The 3 Golden Rules For Getting Laid In New York City

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Hi guys, Mark Zolo here from Naughty Nomad. Over the years, I’ve contributed over 100 city guides for men in our little corner of the internet, and as some of you may or may not know I’ve spent the last two years living in the Dirty Rotten Apple. After countless nights of research and bedding more than my fair share of New Yorkers—sometimes two at time or three in a day for good measure—I’ve recently published the very first Bachelor’s Guide to New York City, which Neil Strauss himself described as “fucking funny”.

Anyway, today I wanted to share three golden rules I’ve learned when it comes to getting laid in New York City.

1. Hunt In Your Backyard


Girls in New York are lazy and apathetic. Getting laid in New York is like getting take out—it’s all about speed and convenience—and nothing will cockblock you harder than bad logistics. Women here won’t bother walking ten blocks for pizza when there’s a deli on the corner. They don’t care how awesome you are; for them, it’s all about what requires the least amount of effort.

Try invite a Jersey girl back to Astoria or a Bushwick broad back to the Bronx and they’ll laugh in your face. As for Manhattanites, you have a better chance getting your granny to twerk for YouTube than getting those girls to cross a river. The primal ape within her sees a large body of water and instinctively cowers back to the safety of the island interior. As such, the minute you mention you live in another borough, her vagina will dry up like the Sahara. Oh sure, you might get lucky once and awhile; she could be super desperate or have her own place nearby and invite you home—but you can’t count on that.

The biggest piece of advice I can give anybody coming to NYC is hunt locally. That means that if you live in Brooklyn, party in Brooklyn. If you live Queens, party in Queens. And if you live in the Bronx, well, then you should consider moving.

2. Forget About Numbers


Quite possibly, you’re dealing with the flakiest women in the universe. Forget about getting phone numbers; it’s do or die in this city. There are exceptions, but generally girls here dole out their number to any guy who asks for it out of politeness to avoid an awkward interaction. By the time you text her, you’ll likely be reduced to another annoying vibrate alert, a blurry face in the cloud of cocks pining for her attention.

There are so many dudes in the race that you’re not even a contender. Even if you get some digits after making out with a girl, there’s a high probability you’ll never hear from her again. Don’t take it personally. Understand that New York females have so many options that they just don’t want to waste their time.

3. Know When to Strike, And Strike Fast

The good thing about approach anxiety

Building on the second rule, speed is everything in NYC. It’s go-go-go in this city. A lot of guys who move here learn this pretty quickly, but then they make the mistake of being too direct and coming on too strong. The trick is finding a happy medium.

You need to hang back a little at the start. Approach without hesitation, but don’t sexualize the conversation too early. Don’t buy drinks (too many guys make that basic mistake here) and keep it fun and neutral. Wait until you feel the bite before you move forward, but the minute you feel it, put that peddle to the mother-f**kin’ floor! It’s the same night or you can take a hike.

I don’t care if you have to bang her in the bathroom or down an alleyway, just get ‘er done. Even if one night stands aren’t you’re thing and you’re looking for a serious relationship, understand that if you move slow you’ll be forgotten about. Fortune favors the bold. Sometimes it’s not always possible to seal the deal, but if see an opportunity, it’s your job to get as far as you can, as fast as you can, because once she’s released back into the concrete jungle, you’ll probably never see her again.

I hoped this helped, guys.

To learn more about picking up in New York City and for a full breakdown of the women, neighborhoods, and nightlife, pick up a copy of my comprehensive 140-page guidebook, Naughty Nomad’s Guide to New York City.

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113 thoughts on “The 3 Golden Rules For Getting Laid In New York City”

  1. Does getting laid in New York City give you electrolytes?
    It’s what you need.
    By the way, they say in France a good breast fills a champagne glass.
    In Brooklyn a good sized breast can clog a toilet.

  2. The author is 100% right.
    In Cali where I’m from, you win girls by being aloof.
    In NY, you win girls by being aggressive.
    You can win any girl by making her laugh, but it works to an extreme in NY because most dudes there have no personality (the Yuppie corporates) or are Wannabees (30 year olds who live with their mother and think they’re Scarface.)
    Given the weak competition and probably the most favorable female to male ratio in America, you can’t lose in that city.

