Why Do Leftists Get So Triggered From Hearing Contradictory Viewpoints?

Why does simply disagreeing with leftists sometimes make them scream like they’re being tortured? First we’ll explore a recent mass “triggering”.

Trump Derangement Syndrome

Hillary Clinton is uncharismatic, petulant, and frumpy. While Trump’s rallies drew huge crowds, she could barely pack a high school auditorium. Events during the campaign revealed her questionable finances, wiping her illicit email server, etc. Cupcake certainly isn’t JFK in a skirt; she even makes LBJ seem halfway decent.

How did Democrats react when their very uninspiring candidate lost? At her campaign, a sea of young faces appeared absolutely shell-shocked. Some even wept. Stronger reactions occurred elsewhere, including a tidal wave of furious social media posts, and even wailing in public.

In 2008 and 2012, liberals gloated immodestly when The Lightworker won, though it’s hard to blame them for exuberance. Conservatives weren’t too thrilled, but neither were they in tears. I don’t recall anyone howling in the streets,or demanding to “take me off your friends list if you voted for Obama”. What might explain the striking difference in reactions?

Generation Snowflake

When leftists get “triggered” after hearing ideas they don’t like, later they’ll describe how they were quaking with rage, about to vomit, bursting into tears, etc. To the rest of us, that sort of reaction seems pretty disproportionate. We might suspect it’s merely butthurt hyperbole. Actually, maybe they really do freak out that badly.

What’s the matter? Proverbially, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” Being contradicted should be even less painful than being insulted. Possible explanations for inability to handle disagreement include:

The younger ones might simply be a product of their times, needing some long-overdue “adulting”. (That wasn’t even a word until recently.) However, that doesn’t explain older ones overreacting. For instance, Paul Krugman still seems obsessed with moping and pouting on Twitter, as if The Donald stole his pacifier. Dude, get a life!

Some people are just thin-skinned. At a certain level, mental pain is interpreted in a similar way to physical pain. People can toughen themselves through practice. That’s why minor injuries don’t make adults scream like babies. Likewise, normal grownups can handle ordinary social stresses (like conflicting opinions) without throwing tantrums. However, certain critical functions remain underdeveloped in people who never learn to butch up.

The neurobiology of triggering

This is why they clutch their pearls and get the vapors.

Suppose you see three rough-looking characters walking your way. They haven’t done anything to you, but they might. Instantly, you’ll assess their behavior and threat potential. If you remain guardedly calm, you can consider options logically: play it cool, negotiate, bluff, change direction, Jedi Mind Trick, etc. If you’re too scared to think, your options are limited to running away screaming, freezing in terror, or going berserk.

Obviously, reacting appropriately avoids unnecessary trouble. Obliviousness to danger makes someone easy prey. So does acting too submissive. Unwarranted provocation escalates the situation or looks insecure. Fighting when unnecessary causes obvious problems. The least bad failure result is looking stupid.

In brief, the amygdalae are two small brain structures in the limbic system. Terror from a perceived major threat causes an “amygdala hijack“. It’s a fast circuit—the sudden panic shuts off rational thought, allowing a rapid “fight, flight, or freeze” reaction. Larger amygdalae allow one to assess threats more accurately. Because of neuroplasticity, keeping cool is a learnable skill.

Social stress and real danger are different, but the mind reacts similarly. (That’s why Approach Anxiety can make someone freeze up during a set, or avoid trying.) Arguments cause social stress, even when there’s zero chance of a fight resulting. Not having the learned mental toughness to handle disagreements is an immature characteristic, leading to overreactions or even rage.

Princess Amygdala

To summarize a long discussion, men have larger amygdalae than women do, and signals are processed somewhat differently. (Once during high school, several girls immediately shrieked when the power blipped out briefly—apparently rather ill-prepared for actual urban survival situations.) It makes basic evolutionary sense; tribesmen had to be able to think tactically under pressure, and not panic if confronted by large animals or enemies. Tribeswomen were better served by hiding, or running and screaming to summon help.

Also, r/K selection is a factor. Carnivores (K-selected) have large amygdalae; they must understand their chances against another animal. Being too cautious means they don’t eat; overconfidence means they get eaten. Herbivores (r-selected) have small amygdalae. All they can do is run or play possum. A rabbit trying to fight a wolf will earn a Darwin Award in the bunny division.

Interestingly, liberals—the “rabbit people”—tend to have smaller amygdalae. This does approximately fit political stereotypes. Right-wingers might be very vigilant: survivalists, gun collectors, and conspiracy-mongers like me. Liberals worry about all the wrong things. They don’t understand civilizational threats, and either react apathetically or assist the enemy. Still, I wouldn’t make too much of the correlation; people can change political opinions. If things were that simple, I’d give martial arts academy coupons to hipsters.

Again, arguments cause social stress, subconsciously seeming like a threat. Given all of the above, take a wild guess here. What types of people can handle disagreements and stay logical? What types will take it as a personal attack and react like Godzilla is trying to eat them?

How to melt special snowflakes

Or if you’re in a hurry, this works too!

Armed with this knowledge, you can leave liberals stunned and twitching, without having to buy a Taser. Granted, that’s kind of a dick move, but sometimes the situation just calls for it.

Again, a panic reaction is “fight, flight, or freeze”. It’s easy enough to goad leftists into shouting matches. For example, tell a tranny to grow a pair (or use the correct pronoun). Tell the feminist that she looks cute when she’s mad. They’ll look stupid, especially if you’re staying cool and not shouting back, but there’s little gained.

