3 More Things American Girls Can Learn From Japanese Women

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In 1922, Albert Einstein traveled to Japan, part of his overall journey throughout Asia. In his writings, he talked about the particularities of lands he visited, and how they had a significant impact on him as a human being. While his journeys through Ceylon, Singapore and other places were intriguing, none of them took hold like Japan.

He later talked about the intricacies of Japanese culture, the impressive traditions, and of course, the women. After spending some time in the country, he came to appreciate the “flower-like” demeanor of ladies here, leaving with a life-changing view that lasted with him for the rest of his life. Countless men who traversed over the Pacific Ocean have had the same impression of Japan and its women, shaking them to their very core. What is it about the local flair that makes men across the world want to come back?

One of the greatest minds in human history enjoying some sake

As a continuation from a previous post, women of the Japanese variant are head-and-shoulders above the Western stock. From looks and demeanor, to general philosophies on life and relationships, Japanese women have much to teach the Anglosphere on the power of feminine exuberance. Here are a few other qualities for your reading pleasure.

1. No Tattoos

I don’t know about you, but I never liked excessive tattoos on women. The general acceptance of looking like a Suicide Girl was something that made me scratch my head in bewilderment. Call me a hypocrite, but when I think of a mother, the first image that comes to mind isn’t a person with green hair and a half-sleeve.

Living in Japan, the idea of women turning themselves into human canvasses is rare. Even in major metros like Tokyo and Osaka, you can go quite a long time without seeing some hideous inkblot on an otherwise pleasant girl.

While changing, it isn’t uncommon to see signs like these

A long time ago, the common consensus was that tattoos of any kind meant you were apart of the garbage bin of society (the outcasts, gangsters, thieves, etc), so a woman slathering on various pigments of dysfunction on her skin meant she was a mark. While the stigma behind tattoos is slowing fading away, the idea that a run-of-the-mill girl will go get inked up during “ZOMG Spring Break!” is virtually nonexistent. Leaving out the Shoko Tendo types and club rats, women here understand that beauty and tattoo-free skin are one in the same.

2. Social Graces

As mentioned before by Quintus Curtius, there comes a point where you tend to appreciate more than some curves and smile. Having the ability to conduct yourself with elegance and dignity is something that, to me, is just as important, if not more than other qualities.

At social functions, the mate you present to your friends and colleagues is a direct reflection of you. If you’re bringing around an individual who is loud, proud, and full of snark, the image of who you are will pale in comparison to the man who seems to understand the importance of appearances.

Pleasant evenings with pleasant company. Way it should be.

Due to cultural statutes, Japanese women have an innate understanding of how perception is reality. If you’re a man who is looking to build something of value, then the significance of social graces is one that needs to be addressed. As far as Japanese women are concerned, one does not have to worry about her airing out dirty laundry in public, or trying to break your balls in polite company. The better you treat her and respect the cultural mores of the country you’re in, the better off your experience will be.

3. Patience

As a man of this site, you have more red pill awareness than your average counterparts. Therefore, you have the innate understanding that if your game, finances, and mindset are together, you will have more access to the better things in life. In the case of Japan, the tendency to have more patience towards “beta” qualities is one that benefits the man who has an understanding of how the real world works.

As Roosh mentioned in the past, world game is quite effective and is the gold standard for countries not infected with a sense of societal suicide. In Japan, many women are receptive to it, provided you add in a few cultural adherences to authenticate the experience.

This is a staunch contrast to the Western variant, where being a sociopathic Genghis Khan seems to be the tried and true way to cover any ground. The high testosterone, brutish asshole archetype may get laid in Japan, but he won’t get much traction outside of the girls who have been passed around like Agitprop leaflets. If it is in your nature to be this way, then do what works best.

Being in shape, having confidence, and running world game tends to be the winning ticket to success in a country where perceived “blue pill” notions are the mainstream ethos.

She isn’t hellbent on destroying your life

The man who presents himself in the best light possible will not have to worry about the other party looking to find every way possible to destroy the relationship simply because things seems “too normal.” As an individual looking to establish roots and build a legacy, this is indispensible.


Overall, Japanese women have a wealth of qualities to offer men of all types who are looking for peaceful and enjoyable relationships. As a person with means, the world is your oyster, where you can choose to embark on a journey to find what works best for you. If Japan is a place that appeals to your sensibilities, then having an understanding on how the women interact compared to other parts of the world is a crucial step in uncovering what you’re truly looking for.