    1. You see that’s how guidos and fake mafia wannabees get laid. And the bridge & tunnel crowd don’t cut it.
      I remember what the 80s were like. It was a time when if you didn’t drive a sporty car, you were not getting laid. Stupid, indeed.
      I think the true gamesmen went elsewhere, thinking that if you can get laid without having to go deep in the hole on a Mustang GT (with the Guido Hall of Shame Ground Effects Package) or an IROC-Z (“IROC” means “Italian Retart Out Cruising”) then that’s real game instead of playing up Mr Money Man just to get some daughter of a Long Island yenta/guidette to give you the time of day. We would hear stories of real men hooking up with real women and wonder what life was like beyond the Verrazano Bridge (Aka: the Guiny Gangplank)
      I remember a “girl next door type” who had issues and worked hard to address them. Last saw her in the passenger seat of a Mustang GT and we said “tsk tsk, all that trouble just to go out with some stupid guido”. She died young on an operating table.
      Every NYC woman I ever met all struck me as soulless. Silly me. Joining the military to get overseas and away from that shit only to find out that all women were like that.
      I have nice car though, but I got it because I like the car. Cunts don’t get to ride in it.

      1. Good post, but I think by “guidos”, you meant “filthy guineas”. Italians are the worst, because a lot of them are racist morons (hate blacks), despite the fact that most black Americans came to America long before the guinea hordes came over on their banana boats. Kind of ironic they are racist considering that Italians aren’t really “white”, they are mixed-race after their whores were banged senseless by the “swarthy” muslims hundreds of years ago.

        1. Yeah, Italians are the ones that have turned our major cities into third world hell holes, are responsible for 90% of the murders in some of these cities (i.e. Baltimore, St.Louis, Memphis), benefit from a government policy that discriminates against White men, and have cost the taxpayers trillions of dollars in “entitlement programs, incarceration,ect. Oh, wait a minute, it’s the blacks. Italians not White? The descendants of the founders of Western Civilization are not White? Your contention is a bad joke from a B movie. You need to read the most recent genetic studies done in Sicily and Naples.

        2. Those “dirty guineas” you’re talking about gave the world Rennaissance, the Christian faith, Latin culture, Roman Empire, and mafia culture (which, last time I checked, is poorly emulated by every rapper on TV.)
          Educate yourself before you degrade an entire population.

        3. Can you point to these studies? I’d be interested in reading them.
          Europeans fracturing along the lines of ‘whiter than thou’, at this point in time, particularly on the basis of what is effectively hearsay is a pretty bad idea. So some actual research on this would be appreciated.

        4. ” Your contention is a bad joke from a B movie.”
          Is that the one with dennis hopper and he calls the guy an eggplant?

        5. People like “kansasbred78” are poison, they seek to divide and demoralize European-Americans. I have included links to two of the most recent studies. They find NO sub-Saharan genetic contribution (misnomer, curse more apropos) and almost no north African.
          A 2013 study by Alessio Boattini et al. found 0 of African L haplogroup in the whole Italy out of 865 samples. The percentages for Berber M1 and U6 haplogroups were 0.46% and 0.35% respectively.[19]
          2014 study by Stefania Sarno et al. found 0 of African L and M1 haplogroups in mainland Southern Italy out of 115 samples. Only two Berber U6 out of 115 samples were found, one from Lecce and one from Cosenza.[20]

        6. Whenever a certain ethnic people loves their own, idiots like you call them a racciiist, a word attributed to Trosky for political purposes. You implying that black people can’t be “racist” is laughable. So let me get this straight, you act “racist” (filthy guidos, banana boats, whores) by accusing others of “racism”.

        7. Italians positive traits: They are big on family, and their own (which others say is racist), Excellent culture (Wine, Architecture, …), great filmmakers/artists, Adventurers (Colombus,Verrazano,…), etc, etc, etc….
          Even me a non-italian can appreciate this.

      2. I lived in the Bronx. Most of the demographics were newly arrived Latinas with old world values, so I was shielded from the uber progressive white knighting that dominates the rest of the city.
        As far as Manhattan women, you’ll be surprised how many of them want to be taken. They work 24/7 in a cubicle with spineless, boring, effeminate people. Show them a thrill and 10 years later they’ll still be emailing you asking when you’ll be back in town.
        As far as the suburban girls, I feel bad for anyone that tries to court them. I gave up a long time ago.

