking out Soviet pillage trains in WWII stealing Chinese factories and thousands of Chinese for slave labor.
          The Globalist sponsored the Bolcheviks and gave FDR his marching orders at Bretton Woods via the IMF as he sold the American public as monetary slave guarantors hy SocSec#; and setting up their U.N. on U.S. soil Truman was a shill.
          Of course arrogant low-info ingrates like yourself aren’t interested in truth so why should I bother wasting my time. Don’t bother people with your opinion on matters you know nothing about = most everything.
          Being taught from useless sources that understand less than you.
          Do yourself a favor and spend a few yrs with due diligence in research to get a true picture of history not the low hanging and fallen fruit you’ve been eating…

      3. Are you seriously trying to tell me that there are no critics of the government in the American media? WTF!
        I think that there are plenty, but the professional ones will only criticize using fact checked information. That still happens often.
        Silly conspiracies from conservative news sites are properly ignored. That is not bias, but serious journalism.

        1. “But the professional ones will only criticize using fact checked information. That still happens often.”
          Please define “fact.” Much of what I see reported as “fact” is really opinion. And that’s part of the problem.
          And I’m not saying there are NO critics of the government, but the voice that is given to these critics is effectively neutered. When a media organization publishes 10 laudatory pieces to every one critical piece, it may be that there is much to laud and little to criticize, or it may be, as is readily apparent from the coverage of Clinton and Trump, that the Media is trying to establish a favored narrative by tilting the scales, and that it is only feigning a pretense of fairness because otherwise even the most willing sheep would recognize the fakery.

        2. Good fact checking shows what part of the story is true (because there is usually some) and what part is false, and gives reasons.
          I agree that it is seldom a binary thing. There are degrees of truthfulness and a proper academic analysis would use what mathematicians call Bayesian logic to arrive at a conclusion regarding credibility.
          A good example would be the way that Snopes analyzes the story about Hillary Clinton’s responsibility for the Benghazi massacre. There is a tiny element of truth because Sec State has statutory responsibility for Embassy security, and she could have prevented this atrocity if she had know precisely how it would happen well in advance.
          As Snopes pointed out, the Republican controlled Congress cut the budget allotted to embassy security quite severely prior to the incident, thereby reducing the resources available to fight the attackers. The military and CIA commanders and local diplomats take the lions share of the blame for mishandling a tactical situation that they should have been well prepared for as part of their day job.
          This was just so convenient as a weapon to aim at Hillary in order to harm her election prospects, that they could not resist the temptation however transparent was their criticism. Most of us could understand all this without having it explained, but not the ardent conservatives who would automatically latch onto any criticism.
          That is what I mean by “fact checking”

      4. No. The American media is part of the advertising industry, not the news industry, nor the entertainment industry. It exists to make revenues from advertising, and for no other reason.
        We don’t need advertising at all. The shareholders of the media companies need it to make profits.
        The government has nothing to do with it.

    2. Communists and their ‘useful idiots’ have infiltrated the media and education….as well as government, entertainment…. Weeding out the vermin is going to take a long time, but it needs to be done!

      1. Education opens the mind. Most media people and entertainers are well educated. So they don’t think like you. Suck it up

    3. The mainstream media is owned by the same Satanic Establishment Globalist Power-Elite ORGANIZED CRIME SYNDICATE that is supporting HiLIARY to be their public relations “front man”. These evil diabolical secret servants of Satan will stop at nothing to bring about their agenda for eliminating or enslaving all mankind throughout the world. People who refuse to be slaves to the Satanists and people who refuse to be microchipped will be killed. 600 FEMA CONCENTRATION DEATH CAMPS and 30,000 guillotines in the USA are prepared for the massacre. VOTE FOR TRUMP TO RESIST the Satanists’ evil agenda!

    4. No media conspiracy. Real journalists check the facts and decide that the stories are not news. RW commentators report them as sensational facts. See the difference?
      e-mails: 110 out of 30,000 might possibly have contained classified information, but when those were inspected carefully the FBI recommended no charges be laid.
      Conclusion: This was a potential problem, but it never really happened.
      For all the other stories about her check Snopes and you will find that they never happened either, or they were mostly untrue.
      It is all campaign locker talk.

    5. The media is not covering up anything. They may not be re-reporting the conservative media beat-ups, but that is not a cover up. Fact checking is basic procedure.

  2. You’re interpreting some things too broadly. When he says, “And as I’ve mentioned, we’ve all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry.”, that’s a criticism of society, not anything they did specifically. As for Arab states funding ISIS and our not being critical, this is a known issue- it’s something that both the GOP and the Democrats do. They do it because of oil and military alliances, but it’s not something specific to one party.

    1. It is VERY specific to HRC however. And when they “funded” her, they got special access that others do not. You can go on about ‘GOP too!’ but in this POTUS campaign, only one of the candidates is known for taking Arab money for political consideration.

        1. Which has NOTHING to do with taking Saudi money for political favors.
          Nice try though.

        2. Hillary runs a ‘pay for play’ scheme and has been on a 25+ year crime spree to amass power.
          Trump, on the other hand, offers goods and services in the free market that you can choose to purchase or not purchase.
          There is literally no moral comparison.

        3. You beat me to it. The concept that Trump is in any way as bad or worse than Hillary only demonstrates how far down the rabbit hole we’ve gone.

        4. He’s the moral equivocator. We see them a lot over at BreitBart trying to do the “buh buh buh buh they’re all the same, Hillary is no worse than Trump buh buh buh”. I strongly suspect paid trolls, but I’ve no real proof of it.

        5. Yup, Gotcha. Not important if it has to do with Trump. The fact that he owes millions to the Saudis (http://addictinginfo.org/2016/06/15/saudi-prince-reminds-donald-trump-i-bailed-you-out-twice/). He has business dealings there worth millions:
          “Four companies were incorporated by Mr Trump which could be related to a possible hotel project in Jeddah, the second largest city in Saudi Arabia. In the disclosure, he is listed as president and owner of companies called THC Jeddah Hotel Advisor and DT Jeddah Technical Services Advisor. These are thought to be related to a possible hotel development”
          Little is possible in Saudi Arabia without the involvement of the government, especially in large deals. Their tentacles are everywhere. Trump has financial entanglements there; it’s clear. Except the man is a hypocrite and a confident one; and people believe him. He has more at stake at present in Saudi Arabia than Clinton. He’s also said he won’t wind down his company if elected; which is what you’re supposed to do. According to you, none of this is newsworthy. Give me a break.

        6. Seriously, dude, put down the bong. When you make a product and people buy it, that’s not wrong. It’s the market, that’s how it works.
          When you take cash for political favors, that’s actually *fucking illegal*.
          But of course, you don’t care. As long as you can sniff that ancient Witch’s cunt as you do your next toke, you’re golden. Amirite bro?

        7. I see you are paranoid just like your dear leader. Look at my post history; I am as anti-feminist as they come.

        8. The time to fight those battles has long since passed. It’s over.
          We’re down to SC Justice picks.
          *Nothing* else matters. Not even if Trump stands in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoots someone.

        9. I see you ignored the whole notion of business entanglements and owing money to people with connections to foreign governments. Course we can’t tell if Trump will engage in pay to play; he hasn’t held office yet. We do know that politicians if elected put their ownership holdings into a blind trust or divest them and Trump has said he WON’T do it. The notion that a President has millions of dollars at stake or owed to foreign sources is unprecedented- we’ve Never seen it before. Look I agree the press should be more suspicious about Hillary’s connections; including Russia and Saudi pay for play. However, Trump supporters are even worse; defending dear leader Trump from every accusation in cult-like manner.

        10. Exactly correct. SCOTUS is the only thing that matters now. Had Scalia not died it would still be important, but not as vital as it became since he’s passed.

        11. It is an argument. You’re claiming I’m part of some superPac; I’m saying my post history suggests I’m a normal person who happens to disagree with you.

  3. Now that the media knows what they can get away with, there is zero chance they will stop doing it.

  4. Democrats are doing what they actively accuse others. Gas lighting.
    The media is nothing but a propaganda organ and always calloberate.

  5. Thanks David for putting this together in a digestible format for us.
    My only question is wasn’t there also evidence that Bernie was in fact not even given a fair chance of getting the DNC nomination? I might be wrong but I thought I heard about that.
    If Hillary does in fact win… It will bode very unwell for the spirit of American politics to come. It looks like the entire democratic process, the only thing still really tying the disparate American demographics together, is under threat. If the people lose faith in the democratic process, the social contract is basically broken. There would be little left really to justify taking the government (and consequently law and order) seriously.

    1. If she wins the election that is OK: the way the system is meant to work. It means that a majority think she is OK. The worst thing would be to not get a stable result from the election. Sp she needs to win very comfortably in order to convince conservatives to back off

      1. What the video game generation doesn’t understand is that if a satellite feed goes out, it doesn’t start broadcasting color bars. That is a pattern an engineer would manually throw up on the screen after several seconds of realizing the feed was gone. This was clearly an intentional cut of the interview.

  6. I’m glad Wikileaks is getting respect for telling the truth and uncovering lies. Just remember this when someone you like is in office. There was huge backlash when Wikileaks was releasing documents during the W administration, and they pressured VISA and MC to stop taking Wikileaks donations. Other than the Anonymous hacker groups, few people spoke up for Assange then. Wikileaks is about the only real form of a critical media we have left !

    1. Don’t worry, I think a big group of people are on the dawn of realization. Maybe not fully red pill, but definitely enough to shift from blue to purple. Saw this being discussed on social media by a lot of people that are usually very liberal:
      Note how it doesn’t quite get it right as Trump is portrayed as part of the problem rather than the guy fighting it. But the message that the system is lying to people is definitely a theme here.

