Everything That Sucks About America Comes From Busybody Schoolmarms

On occasion, I feel the need to defend American history and culture from the constant, constant criticisms and mockeries and deconstructions it faces. You can read more about this here, here, here and here.

However, I am also quite willing to criticize America should it need to be criticized. This is one of those times. There certainly has been a lot of crappiness to come out of American culture, hasn’t there?

“Well what do you expect from a country built on muh slavery and colonialism?!”—Hush! Considering the sheer ubiquity of slavery and conquest, I don’t think it’s fair to say that those are the cause of American cultural suckiness. Taking four times the amount of slaves the American colonies did—and yes, I know it was in Caribbean colonies—certainly hasn’t stopped France from being the vanguard of white culture for centuries.

Instead, I’d like to posit that everything that sophisticated Old Worlders mock about America: it’s Puritanical arts and entertainment, it’s sexual cloddishness, it’s past buffoonery such as Prohibition, and its current fixation on social justice and deconstructionism, to be the fault of not men, but women. And certainly not all women—in fact, the overwhelming majority of American women have nothing to do with this. But rather, a small, extremely vocal minority of American women are the cause of much of this.

These women are the busybody schoolmarms of America—both actual and self appointed schoolmarms. In being something of a student of the arts and culture of my country, I have noticed a repeated trend that I have turned into the title of this article: [Almost] everything that sucks about America comes from a small minority of busybody, Type-A women.

Let us begin with the most literal example of this phenomenon: Prohibition. It is largely forgotten today, but Prohibition and the Women’s Suffrage Movement went hand in hand—the temperance movement was largely female, and had great overlap with the suffragettes.

Granted, this was not merely because women wanted to stifle masculinity—they had some legitimate reasons for it. Women wanted control over their legal assets in addition to the right to vote, because it was at the time in the hands of the men in their lives, some of whom were alcoholics that would literally drink away their life savings.

An understandable motive, but as we all know prohibition wildly increased crime and social decay and was ultimately revoked in 1933, just in time for marijuana to be banned in 1937, again spearheaded by concerns of women being harmed by rampaging substance abusers while working alongside paper kingpins like William Randolph Hearst (feminism and big business have had a very long alliance), which showed that they learned absolutely nothing.

The Arts

What about things such as the Hays Code, which created long-standing stereotypes of “banal, insipid” American films by actually mandating moral standards and forcing happy endings upon movies—stereotypes that still exist to this day?

Of course, the Hays Code was implemented by the studios themselves, enlisting Presbyterian minister Joseph Hays to “clean up” the film industry after protests towards its “degeneracy”. So it’s here that some might ask how this can be laid at the feet of “schoolmarms.” After all, Joseph Hays was a man, yes?

Indeed. However, to understand how I still link schoolmarms and church ladies to this, we will have to look at the state of the church in the 1920s and 30s.

Christianity, particularly Protestantism,  has long had a crisis of masculinity. In other words, that men are far less likely to be devoted worshippers than women, and priests were seen as effeminate molly-coddled types that are not in touch with what the average man wants. This is the case today, and was the case 100 years ago.

Muscular Christianity” arose in response to this starting in the UK and moving to the US and Canada shortly thereafter, in an attempt to get men interested in the church, with a good amount of success starting in the 1860s and extending to around the 1920s. However, by the 1930s, the movement was sort of petering out, and women were once again being the predominant worshipers in Mainline American Christianity.

The point of all this is that while a man was running the Hays Commission, I think it was at least likely that his church had a base that was predominantly female, and thus his decision may have been, at the very least, influenced by them.

From this discussion of women, the church, and the arts, we can branch off two ways, and discuss how this one very specific, odious sort of woman drags down the church, or how said woman drags down the arts and entertainment.

More Arts and Culture

You know what else has a reputation for sucking good and hard? American literature At the very least, the literature in the last 20 years or so, as it was very esteemed from the period immediately following World War One to about the 1980s. And guess who does the most reading nowadays, and has the entire publishing industry catering to them?

Again, this is not entirely their fault—publishing is a business, and a business must cater to whoever is buying, but as an anthropologist, I  have observed how publishing companies actively shut out dissenting voices and how this bleeds into the rise of politically correct culture. And yet again, this is not slamming “women” as a big nebulous group, but rather just the uptight, anal-retentive schoolmarm subset of women.

