Transgender Activists Report Cross Dressing Charity Fun Run To Police As Hate Crime

A fun run organised by the Derian House Children’s Hospice, in which fathers dress in drag to raise money for sick and terminally ill children, has been reported as a “hate crime” to police by a transgender activist group. The Chrysalis Transsexual Support Group reported the 5km “Dames on the Run” race as a hate crime in order to prevent the event going ahead.

The race is described by Derian house as “drawing on the much-loved Pantomime Dame character that is part of our theatrical heritage and supported by hundreds of thousands of people in every year.” The transgender activists said however that the race was “dehumanising.” Lancashire Police issued a statement indicating that no action would be taken in respect of the alleged “hate crime.”

“Dehumanising”: the latest unfalsifiable SJW allegation


A participant in Dames on the Run

Steph Holmes, of the transgender group Chrysalis, told the local newspaper Chorley Guardian:

We get enough confusion with the word transgender, which mixes us up with transvestites. Transvestites certainly don’t dress for comic purposes and I don’t get up in the morning and think ‘what can I put on today to give people a laugh?

This race pokes fun at cross-dressing and, by association, us, reducing us to objects to be laughed at. Dehumanising us this way gives carte blanche to those that would do us physical harm, much like the gay bashers of old.

“She” added:

It’s a small step from ridicule to persecution. The current stats suggest a 34 per cent chance of beaten up, raped or killed for being trans. We do not need to give the bigots any more ammunition.

I am sure that Derian House didn’t intend to give offence. The very fact that it’s a children’s hospice should make them sensitive to potential bad publicity and the effect that this has on young trans people.

Derian House Children’s Hospice said in response:

As a children’s hospice, we deal with highly sensitive and emotive issues all the time and would never have considered organising a fundraising event that might cause upset or offence.

…It was intended appeal to the fathers of desperately sick children, who do so much to hold their family together in the face of their child’s devastating illness and who ask for very little support in return.

We wanted to provide an opportunity for them to participate in a fun-packed event and encourage other men to show their support and raise vitally needed funds for the hospice.”

We were shocked to receive a complaint, and our chief executive wrote immediately to apologise for any offence caused and assure her that none was intended. She has accepted an invitation to visit the hospice on Monday.”

Denials and counter-denials

In a further twist to the story, the charity Chrysalis, which purports offer help with “gender identity issues” in South Hampshire and Dorset, put out a statement distancing itself from the complaint against the hospice:

Various news articles have mistakenly attributed statements made by a member of a transsexual support group, with a similar name, to us. The person who made the statement is not known to us and has absolutely no connection to us. The support group in question is not known to us and has absolutely no connection to us and IS NOT a registered charity.

No member or beneficiary of our organisation has made any complaint or derogatory comment regarding the Derian House Children’s Hospice fun run. We wish to disassociate ourselves from these reports as the views presented do not reflect our own in the slightest.

“Steph Holmes” later told homosexual news or that “she” did not report Derian House to authorities. Lancashire Police however, said: “We are aware of and investigating an incident that was reported to us as a hate crime on Thursday.”

Holmes was later reported as fearing for “her” safety and claimed to have been falsely accused of trying to block a fund-raising event for sick children. “She” denied reporting the matter to the police, claiming that “she” simply thought it insensitive and wanted to ask Derian House to do a different race theme. “She” alleges, contrary to published accounts, that an individual who holds no formal position in Chrysalis Transsexual Support Group referred the matter to Lancashire Police.

A Bingo Hall Bruce Jenner


Steph Holmes

Steph Holmes underwent gender reassignment surgery to become a woman at 50 years of age. She told the Daily Star tabloid in January of this year that “her” parents bought “her” strappy black heels as a Christmas present at three years of age.

In March 2010, Holmes consulted a doctor to start “her” transition. Now, Holmes reports feeling “complete.”

Brave New Cock-Slicing World

The LGBTBBQ “community” harbours some real outliers of the human condition, men and women so tortured by hormones and psychological demons they revolt against nature by enlisting surgeons to slice them in order to become other than what nature intended them to be.

In May of this year, Roosh Valizadeh wrote in his article, People Should Not Be Allowed Unlimited Personal Freedom, that:

Most humans are not capable of wisely using their freedom, and so they must be restrained and managed by rules or by those who know what’s best for that individual more than the individual himself.

He continued to say that:

The more freedom you give to the average person, the more they will harm not only themselves but others whom they come across.

The freedom to employ a highly skilled surgeon to slice your penis open and tuck it up inside your body so you can prance around pretending to be the “real woman” you always wanted to be, is certainly a freedom that will have been envisaged by Roosh in his short and punchy piece.