  7. What happened to Julian Assange, any way? Did Section One from La Femme Nikita abduct him or something?

    1. Ecuadorians cut off his internet, mysteriously after Kerry talked to him. But of course, they say, Kerry didn’t pressure them. No. Not at all.
      There is some speculation that he’s actually dead, because none of the photos of him that the MSM are using are more recent than 3 years ago. Just speculation, but it’s interesting when you consider Clinton was outted not too long ago saying that Assange “Needs droned”.

      1. “3 years ago” – he just did a live video feed a few weeks ago. I understand he’s still alive.
        The Ecuadorian president is a left-winger who supports Clinton.

        1. Good to know, I only heard from others that the stock pictures that they’re using are old.
          It’s no surprise that socialist Ecuador would support the Witch. It is surprising how blatantly open they were about trying to silence him though.

    2. I know some people here aren’t too fond of heroines, but I’ve always liked La Femme Nikita and its characters. The interplay between Operations, Madeline, Michael, and Nikita was brilliant.
      I also loved how they “cancelled” those who outlived their usefulness.

      1. That show brought the spy genre into the digital age.
        We never saw what caused those strange scratches under the eyes of the people Section One’s nerd couple worked over in the torture room.

  8. So if America doesn’t sell weapons, Americans would have much fewer jobs and money in the economy. Has anyone thought of that or is the west now all culturally marxist?
    Not defending Hillary here … but if you say why Trump is better, please do it without references to feminism, women’s rights, and communism. It would be great to have a more conservative right wing re-write of this article. I was hoping for a conservative marxism-free perspective. I feel so old asking that, do people do that anymore?

      1. So how is Saudi our enemy if the oil is there. So what Iran is our friend? They get all the Saudi nationals they can into terrorism to defame Saudi and buy up journalists, massive propaganda. Why?
        Because iranian regime is corrupt. If Iran occupies Saudi, oil prices will be $300 a barell and kill the economy. Saudi is our friend because they are not jacking up oil prices. By the time re-newables catch up, it would have a major catastrophic impact on the economy in the west, but allow Iran and Russia and Venezuela to cover up corrupt and create lots of socialist programs to bribe their people. That’s the end game.
        So Hillary is preventing oil from being $300 a barrel and killing the economy. And guess what, Trump is going to have the same policy.
        Now the problem is Hillary is going to appoint activist judges and internally in the US we may see a rise of SJWs and decrease in freedoms. I would go after emails, Benghazi … not about hey let’s destroy the economy.

    1. If you have to ask why Trump is better at this point, there is really no helping you. But I’m game and will give it a try:
      1. Make the Federal Government do one of its primary functions of ENFORCING OUR borders.
      2. Promote the well being and prosperity of American citizens FIRST. If there is anything left over after that, we can help others.
      3. Renegotiate or abrogate trade deals that only benefit the donor class.
      4. Get term limits back on the table.
      5. Appoint justices that actually believe in the US Constitution, rather than someone “…who had lived life…)(HRC quote from last debate).
      That’s just off the top of my head. I can think of many more, but I don’t want to waste time shadow-boxing sock puppet trolls, which I suspect you are.

      1. I love your suggestions. That’s smart. Because if we are criticizing someone for helping the economy, you need a viable alternative to weapons manufacturing. I think that should have been stated upfront instead of let’s kill weapons manufactoring jobs.
        I’d put it that weapons manufacturing jobs force us to make compromises on values. there are X many jobs due to weapons manufacturing, plus Y many jobs from restaurants and other auxiliary industries. These should be replaced by 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Voila!

        1. Weapons production is an important part of any nation state that wants to remain in existence. Selling them to friends of our enemies (I’m looking at you Saudi Arabia) is an entirely different matter.

        2. So we let Russia and Iran destroy our economy by hijacking the oil? I don’t see Saudi as a friend as much an asset that’s better in our hands than enemy hands

        3. We have enough oil…more than even SA. Besides, SA has launched an economic attack on us by flooding the market with oitl so they can knock our shale companies out of business. So they not only engage in economic warfare against us, they fund the spread of virulent Wahabism around the globe. ISIS would not exist without Saudi funding.

        4. Its not having oil, its controlling the price. I think developing alternative enegry is better. the problem is a lot of the US economy is based on money lending as opposed to actually value. Like derivatives, stock market, mortgage – so any price fluctuation can cause a massive crisis. If oil goes up, because of the banks, we are screwed. Maybe we should examine why banks make us so fragile and limit our foreign policy choices and change the banking laws.
          Actually ISIS has no Saudi funding and little connection to wahabism, in name only. It’s a tool of Russian and Iranian hybrid warfare to make the populations of democracies alienated from their allies, push secularism and feminism in the west, and then grab the oil and destroy the economy of the west by driving oil prices to $300 a barrel while living like kings and not doing anything about their corruption.

        5. There is a difference between friend, enemy and resources. Saudi is an asset rather than a friend. Because of the banking system being over-leveraged, a spike in oil prices will destroy the economy like the sub-prime mortage crisis. So if Saudi goes to Iran and Russia’s hands, then bye bye US economy – unless we change the banking laws… which is something the US should consider

        6. Iran does lust over Iraq snd Syria, as it has for centuries
          But do you have anything else to justify this claim

    2. Yeah, the last thing you want, when confronting a candidate who is tits deep into socialism, is a perspective that is against Marxism.

      1. Socialists can play your game better than you can. My grandfather taught in the Russian military academy. I am in the west as I disagree with what we Russians did to sabotage the culture and I am against totalitarianism.
        From a theory perspective, your argument has merit. From a Russian perspective, hit from your areas of strength, the other guys can our marx you

        1. I may have misunderstood you. Are you saying to not write *like* a Marxist (at which point I’d ask you to define that), or that you wanted him to not write with references to Marxists (on the other side)?

        2. I mean it would be great to have more conservative arguements why Hillary is bad, for example how she’d embolden radical feminists in academia and shut down free speech, etc.

  9. It isn’t a Wikileaks revelation, but the media ignores the Clinton body count. I can’t imagine working for either of them, because you’d have to take out some serious life insurance – that is, if any company worth a damn would even insure you.

    1. I really don’t understand how they can continue to do that. It’s not like it’s a secret, hell everybody in the world knows about if. Fuck, dude, Michael Moore just bragged how it makes her “badass!” Can you imagine the mindfuck that one has to receive to come out at the other end cheering a serial murderer?
      Why Trump doesn’t bring it up directly is anybody’s guess. He kinda sorta alluded to her being a criminal that belongs in jail, but I really hope his team does some solid research so he can come out blazing at her about things like Vince Foster and the “double tap myself shot to the head” suicides that surround these disgusting pigs.

      1. I’d love to see it, too. Trump saying, “The Clintons have intimate ties to 141 dead people.” And then list them all. Name them all. But then…does he want to become No. 142?

        1. Kind of amazing how many people the Clintons knew personally kicked the bucket. They could easily de-populate a small
          town, yet if Trump threw a bubblegum wrapper on the sidewalk the headlines would read TRUMP HATES THE ENVIRONMENT!

        2. Actually he’s so in the public eye that even if he had a legitimate accident which took him out, people would assume “Hillary” and then the shooting would start in earnest. I think that the Clintons have a *very* vested interest in ensuring that nothing happens to him at this point in time.
          Three years from now though, if he loses? Yeah, plane went down over the Atlantic. So tragic.

        3. are you saying that you’re “a superstitious man, and if some unlucky accident should befall him… if he should be shot in the head by a police officer, or if he should hang himself in his jail cell, or if he’s struck by a bolt of lightning, then I’m going to blame some of the people in this room, and that you will not forgive.”

        4. I used to think the “Clinton Body Count ” was conspiracy theory but these days I wonder…
          Most people don’t know anyone that died mysteriously… The ClinTongs know plenty..

        5. The Clinton body count never happened. It is just transparent nonsense for irrational conservatives. Check it out on Snopes.

      2. Moore sounds like a virginal male nerd gushing over Gal Gadot’s portrayal of Wonder Woman.

        1. I suspect strongly that he is, in fact, not in possession of Biblical experience with an actual living breathing woman.

        2. I don’t know there GOJ. I would see him show up to college campuses and girls treated him like he was mick jagger. Not even kidding. I am sure he has had more 20 year old lips around his pecker than even I can imagine.
          He is a cunt nonetheless.

        3. I suspect strongly that he is, in fact, not in possession of Biblical experience with an actual living breathing woman.

        4. Well that’s just fucking depressing. He deserves to live his days as a hopeless Omega. Fucking fame and how women worship it.

        5. I didn’t say it wasn’t depressing. But all the lefty clubs from all the liberal arts departments would be leaving slug trails on their chairs the day he was going to show up. He would give talks and then meet with students after to chat. Saw it with my own eyes and I wasn’t even at a super liberal school when I saw him….just all the groupies came out of the woodwork

      3. “Can you imagine the mindfuck that one has to receive to come out at the other end cheering a serial murderer?”
        Dude, there is no mindfuck. This is exactly how the worst of these assholes seized power over the last century and murdered hundreds of millions – to the exuberant cheers of their idiot masses.
        Clowns like Moore imagine they will be the ones either pulling the triggers on their ideological enemies or cheering from the sidelines. They don’t realize that they are usually they will be up against the wall too once they are no longer useful.

        1. That’s very true, and actually, a long known piece of wisdom. Mickey Spillane mentions it in his story One Lonely Night. I believe he brought it up to an errant commie chick after he put her over his knees and spanked her, as I recall. Basically the same thing you just said. This was in…the early 1950’s I believe.
          I like Mickey Spillane stories, at least the Mike Hammer ones he wrote in the 1950’s.

        2. Never read Mickey Spillane, and my only familiarity with him is from Full Metal Jacket. But I enjoy masculine writing so maybe I’ll check him out. For my money, Cormac McCarthy is the tits.

        3. Once you get to the 1960’s his writing turns really cheesy and I can’t deal with it. But his first couple of novels were pure gold if you like the whole noir masculine type of thing.

        4. “Me, Hood” – one of the best pieces of truth thinly veiled as fiction the US has ever produced.
          “The Erection Set” – could-be primer to the Clitler crime foundation.
          I still raise a ginger and rye to the Mick every 17th of July.