On the subject of politically correct culture, you hardly need me to tell you that workplaces and schools are miserable places, far beyond how much they need to be by the mere virtue of being places nobody willingly chooses to go to.  The causes of this misery have been discussed many times links, but now I would have to ask you: who are the guidance counselors in high schools imposing “Zero tolerance” policies that punish the victim of bullying as much as the bully? Who runs Human Resources departments, stifling any camraderie between the “worker drones” that would alleviate some of the drudgery? This workplace culture is itself stifled due to the fear of enraging some humorless biddy.

Actual picture on the human resources page of Central Staff Services, Incorporated

There’s a reason why men and women tuned into watch Mad Men in droves, and it wasn’t to “tsk, tsk” at the “bad old days”.

Speaking of things being turned into service industries for the worst of womanhood… the church! As I said above, the crisis of masculinity in the church has resurged, and there’s apparently no “muscular religion” coming to save us unless you count the efforts done on sites such as this, but those are mere “candles in the darkness”.

The Impact

Some might question the idea of “big bad racist America” being the birthplace of all this politically correct pain-in-the-assery. I would point you to how the stereotype of Americans as being loud, domineering women bossing around miserable husbands, keeping them from igniting that “thumotic spark” is extremely widespread around the world, and has been for decades.

And of course, we can’t forget that fabled American incompetent sexuality. From banning prostitution to creating modern feminism to actually being “sexy” in the most bumblefucking, unsexy fashion when they finally get around to attempting erotica, American women have a good amount to answer for in this field—or more accurately, that same tiny minority that makes the rest look bad.

Don’t think that all of this is just a crank talking—James Thurber knew it when he described his new The New Yorker magazine as being “not for the old lady in Dubuque” and Rudyard Kipling and various other European writers and intellectuals of note knew it—see above.

As someone who is (against all reason), a proud American, I don’t like seeing my countrywomen and my culture spoken of so disparagingly. But as a personal trainer I must point out that the first step of getting someone on the path to improvement is a harsh critical appraisal—and that applies to both the schoolmarm culture of America and America itself.

The constantly demonized “straight white men” have caused problems, but everybody and their grandma points that out. In contrast, me and Steve Sailer, who I linked to above, seem to be the only ones pointing out that women need to shoulder some guilt as well. And when we’ve all shared in guilt, we can begin to fix the problem.

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82 thoughts on “Everything That Sucks About America Comes From Busybody Schoolmarms”

  1. “Everything That Sucks About America Comes From Busybody Schoolmarms”
    Agree 100%
    And by far the worst of the busybodies who have ever cursed America was Eleanor Roosevelt.

      1. @ 5,999,999
        Don’t who the first one is, and Chanty is simply a publicity seeking troublemaker.
        Mrs. Roosevelt, on the other hand, sought and to a great extent achieved “fundamental changes” to the America way of life. Both by pushing her husband even further to the left, and then, after his death, strongly advocating for ultra left wing causes that greatly sped up the creeping socialism that is killing this country.

  2. Except for babies, women don’t create anything, but they sure as hell love to complain about everything.
    America wedged a stick up its ass after the Wild West became domesticated (by women, no doubt).

    1. Don’t forget that they cannot create babies without men. They cannot do anything by themselves.

  3. A big problem in public schooling stems from the authority given to local school boards. They often have no experience being employed in the schools for which they serve, and often create issues that don’t exist, such as modifying reading choices for English classes based on their political beliefs. They are simply political entities which have minimal concern for student welfare.

    1. Not always, there are many instances where those outsiders are elected to rein in spending and out of control teachers unions. My father ) a fiscally-conservative Republican) as a corporate Internal Auditor was elected to our local school board in the early 1980s while I was in high school to deal with striking teachers, balance the budget and get a levy passed.
      Despite most levies being a money grab in most cases here in Ohio, the money from it was properly used and our property taxes remained lower than the county average. He only served one term and did not seek re-election, his work was done in one four-year term and it set the table for the school district to this day in performing better academically (most of the crap teachers that were there in my day moved on, were fired or retired). My father passed away this past week from MS and truly was a “King” that most of us would describe on here, took care of his own shit, served his community and was a great father, grandfather and husband.

      1. Midwest Gen-X
        Sounds like your father is an exceptional man. Probably one of the few great men left. I never met him but it’s safe to say he will be sorely missed.
        My condolences sir.

  4. Saying the film code is some evil feminist plot largely discredits this article. Since the code was broken America has become completely degenerate, largely at Hollywood’s hands.