Pushing the agenda

I have no problem with Steph Holmes or Bruce Jenner adopting whatever gender identity the felt like when they woke up this morning, and shouting it from the rooftops. Just keep your hand out of my pocket. Vice has reported with the unbridled glee of a shitlib that California had become the first state to pay for a prisoner’s transgender surgery. “Shiloh Quine” is a “woman” who has been served 35 years of life sentence for murder. Californian rate-payers will foot the bill.

Serving life in prison for murder, undergoing gender reassignment on the taxpayer's dime.

Serving life in prison for murder, undergoing gender reassignment on the taxpayer’s dime.

What concerns me in all this charade is the coterie of single-issue extremists of all stripes, not just those espousing trans or other subsets of LGBTBBQ, who are out to stir the pot and cause trouble in the wider “normal” community.

Recent news has covered such telling tales as the Canadian bulldyke refused a haircut by a Muslim barber, the British lesbians who got upset over being barred from “Bring your dad to school day” at their kids’ school,” the woman who had her Planet Fitness membership revoked for complaining about a transgender “woman” using the women’s locker room. That’s before we get on to the numerous “gay wedding cake” cases of persecution of religious minorities.

Intolerance of intolerance is a virtue

The tolerance of difference should not include tolerance of the intolerance for norms and customs of broader society. The advocates who speak on behalf of the LGBTBBQ “community” love to portray them as a loveable and harmless circus of eccentrics, all platform shoes and glitter and lycra. The reality is that in these circles move bitter extremists with a radical agenda to attack and destroy everything that is held dear by the majority.

One glaring example is the miserly-hearted meanness of the character who tried to ruin a charity fun run in drag to the police as a “hate crime.” Meanness and a drive to subvert and destroy every institution, in a Gramscian march, inform such actions, just as they do every token fuck you to the status quo, from #KillAllMen to the NUS drive to ban gay men appropriating black women.

Bruce Jenner and Steph Holmes can dress up in skirts and wear lipstick for all I care. It does me no harm besides filling me with a queasy feeling of disgust, which I can ignore. It’s the carefully chosen attacks on the communal activities of ordinary people by miscreants of a radical stripe that requires our immediate attention and defensive action.

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143 thoughts on “Transgender Activists Report Cross Dressing Charity Fun Run To Police As Hate Crime”

    1. It would be a wonderful strategy for this group to turn this around on the freaks and declare how much the freaks hate terminally ill children and want to deprive them of moneys raised through the fun raiser. Then keep hammering that message regardless of their objections.

        1. And you’re likely right. But if we keep doing it, over and over, and getting it reported, then eventually the perception of these mentally ill drag queens will become “hate children, hate charity, hate society”. It’s how they did it to us, they haven’t started really “winning” court cases until we got the Bisexual In Chief in the oval office (in the States). But they did set the perception well before that.

        2. You are right…it just seems like such a daunting task sometimes that i wonder if it was worth it. Sodom and Gomorrah weren’t reformed….
          pretty soon the senate whip will just be some big queer in a gold lamay jumpsuit and make up on holding a whip.

        3. Yeah, no doubt. And President Macho Comacho will be in the White House doing wheelies on the lawn with his pimped out three wheeled motorcycle.
          But we will always have a secret weapon on our side that they will never be able to take from us: Brawndo. It has electrolytes!

        4. Macho Camacho will never win…he is too macho…unless he is some bull dyke who is revaluing the word “macho”
          What the world neds now is Super Mandro

        5. I’d totally vote for a dude named “Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho”. The Comedy Gold alone would be worth it if he won. Plus I like the idea of Presidents that fire AK-47’s into the air, full auto.

      1. “Standing on the graves of children” is what those on the left do.
        (See Ben Shapiro vs Piers Morgan for the coining of the phrase, but lately Justin Trudeau on the Syrian refugee crisis after the pic of the dead three year old on a beach emerged.)

      2. Agree. I say beat on them with “Are you going to donate to these sick children or not?”. That, alone, I believe would do the damage. It’s hard to play the victim and cry foul when you’re crying foul against terminal kids. I say turn the whole event on it’s head and make these sickos the real problem. A hate crime…what a laugh (and how sad).

    2. At this point, maybe society in general should start oppressing trannies. And I mean actually oppressing them on a systemic level, not just being prejudiced.

    1. i love this comment. it just screams “i give up on you people…can’t even argue any more”

  1. The danger of dressing up as a bird for a laff is that the gender police might just prevent you from taking the dress off. It’s becoming clearer by the day that we are all stuck in a hilarious 1980s style body swap comedy, except instead of involving just two people it affects everybody.

