Europe Is On The Precipice

The European people do not deserve Europe. That’s the only conclusion I can draw after witnessing the reaction to Friday’s attacks in Paris that killed 136 people. Instead of fighting back, rescinding policies that allow millions of refugees to flood Europe, or devising concrete plans to expel an incompatible Muslim horde from their nations, the European elite are doubling down on a narrative that will surely lead to the end of Europe and the demise of their own people.

If a purple man comes up to you and punches you in the face, the suitable response is to punch him back or get aid from other individuals that help neutralize him. The wrong response is to yell “peace” and “solidarity” at the purple man, and then flood the internet with messages of “Not all purple men are violent” and “Will the brutal attack against myself increase racism and hate against purple men?” Yet in a shocking display of weakness and demoralization, the European people are doing just that. The elites controlling the show are urging prayers for peace and the commoners, in the face of their own annihilation, are going along for the ride, insisting that what Europe needs right now is more Muslims and refugees.

Believe it or not, holding peace signs while crying will not stop future attacks…

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Neither will making pretty hearts with lighted candles…

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And neither will attacking those who criticize open border policies…

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If there are not rebellions in France, Germany, or Sweden by the end of this week from groups who want to preserve their nation and people, Europe is over. If the Europeans are not ready to sacrifice their lives right now to save themselves after the Paris attacks while Muslims are themselves waiting in line to sacrifice their own lives to conquer a new land, then Europe has absolutely no chance of resisting an Islamic takeover, because there will be no other event that can help them wake up and defend themselves. I’m afraid what we’re witnessing is a people who have been so feminized, weakened, and mentally controlled that they simply can’t identify an enemy within their broken gates that threatens their way of life, and is instead aiding the invaders who are actively trying to replace them.


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Can you imagine what the average Muslim man in Europe is thinking right now? He must be in disbelief that the European elite are welcoming him with open arms, giving him money, kicking out residents from their homes so that him and his brethren can get free housing, and making excuses for him if he happens to decide to pick up an AK-47 and do some human target practice. I’m sure he’s flabbergasted that whenever an attack happens, millions of Europeans swarm social media to defend his religion as one of “peace.”

If I was this man, I would no doubt believe that Allah has opened this lighted path for me, and has made me strong to take over a weak people who no longer deserve the land they’ve been given. I don’t blame him for wanting to take over Europe since the European people and their leaders sure seem to want him to accomplish that task, even putting him on the payroll of their welfare system to help fund his violence.

Muslims are going to do what you allow them to do, along with any other group or race that possess their own interests. We must instead look at the traitorous elites in power who are enabling this horde to enter Europe. Those leaders who have welcomed Muslims into Europe and refused to put a stop to the invasion have blood on their hands and must be removed from power and imprisoned. If Europe was a sane country, here’s what must immediately be done:

  • Complete closure of all borders in Europe. Boats coming to Europe should be fired at on sight to send a message to other invaders wanting to come in.
  • Immediate deportation of all Muslims in Europe who do not have proper documents and who have promoted ideas of jihad or who have supported previous attacks. Refugees that entered in the past year must go back home.
  • Overthrow of all politicians who have sponsored or enabled Muslim immigration. These politicians should be tried for crimes against the European people.


If you wanted to defend a nation in the face of a migrant land and sea invasion, the above three measures would be the way to do it, but we all know they won’t take place. Instead, more refugees will come, more “solidarity” will be preached, and more European people will die. Europeans have become so brainwashed that they will rationalize the deaths of their own family members at the hands of the invaders, meaning that we have passed the point where arguments and reason will be effective. Violence is now the future of Europe, either by the hands of the invaders or by its defenders who will have to fight against three enemies at the same time: their elite, their brainwashed countrymen, and the Muslim invaders themselves.

If I was an angry French or German man at this moment, I know what I would do:

  • I would find a small town in my country with good strategic defense that has had refugees dumped within it.
  • I would open a line of communication with a sympathetic government like Russia for possible military support.
  • I would find at least 30 men with arms who believe that their nation is worth dying for.
  • I would invade the town, kick out the invaders, and defend my position against the local police while prolonging the standoff as long as possible for maximum media effect.

The mission would put out a signal to other nationalist militia and patriots. Either we solidify our position and expand with external support or we die trying to defend our country. I could not think of a more honorable way to leave this Earth, of asserting my destiny in a world where lunatic terms are being dictated to me that harm myself, my family, and my nation. If my enemy is willing to die for my land but I’m not, it’s safe to say that odds are against me holding on to that land.

The same liberals who are destroying Europe are also working on doing the same to America. Our politicians are tripping over themselves to increase the amount of Syrians who will come here (10,000 have just arrived in New Orleans), and just like in Europe, the natives are doing nothing more than impotently tweeting in protest. While Muslims are more effectively controlled in America than Europe, Americans needs to ask themselves right now what kind of country they want to live in. My family currently leaves near multiple refugee centers, and when I visit them I’m not sure if I’m in Honduras or Ethiopia. The fate of all American and European citizens are now sealed: either live in fear as you’re surrounded by a foreign people who aggressively assert their interests as their population increases, or defend yourself violently against policies by the elite that are actively trying to destroy your life and displace you from your home.

The current generation of Europeans didn’t fight for their land like their ancestors did. They were given functioning civilization, beautiful cities, and peaceful villages without understanding the sacrifices men of the past had to make in order for them to enjoy what they have now. Multiculturalism will prove to be their suicide, and the only question is if there are some men left who are ready to sacrifice themselves for their country like men of the past did. In the face of the Paris attack, I’m afraid that if we don’t see this sacrifice soon, as in a matter of days, it will be over for Europe.

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  1. The only solidarity I feel is that with my fellow Americans and Englishmen. Islam is a degenerate religion started by a child rapist. Anyone who follows a man who had sex with a 9 year old has lost credibility.
    France is lost. They have fallen to the same SJW crap they did when Robespierre and others snowballed them with the French Revolution. Unless the French people can muster the courage to stand up to Islamofascism and demand accountability.
    I hate to say it, but France could use someone like Napoleon who demands that France stand against the barbarian savages. Or more likely a leader like Charles De Gaulle.

    1. France stands at a crossroads. One route will lead to their annihilation, the other to a brighter future. If what I heard is true, they are waking up and choosing the first path. I was told that France just bombed the shit out of some ISIS HQ’s and killed approx. 230 members including some leaders. Not sure if this is true or the details. If so, I applaud them and hope they continue.

  2. This is the world that the progressive created. With the way things are going they will soon find what a real patriarchy looks and feel like.

  3. 5 minutes of vital viewing for all Kingsmen out there. Islamism is inherently EXPANSIONIST like Fascism and Communism, and is truly the monumental menace for our age.

    1. The West has all that Islam lacks: Free speech, free enterprise, religious freedom, freedom of assembly etc and YET it is declining perhaps exactly because of all that freedom. Hmm …

      1. Wrong. We’re declining because we have a perverted set of our original freedoms. You are allowed the freedom of speech unless it goes against the leftist narrative, in which case you are immediately and viciously attacked until you’re fired from your job and ostracized. The government chooses which companies will win or lose with bailouts and stimulus packages. It is no longer succeeding on your own merit. Religious freedom is also laughable. If you’re a Christian or Jew, your personal beliefs are squelched, but if you’re a muslim, go for it! You have the backing of the left as a poor, poor victim who is just trying to get out of your war-torn nation. Same standards go for assembly.
        The freedom is no longer for all. It is not absolute, universal freedom that the founding fathers envisioned. THAT is why we’re declining.

        1. You have all the freedom to express your thoughts here so freedom of speech is still upheld.
          Freedom of speech is like the idea of equality – it’s wrong. It assumes that everyone is qualified to give a valid opinion.

        2. No, actually, we don’t. If we actually want to speak to a “leader” with dissenting opinions, we are herded off out of site to “free speech zones”. Our emails are filtered out by their staff so that they don’t have to actually hear us. The only time they hear us is when we show up with guns.

        3. ” The only time they hear us is when we show up with guns.”
          It was always like that. The law is written by the people with guns.

  4. “The current generation of Europeans didn’t fight for their land like their ancestors did.”
    Given historical precedent Europe will eventually fight but it will get really ugly first.

  5. That is a genuine opinion and while strong, it hinges on the notion that all is already lost. This opinion conflicts with the over-flowing anti immigration stance and over-riding racial tensions that have been building in America since Obama took office and the borders started to be opened in Europe.
    Reports are as follows, if the New York Times are to be trusted:
    France has started air strikes on suspected ISIS strongholds in Syria. Names have been named all the way down to suspected ISIS supporters in America. The borders have been closed and the troops have been mobilized. Only those on the ground in France know if this is true or those following the news strongly. Our political opportunists will jump to different tunes as Hillary has done stating they don’t support terrorists. We also have two governors in the USA stating they will not harbor refugees and support an anti-immigration stance.
    With our newscasting format, anyone with a idea can speak and more people will comment against immigration. There will be very visible anti-Islam sentiments, coming through our media shortly. This is good if for nothing else, that the people will start to be able to have a voice again. Original ideas are hard to come by in crowds so more likely, the media will play crowd control to prevent what happened after 9/11 (open muslim hunting) from occurring again.
    What would be smarter, would be just to acknowledge what has happened and prepare concerted efforts to ensure this doesn’t happen in the future. Understand if it weren’t Muslims it would be any other group that weren’t vetted correctly. Understand in our current society, feelings shouldn’t be our guide for global diplomacy as it creates an imbalance allowing clear abusers to have free reign. Ever wonder about that woman who keeps allowing the thug who blacks her eyes to have hospice after a drunken night of cheating and beatings? This is where we are at now. The women have influenced our political structure, and while nice, we are fighting backwards and what is our biggest worry? Whether our whore government will flip-flop to say, well, ‘he’ isn’t that bad. Rational and coldness need to return or we will be having more discussions like this in the future.
    The men need to step up and banding together must extend beyond lost boys holding on to Mom’s apple orchard in our local backyard. We must be pre-emptive. It isn’t like we don’t know our enemy.

    1. Absolutely, we know news of resistance is semi-suppressed in Germany and Scandinavia (refugee centers being burned before the inhabitants move in, at least two assassination attempts on German politicians by native Germans). There’s more life in the Continent than is commonly supposed. My hope is that actual patriots will be more involved, not actual fascists.
      It really isn’t about race, it is about ideology. Don’t forget that Sikhs provided some of the only effective resistance to the riots in London. Anyone who wants to live free and not kill innocent people is on your side. Anyone who doesn’t is not.

      1. Germans will rise up (as a whole nation) but it will take a few incidents for it to happen. Too many of them are asleep or still feel guilty about WW2.
        This moment or movement is about survival, pure and simple. Germans better wake up.

        1. “Germans will rise up..”
          No. Disappointing to say, but no they won’t. The avg. age of German is 44 and as long as those welfare and pension checks clear, they will moan and wail, but won’t lift a finger. Once the money runs out– meh.

        2. Oh, I am talking about after a collapse or civil war is on (money gone, so many dead, etc…). I wasn’t talking about any time soon but you do see pockets of German resistance.
          It’s sad that it will have to go that way before many countries in Europe wake the hell up.

        3. “..Germans will rise up “#
          I live here and I don’t see it happening. BTW, What was Germany’s response to the islamic slaughter in Paris over the weekend?
          They announced they have increased security—- for the refugee camps. Tells you where Merkerl and the german govt. priorties are.

        4. I don’t count on the government to do anything until it’s too late. I’m looking at the people and some of the nationalists (groups) that are openly protesting everything going on in and around their country. The politicians are trying to label them “radicals” but I only see patriots. That’s where i see the rubber meeting the road…the politicians having a fight on their hands with nationalists. We call those people patriots, here.

        5. I said that on Saturday. I am actually sitting in CDG airport as we speak on business. A lot of military prescence walking around, but it reminds me about “closing the barn door after the horse has bolted.” The illusion of security.

        6. Their nazi guilt is completely absurd. Went to Berlin on a class trip once, we went to some museum about the war and how horrible it was for the jews. At the entrance there was airport-level security, bag scanners and guards and the whole works. Individuals might wake up, but as a nation they are fucked.

        7. When the krauts get their Teutonic on, look out!
          And it will be about time. I lived in Germany. They sent the real men to die in meat grinders, leaving behind the weak and myopic. To this day it shows.

        8. Which is why Angela let so many in. The German’s have no one to wipe their asses, empty their garbage bins and sweep their floors. In addition, a few rape-impregnations will get a jumpstart on getting those population numbers moving up again.

        9. Germans and Folks on the alt right have bern concerned by the birth rate problem for decades. Having sufficient birth rate is the Fundementalal of any society. Why is the money spent on cheap labour, refugees rather than child care.
          Any measures to help families have children has been resisted. It’s obvious that an adaquete birth rate undermines the leftist one world immigration and refugee agenda as well as the anarch-capitalist cheap labour agenda. Most cash awards for children say 8000 marks per child went to retarded Muslim women that couldn’t work anyway.

      2. Good morning. Do you have links to those stories, I’d love to spread them around if you do?

        1. This is what happens when a government fails the people…and the people take care of the problem.
          This move happened in Sweden…just imagine what would happen in the states when people have “had enough”.

        2. We were blocking buses this last summer, and now there are armed civilian “border guards” popping up, made up of groups of vets.
          Nothing big yet, but it’s starting to heat up here too, we just haven’t had an “attack” to really galvanize the Right into action. When it happens it’s going to be pretty fucking scary for a while.

        3. Thats why obama want to take your weapons, its difficulty to get licensed weapons here but i here more and more people are aquiring them under the table so to say.

        4. He can’t, he knows it. If he could he would have already. See my chart on this page showing the number of weapons we civilians own. He tries and it becomes him against 50 different heavily armed nations simultaneously.
          Remember, in the last 5 years we’ve all basically not complied with their calls to register/turn in things. They’re powerless and they know it.

        5. Yeah, it’s not happening. Many politicians are calling for tighter gun laws or banning guns but Americans are not going to let that happen.
          This incident in Paris just gave that argument more firepower….so to say. These terrorists could not walk into a Home Depot here (where I live) without being out gunned, 2 to 1. That prevents deaths and if France had these same types of laws then more terrorists would be dead versus civilians. Criminals don’t care about laws.

        6. Very good. If people really want to arm themselves they will. Drugs are illegal too but that doesnt stop anybody who wants to use them. Its very easy to get weapons here from eastern europe through the baltic countries since its so close, so even we wont be sitting ducks when things really go down.

        7. I hear stories about cops doing target practice on civilian looking targets. They bought what was it, billions of bullets a handful of years back? If it comes to all out internal war there is no telling which way it will swing.

        8. Some cops, yes. Many cops are on our side, and a lot of the military is on our side as well. It was DHS that bought the bullets, not individual police departments, btw.
          The way it will swing? We’ll win, hands down and very quickly. We have almost 1 gun per person in the States, with a known 110+ gun owners proper. The entire U.S. military is only 1.47 million, and that includes all of the REMF’s and useless types. We don’t wear uniforms and we live right next to “their” families. It would be a fast, bloody and awful slaughter and Congress would end up frog marched to the wall if such a thing were to occur.

        9. So? Defectors will come over with their equipment, and many to most of us gun owners are vets that were operating the same equipment, or close to it, when we were in. They can go full monty, outside of nukes, and we’ll win. They couldn’t even defeat untrained camel jockeys in Afghanistan.
          When you get a united armed populace against you, you’re working with entirely different scenarios than you’re trained for if you’re in the military.

