Why Donald Trump’s Veterans’ Rally In Des Moines Was A Resounding Success

Last night, Donald Trump revolted against Fox News’ attempt to set a trap for him by skipping their GOP presidential debate, instead hosting a special rally for veterans at Drake University in Des Moines. I was able to snap up a ticket and attend the rally, and it was not only a fantastic experience, but it was also political masterstroke on Trump’s part. With this move, Trump has firmly established that he is in the driver’s seat and everyone else—the media, the GOP, and his haters—are just along for the ride.

As I mentioned in my last dispatch, because Trump was the primary ratings draw for the presidential debates, the news networks need him more than he needs them. His refusal to attend Fox’s debate was a power play to show them this. Fox News was so desperate to get Trump to rejoin the debate that they not only had Bill O’Reilly beg Trump on air to change his mind, Roger Ailes tried to get his wife and daughter to pressure him into it.

Traditional presidential candidates like Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz need TV exposure in order to build their brands and get their message out to voters. Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has been built on his ability to connect with people through Twitter and other social media. Much like how self-publishing allows authors to avoid the gatekeepers of the publishing world and market directly to their fans, Trump has shown that the media’s ability to make or break presidential candidates has greatly diminished.

Support The Troops


Unlike the other Trump rallies I’ve attended, I didn’t make plans to arrive at this one early, because I assumed that turnout would be lower due to it being announced at the last minute. Boy, that was a mistake. I drove by the Sheslow Auditorium at Drake where the rally was taking place around 4:15 pm (45 minutes before the doors opened) and there was already a huge crowd lined up.

While the initial crowd waiting to see Trump was only about 150 people strong, the line kept growing; an hour later, I estimate there were 3,000 or more people in line based on what I saw and what others were telling me. The line to get in the auditorium stretched back for seven or eight blocks. Because the auditorium could only seat about 1,000, most of the attendees had to be turned away, though some of them watched the rally on a TV the Trump campaign set up outside.


Inside the rally, the atmosphere was similar to the University of Iowa rally I attended on Wednesday, if not as chaotic. Beyond the cheering crowds and array of media cameras (Trump later compared it to the Academy Awards), the rally was also marked by special guest appearances by presidential candidates Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum (the latter of which I shook hands with). Trump stated he had also invited other candidates to his rally, a move that gives him the moral high ground and makes it clear that his problem is with Fox News alone.


Indeed, the mood of the rally was more casual than the previous ones I’ve attended. In addition to opening with a prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, and a performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” Trump also yielded the floor to guests such as Diamond and Silk. Additionally, Trump was able to raise $6 million for veterans’ causes, an impressive amount considering—again—the rally had only been announced 24 hours previously. You can watch part of Trump’s speech (as well as Huckabee’s and Santorum’s) below:

American Pravda


As I was discussing with a friend after the rally, the media’s lies about Donald Trump and his supporters are starting to shock even me. For example, this article claims that Trump was forced to leave his Iowa City rally early because of a hostile crowd throwing tomatoes at him. I was at that rally, and not only was the crowd enthusiastic about Trump (protesters numbered about 20 at most), but Trump didn’t leave the rally early: he stayed behind to sign autographs and shake peoples’ hands.

It’s getting to the point where the American press has more in common with that of communist Russia than the media of a supposedly “free” nation. Donald Trump’s populist presidential campaign represents a serious threat to the established order. While both the left and cuckservatives had hoped that the Donald would be a flash in the pan, his continued dominance at the polls has them in panic mode.

In any event, the likelihood of the Trump Train derailing any time soon is slim. I’m going to continue reporting on the situation in Iowa all the way through Monday’s caucuses, but it’s looking like the Donald has this one in the bag.

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  1. A brilliant move on his part. Right now the best thing he can do for his public image is distance himself from the party system and lamestream media. The problem with the primaries coming up is that the GOP controls about 40% of the final vote and the powers that be are terrified of Trump and his vision of an America free from their oppression.

    1. I believe they will come around. Risk your congressional seat in November by going against the will of the people? Democrats would have all the life footage in the world to nail the GOP on that. Besides. If you support Trump, you might get some positions of influence within the next administration.

    2. Oh don’t worry about that 40%. He is on top in (and I am not even exaggerating) every single Poll except Texas. The only reason he isn’t their is probably because their primary is still a month off and so he hasn’t focused on campaigning there. I am sure that will change after he wins both Iowa (where the establishment has actually endorsed him), New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada.

    1. Why run as an independent when Trump can take over the ‘machinery’ of the Republican party and use it himself?

        1. Yes, the machine is against Trump but it appears to be badly losing. I expect Trump will be on track for a majority after the Super Tuesday primaries, and the insiders will have a ‘meltdown’, but still will not do anything to change the direction of the party.
          In my opinion, it is their own fault for selling out the party, and this is what happens, someone else comes along and takes it all away. It is like when the Tea Party started to take over various parts of the Republican Party, Trump is doing the same thing but on a larger scale. It is more like a ‘Borg assimilation’ where the ‘rank and file’ are all starting to follow Trump and ignore the party insiders because they know they are ruining the country (RINOs).
          As to the general state of both parties, I never thought I would see the day when in the United States a Democrat Liberal would be someone that wanted and thought it was ok to run trillion dollars deficits forever, but the Republican conservative is someone that only wanted to run half trillion per year deficits, and somehow thought that was being responsible. Because of what the insiders are like for both parties, is the reason why someone like Trump is now able to take over the Republicans. Even at this late stage, instead of trying to do something to balance the budget, the Republicans instead did that deal a few months ago where the outgoing house leader made a deal to raise the debt ceiling high enough so that they could keep overspending for months and not have to do anything to balance the budget.
          People don’t care what Trump says or does because they realize that he is the only one that MIGHT actually do something to stop a currency/debt crisis in this country. (At some point running trillion dollars deficits is going to ‘blow up’ with a currency or debt crisis.) While Trump may not do anything, and turn out to be just as bad as all of the others, people know that the others (RINOs and insiders) are just mouthing platitudes and will not do anything if their life depended on it.

