Teenage Girl Encourages Boyfriend To Kill Himself And Then Starts A Suicide Awareness Campaign

Massachusetts high school senior Michelle Carter has raised thousands of dollars for suicide prevention over the internet after her boyfriend Conrad Roy III committed suicide on July 13, 2014 by carbon monoxide poisoning in his truck.

But now Carter is facing charges for involuntary manslaughter. Police have recently discovered that while committing the act, Roy texted Carter that he changed his mind and exited the truck. Carter texted him back, “Get back in.” In American law, suicide is a form of murder, and therefore this could make her an accomplice to murder.

Legally there are a few issues. For one thing, Carter’s cousin is the district attorney and has removed himself from the case. Also, it is unclear how much Carter influenced Roy and whether he would have committed suicide anyway.


It appears that Carter’s attention whoring was premeditated. The Washington Post writes,

[Police Detective] Gordon alleges that such a plan was evident because late on the night of July 11, two days before her boyfriend was found dead, Carter had “already started explaining (to friends) that it’s her fault that Conrad is dead, even though he was still alive and speaking and texting with her regularly.”

That same day, Carter also texted Roy: “Let me know when you’re gonna do it.”

After the suicide, Carter rushed to Twitter to earn her social credits as a good person.

michelle carter

When Carter helped organize a fundraising softball tournament, Roy’s close friends began to suspect she was just fishing for attention and status while she accused them of the same, claiming they were “taking credit for [her] idea.” She kept making a point to insist on being listed on the Facebook page as an organizer until they finally relented just to appease her.

Carter also held the fundraiser in the town Plainville where she lived, whereas the other organizers suggested it be in Mattapoisett where all of Roy’s family and friends were.

Michelle Carter 2

According to them, she also has a history of being attention hungry and “being the ‘girl that cried wolf.’” His friends were unaware that the two had been dating, and at least one had never heard of her. That’s very strange, since teenage boys (and really, all men in general) are known for showing off their women like a trophy.

But maybe he was just embarrassed to be dating what now appears to be a sociopath. I had a girlfriend in college I kept a secret from all but mutual friends for a few weeks.

Michelle Carter 3

Euthanasia Or Just Youth?

On September 15, Carter texted a friend,

…his death is my fault like honestly I could have stopped him I was on the phone with him and he got out of the car because it was working and he got scared and I (expletive) told him to get back in… because I knew he would do it all over again the next day and I couldn’t have him live the way he was living anymore I couldn’t do it I wouldn’t let him…

Maybe she really did tell him to end it all out of a concern for his well-being. Or maybe she’s just running the hamster on the rationalization wheel and trying to retroactively weave a possibly good motive into a horrible act. I’m inclined to think the latter, but I’m cynical in general. But even if it was the former, Carter is still a horrible human being.

Personally I have some sympathy towards euthanasia, but I don’t think anyone would qualify this incident as a good example of how that should happen. Why does an 18-year-old kid have the expertise needed to recommend that? Why would nothing be able to relieve Roy’s suffering? His grandmother thought he had began to get better and could have been persuaded not to go through with it.

Every teenager thinks his life is terrible. Clinical depression has become a rite of passage. Notice that she doesn’t say what it was he was upset about. Maybe his girlfriend telling him he was better off dead made him think no one loved him.

Or perhaps Carter encouraged him to do it because she was tired of watching him suffer? No, that can’t be it. The death would be far too painful for her than the depression. And she enjoyed too much fame afterwards. If it was some kind of stoic action from a dramatic war movie, then she’d ride off into the sunset and never speak about it again.

Train A Child In The Way She Should Go

Carter’s parents, of course, are defending her. They claim that she is a good girl and that the media is trying to slander her name. They claim that the facts just aren’t all released yet and that anyone who knows her will agree with her. Apparently Roy’s friends from the fundraiser would disagree.

This is a common line of thought in western thinking over the last several centuries, that if I just give you enough information, you’ll come to agree with my viewpoint. And if you don’t agree with me, then you’re “ignorant.” The reason for this scandal isn’t because Carter is a sociopath. It’s because others just haven’t taken the time to get to know her.

And maybe they are correct the facts aren’t all out yet. But this seems pretty clear cut. What other facts are we missing? And why didn’t the parents mention those facts in the interview?

This line of thinking also really bothers because they are unable to admit fault with their daughter. I don’t have any kids, so I can’t really know how I’d react if one of mine did something like this, but I’m assuming I’d view him like that kid in The Omen.

There’s no negative reinforcement with the way the parents are treating their kid. Maybe she’s just too pretty in that Disney kind of way to be guilty of something so henious. I get that they don’t want her to go to jail, but at the least they could have the self-respect to decline commenting to the media instead of making a parade about it. Like mother, like daughter.

People claim that the millennial generation is worthless, but who raised us? Sometimes when the child misbehaves, it is the teacher who should be whipped. There should be more articles on the internet shaming the parents for raising such a blight on society.

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239 thoughts on “Teenage Girl Encourages Boyfriend To Kill Himself And Then Starts A Suicide Awareness Campaign”

  1. What an evil bitch!
    Suicide by men is the hidden disease that gets ignored in society. Especially if you happen to be White or an Asian man.
    If this was a guy who encouraged his gf he’d be lynched. But as it’s a girl she’ll get away with it totally!
    The funniest thing is many many girls and women play the whole “I’m going to kill myself” card (right next to the “I have a stalker”, “I was sexually harrassed” and the “i was sexually assaulted/raped” card. AND they get attention, sympathy and even their bad deeds justified! Men who struggle are turned away. If you have anger management problems, depression and so on expect for it to be totally ignored by everyone in society. Either from ultra macho douchebags or women. Even psychologists and doctors are not so open about it!
    Of course the exception to this is whiny fags and emo guys who are essentially like attention whoring sluts.
    The moral is don’t have a gf just fuck and treat women like they want and deserve – just bodies, and occassionally throw them some mney or some shit. This guy signed his death warrant by dating this bitch. I bet there were signs.

      1. They pretend to cut their wrists,
        ‘Emo cutty cutty cut’ sings again
        Does not kill herself
        It’s called jump off a fucking building and die already! We don’t want a pity party, attention whore.

      2. I love how you say many, yet this statement clearly generalizes women. I’ll let this biased “statistic” roll over on exactly how, “women” can be so incompetent and attention whores as if “SOME” men don’t do the same damn thing. hmm?

        1. Maybe if women stopped being herd-minded–thus, behaving generally like other women they see–and lived as anindividual, they wouldn’t be generalized. I’ve yet to meet a woman under 50 who was anything more than a pretty amalgamation of pop culture, social media, and her peers. Individuality isn’t a collection of other peoples art (music, fashion, taste in food), but a process of pain and self-reflection that cannot b achieved without some period of social isolation….which is worse than death to the modern female.
          In other words, stop demanding people see u as an individual bcuz u say so, and spend a year doing something other than getting fucked by interesting men whose personality traits you assimilate.

        2. Haha, that’s an incredible comment. There is bit too much red-pill critique contained therein for a habitual emotional dump-taker to process. However, reading it brought about the realisation for me that women (in general) are incapable of social isolation. Far from her fears of mockery, I’ll applaud the next woman I meet under the age of 40 who has a 2 week old moustache, stinks from not taking a bath, has food stains on her hoodie, and looks like she’s been preoccupied with unravelling the Illuminati’s comprehensive plan for world destruction. And yes, that includes accepting the crow’s feet that comes with the social isolation for suggesting that the Beatles, Rihanna, and other sacred cows of the entertainment world are/were pernicious devil worshippers, etc, feminism is rooted in bloodthirsty communism, the government aren’t always out for our best interests, my body not my choice, etc, etc. Women absolutely cannot allow their brains to accept that ‘all is not what it seems’, because the herd will ostracise them.

