Coming Home From The War On Terror

I’m a former soldier and veteran of two foreign wars. After my military service I became a private military contractor. I’ve spent more than half of my adult life in third world shitholes having third world shitbags trying to shoot me and blow me up.

I loved being a soldier and I was proud to defend my country and its people. There were some dark, arduous times of course, but the adventures, lifelong friends, and my love for my people made it a pleasure to serve.

A look back

The memory of my service has since been tainted as I realized that I was less defending my nation and its people than serving the interests of a government that not only did not care about me, but has increasingly showed itself to hate me. I came back to a country that I did not recognize as the one that I had set out to defend all those years ago. It more closely resembles the war zones I fought in than the country in which I grew up.

To the present day. Our sons and daughters are growing up without the guidance and protection of their fathers. In the absence of the traditional nuclear family, the modern progressive leviathan has stepped into the role of father. Boys growing up with only the progressive state as a father figure have no real masculine role model and are clueless as to what it is to be a man. They either become mewling simps or violent thugs, neither of which are good for society.

The public school system wishes to sexualize our children at as young an age as possible. Our children are being bullied and raped by gangs of immigrants on a scale one would normally only see following a catastrophic defeat in war. There is an ethnic component to crime which everybody sees but is not allowed to talk about.

Instead of fixing the problems in our own society our warmongering politicians and journalists are trying to sell us wars with Russia (the last great traditional Christian nation left on Earth), Iran, and an enemy in the Middle East that they themselves created.

If we get dragged into a war with Russia it will be unlike anything we have seen. It won’t be like the money-spinning wars in Iraq and Afghanistan where civilians can sit down in front of the television for their evening briefing, replete with columns of burning enemy tanks and talking heads reporting on how fucking great the war is going. There will be no “mission accomplished” for this war.


Should it escalate sufficiently, the combined nuclear arsenals of the combatants involved would be enough to extinguish all human life on earth. Even if it does not get to that stage, it would still be a war that will touch the people back home. Europe is not at a stage where it can defend itself from a concerted strategic bombing campaign from Russia.

The West greatly underestimates the huge material and logistic arsenal of the Russians. A draft would be very likely. Despite my exemplary previous military service, I regret to inform you all I shall not be turning up for this one.

The government and media are pressing for these wars but they have not given much thought as to who it will be that will actually do the fighting on their behalf. It won’t be me, and it won’t be a lot of other right-thinking soldiers, veterans, and draft-eligible men. The men who represent the manifestation of government foreign policy, the armed forces, are beginning to realize the same things as you and I.

They are committing the crime of noticing. They are noticing that the men who do the hard work of holding civilization together are not afforded the same privileges as those who would destroy it. They are noticing that degenerate morals are being promoted at the expense of a healthy society. They are noticing that a disproportionate amount of crime is committed by an imported ethnic underclass. They are noticing that the social justice emperor has no clothes.

Why I will not fight

I will not fight for a government that wants to sexualize our children at as young an age as possible, forcing upon them the dogma of gay marriage and equality, indoctrinating them into unnatural sexual practices without informing them of the very real and frightening rate of HIV infections in the gay community.

And this government would demand I fight against Russia, which moves to protect its children from this sort of degeneracy and preserve the traditional family structure? No chance. Send the gays and trannies to fight because I’m not fighting for them anymore.

I won’t fight for a government which has commodified the women of this nation and convinced them to give up having children so they can burden themselves with debt and become anonymous, minimum wage cogs in a huge multicultural machine that is obsessed with only a person’s financial value and not their social worth.

I won’t fight for a government which has spent years importing filth from every recess of the third world to replace the children we never had because our women were too busy serving two buck coffees to pay off their six-figure student debts. The government sees low maintenance immigrants as the future of this country. Send them to fight for it.

I will not fight for the freedom of speech of people who use it to bully, belittle, and demonize Christians. I will not be lectured on the importance of the right to free speech and then in the next breath criticized for my disapproval of the proliferation of gay marriage and the false idols of equality. If freedom of speech is such a fundamental right to these people then they can take up arms and defend it. But we all know they won’t.

It turned out I was fighting for a government that hated me, and everybody like me. This government liked to show me off as an instrument used to protect free speech, but now that I’m home it doesn’t want to hear my opinion. The government found value in my use as a tool but my opinions are labelled as hatred.

I desire to see people succeed, to love, to grow up in a family, to be valued for more than just their income tax payments and to have their homeland and traditions preserved. And I’m telling you, I am not alone. The government is asking more and more of a military from which they are becoming increasingly ideologically and spiritually divorced.

For some men the red pill makes them eject and go their own way. For others it makes them want to recover what we have lost. I am of the latter. As men our votes are meaningless. However, our influence over a nation which relies on us to serve it is much stronger.

We work the oil rigs and power plants which keep our nation running. We work the farm that keep everybody fed. We drive the trucks and build the roads. We police the streets and protect our borders. The real power of a nation resides within us.

I will not be beholden to people who rely on the rights and privileges that my service provides but who detest me. As a man who took an oath to defend his nation with his life sacrifice I can bear, cuckoldry I cannot.

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438 thoughts on “Coming Home From The War On Terror”

    1. Millions of British troops died keeping Germany from taking over France in WWI but their future governments invited millions of hostile, useless, third-world enemies into their own homeland with not a shot fired. Invited them! Vicious, inferior primitives.

  1. Hmm, sounds like you’re a Brit.
    Me; veteran of 2 Afghanistan deployments. (USMC infantry). Came back, went to college, told that I have white priveledge, surrounded by gullible kids. Hard not to hate “my” country now.
    Through a strange confluence of hate, I would love to sit at the Fullerton in Singapore with you, and raise a glass to old empire.

    1. I did a deployment Afghanistan also and feel much like you. I could go on and on about why I’m disenchanted now but the real kick in the nuts was the election of obama . I felt like 52% of this country spit in my face and shit on my service. I disowned this shithole after that.

    2. I would like to hear a soldier’s point of view on the issue of women in the military. I’m not from the US but I keep thinking you’re fucking yourselves with that policy and I’m sure there have been multiple incidents where men’s lifes were at stake or even lost because of it.

      1. Any civilization that sends its women to war is just begging for death.
        They come in 2 types: the ones who want to be one of the guys (but never measure up), or the ones who are nymphos and get pregnant to avoid deployments. The military these days is actually one big welfare scheme for women and many minorities.

        1. Spot on. I actually have had the beginnings of a post on this very subject in my head already.
          Men have died because of politicians pursuance of equality in the military but the problems are even worse than that. A society that sends its women to fight is a dying society.

      2. General rule is that it’s a bad idea if your desired outcome/metric is increased combat effectiveness.

    3. Yes Sir, tea-drinking Brit here. Shared many good times with the USMC, most notably Iraq in ’03 when we rolled across the border alongside each other.
      It’s impossible not to love the connection that veterans have, even though we may not know each other, conflict has created an unspoken bond between us all.
      To old empire, and absent friends.

      1. Good post Sir.
        As an ex-RN SSBN Weapons Engineer I also suspected tea-drinking undertones. Only managed a decade (91-01) before things started going downhill. They now ‘enjoy’ females and homosexuals on subs – can you imagine how much that fucks things up? Beggars belief.
        Currently teaching A Level Maths and Physics in Thailand. Best thing I ever did was leave Blighty. I’ve recently started to regret my service despite feeling pride before. Strange times we live in.

  2. We are just having a proxy war with Russia as we have always had since the end of World War 2. The proxy economic war is currently going on with China, and the war for African resources and Arab states is also a proxy between Russia ,America and China. Don’t worry there will not be a draft, there will be economic incentives instead as our labor market crashes.

  3. “I won’t fight for a government which has spent years importing filth from every recess of the third world to replace the children we never had because our women were too busy serving two buck coffees to pay off their six-figure student debts.”
    Sometimes a sentence horribly but accurately sums up the shit

    1. Why would one even live here ? we have our parents and family here I guess. But the country ? no Sir, there is no loyalty anymore. I will never betray my country but I will not die for it either.

      1. Me. too. If the USA and Mexico ever went to war, there would be an 80 foot Mexican flag on my roof. But, I would not take any overt action against the USA.

  4. The memory of my service has since been tainted as I realized that I was less defending my nation and its people than serving the interests of a government that not only did not care about me, but has increasingly showed itself to hate me. I came back to a country that I did not recognize as the one that I had set out to defend all those years ago.

      1. Can we have more feminists in the army please, so they protect the freedoms they so enjoy. All right thinking man should quit till man are given the status they deserve.

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    1. Even though that is just a graphic, I feel for that photoshopped solider because the words are TRUE and there are real guys with exactly those kinds of gruesome injuries that fought for all the BS listed in that jpg.
      Truth is a bitter pill.

    2. FYI, it is the feminists (and their allies) that spew the lies about the “poor”, Muslim squatters known as Palestinians getting “oppressed” by Israel, the only bastion of freedom and safety in existence in the Middle East.
      For a Bibi vs. Obama comparison, watch this:

      1. Fuck Israel and Palestine. Kingdom of Jerusalem is the true solution. The real One State Solution.

    1. There is the ground you stand on, and you are free to choose your ground.
      Choose wisely, stand strong and there will be no shame should you fall on it.

  5. I’ve never served but my father was in Vietnam, so was my uncle. I’m also friends with a Korean War vet, and good friends with a Marine who served in Gulf War 2. From my father alone I came to the conclusion that while I might like the military service, I wouldn’t be serving my people but the political class, and would be taken for granted. Look at what happened recently in Arlington with the woman flipping the bird. That’s gratitude for you. That’s respect for you. Who wants to stick their neck out for THAT? The backlash, however, is real, and is well on its way, everywhere, including Britain and Europe. Taking back what is ours is inevitable. People can only be pushed so far. I think we’ve passed that point already. It won’t be obvious, however, until another few years pass. But in the meantime, to quote Chris Rock:
    “If gay people wanna fight, let’em fight, cuz I ain’t fightin’!”

  6. This article is solid, but I’m torn.
    Having also fought in Iraq, I too look around and ask whether it is worth fighting for most of these useless fucks. In the end, I reconcile myself to the fact that when we finally crossed the LOA, I wasn’t thinking about mom, apple pie, and tranny-faggo-sexual ‘Murica, I was thinking about the dudes around me, and they were good men.
    Strangely, if I had it to do over, I would. Not because I would be any happier about the current state of affairs here – and as the author points out, it appears to be accelerating into stupidity – but because, as strange as it may sound, I view my combat experience as something that provided much in the way of self introspection, improvement, and ultimately, it was a huge red-pill about life in general. Combat was what made me really wake up and take the red pill. And for this reason, I wouldn’t discourage my son from joining, though I would caution him to be honest about what he expects from his service. And, the best option here would be a short stint, with enough combat to realize the same benefits, without so much that it breaks him just so that we perpetuate this miserable toxic culture. I too think that we need to reclaim this society and reverse course. It requires men to do that. It may require men that know how to fight. We should not allow the current SJW ilk to corner the market on this knowledge.
    My only quibble with this piece is with the assessment of Russia. I agree that war with Russia is undesirable, and unnecessary. Let the Europeans see what their neglect of their defense capabilities in favor of their own in-house catering to SJW faggots has gotten them. But I don’t see Russia as a bastion of Christianity. It undoubtedly resists the SJW impulses of Europe and America, but not because Putin, or his cronies are Christian. He’s a communist, and communists had no use for religion. Putin opposes those things because he is masculine, but he is also a thug. There is no reason for me to fight Russia, but I don’t consider it an ally. It certainly doesn’t consider me to be one.
    Other than that, spot on.

    1. “I was thinking about the dudes around me, and they were good men.”
      Unable to defend your country because you and those good men had been sent out of it. War is an excellent way to get the young and patriotic out of the way. Many of them permanently.

      1. If you think the armed forces “defend the country,” you’re already thinking about it wrong. We haven’t faced an existential threat since at least the War of 1812, and are not likely to ever face one again.

        1. If you think my post implies that I think the armed forces “defend the country,” you’re thinking about it wrong. I think the armed forces exist, at least in part, to ensure that the sort of idealistic young men who enlist are sent the hell out of the country, hopefully never to return.
          “We haven’t faced an existential threat since at least the War of 1812 . . .”
          Other than a bit of Northern aggression, I agree. I do not agree that we might not see that sort of thing again. We have met the enemy, and he is us.

        2. Guess Lincoln was right about we ourselves being the cause of our own perishing and not a foreign army?

        3. Oh, don’t get me wrong – i agree on the threat from within. But we haven’t fought a foreign power that could have potentially subjugated us since the Brits. I don’t see that changing.
          I don’t agree on the other point. The problem is – even in the most brutal wars – the vast majority of men come back. If a unit suffers 30% casualties, it has been annihilated. But that still means seven out of every ten come home. And they come home trained, hardened and with their eyes wide open to the bullshit.

        4. Open borders.
          The Obama presidency.
          A servile, dishonest Supreme Court.
          A dishonest press.
          Muslim immigrants.
          The universal franchise.
          Fiat money.
          Uncontrolled spending.
          Diseased libertinism.
          A diseased educational system.
          A pussified elite besotted with multiculturalism, equality, socialism, Utopian flapdoodle, climatic carbo-globalism, etc. who loathe what their ancestors created and who, in general, don’t have the sense that the Lord gave a duck.
          The abandonment of the Constitution.
          The leviathan, unconstitutional fedzilla.
          The successful penetration of communists.
          The influence of the lunatic ultra left.
          A rejectionist, white-hating, parasitic, useless, ultra-criminal black minority that can’t graduate from high school without a federal court order and a note from the NAACP.