        10. They may not have wanted to actually win in Afghanistan. If Anonymousconservative is right about how r/K selection works and pertains to humans, the goal may have been to simply weaken the country to make it easier to take over. Sounds far out, but his theories match what is happening in the world and the one thing we are missing in the west for a full r-environment is predators to thin our herd.

        11. Doesn’t explain why the USSR had the same problems though.
          No matter how you slice it, 110+ civilians not wearing uniforms beats any occupying force, even if the occupier is our own military.

        12. Since Friday everybody I know (who was not previously) is keeping an AR-15 in their vehicle.
          In America, everybody is a first responder.
          When the terrorists strike here, they’ll strike in a disarmed city full of goody two-shoes SWPLs.
          And we won’t give a fuck. And we won’t be obeying the gun laws that the media and the SWPLs clamor for (as the media will be all about guns guns guns and never say “Islam”).

        13. Sandy Hook was supposed to be “that one incident” like what England (Dunblane) and Australia (Port Arthur) had. (All equally dubious in The Narrative – google Wolfgang Halbig). It was supposed to be the incident where everybody had to turn in their guns.
          And we said “We’re not turning them in. BRING IT!”.
          Because the latte slurping urban faggots know that the next civil war is not going to be armies fighting it out on some farmers field somewhere. It’ll be Paris everywhere. And when latte-slurping urban hipster goes up against Billy Joe Bob “Deliverance” will look like Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.

        14. And the people who voted for that congress will not be spared.
          Leningrad will burn this time. No matter how much “Their” media glorifies this prepper “run to the hills” bullshit, a lot of people are through running.
          I heard it enough from Vietnam veterans: “I’m not going to survive anyway and I’m old, so it’s a matter of who is coming with me”.

        15. What statists and leftoids forget is that the “Tanks, drones, and planes” are paid for and supported by ….. US!
          If you field an M1 Abrams, probably one of the best tanks in the world, against pickup trucks, your cost per target is already an economic failure.
          And all war is economic.
          William S. Lind had many great works regarding Fourth Generation Warfare. I suggest this as some of the best reading material money can buy.

        16. You see ISIS throwing out surface to surface missiles from the back of Ford pick’em up trucks and they’re winning. How this exponentially larger force here in the states could lose in any scenario short of self-nuking by the U.S. govt is anybody’s guess. Hypothetically speaking of course.

        17. Yes, exactly. They had the ultimate, no fail propaganda weapon, namely lots of little dead blonde haired blue eyed children and they failed to get their confiscation. I marched, fully armed, locked and loaded with about 5,000+ other Ohioans on the State House in 2012, with equal or higher numbers showing up in the same capacity in every other capitol in the union during that time. “We will not comply” was the overwhelmingly present protest sign.
          They lost, and they know it. When it comes time, the hipsters better shave those heads and beards and cover the tattoos to try to disassociate from the urban future-casualty brigades, is all I can say.

        18. Gregg Littell said if the Tea party gets out of hand the govt. would make major cities disappear. Stupid cuck would only be hurting the left.

        19. You don’t fight the tank, you fight the tanks gas tank. If the Bundy ranch went south everyone would have gone after their local statist & their family while all semi competent govt eyes where on the Arizona . The list of every politician who voted for the CT gun restriction was printed out for everyone and had the family member info also.

        20. I read over the weekend that a US Army reserve armory got looted. Does anyone think the hurricance fence around the motor pool is going to stop anyone? If the governor calls out the NGs and their equipment is stolen or sabotaged– what can they do?
          Also you have several 100 thousand vets who have experience in insurgency/counter insurgency tactics in a large country with a frail power grid and vulnerable tranport and power facilities. Don’t fuck with us.

        21. Let’s face it…Uncle Vlad has no problem selling guns even when they are ‘banned’ someplace. And you are 1 boat ride away from St. Petersberg.

        22. @BlindIo : Bill Clinton ‘helped’ conservative America unwittingly in the 90’s be transferring most of our standing army’s assets to the National Guard…all it takes is enough governors signing on and those armories will be transferred to the rebel alliance. 😉

        23. The real fun part would be how, after the collapse of the police, the gentrified city neighborhoods, full of the SWPLs that vote for gun control, will be sitting ducks. They are the only people beyond the stores with anything of value. They are the multiculturalist worshippers of Dindu Nuffins.
          I love comeuppance.

        24. if you guys down in the states decide to overthrow the corrupt government there and have an AR-15 with my name on it, im on the first flight down from canada, or ill fuckin walk if i have to….. and once the USA if taken care of…. Canada would be easy…. our armed forces is small, but its vast majority white men who are fed up with the status quo as well…. wouldnt take much at all to swing the pendulum over to our side.

        25. I don’t think the military will open fire on its own people. I think they’ll just switch sides. This system will crumble faster than the Soviet one did. We’re only talking weeks here, not even months.. As a matter of fact, I think there will be not shots fired. That’s how fucked up everything is right now. A small push at the right place and the whole enchilada will simply go to shit.

        26. “Some cops, yes. Many cops are on our side, and a lot of the military is on our side as well.”
          No they aren’t. Just stating what you wish does not make it true.

      3. God bless the Sikh’s….I lived in Brampton Ontario a few years, and worked with some as well (some Hindu’s too) I’ve never met a more reverent, respectful, family oriented, freedom loving, understanding and accepting people. If we changed our immigration policy to “Sikh’s/Hindu’s only” tomorrow, I would be the first to support it…so don’t say those of us wanting restrictions on illegal immigration are ‘racist’

        1. While I oppose all non-white immigration, if the choice was ONLY sikh/hindu vs muslim, then yes I would have to pick sikh/hindu as well.

      4. “My hope is that actual patriots will be more involved, not actual fascists.”
        At this point I welcome anybody, fascists included.

    2. “France has started air strikes on suspected ISIS strongholds in Syria. Names have been named all the way down to suspected ISIS supporters in America. The borders have been closed and the troops have been…:
      In my opinion, too little, too late. France invited these fuckers in to begin with. The french attack on ISIS? For all we know that impressive video clip of a french fighter jet taking off the runway was staged for media purposes, and no attack against ISIS took place.
      Of course there are other mittigating factors, but I’m not hopeful.

      1. Agreed. If any of it is to be trusted, this is after a country raped their peoples trust and sold them the line that we are rescuing war criminals. Maybe what they should have said was we are allowing in future war criminals. Seems we need to generate some revenue and 9/11 worked very well for those Americans.

        1. I guess it sounded like a good plan (from a distance) until those illegal immigrants came to their neighborhoods. Now, the civilian populations in those towns and cities are afraid to go out to the store or even in their own yards.
          The people put too much trust and authority in their government. Today, they have illegal immigrants running their small towns.

    3. “France has started air strikes on suspected ISIS strongholds in Syria. Names have been named all the way down to suspected ISIS supporters in America. The borders have been closed and the troops have been mobilized. Only those on the ground in France know if this is true or those following the news strongly.”
      There’s been some rumours on that even here in Paris. In reality:
      “borders closed” > border patrols reinstated with id checks and random car checks. I will be travelling by car to Germany soon, will see if it is still the case
      “curfew” – in reality no curfew but the interior ministry “strongly advised against going out or travelling without need and especially attending any public events”

    4. We have a sizeable Islamic center(s) in the 250k population midwest city I live in (475k including surrounding communities). Immediately after Paris attacks they went public denouncing the attacks. Of course. There were 3 men arrested last month with Al Qaeda ties in city limits. We had a very interesting incident occur in 2 local gyms where I lift (same owner) where a Muslim guy, apx. 5’9″ 175 lbs tried starting fights with some big ass marines who lift there (which I witnessed). Nothing transpired.
      Shit, at the time the gym was managed by a Marine Artillery Sergeant, A verbal stand off occurred between a group of Arab guys and 1 marine at a later date. 1 on 4, and they wanted nothing to do with this badass mofo who crushes souls with his bare hands. The above referenced 5’9″ Muslim went to the other location running around screaming that everyone in the gym were infidels. Beware gents, this was in Ohio. Maintain high levels of situational awareness at all times.

    5. “We also have two governors in the USA stating they will not harbor refugees”
      I’ve seen a flash news… 18 states will not accept refugees. I’m not sure exactly which is which.

      1. Hopefully the latter as clearly the Muslims are hostile and need to be monitored before allowed any refuge.

  6. Monstrously Ugly? Check. Champagne Socialist? Check. Childless Spinster? Check. Living In A Fantasy World? Check. Nefariously Evil? Check.
    Yup, the cartoon checks out.

  7. The French will protest and riot over just about anything except giving their country away, isn’t the French work week only 34 hours to help with unemployment? And yet they bring in thousands more to also be unemployed. I remember them protesting about having the retirement age pushed back two years to help with the debt and unemployment and somehow this invasion will help them retire early? They deserve what they are getting until they wake he fuck up

  8. Its not “the” europeans, its the zionist brainwashers in the media and their stoodges in politics that do the damage.Resistance is mounting.But for the more kincetic stuff it is still to early.The time is not right.We need at least 2 or 3 attacks 10 or a 100 times bigger.Some people will never wake up.So be it.

  9. Israel… land of the evil Joozzz manages with a 15% muslim population and people here are already writing off Europe? Fuck, Democracies move slow dudes. In the next 5 years with the economy imploding we will see a major shift to the right.

    1. Israel is practically a military state with a very strong ethnic identity and nationalist ideology. They’ve already shown the world they aren’t afraid to blow the shit out of their enemies, even when those enemies are defenseless peasants. They built a friggin wall to keep out potential invaders.
      Europe is in a different situation altogether. Their national identity has been ravaged by decades of guilt, comfort, and leftism. They’re letting countless young healthy men of an opposing regime into their land who learn from a young age that Babylon is the embodiment of evil… and giving them tax-dollars and free-passes. Europe is stuck trying to maintain a positive public image even if it means suicide. Europe’s government is creating incredible tensions that could very well lead to a reaction by an equally insane revolutionary group.
      Why does the entire situation rest entirely on Europe’s shoulders? Why does no one put these same expectations on Egypt, Russia, or China? Hell, as unsympathetic as it sounds, why don’t these fleeing Muslims go and fight for their country?

      1. Considering that Russian and Syria have been allies for decades, it is strange that Russia hasn’t been pressured into accepting the refugees.
        I guess its hard to manipulate a country that has a strong leader backed by 200 million ardent Orthodox Christians.

        1. 200 million christians? The total population of Russia is 145 million, about 10 of those are muslim (and this doesn’t include the migrant workforce from Central Asian countries)

        2. 10 millions is an estimate, and these are natives. Tatars, Bashkirs, most pf the the peuples of the Caucasus. Only Tatars are 3.7% according to 2010 census, in a population of 144 millions its more than 5 millions.
          Those that come in come mostly from Central Asian countries and come for work, in a trend similar to what’s been going on if France in the 70s. A big part of low skilled jobs is staffed with migrants: retail, cleaning services, restaurants, construction jobs. A couple of years ago the governement banned all foreign nationals from working as public transportation/taxi/commercial driver unless they passed local driving license exam and medical certification – guess why.
          Really quite similar to what happened here.
          The difference is Russia tries more or less to impose state control on religions, with some success (by the way the Moscow cathedral Mosque reconstruction was partly funded by the state partly by oligarchs close to power, not by Saudis).
          France doesn’t even try and it would be extremely difficult because of the law on separation of the church and the state.

        3. Right. It’s like an unspoken rule not to mess with the likes of China or Russia, who unapologetically don’t give a fuck about other people’s childish behaviour.

      2. Europe is starting to experience what Israel already knows about the barbarians. Combine that with the next recession in 2016 and you will see a massive switch in public opinion to the right. The less informed majority will realise that the left has fucked us over badly as they keep preaching more tolerance and muslim import as the bombs go off. Of course MEN will have to take the lead. Women will be the last to change their cuddly worldview.

        1. When I’m feeling cynical I start to think that women can’t even tell the difference either way. If Muslims come and kill all the Europeans they’re fine with it. As long as they’re getting fucked by the winners they don’t give a damn about things like “culture” or “freedom”. I hope this isn’t the case.

  10. Well, Roosh you live in Europe most of the time and you have a big enough following of willing men, why don’t you lead the way and implement the measures you propose?
    I’m reading Corneliu Zelea Codreanu’s book For My Legionaries. As an young nationalist he formed a proper military legion and they were actively fighting the Bolsheviks in Romania. He was very good with words as yourself but he also took actions.
    Knowledge without action is sterile.

  11. It’s rather remarkable the EU keeps importing these so called “refugees”, even if their numbers in countries like Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, etc., now far exceed the available housing in those countries. There are “refugee” centres (enemy encampments) in every town and every village. They are putting them on military bases, on vacation parks, and in luxury hotels. There is almost not a single piece of land left that’s not in the close vicinity of some refugee centre. It seems strategic, almost by design, isn’t it?
    Something tells me these “refugees” are going to see themselves supplied with weapons as soon as their numbers reach critical mass. Not by terrorist networks, but by the elites that are behind this manufactured crisis. The disarmed, demoralized, and brainwashed European will be a sitting duck. I hope I’m wrong, but the future in Europe looks bleak.

    1. You guys are over-idealizing Russia on here. The immigration policy is quite tough there too, so it’s none of an easy thing

  12. Orwell wrote in “1984” that societies collapse owed to 1 or more of 2 reasons
    1. They lose the will to govern themselves
    2. They’re destroyed by external forces
    We have taken care of number 1.
    ISIS is working hard on number 2

    1. You got Number 2 wrong. Orwell wrote that the REAL ISIS was an inside job, a dummy-front boogeyman, false flag attacking its own people to keep the war going for the continuation of power of the oligarchs who are ultimately attacking their own people as well as the other two power-blocs who are running the exact same game on their own people and are in collusion with all the other oligarchs.
      Having read 1984 about a dozen times or more, and having taught the novel to students 5 or 6 times, and having read nearly everything Orwell ever wrote, and having read a couple or three biographies of the man, I think I can safely and correctly identify your misrepresentation of his book. Orwell said that the three power blocs would NEVER be destroyed by external forces, because of the game the “inner party” oligarchs are running in collusion, against the masses.

        1. Okay, and maybe you’d be cooler if you weren’t so thin-skinned.
          You evidently missed the part where Orwell predicted ongoing false flag attacks carried out upon a populace by its own government (OKC Murrah Bldg, 911, Boston Bombing, Sandy Hook, etc, etc) and then the government-controlled media creates false boogeymen who are to blame (Emmanuel Goldstein, Osama Bin Ladin, Saddam Hussein) and how those boogeymen change constantly and the people don’t even bat an eye (just like how the Taliban is now supposedly helping the US fight ISIS. Sure.). And then there’s Guantanamo Bay? And then there’s the made-up story about Commander Ogilvie which Winston Smith is paid to concoct (= the bogus stories about Jessica Lynch and Pat Tillman that the media fed the US populace). Etc, etc.
          Hey, I’ve been through both novels several times, have taught them to students several times, I have gone through both with a fine tooth comb. By assigning one point for each prophetic prediction where the author pegged it right, I came out with Orwell on top:
          Orwell 32, Huxley 20.
          Huxley was good, damn good. But he wasn’t Orwell good.