  3. I’m from NY but I currently reside in Pennsylvania. The best way to get laid in NY is simply not living in NY. If you’re from out of town pussy is available.

    1. I moved to rural PA from Connecticut. Woods and mountains, streams and fields, fewer liberals and more real people.

      1. There are no mountains in PA moron. try moving to montana the land of mountains and real rivers and forests.

        1. Try telling that to the railroads.
          Appalachian mountains
          Allegheny mountains
          Our mountains are old and worn but mountains nonetheless. And there are lots of them.

    1. But did you know the secret to getting laid by two girls at a time was double kratom?

  4. Living in NYC, I can attest to the flaking. With the advent of the smart phone you have girls getting attention from social media, texts, phone calls, dating sites, etc., in addition to face-to-face contact. I’ve been in the midst of my most prolific period of game yet, but even if I fuck a girl there’s no guarantee she’ll respond to my texts or want to see me again. I fucked one girl at night, then fucked her again in the morning – When she left she didn’t even mention exchanging numbers, having me call her, or see her again. And I never did see her again.
    There’s this meme that’s been around forever about guys not wanting committment and just being pigs who will fuck anything. But it’s women who are contributing to their own slutiness by putting the cart before the horse and having sex with a guy before knowing if they actually dig them. And while this is great for flings, it’s just bad management of their currency (Vagina). Most guys will want to see a girl again, but in early courtship the woman has the power, and if she wants nothing to do with him then it’s just another notch in her belt that propels her closer to the Wall (And it’s such sweet relief when a girl you were crazy for but wanted nothing to do with you begins complaining about how she just wants a good guy…….By that point not desirable due to her age and lack of fertility).

    1. “I fucked one girl at night, then fucked her again in the morning – When she left she didn’t even mention exchanging numbers, having me call her, or see her again. And I never did see her again.”
      Are you complaining? Don’t make me have to come over there. I’m gonna start trowing vowels.

      1. Feminism teaching them to be like men, when in reality it is not in a woman’s biology to go around sleeping with different men every other weekend. Pathetic and sad.

    2. I went out with a group of friends one night. At the end of the night this one girl had a drunken emotional breakdown, crying about how she doesn’t get any attention from guys in the bars (she looks like a less attractive Khloe Kardashian).
      She was bitching about how she can’t find any decent guy to date, that guys only want to fuck her. We all just looked at each other with the same thought….stop fucking guys that only want to fuck you.
      You can’t be a slut with nothing else to offer but your vagina and then wonder why you can’t find a good man.

      1. And old habits die hard – If you’re looking for a no-strings attached lay and a girl says something along the lines of guys only using her for sex, then your chances of getting it in are great. Side note: You know what the last girl I had sex with told me after we began making out? “I’m not having sex with you.” Pay attention to what they do, not say.

        1. True, I had one tell me she did not shave her legs in the last 12 hours because she did not want to have sex with me while one hand was on her tits, and the other was inside her pants.
          They have this thought in their brain that what they are doing is slutty, but they still want it and will do it anyways.
          However, their rationalization hamster will spin that wheel at warp speed to produce the lamest of self-reflective guilt sacrifice being “I didn’t want to, so that makes it okay.”
          Basically girlies, if you don’t want to be a slut, choose not to. You want to be a wife, be a wife with the first worthy candidate you find and be faithful. Or don’t.
          But don’t blame men for your piss poor decision making skills when you are not getting what you want.
          I would tell the beta “nice guy” the same shit for just uselessly spending his time and resources on women who take his cash and prizes, but don’t give him anything other then her spent emotional tampons to chew on.
          Beta male who spends money frivolously on things or women to attract a wife=cock juggling career whore who burns bridges with worthy men in her prime fertility years then screams foul when her biological clock stops ticking.
          We are all better off without either of you.

      2. No patriarchy in that NYC scene. The bitches are running that entire arena. Leave it for the spring fields of virgin unicorns elsewhere before it turns to a pillar of salt.