    2. When I left for overseas service, I was nobody.
      When I came back I was:
      – a rapist for being a man
      – an extremist for believing in God
      – a terrorist for believing in the Constitution
      – a killer for owning a gun
      – an oppressor for being white.
      The year that I left the United States was 1992. I came back in 1996. In those 4 years, just about all of the “changes” that we suffer under today were taking hold. The Gen Xers raised by hippies outnumbered those who were raised by late–birthing WWII and Korean War generation.
      If I could day back every second I served, I would.

      1. To each his own. I don’t deny your choice, but when the “rape gangs” you often speak of finally arrive, the marksmanship skills I learned will come in handy.

        1. For what? To save someone?
          Protect your own cornhole and that of your family of course.
          But remember when the rape gangs come, don’t be white-knighting it. You will be wasting your ammo and giving away your position. And remember, most of the women those gangs will be chasing were warned about this, warned they were going to destroy everything. But they “had the feels” and didn’t listen.
          Lessons MUST be learned, even if the hard way. It’s the only way the human race will have a chance of a future and built on the rotting corpse of the present.

        2. You and I are on the same page. My FPL covers the front entrance of my house. All my dicksuck liberal anti-gun neighbors can fend for themselves.

        3. That’s the long and the short of it. Millions have heard just ONE fact, read or ONE criminal outrage, seen ONE photo of a “Hispanic” target grabbing his crotch and flipping the bird, or read ONE article about illegals taking our jobs and stealing our substance and yet refused to support politicians who are patriots. In Europe it’s the same. The patriot parties are starved by the voters who flock like children to the sellout parties.
          I have a bullet launcher two and not one will be put to use unless it’s for Those Who Are Aware. And have been. The rest will just want a free ride only this time from a new host. Personal investment? Zero.

      2. Yep, I would take back every day of my service. I cherish the friends I made but hate what my sacrifice has come to represent.

      3. I’ve been thinking more and more about the problem of GenXers. As a Millennial I see the Slacker generation as key in perpetuating the cultural progressive agenda, in addition to being duplicitous and malicious in nature.

    3. If I had to do it over, I definitely would not. It was the greatest mistake of my life.

        1. Mother Theresa he ain’t.
          But, fair enough, let’s just call him an autocratic dictator.

    4. Putin isn’t a Communist.
      He just values the power communism implies.
      Authoritarian capitalism is unfortunately the future

      1. I don’t know. Agree about the power part, but don’t forget Putin is old school KGB. He has literally been the last thing people saw. Make whatever you will of the comparison to our own “leader.”

        1. I remember reading his Granddad was Stalin’s personal cook
          Small bloody world isn’t it!

        2. How do you know he was the last thing people saw? Victor Suvorov was a GRU man and I find it inconceivable that he executed people. Some Soviet troops in Germany were honorable men. See “East of the Oder.” Germans also. I’m sure you know of such things.

        3. Don’t misunderstand. I think its admirable that he has balls. I just wouldn’t trust him.

    5. I agree. I’d do it all over again. The Army gave me something I could never have gotten from any prestigious university. The experiences are something you can’t just buy for any amount of money. A large part of the man I am today is due to the Army, and particularly conflict. The article may sound bitter and angry at times, and it is, but I learned to take great pleasure in simple things.
      Neither would I discourage my sons from joining. I’d recommend three or four years in the infantry, a few deployments, then maybe retrain in a technical trade so that they’re prepared for civilian life. As long as they go into it knowing that although their motivation may be patriotic they’re essentially mercenaries and to get out as much as they can from the experience.

  7. “Fucking Jews. The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.”
    I used to think Mel Gibson was a real nutjob for saying something like that but now I realize he was actually pretty close to the truth!

    1. Mel Gibson is a boss. I also used to think he was batshit crazy but now a couple of years later I just love the guy. All the stuff he said to his wife, a real poet.

      1. Whats with the Jewish hate ass? I fully support them, and have spent alot of time in Haifa.
        I would hope the morons dont post.

        1. I believed in the “holocaust” for 26 years, after studying it in depth I am angry that I was so blind not to see the official story was so porous and false. It’s up to every individual to study it for themselves and come to a conclusion, don’t shame opinions you disagree with. If it really happened, then the facts will stand up to scrutiny, so don’t fear inquiry.

        2. 6 Million dead has been utterly over-estimated. After analysis, it has been lowered to 1.5 at best. Even the Jewish Encyclopaedia stated (in the mid 30’s) that there were only 2 million Jews in Europe at the time, rendering that number a complete lie. I’m no denier, a Holocaust did occur, it just was not nearly to the overblown proportions that has been media fed.
          That in mind, The Armenian Genocide by the Turks murdered over 1.5 million, but do you learn about that in school? Definitely not.
          We do get an unbalanced view of reality…
          An aside, Jacob (who was later named “Israel” by God, and the “father of the nation,) means “deceiver”.

        3. I have the book “IBM and the Holocaust” by Edwin black that talked about how IBM’s machines, with the approval of the U.S. Federal Government, gave Hitler the ability to keep account of the census and locate, transport, and eliminate unwanted individuals on a mass scale but never heard of anything else. Do you mind referring me to some useful material on the subject?

        4. It’s called Mitzvah B’Peh. Several children died from this in orthodox enclaves of New York (herpes transmission). Sad, but true.

        5. Yep. The Holodomar killed at least 2.5 million of my people, they don’t teach anybody about that in school either.

        6. Its about degrading their children to become part of their Satanic/Luciferian death cult of ending the white man and other races. Abuse is a key part of it and has to be internalized from the very start. Then their ‘holy books’ teaches them how to rip other people off – I read all of one work and it was vile.

        7. Only 340 000 died. This is recorded in Iran. They died due to TB and malnutrition, not gassing.
          The real numbers of Jews globally is also 75 million minimum.

        8. Jews murdered 100 million white Christians in the USSR through Communism.
          10 million in the Holodomor.
          85 million Bengalis in the ‘British’ empire
          And so on…
          They have murdered 1 BILLION throughout history and also started the black slave trade, amongst numerous other crimes against God and humanity.

        9. If we all doubted the holocaust, their power would cease and they would be overpowered. Same with banking. They need us to accept their ownership of truth over these two institutions.
          It’s evil.

        10. I was with you until the 75 million current Jewish population.
          Got any references for that? Not saying it ain’t true. But that’s the first time I’ve heard that number. I am doubting it. On the other hand, nothing would surprise me anymore.

        11. How did you “study it in depth”?
          Did you travel to the actual archives where the files are kept? Did you talk to eye witnesses?
          Or did you watch a youtube video?

        12. By “Jew”, are you talking about spiritual beliefs, or the ethnicity? Karl Marx was Jewish by ethnicity only, he was spiritually an atheist.
          Same thing goes for basically every single left-wing “American Jew”.

        13. Recorded in Iran?
          And the Mongolians probably have very detailed accounts of the 30-Years’ War?

        14. And if everybody stopped believing that the Earth revolves around the sun, would it float away into outer space?

        15. It’s called Mitzvah B’Peh
          No, it isn’t. Go back and do some research.
          Sad, but true.
          Nope, not true. No such thing as: “Commandment with mouth”. LOL!
          I love seeing the same bad Hebrew cut and pasted across the Web by “scholars” on the subject. LOL!

        16. Research it yourself, you Hebrew “scholar”. LOL!
          The stupid, it kills. LOL!!!!

        17. I don’t know if it is safe to say this, but there are several websites of an pro-Nazi nature that do a highly detailed breakdown of the motives, actions, and fruition of the Third Reich. Granted, these are just as biased as the Pro-Jew websites out there, just from the other side. Kind of makes you wonder if there is any truth.
          For example, a famous mass grave where apparently thousands were executed into their own dug graves… has no bodies. Stuff like that makes a man wonder.

        18. Marx may have called himself an atheist but surprisingly his marxism finds many similarities to judaism in it’s collectivist bent. Now of course one doesn’t find this so odd when you find out that one of Marx’s mentors was rabbi Moses Hess.
          Also marx took ideas from the christian narrative and just relabeled them. Himself being the savior of course and marxism the way to salvation.
          For an atheist the man had quite the religious affinity no?
          Commnism=a materialist religion. Basically it is judaism for the unwashed gentiles The banking families sure do love it!

        19. Please stop arguing with these idiots!
          His source was IRAN, REALLY?!?!
          They discredit their own statements before they finish typing them. They are either Trolls, or so far down the rabbit hole that they can never be pulled out.

        20. Yes, from what i read Communism is a Jewish concoction. A brutally oppressive and violent concoction, towards which our country is heading (Amerika). Our President has pretty much assumed dictatorial powers at this point. He can pretty much do whatever he wants including funneling American tax dollars illegally into Israel to support the massacre of Palestinians.

        21. Israel uses blood tests to determine what is a jew. Jews use the expression “Anti-Semitic” when taking about someone who critizes jews. They are a race hiding behind a religion. But they know who they are.

        22. We have radio transcripts of the actual daily reports from all the camps as well as overhead reconnaissance photographs because the British broke the German codes early in the war. No millions dead, no gigatonns of coke ordered and transported as needed to burn the bodies, no continuous plumes of smoke, etc. See:

          Havent you ever wondered where the millions are? Where the 10’s of millions of pounds of bones ARE?

      1. To clarify, in conspiracy circles Jews are sometimes regarded as being of two kinds, puppets and puppet masters. The puppet masters would be global elites who manipulate and connive, and they would (or, some believe, did) sacrifice tons of hapless peasant Jews for their own greedy schemes.
        To answer your question, no.

        1. Not just conspiracy circles. Winston Churchill wrote an article in 1920 where he said that while most Jews were normal, hardworking people, a minority among them formed ‘a sinister confederacy’ which was conspiring to overthrow civilization. He pointed out that many Bolshevik leaders were Jews.

        2. churchill supported zionism against the risk of communism. On what basis is a matter of some controversy, but the russian revolution would have served as a warning

        3. and then he joined their power structure! Now look where Britain is today. Complete degeneracy.

        4. He was brainwashed by them. He may have been a druid, but even he had his limits.

        5. Why do we indulge in conspiracies here? The best answer is the simplest one, most of the times.

        6. I fucking hate Zionist Jew apologists that troll this site. Anyone with half a brain can see through their bullshit.

      2. Don’t forget that the red pill is about telling the truth; that is, unless it is too uncomfortable for jew haters. Then it is not red pill, lol

        1. I don’t get a lot of people. They claim being “red-pill” and fall for the most ludicrous distortions of history the next second.

      3. Since Khazars funded the NSDAP, yes. All a setup, I suspect the Frankist Khazars wanted their cousins in the East to be exterminated for some unknown reason. Was it just so they could complete their conquest of Palestine? Maybe, I wouldn’t be surprised.

        1. Eugenics by the 6ft blue eyed aristocratic Frankists in the west+khazars are easier to manipulate as a mafia when they are all in the same place marching to the same tune, with a fake history of persecution to boot, especially now they have their banks in place world wide. I suspect the frankists want to set up some kind of end times scenario.
          Most of the people in the camps were there because they were commies, not jews, a large number just happened to be jews. There were no gas chambers, most died of malnutrition or disease once Germany had been bombed to smithereens.
          Firing squad was the execution style of choice. As the Germans invaded eastern Europe and the soviet union, the einsatzgruppen lined up and shot about 1.5 million people they believed to be soviet commanders/officials, communist party activists and die hard supporters. Of these, yes, a VERY large percentage were jews. Unlucky for the Bolshevik jews they had their eyes on European conquest, which was Oppenheim, Warburg, Rothschild, Saxe-coburg territory. Their job was to set up the soviet union to make the Russians slaves of the central bankers, for social engineering and cold war purposes, and as a vector for spreading centralized command “socialist” systems worldwide. Not conquer Europe or rule the soviet union themselves. So much of the destabilization techniques we see applied to todays societies were developed in the soviet union.

        2. I always found it very interested Heydrich, and I’m paraphrasing, spoke of the “mob in the East” when referring to “Jews”. I think it was a tell. Heydrich ran in the circles of the elite since 1934 when he became a “made man” for helping remove the known homosexual and SA chief, Ernst Rohm. So from that point to the end of his life he was around the chief architects of NSDAP both socially and professionally. The “mob” terminology he used may have been his own, but he may have picked it up somewhere in one of these circles. David Irving claims Hitler was very specific on the treatment of “German Jews” vs those from the East. Assuming Irving is correct, I find it interesting both Heydrich and Hitler make a differentiation between “eastern Jews” and those which are not.
          Since we know Khazars backed NSDAP from at least 1929 onward, I wonder if it was the Frankists who for whatever reason of Khazar politics despised their cousins and they were in fact the ones who planted the original seeds of extermination. We know Einsatzgruppen rolled through Poland, Yugoslavia, Ukraine, Russia etc and murdered a great deal of people. But yet we also know the official “six million” story at the end of the war is false. I speculate the SS in fact was acting on direct or indirect behalf of Frankist interests in culling the Khazar ranks in the East, then when the job was done the Khazar controlled Allied Powers moved in for the kill in order to destroy the monster they created and secure the eventual illegal creation of a country for them to control in Palestine (all while profiting and killing goy in the process). Clever fuckers.
          “Beginning in April 1934, and at Hitler’s request, Heydrich and Himmler began building a dossier on Sturmabteilung (SA) leader Ernst Röhm in an effort to remove him as a rival for party leadership.”
          “On 30 June 1934 the SS and Gestapo acted in coordinated mass arrests that continued for two days. Röhm was shot without trial, along with the leadership of the SA.[41] The purge became known as the Night of the Long Knives. Up to 200 people were killed in the action. Lutze was appointed SA’s new head and it was converted into a sports and training organisation.[42]”
          SS-Brigadeführer Heydrich, head of the Bavarian police and SD, in Munich, 1934
          With the SA out of the way, Heydrich began building the Gestapo into an instrument of fear. ”

        3. Heydrich would not have become a Nazi if it was not for his wife and his family in law.

        4. Wall Street funded the NSDAP. The owners of Wall Street are/were primarily comprised of, the Khazars (BONUS they also funded the early Soviet state and both sides in the Russian Civil War!).