        2. We are living in a besieged condition, under constant harrassment from false flag attacks carried out by elements of our own “elected” gov’t.
          911, OKC bombing, Boston Bombing, Sandy Hook, etc, etc.
          By the way, did you know the hero of the Boston event, Carlos Arredondo, was in the employ of CIA?
          Such a thing Orwell predicted, not Huxley.
          If you believe the official story on any of those, and then you read Huxley and you read Orwell, then yeah, you’re gonna think Huxley was the more prophetic.
          That, and you still have to have at least one iota of faith in the veracity of the mainstream media and political system.
          It was Orwell who predicted events of “terrorism” like this.
          It was Orwell who predicted that there would be false boogeymen set up to take the blame and help whip up war fever among the populace in order to preserve the power of a few oligarchs. Emmanuel Goldstein = Sadam Hussein = Bin Laden, etc, etc.
          Bin Laden being of course, you guessed it, CIA. That’s an Orwell prediction, not Huxley.
          I could go on and on. Guantanamo Bay. Jessica Lynch and Pat Tillman bogus stories = the Commander Ogilvie bogus story in the novel.
          I went through both novels with a fine tooth comb.
          Assigning one point for each prediction they got right.
          Orwell wins it, 32-20 in my tally.
          (My last post got nixed, I think. Either that or the “Right to Censor” police are out and about and here.)

        3. You are preaching to the choir. I do not dispute any of your assertions. If you would be a little more conversive and a little less dismissive (I’ll cut you some slack because you are a “teacher” after all and I find teachers to be like doctors, they seem to have a God complex and think they are ALWAYS right) I could have explained that I think it will be an admixture of BOTH their ideas. I wish I was at my desktop so I could add some quotes by de Tocqueville which lends credence to the Huxley argument that most of the future oppression will be self imposed due to indoctrination and apathy.

  13. Bullshit. Interventionism is the reason. Stop invading, stealing, and killing people in their own countries. Mind your business. It is the West’s fault, but not for immigration.

      1. Oh please. That same old BS question/accusation I always hear (about 9/11 too). He’s talking about cause and effect (at least I am). And no, I don’t want those bastards in Europe or over here either. In fact, I say deport them all! BUT people have to be willing to acknowledge why these migrants just miraculously started going over there in droves.
        This didn’t occur in a vacuum. It occurred after the US turned the ME upside down by destroying the secular dictatorships there. What did they get in return? Well, radical Islam. Not surprising at all really.

    1. That’s only part of the problem, although yes, Gaddafi, Asad (father as well as son), Hussein did have the radicals in check, whatever branch they belonged to.
      The first wave was brought here by our own corporations (e.g. french corporations had been hiring low skilled workers abroad, there’s been some lobbying to loosen immigration rules at the time. see here at the bottom of the page a newspaper exerpt saying “immigration is a necessity” “we need 500 000 more workers”). Problems began later when jobs started being outsorced en masse to keep costs even lower.
      By the way I believe to have heard some politician(?) in Germany, having a slip and saying “well that’s not that bad [the refugees wave], there are many jobs that are understaffed.

    2. Hey dumbfuck, jihad has been with us since the days of muhammad. If you think they will simply leave you alone if you do not act, read the Qur’an and think again.

    3. Yup. Let’s think about this. The US military has been overturning secular dictators in the ME and what did they get in return? Radical Islam. Gee, maybe it’s not such a good idea to do that, eh? So, we also get all these migrants, some who want to flea the chaos of their now destroyed countries. Others are seeking revenge for all the resulting death, destruction and torture these people have to endure.
      For fucks sake stop bombing the whole fucking planet! This is not rocket science. GEEZ!

    4. You are correct. We need to stop Muslim immigration to the West. We need to also stop meddling in the affairs of other countries and peoples as well. Some (not all) of the terrorist problem is blowback from our interventionist actions aging back to 1979.

  14. “Overthrow of all politicians who have sponsored or enabled Muslim immigration. These politicians should be tried for crimes against the European people.”
    The politicians are gatekeeping whores with strings fastened to them controlling their every word and bowel movement, nothing more. You’d have to aim higher, to the Banksters and the Magisterium, but the peasants are never gonna be that smart.

  15. Pretty sure this could be interpreted as advocating violence and overthrow of established European governments, well beyond what press protection allows. If a media show is what’s wanted, maybe you need to make a trip to Paris and see if you can get arrested.

    1. It’s hypothetical. Kind of like OJ Simpsons’s book where he talks about how he would have hypothetically killed his wife if he was the killer. It’s a tight rope roosh is walking.

    2. The last thing you’d want to do, when your people are being destroyed before your eyes as your governments bringing in more destroyers, is hypothetically suggest that perhaps your government is the enemy and that you should resist their attempts to exterminate you and your family. That would just be wrong.

      1. Not really making any judgement on whether European governments are complicit because of their policies, just pointing out that advocating armed insurrection obviously carries its own risks and opportunities.
        If Roosh really wants his voice heard, an arrest would give him a platform, and with his name still live from the Summer tour it would definitely get some media attention

        1. I may be mistaken, but isn’t he living in the States? What is Germany or France going to do, gnash their teeth?

        2. I have no idea where he’s living, but a trip to France and a public rally to advance his point would probably do the trick. I’m talking about a deliberate arrest to get attention, as ‘John Galt’ pointed out, he probably covered himself in hypotheticals well enough to avoid a conviction

      1. I love this one the best…I’ve been following some of his videos to see what’s going on over in Sweden. He’s got some good points (and funny) but it’s the reality of what’s happening over there (and, to some extent, here in the U.S. as well).

        1. He is good, a little bit to moderate in my mind but that is good he reaches more people that way.
          If you have time and want an even broader overview of whats going on then i recommend this site: its perfectly understandable with google translate.

        2. Will do..I’ll check into it. It’s a shame. I canceled my trip to come over, next year, due to all of the illegal immigrants and the issues associated with it. I was going to hit a few places (Stockholm was one of them) but after looking into it, I’ve canceled the trip.
          Plus, I can’t carry my concealed handgun on the trip so it was a “no go” for me.

        3. The good side…you may have some “new history” to show her if or when it’s all over (who knows when). It will be interesting…and Americans need to be on alert…it’s coming here, now.

        4. Do it. And get it done soon, before things start blowing up. Unfortunately where you live I believe you have to have a “permit” to carry in any capacity except hunting, so you don’t have a fallback like some other states do regarding unlicensed carry. I strongly suspect that if things start to go south fast, that the “permit” process might be suspended. Perhaps I’m being paranoid, but still, can’t hurt to be ready just in case.

        5. Curious, what’s the cost where you are? Courses here run around $75 to $160, photos (passport) about $3.00 and the actual “license” is $60.00. Quite steep if you ask me, especially since we’re not supposed to have to have a “permit” to exercise a right (we can, of course, open carry without a license, so this only applies to concealed carry), but there you have it. I’ve heard other states are worse.

        6. I went through the training once, but didn’t get the whole state background check and yada yada yada, so it expired. The training was around $150 and the background check was about another $150. So around $300 just to be able to carry a gun. THEN there’s the fact that I need to buy a handgun as I only own a shotgun and black powder musket.

        7. I feel lucky, my CCW took 10 minutes and cost $20.
          I encourage all men to apply for their CCW permits. The first line of defense begins in your neighborhood.

        8. Arizona is easy too. You don’t even need “official training” if you have an honorable discharge from the military. I have the Arizona as a secondary CHL, which used to give me a whole mess of other states that Ohio didn’t honor, however Ohio went on a full binge “honor as many as possible” ordeal and now the AZ permit is mostly useless.
          It’s a *great* secondary permit though if your state is stingy on reciprocity. They will issue to any U.S. citizen.

        9. Budapest is a lovely city and now perfectly safe thanks to the brave actions of the Hungarian government.
          You could also visit neighboring Romania and the Hunyadi family castle. Also, very few Muslims here, the Gypsies are the biggest problem for now. John Hunyadi was one of the foremost defenders of Europe in the face of Islam.
          Europe is not just Paris, Rome, London, and Berlin – unlike what those pompous Western fools would like you to believe.

        10. I’ve always wanted to take a tour of Eastern Europe. So much of it was closed off during my teen years through my early 20’s.

        11. When the shit hits the fan, concealment won’t matter. Simply being armed will. I’d rather keep myself off the books.

        12. I believe the idea is to not be disarmed *prior* to the first attack in your neighborhood. I have no problem with unlicensed carry whatsoever, just be careful not to print if you don’t have a “license”.
          The books at this point are meaningless. They know almost all of us are armed so I believe that their blanket assumption will be “knock in every door” if they ever go full retard and try confiscation (where they will then lose, big time).

        13. You should go there now. Hungary, Romania, Poland, Check Republic, etc. No former soviet states though. It’s safe, cheap and the places are absolutely beautiful. Did I mention cheap?

        14. Prague is sights/food..and a lot of unbelievable women. Looking forward to going to Budapest next year.

      2. That is why Houellebecq makes a strong point in “soumission”. These leftist masses at some degree deserve to suffer what they have been cooking. On the other hand, my solidarity to those brave people who still try to save Europe and our civilization from the Blood bath that is Now starting. Brave people who are labelled as the problem by the leftists…

    1. Gather some like minded men together and go rip them out of their stupid Leftist hands. Put these suicidal maniacs in their place, brother.

        1. This clip is very disturbing, i’ve seen it before. We must not waste our time with the leftists but instead use that energy reaching out and network with other nationalist minded youths and make preparations. The leftists will ultimately pave the way to their own destruction, they are nothing but fools and are not even worthy of your anger.

        2. French Leftists are a special breed.
          I think they will use this to set up an egalitarian police state, and they will tell us ” you’re with the feminists, abortion, gay pride, or with the terrorists” as it is already happening.
          They can do this, for the egalitarian and antitraditional mythologie from 1789 is still a powerful agent in the mind of the average French.

        3. I’m now planning to get into the French countryside.
          I’ve already had enough with Paris anyways. It’s a middle-term plan but I need to work on it seriously.

        4. Againt the situation would be very different if you are armed to the hilt like the texans was when the shot the terrorists dead.
          Careful also with the government crackdown on patriots as the mexican government crushed the citizen self-defense movement in mexico who kicked out the drug cartels.

  16. The elites said there would be 3 days of mourning and voila the people everywhere just went along with it. Interesting.

  17. My sister was in Melbourne where she observed news cameramen ask for the opinions about the French massacre. Only 1/8 of the people seen were interviewed thoroughly. The other 7/8 with anti-Muslim stances were quickly rescinded their interview time. Deeply troubling.

  18. So after you have 200 bodies to clean up and 150+ wounded it is not the time to talk about immigration. But if this were to happen in the US it WOULD be the time to talk about gun control. Sanctimonious liberals would be introducing the next gun control bill the hour after such a massacre happened. Must be nice to cherry pick when is the proper time to discuss public policy.

    1. I agree with you on the gun control ban bill being introduced in D.C.. On the other side, groups would already have formed to deal with this problem that we had (or will have). Americans won’t stand for the same nonsense that happened in Paris (men walking in and shooting up the place). If anything, if it happens in the south or west, then many of the terrorists would be dead (outnumbered by the amount of guns on hand).
      The government is already failing miserably at their job(s). It will take the people stepping up to restore order and restore our government – back to the power of the people (not the few).

      1. You’re completely right. I know that I’m seriously contemplating getting my concealed carry simply due to the fact that I just had a whole bunch of Syrian “refugees” dropped off about 500 miles south of me. If we have an incident similar to what Paris just had, I want to be ready to defend myself and my family. If I’m fated to become a statistic, then I’m at least going to make them work for it.

        1. Yep, go get it. And people need to be aware that the same thing is happening here that is happening in Europe. They are dropping off these illegal immigrants under the statement that these people are fleeing a worn torn area and they need help.
          Americans, if you’re not armed then get armed…you may be called on to defend your nation. Politicians are failing its citizens and they are allowing these people into the country – they pose a threat to national security. Go back and read about what our government used to say about Syrians and others from the middle east. Now, all of a sudden, we can import them…they can be trusted to be peaceful, adapt to this country and maintain order?
          No thanks.

        2. Do it. It no longer matters is “they know” that you have a gun. I say the more of us that come out in the open, the better. They fear that, not “lone individual wolves”.

    1. Seems quite suicidal on their part. I don’t know about others, but if war comes then I give no quarter and expect none in return.

      1. Yep, agree. If you live in a blue state with gun control laws, then I would move asap.
        They are looking at importing many more “Syrians” to the U.S. and they will relocate them to cities around the country. Any state that won’t let an American carry or has tight gun control laws is setting up themselves up for another Paris incident. You couldn’t walk into a 7-11 around here without being “out gunned” so no worries where I live.

        1. Breitbart and Drudge are carrying stories of individual states refusing these “migrants” entry.

        2. Yep, I read the one on Breitbart. All states should be concerned, especially after Friday’s events. But I’m sure California will take them in (even still). Idiots.

  19. You reap what you sow. Its no coincidence that many Arab states had hereditary dictatorships or absolute Monarchs. Gaddafi and Saddam, although they had many faults, its pretty clear they kept radicalism in check and made their states semi-secular, even protecting Christians from condemnation. The West created this Frankenstein in their questionable foreign policy in the Middle East/North Africa…

    1. Yes you are right on the point. Iraq was way better when Saddam was in power and so was Libya under Gaddafi. You need stronger rulers to control the crazy masses. Have weak leadership and chaos ensues.

  20. I am currently in “exile” in Thailand. I left the US because I am a young, productive, white/hetero/masculine/Christian male and didn’t want my life to be squandered by the cultural collapse. I would return in second to join the type of movement you describe. Keep it up Roosh!

    1. I think there are many people like you or me: white traditionalists who are ready for a fight. I’ve had enough fun and experiences. Consumerist existance is sickening to me. I want to be a part of the change to reverse this globalist order.

      1. There are a lot of us out there. Ran into a guy from NYC last week in my little burg– said he is never going back.

    2. Interesting, I’m more or less in the same boat.
      Living a nice material life is very easy over here, it’s almost too easy, you quickly realize how material comfort is not life’s end goal.

  21. Western European leaders and the populations supporting such lax immigration regimes have done it all by themselves, and they do have blood on their hands.
    It is too late to deport, prosecute or imprison Muslims who create trouble within their adoptive countries- simply because they have been given citizenships and therefore enjoy all rights and protective mechanisms against the state.
    Expect human rights lawsuits, protests, riots and an outpour of media outcry for the poor little prosecuted ‘peaceful’ people who want nothing but ‘normal lives’. At the expense of the taxpayer, and until they find a rifle.
    The citizenship plus the complex, almost impossible humanitarian-inspired codes of laws in Western Europe make it tremendously difficult and lengthy to prosecute and imprison ONE terrorist, let alone his family, or those who support, plan or finance jihadist activities.
    Anjem Choudary, infamous hate cleric in the UK with solid ties with Al Qaeda, was coddled for almost decades…before being released on bail. He is chairman of Sharia-supporting organizations in Britain, constantly talks about how Islam should dominate the UK and publicly praised the attackers of 9/11. He is on bail now, thus completely free. Had he not been generously offered citizenship, the day after he opened his mouth he would’ve been packed on a plane alongside his 8 children and filthy wife and sent back to Pakistan where he belongs, and never be allowed to set foot in any EU member state again. And this hairy, filthy monster is just ONE example in an increasingly growing population of Muslims.
    His family lives on an impressive estate in London, completely on benefits of course. If he made a career out of spewing hatred and disseminating violence and murder in the name of Islam, it is completely bollocks to imagine that his children, grandchildren and other relatives in his extended family will think otherwise just because of a few pale, half-mouthed ‘what a horror’ and ‘omg that’s awful’ from local authorities.
    They are clearly being told that such acts have become their right, something they are entitled to, given how Europe keeps actively defending them and showing complete disregard to the horrible foreseeable future that awaits all of us.
    I completely agree with the article- the messages European people send out are shameful and ridiculous. The laws must be changed and something must be done.
    Nevertheless, if ONE politician stood up, like Viktor Orban does, he would automatically lose votes thus any power, and be branded a ‘nazi’, ‘dictator’, ‘far right sympathizer’ and a ‘fascist’ by pretty much everyone who is a keyboard warrior with a Google degree in public policy.