      3. A LESS attractive Khloe Kardashian? Christ, where was this bar in a men’s prison?

        1. A top class hospital ward for those recovering from cancer. She may not have been Khloe, but most likely she and the rest of the social status whores conglomerate in the same places like water racing to the lowest flat space.
          I don’t wish ill on any man, but for the NBA player the actual pseudo celebrity seems enamored with, I think he could have done a lot better.
          That said, I only know this shit for the very same reason I hate the check out line at the grocery store. Tabloid mags that pump out useless shit. I am actually starting to miss the national enquirer and it’s old “She gave birth to a baby alien” nightmares in journalism episodes. That is truly sad.

    3. The moment a woman starts giving it out on a regular basis she gets placed in the “Used Goods” department, at that point a Man either has to suck up his pride and date a whore in front of everyone he knows, or he can just use-her and lose-her , that’s what a woman who gives it out regularly faces as a future, a male partner who is beta (man sucked up his pride for a whore) and will never satisfy her true wants, or she’ll be consistently used as a result of her bad Rep, the moral of the story for women is don’t go giving it out if any kind of normal future with a Man is desired.

      1. How old are you? Do you actually think there is such a thing as a bad reputation with millennial females?

        1. I’m 25. I don’t think millennial women have a clue as to what their choices entail, that’s why they make the bad decisions they make, they don’t understand what Men really think of them when they act like whores.

        2. This is why I’m mildly happy that my particular strain of daddy issues make me drawn to one person at a time who is nice to me only sometimes, not impressed with me, i have to go after to bang, and so I’ve only let one guy touch me ever. But yeah I feel fucking left out in female conversations when the majority of my friends have numbers in the high 20s by now.

        3. That sounds quaint, like something a parent from a different generation would say. Millennial females feel no social stigma flaunting their sluttiness.

        4. I was thinking the same thing. Like, “no way ill date Sandra May, she goes necking with all the boys from the school newspaper up at inspiration point”
          By the time they graduate high school I would guess over 90% of the girls have had sex with multiple partners, sucked even more cock than that, have had anal and participated in a multiple partner sexual experience….

        5. Well that’s good, you’ve only let one Man touch you, preferably no Man would have been best, but, well ,that’s life.. Your friends are going to wind up with beta simps because any real alpha the moment he catches wind that a girl he’s interested in has a grand canyon between her legs caused from an endless supply of dicks will want nothing to do with her anymore( Unless its to fuck n’ chuck her of course) , you may feel left out now from the conversation but when you find a Man you love and all your friends are jealous and all they have to show for is more whore stories you won’t feel so left out and the shoe will be on the other foot with them wishing for your position. The Reality is a woman’s value to a Man is based entirely on the Level of her Sexual Market Value, so if you’ve only been with one guy that’s not bad, but your friends SMV is incredibly low, they may think because of feminism that their choices have no ramifications but to many Men they’re about as appealing to marry as the Mud one would scrape off the heel of a boot, they’re locking themselves into an endless cycle of being Used, if they do eventually find a Man, it will be to a Man they probably aren’t happy with, the Man will be most likely a push- over and a weakling, and hence explains why he settled for a whore.

        6. Wach fronline episode called Lost Children of Rockdale County. Like a box of hamsters crawling all over each other. Typcial middle class america.

        7. Sometimes I think daddy issues are over-stated. Women use that as excuse for bad behavior. Its daddy’s fault.

        8. Eh, that will change when your bank account is still in the black, and you still have your man around. OTH, they will be emotional train wrecks many of them, if they don’t cash in on their looks while they have time.
          As yet, even if you do everything right, there is no guarantee that he does not leave. Same thing for a man doll. He can do everything right, and still get divorce thefted. You most likely won’t have that problem. Divorce, especially if he starts to make bank, will likely be good for the first five years. Go to school, and let him have the kids as much as possible. Get on your own two feet.
          If you stay until death do either of you part, you will be happier then your friends who slutted it up.

        9. Yeah, who doesn’t, for like the first five bangs. Then fails to call back ever after.
          See, they have a ever after also. Every woman is a princess!