  2. I’m actually surprised that there hasn’t been an anti-Semitic cartoon posted here yet.

    1. Ah yes, seeding the thread. Later you’ll return and sneer about the amount of anti-Semitic cartoons and remarks.

  3. freakshow of the 20th century = confined to circus tents.
    freakshow of the 21st century = on public display, heralded as the new normal!

  4. This race pokes fun at cross-dressing and, by association, us, reducing us to objects to be laughed at.
    You misunderstand, you’re already objects of ridicule, we don’t need a run to make you that, you’ve accomplished that all by yourself!

  5. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it. This crap, along with homosexual marriage, is not being pushed by oppressed minorities yearning to breathe free. It’s a bunch of aggreived weirdos with an axe to grind, who want to see society become as messed up as they are.

        1. It depends on how you spin this “equality”. It is shameful that people are not content with who they are.

    1. I suspect that these balding neckbeard types who declare themselves to be female and demand to flop their dicks all over women’s locker rooms are in fact the real misogynists in the mix and they despise women so much they come up with an inverted anti-flattery thing.

    2. I’m sure that this is old news but, those of us who are unhappy will need to bring others to their level.

  6. Why chop your dick off? These people should just become furries…
    Furries look like they’re having more fun…

      1. Drinking coffee and reading a newspaper in a dog costume actually sounds like a hilarious afternoon imo.
        “Fetch me some more coffee Daisy. There’s a new fire-hydrant on the block and I gotta be on my A-game.”
        “Excuse me Charlie?”
        “You heard me bitch. Don’t make me come over there and bite you on the ass!”

        1. If everyone dressed like this on the subway, it would sure make my commute more fun

  7. There is no such thing as “transgendered” it’s just a bunch of lunatics who were given too much or too little affection when they were children. Steph itself leads me to believe the former was true with HIM because of this telling passage:
    “She told the Daily Star tabloid in January of this year that “her” parents bought “her” strappy black heels as a Christmas present at three years of age.”
    What kind of sick twisted fuckery compels parents to buy their 3 year old boy black heels for a Christmas present?! Children are highly impressionable at that age…case in point: you can successfully sell them on the idea that some fat ass in a red coat and pants can climb down a chimney to leave them presents and they will totally believe it. What did these “parents” think was going to happen after buying their kid “strappy” black heels? That’s child abuse, plain and simple.
    Anyway, Dr Keith Ablow makes sounds points against this mental disorder, and of course the left goes after him with the usual “isms” “ists” and “phobic” charges.
    Dr Paul Mchugh says pretty much the same thing, along with citing studies that show these freaks are 20 times more likely to kill themselves.
    These and the other usual assortment of freaks are being peddled off to us as the “new” normal, which means we as the old normal are eventually going to be considered as the new freaks, for not conforming or otherwise subscribing to these absurd bs beliefs that you can change your sex, you just cant change your sexuality. These people are all sick in the head.
    We need the medical equivalent of a citizen’s arrest…a means by which i can call in the medical paddywagon and get these mutants committed so they won’t harm themselves and anyone else around them.

    1. These types of cases use to be a simple diagnosis for doctors (and society in general). This behavior equaled a crazy or sick fucker. Today, it’s all about acceptance and feelings. I see crazy as crazy…that’s it. There is no excuse when dealing with these type of people. They are mental, there are some real problems there and doctors (counselors) should be working with them (not surgeons).

  8. Well, gay pride parade is offensive to us heterosexuals. I simply just ignore it and don’t go nor participate and go about my life. They don’t seem to be able to do just that.
    These mutants can go off somewhere and start their own country. Let’s see them collapse in a single generation.

    1. gay pride parade is offensive to us heterosexuals.
      It is interesting that nobody’s tried to turn the tables on them like this. While I can’t speak for England, I do know that in the States they use the 14th against us all the time to give themselves “rights” that do not exist and have never existed, including this whole “offended” bullshit. So turn it back on them.

        1. I don’t care about the press in this case. I’m saying, go straight to court and fuck public opinion.

        2. Yep. We, the Right/libertarians, need to really stop worrying about bad press. No matter what we do, what position we take, no matter how much we try to be polite and appease, we get called haters and every other name. So really, why fucking appease them?
          Court, court and more court. Eventually one will rule in our favor, then the fun really starts.

      1. I usually trip people up when the complain about open carry of guns. They say “that’s alarming/offensive” etc.
        I point out that wearing S&M gear with dicks flopping around in front of kids is also offensive and would get anybody arrested under normal circumstances.
        Seriously, I’m at a point where I don’t give a shit if this ends in camps. As long as I’m not in them.