        2. The party formerly known as the GOP, like many institutions in this country, is a dead man walking.

      1. I can’t see him as an independent because people believe there’s 2 or 3 parties that actually run for the office… which is so far from reality. The best bet was to take over the weak party that’s clearly being used as a sock puppet (heck, didn’t republicans have a 30% turn out rate or something in 2012?) and take it where he wants to take it.
        The second reason i think he did it was because of the media.

    2. Running through the Republican party gives him legitimacy and a way to shore up his vote before November – he’s constantly featured in Republican debates and fights for victory in Republic primaries.
      As an independant, none of this would have happened and most would not even have heard of Trump.

    3. People don’t win elections that way….and even if they did, there is a thing called Congress….Trump would have to work with both Parties regardless, to get anything done.

      1. My bet is that most of them are a bunch of push overs and he’ll see the fear in their eyes and use them how he wants.

  2. The other site claims that the Secret Service took someone into custody for throwing the tomatoes in the comments section.
    From the video, it does look something is on the clip they have at the 10 second mark, but not clear if it is a glitch in the recording or it is showing something thrown at Trump. I can see why it very well could look like no tomatoes where thrown since it was so fast it almost looks like a ‘glitch’ of the recording or it was do far off target that many people would not see it. Even for someone present, depending on your angle and whether or not you turned away for a second, I would expect you would miss it.
    I also noticed that while it does MAYBE look like something was thrown at Trump, it was so far off target that Trump himself did not even appear to notice anything coming at him. i.e. Just after the ‘glitch’ or the object, instead of Trump looking surprised or starting to evade a thrown object coming at him, Trump appears to way in the general direction of the object that may have been thrown at him, not the reaction that you would expect from someone that just had something thrown at him and said object had a chance of hitting him.

    1. Hold on to my comment for a minute, I may have the wrong event. I tried to see if the Secret Service confirms the arrest and it looks like people are trying to throw tomatoes at Trump at multiple events. At one event the attempt was so pathetic that it fell short of the stage!

  3. It’s good that you are presenting a true picture , otherwise the msm in India is presenting Trump as some kind of a demon and Hillary as some godmother, The distortion of facts is totally disgusting.

    1. Same in France. It seems like the medias spread the same shit no matter where in the world. How weird is that.
      The ongoing narrative is “how dumb these stupid Trump voting Americans are “.

      1. Who cares about the narrative? The “narrative” is always that dumb hicks dominate the U.S. IF they are not “smart, wise and enlightened enough” to vote full hard Leftist. I say, flip them the bird and keep moving forward, to hell with the narrative.

        1. You’d almost think there were some kind of agenda being pushed by some kind of international cabal that controls the media. Worldwide.
          Naah, that’s crazy conspiracy talk.

        2. Crazy talk I tell you, so much so I share the same thoughts and have to wear a tinfoil hat 😉 (today I’ve shaped it into a fez).

      2. So you live in France ? I was there from 1984-86 and 1986-88.
        Even had a fucking bitchy frog girlfriend. But I still miss France (except for Frog Woman).

        1. You need to get fucking and carry on that noble lineage ! As much as I hate snooty French aristocrats, they are still better than have a country overrun by immigrants.
          You can have all the damn superior breeding you want. But at some point, quantity kicks in. Muslim immigrants understand this. Silly French (like rest of the west) do not.

        2. It might reassure you that all my white male friends have planned to reproduce. Some already have.
          Our white birth rate is still very good, compared with Germany or Sweden.
          I’ll consider breaking my vows in 10-15 years (I’m 23) if I’m not dead and if I have found a unicorn : an european or slavic housewife above 7, still virgin, Christian, with an above average I.Q and if, only if, homeschooling is still legal.
          Until then, I’m not feeding young flesh to the Republic and I think I can be more useful to my ideas by remaining celibate.
          While some devote their time to partying and chasing vaginas, I’m getting good at muay thai and pistol shooting, among other things.

        3. Wow, dude, I imagined you were older. I thought you were like a 50 year old who had given up. I have read a few of your posts

        4. I guess that the closest I could get to supporting a matriarchy would be Marine Le Pen. Although her niece is totally hot. Marine makes me think of big domineering bitch who smokes Gauloise. Her niece, that beautiful 20 something girl, seems more like the values of pre-revoluition. Good catholic.
          Both of them are important parts of France. La Republique and the ancien regime. Both better than PC shit. Both have a legitimate right to call themselves French.
          (Yes, I am an American deciding who can be French. But that is how I see it. Feel free to say I am full of shit !)
          Remember now. Niece is Marianne.

        5. Can’t stand Marine neither. She’s not really in charge : she’s surrounded by fags and Freemasons “advisors”, the closest from the power she’ll get, the softer she’ll become.
          I don’t trust this family at all, but I share your enthousiasm for the young Marion. I hope she’s legit.
          “Both of them are important parts of France. La Republique and the ancien regime. Both better than PC shit.”
          Actually our current political system probably is the father of the egalitarist “PC shit” we deal with today. I heard a French colonel from the 2e REP (regiment of French Foreign Legion’s Paratroopers) at the radio the other day, saying that “our Republic is the mother of all Totalitarianisms”, and he’s right.
          I think you’ll be interested in reading on the French Terror, and especially on the genocide of Vendée. It’s the worst crime ever done in France.
          I think the Republic find its roots in the crimes of proto-communists who tried to wipe an entire region off the map just to push their ideology and eradicate Catholicism, therefore I cannot consider it as legitimately French.
          Plus one just have to compair the military bilan of the monarchy, with the one of our republican leaders, to see in which system we’re doing better. We’re going from pyrrhic victories to defeats since 1789.
          Economically it is just the same. And as for arts, culture and spirituality it’s just a disaster.
          As I already said in some other posts : “All the worst French kings put
          together are very far from topping the French Republic’s bodycount when
          she got moody.”

