7 Reasons To Never Date A Girl Who Attends A Protest

When a girl yearns to lose herself in a crowd, it indicates psychological issues no man wants in a girlfriend. As such, the only usefulness of the Women’s March—besides it giving fat girls exercise—is it shows us which girls to never date. Specifically, here’s why it’s a deal breaker if a girl attends a protest.

1. She’s in a bubble

A girl who protests is exceedingly angry at the world. This level of anger can only be cultivated in an echo chamber. If she isolates from other people then it’s an indicator she isolates her consciousness from her latent emotions, which leads to neuroticism you’d inevitably need to handle at some point. A healthy girl wouldn’t be too angry one way or another, and would rather connect with friends than lose herself in a mob.

2. She consumes too much news

We’re healthy to the extent we focus on what we can control and put aside that which we don’t control. A girl who has a sense of what it means to be happy wouldn’t be online reading news, the only purpose of which is to stoke her fear and anger. The most feminine girls I’ve known have come from different backgrounds, but they all had one thing in common: limited media consumption.

3. She has too much baggage

We attend protests for one reason and one reason only: to cover up psychological issues we cannot manage on our own. We fabricate an impending social change because the real reason for our march is horrifying. In this sense, treat a girl who goes to a protest like a girl who has an addiction to pain killers. To anyone who isn’t in pain, vicodin doesn’t feel good—it feels like a low-grade death.

4. She doesn’t read

I appreciate a girl who reads—not xoJane but books. Reading indicates the ability to have and express thoughts, not opinions. It indicates the desire to learn, not consume. It indicates an interest in museums, not night clubs. It indicates the ability to sit and be okay with yourself, not get a hit from the world’s most powerful benzo—the self-righteousness of the mob.

5. She lacks self-awareness

It’s only when we begin to understand our issues that we can manage them in pro-social ways like cultivating a skill, being honest, and creating healthy friendships. Therefore, a girl who protests is unable to sit down and think about her psychological issues. Relationships are difficult enough when people have a grasp on who they are and what motivates them.

6. She’s anti-social

Part of being a socially-adjusted human is to understand other people have different views and to still be civil. This requires the minimum empathy to walk around in another’s shoes. We may indeed be as correct as we think we are, but listening to others quells the urge to act out.

7. She has low-quality friends

A destructive relationship is like two crabs in a bucket, and a million woman march is a million crabs in a bucket. It’s a validation station of each other’s obesity and loneliness. A girl without healthy friendships is like a man without a purpose—she cannot be trusted, even for a woman.


When one person stomps and screams like a toddler, it’s a temper tantrum. When a thousand people stomp and scream, it’s a protest. Let’s not confuse these tantrums as being intelligent, progressive, or caring. Instead, let’s call them what they are: unhappy people who mistake strong emotions for truth.

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135 thoughts on “7 Reasons To Never Date A Girl Who Attends A Protest”

  1. 8. She’s ugly troll with nickname like Dumpster Muffin. Show me one female in those crowd shots at protest who is bang worthy.

    1. Can’t be one. With the women’s march, I read Ashley Judd was there, saw the picture and thought, “what the fuck happened to her?”

      1. She could be swapped in for Susan Sarandon in Team America: World Police.
        Her acting skills, and her looks, have truly faded with age. The only worse acting on display from the anti-Trump Hollywood folks has been from Streep.

        1. The difference is, it would be very entertaining to watch Susan Sarandon trying to walk without a brassiere. Soccer, etc. Ashely Judd, no.

  2. “It’s my Industrial Strength Hair Dryer, AND I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT IT!!!!!”
    ~A Drewish Princess

  3. 8. She’s a self-identified feminist
    Self-descriptive. Probably believes all the nonsense about rape culture and will constantly try to counterman your orders.

  4. You get to the point where these liberal cum dumpsters are not even good for banging – their incessant, self-important claptraps never stop moving. Erections are killed when she opens up her piehole and hurls forth some “muh feelings” nonsense.
    I’d prefer to spend $10 on a Calcutta strumpet who has never heard of Anrdea Dworkin.