          I’ve read other things over the years claiming things like the Warburgs gave the party a blank check starting in 1930 but I would cite Sutton’s book first as evidence over random claims.

        5. What a load of bollocks.
          What’s next, did Wall Street and TUH JOOS also cause the Great Depression (and by extension, WW2)?

        6. So, Sutton’s published book is bollocks? Riiight.
          The Second World War was an extension of the first and the First World War was planned well in advance to establish a cycle of warfare and debt. Whether it was some vast Khazar conspiracy I can’t be certain (but I suspect it was).
          A post I wrote earlier:
          Exactly, and you can trace the endless war back to the creation of the Fed in 1913.
          Roll your eyes at a ZH link if you must but a sponsor of the Fed bill, Senator Robert Latham Owen (1856-1947), wrote in his memoirs:
          “Under this act $40,000,000,000 of liquid money was created to finance the World War. It financed not only the United States but financed to the extent of billions of dollars Great Britain, France, Italy, and their allies. “That one act won the war,” said John Skelton Williams, the Comptroller of the Currency.”

          Bear in mind Italy was aligned with the Central Powers until May 1915.
          “Instead in May 1915, almost a year after the war’s commencement, after a period of wavering and after secret negotiations with France and Great Britain in which Italy negotiated for territory if victorious, Italy entered the war on the side of the Allies.”

          “Germany abandoned the gold backing of its currency in 1914. The war was expected to be short, so it was financed by government borrowing, not by savings and taxation.”

          “The name Papiermark (English: paper mark, officially just Mark, sign: ℳ) is applied to the German currency from 4 August 1914[1] when the link between the Goldmark and gold was abandoned, due to the outbreak of World War I. ”

          Think about this for a moment, Germany drops its gold backing and debases its currency starting in August 1914 as part of a rapid war strategy. Italy aligns with the Central Powers, but sees by early 1915 the rapid military victory will not occur. After numerous Italian military defeats they are persuaded to resign from the Central Powers by the Allied Powers who just created $40 billion (theoretical) gold backed US Dollars to help fund war efforts of all Allied participants.
          The First World War was as much as a planned currency war as it was a clash of brooding empires, and it went on until 1945 really only ending with the arrival of atomic weapons. Otherwise it is very conceivable the Soviet and Western powers would be fighting after a brief period of rest between 1945 and a few years later. Even with the advent of atomic weapons the banksters still were able to wage a “cold” war and make trillions between 1945 and 1991, looking like another cold war is coming just after a trillion dollar failed Iraqi occupation.
          Endless. War. By. Design.

      4. What evidence is there that all the bodies are all of the same group of people? What about soldiers from other countries who died in that war? Why is one group of people given special treatment over so many others who died? The others’ who died are no less special or any less human in any way.
        Those bodies could be anyone. It could be white soldiers, the disabled etc.. for all we know. Pictures arouse emotions, but propaganda such as using pictures to tug at the heartstrings, means people get sidetracked by such emotions, than seeking truth.

        1. I believe your only contribution to this thread is ad hominem attacks. I also you believe you either don’t know shit about history, or maybe you’re on some payroll to shill on websites that entertain discussions that question the ‘truths;’ we were all taught in the US public school system.
          Now piss off.

      1. There are so many trolls here acting for certain ‘vested’ interests. They love their propaganda and brainwashing, getting different races to kill each other so they get more power and money. They are truly a sick bunch of people, which is why so many people kicked them out or spoke against them in the past – they are the persecutors and other nations were only trying to defend themselves against these evil cunts.
        Some of them for sure are great folk, but its best to go on the assumption that none are to be trusted, for they all follow the manipulations of their evil leaders.

        1. Trolls that aren’t even people with meatspace. Mere virtualized propaganda-automatons running scripts.

        2. Right, we must all sit together and sing Kumby-Ya and not believe what we see with our own eyes.
          Thanks Rabbi!

      2. Before the Iraq war there were several countries that had their own resources, and their own banks.
        Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, Iran, Libya, Swiss, Syria. I think there was one other?
        Now, Libya’s oil and banking system are “trading with the world.” So is Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and the Swiss are refusing to take American money for fear our government will use any and all excuses to look at their bank rolls.
        So, if anyone thinks we will not go after North Korea or Iran, don’t keep holding your breath. More of our American males will go die in these countries too.
        The rest of the world seems full of cowards.

        1. They’re just shit scared that one day they will be hunted down for their crimes against God and the human race. Not that they are a semitic people, they lie so much, but the biggest so-called anti-semite is…

      1. I think it’s Jared the wannabe Jew slayer
        Blames his sub-40 IQ on mysterious Jews instead of his parents being siblings

        1. Paranoia.
          The posters are all other people you braindead morons. So much for you guys allegedly being intelligent.
          You on the other hand are government trolls, Lucas especially.
          I’m sorry that you feel so threatened by your history of murder that you have paranoid delusions to see me everywhere.

      2. Khazars in want to control the poppy supply in Afghanistan and in the case of Ukraine seem to want to occupy the nation as a new colony.

        1. The drugs in Afghanistan are used to create further degeneracy in the west, as they run the drugs trade.

      3. You killed 100 million in Russia from Marxism alone, where almost all leaders were of your ilk.
        That’s just for starters.
        In fact, you guys were kicked out of 130 countries since 240 AD for perverting those places, including having Jesus murdered. Both Jesus and Muhammad blamed you for all sorts of evil.
        Then there’s the BC days when so many called you out for having become apostate and turning to evil.
        Aaron Russo was a great one of your kind. But you posters here are total scum, as are a significant percentage of your leadership.
        Now you’re murdering Palestinians and erasing whites through mass immigration and social programs. Do you piss yourself cold at nights wondering when the consequences of so much murder are going to catch up with you.

        1. In fairness, centuries of misdeeds have yet to truly catch up to them. Evidently Lucifer protects his children, at least while they are alive.

    2. Check out a book called The Myth of German Villainy. That redpilled me on the subject, and it’s free of any supremacism. It was such a shock that it was the first and only time I ever cried reading a book.

      1. Yes, then Isaac loses his cool and Lucas ‘the troll’ starts seeing me everywhere when so many others share the same view. Lucas needs to be sent to a mental asylum for his paranoid delusions.

      2. Considering how Jews, (I am talking about Israel, not the liberal Americanized ones), are criticized by basically everyone except a few right-wing websites, I think your thinking is backwards.

        1. So obvious that only a blind man can’t see it.
          All one has to do is watch mainstream media reports on Israel to know that anyone who swears Jews are the source of all our problems is simply a hop skip away from being a Neo Nazi. And as such, deserves no respect toward their opinion what so ever.

        2. Oh, George Soros gave 33 million to the Ferguson Protestors so they could burn down another American city. This is stark, right out in your face jewish/Marxist agitation and White genocide. Whites will again flee

      3. You’re not allowed to criticise feminists and blacks, probably more so than Jews.

    3. Marlon Brando did a thing on this in the 70s I believe – Jews run Hollywood.

  8. Last time I was in my home state of Texas I would often meet these gung ho full blown patriotic types. Usually genuinely good guys who obviously had been taught the things our gandfathers or great grandfathers would have told us about America being great. It’s always kind of hard to have to tell these guys that the America that you are fighting for and believing in no longer exists.

      1. That war was pretty bullshit too. I would choose living in Nazi Germany over living in any Western country in the current sociopolitical climate. At the very least post-Weimar Germany was built on a foundation of traditional values and principles and fundamentally opposed to all forms of degeneracy spawned by Bolshevism. There was no LGBT acceptance, multiculturalism or feminism in Hitler’s Germany. Besides, what other army in history has had wickedly stylish uniforms designed by Hugo Boss?

        1. They also threw into to prison (or executed) anyone who disagreed with “eliminating” the mentally enfeeble and spoke against it. Nazi Germany was not conservative. It was not a maintenance of genuine tradition. It was a radical attempt to build a perfect world. Not an internationalist world, but an “Aryan” perfect world. And it certainly wasn’t Christian, despite its expropriations. It promoted not marriage, but fornication among its elite in order to increase the number of children to be raised by the state and owned by the state. It was a wicked, murderous regime and not an alternative to Bolshevism. Now we fight the same serpent in a soft liberal form. But the Left is the Left, in whatever form it takes.

        2. “I would choose living in Nazi Germany over living in any Western country in the current sociopolitical climate”
          No, you wouldn’t. Not even the Germans really wanted to do that.

        3. Hugo Boss styled the black SS uniforms which I believe were phased out by 1940. The Waffen SS field uniforms came from the same factories as the Heer ones, AFAIK (but I am prepared to be wrong).

        4. Well said. It wasn’t a pussified joke of a country, however, which is much in contrast with what we have with a president who hates everything about our country, a corrupt former Sec. of State whose every foreigner’s bitch, and a current SoS who made a name for himself badmouthing his country’s military. But nothing to emulate, as you say. It had its own pathologies.

  9. It’s the truth. Freedom of speech today means: you can say what is PC. If there was truly freedom of speech you should be able to speak against gay marriages, pro traditional gender roles etc. Yes you CAN do that, without being imprisoned, BUT, you will most likely lose your job, and every future job. A SJW mentions you as a misogynist on her block, and you might be done for life, thanks to Google. That is, in reality, every bit as effective as any Stasi or Gestapo secret police could ever be. Perhaps even more !
    Speak against the homos = being homeless for life ? I think that is pretty Gestapo.

    1. Vox Day Today:
      “The wrath of the enemy is not to be feared. They hate us for simply existing and living as free men. And that gives any man, any woman, with the courage to stand up to them complete carte blanche.”

  10. Outstanding commentary. I too, am gravely concerned at the unwarranted aggression towards Russia, the exhaustion of the military, and overall decline of the West. However, I’m quite optimistic that Putin could liberate America from the Socialists, Feminists, Sex-Positivists, and Homosexuals.
    You see, we know what Putin is, a hardened KGB officer who is defending Russia as a nation, people, and culture. Whether he planned it or not, he’s stumbled upon something that has given reason and purpose to Russia to help them survive and thrive; Orthodox Christianity and Russian Nationalism. These are two very powerful forces and helping to create a new narrative for Putin’s Russia; One of the last bastions of a traditional Christian Civilization fighting against the Decadent, degenerate, homosexual West.
    I see this will be the new paradigm with much of Asia, Africa, and the Muslim world joining in on this paradigm of “Traditional Nations” vs. the post-modern degenerate West. Are there other dynamics(economic, military, et al.) going on? Sure, but this is the trend that I see playing out. Even Europe, faced with a pincer movement from Socialism and Islam is becoming Nationalist. The Golden Dawn in Greece will not be a isolated movement and will move into Russia’s orbit-on a economic and cultural basis.
    Where I see Putin helping is by attacking NATO very soon. I’m quite confident he could shatter NATO and severely undermine the political and economic power of the pro-Feminist, pro-Homosexual ruling elites. How? The weak link in all of this is Obama. Ask yourself this; if Obama were faced with the possibility of a real war. One where the opponent was well armed, trained, and motivated and very capable of inflicting serious casualties. In essence a real shooting war, not merely bombing some goatshaggers from 5000 feet, how do you think Obama would respond? Seriously think about if he would have anything to do with a real shooting war with a nuclear armed opponent like Russia?
    I can’t see Obama doing anything. Seriously.
    From what I’ve seen, Obama would balk and retreat from that possibility. Without the MSM and political establishment at his back, Obama is a rank coward and hugely risk averse. Making those sorts of rapid, high risk decisions would overwhelm him and not even Valerie Jarrett could save him. [Edit: Remember how gung ho Obama was to go and bomb Syria? Remember how Americans of all political persuasions overwhelmingly expressed how much they were against it? Remember how quickly Obama backed down from attacking Syria directly?] So, now ask yourselves what the consequences of Obama failing to order the US to back NATO against a Russian attack? The[re] would be huge political and economic upheavals. NATO would have been shattered, and along with it any ability of the ruling Elites to command the West.. That’s the sort of thing which would have an avalanche of consequences. Obama would have to be removed, most likely in a military coup, the political establishment of the US and its allies would also be broken. In essence, Obama’s equivocation against Putin would initiate a collapse of the West. Along with that would be the hold that Feminists, Sex-Positivists, and Homosexuals have upon the West. So Putin really could be the savior of the West by confronting the current status quo. Does that mean the West won’t suffer? Of course not, but I suspect there are more than enough proper, patriotic Americans who are materially, mentally, and spiritually better equipped to rebuild America than the current lot of degenerates misruling it.
    At least that’s my hope.