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  1. Seriously though, feminism is a fucking disease for women.
    I spent the day yesterday hanging out with my cousin. She’s a 38 year old elementary school teacher still holding out for the “right guy”. We had dinner with my aunt and uncle at their beautiful Italian home. Homemade sopresata, red wine, seafood and greens, fresh watermelon, a nice view of their backyard garden, good coffee, and just an overall well-groomed, dignified, and homely environment.
    The absolute contrast between the homes of my cousin and her parents is upsetting to me. While my Zia and Zio have a lovely and simple home life to share with their big family, my cousin just lives alone with her fucking cat and reads books about women’s empowerment and New Age spiritualist bullshit. She tried to explain to me her theories of “universal vibrations” and all this other stuff, but had absolutely no insight on how these ontological ideas relate to anything actionable in the real world.
    “So how can we test these theories?”, “how do you think we could use this information to help us predict and act upon phenomena in the real world?” Obviously she had no sensible response to these questions, and eventually admitted that it boiled down to the fact that these ideas just “feel right”.
    I don’t think she expected me to be so completely dismissive of her but frankly I’ve lost patience, even with people in my own family.
    Modern careerist women are completely worthless, save for their wombs. They promised us that they wanted to accomplish great things and all that was holding them back was the “patriarchy”. Well now what ladies!? You’ve got nothing holding you back, and an entire government and economy kissing your fat asses! Where are the great works of art!? Where are the great feats of engineering!? Where are the new political philosophies!? Where are the courts of high discourse!?
    What has the emancipation of women produced that is worth all of this chaos and suffering? Where are the products!? What are the results!? Women need to be shoved back into the kitchen and have the doors locked. Save for some possible exceptions, the modern woman has proven to be completely worthless pursuing her own vague and childish interests.
    I am 100% confident that my cousin would be happier and more dignified if she was a mother raising the sons and daughters of a decent man. I’m not impressed by her teaching career, and her 38 year old philosophical musings are equivalent to the imaginings of a half-way intelligent 13 year old boy. She has not only done a disservice to herself, but to the community at large for having not beared any children.
    Dismantle feminism! Send its prophets to the bog! Let them rot under the swamp of their own lies! I hope for the wailing and psychosis of the modern careerist woman! Frighten our daughters! Prevent them from aspiring to the horrors of your disfigurement!

    1. They’ve created nothing, invented nothing.
      Except Theranos – she created a billion via a fraud.
      previously men supported wife and kids on those salaries…Chicks support the bag, petz, and booze industries…
      And when you point out to the average barreness of cuntistan that she should’ve (or some younger women should) have kids and not cats:”
      double down and screaming….

    2. Well now what ladies!? You’ve got nothing holding you back, and an entire government and economy kissing your fat asses! Where are the great works of art!? Where are the great feats of engineering!? Where are the new political philosophies!? Where are the courts of high discourse!?
      What has the emancipation of women produced that is worth all of this chaos and suffering?
      This is gold right there.

      1. Art? Engineer? Philosophical engligtenment?
        Fuck that! Women, if you want to make the world go round, learn how to clean and maintain a sewage plant, water treatment system, or power plant. Where are the women toiling in the acrid paper plants to produce toilet paper they wipe their bottoms with, or slopping pigs on the factory farms to bring home the true bacon? Where are the women doing those dirty jobs Mike Rowe style like removing dead and decayed skunks from under homes and unclogging sewage lift stations?
        BWAHAHAHA! You won’t find women in such important places. They’re too busy bitching about office politics at their vapid guberment job, marketing/PR, customer service or real estate sales gig.
        Such things that make the civilized world function offend their delicate sensibilities.

    3. 20 years out of date, the Jap girls I encounter nearly all have tattoos, often a small one (prison quality) on their hand or foot.

      1. White women have gotten so arrogant that when partying several THOTs have directly asked me if I want to buy them food or if they can have my ‘Christian Grey’ name tag. I look them in the eye and tell them…no.
        I don’t know how you guys pay for sex. I know most men throughout history have done it, but I just cannot bring myself to giving money to a trashy woman for her services because I think if anything, she should be paying me.

        1. You don’t pay trashy women, that’s how. You seek out the geisha types and understand that femininity is not free. A high-quality feminine woman is a woman with the brains and self-discipline to be a lawyer or corporate executive, but those jobs are incompatible with femininity. So it’s up to men to support her. Same as some art/music has to be subsidized by patrons. This is all much clearer if you are in a place where mistress arrangements are normal, like Japan (or Eastern Europe, where I have a shared mistress 32 years younger, shared means she presumably sees some other guys as well as me, though I don’t ask and she doesn’t tell).

        2. This is GOLD.
          Women/skanks should be paying *us* not because we’re whores like them, but because we net a negative gain when wasting time on them.