  5. Said a different way; “Everyone in the US is becoming a fat, bitter school marm.” The fat bitter school marm is a good analogy for white knights and bitter feminists. Whenever you’re in a situation where there’s a chair you’re not supposed to sit in or a piece of tape you are not allowed to cross and (as we all know) a word you’re not supposed to use, a fat school marm will come marching toward you out of nowhere with an orange vest and a flashlight shaking their finger at you. Why anyone would aspire to be this punch bowl turd Debbie Downer is beyond me. Lol.

  6. This article reads like it was written by yet another degenerate, self-unaware, short, dark, squinty-eyed Flip who’ll lick the boots of a white man clean just for the tiniest bit of approval.

  7. “Granted, this was not merely because women wanted to stifle masculinity—they had some legitimate reasons for it. Women wanted control over their legal assets in addition to the right to vote…”
    There is nothing legitimate about neither women nor men fighting for women’s right to say or do anything.

  8. “everything that sophisticated Old Worlders mock about America…to be the fault of not men, but women.”
    It is the fault of men for allowing the women to do all this.

  9. School Boards are elected by the community. If you want to start taking back the sucky schools your rising and wasted tax dollars pay for then conscientious citizens will have to put down their phones, their tablets, their remotes and stop their constant need to run around and delve into the next empty fad and simply get involved. People bitch, but they demand whatever they want fixed- NOW, but won’t lift a finger to do anything because it’ll screw up their fantasy football league meeting. Whereas Leftists who have nothing better to do will ignorantly and shamelessly take someone else’s dirty money and mantra to poke you and the political class in the ass. And you’ll just take it. Always remember, Conservatives don’t want to deal with Leftists. We want to be left alone, but this leaves them to run wild. Equally, they don’t want to deal with us because they will choke on facts and might realize that their ideologies are retarded and naive. Annoy your country back from the brink. History will thank you for it.

  10. Stopped reading at NAWALT. You need to purge this concept from your mind. Women are ALL like this. It is not ‘male feminism’ to point this out but anthropological. A woman will turn down feminism (free resources) as often as a dog turns away table scraps. The power ALL women have right now would be the equivalent of any man being able to caress the breasts of every woman that walks by and then slap her while a cop and a judge high-five him.
    Men and women are not equal because 20 percent of men will NEVER beta-orbit (therefore ‘NAMALT’), but all women indeed benefit from gynocentrism.
    The last ‘antifeminist’ women disappeared after their final victory in the 1970s with the shelving of the Equal Rights Amendment. Gynocentrism had a rapprochement with feminism because they agreed that the communism of the ERA would be corrosive to female supremacy (no female draft, paucity of men in female industries: teaching, nursing, childcare etc, as well as eliminating the ‘disparate impact’ of male executions/prisoners, equalizing family court and unisex bathrooms), and ultimately cause what MGTOW is doing right now where men eventually reassume power by ceasing to cooperate with the inevitable crumbling of anything with a female/coed foundation.
    So Gynocentrists and feminists consolidated these coordinates of the 1970s, and each decided to ‘stay-in-their-lane/labia’ to ensure this vaginal virus of power kept moving unabated because removing that centerpiece of actual Marxian equality (ERA) eroded any difference between gynocentrism and feminism. They became unified again after their 60-year split during Prohibition, where gynocrats politicized temperance, and feminists badgered for female suffrage and ‘sex-positivity,’ but they decoupled because of the sticking-point of a female draft attached to universal suffrage.
    This inseparable unity is evidenced by all the ‘conservative’ women counter-signaling Trump’s ‘pussy-grabbing’ antics and ‘Third Wave’ feminism rather than counter-signaling Blue-Pill chivalry. Gynocrats have always been singularly concerned about staving off the female draft, while feminists also fear it, but know it will never occur because they work IRL, while gynocrats stay home and let their female hysteria consume them.
    Gynocentrism is basically like a single-issue party, while feminism is more of a rent-seeking catalyst of pure dominance that subsumes absolutely any means of power, which is why it has become entirely anti-white yet sycophantic to the patriarchy of Islamism and submissive to BDSM/miscegenation.
    So no, a woman will eschew power in the same way that a man will avert his eyes from a supple centerfold – never.
    Pretending women have morals/beliefs is anthropomorphism – giving manlike qualities to non-man creatures. Women are LARPing as men when they pretend to be principled because they are mirroring male behavior like a chameleon for a particular end that involves the transfer of male resources (money, power, sperm) because they are empty-headed vessels solely meant to incubate a consensus/conformity or a baby.
    Their one principle they do abide by is to always appear ladylike under all conditions, not until death because women are cowards who surrender to the victor’s harem, but because it provides an impenetrable camouflage (neotenous makeup, saccharine politeness, soothing gentleness) for a man’s lust, putting him into a trance like a skunk spraying poison into his sensibilities, forcing him into beta-orbiting, white-knighting and mangina simping.
    Being a woman in the Current Year is so advantageous that transgenderism is almost exclusively about males becoming female, whereas the vaudevillian feminists of the Roaring 20s like Marlene Dietrich were dressing up like men in coattail suits and top hats drinking, smoking and fucking the night away.