    2. They eerily resemble Al Capone (untouchable). Control the DA, judge, jury, and police. Commit unspeakable crimes and dodges prosecution.

  10. Damn this cunt-a-ton is gonna make America like Sweden …..you might as well elect Putin as president at least he will finish this culture more quickly

  11. I saw a 15 minute conversation on CBS morning Monday about why there is nothing of consequence in the hacked emails and Trump already lost the election.

    1. And people wonder why I don’t watch television.
      They MSM might as well go ahead and announce that it was acquired by TASS and that all of the networks will soon rename themselves as Pravda 1, Pravda 2, etc.

      1. CBS is my local station for news and weather. The local goes off at 7 when the morning show starts I usually watch the first few minutes and there is rarely a morning when there isn’t some one sided BS in the first 10-15 minutes. Modern day journalism is to news what a drive by shooting is to marksmanship.
        Yesterday the lead-up to the show during a commercial went something like,” new revalations in Donald Trumps sexual assault scandal”. Its not necessarily untrue but, it’s framed in such a way as to persuade one to form the opinion that CBS would prefer one to have.

    1. Thus the USA is doomed no matter which one wins…Hillary being the master of corruption and Trump being a new fascist nationalist. The big losers are the nation and the people … recommend expat life for safety and security

        1. if hillary wins you are welcome to stay and wait for the nukes bwahaha
          killery’s slogan? No Lives Matter 🙂

        2. Don’t do that Charles, It is best to leave accusations of cowardice to old women who haven’t been there. He is a fool, that’s all: quite harmless.

        3. Call ’em like I see them. Patriots work to save the country they love. Cowards cut and run.

        4. Voting Trump and working locally to promote and support local conservative politicians. You?

        5. Doing my best to prevent this country regressing again under a conservative administration.
          At least if Trump gets in you will not feel that he was inflicted on you.

        6. Sometimes running is appropriate.
          The US army knows how to do that in the right circumstances too. Have you heard of the “Great Bug-out” in the Korean war?
          “they got tanks. We don’t got no Tanks!”
          Run: all the way to Busan”

        7. Regressing again? The last eight years should have opened anybody’s eyes about the socialist plague destroying our country, even for those so myopic as yours. 1.1% growth, welfare and food stamp roles doubled, labor participation rate like the 1950’s? Damn, I thought you had a few working brain cells. Excuse me for the mistake. Kool aide has killed more than I thought.

        8. Did you hear about the GFC? The 1% growth is us slowly climbing out of it. Obama achieved that, and it was the greatest presidential contribution since FDR, the Great Depression, and WWII.
          Imaginw what W would have done FFS.

        9. Like I said, drink that kool aide. Jimmy the peanut Carter handed Reagan an economy that was just as bad and he turned it around in 18 months. I know. I lived through that disaster. He did it by stepping back and getting the government out of the regulation business and cutting taxes, unlike the socialist-in-chief, who has regulated the economy to the point of strangulation with EO’s and presidential memoranda. If you bothered to read Obama’s own words, the state of the economy, jobs, the military and his piss-poor foreign relations are exactly what he had in mind. It’s all been by design, just like the ACA, which is coming apart daily, was never meant to work. Just a place holder for single payer, another of his and your socalist left’s wet dreams since it was first introduced in 1913. They were smart enough to laugh it out of congress then. Make all the excuses you want. Obama and his attempt at socialist command and control economics has been a dismal failure. And don’t blame Bush, as you socialists are wont to do. Jimmy the peanut built the bomb with the CRA, Clinton lit the fuse with the repeal of Glass/Stegal, and expanded CRA, and handed it to Bush to detonate with the housing collapse. Yeah, drink the kool aide.

        10. No, I was there too. Are you seriously suggesting that Carter left a crisis as bad as the GFC? That is just absurd, look it up! Reagan was famous for being a terrible budget manager who over spent his finances every time, and then cut taxes to make himself popular, but his his deficit worse You must be thinking of Clinton, the only president to balance his budget in living memory, but only because he was forced to by congress.
          The GOP historians later tried to make Reagan seem great by claiming he outspent the Russians to bankruptcy, as if that is what he intended:whereas really he could not stop the greed of the military industrial complex from ripping off his administration.
          As for the Star Wars policy: only old Ronnie Ray Gun hero actor could have thought that would ever work.
          In his first term he was an avuncular old cowboy guy spendthrift. In his second term he was a pathetic senile, sleepy old dribbler,
          The ACA was never intended to be welfare. FFS! it is insurance, risk management, basic good business practice. Making people pay for their health care like good capitalists should. Single payer would be much more efficient and fairer. That is the conclusion you get from studying the OECD experience using the techniques of college level Comparative Public Policy.
          If the conservatives had helped, it could have been designed much better but what we got was all that could be achieved against such intense opposition.
          Jimmy Carter was qualified to drive a nuclear missile submarine. That means that he was a very smart man indeed. and one in whom the USN was prepared to place great trust. You don’t get to survive in that line of work if you are a peanut.

        11. I am saying that for its time, it was just as bad. And you say anything about deficits with Obama’s record? Good by.

        12. Nothing like as bad for any time, except perhaps 1929.
          Obama started with a W debt and deficit legacy and steadily improved things until now it is the best it could be under the circumstances. Probably no other President since Ike could have done as well.

        13. You continue to ignore that it was not W’s debt. Put that at the feet of Jinny peanut and later Bill Clinton and Janet Reno. All Obama has done is prove that the socaialist command and control economy is a sham and the economy has recovered slightly in spite of him and his EO’s and presidential memoranda, certainly not because of him. Any other president with the sense to build a cabinet with folks who understood a capitalist economy, and actually listened to them, would have done much, nuch better. Obama didn’t and has not.

        14. I think we are talking about different things Charles. You are referring to the operating budget of the Administration voted to it by Congress every year and with deficits carried over.
          I am referring to a one-off near collapse of our entire financial system which also threatened to devalue the life savings of tens of millions of people here and overseas. countries. This had to be remedied by a fiscal expansion involving a great deal of government spending to prime up the economic pump so that it could begin working again. This spending had to be totally outside of the Administration’s budget because it could not have been predicted and the volume of spending needed was far too high.
          That could have gone horribly wrong, and it nearly did with some of the things the money was spent on. Mostly the Government did not actually find that money. It allowed merchant banks to write billions of dollars into their investment loan accounts (which was not really there). The banks were required then to loan this money to businesses in order to keep industry operating and grow the economy. Interest rates dropped to zero to support this monetary policy
          Naturally, in this hostile environment the spending of the Administration rose well beyond the budget. It had to.
          That was the situation when Obama took power, and he bravely applied the theoretical solution, without much certainty anywhere that it would work. But it did work, and the economy started to recover slowly. It has taken his two terms to make it back to where we are now, which is a remarkable achievement.
          If you insist on lamely looking at the current low rate of growth and blame it on the President in the normal way as a sign of maladministration of his budget, then you are missing the point entirely. This was not a normal period. You are repeating a campaign spin intended for the simple folk who did not understand about the GFC. As engineers, we are smart about budgets and managing a financial crisis. So I know better, and I think that really you do too..

        15. I am missing nothing and in typical socialist mentality, you talk as if we can get something for nothing. Spending money that is not there, whether by taxation, or merely printing it and removing the benefit from the economy by inflation has never worked, and can never work. Jjimmy Carter’s lamebrained idea AKA the CRA, much lauded and desired by democrats for vote buying was the first installment in what became Bill Clinton and Janet Renoe’s plan for an expanded CRA for the same porpose, pumped up the balloon even further threatenong mortgage bankers with action by the DOJ and then, after no less than 6 warnings by the Bush administration about the madness at Freddy and Fanny and the sub-prime grenade in the economy AKA GSE’s, it went off draging the gross economy with it- GFC. No I haven’t missed anything, and Obama has demonstrated how a command and control philosophy can strangle an economy, then the ACA was the icing on the cake. He has made no secret of his anti-American bent, that is if you read his words from back in 2003 thru 2006. Had there been ANY attempt to revive the economy, it’s not rocket science, but that was never the plan. There is a passable article in IBD about that:

        16. Quantitative Easing was a strategy formulated by consensus from Academia, banking, Wall Street, and governments to get the economy moving again. It worked. Deflation was the danger, not inflation.
          Your traditional fiscal conservative ideology would have exacerbated the GFC and taken us all to ruin. It is true that you cannot print money to get out of a budget shortfall without risking inflation. That is Eco 101, but this GFC problem was infinitely more serious than that and required post grad Economics understanding.
          I think that there is some truth to your claim that the CRA paved the way for the GFC, but it is by no means the whole truth. At its heart was the failure to regulate the banks to stop them from selling junk mortgages for massive profits. Republicans, led by Sen John McCain, had a lot to do with removing the regulations that would have prevented the GFC.
          Anyhow, the cause is not really relevant to how the crisis had to be faced by the President in 2008.

        17. Typical response. I expected no less, but had it not been for acadameia, wall street, government and banking interests (Read greed) there would have been no GFC. The politicians learned nothing from the ’29 fiasco, and actually quantitave easing has only continued to provide cover for politicians, not solve the problem in any meaningful way, except paint the Fed into a corner there’s no escape from. The bubble, such as it is, will probably burst again, and soon. Hillary is certainly not the way out. BTW, McCain is no republican. Democrat lite RINO more accurately.