You can make them leave you alone too, or even produce submission. As the SJW Survival Guide states:

Fortunately, SJWs are highly emotional, cowardly, and prone to depression, so demoralizing them tends to be considerably easier than you might imagine. They will still hate you, but after repeatedly meeting with staunch and confident opposition, they will usually decide to leave you alone and go in search of less difficult prey.

For example, an old friend of mine often got politically-motivated harassing phone calls. He told one of them that he was the reincarnation of a certain meanie from history, and got pretty outrageous with it. The caller quickly hung up and never bothered him again. Once I was nearly ambushed by several campus lefties. They greatly outnumbered me, but they didn’t mess with me after I showed some audacity and a “zero fucks given” attitude. That’s how to handle rabbit people.

Best of all is staying calm and destroying their worldview. Tell the tranny that the answer to his mental problems is embracing reality, not living in delusion or mutilating himself. Tell the feminist she’s been duped by evil people who’ve harmed society. They’ll still get “triggered”, but hopefully you’ll plant some seeds of doubt.

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  1. “I’m so sorry to my world” lol fat ugly pale femicunt, I didn’t know u own the world u pathetic excuse of a human! HahHAhahahaHAH it’s so funny that reality knows how to fuck up the damn snowflakes :)))))

  2. Anyone with a clue understands that we view the world through a “model”. It is a fact that anyone with an IQ of 115 or less has a problem when their”model” is challenged. The challenge causes both a mental and physical reaction. The “Marxist/SJW” model is full of holes when you examine it with critical thinking. It really is that simple.

    1. (This is not in any way an original thought; I’m just paraphrasing.)
      Leftism is like a religion, and any religion relies on continued belief in the face of contradictory evidence, i.e. Faith. (We’ll leave the (((Tribe))) out of this for the moment, although they’re a large part of the problem at present, and have been so for some time.) The more zealous religious types, in the face of such contradictory evidence, attempt to make that evidence and the people who promulgate it go away.
      In the past, that might mean, for example, inquisitions and burning at the stake. (Both Protestants and Catholics did that BTW.) Mid twentieth century, it would mean a bullet to the head or a trip to the Gulag if you were in the old Soviet Union. And now, if you don’t toe the line, you’re banished from the media, politics and the internet, depriving you of the funds discriminate your contrary message. Immigration, Culture, Environment, Sexuality, Guns, that “Shitty Little Country”* in the Middle East – If you touch that third rail of whatever is considered politically incorrect, you career gets zapped to toast.
      (The extreme Right is just as guilty of this. Nobody in power likes to be contradicted.)
      And that leads us all to something that any true believer doesn’t want to admit to himself or others, and will fight like mad to keep you from knowing: The Truth is Mostly Gray.
      And *that’s* why all ideological extremists of all stripes will actively seek to stifle debate.
      Left, Right or Center, people are all the same in that regard. Welcome to the Human Condition.
      Hope this helps.
      Just a thought.

      1. The Ju and the controlled elite are absolutely terrified of authentic alt-right (red pill) in white politics. Not extreme right or any other labels they may give it nor a pretend right that is only slightly different to the left.
        The only true ‘extreme right’ that is allowed to exist is in Israel. What does that tell you.

        1. How f-ing sad that i have a family tie that “donates” approx 10k annually to isreal in the name of persecuted christians

      2. The Inquisition was simply outing suberverters ie j ews who pretended to be Christian but who financed Muslim war parties into Europe.
        They ( j ews & Muslims) were then expelled from Europe.
        You use these words flippantly but facts matter.

  3. Europeans nowadays are not taught how to think critically.
    Students believe that their leftist teachers spread absolute truths.
    The lvl of propaganda is very high, basically massmedia constantly reinforces the globalists agenda every step of the way.
    Western children are raised in comfort, striving for something greater(God’s kingdom) is complicated for such people, based on Christ’s words, easier to be a soyboy & a whore.

  4. Bro I think you have great understanding here. Cheers brother!!!!
    Rabbit people is too nice for me though. Liberals who think they’re are more than 2 genders are ‘silly people’… and you talk to them that way…. as soon as you can identify someone’s a liberal treat them like they’re goofie…
    It’s 2018 boys… America has videotape now too to add to our evidence…. if only Rome Did, but alack!
    Any man that votes liberal is either gay or transgender?(female brain?), or there a racist? Racist bc how can a man with a ‘male brain’ choose to fill the territory with enemies? Just for starters….
    I also submit that Liberals disgust me. I enjoy picking on liberals… a lot. Someone’s got to help them realize there ‘silly people’ … I cant suffer them believing otherwise when I’m exposed to them… if it’s a girl maybe different ykwim… until morning…

    1. Sorry, but I don’t think you understand what “racist” means.
      I’ll give you the definition here:

      a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another

      Also, you clearly do not have a complete view of human biology. There are two genders, yes, but a person can identify as not either of these genders (agender), genderfluid, both of the genders (intersex), transgender, etc., etc.
      “But those people aren’t real!!! They’re just trying to be special!!!!”
      Actually, identifying as these genders all have a chemical source in the brain (secreting different hormones). There are even a few people whose birth processes were mixed up, and have sex chromosomes like XXX, XXY, XYY, XXXX, XXXY, etc. These all have solid foundations in biology but unfortunately aren’t mentioned all that often in your high school classes.
      Before you reply that these are “disorders” and therefore “not natural and correct“, I will remind you that nothing in the twenty-first century is natural. Take plastic surgery. Does anybody say that plastic surgery is wrong and disgusting because “you’re altering your natural looks”? No. In fact many people encourage it and see it as a healthy practice. I would also like to point out that said disorders are what people are born with, just as you were born with an XY or XX genotype.
      “What about transgender people??? They were born biologically [insert biological gender here]!”
      Yes, and they were born biologically with a different mental gender, which is just as “correct” as you being born thinking you were your own biological gender. What transgender people are doing is altering their body to match their mind, just like you would erase an incorrectly done math equation and put the right answer at the end.
      Out of curiosity, do I sound like I am being triggered or otherwise filled with rage right now?