        3. Men always pay for sex. If not directly, it’s indirectly. Thems are the rules of male female dynamics. Just in the same way a woman’s only intrisic value to men and society at large is primarily through sex.
          Getting mad at a woman for extracting resources from you for her womb or the promise of it is the same as woman being upset at men and society for seeing her as a walking, talking, life support for her vagina and ass and tits.
          The secret is to accept this fact of life and work it in your favor. When you internalize that you are an appreciating asset vs her imminently perishable fertility and youth, you will become far more effective at selecting and finding women that are worth your investment of time (a man’s greatest resource) and money.

        4. well its the city ones go further out they behave differently. Japanese girls, I love em(favorite foreigners that come here) but they do have their faults like passive aggressiveness and bit of eastern possessiveness. Like you cant just have it your way chillin with the boys.
          just get out of the big cities

      2. “Nearly all”. You have not met any Japanese girls lately. Maybe you’ve “encountered” Korean prostitutes with Japanese-sounding names or something similar. Quality Japanese girls are not interested in you and you never visit onsen and see them in bathing suits.

    4. It really does amaze me how many women get into Tantra / New Age / “The Goddess” stuff once they hit around age 32-35.
      Once they realize their looks or SMV can’t compete with women who are now 10 years younger than them, their former gods of alcohol, cocaine, and chad thundercock start getting replaced by something which isn’t even tangible (ie. a reformed slut Christian while others get into the New Age junk).

      1. Last bitch I was with started seeing a “psychic.” I knew at that moment our little “thing” was about to end. The psychic told her she was concerned that I might have an “evil presence” attached to me. I said; “Yea, the evil presence is her, attached to you, seeing you with a man (me) she wishes she could have. I’ve never met a woman who doesn’t both falsely support other women, and also covet EVERY LAST THING she wishes the other woman has.” Ex-bitches response; “Oh you don’t know her like I do, I’ve known this woman for 8 years now and I trust her judgement.” I said; “So wait a minute here, a fucking psychic convinced you outta the blue – because she’s pretended to be your friend for 8 years – that I must have an evil spirit attached to me because I speak truths clearer than any church?” Needless to say, Whether this was the rationalization hamster convincing herself for reasons to fire up hypergamy, it didn’t matter. I dropped her after her very next mildly emotional tantrum.

      2. yeah you know what i’m talking about.
        if they got into astronomy or chemical engineering it wouldn’t be so pathetic.

    5. Clark Kent
      The best case against feminism I have heard yet. Noble should give you a Peace Prize for this one.

    6. “She’s a 38 year old elementary school teacher still holding out for the “right guy”. ”

    7. The Japanese stigma behind no tattoos is because of yakuza crime. Girls don’t get inked unless they are literally a part of it. Unlike in the States where its considered ‘fashion’, ink in japan actually has a meaning. People forget that Japan is the most homogeneous country in the world. The trends Japanese employ are an attempt to literally segregate themselves. Ink in Japan shows who you really are, unlike in the States and the West where all it shows who you want to be.

      1. Gamblers during the medieval times used tattoos to mark themselves (both male and female). This practice was later adopted by yakuza.

      2. This is correct. Tattoos are associated with yakuza and forbidden in most onsen. Some few (very few) young hipsters who think Western trends are cool get them, along with the blue hair.

    8. It’s ironical how ROK elevates Asian girls & promotes interracial relationships with them to some degree yet hates on Prince Harry for marrying a mixed-raced girl.

      1. Marrying a mixed-race girl is not the reason that people rip on Prince Harry.
        The problem with Prince Harry’s new wife is that he can do much better and have the pick of any woman he chooses; instead he picks a woman that was divorced and older than him, thereby having being much lower in SMV than him.
        many here expect that well within a decade he is going to be having all kinds of problems with her, and it will be partly his fault for marrying a woman like this. I, for one, would not be surprised that she eventually divorces him and trys to ‘trade up’ to another man eventually.
        What is the point of having money and prestige if you throw it all down the drain when deciding who to marry?

        1. History’s got a tendency to repeat itself. Similar thing happened with Edward VIII, who married Wallis Simpson, an older american woman, who was twice divorced and to old to give him children.
          As his official biographer said: “He became slavishly dependent on her.”

    9. Makoto’s article is very good … but so is your Comment _ @Clark Kent
      If you do not object, I will include this in the next edition of my Newsletter (sent to subscribers).
      I’ve had a few philosophical blasts myself at Feminism and Feminists. And they’ve found a home on websites owned and run by others.
      Now that you’ve produced a near perfect riposte to feminism, and its pathetic influence, why would I need to re-invent the wheel.
      If you wish to object to my intention, then you can readily work out how to contact me. Roosh has my email in any case.
      Meanwhile … kudos to Roosh and the ROK team for making all this possible.