    1. It’s a nice hope but not going to happen.
      I’m pro Putin and think he is the greatest nationalist leader of the last 50 years. But he’s not stupid. Despite all the pressure of NATO and the West, boxing Russia in on all sides, Putin would NEVER pre-emptively strike NATO. He and Lavrov will continue with diplomacy until the bombs start flying toward them. They really have no other choice.
      As powerful as Russia is, they cannot defeat the combined forces of NATO. They could certainly fight back and launch nukes as a last resort, but then everyone is destroyed.
      Russia’s only hope is to continue with diplomacy and building ties with China and other nations. The only time to fight is if the West pulls another Georgia – and sicks one of their lesser puppets against Russian troops. Like in 2008, Russia can quickly decimate any such opponent in a few days, dissuading the rest of the West from jumping in. Of course NATO learned their lesson from 2008 and next time might sick multiple Baltic state puppets after Russian, under threat of NATO retaliation. That is the worst-case scenario and the end game, as far as I see it, would be mutual destruction.
      The stakes are higher than they’ve ever been at this juncture in world history. We can only hope that the Elites are not completely and utterly insane.

      1. “As powerful as Russia is, they cannot defeat the combined forces of
        NATO. They could certainly fight back and launch nukes as a last resort, but then everyone is destroyed.”
        Yes, they can. In fact it is the other way around, USA (even with the “help” of NATO) can’t defeat Russia in Europe, especially not in Eastern Europe, even more so right on Russia’s borders. On the other, prophecy seems to indicate Russia will advance as far the Persian Gulf and the borders of Israel before mutual nuclear destruction.

        1. On an initial surface analysis, you are correct. Right NOW, the US and Europe could not defeat Russia in a conventional war.
          However, if the game was truly on, it would set off a row of dominos. We would be in all-out, total war. The stakes would be too high to treat the situation any differently. And in a total war, the combined assets of all countries would immediately be mobilized. The entire industrial base turned to war, with millions of new recruits drafted.
          Just look how fast America transformed its military between 1939 and 1945. Now imagine that multiplied many fold due to modern technology. In addition, the *starting point* for the US is that it already has the #1 military.
          In a TOTAL WAR scenario, Russia cannot win:
          Russia: 1 nuclear power, 175 million people
          West: 3 nuclear powers, 1.07 billion people
          The West would quickly outmatch Russia with men and machines. It’s basic math. Over a few years, they would eventually invade the motherland. I think this is what the crazy NeoCons are banking on.
          Once Russia was invaded, if it got that far, the conflict would likely go nuclear. The insane NeoCons actually think that we could launch a successful first strike. Just read their academic papers. That’s how crazy they are!!
          Hopefully it doesn’t come to that and the West blinks some time soon and just backs down from this reckless project. Sadly, we don’t see any such signs yet.

        2. “Just look how fast America transformed its military between 1939 and 1945. Now imagine that multiplied many fold due to modern technology. In addition, the *starting point* for the US is that it already has the #1 military.
          “In a TOTAL WAR scenario, Russia cannot win:
          “Russia: 1 nuclear power, 175 million people
          “West: 3 nuclear powers, 1.07 billion people”
          The America of 1939-1945 is long dead and gone. There is no manufacturing base to switch over to war production. Detroit, “the arsenal of democracy,” is a freaking ruin, it looks worse than the German and Japanese cities did after being bombed into the ground while LOSING WWII. The US population is highly unfit to fight ( ), unwillingly to fight, and those most able to fight (Christians/conservatives) are going to be those most likely to resist/refuse to fight a Russia that many consider the leader of the real Free World.
          NATO allies, including the “nuclear powers” (France and UK), will be as useful as the minor Axis allies were in WWII.
          You completely ignore that China is highly unlikely to not side with Russia. They’d be able to field army large enough to fulfill prophecy ( ) considering they have a population of over 1 billion with an economy that actually produces things, all the things that the USA does nothing but buy with debt (that it can never repay, which is why Russia/China have been converting those dollars for gold and other hard assets as quickly as possible.)
          The EU falls, Taiwan falls, South Korea falls, and the Russians and Chinese move into the Persian Gulf. The USA at that point doesn’t even need to be invaded, it begins breaking down and breaking apart just from being cut off from oil, imports, and credit.
          Therefore, no the USA/NATO can’t win a war against Russia, the best they could do would be MAD by launching all the nukes.

        3. Keep on drinkin or snortin coke because no weed is good enough to create the delusions supported by the US MSM.

        4. How much of our military production is outsourced to other countries? Circuit boards? Uniforms?
          A disruption to our sea lanes and trade would break us quick.
          Chinese circuit boards in our MBTs? Cruise missiles?
          Hmm. This isn’t 1941. Shit we barely have any factories left.

      2. Russia would accomplish much more by helping to wean the world from the dollar as reserve currency. Western nations in general are paper economic tigers. Why resort to force except as a defensive measure? Obama has already done all he can to bankrupt the U.S. (further) with his bizarre foreign “policy.”

  11. Best thing to do at this points save money and resources. When the decline accelerates, get to a small country where they do not participate in useless wars or ridiculous politics with SJW’s and hunker down. Switzerland, Costa Rica, etc. Play tight, and let the simps destroy each other.

    1. and pick a country with a reasonably low cost of living so your war chest can last decades if necessary

    2. “save money and resources”
      And learn how to distill alcohol.
      A bottle of liquor could be worth more than gold in a fallen economy.

      1. Good idea. I’ll be taking orders after short learning curve …. Hello, Mr. Popularity.

  12. Excellent article man – I’m a US Army infantryman and I shared this today. It’s spreading like wildfire on my base. You’re spot on, no one disagrees. I get out in about one month and I’ll never look back. Any redpilled man who willingly joins this army is cucking himself.

    1. Not so fast, brother. Do we really want a military full of blacks and browns? I think not, in fact I rationalize my choice with the fact that I got some good training out of it.

      1. That’s what the commander and chief wants. When they turn their guns on us it will not be pretty for them (They cant shoot for shit).

      2. If they want to make a physical war on white men, bring it on. I’m not afraid. Especially since combat arms is almost entirely white and male. We’re the ones with the edge in that fight, and if you look who owns the vast majority of weapons in the US, we have that edge too. They will lose.

        1. I laugh at the idiots in the media, and at the universitry who claim that white males hid behind black soldiers.
          It is not true. Before Vietnam, 97%+ war dead were white males. The rest black or Latino.
          Since then, 85% of the war dead have been white males> Give or take. Most of the rest were minority men, and a few women.
          In all branches of the service, minority men overwhlemingly make up the supply divisions. Asian and white men, mostly white, make up the divisions that keep ships, tanks, and aircraft up and fighting. Only 15% of the infantry that constitute boots on the ground who die are minority. At most 20%. But they make up the majority of those advanced. Out processed for disciplinary issues.
          When white men wake up, and I am no white supremacist, I strongly feel that many minorities are not going to appreciate this country as much as they claim. They hate it now. And white men are actually dying in their neighborhoods as cops defending them from themselves. Most of the educators. Medical staff. And the like. Electricians, plumbers, scientists, whatever.
          Without white males, this country not only shuts down. It starves, and gets anally violated by any third world country that could make it here.
          It is a statistical fact. If a white guy is not doing the high end project manager, or doctor job, it is a dude from India or Asia.
          I don’t fear minorities. Not now, nor in 2050. They don’t want it. They are only here because we have CASH. When that is gone, they will be gone.
          I can’t wait to hear Mexico accuse us of not keeping our “citizens” from crossing back over their border.

        2. I was in an Airborne Infantry unit. The support staff in HHC had a black soldiers. The line companies were predominately white. We had a lot of Samoans and Navahos.

        3. There are good black americans, i am one but we were born here and we pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and dont blame whitey, ill admit were rare but make no mistake they hate us more than you because we’re proof they are Godamn liars

      3. Yes we do. Because blacks and browns are incompetent combat soldiers in Asymmetric warfare.

    2. You, and all servicemen, swore an oath to fight the “domestic” enemies of the CONSTITUTION, and yet the politicians and other bureaucrats haven’t taken a single casualty yet, why?

      1. Especially since they seem to be wiping their ass with the document.
        It is my understanding a purge of high ranking officers have been taking place over the past several years by the administration.

      2. TBH, I don’t really believe in the Constitution, it never has worked. Alien sedition acts, slavery – the entire history of the nation is a witness to the failure of the Constitution. We need a powerful right wing dictator, like a King, to get behind.

        1. Think that one through some more, Rokwing. Reliance on dictators is like holding a tiger by the tail. You may like his first five moves against the hated Farnuthians and his abolition of the female swim suit but what are the odds of having your guy stay in lock step with your dream agenda? What if The Agenda morphs into His Agenda? Then what? These are not abstract concerns.
          And do you demand a divorce from your wife just because she doesn’t make the bed in the morning? Demanding perfection in humans and society is a leftist failing.
          And, FYI, the Constitution worked great until the Supreme Court trashed it in favor of the wise leader(s). So, we don’t have the Constitution any more in all the important areas. Freedom’s what the elites decide to allow us to have, so you actually have what you want, except it’s left wing. Besides, a “right-wing” dictatorship is a contradiction in terms. Resort to dictatorship is a left-wing obsession.

        2. Agreed, whether a strong dictator or king they die soon enough society is thrown into chaos from the resulting power vacuum.

        3. Democracy only makes the people your dictator, and as we all know by now, being in the hands of folks like Americans is a recipe for disaster. They install charlatan after charlatan in power to loot and berate the successful on their own behalf. Fascist Dictatorship or traditionalist monarchy works, and if it doesn’t, it’s because virulent outside sources assault it. The agenda of the mob is much more dreadful and prone to drastic negative change than the wholesome agenda of say, Franco or Admiral Hoarthy of Hungary. No human will be perfect, but the mob is proven ESPECIALLY imperfect. We might not get a perfect dictator, there was never a perfect man, but that’s why we need to rally behind a Marcus Aurelius type man. The Constitution hasn’t worked since day 1, it’s a libertarian wetdream. The idea of a Constitution wreaks of leftist foolishness. There is no inherent power in a document, it cannot enforce anything. No one is inspired to obey a piece of paper. Give me a man like Mussolini or King Richard the Lionheart who can inspire an entire nation to make war on evil. A good king projects power and commands respect like a useless rag called a “Constitution” never could. I don’t want what we call freedom anymore. People just use it to be degenerates. No, what is needed now is a boot to press on the necks of our enemies until they obey. American liberty is a total failure. It’s time to stop demanding liberty when our enemies demand a leftist dictatorship of sorts. They are taking the fight to us while we clamor for some neutral position where we can all more or less get along, but libertarianism is just as much a utopian fantasy as communism or SJWism.
          “The absolute ruler may be a Nero, but he is sometimes Titus or Marcus Aurelius; the people is often Nero, and never Marcus Aurelius.” – Antoine de Rivarol

        4. Also, compare a defacto dictator like Putin to men like Bush and Obama. Putin wins by a long shot.

        5. Sometimes the absolute ruler is a Stalin, though. Has the people ever been Stalin? (not being rhetorical here)

        6. The people of Russia overthrew the dictatorial Czar for the horrific Lenin and then Stalin. Ripped their country to shreds. Side with the Traditionalist dictator every time, and stamp out leftist thought ruthlessly, or else the cancer will spread and kill everyone. Spain was very like to have men like Franco around to put the animals down before it was too late.

        7. Did the people *choose* Lenin, though, or was he just the guy at the right time and place with the right resources? Certainly the people didn’t *choose* Stalin, he just inherited. Right?

        8. It is easy to put this down to a Nazi rant, but the fact is, he is right. Since Roman times we have been warned about the excesses of a multicultural democracy from Cicero forward to the founding fathers.
          Now we are paying the piper in blood.
          We have not revoluted against this Evil, giving it strength and confidence. Now we find that the hordes of the 3rd world flood in, replacing Whites permanently. It is both Cultural and physical genocide.
          White Homeland! Northwest Front!

      1. France is just as degenerate and corrupt as the US, if not more so. Why fight for France for much less pay?

        1. All true, but at least you’ll come back learning a language – and be eligible for another passport.

        2. Outside of Paris, the true French people are much like true Americans. And why not? We came from the same stock. The same history. The same tongues. The same religion. They hate the NWO as much as we do, but after the slaughter of WWI/WWII they had little say in the matter. I’ve been to the little villages. I drank deeply of their wine and loved their women. I know this for a fact because I lived it.

  13. I would NEVER enlist under obama’s military. There’s nothing but homos, atheists and muslims in there now, with everyone else being pushed down the ladder of promotion especially if they don’t subscribe to leftist ideals.
    The military i trained in is far different from the one i see now.

  14. Awww, but if the Russians turn France into debris, how will I take my pic in front of the Eiffel Tower in my spandex doing a yoga baby dancer pose for my Tinder profile? Douchebag! Awkward! Creeper! Douchebag! Awkward! Creeper!

  15. *CLAP* *CLAP* *CLAP*
    This is, by no exaggeration, the best ReturnOfKings article that’s been published to date.
    Thank you for your well-written, excellent commentary. Thank you for your service, and thank you for your realism.
    I sincerely hope to see more articles from you in the future.

    1. It’s a very good article; however, I don’t thank you or anyone for serving the banksters and government classes by killing brownies and blowing things up in foreign countries with thousands of dollars of my tax money. It’s a pet peeve of mine that people automatically respond to anything military with “oh thank you for your service”. I thank you for waking up and for hopefully spreading the word to others that “serving” this empire is not anything men should be doing.
      And one minor quibble: Unless you were alive in 1812 you weren’t “defending your country” against anything.
      A question to you and anyone else in military: How many others feel this way? I have to think that after 15 years of Afghanistan, the soliders have to realize it’s all bullshit. Between the endless wars and the corrupt society back home, how many do wake up and question what the hell they are doing?