      1. Beat it retard!!!!
        Did you say mental gender?!? Ho ho ho!!!!… Wow that was goofie! After saying that I can’t take you serious anymore sorry!
        If you don’t understand that men voting to cause enemies to fill the land against white men could verily be racist right there – than you should think about that bud. Are you a female? How can your brain not understand that? Are you gay and transgender? Maybe 1 of these things about you is why you don’t get It…
        Good luck chopping your dick off gayboy! Your cells are still male just fyi…

  5. Great piece. But I’d stop short of saying that feminists are duped. Sure, feminism is full of lies – attractive ones that young women are too eager to receive and believe. Doing so irreparably ruins the lives of these foolish women – but there’s no getting around the fact that they have agency.
    Feminists, especially those attractive enough to have other options in life, made the choice to believe the lies for years even though their own bodies were telling them different information. Could it really be true that men and women are physically the same and thus can do the same jobs, plan families along the same time lines, and sexually select with the same indiscretion, consequence free?
    Any halfwit woman should be able to deduce that the lies of feminism don’t make any sense, yet there they go – scooping them up and living the dream, until one day it turns into an irreversible nightmare. As tragic a loss as it is, it’s also hard to have any sympathy.

    1. The problem is that they’re being loaded up with propaganda. Kids watch about a thousand hours of TV a year – a sad fact – which includes lots of sneaky political messages, even in the advertising lately. Then the ones who go to college get an intense indoctrination from professors who carry the mantle and prestige of academic authority. Some people can think their way out of it (I did, pretty early on), but not everybody does. If they weren’t being propagandized, they’d be normal.

  6. It seems like these feminists are under the influence of MK-Ultra. They rarely blink their eyes when they are constantly screaming.

    1. It was the Frankfurt School’s goal to attack the social ties binding society together, so that class consciousness is all that’s left. Looks like they got pretty far with that.

  7. Well, they are NOT real leftists. Real leftism died with the fading of Marxism and Big Labor.
    What is called Cultural Marxism is really Cultural Capitalism. too much wealth and leisure has led to all this decadence and degeneracy. What is the main themes of cureent ‘leftism’? Trannies and celebrities. It’s Rocky Horror Picture Show.
    We need to stopcalling them ‘leftists’. Leftism has a long remarkable history. It did good as well as bad.
    Today’s so called fake-progressives need to be called Globs or Progs(or Proglodytes).
    Anyway, why are they so intolerant? Same reason religious people were so intolerant in the past. Globs and Progs have latched onto PC narrative and idolatry as the new religion. They views are not only correct but holy schmoly and sacrosanct. To them, this thing called ‘Hate’ is the new satan or Hatan.
    Just like religious people cannot compromise God with the Devil, Globs and Progs feel they cannot compromise their holiness with the Eeeeeeevil of ‘racism’ and ‘homophobia’. They worship the Holy Three: Jews, blacks, and homos. Those three are holy by PC and Pop Culture. Now, their favoring of Jews, blacks, and homos is clearly supremacist as it idolizes and serves certain groups over others, but those blinded by holier-than-thou sanctimony are often blind to their own hypocrisy.
    Much of today’s ‘secular rational’ culture is really neo-religious.

    1. Andrea said quite correctly:
      “Well, they are NOT real leftists. Real leftism died with the fading of Marxism and Big Labor.
      What is called Cultural Marxism is really Cultural Capitalism. too much wealth and leisure has led to all this decadence and degeneracy. What is the main themes of cureent ‘leftism’? Trannies and celebrities. It’s Rocky Horror Picture Show.”
      God bless you Andrea. This is the best damn thing I’ve ever read in a RoK forum. And it’s so true. It’s not lefitism or “cultural Marxism” (no such thing really) that is bedeviling Western civilization–it’s LATE STAGE CAPITALISM, where only profit matters; morals, taste, decorum, all no longer matter to Mammon. Thank you for your post.