        1. I don’t even hear objections to it any more, really, and only heard scant when I started. In fact I’m starting to see more open carry in my neck of the woods now, just normal day to day goings. The Left lost this debate years ago and people are finally starting to realize it. Not to get too OT.

        2. What state? I can probably tell you pretty quickly on that one piece of information. If you’re not wanting to reveal that, which is understandable, then you can visit the big OC forum/site online. They have at-a-glance maps with state status you can select from the main page, but also check out the forums for your specific state to ensure it’s not a false positive (ok legally, but cops like to give you shit over it). Ohio, where I live, is unlicensed open carry and has the cops trained to leave us alone and has for a while now. It’s just no big deal here.

        3. Open carry legal with permit. Also some changes were made with the passage of HB1480 that went into effect on 7/1/2014 that I’m not particularly knowledgeable of, but which you may want to check out (it’s a good thing, they loosened some carry laws and made some carry without a permit possible). Anecdotally I went to the Great Smoky Mountains in TN last year and open carried and nobody said a peep, not even the cops I passed. I have a reciprocal CHL of course (license) so I was prepared in any eventuality.

        4. Interestingly, the whole S&M thing is collateral to the gay thing. Heterosexual BDSM doesn’t play well to the SJW peanut gallery (although femme dommes have some tolerance because rapping a guy’s nuts with a bamboo cane is AOK). On the other hand, gay and lesbian BDSM is on the leading edge of “free speech” and such.
          There is a whole debate going on in Ontario now about the new sex ed curriculum being introduced into public schools this year (by a government led by a lesbian and created by a bureaucracy that was run by a pedophile). Among other things it is pushing LGBT acceptance and that there are 7 genders. Advocates don’t understand the protests and pushback that is taking place or why some schools are half empty on their first day (and in a weird alliance you have conservative Christians largely agreeing with immigrant Muslims) and SJWs write it all off as “homophobia” and the like. I’ve pointed out a few times that the (heterosexual) BDSM lifestyle is more common than the gay lifestyle or at least on par with the 5 other genders that are being taught, but nobody would think it appropriate to teach 8 year olds about that.

        5. In all honesty, this is one of those “life lessons” (and I use the term loosely here) best learned outside the classroom. Whatever happened to the parents giving their kids “the talk”? School should be focusing on math, literature, history, etc. Sex Ed, IMO, shouldn’t even be part of the school curriculum.

        6. Well, he did note that Canada has freakshows as government leaders. It’s to be expected that they’d want to mess up and eventually recruit from the ranks of young innocent children. They are mentally ill deviants, or evil (your call) after all.

    2. Thank you, I am deeply offended by homosexual “pride” parades on practically every level. First off, is their appropriation of the word “pride”, which apropos to their disdain for Christianity, has very strong Biblical connotations, and connections to Satan himself. On a secular basis, what kind of society deems having insatiable and perverted sex as worthy of “pride”? Compare: In the 1990s a book titled “Pride” was written in praise of the US Marine Corps, and institution that fights and dies for something greater than itself – note: that gratuitous sex was never mentioned in that book nor is it emblematic of the rudimentary spirit of the Marines (well, the Marines of that period at least). Yet, today, mention a book called “pride” and the average Rotarian will assume its about homosexuals and by extension anal plugs, enemas, sodomy, pederasty etc – note: selfless devotion to duty under fire would not be associated with that book, fictitious or not. And worse, when one confronts the homosexualist with the obvious observation that their “culture”, of which they are taking pride in, IS centered entirely on sex they react by dismissing it outright and projecting their obsessions onto us i.e. “I object to homosexualism because I find sodomy to be disgusting”. Homosexualist’s retort: “why are you so obsessed with sodomy?” And they wonder why they’ve been outsiders for so long, in addition to be completely controlled by their impulses, they act like children too. I really want one thing and that is to NOT have to interact with homosexuals and to NOT have to subjected to their culture. But, what I’m noticing is that they want me to be in their culture and are willing to resort to using the force of the state, as well as violence (Ben Sharpiro) to see this through.

  9. Steph Holmes underwent gender reassignment surgery to become a woman at 50 years of age.
    No, he underwent “cut off my penis and let’s play make believe” surgery at 50 years of age. He still has the XY chromosome pair and if medical science stopped feeding him artificial hormones that his body does not produce in sufficient quantities to give him pancake tits, he’d basically be no different than a man wounded in battle who lost his dong.
    Let’s not play their word games any longer. Don’t go along with The Crazy.

    1. I wish I had the savvy to clip that scene from South Park when Garrison discovers he can’t get pregnant:
      “So that means I’m not really a woman. I’m just a man with a mutilated penis.”
      “Basically, yes.”