    1. The question is, even if you identify who must be deported, where you suppose to deport those? Quite many are born here and even don’t have other citizenship than French.
      Two guys I know were at the concert – according to them the attackers clearly spoke with no accent.
      Many of the youngsters who went to join IS were actually of european descent and not from poor families. (there’s been a report on that) It seems to me that recent converts or those who “came back to their roots” are way more radical on average. What could be done given the political limitations here would be more state control on the religious activities (open as well as covert including infiltration of the mosques circles and so on). However I don’t see how this is possible in France, you would need to repeal the laws on the separation of the church (and the religious cults in general by extension). I imagine all the leftists freaking out if someone even mentionned that officialy. Even Germany, at least theoretically, is better equipped to deal with that (at least their hands are not tied by their own law)
      And that actually works, that’s basically what Russia is doing, what Central Asian states are doing and what Arab states have been doing for quite a long time, including Saddam’s Iraq, Assad’s Syria, Gaddafi’s Lybia and so on,
      Btw this is not an attempt to endorse the inflow by millions that is happening now.

      1. That is exactly what I said- that the generous citizenship policies of Western European countries, who give away nationhood like Christmas candy, whether by jus solis (hello 3rd worlders coming to breed in Ireland!!!) or sanguinis, have made it tremendously difficult for something to be actively and efficiently done about these people. Naturally, one cannot strip off its citizens of their own citizenship obtained at birth, constitutionally. Rendering people stateless is another difficult if not impossible matter for EU member states.
        Britain grants citizenship after 5 years of residence, in all cases except for study reasons (marital, work, assistance, civil partnership, having property etc).
        France did the same thing. It offered citizenship to these people and this is what happened. Most of them are born and raised in France, and claim to consider themselves French when they wave their EU passports and collect their welfare money. Otherwise, they all say they are Muslims, not French/British/German etc.
        In contrast, none of the Gulf states offers citizenship to people who were born of non-national parents. Not in a decade, not in a hundred years- despite their national laws stating that there is a ‘possibility’ to attain citizenship after 25 years of residence.
        There are 3rd generation Palestinian citizens living in Qatar, for example, who still hold their Palestinian nationalities as the government refuses to grant them anything else than renewable, NOT permanent, residence. Although their grandparents, parents and they themselves were born on Qatari territory, they have to go to the respective government offices to renew their residence permits.
        Eat this, Western Europe. Smart move to protect your country, social and ethnic pool and access to state resources.
        As for the church-state separation, the problem could be easily solved in secular countries- when religion becomes a matter of public security, it is no longer a private, intimate and ‘human rights’ matter. The state should be implacable about this particular aspect, and begin by enforcing its own laws.
        Non-citizen immigrant who commits a crime (pickpocketing, arson, etc), any crime? Immediate first-strike deportation. Let him appeal from his country of residence. No more coddling and spoon-feeding on taxpayers’ money in legal fees and comfy prison stints. No benefits for the family or immediate dependents, deportation of whole family if the breadwinner is the respective criminal (why would they continue to reside in a specific country if they have no means to support themselves?)
        Access to benefits- only after a certain amount of contribution,both monetary as well as time-wise, has been made to the government through the respective citizens’ activities. No welfare for the ‘family’ except for emergency medical insurance (accidents or life-threatening conditions), as well as maternity leave (IF the mother has previously worked full-time for at least two years). No other welfare, no housing, no nada- that ain’t their country, the state ain’t got no reason to give anything for free. (incidentally, these are the regulations regarding foreigners in my home country, Romania. Perhaps that’s why no Muslim immigrant is interested in coming here, hehe!)
        In a year, 80% of crime rate in Europe would magically drop, as all migrants would know their honeycomb is about to dry out. Only the normal-functioning, law-abiding hard workers will remain, the rest will just never come back.

  22. The European people do not deserve Europe.

    This is something I’ve believed for some time. However, the final reckoning will not come at this time. It will be when the Muslim population reaches a percentage at which they think they can win an all-out war. Probably 40% or so. Only then, when the stark choice to fight or submit is placed before every man, will it be decided whether Europe will fall to Islam. I am not at all confident of the outcome.

  23. So, now all the compassionate and tolerant ones are changing their FB pics to have a French Flag superimposed over their selfie or whatever. Apparently, this is a sign of solidarity. It made me shrug because these are mostly the same people that adorned their effigies with “rainbows” after the scotus imposed its cultural will onto others. The irony is too thick to process. On one hand you have a major terrorist attack that occurred as a result of massive migration/immigration justified by the doctrine of multiculturalism. On the other hand is another political movement, homosexualism, which is inherently bedded, if not chained, to the doctrine of multiculturalism, the very thing that caused the attacks.
    To many of those people with the French flag today…you make no sense. Multiculturalism, hyper-tolerance of everyone and everything (ahem, except for your indigenous roots) made this attack happen, period. And here you are, flying your little virtual flag in “solidarity”…as if this will really do anything. If you want to make a difference, first examine your own inner contradictions. If you flew the gay flag you are a multiculturalist and, thus, as heinous as these attacks may be you nonetheless support the continued migration of foreigners even if it contains Jihadists – and we now know that this is a 100% certainty. And in doing so you ensure there will be future attacks elsewhere.
    Naturally for those that didn’t fly the rainbow and are sincerely concerned…this is a nice gesture.

    1. and they’ll all be killed….as one.
      These groups who don’t resist, fight back and will even support these illegal immigrants are the ones who will go down once these illegals start firing on the crowd.
      They don’t realize that they are being used and once their usefulness is up…they’ll be on the chopping block.

        1. Anyone that hasnt watched that interview is wilfully ignorant, in my view. I mean, the man described in perfect detail exactly what the US would become 25 years later. Every last detail. He even explained the difficulty of reversing the process..
          Serioudsly, anyone that hasnt seen it, search youtube, and invest the hour or so. You will definitely not regret it.

      1. “Had they then their palaces?
        These spoiled sycophants
        Caught with all their breeches down
        Faux emperors without pants
        Sacrificed their children
        Did this vain and godless horde
        With open arms they welcomed death
        And were quickly cut down by its sword
        While bodies wait unburied
        The living sang this tune:
        ‘We need be conquered by our betters
        Why stop your killing so soon?
        Oh, come and take our homeland
        For we are living proof
        That thralls can never be true Kings
        We’d much prefer to stoop.’
        In boats came more invaders
        O’er land and by air too
        Till the kingdoms were all rubble
        No epitaphs for the fools.
        Must seem a joke to wiser men
        But heed it as a warning
        ‘Tis not a fog upon thee now
        But ash from thy own shores burning.”

        1. To be honest, the pure, unadulterated idiocy and sheer waste of this, has me angered beyond speech.
          I would maybe understand if this was a random, out-of-the-blue attack, but it didn’t happen in a vacuum. Europe has basically held a cannon to its own temple, loaded the thing up (unchecked immigration), and now we are supposed to be saddened and shocked because people who have no problem stating openly that they hate the West and want to see us destroyed (not to mention go out of their way to kidnap and behead us or rape our women), took a torch to the fuse?
          Yeah, my empathy only stretches so far. Time to call it what it is and deal with it by whatever means are necessary or shut the hell up and get out of the way of the people who will.

        2. Tell us how you really feel.
          All kidding aside, I completely agree. I saddened only in the fact that this was a tragedy that could, and should, have been avoided. I’ll pray for the families and victims as I prepare myself against a similar scenario on our side of the pond.

      2. Yes I will be doing a victory dance when some gentrified disarmed victim zone city gets the Paris treatment and dead SWPLs are strewn about. It’s what they voted for.
        And any time someone hides in a voting booth and foists their fucktardedness on someone else, and they get a personal consequence for their votes, that’s a good thing. I even hope most of them survive so they can sit there with tubes all up in their asses and saying “I was even pro immigration….”.
        Sometimes I feel like the last person left on Earth who has a “sense of consequence”, like “If I do ABC, then XYZ is going to happen”. Is everybody a fucking infant now?

        1. Amen.
          On an off topic but lighter note it’s looking as though the rednecks are starting to really ‘get it’.
          The culture war is definitely on.
          And the name of the game is ‘coal rolling’.

        1. well it’s a minority, all the people on the right are sayin “boo”. All fucking leftist. Due to such people, europe is so weak and unable to put the appropriate leaders we desesperatly need (read : leaders who close borders and put all refugees back in their countries)

        2. Am I seeing/interpreting this right? A few brave Frenchmen protesting for expulsion of muzzies, and being opposed by a much larger group of white Frenchmen?
          After what happened Friday? After all the previous rioting, terror cells, crime, social problems, and unwillingness to assimilate by the muzzies?
          Are the French as stupid as Swedes???????

        3. These guys are great and unlike lefttards have to show real courage. If they keep going they’ll grow as more men find their balls. The infrastructure is not yet established.

        4. Somewhat scary if you’ve ever read Solzhenitsyn, the way Russians just stood bye.
          I’m positive. Out of little things big things grow, it’s been done before. Europeans need to stop giving trust to the government. The government is against them.
          Those guys have balls.

        5. “A few brave Frenchmen protesting for expulsion of muzzies, and being opposed by a much larger group of white Frenchmen?
          After what happened Friday?”
          If all the nationalists were to move to one place where their numbers were great enough to make a difference.
          But maybe that’s the Achilles heel of nationalism.
          Not enough real men in one place to make a difference.
          Because they are, after all, nationalists not “Anti-left United” or some such.

      1. Cr7, vengeance ??? Against whom ???
        You dont really believe that this act was perpetrated by ‘Muslims’ do you??? Use your brain.
        Proof: a Syrian passport convenientyly found at one of the sites….who the fuck walks around with their passport much less on a terror attack ??
        False flag. The culprits are he usual ones. CIA, Mossad, MI6 etc…
        Objective: to get Nato to get more militarily involved in Syria………
        What happened ? Hollande orders bombing in Syria.
        I guessed the plan worked.

        1. Even if it was a false flag, it doesn’t matter. We can’t afford them, not as a culture and not economically. They have to go.

        2. The Charlie attackers also had their passports with them. Strange? or maybe they just believed the ID checks at the gates of paradise would be thorough?

        3. I agree, the last thing a terrorist would care of is having his passport on him. I think Mossad was involved to press EU to bomb Syria

        4. Last time I walked around Paris, I had my U.S. passport on me. Because I wasn’t a citizen, and that’s what you do when you’re not a citizen.

        5. That’s total nonsense.
          These attacks have actually saved Assad’s ass. Now the West is much less determined to kick him out.

        6. I had my passport on me the last time I was in Paris. The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other
          people’s money. The problem with open borders is that eventually the Third World runs out of First World countries to flee to.

        7. I like to think you say it like that Creedy character from V for Vendetta. Nobody said “bollocks” better than that actor.

        8. Passport you say?hmmmm……..they found the passports of the 9/11 terrorists as well.
          Jet fuel doesn’t melt passports but it melts steel beams.

        9. You’re a complete and utter fuckwit. A waste of life and existence. The world would be better off without you.

        10. Naturally. Unless you are in fatigues and with 20 thousand close friends, all walks through foreign countries should see a passport on your person.
          BTW now that they pissed off putin I wonder if things will change a bit.

        11. “We can’t afford them, not as a culture and not economically. ” – – – yet, France and America got plenty of cash for BOMBS!!! Laser guided bombs costing over ONE MILLION each! Planes that cost a BILLION. Yeah, can’t afford it? BULLSH*T!

        12. Your histrionics won’t change the mathematical reality. Welfare states are not sustainable. We won’t even be able to pay for ourselves within a handful of years.

        13. I’m french and I must keep my passport with me everytime now. Because I’m light brown skinned, and now police controls are much more numerous against people who seem “arabic”, I should keep it because i don’t want problems.
          The fault to these islamists motherfuckers.
          Edit : and concerning the syrian passport, it do comes from a refugee who arrived by greece and came to france infiltrated in the cohorts of migrants.

        14. Welfare states kind of work but produce parasites that eventually kill them. The parasites become so powerful, so cunning, so prevalent no defense is possible.

        15. Irrelevant. War is a thing that humans do, it is hardcoded on the genetic level. Pacifists only end up being killed by more warlike people. That’s why aggression is a universal human trait, the unwillingness to fight has been bred out of us. Even your commentary here is a form of competition.

        16. Why would it be a false flag? Nato shenanigans in Syria are a sideshow compared to the Jewnited States/JewEU goal of flooding white countries with blacks and allah-apes. This attack has only increased hostility to blacks and allah-apes so I don’t see why this would be a false flag.

        17. Wrong. The jews are much more interested in seeing the EU flooded with blacks and allah-apes. This attack set them back.

        18. Jews and US imperialists both win from Europe being weakened. If this attack provokes a civil unrest, it weakens Europe, still a win for US/Israel coalition.

        19. There are a lot of gentile collaborators, Hillary is a perfect example. Without white traitors, jews would be powerless

        20. Competition is a way of nature. Manufactured war is not, dear. Your mere conception was millions of sperm competing to fertilize one egg. My point remains , war is a waste of money, and not an essential part of existence. Never has been. To rationalize war is to rationalize pedophilia and bestiality. Abhorrent behavior, is not the norm, dear.

        21. What IS doesn’t need any rationalization. War is, has always been, and always will be a part of existence on this planet. You, the machine you type on, and everything else around you wouldn’t be here without it.

        1. Exactly. A symptom of jew influence in society. Jews allow women to vote and are working very hard to emasculate white men so that we let more allah-apes and blacks into our base. The jew fears the masculine man because it knows he will not put up with muds raping his women and stealing his stuff.

        2. Why? The tribe has a lot to answer for. It is important to keep the heat on them and educate peeps about jewish machinations in White Christian countries. For hundreds of years, in fact.

        3. I don’t get it. They’ve been a net positive to the United States and almost any other place they’ve been. Why hate?

        4. I’m not obsessed with money like you and your fellow tribesmen. Now go report to your ADL and/or SPLC masters that I caused you angst with my comment, little man.

        5. You cannot miss what you never had so I understand your plight. The fact that you linked get some money and quit bellyaching shows you are not the sharpest tool in the box 🙂
          little man? lol

        6. That second sentence, no matter how many times I read it, makes no sense whatsoever.
          You’re a fine one to talk about someone else not being the “sharpest tool in the box,” little man with big mouth.