    1. So what are men to do? Join the Russian army to fight the feminist of the West? Feminists have caused life to become shitty for lots of men who aren’t part of the top 10%.

      1. Improve yourself and stop giving a damn about what women think is a good way to start.

        1. Easier said than done when feminists are calculating ways to bring down men. Roosh can’t even show his face in public without some feminist or concerned lunatic shouting at him slander.

      2. Vladimir Putin is going to be our hero because he WILL fight the feminist without even laying a finger. He just has to press a Red Button and there goes the entire crowd of #Me Too protesters in any feminist occupied city of America or Canada.

      3. Young man, did you not read the part where I wrote about the archenemy of gyno-feminism? The answer (for now) is MGTOW + Red Pill, which means aggressively refusing to render aid to women (still not technically illegal), leaving them to their ultimate demise. That ending, of course, will never happen because women do not fight to the death like male warriors…Just like a female ‘workout’: the second they start to sweat from stretching, they quit. So they will surrender to the patriarchy once things get too ‘uncomfortable.’ That is how we defeat them.
        I think MGTOW is a rudimentary concept (at the moment) because it is relatively new, and it needs to be fleshed out further to where it does not necessarily equate to a man becoming a genetic dead-end (much to the delight of white knights and women), and instead simply means intentionally unmarried, and thus rebelliously untaxed, making women poorer in the underclass of meritocracy from of a lack of gynocentric revenue. But nonetheless, promising to withhold one’s sperm is a form of invaluable leverage against the matriarchy because in vitro fertilization is negligibly successful, universally unaffordable and frustratingly tedious compared to the ease and fruitfulness of the real thing. So MEN have all the power. WE are the most important aspect of survival.
        The matriarchy hates MGTOW because it circumvents shame and is a tax-evading, draft-dodging scofflaw-homesteader-filibuster living, working and functioning in the badlands and frontiers of society, outside of the writ of gynocentrism.
        No amount of decentralization of man (dildo/vibrator, sperm bank, social media simp, beta-orbiting provider, alpha stunt-cock, deputized white knights etc.) can subvert the real thing long-term. There are too many unbundled parts for a woman to juggle in this female (((consumerist))) division of labor created by (((Edward Bernays))). LOL women can’t even balance their own checkbooks, let alone society.
        Rightly *and* wrongly, women and white knights claim that MGTOWs are InCel because everybody is an InCel to a certain degree, since sex is on a spectrum. But the MGTOW theory of power dynamics has not been intellectualized enough thus far to articulate all of the other resources, in addition to sperm (male ingredient of procreation), that will be hoarded by beta AND alpha romantic-dropouts, thus starving the gynocracy into submission. Much to the chagrin of white knights and women, all of the male-dropout variables are adding up and its absence is being felt, so whatever ’empowerment’ women are enjoying right now in the ‘Era of Good Feelings’ (reunion of Gynocentrism and Feminism) is fleeting because the only thing buttressing the matriarchy is a slackening beta superstructure overburdened each day by the dwindling pool of young recruits not adequately replacing its aging Baby Boomer vanguard/bedrock/sinews to shoulder the widening pussy payload.
        This same inverted population-pyramid equation has been proven with the aging/sunsetting of spectator sports (since youngsters are no longer participating in youth leagues, and thus not growing up to become fans to replace the dying Baby Boomer consumers). Just like with moviegoing being economically democratized from digitization, and thus pirated on-demand by more nimble patrons. The only people propping up these archaic business models are the inveterate Baby Boomers, who are dying by the minute, and becoming more restless and intolerant of MGTOW because of the lack of replacements transitioning them into retirement from this matriarchal system, which they have based their entire lives off of with dedicated careerism, and thus expect to be rewarded with a lasting payoff.
        Sure, because of contractual wrangling from prior years, increased prices and inflation the backend profits are rising to record levels, but eventually it will fall off a cliff along with the leveling global birthrate projections because of the downward pressure of Darwinian market forces. Eventually the saturation-point creates an inflection-point, and no amount of ‘rallying the (beta) troops’ will prevent the critical-mass from collapsing like the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.
        So, bringing this back around…
