Twitter Appoints Anti-Free Speech Feminist Anita Sarkeesian To Head Trust And Safety Council

With Twitter caught in a death spiral for the past month, you’d figure that at some point, they’d stop digging and try to climb out of the hole. Instead, they’ve brought in a power drill to tunnel their way to the Earth’s core. Earlier this week, Twitter announced the creation of the Trust & Safety Council, an organization dedicated to fighting “abuse” on the platform. The Council’s mission statement reads like a press release from Oceania’s Ministry of Truth:

To ensure people can continue to express themselves freely and safely on Twitter, we must provide more tools and policies. With hundreds of millions of Tweets sent per day, the volume of content on Twitter is massive, which makes it extraordinarily complex to strike the right balance between fighting abuse and speaking truth to power. It requires a multi-layered approach where each of our 320 million users has a part to play, as do the community of experts working for safety and free expression.

Chief among the inaugural members of the council is Anita Sarkeesian, best-known for her Feminist Frequency series of videos on “sexist” tropes in video games. Appointing Sarkeesian to head a council on policing speech is like hiring Bernie Madoff as your accountant. Sarkeesian’s modus operandi for the past few years has been to shut down individuals who are critical of her in any way, shape or form, as Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson explains in this video:

Anita Sarkeesian has used supposed death threats made against her—some of which she may have faked herself—as justification for clamping down on free speech. Last year, she even made a speech to the United Nations in which she characterized being called a “liar” as a form of harassment. The announcement helped fuel the hashtag #RIPTwitter, in which users point out the various ways that Twitter is abusing its own userbase.

This latest move is emblematic of Twitter’s fall from grace. For all its faults, the platform used to serve as an effective means of spreading information and stories that were ignored or suppressed by the mainstream media. Twitter users were pivotal in not only GamerGate, but in the popularization of the “cuckservative” epithet and breaking news about the Muslim refugee rape attacks in Germany this past New Years’ Eve. However, rather than embrace its users, Twitter insists on fighting them, damning itself in the process.

How To Destroy A Successful Company In One Move


Twitter had been in trouble long before the Trust & Safety Council slimed its way into existence. The site’s user growth has been stagnant for nearly a year, a major problem for a platform that is dependent on recruiting new customers to make money. Twitter has also failed to turn a profit in the nearly ten years that it’s been in operation, despite its popularity. However, the site didn’t actively start driving away its users until recently.

Last month, Twitter stripped Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos of his “Verified” tag, a status that allows celebrities to use Twitter without fear of impersonation, which is unprecedented in the history of the site. Twitter’s rationale for punishing Yiannopoulos was his supposed “abusive behavior,” which was a fig leaf to cover for the fact that the site takes a dim view of conservatives and libertarians. For example, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is a vocal supporter of #BlackLivesMatter.

Yiannopoulos’ treatment sparked a full-scale revolt among Twitter’s userbase. Within hours, his fans rallied to the #JeSuisMilo hashtag, which became one of the top ten most popular hashtags worldwide, and free speech advocates worldwide condemned Twitter’s decision. Twitter’s stock has been in freefall ever since #JeSuisMilo began, the platform has actually begun losing users, and recently, four senior executives have fled the company after seeing the writing on the wall.

Furthermore, Twitter is dead-set on infuriating its remaining users with arbitrary speech policies and obnoxious redesigns. The platform suffered another blow when Dorsey announced that Twitter would take control of users’ timelines and determine what they can and cannot see. Furthermore, Twitter has begun censoring alternative right-created hashtags such as #rapefugees (which was about sharing news on the Muslim refugee rape attacks in Germany) in order to suppress news that conflicts with Dorsey’s left-wing ideology.

Bringing on Anita Sarkeesian as the head of the Trust & Safety Council is yet another move guaranteed to drive away Twitter users. Twitter’s principal growth in the past two years has come from GamerGate supporters (who rallied to the site after GamerGate discussion was banned from 4chan) and alternative right users who have used it to advocate for free speech and share news ignored by the mainstream media. With Sarkeesian policing speech on Twitter now, the site has all but told its users that they are no longer welcome.

Twitter’s Dilemma And Corporate Censorship


To a certain extent, Twitter is stuck between a rock and a hard place. As I mentioned above, the site’s growth has been driven by pro-GamerGate “cultural libertarians” and the alternative right, which has inflamed leftists and social justice warriors. If the site allows the former to run unchecked, the latter will declare open war on it, yet by appeasing the latter, the former are being driven away, killing Twitter’s profitability in the process.

Ultimately, Twitter’s slow motion collapse is a good thing in that it shows the limits of corporate censorship. Prior to his suicide three years ago, hacker and free speech activist Aaron Swartz warned that the power of social media companies created new and worrying avenues for censorship. Because private companies have no voters to answer to and no First Amendment to govern them, they have no checks on their ability to control free speech.

In revolting against Twitter’s mercurial harassment policies, social media users have shown that they are unwilling to put up with restrictions on their freedom of expression. Whether Twitter changes course or it falls and is replaced by a more user-friendly platform remains to be seen.

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        1. To be fair, she is ok, especially by social justice standards.
          Although she has been getting fatter recently.

        2. She hit the wall very hard a few years back, in some earlier photos she isn’t bad which is what I guess Monco had seen…

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          Yep, you might have rental car sex with her, maybe some chicken after those two beers and then call it a night (not call her again).

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    1. Intel wasted I believe it was 300 million dollars on some pointless “diversity” drive. They deserve to really fail badly thanks to that.
      The funny thing is in the tech industry it is whites who are the most “under-represented” as per their place in population because so many Asians of various types are so dominant. But the feminazis never want to talk about that.

  1. I stopped Twitter when they banned @heartiste.
    Even though he uses another name these days, the old account had some gold in its archives. I wish they would reinstate.