        7. Big man with small brains …………I knew you’d have problems extrapolating it. Get a friend that is educated to help you out 🙂
          I wear size 10 shoes as opposed to your size 7. This is turning to a chore, toodle pip

    2. Here’s the thing … if the Liberals value ‘multiculturalism’ so much, then Islam and all its hateful traditions : persecution and death on unbelievers, nine year old child brides, female genital mutilation, honor killings, submission of women, death to gays….is a ‘legitimate’ culture and ‘no better /no worse’ than our own…if you go one step further as current liberals do and assign “White Male Privilege” as the root of all societies problems, then our ‘Western’ society itself IS the problem in their eyes.
      Watching these ‘migrants’ flooding Europe, a Europe where the young are giving up hope, can not afford children, and can’t find jobs while ‘migrants’ roll in to collect from the welfare states, reminds me of how I read the stories of how the Romans at the end of the western empire let in one group of primitive tribes after another in hopes they could ‘help defend’ the Empire…these excuses were similar too “Oh they are being driven into the civilized lands by more brutal tribes in the north” etc. The end result was that the Vandals, Goths and Huns lay siege to the empire to loot and conquer. They arrived as ‘farmers and tradesmen’ and once across the frontier, started to build weapons and armor.
      I’m also reminded of an account by a historian of the time about the north African district of Cyrenaica. The inhabitants were ‘Roman’ enough… they may have spoke Latin and used the coinage, wore their togas and even obeyed the legal findings of the local magistrates while the centurions guarded the walls…but they had no sense of nationalism or patriotism…to the end that when news arrived of the sacking of Rome and the end of the western empire, the inhabitants of this city, who lived in decadence, laughed and drank and reveled as if they found the destruction of their capital some type of amusement and continued to party and celebrate thru the night. [I read this years ago and can’t offer a citation, sorry] — This attitude of decadence in the face of collapsing civilization is the same as Liberalism in the face of the current Jihad

      1. From the Irony department…
        “While there are no images of the actual massacre taking place in an age of ubiquitous cameras, we do have this perfect portrait of the crowd (with the obligatory flashing of the devil’s horns) before the concert. Do concertgoers in the satanic rock circuit normally pose for professional-looking group shots before concerts?”
        There’s much to say about everybody flashing a devil symbol and then in come people murdering them.
        (Also much to say about the rainbow being God’s promise not to flood the world again yet here are degenerates wrecking the family, justifying pedophilia, and waving the rainbow flag – excuse me while I take cover).

        1. I believe that they are sadly burning in Hell right now. If they want to worship Satan at a DEATH METAL concert, then death and Hell is what they deserve!

      2. Liberals value pluralism as a means to destroy their conservative enemies, the rest is just hamstering
        See how tolerant liberals are when I tell them equality is a myth and humanism is regressive. Not very

        1. In the wake of Paris and the fucking student bullshit “protests” in america, I’ve been watching a lot of Yuri Bezmenov. Dam, he’s spot on. Among many other things he said, those liberal shitheads are all useful idiots. According to Yuri, they’ll all eventually be shot. I’m not looking forward to the “next step”, but at least these liberal fuckheads will go away.

        2. It’s already begun. The terrorist attacks were in a liberal area with a bunch of sjw hipsters.
          Now burn in the blackest hell you fuckin cunts.

      3. Multiculturalism is such bullshit. The word has got a stink about it now. It might have been okay if it just meant an Italian street in town, but it’s now taken to mean that any culture at all should be allowed in for the sake of diversity. Can’t people realize that some cultures are just not good for the west, not islam, not head hunting cannibals either. People also need to stop patting themselves on the back for performing social justice to “help” these groups enjoy our way of life it is self-destruction.

      4. The only sanity that they even possess is submission of women. Which is par on course of a functional patriarchy. Other than that everything else about them is retrograde and destructive to civilization.
        What possible benefits of patriarchy undone by their poisonous theology and practices.

    3. I’ve been seeing that phenomenon too and like you it’s been a source of irritation to me, moreso since it’s a meaningless overture that does nothing to solve the problem that France itself created and that the US itself will only keep worsening.

        1. What a pathetic fucking display. It makes me sick that this tranny and her down low husband are considered POTUS and FLOTUS.

        2. Damn that picture pissed me off at the time when I saw it on the cover of Maclean’s. When Steven Segal or Paris Hilton does that shit, it’s amusingly meaningless; it’s cute that they think holding a sign on twitter will effect things they have no power over.
          But Obama? “Oh please won’t someone do something! I have the ultimate sway with the one person in the world who could actually do something, but I’d rather ask all you on the internet to please do something!”

        3. Remember when Barry called “her” Michael? That kinda proves that “Michelle” has a twig and berries under “her” dress…

    4. It is the whole medium is the message… the meaning is swallowed up by the media and its emotionalism. These people are so stuck in the matrix or simulation that they have no idea what anything means anymore. Which only helps the secular powers further.

    5. Just imagine those flag filters as white flags. Just a bunch of idiots surrendering to liberalism and proudly displaying their inability to see any real danger.

    6. The unpleasant reality is that most of those killed or wounded in Paris were surely supporters of these invaders and “multiculturalism”…

  24. Reaping what you sow. How Biblical things are truly becoming. The left is, right now, reaping what they have sowed. Multiculturalism is now resulting in coordinated massive Islamic terrorist attacks in major cities. Elsewhere, in the very vanguard of progressivism, the high priests and priestesses of academia, are being eaten alive by the very creatures (students?) they so carefully created. Both of these recent developments represent evidence of a systemic failure of not only the ideology of multiculturalism but of progressivism too.

      1. No. The vacation we are in is over. The wheel of history has begun to turn again.
        Until the believers of the world end up being exterminated to the last man as predicted in Daniel the end has not yet come.

        1. That’s what I meant. The Great Tribulation will start very soon. The way is being paved for the arrival of the Antichrist.

        2. Maybe, maybe not. As Christ says there are wars and rumors of wars before the end comes.
          There are so many people who just predict the end of the world everyday yet it did not come to pass on such a date.
          Even if the end of the world is tomorrow. What a servant of God should do is ensure that he is working and that his master does not find him idle when the day comes. Not worry about Y2K or going into underground bunkers or stuff like that.

        3. I’ve been spreading the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. I know not the day nor the hour of our Lord’s return, but the Tribulation must come first.

  25. It is truly unbelievable how easily Islam has been able to get Europe to co-operate with their own destruction. England and Eastern Europe may well be the last hope for Europe.

    1. The combination of the rapid socialization of Europe combined with the breathtaking guilt trips put on Europeans since the end of WW2 seems to have done what thousands of years of force of arms was unable to do previously.
      Europeans better wake the fuck up, fast, or they’re done as a people.

      1. Call me a pessimist but they are done. I don’t think they’ll be able to reverse what has happened (culturally and socially). At best they can slow it down but the kool-aid is so strong they’ll never come to the conclusion we all have. Even faced with a barrel of an gun, they still ask, “why?”

        1. I dunno man, lots of nationalist groups springing up there over the last year or so and while the press tries to suppress coverage there are leaks getting out (yay iPhones!) showing that there is some serious discontent with this by average Europeans.

        2. I sure hope I am wrong and you are right. Perhaps my sentiment is directly related to the over-saturated liberal environment I live in (LA). It is difficult to see any hope when you are surrounded by nonsense.
          lets hope those Nationals are successful!

        3. The question is are these just small little groups are is it a significant part of the population. If it’s just tiny packets it’s no good.

        4. Gotta start somewhere. If they’re only small pockets, it’s still cause for hope, it means that despite huge boatloads of white guilt, that some people aren’t buying the bullshit.

        5. True. My point though is that if it stays that way instead of growing it won’t be of any help. Let’s hope enough Europeans have enough sense to open their eyes. The more the merrier.

      2. You said the exact word, Europeans. The minute the fight is removed from White Nationalist to European, then white nationalist have a true chance at defending their culture. As of right now the biggest reason things have been led so far downhill by the political leaders is because white people have a strong aversion and poor way of constructing cultural grounds versus racist sentiments. The history of subjugation guarantees white guilt won’t die and can only be replaced with white hate. Start defending your culture and the white side of the human race stands a fighting chance.

      3. Sadly yes and then the USA will stand isolated. I told my wife the other day that I’ve been talking with some guys online (ie- you and others here on ROK) about moving to Montana should the SHTF. She gave me this incredulous look and asked “Why? What’s in Montana?”
        I simply smiled and said, “Absolutely nothing.”

        1. Want to see something really cool?
          Montana has the same number of firearms in private hands as exist in the entire nation of Libya. Wyoming has as many privately owned firearms as the entire nation of Honduras. Ohio, Thailand.
          Turns out we’re fucking super armed in the States. And people snivel and cry about “confiscation”. Yeah, sure, if the U.S. wants to go against 50 heavily armed nations at the same time.

        2. Every state has nearly a 1:1 ratio. We are far more powerful than people realize.
          Coming back full circle, these Syrians need to be met at the ports and turned around by a hundred thousand armed men per port.

        3. Right, I mean when/if it happens. With luck we’ll have some warning.

        4. Yep, and that’s only the handful of ones the bean counters know about to put in their stats 😉 We are armed to the fucking teeth, lots of non registered out there.

      4. I think of how dramatically the European map changed during WWI-WWII, and the reasons why. Take those reasons, flush them down the toilet, and fuck a whole continent from the inside out… that’s what’s on the horizon.

    2. It is unbelievable. I was about to say…well, maybe not so much, after all, in the context of Neomusculinity, we can just as easily identify the drivers i.e. emasculation, feminization etc. But even knowing what we know its still pretty fantastic to see this play out.

  26. The Europe-Muslim affliction acts out in the same ways as a classic abusive relationship. Europe pairs up with the violent and obviously manipulative Muzzie and then gets regular beatdowns paired with the mindf*ck of inverting the victimology such that Europe is left apologizing for not loving the Muzzie enough, or in the right ways, or understanding the unique pain or other victim class attributes that Muzzie holds up as rationalle for said beatdown. “I hit you because I love you; why do you make me hit you”
    Meanwhile, Europes friends and family are telling her “You need to leave him, you need to eject him from your life, break all contact, and never return” Occasionally, She will pass through the realization herself, but has indoctrinated herself into this inverted victim-abuser mentality so deeply that her only solution is to double-down to “fix” him and “fix” herself so that he won’t beat her anymore.
    But in nearly all of these cases, she stays. She further prostrates, the Muzzie double downs his control over her, the beatings will go on until he kills her. The outcome of death is common. Everybody but Europe and the rest of the cultural apologists holding up their just-in-time, conveniently delivered piece of modern art to brand them as appropriately ‘evolved’ in their ‘tolerance’ and moral superiority know that The Muzzie will kill her.
    But you see, the peace frogs are on the right side of history. The Muzzies agree wholeheartedly. “She loves me, so you all just need mind your own business.” There is an inevitability in all of this. Triage must be applied, however, to keep the rest of the family from making the same mistakes as Europe and ending up on a slab just the same.

    1. Good analogy, but for accuracy, reversing the gender roles would be more appropriate. The abusive hypergamous bitch, the mangina man (country).

  27. The 10,000 in New Orleans turned out to be false, only 14 arrived but Obunga and his gang of traitors want to take in that many soon.
    Putting a deadline of a few days jumps the gun a bit, the narrative is clearly crumbling, but it’s up to us now to engage in subversive activities like The Moon is a Harsh Mistress because the political process is too slow and the rot is too deep. I suggest we have a revival of the chivalric military orders along the lines of the Templars and Hospitallers. Thought about that for a while, and Quintus mentioned it too. I’d be interested in doing that if we can get some people to work out a framework.

    1. Thanks for the info. Glad to know I don’t have an army just a few hundred miles south of me. At least buys us some more time to prepare.
      I’ve spoken a few times about getting a gentlemen’s club of sorts together based around men holding each other accountable in improving themselves (physically, mentally, financially, etc). It could certainly focus on the protection of communities as well. If you’re interested in this, perhaps we create a forum thread to see who all would be interested and begin hashing out details.

      1. Yes indeed.
        Personally, I’m partial to the name “Sons of Achilles” (or perhaps the “Sons of Peleus” for any such group. It fits the times.
        “Rage goddess, sing the rage of Peleus’ son Achilles…”

    2. It doesn’t matter if they trickle in or come by the boatloads. The bottom line is what we are actually dealing with and how the government is trying to downplay it. If you look back (not too long ago) our government was speaking out against illegal immigrants (or any immigrants) from that region (country).
      Today, everything is perfectly normal or ok to let them in?
      People need to be on standby. What happened over in Paris will happen here and it’s because we now import terrorism (thanks to our government).

    3. “I suggest we have a revival of the chivalric military orders along the lines of the Templars and Hospitallers.”
      And I thought I was the only one to think about that…

  28. I laugh at all the people on Facebook who are changing their picture to colors of French flag. It’s pure attention whoring, “look at me, I’m so compassionate”… What we need is action against Islam, not prayer!

    1. It’s funny to me, half my FB feed is “French flag” stuff, and the other half is from military friends posting “don’t get sad get mad” memes. It’s like an anthill got kicked

    2. These people are all of peace and prayer until they come knocking at their door. How many of those people involved in Paris are now for tighter security measures, more guns and tighter borders?
      Change comes but it usually takes something of this nature to wake people up.

    3. What they need is action against their own government for allowing them in in the first place. That’s where it needs to start. Remember, these Muslims wouldn’t be there without the European governments allowing them in. Not to mention having huge welfare states to support the losers they’re bringing in.

  29. Here’s what people need to remember about the attacks in Paris on Friday the 13th of November 2015.
    The Bataclan concert hall was jewish owned allegedly until September 11, 2015, when the jewish owners sold the complex after being a family business for 40 years.
    There were emergency exercises planned and going on on the same day of the actual attacks and these exercises included multi-site events practically identical to what has unfolded in Paris, on cue.
    The heads of intel of the USA, France and Israel discussed these “spontaneous” events a mere two weeks prior to the attacks.
    All the alleged suspects are dead, leaving no necessity for any trials that would reveal who ordered the attacks.
    Hundreds of people were present during the “attacks” yet no one has made available any photos or videos that adequately document the shootings and bombings.
    The fact that ISIS allegedly has claimed the attacks clearly shows that the UNEI (US, NATO, EU, Israel) terror apparatus was and is well aware of who is behind the attacks since ISIS is an UNEI invention with one of its main headquarters in Amman, Jordan, where the CIA and the Mossad daily meet and further plan the shipping of cool Toyotas and of rocket launchers made in the USA – after they have reviewed Rita Katz her next set of fake ISIS beheading videos, while still laughing their asses off for successfully fooling the world with the fake narrative about the Delta Force raid on Abu Sayyaf in Syria THAT NEVER HAPPENED.
    US helicopter escort convoy of the Islamic Emirate in Syria.

    1. “cool Toyotas and of rocket launchers made in the USA” I got called a tin hatter for pointing out that ISIS were cruising in brand new pick-up trucks in the middle of a fucking war zone. Moreover, who the fuck bought their oil, I mean they were planning to cut the Russian oil supply to Europe by intervening in Ukraine. They plan to fuck with the bread and butter of a nuclear power and cannot stop the purchase of oil from a bunch of sandal and socks wearing wannabes???
      ISIS is by far the worst job US has ever done!

  30. After the Charlie Hebdo attacks, I asked myself if it was the woman’s fault, the woman who unlocked the door to the office because the terrorist had a gun pointed to her child’s head. But I can’t blame her. A mother should be expected to do anything to prevent harm to her child. It was the men of France who really unlocked the door. They allowed the Islamist to cross unvetted into the country. Charlie Hebdo’s reaction to the terrorist attack solidified my opinion: they attacked people for praying for them. Incredible.

  31. brave words, I find myself constantly filled with rage as I watch this Islamic invasion but I don’t believe violence is the answer. You will only kick them out if you take the government back and that means getting involved in politics.

    1. So pass some laws. They’ll “protest” and then disobey and kill more.
      Violence is the answer, unfortunately most people really don’t understand this yet, despite what just happened over the weekend.

      1. Violence and force are the only things the Arab mind respects. It laughs and sneers at diplomacy and negotiation. Arabs are primitives mostly with lower than average IQs. That’s why Islam resonates with their minds so powerfully.
        Things won’t change in Europe until white men like Muslims become “radicalized” and strike back. Violence is sometimes the only form of resistance, especially when your own Governments and media, ignore, patronize and disrespect their own people over these alien invaders, and, after Friday that excuse can longer be trotted out by liberals that they’re not invaders.
        Perhaps, it’s worth going to Jail. If enough people demand action and take the law into their own hands are they going to jail 10% of the population?