    10. As someone also familar with Japan, I have to point out the kimono photo and traces of decay of their women.
      Both women had that eye plastic surgery, first made popular by an army surgeon in Korea, that decidedly inferior Asian country. Plastic surgery is vain.
      The kimono is more fanciful than traditionally worn. J-women are not having kids and getting fatter. They like rap music. Also, youtube and free internet TV brings in the same anti-WM trash that perverts our society, something impossible just 10 years ago.
      The high trust of their women is eroding with the same exponential increase of new comers from countries where clans and ripping-off others is a way of life.

    11. In a way, it’s a GOOD THING she is bumping up against menopause and hasn’t inflicted her asinine philosophy and ideas on a new generation of feminist sympathizers! That’s ONE good thing I can say for most lesbian feminist clowns, they rarely reproduce, but unfortunately enough of them go into teaching, especially at universities, to indoctrinate the NEXT generation into their hollow and very flawed harpings!
      While you might be sympathetic toward your cousin, be watchful and wary how she finally just might find some cucked beta to settle down with and avoids becoming a perennial “cat-loving” spinster with a room full of books and litter boxes in every room!

    12. Sir, your comment added more to the value of this website than the entirety of the above article.

  2. My opinion about tattoos; whatever message it is that you are trying to convey, I will find out on my own. Talk is cheap.

    1. CAPTAIN
      Odd thing.
      As late as 1989 when I was 15 tattoos were the stamp of lower class barbarism.
      You got a tattoo at 16 to signal your belonging to a particular criminal or lower class.

      1. Marked words “lower class.” Doesn’t matter which lower class, but always. You can have millions, even billions in the bank… but that tatt drops your lowest common denominator to trailer trash.

  3. White women are the new Samoans. They are now morbidly obese and think they can become black.

    1. White women are still regarded as the finest on earth, by those of all races and those that can afford.
      Saudi Sheiks arent paying $50,000 to a Hot Asian or African Nggr. But a Penthouse pet commands that price.
      White women are the lovliest. To knock them, and not feminism or feminists in their ranks, with general statement is the pinnacle of Cuck. There are millions of marriage minded, quality, Church going, conservative, young, virginal white women- Mormons, Evangelicals, Orthodox and Trad Catholic, but you wont know because you will have your Porn, making Cohen Productions wealthier. Way to go

  4. greatest minds?
    call me naive, but what did Einstein do? Nothing me thinks.
    Newton – the math.
    Tesla – the machines….
    and others.
    but Einstein? what? enlighten me….
    In any case had Japanese gf for 6 years. take care me vely good…highly recommend.
    To sum up the Japanese in one word: Honor.
    diametrically opposite attitude -streets of NYC versus Tokyo.

      1. Yeah that so called “myth” is what makes your phone and computer work (rolls eyes sarcastically)

      1. yea – everyone knows E=MC2
        but? so what? what is it? what does it do?
        what is it used for?
        i.e compare to anything newtonian or teslonian…
        or pythagoreum…
        that are used…

        1. E = mc2 is used by satellites to take into account the slight difference in time that that when objects moving at different speeds (relative to each other). Without it, GPS would not be possible. We could do without Teslas cars, we could not do without satellites.

        2. E = mc2 is used by satellites to take into account the slight difference in time that exists when objects are moving at different speeds (relative to each other). Without it, GPS would not be possible. We could do without Teslas cars, we could not do without satellites.

        3. @ Captain: Naive, you are indeed. E=mc2, critical for sparking the development of atomic weapons…the ones that ended WW2. Mass and energy are interchangeable. HUGE discovery. Nuclear fission warheads destroy Plutonium/Uranium atoms releasing the largest explosions made by man. I’d call that something. Further, relativity explains how space and time are not separate but linked. Your experience of time and space also changes relative to your velocity. The faster you go the slower time goes. You’ll experience it normally but outside observers would see you move more slowly. You would see them move more quickly. He also explained how space and time are distorted by gravity, particularly intense gravity.

        4. Read a book,
          “He also explained how space and time are distorted by gravity, particularly intense gravity.”
          Not convinced he got gravity right, it doesn’t work the way hes says it should, else we wouldn’t be discussing dark matter and modified Newtonian Dynamics to try and explain the Galaxy.

      2. I don’t understand the downvotes to rollov’s comment. Some people are unable to acknowledge others neutral words because of guilty-by-association.
        God how stupid those sjws leftists are. Disgusting. Go fuck yourselves seriously.