  5. I was just in Manhattan for one day and I was impressed by the physical quality of the women: much skinnier than the ham planets you see waddling up to the Waffle House in the Midwest. It must be all that walking they do, I imagine.
    Good article though about the ugly “behind the scenes” reality. I figured as much – this is the United States after all. And, unfortunately, NYC is home to the Sarah Jessica Parker disciples. Naturally, many would let the Hollywood hype get to their heads (refusing to take a 30 minute train ride to a neighboring borough to meet someone, for example).
    Also, with all those Wall Street bankers walking the streets, I imagine that the female hypergamy must be through the roof.
    They must all be waiting for Mr. Big to buy them a penthouse in the sky.

    1. I live in NYC and while generally speaking people here are more fit, their faces are on average quite possibly the ugliest I’ve seen anywhere in the country, whether it’s their soulless commuting frowns or the actual features.

      1. So they’re butter faces, is that what you’re saying? Sounds like paradise to me.

    2. I’ve traveled all over the US and haven’t seen uglier than NYC. Almost entirely the dregs of the most primitive and physically grotesque third world populations. Sarah Jessica Parker is a good example. People who say NYers are attractive either have exceptional filters that block out 99% of the population or are defining NYC very narrowly.

    3. I’m surprised nobody has done an in depth analysis of Mr. Big on ROK. From what I remember he was very aloof….. but I never really thought he had game. Probably the idealised guy the fag writer wanted to bum.

  6. Fuck, Naughty Nomad must be made of solid rock. On the book cover he not only got Lady Liberty to remove her toga, he got her to grow her hair out long again and blow him. I mean, she’s French, but shit, dude. That is Kratom-level Game.

    1. Looks like he was only there 3 months and banged a couple dozen women, maybe half of those good looking. Nothing wrong with that. But doesn’t seem like info worth paying for.

      1. i’m pretty sure 24 women in three months would be a vast amount for most guys. it exceeds my lifetime notch count.

        1. I’ve seen guys bang 1 per week with minimal effort back in the 90s before people were even talking about “game”. Its not that hard if you’re willing to do AWGs.

    2. I hear Lady Liberty is a Real Kratom Whore, just sprinkle a little down below and she’ll drop to her knees.

    3. NYC itself used to be a small Dutch settlement called New Amsterdam. Then the British brought over Kratom, and…

      1. It was bought from the Indians for 26 dollars worth of Kratom. Unfortunately for the injuns it was knock off kratom as 26 dollar of kratom with those head scalping mother fuckers would have meant total conquest. It would have been the Indians pulling manifest destiny and we would all be praying to Ganesh now.

        1. Indians cheated the Whiteman on this transaction. Do the arithmetic. Twenty four dollars in gold with the natural rate of interest of 4% for three hundred years. Adjust for inflation. All that for a piece of unimproved land that the locals were using for a vacation home. We were scalped!

    4. NYC girls that I have met fit his criterion pretty exact. If you are at a bar, it would probably be your best logistics to take her to a bathroom. No BS! If you try to get her even a couple blocks to a hotel room you might as well forget about it. People chat in NYC every second is like Captain Obvious saying we breathe air. That city is full of fuckers. Literally.
      I was with my son in NYC, and though my debit card had hundreds of dollars specifically for my trip, the lazy POSs who operate the subways had an issue with the ATMs. My card could not be used. MY seven year old and I had to walk numerous city blocks until a subway cop just let us in. All the bitches who operate the ticket counters literally told me they don’t give a fuck.
      What this means, is that NYC does not care about anyone, including each other. The night before, out at a bar in Manhattan, I met this couple who just came drunk from a Billy Joel concert, and his wife was all over me. Touching me, and increasing her comfort with me right in front of him. The beta male did nothing for a while, but then grabbed her and left the bar when I thought she was about to get on her knees right there. I was just talking. She was hot with big tits too. But I draw the line at married chicks, even if her beta orbiter husband is not right in front of me.
      A black chick with massive tits was also ready to fuck me that night in the bar. Shit. She would not even hint at me where I could find a hotel. Speaking of which, hotels are like 300-400 a night minimal. So basically, you might as well find a hooker if you are not banging her in an alleyway.
      I’m glad I don’t live in NYC. Also, his point about girls just giving you their digits to leave them alone is also true. One even invited me out, a Latina, only to not return my calls when she said the were going to a Latin dance club.
      I hate traffic too, so fuck NYC. You can have those millions of used up skraggly, full of life regret soon to be single moms. MY ex-gf is from the Bronx. I second what he is saying.
      If all you ladies hate this shit, then use your momentous weight, hehehe, and mass of voters being the majority to change it.
      Or STFU.

