The Age That Men Peak

A common belief in the manosphere—and one I’ve stated myself—is that a man’s value can peak up to his early 40’s, allowing him to get a far higher quality or quantity of women than in his early 20’s. This is due to the argument that women prefer a more mature man with resources and refined charisma than a bumbling young guy lacking in confidence. A closer examination of this theory, however, shows that many other variables are at play for determining a man’s real-life results, and that the common man may be better served securing long-term partners before waiting for his supposed “peak” to arrive, especially if he doesn’t practice game.

On the surface, it’s hard to argue against the idea that a man will get the best women at an age he’s likely to possess more qualities that women want. That sweet spot will likely be in his mid 30’s, where he has a high level of resources, game, and social status but still maintains a hopefully youthful aesthetic that doesn’t turn off the most beautiful women in their early 20’s or even late teens. The problem is that this has so many conditions and exceptions that it’s not at all useful for men who don’t actively practice game that is mainly based on cold approaching.

The “men peak in their mid 30’s” theory applies if:

  • A man regularly approaches at least 25 young women each month or is an extrovert with access to high-value social circles.
  • He lives in a city where 18-25 year old girls prefer mature man with resources (e.g. Southeast Asia, Colombia, Ukraine).
  • He was a late bloomer and possessed practically no game ability in high school or college.
  • He lies about his age to women in the 18-25 age range since many of them don’t want a man 15+ years older.

You will get the best women of your life in your 30’s if you started learning game in your early 20’s from scratch and continue to approach actively up to 40 years of age. This constitutes less than 1% of Western men, and it doesn’t even apply to me.

The most beautiful girl I ever had sex with was in Brazil back in 2008. I was a 29-year-old grungy backpacker staying in a hostel with an unkempt ponytail, but it was extremely helpful that I went out at least four times a week to approach women. My most prolific year was 2011, when I was 32 and in Poland, going out most nights of the week to approach women with beauty standards that are lower than what I prefer today.

I’ve since peaked. I’m getting pretty girls but not obviously hotter than the one in 2008 and nowhere near more quantity than in 2011. This is in spite of the fact that my resources and game is multiple times higher. The reason for this is simple: I’m no longer approaching a lot of girls. It turns out that access to women, regardless of your existing value, is the main determinant of the results you’ll end up getting. I was meeting ten times more women each week a few years ago than now, and even if I had less game skill, resources, or even a private bed back then, I still got both higher quality and quantity.

I know what you are thinking: “But if you approach the same number of girls today as you did in 2008, you’d get hotter.” That could be true, but there are two major constraints:

1. Most young girls don’t prefer men in their mid 30’s and beyond. Maybe in the historical past a young girl wanted a far older man, but such a girl today prefers one that is not too far from her in age. I’ve had to change many of my game routines to prevent my age from coming out before strong attraction is established.

2. You will not be able to maintain a consistently high level of game effort. I physically and mentally can’t approach a high number of girls anymore. My energy is lower and my tolerance for the modern woman is also lower even though I’m still rather horny. I used to do ten or more approaches a night out, but now I can barely do three, and that’s if I manage to go out at all. I’m unable to put in the 2-4 hours daily of work that would really maximize my current value, which suggests that the most amount of game work you’re willing to do likely peaks with your energy, horniness, and female tolerance, not your value or game skill. Most guys I know maximize their game effort in their mid to late 20’s and start dropping off in their 30’s.

A man’s paper value will be highest after 30, but this doesn’t exist in isolation from the effort he’s able to apply, the access to young girls he’s able to meet, and the fact that those young girls don’t usually prefer men over 35 as their first choice. Ironically, I find that a man’s paper value actually goes up when he stops focusing on getting laid, because women are inhibitors to a man’s ambition and serve as a massive opportunity cost in realizing his true potential, but then his game results will sharply decrease, suggesting an inverse correlation between personal value and sex results.

There are two different tracks a man usually follows. If he’s a natural, and knew of game at a young age from an older male role model, his peak will be in college (early 20’s), where he has the right game to sleep with the highest number of girls in their prime. The second track is for the man who had to manually learn game in college or after. His peak in terms of quality and quantity will likely come about five years after he started studying game, when he has the most efficient combination of raw game knowledge and horny energy. For this second group of men, their peak will be in their late 20’s or early 30’s. If you’re using game to get laid, your peak will directly coincide with the number of approaches you’re doing each week starting with the time your game is at a moderate level, not how much status you have or your theoretical knowledge of game.

There are ways that you can prolong or extend your game peak, such as moving to countries where age gaps don’t bother women, injecting yourself with testosterone so you remain motivated to approach high numbers of women, lying to women about your age, and constructing Excel spreadsheets full of sex goals that motivate you when biology no longer does, but these are external inducements that only show how flawed the “men peak in their mid 30’s” narrative is. Unless a man is paying for sex outright through prostitution or Russian-style “sponsorship,” his ability to get 18-25 year olds will begin dropping gradually after 35, while his ability to get promiscuous mature women who had their spins on the carousel will skyrocket.

The true peak for modern men is therefore dependent on having solid game ability and access to girls during the time he’s most girl-crazy. For most guys this will happen before 30, and almost never for men beyond 35. I just turned 36 and I’m so far from my peak that I am having trouble approaching even 10% of the girls I was doing just four years ago. It’s getting easier for me to attract women between 25-30, but it is not easier for me to get girls in the 20-25 range than a couple years ago (it’s about the same). In terms of the most desirable women of society, it will very soon become harder for me every year to attract the women I want.

We now live in a time where girls in their prime don’t care about a man’s resources. That trend is spreading to more traditional parts of the world, which means women will start to place more value in exciting metrosexual clowns than mature men with ample means. I still have to work just as hard as before to get them because the things we see as having value are not seen as valuable to young women. We’re becoming established and wise while they increasingly prefer shiny, dancing cocks that make them feel drama, tension, and fun.

I’m satisfied at what I’m getting now based on the little amount of work I’m putting in, but in terms of peak, that has passed for me, and attracting 21-year-olds will not get easier with each new year, no matter how much I grow as a man.

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258 thoughts on “The Age That Men Peak”

  1. As a man in his early 40’s I can say you are very wrong. I have had no problem slaying poon 15+ years younger than my age and I still game those young girls today who are dying to go out with me. Hell one is TWENTY years younger than me but still pushing to go on a date, despite her having a borefriend.

      1. Define “cold approach”? I had jury duty with a 20 year old girl, barely talked to her until the last day….got her number and now she keeps bugging me to go out.

    1. “I have had no problem slaying poon 15+ years younger than my age and I still game those young girls today who are dying to go out with me”
      …using money? drugs? Maybe you are halucinating? Maybe you are bullshitting us here? Maybe not. But it’s time to show your cards.

      1. I have no problem with women 15+ years younger than me. However, there are mitigating factors. I am, and have long been, a fitness buff. I am in the gym twice a day 6 days a week, stay active, take care of myself and eat a healthy diet. This has left me in very good physical condition.
        Another mitigating factor is location. I’ve mentioned before, living in Manhattan I find that between 25-50 there is about a 4:1 ratio of single females to male.
        Having a good job and dressing well (in a suit most days) and living alone (A HUGE BOON in Manhattan as most people younger than me will have roommates) adds to this.
        I am not saying I could walk into a club and start gaming 19 year old girls on molly. I just don’t have the chops for that. However, cold approach day game and restaurant/bar game has only seemed to get easier over the last few years.
        Like I said, I wouldn’t want to compete with a 25 year old in a club. However, that same 25 year old would not want to try to compete with me in a setting more conducive to adults. Where the girl may see me as a “pathetic creepy old man” in a club the same girl will see him as “hopefully immature not having shit together” in any of the places I go to.
        So I agree with a lot of what Roosh says here, but would add the caveat that if you take good care of yourself and don’t try to play a younger man’s game, there is never a shortage of easy targets far younger than you.

        1. many. In fact, I pretty much just easy up and let myself get gamed at this point which, in and of itself, is its own form

        2. That is correct. I go one step further drinking a minimum of 1 gallon of water a day, supplementing my diet precisely and eating a very clean and very healthy diet. I also recommend that everyone, even in their 20’s, take skin care seriously and learn how to properly take care of your skin so that it remains young looking. And, of course, smoking is just a terrible habit.

        3. “you take good care of yourself and don’t try to play a younger man’s game, there is never a shortage of easy targets far younger than you.”
          Good to know this, thanks.

        4. Care to share any tips on what you do when it comes to the supplementation, skin care etc? Would love to hear it. Thanks!

        5. My supplementation is based on my particular workout so YMMV depending on diet, level of activity and, of course, goals. However, in the morning I use a multi (I like animal packs), a fish oil tab, micro dosing creatine and a caffeine pill (which is my pre workout). I go to the gym and do 1 hour on the stairs while sipping on water with BCAA (I use the brand modern). At lunch I take another fish oil pill and usually have put away a half gallon of water. after work I use a pre-work out before the gym (I am using Pre-Jym at the moment) and more BCAA during the workout which will last between 1-1.5 hours and be all weights (I do two 3-day splits with active rest Sunday).
          As for skin care I spent 15 minutes a day in a steam room. The gallon plus of water also works wonders. I use a good facial cleaner and shaving cream (I shave daily) and a moisturizer with sunblock in it because I have very fair skin. Before bed I put on an eye cream as well as a nighttime oil and once a month at least I do a charcoal peel mask because in new York there is so much crud in the air.
          I keep my alcohol intake to one day a week, never eat fast food, avoid sugar.
          I am an example of extreme measures for sure, but some basic routine of taking care of your body and skin will help you all through your life.

        6. I have an addictive personality and need to focus it on something. I try to keep it focused on work and self improvement rather than any number of negative things that could very easily suck me in.

        7. see me, I always have some addiction. Could be anything. An addict addict. I am fortunate in that I have always known what I want and have tried to focus my personality on things like fitness, career, poon… know….rather than smoking, drinking and drugs.

        8. Loved reading about your regimen – I too am in the process of designing what I feel is the ‘perfect’ clean diet, based on science (addictive personality here too). I also drink a ton of water.
          I think another important thing to try and keep young is stress reduction/elimination – it’s not worth a few extra $$ to be in a job that is killing you with stress. Also keep away from social media/mainstream news where possible.
          It saddens me to see how many men abuse their bodies – and in all the cases I know, the wives of the men are more than happy to let them do it; almost as if they prefer it that their husband is out of shape/ill.

        9. Out of curiosity, how do you feel about staying fit and healthy and drinking? I am 29, and stay fit and eat healthier foods then not, but I really like my booze. I am concerned that this will catch up with me when I am older. Do you have any rules of thumb that you go by?

        10. Alcohol is always tricky. For me it is a balance of goals vs physical limitations. I love a drink or three. But I don’t metabolize as well as I used to (I am more than 10 years your senior). Keeping my bf % under 15%, being at the gym before work (and I get to work at 730) for my morning fasted cardio, these things are important to me. All I can say is to be honest with your self. I side with Kant when he points out that freedom is NOT doing whatever you want. Dogs do whatever they want. Freedom, human freedom, is precisely the ability to say NO to what you want.
          That said, I am not a monk over here and I am not a professional body builder or athlete. I have a job with long hours and a lot of pressure and I enjoy a cocktail and damned if I won’t have one now and then.
          My first rule is that I never, under any circumstance, get drunk in public. The times when I mistakenly fucked this up in the last 5 years can be counted on one hand with 2 fingers left. If I feel the need to be sloppy drunk I will buy a bottle of decent scotch, take it home, pull out a good heavy glass, put on some music, airplane mode my phone and get shit faced. Doesn’t happen often, but it does happen and no one gets to see that.
          As a rule of thumb I drink one night a week. That night is either Friday or Saturday. I keep it to 4 or fewer drinks (I drink either martinis or scotch). That is my night out for drinking. THen, on sundays when I meal prep my week I usually drink a bottle of wine. Meal prep for me is usually between 11-4.
          For every drink (wine or booze) I drink I also drink 16 ounces of water. Didn’t finish the water…well, too bad no more drinks.
          There are some exceptions. Vacation? All bets are off…..I am going to that bar in the middle of the pool and drinking rum until they float my ass out of there. When I wake up, first order of business is finding another drink.
          Also, regardless of the reason I am there, time of day, day of week or who I am with, I will always have a drink or two when I am in an airport and another drink or two while on the plane. It is one of life’s little pleasures I feel.
          Further, funerals and weddings…which I feel are the same except the food and chances of getting laid are better at weddings, but the cost of admission is higher.
          Please keep in mind that in no way do I advocate this or any lifestyle. This is what I do and I am telling you because you asked. If I was to give any advice it would only be to understand your body, have clear goals and objectives and make decisions regarding alcohol, women and other vices prior to the point when the choice needs to be made…basically, do what’s right for you.

        11. Hey mate, just out of curiosity, what are your sleeping patterns like?
          I’m asking because you mentioned going to the gym before work and starting work at 7:30… so taking into account eating, getting ready and commuting, that translates into an early wake up time…
          Do you sleep full nights and go to bed early or do you skimp on sleep?
          I go through periods when I’m required to be somewhere at 6:45 with a 30-45 minute commute and often need to adjust my sleeping patterns. Just curious how other people do it and what effect, if any, it has on their social life/health/etc.

