The History Of Flip Flops

Here’s a history nugget you won’t learn anyone else (received via email)…

In reading your thoughts on high heels. It dawned on me that you have spoken your opinion in the past on women wearing flip flops. I don’t think your being entirely fair. See….flip flops were brought back by ww2 soldiers and became popular in the 60’s.

The reason they were brought to the U.S. is simple….thoughtful husbands and bitchy wives. The original flip flops were much thinner than those of today. Women used to bitch because standing on the hard kitchen floor cooking all day hurt their feet. Of course being a man we found a solution to this. That solution was flip flops. The space under the stove is small by design because women have small feet and small toes. With flip flops being a slight cushion but still being thin, we gave them comfort while maintaining the toes under the stove cooking process……the way it should be.

The women’s rights movement fucked all that up. Now they wear them everywhere never knowing their intended purpose. I could go on but this is all  entirely bull shit. If one were feeling the desire to elaborate on such a grand story or even add to it. That person would have a defense against flip flop wearing battle ax women. …..also, it really makes the feminists angry.

More from Wikipedia

There is still a debate over whether this signaled a fundamental change in American culture — many youth feel that flip-flops are more dressy and can be worn in a variety of social contexts, while older generations feel that wearing them at formal occasions signifies laziness and comfort over style. In 2011, while vacationing in his native Hawai’i, Barack Obama became the first President of the United States to be photographed wearing a pair of flip-flops. The Dalai Lama of Tibet is also a frequent wearer of flip-flops and has met with several US presidents, including George W. Bush and Barack Obama, while wearing the sandals.

American men have already had to endure Obama’s parroting of feminist talking points (e.g., men unfairly make more than woman), but now he’s using his influence to encourage flip flop use. He has gone too far.

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  1. Never ceases to amaze me women think flipflops are acceptable at work.
    I would be sent home instantly if I showed up in something open-toed.

    1. At my mother’s job she sent an intern home after she showed up in those, the girl was pissed off but my mom’s boss backed her up saying something like “you better not show up at work again looking like you’re going to the beach”

  2. fucking gold. now when women say “i dont have to dress up for no man” i can say “you know that flip flops became popular in the US so that womens feet didnt hurt all day in the kitchen. laides wear real shoes. ‘oppressed housewives’ wear flip flops”. and then they will stop wearing them to prove something. problem solved.

  3. When a girl wears flip flops on a date is an absolute – just no. Also, in Australia they’re called thongs, weird.

    1. They used to be called thongs in the United States, also.
      Until thong panties and bikinis became popular in the late 1990s and Sisqo’s irritatingly catchy Thong Song became a hit.
      Then the popular name for the footwear gradually switched over to “flip-flop”.

  4. For me, this lousy hair / flip flop stuff is akin to male peacocking or self-handicapping… a woman must be damn hot and have feet with 0 % cankles in order to not screw up with flip flops. On the same vein, no amount of formal clothes will make me interested in a fatty.
    I’m also skeptical of the praise about formal clothes because in my experience the uglier, fatter women are the ones looking to spit their vitriol about how unfashioned women hotter than themselves dress.

  5. Although I’m reluctant to criticise them for at least making an effort, some girls are so totally inept at walking properly in heels that I almost find myself wishing they’d have just worn flip-flops (or a “thong” as the Aussies insist on calling them – always cracks me up) instead.
    The hunched over, bent-legged gait these women adopt always puts me in mind of a velociraptor from Jurassic Park.

  6. I work at a very large headquarters. I’ve seen women walking around wearing female business type attire, and flip flops. I’ve never understood why it’s tolerated. I wouldn’t wear Crocs with my shirt ant tie.

    1. I actually read an interesting article by Dear Abby a few months ago addressing walking barefoot in an office setting. Not exactly flip flops, but it’s relatable. Anyways, being the classy woman she is, she advises against it, and mentioned that while she does remove her heels when at her desk, as soon as business arises, they come back on.

  7. I wonder if a workplace who sent a chick home for wearing flip flops would be sued for gender discrimination?

  8. High heels were originally worn by male aristocrats … going back in time isn’t always a good thing.

  9. Roosh, you lived in Brazil and dont know the real story ?
    Flip flops were shoes for the poor in Brazil. However, girls started to use them at the beaches, because they are just perfect for the sand and water.
    The major brand, Havaianas, started to manufacture flp-flops with colorful designs. Soon they became fashionable. The next step was to hire international top models to promote Havainas around the world.
    That’s why you have flip-flops everywhere in America. Great marketing from Havaianas.
    Of course, they should be used only at the beach.

  10. i must agree with mr. silva after living in miami for many years the havaianas flip flop is a staple. i will also say that they do look best on a nice looking brasilian woman over anyone else !!!!!!

  11. The first time I noticed this all American habit was in high school, where 95% of us were either born in the U.S. but have Mexican descend, or were Mexican citizens but studied in the U.S. I do not recall guys wearing flip flops and even girls rarely wore them. Then we got a gringo student. And right away the first thing I noticed was the flip flops. Ignorance is bliss. I found it odd and disgusting for a man to show up to school in footwear normally reserved for a beach or the house, or if you’re too poor to afford shoes. It wasn’t until I clubbed in both sides of the border that I realized the obsession with flip flops with Americans. Try that at a high end club in Mexico, they’ll laugh at your flip flops, and at your muscle shirt and shorts, call you a naco and a huarachudo, then they will turn you away.

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