        1. In a lot fo ways it is awesome. Central Park, other sites. BUt it is expensive. Great place to eat and visit. But personally, wouldn’t want to live there. I like the Midwest. Living ten minutes or more outside of a city with 250-300k people is perfect for me. Honestly, how many Barnes n Nobles, Targets, and movie theatres does one really need?
          I need space, and fresh air. No living in NYC for me.

        2. yes, i used to go there for work once in a while and thought it was interesting to visit. never appealed at all as a place to live.

        3. It is, lived about 40 minutes from NYC in Jersey and the first part about women refusing to travel for (most) men is true. To game in NYC you better live in New York if you don’t mind the insane cost of living, single ratios don’t favor men until 45 and plenty of successful male competition. Cheaper and easier places to meet women both domestic and abroad.

  7. I lived in manhattan a few years. definitely the quickest and easiest lays I’ve had in my life.

  8. I believe I will avoid attempting to court any New York City womyn. This article confirms what I have found to be true in my dealings with them. They are more crude and obnoxious than most men I know, not exactly the epitome of femininity. I had to suppress a laugh when the author mentioned the women of nyc’s concern for politeness.

  9. For the location thing: there’s an exception with college girls. Most will be cool if you live in Brooklyn or even Queens especially if they’re tired of Murray Hill Bros. There are definitely massive groups of college girls who will think you’re hipster and dangerous if you live outside of Manhattan. But never be a bridge and tunnel or admit to it until after you’ve banged someone. Massive turn off. The fake number thing is real and it sucks. A shit ton of girls are super into OKCupid if they’re kinky, Tinder if they’re horny and under 23, meeting in bars and talking to guys in their 30s is mostly for tacky post grad girls who work in PR, wannabe sugar babies, or girls who happen to like way older men.

    1. Hipsters are laughed at in other parts of america. Nobody thinks they’re dangerous, just the opposite total beta one step above the fat guy who failed gym class. Maybe its a way to stand out from the crowd where men are still required to wear the suit to the office?

      1. Yup, and college girls at like NYU, The New School, Pace, any downtown school are much more into hipster dudes. The amount of admiration for the Man Bun that I have had to listen to in the past year. ugh. I hate them. If you are a man fucking look like a man.

    1. Yup, the Dominican game is strong in the boogie down. I like a girl that takes her time while blowing you to decide if she is going to cut you or cook for you when she is done.

  10. Way back, mid ’90’s, ouch, buddy of mine living in Manhattan banged a “won’t get outta bed for less than $10,000” model, she with the skin of a darker hue. They’re out there or they were. I’ve had great times in Manhattan, Bleekers, etc. So much variety. Good times…. don’t know what it’s like now. Well I guess Naughty explains it best.

  11. Entity that outsources online jobs that pay well? Let me guess. This is some Shitting Sheikh service job in Dubai.

  12. Get the hell out of New York; any disruption to the grid there and it is mass panic. My rule has always been go only where no man has gone before–good luck finding undamaged goods in that massive declining monument to the gilded age.

  13. by the way, as a life long resident of NYC who has had a fairly successful run of being a single man…I can say without qualification or hesitation that the author of this article a) is not from NYC and b) is wrong

  14. Move to nyc, get tatted up, buy a leather wristwatch, and using fannybutt are all good life strategies I have learned here, but using kratom while living in nyc and wearing a leather wristwatch really upped my game. I had to get a new bed now because the springs wore out on my old one and my biceps went from 18 to 28″. I also learnt bronx girls don’t like brooklun men and hell’s kitchen girls don’t like gramercy boys but they will go to the end of the red line to meet a wall street guy driving a merc, funny how that rule still works from the 80’s.

  15. I hope Mark realizes LL’s fucked every American in American by promoting the idea that anyone can come from any country and be welcome in no matter how stupid, useless, or criminally inclined that person might be.
    I hope he used a condom made out of hazmat material, to be sure.

  16. is Naughty Nomad an American?
    Does any American here feel anger by the sight of “Lady Liberty” in a position giving a blowjob? You guys are okay with using national image like that?