        18. Focus Charles! You have slipped back into the causes again. The issue we are discussing is what remedies would you fiscal conservatives have had for the GFC. Zip. I presume you would have applied restraint, and careful economies on government spending.
          That is why your type is so dangerous for the economy.
          You live in a parallel universe where everything is busted, and you know all the reasons but have no solutions. I choose to jump in there sometimes to try to understand how so many people in this country could be supporting such a transparent con man as Donald J Trump for President.
          In order to help you appreciate your opaque mind box, you might want to consider that in the real world McCain is about as Republican as it is possible to be. If you believe that he is not, then there is something seriously wrong with your vision. The GOP is split down the middle between the Congress group, who are like McCain and Ryan, and the far right aliens from your planet. You think he is not a Republican because he is not like your Republicans, and you are quite correct about that. He is a man who has been there and is very worth listening to.
          Trump’s policies are right wing only in the area of immigration. In other areas he is well to the left of Mrs Clinton.
          A big part of me would like to see Trump win, just so that people like you could see how terribly wrong you were at this time in American History. It would be fun to watch you squirm under a far left Present who you insisted on putting into the White House.

        19. Focus?? No need. You are focused on a socialist/progressive emetic that is precisely what has brought us to this point. The ONLY soultion is to get the government out of the economy, quit picking winners and losers and let the freemarket take its lumps and recover. I know, that is anathema to you socialist demagogs, but if the current drive toward a socialist state has proved anything since the late 1960’s, it’s that, as all systems that require wealth redistribution to continue are flawed, and the attempt to hammer that into the American capitalist system has exposed the flaws much quicker than other places. To say I have no solution is only salve to your own hopeless philosophy. I gave you one above. Whether the collective forces in our government and the poorly educated ignorance of the “Gimmie” generation will allow it to solve the problem remains to be seen. I fear not.

        20. There is no drive towards a socialist state in the USA today, and there never has been. Socialist style policy is appropriate in some circumstances. Did you attend a primary school provided by a private company? Should the military be privatized. We could outsource the job of the 82nd Airborne to the Gurkhas and save a lot of money.
          I suppose you are referring to welfare payments: the great fear of conservatives that some of their tax payments might go to poor (black) families who don’t deserve to live.
          Free market capitalism was tried in the USA in the 19th century, and it was a dreadful failure, with children working down the mines as virtual slave labor under very dangerous conditions. Inflation would quickly go out of control because of failures of the supply/demand balance. Every student of economics understands that markets require heavy regulation to save them from themselves.
          You do have no workable solutions, only ideology that is totally impractical. That is how you can support Trump, because he is also like that.

        21. Wow! Don’t see the forrest for the trees, huh? We’ve been marching toward socialim for 50 years now. Free market capitalism was not a failure until government got involved. The economy was doing quite well in fact. What I was referring to is the classic definition of socialism, you know- private ownership, government control by regulation, and if you don’t see that happening before your eyes, you truly have on blinders. Boy, do you like to paint with the broad brush of assumption, supposition and downright arrogance. I have never espoused the things you want to accuse me of, yet your arrogance marches on. You are a mean spirited person.

        22. Regulations are the main way governments work. Most major legislation appoints a regulator, and then gives it powers to make rules aimed at achieving certain defined outcomes. Then the regulator administers that legislation by making all the detailed rules as regulations, which do not have to pass Congress. Sometimes they are tabled there, but after the President has signed them they become the law.
          And so we have regulators like the FCC, FAA, SEC, CFTC, Fed, FDA, NAIC, NTSB, ATF, Customs, IRS etc, etc, etc.
          So there is no point in whining about regulations. That is the only way the system can possibly work. Imagine congress trying to deal with all the rules that the FCC for example has to administer: making new ones all the time.
          What is your alternative to “Government Control by Regulation”?

      1. Could not agree more after spending 6yrs in Iraq , Afghanistan & Kuwait & seeing senior military stupidity & politically correct BS, & 2 of the worst presidents in US history
        I have spent the last 5 yrs.in South America & Africa ,staying jn Africa, affordable & safe when either Hillary or Tump create the terminial error either devastating war or decimated economy. No Coward just a realist the US is finished!! Darth Vader Cheney & dimwit Bush started the super massive deficits that will destroy the economy with 2 wars no bid contracts for 100s of billions & encouraged corruption in all phases of government. Obama continues the stupidity & goes further with Obama con making health care unaffordable & a federal reserve with near O% interest rates pushing rampant speculation really gambling expect my pensions including SSN to be nearly worthless in 5 yrs. or less as pension fund inflows fall off a cliff & the dollar finally pluments as well

      2. Whether it is today or a 1000 years from now society will end, it is inevitable but in the mean time elect Trump.

        1. That’s kinda messed up.lol
          Ole Trump kicked himself in the head with the wall thing. I understand what he was saying, it was mostly trash talking but, when you go into politics and everything you say is recorded you have to be careful with trash talking because the press and most morons take it literally((Hitler)).
          I’m going to wind up googling most of that, at least the ones I haven’t heard of. Are the ninjas going to get me for it?

        2. yeah but funny is funny. Levitz had me rolling and the thing about tic tacs being the cheapest mint. To be fair he was in a huge bus owned by Access Hollywood with a reporter wearing a microphone. He can’t really claim he was totally blindsided.
          In funnier news, I a cooking dinner and listening to music so I put on uneasy rider. I remember it but haven’t heard it in a while. It makes me laugh because it reminds me of when I drove cross country and ran into all sorts of types right to left, top to bottom. But I audibly laughed at the line “I had ’em out there steppin’ and a-fetchin’ like their heads were on fire and their asses were catchin’”

        3. I know it sounds odd but, when I listen to it it’s almost like I see a movie or a music video of it in my head. It’s just great song writing.

        1. I couldn’t resist. “Eel olympics” is safe, if shirtless black guys don’t bother you. Apparently there is some dude from Equatorial Guinea nicknamed “The Eel” who competed in the olympics. Very anticlimactic.

        2. I am glad it was anticlimactic. The opposite would have been worse.

    1. I’m having a really difficult time not plugging in “Spider Porn” into a search engine. Damn this list!

    2. You left out a few, young son, such as “felching” [other terms redacted in hopes they have been erased from history, some things really are too depraved]

        1. No, son, those who believe in one’s inalienable right to steam cleavland, felch, Clitler for Fuhrer, etc. are fucked up.

    3. Is the “clock spider” that bigass spider that’s climbing up a bedroom wall, and it’s about three feet wide?
      I seem to recall something like that from years ago.

  12. They could release a video of Hillary decapitating a puppy then eating its entrails and the dumb-downed public and the MSM would still be like, “Yeah, but Trump is a racist misogynist who sexually assaults women.”

      1. I grew up going to church and attended a Christian middle school. I have seen multiple people from those days–all card-carrying Republicans who loved W–supporting #nevertrump and actually calling for fellow Christians to vote for Hillary because “it’s the right thing to do.” They willfully ignore all of the awful shit she’s done and focus in on his comments about grabbing pussy, and then twisting those comments into unwanted sexual advances. Some people will never learn and will never accept the truth despite the mountains of evidence.

        1. Show them that graphic. Ask them how moral they feel supporting a person whose done what she’s done and who has a long trail of bodies behind her.
          I hate pretentious fake Christians whose only focus is “sex sex sex!” when it comes to evil.

        2. The problem is that they know all of this and still pretend to hold some moral high ground. When they said, “Trump’s racist,” I mentioned that Margaret Sanger–a woman who wanted to systematically destroy the black population by placing abortion clinics in poor neighborhoods–is one of Hillary’s heroes. They just shrug their shoulders and say, “well Trump said all Mexicans are racist.”
          Unfortunately, some of these people are so plugged in that there’s no unplugging them. They parrot CNN, Fox News, etc. and disregard all arguments to the contrary.
          Another thing too. People underestimate just how cucked and Marxist mainstream churches have become. Andy Stanley, Charles Stanley’s son and the pastor of Northpoint Church (which a few years ago was the second largest megachurch in the US), said that “Jesus would bake a cake for a gay couple.” He has also recently told his people to “quit scaring the children” with their fears about this election. He is actively spatting off Marxist ideals and people–namely lifelong “conservatives”–are eating this shit up. When religious institutions align with the morality of parasitic ideals, then you know the moral fabric of the society is completely shattered.

        3. Meh. I know about the Protty-Totty “churches”, but not that that GOP in them would ever go so low as to vote for Hillary.

        4. You know, realistically speaking, if one is “thinking of the children” one probably wouldn’t endorse a sociopathic murdering pathological lying criminal.

        5. I’ve seen a mixed bag. More people than I expected have openly expressed support for Hillary as an alternative to Trump. One even wrote a blog article that got liked and shared by several people I went to church/middle school with. Funny thing is, the article’s comment section is not so kind to him https://extranewsfeed.com/why-conservatives-shouldnt-vote-trump-ed7141a6392e#.nxfeiamrt.
          Others have mentioned third party, but I have a feeling they’ll vote Trump come November 8 when standing in the voting booth. And others have mentioned sitting this one out. I have seen small snippets of support for Trump from people I knew from church, and I have a feeling that at least half of them do support him. I do believe there will be a split soon, especially amongst mega churches and larger (Protestant) denominations (there have been some splits already), because most of what is preached is fluff to make people feel a little less shitty. People desire leadership with a backbone, and this election has exposed a ton of frauds. Let’s hope it continues to do so.

        6. They fear the pussy, it is quite sad. Even worse that type always seem to be looking to shirk their duties, at home and in the street. Some “church” women are some of the gossipiest, most spiteful and materialistic bitches around. These pylons say nothing, they are often scared of their wives. They’ll go to Africa for a month but won’t stop to pick up a piece of litter. “Oh well… It’s a good thing that Armageddon is coming, we’d better bring in some refugees”

        7. The problem is there is a parallel reality. Leftists do not listen to non-left information, and they have pre-labelled it all as ‘Fox News’ … or even worse, conspiracy. Combine that with the complexity of the issues, and you get …
          Me: Hillary is a lier, and a criminal.
          Friend: What? Like the emails?
          Me: Yeah.
          Friend: The FBI said she didn’t do anything wrong.

        8. I hate to bust your balls. But do you really expect religious zealots to be open to contradictory sources of information?