    1. I passed up some easy puss the other night because girl kept going on about “empowering young women” or some shit. She’s a teacher. What about all those young men that need guidance and support? Check please!

      1. That’s right. Remember that red-pilled men have all the power. Let these women have their effeminate, beta-male suitors – these women despise them to the core of their being and wish they’d die anyway.

      2. smart man…that may have seemed like easy puss but 9 times out of 10 it would just have been much, much more difficult puss in the long run.

        1. That’s the feeling I got. Barely know this broad and she was a bit too aggressive for my liking. Had like, two beers with her and she was telling me “we should get out of here”. Intuition told me I’d be going where many, many other men had gone before. Why would I want it if she was giving that pussy away like it was stolen. It’s suspect. At least make me work for it so I feel like I accomplished something!

        2. This. I’ve been in situations before where a girl was DTF and I didn’t rise to the occasion. I thought perhaps it was whiskey dick, but thinking back on those occasions now I’m wondering if it was my subconscious reacting to the already established idea that I’d be taking my hot-rod through a heavily used car-wash and be trading paint with hundreds of other vehicles I’d never sighted…

        3. Same. My dick was all “smash it broseph” but my brain was telling me “don’t fuck crazy young
          Padawan, you know where that got you last time”.

        4. “giving that pussy away like it was stolen.”.
          Oh damn , best thing i heard all day :))))

      3. There’s a list of “code words” out there that should be a blaring signal to yank the rip-chord. ANY form of the word “empower” is at the top of that list.

        1. Words (and the types of women who use them)
          Privilege (“______studies” majors)
          Intersectionality (“grad school ____”studies” majors)
          equality (frigid, married, old heavies)
          inclusive (millennial carousel riders)
          progressive (midwest churchian housewives)
          non-judgemental (all sluts!)
          tolerance (SWPL urban sluts in marketing)
          right-wing (whores with jobs in media)
          raciss (white chicks who hate their fathers and “date” POC)
          POC (women with antibiotic resistant chlamydia)
          nazi (all of them who didn’t vote for Trump)
          patriarchy (single professional, post-wall, one cat)
          pay/wage-gap (single professional, post-wall, two cats)
          rape culture (college, ugly and/or on SSRI’s)
          Misogynist (rape culture + equality)
          Oppressed (Churchian sluts heading to Africa/Asia to pose for pictures with brown kids)
          White male (pear-shaped, post-wall, gender ambivalent)
          Black Bodies (black women)
          Community (yoga sluts)
          Raise Awareness (slutty, jobless millennials)
          Disadvantaged (M.A. in “studies” “looking for work in non-profit, penchant for boxed wine, anal, and being choked)
          Solidarity (communist and/or poly sluts and/or runaways who “used to do a little meth”)
          Open-minded (sluts who are into threesomes)
          Reproductive Rights (has had abortion(s))
          Cultural Proficiency (ripcord now, there is no hope)
          Hate Speech (dimwitted, high N, with alcohol problem and filthy apartment who are “thinking about going to India” or “getting another tattoo”)

        2. I don’t mind sampling from the ‘community’ and ‘raise awareness’ lot. The rest? No.

      4. She just needs to get properly railed by a man. I’m beginning to realize that 99% of this bullshit comes down to women surrounded by men who refuse to claim them, and the other 1% of beta male faggots that are not getting much needed ass-kickings.

      5. Ultimate turn off really. They have their equality and privilege. How much more empowerment do they need? Unmade sandwiches and uncleaned kitchens aplenty.