      1. But it’s still an iconic American symbol. It’s not a worship but rather a respect for national monument. When America has a reputation of “not having a culture”, having lady liberty is something America can be proud of showing.
        Even with the modern day bullshit in America, Americans should still be proud of what their nation stands for.

  17. Maybe you’d get attention if you weren’t just looking for a lay.
    Femmes can sniff that shit out a mile away.

        1. Yeah, you seem like the type to enjoy a good ball stomping. Unfortunately, I’m not into pansies.

    1. Maybe you’d get attention if you were worth a lay.
      Guys can sniff out dud roots two miles away.

  18. Edit: it seems I may have misunderstood the article. If you want a relationship (a real one) then yeah I agree with the list. But who here visits New York looking for a wife at a bar?
    Just get in, get blowed and be on your way. If you see her again with a new guy, just smile and act like you are a friend of a friend cause that is basically the extent of your relationship. You are just a cool guy she fucked and if you meet again she will fuck you again. badically point #1 again.
    I’m no pro so feel free to disregard my opinion.
    I only agree with point 1. That is spot on.
    However the latter two is not what I experienced as a native New Yorker. The girls there are bold and relatively easy. Yeah there are guys, but there are even more women. Id spend a weekend there (moved out young) and I’ll have a girlfriend by Saturday. Not a chick I am gaming, like a girl that sees herself as mine.
    It’s that fast. Be reasonably attractive (average) have a job and just chill and ladies approach you. I even got with a chick visiting her cousin that spoke no English. Her cousin had to translate.
    I dunno. Maybe it’s cause I am a New Yorker and that is my stomping grounds, but getting laid in New York is stupid easy. I can’t even visit without getting a “F” buddy. I kinda dread it at times. Not all the time I want to deal with women but they are so bold that you either gotta be a cold ass (which probably only makes them wet) or just assess her fuckability and suit up and dive in to add her to the list.
    You don’t need game in New York. You just gotta be willing to fuck on the first night.

  19. $87 an hour to star in a porn movie ?? Surely you jest Mary Nunes… Wouldn’t even get out of bed for less than $500 an hour……

  20. “Fortune favors the bold”? Author, Are you 10 years old? What fortune? Please do tell us how modern day women infected with Feminitis, and STDs which they hide, including all the behaviors and characteristics you list here about MOST(NOT All) of modern women, are a “Fortune”?
    Sounds like way too much work…
    In this case, it’s just easier to do nothing! While I understand how it was being young, but then again, when I was young, it was a lot easier before Cell phones and all this crap came along. But regardless of the times, you cannot simply make a Culture force a bowel movement that will excrete the Greed/Selfish/MeMeMe out of them.
    The best thing to do is to teach men how to just ignore and walk away. When every man starts to say No, maybe the “Leftards” that you guys mention so much, will just be noise. Instead of teaching young men how to get Tang, why don’t you teach them how NOT to bother trying to get laid and to educate themselves to be Better MEN and do something about this world we live in? I love your site, but some of your authors sound like women in men’s clothing. What is the agenda here? Sex War? And if so, when will you write an article about “How to kill your own mother” ?

  21. I went to NYC once, don’t want to go back. The 6 inch bullet-proof glass at the front desk, the mirror on the ceiling over the bed and the hardcore porn when I turned on the TV informed me that Babylon is no place for me. It felt like EVERYTHING needed to be disinfected. It should be walled in and used as a prison like in Escape From New York! I’m sure that useless bitch Carrie from Sex And The City will be the warden…

  22. I got laid in two nights when I was in NYC, but it was in my mid 20s. I didn’t even buy a hotel. A couple of dudes put me up one night, and then this chick I picked up let me stay over (her roommate was FREAKING, I almost didn’t make it). And, yeah, getting into a girl’s bed is a good strategy to getting laid. I was lucky I didn’t catch something. NYC is a tough place. I have a friend there in Brooklyn, but the crime rates around him actually concern me. For certain careers, NYC is the end all be all, and once you’re in, I think everything, particularly pussy, just becomes a shower, but until then, you are eating sh*t sandwiches daily.
    I thought that NYC was good for women because of all the unattached wannabes. LA has some merit in that regard, but LA is so car-centric. Such a nightmare.

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