  2. The Daily Stormer covered this about 3 days ago:
    It seems as though the (((shutdown))) efforts are increasing rapidly in 2016. Many cats are being unbagged – especially in regards to the JQ. Feminists are the perfect pawns to be used in the shutdown effort; as ROK pointed out, SJWs make terrible soldiers in the culture war, but they do however make excellent tools for the dismantlement of our Constitution and other freedoms.
    Remember folks, to know who rules over you simply find out (((who))) you’re not allowed to criticize. Look what happened to Ted Nugent recently. The guy posted on his FB how many Jews are behind gun control efforts, and he was immediately attacked in a media shitstorm, similar to how ROK was attacked. It was a *coordinated effort* within the hive-mind system, which begs the question: “Who sent out the memo to attack all at once?”
    The JQ has been talked about on ROK, and this is a big part of the reason they are trying to shut us down. (Not the only reason, but definitely part of the reason, as Roosh has been contacted by the Jewish-led ADL before about this issue).

    1. This is definitely a factor.
      And, always remember who gave us feminism:

      Why Is There A Prolific Jewish Presence In The American Feminist Movement?

      It is becoming clearer and clearer as to why 2nd and 3rd wave feminism were employed as weapons against the West. This article is but one example among thousands of their use as pawns to destroy White nations – and neither political party seems to even want to dial back feminism in any meaningful way.

      1. Between White Nationalists, “General Nationalists” (like many Breitbart readers simply looking to put America first), the “Alt. Right”, the “manosphere”, and DONALD TRUMP, we’ve been able to move the Overton window much to the right.
        This is a big part of the objective of so called “White Nationalists”. Many of them are simply trying to push us to the right – we’re already so far to the left that a shift to the right would still leave us somewhere in the center. These guys have been instrumental in bringing the US/Mexico wall, deportations, Moslem bans, “globalist” trade deals, unchecked immigration, and White Genocide in Europe to the mainstream.
        God Bless them.

        1. Yeah. They were ones of the few who riled against PC culture and anti whiteness when no one would.
          A lot of ideas that are now mainstream have been promoted by WNs when no one else did.
          And now people are warming up to the JQ and Trumpian nationalism. It’s a push in the right direction.
          We need right wing extremism to combat left wing extremism, so that we end up somewhere in the center.

        2. To the right- How often people trot out this meaningless phrase? What does it actually mean? Can someone produce a credible manifesto for the right that actually makes sense, that we can all believe it? What is it?

        3. “To the right- How often people trot out this meaningless phrase? What does it actually mean?”
          “Right” can have multiple meanings.
          I will refer to the liberal propaganda book called “Don’t think of an elephant”. In it the author explains the best way to see conservatives is “strict father morality” and liberals as “loving mother morality” type of people.
          Therefore “right” usually refers to those who believe in : masculinity, objectivity, patriarchy, tradition, tribalism, strict discipline, etc.
          White Nationalists fit the bill. They are not tolerant of faggotry and promote white tribalism.
          Whether that fits other people’s vision of right as small government or anarchy or whatever is a different question.

        4. I’ll be a bit more specific, but the rest is up to you.
          Two major political battles are occurring within the US:
          1.) Nationalism vs. Globalism
          2.) Conservatism vs. “liberalism” or “leftism” (the term “liberal” used to have a different meaning before my time, but now it is associated with leftist thought)
          The parties I listed in my comment have pushed us to the “right” in both of these areas. We’re moving toward Populism/Nationalism with Trump at the forefront (America first). Trump (and Sen. Sessions) are against globalist trade deals like the TPP and both favor trying to bring jobs back to America at the expense of corporate profits.
          We’re also moving to the “right” when it comes to Conservatism. Building a wall, restricting immigration, cracking down on Islam, favoring deportations, and ending “gun free zones” (a Trump campaign proposal) – are all pushing us toward more Conservative thinking.

        5. Excellent, finally someone has clearly articulated what a conservative manifesto means to us all. The problem however is this- does or should economic conservative ideas ultimately have preference over social matters? In Europe, for example conservative economic polices mean that we must continually take in immigrants who are needed to build up the tax base and also do the work that whites won’t do. However, this need not be the case, if conservative governments encouraged through economic and fiscal schemes programs where white European women could be economically persuaded to stay at home and have big families made up from the indigenous population. It’s this and similar themes which I believe our conservative governments should address, rather than merely parroting the left wing ideals of equality and full inclusion of women in the workforce. I don’t think Trump or any European conservative government will grasp the nettle which a truly right wing manifesto demands.

        6. I just realized I somewhat misspoke on how “Conservatives” define economic policy. Conservatives in the US tend to side with “free trade” agreements which ship jobs overseas, and they also don’t have a problem with hurting Whites by importing the 3rd world. I’m not sure if they really believe in what they are doing, or if they are just satisfying their donors (which are often transnational corporations).
          I’m against this. I’m a Nationalist when it comes to economic policy, and a Conservative when it comes to social policy. I think that Whites are in fact willing to do just about any job to pay the bills, so I don’t think it’s necessary to import people to fill those positions. In my community, it’s basically entirely White – and Whites are collecting the garbage and doing all of the “dirty jobs” that the media says we “won’t do”…
          Instead of shipping jobs overseas or south of the border, and instead of hiring people here on work visas (which are a slap in the face to every unemployed American *citizen*), we should be incentivizing companies to hire Americans who are either Native born, or who have fully assimilated into our culture (a “culture” which we are rapidly losing).

        7. I agree. You always have to have both to keep society in check (keep us center). For far too long, this white guilt or shaming has moved society too far to the left. Anyone saying it now is trying to retain power (control).
          I tell anyone and everyone….be proud of who you are and be proud of your country. Everyone else is encouraged to be the same so white people (especially men) should be no different. Men in general (all men) have been under attack but in particular white men, of today, have had this bulls eye on their back for far too long.
          I wasn’t around for the bad shit that happened in the past. I don’t agree with it all and I tell people to stop saddling me (or shaming me) with that shit. If that makes me a racist (to be a proud white man or a man) then so be it…I’m a racist.
          That shaming shit has come to an end.