      1. This entire movement is basically a bunch of mentally ill people who demand that we participate in their mental illness. Without our participation they become seen for what they are, and hopefully will then get the psychiatric help they so desperately need. I don’t believe in facilitating mental illness.
        This is my default answer when somebody dares to call me out for not going along with the demand to enable in real life.

        1. Very much agree! They know they have some deep seeded issues. But rather than getting help, they force others to accept their perversion as an attempt to validate their “lifestyle.” Social acceptance feeds their lunacy and gives them a sense of “normalcy.” In essence, it’s a psychological pacifier.
          An organized countermeasure to this movement is desperately needed.

        2. Its far more than a psychological pacifier its down right enabling them. Its really no different than going along with a person believing they are Napoleon or with the desires of a drug addict. And the consequences are unthinkable and permanent. Once mutilated there is NO turning back, not to mention, that they must also constantly take hormones, which means ingesting high grade outside elements into a persons body inviting, as Taleb notes, iatrogenic effects of which we know very little of. So, said person remains permanently mutilated as well a effectively permanently addicted to powerful drugs who’s side effects we still don’t fully understand. How is that not an undesirable condition? Moreover, how is it NOT sane and moral to help steer a person away from such a condition, deliberately sought out by them no less? Again these people are asking “I want to be mutilated and a drug addict”. Alternatively, to enable, as in encourage and cheer-on such behavior…well, we can lament on the trans people for a host of reasons but lest we forget that the sycophants around these people are themselves a special kind of wretched monster too.

        3. Very well put! we do not enable traditional drug addicts or alcoholics so why should this be any different? And you are right, if i walk around telling people I am Napoleon, or any one else or thing for that matter, most folks will be concerned for my mental health, again, “transgenderism” is no different.

        4. This is just the same idea behind fat acceptance. Also when illegal aliens settle into a host country and expects the rest of the population to follow the illegals’ culture instead of these aliens assimilate to the host country’s culture.

        5. I do not have an issue with immigration as long as it is done legally and laws are enforced. My family and I (as a young boy) waited “in line.” We pledged allegiance to the U.S. and assimilated. yes, we kept some of our culture and norms but above all else we are AMERICAN. we do not fly any other flag but Old Glory.
          For immigrants, illegal or not, who come in to a host nation and demand said nation to give in to their culture is incomprehensible. The appropriate and official response should be, GTFO!

        6. haha! Realistically, they’ll call me “crazy” and I’ll simply respond with, “you bigot! I demand equal right!”

        7. On the upside, the SJWs tend to look and act alike and someday, be it by vote or violence, a nationalist government will get these people the help they need.

        8. The only question for most of them will be “what is the sufficient caliber of help to use”.

        9. Right. There’s nothing wrong if an immigrant wants to maintain his culture in his own home. Don’t protest against the people who won’t conform to yours. I can’t stand that the government has to have forms in both English and Spanish. Private businesses can provide that as a convenience to immigrants to earn their business, but don’t mandate it.

        10. Canada is a bunch of enablers. Apparently it is a constitutional right to have a safe place to inject your street drugs. As a note, criminal law is federal but health care is (generally) provincial in terms of jurisdiction. In Vancouver a “safe injection site” was organized where addicts could shoot up. They were provided with clean needles, a room, and medical staff on call incase they ODed or got a bad hit. The federal government gave them some sort of a waiver from criminal prosecution of various drug laws so that it could operate. After a few years the feds decided to shut the program down. Junkies and their apologists took the federal government to court and won, so the place is still open and drug laws cannot be enforced there.

        11. Are your kidding me? criminal waiver? Drug laws cannot be enforced….speechless.
          I thought things were really bad (which they are) here in LA.

        12. The waiver was given as an experiment. The elected politicians deemed the experiment a failure and tried to shut it down but a clutch of judges decided it was a constitutional right and vetoed the legislature.

        13. Judges dodge the moral discussion in favour of talk about “harm”. You need to give junkies a safe place to shoot up. And you need to allow cathouses and living off the avails so that hookers will be safe.

        14. True. These people (back when) would have been thrown in the nut house for this shit. Society is playing along because of the almighty dollar (nothing new). Many of these surgeons see it as another money machine and that’s why it’s being pushed as acceptable.
          It was crazy then and it’s crazy now. Next, we’ll have animals marrying people and “reassignment surgeries for animals”. It will all still be crazy in my book.

        15. It’s very easy to debunk their delusions, by pointing out that their mindset is hardly different from other similarly mentally ill people:

          Most of them will agree that ‘transabled’ people have serious mental issues. Another example: most of them will agree that ‘otherkin’ people have serious mental issues.
          Also, if a KKK-member claims he is a ‘transnigger’, he can’t be blamed for racism, because he is a black guy who is born in a white man’s body. Now how many people would take that seriously? Few. So if that’s the case, why do we have to take transgenders, who suffer from the same delusional mindset, seriously?