        1. I had a girlfriend two years ago that would suck my dick and then make me a club sandwich. Why the fuck I didn’t keep that one I’ll never know. Brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it

        2. Man walks into a pub and takes a seat at the bar. Gorgeous female bartender asks, “what’ll you have?” Man says, “I’ll have a beer.” Later, after a few rounds, the lady bartender asks the guy “would you care for anything else?” Man says to the bartender, “well I wouldn’t mind a little pussy.” Lady bartender looks down, shakes her head and says, “me too, mine’s the size of a catcher’s mitt.” 🙁

  5. I think all of this is exactly right. I also think if you change She to He you can rule out men with whom to associate.
    I will say about banging girls who attend protests or are into pLOLotics at all….if you are a poon hound and just out there to fuck I would recommend letting women know right up front that you don’t give a fuck about their beliefs and are fully against discussing anything that resembles politics. I think I mentioned this on an article a few weeks ago when someone was saying they would never date a liberal: how on gods green earth would you know if she was liberal or not. If you are dating smart all she is doing is complimenting you, exchanging witty banter and choking on your hog

      1. his sign probably worked out better than mine that said “Rape Culture Stop Importing It”

    1. Agreed, you can’t know their politics until you date them. Courting, (turning a date into some relationship) is a different story.

    1. Those tea party rallies are becoming rare. Most of the women there are married and old. Although they are a decent place to network with conservative men.

  6. I suppose back in the 1960’s hippy era of protester days one could score some reasonably cute tail and pretend to give a shit about her dumb little cause. But fuck, back then even hippy chicks knew how to sew and cook and it was only the very begining of first wave feminism. But now after third wave feminism, today’s hormonal driven beasts are broken to the core; and I mean to the fucking core.
    Indeed – any female involved in any kind of activism should be avoided like the plague.

  7. The college hippies with the dreadlocks and smell like month old bong water and BO? Yeah, I’ll pass.

  8. I think #7 is the big one. There’s that saying that you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with… I have a – well, probably former at this point – friend who attended the women’s march. And she’s become intolerable since she started hanging out with those people. I haven’t gotten through an email or text exchange in months that didn’t turn to how Trump is a sociopath, pro-life people are morons, misogyny, or whatever other talking points HuffPost is talking about that day. But then I see her friends, and they’re all 30-something cat ladies and CrossFitters crying about how they can’t find a boyfriend. And then I realize exactly where she got all this shit from. Oh well.

  9. These events are like 401ks for the few attractive women attending them. They’re paying their dues while sipping on their Starbucks lattes and screaming “Girl power!” They haven’t fully embraced all of feminism’s toxic bullshit, but they see it as something to fall back on once their looks fade and they become bitter, divorced cat ladies twenty years in the future. Then they can show other ugly cat ladies their old Facebook pictures and say, “See, I’m one of you!”

  10. Attention whore
    Alpha widow/pump and dump fodder
    Probably penniless (self inflicted style)
    Debt ridden (hence “hates capitalism”
    Shit degree in non-subject
    Probably mentally ill
    Likely hasn’t showered for days
    Smokes weed
    Drinks cheap, strong booze
    Loads of “guy friends”
    Social media junky
    Leftist (the obvious)
    Identifies as bi-sexual for the virtue
    Can’t think beyond today
    Tshirt slogan as life-philosophy
    Weak/no father figure
    30 or more sexual partners
    … I could go on

    1. Tattoo(s)
      Single mom
      Wears jeans/black yoga pants ONLY
      Dyed/shitty highlighted hair
      Watches football
      Drives shitbox (kia, hyundai etc)

      1. You forgot the piercings. Piercings are a must because a big metal lug in your face is attractive.

        1. Dumbo lugs? Not to mention the plastic surgery fix needed because a 60 yo with stretched lobes looks real cool.

    2. Not just vegetarian, vegan! Don’t kill, or even “use” animals, but abortions on demand! Sums them up.

      1. The comforting thought about them supporting abortion is that they’ll possibly kill their own children when they’re young, and (hopefully) won’t be able to bear children when they’re older — so in the end, they won’t leave any descendants who are as looney as themselves.

    1. These are just as relevant now as they were then.
      One could plaster a city with these and troll the shit out of local women.
      The fact that it’s historical makes it even more powerful today.

      1. “One could plaster a city with these and troll the shit out of local women.”
        Not certain about that; I get many of these from pro-feminist websites (eg: ‘Look at all the horrible things they said about women back in the Stone Age’).
        “The fact that it’s historical makes it even more powerful today.”
        Anti-suffragist memes and literature are something of a hobby (it’s hard to find the literature, at least).
        While I would agree that their writings are very prophetic, I think that even they would be shocked at the condition of today’s society.