        12. My sleep is my weakest part. I don’t do it well. Maybe 4-6 hours a night. I’ve tried herbal stuff and pharm stuff and stuff like Arnold’s iron dream. Some of it works but I wake up like shit.
          Never been a great sleeper. I recommend getting about twice the sleep that I do.

        13. Oh as a side note: my morning gym is fasted cardio so I am basically crawling out of bed to go straight to the gym. All I do is take my vitamins and Suppz and go (bag packed night before as well as food prepped). Also, living in Manhattan I can walk to my gym in 15 min. It opens at 530 and I can get to my office in 15-20 min from the gym.
          As for an effect on social life hard to say. For me it is none. I have my one night of going out built in…living in Manhattan means I have a stable of girls trying to “make it” that are all about non commital pipe cleaning and I really don’t have any friends.

      2. Depends on the male. Some men look 10 years younger than their age. Some look 10 years older.
        Also people who get married stop taking care of themselves physically and they age faster. Men who stay single don’t have that dad look to them. They keep playing sports, their wardrobe isn’t from the 90s etc.

        1. important point, if you are not going to keep your wardrobe and hairstyle relevant you will look like an absurd old man to these young girls…and, ya know, the world in general

        2. I’d agree that at a certain point you have to go for a more mature look in order to not appear as a try hard. like the 45+ guys who wear flat-billed trucker hats and jerseys, for example

        3. Point granted. When I say keeping up with the times I mean for a 40 year old man to just like a relevant 40 year old man and not like a 20 year old.

        4. That’s exactly what I mean. I’m going to be turning 30 next year, so I had to ditch the band tee’s awhile ago, lol. Also, growing a beard helps.

        5. I am not a beard person. I really enjoy the ritual aspect of shaving as well as having a clean shaven face. But I can see the beard being for others in a way that is isn’t really for me.

        6. Well, not all of us. A man who wants to keep dread alive in the marriage stays in shape. The rest takes care of itself.
          There’s no dread like your wife coming home one day to tell you that she walked in on all of her friend co-workers when they were in the middle of a discussion on what they’d do to you, the husband, in bed. Insta-mega-dread and you don’t even have to be present to have it happen.
          Unfortunately, the majority of men do exactly what you state. Too bad for them.

        7. Many of my married male friends have let themselves slide. Its depressing. I don’t want to be seen standing next to them if I go out with them because I get judged by the company I keep.

        8. Most to nearly all of my friends from high school are in horrible shape, and usually already on a regimen of pills for blood pressure and other stupid, self inflicted “conditions”. Trying to talk them into coming into the gym in a real way is an exercise in futility, they have a deck of 100 excuses that they will rotate out on a platter for you and you’ll never, ever get them to cede and show up and work out. End of the day it’s always “I just don’t have time, man” which is utter bullshit, given as they seem to have time to follow sports like a religion and watch television 4-6 hours a day.

        9. True that. I remember one guy in high school that was a pretty good looking and popular guy. Later, I saw him in college during my graduate studies and he was pudgy and was rocking some male-pattern baldness. I was thinking to myself, “Dude! WTF happened to you?!” Age is a cruel mistress only if you allow it.

        10. Some guys peak early, like high school and college. One guy in college was on the tennis team freshman year and pulled girls effortlessly like a male model. He quit the team next year and gained 40 pounds and became AFC. So it had nothing to do with aging. He just got lazy.

        11. LOL Well played .. without even having to be there to play. That’s like master Yoda level 😀

        12. I’ll be frank, it rather surprised me that she came out and told me right up front. She was clearly upset about it, but I’m not entirely sure what she wanted me to do but throw out a charming smirk. I mean some of her co-workers are really pretty, in their 20’s and such, what did she expect me to do, give her a shoulder to cry on, heh?

        13. Well, they can’t help the baldness (if it’s hereditary) but they can sure as heck help the other things. But once those patterns get set in their behavior it’s like pulling teeth to change them.

        14. Ahh I’d have told her “See, that means you have good taste” and given her a pat / slap on her butt..haha

        15. I don’t really blame him for the baldness, but it was obvious he had stopped caring how he looked. He was fat and out of shape whereas in high school he played soccer. He didn’t even try to fix his hair to where it at least looked decent. When you have his level of MP baldness (basically the monk ring), just buzz it off! Don’t try to keep it.

        16. Haha, I had the same thing happen. My woman made friends who had a friend who worked in the building across from mine. Apparently at a girls night out, she let slide I was her office’s eye candy when I would be out training the dog at lunch.
          The friend of the friend is a land beast though, so it may not have had as big of an impact…

        17. If any of my friends put on excess weight I ridicule them. No sheep dog can save a fat herd against slim wolves.

        18. That’s honestly incredible. Good. If she’s smart she’d immediately get her ass to the gym and provide a nice dread game fueled BJ for you.

      3. Using game. I’m sure it helps that they see me driving a nice sports car and that I am young looking and in good shape.
        But again, that only proves my point that if you do things right, you can still get the young poon, even in your 40’s.

      4. The classic of dad issues? Maybe he keeps up with staying in shape and looks 30? I have 2 friends who have both banged people in their 40s at 19-21. It happens. 20 somethings get bored with inexperienced dudes spitting game at them, but then again if they’re bored they’ve taken a long ride on the carousel.

    2. I will concur. However, my problem is it’s hard to put up with all the problems of millenials. I had a girl 15 years younger than me ask me last night to go to a college sports game with her. Never gone out with her, just flirted a bit, until she gave me her number, and then she texted me out of the blue yesterday. She flaked an hour later when I was about to pick her up. What the fuck.
      Then when you do get them on a date you have to deal with the narcissism and they will often try to pull out their smart phones. The conversation will be horrible, that’s if they can even try to remain on a single topic with their ADD brains. And then you just have to hold your nose and try not to think about how many other cocks she’s had this month when you finally bang. But yeah, it is far easier for me to attract early 20 year olds than it was a decade ago when I was their age.

        1. Yeah, I didn’t have them when I was young either. It’s definitely rewarding the first few times it happens. But then you see they are garbage. Also, to make it clear, I’m no Casanova, I’m not bedding college chicks every weekend, and I’m not even really out looking to bang American women. I far prefer foreigners. But I do have a handful that drop into my lap throughout the year. The main issue really is meeting them. I don’t naturally encounter that many 20 year olds in my daily life, because I’m interested in adult activities.

        2. A few to fall in my lap each year seems satisfactory. I am pretty much at zero. I have not much experience with American women, since I live in Germany. I did encounter a bitch who did not go out of my way yesterday, though. She was an English speaker. Had the ‘balls’ to say fuck you after I flipped the bird at her. Would not want to bed that kind of monster.

        3. It’s really just a numbers game. Try to talk to a strange woman every day. Even if it’s not a conversation, just a smile and “Hello” as you pass them. Then work from there.
          Everyone has a conversion rate leading to a date. Maybe it’s 1%. Maybe it’s 20%. Eventually you will work up to having mini-convos and interactions with strange women regularly and eventually those will convert to something more. I admit I lack the discipline, because I simply don’t like American women but this method works.
          If you’re in a fairly large city in Germany, find some way to meet other non-Germans there. That would seem like a good strategy to me.

        4. Sorry to horn in, but now you have had adequate experience with American women. There is not much more to learn.

        5. No, if I was confused it had to do with you encountering an English speaking woman who, from your description acted exactly like an American woman, though some of the Brits say a lot of their women act the same.
          But, the point is that is how many AW act. Thus not much left to learn about them.

        6. I regularly cursed myself for all the missed opportunities to start conversations in the last 5 years. I got dozens of IOI’s I did nothing with. Sometimes you say hi and get a smile back, maybe that stare that is a second too long and then you start thinking too much instead of opening the conversation. You actually are flabbergasted you got that positive response. Later there is only regret for not acting. Nowadays I just go for it, and that does work in some cases.
          Best advice is to open as much girls as you can. In day to day live, and then plough until you have a number. Don’t know about you guys, but that streetgame thing is not me, it looks over the top, almost desperate. It works, sure. But I couldn’t stand there in the shopping crowd opening girl after girl because I so desperately need to collect numbers.

      1. Banging large numbers of young girls is largely a fantasy because they are such a pain the in the ass to put up with and, frankly, most of them are not particularly good lays anyways. They take a lot of work to land in the first place if your thing is to play the number game of cold approaches. Unless you are a salsa instructor or rock star, you won’t be meeting a lot of the them on a regular basis.
        I’m more of a K-selection sort of guy who can’t be bothered making a dozen or more approaches to bang one on a catch and release program. However, my girlfriends have been getting younger in the last 5 – 10 years (I just turned 49) and now I’ve settled into an LTR with a 26 year old, with a great body who is worth investing time in.

        1. Yeah, I am repulsed by sluts, so I have little experience with them, but I have found them to be by far the least talented sexually. What’s up with that?

        2. Younger girls generally don’t know what they are doing so you end up with a mediocre ONS if they are otherwise not interesting enough to invest the time in to teach them. I think that some then become sluts because they have all these ONS’s and never learn.
          Other slutty chicks are naturals that do and say all the right things but have some other mental or emotional problems, like BPD. Once the guy realizes he has put his dick in crazy, he’s outta there. Then she latches onto someone else, fucks his brains out, and he comes back for more until he figures her out.
          On the other hand, my first serious girlfriend (23 and notch-count 1) and my present girlfriend, also serious(26 and notch-count 3), qualify as the type who don’t know what they are doing but are willing to learn and it’s worth staying with them and spending the time to teach them. It seems like the last quarter century has been mostly filler despite having dozens of lovers over that time.

        3. Good point. If you let 100 cocks fuck you once, you never improve. If one cock 100 times, you develop skill, can give head well, get feedback from the guy, see what makes him come faster or slower, etc. My most recent girl (23, 3 notches) was talented, and her past bfs were all LTRs.

        4. It is such a fucking ego boost when she finally puts her head between your legs and then asks what she is supposed to do to please you,

    3. I’m going to guess you were one of those boyish looking guys that did not do so well at 20. But now looking young no longer means you look soft. Every dog has his day, today is yours.

      1. I am young looking, absolutely. People guess I am 10 years younger than my real age. However I still did well when I was younger, mainly because of my take no shit attitude.
        Now I’m just a more mature guy with the take no shit attitude, and flashy things to go with it.

      2. I’m in the same boat as him, and I’ve never been accused of looking “boyish”. When I was 18 I was mistaken for a man in his thirties, when I was 45 I was mistaken for a man in his thirties. It all depends.

        1. I was the guy who always bought the beer in high school. I can’t say I ever looked younger than I am. I’m just a well built old guy and that is what look like, gray beard and all.

  2. While I don’t completely disagree I have found that the game continues quite easily for a man who chooses to stay engaged in it. If anything I find the younger women are incapable of holding my attention beyond their looks. And it is this, if anything that has contributed to my decrease in gaming, however my targeting is extremely precise (21 bangs on 27 approaches this year).
    This past weekend I picked up a 21 year old quite easily (I’m early 40’s) who is very attractive. However, during conversation I mentioned how I traveled to Haiti earlier this year, and she said, “Haiti, where is that? I have never heard of it, is it a country or something?”. I looked her and said, “You know what, it is a country but that story doesn’t matter, do you want to head out?”

    1. I have always said that a wise man does not rely on a woman for intellectual conversation. They can be fascinating, but not on deeper subjects

        1. Same here, once I understood what women were, I realized it’s like having a serious Conversation with a child.

        2. Some can fake it if they are bright enough. But it is not what they want to talk about, so you end up being parroted

      1. It’s funny but I was genuinely saddened by her lack of knowledge. Its as if she merely wanted me to use her as a f*ck toy and nothing else.

    2. ^This. I’ve been in this same boat, but not quite as successful. I find that I tire quickly of gaming 30+ girls to the point of disengaging quickly if I don’t see a ONS in the cards. I’ve been successful with 21 year olds, but it’s about 3 generation gaps I have to bridge to relate.
      Perhaps the key is not to relate, but to just roll with, “do you want to head out?”

    3. 21 of 27 lol. That is a blatant lie. Early 40s guy banging 80% of the young girls he approaches. The best PUAs in the history of PUA are around 3%.

      1. My initial reaction was to reply with a “Thank you for that kind compliment” however on reflection I am going to go in a different direction.
        I assume you are either young or have bought what society has taught you about male/female relationships and perhaps both. In that case you are entirely correct to doubt me because you are taught that men like me do not exist, we do. Our existence is an open affront to the delicate nature of the rules society wishes men to behave along, and doubting we exist is a much safer alternative to recognizing that we do.
        We are the aberration to the so called rules of society because we believe they don’t apply to us and act accordingly. Women pick up on this and react quite favorably. I can tell you that this girl was easily a “9” and had every guy imaginable flirting with her. I can tell you that when I went to leave she grabbed my arm and said “Where are you going, please don’t leave me.” I could also tell you that later she invited me to her work (as a server) and introduced me to her coworkers. I could also tell you she got mad at me because her coworkers flirted with me and posed for pictures with me, although I am not famous by any means. Sadly you wouldn’t believe that but ultimately it doesn’t matter to me but it should matter greatly to you if you wish to pursue a life in game. You will read a lot on here, I suggest you believe more of what men write on these pages and adjust yourself accordingly.