  16. I really don’t understand how it’s gotten to this point where people fight for tranny rights. How sick of a nation do you have to be where tranny and gay rights is a constant issue discussed by the government ?
    While other countries are focusing on their economy and the welfare of their citizens, in America you see people getting mad at the governor of Indiana for allowing private businesses to discriminate against homos

      1. Actually that Law isn’t even true it’s made up propaganda from the U.S. media to make them look bad.

    1. Well democracy is majority rule. Subvert the process of democracy by yielding to minority interests and pollute the majority by propaganda.
      Yeah, leftists outside of Indiana are going batshit crazy. People voted for their representatives, who wrote a bill, pass the house and senate by a wide majority and the governor signed it. That is the democratic process working. Representative democracy. So, the forums are flooded with interest groups trolling (paid trolls) to call for Subaru to pull out of Indiana, Companies to stop selling products or cease business venture in Indiana. A few people in administrative areas of state government are getting email calling them assholes, “Christian Extremists” haters, threatening violence. These coming from disenfranchised “minorities” who feel “threatened” and yet preach “tolerance.” The vitriolic hatred they claim comes from their opponents is spewed upon them. They are the useful idiots of the left and as destructive as extremist on the right. It is all about creating division and chaos.
      Most haven’t read the actual law. Even though that law is extremely similar to other laws, crafted by democrats it seems to be more about rallying the fucking mindless drones of the left to circumvent the democratic process and demonize the Governor. Most haven’t read the law.
      Apple comes out with a statement by Tim Cook (gay) against the Indiana Law. Meanwhile, Apple off-shores labor to China, a communist state and capital to Ireland, to avoid corporate taxes. Possibly doing more harm to employable gay people in the tech industry. Foxconn employees had a net around the building to keep people from committing suicide. Apple says they are a contractor and basically not responsible. Nothing. They play a “holier than thou” card as their corporate culture erodes any semblance of values that could be positive to our Country.
      Any corporation making a statement about social issues is a joke with you consider their business practices. The CEO of GM was recently named a leader in the industry. Ignition failures and deaths? Great Leader. Female? Here is an award for being an incompetent CEO and Female. Women are being taught she is a role Model? Really? Do they want those type of people as role models?
      It seems the common denominator of all these social justice campaigns has one source. It comes from a group of people who have self-appointed themselves the defenders of social justice. Anything but. Their own culture and religion forbids many of the things they advocate. They are hypocrites. Their country has NO written constitution, it isn’t a democracy. They have racial classifications on their ID cards, they build a wall around a minority and the government fully endorses removing African immigrants and consider them sub-human. I don’t hate them, I pity them for being held in a mental prison by a small group of their leaders to support a barbaric system of ethics that is 2K years too old. They are putting their own people at risk as well as others. I would only recommend reading some revisionist history with an open mind rather than to accept the years of cultural programming and propaganda. I would also read Gilad Atzmon, who I admire. Form your own conclusions. What may be best for them isn’t best for me or people like me, and even my fellow black countrymen. I wish them success, but tempered with logic and not at my expense. They will ultimately burn through any sympathy gained and be the authors of their own destruction.

      1. Democracy is tyranny of the majority, or more simply, two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner. Liberty is a well armed sheep contesting the vote.
        This country was never intended to be a democracy. From its inception it was to be a representative republic.
        IIRC, the Pledge of Allegiance most of us were required to recite every day in school says nothing about democracy, and that statue in NY Harbor isn’t called the Statue of Democracy. Is it?

        1. The Pledge of Allegiance is an Orwellian statement of fealty written by a socialist and adopted by the government in order to pump up support for its warmongering in 1942. No other nation has a pledge of allegiance. I’m not even sure the Nazis had one. It’s sick indoctrination to the state. Even if this country had its shit together and was a positive, moral, peaceful place, I wouldn’t pledge an oath to it or its flag symbol.

    2. I really don’t know. I had a serious talk with a buddy of mine about how much that issue disgusts me and he truly feels that it’s a normal and reasonable thing to be a tranny. I just don’t get it. I mean even if you feel that way, just let it be, but don’t advocate for social justice and more rights and new laws for these freaks, just let them do their thing and mutilate their privates.
      I’m more tolerant of the gay issue. I mean I understand some percentage of animals, including humans, are naturally gay, and whatever, that just leaves more females for me. But tranny? Like Roosh said.. there is evidence for homos in nature, but no animal gnaws off its penis so it can become a woman.
      I still can’t get over the fact that facebook gives you 50 gender options. Fifty.

  17. It is a depressing moment when you realize that the country that you were brought to believe in as a beacon of hope and freedom is actually the world’s largest exporter of filth and degeneracy.

      1. western civilization trumps wet pussy. The problem is the only people who’ve tried to defend it recent times were leo-straussian neo-cons who turned out to be manipulating us into into wars in the middle east.

      2. I submit that the state of fertile-aged females is an accurate pulse of the values of a society / culture. A society that encourages its young women to destroy themselves is a symptom of much deeper rot within that said society.

    1. Thank goodness I purposely don’t buy Meghan Trainor’s music and this is because of DISGUST.

        1. It’s still a blizzard of feminist lunacy out there, Mr. Thomas. It’s easy to miss the occasional bit of fun. 🙂
          I’ve seen some Swedish feminist stuff celebrating, um, bodily functions that makes me want to go sit on a stone pillar in the desert. Immediately. If I set out to write something funny I couldn’t top that in a hundred years.

    2. I wouldn’t raise a rifle against Russia, especially not on behalf of Americans like Trainor or the endless sea of gays, feminists and other assorted liberal degenerates.

    3. Remember how to stop this female destructiveness:
      Give it NO attention. Shut it off fast and hard.
      NO attention. Ignore them and they wither quick.
      Who could act so ugly and not realize it??? Only Hollywood

    4. I could fucking leak tears comparing those two examples.
      What the fuck happened?

        1. Australian of the year… Husband was fighting for custody of his child, in the end he killed his son to get back at his ex so she wins Australian of the year… This shit happens all the time! Its wrong but family courts push fathers to their limits after they lose their home, car, money and children where they have to pay their pyscho ex payments for the next 18 years of their life!

        2. Agreed. She was my first introduction into the feminazi BS.
          She took Lee Marvin to the cleaners.
          The NSN being what it is, I was never sure of the facts in that case.

        1. What’s so funny is if a typical, average American woman simply got into shape she’d be vastly more attractive, raise her own SMV way up, waaaay up. And they almost never do. If regular US chick got into shape she could attract what are to women more attractive men…and they don’t bother with it.
          Which tells us what? America is a bitch’s paradise. They have way too much power now even for their own good.

        2. i maintain that american women were the most beautiful in the world as recently as the 1980s.

        3. Only drug addled skanks did porn back then. I wasn’t like today. The 80s were an aberration, it wasn’t the Free Love 70s and it wasn’t the bi-porno 90s. It was just great.

        4. 80s porn! I felt like I was the only one. Maybe because I look at it when I’m alone.
          90s porn is also plastic, the chicks often look the same, it has no soul, I hate it, as does my dick.
          70s porn is hairy, sometimes poorly lit with awful music and a lot of less-than-attractive individuals. You can almost smell it when viewing, so I don’t.

        5. 50’s and 60’s porn was sweet. Literally, “girl next door” with top loose, while “hardcore” was suppressed pretty effectively.

    5. Glad I saw the Russian women second. An American future wife seems incredulous from start to end.

    6. LOL, you must have a very sad life, if US culture is nothing more than some stupid pop song, for reference here some “CULTURE” from your beloved Russia:

        1. It took me 45 seconds to figure out that music was “English”. Notice how it is always the USA corrupting other cultures and never the other way around? That said, twerking may be slutty, but that video puts Miley Cyrus to shame.

        2. 45 seconds to figure out “rack city bitch” was english? Ha, yeah you are absolutely right. The USA’s chief export is cultural marxism and obseity. I don’t fault Russia one bit for stoking nationalism at home to keep the fat acceptance/gay acceptance shit out. But we already got them on the twerking.

    7. I need to know how to … treat you like a lady?
      Right. But you don’t really need to know how to be one, do you?

    8. I have been telling men for years to always keep something white to hang out the window.

    9. i checked the vid on youtube… this comment sums up her songs

      So, her hit songs:
      1) All About That Bass – shames thin women and says men are only attracted to curves and that is the only way Megan can feel validated.
      2) Lips Are Moving – if a guy speaks, he’s lying.
      3) Dear Future Husband – if a man tries to make you a fancy dinner, is not extremely strong, or attempts to do something romantic and fucks up then he is a failure of a man and should be rejected.”

    10. ha…an ex of mine who i was once seriously considering marrying posted that “dear future husband” video on facebook last week. i think i literally know what it feels like to dodge a bullet now.

    11. Disguise as poppy and clean cut as an anti Miley cirus , good for our kids . Fuck that that Jew bitch

    12. “Unfortunately, this video is not available in your country because it could contain music, for which we could not agree on conditions of use with GEMA.”
      Now, that’s culture. The crappy Denglish translation is free, though (I think).

  18. I wont fight for any society in which I am considered a joke or an oppressor or the officially designated class enemy. In fact i will consider myself its foe.

  19. I have a son in the Naval Academy and a son in the Air Force Academy. I raised them in the tradition of American excellence. They are teenage throwbacks to a better age.This article breaks my heart , as it rings so true. I fear my sons go to serve the progressive left.

    1. You raised your sons right. So kudos for that.
      It’s just that the master they currently serve is corrupt to the bone. Tell them to re-enlist when the republic is properly restored.

  20. wow, great read. the end paragraph greatly reminded me of atlas shrugged. but you are a real person. whereas john galt is not.

  21. “Our children are being bullied and raped by gangs of immigrants on a scale one would normally only see following a catastrophic defeat in war”. How did Simon Wolfe’s family get to North America.Did it sprout from the soil? This guy would have killed civilians abroad and talking crap here. He is mentally ill.

    1. Look up countless towns in England and their institutional cover ups, you ignorant cunt

  22. First of all Russia’s actions in the Ukraine have been quite awful within the past year. Putin and his ilk have basically invaded another country while putting a kick me sign on the West’s ass. I don’t consider them the last great Christian nation with 75 years of the atheist and totalitarian Soviet Empire under its belt. I pause in giving the same accolades.
    Secondly, the article is spot on. Fuck yea.
    Russia cannot be conquered. See Polish, Swedish, French, German, and Japanese history for further details.
    Persia has been conquered. Multiple times. Usually it just makes a huge mess of things.

    1. Has Russia done anything more than the US has done on numerous occasions? The EU tries to coerce Ukraine into its ranks using subterfuge and who knows what other underhand methods and Russia wants to defend its borders. What’s the problem? Quite reasonable in my view.

      1. So because “otherpeoplehavedoneit” its reasonable. There is nothing reasonable about it. Russia isnt defending its borders, its expanding them. See Georgia for further details.

        1. What’s the best form of defence? Offence. Maybe you should read more about military conflict.
          And what about Georgia? A satellite state that was bedevilled by insurrection. What influence did the US or NATO have in promoting that conflict?
          I am not defending Russians actions, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction….shit happens when you party naked….

        2. I have read more about military conflict. The books i read mention this “offense” you speak of was invasion for the purposes of expanding ones territory. Sounds like you are confusing an “offensive” war with “territorial expansion”.
          Russia historically divided the peoples of its nation by either deporation or pitting one vs the other. Thats what Georgia was about. Also see Armenia vs Azeri, Ossetia vs Inguesh, Polish revolts, Finland revolts, the Jewish Autonomous Republic, Holodomor, etc.
          Sounds like to me you are not defending Russia’s actions but simply apologizing for them. And you seem to project your ignorance of history.

        3. Ignorance of history? I have read quite extensively about both World Wars and many generals on both sides in each conflict, Rommell, Guderian, Patton, MacArthur, etc.
          I am not apologizing for Russia, they can manage their own publicity.
          I take it you’re from the “Putin as Hitler” sjw brigade?

        4. Yes ignorance of history. Last time i checked Russian history didnt begin with the two world wars.
          How about the False Dimitri’s? Ivan the Terrible? the many wars with the Ottoman Empire? Catherine the Great? Muscovy? The Mongol invasions? the Crimean War?
          I take it your from the blue pill white night ad-hominem brigade.

        5. No i do not. However i will say it again as a response. You are a part of the blue pill white knight ad-hominem brigade.
          Read up on actual Russian history btw. WWI and WWII doesnt cut it in this discussion.

        6. No i do not. However with your ad-hominem discussions i beg to differ about your beliefs of blue pill white knight dogma.
          Read up on “Russian History before WWII”. your persistent focus on Hitler is proof enough you haven’t.

        7. So we have established you don’t think Putin is Hitler. Well done.
          As regards your statement on my affiliations, think what you like. I don’t need your validation.

        8. Sure. But remain ignorant of history at your own peril. Its odd you feel the need to ask about a comparison with Hitler. Why not Napoleon? Don Juan? or maybe Michael VII Paleologus?

        9. I admit I haven’t read much about the history of Russia before WWI.
          I have however read Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy. Ill catch up on the history lesson.

        10. Hitler is usually a sign of Godwins law. I find any comparison to him as a way to destroy a discussion. When Putin either starts deporting jews to death camps (Hitler) or deporting/starving full ethnic groups (Stalin) then a modern day comparison can be made. I fault Putin for invading Ukraine with no justificiation but i fault the West for being a bunch of Neville Chamberlain pussies about dealing with the world as it is. There is a more a propos WWII comparison.