  8. I cannot stand SJW’s and read Vox Day’s book. While, I couldn’t give a shit less about Rabid Puppies or gamergate personally, I think Day nailed it as far as outlining the SJW tactics and mindset.
    I’m against identity politics, against censorship and believe that my (or anyone’s) constitutional right to free speech unequivocally trumps anyone’s imaginary “right not to be offended.”
    That said, I’m old enough to have seen a few right wing snowflake behaviors as well.
    In the 80’s, the Christian right condemned and wanted to censor heavy metal music, Dungeons and Dragons, and pretty much anything that they didn’t understand as “Satanic.” Growing up in the bible belt, my early impressions of authoritarianism and suppression of free thought and expression stemmed from the rhetoric of the conservative right.
    90’s to early 00’s::
    As a backlash to the Bill Clinton era, Fox news’s right wing spin emerged strong. When I first saw Fox News, I thought it was satire.
    2001-2008: the post-911 rhetoric that any criticism toward the G. W. Bush administration was tantamount to treason. Liberals, libertarians, and anyone else not on board with the neo-con agenda (right wing big govt) were told to STFU and get on board in the interest of national security.
    Obama: pictures of “Obama as Hitler” and tea partiers calling hum a Nazi emerged after his first election (and after Obamacare). Add to that the birther movement and people who thought Obama’s middle name meant he was a practicing muslim who wanted enact Sharia law and you get a cocktail of looniness from the right.
    I think short memories (and maybe youth) make it seem like authoritarianism, over sensitivity, closed mindedness, calls for censorship and hysteria are purely leftist traits when they’re exhibited by the disaffected — usually the losers of the last presidential election — on either extreme.

    1. @ContrarianJoe
      nice, try with your “I´m your friend I hate SJW too ,now let me lecture you about how awesome is the left” does not work here hahaha, criticizing the old conservative right of 40 years ago, then defending obama hahaha, nice try. News flash hippy. The left won the culture war in the 60s, why are you whining about old conservative Christians, they lost! You people win! that´s why we have progressivism, PC and other Left stuff today. Let´s accept the you are butthurt for losing ground. the left is not the counter culture anymore, the left becomes “the man” and become what you hated, the intolerant censors of the 70s are now here again but with a leftist twist.

      1. No.
        I’m pointing out that censorship and victim rhetoric are generally weapons of the side that’s feels it is losing or has recently lost.
        I’m no fan of Trump but he’s at least called attention to how disaffected the white working class have become. That said, the sjw backlash is a reaction ro Trump that would have been much smaller had a moderate Republican been elected.
        Right now, the left is a shreiking ouroboros that will likely fragment itself and move the U.S. mainstream further to the right in the process the more it whines, denies logic and tries to be the thought police. I’ve heard a few former sjw’s call their former coherts a “circular firing squad” because it’s only a matter of time before their hyper sensitivity turns them against each other.
        What typically energes is about 24 years of moderacy followed by another little ideological dust up that’s noisy but unimportant.

  9. (((((they))))) are weaponizing this “outrage”. Get ready boys and girls……….. It’s going to get worse during and especially after the midterms…..you won’t even see full steam from them until 2020.
    Take personal safety precautions, be situationally aware, and don’t engage with these lunatics especially in public.
    Remember, the nail that sticks up is pounded down. Words to live by.

    1. We can’t hide forever. As we sit quietly in fear they grow stronger. When they are strong enough merely keeping your head down and staying silent won’t be good enough.
      “Better to die on your feet than live on your knee’s”

  10. I’m so fucking tired of good people missing the underling tenants of SJW methodology.
    Once you call them snowflakes, they’ve already won. They are the act-as-if kings. AKA liars.
    They act like they do, BECAUSE IT HELPS SOCIALISM for them to act that way. Feeling is irrelevant. Don’t kid yourself. These behaviors are, in the beginning, an act. They are intellectual decisions, not emotional ones, from the SJW thought shepherds at the top of the hill. Later as the SJW outrage mudball rolls down societies’ hill, some of the street soldiers will actually feel outrage as the acting actually creates the feeling being acted out. But the ultimate goal is create a thought warden in the average person’s head. People observe (though rectangle screens largely run by fellow SJWs) how hurt and angry people are. Instinctively, joe and Joanne average know that people aren’t hurt and angry for no reason, so slowly “kindness” builds up the internal thought policeman in their head. And, logic be damn, people align themselves with the SJWs.
    Let’s take one example. Say, cultural appropriation. Back before that was a concept, it was not uncommon for less developed nations to adopt behaviors and customs of more successful or in some ways more admirable societies. Say for example business men in the third world adopting the western business suit in the 50’s and 60’s. Now, were the western businessmen upset at this? Of course not. Why? Because 1) who gives a shit, and 2) it’s a complement obviously.
    But does that serve Socialism? No. Let’s say the current enemy of Socialism is white people. You then want white people to hate themselves and you want non-white people to feel victimized by white people. Now before the thought warden was in your head remember how absurd the idea of cultural appropriation was. Doing something that complements a culture by adopting it is an outrage. Absurd. But if people keep saying that it is offensive. Acting like it is offensive. Well, gee, maybe it is offensive. So the ACT of ACTING OFFENDED helps Socialism.
    That is all you need to know about SJW methodology, though its many names from Lenin on down.
    That is how you get someone like Merkle thinking she is a good person by third-worlding Europe. Or someone like Paul Ryan thinks he is a good person by third-worlding the USA. They not only avoid thinking about the long term effects of the quality and culture of people they bring in, they are actually bad people if they think “that way.” Morality come from what is rolled down societies hill. And the people at the top of that hill are evil.
    Rationality is being slayed by the thought warden put there by our enemies.
    That is SJW et al methodology.

    1. NO, you are wrong, the leaders are smart, Soros is an evil genius, the left foot soldiers are just useful idiots.

        1. Fascism is about national/ethnic unity.
          These (((bankers))) want anything but that.
          Read the book of Jeremiah.
          They’re not socialists either, because socialism is closely linked to fascism, see Hitler and Stalin.
          What they want is a Talmudic world of homogeneous human machinery (goyim) and them as kings ruling over slaves as they exterminate us all. Because they hate humanity and according to the Talmud only jews are actual people.