        8. We only need to look to other countries who are doing the “conservative” thing to see where they stand today…and they do still stand.
          Many of these politicians in D.C. (both on the right and left) are paid for by special interest groups. They want us to go global because, personally and financially, it’s in their best interest…not the best interest of the people or the country. It’s why the GOP has fallen down and left has gone even further left in the last couple of decades. They are all on that same train…bought and paid for politicians serving special interests.
          It’s up to the people to preserve the country, politicians have sold us all out. The EU is also in the same boat with open borders and countries jumping ship do to nationalism (Hungary being one of them). I say, good on them for looking out for their best interests…not the EU’s.

        9. I’ve only become more “extreme” because I have to… the situation itself is extreme, and is going to require a major shift to the right to solve (especially in Europe, where they are *literally* being overrun and in danger of forever losing Germany!).
          Can you imagine this, Driver? No more Germany. No more Sweden. No more German or Swedish culture, as the culture arises from the people of the country; hence, if you fill the country with a majority of Moslems and North Africans, you will eventually completely lose German culture and everything that made it great.
          The situation in America is not quite as extreme, but it’s worse than what they tell us in terms of demographics, and here’s why:

          That short article explains how the US Census Bureau statistics are actually misleading in terms of how many “Whites” there truly are in America, and when Whites will truly be in the minority. It’s scary stuff, and this issue needs to be brought to the forefront, or I guarantee you in 50 years (give or take), this country and its Constitution will be forever lost.

        10. It’s a shame, really. I had a trip set to go over to Europe (vacation) but cancelled it (changed it) due to all of this bullshit. I used to love visiting it but it will probably be a thing of the past, now.
          The EU, not expecting a push back, is getting a real lesson in life right now. I think the leaders in the EU really thought it could let in this many illegals with no problems (delusional thinking by many in power). It’s going to lead to civil war and I have to say I am for it (to retake their countries). They’ll need to throw out their political leaders as well as the invaders to get back to normal (a common sense approach). I like Hungary and there stance on the issue….put up a gate, guard it and push back if these illegals approach it. Fuck the EU…this is our country, should be their motto from now on.
          I don’t believe much coming out of the U.S. government because they are incompetent and they are always pushing some kind of agenda. We only need to look at the bullshit unemployment numbers as one bad example…but you’re right on the money with the Census Bureau.

        11. I agree Germany was prosecuting some 96 year old nazi who worked the books. They have nothing better to do than self flagellate.

        12. Erm… I hate to be rude, but have you been to Germany lately? Nobody is being overrun. There’s a little difficulty with some extra refugee migrants, but their numbers aren’t causing havock, just a few logistical kerfuffles.

        13. Nope. Those are rumors and have been debunked by news sources such as Bloomberg business, a website not known for its left wing or weirdo feminist bias.

        14. Bloomberg is known for being left wing. And the article claims there aren’t any no-go zones in the US…Bulllshit, I’ve seen them with my own eyes(not muslim no-go zones, but no go zones none the less).

        15. And my mother lived for awhile in Northern Ireland in the 70s-80s when the Ira had a stronghold there. Any time anyone speaks of no-go zones in relation to refugees, she laughs and laughs.

  3. If you look at Twitter right now, you’ll see a ton of libtards not only berating the now deceased Antonin Scalia, but they’re praying/hoping/begging that Clarence Thomas is next.
    The picture of class.
    Let’s get some screenshots.

    1. Obama’s opportunity to appoint a radical leftist to overturn any remaining conservative principles in america. Sad.

    2. I’m not alleging anything but I’m wondering whether Sarkesian’s first action as the head of the trust and safety council was to have Scalia done it, may he RIP – either way its a bad day for the first amendment

    3. I remember when Margaret Thatcher died. Suddenly some “progressives” who care so much about “treating people with dignity” and being nice to women were dancing in the street in England and organising parties to celebrate an elderly woman’s death.
      Remember that during the last two centuries time and again it was socialists, leftists, “progressives” etc who started revolutions to “help the people” and force “equality” upon them and ended up creating concentration camps, re-education torture camps and starvation. They were so sure that they were doing good that they could justify torturing those who oppose them…
      It does shine though too in little moments such as them wishing death on a supreme court justice they disagree with – you just so rarely find that sort of behaviour from conservatives.

      1. and they talk about how evil conservatives are with their guns. You only need to look to Twitter or Facebook to see how much rage, anger, violence and hate exists on the progressive side of the field.

      2. I spent a lot of time in the UK on business and was always shocked how people spoke of Thatcher when she came up. I always found it puzzling.
        When Reagan died in 2004, the media was shocked about the turn out. His coffin was on display in DC and the lines of the public never ceased even through the night. They had to turn people away so the could fly his body to California to be buried.

      3. Any leftist movement sees people as just a means to achieve the progressive utopia. You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs.

  4. Where there is a hole, there is an opportunity. Someone will create a similar platform that will kill twitter. Twitter is essentially slitting it’s own wrists now, so it most likely won’t be too long.

    1. I hope so. It would seem a good opportunity for someone to make an impartial competitor dedicated to the free exchange of ideas, news, sports stories, gossip… whatever people want and without any political interference.
      I don’t mind some moderation. I wish that disqus would remove spam messages more. I don’t care if someone makes a website and bans foul language for example – let the market decide. But I just want no political control and that has to mean standing up to feminazis who now terrorise companies. In England now they get a few feminazis on twitter and will pile on to trumped up storms against petty things. One will post a photo of a supermarket having a sign showing “women’s magazines” and the supermarket will back down and promise to remove it. Another time they attacked a famous shoe company (Clarks) for having shoes for boys and girls with boys being shown as good for outdoors, the girls being more ornate and pretty – again the company backed down. A phone company during the soccer world cup had a jokey sign up in one part of a shop as an area for “wives and girlfriends” whose husbands were watching the spot. Again – photo on twitter, few dozen feminazis shrieking, followed by an apology from company begging forgiveness.
      Those are all real examples by the way. Every time it proved easier to give in to a few deranged rabid feminists rather than tell them to get lost. And they push their way and nag like that in every sphere and it’s hard to know how to stop them really – normal people are just too busy working in real jobs to organise a counter “protest”. The feminist tend to be “activists”, “women’s charity workers” or actresses. Such people got “The Sun” to stop publishing topless photos of women too. I am curious to see if Oxford Dictionary will have the nerve to stand by their reasonable definitions of “nagging”, “rabid” and “shrill” after the shrill nagging by rabid feminists.
      They are making it very hard these days to get to the tops of company boards or any institutions etc if you ever stand up to feminists. Everyone is expected to at least pretend to agree with “equality”. It will be a hard slog to change it back to a more free society.