        Betas provide equity (limitless male utility) that alphas do not because alphas are basically standalone cocksmen, not needed or specialized for anything else but sex/status.
        Who are the simp handymen doing all female chores without being compensated, but only implicitly promised with a hamster-wheel ‘gentleman’s agreement’ of sex? (Not alphas)
        Who are the white knight interlopers fighting all of a woman’s battles in the hopes of a romantic reward, but instead are not even given a dog treat and only a scrunched-up ‘thank you!’ with a pat on the head? (Not alphas)
        Why do these reciprocated payoffs never occur? –Because a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ only occurs between MEN since a man’s word is commodified, while a woman’s word is not. Thus she is not obligated to be honest, ever, because women are not democratic or capitalistic. The law/culture reflect this (Affirmative Action, Duluth Model, Tender Years Doctrine, VAWA, female combat/draft prohibition, chivalrous penal system etc).
        So whether or not you are an InCel playing video games all day long, you are still contributing to the erosion of gynocentrism because you are withholding your male utility of chivalry and eschewing male disposability, which society DEMANDS of you because you ARE wanted and NEEDED by the matriarchy regardless of your preponderance of ‘antisocial’ skills or lack of musculature/attraction. That is why gynocentrism relies on cognitive-dissonance to biologically cashier betas from even basic romance/procreation, while simultaneously shaming them to get back off the canvas after an alpha knockout, and remain dutifully disposable rather than hanging up the simp gloves. So by merely surviving this culture war, you become the enemy. They need you to be a useful, doting cog so you can then be killed off after you have ‘outlived your usefulness’ à la ‘The Giver,’ when it should women who are killed off à la ‘Logan’s Run.’
        When you refuse to have social media, you refuse to digitize beta-orbiting/simping that allows women to outsource their insatiable emotional pick-me-up from IRL to their pockets (which will not last anyway because the real thing cannot be replaced long-term), freeing them up for full-time alpha male exploration. Women need this endless pool of platonic handymen they have compartmentalized for each of their sexless chores (thanks to the ‘no-fault’ unbundling of ‘friend’ and provider from lover), but also to help them distinguish alpha from beta as to not idle a moment of their precious fertile years separating ‘friend’ from ‘fuck’ when they could be feasting on chads the entire time before the wall comes a knockin’.
        The entire business model of formalized monogamy (marriage) is outdated in the Current Year, but is still being artificially propped up by the matriarchy and its white knight sentries so that every ounce of male utility can be wrung from the corpse of matrimony before it is drained from overfishing. The MGTOW role is to hasten this apocalyptic ending with brinkmanship, so all the shards of this gyno-feminist matriarchy collapse into a million unassembled pieces too warped to ever be reconfigured again, and then all roads will lead back to patriarchy.
        MGTOW should monetize male utility. A man should provide women no emotional quarter unless he is duly compensated. Men should provide no chivalry (policing/vigilantism) unless women are specifically taxed with a surcharge for their special protection. A man should not be charitable with his factotum of talent unless appointments are made with receipts. A man should not even make eye contact or conversation with a woman unless she is initiating sex. Women have brought this on themselves, and they secretly want this.

        1. fuck (((mgtow))) its like antinatalism its a massive loser strategy. Its the same as saying that this country has crap food so lets starve. You choose to go mgtow it just means more chicks for your competitors.

        2. The problem with these strategies of withholding is that because of 80:20 and the fact that a few men can have more marriages and partners over their lives than others (and the successful often do) then even if 10-20% of men withdraw (and mostly they are the big losers) then it makes little difference.
          The critical mass needed for any withhold strategy to work is too high. Women do not need relationships they need children and providers and when men will provide for them through tax to be single moms on welfare then men have almost nothing left to withhold that would really trouble women. Many men are on strike but they can easily get filled with cum and become single moms anyway and the same men that refuse to marry them still have to pay tax to raise tyrones kid.
          Many men NEED pussy and a woman in their bed and cannot be happy without that so its not an option for them. All these boycott strategies will only work in countries which don’t have states that provide generously for women.