    2. This is on the right track.
      The left is so fragmented with identity politics as to eventually implode (best outcome) and go the way of the hippie movement (polarization, racial tensions and political violence in the 1960’s were worse than now). The hippie movement died out when the Vietnam war came to a close, most hippies aged out of their radical phases and America simply got tired of it.
      Then as now, multiple factions claimed oppression for various reasons; capitalism, white privilege and the patriarchy were the enemy and discontent mostly fomented on college campuses. For every radical ideologue, there were a hundred poseurs who spoke the slang, smoked pot, wore the tie dye, parrotted the rhetoric but mostly adopted it as a fad. Had that not been the case, the hippie movement would have veered the country far more to the left and we wouldn’t have had the Reagan years or the two Bush presidencies.
      The SJW’s are generally the coddled children of the baby boomers (hippies) and are doing a “lite” version of what their parents did only with the aid (and hundrance) of social media. Keyboard activism makes the SJW’s lazier than their parents because they can now relegate their so-called activism to virtual rather than physical acts of protest (where sjw’s post memes, 60’s radicals burned down ROTC buildings).
      It seems like a big deal to us because we’re living through it now. It’s really a minor fad that will effect some social minor changes but end up as a Time Life “remember when” photo collage ten to fifteen years from now.
      Already Gen Z are more conservative than millennials just like Gen X were more moderate (or at least much less radical) than the baby boomers.
      So, yes, SJW’s suck, just like their smelly hippie parents did back in the ‘60’s but they’re way too divisive and individually weak to effect a mass movement beyond tumblr, shrieking at Jordan Peterson “cuz dad!” and the blatherings of a few ivory tower liberal arts professors (who’ve been around ever since universities statted teaching liberal arts).
      Where PC culture has been around since waay before Tumblr and unnaturally dyed hair and fishmouths and swordfish is a gender rhetoric is in the corporate and military cultures.
      Why is that? Because identity divisions undermine unit cohesion. It’s the flip side of sjw identity politics that seeks to forge a mission oriented group identity that supersedes others. The army had that “you’re all green” cliche since it integrated in the 50’s to underscore the soldier first and whatever else second mentality.
      That’ll be broadly misinterpreted here but maybe some will get it. PC culture seeks to erase individual identity and replace it with the organization’s identity. SJW victim culture uses PC means to further factionalize identity by group oppression hierarchies (with white cis straight men as the first enemy, then white cis straight women, then all whites and probably asians, then all cisgendered straight people, etc, etc until I guess the only people left are disabled infinity-gendered, pansexual sex worker people of color). There is nothing sustainable about the sjw model, it’s failing them now and it will fade out. The hippies failed, the USSR failed, the fascists failed and they were all bigger movements than liberal sjw’s will ever be.
      The only model to survive the 20th century was Western democratic capitalism (and if you think China and the DPRK are actually communist, then you’re misinformed).

  11. They probably grew up in the Obama era where the left were fully in command. Then Trump comes along and breaks every rule the Obama era set. And they are beside themselves screeching and sperging out.

  12. Because they are the lowest in the INGSOC party: enough enlightened to no be in the proles but no so much to know that they are being manipulated.

      1. 1984 is worth a read or a re-read. SJW’s are INGSOC (now SOCJUS) and would behave as the book depicts were they to ever gain power.
        If you listen to the Lindsay Shepherd tapes, it sounds Orwellian af — hope she and J. Peterson win their lawsuits on top of tbe victory of the cringing apology Shepherd already got from the Wilfred Laurier faculty involved.
        Shepherd shows how SJW’s can be beaten by exposing their surreptitious control methods.

  13. Recently, I had a thought about current leftists. Their reaction to everything is out of fear, as noted, but I think that in many cases the source of fear is not the conservative or traditionalist. The fear is now of being denounced by their fellow travelers because they make one mis-statement or commit some ‘sin against the orthodoxy’. They’ve eaten their own, and shunned and exiled (from their social groups) and even gotten fellow travelers ousted from jobs – all over some minor transgression. For many of the leftists, their reaction reminds me greatly of East Germans under the Stasi, or in Coucescu’s Romania, or the USSR and KGB. (The list goes on for all totalitarian regimes.)
    How does one survive such an oppressive environment? By taking extra care to ‘fit in’, which means exaggerated responses to non-orthodox things. You can be a good commie – er, leftist – if you prove yourself by outing some other supposed-liberal who isn’t ideologically ‘pure’ enough. Distract from yourself. Be the equivalent of a Stasi-informer on others to avoid suffering persecution by your own.
    This doesn’t explain the reactions of all leftists, but if you think about it, it does explain why things are getting more shrill and the invective is getting much harsher – many are out to prove their ‘leftist’ credentials because they’re terrified of being denounced and outed. One friend goes along with liberalism, so the others in that circle do the same to avoid being shunned. Then they see lives ruined through being denounced, and because they need a social circle and the liberal one is the one they opted for, they suddenly find a real need to be a shrill ideologue, and even to denounce so-called friends if necessary to preserve their social circle.
    It is one possible explanation for some of the leftists’ histrionics.

    1. Yes, it’s a ‘positive’ feedback loop.
      Witch hunting leads to fear of denouncement.
      Fear of denouncement leads to more denouncing for the reasons you point out.
      More denouncement means more intensified witch hunting.
      Leads to greater fear of denouncement.
      Leads to even more denouncement.