      1. A good platform should allow about 500 characters. Twitter’s 140 characters limit has a big problem: it’s enough to make any statement, but too short to argue it. That makes Twitter the perfect place for witty jokes, shared thoughts and (unfortunately) bold statements and accusations.
        While witty jokes are great, people should be able to defend themselves from bold accusations, and 140 characters uses to be too short for that.

      2. nevertheless, Protein World was the exception on how to deal with SJW lunacy when white knights and land whales attacked their “Are you beach body ready?” campaign.
        The company never apologised. Bravo.

        1. True, they did well. Though as I understand it the SJWs are increasingly resorting to try to use the various bodies that cover advertising – the Advertising Standards Agency – to ban things they dislike. Such bodies allow the left to entrench themselves in power without having to get elected – that body has banned things for being “sexist”. They won’t give up without a fight.

        1. No disrespect, but why do women like you post here? Honestly, I’d like to know. Do you find us interesting, disturbing, intriguing, or do you just like being the only female among a bunch of guys? What’s it with women, you think that somehow you can save us, moderate us, cure us? Or ultimately control us, is that it!

        2. Disagreeing with this article is an indication that you are a troll – in this *specific case*.
          The reason is simple. How can a person objectively defend what Twitter is doing by appointing somebody like Sarkeesian and a plethora of anti-free speech organizations such as the ADL? I understand they are a private company, but if you are a person in favor of “free markets” and competition, you’d have to agree that this is a stupid business move. And, even if you are a leftist, I though you guys used to be against corporate censorship?
          The author presents factual information in this article, and the most you could offer up was a silly (and snarky):
          “Another ridiculous article, well done.”
          Statements like this don’t pass the “smell test”. It makes no sense unless you are a troll or a SJW/feminist.

        3. (And i’m pretty sure the reason Sarkeesian is even known at all, is because of articles like this. She feeds off controversy and I honestly don’t understand why people who disagree with her insist on plastering her face all over the internet and giving her exactly what she wants.)

        4. Indeed – but don’t respond to her. Ignore her and she will get bored and go away. When someone joked about flagging her trolling post for “harassment” (!) she took the bait with her “validating” comeback; she is just baiting for an argument and clearly uninterested in discussing or even joking around. Best just ignore.

        5. If it was just Sarkeesian trying to do this by herself, this wouldn’t be an issue to us. Trouble is, she is being backed by a plethora of organizations who don’t much care for our 1st Amendment. Here’s the list:

          I don’t even use Twitter, but for those who do they are rightfully concerned that organizations like the ADL will be empowering unhinged individuals like Sarkeesian. That’s the problem; it’s not *just* her, it’s the fact that she now has all kinds of organizations (read: power) behind her to censor at will.

        6. “I am a feminist” What does that even mean? I’m a mechanic, I’m a surgeon denotes that you actually give some ascertainable and measurable value to the rest of humanity, but what does “I’m a feminist” actually mean more than being just a social label that says you’re something without any real value?

        7. No, I’m not. If a person has value to give to the world it’s through either their skills, knowledge and experience, it’s not by putting a label over your head and proclaiming with a megaphone that you’re a feminist. In any objective and quantitative manner, what does this actually mean anyway?

        8. You’d never drive me crazy honey! You’re not that intelligent or interesting. I’ll be sleeping well tonight.

        9. I agree. These groups believe in first amendment rights as long as you agree with them. Once you disagree with them, then they don’t believe in it (it becomes hate speech at that point).
          We used to deal with this “back when”….it was called an adult conversation (no children allowed at the table). We need to get back to those times.

  5. Nothing much to add really – an absurdly bad decision for twitter. Anyone still owning stock in twitter should get out now. To have Sarkeesian reading your tweets and banning people for being “sexist” is very likely to severely damage twitter and will without question something that will provoke anger and frustration among plenty of users who simply refuse to abide by feminazi demands.

    1. Right. People only need to watch 1984 to get an idea of what will happen under this “council”. It will become an echo chamber of only SJWs while another app will come out and fill the need (the vacuum) left by Twitter changing it’s policy.
      Hopefully, these SJWs will eat each other once there is no one left in their safe space called Twitter.

      1. But it’s pretty fashionable right now to be super-inclusive of left-wing, trans, female, minority people. If it’s more fashionable to be that way, it makes sense in a free market to pander to the majority.

      2. Yeah and the idiocy of giving power to the biggest losers and biggest complainers is self correcting, as we are seeing in Europe right now. Often things have to become absurd before politics changes-you see it in fashion, you see it in the stock market, its human nature.

    2. I am confused. If the majority of users are mainly left-wing, feminist-friendly people, and they have collectively made complaints about the number of right-wingers sending abusive texts (even if both sides do it), doesn’t it make good economic and business sense to silence the minority side (in this case, right wing folks) so as not to scare off the majority? Seems like this is about business, not about politics. If there is a common perception of twitter having too many right-wing trolls, then no matter the truth, twitter has to bow to market pressure and make the place what the majority wants it to be.

      1. Actually it can be dumb for a few reasons-1 conflict drives use of twitter, and 2 you’ve drastically shrunken your user base(and other groups maybe leary that they will be next on the chopping block). and 3 It takes alot of effort and causes alot of friction to police it all.