        6. I think I read something by Balzac. Les Chouans ? Not sure if that was about that or not. 30 years ago. He made it into stories, added a touch of his own to sell books. I think he was always running from creditors.
          But I agree that la terreur and Robespierre was a model for regimes such as the Bolsheviks.
          My major was French in college, and I did get a degree from L’Institut des Hautes Etudes Europeennes in Strasbourg.. Studied lots of French history. At the time, they thought they would become one of the Grandes Ecoles, but I do not think it worked. In they 80’s, they had a cool building right behind the cathedrale de Strasbourg.
          But I noticed they had to move from that central location, so I am guessing they are not that famous in France.
          In the 80’s, I hated nationalism and thought that the European project was a great model for the world. I was so enthusiastic about Europe til it became clear that it had been hijacked by bankers.
          Now, I am a nationalist. I think countries like France and the USA could do just find making things for themselves. Can produce enough food, industry good enough for high standard of living.
          I think French and Americans in the 70’s and 80’s had a better life than today when there was more protectionism.
          France in the 1980’s was such a cool country. Have not been back since 1990 when I left to Japan.
          I miss Strasbourg. South of France was okay , but I always felt like the people in Strasbourg kept a lot of the best qualities of French and Germans. More polite.
          (Lived 2 years in Montpellier and 2 in Strasbourg. Liked Strasbourg much better).

        7. She’s certainly something; I was almost smitten by her. Something about conservative women makes me all tingly.

        8. Here’s a most famous French nationalist-monarchist movement (I don’t agree with them on the bloodline they’ve chosen but they do some good work)
          Here’s a legitimist forum on which I like to read : royaume-de-france.clicforum.com/search.php
          Here are some right wing news site :
          Here’s one of the best French right wing podcast ever :
          The podcast with the French colonel I was telling you about :

        9. Yeah I like him too.
          There is also Philippe de Villiers, the one who created le Puy du Fou, from whom I found myself applauding every speeches since he retired from politics :

        10. I think nationalism is more a mean than an end. The principle has been first used by the French revolutionaries during the revolutionary wars, but there is no French national sentiment without the preceding hard work of the monarchy.
          Everyone can hide behind nationalism, even anti-national ideologists.
          The revolutionaries did it, Stalin did it and even used the Orthodox faith to wake up the Russian national sentiment against the German Invasion.
          I’m pretty sure we can see a liberal nationalism coming, as they start realizing what really are the muzzies.
          That could be a disaster.
          You can already see fags and feminists getting hostile toward immigration. Sorry, but if I fight, it will not be to protect women’s lib and the gay pride.
          The attachment to your Vaterland is not enough, you need specific values to fight for, otherwise, why would you fight for the land your ancesters used to cultivate, when it has been submerged under morbid concrete ? Why would you give your life to protect a people that keeps voting for more immigration and sold its soul to mass consumerism ?
          As the French warrior Louis d’Estouteville said :
          “Là ou est l’honneur, là où est la fidélité, là seul est ma patrie”

        11. It is interesting when you see feminist campaigns “Take back the night”.
          Feminist got angry when local police forces recommnded things like walking together with friends etc for safety. Not getting drunk in public. This was offensive.
          The logic was totalitarian. They believe that there should be such an overwhelming security presence that women should not need to pay attention or be careful.
          (However, when the women were attacked by Muslims in Cologne, suddenly the feminists were ok with the concept that women should use common sense and not demand the state protect them from the Muslim immigrants..)
          The reaction showed that feminism, especially the PC sort of academia, is a 5 column against the nation..
          But I agree on the point of principle being most important . If the international forces were what they SEEMED and APPEARED to be in the 80’s, I would still be a globalist.
          Jean Monnet, Jacques Delors and financiers behind them were very clever. In the 80’s, it seemed like Europe would belong to people interested in sharing language and culture and and raising the level of all humanity. That was the Europe I experienced in the 80’s.
          Perhaps my happiest years were in my early 20’s studying in classes in Strasbourg with French, Germans, Spanish, Dutch etc. all in the same classroom. Going for coffee after classes, talking of the European Dream. Utopia seemed possible in the late 80’s.
          I was living in the Petite France Quartier in Strasbourg. Cobblestone streets. Beautiful, ancient. It was so wonderful living in the center of town, five minutes walk from the Cathedrale and our Institut des Hautes Etudes Europeennes behind it. . Friends, beautiful girls would stop by to spend the night as they did not feel like walking home to their dorms outside of town. Best social life ever. I will say that I miss above all the beautiful Dutch girls I used to hang out with.
          The Europe which could have been, a grassroots and academic cultural exchange enriching the lives of all Europeans, was killed by the financial elites. By the euro and Muslim integration, mainly. But perhaps also too much free trade.
          I think European Union became a failed experiment around the year 2007. That was when I started noticing it any way in the news.
          It is sad.

        12. Listened to all of it. I also liked what he had to say. He is exactly the type of person I would have hated in my youth (20’s). But he saw the problems with the EU early on. I liked especially what he said of Poland which show the biggest danger of current globalism.
          With current globalism robbing the soul of a country. So the identity can never be recovered. I liked how he spoke of the Polish retaining their identity even though they had lost authority under communism. So that now, they can recover it all back in the present. I felt like that was the example that showed is message the most effectively.
          The last thing I want to see is a European Wal-Mart.