      1. And that vicious circle becomes a death spiral, because the attacks on the ‘opposition’ inevitably become more and more extreme. At the same time, the internal denouncements become more extreme, leading to more fear. Eventually, the left will use physical attacks, either on one of their own judged to be a turncoat, or like Antifa, through violent attacks on the ‘opposition’.
        They’ll be surprised when they push it too far. Most people have no patience for extremist violence, and the blowback will be much more than the left anticipates – even if the government jack-booted thugs try to support the leftists.

    2. Spot on post. The assembly of various deconstructions in these comment lines are hitting “gold logic” well beyond main article.

  14. Ahhh great memories of election night! Can’t wait for re-election night, as I fully expect mass leftist suicides.

  15. We are only seeing criticisms of the left being tolerated in some discourse now because some of the useful idiots have unknowingly turned on their master and become critical of Israel and their puppet American war policy that serves Israel.
    (((They))) cannot let their pet become too independent and powerful so measures will be taken to keep them In check whilst team z1onist can extract what it needs and carry out its great plan.
    We will be divided and distracted with pointless ‘democracy’ and muh economics whilst the real politics and destiny has already been decided for us by a small clique of (((elites)))
    It is sad that we could rise up and topple them if we could just unplug and see the bs for what it is. It is why (((they))) are so terrified of alt-right/red pill groups forming. It is the only thing that could possibly cause a counter political/cultural chain reaction to stop them at this point.

  16. The answer to this question is so goddamn simple a child can figure it out. These people are so emotionally invested in their ridiculous and impractical ideals that it literally becomes a part of them to the point where anyone who picks apart their beliefs they feel like they are being attacked personally which leads to the outrage they have expressed time and time again through their relentless protests and acts of violence against others who refuse to kiss the Leftist Brass Ring.

  17. Why does the left seem to win?
    Maybe exactly because they’re so stupid and irrational.
    There are always consequences to violence.
    So if the awareness of those consequences is stronger on one side (because those people are smarter, more rational) than on the other side, then the dumber side actually wins.
    It wins because it is like a kind of Kamikaze pilot.
    The smart side always lets the dumb side have it’s way in order to avoid trouble. Trouble that the dumb side actively courts simply because it’s too stupid not to.
    It is, ironically enough, a situation where inferior people actually win and have power over the better.
    And, lo and behold, who is on the left?
    Women, blacks, belligerent third worlders.
    All groups known to be less intelligent.
    And who’s on the right?
    White and Asian men (the smartest groups).

    1. Asian men are some of the most communistic and leftist voting people in this country. Communism and Marxism is actually a smart move for minorities since they are not in power right now…Once they get power and wealth do you really think they will care about Marxism and helping out poor whites? Libertarian (post-Reagan) white men are not only some of the dumbest motherfukers in this country, but they are also cowards. White “individualism” is what allowed women and minorities to take over. The Jews run the world because they are tribal and look out after each other, they are not the individualistic and selfish fucks that white men are today. The problem with the western world is excessive individualism and the complete destruction of white identity/pride. Minorities are just fighting over the scraps of what use to be a great and proud people. Just wait till they get larger numbers in the west.
      “The smart side always lets the dumb side have it’s way in order to avoid trouble” or avoid aggression like a coward….read the NAP (non-aggression principle) of the libertarians.

      1. “or avoid aggression like a coward”
        Well, that’s the thing.
        It takes bravery to engage in conflict with violent people.
        Less because of the physical harm they might do you and more because of the trouble you risk getting into defending yourself.
        This thing with leftists reminds me so much of the bullies I encountered in middle school.
        It wasn’t that I couldn’t beat the shit out of (most) of them. It was that if I did I perceived that there would be consequences that might harm me more down the road than the loss of some lunch money.
        It soon became clear that they were in control not because they were tougher than everyone else but simply because they weren’t afraid of the consequences of fighting.
        And so this is how the stupid and impulsive are able to win over the logical.
        And so maybe this is why we live in a world not run by logic.
        Because the smart aren’t authorized to use force against the dumb.
        It was almost as if, by deliberate design, the system was set up to persecute me and folks like me.
        Could there be even smarter folks higher up that conceived of all this as a way of marginalizing the runners up?

  18. Its funny. The J can be very leftist thinking in their politics with a few right-lite sprinklings that are more to do with economics rather than important things like race and demographics. But mention and discuss their motherland Israel and they become very right wing, patriotic and merciless. They can switch between the two mindsets with no conflict at all. Why? because they are a tribal people. Its never what’s good for society (as they would have you believe) It is always what is best for the J.
    And the best thing for the J is for the g0yim to be de-tribalized, individualistic, weakened godless sheep to be herded and farmed for their gain.

    1. Okay, so a religion that’s been around for 3500 years has been the Wile E. Coyote of failed atrempts at global domination since then.
      I mean, either they’re not secretly attempting to take over the world or are really really bad at it.