        11. I was not trying to destroy the discussion. As I mentioned already the msm and western politicians have been liberally using the association with Hitler. I find it is a lazy comparison.

    2. “First of all Russia’s actions in the Ukraine have been quite awful
      within the past year. Putin and his ilk have basically invaded another
      country while putting a kick me sign on the West’s ass.”

      Once you violently topple the legal democratic government with US backed Nazis, you can’t blame Russian ethnic regions in the nation (perhaps soon to be known as “the general area formerly known as the Ukraine” ala Yugoslavia) for wanting to break free and join Russia, nor Russia for accepting them.

  23. There is actually something that I want to say, on further contemplation.
    I haven’t served but there is a military tradition in my family that stretches, I’m told, all the way back to the American Revolution. Both of my grandfathers, and all of their siblings, fought with distinction in World War II.
    My paternal grandfather was a veteran of Leyte Gulf and had his carrier sunk by a Kamikaze. He was stuck at sea for three days in shark infested waters before being rescued. If you look up his ship (the USS St. Lo), you will see his name on the roll call of survivors.
    My grandfather and his generation fought for a distinct cause. There was a clear contrast between their country and those that they were fighting. They were, in their minds, unquestionably on the right side, knew it, and were willing to do whatever it took, because they truly believed that it was the right thing to do. While not all of the veterans may have been able to get rich after the war, they knew that they could expect to return to a country that was worth fighting for, that there was a stable life and a good woman awaiting them. Their country and its people would reward them for their service. There was a reason for being, a higher calling and a just reward. THERE WAS A REASON FOR HIM TO SURVIVE.
    While I don’t doubt that the valor of the guys that serve now is just as great as it was in my grandfather’s time, I can’t help but wonder if that same passion has been lost. What is the reason for serving? Who’s the real enemy? What is the reward for service and survival?
    Is it to be told you’re an oppressor for being white? An oppressor for being male? An oppressor for being straight? Is it to find the prospects waiting for you back home hapless jobs with a stagnant income, perpetual debt slavery, and no room for advancement, the prospect of earning a living nil? Is it to find ungrateful harpies and fatties who are incentivized to take your children and whatever scrap of a fortune you’ve managed to accrue? Is it to be told that homosexuality and transgenderism is your country’s raison d’etre? Is it to watch the celebration of your people and culture getting replaced? Is it mindless, degenerate narcissistic hedonism and consumerism?
    And, worst of all, is it to have your life ruined by insects on social media for daring to dissent from this noxious, stifling PC culture?
    My mother (who was a hippy in the 60’s and the trends are getting too much even for her) basically just said it to me in a few words: “everything is either fat or gay.”
    And, though I can’t claim to know for sure, I DON’T think that is worth fighting for.

    1. Good question. Allow me an attempt to answer:
      Unlike your grandfathers time, we now have a volunteer military. Ask yourself, who is the kind of person who volunteers to fight a war that a good part of their fellow citizens think is bullshit? The answer is, basically, psychpaths and adventurers. Of the marines I was with, easily half would do another deployment if given the chance (alas, there is a mandatory recuperation period stateside). When asked why they joined, most guys simply answered; “to kill people.” Some were just blustering I’m sure, but some were most sincere, god bless their hearts.
      I myself am not a psychopath, I just wanted to experience war. Let me assure you, the thrill of battle does not leave memory anytime soon. The psychopaths and adventurers of our people are the best hope we have.

      1. Also don’t forget the legions of poor, uneducated hicks and ghetto rats who join up. Most of them are in their late teens, early twenties. Dumb as fuck (sorry) and they just don’t know any better.

        1. It’s true. I’m in my early thirties and I am amazed how fucking dumb I was even 4 years ago.
          But it’s not entirely the young ones fault. They don’t know better because nobody has told them what they need to know. If not for the internet, my life would still be aimless and useless. Sadly most people don’t even have the interest to search out information.

        2. Agreed. I’m not blaming them. Their parents, teachers, pastors and society in general failed them.
          If I was a parent and my kid was even remotely thinking of joining the services in today’s world, I would force an internet education down his throat.
          And it’s not that I am anti-military. If we had a proper constitutional government, with a purely defensive army protecting a moral and sensible society, then I would enlist myself. When I survey all of American history I think the only time I would have enlisted would have been 1776! Every war since then has been less than noble – and that’s an understatement.

        3. That’s always been the case. Was the case when I served in the ’80’s. Watched a hood rat who had never handled a gun before try to get all macho on the range, stood up from his firing position after a cease fire was called then started holding his thumb over the top of the barrel of his M-16A1 while tapping the butt of the stock on his boot. Kerblam, one missing thumb. Absolute dumbass. A loaded Vietnam era, crappy, defective worn out piece of shit M-16A1 and this dork didn’t even realize the danger he was putting himself and others into. It was so fast that the range officer had no time to even tell him not to do it.
          I was amused. One hood rat, out of service.

        4. Actually if we followed the Constitution like you said, there would be no need to enlist because a standing army is prohibited for more than 2 years.

      2. And what happens when the our side starts losing? Will those “psychopaths” and adventurers be loyal to the bloody end?
        In the list of traditional virtues and ethos of war wanderlust and blood thirstiness for the sake of such was never prized.

    2. Great post, but I’d point our your grandparents and my grandparents were sucked into a planned world war started by banksters and Satanists for their profit and also to further exterminate white Christian peoples in Europe. I could see the argument of fighting for culture and family, but the truth is our country has been occupied by foreign interests since the 19th Century.
      “When Franklin D. Roosevelt became president in 1933, the U.S. government fell under the control of a man who disliked the Japanese and harbored a romantic affection for the Chinese because, some writers have speculated, Roosevelt’s ancestors had made money in the China trade.[1] Roosevelt also disliked the Germans (and of course Adolf Hitler), and he tended to favor the British in his personal relations and in world affairs. He did not pay much attention to foreign policy, however, until his New Deal began to peter out in 1937. Afterward, he relied heavily on foreign policy to fulfill his political ambitions, including his desire for reelection to an unprecedented third term.”
      Wartime presidents tend to get re-elected.
      “Accordingly, the Roosevelt administration, while curtly dismissing Japanese diplomatic overtures to harmonize relations, imposed a series of increasingly stringent economic sanctions on Japan. In 1939 the United States terminated the 1911 commercial treaty with Japan. “On July 2, 1940, Roosevelt signed the Export Control Act, authorizing the President to license or prohibit the export of essential defense materials.” Under this authority, “[o]n July 31, exports of aviation motor fuels and lubricants and No. 1 heavy melting iron and steel scrap were restricted.” Next, in a move aimed at Japan, Roosevelt slapped an embargo, effective October 16, “on all exports of scrap iron and steel to destinations other than Britain and the nations of the Western Hemisphere.” Finally, on July 26, 1941, Roosevelt “froze Japanese assets in the United States, thus bringing commercial relations between the nations to an effective end. One week later Roosevelt embargoed the export of such grades of oil as still were in commercial flow to Japan.”[2] The British and the Dutch followed suit, embargoing exports to Japan from their colonies in southeast Asia.”
      “Because American cryptographers had also broken the Japanese naval code, the leaders in Washington knew as well that Japan’s “measures” would include an attack on Pearl Harbor.[4] Yet they withheld this critical information from the commanders in Hawaii, who might have headed off the attack or prepared themselves to defend against it. That Roosevelt and his chieftains did not ring the tocsin makes perfect sense: after all, the impending attack constituted precisely what they had been seeking for a long time. As Stimson confided to his diary after a meeting of the war cabinet on November 25, “The question was how we should maneuver them [the Japanese] into firing the first shot without allowing too much danger to ourselves.”[5] After the attack, Stimson confessed that “my first feeling was of relief … that a crisis had come in a way which would unite all our people.[6]”
      “During the war, the war with Japan had been re-enacted in the game rooms here by so many people and in so many different ways that nothing that happened during the war was a surprise—absolutely nothing except the kamikaze tactics towards the end of the war; we had not visualized those.”
      —Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, 1960—Gaming/War-Gaming/Documents/RAGE/Gaming.aspx
      However these 2006 remarks from the Secy of the Navy do not add “during the war”, which I believe have been erroneously added by the Naval War College to their website. The Pacific war probably began planning in 1937 right around the time the warmonger Roosevelt decided he wanted to be re-elected.
      “Admiral Nimitz, writing the new president of the War College shortly after World
      War II, made this candid observation about his experience in Newport:
      “The war with Japan had been enacted in the game rooms at the War College by
      so many people and in so many different ways that nothing that happened during the war was a surprise—absolutely nothing except the kamikaze tactics toward the end of the war. We had not visualized these.” ”

    3. “everything is either fat or gay.”
      That’s quite observant and insightful coming from a non-red pill former hippy woman isn’t it?

  24. I will not fight for a government that wants to sexualize our children at as young an age as possible, forcing upon them the dogma of gay marriage and equality, indoctrinating them into unnatural sexual practices without informing them of the very real and frightening rate of HIV infections in the gay community.
    And this government would demand I fight against Russia, which moves to protect its children from this sort of degeneracy and preserve the traditional family structure? No chance. Send the gays and trannies to fight because I’m not fighting for them anymore.
    I won’t fight for a government which has commodified the women of this nation and convinced them to give up having children so they can burden themselves with debt and become anonymous, minimum wage cogs in a huge multicultural machine that is obsessed with only a person’s financial value and not their social worth.
    I won’t fight for a government which has spent years importing filth from every recess of the third world to replace the children we never had because our women were too busy serving two buck coffees to pay off their six-figure student debts. The government sees low maintenance immigrants as the future of this country. Send them to fight for it.
    I will not fight for the freedom of speech of people who use it to bully, belittle, and demonize Christians. I will not be lectured on the importance of the right to free speech and then in the next breath criticized for my disapproval of the proliferation of gay marriage and the false idols of equality. If freedom of speech is such a fundamental right to these people then they can take up arms and defend it. But we all know they won’t.
    It turned out I was fighting for a government that hated me, and everybody like me. This government liked to show me off as an instrument used to protect free speech, but now that I’m home it doesn’t want to hear my opinion. The government found value in my use as a tool but my opinions are labelled as hatred. ”
    Probably the best words I have seen written around here in a long time.

  25. Great article thanks for sharing this. The U.S. is no longer the U.S. of old hell even 10 years ago. We let it go out of hand now it’s all lost.

    1. We?
      I recall protesting, in real life, at real events, the start of the Iraq war, with a whole group of people on the right and, unfortunately, the left as well. And when the Patriot Act was coming down the pike I recall seriously considering moving out of the nation.
      There was no “we”, there was simply the oligarchs. The only culpability “we” hold is that we didn’t get up and take the rifle off the mantel and engage in politics properly. Which is a fair criticism to be certain.

      1. Impressed, as most people I knew, including good friends, were too brainwashed to do so. The corruption of the media is huge. Even though very few get their news through old media, it still remains the primary source that everyone else copies.. it was barely reported that some of the largest protests ever occurred around then world when W started war with Iraq. A real media that reported on this fact would have grown the anti-war movement and helped put pressure on the politicians to stop war, but they just lied and cheered on the troops and pretended everyone was behind it.

  26. Simon, a very important article. I hope many other service men and men contemplating joining the military get to read it. My sincere compliments.

  27. I enlisted right after high school in 1999. Even then my father said that he was proud of me but that in time the government and civilian society would grow to hate the kind of man who joins up. Boy was he prophetic. If I was a younger man, I would not join up today.

      1. Enlisted in ’85. Talk about a different world. ’99 seems like a Leftist dystopia compared to ’85. And ’99 also seems like a right-wing paradise compared to 2015.
        The “change” in this nation is happening at break neck speed. Claire Wolf’s admonishment may no longer be applicable.

  28. Good article. But I always remain scratching my head over soldiers who ‘wake up’ only after doing their service.
    I mean, with all the massive amounts on information in the public domain, including a mountain of evidence that demonstrates that the “War on Terror” is nothing more than a monumental fraud – why sign up to fight in the first place? It’s so obviously a scam. Soldiers certainly fought for our freedoms during the revolutionary war and arguably during the civil war (though even that is controversial). But since then, all of our wars have been wars of Imperial conquest, including WWI and WWII. I would argue that our ‘victory’ in WWII (siding with Zionist bankers and defeating Christian nationalism in Europe) was really the beginning of the end for traditional American values.
    Anyone with an internet connection could find that out within a week of research that the current wars are all a scam.

    1. Shit, one site will do that: read John T Reed’s military articles and you’ll be running from military service as fast as your feet can carry you – and not because the purposes of the war are bad, but because the fucking US Army is hopelessly bureaucratic and corrupt.

  29. And it came to pass that future generations rejoiced in our armed forces who fought and died so two men or two women could eat wedding cake and men with mental disorders could transform into ersatz women……….

    1. And our women could serve our commie rulers, blacks could run the federal civil service, Muslims could graze goats in Yellowstone, and Chinese could buy up California.

    2. and diseased, violent, third world criminal alien garbage could flood across our borders unabated demanding food, housing, education, healthcare….they’re even starting to demand citizenship for breaking into our country illegally, and our current leaders are trying to give it to them.