      2. One must not mistake those who make the most noise as necessarily being a majority. Most normal people use it for random sport and celebrity nonsense. A hardcore of shrieking feminists can whip up a few hundred of their like who will jump on anyone saying something they want forbidden. Twitter is bowing down to just such an absurd mob.

        1. I just don’t know that that is true.
          If you read ROK and a voice for men across a few articles, these sites suggest that feminism is what the majority believe – that the family courts, the schools, the unis, the family and male-female relationships – EVERYthing has been infected by feminist ideology.
          If that is true, then as a business owner, one can choose to go with the flow and reap the profits, or be a conscientious objector and lose business. It’s a tough choice, but in the open market what else can you do? Bankrupting yourself for your beliefs, you only end up like those cake shop owners who turned away the gay couple.

        2. Indeed, it’s hard to know true numbers and we can only guess. It’s worth noting that those Christian bakers currently being persecuted by the British government were not going out of business but have been subject to harassment by official bodies; there’s no question that feminists and other dangerous leftists have infected such bodies over many years which really lets them punch above their weight. More and more women are adopting the selfish “fun” parts of feminism – the promiscuity etc – and then living to regret it and have to engage in monumental hamstering to try to explain it. However a big chunk of them would, I think, not agree if put face to face with the truth of feminism reject much of it’s man-hating, family-hating, abortion loving worse sides.

        3. So… are you saying that they have made the majority of people believe in feminism? There is no way for people to change a policy unless there is widespread agreement, otherwise the men would just laugh them out of the room.

        4. What I mean is: you read on communities like Reddit, that the decline of the family, and the influence of SJWs, feminists, etc, is so bad that the population is declining. That means that the majority of people are affected by this, and believe in it.
          I haven’t looked at those numbers before and I am a bit shocked by the statistics. But I still think that if you own a business you have to do what the market dictates.

          Genuine concern that due to the actions of 3rd wave feminists and the rise of MGTOW The western world is reaching a point of possible collapse from MensRights

        5. I said it’s very hard to know what lots of people really think. But instead feminists and other extremists have spent decades infiltrating many institutions. They call it the long march through the institutions and it began in the 1960s. They are uninterested in how many people support them, like most revolutionaries, 99% of feminists are authoritarian and once they have power will use it.

        6. But if the revolutionaries have infiltrated big business and made it popular to agree with feminism, and if schools and universities are infected with feminism, so much so that the men, who would otherwise take authority, have started to agree with feminism… I still believe, it’s the role of business to go with what the market dictates. It’s not their role, or twitter’s role, to go against the market. That just loses them money and someone else steps in and takes their place.
          It’s the users and the consumers role to change the market.

  6. Short to zero.
    Let’s hope once it collapses, Trump buys it and turns it into a platform for “dangerous speech”.

  7. It has come to the point where whenever I hear about that woman or see a photo of her I feel like vomiting all over my keyboard.

  8. Twitter is for complete morons. ” And the Lord said that those who shall live by the Tweet shall die by it”. End of story.

        1. maybe misinformation is all there is. And on that assumption you have to work out the rest. Actually I found it pretty good when following the paris attacks as they occurred

        2. Ah, but there can never be such a concept as pure misinformation as this would be fantasy. Fact interspersed in an inappropriate frame or out of sequence gives rise to mis-information which isn’t the same as fiction or conspiracy.

        3. I don’t know, when you mix in the right quantities of misleading information then the waters become truly muddied. Censorship doesn’t work the way it used to for the most part. Banning stuff is counterproductive, but quantitatively easing certain types of information to produce overload and confusion can be even more effective

        4. Well, it’s the pivotal difference between information and knowledge. Information can distort through it pure abundance, but, knowledge which is based on discernment, is realizing the fundamental difference between veracity and falsity. Our media peddles the former naively, but, it takes intelligence and detachment to understand the truth buried within the information we receive constantly.

      1. But how otherwise am I going to see nazis with anime avatars making fun of leftists. How will I get in touch with Milo-sama ? How will I see Glorius Leader Trump wrecking the cucks ?

        1. Couldn’t tell you , to be honest the only thing I view on the net is this site and even then it’s just for the comments

    1. twitter is the same as this site, and comment threads. That’s all it is. Facebook on the other hand – good lord, where do I start?

    1. I dunno, If she had a rhinoplasty, lost the coal-burner hoop earrings, and let the professionals do her eyebrows she’d be bangable.

      1. In other words, she’s not fat, thus, bangable in fatass USA or wherever you are. You’re not in Latin America, Asia or Eastern Europe, I have the strongest hunch on that.

        1. i can’t believe i’m doing this, but…she’s not bad looking, at least in the top picture. if she were a sweet, feminine ukrainian country girl, for example, the type who has the house clean and a hot meal on the table when you get home from work, you’d probably find her quite attractive. i’m not going to argue that she’s a beauty queen, but women get way uglier than this (think andrea dworkin). either you guys are alpha supermen who only pull 9s and above, or you’re unable to separate your feelings about her from your judgement of her physical appearance. the latter is, in my opinion, a bit womanly. i’ve always considered the ability to judge a woman’s looks independently of feelings about her a masculine trait.
          also, let’s not pretend that all of latin america is overflowing with hotties. i’ve been to central american countries where the average woman is even more obese and less attractive than in the US.

        2. I would never find her ‘quite attractive’ because she isn’t. You’re in the same boat as Alexandre. You have been socialized to equate a normal BMI with being attractive because the of the USA’s obesity. She is dead normal. Of course she isn’t as bad as Andrea Dworkin because Dworkin was an outright pig of a human being. It’s sad that a monster like Sarkeesian is still seen as attractive simply for avoiding obesity. It’s depressing.

        3. Personality/attitude is a huge factor me. I’m not single but if I were I’d go as low as 6-7 if I knew she’d be a good stepmother for my daughters and wouldn’t get mysterious headaches during hiking and camping trips.

        4. i think we’re saying the same thing. guys here tend to call any outspoken feminist hideous because of her loathsome personality, but with a sweet, feminine personality, anita would actually be palatable.