        1. Enough people will respond and the government (with their non action) will no longer matter. The people of these nations will need to take back their governments in order to restore national security. War is big business and it’s the only thing that many of these governments want, today. They want the gravy train to continue because it benefits the few (making money and gaining power).

    2. And if they don’t willingly leave after the government tells them to get the hell out? You gotta resort to violence and boot their asses out. Saying violence isn’t the answer is naïve. Violence solves a lot of issues. It shouldn’t be the first response in every situation, but it should always be on the table.

    3. Hungary (and Russia) have both shown how to deal with this element. They only understand and respect violence. Deal with them too softly and then run rough shot over you. Just look at the UK, France and Sweden if you need proof. Hungary said “no thanks” to the EU, put up a fence and they are manning it. Russia is the same way…they don’t fuck around, either.
      Soft countries will get run over.

    4. Violence isn’t necessary if they are willing to leave voluntarily. But that seems unlikely. They are invaders who come to rape and pillage. They come unarmed as a show of a disdain for the natives and on the assumption tribute will be willingly paid.

  32. In terms of small scale action, I’m not sure if localized expulsion of foreigners is superior to targeting leftist politicians and activists.

  33. It is the people that make a country what it is. And this country is not worth dying for. I will enjoy the spectacle while considering if I should stay or go, but I will not fight for anyone but me and mine at this point.
    It is not just our leaders who have betrayed us. It is our own people. If we are to have a solution to this, it involves not only kicking the mud-niggers out but also identifying and killing most of the immigration supporters. Yes, I am advocating that we kill most of our own people. I see no other chance to survive this. They are traitors and deserve death for trying to get us all killed, unknowing as it is.

    1. I won’t fight for “my country”, but I’ll damned sure fight for my family, culture and people.

      1. I’ll fight, but when it comes to protecting the jackasses that support this and those who got us into the shit we’re in all around, I may just let them have their way, and not be a particularly “exceptional American” about it.

        1. Fortunately most on the Left look the part. Not all, but quite a large amount. Them, I’ll simply watch through my rifle scope as they perish to their beloved cult hordes.

      2. Agreed. I can’t support a country that says that it’s okay to murder babies, and openly promotes Homosexuality.

  34. Ideally, the reaction will become targeted at all foreigners, not just Muslims. There needs to be a complete repudiation of multiculturalism and the destruction of those who support it. The violence of the Muslims has made the issue of self-preservation more obvious but even without the political violence you have the large scale importation of impoverished, low iq, physically grotesque barbarians who live parasitically off the natives, commit crime and make it impossible for the natives to enjoy a cohesive society and live according to the values of their culture. Of course, it is better to have a Chinese or Indian migrant rather than a Muslim one but the choice should be to permit settlement by none of them.

    1. The Chinese have a lot to offer our societies. I can say this as a nationalist, who happens to live with 2 chinks. Their level of education, and grasp of fair play, politeness, humour (a very good indicator of civilisation) etc, is probably on a par with, or maybe superior to Anglosphere general standards. The mobile phone generation here have been ruined, but not so evidently it seems with theirs (far higher HS education standard than anywhere else on the planet). I would say that the only thing that is holding them back is their commie indoctrination, and many are aware that their govt is deeply corrupt (if you start to give examples of how corrupt our govts are, they’ll open up about how theirs is too. But if you say straight out theirs is, you’ll get knee-jerk defence. Which is actually a good approach to ‘gaming’ other cultures into getting round to your way of thinking). They won’t come in huge droves, as they love their country. And why wouldn’t they? It’s a 5k old gem. The current short-lived blight of communism will pass. I really do advise to interact with them or get familiar with their ancient culture (go and see Shen Yun)

    1. See here or watch RT to, at least, get a different perspective on what’s happening.
      Americans get the same bullshit story from every news outlet but hardly get the real facts (or truth).

  35. The level of ‘moron’ in this article is astounding.
    This is what happen when you get a two-bit buzzfeedesque “writer” commenting on complex global issues.
    Share your thoughts, but try and do it intelligently. The paint cartoon really tied this shit-on-a-stick together.

  36. I’m almost just as shocked at the sympathetic response as I am disturbed by the attacks. It was not even 15 minutes after hearing about the event that I started seeing those social media overlays of the French flag. It almost makes me believe that the guy who made that “art” was working in concert with the terrorists.
    Also, is that all we can do? Make some app capability go viral while people’s bodies are still on the ground pulsating gallons of blood onto the streets?

    1. Exactly, people should be ashamed of pointless, hivemind gestures. Get the fuck off of social media and work out how you are going to defend yourself, your family, your community, your country etc or just keep quiet, keep your head down you pathetic, feminine pieces of shit. You and your dumb friends on social media aren’t achieving anything with this faggotry.

  37. Exodus 23:32-33 NASB
    ” You shall make no covenant with them or with their gods. They shall not live in your land, . . ”
    Deuteronomy 12:3 NASB
    “You shall tear down their altars and smash their sacred pillars and burn their Asherim with fire, and you shall cut down the engraved images of their gods and obliterate their name from that place.”
    Numbers 33:55 NASB
    “But if you do not drive out the inhabitants of the land from before you, then it shall come about that those whom you let remain of them will become as pricks in your eyes and as thorns in your sides, and they will trouble you in the land in which you live.”
    Joshua 23:12-13 NASB
    “For if you ever go back and cling to the rest of these nations, these which remain among you, and intermarry with them, so that you associate with them and they with you know with certainty that Yahweh your God will not continue to drive these nations out from before you; but they will be a snare and a trap to you, and a whip on your sides and thorns in your eyes, until you perish from off this good land which Yahweh your God has given you.”
    Nehemiah 13:3-30 NASB
    “So when they heard the law, they excluded all foreigners . . . Thus I purified them from everything foreign . . . ”
    This is the solution. It will happen again eventually just like it has in times past. I’m reserving optimism for exactly when. I think, unfortunately, things still have to get much worse before they get better. I wish I were wrong.
    These bullet proof, time tested, and everlasting moral principles of wisdom will likely continue to be mocked, hated, disobeyed, slandered, falsely accused of being evil, intolerant, etc., until things are so bad people have lost their entire way of life or worse. The recent attacks, as many have pointed out, seems to have done little to shake most people from their false, bubble reality. It’s disturbing to see all the doubling down on embracing the suicidal, wicked, foolish, ignorant ways that caused this mess to begin with.
    Sadly, it seems it still has to come to something worse than what’s happened already. How many more people have to die? How many more women have to be raped, kidnapped, and murdered? How much more money stolen to finance one’s own destruction and theft of birthright inheritance?

    1. What is your country going to do, scowl and gnash its teeth at Roosh? (no offense to you)

  38. “If there are not rebellions in France, Germany, or Sweden by the end of
    this week from groups who want to preserve their nation and people,
    Europe is over.”
    By the end of the week? Well, I suppose it is a Monday
    This is of course a phenomenally serious issue but I would be disinclined to give the powers that be any kind of reason or excuse to impose controls, restrictions or anything else similar to martial law. France is already in a state of emergency and there is already talk of there being a de facto war. At the moment that is equivalent to the situation after 9/11 in some ways when the war on terror started. The major casualty of that war on terror beyond the bloodshed spilt in the middle-east was the loss of rights to privacy and self-expression. So any kind of direct action that occurs against refugees etc unless it is a direct expression of self-defense is probably unwise, beyond every other consideration.
    The political elites have indeed clearly failed and should be held to account for their failure and treachery but its not unreasonable to hope that as politicians see how fraught the general public is about this issue they will go down the route of at least closing borders and stemming any further influx. If they really wanted to do something constructive what they should do is isolate any (unprocessed?) refugee communities and work with Putin and Assad to actually destroy ISIS, establish peace in Syria, commence a re-building programme on a massive scale and send those refugees back after a pleasant but constrained stay in comfortable but absolutely secure lodgings for a year or so.
    As a mixed race man currently spending time in a european capital I have no desire whatsoever for europe to lurch to the far right, but like most people I believe this current immigration policy is absolutely insane, and deliberately designed to create racial and religious conflict. Muslims have been invited into the West in the full knowledge that tensions will arise and that conflict will ensue. The current elites want that tension and that conflict but this is the best opportunity there is for new political leaders to emerge who will now have the moral authority to constrain and remove the old guard. But we still need to be careful of demagoguery. Things getting even uglier than they already are will serve no-one but the existing elites picture above wearing those suits and pantsuits by All Saints, which are currently on sale at 20% off (strange position for the advert is what I’m saying)

  39. Nobel peace prize winner Obama is already exploding in speeches about anybody who thinks immigration should be more controlled. Criticizing his domestic political rivals more than IS.

    1. Who would have guessed that a half Kenyan Marxist named Barack Hussein Obama wouldn’t be concerned about preserving the ethnic and cultural integrity of the USA?

  40. The only thing that will come from all this is a bunch of stupid #hastags and selfies.
    I strongly suggest americans begin to exercise their 2nd amendment rights and carry a gun every day. If your state doesnt allow concealed carry, carry a gun anyways and dont get caught carrying. Be prepared to use your gun and take training classes. Dont run from scumbags when they hurt innocent people, run to the scumbags and kill them.
    And screw what your liberal friends and the tv says about “hoarders”. Stock up on ammo, get a plate carrier, and get one of those “evil black guns” that the clintons dont want you to own.

  41. Is there any historical precedent for mass deportations that did not involve enthusiastic state support? Operation Wetback is the only example that comes to mind when I try to think of peaceful mass deportations, including mass self-deportation of foreigners with local citizenship. It was carried out entirely by the gov. I am trying to imagine some sort of grassroots solution but it seems far right governments would be the only ones able to carry this out. It would seem the grassroots effort would need to focus on destroying and replacing the leftist power structure. Only then would it have the resources to deport non-natives.

  42. Great article- thank you.
    The man in the lower right hand of the collage of politicians is one of the few decent men in politics called Nigel Farage. He saw this attack coming months ago and was of course attacked relentlessly by the media.

  43. Roosh, you’re so right. I fear that Western Europe (the cradle of most everything wonderful over the past 500 years) is beathing its last. However, Eastern/Central Europe and Russia seem more willing to stand up for themselves.

    1. Says it all I think. While the west has seen its men feminised and weakened to the point most of them think that all that matters is writing on facebook about how they love “equality” and “diversity” there are still some tough men who stand up for their culture in the East.

      1. Fuck, that’s revolting. How can these women be qualified to judge proper responses to military danger? They’re emotion driven and “safety first” more than they will ever be pragmatic and calculating regarding the use of force in politics.

        1. Some female politician in america was on tv saying america should respond with a robust internet campaign to win the hearts and minds of muslims. In other words, whoever gets the most click through traffic wins. No leadership, just delay and pray.

        2. Indeed – and this summer Merkel’s behaviour has been very telling. She is an intelligent woman and I think a fair minded one too. And like most women she has a compassionate nature. However, like most women she lacks any logic and is irrational.
          So when presented with that photo of a drowned child this summer she behaved as a woman. She was upset, responded emotionally, wanted to help that child and also be popular. Any logical analysis told us that encouraging more invaders to come would mean more children drowning. But women don’t work in that logical fashion, as things get harder they go more and more to emotion.
          Women have many qualities, and in many arenas, especially vital ones such as child-rearing, they are often superior to men. However they are unsuited to leadership. I fear they ultimately can’t even be trusted with the vote. One only has to see the 18 year old Swedish girls holding “refugees welcome” signs, encouraging the very men who will one day rape them to see their irrationality. Our forefathers would be ashamed that we have lost control of our women.

        3. We really need to make it clear that women acting on emotion are not welcome at the table when it comes to dealing with these murdering scum.

      2. The least I would expect from my female minister of defence is that she look good in a camouflage string bikini…..maybe the Dutch bird at a stretch.
        I’m sure there are diversity officers and HE departments looking after the day to day workings of the armies of those countries. While they are debating how many of those nasty push-ups the ladies should have to complete to join the special forces the man in Russia has field experience and will be deploying before they shower in the morning.

        1. That’s disturbing. I wonder how those pictures got leaked. If he was able to cut a human head like that, imagine what Akbar would do at the first sight someone pisses him off. Boy, Europeans should better arm themselves… SERIOUSLY. This maggot is probably a coward though since he cut off the head when the hostage was already either head or had hands tied bound. They would never be brave enough to slay another man in battlefield with swords. I seen those ISIS beheading videos. It’s sickening but these cowards cut off (already dead) person’s head OR they cut off the head of hands tied behind bound hostage.

      3. Barf, I’m at the point where I see a picture like that, the one featuring the four house mom’s, that I throw my arms up and say – fuck it Europe, you did this shit to yourself and you fucking deserve it. That picture is what is taken at a breast cancer walk or teachers convention.

        1. Indeed. That is just one of the ways the feminism rots away at civilisation, demanding that women be appointed to roles they are unsuited for and just to appease them and stop the nagging they are allowed … and on it goes until we suddenly find ourselves weak and unprotected.

        2. Right and then we let in military age “migrants” and we have Paris. And, these house mom’s may still insist that we keep them coming in, which makes for a Europe that looks more like 1980s Beirut.

  44. You know, we really need to abolish Islam. Damn the Enlightenment’s ideology of religious tolerance, when a religion becomes an existential threat, its adherents have forfeited their rights.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. I have no problem with “europeanized” christianity even though i dont believe in it, but islam must be driven out without pardon.

      1. Exactly. I respect the righteous Gods who came to save mankind throughout history. That’s Jesus and Buddha Siddartha (there are probably others further back in history that we’re unaware of). It’s easy to see if a saviour’s behaviour has been righteous: the two aforementioned acted impeccably. Mohackhead didn’t. By a country mile. *it must be noted that religions founded on the teachings of Gods are aberrations of the original teachings. Necessarily, as they’re based on recollection. However MoJihad’s teachings have been preserved, and they are as he was, barbaric.
        ** Italy doesn’t recognise Islam as a religion. Something that’s not very widely covered in the media

        1. Indeed. The teachings of islam is based on a politically powerhungry warlords method of expansion, nothing but politics.

  45. The Governors of Alabama, Michigan, Indiana, Texas and *now Ohio* are saying “No, no Syrians or other migrants here”, they just announced it on the radio that I’m listening to (I’m in Ohio).
    EDIT: List expanded in post above in the thread, appears to be other states jumping on board now.

  46. Roosh, big fan here :D. I would like to ask a question. How many muslims did these western countries kill in the last 10 to 15 years and how many lets say western/christian/jewish did muslims kill in the same period?
    What im trying to say is, promoting violence in the middle east, providing guns and weapons to syrians to fight their own government, igniting chaos in the arab world. First of all what would you expect the type of people you will get? And destroy their homes and not wanting to accept them in yours?
    Thank you roosh, btw im not a fuckin sjw. Im a muslim and i would just like to tell how i feel about the situation.

    1. And France had what to do with any of this? They actually worked against the interests of the U.S. and other allies many times, denying crossing of airspace, etc.
      Two wrongs do not make a right. An argument can be made that we need to get out of the middle east, but another argument can be made that Islam has ALWAYS been at war with Christianity, and if we were not there they’d still be pulling this bullshit.
      You people keep this shit up and you’re going to have more than some rogue West leaders against you, you’re going to find yourself extinguished in Europe and your home nations turned into glass.