        1. Yeah; the older feminists like Germaine Greer have said how shocked they are that their ‘movement for equality’ has morphed into what it is now.

        2. I was thinking more along the lines of Susan Fenimore Cooper (the daughter of the novelist), but point taken.

        3. I took a class taught by Germaine Greer at the University of Tulsa in the early 1980’s. She really sucked as an instructor, and I could tell from her attitude towards me and other male students that she despised men.
          And I still don’t understand how she wound up there at the time.

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        5. You put the phrase in quotes implying it wasn’t sincere and it never was.
          I think what happened is this: The feminist movement in the USA was hampered cultural resistence to socialism and anti-traditionalism so the movement put on a “nice face” for a short period of time. This included women offering to pay their own way on dates, men carrying purses, and even a few men as househusbands. These were PR stunts to generate support for the ERA and cultural support for career women in the workplace and perhaps more socialist programs for career women.
          When the ERA was scuttled in the 1970’s and the mommy wars broke out (housewives not liking their husbands getting smaller paychecks for benefits for career women), feminists dropped the pretense of equality altogether but make no mistake, even during that time most of the feminists were on an anti-male rant and entitlement grab.
          The whole logic of feminism was irrational (yeah, surprise surprise) in that they would have a big party where women would do as they please: show up for work when they felt like it, get paid time off to be mothers, have the state raise their children (perhaps even when they had the paid time off) and basically have men as serfs. Kind of like what Sweden briefly was except… that model in Sweden made generations of wussy men who welcomed migrant invaders.

        6. Like when not being racist became cool, so you used to get a token black, she was rounding out the group as an angry feminist.

        7. I always had questionable beliefs about how seriously ‘feminism’ was concerned about equality, but the attitudes of the feminists WRT Bill Clinton’s past accusations of rape and harassment by various women in his career showed me how feminism was NOT about ‘equality’ at all, but was instead (at the very least) a ‘power grab’ for the Leftists and the misandric women who were prominent in NOW.
          All that, plus the hypocrisy of either their silence or their outright defense of Clinton in his escapades with Monica Lewinsky solidified my opposition to feminism and feminism-influenced women.

        8. Germaine Greer has second thoughts about what feminism has turned into? Cite some facts.

      1. That’s messed up when you have the house cleaned,polished and exorcised and still you have suffragettes.

    2. I’m tempted to print these out and paste them up in some choice places around town.

  11. LOL I was thinking about this the other day. My buddy posed the question of “what if you met your dream girl and then found out she got in heated arguments on Facebook statuses/YouTube comments?” protesting is also a massive turn off

      1. Indeed, but I don’t get into discussions like that on the internet. It’s a waste of time. Like if you look at some FB posts from big news orgs with tons of comments there will inevitably be some crazy throwing down going on in the comment section. This is really the only comment section I partake in because of its civil and productive dialogue

  12. I would include the women that attended the pro life march that was held recently. Don’t take either kind serious as a companion.

  13. I am amazed how many of these come from affluent, religious households. Daddy’s little overprotected princess rebels and sluts around, then goes bonkers. That is my biggest fear with my daughters.

      1. I saw several of them in the institute (church school just off campus). First year, they have some left leaning comments. In time, they start slutting around, then you never see them at church again. You bump into them on campus, and they say they are no longer “brainwashed”. Meanwhile, the women at church marry off their Junior year and settle into a decent life.

        1. The age-old “MRS degrees”?
          IMO that’s another genius “days of yore” expression that needs to make a comeback.