        3. Oh i love the desperation of this paragraph. Let me say this in a polite way. you have met a female under 50 who is not affiliated with any shape or form reared by social media hence why i’m on this site in the first place because getting, “laid” or insinuating i get fucked by “interesting men whose personality trait i assimilate” is just an insinuation, see my friend I’ve been in a great relationship for 10 years with the same man i met in high school if this was the case he wouldn’t be with me at all for that matter. I try to have a rational conversation here i’m not trying to get my feathers ruffled at all, i like to see from your perspective as well ,if i came of as rash i apologize I’m not to big to get my feelings hurt in any disposition. I can’t demand people to see me as an individual I seldom speak or interact with other people but that’s just a taste of what a woman under 50 who is a hermit with her male companion has to say, see i don’t have the need to be molded to anyone but myself i looked up to 2 strong male figures and have been raised with men to understand that they are individuals and i self reflect all the time, it’s not as agonizing as you think.

        4. you are still female. Beneath man in missionary position GTFO, you are destined to be a follower never a leader. You are not optimized for logic hence the long paragraphs.

        5. I can’t quite tell if you’re being satirical or not so I’m just going to leave this entirely pointless comment rather than offer any real thoughts, just like the internet gods intended. sexist, misogynist ass. :/

      1. Agree. When is the last time you heard a politician talking about what men are looking for in life, a man’s rights, etc…? Watch (and listen) to the next election cycle.
        You’ll always hear them talk about our rights (as Americans) but you’ll never hear them specifically talk about a man’s rights.
        He or she will talk about the needs and rights of all other walks of life on the planet….except a man.
        and we’re (men) the “entitled” ones.

    1. Ehh.. its probably cause SOME whites/asians are usually the weakest having never faced any REAL adversity, always cryin about something.Try being black for a week lol…. Killing yourself over a girl?? WEAK

      1. Chris Lighty killed himself over his divorce and debt, Sammie Davis Jr attempted suicide after marrying his wife, Jovan Belcher killed his girl then himself. Try to not be ignorant for a week, if you can. Then you can go back to being a tough guy half a fag. And black too. Remember you must stay black and proud brah.

      2. Women throw men (all men) overboard….black men are no exception.
        Start banding together with other men (any color) and you’ll be surprised about how many other men will start to band with you.
        I learned this very valuable lesson growing up and spending many years in the military.

    2. Exceptions to the rule, if the guy is gay or a tranny! Then there is attention for him!

      1. I am sure she has had plenty of big ass injections…..why do you think the guy wanted to kill himself? She probably didn’t make any sound while farting.

    1. The death penalty in my ultra-Liberal home state of Massachusetts? Pfft!

      1. Does it make me crazy that I actually agreed with Travis Bickle’s cab-ride rant to Senator Pallantine about flushing it all down the toilet?

    2. Sadly, the more effective punishment would be to ban her from social media.

      1. There is a reason why women were not allowed to take leadership roles, able to work outside the home, give testimony before a court , own property, or hold authority over men.
        Women are not logical , they are controlled by their emotionalism.
        If given control they become vile ,vindictive , and menacing.
        Women were kept at bay because THEY are the most vindictive , most narcissistic, and immoral.

        1. Sadly, I agree. There are intelligent, reasonable women in the world, but as a group–and especially in the gynocracies of the US and Scandinavia–women have spent the last 60 years proving exactly why they have always been considered unfit to rule the lives of anyone other than her children. But thanks to the relative safety of life in these gynocracies, we have allowed women to carry on like the big children they are, telling ourselves that their outrageous, irresponsible, anti intellectual behavior is a virtue. FTW

        2. Females are designed to push males to their limits. Its actually logical. Stronger and Intelligent males are emerging, expect females to mate with the optimum males for biological propagation.

        3. There is only one possible reason which comes to my mind to support your words – men are afraid to death that women would do all of that, much better 😉

    3. All she will get is the comfy chair (“confess! confess!)

      1. and all the sympathy of how she has suffered so much and nothing is her fault. Scumbags like us will get a stern lesson on victim blaming by some ugly feminist.

        1. was looking for pts because of the monty python ref, but okay 🙂

    4. ok so obviously what she did is fucked up, but you (and the rest of the commenters) are acting like she murdered him in cold blood. I don’t think anyone should be getting the chair, or going to jail for that matter. you need to be careful what you wish for, roosh. next thing you know, you’ll be the one getting thrown in jail as an “accomplice to rape” when they search some rapist’s house and find a copy of one of your books.
      by the way, i say this as someone who reads this site regularly and agrees with most of what you write.

      1. Didn’t manson get jailtime for his indirect role in the Tate murders? Why would you make an exception for her?

        1. you know his new young bride to be wanted to marry him only to profit from his death(charge money to see his embalmed body a la Lenin)?
          The student has become the master eh?

        2. what manson did is obviously way different than sending a few texts. if they can convict this girl, that means if you ever get mad at someone and angrily text them “you should go kill yourself” and later on that person commits suicide and the cops find your texts on their phone, you could be convicted and locked up for years. is that the world you want to live in?
          based on how angry a lot of you guys are (and rightfully so) about draconian rape laws and easy convictions, i wouldn’t think you would want to live in that kind of world. it seems like you have no problem with draconian punishment, and broad interpretations of what constitutes a crime, when it is used against people you don’t like.

        3. It’s a slippery slope when you are accepting these texts in some cases but are not accepting them in others. You can’t have it both ways.
          We’re seeing changes to the law (everyday) because of technology. Men are pissed off because it seems like another woman is getting off (or getting away) while any man would be sitting in jail at this time (unless he could afford a good attorney).
          We see this happen everyday in our society. Men are routinely locked up (just like that) while women are given a slap on the wrist…even in the cases of murder.
          It’s sad because the bullshit of equality isn’t cutting it any longer.

        4. i agree with you. i think it’s fucked up when men get locked up on bullshit charges too, and i realize it happens a lot more to men than women. however, i dont think cheering when a woman gets locked up on bullshit charges is the right attitude to have.
          i get that the justice system is fucked up to men. i’ve had my run-ins with the police. but do you think the answer is for the justice system to start being equally fucked up to women?

        5. The key word there is “equally”. The justice system doesn’t need to start being equally fucked up to women.
          The system needs to start doing their jobs and stop succumbing to pressure by society (SJWs) when they bitch and moan about things not being fair.
          In other words, start being equal and doing the right thing to everyone.

        6. She is just capitalizing on that opportunistic X gene.
          As a wise Man once said: “never trust a person that has a redundancy of X chromosomes”

        7. Yes that’s technically true. I was just highlighting that the law doesn’t excuse a person for having a secondary indirect role in a criminal act.
          It’s also why the getaway driver in bank robberies gets jail time, too.

        8. Manson had a secondary indirect role with the murders, just as this girl had a secondary indirect role in this fellow’s suicide.
          They both egged on the people they knew in order to have these heinous acts committed.
          It wasn’t just about the fact that she texted him, look at the result: she made herself a star off of it. That is called motive. A court can argue that she drove him to murder because she felt she could capitalize on it, which she did.
          It’s all about context, which is what the law judges.
          With regard to you latter point, we are opposed to draconian laws that presume a Man is guilty until being proven innocent.
          While we are speaking in conjecture here, based upon the facts available and based on the diseased minds of many millennial females because of SJ feminism, it’s not big stretch of logic to therefore conclude that this femme should be held guilty for the same indirect role she had in this suicide as manson was with his indirect role in the Tate murders.
          You are of course entitled to your own opinion.