        3. @Weimar,
          I have been reading your comments and (although I don’t agree with your few other comments/opinions) I couldn’t resist to Appreciate. I can see high level of balance, maturity and intellect. Way to go…MAN!

        4. I suspect you may be a Baby Boomer based off your emotional high-time preference response. That’s ok. If you reread the beginning I said MGTOW has not been theorized as well as it could. Going MGTOW does not have to mean not siring offspring because at least child support has a lifespan where your progeny (value) at least partially benefits, while alimony (valueless) is nothing but indentured-servitude.
          The way gynocentrism is assembled in the Current Year means the birthrate is dwindling regardless of marriage to two kids at most per woman, so ‘muh anti-natalism’ does not apply here.
          As for the magic number necessary for the ‘critical mass,’ it is not as high as you think. For instance, how many legs does a table need to stand? All four. Slight damage to one leg is enough to make it wobbly…and a little bit more damage to just one leg is enough to knock it off its axis, rendering it useless….and removing an entire leg is enough to make it collapse.
          You not only do not need to be married to have women in your bed, but being married does not even mean you will have a woman in your bed…that’s the anachronistic Boomer mentality again.
          You guys had your turn and your opinions voiced, and it is duly noted, but it is now our turn to find a remedy to your (((stay-the-course cuckservatism))), which is nothing but corrosion.

        5. Weimar, nicely written. But you are forgetting one thing: freaking islam and the disaster it is going to cause to all western countries they have invaded so far.
          We will have to deal with that before women even consider what they are doing is messed up, whether we like it or not.

        6. Well, my posts are gigantic enough with just one topic, so I cannot fit everything into each one. But if you have read my other posts, you will see that I have hinted that the Islamic conquest of the West is not a death sentence for white men. Eventually it no longer makes any sense to fight against an antifeminist patriarchy because we benefit from the ‘Next Year’ (just coined that) more than we do living in the Current Year. Worst-case scenario is we all convert to Islam, while feminism/gynocentrism dies. Not ideal, but better than what we have now. We could always become crypto-Muslims and do to them what these desert rodents and their (((cousins))) have done to Europe for 2,000 years.
          The Woman Question is more important than the JQ, the Immigrant Question, Nonwhite Question and the Boomer Question combined. If we declaw women, we defang all of these corrosive demographics because women are the stalwarts of civilization. They incubate the conformity of the Current Year regardless if it is communism, fascism or Cultural Marxism via Briffault’s Law. They are everywhere we are, ready to stab us in the back, while the (((others))) are usually concentrated in certain exurbs and nonwhites are clustered in the cities. So women pose the most immediate threat to our livelihoods.
          The Crusade you are imagining will not take place the way it has historically since they are already living side-by-side with us as aliens. It will be an exodus similar to the Trail of Tears in America. White countries are not their home and they know it.
          In the meantime, we should adopt the Islamic patriarchal/ghetto thug mentality in our view/treatment of women. Our women flock to them because of it. Why? –Because the only thing women respect is unapologetic power.

        7. MGTOW is usually against all romantic relationships with women and that kinda means its unlikely you will have children in the real world. Not that many children are born through hookups or with prostitutes. Many average chump males aren’t scoring club sluts to get them pregnant. I can only see MGTOW crashing a mans chances of having children, and that his competitors will easily fill the gaps.
          I am against marriage unless the woman is rich because of the bias of the courts and lack of seriousness amongst modern white women. I am divorced once already and am not gonna go through that ever again I can tell you. I am not some blue-pill when it comes to white women at all I know what they are like more than they do.

        8. Problem with Islam question is also the africanation question whereby even under islam they will be mulattoing up the West very quickly and that will eventually destroy civil society as those of us with wisdom know they cannot really even fit into these societies.
          Islam is anti-racist so will just speed up the racial changes that will destroy the social order of the West since culture means very little compared to genetics when seeing the difference between different races of men.