        1. Having a red pill master as one of my closest friends and seeing him in action, I can say I believe you. Out of curiosity, what advice would you give a 29 year young man about interacting with these females?

        2. Don’t take game too seriously, find where your personality fits best (coffeshop, bar) and set a limit on number of approaches before you ask yourself what you are doing wrong that is resulting in no’s.
          For me, I find game to be quite fun and a challenge to see if I can score that chick. I am also quite honest and tell women I am only interested in sex (resulting in 3 no’s out of the 27 this year, if I agreed to date them than they would have). As for personality mine tends toward the friendly type but also adventurous. I can strike up a conversation quite easily anywhere but I prefer clubs/bars/restaurants. I am rather not good at places like Starbucks. As for the number of approaches, I meet men who do mass approaches and to me they look foolish. They then respond that “she is the one losing out”. To me this is a protection thing for the man who doesn’t like the idea of being rejected. Get comfortable with rejection. My limit though is three rejections in a row and I stop approaching and ask myself what I am doing wrong and I reevaluate. Although now this is so ingrained it naturally occurs after the first rejection.
          On a final note, cut women some slack. We are pretty tough on them but they also are dealing with tough shit as well. I recognize this and position myself as their escape for the night.
          Hope this helps and best of luck in your gaming!!

        3. “I assume you are either young or have bought what society has taught you about male/female relationships and perhaps both.”
          No, I’m a guy that has been actually running game for a few years all over the world and meeting lots of other men doing the same thing. Which is why I know for a fact you’re spewing bullshit. I would love to run a daygame session with you and watch you approach 10 at least decent looking girls in the 18-24 range and see you bang 8 of them. Fucking Clooney himself might not pull that off. Steve Jabba is probably the best daygamer around your age and I guarantee he would never claim close to the stats you are. The only way you’re convincing me, or anyone else who’s ever cold approached a woman, that you bang 80% of young hotties you approach is to prove it.
          Go run your mouth at RVF or any other game forum and you’ll be a laughing stock.

        4. I think you missed the fact that he’s doing ultra-targeted approaches.
          Most PUAs do spray and pray (high number) random cold approaches.
          Also, maybe he targets women with a far lower SMV than him, ones who he has spotted to be receptive (definite IOI’s), making 80% conversion rates easy enough.
          No need to start disputing his experiences just because you do things differently, with different results…

    4. I don’t actually think women peak in attractiveness until they get to their mid-twenties at least. I know a lot of guys think that 18-21 is the peak but frankly I have never really been attracted to girls in that range. They look like children to me. Even when I was that age I preferred women in their mid-twenties. I would say, don’t worry about the age of the woman. That is just a reflection of her birth certificate. More important is how she looks and how she behaves.

      1. I agree. The most attractive women to me tend to be in the 24-early 30’s range. However those are the ones who enjoyed the carousel and are now looking for a husband or a man to get them pregnant (or a baby daddy). So they are essentially off limits for me.

        1. Agreed, although you’ll be surprised how many women in this age range have had only one or two partners. Those are the ones you focus your attentions on.
          You can tell carousel girls pretty quickly and immediately eliminate them from your consideration.

    5. “Yeah, I drove up from the Bahamas …”
      “Wow … must have been a really long drive!”
      “And very wet, because the Bahamas are islands.”
      (yes, I know the Dead Milkmen did it first, but it was still fun to do again)

  3. Why does peaking have anything to do with the type of women you attract? By that rationale I was an absolute loser in high school because I was a virgin and didn’t have a girlfriend.

    1. Only a very few guys are even close to a peak at 18 years old and younger. I bet you might have seen yourself as a loser in high school? But you really were average most guys were not getting any. But a few got a lot

      1. What I mean is I had other priorities and just because I wasn’t getting girls (not that I didn’t want them) is not a poor reflection on me as a man. I might have thought of myself as somewhat of a nerd, but never a loser. That’s my point. Women do not determine whether we are winning or losing.

        1. As I’m getting older I’m thinking less in terms of how many sluts I fuck and more in terms of the growth of my CK Empire.
          Who cares how many notches you get if you have nothing to show for it? How many children do you have? What is the impact of your legacy? These to me seem like the questions with greater weight.

        2. What I mean by empire is not material possessions at the moment. What I mean by empire is the collection of my skills, knowledge, and resources.
          Right now my interests are in combining the fields of neuroscience, robotics, and human-computer-interaction (HCI). I’ve done graduate work in human behaviour and perception and I am currently doing graduate work in digital technology and design.
          My working theory for the future of the economy is that as robotics become more consumer friendly in the coming decades, once efficient enough, robots will replace labourers and many everyday functions in society.
          Once this trend begins I predict the current economic momentum will split people into two streams (there is an Aaron Clarey video on this topic and I agree with his general sentiment).
          Stream (1) will reflect the importance of engineering (essentially those who design, build, and maintain machines/networks/software/etc.), and Stream (2) will be centred around vanity products. If machines make our lives progressively easier from a physical standpoint, and workers are displaced from traditional occupations, there will be a great need to satisfy peoples’ vanity. People will need entertainment more than ever, and I wouldn’t be surprised if mental illness rises (at least temporarily) as people cannot satisfy a sense of purpose without meaningful work. People will have to find and likely purchase meaning and experience in new ways.
          My goal is to build a skill-set/reputation that will allow me to move between Streams (1) and (2) and potentially combine them. It wont happen overnight but that is one developing theme in the CK Empire.

        3. Absolutely. I’m not going to claim I always knew women were a waste of time, but even immediately after banging a really hot chick, isn’t the thrill completely gone? That’s how it has been for me. Whereas if I save $10,000 and invest it, the utility and reward of that echoes and rebounds and magnifies, even *increasing* over time. If I spend an hour planting seeds in a garden, I can watch them grow over the coming year, and eat dozens of meals from the output of my crops.
          If you think about it, interactions with women outside a LTR are nothing more than dopamine hits. I want to be more than a rat in a cage responding to cocaine.

  4. I can’t argue with this one at all. From 18 to 25 they came to me with little effort, and I had a lot of energy for putting out effort. That is the prime time in life, not that you will know it at that time. At 25 if you go a week without a woman, you see it as a painful dry spell. 30s to 40s, I would have said I had hit my peak. But the girls were all over 25 with 30 being my sweet spot. And a dry week was not so painful anymore. The motivation to put up with B.S. to get laid, that was gone. Lets not talk about older than the 40’s too much. Let me just say that it is fortunate that motivation drops faster than ability.

  5. Having one million dollars at age 30 is way better than having ten million dollars at age 65.
    Time is valuable asset. Most people are willing to give it away in exchange of money. $8/hr? Basically if you accept that then you are telling your boss and the whole world that you are only worth 8 dollars an hour. That should be an insult. Even $20/hr is not enough. For one hour, you can probably make something or create an idea far worth more than that. Basically you are not being paid for your true worth of value and you are giving more value work for your boss and company you work for (under someone if you get paid hourly wage).
    DO SALES! Everyone buys something these days. Get a sales job. Have a great people skills. Performance-based jobs NOT hourly based jobs.
    Then you would PEAK earlier than much later. To peak at certain age, HAVE A LOT of money so you have A LOT of options and time to create more wealth. Nothing else matters. Once you achieve that, then you can do whatever you want at your own leisure. Once you get that money, semi-fame, and in control and power, women will follow. They can smell a successful man. They are pretty good at it too.
    You gotta have both. Both money and good people skills. If you have great people skills then making money won’t be a problem.
    If you are constantly improving everyday then you peak every time. Only thing that works against you and everyone else… it’s TIME. When you are young, try to accomplish A LOT in your time. You can either fear the choices you make now or fear the feeling of regret for not trying.

    1. This is true. In terms of pure utility, $1 MM at 30 is worth a hell of a lot more than $10 MM at 65. This is one of the ironies of life, because not many guys have $1 MM by the age of 30. Plenty of guys have $10 MM by the age of 65.
      But, when you are 65, I can assure you that you will not toss away any of that $10 MM because you feel like it is worthless.

      1. My dad had $10mm at age 65. Died of brain cancer and it all went to his second wife who promptly cut me and my sisters out of her will.

  6. Bodybuilding and cardio are big variables in my experience. I get way more attention from women now than I did in my 20’s and I’ve been lifting/ jogging since ’04. I’m heading for 40 and still making gains at the gym.

  7. I had great sex with a 21 year old last month in a town of only 32,000. A week later I celebrated my 40th birthday. I’m constantly amazed at how many women like a mature guy in good shape.

  8. It’s kind of more deranged than what you are saying but men don’t peak until we age. This sounds obvious so an age marker comes up. Is it 31? Will it be 38? Will it be 42? I’d wager, and this will sound wild, but a man can have leverage until he is 56 before he has to really start worrying. Why is that? Because what ages men, is stress and poor body maintenance.
    When a 47 year old, 2x divorced male wants to get back in the game, what should he do? Take a tango class next to a college. In 4 months he will be back to slaying young women. Why? He has removed the stress of maturity (or the old wife trying to age him with her needs and responsibility), he will be thinking of creative ways to enjoy his time, and he will be forced to move his body and old beliefs if he wishes to enjoy his time.
    This new re-wiring and increase of creative energy and vitality allows a man to get back into a mindset that makes it easy to dress fresh, choose new, fun locations to hang out. It even stretches his brain and elasticity making him more fun to be around.
    We all speed up our peaks simply by being set in our ways. Not exercising, not cooking, not maintaining our style, not reading, not accepting that our ideas need to change every few years, and the worst, not being willing to break up patterns. Patterns age us quicker than anything.

    1. Exactly, you cracked the code, this is absolutely correct.

    2. Yep well said
      My Uncle is 52, can still bench same as me and could probably pass for 40
      I know people who look awful at 29

      1. I know people who think they’re past it at 25. 24 year old chick I’ve been seeing is wailing because she’s about to turn “quarter century” and found two grey hairs!

        1. I’m 29 now, and it sometimes is pretty strange to be honest. My students in high school see me as an old man (being 14, 15, 16 themselves), and my colleagues see me as a young man. I still look young, and whenever I talk to new women they think I’m 25
          I can here them thinking “29 is too old for me being 23”. Or maybe that is just a supposition, don’t know.
          Don’t you think it’s funny to see women 25> aging like there is no tomorrow, god they lose that shine so fast. Their already frail skin dries out and wrinkles with a lot of them. The neotenous features disappear at the same time. I am attracted to women 18-27, but I guess I’m not alone on that over here.

        2. It is in your head. Trust me. I felt the same at 29. I used to talk to girls and when I said my age I said it with trepidation and made them feel insecure about it too. Now I tell 23 year olds I’m 41 like its nothing and so they don’t see the big deal. Mainly they are just surprised because I look 29.

    3. Very inspiring. The comments on this article are some of the best I have seen for a while. Say, how young are you Red Hood?

      1. Actually, not that different in age from you as I was born in ’83. Just have had a lot of experiences that have been helpful in getting a strong nature of women and disillusioned me on what separates us.

  9. Men never “peak” so long as they have money. So long as a man has money, there will always be a young nubile 20-something who will be open to him. If not in USSA, most definitely in the third-world.
    Women become more or less invisible by age 40 unless they put in effort to stay in shape, stay curvy, etc.
    This is *somewhat* untrue in the Anglo-sphere due to the epidemic of thirsty beta males and female-dominated culture, but in most of the world this seems to hold true. In some places a woman is considered “old” and expired goods as early as age 30.
    Anglo-sphere is the “exception” to the SMP, not the rule. Thirst is no where near as bad as in America, for example.

    1. I think the Dubai Porto-Potty stories show us that US women are definitely open to any guy with money.

    2. that’s also true for women though. I know lots of good looking 20 something year old guys who go for fifty plus women who have money.

    3. “Anglo-sphere is the “exception” to the SMP, not the rule.”
      Actually, it’s also true for the rest of the Western world. EE and SEA are following.

      1. Not SEA man. Women are considered old at 35. They are done. I work with Vietnamese women and the ones who are 30 and not married are in panic mode.
        Asian men won’t.tolerate that MILF crap like we have.

        1. “Not SEA man”
          I didn’t say it was already the case in SEA. It is just starting in cities like Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur wher epeople are more affluent.

        2. Ok, but even they still marry younger than Westerners.
          Things will probably change eventually though.
          I know that in Vietnam, for example, women still get married in their 20’s, but middle class women from the cities are not that much different from middle class white women. Perhaps they aren’t quite as difficult to deal with, but they aren’t a walk in the park, that’s for sure.

  10. After age 30 men start losing 1% testosterone per year. So if OP is 36, then he’s 94% of what he was back in his 20s. Not a big fucking difference. Sounds like its more of an inner game issue.

    1. That’s not necessarily true, especially if the man keeps up on real exercise (as in lifting weights for real like he did in his 20’s).

      1. Right its case by case. Older male who works out can blow away younger male who drinks beer and plays fantasy football.