        9. The last Wikileaks that I heard about and read, tell that FBIs Comy was lying when he said that there was no intent on the part of anyone to cover up the fact that she had an illegal server. The fix was in my friends. Comy was sure that the public would never see the e-mails that he saw. All knowledge is good knowledge.

        10. Kinda feels like the OJ trial all over again where there is mountains of evidence to put him away and his attorneys were smarter than the prosecution.

        11. The only Christian thing you can do is not vote and lend the veneer credibility to the entire system. You should stop paying taxes do like Ann Barnhardt did. I am not saying you are a bad Christian if you do vote, but seriously, if you are going to let the teachings of Jesus dictate you vote, you should realize a vote for any candidate is wrong, because the system itself has become evil. .

        12. hmmmm…. maybe the FBI is crooked…..Is this the same group whose founding leader was a transvestite?

        13. Or worse the Russians hacked them…..oooh scary. I agree with the guy above…. The truth is more important then how it was obtained.

        14. There are a lot of sheep out there that forget the Pope is an elected official. Just because someone has a titles doesn’t make them holy.

        15. How about this?! Stanford’s Prof. Thomas Sowell would direct my vote to that candide who would easier to IMPEACH should he/she do anything ‘dangerous’…
          “What can you do? Everything. If you can’t be bothered, then be honest enough to say, “I can’t be bothered.” But don’t cop out with a lame excuse. Too many other people’s fate depends on whether you do your duty. Painful as it may be to realize that we are reduced to considering the impeachability of a presidential candidate, that is a reality that will not go away, just because we don’t like it.
          How impeachable is Hillary Clinton? Any criticism of “the first woman president,” much less any impeachment, would bring loud howls from the media across the country that ugly sexist bias was behind any opposition to anything she did — no matter how awful. Clinton in the White House would have a blank check, and she would not hesitate to use it.
          Donald Trump has no such exemption. Neither the media nor Congressional Republicans would automatically spring to his defense if he overstepped the line. His impeachability may be his most important asset in a year of painful choices.”
          Stranger than fiction. But for all of us who are between a rock and a hard place it makes sense. You can always dynamite the Rock and stick with Mr. Pence. That’s OK by me.

        16. Have you heard what Oprah said regarding hitliarly? “Even if you don’t like the woman, VOTE FOR HER”

        17. Perhaps they just don’t believe all the “‘awful shit” about Hillary, or, if true, they don’t think it is important considering the horror of the alternative candidate..

        18. Abortion clinics would not systematically destroy the black population. What are you taking?
          No churches are “marxist mainstream”. That is perverted nonsense.
          It is just that most conservatives are not as stupid as you are.

        19. Not so. Impeachment is merely a vote in congress of no confidence in the President that is won or lost on party lines. No evidence is required as it is not a trial, just a popularity contest.

        20. Conservatives hav turned Hillary into a sheep in Wolf’s clothing. She is not nearly as bad as she has been made to look.

        21. It does make the Pope holy within in the RC Church because it claims that the voting Cardinals have Divine Guidance.

        22. The system is not broken just because it is not giving you what you want. Perhaps you are the aberration.

        23. Vote for her ….. because she is so much better than the alternative. My Golden Retriever would be better than the alternative. At least he is friendly to women, has a nice smile, and his hair is not falling out

        24. Ah, some dipshit cuck who can’t read. Margaret Sanger wanted to systematically destroy the black population through various methods. Her main choice was abortion clinics. And considering that black women are currently aborting their children at higher rates than they’re giving birth to them, I’d say clinics are at least making a dent.
          And yes, churches are massively infected by feminism and other feel good nonsense that falls in line with mainstream cultural Marxism. But I’m sure you’d gladly vote for a cuck like Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney if you had a choice. You are not s conservative. You are a liberal who thinks he’s on the other side.

        25. The very last thing I would like to be called is conservative.
          I would prefer a progressive every time. There are none left in the race. Bernie was the closest we got this time.
          How does abortion destroy a population? Do you have any evidence that the abortion rate is higher than the birth rate. It seems to be highly unlikely all things considered.

        26. That Margaret Sanger story is a complete fabrication
          I did a fact check:
          “It goes on to characterize beliefs such as Cain’s as “extremist.” The project says: “No serious scholar and none of the dozens of black leaders who supported Sanger’s work have ever suggested that she tried to reduce the black population or set up black abortion mills, the implication in much of the extremist anti-choice material.
          We asked the Cain campaign for support for his claims, and we have not received a response. His comments already have been debunked by our fact-checking colleagues at the Washington Post, which today gave Cain four Pinocchios, and Politifact, which gave him the “Pants on Fire” designation in March.”

        27. Lefties are smart enough to recognize bullshit when they see it. Most of the stories about evil Hillary do not survive a fact check. It is usually easy to do them using Snopes.
          Professional Journalists are supposed to do a fact check before they repeat a damaging story or allegation. Stories that fail the fact check are not reported by them. That is why you think the left wing media is being biased, since it does not carry all your horror stories. It is merely being professional.
          That is also why liberals are not alarmed by all those transparently false stories. They are not intended for them. They are intended for conservatives with poorly functioning bullshit detectors and reasoning powers, with the aim of making them angry and indignant and so willing to get off their ass and vote.

        28. I presume that is because Oprah is far too smart to want a belligerent racist misogynist in the White house.

        29. There needs to be sufficient admissible evidence to convince a jury beyond reasonable doubt.
          What we think of the raw evidence does not count.
          This is the way the justice system is supposed to work, and only a fool would want to change it.

        30. They, like HiLIARy, have sold their souls and joined the Satanic ORGANIZED CRIME SYNDICATE so that they can get away with crimes like HiLIARy does. It is mind blowing to realize the great extent that ORGANIZED CRIME has prevailed in taking over the mainstream media, the government, education, religion, the military and every aspect of society.

        31. No the system is broken because there is a Political party who thinks its fine to ignore some laws (immigration, election fraud) , and apply some laws to persecute political opposition (IRS persecution of Conservatives, Christians refusing to bake a cake, but not muslims) and letting obvious lawbreakers in their own party go free ( Hillary Clinton’s Email server, pay to play Scheme with the Clinton Foundation, Obama’s gun running to Syria and Mexico…) . You see, our government rests its power on the legitimate consent of the governed, and the Left has no intention of every honoring that consent, choosing instead to claim that Sex is a word than means “whatever feelings you have that day” – or that a penalty is the same ting as a tax, or tat growing your on wheat on your own land to feed to your own cows is interstate commerce. The Left is completely disingenuous, and without scruple- believing that any act and any crime of theirs is justified because “Gemeinnutz geht vor Eigennutz”. So no this isn’t about the system “not giving me what I want” – its about a political party so obsessed with power and controlling others, they refusing to follow the plainly written rules – and if you step out of whatever little insulated bubble you are in you will find that my attitudes are hardly an aberration. And you can claim SNOPES say all of that is false, or mostly false or whatever BS they spin these days. Reality doesn’t care about your feelings.

      2. The media could take the tone of how Trump used the word “the” , and try to spin it into some kind of scandal, and really , all the attacks on Trump, are just overblown uberhype about nothing, that stinks of desperation to try and find something to attack him with. Since he was never a politician, they can’t attack him on policy, so they pull the oldest trick in the book…that he sexually assaults women…

    1. And Michael Moore would call her a “badass” for doing so.
      She probably warms up by dismembering puppies before she orders an execution.

      1. One day, one of those hamburgers is going to take a toll on his heart and finally rid the world of that pathetic simp.

        1. And then I will enjoy a fine Scotch and ruminate over how the world has been cleansed a little.

      2. Michael Moore recently wrote a piece seriously suggesting trump will win. Oh the tears!!!

  13. Those photos of Hillary with the hadjis got me to thinking: Does she wear those hideous pantsuits to make her acceptable to her Muslim paymasters?

      1. Actually, he was the one sending other jews to the Hollocaust. He actively collaborated and has numerous times said he misses those times.

        1. Thanks, I just figured before that there wouldn’t be much information about him on the internet.

        2. George was 10 at the time: a Hungarian Jew boy. Does that sound like the person you are talking about?
          This ridiculous story was an Ann Coulter fabrication:
          Check it out on Snopes.

  14. Item #3 basically explains cuckservatives and why they are the way they are.
    And also why they hate Trump and the alternative right.

      1. I have to admit, after watching many of the hearings on Benghazi, the amount of evidence against Clinton that she was responsible for the attack . . . is slim to none. She is certainly guilty of trying to lead the investigation in the wrong direction (based on evidence that she, on purpose, said to the public that the attack happened because of a video, while at the same time telling special interests the truth). However, that doesn’t mean she’s guilty of the actual deaths — and when it comes to that issue — I dunno, in my opinion, I never heard anything in those hearings that was damning for her or her staff specifically in those regards.
        So, point being — I’ve changed my stance on that. Not guilty in my opinion, but still a cunt for plenty of other reasons.

  15. The various leaked emails have moved a considerable amount of conspiracy theory to conspiracy fact.
    When HRC’s campaign and fedgov changed the subject to “the Russians did it” that was an admission that the emails are real. That’s what liars do and what has been done in politics for a long time. To shift the focus to who revealed the information and not what it is.
    As such team D fans will be secure in their belief system. Like all things that move to conspiracy fact it is either ignored, accepted, or dismissed (usually for being a long time ago).
    It’s going to take something much more dramatic to bring down the HRC machine than confirming numerous things that were long suspected of her. They’ve already managed the perceptions of those things for the eventuality of their confirmation so people don’t care.

  16. One of her stated goals is to end US sovereignty and borders and to hand the controls over to an outside entity.

  17. If Killarney wins, how is she going to get real men to fight any kind of war for her. It’s mostly women and limp wristed cucks that support her. This information isn’t going to disappear.Civil war will be upon us.

    1. they are advocating for the first transgender military personal. Real men fight a war? War is fought be mercenaries nowadays. No sane male would do it for their country.