    2. And in Ireland. The anti Trump posts on Facebook are a joke. Any little mistake or mishap is posted as if it could only happen to Trump supporters who are portrayed as, you guessed, racist bigots, homophobes, yadda yadda. The great thing is those terms have greatly lost their impact. Long Live Trump!

    3. Yes, please keep the reports coming. I have to laugh at the people on my Facebook list who are calling trump a buffoon and an idiot. If this guy’s stupid, with all he’s achieved, then what does that make you and me?

        1. Yep. But it’s just the typical Left, hating someone who is more successful than them. I’d almost understand their delusion if he was a career politician, but he’s had success in so many areas…..it’s like trying to call Arnold stupid. We should be looking up to these men or at least looking at their attitudes to life and trying to emulate their success.

        2. He took the SAT test when it was more akin to an actual IQ test before they watered it down for the lesser races..and yes..he did score in the top percentile.

        3. Right on. But that’s how the loony left are-they mock and hate those they are jealous of. If Donald is stupid then everybody else must be a total blithering idiot as someone pointed out.

      1. It’s always the same with these folks. They lack the ability to reason and therefore scream, “IDIOT, RACIST, SEXIST!” I’ve absolutely reached my breaking point with this juvenile shit.
        The country is in dire straits. High unemployment, unsustainable debt and the overwhelming feeling of despair.
        This election is pivotal in my eyes. We can endeavor to restore true capitalism or turn socialist. I have no problem with others not supporting TRUMP if they can tell me why. But from my experience, anytime I’ve met a Bernie supporter, they can’t even tell me why they’re really behind Bernie!
        Therefore I can NOT endure anymore of these mindless drones who’ve been brainwashed by the modern education system to see everything through the paradigm of (bogus) racism disrupting civil events while the tax paying adults who are aware of what’s happening want to hear/ have discussion with TRUMP.

      2. trump is sometimes criticized because he’s not a self-made man. he started with 40 million dollars from his father. thing people don’t realize is that when most people are given that kind of money (e.g. lottery winners) they squander it quickly and end up worse off than before. it’s actually very impressive to have grown that fortune into billions.

    4. I was just visiting family in India last month, and I was laughing my ass off at some of the news headlines that could be translated to something like
      Why are they so anti-Trump? Just like in the US, the mainstream media in India is predominantly liberal and so their gameplan involves sucking up to the minorities by any means. And the largest minority in India is…a large 15% Muslim population (that’s almost 172 million people, quite a lot).
      I don’t know if you’ve heard about this, but I was quite surprised to see an Indian American PAC for Trump:

      1. Liberal propaganda has seeped everywhere I see.
        Had a romanian aquintence who said he was a afraid Donald Trump was too racist and he is going to start a race war and eradicate all muslims.
        I thought, Jesus Christ, this guy is confusing Donald Trump with Ben Garrison
        The brainwashing is ridiculous.
        Liberal media is cancer.

        1. People have trouble with the concept that “don’t bomb them over there; don’t bring them over here” is likely to kill fewer Muslims than current policy of doing the opposite.
          Hey, did you know that Joshua Goldberg did some of the Ben Garrison cartoon edits from the originals?
          Or at least he claimed he did on /pol/ before he got arrested. Seriously.

      2. Isn’t that kind of hypocritical of Indian media considering the way the Hindu’s treated and continue to treat Indian Muslims/Pakistani’s?

        1. I think he means that Muslims have treated Indians like total utter shit in the past. Hence, you saying “how Indians treat Muslims” is kind of comical.

        2. Wait, I might have misinterpreted your comment.
          I assumed your first comment was simply condemning Hindus for mistreatment of Muslims in India, and I was going to counter by asking why you weren’t also condemning almost 500 years of conquests and suppression of Hindu culture by Muslims in the past.
          But then in your second comment you are saying that Hindus should have opposition to Muslims in India. So now I’m confused haha.
          I believe you were talking only about Indian media and not the people in your first comment right?

        3. What i was trying to say is that Indian media is being hypocritical because they should know that Islam isn’t a peaceful religion.

        4. I was sort of wording that bad when I said that. What I was trying to point out was the mutual disdain between Hindu’s and Muslims, and that it’s hypocritical that Indian media would be anti trump for his opinion on Muslims.

    5. I appreciate his insider’s guide as what to expect. I just got a ticket to TRUMP’s Rally in Manchester, NH on February 8 — the evening before NH Primary. I expect it to be electric!

  4. “It’s getting to the point where the American press has more in common with that of communist Russia than the media of a supposedly “free” nation.”
    The two are a lot more similar than you might realize. The government requires a sinister, corrupt mass media to keep the populace in check, even in a democratic, “free” nation.
    “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country [the USA]. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society.” – Edward Bernays, “Propaganda” (1928)

    1. “The two are a lot more similar than you might realize. The government
      requires a sinister, corrupt mass media to keep the populace in check,
      even in a democratic, “free” nation.”
      The thing is, the average person in Russia or Ukraine KNOWS that their government is corrupt, which puts them far, far ahead of the majority of the Western populace (especially the US) who are brainwashed into thinking that the 2D props of their existence are ‘a city on a hill’.