        9. murder is way different than suicide. if they want to give her a slap on the wrist, and publicly humiliate her by pulishing her name and face, fine. but all of you who are calling for capital punishment need to understand that it this case will then be used as a legal precedent to hand out long jail sentences to MEN for similar or lesser crimes, such as “online bullying” or “online sexual harrassment” if the woman then commits suicide.
          why does everyone keep thinking i am defending this girl???

        10. I’m not calling for capital punishment, if you mean the death penalty.
          And btw, they are already doing that. That train has left the station my friend. Recently SCOTUS upheld the jail term of a Man who was incarcerated because of some threatening speech he made about his gf online.
          I am not saying you are “defending” this girl. I personally believe in the rule of law and will wait for the Courts to determine her guilt, but given the fact that the Courts are more and more bowing to SJ pressure and given the fact that the “innocent white girl” card will invariably be played, you will excuse me if the cynic in me doesn’t exactly believe any sort of legitimate justice will be served here.

        11. Females have a higher reproductive value compared to you.Locking up females will only compromise human reproduction significantly than locking up a male.

        12. Females have a higher reproductive value compared to you.Locking up
          females will only compromise human reproduction significantly than
          locking up a male. Humans have a neural wiring to protect females against harm.

        13. Oh sure I can that side of it. The part where you have to shake your head is when you hear all of the propaganda about women having it “so hard” in this country.
          It reminds of the former Soviet Union and all of the nonsense they fed their citizens.

      2. I hope she gets hit by a truck but she isn’t guilty of the crime they are trying to get her sent to prison for.
        “involuntary manslaughter” means you killed someone by accident however it doesn’t include convincing someone to kill themselves. You can’t admit he committed suicide then try and say the girl murdered him, only one can be an option.

      3. Ridiculous comment. Maybe if a rapist texted roosh asking if he should rape some bitch, and roosh answered ‘get back in (her ass)’, he would be responsible. This bitch didn’t write a book ab9 suicide, she encouraged a kid to kill himself

        1. you’re missing the point. obviously writing a book is not nearly as bad as telling someone to kill themselves, but it is a slippery slope when you start calling for the government to lock her away or execute her. if someone can be convicted of being an accomplice to a crime without being present and without taking any action besides sending a few texts, the justice system will eventually start using it to convict people who say or write anything that indirectly encourages anyone to commit a crime or harm themselves. we’re already seeing this with the calls to prosecute “online bullying.”
          and by the way, to use your example, if roosh texted some rapist to “get back in her ass,” i don’t think he should be charged as an accomplice and sent to prison.

      4. You’re not going to get any pity from anyone on this site. Wrong site, wrong place and wrong group.
        Men have been watching as women (time and time, again) have committed the same crimes but have only received a slap on the wrist. We may see 1 out of so many actually get a punishment that fits the crime but for the most part men are discriminated against when it comes to our court system.
        Society as a whole has failed us and it’s going to take calling out this behavior (on a regular basis) to “right the ship”. You can’t blame men for being angry for so long. Many of them supported women in their quest for “equality” only to find out it’s been a power grab.
        Women are now running loose and if anyone tries to say one word about it or even question it, then they are shamed. Fuck that.
        She should be locked up until we find out what really happened (and she shouldn’t get special treatment). It’s what they would do, automatically, to any man if the roles were reversed.

        1. who exactly am i pitying? i dont give a shit about this girl. if one of the dead guy’s family members were to shoot and kill this girl, i wouldn’t have a problem with it. when you start asking for the law to get involved, though, it is always a slippery slope. so don’t be surprised when the same laws are used against you.
          and you really think she should “be locked up until we find out what really happened?” so, guilty until proven innocent?

        2. It seems to be like they have more than enough for “probable cause” just to hold her for at least a short while. I’m no attorney.
          But how many times has a man been locked up with such little evidence or cause?
          Women wanted equality. Men are still waiting for it.

        3. i agree with you completely about men being locked up, or treated unfairly by police, with little to no evidence. i’ve had my car searched multiple times just because i “looked nervous” when the officer pulled me over. and i get that women dont receive the same treatment. however, the only thing that is accomplished when a woman gets thrown in jail on bullshit charges, like in the suicide case, is that now when you try to talk about how badly men are treated by the justice system, the SJWs will say “but women get throw in jail too! remember the suicide case?” and everyone will believe them and claim that the laws are being applied “equally” to both sexes, while the cops and judges continue their fucked up treatment of men, and lawyers cite the suicide case as a legal precedent to convict many men of similar crimes in thr future.

        4. We’ll have to disagree. Things didn’t change over night and women would have to wait a long time before the statement of “throwing them in jail, unjustly” catches up to men. They have a lot of ground to make up (numbers versus men).
          I’ve watched this all unfold over the past three to four decades.
          Plenty of people are getting tired of hearing about it. Even men (who one time supported equality) are tuning it out.

        5. i dont think we’re disagreeing all that much. neither of us want to see men continue to be abused by the justice system. i just think if we lock this girl up, it will only serve to give lawyers and judges one more excuse (not that they need it) to lock men up for similar crimes.
          the next time some crazy girl kills herself, some poor guy is going to get 20 years in prison for some poorly-worded text he sent her a month earlier. and i’m sure this case would be cited by the DA as a legal basis for locking him up. we’re setting dangerous legal precedents here that SJWs and feminists will be all too happy to use to their advantage to imprison innocent men.

        6. I hear what you are saying but we are coming to two different (opinions) conclusions (or solutions) on how to handle it.
          We don’t have to treat women any worse than men….we need to stop treating men so badly from the start. Women are getting a free pass (after so many years of crying “equality”).
          We need to fix it and by fixing it means treating all the crimes committed, equally (better..not worse). Don’t lock up men without evidence and don’t lock up women, either. I’m advocating for equal punishment for the same crimes committed (not better or worse treatment).
          The court (and lawyers) always proclaim ‘blind justice’…I call bullshit.

        7. FEMALES WILL ALWAYS GET PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT, its hardwired in ALL of our brains, their womb has significant value.It will not change until something dramatic changes .The genes responsible for specie propagation are at “fault” the reason we protect females is actually hardwired in our neural network. When males generate testosterone they have a directive to protect females at ALL COST.

        8. Agree and good points. It just pretty sad when you hear all of the god damn hypocrisy and spin (how women are oppressed, how bad they have it, etc…).

        9. lol, tell that to all male rapists, male abusers, male murderers, male molesters, and male war-mongers.
          Just to be safe, tell it to all men. I think your memo may have gotten lost way back around the time we started living outside of caves.
          And pro-tip: we protect that which is smaller and/or more fragile. I threw myself in front of a pack of bicycling teens who were funneling into a narrow pathway a little boy had just walked onto. There was no time to tell his father to turn back around and snatch his toddler out of the dangerous situation. He would have been jacked up by those teens’ bikes. My older kids routinely protect their smaller siblings (and the smaller siblings’ friends) when there looks to be something they need protecting from (a loose dog, a shifty stranger). They are simply doing what society expects of them: protect what is smaller and more fragile than yourself. My smallest kids even protect the dog when there’s thunder crashing outside. The dog gets scared, the toddlers instinctively wish to protect and provide loving, protective behavior.
          Hardwired? Those who lap up “evolutionary biology” will lap up anything. They have outed themselves as highly gullible.