        9. Islam is a bit of a black hole also whereby once your country falls under it there aint no way out.

        10. See, folks, you cannot reason with the Eternal Boomer. Boomer solipsism is almost as unreasonable as female solipsism. Our time-preferences are simply on incommunicable frequencies.
          So many pregnancies these days are born out of wedlock to cohabitating couples to the point that bastardy is no longer the right word for it, which is a form of MGTOW. Not contractually obligating yourself to anybody or anything is MGTOW. How difficult is this to understand? Our birthrates are going down and will continue to regardless of ‘muh conservatism’ or ‘muh Christianity.’ Boomers did not have to deal with this or tattoos, but Gen-Y does, just like Gen-Y did not have to deal with Vietnam, but Boomers did. However, that dilemma is in the past, while this dilemma is accelerating in the Current Year.

        11. @ Ray
          I’m still on the fence with MGTOW but I believe MGTOW philosophy is more than just not having sex with women.
          Lets face it, males above and below average (mostly white) keep this ship afloat and are getting screwed royaly. So if they can somehow stop propping it up, whether that be no longer supplicating to Feminist prerogative, paying taxes and doing the work required to empower and make a society that shits on them comfortable then why not. Better to die on your feet than live on your knee’s.
          You may call that anarchy but I would think its more of a forced correction. When Men are respected again they will make things pleasant once more…with conditions and on their terms.

    2. I’ve thought the same about some of the so-called men who’re all rushing to annoit themselves neither Male nor female.
      Well said brother.

    1. Because western men spoiled em and put em on a pedestal in recent decades, combined with the (((universities))) and (((mass media))) putting all sorts of crap into their impressionable little heads.

  11. It’s amazing how many of the current maladies stem from the lutheran revolution. While it gave a strong boost to already mercantile nature of the anglosphere or the hard-working germanic peoples, it also created a huge foundation for social schizophrenia and hyporcisy for which the western world is renowned. As a result, social pendulum is swinging back hard in those civilizational circles and tendency for ideological extremes became permanent. It isn’t a mere coincidence that alt-right movements were born in the US.

  12. It’s a lot more than just SchoolMarms….
    OK kids, it’s time to do a little reading and learn some American Social History:
    (Eww! Old dead guys!!!)
    Origins of the Welfare State in America
    Thumbnail: You’re (suffering) at the tail end of something that began way back in the late 1820’s. Pay attention to the parts about “Yankee Postmillennial Pietism” and “Yankee Women: The Driving Force.”
    (An’ dat, Chillens, is why yo’ reads yo’ History.)
    “History is not about a bunch of old dead guys. It’s about cycles of human stupidity.” – Me
    Hope this helps.
    P.S. Austrian Economics is *not* about the economy of Austria. Instead, it’s pretty much diametrically opposed to the Keynesian and Monetarist schools, both something under which we all presently suffer. If you were to describe it shorthand, it might be called the Keep It Simple School of Economics, the Just Build Roads and Bridges And Otherwise Mostly Let Nature Take Its Course School of Economics. And again, that’s just a thumbnail

      1. I’ve heard that the US Army is getting their ass whooped in Syria because of Putin.

  13. Vladimir Putin will fight the feminist in the West using nuclear missiles instead of whips at Sochi!

    1. For what it’s worth, the Cops are wearing Cossack PaPakhas, also known as Shapkas.
      The operative term here is “Cossack.”
      The Russians don’t mess around.
      Just a thought.

      1. Putin should torture your US Military ass in prison and Donald Trump will shake Putin’s hand and thank him for his actions. Russia is planning to exterminate every SJW in the West once Putin loses his cool after so many aggression by the West. It’s because of Trump that Putin is merciful on us. If it was Hilary Clinton, Putin would have sent at least 1,000 nuclear missiles to the USA and Canada to show that feminist who is boss. Putin is the greatest man alive and you know it!

    2. Pussy Riot screwed itself over when they went to an Orthodox church during service and started up their music/artistic bullshit. The blow back landed them in jail and religious Russians were furious at the disrespect.

      1. Soros and J3ws from America and Canada are funding these feminists to destabilize the patriarch of Russia. Putin is very angry and furious at America because of the feminists and LGBT propaganda. It was by the Lord’s grace that Putin is at least tolerant of Donald Trump because Putin would not have hesitated to send thousands of missiles to Hilary Clinton to show that feminist that Russia will not tolerate SJW!

  14. “As someone who is (against all reason), a proud American, I don’t like seeing my countrywomen and my culture spoken of so disparagingly.”
    Can I EVER see the below phrase by a “woman” of this Country !?
    “As someone who is (against all reason), a proud American, I don’t like seeing my countryMEN being demonized and my culture spoken of so disparagingly.”
    I hope, as the author pointed out, those “overwhelming majority of American women”
    resonate the above phrase in their mind and heart.