      1. Seriously? I don’t know many Americans who are not highly cynical of government and do not think it corrupt.

        1. True, but a large majority think that the next idiot they vote into office will magically make everything better, not realizing the system, institutions, (eg the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the criminal system [there is no ‘justice’ in it]), and civil society of the country (ie the fundamentals) are broken beyond repair.
          For me, at least, I only support Trump for 3 reasons (none of them to do with ‘fixing’ the system):
          1) Trump is breaking / will break the current system.
          2) Trump will leave Christians to worship in peace.
          3) A Trump presidency means I get to hear the wailing of the cuckservatives who think Trump is the Devil and/or subhuman (4 years would be good, 8 would be better, but I will settle for 4), and perhaps the US Churchians will repent of the way they have played their role in trashing the Name of Christ and turn back to God.

        2. Right now Sanders does better than Trump. Keep in mind that, thanks to demographic changes, the dems now have a 246 electoral vote lock. Trump has to run the board to get over that. Maybe he can, but it’s a tough job.

        3. That’s a cuckservative paradigm. Stop being so negative. Things can change very quickly in politics.
          In 1994, “everyone” was saying Gingrich was crazy and the Contract With America was a gimmick, and the GOP was unlikely to win a House majority, ever, because demographics and stuff.
          A real man sees opportunity. A beta cuck sees obstacles.

        4. for what it’s worth, i saw a lot of thinking “the next guy will change everything” in ukraine when i lived there, especially if the next guy was pro-western. that was the whole appeal of yushenko, and a lot of the reason ukrainians turned on him so quickly, since he wasn’t able to turn the whole corrupt, broken country around in a year or so. it was also the mentality when they kicked yanukovich out, that “now we’ll have a pro-western government and everything will magically get better somehow.”
          seems to me that ukraine would be better off making itself independent of both russia and the west as much as possible and aiming to become a kind of slavic switzerland. easier said than done, of course.

        5. didn’t know about the electoral college problem, but i also figured sanders will be hard to beat. sanders’ platform is basically “free stuff for everyone” without much discussion of how he’ll pay for it. it’s what a lot of people want to hear, unfortunately.

        6. Mr. Trump is Reagan with horns. He is the bull in a china shop that we need to break things up and make the drastic changes needed to bring us back to our constitutional republic. Donald Trump is the only one viable to initiate and complete this task. Never underestimate the Trumpster.

        7. Sanders will not be the D nominee. It will not happen. It will not be allowed. Done. End of story.

        8. Which is why Donald needs to drill him mercilessly over that and point to how this joker has never balanced a chequebook much less an economy.

        9. hopefully that will work, if sanders gets the nomination, but i’m not sure it will. a lot of people are just in fantasy land about money. like if they have $100 left for food until the end of the month and they see, say, a pair of jeans they want for exactly $100, they’ll buy the jeans because they “deserve” them.

        10. as much as i hate the major parties manipulating the process, i hope you’re right. i just can’t see hillary beating trump, but sanders has personality, and the shamelessness to just cynically promise everyone free stuff. could be a winning combination.

        11. But it’s the media that is the real problem. People actually still trust the mainstream media. They do not see the Soros, Buffet, Gates, Zuckerberg, Koch types truly running the show behind the scenes. They still believe Oz to be this immensely powerful, all real being at face value.

        12. Reagan bears responsibility as much as any other politician on why America is where it is today.

        13. Well, we do know those types go by ‘feels’ and that facts, figures and balancing a chequebook are ‘the patriarchy’ so it’s fait accompli.

        14. What do you mean? He very clearly says he wants to make corporations pay at the de jure tax rate, have rich people pay 1950’s level taxes, and to repeal NAFTA and GATT to boost the economy.

        15. “point to how this joker has never balanced a chequebook” Do you have proof that he can’t handle his own budget? I haven’t heard any stories of him defaulting…

        16. It was a bit of hyperbole-my statement was more to say it’s farcical having someone talk about economics when they’ve never been in business to understand it. Much as asking a fish what bagpipes are and how to use them to use a really abstract turn of phrase.

        17. “seems to me that ukraine would be better off making itself independent of both russia and the west as much as possible and aiming to become a kind of slavic switzerland. easier said than done, of course.” What exactly are the negatives of Ukraine being allied with Russia?

        18. Reagan was one of the worst presidents in our history. He was the first in a chain of horrible presidents leading up to now…

        19. hadn’t actually heard that. i’ve heard him reference the fictional $0.79 on the dollar income disparity between women and men and “free college.” as far as taxing the rich, that usually falls back on the middle class, since the rich are good at hiding their money overseas and using connections to avoid paying taxes.

        20. some cooperation with russia would be necessary, as with the west, just not the current state of affairs where ukraine is basically a pawn in the larger conflict between the EU, US, and RF. like i said, it’s much easier said than done with ukraine’s endemic corruption, and with massive cultural differences between western and eastern ukraine.

        21. Remember that commercial she put out about waking up in the middle of the night claiming she’d respond?
          I wish they’d re-air that.

        22. To avoid being pawns, they should join the Russian Federation. (I actually mean BECOME PART OF THEM)

        23. i lived in ukraine for years, and i still have a lot of ukrainian friends. i have yet to hear any ukrainian express a desire to join the russian federation, except my crimean friends who have already been annexed. aside from maybe donyetsk and lugansk, as near as i can see no one there wants to be part of russia. many do want to be part of the EU, but i really don’t think that will help them either.

        24. as far as taxing the rich, I am pretty sure what he focuses on is trying to stop tax evasion rather than increase the actual tax rates for now.
          On the free University Issue, it all depends on how many people are gonna go to college. The thing is, Americans have more years of tertiary education on average than any other country in the world (neck and neck with Russia) with 1.7 years per person. This is almost double that of Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. Then again, if we go along with closing NAFTA, GATT, etc. will we even need that many people to go to college? (thus making it cheaper)

        25. i agree that way too many americans go to college. i’ve always thought it would be better to encourage most people toward trade school, like in germany.