      5. every man should be content getting to jail. Yes, it should not frighten you.

    5. Nope.
      World, meet bitch-ass-lying-attention-whoring-“the drones must die!” effin “Queen Bee!”
      Effin Queen Bee, meet book deal, because you are so empowered!
      Feminists are stupid. And somehow oppressed?

    6. Just imagine if this had been the other way around. The mainstream media would be all over it, showing how much of a poor victim the girl was and how mean and cruel the guy was. Then the city prosecutor would be forced into bringing up the highest level of charges possible on the mean emotionally abusive boyfriend.
      But since it was a girl that was very clearly emotionally abusing a male, it is ignored. Most females are clinically insane today.

    7. Hmm, and the same argument could be used for a man that murders/abuses his wife after she cheated on him. He was overwhelmed by rage. Oh? Rage and anger are emotions? Who knew.

  2. Both of them are idiots. Why in the world would the boy kill himself, and why did she not report his plans to a grown up?
    But legally, the girl should not be held responsible for the boy’s actions.

    1. Seeing as how she raised money based on something helped come into fruition, she does deserve punishment.

    2. Hmm…that’s a tough one.
      If I see some lunatic threatening to jump off a freeway overpass to kill himself, holding up traffic, and I yelled, “Jump you motherfucking piece of shit!”, would I then be charged as an accomplice to murder if he does jump?

      1. Nah, no reason to assume some random mofo like you had any influence. This broad had undue influence, at length, and the evidence seems to indicate she led him to it.

  3. She is truely evil if she made him commit suicide, then milked the incident for money. I hope that there is a special place in hell for people like that.

  4. How to get away with anything and everything
    1.Be a ‘pretty’ girl
    2.Deny everything
    3.Self-identify with the SJW crowd

  5. This level of evil needs to be fought by making a gruesome example of the perpetrator.

  6. This bitch is cut from the same cloth as the bitch that falsely accused a man of being raped and carried er mattress around like a lunatic. There almost seems to be like a cultural psychosis phenomena going on. Society should build less jail houses and start opening more madhouses

    1. ” Society should build less jail houses and start opening more madhouses”
      From what I understand it was sometime in the 60’s-70’s that the mad houses/funny farms were put to dust for being “wrong” when in reality this just dumped the insane people back into the population..I’m sure some of the older users here could shed some more light on this?

      1. Not sure if you’re talking about this, but it seems similar. The asylums were emptied into the streets in the 1980’s. Apparently some not-insane people were kept in them as a convenient way of dealing with difficult problems, which was wrong, but the typical SJW thinking went crazy about it and demanded that it was “wrong” to “keep any people against their will”, meaning truly psychotic types and people with serious problems that needed real help and who were a danger to other people, so they engaged the state and suddenly, poof, a whole new army of “homeless” people who screamed at demons in the sky were now walking down the streets.
        Fucking SJW’s are truly the most idiotic people on the planet.

        1. Yes, this is what I was referring to. I don’t know what court case (if any) was involved but that sounds similar to what I heard my mom talk about. Unfortunately she (as well as others in my family) are “diagnosed as depressed” and has been on a cocktail of anti depressants for decades. So as a result she will defend psychiatry on all levels, lol…

        2. I remember when that happened. My buddy and I were walking the sidewalks of OSU around late 1988 or 89 (I think? Or thereabouts), and saw some guy literally talking to himself and snarling at the sky (hence my previous reference). This was in the age before cell phones or bluetooth, so he really was babbling quite loudly at some invisible “thing” in a very animated manner. His eyes were lock and stock insane and he was not even vaguely drunk and did not appear to be on drugs (but what the fuck do I know, maybe he was, you just didn’t see raving maniacs on the sidewalks then, not even drug addled ones).
          Ok, random weirdo. Then we started to notice lots more people that week who seemed genuinely “out of sorts” mentally. All apparently homeless. At first they had clean washed clothes, then over the next week or two they became grimier and had the same clothes on, which is how we knew they were homeless. Many were there come winter and were obviously incapable of taking care of themselves, urinating on themselves in the freezing cold, poor fucks. Lots of us tried to at least feed them or get them a hot meal when we could.
          A local Greek guy who owned a gyro shop on the OSU strip off of High Street just a few blocks from the ol’ Bier Stube (Go Louie! Gyro gyro gyro!) tried to give one of them a job and the poor sap was so mentally unbalanced that he could not honestly learn how to work a broom to sweep up the floor, which was the only task asked of him. And the guy honestly tried. Louie was an Eastern Orthodox Christian and a good man and a humanitarian, and ended up just giving him a daily hot meal without the need for work, although the poor sap did ask on occasion to help and Louie would dutifully give him something very rudimentary to do, usually to no avail. It was bizarre.
          Not sure what happened to them all, I moved away from OSU campus not long afterwards (lived a few streets back from High off of Chittenden in a nasty low rent duplex with a couple of other guys). Now when I go back on occasion they all seem to have disappeared (the crazies, not the homeless). Somebody cleaned them up, don’t know who.

        3. Shit, bro, keep the sharp objects well hidden, install a steel door in your sleeping area and lock at all times! It’s only a matter of time.

  7. Open bet to anyone…..Michelle Carter will get more love, attention, online support and help from feminists than Cytherea will. Takers?

    1. Roosh…keep that idea in mind for an update to your article (about Cytherea) or this one.
      We need to see (and show) a side by side comparison of the support (or no support) between these two females.
      It would be interesting (and just as important) as the SMV chart that Rollo designed on the RM.

    1. I have never had an original idea in my life.
      Is it just me, or is it starting to look like a certain kind of… psychosis.. around internet attention capabilities (social media) is developing. Something dystopic and truly sick?
      The concept of it is starting to congeal in my mental picture, like a pattern slowly developing. There are things going on at Tumblr that I hear about that really make me wonder if it’s an experiment.
      I don’t want to be dramatic but this is the sort of mass sickness that usually results in piles of bodies and the worst people strutting around in uniforms.

      1. I have to agree. If you go back to the year 1916 you can see hordes of people taking selfies. Same in 1932.
        But yeah, it does seem to be some kind of mass psychosis.

      2. I too have been worried about being overly dramatic. Or paranoid. Or depressed.
        I’m with you. There is some sort of creeping sickness. I think it is just that the social models that constrained male and female behavior are being stripped away, and the ugly truth about humanity – both men and women – is being laid bare.

        1. its because somehow, people have come to believe in the “wisdom of the crowd” found on the net, which is horseshit.
          The only time I’d ever consider following the herd is when they are out on the street, panicking and running to my left (and thats because Godzilla is probably to my right).

        2. I’m thinking along these lines:
          Remember those stories from the 1980s where disaffected youth living in “deep burbs” – almost rural but not true rural where there are real farms – end up in devil worship, or killing pets, or playing too much D&D and they end up killing some other kid?
          If they lived on real farms they might have been too busy you see. City kids also have a lot to deal with. But these kids I’m writing about had all the time in the world to get weirder and weirder.
          And then what happens is you have a plurality of teenagers all with a hamster and hence those stories of them usually starting out torturing animals and then eventually working their way up to murdering someone else for really strange reasons.
          Eventually such kids would, starting in the 90s, end up on drugs like Ritalin and Prozac and already having such darkness in their heads, these would be the school shooters.
          But overall I think that the same “effect” is happening on the internet. So much catharsis, commiseration (hug box) and insularity is soon to breed a cultish disconnect from reality. I’m not talking about “counter culture” here. I’m talking about kids who just hang out in the woods and start by burning their toys and would end by sacrificing a classmate to the devil or something and over the course of 3 – 5 years.
          So I think this is happening but on a mass scale. And I think there are think tanks that want it to happen as a precursor to censorship on the internet. All it will take is some mass Jim Jones level suicide being driven by Twitter or Tumblr (my bet is on the latter).