        1. Faraway,
          Rollov got the down votes because he wrote nonsense. From reading his post, I got the idea he thought Tesla invented electric cars. Tesla’s inventions are the backbone of modern energy generation, energy transmission and communication systems.

        2. John,
          I was refering to the emc2 stuff and satellites.
          And imo he was refering to tesla the company (elon musk and electric cars) not the guy tesla himself .

        3. John
          can you develop where it showed “incredible ignorance” ?
          because i read again rollov’s posts above our messages and i don’t get your point.

      3. Didn’t he steal it, or receive all the acclaim when it was a group of scientists that came up with it.

      4. satellites in space ? you really believe that fantasy? there are no satelittes in space. the GPS signal gets send by radio towers. the earth is flat.

      1. Was a rabid zionists that supported a genocide of ethnic Germans. Basically J filth but the victors write the history and he will go down as a brilliant celebrated man.

    1. Albert Einstein is probably one of the biggest frauds to have ever walked this planet.
      He worked at the Patents Office for several years before he suddenly became famous. Go figure!
      Einstein was mostly held in contempt by Europe’s scientific Physics community, as he was described by even modest and thoughtful people as a plagiarist. Do you understand what a plagiarist does??
      Some have speculated that his so-called “Theory of Relativity” can be properly attributed to his first wife, who he mistreated shamefully. But that is another topic, which I simply wish to draw your attention to.
      E=MC was a formula speculated by another (earlier) Physicist before Einstein added the “squared” function.
      Compared to New Zealand born Ernest Rutherford … who is the real brains behind most of what we now know about modern particle physics and nuclear energy … Albert Einstein was a mere boy.
      There are something like 6 or 8 great Physicists we owe gratitude and respect to … yet the only name we hear every other day, right across the Western World is … “Einstein”, “Einstein”, “Einstein”, “Einstein”.
      When you understand why that is so, you will finally realize why our current world is in the big mess it is in. Simply because the architects are cut from the same stock of DNA.
      The “Einstein” phenomenon is just the work of New Yawk Jewish-American marketing … it says nothing of the truth, nor of accurate history. I would have thought most sensible people would have already worked out just what a toilet New Yawk City is.
      The ONLY reason Albert Einstein grew to become as famous and iconic as he has become, is because of the manic influence of self-worshiping, New York ‘Jews’, who arranged a series of massive welcomes, including street parades … following his disembarkation from the trans-Atlantic liner berthed at the pier in Manhattan. He was feted like a massive movie star. Almost like a Messiah.
      You look can still look-up these images yourself, if you know how to search the deeper levels of the web.
      And just to underline another “Made in America” misconception … Albert Einstein did NOTHING to develop nuclear energy. Relativity has got nothing to do with nuclear fusion!

        1. G.R. Wilson
          I followed the links. Downloaded a sample of the book. Like what you have to offer.

      1. Thanks @King Andy
        We independent authors learn the hard way that the actual writing of a book is (paradoxically) the easier part.
        The hardest part is becoming visible to those people who would be genuinely interested in reading it.

  5. List of things Japanese women can learn from American women !
    Scratching my head..
    Thinking some more..
    hmm this is difficult.

  6. A good friend of mine married a Japanese woman. She was or is absolutely beautiful…on the outside. He divorced her after their second child became a teen. I wondered why, after all she always appeared to be humble, meek and well mannered in public. My divorced friend told me she has public face and a second face thats only seen behind closed doors and this face is frightful to behold. He’s single and happy now. There is a lesson here and I’m sure I don’t need to spell it out.

    1. He just wanted out she was faithful to him but he did not want a family that’s why he failed to point to you her actual fault except ‘everything is not as it seems’. coward who failed failed to maintain the vows that he took.
      What more do you want another human being who is not your mother to do for for you?

      1. “failed to maintain the vows that he took”
        How do you know what vows he took? There’s a chance they married in Japan, which would mean a different marriage agreement to America. White folk are so ignorant about the rest of the world, less than 1/3 of the world are Christians, so 2/3 won’t be making white Protestant wedding vows.
        Not every man in the world vows to give a woman everything they own when they marry.

        1. JOHN
          “White folks are so ignorant about the rest of the world”
          Most of them cannot travel. They have never been anywhere. They LIVE at home when they are 25.
          Some of the military here have been stationed overseas but there is a base perimeter and curfew and they maybe go to a whore house or a bar.
          I’ve known guys that lived in Japan for three years who knew nothing about the place.