        2. No shame in it, the time is right for women in their early 20’s. Much more valuable than her art degree.

        3. Haha. Yes, these enlightened “no longer brainwashed” things turn their back on their religion when “they realised it’s all a load of bullshit”- only to become yet another Occupy Democrats sharing, “muh wimmins’ rights” screaming retard.
          Truly hilarious what these people find as gospel truth to replace what they were convinced was “a load of bullshit”…

        4. Oh, you will see them in church again: in their thirties, after their ride on the Carousel (and their collision with ‘The Wall’), claiming that they’re “born-again virgins”* and “Good Girls” now.
          Check out Dalrock’s blog to see the antics of these “girlfriends of Jesus” in the churches nowadays, who are angry that all the “Good Men” are either disinterested in them, or gone out of the church.
          * Any man who would believe the term “born-again virgin” with regards to these modern harlots, would also probably believe that fire can burn backwards.

        5. Those chicks are the types who correspond and visit felons in prison to “save them” and bring them closer to Jesus (and her cooch).

        6. John Galt, good point. I worked at a prison unit years ago and some of the inmates would have 3 to 5 different women that would visit them on rotating weekends. The women almost never knew about each other, and the inmates would tell me that they used all of the women to send them money, and they said they would hump these women after they were released from prison, and usually dump them shortly thereafter. A lot of these women were attractive and well dressed. It never ceased to amaze me as to the gullibility of these females. They don’t call these guys “cons” for nothing.

        7. I had friends and relatives who were LEOs or correction officers, as I was, so I know the background. The women were gullible rubes and the cons were what they always were (hence why they were doing time).

        8. True; too many women nowadays who get a degree in something essentially useless — like “Greek Transgendered Lesbian Poetry” — think that because “they have a degree”, that makes them automatically smarter than anyone who doesn’t have a “degree”.

  14. I’m not too sure about #2 (Consumes too much news).
    I’m leaning towards more a greater combination of #1 (Living in a social bubble) with #7 (bad friends), which would cover Facebook news.

  15. With the proviso that not all of those points apply to all protest women, in my experience the majority of them, with heavy overlap, apply to the ones I’ve known.
    The most common one being reading – they may read. Even a few books a month, but from the approved NYT bestseller lists. No classics, nothing that challenges their world view

    1. Don’t forget that the ones over their mid-thirties are also heavily addicted to reading mainly “women’s porn”, such as the gods-awful Harlequin Romances (the plot of EVERY one of which is essentially the same) .
      Occasionally, the younger ones (as well as the older ones) also read such awful tripe as “Fifty Shades”.

      1. I get the impression that some of this “romance” literature features attractive white characters who live according to traditional, nondegenerate values, like the “bonnet novels” featuring Amish and Mennonite heroines, and Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series.

        1. That’s right; they’re essentially recycled versions of the plot of “Pride and Prejudice”, in many different locations and situations, but the interplay between the male and female leading characters is basically the same.

  16. “#3. She has too much baggage” should be changed to “#3. She has too much cargo”
    Western Women outgrew the term ‘baggage’ back in the mid-2000’s — it then became ‘freight’; they have since moved up to ‘cargo’ for at least the last four to six years.

  17. When did women swearing and being vulgar in public become a “hip” thing? It’s like they’re proud of the fact they learned to say fuck outside of the bedroom.

    1. Less than ten years ago. The loud swaggering cursing always gets a semi-bored, semi-eye rolling look from me. If she says anything to me about my look askance, I have answered in the past “That’s really not lady like. Excuse me, I have things to do” and I walk away.

    2. I knew a girl like that in college. Swore like a Croatian sailor like it was nothing. Typical that she was a hardcore leftist.

  18. I mean you’re not wrong, but I feel like posts like this are a little obvious to the majority of the readership here at RoK.

    1. Not sure if that picture is scary enough, because I looked at that picture, and automatically thought about cumming into her mouth…

  19. Most of these women are acting out. Hysteria and role playing is all it is. It is in a man’s interest to sell these princesses on why marriage and family with him in particular is a good move on her part. It is a sort of coming of age for the woman’s psyche, in which she must be contained and rid of her neurosis. But it is the leftist political party, the courts, the academic feminism and the Jewish media that have made him a cuckold, not, in most cases, the woman herself. She is a blank slate in the biological sense, who needs to be provided for, protected and kept occupied with children and family, that is, with nature. Man must learn to seduce and commit, for all disintegration and disillusion comes from taking a women’s temporary adoration for granted while not proceeding to utterly destroy by force the entities which have made him a cuckold.