        3. “All it will take is some mass Jim Jones level suicide being driven by Twitter or Tumblr”
          Jonestown but for SJWS? I welcome that idea wholeheartedly. The concept of a large number of SJWS committing group suicide fills me with warmth.

        4. I think it has a lot to do with people having the opportunity to click their way to extreme emotions all day/every day if they choose. One used to get politically fired up a few days before and after an election (more or less, don’t quibble) then get back to their own life. Now people can keep themselves in a frenzy of political/socio-cultural rage every minute of their lives. (I must say that it seems I tried it for awhile). That’s only politics. There is also the ability to have the attention that used to only come to normal people on their graduation day, wedding day etc. Now it’s every day. People are starting to mainline extreme emotions 24/7 and their brains are warping. Been bored for a few minutes? Go online and click your way to the heights of human emotion. Hell, we do it here.

        5. Yes. It’s the madness of a crowd, only now the crowd is potentially the entire population.
          I just don’t think anyone is master-minding the whole thing. I think it’s organic.

        6. I think a lot of those burb things were myths. The D&D I know for a fact was exposed as a myth created by stupid helicopter parents concerned that little Johnny killing a kobold on paper meant that he was a devil worshipper.

        7. Same. Bad things happen when mobs start dominating discourse and reason. The public square becomes a de facto mad house.

        8. What is the ugly truth about men, though? That we tried to create a safe society where everyone had an equal voice?

        9. I was mostly being diplomatic, I guess.
          Of course, the male feminists are capable of some pretty jaw dropping stuff.
          And plenty have pointed out that the ROK masculinists pursue conflicting aims of sex with sluts and purity with maidens.
          But I have to admit the most pervasively deranged behavior comes from women.

        10. disconnect from reality- how about those two girls who sacrificed their friend to the Slender(Slim?) Man? I believe they thought this internet concoction was real…Im starting to think better control of the internet is not such a bad idea…

    2. Isolated incidents of callous and casual depravity don’t bother me. What bothers me is the normalization of these acts and the pervasive social belief that this behavior is an acceptable way to fill the void left behind by boredom and nihilism. What happens when society reaches a stage in which behavior like this isn’t condemned but met with applause.

  8. It’s official. I am now legitimately horrified. There are no words that come to my mind that can describe how utterly fucking evil this Carter skank is. Convincing her boyfriend to commit suicide and then cashing in on his death under false pretense of a bullshit charity?

    1. It’s even worse than that. You, with your rational male mind, assumed that she was going to get something of substance, like money, out of this. But she just did it for feelings.

      1. You might be right, but those “feeeeelings” are going to be what she will still ultimately cash in on; it could be now, or two years from now. It’s like the bitter cunt wife cashing in on the 2-weeks-away-from-no-longer-being-a-supplicant-beta husband’s impossibly expensive life insurance policy…after a boating “accident” with a flare gun (a bit on the hyperbolic side, I admit, but the point remains the same).
        And THIS, my brothers, is another method of birthing SJWs.

  9. All outraged? Good.
    Now, consider if she did this intentionally and not out of some misguided teenaged “I just wanted to help” impulse. That makes it evil and unbelievable, right, something you just can’t believe happens, right?
    Now look at the numbers of how many divorced or divorcing men commit suicide, or kill themselves when Princess Lollipop laughs as she trots away from her relationship with him with a new guy on her arm.
    She wasn’t unique. She was simply in the bush league and slipped up a bit too early.

    1. I think the guy killed himself because of her, realizing “so this is the kind of women available to me?” and saw that it’s either going to be a life of slavery to cunts, or a loveless empty existence where pussy is just an expensive replacement for a hand.
      That’s depressing.

    2. the suicide rate for a man in the 2 yrs post- divorce are obscene. helluva spike, but hey, man up, right??

      1. Go to any divorce web site or forum and that’s all you’ll hear.
        You also get to hear how he was not a real man because he couldn’t:
        1. Fulfill her sexually
        2. Provide a high enough standard of life for her or the children
        3. Do anything right
        And by golly, he’s just a weakling who hurt others when he finally killed himself!
        Fucking pathetic the blue pill, just pathetic.

        1. Got to love how culturally acceptable it is for women to expect men to make their lives worthwhile, all while sounding out her independence on her strumpet trumpet

    3. How many men have killed themselves because their Wife drove them to depression with things like these:
      “you’re no good!”
      “you should be making more money!”
      “i want a divorce!!”
      or indirectly, because they found out she was cheating, because he couldn’t get her that diamond she wanted, etc.
      Hell, my own Mother tried this on me. She once guilt shamed me into getting her a $400+ coat because it was cold outside and she “needed” one…how much worse is it for Married guys? This was back in my beta days when my middle name was essentially “doormat.”
      On a related note: I once knew a guy who worked with another guy who killed himself because his ex wife cheated on him with his boss, and he got fired thereafter. When he told the boss’ new wife (her) about it, she laughed.
      A lot of females nowadays are just plain evil. This is yet more proof.
      Guys get all the blame for murders, but nobody wants to talk about the female elephant in the room, the psychotic one that drives men to kill themselves with all the cunning manipulation of Manson.

      1. Indeed. It’s similar to old people driving except with a moral component. People say “But old people are safer on the roads than young people”. Yeah, sure, because old people are going 23 mph on the highway and staying ‘safe’ while younger people are swerving and spinning out to avoid crashing into them. Kind of unrelated, but an elephant that I notice all the time, heh.
        So many crimes men do are motivated by a woman or women in their lives. This doesn’t absolve the man of moral culpability for doing the crime, but it’s hard not to notice the woman in the background urging him on to do it while cackling at the thought of the loot he’ll bring back, or the person he’ll “take care of” for her.

        1. Exactly. The power women have to manipulate men just seems to be passed over every time we hear these crap statistics about men being more violent and criminally minded.
          Also, a little off point but one I have been considering allot is this! When shit hits the fan for men, we rarely have a cushion from cold hard reality. No body is looking out for us so when we lose our job, become destitute etc etc we are naturally much more desperate and prone to unsavory acts. (Not a advocate for crime of course, just saying).
          Obviously if a woman should ever get the shit end of the stick, she will more then likely have a whole entourage to rush in and save her!
          Also, its interesting to note that 60 years ago in the U.S.A. mass shootings were much less frequent! What has transpired since then? Well, many things of course but one in particular is the lack of funding and access to mental health care! Not big into pharma but you can deduce that the mass hysteria in young men is truly a result of little attention, guidance or authentic love!

      2. Tell u what,if I was gonna kill myself bcuzi found my wife cheating on me,I wouldn’t be going to hell alone

      3. Before I started working at my current job, there was a guy here that was doing outside sales. Long story short, his wife was getting fucked by his/our current #1 customer, his/our biggest spender. Talk about a shitty place to be in. He turned to drinking like a chump, but he did do one great thing. He told the other guys wife about it, and they ended up fucking each other, and then he quit.