        16. how is it immoral to allow addicts a place to shoot up and access to clean needles, when otherwise they would be sharing needles on the street, and getting AIDS, getting arrested, and dying of overdoses?
          helping them avoid those things seems pretty moral to me.

    2. Gender reassignment surgery is going to go down in the history books alongside lobotomies, the Tuskegee syphilis experiment and forced sterilization.

      1. One hopes.
        It’s hard for me to even use the words “gender” and “reassignment” without laughing out loud in real life. Gender, until the Left got ahold of it in the 1970’s, referred to noun assignments in many Indo European languages (el dia, die frau, etc), not what sex you are. They changed the use of the word “sex” to “gender” because there is no way to make your sex “fluid”, you either have XY or XX chromosomes, period, full stop, or you’re a true double gendered genetic accident (which is no fault of their own). With “gender” suddenly it has no meaning except “how I define it” which is bunkum.

        1. But the idiotic thing is that these progressives define gender as existing across a spectrum using a traditional/archetypal (or I would argue stereotypical) xy/male and xx/female binary as the end points. In other words, they say that gender is not defined by sex by defining gender by sex. It also decreases options for people who genuinely might not feel comfortable with the traditional/archetypal roles. Instead of just dressing more feminine or engaging in more feminine activities, men are now told to transition through hormones and surgery.
          Notice that there isn’t a push to transition girls? If a girl likes boy things, she’s oppressed and a young feminist warrior. I just read an article this morning about moms who started a company making dresses with traditional boy prints – robots, math symbols, etc. for girls after they couldn’t find any for their daughters. They did not start dressing those little girls like boys.
          Now if a little boy wants to play with an easy bake oven – chop off his dick and start the hormone therapy!

    3. Correct. “It” is not a woman. It is a man on synthetic hormones with a surgically mutilated penis.

    4. I was in a meeting at work once, where we found out that one of my coworkers was “transitioning”. HR was there, the CEO, it felt like an interrogation almost. But apparently, the company didn’t approve of the behavior, because the justly fired it not too long after. The funny thing is I work for a proud ‘woman owned company’.
      I could never understand why a man would intentionally become a unic. That is essentially what they are.
      But then it hit me. These people have no hardship, no struggle, so they invent hardship and struggle. This can only happen with an affluent society. And most societies that hit the stage of affluence are soon subjected to their own distruction.
      Oh to have been born in more desperate days…at least a man could be a man. Because not matter how manly we think we are, we can always be nutered by the system. It is important to be vigilent.

  10. How about this. Upon a random stop at a convenient store I just happened to see the most recent copy of “the atlantic”…the cover story is breathtaking. I shit you not this is it “Better watch what you say…how political correctness is ruining education”. It didn’t even apply its typical passive rhetorical spin i.e. “are men inferior” (when we know they think we are). No, no, this is a firm statement. How is this relevant? This whole crew jenner, the lgtbdqrewsesehds etc are all a bunch of intolerant, bigoted, hateful individuals and what they seek is becoming increasingly obvious with each passing day and that is: not only our complete acquiescence to their ever growing list of demands but, to add insult to injury, our open praise and adulation as if these people were fucking deities. Its not enough to simply “tolerate”, NO, we must re-institute the entire fucking country around the whims of these already dysfunctional and impulsive people.

  11. in other news, Superman has sued Halloween stores for selling superman costumes to kids who are not strong enough to hold up his reputation.
    This one was so absurd I actually had to google it to see if maybe the author was being a touch hyperbolic….but no….he is actually being very accurate!

    1. It confuses people thinking it’s an American drag car race where masculine men attend those sort of things.

  12. Vladimir Putin told Homobama to knock off that f aggot s hit or he would beat the living daylights out of him.
    I respect Putin so much….Wish he was our president instead of that useless half n igger f aggot marxist Homobama

  13. Transgender folk’s lives are so meaningless and pathetic that they have to make themselves “unique” at any cost. I think every last one of them knows they’re deeply troubled. It’s not like some normal person who just turned out that way at the flip of a coin. Something extremely damaging has happened to these people, and the more leftists fracture society, the more homosexuals and transsexuals there will be. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy. How can anyone view homosexuality/transsexuality as bad when eventually there is a huge margin of men who are gay?

  14. This article conjures up a scenario in my head where the fake transexuals and the real transexuals are “having a conversation on gender” while they are oblivious to the invading army coming over the hill….