        5. heh. monster? i mean yeah, if she’s half as terrible a person as ROK claims she is (i haven’t personally read much she’s written or said) she is a monster, but i honestly don’t think she’s bad looking. i actually do think most fit women with a normal BMI are attractive, as long as they avoid hideous tattoos, ugly, short haircuts and other forms of voluntary mutilation. you’re probably more of a pam anderson/fake boobs guy, or you’re a true alpha superman who can afford to kick all non-lingerie models out of bed. me, i’m a mere mortal who prefers the girl-next-door types. and please don’t tell me to go to EE or latin america. i speak russian and spanish and i’ve spent a large percentage of my adult life living in those places.

        6. I can’t believe that you’ve lived in Russia and Spain and think that Sarkeesian is something more than a completely pedestrian, non-obese woman. She’s normal with a masculine tinge so nothing special at all, outside of the USA. She would need a great body to be an 8. With a mediocre body she’s an international 5, and an 8 in the USA. So sad. Something tells me that she doesn’t have a great body. She wouldn’t get so much out of feminist angst if she had an ass.

        7. “Normal” BMI is a bit of a joke because they use the same scale for men and women. A guy with a BMI of 25 is trim but a girl with a BMI of 25 is usually a porker. The former is 5’10” and 175lbs while the latter would be 5’4″ and 145 lbs. There is no comparison.

        8. think about it, biologically a healthy woman at a normal weight who is still at reproductive age and doesn’t intentionally make herself ugly (hideous tattoos, ear gauges, short, ugly hair, etc.) should be attractive. that is, she can make babies so you should want to have sex with her. seems like you’re imagining she has a terrible body because you dislike her as a person. also, remember that not all russian and latina women are beautiful. i’ve seen russian girls who are much less attractive than anita, and there are latin american countries (mexico, honduras) where the average woman just isn’t that good looking.

        9. yes, i think one reason i’m willing to say “eh, she looks all right” is that i haven’t actually read or listened to much that she’s said. since i generally agree with you guys here on ROK and most of you seem to think she’s basically satan, i assume i wouldn’t like her if i were to look into what she’s got to say either, and maybe that would affect my perception of her physical appearance, who knows? although, i have a pretty consistent track record of being able to find women who are terrible people physically attractive.
          i’ve seen guys on here claim that emma watson is ugly which is like, come on man, she may be a feminist twat, but ugly? i don’t think so. and it all started when she became a spokesperson for whatever that dumb UN feminist initiative was.

        10. i don’t have a good image of what a woman with a BMI of 25 looks like. i do know it’s very harsh on tall people. i’m 6’2 with a pretty lean, athletic build (32″ waist, flat abs, cut chest) and i would be “overweight” on the BMI if i gained a few pounds.

        11. that i don’t doubt. i haven’t bothered to watch any of her youtube vids specifically because i have better things to do than listen to the delusional rantings of a feminist harpy. i trust the judgement of all you ROK guys who seem to think she’s the devil as far as her character goes.

        12. I said years ago that Emma Watson was a cutie who would mature into a very sexy young woman. I had no idea that she would be a mindless feminist cunt.

        13. yeah, the only reason i pay much attention to BMI is that my doctor says it’s based on statistics as to who is more likely get various diseases. i think it’s true that extremely tall people tend to have a lot of health problems, so maybe normal tall people like me need to watch our weight more than people of average height?

        14. And BMI is a tool to monitor populations, not individuals. Here at ROK we have some lift-happy members with no neck and a BMI close to 30 but they are far from obese.

      2. These women are never bangable, they should be banished to a barren Manless sexual wasteland where they belong. These women are the most hateful people in the world yet they have somehow convince themselves and others that they are not hateful. They belong in prewar Germany or South Africa in the ’60’s.

  9. I follow Milo on twitter. He’s been quieter since the unverified him, although that could be because he’s America. The guy’s following was rocketing up exponentially and they hamstring him like that. I don’t know how strong Dorsey’s position is, but if he’s running the company into the ground, and execs are abandoning ship, maybe the board might be in a position to unseat him at some point.

  10. The true question is who puts these people in charge as cultural commisars. How do they gain so much social capaital ?
    2 Things : infantilization and feminization of the consumer base and western culture of politeness.
    Today teen girls spend most money on stupid stuff, as well as spend the most time online. Of course every single bussiness will cater to them. So if creating a safe space means more teens with lots of money, then those racist sexist bigots can fuck off.
    Reddit’s source of income was reddit gold. Of course they wanted faggots to flock to their website. But faggots couldn’t tolerate the idea that even 1 subreddit did not share their vison, and so to keep them happy and keep them buying plebbit gold, they had to ban r/fathate, r/coontown and others. I’m stilly amazed they didn’t ban r/theredpill and r/european
    Gavin McInnes talked about this phenomenon

    As for western culture. Wetserners have a culture of politeness, where they tolerate faggotry instead of being impolite and telling SJW to fuck off, and so SJWs take advantage. They scream and rage, and it is others who feel guilty of offending them. They are so irationally retarded that people follow them, because why not ? They make small consesions here, there, untill the idea of heterosexuality is oppresive. As O’Sullivan’s law states “All that is not oficially declared right wing from start will eventually become left wing”. We already saw that with, CollegeHumor and numerous others.
    This is the difference between us and the rest. We don’t give a fuck so we tell them to fuck off straight away. The russians are not fucking around either.

    You still wonder why russian women have not gone full social justice yet ?

    1. It’s almost like the other side has… chutzpah or something. It’s not all money though; they sacrifice a lot of potential cash in maintaining the narrative in the media and entertainment.

      1. Yes, HuffingtonPost and other (((liberal))) outlets have never made money in history, just like Twitter. Neither do Salon or Daily Beast. Others are grant base like Mother Jones and IndyMedia.
        They are literally paying for propaganda, without concern with return on investment. Brainwashing the goyim is a good enough profit in itself for them.