  20. What if the girl attended a Tea Party protest/march during the Obama administration?

  21. When I was 20, i dated a 23 year old woman who was exactly this type. I think it was more of a thing for her to date a guy who wasn’t into the feminist agenda but who wasn’t a jerk either. I would argue with her over feminist bullshit and then she would hate fuck the shit out of me. It was almost as if she was fighting something within herself but then her hormones would just wreck her mind and she would give in. I ended it after a while but even all these years later, if she comes to town, she will still call me for a booty call even though she has one of these https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c31720a9b91cdcb0ae8a4c850bd2fe3c38c1de0750160505b158c675c2b95301.jpg
    ridiculous haircuts and shes 32… but shes a traitor to her own kind because she can’t find a guy that fits her mold but will fuck me like there’s no tomorrow. She even tried to be a bisexual but after years of dating women, she can’t really stand them in a relationship either which I think was eye opening to her. There’s some serious self repression going on but I like to stay in contact with her because it gives you an insight into these kinds of women. In many ways, even though shes wrapped up in that world, shes better than a lot of younger women because she’s started to see the hypocrisy of the new breed of feminist idiots. I don’t know, I’ll continue to pump her as she probably imagines me being some patriarchal rapist.

  22. Oh, come on, you left off the overriding reason we DO date her; she’s stupid and she’s gonna be easy to f*ck. (just tell her how much you looooove bernie until you get what you want)
    And the best part is that you don’t have to feel bad about dumping her the next morning. (think how much fun it will be to tell her you really always hated bernie)
    Now of course if she’s ugly then you’re an idiot for ever spending time with her in the first place. What’s wrong with you, boy????

  23. “We attend protests for one reason and one reason only: to cover up psychological issues we cannot manage on our own.”
    Wrong. Leftists also attend protests because they’re paid to.

    1. Who paid 3 million women to march across the nation? How much were they paid? Who’s signing these checks?
      If you can’t answer these questions honestly with verified sources, maybe you should do your research before you speak.

      1. So, you’re saying masses of fat, stupid, ugly cunts need no financial incentive to dress up as vaginas and cheer on monsters like Donna Hylton?
        Odd argument for you to make, but I confess the supporting evidence is overwhelming, so I concede the point.
        As to other leftist “protestors,” I’m not your research assistant, twerp. Google “paid protestors” with other terms like Ferguson, Black Lives Matter, Chicago, Soros, Moveon, Craigslist, and Robert Creamer. The evidence is overwhelming that significant numbers of leftists are being paid to riot.

        1. Thank god you aren’t my research assistant. Hell, I wouldn’t even hire someone this gullible as my administrative assistant.
          I live in New York and peaceful protests are happening here everyday. And yet the only time I have witnessed people “dress up like vaginas” is the one photo shared by all these far-right sites.
          I could find you just as many, if not more, questionable photos from Trump supporters at rallies. But I’m not about to do that. Because there is no sense fighting misrepresentation with misrepresentation.

        2. Even assuming all your statements are true (which they aren’t ), they have nothing to do with my proposition that some leftists are paid to protest.
          That proposition is irrefutably true, and you know it. So, as a leftist, you resort to deflection to cover up the dishonesty and stupidity requisite to your belief system.
          Even your party mouthorgans the NYT and Washington Post have pictures of women at those astroturf “protests” dressed as vaginas. That you claim to not have personally seen it proves only that, like all leftists, you see what you want to see, and believe reality is whatever you want it to be.
          But thanks for pl aying. Where should I send your participation trophy? Oh, that’s right – your mother’s house.

  24. I’m a woman and even I’m tired of seeing these protests and hearing girls talk about it. I suggest men step up their game wear dog ears and mock them. Have colored signs with random support groups such as the NRA, pro life and anti Soros. I’m sure if you pay Ashley Judd or Madonna enogh they’ll show up too.

  25. Wow, that’s a lot of irony to digest. Most redpillers meet at least 6/7, WOW, this is hilarious.

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