        1. Not exactly a happy ending, but at least the first cheating guy “reaped what he sowed”
          The Wife of the chump will get her’s soon enough, in this life or the next.

    4. That is exactly the same modus operandi. How many Hannah Lecters out there, who persuade their ex-husbands into suicide to inherit 100% of their assets?
      She just slipped up early, because she did not learn how to cover her tracks. The proper female way to do it is not to explicitly tell a guy to kill himself, but to make his life a living hell.

  10. We call it narcissism, attention-seeking or attention whoring, but this continuum of primarily female (and gay) behaviour (notwithstanding the origin of the greek myth in the male Narcissus) is the great hidden pathology of our times (which brings to mind 2wycked’s old articles on Lasch’s culture of narcissism). From fictional ‘rape-culture’ to the anti-hate industry, to cases like this where evil is done in imaginary anticipation of sympathy or admiration narcissism is more a real and present danger to civilization than ISIS and ebola combined. This girl is moreover no different from this other narcissist in the news – a mother who deliberately poisoned her own son with salt in order to bathe in other people’s pity. Everything that is wrong with this feminised culture begins and ends with narcissism

  11. I don’t have the facts here in this case, but I usually go with free speech. If somebody tells you to kill yourself, you can always respond back and tell them the same. You don’t have to actually off yourself.

    1. Probably a good sign your relationship is in trouble and you may want to think about moving on (in this life, not the afterlife).

      1. This is one of the reasons that cocky witty funny works so well with females. They don’t want to feel guilty about dumping you hard when they are done with you, and they instinctively know that kind of male personality type is less likely to get hung up and dwell on it forever.

        1. You’re giving women too much credit. They don’t give a shit…they’ll rationalize it, take no fault and move on.

    2. I’m on the fence when it comes to suicidal people. They are clearly suffering from a very deep form of depression or psychosis and are not in a rational frame of mind to make an informed decision. If you knew somebody was a literal psychopathic with murderous tendencies, sitting outside his bedroom window at night gleefully chanting that he should slaughter the neighborhood means something more than simply telling some undisturbed guy that he should “just kill that stupid bitch” regarding an errant girlfriend. State of mind matters.

      1. Psychiatry is a scam and a pseudoscience. If some shrink says you have a “chemical imbalance” then you have a chemical imbalance. No testing here, just some “doctors” speculation and opinion.

        1. I do believe most of the profession is a scam, but there’s simply no way to deny that there are and have always been some seriously mentally fucked up people. Folks in the 1600’s didn’t give a shit about science, but they recognized the crazy in people, they just attributed it to demons or some other rubbish.

        2. no 1 group abuser of substances? current/former military. guess who the no 2 group is? no 1 group for depression? current/former military. guess what the no 2 group is? You really want advice from people who might be more fuct in the head than you are?
          Go talk to a priest. Its free, and they wont gossip about you afterwards.

    3. The interesting part is would society, as a whole, view this scenario the same (or differently) if the shoe were on the other foot?
      Would the man get the same treatment if he told his girlfriend to get back in the car (while she was attempting to off herself)?
      That’s the real dilemma we face today. Men are automatic, women get the benefit of the doubt.

  12. How could Roy take his life over a skank?
    I got cheated on and felt like my world was over. But I thought that by killing myself I was giving Nancy the win.

    1. The reason he killed himself is not given, as in the reason *he* thought he should die. Who knows, he was a teenager, that’s an insane time to say the least.

    2. Assuming he was a student in a public k12 high school it is a fair conclusion that he’s already endured well over a decade of emasculation and being on the receiving end of outright misandry.
      Of course we can’t guess what he was thinking, but there’s no doubt that the poisonous idea of all men being bad simply because they’re men was already planted in his heart.

    1. Your post, on a quick gloss over, made me think of the weirdest thing.
      Cunt-whore! And the snow dog!
      Square for battle!
      Let the fray begin!

        1. Rush song, from the Fly By Night album. By-Tor and the Snow Dog.
          Yeah, I’m old.

        2. Not when it was all new. The Fly By Night and Farewell To Kings albums were both staples at friends homes when we’d get together to study (aka – talk about girls and their various assets akakaka – boobies).
          Looking at them 40 some years after the fact it might be easy to laugh. In an age of Hall & Oats, Air Supply and Disco however, they were a great alternative.

        3. Makes me want to escape to the place depicted in the song Xanadu after reading this article.

        4. You must not have listened to Black Sabbath, Budgie, Hawkwind or Judas Priest 40 years ago?

        5. I got it right away. I will never hear that song the same way again and not complaining either. I’m cracking up picturing serious Geddy singing that in some weird robe and the gimlet eyes.

        6. The hell you say. I just like Rush. Technical bands always appealed to me as long as they had real musical spirit behind them as well. Was also a big fan of the pre-1980’s Yes and Genesis. But Sabbath, Priest, etc, all cool too.

        7. Yeah, but soon enough you’d want to escape those caves of ice. For you will have dined on honeydew, and drank the milk of paradise.

        8. You know what GOJ? You mentioning the Rush album “A Farewell to Kings” and then we are all here reading articles on a website called “Return of Kings” got me thinking the irony of all this. Then I decided to dig deeper and read the lyrics of the title track of that album and was completely blown away. I’ve listened to that song a billion times in the last 20+ years, known the lyrics word for word, but never really understood the message it was saying until now.
          When they turn the pages of history
          When these days have passed long ago
          Will they read of us with sadness
          For the seeds that we let grow
          We turn out gaze
          from the castles in the distance
          Eyes cast down on the path of least resistance.
          Cities full of hatred, fear and lies.
          Withered hearts and cruel tormented eyes.
          Scheming demons dressed in kingly guise.
          Beating down the multitude and
          Scoffing at the wise.
          The hypocrites are slandering
          The sacred halls of truth.
          Ancient nobles showering
          Their bitterness on youth.
          Can’t we find the minds that made us strong?
          Can’t we learn to feel what’s right and wrong.
          This is the state of affairs now with this feminist society we are in. I wonder if Roosh knew of this album when he named this site RoK? This album was back in the 70’s.

        9. “Roosh”. “Rush”. “Return of Kings”. “Farewell to Kings”. Coincidence? Twilight Zone is real, and btw, Geddy Lee is WAY Jewish.

        10. You’re a Steve Howe fan, too? You’re into the same music me and buddies are into. Rare nowadays to see someone that knows these obscure albums.

        11. Cool. Thought I was the only one left on planet earth who still plays Sound Chaser or Duke on occasion, heh.

        12. No shit! Saw Yes back about 12 years ago in LA and they played The Gates of Delirium. Trevor Rabin wasn’t even in the lineup.

  13. She will weasel her way out of this for sure. It is just a sign of female nature that they absolutely abhor any kind of male weakness. When a sociopath like her is doing that it can become deadly for any man involved with her.

  14. Her tweets sound straight out of a PR agency. Bitch doesn’t even know how to act.
    There are only 3 reasons white girls do activism:
    1. Stupidity
    2. Resentfulness
    3. Social status

  15. Did Conrad have a father around? Every boy goes through depression and tough times growing up. It takes a man to help him through it. Even well meaning women just aren’t good enough.

    1. Good question.
      The pictures show a boy who doesn’t appear to suffer from wuss-ball hipster stupidity, he looks more rather like a jock than anything else, at least from what I can tell. One wonders….
      This whole thing is disturbing to me. Both of these kids look decent and wholesome, insofar as that’s possible in this day and age. They could fit in as kids at my own kids’ high school. And all this crap underneath. Gads.