  11. I imagine most here saw about this sort of related story, of feminazis trying to insist that the Oxford Dictionary submit to feminist ideology and start altering the English language. Thought I would share a good article that thoroughly demolishes them.
    It’s not a happy ending yet though, the dictionary caved in eventually and promised to start looking into “sexism” and potentially changing their definitions. It’s hard to know – how do normal people fight back? How is it that a handful of shrieking harridans can now extract apologies and change from so many companies and institutions? They have command of so many schools too and are churning out pupils who agree with them and just without hesitation come down on the side of authoritarian rabid feminists. It is worrying and increasingly at work I admit I am becoming aware that if I spoke out on politics – on which I am simply a decent conservative man who believes in traditional family life, the rule of law, free speech, encouraging traditional roles for men and women and a man who rejects feminism, marxism and other totalitarian ideologies – it could seriously harm my career. It appears much of the trendy, post 1960s left really did read Orwell’s ‘1984’ and mistake it for a guidebook instead of the warning Orwell intended.

      1. Indeed, the most pathetic of specimens. Interestingly the people who most despise male feminists are not men such as us but actually women and particularly feminist women; the way they speak about male feminists when they think nobody is listening is quite amazing, they absolutely loathe them and consider them pathetic.

  12. GUESS WHO WILL BE HEARING FROM ME SOON !. bUT I have a new name so I can troll SJW sites.
    WELLHUNGPRIMATE emerged from the void this afternoon.
    I was kicked off Mother Jones, Raw Story, Alternet, etc. But he has been resurrected.
    I think the sites that kicked off the dude need to hear from the WELLHUNGPRIMATE

  13. A perfect example of what not to do with your company when you’re in trouble.
    Twitter will start to lose many of its users do to the fact that this council will limit freedom of speech (any speech that doesn’t agree with their point of their view). Facebook will be going the same route soon with it’s limit on freedom of speech (or facts) with them limiting any speech given about the negative impact of the open borders policy (by the EU) especially impacting Germany at this time.
    These companies were successful because people had freedom of speech. Now, they are becoming nothing more than mainstream media (many have already abandoned that platform as well). Look for new replacement Twitters and Facebooks to come soon.

  14. good riddance
    edit: “trust and safety council” is that not the most 1984 doublespeak thing you’ve ever heard?
    …..i apologize to my feminist overlords, i think twitter is doubleplusgood

  15. Are you fucking kidding me? The fox is guarding the hen house, for real….
    …except she’s the furthest thing from a fox.

  16. I think that this is a good thing.
    If everything is sexist then nothing will be sexist by default.
    I think we can all this ‘a win’ gentlemen.

  17. Well, I never really used Twitter that much. To be honest, this is perhaps a good thing, in the same vein that facebook banning firearm sale posts lead to people creating a new site, maybe this will spur a new generation of non-PC websites. I can only hope.

  18. I don’t know much about Ms. Sarkeesian, but from the looks of it, having someone like that monitor “free speech” is like having Charlie Sheen head a AA meeting.

  19. Jack is a total loser. Need dick costolo back
    Here’s Jack graciously taking the turgid corpuscular mangina clit of randi harper directly into his twitter teams mouth to suck septic SJW bilejuice from directly

  20. There is only one rational answer to all of this: quit using social media.
    These are not merely tools, they are weaponized platforms. Raging against the doubling down on SJW or feminist this or anti-white, anti-male, anti-free speech, etc. is just silly. Starve them. Just stop.

  21. Twitter has never been “successful”, and they’ll be done in 18 months or so. Unlike Amazon, Twitter doesn’t have constant new ventures to sell to sucker VC firms despite staying in the red. Some megacorp will end up buying Twitter by then, and it’ll end up like MySpace; a footnote in some future version of Trivial Pursuit.

  22. I’d be EXTREMELY interested to know what the VCs involved with Twitter think about this.
    I’m wondering if those guys are secretly red-pill but just think about the money (and follow the Laws of Power, as in “act as everyone else”).
    It’s actually a great idea for a new kind of VC fund: investing in companies with the “redpill” and neomasculinity take on life. I’m pretty sure there must be wealthy individuals reading this website, we could pool a cool 10-20M and start a fund. There is money to be made through bold moves which go against the PC and SJW narratives.

    1. Worth a shot, but I’m thinking that will produce a massive Shut. It. Down. response from the usual suspects.

  23. Twatter subs have stagnated in the US only.. they have been growing substantially in the rest of the world. Maybe the American userbase is simply saturated. Sorry, but I don’t see how that statistic constitutes the “end of Twitter”. However, if enough people get fed up with Twitter and its “Ministry of Peace and Love”, and if some smart person comes up with a social media alternative, users will start voting with their feet. Then Twitter, along with it’s cadre of highly-paid oxygen thieves, will go the way of the dodo.

  24. “Some people’s idea of free speech, is that they are free to say what they like, but if anyone says anything back that is outrage”. Twitter will die inside 12 months, thanks to them putting man hating, the patriarchy is everywhere Feminists in charge!!!!

  25. Geez. Is the market ripe for a right wing version of twitter or what? Someone could market their chat service (or whatever it’s called) as a no-holds barred, guaranteed anonymous shit show. So many people would hop on that.

  26. Can we have a policy to never have another photo of this truly hideous looking woman with her 2nd grade intellect on Return of Kings? Mention her name but don’t show her photo. Oh and by the way, why is every feminist ugly?

  27. Holy shit. I mean that. I’m straight up shocked. I guess this garbage is paying off. Just wow man.
    Well shit. Glad I don’t use Twitter. Acknowledging stupid is one thing, even supporting it I half understand. But paying for it?
    She is literally being paid to scream sexism and hate speech with no real qualifications or marketable skills. I feel like I just read that some kid who took 8th grade algebra just got hired to be chase banks CFO

  28. Once again, intead of bitch about twitter, troll it, remove your accounts, tell your relatives to remove theis accounts and finish with Twitter.