  30. This former Marine would like to point out some massive mistakes here.
    1. The Russian Army is much smaller than ours (and no Marine Corps). 285k according to Wikipedia.
    2. Much of Russian Army is on the Chinese border. If they got into a major European war, Siberia becomes a Chinese province. Chechnya probably goes up too.
    3, The Russian military has a couple of elite divisions, the rest is shit. Poorly trained conscripts with crap equipment.
    Putin knows all this and would immediately back down if anyone with balls called one of his bluffs.
    Our combined nuclear arsenals are no longer anywhere near large enough to “extinguish all human life on earth”.
    Finally – fuck the Russians and fuck their shitty thug government. I used to think they were victims of their awful communist government – now they’re just getting the government they deserve.

      1. Did I say I was anxious to go fight? Putin isn’t going to start a war with NATO because, as shitty as NATO is now, the Russian Army is worse.
        Putin is a bully and a thug – just stop taking his shit and he’ll go away.

        1. We started it. Crimea would be part of Ukraine had we kept our noses, money and diplomat fools out of there. There was NO reason for us to meddle. Ergo, U.S.-engineered train wreck which we are strenuously trying to make ten times worse than it is.

      1. No, Bram’s a good man and good contributor, I just think he has an opposing opinion.

    1. “I used to think they were victims of their awful communist government – now they’re just getting the government they deserve.”
      If only you knew. What’s funny is Russians feel sorry for you now.

      1. Really? They pity me for my 20 year longer life expectancy, economy that hasn’t completely collapsed, or stable currency?

        1. You make some good points. Not sure about the “stable currency” part though and, if Russia’s a thugocracy, I’m hard pressed to distinguish our government with the IRS, DHS, immigration, proliferation of MRAPs, hollow point ammo purchases, and Operation Choke Point garbage and the commie freak on top of the stinking pile. Three good men died as a direct result of what that dipstick refused to do.
          Not directed at you…☺

        2. I despise what our government has become. But in 2 years will have a new President and Congress.
          In Russia, Putin or one of his lackeys will be in charge until he dies or is dethroned by a different thug.
          As for the currency – again ours sucks, but at least it isn’t tied exclusively to the price of oil.

        3. Your 20 year longer life expectancy is real, but due mostly to Russian men drinking a hell of a lot to the point where they become non-functional.

        4. I hope in two years we elect a President and Congress that can turn it around. I don’t have much faith though.
          The Republicans are basically traitors, IMO. We elected a whole lot of them in 2014 to do something, and they folded within a month. House and Senate leaders seem to be more than willing to do what Obama and the Dems want rather than what they were sent to do which is rein him in.
          In short, the GOP seems to be a dead party for conservatives and people who want this fundamental transformation promised and started by Obama reversed.
          But hopefully we can find some people to do it and get them elected.
          If we fail that in the 2016 elections, we have the Article V convention of states we can try. A couple dozen states are on board and more are getting on board. Who knows if this would work, though.
          And if that fails, there’s always the last option of secession, which always seemed like a historical oddity that happened 150 years ago and could never happen again, but looking around at the landscape today, it seems to be a very real possibility at some point.

    1. Not that I often side with Lucifer, but I understand the sentiment. Plus his “I’m so done with this shit, bitches” expression kind of won me over. No wonder he had a third of heaven follow him.

  31. I highly doubt the US will go to war with Russia. Putin seems like a fairly sensible guy who has Russia’s best interest in mind and a war between two nuclear nations wouldn’t accomplish anything for the oligarchs.
    We will eventually have to put radical Islam to bed. That being said, excellent article.

    1. If we go to war with Russia, it won’t be Russia who starts it, for precisely the reasons you note. But do not discount our looney bin of “leaders” all beholden to destroying our society and culture. They’re sociopaths and have the ideologue’s mindset of “saving” everybody from themselves. They are fanatics who cannot see past their own nose or to the next day.

      1. If Hillary or a hawkish Republican got in, then I could see tensions heating up. As unpredictable as Obama is, WWIII is probably something he wouldn’t want on his legacy.
        Of course, if we had an intelligent leader, he’d push Christianity back into mainstream American culture and look to ally with Putin to destroy the real despots-radical Islamists who are slaughtering Christians in Syria and Iraq.

  32. Guys. I’m massively in debt. If you are going to drop the nukes let me know now so I can stop stressing. Thanks.

  33. Retired OS1 USN. Operation Enduring Freedom was my last deployment. And there will never be another for this gayland country. I saw on the news, where here in Virginia, the female sponsor of a new Sub being commissioned at the Newport News shipyard proudly stated that men And Women will be serving on this boat. There goes the sub navy. Also, i think that the next big war will be in the Middle East. Especially if Oasshole lets the Iranians go nuc. I feel bad for Israel.

  34. Maybe the author can take a leaf from Ancient Rome where the army deposed the ruling class when it felt to be too corrupt and installed a new order.

    1. It’s the $64 question, isn’t it? The concept of obedience to civilian authority is excellent but the troops HAVE to be aware of the irony of trooping the Afghan-Pak border while millions of foreigners stream across the undefended border of their own country.
      A dog may stay beside the dead body of his master for a time but eventually it will accept reality and move on.

    2. Well, the Praetorian Guard did anyway. Today’s equivalent would be the Secret Service.

  35. Right FUCKING ON! I hope your brothers that served with you are starting to see the same light. Fuck those cunts in D.C that continue to ruin this country and expect its youth to “fight for our freedoms”. Fuck them. I wish we could make a deal with the rest of the world. and sy to them Hey the real enemy is D.C.Theyre the ones that ruined your countries and ruined ours. None of us back these cocksuckers in D.C.Why dont you take them out.We’ll look the other way and we’ll call it even.Is that a deal ,rest of the world?

  36. Fantastic article! As a vet myself I’ve stated here many times that I would export my son to Canada or any other country if they tried to draft him. I am strongly of the warrior ethos and mindset, but every reason you listed is exactly why I wouldn’t want his life taken in vain. There are better fights to wage, and none of them are for our society and degenerate culture.
    Glad you made it out ok, brother. We’re on the same team.

    1. Since shortly before 2001, Canada is no longer a save haven for US objectors. They signed a treaty with the US to extradite.

  37. Great article. I don’t see why any male in this country would fight for this country in it’s current state.
    I’d fight to secede from this country before I’d fight to defend all the groups that constantly tell me I am the cause of all their problems while they do nothing to address their issues.

    1. Wyoming, Montana, Dakotas, Idaho, Nebraska, Texas, Utah, Kansas, Oklahoma and Arizona would make one *hell* of a fine nation. Plus we’d automatically have nukes and the highest density of firearms per person in the world AND the history of mankind. It would also be quick work to invade Colorado, with the support of the majority of Coloradans, and expel the leftist disease that seems to be metastasizing there.
      Just sayin’.

      1. Throw Arkansas in. Throw a few more states in. We’d have around 24 states total, which would make a very fine nation, IMO.
        Plus, when the liberals fail to keep things running in their liberal states, we can just re-annex them one at a time in 10 to 20 years or so.

        1. Honestly I would only re-annex if the conditions for doing so would be the forcible expulsion of Democrats/leftists/RINO’s. A humane version of the Pinochet solution, if you will. Send their stank arses to Europe or Canada on boats and don’t let them turn around and re-enter our ports.
          This would basically evacuate New England, but I’m willing to live with that.
          As to states, agree. I was just shooting to have the entire population start out right wing/libertarian right from the get go to avoid issues like dealing with sneering leftists in our midsts.

        2. Of course. If we re-annex we make the rules. It’s the benefit of being the bigger, stronger country that’s actually functioning properly.

        3. Well in that case, I lobby to have miniskirts and bikini tops be mandatory wear for all women below a size 8.

        4. Wait a minute, do the women get guns as well? I get the feeling there may be a lot of men with their bits blown off if the ladies don’t like being ogled in this new national costume of the Red States of America.

        5. Yeah, because women hate when men look at them.

        6. If a Robert Rodriguez movie has taught me anything, it’s that all you need is one woman with a gun and a bad attitude to unleash some unholy hell.
          But better a woman’s wrath than an 18 year old’s father not liking how you’re looking at his ‘little girl’ – he’s probably got better aim, and I don’t know if that’s a blessing or not.

        7. I tend to take my cues from real life and experience, and not movies. Every woman I met fails at combat (former military here). Back lines, arty, cool, but front lines in a non-sniper role they fold fast.
          I agree on the father part of your statement. As the father of a nearly 16 year old girl, the boys all get to see me clean my guns at some point or another.

        8. I believe the likelihood of several states seceding and forming a Red Pill Republic is just as far fetched as any movie, but both are ideas meant to entertain with little basis in what reality can offer.
          And remember, with each girl having a father looking out for her best interests, I can see the burqa becoming a fashionable wardrobe staple of young ladies everywhere in the RPR.

        9. The likelihood of anything is up to a dice roll. I’ve seen everything change in my lifetime, and I’m not an old geezer, so the idea of “it won’t happen here” is silly to me.

        1. Yeah, I know, I’ve made at least five “Chapter 1″‘s with it actually.

        1. Not really. Most of the rank and file of the military come from those places, and the South, and are philosophically on our side.
          The Chinese army divided during Tiannenmen, and they’re all hard line Reds there. Our military will fracture like nobody’s business on day one, probably along a 70% “us” and 30% “them” divide.
          Hard to shoot your own folks after all, especially if you agree with everything they’re saying.
          Plus, check out these numbers:
          Whole U.S. Military: 1.47 million
          Right wing gun owners: 110 million, most former soldiers
          The whole U.S. military can’t even stop men with bolt action rifles in Afghanistan. They have no chance here, whatsoever.

        2. A huge portion of the officer corps to up to and including genrals and adrmirals, read up on bengazi, the genral in charge of afrcom and an adrmiral in command of a carrier group were arrested for attempting to disobey the sec def and lauch a rescue,Washington will issue the orders, but what are they gonna do when the military walk in and arrests congress?

      2. Colorado just makes me fucking sad. What beautiful country, poisoned by Californians and their stinking rotting ideas and screwed up ways of doing things.

        1. Indeed. I know of no native Coloradan that does not despise them. Leftists ruin every fucking thing they touch, then are too stupid to realize it’s their own diseased way of dealing with politics that makes life unbearable where they live, so they move away to other states and reimplement the same bullshit.

        2. It is terribly ironic isn’t it? They destroyed the best around, and then came for what they had left to us, and destroyed it too.
          Have you been to Jackson Hole? Do you feel it there too? Damn shame. It is truly beautiful. Le Tetons!

      3. I’m from Colorado and you are absolutely correct. The city I live in is surrounded by military bases and even though it’s forbidden to talk about you can still get the honest opinions of most military personnel. Most abhor the current government. Most of us fought, and are still fighting, the gun control measures being forced down our throats. Look up John Morse. We got him recalled, first time in Colorado history for a state legislator.
        We fight hard because there is a very real fear of losing our freedoms to the leftists, they just keep coming. Primarily concentrated in Denver and the boulder area. Though every city has a small pocket of ’em pissing us off every chance they get. Every city, including mine, has a major college drawing in the feminist, liberal types. It’s getting tougher and tougher to find like minded folks due to the sheer number of people coming in from California and the like. It is in the truest sense of the phrase a “cultural battle” here.

        1. Sad to hear that man.
          Some leftist broad moved to Wyoming a year or so ago, and demanded that they start to accommodate her idiotic leftism by writing her state senator. She got a letter back from him that said almost verbatim “If you don’t like the way we do things in Wyoming, then you’re not welcome in our state and are free to leave”. It made the news. Shut her up, quick, and seems for the moment to be the default attitude towards the mentally insane leftists there. Too bad Colorado didn’t employ such a tactic when it had the chance.

      4. And by “expel the leftist disease” I do hope you mean men only :^) What boundlessly creative punitive actions we could subject feminazis not fortunate enough to “get out” while they still could.

        1. If you’re supposedly married with children, I would expect you’ll leave all ‘punishing’ to the single young men out there. No need to be greedy. After all, these men will need a hobby when they aren’t busy cleaning their weapons. You may consider that a euphemism, if you wish.

      5. I partially grew up in Kansas, full of a bunch of white knighting whipped lying lumpenproles, and trailer trash. And most of the farmers and ranchers are subsidy sucking agribusinessmen.
        I’ve found more ‘aware’ folks in the rust belt cities. Hell of a lot tougher too.

  38. Just for everyone’s information, Euromaidan and the whole Ukraine war with Russia was entirely a CIA/Mossad/US State Department operation.
    The USA picked this fight. Just like they are picking fights with Al Assad in Syria and Iran using Yemen.
    There are criminals running our government and BOTH parties are in on it.

    1. There are criminals running our government and BOTH parties are in on it.
      Agreed on this 100%. Out of 537 executive and legislative branch elected officials, we have no more than a couple handful that are looking out for American citizens…the rest are corrupt and trying to sell us out, destroy the middle class, and turn America into a giant third world dump.

      1. Every time an issue comes up for decision it invariably goes the way of betrayal of sovereignty, normalcy, decency, rule of law, or constitutional government. It’s like asking someone to stick out both hands and they stick one hand out palm down and the other palm up. Whaa?
        Tancredo is resolute and unchanging on immigration, I believe. Sen. Sessions is excellent. King (Ia.) in the House and a few others also excellent. Mostly the Congress bows its head when Adelson, Saban, or the Chamber speaks.
        The current crop of Republican presidential candidates can be expected to waffle artfully (or backtrack halfheartedly) and never can quiiiiiittteee bring themselves to take amnesty off the table and put deportation and an end to birthright citizenship on it. Border control is pretty much unmentionable, and, if someone does screw up and mention it, we end up with discussion about a mere 70 miles of the border, “sensors,” and “state-of-the-art” something.
        Troops on the border? Ixnay. Posse comitatus, Old Bean.
        Citizen volunteers? Too messy.
        We helpless.