    2. Ahhh, it’s really fun to see people imagining that Japanese women to be delicate both inside and outside.
      I studied in Japan for a year, and talked with many of them. Most of these girls are not interested in getting married since it means they will lose their job and be a fulltime housekeeper. Those do want don’t want anyone with income lower than 5000000 yen a year.
      The reason why Japan has such low birth rate is both because men are wimps and their women value money.
      And mind you, these girls may look sophisticated but most of them live a little bit too free. They have frequent nomikais(drinking party) and who knows what happens afterwards.
      Tatemae(public face) is very common, and you shouldn’t take Japanese people’s words at face value.
      However I do appreciate that these people know how to behave in public.

      1. The porn epidemic and how many Japanese men prefer to stay indoors all day playing video games and jerking off cannot be overlooked when evaluating plummeting birth rate figures.

        1. Exactly,
          There was one 28 yo guy I used to work with. There was really cute 21 yo girl going after him. She would bring him bento/lunch box/, buy his favourite snacks, ask about his magic the gathering stuff/his almost full time hobby/ etc. But he didn’t flinch. Instead of going on dates with her he would go to gaming arcade and play his card games. Smh!

    3. Not the first time I hear this stories about Japanese women. They seem to be far more agressive once you get around them more frequent. Public display is a way of life in Japan, but outside work and social environments you get to see a very different person.

      1. It’s like most of Asia, untouchable virgins in public, but you can fuck them within 5 minutes of getting them alone.

  7. In Japan, showing your ink will see you banned from certain places like pools, onsens (bath houses), gyms and many ryokans (Japanese inns).
    I hope they keep it that way!

  8. If you date an Asian girl make sure that you stay in their country. I told this story before on this website but I was once talking to an Asian girl who came straight from China. I thought I had something special until I figured out she was banging numerous guys behind my back. Now she has green hair and is a feminist. She went from wife material to a feminist Carousel rider. Like roosh made a post before, women are like water. When a woman moves to America she will be injected with feminism and will ride the carousel. I seen it happen to many girls in my college. After getting banged my multiple black and white men they will marry a man of their own race . Which is usually a beta bucks engineer or IT graduate. One thing I realize is these foreign will won’t wait until 30 to settle down . They will do it their senior year of college after having a 25+ body count.

  9. Best relationship I ever had was with a Japanese women. Absolutely lovely. Feminine, nurturing, bought me gifts (this one was a shocker), stayed slim in shape, and didn’t bust my balls in the name of some feminist mission. Only reason I ended it was that at the time, I was 18 and she was 25- she was probably looking to get married soon so I sent her on her way. That was easily the one of the best periods in my life; nothing quite complements the masculine energy like a truly feminine women. Would definitely do again.

    1. Nice man. How fucking sad is it in the West, generations of men and women robbed of natural partnerships and family. So fucking evil….

      1. SAS
        He wants you to be sexually frustrated so you keep paying for porn that he can get laid in.

    2. You were basically a little brother whom she can sleep with.
      There are these nurturing girls who love to play mommy and take care of younger guys. Well, she must be taking care of another little boy by now.

  10. Yellow fever is for betas.
    One should not be proud of failing to spread one’s genes properly.
    You’re going to mongrelize your posterity,
    All coz you were too much of a bitch to check a white thot.

    1. TotalBro,
      While you will fail to have any posterity, and continue to wank to porn while living in your mom’s basement.

      1. Lol of course
        > you have a tiny penis and live in mommy’s basement.
        Spoken like a woman.
        No wonder you need a gook to feel like a man.
        It must be nice getting treated like a man without actually having to be one.

        1. Drowning in pussy while having to make little or no effort is a life transforming event. You should ask your mom to buy you a plane ticket and passport, so you can try it yourself.

        2. Dodds is different. He has plenty of cute cheap girls to have fun with. He openly accepts that he can’t get girls with game at this good old age.
          While you go out with white girls with plenty of experience, he is with asians who at least look like they have little experience.
          So yeah..basically similar I guess.

        3. JOHN
          None of these posters have parents who can afford that. And in any event the situations they would get into overseas would be cringe-worthy anyhow.
          Not being American it is hard for you to understand HOW TRAPPED these white posters are. They cannot afford to move across the road
          So as grown men they simply have jerks furiously under the blanket and gather round with other grown men like 14 year old boys who discovered a porn mag in Dad’s closet.
          They have no money to go anywhere except Mexico, which is already IN parts of the United States anyhow and is one of the most dangerous countries on earth.
          Canada does not want US citizens though refugees are welcome.
          They cannot move to cities because if you are poor and white in a major US metropolis you quickly be preyed upon by blacks and Mexicans.