  18. Media, CNN and to the left, have started to report on Wikileaks content of the Clinton’s.

  19. The Bilderbergers and other globalists wrote this script long before the campaign ever got started. Hillary is just dutifully playing her role as long as her health lasts. Trump has surprised many in the establishment with his unorthodox methods, but, like Bernie, will never get the brass ring. Whatever he lost monetarily during the campaign, he will recoup in multiples afterward. Life goes on and the ‘sheeple’ think they were part of an epoch political movement.

    1. Well maybe not- the fat lady has yet to sing- this time may be different. Tho this may be the last chance America as Founded has ~!

  20. Incidentally, where are Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward these days? Fat (in Bernstein’s case) and happy in DC? We should have let Nixon finish out his term if laws mean so little and the beloved FOURTH ESTATE (TM?) is so corrupt as to be basically just an arm of the Democrat Party!!!

  21. Only 7?? At any given moment RIGHT NOW, there are over 100 separate case issues of serious public concern that the “Hillary Machine” is doing, to the offense of the citizens of America. To imply there are “only seven” is so far beyond “understatement” one could consider it as “miss-direction” in itself.

  22. Samuelson was singlehandedly the biggest cybersecurity RISK to said Clinton Campaign given her preference for Lenovo laptops.

  23. The bottomline here is that you’re either AWAKE or ASLEEP. That’s it. It’s incredibly simple and requires very little ATP (look it up) on the part of the person who is awake. For those blind liberal moron followers out there who think Hillary is the answer to our problems, they will be the first people in line at a FEMA truck handing out free food and water during a national disaster, whereas those who are nowhere to be seen are…… you guessed it, wide awake and prepared for any situation. What category do you fall into?

  24. It is my belief that the Democrat Candidate has sold out the country to the Islamic Countries and, with here open border stance, will allow, if elected, a free flow of immigrants from Islamic nations. This is nothing but an importation of the the ISIS Army into the US.
    IF the Dems. win we will be an islamic slave state in short order.

  25. Criminality and corruption are the result of honest people not caring and worse abetting such actions in Government by supporting it and them with their votes. Democrats, take off your BLINDERS, you are supporting a CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION in the Clintons.

    1. Yes and true- tho they are only “frontmen” for their puppetmasters.
      This is why almost nothing ever touches them or MAO-bama. They are boughten shills for the Globalist One Worlder system that now almost has America on its knees.
      Their willing shills- when this is pointed out in debates and they lose say ” Well- we have your children and you’ll soon be dead and then ‘we win’ ” This is believed+stated as I debate these anti- American plebes.

  26. Hillary and her Impeached husband are the Poster children for Criminal and Corruptive actors in the selling of America to the highest bidders.

  27. This stuff against Hillary is so deep I cannot even fathom why she’s allowed to run for POTUS .

    1. Yeah- seems like a normal reaction…
      Tho you might read some of my other post’s here.
      To shine more light on these longtime travesties America has endured for a over 100yrs now to break down OUR will and belief in OUR Founding system ~!
      ps- These folks hate America as Founded and will pull off anything using anyone “the love of money” can buy. To bring about their nefarious ends…

    1. She knows Trump would do it.
      However her owner/handlers have assinated many that interfer with their Globalist plans including American presidents.
      Trumps life for taking the bull by the horns is now in serious peril for all the danger that poses to the “Unseen Hand” she and MAO-bama fronts for.
      So now is the time for righteous men and women to hold Trump up in prayer for safety protection and wisdom ~!

  28. The USA is over. Watergate at least had outrage over legality and ethics, but Hilgate does not have it and also has deliberate obstruction of justice from Barak Obama and the DoJ and the FBI.
    If this isn’t cleaned up across the board, the USA is over.

  29. Look around you! Intellectual dishonesty abounds; immorality is rampant; government corruption is the rule rather than the exception; Judeo-Christian ethics upon which this nation was founded are anathema; the family is dying; schools don’t educate, they indoctrinate; and religious idolatry is everywhere! What does it mean?! It means that this once great Republic is finished! Open your eyes! Human politics will never save this nation!

    1. You are hysterical and what the heck have you done to change this country other than complain? That’s right, nothing.
      By the way, the US was founded on Anglo-French-Greco-Roman values.
      There is not one bit of the US Constitution that comes from the Bible, ignoramus.

    2. As Alec de Tocqueville and Charles Finney stated;
      ‘If America ever faulters or fails it will be the fault of her preachers’.
      I would add they come from the families from the general population that raises them and their priorities to then contemplate just who WE as American’s should and need to be as “WE the People” as Founded ~!

      1. You are responsible for your own country. The people who are responsible for this country are the ones living today not those in 1776.

        1. Well skippy- guess you missed the memo as to who invented this nation, they bled and died to keep it and then passed it on to us as a gift.
          If you don’t like it- start your own nation cause this one isn’t going anywhere from what it was meant to be.
          Tho it has been misguided and mishandled for 100 to 150 yrs now the “sleeping giant” is now awakening.
          You rats can now jump ship while so smart and still know better.
          Good luck kid ~!


  31. And where is the DOJ & FBI on all of theses crimes…..where is the perp walks….??? Oh yeah I forgot, the DOJ & FBI are just an extension of the Clinton campaign…Loretta gave a stern warning that if anyone tried to expose voter fraud, the DOJ would consider that a crime…WTF

  32. “With Wikileaks promising to release even more emails and other evidence
    soon, will the media finally stand up and report the truth?”
    Please tell me that wasn’t a serious question …

  33. The 1% control the media and who becomes president, which actually is appalling because it shows that the popular vote will never elect a president. Those with that much money have the power which is not what our founding fathers ever wanted in our country. They wanted a country in which everyone is equal but that can never happen as long as those with money have power making it no different than those in other countries (ie England) with titles and land have control over those consisted less worthy. Showing that money is power and this is not an America where everyone is created equal.
    What if I told you that we could have a society without currency where everyone can have everything they have now and things they couldn’t have now. I know what you’re thinking, without currency you’re talking about going back to trading or something like that. No, that’s not it at all. I have devised a complete system for a country (or world) without money but there is 1 major problem worth it. Those with money (ie the 1%’s) will never allow it because they feel like it would take away their power and they are correct, it would and if you continue reading I’ll tell you my idea. How can we call ourselves the land of the free if we can’t even afford food, clothing, shelter or health care. Having everyone as equals is what our founding fathers wanted but they had no idea of how the future would take that away from the majority of the population and give it to those with money from all around the world that have total control of our country. Had they known this would be the future they would have implemented laws or found other ways for our county to advance.
    We need to come together to get out the system I have devised to have a country without currency so everyone can have the things they need to survive. Getting rid of currency is the only way that we can advance as a species and move on to a better way of living.
    If everyone could have everything they have now plus have everything they need/want to survive then we (as a species) would be able to better ourselves that would push us towards the next level of the future. My system would also create more jobs than ever thought. Think about this, what is the number 1 reason companies don’t hire the people they need/want? One word…payroll. they don’t have the money to do it. Well, without currency, every company can hire the people they need and want which creates more jobs than anyone could have thought possible making it so that anyone can have a job doing what they want.
    Those in power would probably kill me for putting this info out there but I am doing it anyway, so here’s my idea.
    When I was 13 I realized that no matter how much my father worked he couldn’t support the 7 of us. I very rarely saw my father so I started thinking about a way to get rid of money all together yet allow those who work to have the things they need and want. This system is so easy to figure out that a teenager could figure it out and had even used it.
    How many of you have played a video game? Well, when you begin you are given minimal things to start out and as you level up you are given more and better things. So, using this idea, an 18yr old fresh out of high school and never had a job before would start out as a lvl 1. They would receive enough food to survive, an apartment, a used car and the basics to live. After all, no one who is just starting out should be living in a mansion or driving a luxury/sports car while those who have worked hard for 20 years are driving a broken down used car and living in an apartment and not being able to put food on the table for their family and themselves.
    As you continue working (doing nothing more than you do now) you lvl up allowing you to get bigger and better things. Companies can now hire enough people to build up allowing enough jobs now for everyone to work.
    OK, now there are always ways to lvl up quicker. Let’s say a teenager fresh out of high school decides to continue their education (bettering themselves) and goes to college (which is now free so anyone can hey an education. After all, all knowledge should be free and available to anyone who is willing to learn about it). OK, so for every year they are in college they go up a lvl. Now, let’s say they get a job, they lvl up just as everyone else. So, let’s say they go to college for 2 years and work while there then when they come out they would be a lvl 4 or 5 instead of only a lvl 2.
    Also, I’ve added other ways to allow for quick upgrades, such as still having a lottery. For every lvl you are you could get 1-2 lottery tickets a week giving you the same chance (as we have now with money) to lvl up instantly.
    Now, since we would not have money anymore there would be no need for banks so now those would be used as leveling (ie. Checking people’s lvl background and putting them into the system).
    Everyone would then have their lvl put onto their ID so when they go to purchase goods/services those would know what they are eligible to purchase/have.
    This is only the beginning, there is more (of course) but I wanted to give you a beginning to show there is always another way to do/have things. If we get ideas like this out there and enough people get behind an idea then those in power must pay attention and listen.
    Thank you for continuing to read this until the end. Have a great day.
    With hope.