        26. The income tax and financial system for that matter are predicated on fraud. I don’t expect Sanders to actively concede this but if he even hinted at the truth I would seriously have some respect for him. The best he could do is get a handle on spending to stop adding to the massive deficit, which I really don’t expect him to attempt to do. Even if he did, the unfunded liabilities still wreck the country in the end. The best controlling spending would accomplish, other than to buy time for the nation as a whole, would be to allow the Fed to raise rates again which per the Bernank would never happen in his lifetime (which also means gov’t would have to maintain a reasonable budget on a permanent basis as money would becomes more expensive). Sanders could change it, but I doubt he would try. Long term I think either they will introduce a New Dollar on a 3:1 split with the FRN (which will probably trigger a war) or IMF will fully implement SDRs after say a global currency crash and it will become the new reserve currency.
          Unfortunately “college” has become an industry, one which should have started shrinking three decades ago. Feds seem to like this because 1. it keeps many people employed in rural as well as urban areas 2. it isn’t something which can be easily replicated abroad and 3. proles like the idea of everyone being “educated” while failing to see the inflation which has occurred in the education system since 1910, or even 1960. Fixing the system would allow for probably 1/3rd of them to close up permanently which I personally think would be fantastic, with those that remain having to work within the financial of the real economy which would drop prices considerably.
          I personally do not see Sanders doing anything constructive with what is a massive problem. Even a President Trump will shy from the issue in my view unless he had a viable plan for all of the displaced workers. The college industry has effectively become an arm of the Federal gov’t with the debt servitude being transferred to the students and the Treasury making short term gains on loan interest. Long term I think it will be a losing proposition as many 200K+ loans phase out after only 3/4 are paid in 20 years (interest profit over the period varying).
          This nation was done after GATT was passed. Industry has moved on since then and even if tomorrow a real President and Congress stepped in with heavy tariffs, manufacturing simply does not require as many people as it once did. The other factor is population, since 1995 over a billion excess peoples have been added to this planet, many of whom reside in China and India. China is especially known historically for revolution, if the CPC doesn’t keep enough proles in a days work they risk civil strife. I suspect back door deals were done sometime between 1986 (start of the Uruguay Round) and 1990 after Tiananmen Square (which spooked the CPC Politburo) to ensure China’s place as a industrial super power for at least two decades.
          TPP now expands the power of multinationals to go into new nations in SE Asia where labor is even cheaper than in China and they no longer have to deal with the CPC gov’t which usually has a 50% stake in all major business interests. Now where a President Sanders could really shine is in breaking up those multinationals as a 21st Century trust-buster. I’m not sure what this would accomplish for US jobs, but it is the multinational corps who pushed for TPP, NAFTA, and GATT in the first place.
          Here are some suggestions which might help things no matter who is President:
          -Bust up multinationals starting with agrobusiness.
          -Develop some kind of terraforming where more of the US and Mexico could be used for agriculture.
          -Use some of the excess US/Mexican population in an expanded agriculture industry.
          -Become “the” exporter of food to the rest of the world.
          -Determine a way to make cheap Chinese, Indian, or SE Asian product expensive through tariffs without destabilizing those countries (esp nuclear ones).
          -Scale back loans to the education industry at say 10% a year to control the collapse of said industry.
          -Jail some Wall Street criminals. Shkreli was a nice start but there are bigger fish to fry. These people will easily give up a few more of their own just to save their own hides.
          -Prosecute obvious criminals like Hillary but then allow them to escape actual trial due to health reasons, thus everyone is satisfied. Maybe get an arrangement where she/they are barred from politics for life and if it was ever broken they get JFK/RFK’d.

        27. PA quite possibly. NY is tough unless upstate comes out and downstate stays home. CA would be a biblical miracle.

    2. You’d almost think the same group that controlled the USSR media is now controlling our media. You’d almost think Bernays was a member of this group.
      Naah, that’s crazy conspiracy talk. It’s just a cohencidence.

  5. Something I wanted to point out after hearing the Newt Gingrich segment and the comparisons to Ronald Reagan:
    Reagan missed the Iowa debate and lost Iowa and became President. If I remember right, Gingrich went to the debate, came in fourth in Iowa, and lost the overall candidacy to Romney.
    Hardly a logical case for why Trump should have attended to “have that moment” against a possible attack question similar to Gingrich’s experience. Winners should’t take lessons from losers.
    Since 1976 (not counting unopposed/re-elections):
    Ford – Won Iowa and candidacy, lost Presidency.
    Reagan – Lost Iowa, won Candidacy and Presidency.
    Bush, I – Lost Iowa, won Candidacy and Presidency.
    Dole – Won Iowa and Candidacy, lost Presidency to Clinton.
    Bush, II – won all three both times.
    Huckabee – won Iowa, lost to McCain, lost Presidency.
    Santorum – won Iowa, lost to Romney, lost Presidency.
    Statistically, it would seem missing a debate in Iowa or winning Iowa has little impact on elect-ability, and is instead much more an indicator of who will likely not be President.

    1. It will be way more impressive now than with Reagan because we have lost so many states to the mestizo menace

    2. With Mr. Trump, it’s winning. Never give up and win, win, win. That is why Iowa is so important to him.
      He will be making a big statement. He is sincere when he says: “If I lose, it’s been a waste of time.” That’s true. He doesn’t accept failure. He has very high standards. He is exactly the leader this country needs at this time. Make no mistake.
      The USA must win and not give up or waste anymore time.

  6. Trumps brand was built on twitter? Twitter doesn’t build brands it destroys them. Trump doesn’t rely on social media vaporware.