        1. Actually I’d go so far as to say that they’re physically stronger than a normal man in his 20’s who lifts weights. It’s like your muscles get denser each year with continued work on them. Rather like an old buck deer has tough meat, but only because it’s spent its life in grueling activities to survive so long, while a young buck’s flesh is much more tender and easier to chew.
          I saw Lou Ferrigno two years ago at the Arnold Classic the man is still an absolute ape, amazing shape, I wouldn’t hesitate to put him up against any…any…twenty something weight lifter in regards to strength.

        2. This is definitely true…..a man has scarcely reached his full size and strength potential before 30 years of age. It’s Just different physical attributes peak at different times, by this time he is already losing speed, flexibility and recovery capabilities fast. There is a reason the current heavyweight boxing and UFC champs are both near 40 years of age, when this is almost unheard at the highest level of any week in week out, seasonal sport. A lot of The older guys can still hang with the younger guys, especially in a one off event or effort, they are just slowing down in other ways, not to mention the wear+tear and toll that sports or an active lifestyle can take on the body over time. It’s the same reason my 60 year old uncle can bench 300 lbs and break a young bucks neck with his bare hands, but couldn’t run 100m or a marathon in anywhere near a respectable time compared to the young guys. He’d probably throw out his shoulder throwing a decent punch too, but still KO you, and ache some the next few days.

  11. I’m 35 and going back to school to make a career switch just because I want to. I have relatively significant amount of resources saved up though from the last 15 years of the prior life I burned out of. I work out, and am satisfied with my physique, looks and all that. I
    The only “Value” I seem to be “Enhancing” is the one I measure against myself.
    Through the 80 or so prior relationships and one ended marriage I’ve had. (thank God: no kids) I’ve decided a woman’s rejection is as worthless as her approval.
    With what women demand in “value” these days I could easily just go have an exotic prostitute all the time and pay her to leave. But that’s not what I want out of life. Sex for me has for the most part was just a cold tool of manipulation and not worth the baggage that inevitably comes with it. Besides that, the sex drive has dropped off compared to what it was in my 20’s.
    I actually have women chasing me for once now, but now that they are, I find myself in my free time preferring quiet evenings at home alone sipping a drink, studying a new language, or just enjoying the quiet rather than going out. In my career life, my best work and life changing successes have occurred at 2-3 AM alone in quiet contemplation. Not when I was throwing all my time, effort and resources down some wet hole.
    “exciting metrosexual clowns”
    WTF? Women these days aren’t going to be happy with any man. And women don’t entertain or do much of anything for anybody. Her requirements consist of needing 1 man to bankroll her, 1 or 2 bad boys to bed her, and another to be her metrosexual emotional tampon.
    Sorry, but none of those roles satisfy me any longer. I have too much value.
    The point is, as time progresses, and your value increases, you may start to realize you don’t need certain things like you once thought you did. A man shouldn’t measure his value by what he has, or his age. A man should simply measure himself by what he can do without. Poon should be pretty high on that list.

  12. How about introverted game? Present an interesting persona, place yourself in social situations where you will meet the same people a lot (a math class, yoga, whatever you would be doing anyway) and wait for them to come to you. Most people have no idea what turns chicks on today, so it should be pretty straightforward to present yourself as the best man in the bunch. Curiosity turns to interest turns to attraction. Less effort and maybe even higher quality so far as mannerisms.

  13. I’m 35 and going back to school to make a career switch just because I want to. I have relatively significant amount of resources saved up though from the last 15 years of the prior life I burned out of. I work out, and am satisfied with my physique, looks and all that.
    The only “Value” I seem to be “Enhancing” is the one I measure against myself.
    Through the 80 or so prior relationships and one ended marriage I’ve had. (thank God: no kids) I’ve decided a woman’s rejection is as worthless as her approval.
    With what women demand in “value” these days I could easily just go have an exotic prostitute all the time and pay her to leave. But that’s not what I want out of life. Sex for me has for the most part was just a cold tool of manipulation and not worth the baggage that inevitably comes with it. Besides that, the sex drive has dropped off compared to what it was in my 20’s.
    I actually have women chasing me for once now, but now that they are, I find myself in my free time preferring quiet evenings at home alone sipping a drink, studying a new language, or just enjoying the quiet rather than going out. In my career life, my best work and life changing successes have occurred at 2-3 AM alone in quiet contemplation. Not when I was throwing all my time, effort and resources down some wet hole.
    “exciting metrosexual clowns”
    WTF? Women these days aren’t going to be happy with any man. And women don’t entertain or do much of anything for anybody. Her requirements consist of needing 1 man to bankroll her, 1 or 2 bad boys to bed her, and another to be her metrosexual emotional tampon.
    Sorry, but none of those roles satisfy me any longer. I have too much value. As far as I’m concerned I age like wine while women age like milk. Men don’t hit walls, unless they place them there.
    The point is, as time progresses, and your value increases, you may start to realize you don’t need certain things like you once thought you did. A man shouldn’t measure his value by what he has, or his age. A man should simply measure himself by what he can do without. Poon should be pretty high on that list.

    1. I agree with the above, but consider the idea that your sex drive could be much higher around feminine, sexy women. I had a LTR with a typical 30 year old American Midwestern girl, perhaps 10 pounds overweight, career girl, selfish, etc. I am roughly your age and a few times sex with her I would have trouble physically performing. I just chalked it up to aging or not being in prime shape. We’d have sex a couple times a week and it was never that satisfying.
      I went to latin America a couple months back, and hooked up with a sexy 23 year old super feminine girl. I’m not talking supermodel looks, just attractive and extremely feminine and happy and kind and sexy. We did the deed multiple times a day, peaking at 10x in one day. (I think the next day was zero haha). Every time physically there was no problem and my body performed like a teenager from the waist down. I had even brought some pills (L-argenine I think?) because I thought I might need them based on how things were with my ex–not the case at all. So consider the possibility that your lower sex drive may just be due to the lack of feminine women you are exposed to.

      1. Completely agree. On some level careers turn women into blank shells with tits and an ass. Especially, those women putting in extra hours. Why is any woman at a job anywhere near 18 hours a day? If anything you were deprived of a woman while dating the career woman.

      2. The best proof of this is when you do 3 way, when one female is much more attractive to you.

      3. I came to the same realization summer last year. Similar experience.
        Dated two girls in a row, both of them had the best bodies of girls I’ve ever dated. One was a tennis player and the other was a ballerina. But for some reason I struggled to get a hard-on for them. I also chalked it up to age and not living the most healthy lifestyle. Lol I also bought l-arginine and took it every day.
        I dated a feminine and sweet Afghani girl later that year, with a body not half as good, and I couldn’t believe how horny I was and how easy it was to go at her 100%. The difference? She was simply more feminine, more sweet, more friendly. The two other chicks just weren’t appealing in comparison… Is it a surprise that the earlier two girls were career bitches? And whorish at that?

        1. this is a great anecdotal evidence that TPTB are using propaganda and media to turn all women into men. then sex will no longer happen full stop. just look at women in the UFC world. disgusting.

        2. Wow. We are really starved for femininity in the west.
          Just curious, did you notice anything from the L-arg? I bought a bottle and took one or two on the plane flight as I left and since then it’s been sitting around unused. I know it is a good healthy supplement to take in general, but just curious what effects overall, if any, you noticed from daily use.

        3. During that time I started working out a lot so it’s hard to disentangle the effects. Over a period of consistent lifestyle what seemed to make all the difference was that the girl I was seeing behaved like a girl.

        4. Clark I’ve had similar stuff happen to me in the same manner. I attribute it to how into the girl you are… sure you like what you see but there’s more to it. There are also sexual and psychological components, how many 8s do you know who can’t fuck to save their life? How many who just annoy you and fill you with disdain over their behavior? I’ve run across a few in life, its frustrating. In your example with the Afghani girl I can tell you were just a little more into her just by your description. Was it an exotic look? Femininity? Values? The way she carried herself? Don’t know but there was something about her you dug. I could fuck a hundred girls from today to five years from now and if they were all like the ones I encountered this year I will fucking kill myself. Can’t get into these girls like I did in 2013/14 and not much has really changed with them in general. I had a certain chemistry with my harem at the time which has been missing all year. I plan to bounce back in Dec/Jan, I hope you can do the same.

        5. Femininity and values pretty much sums it up.
          She wasn’t an entitled snob hung up on feminist ideas. Not only could I appreciate her underlying character more she was the kind of girl that would get on her knees outdoors in the rain.
          It can be a desert out there man, you’re not alone. I’ve seen such fucked up shit from girls that I can barely take western women seriously anymore at all whatsoever.

        6. From an evolutionary perspective, there must be something more basic at play here.
          Perhaps subconsciously, your mind disqualifies certain traits and tells your body not to waste resources on women who will not be fit for long term relationships (long term enough to pump out at least one child and give it a fighting chance/minimum 7 years).

    2. You didn’t have 80 “relationships”. Notch count and relationships aren’t the same thing. Secondly 35 isn’t old unless you dont take care of yourself physically. If some 20 y/o female gets a startled look on her face when you tell her you’re 35, that just means you’re doing something right. Its a minor shit test to overcome. She’s just indicated to you that she was seriously considering you and that everything else is the right fit.

      1. while “notch count and relationships aren’t the same” as you say, I consider a relationship anyone who I have had twice or more. Because I eschew the whole boyfriend/girlfriend thing, regular stable lay is the same as relationship to me.
        Good call on the fact that that look is a shit test. People forget that a shit test doesn’t have to be a negative. The positive shit test is just as, if not more, dangerous because the positivity of the compliment “i can’t believe you are 35” is a shit test that sneaks up on you. I suggest responding to a positive shit test with minor negs or, maybe better yet, totally ignoring it.

    3. This is the attitude and outlook i wish I had.
      At 30 I unfortunately feel my death coming really soon.
      I’ve been on the hard road for most of my 20’s and life gets worse each year regardless of my efforts. Some people have the curse I suppose.

        1. Better obviously, but the ‘stripping away’ and determining what is ‘unnecessary’ is a tough maze in itself.
          I seem to be caught between an idealized life, what the world really is and never being able to actualize even the smallest choice to better my situation.

  14. I’m going to go ahead and disagree with this article on some points. I think, Roosh, that you’re approaching it strictly from a “me, my experience” perspective instead of a more universal perspective informed not only by big cities, but also copious amounts of time in more traditional flyover country.
    When you say “most girls don’t prefer a man in his mid 30’s and beyond” that has to be a local thing, where you’re at. I have had numbers dropped, un-requested, into my lap by very pretty late 20 to young 30 something girls, even this year (I’m 48). Maybe it’s a city thing and they only want Chad TwentyeightDude, but not around these parts, they just don’t seem to care. I did ask a 30 year old bartender I know about it, because I rather assumed that I’d start trailing off once I got over 45, and she said that girls her age these days really don’t give a flying leap about age, usually because younger guys are so flakey these days. Truth or not I don’t know, but reality is bearing out her observations. If you’re not in flyover country, YMMV.
    2. You will not be able to maintain a consistently high level of game effort.
    When you get to your ’40’s you should *NOT* have to be putting in that much time and energy. Additionally, and you’re not quite there yet, you slip out of clown game or dancing monkey game or any other type of “look at me me me!” game and into a cool, confident “I can say anything I want and you’ll love me for it, sweety” type of banter with women. The shit I can get by with saying that younger bucks would get smacked upside the head for is amazing. Control the chicks like they were my own personal Sex Drones and I held the remote. The literally work to please me, almost like enthusiastic dogs.
    High energy, bouncing all around, acting like a dork doesn’t work when you’re 40+, in fact it has the opposite effect. This isn’t to say you stop approaching and go James Bond, rather it’s to point out that you don’t *have* act like a young nearly desperate urchin for attention any longer.
    Additionally I’d point out that a man peaks physically, if he stays in shape, in his late 30’s throughout his 40’s.
    That trend is spreading to more traditional parts of the world, which means women will start to place more value in exciting metrosexual clowns than mature men with ample means.
    Resources? True, they may not care. But hard masculinity, traditional even, and they go crazy. Absolutely crazy. Know why GenX biker “bad boy” men in their 40’s are riding around many times with some 20 something hot seat cover chick? Because she wants a man instead of a hipster or some 20% “female” metrosexual.
    You really, really need to get out of the city for a spell Roosh, I’m rather afraid that it’s skewing your perspective in a way that doesn’t fit the reality outside of the Blue Zones.

    1. I agree with you here GoJ but do not think it is a city v flyover issue as your experience is about the same as mine and I am in the heart of a city.

      1. Ah, well good to hear. I normally credit perspectives this different to flyover vs. city, but if your experience bears out then it’s probably something else. What, I really can’t say.