  15. Americans either don’t know or want to know that the US is collapsing or think that nothing can be done to save the USA. Any plans or ideas to slow or escape the decay are quickly shot down as unworkable.
    Instead of demanding that minimum wages be repealed or checkpoints be ended, Americans would rather beg for their chains by asking for more laws.

    1. Vladimir Putin will take care of removing the SJW and homosexual filth from America, Canada, England, Germany and other Western countries. Russia has over 4,000 nuclear missiles and they are very careful because Donald Trump is a great man, and Putin will never send nuclear missiles to America as long as Donald Trump is in power.

  16. Goddamn we need a University of Man to pass the torch on this spearheading knowledge. Ive realized more from manosphere forums, than i ever have irl, my boomer dad didnt teach me shit ‘cept for being a drunk. If learned truths get muddied or forgotten… then we stand no hope and should die now. But as real men that wont give up, until our last beat echoes away… Our only shot is to stop squabbling over slight differences of opinion. The f-ing wolves are clawing the doors down and consolidation is all that will save us. Indoctrination is sharpening the axe thats stabbing us in the back. All other demographics are uniting. All other demographics are simultaniously roundhouse kicking us in the nuts. I know that the real power is in our hands, the ability to change the course or world history doesnt belong to the mindless muds or cowardly (shadows), yet keyboard pontifications are forgotten quickly and savage marches downtown get more recognition. Ultimately I think we have to give up the lives we know to join forces. Save up, pack up, and get the hell outta dodge, because its surely aiming to kill us if we stay any longer. Face it we are all on our way out. Some day you are going to die. Why not make an epic leap of revolution. Most of us wont sustain a family tree with any significance unless we tribalize. I see my home town (Phx)hanging by a thread as its everyman for himself 24/7. Clicks here and there but only superficial. Under the surface the currents run strong. Lie, cheat, steal & kill. The hour is nearing. Creature comforts are abundant yet the pot of water is heating any way you look at it. Saftey in numbers & above all… Suck it

  17. The school marm has morphed into the evil HR lady, the snitchy bitch and the self-righteous sow. It is best, in the interests of employment, to learn how to play the game. Meanwhile, wait and plant anonymous paper bullshit around just to make them crazy. Wait in the weeds and when they least expect it jump out and bit their asses.
    While being self-righteous and screaming about evil men, these same women have their noses glued onto media taking in every word as gospel truth from two wall hitting whores who claim to have given sex, blow jobs, spanking, you name it…to the President. Imagine a rich guy getting a quick side piece.
    Of course, these wall hitting harlots claim that they just want “the truth” to be out there. Truth is I miss the good old days when whores were not seen or heard.

  18. Im pretty sure most women at least somewhat fit the schoolmarm type as they all seem to have a propensity to thought police whatever group theyre a part of. Fuck, they even do it amongst themselves. Usually its the mother hen type policing the group until all the wrongthinkers and anyone who shows any propensity for individuality beyond the expectations of the group are ostracized and shunned, often for trvial reasons too. It wouldnt be so bad if all the other females didnt just passively comply with it but they do, no other female wants to step up to put a bitch in her place because they dont (literally and metaphorically) have any balls.

  19. Not exactly on-topic,because it involves U.K. schoolmarm types,as opposed to U.S. schoolmarm types,but-
    The White Feather Girls. During WWI,these girls would go around and hand out white feathers to men of military age who weren’t in uniform.
    I have no idea how many dead and maimed can be claimed by these bitches,but it’s certainly substantial. And I’d be willing to wager that not one of them ever faced any consequences,or lost a night’s sleep.
    Possibly one or two rewarded a returning soldier,but I suspect a very low incident rate for that habbening.

  20. The point of all this is that while a man was running the Hays Commission, I think it was at least likely that his church had a base that was predominantly female, and thus his decision may have been, at the very least, influenced by them.
    The authors opinion that it was at least likely that his church had a base that was predominantly female, is not in fact, a connection, or proof of the assertion in any way.
    Larsen, you’re opinions are somewhat worthwhile in the fitness industry because you have self reportedly been working out and practicing martial arts for many years. But if you want to stretch your wings beyond your area of expertise, you really need to research your claims. Fanciful claims with no proof or citations are no basis to convince a large crowd of men that you are correct.

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