      1. Oh please dont tell me france had nothing to do with it, it has a long history of killing muslims in north africa, iraq, libya and other places. Maybe they were not as aggressive as Americans but they still played a role and it was a big part. I would like to see how Europe would fight the Middle East.

        1. The verdict of history is that muslim countries that got their independence after WWII have failed at self-government. Failed nation states leading to terrorist safe havens. You can blame outsiders as much as you want. But most were better off under colonial rule. The few that aren’t totally fucked up have monarchy with their own king.

        2. You know what? You’re savages who are only controlled with violence and strong arm tactics. You’ve murdered each other by the boatload for as long as Islam has existed based on nothing but mindless schisms in your death cult, and it’s a wonder you didn’t self terminate centuries ago. France did jack shit to you brutes, and certainly nothing to justify the *cowardly* hit against unarmed civilians. If you’re saying that some French did stupid things 100 years ago which means that it’s ok to attack disarmed, innocent people today like the cowards you are, then you can kindly go fuck yourself, Haji.
          When Crusades 2.0 gears up, I’ll have zero ears to listen to your hypocritical pleas for the infamous white man’s mercy. Your kind are a plague on this planet and the sooner you no longer vex us, the better. Take your death cult with you to the graves, you’ll get nothing from me but disdain.

        3. French actually still kill muslims in iraq and a few years ago in Libya after the so called revolutions. What’s funny, i would really love to see feminine white europeans fight with the arabs and see how it turns out :D. Believe me one day americans wont be there to save your asses :D.

        4. Military targets, Haji, are legitimate. Concert goers are not
          military targets, simpleton, although I realize you don’t posses the higher critical faculties to realize this. You are a religion and race of cowards, and you know it. Your “men” flee to the West and leave their women and children behind to die. Cowardly little faggots, the lot of you.
          I’m American, btw, not European, I don’t fear you skulking sniveling, cowardly little dogs like most Europeans do. You die just like any other man, and by the truckload too.
          Go find some other site to troll, Haji, and dream of this calculation. In the meanwhile, we have nothing more to say to one another.

        5. You are probably a fat american sitting behind his computer with pimples all over his face. Dont worry son, we wont hurt you. America killed muslims in their homes and you’re complaining about some people who got killed in a concert. Just so you know, us muslims will be the end of America. And time will tell.

        6. Funny isnt it, how our friendly concerned mohammedan only gives a fuck about his own kind?
          these donkeys truly have no self awareness

      2. Of course Europe is to blame for ISIS. It’s not like the US and cunty ME allies are funding them,no sir, it’s Iceland and the money comes from the giants’ gold coffers. It;s not like Mr Soros and Kissinger and all the other Kappos and their relatives are pouring billions of dollars into shady NGOs and shit like that, giving money for the refugee to cross into Greece. Gee, I think the muslims shit golden turds worth E15k.
        Europe has a problem with immigration and the peeps at the White House cannot wait to stirr shit up by bombing some more 2nd world countries like Syria and destroying their lifestyle and using Merkel the cunt to institute some silly law over the EU.
        P.S. she cannot help Greece’s illegal banking situation with GOLDMAN SACHS but she sure as hell can implement quotas on small countries like Estonia.

    2. Our western tolerance for the intolerance of your religion and what it’s causing in “our world”- remember we (white Christians) built Europe is coming to an end. You have your selves to blame in the middle east for never developing your Nations into mature, functioning States, despite the fact, that your region in terms of oil and gas is the wealthiest regions in the entire world.
      I’m not a supporter of the far right my friend, but, we’re living in an age similar to the dying days of the Wiemar Republic. We all think that someone like Hitler will never be produced in Europe again, but, if Muslims keep up this shit for a few years you’ll see big changes in European Politics. This time you’ve pissed off the normally docile European middle classes who are viewing all Muslims in my opinion with suspicion.

      1. I would also like to see a big change in politics towards western nations, and not just the so called extremists. Whites have a racist and cruel history so please dont talk nonsense. You’re not so pure as you guys think you are.

        1. White guilt no longer works against the alt-right, and increasing, against the mainstream. That one trick pony show is rapidly coming to an end.

        2. I never said anything about white guilt, Im just saying that whites arent perfect just as muslims arent perfect. You view us monsters we see you as heartless souless people. And it not just history dude, you whites are still commiting unpunished crimes till today.

        3. Nobody claimed perfection, Haji. Invalid premise, non-sequitur rejected as irrelevant.
          Glass parking lots Haji. Hundreds of miles of glass.

        4. Lol, anyways our comments wont matter. I will still keep going to europe to fuck your bitches and enjoy your alcohol xD.

        5. Except I’m not European, nitwit. Dense as a hockey puck, you are.

        6. With Muslims it’s always the same old proverbial chip on your shoulders, isn’t it? Blame the infidel west for all your social evils and rather than address them through a form of functioning politics in Muslim countries which takes patience, skill and discipline, you instead blame us. Then you get the populace infected with Islam which diverts the mass Arabian mind away from practical solutions to problems in your societies, and the Quran then makes these solvable problems into intractable religious issues that cannot be solved on the Earthly plane. This is precisely where the jihadistic mentality comes from with its rather childish notion of just rewards in terms of “pure virgins” that are received in the next life.
          If you stand back and examine objectively the “ideology” of your religion, do you not honestly think that perhaps the majority of it is not meant to be taken literally? Is there not something quite childish and immature, not just for its believers, but, more importantly for the social and cultural development of your countries?
          In terms of cruelty- I think in terms of sadism and rawness- just look at your friends videos on youtube? Read what the ancient Greeks wrote about the Persian degeneracy that over ran Athens twice- mass executions, rapes, destroying the temples and artworks- in fact since that time over 3000 years ago, Muslims behavior has not changed one iota. That’s why you cannot be trusted to live and co-habit with civilized races, you’re simply too backward and that’s the plain truth.

        7. They’re just like SJW’s and women. Everything is everybody else’s fault and they accept no agency for their actions.

        8. Doesnt really matter dude, im not an extremist, i drink, i fuck, i dont practice islam as well as i should. I actually very open minded, democtratic with limits ofcourse and a modern guy. Just i hate America and European drama nothing else

        9. Thats their biggest weakness. I used to be around alot of arabs in my multicultural youth, one thing i learned is how easily offended they are and how when they get offended they become emotionally unstable, unreasonable and foggy minded just like women.

        10. A lack of self control and the inability to govern one’s own emotions are huge faults and faults that are easily exploited.

        11. The same historical issues happened between Latin American countries and Spain/Portugal, and, later with North America. However Latinos they don’t go around with this mountain of self pitying bullshit on their shoulders, whining and moaning about what the big bad white man did to them. They moved on and made something of their countries and cultures, without resorting to the cultural blackmail of “white mans’ history” beloved of SJWs and Arabs.
          Don’t you see how weak and pathetic you are when you go around blowing and shooting people up, because the big bad white man did something bad to us in the past! Fuck sake, how can anyone respect you with such a feeble effeminate mentality as this. That’s the other thing I’ve noticed about Muslim men is your almost feminine emotionalism and feminine moaning about life. You never get out there, like real men, buckle down and get things done, instead you spend you days, drinking coffee, smoking and moaning on like old hags with your mates in the cafe bars of Paris.

        12. Its not in the past, i still see fighter american and european fighter planes over muslim countries. And middle eastern countries are on top when it comes to GDP per capita, so we are living the good life. It is pathetic blowing up themselves to kill innocents but in my opinion its even more pathetic to get a fighter jet and tanks to kill innocents. Anyways dude, i dont hate the white man, we dont. I have alot of white friends, i loved my visit in America. Just accept that both sides are fucked up

        13. No we get married to feminine virgins and have sex which leads to babies most of the time. Unlike americans and europeans where most moms get dicked over 50 times doing the nastiest shit before giving birth to children they are not 100% sure who the dad is untill a DNA test is made. Am I clear enough?

        14. Laughing about screwing women, when US Jews have already wingmanned for you by promoting miscegenation in movies? You’re basically a jew conspirator, who should be building synagogues in thanks, that you don’t have to resort to anally rimming your Allah-ape brothers until you get a hooded bride.

      1. Western people killed about 4mil muslims dude. I dont really know how many muslims killed other muslims, but please care to share!! And thats in the last 10 to 15 years

        1. Civil wars raging in muslim countries left and right, muslim killing muslim. Pretend its not there if you want. Just dont beg to come live inside a non-muslim country after you’ve fucked up your own.

    3. The people here don’t want to hear stuff like that, but it’s a good point
      Real nationalists don’t advocate pointless and wasteful wars in foreign countries – this is the kind of nationalism Europe needs, not more crusades

    4. Sounds like a good reason for not letting Muslims in and expelling the ones already here. When has a country at war welcomed hordes of young male “refugees” from an enemy nation? Would the US have welcomed 300,000 young male Japanese refugees in 1941?

    5. If we destroy your home, why would we want your angry mohammed ass here? So you can plot revenge and guilt trip us about our corrupt politicians?
      go to hell and fuck off, mohammedan

      1. It aint about guilt, im just saying. You fuck us with armies and advanced technology. The so called terrorists are the ones fighting back using different methods since their corrupt presidents and kings are not really doing anything since America has its dick so far up their asses. Kill them, destory their homes and take their resources and not expect to pay a price for it. I dont support immigrants in europe btw. Im just saying read and stop being so damn ignorant and try to actually think for a moment

        1. I’d have to agree with you that there’s bound to be legitimate anger when foreign forces take out families and kin. Even if it’s mostly Arab v Arab deaths, locals are bound to focus their anger on the foreigners.

    6. I don’t support Western military intervention in the middle east, especially when that intervention involves either directly financing terrorist groups or creating them outright by destabilizing thosen nations.

      1. I know Roosh, you’re an awesome guy. Been following your website and articles since 2009 and read all your great books. Keep doing what you do best, you change lives 😀

    7. Look into the slaughter that occurred in the 80s during the Iran/Iraq war. We’re all realising the parts that Euro elite/Saudi-UAE,Israel and USA are playing in this, but those folks are more than capable of barbarous violence, dating back to the time of Mohackhead. What is it you’re a fan of? SJWs have been championing the Muslim cause for decades

  47. The conflict is inevitable, although it will only prove more difficult once the time comes where no traitorous fools of our own fallen kind remain, it is just the elites and the enemy left, and those who resist.
    Resist all the way, this is a war of attrition, nothing more, nothing less. One day there will be either all of them and none of us, or all of us and none of them, that is the only way it can end.
    In the grand scheme of nature, yes I’m sure our planet will die and the sun will go out, or an asteroid will come vectoring out of deep space and obliterate earth for good, but we as humans have a duty to nature to be the best that we can be, because we have the capability. Yielding to a primitive sect that has spread too far too much is an insult to what our purpose is in nature, and that is why Islam is the enemy of free people, intelligent people, enlightened people, potential people.
    The will and delusions of a deranged semite shall no longer infect the existence of my people. This is war men, make no mistake, always was, always will be, until there are ZERO of them left.

  48. The governors of Michigan, Alabama, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Indiana, Mississippi, Illinois, Massachusetts and Ohio are now all saying that they’re not going to allow “Syrian refugees” to settle in their states. More to follow soon.
    Then what, I wonder? Obama can snarl and say “buh buh buh I’m going to allow 200k more into the U.S.!” but when you get this many states this soon and more are on the way flipping him the bird and saying “not in my back yard you don’t”, what can he do?
    Settle them in D.C. Maybe some good will come out of it.

      1. Get on it.
        I have no idea about formal groups, I know that I (and apparently a whole mess of Ohioans) called the governor’s office. Whether that’s the reason he did this or not I don’t know, but they do pay attention to that kind of thing if it’s a major upswell of support.

    1. I’m glad to see my state of Texas on that list. Between the illegals in my town and the Iraqi refugees that are trickling in, enough is enough.

    2. What? My ultra-conservative home state of New York isn’t on the list? Who would have thought…
      good thing I’m moving to Texas in January.

    3. Illi-fucking-nois? I’m amazed they grew a spine.
      You named 10 I think.. I’ve seen a flash news today the number being 18..

    4. I’m thinking about starting something so we can get this for california. I don’t know where and how to start. If califronia does not accept anti immigration something should be done by the end of this week before this event loses the spot light. I’m think matey a protest or petition in front of the Capitol building in sacramento

  49. Roosh don’t bother other attacks will comes.. At one point or the other they will wake up. They have been to much program by TV and movies to accept the stranger.
    At the beginning it was the Jews, not it is accepting to be mixed races.. exempt the Jews who are only Jews if they come directly from a Jew mother… Just think about the fact that the Jews are the one responsible of all anti-racism organizations around the world… go figure.. Why them ?
    Asking the question is answering it

  50. Everyone pay attention…we are close to the point that Europe is at now.
    I would also like to add to Roosh’s list this: the abolishment of all gun control laws towards the citizenry.
    Roosh is correct in his advice, it’s clear at this point that the European shadow elite and their gimps in State and local office are importing an army in order to keep the people terrorized and in control. Unless they take up arms and resist they will be wiped out figuratively and literally, as their masters allow them to come under the subjection of sharia law, which grants those with the power far more control and influence over the masses than even stealth progressive policy. The problem is, taking up arms is a lot harder when such a thing is legally discouraged.
    “I would find at least 30 men with arms who believe that their nation is worth dying for.”
    Strict gun control laws need to be abolished or at the very least, curbed considerably. France has some of the strictest in the world, and yet it didn’t stop those not so fuzzy fundie muzzies from doing what they did right? That needs to be addressed, sooner rather than later otherwise the French peasant has to fight not just against muslim terrorists but their own terrorist government that sets them up for slaughter.
    And of course, all this is coming here. This is probably what finally causes the collapse, as enough real Americans finally refuse to comply with an invalidation of the 2nd amendment and get arrested for it…which causes some to fight back.
    THIS is what i mean by waiting for the right time…THAT is the right time to fight back as they come to take your guns away or arrest you for not cooperating. DO NOT LET THEM TAKE AWAY YOUR GUNS…EVER!
    Once they do, it’s over. it’s back to fighting with knives and billyclubs against an extremely well armed fascist government.
    The last best neutering of the American public is coming: The complete invalidation of 2nd amendment firearms rights.
    Wait for it, i’d say it happens sometime between now and 2019.

    1. 110+ million of us, no uniforms, living next to government employee’s families.
      Entire U.S. military, 1.47 million, a large percentage of them our sons and daughters and on our side, especially if surveys about their attitudes towards things like “door to door” gun confiscation are to be believed (the majority would tell the FedGov to fuck off).
      I’ll take 100:1 odds in my favor any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

      1. They know this too, which is why they do their best to scare those 110 million or so US households run by single Mothers (who tend to react emotionally) into accepting gun control. They also gladly accept cooperation from hen pecked Husbands who defer to their Wives on the issue of gun control. Having a nation where Marriage is a farce and broken homes are the norm and not the exception, along with the weakened male Father figure greatly assists towards this, coincidentally enough.
        This is also why they make guns into things to be feared at school. They associate guns with “evil” which is also why children are taught to rely on school officials instead of themselves for personal protection.
        Guns = independence and fighting = independence so naturally both are to be discouraged if you want to raise the next generation of potential freedom fighter to not become a freedom fighter, but a sheeple instead.
        This is also why they are busy flushing all the Christians, right leaning libertarians, conservatives etc who hold a loyalty to God and the Constitution (NOT Man) out of the military in order to replace them with all the homosexuals, muslims, atheists etc who have no such loyalty to anything other than another Man or a false god that commands you to kill anyone who resists you.
        So now GOJ, given all this and given how the ROK kind of Man is more the exception than the norm in the US…you can see how they’ve successfully stacked the deck for years in the US…policy by policy, law by law, judicial fiat by fiat, and are getting ready to make their final endgame move soon enough.
        Call me Diogenes the cynic but. there aren’t enough Men like us to save this shit stain country. As far as i’m concerned, it deserves to burn so a new and better society and government can rise in its place.