      1. Agreed. I don’t see many clues in these kids’ profiles. A quick people search indicates the father is probably around. I’m not blaming him or anything, just saying it was my father more than anyone who helped me as a youth.

      2. Drugs, perhaps, my friend. Probably prescribed by a qualified MD in the relevant field.

  16. I will bet money right now that in the next few years this woman will file a rape charge in some college kangaroo court. It will simultaneously be posted to her social media accounts.

    1. No, no! The hate directed toward her will be labelled as harassment and she will be the victim.

  17. I can see the horror movie now: A teen girl discovers that she has the power to make teen boys commit suicide. The other girls in her school don’t care when she starts doing away with the unbangable boys at first. But then when she starts to pick off their alpha boyfriends who have rejected her, they have to band together to figure out how to stop her.

    1. Nah, the alpha boyfriend would tell her to fuck herself and leave. She’ll falsely accuse him of rape or domestic violence after she cuts herself on purpose to gain attention.

  18. Look at her face. You can see all the way into her soul. And there is nothing there, no thought or desire except for “ME.” Bitches that look like that are the ones that join cults. Crazy, emotional, and overly dependent on attention and validation, but also very simple and one-dimensional.

  19. It’s quite possible that she did it just for attention whoring, but what shocks me is the behavior of the boy. Maybe he was depressed, about his life, family or about his relationship with her, or something else, suicide is never the solution. This coupled with, the feminized society which forces them to embrace their feminine side, (especially in teenage years when they are bursting with testosterone), inability to get women because the society tells them to be “just as they are” in order to attract women, and denial of the problems they face can at times create intense pressure for them. Boys these days don’t have a masculine authority figure in their lives, a positive role model, who can teach them how to be a man and tackle difficulties, with calmness. All they get are the overly sensitive men, the celebrated pussy worshipers, both around them and on the idiot box who send a wrong message what men are supposed to be like. No wonder, these teenage boys break under emotional stress.

    1. This is why all young men need the red pill. His validation and worth should never have even been any where near based on what she said or thought. Or any other female.

  20. Narcissistic female at it’s finest. It’s sickening and this type of stuff goes unrecorded all the time. When suicide amongst men is 87% their is something completely wrong. We all know the truth. Society is completely misandric. All forms of masculinity is hated.
    Romans 12:19 Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.

  21. Cute, female, and White. Nothing will happen to her in court. Socially, maybe some ostracization for life (she may have to “Look for a fresh start” across the country or in Canada to not be deemed a pariah. Then again, thirsty Betas are afoot…), but the courts won’t touch her. Don’t held your breath. Or, do ’til you’re blue, pick one!

    1. by next year she’ll already have a nice, Christian beta buying her an engagement ring

      1. In her eyes she would have lost then.
        She did this not for beta bucks but for alpha fucks.
        Thats what attention is for – it is not the attention of 2nd class males these “attention whores” are after. They want alphas to notice them, it is always about alpha fux, beta bucks are what looser women get.
        Thats how women see the world m8, get used to it.

        1. This kind of attention whoring is for herd status. The female equivalent of “throw your bother under the bus Game” a loswer elevates himself with women by talking trash about other men.
          She is trying to appear to out care more than any body else. (BTW this is a text book crazy chick)

        2. Why would a man with so many choices pick a looney? She is a looney, so any sane man would say “I am going back home to do something else.”

  22. I’m going to take the cursing cuffs off this one time, because this teen cunt deserves it.
    She has all the makings of a future SJC (social justice cunt)
    Attention whore? Check.
    Pathological liar? Check.
    Whining until she gets her way? Check.
    Inability to see beyond her own narcissistic self? Check.
    Crying wolf as a means of playing the victim? Check.
    Accusing others of indiscretion while ignoring her own? Check and Check.
    Not only did she drive her “boyfriend” to go through with suicide, but she actually tried to make herself out to be a hero for her role in it, and worse, did her best to put the spotlight on her while doing it.
    She is the worst kind of sociopath out there, the sociopath narcissist, or malignant narcissist. She shows all the signs, as quoted from this snippet on sociopaths vs psychopaths:
    “Sociopaths are a different breed. They, too, may suffer from their mental illness as a result of lesioned brain regions. Upbringing may also play a larger role in a child becoming a sociopath versus those that are diagnosed as psychopaths, or the slide into dementia on the other end of the spectrum. Sociopathic behavior is manifested as conniving and deceitful, despite an outward appearance of trustworthiness or sincerity. Sociopaths are often pathological liars. They are manipulative and lack the ability to judge the morality of a situation, but not because they lack a moral compass; rather, their existing moral compass is greatly (yet not always dangerously) skewed. Pemment, for one, says this could point to both a social and neurological component.”
    How many of the characteristics this snippet mentions does this SJC exhibit?
    Many, if not all.
    This article also mentions that upbringing may play a role in the sociopathy of a child. I’m going to go bold with it and say that in this case it did, especially considering the remarks of the parents, which basically amount to “oh no, not our baby, she is an angel!” that we have heard countless times before to excuse some degenerate cruelty perpetrated by scumbags the world over.
    This girl is a fucking monster, and just like that other SJC in the making Kaitlyn Hunt, she should be thrown in the deepest darkest jail in the worst hellhole on earth, right next to the worst male offenders currently incarcerated…for the purpose of gender equality.
    It’s amazing how much she resembles this cunt…the soulless eyes, the disingenuous smile, and the same piece of shit parents.

  23. Mark my words, she won’t get ANY jail time…the feminists are going to come out of the woodwork to defend this piece of teen shit.
    She looks like a blonde version of winnie from the wonder years…if winnie was from hell!

    1. Sadly that is probably going to be the case. The retarded world we live in! She should have been sent to prison and banned from using social media and if she does attempt to use it, put her in solitary confinement and don’t let her interact with other prisoners. She’ll just attention whore more is she isn’t restrained. Or better yet, don’t give her life sentence and put her on death row! I don’t care if they give her lethal injection or the chair! The chair would be fun to watch though.

    2. “She needs help”.. “She needs to see a doctor and receive proper care”. “People need to be more understanding. Revenge is not justice”. Dot-dot-dot.
      “It’s so sad. She had her whole life ahead of her.” ETC., ETC.

    1. Hahaha, I’m pretty sure the … At the end indicates sarcasm, at least I hope lol

    2. No…it takes a stupid man. There are no advantages (for a man) to raise kids who do not belong to him.
      Kids (today) will not respect you (you’re not my real dad). Too much money is spent on her and her children (again, not your kids). Plus, you’ll lose your mind dealing with it all.
      If she already has kids, then my advice would be to avoid her. I would find someone who is single (and maybe wants to have kids one day – with you) or no kids at all. I would not marry or get involved with a single mother.
      There is no “up side” to it.

  24. This chick is 10 different kinds of evil and there was probably a girl just like her that inspired all that hardcore ‘watch out for women’ shit in Proverbs.

    1. She is just like the majority that we have to watch out for. I am always reminded of these two. Proverbs 7:27 “Her house is the way to hell, going down to the chambers of death.” Proverbs 31:10 “Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.” In days like these where can we find a virtuous woman?

  25. This is the kind of stuff feminists should be raving about, but of course they arent. Thanks to a recent article we know they will deliberately ignore anything that does not fit their narrative; so rape, murder or really anything bad that doesn’t occur to a white woman by a white man is clearly not up for discussion.
    The truly sad thing is that so many young men in modern society deal with depression, anxiety and many other social issues because they have no one to talk to; half of their peers are dealing with the same issues or they’re…well, women. We need to start taking young men under our wings and helping them navigate this fucked up world of ours.