    1. Interesting. But, how is it just in your head? I mean, we have a severe geopolitical situation around the globe that could very well result in an invading army meanwhile the centerpiece of domestic political conversation seems to be on “gender”, which, by the way, isn’t at all applicable to human beings who have a sex. Front and center are the “trans” people. But, I would note that you are slightly mistaken. I have yet to see a real “transsexual” person come out and join this debate…to be more specific, there are no hermaphrodites engaged in any conversation on this or any subject and they are, by definition, a truly “transsexual” person. Explain that?

      1. Wait, so its not just in my head? so if I type stuff on the internet, it becomes reality?
        I wish I could have beef wellington for lunch. And Ursula Andress from 1962.

        1. Ha. Me too. This shit is real its a sad state of affairs. But, I like how you put it “fake transsexuals and real transsexuals having a conversation on gender”, when the real transsexuals, hermaphrodites have NEVER once been mentioned in all this “trans rights” bullshit.

        2. And most tellingly, are not out screaming for and demanding “acceptance or else!”

        3. BOOM! Exactly. If only we had leadership with real courage. That alone, GOJ, is soooo telling of the real situation at hand.

  15. And thus the word faggot lives on. Thank you for doing your part in staving funding for unfortunate children. Does that not classify as self hatred? I dress this way so if you mirror my dress style you promote hatred of me.

    1. Since this nutjob wants to ban people from wearing certain articles of clothing not conducive to their perceived gender on the basis of hate speech, I say we turn it around of them. No trannies are allowed to wear clothing that we cis-gendered individuals identify as “ours”. If a see someone like Steph Holmes out wearing jeans and a polo shirt, it’s a hate crime.

  16. Like Yahudies using “antisemite” to slur anyone they don’t like, “hate crime” is used to slander anyone the fruits don’t like.
    They would march all us cis people off to the gulags if they could.

  17. Transgenderism should be an insult to woman as men doing it are making caricatures of woman. Not all woman have large breasts, long hair or wear dresses. The presentation of a transgendered male of a woman based on those attributes belittles woman who don’t have them.
    Simply buying “gender specific” clothing doesn’t make anyone a woman. Cutting you dick off doesn’t make you a woman. Having a functioning vagina that can give birth and mammary glands that can feed it make you a woman.

    1. “Having a functioning vagina that can give birth and mammary glands that can feed it make you a woman.”
      You mean like Andrea Dworkin?

  18. “Victim” is the most coveted status among the American Left. This way you don’t need any … like … real accomplishments. But there is a risk in getting your total identity from your victim status. Eventually some other group comes along that out ranks you in the Victim-Takes-All sweepstakes.

  19. So only “trans” people are allowed to look like complete morons by laughably pretend to be of the opposite sex?

  20. The only reason that trannies might get “bullied” or “ridiculed” is 100% their own fault. They choose to look like moronic clowns themselves. So they only have themselves to blame and nobody else.

    1. The whole SJW thing is that nobody can say anything when someone has “just gotta be me!” That is unless you are a man or Christian or express classic western values (what sometimes is know as “acting white”).

  21. What will be next? The trans going to file discrimination suit when they are passed for a female role in a blockbuster movie?

    1. Hollywood’s discrimination against older transwomen. Mysteriously not being cast opposite Tom Cruise.

    2. No. The Jews run both Hollywood and the jewdical system.
      They’ll just give the tranny a job as an Elementary School teacher as a concession prize.

  22. On a tangent. . .
    In Toronto they had what was called “The Rat Race”. (Not sure if they still do this.) It was a charity run through the financial district and people were encouraged to do it dressed in business attire.
    In law school I came up with a similar idea but it got killed in the womb, so to speak. The idea was to have law students and lawyers and others do a similar charity run dressed in business attire or even barrister’s robe. The kicker was to have a pace car from 911. The “Ambulance Chase” never got off the ground because lawyers have no sense of humour.

  23. Slightly off topic but – Why are there so many dudes who insist on “transitioning” to be an elderly woman? Men don’t want to fuck *real* women of that age, so there isn’t a chance in hell they want to fuck the tranny version of an old woman.

    1. Good point…honestly I’m utterly baffled by the whole gender swap thing. If you’re a gay guy who dresses up as a woman, doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose since your mimicking the wrong sex that other guys are attracted to? Logically speaking, a guy dressing up as a woman should only be attracting lesbians, but even they wouldn’t reciprocate the attraction.

        1. I hear ya! We are critical thinkers. And we assume that since we are capable of thinking logically others do the same. Of course, we now understand that critical thinking, or the notion of it, is not so common; turns out it is not an innate trait in all humans. We’re just ahead of the evolutionary curve.