        1. It may just be a learning curve issue. That first year or so of realizing that the rules of the game have changed can be a little difficult.
          The gaming principles that work for a 22 year old are simply not valid for a 42 year old and that goes the other way around. If I act like I am in my 20’s I will seem like a fool and if someone in their 20’s acts like me it will seem awkward like wearing and old brother’s clothing.
          There is a upscale happy hour place a few blocks from my office and when I go there I have had 0 trouble catching the attention of fresh out of college and working in an office for the first time young ladies.
          I have a built in confidence in a marble bar, upscale place filled with people who are office types through years of familiarity and through success. That confidence cannot be faked by someone younger than me. I know who I am and where I am and many of the young ladies between 22-26 simply do not which means they are the ones off balance and when they run into someone who is sure of themselves, sharply dressed, in shape and at ease in his surroundings they will gravitate to it much quicker than they will one of their piers.
          That said, if I go with one of them to a night club the following Saturday I will seem terribly out of place, unsure of myself and their interest will be captured by people their own age.
          Once I have secured their attention, follow up dates need to always happen on my terms. A restaurant with a nice bar where I know the owner and bartender and will be greeted and treated very well or a more upscale pub or a museum or, the best of all options, when I cook for them at my place. The cooking, itself is quite the lure and the fact that my place is a grown-up, professional man’s home and not the multi tenant messy dwelling that she is used to will serve to seal the deal for me.

        2. I guess the larger point is simply that I have something to offer that a 24 year old doesn’t. So I can’t try to compete with a 24 year old. It’s ridiculous. I need to show them the stuff I have that is different from what they are used to. They will eat it up. They always do.

        3. People in the club scene take it all for granted. The games, their own youth. When I was much younger, I could spot an older guy and observe his pay as you go tab. But me, broke, I’d steal drinks and weasel into sets like it didn’t matter. The older guys would usually come across as cordial and knightly in approaches and they’d go for the jewelry wearing old 30 somethings with aristocratic hair do’s. Those days are far distant now but still it’s good to drop into a club now and then, only not dressed like you’re with the BATF or alcoholic beverages commission. Put on a backwards cap of the local college team and try approach on the hottest number(s) first. They get approached by 100 yo’s and won’t be fased the least. What’s surprising are club responses that are easy and a no brainer for any older seasoned man. You’re likely to have a situation you can game, whether it’s a ride, or ”let’s go to another club”.

        4. Agreed for the most part. However, 40 year old man puts on the clothes of a college frat boy and goes to a popular night club he is, almost without exception, going to look like a jackoff.

        5. LOL! He really would. But take that 24 year old and put him in some sharp clothes and he would slay. I remember being that age and being turned down because I dressed like a 24 year old.

        6. Correct. Given my atmosphere I have no competition from a 24 year old….but if you throw me at a Frat party at USF I will be laughable.

        7. I never go full Montey in that way but dress and carry myself such that I am mistaken for someone a decade or two younger.
          “Manscaping” is a big factor. IMHO.

        8. Frankly, my body has been on a down hill slide from age 24. How do you top being trained by the airborne? Back in the day I could crank out 80 pushups, 100 sit ups and more than a dozen pull ups. My modest success with women over the last 20 years is a result of wiles.

        9. Agreed. I feel we are evolving on a line. Cavemen on one side and aliens on the other. Hair removal is a sign of evolution.

        10. I don’t think so. Like I said to GOJ. Just as the 24 year old has qualities I can’t match, I have qualities he can’t match. As long as I keep the game on my terms, a kid can’t compete (for sex not a relationship).
          It’s simple. I have certain things for sale. I need to target my clients. If I’m selling BBQ to people who are dying for BBQ I don’t care how good a sushi chef you are I am going to put you out of business.
          I think the key is self awareness which isn’t always easy but the results are awesome

        11. I have to say, I am not sure of your meaning. But I will say that dressing up improved my odds add a young man. It was a lack of confidence and gravitas that let me down.
          That said , I have thought about Roosh’s article and I do not agree. I am far more successful now with women now in my forties than as a man in my twenties. I still chase largely the same age women. I think it may depend on your purposes though and how you present yourself. If you present yourself yourself as a mature man who will provide security they will love you. If you just seem out to fuck then you may have more issues.

        12. Don’t over train and train in accordance with the your body’s natural physiology. I understand that airborne actually trains you wrong with respect to peak and sustainable fitness.

        13. That was a lifetime ago. Right now my primary concern is to not look embarrassingly fat and old when I go to the beach with my 26-year old BMI 19 girlfriend.

        14. So you’re 49? No need to fear looking embarrassed. Fat is a symptom of a diet that is mismatched for the human organism. Correct this and apply an efficient level of exercise and other people will be afraid of being embarrassed when they stand next to you on the beach.

        15. Interesting. When I go to clubs I feel fully at ease. I’ll go to all kinds of places with my young girl on my arm and her attention is on me, all of the time.
          Act like you belong and you will.

        16. You are playing a completely different game. Both of us have been that 24 year old guy and frankly, I think we were a bit desperate. It is a zen thing.
          If there is a 2 by 4 across two skyscrapers the 24 year old you or me could not cross it: we would be preoccupied about falling. The mature you and me can just walk across it. We know what has to get done and we do it. Failure is not an option.
          Same shit with women. If you want to fuck a cheerleader or supermodel, the 2 by 4 is right there.

        17. I totally believe that bob. My problem is that I don’t enjoy clubs. my being annoyed shows and it slows me down

        18. Brains, Bob, what about Brains and savvy? I have never entered a gym, body is in good shape but brain is what gets them 🙂
          I have never been asked by a girl to do DIY. I simply refuse and say, get a handyman!

        19. :What an absurd ground to call someone a gentleman but I hear you! A bit of puff is good for the soul 🙂
          Word of caution, moving back to the States with your 26 year old BMI gf will be a mistake however……

        20. It’s all tongue-in-cheek. But no, I don’t plan on repatriating any time soon (to Canada). If and when I do with her I will aim for a small town with their small town sensibilities rather than rat . .ahem . . .feminist infested Toronto or the like.

        21. Important points but the way you look will be what gets her attention. Your brains and savvy will keep her.

    2. Indeed. I live near Seattle. If I wanted to score more, I’d need to become at best a “Lumbersexual” which looks heinously gay to me. I don’t think these guys realize how stupid they look.
      Between me, you and Roosh, I think we can see a spectrum. You live in the real America. Roosh lives in the real “world” as much it’s real but it’s not America, but the western cancer is spreading into that real world. In a way, it’s almost a good thing that the effeterati running things view the real America as “flyover country” and think every corner has pickup trucks full of rednecks ready to kill people for being liberal or gay or something. I never met a southerner go got mad over that redneck stereotype because “it keeps the Yankees away” they would say.
      From my end, I can speak of the total effect of the unreal America, the “leftoid city” where feminism has a stronghold. Women around here, by the time they are 25, are not dropping phone numbers on men in their 40s. They are already getting fat, driving a Subaru, and using their yellow or black Labrador as the surrogate for all that missed friendship and love. Their idea of revealing clothes is one wool sweater instead of two. The woman at the beginning of Idiocracy, the one who didn’t reproduce, is a good example of what you get around here, just add 100lbs (and an inability to notice that extra weight).

        1. In New York we called them “Superjews” but I never could make the connection. Every Jew I knew drove something else.

        2. Jews in Soobs I haven’t noticed it either. Subaru’s are huge in the granola/chicks-with-hairy-armpit towns like Boulder CO , portland OR etc..You go to Boulder and every other car is a subaru damn near. Subaru’s are libmobiles too. Don’t see many NRA stickers on the back of them. Subaru’s are great cars though. Full time all wheel drive. Amazing traction in snow. Use the boxster type engine. But they are a total appliance. No cool factor at all. I drove a Sub Forrester for a while and it was a pussy repellent .

        3. The Jews like to drive Lexus since Mercedes is owned by Nazis. Lib chicks that drive Subarus are fat and have unshaved pussies, they can have their Lez friends go down on them. It is funny when I spot these libs keying SUVs because they are gas guzzlers. It is a shame how women are sexist and judge a man by the kind of car they drive over the quality of the person.

      1. Poor guy Seattle is tough. They really do not like meeting new people there. Cold but oh so polite. Far to many tattoos and short unnaturally colored hair. When you get past the walls they build. Smoking so much weed has lowered their IQs. The truth is they are not so much hard to get, but they just make you wonder how much effort they are worth. An overly bold and happy demeanor leaves them thinking about you. It makes you stand out. Seattle has a look. don’t follow it, dress better than it. That is just my experience there, your results may vary

        1. My biggest beef with the place is that everybody acts like they are afraid to get upset. It’s not like a laid back attitude whereby people are not bothered by shit. No. Everybody is bothered by everything, but they are afraid to do or say anything about it.
          The best description I ever heard was that in Seattle, they are LARPing social media.
          But yeah, not being afraid to say that which needs to be said will make you a man amongst…. well these are hardly men. The rest of Washington is not like this. Heck in Tacoma they make fun of Seattle and play up the “don’t come here, you’ll get robbed/killed by Americans” image.

        2. Spot on. Yes they are all afraid to offend. Scared to death to be different in an unproved way. And no the men are not men there, they glory in being feminist approved all while crying that the girls cheat on them with assholes. I like Tacoma, it is far more real

        3. Good things about Tacoma on first impressions:
          — taxi drivers play metal (even if it isn’t quality Finnish metal, it’s still metal)
          — many of the young chicks around UW Tacoma actually look good
          — The Harmon is a lovely place to see some of those young chicks working for a living
          — Dorky’s is a fine establishment for drinking beer, eating snacks, and winning impossible to beat 1980s/1990s video games simply by applying what was once unbelievable amounts of funds
          — you can tell the irritating Seattle people you meet about where they can pick up the 594
          (again I say, I can do this all day …)

    3. Honestly, as a younger guy, I’ve found not being the clown works quite well. I’ve never really chased chicks; yet, I’ve had fun with a lot of them. Sure make them laugh, but it doesn’t take much effort. Just being confident, cocky and proud of the man you are draws ’em to ya. Shoot guns, drive boats, start your own business… then you have something to talk about which is only about you. They don’t really care about connecting over pop culture references, they want to tell you about themselves and get little slices of “this sexy man’s life” handed out in rations so they can create a narrative in their heads about who you are. Should be instinctive by the time you’re 23.

    4. This resonates in Northern, non-metro England too
      Example, very hot 20-year old barmaid in local pub – boyfriend in his mid 40s
      His oldest daughter is only 2 years younger than his gf

    5. I second your emotion.
      You mention Bond and I was thinking Bond before you mentioned him. Frankly, I think women love that James Bond kind of air (I am thinking the Daniel Craig type). Mature, strong, intelligent, confident, etc rather than suave Roger Moore. Or the Jason Statham type (also strong, witty, action-orientated). These kinds of guys are proper walking panty moisteners and I have many woman say that the reason they approached me (yes approached me) is because I project that alpha male persona.
      You don’t need clown game unless you look like a clown. I look like the guy who will beat up rude blokes at the bar.

        1. Actually, I get the Bruce Willis thing from time to time. Ok by me as he is a 50-ish guy who can still pull teenage tail.

    6. I think, Roosh, that you’re approaching it strictly from a “me, my experience”…

      Of course. Roosh is still working out that whole ’empathy’ thing.

      1. The problem that Roosh is facing is that his bread a butter is being a PUA guru but he had an epiphany that this lifestyle is rather empty. I like what he writes about social circumstances and such but I am become bored of his constant whining about women.

    7. I learned to approach girls via Roosh’s books, now currently are in a LTR, finally learned what love is. Without game, I could not have done it, nor maintained my relation healthy. You will always need game.
      Let me tell you all, love still exists, in certain conditions and cultures. All the approaches and bangs in the world are, to a degree, worth less than the true love of a woman. We are trascendental beings, not only in this world to bang. The sad reality is that most living men lack the abilities to bang the women the want, and also to be worth of being loved by one.
      That is not to say, that life has cycles which begin an end. Nothing lasts forever, and neither your spinning plates nor the woman you love will be eternal. A true man must have a full life: sex, love and purpose. I still can’t reconcile the idea of marriage and paternity. Lets see what my 40s-50s bring up.
      Of course, 6 years in eastern Europe chasing local tail likely prevents a man from discovering all facets of life. The eternal adolescent.

    8. I find that there is always 3 versions of the truth. His/hers/ and 3rd party observer. I dont think there are many young women wanting to settle for a man 1.5 to twice their age. Maybe in very poor parts of the world like Thailand where everthing is a Go Go or a Bang Bang. (LOL) The love will last as long as your wallet remains hefty..yes. Agreed!! Then we have some former Soviet countries where the beauties are looking for a sucker meal ticket to feed the village. Agreed again!! But unless you want to expatriate & leave your family & friends, wear rosy glasses about being anything more than a commodity,SMV for men does go down in their late 30s- 40s too. The majority of men that I see walking around in their mid 30s-mid 40s look like pot belly pigs. Might as well castrate them they have so much estrogen. I doubt many hot 20 year old want them. If you are talking about the .999999% of the male population with ample resources,game, and decent physique. But that is the exception. I go to Thaliand every 2 years. I see lots of young Thai women with fat disgusting old men. I then see those same men with something called Lady Boys. Its called sexual tourism. These are not real relationships.Women are more visual then you think. Women are very discriminate about a mans hairline and hair status. Bald= Slim chance with hot femaile. I have 3 younger sisters and I have had many conversations with them and hundreds of girlfriends through the year, and most were very superficial that went only for looks!! Suprise suprise!! In the end I think you asttract what you put out there. I have never had a hard time meeting both attractive quality women without having to resort to manipulation or expatriating. I think you really need to work on being the best version of yourself with a bonofide career, confidence and girls will respond.