        1. “but. there aren’t enough Men like us to save this shit stain country. As far as i’m concerned, it deserves to burn so a new and better society and government can rise in its place.”
          You know what worries me? If THIS Constitution allowed all these to happen… I don’t think anything better can replace IT. I think we should defend THIS Constitution. It’s all we have…

        2. The problem with the Constitution is, it had too many loopholes that people could exploit through legalese. Like with the second amendment, your average prog moron will say “oh they never said the word rifle” as if “bearing arms” really needed to be elaborated beyond that simple fact.
          Sure we can try to defend the Constitution but only as it allows us to defend ourselves, like with the second amendment. We need that amendment specifically because it’s the only thing really protecting us from tyranny. The rest is just words that get ignored and diminished over time, especially when you have ignorant masses who have lost all concept of its meaning or never had it taught to them in the first place.
          Every politician who takes an oath of office is supposed to protect it as part of the agreement, but (most if not all) just pay lip service to the oath the same way that military enlistees do and aspiring medical physicians do with their respective oaths.
          They were supposed to help us fight it, but now they actively work against it. We can’t defend it without defending ourselves first, since it was meant to be for us, by us and of us.
          The Constitution might as well be a piece of toilet paper because that’s how meaningless it’s become to judges, politicians and everyone in the media…the people who were supposed to protect it best and protect it for us.
          Only the Constitutional right values it out of nostalgia, but really most Americans don’t give a shit about it. I’m not saying that’s good, i’m saying that’s reality.
          We need a new Constitution, one that closes the loopholes. One that has some more teeth to it, specifically for those who break its decrees.
          I promise you that i will write up a new Constitution, one that closes up all the loopholes and carries severe punishments for those who break its words. One that carries the spirit of the old one while building a more concrete and moral government on top of it, with no room for bullshit legalese to undermine its intent.
          I just need the opportunity.
          Remember this handle when the collapse comes…it will come in handy.

      1. I didn’t make any value judgments.
        You’re assuming I value relative safety over intentional safety.
        But thanks for the reply Yes-bot.

        1. Troll trolls. Film at 11.
          And to the circular file with you.
          Later, child.

        2. Let’s check the evidence. I made a comment you trolled the comments for one you disagreed with then crammed 4 insults into 1 sentence.
          Making you a troller of sorts.

  51. Oh wow, and all this time I thought Roosh would ban me if I openly advocated militant nationalism
    But now that the ball’s rolling….
    Traitors First & A Rope for Every Egalitarian.

  52. Should go down like this:
    The west: hey Saudi Arabia, control your bitch
    Saudis: lol, what do you mean?
    West: you know what I mean. Control your bitch or I am turning Mecca into a parking lot. Ive got cruise missiles and bombers standing by just waiting for the word “go”.
    SA: you can’t do that! It’s a deeply important site to people the world over…!
    West: oh? I didn’t see you lift a finger to stop the destruction of historical sites in Syria or Afghanistan. You have 12 hours to comply. We’re stoning the devil with 2000 pound laser guided bombs tonight baby, haha!
    SA: no! no, wait…!
    West: ….and if any of you so much as fart in our country in response, I’m coming back and turning Riyadh into a giant strip mall
    ….ah, well, one can dream. Seriously though, real problem is Saudi Arabia, US needs to stop being their lackey, stop giving them guns and stop buying their oil.

    1. In that scenario our politicians would then import most of the Saudi population making us worse off than before.

      1. I know that. The Saudi royals and wahibi Islam are *the* problem. Everyone knows it, no politician has the stones to say it or do anything about it.
        Like I said, just a day dream

        1. I don’t know how reliable the linked article but the allegation is that both Wahhabism and the Saudi Royal family were sponsored from the beginning. I haven’t read all of this, and believe it may be disputed but the suggestion here is that the west was implicated in creating islamic fundamentalism in Saudi, and therefore beyond the Saudi realm. If that’s the case its not really a mystery why they don’t do anything about it, even if the mad dog they bred occasionally snaps at them or worse

    1. That’s an old principle, and one established in the Vindiciae contra tyrannos
      “That if lawful governors become tyrants, or govern otherwise than by the laws of God and man [as] they ought to do, they forfeit the right they had unto their government.”
      That’s you Obama, Merkel, Hollande & co

  53. It’s a pretty simple situation:
    1. The European “elites” are working hand-in-hand with the Jewish lobby to promote the influx of Muslims. Why? It’s because they know these attacks will happen frequently and with many civilian casualties.
    Why do the Jews want a European conflict with Islam? Because they have a Muslim problem in Israel and cannot “final solution” that problem until they have the full political, economic, and military backing of the West. What better way to achieve that than to import millions of Muslims into Europe in a game of “Let’s you and him fight”? The name of the game here is to transform Israel’s problem into the West’s problem… so that we help them clean it up and turn a blind eye to their doings.
    Jews BELIEVE they’re entitled by God to own all of Lebanon and Jordan, and large parts of Egypt, Iraq, Syria, and Saudi Arabia. They cannot achieve that without a Western led, world war scaled conflict against Islam.
    2. We also must not forget that the US government is playing its own game, having directly supported ISIS with money, weapons, and possibly training.
    Why? Because we oppose any Russian success in the Middle East. ISIS is keeping Syria destabilized, and Syria is Russia’s only real political foothold in the region. Without Syria, Russia’s ability to influence the Middle East is severely diminished. Because of that, the US is willing to allow ISIS to continue its operations regardless of how many Europeans they kill.

      1. The Jewish lobby is probably the most powerful one in the entire Western world today. As a politician, supporting it is the easiest path to lasting money, power, and influence.
        A major conflict would benefit our nations as well. We’re pretty much right where we were during the Great Depression: spiraling the toilet bowl.
        Another world war would mobilize our economy overnight and put many people back to work, not to mention raise support for the political class who by then will frame themselves as our fearless saviors and enjoy widespread admiration, as they did in WWII.
        As for the future, these attacks will continue and they’ll become more shocking and violent as time goes on.
        It’s all part of the plan, I imagine: use your incredible influence and ownership of the media and educational complex to nurture and promote a tolerant worldview… and then SMASH IT with obscene violence.
        With enough carnage, the peacenik worldview will be shattered.. and then they’ll be ready to fight and die for Greater Israel.

  54. French are fair weather friends. They are first to ask for help fighting their battles, the last to support somebody else.

    1. Makes you wonder. France is, apparently, attacking ISIS in Syria. Now, do they side with the Russians, which are the only people man enough to do something? If not, then things could get “dicey”, in that France stays NATO feigns working with Russia and sooner or later planes, bombs and troops get mixed up and – boom WWIII? Not to scare, but I’ve heard that the final battle of Armageddon is suppose to take place in Syria. Or, will France ally with Russia and fuck up ISIS together? I think the later is actually quite probable and its implications are vast. That would divide NATO for sure as well as the EU. And even if France sides with Russia and new alliances and strange bedfellows are made I still see WWIII nearly unavoidable at this point. Could it be Russia, France, China, Iran and the rest of the BRICS in concert against ISIS? Hmmm, but I do think this will lead to a flashpoint with the west. Why? Because the west, america, is 1. imperialistic 2. immoral and 3. will not give up its global reserve petrodollar without some response.

      1. UN authorized force a while back. France and Russia already were making limited strikes. The downing of the Russian airliner and the Paris massacre were IS retaliation. France will probably back down, Russia will probably intensify. Syria is long past the tipping point. It will never go back to the way it was. Russia should roll in the tanks. There’s not much to save there. America should stop trying to pick sides in syria’s civil war. Whichever side prevails won’t respect america either way.

        1. Good to go. Get in there, save the Middle East from the american creation, ISIS, and win territory as well as political influence over the region. Consider the whole Middle East oil production plus Russia’s own indigenous oil will be enough to kill the petrodollar unseating the u.s. dollar as global reserve currency and they can either back their currency in gold or create a mechanism similar to the petrodollar. Oh, and they can also set the price of oil too. They’ll fuck the west, but, as we’re radicalizing children, calling freaks heroes and lurking towards pedophilia this will be a welcomed event.

        2. Syria’s oil production is already fucked up from years of war. It won’t change the global economy much if russia invades. Americans can import from canada and mexico or frac at home. America should support a russian invasion of syria, just like america should have supported russia in afghantistan. There is no other power player in that region when shit goes down.

        3. I’m not talking about just Syria. What I mean is that Russia may be able to cast influence across the region if they can defeat ISIS. In doing so they’ll draw those governments closer or into their sphere of influence. This is the same thing the u.s. did, namely with the Saudi’s. You don’t have to occupy ground, just have the political capital to influence outcomes, such as, what currency oil is cleared in. If Russia has strong influence over the Middle East they’ll likely try to get all or as many nations to stop clearing their oil transactions in dollars. If they do this, then the petrodollar dies and we loose global reserve currency status. Perhaps the u.s. decides to back its currency with indigenous oil as collateral, but, that will hardly do as well.
          Its like this, you must pay for petrochemicals with u.s. dollars and since the industrial global economy cannot exist without petrochemicals the demand for petrochemicals is infinite, therefore, the demand for dollars to facilitate trade is also infinite. This is how the u.s. government and america is enriched and how we can write, theoretically, unlimited amounts of debt. Debt that pays for special fucking interests, among many other things. So, yes, without the reserve status we’ll be poorer, but, I actually think it could be better for us in the long run since most of the debt today goes to the welfare state and, basically, leftist assholes who use it to destroy marriage and ban words they don’t like etc.

    1. liberte, egalite and fraternite are exactly the kind of western beliefs that led to this situation in the first place
      Fuck the french revolution – its values should be replaced with technocracy, inequality, and nationalism

  55. “If my Enemy is willing to Die For My Land but I’m Not”, That’s Quite Profound, I had never thought of Western Apathy in that sense, Western Society Just “Assumes”. Western Society Assumes it’s Leaders will take care of it, WS assumes the Military will protect it, WS assumes it’s Leaders have it’s Best Interest’s, WS has a good Life with Many Amenities that has led To Apathy Replacing Reason and Vigilance at the Individual Level, but 3rd world Society responsible for Immigrants is Harsh, so the People born of that Environment seeking new Lands (Our Lands) are willing to Make Sacrifices are willing to Fight, where as Pajama WS boy is not, it’s an Interesting Concept, a Man who is unfamiliar to a Country is willing to Die for it, while the Native Man feels no Patriotism…. Side note, Breitbart Suggested the Eifel Tower Peace Symbol is not Appropriate, Here’s my Suggestion, Have the Drawing remain the same, only The Prophet Mohammed Is Impaled On the Eifel Tower, it’s predictable the Liberals would want a Peace symbol (And Assume the Guilt) at a Time where Patriotism and Justice Is Demanded!

  56. We often refer to the Swedes being a disgrace to their Viking ancestors, but in this case with the French, Charles Martel must be rolling in his grave as well as every Frankish warrior who fought the Berbers and Mamelukes in the name of Christendom and Europe.

    1. True, But in more Recent History the Joke was the French Planted Shade Tree’s for Hitler’s Path into Germany, and an even more Recent Joke is the Hipster Eifel Tower peace symbol.

  57. Captain Sweden is going to save the day. You’ll see. And you will all forever respect and admire Swedish men.

    1. As 50% Swedish I hope so, the Damn Block Headed Swedes in Sweden after the Viking days have been Basically Good for Nothing, however they Have been Very Good Liberals, So I repeat Good For Nothing.

      1. “Sweden after the Viking days have been Basically Good for Nothing” Karl the twelfth and his carolinian army would beg to differ, they brought many nations down to their knees before the russian winter stopped them.

        1. Well, your Probably Right, I always admired the Swedes, and I like their women too :), It’s just their Current state of Extreme Liberalism is kinda Pitiful, though I think they are being the Most active in Measures to stop immigration lately.

  58. “Neither will making pretty hearts with lighted candles…”
    This should be the European attitude. But it’s not….

  59. Read and laugh at the ridiculousness of this satire being so close to reality:
    It must be incredibly frustrating as an Islamic terrorist not to have your views and motives taken seriously by the societies you terrorize, even after you have explicitly and repeatedly stated them. Even worse, those on the regressive left, in their endless capacity for masochism and self-loathing, have attempted to shift blame inwardly on themselves, denying the terrorists even the satisfaction of claiming responsibility.
    It’s like a bad Monty Python sketch:
    “We did this because our holy texts exhort us to to do it.”
    “No you didn’t.”
    “Wait, what? Yes we did…”
    “No, this has nothing to do with religion. You guys are just using religion as a front for social and geopolitical reasons.”
    “WHAT!? Did you even read our official statement? We give explicit Quranic justification. This is jihad, a holy crusade against pagans, blasphemers, and disbelievers.”
    “No, this is definitely not a Muslim thing. You guys are not true Muslims, and you defame a great religion by saying so.”
    “Huh!? Who are you to tell us we’re not true Muslims!? Islam is literally at the core of everything we do, and we have implemented the truest most literal and honest interpretation of its founding texts. It is our very reason for being.”
    “Nope. We created you. We installed a social and economic system that alienates and disenfranchises you, and that’s why you did this. We’re sorry.”
    “What? Why are you apologizing? We just slaughtered you mercilessly in the streets. We targeted unwitting civilians – disenfranchisement doesn’t even enter into it!”
    “Listen, it’s our fault. We don’t blame you for feeling unwelcome and lashing out.”
    “Seriously, stop taking credit for this! We worked really hard to pull this off, and we’re not going to let you take it away from us.”
    “No, we nourished your extremism. We accept full blame.”
    “OMG, how many people do we have to kill around here to finally get our message across?”

    1. “It’s like a bad Monty Python sketch” fucking hilarious Ragnar. Just as comedians do best, merely describe reality in it’s actual concise context. The truth is stranger than fiction no doubt, and in this case, downright sadly silly.

        1. Wesley Snipes paid what he owed and STILL went to prison! David Duke went to prison even though he didn’t owe anything! ONE person should not be the leader at all. Why? ‘Cause if the rest of the people aren’t leading themselves in a tax revolt it will be ineffective.

        2. I know that. I led a mini revolt at my boarding school and when we were threatened with expulsion, I found myself alone. Luckily my father had some principles………….
          Forget tax revolt, it won’t happen.

        3. Too many sheep. That’s why it ain’t happening. In Greece the people made a tax revolt. They were sick of the overt misuse of their taxes by the politicians!

        4. Funny you mentioned Greece,I’m not unsure they are a good example for your revolution however.
          Human beings are selfish and imagine that cockold and his cock tease wife. Do you think he’d be interested in a revolt that might lead to gaol, loss of employment and his wife leaving him?

        5. #americanspring .Of course more likely it’ll just be #americanspringbreak wooo! yeaahhaww! let’s drink beer through a funnel!

      1. Obamy is a marxist-mooslem democRat that wanted the war in Syria, Libya, Yemen, and withdrew from Iraq.
        Bush II screwed the pooch when he transitioned into nation building

    2. This conversation probably did occur. Only CNN or Fox News didn’t have cameras in place to cover it. Sadly I have known people whose train of thought is just as twisted and irrational and apologetic as the soft-ass leftist speaking to the Muslim in this skit is. How can a society of such pansies ever hope to survive?