      1. Controit J
        A lot of deflection there.
        Firstly they are an ethnic religious tribe. They conduct dna testing in Israel to prove Juishness. They have certain rules and codes where only full bloods can attain certain positions. Many Ju’s claim to be non-religious but they are still d1e hard Juish.
        Secondly, their very holy book the [email protected] is a world domination manual filled with prophecies of their ‘god’ given birth right to rule the world and that the non-J are lower than animals placed here only to serve and be exploited.
        Vengeful wrath and merciless grudges to Christians/romans must be paid.
        Thirdly, they have been removed from over one hundred countries for their inability to conduct themselves cohesively with their hosts and act more like an infectious parasite looking to consume and conquer.
        A turning point for the J was the acquisition and monopoly of world currency.(Money is after all the root of all evil). From there they were able to control, implement, bribe, threaten and basically really kick off their globalized campaign. They are no longer exposed as threats to civilizations because they have crippled healthy civilizations and shielded themselves with very cunning psychological warfare, h0lohoax guilt and divided demographics.
        Fourthly, your deflection that they must be bad at it as if to imply they have acquired little to no power is absurd. They have such an overwhelming control and influence on all of our important institutions, information,culture, politics, education demographics etc that an alien observing us through a microscope would consider the Ju a terminal cancer on the human condition.
        Are the J 100% completely to blame for all societies ills. No. sellouts and sinful desires of man have ultimately let the J do its thing. But if ever you are going to fix a problem, you must always start at the source or you are wasting your time.

        1. Do you have concrete examples of this overwhelming control?
          “If an alien were to” — do you ever take a minute to listen to yourself?
          Again, if their entire doctrine were bent on global control, as you propose, and they’ve been at it for 3500 years, they suck at worldwide domination.
          Money is the root of all evil? You sound like a frustrated communist who can’t make the leap over the fence to side with the Marxists so you hold on to this conspiracy theory based identitarian theme.
          Good luck with trying to party like it’s 1939.

        2. By tbe way, the way you talk about this 3500 year old religion is the same way sjw’s talk about “patriarchy” or “white privilege” or whatever. You may as well start screaming about gentilephobia (and you kinda already do) and start demanding a safe space so you’re not triggered by cabalistic oppression (and you kinda do that too).
          Meanwhile we all know it’s really those dammed Nebraskans biding their time to control us all by monopolizing corn futures once the great maize famine (which you knoe they’ll cause) wreaks havoc upon the earth.

        3. My examples are clear as day to anyone of critical thought and a free mind. Look at who owns our media, why does the federal reserve, a private Juish yes juish banking institution own your currency. likewise the world bank. Why does (((Bernanke))) chairman of the (((federal reserve))) get off scott free with the GFC. Why was his Judge one of (((them))) why did the (((media))) not present this conflict of interest and go easy on him. Why do the presidents let them get away with it and make the taxpayer foot the bill. Why does the president stack his cabinet with [email protected] why must all would be presidents submit, grovel and kiss the satanic wall in Israel. why is America’s biggest foreign aid budget go to Israel. Why does America’s sons fight and die for Israeli interest. Why are Americans indebted for these wars for generations to more [email protected] Why are (((they))) so heavily infiltrated in our higher learning facilities curriculums. Why are Ju’s the biggest lobbyists for immigration and multiculturalism except of course for Israel where they are the complete opposite. Why is Israel exempt from genocide charges and crimes of war. I could go on but im wasting my time with you. I am no scholar or academic literary but I am not stupid and know BS when I see it. Unfortunately though I cannot sit back and hope gifted men with the word will come to the party and take up the fight. Time is running out and not many people are awake.
          All you can do is play ad-hominems ridicule and deflection. I bet you’ve probably been trained in how to deal with g0yim like I and how to control forum discourse.
          Your New York playboy persona was more interesting than the Detroit hustler though. And you question if I read what I write you fukking snake. But then, evil people get off on their deviant deceptive ways.

  19. Good article!
    My observation is that leftists are dreamers. If you show them that they are wrong, you are doing nothing less than destroying their dreamworld. That hurts, especially when someone is higly emotional, as the leftists usually are.
    And their ideals are so exaggregated (or sould I say ‘totalitarian’?) and ‘too much’ in every manner, that is easy toprove them wrong!
    Political Red-Pillers are usually grounded in reality and are familiar with adapting thougts, ideas and plans, if reality demands it.
    They are used adapt to reality, which is a non-ideal and changing envirionment, and so there is no reason to become emotional.

    1. yep that’s a pretty level and classical German response…well said on the emotional mindset. This echoed how my grandfather (true old school German) used to explain difficult idiots. It’s an important distinction that true red pill be grounded, whereas other proxies of personality type such as “alpha” are full of ungrounded asshole narcissistic types grasping clumsily for power.

  20. When Safe Spaces Go Wrong 101. USA has gotten too permissive of weak bullshit; we allow too much without delivering a harsh rebuke or (down the sliding scale to) something more stringent, akin to a proper beat-down. What an experimental society, with its over-tolerances and lack of mental institutions for all of humanity’s losers and rejects. So they feel free to trigger wildly, right out in public, feeding narcissistic off the attention. Ponder what the likes of Marcus Aurelius would do if confronted with this; I wish we could consult him now, the world needs more politicians like him. How delightful, when we see the ‘virtue’ sheer lack of character-building or stoic individualism, intense kinds that built the world up until this strange and retrogressive decade we live in now. With the super-liberal factions, I’m wondering how far they think they’ll get, ignoring the basics of truth in meritocracy, Darwinist survival, the dominance hierarchy, realities of Bell Curve, etc., Apparently a lot of basics never sink in or are conveniently ignored for “cool points.” It’s a weak and comfortable society that allows it. Yay for big non-conformist rave party of the agitated, the fooled, and stupid. A new form of r-selected rabbits could (or already have) overrun key cities. Self-righteous but weak-minded, clever enough to “hide” behind the current laws, driven by a steady stream of media and public school programming. Solid article and comment board on this one, a pleasure to read.