    1. Dale,
      I can see you have put a lot of thought into this idea. It reminds me of a book called “Utopia”, written by Thomas Moore in the 16th century. I would expect that most conservatives would (wrongly) call you a communist for saying these things. I know you are certainly not that, but I think you may be an idealist. We need idealists to push us forward. They tend to be called ‘progressives’ by people who regard that label as almost as bad as ‘communist’. I think you are smart and insightful, but in this proposal you may be overlooking many aspects of our complex society.
      Personally, I think that this idea is least likely to work in the USA of all places. Competition, free enterprise, private risk taking, greed, and self improvement at the expense of others is deeply ingrained in our society. Our people love to feel superior to others around them. They are prepared to work very hard to achieve that, and they love to punish those who don’t.
      The immediate reaction of the sociologists would be that you have removed most of the incentives from society. They would say that if a man has everything he really needs he will stop working. I don’t think that, but I acknowledge that need and greed are powerful motivators.
      Money is much more than a means for people to buy the things they need. It is the basis for the entire economy at both the international and national levels. Anyway, there is no viable path towards your Utopia. Attempting to introduce it would bring a period of chaos and probably even civil war. I think the best way would be to first model the whole thing in a computer using AI to simulate personal choices. We probably don’t have that technology right now, but we are heading in that direction and it won’t be long before we get there.
      You are a dreamer, but I just now heard Donald Trump saying that: ” the world belongs to the dreamers”. I don’t often agree with him but …

      1. Thank you for those words. No, I’m not a communist at all lol. You just about pegged me right on though. I am an idealist. I try to think that if there were a way for people to move forward and for us (as a species) to better our way of life it could push us into a better plane of existence that could possibly one day allow for an alien species to contact us and see progression instead of regression into a species that is insistent on killing ourselves. In order for us to show that we are truly an intelligent species we must find a way to coexist even with or differences. Now don’t get me wrong, I encourage differences in our society. If we were all the exact same then things such as finding a mate would be like standing in line at the DMV. Now serving number 32. Number 32, here is your mate. No, our differences are what make us each unique and I love that about us. What I would love to see is a society where those who work and continue to better themselves can reap great rewards. Yes, there will be those who choose to stay at a low level and only receive the bare minimums that they may get and that would be their decision. As far as that goes I believe that not the janitor to the president or anyone or anything on this planet has made a conscious decision to be born and for that all should receive at least food clothing and shelter. I also know that things such as greed and violence would not just disappear. There will always be those who will want more and do anything to get it as much as there will be those who are willing to put forth the effort to work for it. True power comes from having a fulfilling life with everyone and everything that that individual would want, to be happy and have hope that things could get better and that many people would feel the same. If that makes me a dreamer than a dreamer am I, and I know that I am not alone in the way I feel.
        I can only keep hope that some day our society will at least be at a place where the good people lead us into a better way of life.
        I thank you for your candor in what you said. That was exactly what I am looking for is someone who can see the logic in it in both the good and bad. I know I didn’t put every thought about it in there but like I aid, it would take a lot more space than what I wanted to use.

  34. I heard that 95% of government employees support and contribute to Hillary…..that means that we can cut our budget by simply firing 95% of the people in the government and not even notice. That’s like firing the Crime Family.

  35. The media is bought and paid for by Soros these days and he will spend as much as it takes to get his puppet Clinton in the Oval office.

    1. Yes- tho Soros is only one of the midrange moneyed puppetmasters from the Banksters that control America’s monetary system and economy with controlling interests and owned board membets of every major corporation- worldwide.
      These Globalist own the world’s very monetary systems = just one of’em- Rothchild is personally worth$ 300-trillion(of stolen faux monetary value) just one man among this elite cabal that moving the world(trying) toward their New World Order utopian destination.
      This where those that are allowed to live will be shillbots(servants) under the varied levels of elite ruling classes and “freedoms under Liberty” will never even be allowed to be even spoken of…

  36. The FBI is re-opening the case of Hillary’s emails as of today. If she is found to have committed a crime and recommended for prosecution, the media will have egg on their faces for not reporting this accurately from the beginning. They have also suspended her from receiving any more classified briefings until this has been resolved.

  37. Well….I think I see issues in the maturation process of our species…..remember when no matter what you heard as a child and/or adolescent, you completely ignored thr reality presented to by parents, teacher, police and basically any authority figure?
    Well, as you already know, some people never fully grow up. (Especially) today’s younger group, Millennials, and up to about 45, were raised in a social environment where adults made plenty of blunders,exploitations and abuses. This was greatly in part of new technology and globalism. So they think Baby Boomers and Gen Xers are idiots. Sure, there are plenty of the older folks who actually ARE idiots, but they’re democrats anyway.

  38. I don’t think it much matters anymore what version of the media is reporting on the election they all go out of their way to BASH Trump while whining about HillyBilly or praising her so maybe instead of all the whining they should vote for Trump or they can all bend over and kiss HillyBillys rear end when they get her elected.

  39. Hillary Clinton is the biggest whore you could ever meet. She is for sale to the highest bidder. She will sell this country out to the highest bidder, bar none.

  40. BTW; Nixon was not a crook. He was driven from office by “The Real Watergate Scandal”, a conspiracy led by U.S. District Judge John Sirica, with all or most of the prosecutors, and the deputy head of the FBI, aka “Deep Throat”. Woodward and Bernstein were their Pawns. See Geoff Shepard’s expose with that name, published August, 2015.

  41. None of these allegations seem very bad to me. I assume that things like this are happening all the time in American politics on both sides. Getting desperate now to find anything at all to pin on her.

    1. If you believe the allegations aren’t that bad then you obviously never spent a day in uniform. There is a very important rule called OPSEC (operational security). Sending even 1 email out that gives any information will earn you a 1 way ticket to Ft Levenworth, KS and a dishonorable discharge out of the military. Sensitive information is meant for eyes only because giving info, secrets, strategies, positions, etc costs lives of our troops. Hillary did just that and if you don’t believe me look at what happened in Benghazi. Four Americans senseless deaths that could have been prevented if those who you are defending had done their jobs properly. Or maybe you just don’t care because it wasn’t you, your family or friends who died. She has skated by through this election without having been accountable for her actions yet Trump has to answer for every wrong thing he says or does going back over 30 years. Maybe you’re looking at things on the wrong side.

      1. 15 years in the USN, officer and and a graduate of Annapolis. Yes, I know that happens in the forces and the consequences if found guilty are severe. It is somewhat different for people appointed to high office in the Administration such as Sec State. They have people to guide them with that security stuff, because they are extremely busy using all their time and contacts, and communications skills to deal with one crisis after another. She has not been found guilty yet, so there are no consequences for her at present. I hope she didn’t do a serious security breach but if she did I think her assistants are equally to blame for not insisting that she stop.
        You know that we would not be hearing about this at all right now if she were not running for President as a Democrat.
        It is a political witch hunt. Many at State knew what she was doing with her private e-mail server and never warned her. The previous Republicans in that office had done the same.
        Benghazi was not her fault either. You can fact check that on snopes.com. You will find that Republican cuts to the Embassy security resources were mostly to blame for that loss of life. I am tired of doing that simple fact check for the other lazy drones here who keep bringing it up.
        Trump is certainly not getting a tougher ride than Hillary. His Sermon on the Bus was a confession, and made him look like a bragging, hormonal teen. I am sure you met his type in the military. We don’t need a fool like that as our commander in chief. I am feeling better about Hillary as I see how strong she is standing up to this immense pressure.
        I have actually not been a Hillary fan until very recently, but the major cock-up that I blamed her for is not even being mentioned in this campaign. Apparently, it was her idea to start a social media campaign in the Arab world to make the people unhappy with their war lord dictators, and to rebel against them.
        This was wildly successful beyond her dreams because it led to the Arab spring. That would have been fine if we had backed the rebels and helped rid them of their leaders, but we didn’t and the rebellions failed or stagnated. She was gone by then so that was not her fault, but there is enough mud in this one to make her look filthy.
        I did not need a rabid political news site to stir me up about this. I discovered it for myself.
        I still think that for all her faults, she is infinitely better than Trump.

        1. I agree with the many of the things you have said. I do not agree with some of the things that Trump has said/done but having met Hillary and personally seen the way she berates rise of us in the military and even those on her staff and talks about the average citizen, I couldn’t vote or wouldn’t want the person to be the voice of every American. I would take Trump

        2. I agree with some of what you say except that for her faults being better than Trump. I have personally seen the way she berates those of us in uniform, her staff and the way she despises the average citizen and believes that everyone is beneath her. Yes, Trump has said and done things but at least he has had to face them in this election. She has lied to everyone also but it is brushed under the rug. (Case in point, saying she landed at Eagle Base, Tuzla, Bosnia and saying she landed under heavy fire and had to run from the aircraft into a hardened vehicle. I was there, those were all lies. I have also watched her berate those of us who pull security and do her room checks of those of us with and without K-9 units). Is this truly the person we want to represent the citizens of our country, Someone who believes everyone is beneath them and means nothing but a stepping stone for a position of power?
          I have actually based my vote on who would make a better vice president and Pence is definitely that person.
          Not to mention, do you actually believe that anyone under federal investigation should be allowed to run for president? And her being under investigation started before she announced her candidacy.
          She has done now things wrong than the mainstream media has said (because she has controlled almost all of them throughout the election) but has been able to claim deniability over it because she leaves no paper trail of things leading back to her. Oh wait, she did, the emails that were deleted and ate now coming back to light.
          Had you or I or anyone breached OPSEC the way she did then we would have had a severe penalty. And as to your remarks of her having a staff do it, she received her OPSEC briefings and the 1st rule of law is ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law. And going by what you said, if you or I had breached OPSEC that way and been caught then we can run for president afterwards.

        3. Dale, I respect your views too. It is good to hear someone with personal experience of her bad manners. I believe you about that but I am inclined to cut her a lot of slack there. I have had to work with senior officers who were total assholes to their staff in that way, but they were still very good at their job. George Washington, MacArthur, and Patton were famous for having that failing.
          Hillary was getting on in years when she was at State, and no doubt she had a hectic schedule that would impose quite a strain on an old female body. I know many women that age who get stressed out and rude when they have to put on a dinner party. Add to that the mental strains of great responsibility over life and death matters, and I think it would be remarkable if she could be calm and polite all the time.
          Did you hear that speech by the President in Columbus where he blamed the GOP for creating Trump?

