The Perfect Woman: Hair

Long and clean. That’s all a girl needs to do to have attractive hair, which is why it’s so unfortunate that many women can not even succeed on this front. While some look okay with short hair, the majority don’t. A bob hairstyle will never be seen as more attractive to men than long hair, and needless to say neither will Skrillex haircuts.

Since hair is the easiest way for a girl to build attraction with men, I’m hesitant to talk to women who have ugly hair. If she can’t take care of her own hair, which is attached to her body, how is going to have a clue on how to please me?

Here are some pictures of great hair:
















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20 thoughts on “The Perfect Woman: Hair”

  1. There’s also an epidemic of really badly done highlights. Shell out for a good professional job, which looks pretty subtle, or don’t bother.

  2. look up the sad tale of Ruslana Korshunova and her beautiful hair.
    key words being, russian model and down to butt length natural hair

  3. Styles 11 and 14 look the best. Dark hair with bangs always looks amazing. I can’t understand why guys like blonde girls over this look, but I guess we all have our preferences

  4. You´re missing a photo of the classic medellin long straight black hair that swishes against their ass hair. It adds at least 2 points instantly.

  5. I don’t do anything damaging to my hair! It is naturally wavy, beautiful and I just wash, condition and apply a curling cream and air dry! Oh and I get a trim every 8 weeks. So I am ‘lazy’ with hair, I am definitely not lazy with men.Women who are to into their hair are selfish and money hungry lol and think how long they’ll take to get ready. Atleast I am up for anything anytime 😛

  6. I can’t fully get behind this to be honest. I’ve seen some mega hot girls with short hair before. Sometimes it just works with the shape of their face. Olivia Wilde in Tron about made me lose it, Kate Beckinsale’s hair in Underworld is about half her normal length and was the hottest role in the world at the time. When it is done right on the right face, it’s so unique, that it becomes even more alluring. But maybe you are talking about extreme guy length short hair where I do tend to agree more, especially after the Miley Cyrus and Kaley Cuoco recent short hair disasters, where it just didn’t work with their face and ended up making them look older and less attractive.

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