    9. “where you’re at. I have had numbers dropped, un-requested, into my lap by very pretty late 20 to young 30 something girls, even this year (I’m 48). ”
      GOJ if you do not mind me asking, what do these 20 somethings look like? What famous actresses would you say they most resemble? I don’t mean to put you on the spot, but somehow the notion of a twenty something dropping her phone number in a 48 year old guy’s lap seems a bit far fetched. I hope I’m simply being too obtuse, but given the current zeitgeist and I can’t help but be suspicious that she might be chasing after your resources or something. I mean no disrespect because you and I are in the same age group, and I’m among your biggest admirers of your posts at ROK.

  15. I’m late fifties. I find older women attractive. Especially forties. This notion that women are done after “the wall” is strange. I’m not young, so I’m not expecting to get young women. You guys will get there. You can’t imagine it now if you’re 30. But it’s gonna be alright. Relax.

    1. The only woman in real life (not Hollywood) that I find attractive in her 40’s is my wife, likely because of wife-goggles. If I were starting out alone and single tomorrow I can’t say that I’ve seen any resident 40 plus women who would turn my crank in any particular fashion. 48 here.

  16. Men have, in a sense, a biological clock as well. A man in his 60’s can still get a fertile woman pregnant. But he is not thinking about sex constantly, as he was 40 years earlier. Even when getting young pussy, it’s just not all that exciting anymore. Literally, it often becomes more trouble than it is worth.
    Which brings one back around to traditional values. If our society were not so completely fucked up, with most young women being worthless and brainwashed, I would recommend most young men to get married in their mid to late 20’s. It’s much more important to build a rewarding and satisfying life than it is to score large numbers of vaginas, all of which are mostly the same.
    Of course, society has been corrupted. So this is not a good path for young men. Which leads to the obvious need to rack up the vagina count while you have the drive. What to do later in life? I’m not entirely sure, but it definitely should not include sharing your hard-earned resources with a +40 year old woman that has stuffed +50 cocks in her vagina (and mouth and ass).
    One guy I know in his mid-50’s has moved already to Manila. He swears by Filipinas and of course has a stable in their 20’s. He likes the lifestyle. I’ve been to the Philippines several times, not sure I can live there, but I have to agree with him that there is less cultural bullshit.

    1. I can only say I’m happy I settle down and got lucky. Real lucky as I was not all that loyal. Younger American girls today are intolerable to deal with. And by 25 they have a notch count that is scary. I have met 18 year old girls who had more sex partners than I have. And what they think of as normal getting to know you sex is crazy. Without a doubt they are porn trained.

    2. I’ve been through the pussy slaying fun. I will never regret it and it has opened my eyes to settling down. Having said this, it has made me exponentially more selective in choosing a woman to marry. Once you know the truth, the world becomes easier in some senses and way harder in others.

    3. I find I think about sex more in my 40s than in my 20s. I feel like I need it on tap rather than occasionally.

  17. With regard to point 1:
    It goes without saying that you will have to adapt your game…not because it no longer works as it should, but because “YOU” can no longer pull it off as you could. This isn’t a knock on a Man or his game, but a reality check in the form of Father time. A a 40+ year old sophisticated Man can’t have the same exact successful game a 20+year old Man does and vice versa. Very rarely can a Man pull off the youthful look and the older, seasoned look at the same time and only for so long. Not screwing up your body with drugs, hard booze and even sex will help keep your stock up as you age. (look at Charlie Sheen for inspiration, he looks like shit and he’s got “the monster.”
    You will have girls who go for the younger looking guys and those who go for the older gents, sometimes they will overlap but more often they won’t. The older we get the more likely we are to have to “tweak” our game in order to get the kind of girl we want, either that or adjust our parameters somewhat (to compensate for being older) by going for older females.
    Take for instance: myself.
    I’ve always been able to approach younger females but i’m about to enter 40 soon and i know that some 18 to 25 year olds will look at me funny (or worse) if i hit on them. The window for having successful game with those types gets smaller and smaller with each passing year. As proof: i chatted it up with this one sweet looking 20 year old at a so called healthy cafe a few months ago and she rolled her eyes and blew me off when i asked her out. That was a sobering experience but i didn’t let it faze me because i’d been rejected before, just never due to my age. (even in my late 30’s i still look young, just not young “enough” for this girl.)
    Now by contrast i talked to this other young Lady at a local walmart shortly thereafter. She was 21 and we have almost two decades between us but our conversation seemed to start off well as i chatted her up over the produce section.
    She seemed to blush and be embarrassed that i was talking to her, which i was about to write off as another failed encounter but upon further conversation it seemed to be due to her not expecting an older Man to be attracted to her. Once she assured me “she likes older Men” i knew i had her.
    You can see the contrast here…the first younger cunt…EXCUSE ME…girl obviously didn’t go for the older type but the second one obviously did. As i advance further in age my odds for scoring with these types will logically decrease, so i’ll either have to settle on moving up my preferred age range or adjust my game to try and incorporate conversation that will appeal to them for greater successful results. Since most of these females have an IQ somewhere between a canned ham and a pickle jar, the effort itself isn’t worth it. I’d rather adjust my preferred age range so that i’m able to score more successfully than not, than be forced to learn the latest bim lingo in order to relate to these airheads for a potential bang.
    Anyway, the first girl was young and dark, with a thin shape. She wasn’t too impressive but her face was pretty. I’d give her a solid 7. The second girl was a light skinned chocolate, 7 maybe a 7 1/2, only because she was a little chunky but she wore it well. She had two huge knockers and i just couldn’t resist. At 5 “4 they made them seem even larger. What was funny is that we were pretty close to the cantaloupe section as i recall haha.
    We dated for awhile but the ease in which she let me hit it was disturbing. On our first date i fiddled with her tits at the theater and back at the parking lot i seduced her into sucking me off and letting me suck on her tits. I’m the type that will push the envelope to see how far i can get before you actually stop me…it’s my way of realizing what type of female i’m with so i can respond accordingly. The fact that she allowed me to do that was disconcerting so after i wasn’t thinking with my dick, i put her in the “whore” category and lost interest. Her conversation wasn’t very stimulating to begin with and i need some mental attraction to stay interested. I realize i could still have caught something from having her suck on me but, after a stressful day at work i needed some release. Chalk it up to a stupid moment on my part.
    This contrast should show the older Men here that they should never get discouraged from being rejected by the kind of females they used to go for. There’s always one who will say yes even if the other 9 say no.
    With regard to point 2:
    I have to agree completely. Some guys tend to think that as you age your game suffers because your libido drops off but that’s a popular misconception. If anything, i am hornier now then i was when i was younger because when i was really younger i was still a virgin and i didn’t stop being a virgin until almost halfway between then and now.
    What actually happens is, if you’re any kind of real Man you will spend your time increasing your value beyond sex, by learning different skills or abilities that set you apart from others. If you are a professional (as i am) you will constantly seek better job opportunities that will come with more and more responsibilities, which naturally means less time to go chasing tail. Remember though, you are doing this for YOUR benefit, NOT theirs.
    Younger guys tend to have less responsibilities so it’s easier for them to go chase 10-25 females a day or month, but as you get older your free time gets smaller and smaller. That’s just the nature of things. You can only squeeze in so many things in a 24 hour day and unless you sacrifice sleep, something has to give. As you make more money you find yourself wanting to waste it less and less, so you are more selective about which ass you go for.
    In the end and as you get older, you need to adjust your game to compensate for a variety of factors as Roosh said, and understand that no matter how good you are you will reach a certain point where you’re never as good as you used to be, due to factors beyond your control.
    If you are any kind of real Man however, you won’t get depressed at that, you will adjust and succeed and pick your poon more selectively and (thanks to your increased sophistication) more successfully.
    And of course you might be surprised when a few of the girls you used to chase now start to chase you…even though you’re old enough to be their older brother or even Father. Girls today are a lot less inhibited than they were when i was growing up, and being hit on by a fresh young fruit as the clock is set to strike “4” is definitely a cause for a smile 🙂

  18. I am a healthy, athletic guy in my late 30’s who still has hair but didn’t learn game until my 20’s and I have been contemplating the same question recently.
    In my early to mid 30’s I used to be able to pull the same age range of women consistently. That is mid to late 20’s to early 30’s. Sometime about 2-3 years though it started to change subtlety. Now I find myself being only able to pull women in their early 30’s. I am now an “old guy” to women in their 20’s. I used to be a lot more sociable with younger people at work too but have started to notice that I am being kept off invitations to parties and such that the 20 somethings are throwing. I asked one work friend what gives when I start noticing this and his explanation was that his younger coworkers just didn’t think about me when planning. At some point in time their mind just moved me from the “in” category to the “probably doing something else because he is older” category.
    Point being, I feel like a man in their late 30’s has probably “peaked”. Maybe given individual circumstances this can shift 5-7 years either which direction, but definitely life in my late 30’s is much different then my life was in my early 30’s despite little else changing other then age and the fact I just look a little older.
    If a man in his early 30’s were reading this I would advise him to keep this in mind. When you start creeping up toward you late 30’s or early 40’s you might want to think about hanging up the game and having kids if you are so inclined. The playboy lifestyle isn’t a bad one but just be aware that for most it has an expiration date.

  19. “Unless a man is paying for sex outright through prostitution or Russian-style “sponsorship,” his ability to get 18-25 year olds will begin dropping gradually after 35”
    Probably true. But if the man is willing to use “Russian-style sponsorship” one can keep with truly beautiful young girls 18-24 for many years.
    What is “Russian-style sponsorship”. Simply put it is helping girls get what they want from a consumer perspective. Most of these young girls are absolutely not prostitutes, and would be offended if you inferred they were. They are a third way based upon Russian consumerism.
    Russian girls are highly materialistic, probably coming from communism (as older Russians have told me) where girls had next to no money, but the ability to dress well and be made up was a major status indicator. Consequently Russian girls even today will spend every kopek they have on clothes and cosmetics to show status.
    The other primary expense is rent. Most Russian girls and women live with their parents because they simply cannot earn enough to pay for their own apartment. To have a rented apartment, either alone or with ones’ girlfriends, confers status.
    So here we have three wants – clothes, cosmetics, and rent – that these girls spend virtually all their money on (with a minimum on food).
    What happens then is that the money runs out well before the next pay check, and they simply must have the newest clothes and cosmetics; or the rent payment is coming due. If they don’t pay they will be kicked out by unsympathetic landlords. What to do?
    Well, networking is big, and girls will help each other over some of the humps; and they will certainly ask all the guys they know for “help”; but it usually isn’t enough. Here enters the sponsor.
    A sponsor in Russia is roughly a “John” in English, but not really. John’s pay prostitutes, and these are not prostitutes – remember? They are girls with a shortfall in funds and payments due in need of help.
    Given that these are normally “good girls” who do not go around picking up guys, or selling themselves, there is an opportunity here. A sponsor is then, someone who offers to help them with their financial shortfall in exchange for an intim (a private meeting for sex).
    There are no obligations on either side. The guy gets great sex (believe me these Russian “good girls” believe in pleasing the man, not just laying there being a cum dump). The girl gets the financial help she needs until the next financial hurdle looms. You can repeat with the same girl(s) or see new ones as you wish.
    I’m almost 70, single, a bit overweight, but still strong, and speak a minimal amount of Russian – and I will have the girls 18-22 stacked to come to me, 2 or 3 a day if I want, while I’m in country. And these girls range from 7-9s, trim and sports bodies. Lower scale is available but why would anyone want them?
    That is “Russian-style sponsorship” in a nutshell.
    As an aside; I’ve thought about an ebook on this subject. Let me know if you men would be interested in learning the system that I’ve perfected over almost 20 years to be able to access these girls, and have them waiting for you.

    1. yeah dude, i’m interested. in fact happy to work with you on it. i do think there is a market, just another form of sugar daddying sounds like.

      1. Actually it requires game as well. Russian girls don’t like wimps and will walk all over you if your masculine frame isn’t tight. But they make great lovers.
        I read at blackdragon that 20% of girls like men a good bit older, another 40% are okay with it but don’t look for it, and about 40% are against men a good bit older. So you have to sift for the 60% who are willing. And it has to be done according to Russian standards, or they will still reject you.
        Bonking girls who are 7-9s almost 50 years younger than me is a hoot.) And that they want to keep coming back for more is great for the ego.
        Thanks for the interest.

  20. I’m 50, and during my 40s banged many girls in their 20s. I keep in shape, live in NYC and have many high SMV checklist items girls want, including youthful looks, high energy and decent game. I’ve definitely slowed down a bit, though. Luckily I found a 26 year old Asian chick who’s completely submissive and will bear me a son in a couple of months. (No marriage, though)

      1. Judging from your response you’re a little beta bitch keyboard warrior who can only come up with drive-by insults. No matter, my son will be raised in a traditional two parent household as a red-pill warrior who will kick your ass physically and intellectually should he ever have the displeasure of running across your mangina ass.