    1. The rec pill cures 90 plus percent of all mental and emotional issues. In fact red pill makes a man feel super human.

    Jeeze Roosh, sometimes your misogyny disgusts me. Its clear you are trying to prevent women from reaching success in the social media world and messing up their dream of getting free vacations and the honor of getting shat on by rich Saudi’s.

  27. I don’t see much rape culture out there. But I certainly do see a culture of girls and women seeking to destroy men, including kill them.
    So, does the Violence Against Women Act apply here? How about Title IX?
    Do you still see all girls and women as precious, delicate snowflakes?

  28. “You don’t know all the facts.” “People shouldn’t be passing judgment before they find out the circumstances….”
    Comments sections at other sites have rightfully outraged comments. But, of course, there are the “don’t rush to pass judgment” defensive comments, comments that would be virtually non-existent if.. you guessed it… the genders were reversed.
    All it takes is for a man or even an underage boy to be accused of sexual harassment, which is now often considered sexual assault by authorities (and shrill, puritanical sjws), and comments sections are filled with hysterical calls for him to be beaten and killed. Calls from both men and women for an accused man to be tortured Dark Ages style. Lots of them literally mean it and would probably be in favor of changing the laws so that an accused man doesn’t get what used to be called “a fair trial” and they’d like the old punishments brought back. If you think I’m exaggerating you’ve not been paying good attention the last couple of years.
    A young woman encourages a man to kill himself, tells nobody to try and save him, and she is defended by some. No surprise here, since if she’d actually plunged a knife into him herself, she’d be defended. “What did he do to her??” “She had her whole life ahead of her…(awww, so sad, for her)”
    Is it possible to have equality under the law much less to be viewed as equals to females in any society? Obviously not.

    1. Agree. These same sites were all over Ray Rice when that incident popped up. We didn’t know the whole story but from that little bit of video that was displayed he was guilty of everything (even when she assaulted him).
      Women (or SJWs) are delusional….they can’t use logic. Women will only and always say what “appears” to be the right thing to say (to an extent). They’ll always give the pass to the woman and they’ll always fault the guy on the spot (no matter what).
      Who gets taken to jail or removed from the house when police show up for a domestic violence call? The man…and why is that…..just because (he has to be guilty).

      1. Yep, so typical, so amazingly typical. I’m fascinated by all this shit right now.

  29. She does one of the most evil things I’ve heard of in a long time. So what does she do to win back her cognitive balance? …Social Justice. It’s even easier now, just click, click, click. You used to have to hang out with snot-nosed orphans for a day or go help dig some trenches while faded in Africa. But the easy attainment of social greatness isn’t my point. It’s the pattern; evil…social justice. I don’t think she went into ‘suicide awareness’ heroics to throw people off her trail. I think she did it to get her own mind right and it surely worked. Kill someone, meh. Just do a few hours of clicktivism online. You’re a good person again.
    It REALLY makes me wonder about the degree of emptiness and sometimes evil that is lurking in the millenial generation with their well-known penchant for ‘charity’ ‘social justice’ ‘volunteering’ etc. Okay, nice activities but why the mania for them? Overcompensating for what? Most of the ones I’ve known are just like this; total assholes who dabble in some easy (and brief) world saving activities then blow it up into a 400 photo explosion via social media, natch.

  30. Set her on fire and toss the asshole off a building sounds like appropriate punishment to me.

  31. I used to be such a sweet, sweet thing
    ‘Til they got a hold of me.
    I opened doors for little old ladies,
    I helped the blind to see.
    I got no friends ’cause they read the papers.
    They can’t be seen, with me and I’m gettin’ real shot down
    And I’m feeling mean.
    No more Mister Nice Guy
    No more Mister Clean
    No more Mister Nice Guy
    They say, he’s sick he’s obscene

  32. Am I the only one who is not feeling any simpathy for the dude? Ok, she was a bitch and all.. but seriously, we all know suicide is the coward’s way out… and he even changed his mind, but just because she texted “get back in” he goes back and DIE??? Dude was not a martyr, he was a beta in terminal state…. one less in the gene pool at least.

    1. He was a misguided dumbass whose dad apparently never gave him the “move on with life” talk when dating. Even worse, probably never talked to his parents about the worries of his young life. I know the pain and juvenile confusion he probably faced, but I never met a person that I felt was worth offing myself over.
      I’d tell a young man that if you can make it through your high school and college years without getting married or having a kid, there IS light on the other side but you have to be sensible. As for the girl, the punishment has just begun for her and it will last a lifetime. It all comes back around, even if karma skips her and goes after her own kids someday.

      1. Just being honest, Ive never really seen a white girl face real, severe consequences for anything. All they have to do is start crying then daddy/white knights/ administrators/ judge / whoever goes easy on them.

    1. Well, only bad people who do bad things kill themselves; mostly men fit that bill, so mostly men kill themselves.

  33. There are stages of the red pill….I think most men are aware to be careful with women, but when you see ‘Dubai porta potties’ and this article, you get the full female psyche served up to you raw. Makes you wonder how many other girls pull shit similar to this and just never got caught. NOTHING women do would surprise me anymore.

  34. Are we really still so daft as to expect humanity from females?
    This story doesn’t make me bat a lash.

  35. Well, in all fairness, I encourage feminists to kill themselves all the time.
    In fact, if there are any feminists reading this and you`re feeling a bit under the weather, then you should kill yourselves – immediately.
    Do not hesitate or post-pone it. Tomorrow might be too late!
    Get that rope today!
    Don`t just look at the shotgun, – put it in your mouth!
    Those wrists would look a lot cooler with some deep cuts in them!
    So if your a feminist, depressed and consider suicide, then do not hesitate:
    Don`t let Patriarchy tell you that you can`t kill yourself !
    You show them that you can kill yourself, just as good as any man!
    You go Girl !!!

    1. I think you just explained why men kill themselves at such inordinate rates: some of us are just too stupid to share the planet with others. I bet that suicide rates are even a smidge higher amongst MGTOWers. For the same reason obviously.

  36. Good article and analysis; thanks, Blair.
    Regarding the end, I congratulate you on bucking the trend in the U.S. of always blaming the child (granted, in this case, the child was 17 or 18).
    A sum of one’s experiences is the dominant factor in most all behavior, and the chief influence there is the parental one.

  37. That is why you should tell male friends that they have potential for great value.Taking your life for pussy is such a loss considering that a males ought to have several females orbiting around him ( depends on his SMV). I once contemplated suicide but when i realized that young and new females saw me as valuable i realized i had a purpose. Men should get stronger and wealthier since that decreases their odds of committing suicide. Acknowledging the Redpill and acting increases value to the point you are in DEMAND.

  38. The telling sing was her immediate response on social media. Anybody who actually cares for someone who kills themselves would be emotionally numb, highly out of it and liable to blame themselves for months following the event.
    “RIP my boyfriend, suicide – gone too soon” Is not a normal response to this kind of event.

    1. LOL! You, umm, accidentally linked to a well-known and WELL-BIASED site in order to “support” your bigoted and biased delusions.
      How about I link to a white supremacy site to “prove” that blacks are inferior?
      Christ, you are a tool. No doubt the dullest one on the tool rack.

  39. She was a 17 year old on anti-depressants. Her atty was smart enough not to have a jury trial. If she doesn’t walk due to involuntary intoxication, she’ll get probation or at worst a suspended sentence.

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