  7. ” For example, this article claims that Trump was forced to leave his Iowa City rally early because of a hostile crowd throwing tomatoes at him. I was at that rally, and not only was the crowd enthusiastic about Trump (protesters numbered about 20 at most), but Trump didn’t leave the rally early: he stayed behind to sign autographs and shake peoples’ hands.”
    “The [jewish press] lied. We tried to correct them and prove otherwise, but the smears never stopped. They would smear us no matter what we did. After a while we stopped caring. We just marched on”
    Mein Kampf

  8. Matt’s got a figure-4 liplock on Trump. Not necessarily a bad thing; Trump’s my fallback candidate if Sanders doesn’t get the Dem nomination. But Forney mention’s “communist Russia.” Um, Matt, the Cold War ended some time ago. Ain’t no mo’ USSR. Just an oligarchic Russia with an economy smaller than Italy’s (google this if you don’t believe me), an indifferently-trained military with aging equipment, and financial troubles up the ass, thanks to $30/bbl oil. And Forney also neglects to mention Trump’s bromance with the head honcho of Russia, whom a lot of cuckservatives are all hot and bothered over, because he likes to ride horses with his shirt off. This makes Putin a manly man. Homoerotica, anyone?

      1. OK, but at least he understands economics better than the other candidates. That counts for something. The rest of them, including Shrillary, are whistling past the “free-market” graveyard. And I thought this was a site where pissed-off Walter Mittys can learn how to get “game”, pass “shit tests” and pull tons of poosy! Not Stormfront, Jr.

        1. You can’t be serious….
          He understands that if he puts a quarter in the machine and turns the knob he gets a toy. That is all he knows about economics…
          So then, you are a socialist?

        2. Heard about the new Bernie drinking game?
          Every time he says “funding” you have to chug someone else’s beer!

        3. Economics went out the window a long time ago. Economically speaking the unfunded liabilities of the US Corp exceed $100 trillion today. The nation is completely bankrupt and no trade agreement is going to fix it. If it could be fixed, it would take a generation and probably the elimination of a good portion of who the liabilities are owed too. The nation will be demolished by the JWO just as what happened in New York fifteen years ago. Sanders and Trump -as admirable as he is- both shill for JWO. Choose and lose, the agenda still marches forth.

        4. Know who understands economics? The guy who’s too rich to be bought out.. not these paupers in line for this Donar Pageant.

    1. Sorry, we don’t need any more progressive socialism in the US. A vote for Sanders is a vote for more of the same.

      1. The current economic system is dying of its own internal contradictions. So we’re headed for a publicly-owned economy whether we want one or not.

        1. Go back to reading your favorite copy of Das Kapital at the hipster coffee shop or better yet move to Cuba with its socialist glories, and leave the serious discussion to grown ups

      2. What? Didn’t I just see you post in another article praising the idea of a $15 an hour minimum wage? That is an example of socialism my friend.

        1. I don’t give a fuck what you call it. If you think $7/hour is good, you need shot in the head.

        2. I think $7 an hour sucks. That’s why you acquire skills that command higher pay. Minimum wage jobs are for people looking to enter the work force. Or retards who are unable to learn complex skills.

        3. If you think you are powerless to raise yourself to a higher level of pay without help from big brother, then you are. Grow up loser.

    2. All depends on what you think makes “manly man”. From your post I would gather riding horses, hunting, fishing, riding in deep sea subs, hand to hand combat, handling firearms, shirt on or off, don’t make a man manly. To just admire another man is now homo?

      1. A lot of that is image boosting. Easy for Putin, since he pretty much controls the press in Russia these days. And as commander in chief of the armed forces, getting a picture taken hitching a submarine ride or fondling an AK is not difficult. Russian leaders have been doing image control since the Romanovs.

        1. Perhaps but ex KGB, however dastardly, beats community organiser every time….. nobody remembers a looser….
          Who controls western media? As of last night Trump made Fox his bitch…..

        2. “community organizer’ Aw, geez, not that again. And we need someone who’ll put Putin, who’s basically a New Age Mussolini, back in his box (starting with pushing him out of Syria via a no-fly zone). Trump won’t do it. He likes the guy too much.

        3. Only reason I like Sanders is because of his grasp of economics. He knows the current economic system is dying of its own internal contradiction. The others (including Shrillary) are all whistling past the “free market” graveyard. He’s not perfect; his obsession with “man made climate change” is troubling. He’s probably attacking Hillary’s left flank with that. But his record on 2nd Amendment rights is good.

        4. Sure, way back when. Before he was a state and US Senator. Ronald Reagan was an actor before he was governor of California. So what?

        5. Only reason I like Sanders is because of his grasp of economics.
          Socialists understand economics like fish understand the planet Jupiter. Noting that the mercantilist-socialist system of the U.S. is wrecked doesn’t take any kind of magical insight or genius.

        6. Yes. He was the right person for the right time. I hated Carter with the heat of a thousand suns. His pussified reaction to the Iranian hostage crisis sealed the deal for me. And we could scarcely trust Mondale to deal with a fresh, purposeful (or so it seemed) Soviet Union.

        7. Community organizer who then became senator and then president. Hmm, sounds familiar…

        8. His grasp of economics? He is a near broke loser who spent most of his life unemployed. His first job was working for the government and he hasn’t released from teat since!

    3. Trump’s my fallback candidate if Sanders doesn’t get the Dem nomination.
      Into socialism, are you?

      1. Red pill = realism, doesn’t it? The current system is dying of its own internal contradictions. At least Bernie, with all his faults, has the balls to admit, and the eyes to see, that the economic emperor is naked.

        1. You didn’t answer my question.
          Are you pimping for socialism, or not? Yes or no.
          The “system” we have now is not free market by any stretch of the imagination, in any sense of the word, so there is no schism here that only his magical weepy soft tear filled aged eyes see that others cannot.