  21. I think as a whole men become less socially and sexually dependant as they age, so even if you could pull the same attention from women, you have less motivation to and derive less satisfaction from it anyways. In that sense the ideal peak for getting girls would have been screwing super models at 14 years old. We all missed that boat. So just be happy with trying to maximise as best you can now, in terms of getting what you want.
    I think your peak is when personally you think that you are getting the most out of life, and it isn’t just dependant on women. If you don’t run and jump for a living, I wouldn’t worry about being “too old” for anything until 55+. And yeah, money helps at any age

  22. I’m 40.
    By a somewhat curious set of circumstances, I’ve been fucking the same girl on and off for 18 years. At 18 she was the women of my dreams and other men where jealous (guess how that worked out). Now she’s 36 and fucking her every few months is more like fulfilling an obligation to an old friend. The hottest girl I’ve fucked, has hit the
    wall. I watched it all go down. I was a participant. She says I’m not a sweetheart anymore.
    This pretty much puts aging in perspective.
    But, I lived a libertine life. The divorced man back on the hunt is nothing like me. The guy who is really trying is nothing like me.

  23. Thank you for saying yet again that which needed to be said, Roush.
    It’s a huge generalization about this peaking thing. But I could never work out this contradiction: if a man of means and accomplishment is what would give the younger women the tingles, because they seek men with resources, what good is that dynamic for a ONS anyway? It’s rather odd that a fellow must be on full regalia of his worth (through any means of display) when in the end she’s not going to care the next day.
    Is this a game they play on men, or is this a process of them deluding themselves? What’s the difference between getting fucked by some 40 y/o captain of industry compared to getting fucked by some 25 y/o sweet talker with a nice haircut? In the end, it’s the same. O-faces and noise.
    Is it, to a hamster, just less slutty and rapey if the man they had a ONS with was a “winner” (in her mind)? Or would I be wasting my time trying to understand this?
    Now here’s a flipside for my fellow Gen-Xers (you millenials are fucked 7 ways to Sunday and should expect at this rate to be living like Mad Max by the time you are 40):
    When you are in your 40s in the USA, this roiling sea of blubber, the women in their 40s who are not disgusting lardasses (so fat when the go to the beach, Greenpeace shows up and starts pushing them into the water) are extremely rare now. How rare? Heh – play this game: go out people watching and count the ratio. 8 out of 10 American women in their 40s are disgusting slobs.
    Now, if you, in your 40s, are in shape, then you get to be with that 2 out of 10 who are not fat ugly shitbags. If you keep yourself up in appearance and health then you get to be with that occasional woman who “aged well” as we say. And they do exist. And the upside is this: since you are not dealing with women who are looking for someone to feed their babies, your success matters LESS. Heck, a woman who keeps it together past 40 is operating at a range of sophistication and intelligence that they don’t get fat and ugly. They are too smart to be like all too many gen-X women sitting there loaded up on GMO and hydrogenated soy screaming “I hardly eat!!! (stuff diet twinky into skull hole) But I can’t lose weight!”.
    So keep it together and things go well and get easier with the few remaining non-fat non-ugly non-batshitcrazy women left. Especially since a lot of the competition is also waddling around fat, balding (but afraid do deal with it and go skully because having a fat head looks dumb) and broke from being divorce raped.
    The only drawback is that being older means you get to fuck old ladies. I don’t think there’s a pussy on this planet over 35 that has the fresh smell she had at 18.

    1. Date Asians and Brazilians and Hispanics. It’s far simpler. American women by-and-large are ruined. The system is ruined. You just can’t get seriously involved with American women. Wanna know something else? American women from 45-50 on up have no sex drive. They’re dry, their bodies are ruined from being on birth control for three decades and their spirits are ruined spending their lives finding fault and discriminations everywhere. Fuck them, date and marry foreign women. Save your sanity, keep it simple. It is because American women are so fucked in the head that your post is so convoluted, Doktor. I get it. Date and marry foreign. Good Luck.

      1. My posts are convoluted because I’ll have it open for a long time and don’t do it all at once. I multitask all day.
        Asian women, maybe. Beware the yellow meat. I worked for a Japanese company once. The women age better, but by 40 they are like Dragon Ladies – they look like drag queens and they all smoke. And that submissive demeanor is gone.
        Hispanic no. Hispanic is an invented race. There is clearly a war on whites and I’m not going to be driven to half-breed offspring.
        I have known people from South America, and a huge branch of my family tree has a Spanish name. Everybody I knew was not “dark”. Heck they are descended from Germans, Spanish, Dutch. My friend Rodrigo with his blond haired blue eyed mother and his black haired but white as a ghost dad. “Hispanic”?
        There is clearly a difference between one type of Hispanic over the other. So I’m not buying it. If I wanted to marry a native I’ll go native and find a real native.
        Admittedly Latinas are hot, but they develop into being shaped like a refrigerator after time. No thanks.

    2. …and when i was in ma 70’s my gear wasn’t jiggin quite right and had to put her down fo the doctor’s orders… still had ammo but no rudder young man… Learn to smile and not get fucked over.

  24. Here in Australia it is definitely tough to bang HOT young chicks if you are mid 30s plus. They definitely have been brainwashed into thinking getting fucked by an “old dude” is “creepy”. That makes things tough for the Aussie guys, because our women age terribly. However, most of us do the best we can, and there are enough sluts here to get by. It is for this reason we are facing an epidemic of cat ladies – career gals ageing and destined to wind up alone. No Aussie male wants a washed up career gal who rode the carousel for 15+ years as his girlfriend/wife/mother of his kids!

    1. Aside from the career girls, there are quite a few party girls approaching their mid 20’s who look like they’re 40 from all the intense partying. A well preserved 60 yo dude could pull a party girl like that since the girls never ascribed to any tradition other than partying and being offbeat. I’ve known a few girls who believe it’s ‘cool’ to be with an older guy who looks somewhat hip. The ‘ozzy’ look or ‘hulkster’ look can pull. Hair gone? Fu man chu beard and biker tats compensate. Orville Reddenbacher look is turn off and George HW senior (school principle look, all power/no sex appeal) will make co eds scram. Avoid the beer belly from a 15 yr beta marriage and the moustache/glasses of an old white knight. Even lez feminists would have you buy them drinks, then make out in front of you and then bid you adou, giving you raspberries on the way out.
      An old fart? Keep it rock star in appearance and lay down the ass hole game of a celebrity ex con. It’s never too late for any man to breed. Spit the common manosphere lingo to a naive 18 yo nymph and swoo her like a descended god or teacher without shame. A girl 18 isn’t likely to have learned to hate men yet, so nail her and slap that cooking apron on her, and it’s family GO!! Hail the patriarchy!

    2. Why would on earth would a young women not think it were creepy being it hit on by middle-aged guys?

  25. Glad I am married. 51 years old. No longer feel like messing with all that. But I still follow these threads as my son is in college.

  26. I have to ask: How much of this article is directly against Rollo? It’s pretty obvious by now you guys don’t see eye to eye. But this seems like a covert shot right at him.

    1. Rollo says men peak at 38. Physically that would be some years earlier. Financial it will be later, and in terms of women available it will be a decade earlier I guess.

      1. I agree physically that it would be earlier. Rollo is clear that a male’s SMV is determined on “potential.” While a woman’s SMV is largely based on her looks while she is relatively young. A man has to actively work to reach his top SMV at 35-38, where he should be young enough to successfully raise children, financially stable, emotionally stable etc.
        If there wasn’t such a huge stigma in the West of older men marry younger women, I think Rollo’s model would be perfect.

  27. Mass-Cash, otherwise known as “Fuck You Money” still brings lots of broads into the fold, or you into their folds. Was in DC fresh off a divorce in Clinton’s DC 1992-2004 age 30-45, with a motorcycle and good job, plenty of dough and it was a rollicking good fuck-time. Every broad in the region was channeling her inner Monica Lewinski, there were no tatts, blue hair, piercings, obese women were rare. Pulled all women in their early 20’s, so I hit the sexual revolution at a very good time in history. Women were still pretty wholesome fresh out of college and behaved with dignity in public.
    Those days are over, at age 58, I’m wise to American women and so date a Brazilian gal, 48 and she is beautiful, loving and a great bedtime. Roosh is right, you pull older women but that’s ok. With the absolute ruination of American-born and educated women, it’s easy to date Asian ladies, Hispanics and Brazilians and the worst of those is better than 90% of American women. Stay in shape, Gents, stack your money, stay in decent cities (Boston for me) and life is very good. Life with women is still good, but more settled, less drama and frankly, while I don’t get as much as I used to, I get as much pussy as I want, just like the old days, but indeed, I suppose I want less variety. You get content with one fine woman as you age. And keep the motorcycle, stay in shape, you needn’t give it up. I haven’t!
    Gentlemen, Good Luck, Gentlemen.

  28. 48 checking in. Still killing it. Plates are now 19-23 (I set the 26 y.o. free b/c she got baby rabies.) I have an 18 y.o. lined up, but may or may not take the shot.
    I have an advantage in that I front my own band, but most of my pulls aren’t from shows (and it’s not like I’m on tour, either).
    How to Still Pull When You’re in Your 40s
    *Stay away from shit that ages you: drugs, smoking, too much booze and especially women your own age.
    *Don’t become a fat slob. Stay as fit as you can. Do it FOR YOU; as a side effect, you will be more attractive to women.
    *Be exceptional at something. Or two or three somethings. I front my own band. It also helps that I make bank, but money is only useful in the right hands. There’s a reason it’s called Beta Bucks. Don’t be that guy.
    *Approach like a motherfucker. I am a natural extrovert, so it’s easy for me. I have *zero* approach fear and haven’t for a long gawddam time. Like decades. WTF is the worst thing that happens? You get turned down? So fucking what? There are girls out there who really DIG older guys. But they don’t wears signs that say “Love Me, Daddy!” so you have to approach to find them.
    Now go forth and SLAY!
    À bientôt,

    1. Staying limber and a good dancer helps in the clubs. Becoming a fat bald godfather with a rolex sitting on a fart cushion in the corner of the club with comrades is a route some men take. They may pull the hottest gold diggers but their bodies are compromised.

  29. Roosh, your energy declining is telling. When I was 34, within a year I got real tired, constantly more sluggish and I couldn’t project what I would be doing within the next year. I seriously couldn’t foretell if I’d be alive within 2 yrs. The energy to work only came after loads of caffeine and I was only good for 4 hrs of productive time on any given day. Then I had a hair analysis done and a few minerals were off but mainly mercury showed up! I was eating the same fish daily and it was LARGE FISH full of mercury! To add to that, I would down my daily lunch of baked fish with my favorite 2 litre bottle of red pop, corn sweetened and with more red 40 than any other food out there. The drink ‘did it’ and got me pumping, but it was the massive dose of red 40. It was like a drug.
    Most guys it seems don’t take diet seriously until shit starts to break. Too much was riding on my health at work so I followed instincts I had all along about diet and cut out the processed crap. I walked my talk for once. Pure source nutrients (juicer) or bottled fruit/veg with nuts/meats. Also try the blood type diet by P. D’Adamo.

    1. I agree with your opinion. Diet (reading what is in what you eat) is very important. High protein and simplicity over the many shelves of food machinations ubiquitous in America. If you can’t pour it down the drain in chemistry lab… why would i want to ingest it?

  30. Men peak when they decide they are done improving themselves beyond their ability. I’m 50, and killing it more than ever in every way.

      1. Working my ass off gaming and closing business. It’s the same as in all my other endeavors.

  31. i’m almost 70! I pick up bitches by pretending i need help with my groceries, then i knock them over with my cane and do my thang!
    life is good, thanks Viagra!!!

  32. Roosh I’d flat out recommend you find a more sane mid 30s female that looks 18. There’s a few. Shell be done with the carousel and know wtf she wants and who she is. 18-25 are usually so dumb and delusional they’re hardly even a good bang.
    Nice analysis. Now you just need to find what gives you more energy. Get a pair of gymnastics rings, learn Tai Chi and yoga. You can have 4x the energy of your youth if you have a place to put it and a good diet.

    1. Why would you want a girl that accepts you after she’s done with the carousel though? LOL this is horrible advice. Good luck finding a mid 30s woman that looks 18

      1. Yo jockey. You’re sounding off like a whiney little bitch. At least back your comments up with reasoning. That way you don’t sound like a 22 year old girl who won’t eat her Brussel sprouts spewing out noise.

        1. WTF does that insult even mean? He correctly dismantled your bad advice and you offer a weak retort. You ask him to ‘back up his comments with reasoning’ I guess you mean when he states it’s hard to find 35 year olds that look 18. Well, it is. He secondly states why would you want a women who’d already written the carousel ( which is shitty advice) ….so, what’s there to back up? He’s right….who wants a woman that’s ridden 15 – 50 cocks? And , it’s rather difficult, though not impossible to find a very young looking 35 year old. I’ve found that older women are just more difficult.