  29. pretty sure Anita is best known for being a victim – prior to being attacked she was relatively obscure
    This is why feminists should be thanking their “harassers”

  30. Surely another platform providing a similar service to Twitter but emphasising freedom of expression should be able to take off. The attack on Milo Yianopolis for essentially winning arguments shows the platform deserves to whither. It is censorious and needs people to move of it. There are several alternatives, such as and Plurk.
    Let’s move to them. Facebooks role in hiding invader rape in Germany also means it deserves to be withered.

  31. Same thing will happen like Reddit!
    These corporations are so afraid of political correctness and feminists that they let their billion dollar companies be destroyed!!

  32. Good news! Twitter needs to die anyway. Do they even produce anything of any value???
    The only purpose I see that it serves it just being a mouthpiece for SJW’s.

  33. It’s amazing how these big tech companies (which are supposed to be so smart) feel such an urge to keep pandering and pandering again to retarded minorities that are constantly offended by everything while completely oblivious to the fact that they are pissing the fuck off of the majority of users who just can’t stand the whole SJW shit.. it’s like they don’t know anything about economy, market, demand, etc…

  34. I could care less if Twitter died. In fact it would probably be a good thing in that the SJWs use it to barter their trade. There is no redeeming value to anything on Twitter. It is vaguely useful as a news feed if you follow the right people, but I can also find out that Scalia died a few hours later and the world will still be just fine.

  35. Looks like Twitter is following our government’s common practice for “protecting” something, in this example free speech; by putting in even more rules and policies. Goodbye Twitter. I would say it was nice knowing you, but well….I’m no liar and I’m not gonna start now.

  36. Why don’t people of more conservative viewpoints simply create their own social media platforms? I refuse to join twitter because of their censorship, (and I think the name is dumb, dumb, dumb). I assume that such technology can’t be that difficult to emulate, but I know turd about programming…

  37. With only a few exceptions, Twitter is a platform for lazy fucks to feel like they are expressing their profound views. These are people with short attention spans and little ability to formulate coherent thoughts and express them in a format that requires structured writing and communication skills. So, naturally, Twitter is great for the 80% of the population with an IQ of less than 110. The exceptions are, of course, (1) thought leaders that are simply using Twitter as a way to disseminate information and (2) those that wish to manipulate the stupid masses.
    I suspect Twitter can be easily replaced. A user-base on the Internet can evaporate virtually overnight. It’s true that a well designed social media platform is addictive and habit forming. But that addiction can be replaced with another addiction very easily.
    Personally, what I am hoping for is a social media platform that is designed for people with an IQ of >120. I don’t have any interest in interacting with morons, except when they are working for me and thus gainfully employed. Or as a form of charity. Imagine how interesting something roughly like Twitter would be if the participants self selected the platform and all had IQ’s of >120.
    No, I am not interested in these +120 IQ people all having the same views. What I am interested in is intelligent debate. For example, if everyone on the platform were intelligent, nobody would bother with pseudo “statistics” like the supposed “wage gap” between the sexes, nor false rape and DV statistics. Anyone wanting to do so would know the audience is too intelligent to believe their bull shit, so they would be forced to use cogent arguments based on real and verifiable information.
    Might sound boring. But to 20% of the world’s population it would be impossible to resist. That 20% of the population happens to have more than 80% of the world’s wealth. So the platform would be a magnate for advertisers. Seems like a winner to me. Let’s get to work on it.

  38. I haven’t found any formal announcement that Anita Sarkeesian has been employed by Twitter. So not sure if I’ll take this article seriously.

  39. While I enjoyed the sentiment, I’ll have to call this one out as untrue. Do most people who use twitter care about these issues? Probably not. I doubt that the stock price drop has anything to do with censorship or leftist motives. The problem with twitter is that it’s nothing special and has no way to make money,

  40. Another great article Matt Forney! Twitter has given up on its users, just like Reddit did with its hiring of Ellen Pao. This is a pattern now. Just like the dinosaur media had gone into the tank for globalist political parties (i.e. Democrats) in the hopes of getting government goodies when the parties they shill for win. Twitter is like the dying newspapers… begging for table scraps from the DNC.

  41. In a beta moment I thought :”Fucking bitch landed a job making more than me for doing less.” Once I regained my senses, no rat’s asses are given. Machette don’t text and Scorpio don’t tweet.

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  43. Always thought Twitter the dumbest socila media platform out there. Who can say something useful in 140 characters? Nobody!
    Time to kill this pathetic SJW patform!
    If you have Twitter account I say close them or troll the, living shit out of our targets and spoil the environment. This may be the best thing to do to Twitter..

    1. Indeed. There should be a platform with balls in a manner of speaking that provides for people to say whatever they wish and with a capacity for much more in terms of length-140 characters is for the mentally defective.

  44. I bet radical Islamists still won’t be censored though, just the men who dwell in the land of the “Great Satan” because they’re sooo privileged and need to be controlled or they’ll enslave women and run around raping. But hey, God forbid you say anything against the precious Desert Death Cult, the real rapists and slave traders. How is it Terrorist groups and snot-nosed “hackivists” (that release people’s personal details) like Mr. Penis even have twitters? Nope, ban Roosh and anyone on RoK instead right?

  45. So… use this against them. You already report every threat of violence made by progressive and tolerant liberals, don’t you?

  46. Organizations left, right and center are caving into the ruthless hybrid beast of Islamist-Feminist intimidation. It’s disgusting.

  47. fuck sjw’s. they get themselves and others killed, raped and beaten with there propoganda. i have a feeling they probably wish deah on any who dare not agree with them. not to mention all the hateful racist blacks, muslims that hide behind the sjw banner because white people will protect and do things for them that way. blacks always take about diversity but that is sjws training them, they dont give a shit about anyone else, no one is more racist then blacks. they want whites to do everything for them, like we have since the beginning, its like taking care of millions of violent retarded children(most blacks score in the retarded range in iq test -like 99%)
    you can cry about what i said but the truth hurts, i also dont feel like properly typing it cause sjw cultists could care less about facts and reality
    finally people are really starting to get sick of this shit

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