        4. JOHN
          This is why prostitution exists.
          The other reason is that many women have nothing, absolutely nothing, to offer the human race except three holes that produce pleasurable friction when a penis is inserted.
          I’m speaking in economic terms.

        5. Yeah, we’ve been through this before.
          You gotta pay thots for sex, which means you don’t have dignity sufficient to gain a woman’s attraction without bribes.
          I’m gonna save my cash and use my natural inborn masculine authority to dictate to thots what I expect from them.
          It’s a super simple game, it’s just that most guys don’t have the fucking balls for it:
          You impose yourself on the thot.
          You’ll get a variety of reactions, but if you got balls AND patience, then ultimately attraction is the reaction you will ALWAYS get if you make a thot submit to you demands.
          Ever since I’m gotten good at this game, gooks don’t even register on my radar. Gooks are for beta white men.
          If ur too beta for a white woman you will spontaneous start to fink flat-faced monogoloids attractive. lol

        6. “White women”
          Think I want the keg party skanks you would try to get a number from?
          Sit in your Club with some DJ on mic playing the same shit every Thursday night Ladies in the hopes some tattooed dyed-blond horror decides to fuck you, maybe you..

      2. JOHN
        How are these guys going to support their kids?
        White women are reacting to external breeding stimuli.
        A man who lives at home at 25 and thinks sex involves 2 black 12 inch penis inserted in a blonde female anus because they’ve been looking at internet porn all their life is not really that attractive.

    2. You know nothing about the nature of woman. Once she is a thot she is a thot. Not good to wife. She will have all those baggage of being a cum bucket for100 man.even you will fail to properly pass your genes with her has she will mix yours and her former lovers genes.

  11. Bang Jap girls for squeak cackles during sex other races don’t make. Otherwise, they’re still just slightly more monogamous, but ultimately hypergamous sluts at the core like the rest.

  12. There were plenty of Japanese women with tattoos in the Nagoya region last year, true Japanese women do have better social graces and patience than Western women and they don’t seem to get fat.

  13. I’m married for some timeuto a Japanese girl who looks remarkably similar to the top picture, right girl. I’d like to comment on the three items and share some additional things so you’ll get a better understanding of the culture.
    Most important thing is all Japanese women are ought to be married and have a baby by the age of 30. My wife removed birth control without telling me when she was 29. Which gave me 3 options, abortion what I believe is murder, go away and not eee my son ever or stick with it. However I feel so betrayed I will leave her when my son gets older. Then divorce rules kick in. In Japan, there is no shared custody. Women don’t have to go to court, they just fake your signature on a consent form and it’s done. Your visa is removed and you cannot fight it, because you don’t have rights anymore. There is a form to counter that to unable divorce without going to court at city hall. FYI.
    That said. The three points above are very valid. My wife has a tiny tattoo from her couple of slut years in the USA, she regrets it now. Most girls go without and their skin is fantastic. With regards to graces it’s best to find a Japanese girl who has been in the west like Australia, California, West Europe but not too long to be infested with feminism. However not mentioned in the article is the crazy Asian jealousy. Think about going to a wedding and talking to other girls, they freak out massively.
    The patience is indeed great. One of my friends came to Tokyo, brought a girl to the room but was so tired he said he take a nap first before fucking her. 2 hours later he woke up, expected her to be gone but she was just playing candy crush on her phone waiting for him to have sex. It’s fantastic.
    Last thing to say is my wife’s sister is an Ebisu career girl. 28 and soon missing the boat, living the sex in the city lifestyle and fully infected with western morals. She works at an American company in Tokyo, where the infestation happens. I would recommend to avoid these gaijin hunters around Roppongi embassy areas at all costs. They are only to drain your wallet.
    For the best girls you go to second tier cities like Sapporo, Sendai, Nagoya, Akita. West coast girls are rated prettier than east coast and Akita girls are very pretty. I like Kobe girls too with their stiff face but that’s more personal preference.

  14. There were plenty of Japanese women with tattoo’s around the Nagoya region last year, the other two points you made are correct in a lot of cases not all there’s a percentage of Japanese women in a race to the bottom.

  15. My wife is Japanese and been Married for 13 yrs. I have no issues at all with here because she respects me as a man and I get sex when I want. She’s not a doormat either she holds her own and is a great with our kids. I met her when she was 19 and lived with her for a year to know her qualities as a woman and she was traditional. I don’t fuck with Americans chicks at all!!!

  16. JOHN
    Don’t Encourage Them
    I don’t want to see any of these guys overseas anyhow.
    It is a small favor that places like Southeast Asia are too far away for the average Chav or white US hick/hillbilly to actually visit.
    Canada actually feels the same way. They even banned George Bush, who had a sheet for drunk driving or drunk and disorderly.