    2. Menopausal-twat envy.
      They want the privileges of being an ugly feminist is all I can think of. The uglier, the more victim-ness they are, hence more sympathy.

  24. See, here’s the whole problem. ‘Police have decided no action will be taken in respect of said hate crime’.
    THAT is the problem: this is left up to the discretion or agenda of the police or any other political body.
    That these coercive and self censoring laws exist is the crime and loss of freedom.
    The police and whoever can co-opt them are STILL in power to control people’s thoughts and opinions.
    Problem still remains. Diversity still means everyone MUST think alike about diversity.

  25. Pretty soon, LGBTQ’s will demand for, AND GET, special representation in Congress, outside the electoral process.
    All purely on the merit of their depravity.
    A sad day, for Murica.

    1. This is not far fetched. Recently, I am less surprised at how much these “people” take. of course, they take only because other folks who are not so keen on their agenda allow it.

        1. A female friend of mine doesn’t date Latino men because she is traumatized by how her “macho” father would treat her mother . Therefore, she only dates Muslim men, but yet doesn’t understand how Sharia works. The irony!

        2. A little education goes a long way. unfortunately, the effort to get informed seems too much for most women. pathetic

  26. [quote]Recent news has covered such telling tales as the Canadian bulldyke refused a haircut by a Muslim barber[/qoute]
    man, I been saying this for so long when people bitch that its only white males that get crap. All of them do. THey just use whatever shaming language they can depending on the group. Like whites they call racist, muslims mysoginist, indians patriarichal, etc.
    Its feminine movemnt so theyll react as such when they dont get their way….Trust me I know one….shes from india

  27. Have white men forgotten how to ball their fists?
    I can’t wait for the Muslims to start beheading fags and feminists in London and Paris. Extra points if its a Syrian refugee that the “Xenophobic” Right tried to keep out.
    The Left loses by winning.

  28. I hate to admit this but when I see a bunch of trannies putting a halt to a children’s charity race simply because they feel offended, it makes me wonder if we should follow Hitler’s example by throwing these untermensch into the gas chambers…

  29. You should write an article about the new tolerance law that’s coming in the EU.
    Apparently you might go to PRISON for criticising any minority, even schoolchildren won’t be allowed to make jokes anymore. There will be mandatory tolerance classes in school. Anyone who gets offended will be able to sue without personal costs. There will be civilian monitors patrolling in public, etc. etc.
    Sounds crazy but it’s from an official source. I’m honestly scared.

    1. Diversity means chasing down the last white person.
      Diversity means White Genocide. Wake up folks and start getting angry.
      These parasites stop at nothing.

      1. Has anyone else noticed the irony of the new liberal crap promoting endless uncontrolled migrant floods into white countries… using the images of American Indians?
        “We should have built a wall…!”
        The left has been spewing anti-white hate for literally decades about how white men wiped out nearly an entire race of people. But now they want to use that same imagery when talking about illegal immigration and Muslims flooding our borders?
        But what problem do the Indians have? Immigration is good, right? Or is immigration supposed to be harmful? Then what are they trying to say? Surely the libs aren’t this dumb… right?
        They understand what they’re saying– and they desire it. They want another genocide. They crave it.
        Their masters have grown so bold they no longer feel the need to hide. It’s like a Bond villain spilling the details of their plan moments before it is completed because they feel it is too far to be stopped.
        … and honestly, it probably is. The Saxons are too slow to hate.

  30. I take this a step further and wonder why men have to dress up in drag even to do an important fundraiser. It is though society always needs to be attacking masculinity and mocking men by dressing them up as women and men go along with it. The idea that real trannies are offended makes it even more silly.

  31. If you Give in and call yourself “CIS gender” you have already lost big time. No I am normal. All you gay confused people are whores if they are a female confused whores if they are bisexual or what ever alphabet letter they want to call themsleves and whoremongers. Keep it simple as soon as you adopt their words you’re accepting defeat.

    1. Stand up to it, for fuck sake. All of us are. And if you don’t go along with their wishes, and remember these are people who have submitted to being ruled by their impulses, you can be sent to jail. What’s that tell you?

  32. “We get enough confusion with the word transgender, which mixes us up with transvestites.”
    Yes, people are rightly confused – deal with it.

  33. Fuck my life man, 2015 was supposed to be the SPACE AGE, we were supposed to go on the moon, mars, fly around the solar system. Instead we live in the age of Stupid and crazy, pathetic and vomit inducing gender bullshit.

  34. Save us Putin. You are only hope. We need stronk Russian leader to teach American sissymen how to act like they have penis and make country strong again, and take whip to degenerates.

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