        2. That’s just it. Crony capitalism (i.e. private business sucking up to government) , “too big to fail”, tax breaks for offshoring work etc. are all signs of a system in its late stages.
          tl;dr It’s in transition

        3. Which is not free market, which thus means that plenty on the Right correctly see the problem, and the solution, and it has nothing to do with “whistling” at all. Sanders is an out and out socialist who honeymooned in the former USSR. His “magical ability to see” what everybody else not in the eGOP and Dem party easily see, does not impress. His solution is worse than the disease. Thanks, but no thanks.
          I note again, you didn’t answer my question with a yes or a no.

        4. He doesn’t want to remove the crony, only the “capitalism”. Some “understanding” of economics.
          Socialist economies are famously corrupt in ways that the cronies here can only dream of.

        5. Now I can see in some situations where maybe we should all just agree & amplify and hop on a Bernie style socialist campaign but as long the Donald is in the game there is no point.

        6. Bernie’s a great guy, he’d give you the shirt off someone else’s back.

        7. At least everyone gets to eat in those societies-the Politburo eats lobster and the proletariat eats shit 😉

        8. Yeah I can’t stand when people say we have spent the last few decades under “free market capitalism” and then say look where it got us? We have been living under crony capitalism which is about as far as you can get from free market capitalism.

        1. Either or as they questioned my sexuality on account of my respect for Putin who is a manly man par excellence with a colossal set of balls just like Donald. I would think its time to say to them to buzz off to Cuba and leave the politics to adults.

  9. It was an excellent event, in my opinion.
    He had two other candidates, Huckabee and Santorum, there. He got them both up on stage and gave them each time to speak. Santorum was okay, Huckabee did really well.
    He gave a few vets a lot of time to talk.
    It was upbeat, optimistic, and it was nice seeing Americans proud to be Americans again. Haven’t seen that in seven+ years from the current administration.
    Plus he raised $6M for vets (including his own $1M donation). Nothing to sneeze at, especially on such short notice.

  10. It’s Brilliant what Trump Did. While the Other Politicians “Talked” about how they would get things Done that Night, Trump Organized an Event and Got 6 Million for the Vets.

    1. Yeah, pretty sure she had an ad on craigslist here in Des Moines. Pretty sure she got banged the night before the debate.

      1. She is way more appealing with longer hair. She had that dyke look going last night. Yuck!

  11. The media calls us racists, bigots, radicals, and jerks.
    I will cop to the radical
    It’s not racist to give a shit about being a white male and not wanting to be pissed on anymore cos of lies and hurt feels
    You may call me a bigot, but honestly I don’t care I should be allowed to be proud of my life
    If me being honest makes me a jerk – so what I am a jerk

    1. You and me both-it makes my day when the Donald makes leftist pinkos squeal.

  12. He definitely Trumped Fox! Sheer marketing genius. This should be studied in marketing text for years to come. As soon as he said he would not attend, the media talked about him all week. Even at the debate, the cucks all had to say something about him. Even today, Friday, Trump was in the news and probably will be on the Sunday talk shows as well.

    1. Fox News is controlled opposition just the other side of the same coin. They have plenty of conservative commentators but when it comes to the issue of Immigration or Free Trade they always go with the big money changers. I believe Sean Hannity must get paid a stipend every time he says Israel is our greatest ally.

    2. Remember that a big chunk of the ownership was sold to the Arabs a couple years back.
      That changed the objectivity.

  13. I support this man, and I would be happy to serve a country where there would be a leader like this. Learn to follow, then someday the mantle of leadership will be bestowed upon you. Ruthlessness and courage are both required, but compassion for your people and a thin line for your enemies or outsiders.

  14. Trump is ZOG
    He’s just there so the angry white people can blow off steam
    Even if he gets elected, things will go as they usually do
    Some country full of shitskins who doesnt want to have a central bank ala rothschilds or doesnt want to give up their minerals for next to nothing will get bombed for more ‘democracy’

  15. On this site there has been an uptick in leftist trolls of late posing as politically neutral or of atypical mixed political affiliation (e.g. thinks Sanders>Trump>Hillary) as a smokescreen.

    1. So people who don’t fit into your view of how ALL political positions should be are now trolls? You are just a fucking establishment shill.

    2. That has to be the most unimaginative and narrow-minded post I’ve ever seen. I guess thinking outside the box is beta.

  16. Trump setup a Support Or Troop website where donations would go to Veterans assistance but this fucker has a disclaimer and none of the donations were going to be used to help Vets. As a vet thats pretty bottom barrel and actually pisses me off highly.

  17. If your happiness depends on who the next president is, you’re not free.

  18. I hear nothing when I listen to Donald Trump speak no substance and/or explanation on how he’s going to get things done the guy is a bumbling idiot Rand Paul is the only who makes sense.

  19. You do all realize that the military is the main reason why Western Civilization is where it is today? The herd mentality, willingness to obey orders no matter how asinine, multiculturalism, etc., can all find their roots in the military of both past and present.

  20. there is nothing “successful” about the continued support of a system that wants the population of earth to be dumbed down and controlled. Lets not forget that Trump supports Israel, which is at the core of America’s and the world’s problems

  21. A constant in Trump’s speeches has been the warm applause when he mentions how bad the media has become in their lying.
    So who else dislikes Fox News? Democrats.
    Trump has from the first sought a new alignment of voters – out with the old Red vs Blue and in with Americans vs others. Already he is pulling 20% of the Democrats and dissing Fox will get him more.
    He’s thinking ahead to the general where he’ll suck votes from Hillary or whomever.

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