    In UK you would not face direct threat of street violence from Mexicans or blacks. Jamaicans are thoroughly segregated and you yourself would not be the last white in some Muslim ghetto.
    Don’t get me wrong, even in South Carolina the Irish gypsies have a reputation for being people you want to avoid and you have the scum of the planet.
    But there is nobody worse than Mexicans and blacks and they are damn hard to avoid unless you are making $100,000 a year AND live in Maine or North Dakota AND want to be among poor whites who probably won’t invade your house but are no fun to have to interact with and are all convinced that J ws run their life and Arabs will parachute into their main street swinging scimitars.
    The reason for US expats like me to leave is not women. This is a nice added perk but the real reason is to get away from violence and crime without living in the wilds of some Friday the 13th woods without rednecks like Leatherface.
    These Americans on here are so stupid they contradict themselves-on one hand they will assert what a wonderful country they live and the next they will complain about all the things I left the US for.
    I’ll add that while your cops might be thugs they are usually competent. If you are a law-abiding citizen you won’t get shaken down by some quota-seeking borderline alcoholic who hates “college boys” or have the Rambo experience.
    I’d tell the average American poster here they have proved nothing with their commentary except that their own existence is unenviable and they don’t completely know it.

    1. I’m all for ditching the crap US, but it’s not quite as bad as all that. You can still find some mostly homogeneous suburbs to settle in.

      OK fine, you’ll need more than 100K to manage that effectively. Of course, if you can manage the financials, you can get oh so much more being an expat. 🙂
      Absolutely right about not leaving only for the women. There are many other good reasons to get out of Dodge. The biggie for me was tax reasons. (Which could be an article all on its own. The US habit of taxing citizens even when they live abroad is criminal.) Then there was the much improved cost of living. Throw in the women and it’s about as close to heaven as one can reasonably get.

  18. Being a former blue pill guy, I know a lot about that feminist New Age crap. My arguments that such a sugar coated worldview can only survive as long as the requirements exist (a high level of wealth, Christian and Western values) were dismissed as narrow minded and downright evil. I tried to tell those women that first the spiritual and mental worldview needs to be right, and then emotions (of love and sugar) can follow (the Bible tells it all). Not vice versa. In a system of anarchy love will get killed. In my home country Germany most women (and many men) don’t want to hear such arguments. My blue pill contacts are fading away. Much to my delight. And to be honest, I have to admit that I’m happy about the difficulty of finding a wife. Wouldn’t be sharing one’s life with one of those brainwashed women be a punishment? Would I really want to provide for a wife and five children? Where are the jobs which would make it possible for me to fulfill such heavy obligations? Should women (especially those who are not that bright) really have five or more children and pass on their genetic material? Is it not better not to procreate if one takes the present jobmarket into account?

  19. Something ican’t stand is gauged ears. Normal earnings are enough, and not to many. Those giant holes on your lobes are disgusting.

  20. Very interesting- i would encourage all young women to this read if they have the desire for a happy life for herself and of course the man who chooses her.

  21. The comment sections on this site are always hilarious. Like the articles I can never tell if they are the work of a satire comedic genius or a gaggle of basement dwelling trolls. In between poor research and blatant disregard for half of the species it a reads like thinly veiled pettiness at girls who rejected you growing up.therefor all women are the problem,not you,of course with your impressive red pill sized dicks. Oh no, women are what’s wrong oh, and the millions of men who aren’t a-holes and actually support them. But they must just be doing it for the sex right because like you, men aren’t capable of thinking about anything else or serve any other function then that of the fuck boy. Thankfully you represent such a small minority of men (ironically the same amount probably of women who irrationally hate men) that your attempts at explaining your logic sound more hysterical then ground breaking. Japanese women would not take your shit, as anyone who has been to Japan knows. How have you not realised the fact that you have to scrounge the globe for some girl stupid enough to pity fuck you doesn’t indicate that your behaviour and way of thinking is the problem? Oh western women are evil! Why can’t they shut up and have babies , they hurt my feelings by not paying attention to meeeeee why do they prefer respectful men it’s such bulllshiiiiiit. Poor little snowflakes.
    Anyway I’m done so go ahead and go nuts replying. I could use a laugh on the commute 🙂

  22. Will an older man of respectable character(30-40) marry me at age 18-20 if I don’t have a degree or career, even if I am a feminine, pretty woman of good character? Is it fine if I stay home to take care of my parents with perhaps a waitressing job?
    I have heard much opposition to this path, the most common sentiments being that men want an independent woman and that I should prepare in the case that he leaves me.

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