    Men — actual masculine beings who make no lame excuses and can handle power, strategy, battle and death — will once again have to be there to step in and grab the flight controls just before the unhinged SJWs, protected-class privilege abusers and “progressive” special interest folks nose-dive the airplane into a canyon. We let them into the deep end of the pool to see if they’d drown. Now women and idiots can ALL vote and we’re not so sure. When I remember that we live in a world of laws, I smile as it reminds me why we’re no longer allowed to bludgeon them to death with a giant cudgel when they get out of line.


  21. I just had to comment to say that this article is a pile of crap. I work in a neuroplasticity-based laboratory, and a larger amygdala is classically associated with greater fear sensitivity and lower threshold for stress. Did you even read the articles you linked to? They literally say that conservatives have larger amygdalae and less gray matter, making them less tolerant of anxiety and uncertainty. Jesus, dude.

    1. Citation if you don’t mind; it’s entirely plausible. Author really ought to respond to this. Then again, this site implicitly/explicitly asks for bias confirmations in its article submissions and, while $5 Litecoin doesn’t encourage fact-checking.

      1. He cited his point that liberals have smaller amygdalae with this link:
        BUT when you actually follow the link and read the articles cited, they say that a larger amygdala is associated with increased fearfulness. The specific article Albrecht referenced also makes this point, with the contention that their study found larger amygdalae in conservatives relative to liberals (this is the study: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3092984/ ).
        Differences in the size of the amygdala almost certainly cause functional differences in how we process fear. But really, ideological belief systems are too complex to be understood purely in terms of neuroscience.

  22. “Conservative” Righties get triggered and go into rationalization mode when they learn what a liberal Ronald Reagan was…both as President and especially as California Governor.
    Rush Limbaugh/Fox News rationalizations include:
    “He had to triple the national debt because he destroyed the Soviet Union without firing a shot”
    and the classic…
    “It was the Democrats fault!”

  23. “Best of all is staying calm and destroying their worldview. Tell the tranny that the answer to his mental problems is embracing reality, not living in delusion or mutilating himself. Tell the feminist she’s been duped by evil people who’ve harmed society. They’ll still get “triggered”, but hopefully you’ll plant some seeds of doubt.”
    That’s the best way.
    Stay calm and plant seeds of truth.
    A leftist friend of a friend was justifying socialism and said “We need public funding of universities to compete against Asia”.
    I replied, “English, History, and Women’s Studies degrees will NEVER help us compete against Asia”
    She then said, “We need to get the money out of politics and stop corporations from controlling government”.
    I said, “Yes, the first step to get money out of politics is stop excessive taxation so that politicians and career bureaucrats are not attracted by easy money”

  24. A list of some examples of SJW-think and tactics in the news.
    Note on virtue signaling: organizations or people that cave even a little to SJW’s find themselves in an ever losing position.
    Further, SJW’s constantly turn against their own.
    SJW tenant activist leader resigns due to racism allegations: http://www.wweek.com/news/city/2018/01/09/portland-tenants-united-founder-margot-black-resigns-post-after-charges-of-white-supremacy/
    Durham NC city council setting themselves up to fail (spoler, Jordan Peterson will still speak there): https://m.indyweek.com/news/archives/2018/07/06/city-council-calls-on-durham-to-resist-bigotry-recommit-to-inclusive-values-ahead-of-jordan-petersons-dpac-show
    Virtue signaling bakery fires employees for not serving a black person after closing time; SJW’s force them to host “reparations happy hour”: https://blavity.com/portland-bakery-fires-two-employees-for-denying-a-black-woman-service-sparking-conversations-about-the-racist-gentrified-city
    Vox Day got it right with his advice to never apologize to sjw’s. SJW’s pick vulnerable targets only and the surest way to show vulnerability is to signal that you care whether or not you offend them.

    1. More ironic virtue signalling blunders and internecine comflict on the left:
      Which beha the question — if the “left” wins, which left is it? The angry lesbians, the angry queers?
      I know, Sasquatch (((the Nebraskans))).
      Hilarious quips aside, I think it’d end up like the Spanish civil war.
      The ultra-liberal and failing “Republcan” Spanish government had to rely on as allies a collection of radical leftists who hated each other as much as they hated Franco. The various flavors of anarchists and communists could hardly stop shooting at each other, much less cooperate.
      True, Franco’s army was no great shakes vs any other established European army and further true, it had the backing of external powers (it’s been said the Spanish war was the Luftwaffe’s training exercise), but it would have prevailed eventually because their leftist foes were constantly at odds with each other.
      This is why moderate politics needs to make a comeback. Radical and reactionary politics didn’t work last century and sure as fuck won’t work now.

  25. Americans should understand that they are slaves now.
    The US is an immoral bankrupt warmongering police state.
    Why obey the law if the government and illegal immigrants don’t?
    Everything is fake and a lie now.
    You can either:
    Work hard to pay taxes that fund welfare, illegal aliens, tyranny, wars, and debt and live with regret when the US Ponzi collapses and Americans get sent to the concentration camps.
    Be dependent on welfare.
    Break the law working off the books.
    Waste your life trying to warn people of the dangers of war, debt, and tyranny.

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