  33. The classic illustration of the “peak” I think comes from Rollo. The perhaps unspoken assumptions that come with this include:
    1) You are not a natural. High school and varsity athletes, for instance, have SMVs that skyrocket through their late teens and early 20’s. By the time they are in their thirties, many will lament about the “glory days”. For the rest, it is a building process.
    2) That building process has three basic components:
    a) Game, in being able to successfully interact with women
    b) Building your financial resources throughout your 20s
    c) Getting your body into and then maintaining a high level of physical fitness.
    There is also the idea that you are maturing as a man in terms of your knowledge, beliefs and worldliness, but frankly, the vast majority of women DNGAF about that. . .literally.
    So here is where the assumption falls apart: only a small fraction of all men will do all three as they go through their 20s. Many won’t learn game; many more won’t stay in shape, and a significant minority will not pursue a standard career or wealth per se.
    In this article, Roosh uses “peak” in a different sense as some sort of combination of the number and quality of women that you ARE getting during a given period of your life. And so it follows that you can be bothered to be approaching consistently (a half dozen times a week or so), and that you live in an area or walk in circles where women of “high value” (apparently defined as those 18 to 24 with hot bodies) are available.
    The problem here is that there is no direct consideration of the quality and quantity of the SEX you are getting. Case A would be where you find a girl who you have an emotional connection with, and then she blows your mind every night with her bedroom antics over the course of 6 months. Case B is where you land one or more girls a week, perhaps plate them, and then sex is ok. So who has “peaked” here? B gets far more notches but A gets more and better sex over that same half year.
    Roosh makes the point that particularly young women – 18 to 24 – will avoid older men. I tend to agree unless you happen to be Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp, men in their early 50s who are famous, filthy rich, tend to be in good physical condition, and otherwise look 20 years younger than they are. Even still, the wonders of the internet allow you access to millions of girls of all ages with all tastes in men. It’s not that hard to find a bunch who don’t consider age a deal breaker if other things are on the table.

  34. I do not think you need to approach loads of women. I never have and I get plenty of girls. I prefer the Deer Hunter Approach (one shot) to the Shotgun Approach. I focus on the quality of the target rather than trying to hit every target. I aim to hit a high value target. By high value I mean a very attractive woman that you have a reasonable expectation that she will like you. Therefore, you have two roles. You are the spotter and the shooter. You might even argue there are three roles. A third role is determining in advance the general type of target you want so you can put yourself in position to take the shot.
    If you follow this approach, rather than gaming every chick you see, your chances of getting a young woman who likes older men (or a young woman who can be convinced that an older man is what she wants), increase immeasurably. Not only that, if you pick women that believe in advance that you are their kind of guy then the relationship will last that much longer. Finally, you will find that your hit ratio will be very high, approaching 100% because of the preparation you made ahead of time. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.
    I do not worry about my age. The only girls who have taken issue with my age have been teenagers, and frankly they are too young for me.

  35. Anecdotal but – I’m 39 and dating a 22 year old. She constantly points out younger guys and why they’re annoying and unattractive to her. I can see why: Lots of energy but very low game. I used to be that guy when I was 22.
    I think the male “decline” is mitigated with experience and game knowledge. Kind of like an aging athlete has so much data stored upstairs he can make up for declining physical skills…for a while. Unlike Peyton Manning I don’t plan on being benched anytime soon lol. The confidence and suaveness in knowing you’ll slay again comes with the experience of having done it before – and that is like catnip to many a young woman. They’re out there, gentlemen.

  36. I’m 35 and I notice the same problem. The way to fix this is to lose weight. Ive always been muscular but it gets harder with age due to gaining fat easier as we age. My body looks like a young 20 year old but fat seems to like to stay around my face now.
    When i was 90kg, people say i look low 30s. I dropped 5kg and people say i look around mid 20s. If i drop 5 more kg, i get away with looking 20-25 years old. I was able to bag young 20s easy when i was just under 85 kg. At 90kg, it was allot harder.
    25-35 year olds are so easy i dont have to try. Most guys are fat once they hit 30 so these no competition!
    I focus more on an athletic body compare to muscular now that im 35. My bulking days are over…

    1. Agreed. Forget muscular, just focus on resembling a Men’s Health model.
      Btw, it’s a myth that you gain fat with age. You gain fat with food. If you are gaining fat, closely examine what you are eating. Excess of refined foods (bread, breakfast cereal, alcohol) will lead to fat gain and destroy your test – estrogen balance.

    2. 12-15% bf I think is optimal for non bodybuilding men. You are not really dry but dry enough to see definition in especially your face.

  37. What you call “decline” I call “evolution”. Past 40 here and I did experience what you describe starting around 38 for me.
    But this lack of “motivation” you describe I would call “abundance of sex”.
    Why would I want to put effort into a new girl when I know i can get quality sex from well trained women i already know, more often I want? There simply is no hunger.
    To borrow the words of a great man called Arnold: The wolf at the top may no longer be hungry, but the food is always there.
    There simply is no hunger anymore. Thats a good thing.

  38. Well, it is kinda obvious. Personally, I “peaked” when I was like 21 years old! Between the age of 18-22, I fucked a bunch of girls (some really hot) and had multiple girlfriends. But these days it has been calm for a while.

  39. “I’m satisfied at what I’m getting now based on the little amount of work I’m putting in, but in terms of peak, that has passed for me, and attracting 21-year-olds will not get easier with each new year, no matter how much I grow as a man.”
    this is perhaps the best pearl of wisdom from this article: in the end, what matters is “are you getting your needs met?” because that’s all that really counts. Sure the next joe is pumpin n dumpin 3-4x/week, but are you at a stage in life where 1-2/month works fine? i’m in my early 50s and recently had a major spike in banging several hotties, and admittedly some of them were on the payroll. after about a month of life is so good popping my load on 20something 2-3x/week, i actually started to not caring about flake outs cuz i realized that at that point i just need to spread them out to 1/week and rotating them for variety, like seeing each girl once a month but seeing 3-4 of them in a month for variety –an interesting need cuz having the same plate for dinner just got boring, and the distraction of having a different one the next week made things much more fulfilling for some reason. it’s like satiating your roving eye’s need.
    this is certainly due to being older, not as fit as in my 20-30s, less energy, less tolerance for dealing with flakes/drama/female nature, a healthy respect for managing your life affairs (i.e., not blowing off your lifestyle and business responsibility for another immediate notch), and lower testosterome (although even with super amped up TRT, it doesn’t bring back that 20s girl crazy hunger, at least in my experience).
    at this point in my life i’ve easily banged over 200, mostly in my 30s-early 40s before i got married –and i’ve never banged a woman over 32 except once out of curiosity, but i’ll never do it again. women over 35 are just not attractive to me, even the hot ones “with careers”, i don’t really connect with women with mileage, rough riders, hogs with lipstick, and those with bitchy attitudes. for me a sour personality can make a women ugly in a snap, and i couldn’t get it up for those types even for a session of punishment sex. so i just made the decision i’m okay with being a sugar daddy to young hot babes who are willing to suck on my nutz and drink my cum like they hit the lottery cuz it’s fucken dreamy to me. and there’s nothing like slapping my shaft and rubbing it on the face of young hottiel and having her drink from my fountain of youth.
    not all i bang involves direct payment, but my divorce taught me you pay for it one way or another, so i pay for what i want/need, and i don’t even bother negotiating or engaging in whatever blah blah she speaks cuz i’ll find one that’s down soon enough. i actually do well with young good looking women, as all of my exes have proven (my ex wifey was a 24yo colombian beauty when i married at 41). but roosch is right, the dynamics change as you get older, so you just gotta adjust as best as possible to get your sexual (and emotional/relationship) needs met.
    so here’s sum unsolicited retirement planning advice: think of your 401k savings as your “access to young pussy when i’m older” fund. you will save more, and find life much more rewarding. plan on having a your senior citizen adventure somewhere between or near hugh hefner and j. howard marshall (ala anna nicole smith) cuz i promise you, once your boner no longer function for whatever reason, including chemotherapy, the will to live flames out too.

  40. “Women are inhibitors to a man’s ambition and serve as a massive opportunity cost in realizing his true potential, but then his game results will sharply decrease, suggesting an inverse correlation between personal value and sex results”
    So true. At 46, I cannot deny that ‘personal value’ activities have become infinitely more satisfying than poon-gaming.

  41. Islam will keep spreading as long as civilized people continue failing to procreate–game or no game

  42. I respectfully disagree with one point in this article. When you are in the 30s or 40s you can get the women in their 20s but what happens is they are simply not truly at your level. At that point you would rather meet a 30 something who keeps herself in great shape, has her own career and was married and divorced already. Such a woman has wised up and is not trying to play some of those games that the 20 somethings do. Essentially, when you are successful and in your 30s and 40s you really do not have time for juvenile behavior. You are looking for the hot MILF who is not going to bother you too much.

  43. Please. It’s easy for a smooth but sincere, good looking man of 45 to find attractive sex partners in their late teens and early twenties pretty much anywhere in the world. It’s certainly not difficult in the States and Canada. Women love a man with muscles who gives a damn about them.

  44. I went to law school when I was 30. The first thing I did was hit the rush parties at the frats. Teenage twat all over the place but you know what? Not a brain cell among them. Whatever is between their legs, there has to be something between their ears for me to get it up at all. It just didn’t happen.

  45. “It turns out that access to women, regardless of your existing value, is the main determinant of the results you’ll end up getting.”
    Truth. I always thought it was bull that in 10-15 years I will be swimming in poon because my money and career will be tighter. I’d rather work as a bartender at Hooters than a Senior VP if I wanted to get laid. I almost never see girls with men 10 years older.
    Unfortunately, like women, your youth is important if you want to attract women. We have a little bit of a longer timeframe, but it’s still vital to bang as many girls in your 20’s and early 30’s, because it will not be getting better.
    Understand also that the “creepy” factor is huge. Women haven’t taken the red pill, so they don’t understand why a grown man would try to attract a 19 year old. Furthermore, they have limited vision for the future, so they don’t place value on a mature and stable provider. They’d rather have “fun” while they are beautiful.
    If you are 35+, you must stay youthful. Don’t embrace your age if you want to pick up women. Hair dye, HGH, even face lipo. Women are rarely attracted to their father’s social circle.

  46. Get married. A man should marry mid 30s and find a suitable wife somewhere between 22-25 to ensures maximum fertility and large family. This is what Roosh is currently experiencing as he reaches the age that a man peaks.

    1. There is something to this. The window of opportunity for a man to find an eligible wife does eventually close. Not only that, you reach a point when meaningless sex really does become… meaningless.

      1. Agreed. Unfortunately, in many cases, you have to travel to South America, Eastern Europe, or Asia to find quality women for marriage. Sadly, most women in the USA are trash and do not deserve marriage nor bearing children. Thank you feminism.

    2. I would give that advice to any unattached young man who is also a decent human being.
      I can’t stress enough that the wrong people are outreproducing the good ones. The idea of solid citizens having large families has a tremendous romantic appeal to me.
      I started my family too late, but I am able to influence other youth through Boy Scouts. In some sense my memes (Dawkin’s version of the word) will be left in the meme pool at a disproportionate rate to my family size.

  47. Western women are conditioned to want men who are maximum 5 but generally 2 years older. Biologically this doesn’t make sense. It fits in the same list with women wanting 2 children: a boy and a girl. Or them wanting to have a part-time job because then they have some distraction (instead of making money to purely help paying bills) It’s wishful thinking, nothing more. This because it doesn’t correlate what women actually are looking for: a man that had time to build his character and gather resources.
    When you feel that age becomes a problem for you it is not because your biology reflects your age and is a disadvantage for yourself, but because it is emphasized in the conversation as an important condition to be able to have a conversation in the first place. Datingsites and apps do this for instance. In a normal conversation you can joke around being 8 years older and when your game is strong enough it may not be a real problem until she starts to rationalize what the age difference means to how people would perceive you as a couple (you being an old dad etc.) But as I said, online or in a different artificial scene the emphasis on age will screw you over.
    It’s generally accepted that we men can’t lie about our age, but women may lie about their weight. Her prime years and fulfillment of her female imperative is held more worthful than that of a man and thus he may not lie about anything. We’ve recently seen that in the U.S news where feminists want a new law created that forbids men talk a woman into having sex because you pretended you a are a lawyer or doctor or have a lot of money. It’s a way to protect women against their own hypergamy. Insane of course. The SMP is a game and shouldn’t be limited by legislation. That has been done for thousands of years and with the downfall of religion in the west we are finally freed of that.

  48. I feel sorry for you guys. Your life is so shallow that its measured on how many 18-25 girls you can sleep with..

  49. Women in their late teens or early 20’s? ew. What in the world would a man in his 30’s or 40’s have in common with a female that young? I am a female and know that most women are usually not ready to be a really good mother or wife until they are at least 27 years old. Until then you are basically dealing with a child. You are a very good looking, intelligent man. You should be a husband and father by now. You would probably make a great one. Stop chasing little girls who you have nothing in common with . You should have chose a woman who was closer to your age when you were in your late 20’s. Stop giving men this bad advice, they will end up old and lonely. Sex is not everything.

  50. If you are just looking for a good time I want to recommend divorced women with a kid. Say in the 30-35 range. Why? These women have a ferocious appetite. They know what married sex is (was) and they dont want it. They want rough all night sex feasts. Bang America. Nuff Said.

  51. Women will bring the world to an age of stupidity, in a few generations, we will turn back into irrational cavemen.

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