          He made the point that for many years now the party has been feeding an enormous amount of mostly ridiculous but shocking horror stories about the Clintons and himself to the base of the party. Much of it has taken root in the trusting minds of unsophisticated conservative voters. The cumulative effect of that has been to create the impression that our political system is so hopelessly corrupt and broken, that it needs a radical outsider like Trump to fix it. This backfired, and first killed off all the credible GOP candidates.
          I listened to all those stories in dismay, and I tried to apply military intelligence style critical reasoning because they just did not seem probable to me. One by one I discovered that although there was usually a small element of truth, the accusations were mostly untrue, and not at all exceptional in American political administration. I became insulted that I was supposed to lap up this crap, become angry and indignant, and go vote.
          I think that Trump has been transparently applying classical populist tactics:
          1. Tell them repeatedly what they already believe, and then they will believe and trust you;
          2. Introduce lies slowly to damage the credibility of opponents as much as possible;
          3. Make them think that the system is broken and only you know how to fix it;
          4. Appeal to patriotism so it seems traitorous to oppose you; and,
          5. Promise everything but avoid giving much detail.
          These tactics have been used by tyrants throughout recorded history: Sulla; Napoleon; Hitler; Stalin; Castro etc. When they get power they usually become dictators. The penalty for using these classical tactics is that you lose intelligent, educated people who understand what you are doing.
          I don’t fear Trump as a dictator because he is not sufficiently smart or ruthless. He is still very dangerous because he does not understand how government, international relations, the economy, and the military have to work, and he does not listen to advice. Nevertheless, he will try to fix them, and will do enormous damage to the country.

        4. Yes, that’s exactly what they have done and you nailed it. It’s exactly what I told my wife not long ago that they were doing. It’s bad when people like you and I can sit back and see a terrible situation unfolding and not have the ability to do anything about it. I do not believe what mainstream media tells me anyway. The same strategies are used by them. Give a percentage of the truth to gain attention, a percentage of lie(s) to push blame or as like to put it, add the drama affect and throw in a few other things to keep the assistance attention.
          The problem I have with politicians these days is they tell us “what we need”. Like saying “what we need to do is come together and to defeat the war on (whatever)”. Well no shit, we know we need to come together to do it because it’s not like we’re going to do it separately. Tell us your plan on how we are going to do it. During every debate all I heard was what we need when the moderator asked how.
          OK, now I know she’s getting up in age and has some health issues and I also know about people in power being assholes at times and can still be good at their jobs but I think you and I have seen every aspect of the way that people are. Some are the greatest people in the world but couldn’t cook a hamburger without burning it to those who are total assholes who could lead a battle into a hot zone and win without having a scratch on any of their people. The problem is that we are seeing some major differences during this election and there are major problems on both sides. It is nice to see someone as yourself at least be educated about the facts of their candidate unlike the majority of the population seems to have been during these campaigns.

        5. Thanks. I think the difference is that we have a professional politician versus an amateur. In the debates whenever a difficult issue came up Hillary, knowing all the difficulties, was not able to give a simple answer that everyone could understand. Often she knew that Trump would have particular examples that showed policy failure in that case. Whereas, Trump could give that simple answer like: “I’ll stop it”. This happened for example with Obamacare and with free trade agreements.
          Hillary knows from experience that huge multilateral trade agreements are likely to give better long term results overall than a multitude of bilateral agreements, but that would involve a long an boring answer. So Trump could say” “I will abolish the TPP and NAFTA” Nice sound bite; easy to say. The media has let him off on that. Once in office, he would have to make progress on literally dozens of individual agreements and coordinate and isolate them so that a win in one country does not set a case for a loss elsewhere. State would be bogged down for years and at the end they would have a result that probably would not be better than a multilateral agreement. This would all have to be repeated every few years. Trump could tear her down by crying “but our wheat farmers will be destroyed without high tariffs”. Perhaps so, but what other trade-offs are in play.
          She knows that fixing Obamacare is possible, but will require complex and painful negotiations with the HMOs, AMA, and all interest groups. When that is achieved, the USA will be a much safer place to live: both medically and financially. That is how my president would earn his/her keep. How much easier it is to just say you will abolish it. That would leave us in great danger forever, or at least until we can get a real statesman to fix it. Perhaps she can’t do it, but I would like to see her try.
          When you don’t understand the problems, the solutions can seem real simple.

        6. You are absolutely correct with that. My major problem with Obamacare is that it was an illegal act to begin with. From the origination of the United States it was created that no person should ever be forced to pay for anything, and this is exactly what Obamacare has done. Not to mention the fact that everyone was told that rates would not increase and next year it is staggering how much more people will pay for it. It is cheaper to pay the penalty than to pay the premiums.

        7. Are you sure about that? Is it in the Constitution? Seems odd to me. Taxes and licenses have been enforced from day one.
          Obamacare was made against strong resistance and no help from half of Congress and most of the very profitable health care industry, and medical interest groups. If all sides had cooperated, mistakes may have been avoided and version 1.0 might have been better. I think we should keep trying, even though more mistakes will be made. Perhaps our kids will have a much better life under version 3.6.
          This country has many very smart people who are quite capable of designing a universal health insurance scheme that provides efficient and cost effective health insurance for all. I actually trust the business school academics to design something like this and to, model it on a computer and test it against all possible scenarios, and to publish and criticize the proposal until we know exactly how it would work even before it is implemented.
          If I were President I would set this as a five year goal, like Kennedy did with the Apollo program.
          It will probably have to be compulsory. We should be required to look after our own health because it is a national asset.

        8. If America wants to make things better for every one of its citizens when it comes to health care especially for our children and future generations then they need to push for cures not treatment and implement policies like they do in the west such as people only pay their Dr’s when they are healthy. If Dr’s we’re only paid when their patients were healthy then maybe humans just might have a great future on this planet. The problem is that the 1%’s don’t want this because they use a mathematical formula to keep the population at certain levels to avoid over population, currency within particular ranges and control.
          In our society currency has become more about control than its actual intended use. Having multiple classes had separated or the people in our country instead of uniting us as originally intended. But what if I told you there were a way to have a society without the use of currency. If you could have everything you need and want by doing nothing more than what you do right now, would you want it?
          I wrote a post on this chain a few days ago laying out my idea (well done of it, it’s kind of hard to put everything on here).
          You could check it out and give me your feedback.

        9. Dale,
          Thanks. I think you need to work hard not to fall into the sewer of conspiracy theories in which most conservatives seem to be knee deep today. When things are not the way that we think they should be, it does not mean that there is a plot. It merely indicates that we are capable of thinking for ourselves and wanting something better than what we have. But that mind-set is easily exploited by political spinners. All that conspiracy nonsense is part of the crazy stuff that the GOP has been feeding its base for the last decade.
          That strategy failed in a spectacular way by destroying all the sound conservative and liberal candidates. We have been left with only the dregs to choose from.
          That feed stupid stupid campaign made otherwise sensible ordinary Americans afraid, and believing that the country is so fucked-up that it needs a non-politician to fix it. The USA is really not that way. We are a smart and brave people who can sort out this mess incrementally. You can decide who you think is most capable of doing that.
          I will try to find that previous post of yours.

        10. Occams- not so sharp “Razor” – is a buffoon and a pseudo intellect with nothing of real substance in his grasp = useless blatherings.
          Evidence of underlying “closets”” that would readily consider Khill-liary anything but a paid opportunist while real noteworthy Patriots like Petraus+Cartright are hung out to dry. Along with myriads of others that are doing or did time for inconsequential errors compared to the Witch and the Islamo Apologist-n-Chief(both Alinskites).
          She and Barry-the-Fairy had no legal Right or business in Libya let alone sending those illegal arms to Syria via Turkey to sponser ISIS. Ambassador Stevens got in their way and was intentionally along with the other “collateral losses” = why the continual “Stand Down” order and NO help was sent for all the 13hrs of living hell Americans suffered thru. That alone deserves the firing squad for treason. And yes the rest of the inept+coverup State Dept. in Levinworth for crimes against American’s and the nation.
          They’re both like lunatics attempting brain surgery over there as well as clueless irresponsible liars = parasites on OUR history and are responsible now for 100’s of thousands of deaths, torture, rape, slavery, homelessness and the mass migrations.
          The term “criminal acts” doesn’t begin to describe their effect on this world let alone America’s degradation….

      2. Yes- and moreover left out is the sacrifice of those 5 men that were told repeatedly to stand down that still chose to face a firefight being vastly outnumbered and out gunned.
        They saved over 30 Americans from being tortured and murdered like Stevens+aid were.
        In doing so 2 of the 5 were killed and one severely wounded = real American heroes.
        All the survivors were forced to sign a Nondisclosure Agreement and have been silent and not pursued by the mainstream media for what they know to be true. This is a mega huge coverup.
        I believe Ambassador Stevens was set up to he elim8nated being was goingbto spill the covert arms deal via Turkey to “freedom figjters” in Syria = ISIS. THANKS to Obama + Hillary for this ongoing murderous blight they instigated and initiated having now murdered, tortured, raped and sold 100’s of thousands of Christians and Yazidi nationals as well millions of refugee’s infesting the civilized world. A great plan for breaking the foundations of Western Civilization as it’s working just fine- esp if the Witch gets installed in OUR White House ~!

  42. HiLIARy is a member of the Satanic Globalist New World Order ORGANIZED CRIME SYNDICATE that is made up of secret murderers, war mongers, liars and thieves who have sold their souls to Satan for power and wealth. They want to eliminate 85 to 90 percent of the world’s population to make way for their worldwide totalitarian tyrannical bloody oppressive military police-state oligarchy ruled by the secret evil servants of Satan. People who refuse to be slaves to the Satanists and people who refuse to be microchipped will be killed. 600 FEMA CONCENTRATION DEATH CAMPS and 30,000 guillotines in the USA are prepared for the massacre. VOTE FOR TRUMP to resist the Satanic Establishment enslavement of mankind agenda.

  43. That picture of Hillary in a pantsuit and the Muslim guy in a dress is as telling as a picture can get on the differences in our cultures. And yes, what does this woman want with these Islamists other than getting money (selling influence) for furthering their evil cause…Islam. She would sell us all for money and power…I’m convinced of that.

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