    2. Yes. It wasn’t even well hidden. A land grab by the West of valuable Ukrainian resources. Putin responded soundly and correctly to it.

      1. Victoria Nuland admitted in a speech that the US State Department invested $5 billion in to overthrowing the legit government of Ukraine.
        And what the fuck were IDF soldiers doing in Ukraine??? A civil war???

      2. When Joe Biden’s son was put in charge of the oil fracking ops there it became obvious to anybody with the ability to think critically.

  39. Is it time to leave America? Do we need to build a traditional community someplace abroad? Is there any place left to go?
    The USA is on its deathbed. We can all see it. Are we ready for a 21st century pilgrimage from America to a New World?
    I’ve read of a lot of young, single American men leaving for Vietnam. How ironic would that be?

    1. I’d rather we take a whole bunch of the conservative, right wing based states and just leave the Union.
      The federal government is out of control, and the federal government is ignoring the will of the people, but a large number of states are fighting back looking out for their citizens. Those states will be where people looking for traditional communities want to be.

      1. I can understand the sentiment, but the Red States are just as fucked as the Blue ones. You have shills running the Red States, slowly changing the culture.
        Don’t believe me? Try criticizing Israel or Jews in Red States.

        1. In taking back our nation, the last thing we need to worry about, initially, is criticizing Jews or Israel. Not saying don’t criticize them, but if that’s the height of their corruption then we’re golden to move forward.

        2. And I’m stating it’s a minor point at best during the onset of any type of secession *action*. Kind of like debating the U.N. Moon Treaty, which is something that I’ve always found ludicrous from the libertarian party. They can find a group of people who agree on everything but the U.N. Moon treaty and they’ll walk away with their noses in the air. Goofy. Prioritizing goals is required.

      2. So where should we start? Which US State is the ripest for red-pill solidification? We need to start somewhere.

        1. I’m riding out to Idaho this summer actually, it’s my loop back point from Sturgis. Two weeks of riding in the hot summer time in the mountains. Can’t wait.

        2. The states I listed on this thread to Bart. If you have a state where the majority of men carry a firearm you’re basically in the right place for red pill.

    2. Abroad is a bad answer, the rest of the world is so far leftist, or easily conquered, that it would be futile.
      Bart however is on the right path. We have entire states full of hard right/libertarian people who are heavily armed. That is the place to start.

        1. I mean right in the American sense. Right in the European sense is more aligned with a return to Monarchy, though we do share many values (anti-immigration being one of them). Not a bad thing necessarily, but not my cup of tea. Give me states filled with Wyoming cowboys any day of the week. Nothing against our European brothers in arms of course.

        2. Farage’s UKIP in Britain is definitely growing at a fast rate. I know France has their party (can’t remember the name).
          I just don’t know enough about European politics as a whole to know where else it’s gaining or how big the gains are.

        3. UKIP has its poop in a group. Well worth helping/sending support to IMHO.

        4. Sure. Another factor of course is that we are already pre-armed. Heading to France, or England would necessarily mean disarmament from the get go, then having to fight to get back some level of weaponry. It just doesn’t seem like a good logistical choice.
          Next up, we need to re-ignite the discussion about the number of angels that dance on the head of a pin! heh

        5. Exactly why leaving doesn’t work for me. Lower taxes, more personal freedom, and my guns. I will eventually go to a state better on those 3 – but I can’t think of a country that beats most of the U.S. unfortunately.

        6. Im from illnois mu friend and contrary to the blue state monkier (Chicago) there are a whole slew of heavily armed consevatives here to, id imagine its that way everywhere, are enemys, conviently congregate in large cities lmao

    3. There’s nowhere to run. Only to stand and fight. Beware of infiltrators and shills, though. There are shills in the Red Pill and MGTOW movement. Divide and Conquer.

  40. Simon,
    You’re right that you’re not the only one who fought and was fooled, but has finally figured out that the joke is on him.

  41. “This We’ll Not Defend”
    Perpetual, low-intensity conflicts are a means of controlling the domestic population. They hardly even bother to justify distant aggressions anymore – a few emotional appeals on Fox or CNN ought to do the trick. Meanwhile, the federal govt spectacularly fails at its only important responsiblity of safeguarding the nation’s borders.
    Going one’s own way is great, in theory, but minding your own business will not cause others to leave you alone. Washington DC will grow ever more oppressive, not only toward Americans, but to all of humanity. And there won’t be a patch of tundra in Alaska or Antarctica where a man can be free. Every mosquito coast is under NSA surveillance (just like you and I are, right now).
    If it is possible to win this game, it may require disbanding the Union and restoring local governance, so that a man has some say in his fate. Additionally, there would need to be a conservative reactionary (anti-communist) peace movement, not based on isolation or religion, but based on practical necessity.
    The US is the most indebted nation in history. We don’t have the means to provide air-conditioning for a single IRS office, much less for wars with remote ragamuffins who may or may not have been armed, trained and funded by the CIA. In addition, men are not expendable, nor are our hands and feet. Why should we scour the globe in search of IED’s?
    But is it possible now to win? I don’t know. All I know is that whatever government agent or contractor is reading this post right now is doing a great job. I remain fiercely loyal to the United States, and I appreciate all the efforts of the NSA to keep us safe from whatever. Keep up the good work =)

  42. Excellent piece!
    I respect those that have served in our military. But now, it makes no sense for a man to do so.
    The government does not just hate your for your Christian values. It hates you simply because you are a man.
    In my case, I will not even invest my economic productivity in the US. I invest it in a country that respects masculinity, Christianity, and family.
    As men, we need to vote with our bodies, because our electoral vote has been washed away by manipulation and corruption. Do not put your body at the service of the feminist state, at the service of the Black Panther state, or at the service of Valerie Jarrett and Obama who are doing their level best to destroy a once great nation.

  43. I am argentinian, but I’m deeply identified. If I were you, I’d let the progressive “civilization” burn to ashes. Life is short, last week I was 16 and right now I’m 32 and I understood that I have to save or protect nobody, because nobody appreciates it. Enjoy life as much as you can, don’t give a shit about anything and, as I always say, let Rome be burned.

  44. Relax. There won’t be any nuclear war. None of the sides is that stupid, although I am alarmed at Obama cutting USA’s nuclear arsenal, possible exposing it to danger.
    Also Russia’s military is not underestimated. No, my friend: it is ridiculously overrated. From the million soldiers they have, at best a quarter maybe up to modern standards. Their nuclear arsenal is probably the the real thing to fear, along with the fact that yes, they are marginally stronger than Iraq and going into war with them, even a non-nuclear one is very, VERY stupid.

  45. 100% agreed and on point. Thank you sir for your Service and thank you for taking the time to write the article to share your thoughts.

  46. No man should pick up arms for this country until they strip the franchise from women. If every US soldier stood up for this universally moral belief, every societal ill would go by the wayside and every man bar the overt loser and queer would thrive in ways unparalleled. Think of the wealth, power and satisfaction levels attainable for common man. Not sure what our service members are waiting for… Let’s get this show on the road.

  47. Welcome to my world, Simon. I and many of my brethren came back from the Cold War and Vietnamese struggle and no one gave a shit about me or them either. Tough shit, at least you got some easy contractor dollars. You think we aren’t wise to you? How’s your asbestosis? Can you hear from the damage jet engines did your hearing? Or do you have stockbroker issues managing $500,000 dollars a year for ten years after 9/11? Stick your Veteran’s issues up your ass, you poser. You ain’t shit. You’re better than the typical civilian pussy slacker, but you ARE a 9/11 porker, you profited mightily and you’re claiming sympathy all these years later as if you’re a Vet. Most of us do NOT want to hear about your so-called problems. So go fuck yourself.

  48. Are there still patriots serving in the army? Arent they all paid mercenaries already?

  49. “The memory of my service has since been tainted as I realized that I was less defending my nation and its people than serving the interests of a government that not only did not care about me, but has increasingly showed itself to hate me.”
    Solid. Preach it, brother (and ditto, too.)

  50. Ain’t that the truth!
    It’s like the commies have taken over.
    There’s still plenty of us willing to fight & show them muslims what crazy is, & some of us are still in commiefornia. I’m close to the good stuff in case I need to “acquire” some heavy & crew served.

  51. Simon,
    It is a tribute to the public schools that you did not figure all of this out before going into the military

  52. This administration is doing it’s best to anger conservatives (the vast majority of our enlisted men and women) in an effort to force them out of the service. Once accomplished, they will be replaced by those who are willing to pull the trigger on their own mothers if their commander-in-chief orders it. I can see us heading for a second Civil War, although this one won’t be based on geographical differences so much as political ideology.

  53. What are we to do ? Europeans and Non Europeans alike ? What can we do ? Feminisim and the Zionists jews are showing it’s powerfull tentacles with tanks and armies (NATO). What the fuck are we supossed to do ? Lay down & die ? Go to war ? Fuck it. Give us an article of what we can do! War is definetly coming to our borders and will affect everyone. What can we do ?

    1. Johnny, I’m working on this also.
      But in short it boils down to separating from a failing and hostile society. Physically, mentally, morally, spiritually, as much as possible without harming yourself.
      Reach out and network with likeminded men in our local areas. Make a gang of sorts.
      Get stronger. Learn useful skills.
      Don’t patronise big corporations, use locally owned businesses where you can.
      Getting married and having three or more children is more powerful than voting.
      Insulate your children from the progressive public school dogma as much as possible. Homeschool if you can.
      Get out of debt, and stay out. Be as independent and self-sufficient as possible.

      1. It’s true, we are many. If you keep an open view, the red-pillers start to become visible and will nod their head at you if you recognize. Red pillers are all around the world. Tupac called them ,,my niggaz” or ,,my brothers” (white or black it meant no difference), Ice cube calls it ,,Gangsta’ Nation” quote : ,,Consider this an invitation to my gangsta nation”. Red pillers are all around, but we need to elevate ourselves to the next level because times are changing. I propose a comunity written article (where all authors come together to put down ideas) on what should be called ,,The Ways And Purposes of Fellow Red Pillers”.

  54. Simon,
    I wrote almost the same essay to my friends this morning. Almost word for word except I’m not a veteran (my veteran father made sure of that, and he was right and blessed for it).
    Shortly afterwards, I found your blog. It was like reading my own diary.
    A miracle? Yes, perhaps a small miracle at that.
    God bless you and prosper you in this mission. You have friends and allies out here, seeking the same objective independently but with different skills and mission profiles. Each of us hold different pieces of the puzzle, have our own tool kits of “what works” and we need to collaborate.

    1. There are a lot of us who feel the same and are on the same mission, all playing our own part.
      Thank you for your kind words. God bless.

  55. Anyone who signs up to invade foreign countries has sided with the invader, and cannot be trusted to defend the USA in the event of it being invaded. This would align with how soldiers tell me they won’t defend civilians because civilians don’t appreciate them. Well I frankly expect soldiers to be going door to door in the usa hauling dissidents to labor camps. They did sign up to obey any order. They did sign up to shoot their own mothers. Constitution? Ha! It says whatever your CO says it does. Besides, deploying to an undeclared war was unconstitutional to begin with.

  56. Anti-russian propaganda is just a scapegoat for western governments the same way anti-japanese propaganda is a scapegoat for the chinese government. Glad you woke up.

  57. I saw the same thing. Iraq, Africa, Military service. Left in 2004, came back for awhile in 2007 to dramatic changes, left again anf have not been back.
    At the beginning of the war it was totally different than what I left. The political correct bullshit was rampant.
    Even the bathroom graffitti changed. From normal jokes and crap, to walls covered with gay sex hookup email addresses on base.
    Piss on em all. Im loyal to the old USA, this current abomination of misfits can piss off.

  58. Two-tour Iraq veteran here. All I can say is Amen. My question is: when is the tipping point when we take action to correct the course of this nation?

  59. I appreciate the authors words and points of view, I wouldn’t go fight now and I damn sure wouldn’t send our sons.
    FWIW, for a second there I wasn’t sure if this was a porn site because of the ads on the side and at the bottom of the page.

  60. Actually I doubt it will become a war with Russia. China’s got it’s greedy eyes on the eastern part of Russia and that’s the most likely scenario.
    China is anxious to “curb us” and seize the position as top country in the world it believes is their rightful position.
    It’s probably going to be the US, the EU and India and what’s left of Russia after the Chinese invasion against China and the Islamics. Of course Islam won’t last long if China comes out on top. They’ll nuke them when they can’t control them.

  61. One vet to another, respect to your service.
    Glad you made it back in one piece, bro… I got knocked out of the game at the 13 year mark, but I’m not b*tching about it… least I’m still breathing.
    I didn’t set foot in the US for about 7 or 8 years at one point. I think I changed planes at Dulles in there somewhere, heading from Central America to Europe/ME, but other than that? Eh..
    When finally I got back, my reaction was “Dude! Who stole my country?!?” Came to the same conclusions you have. It’s a path we all must walk. You get a good, up close look at the unvarnished truth, and “Disillusionment” doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. Not only are we hated, they want us gone. According to Homeland, you, me and a million other guys like us are now “potential terrorists” simply because we served. All one needs to do to be noticed by TPTB is to repeat the words of the Framers.
    You spend enough time dealing with 3rd world a$$holes and you think “Man, I’m glad we don’t have these dirtbags back home”. Then you get home and realize someone left the door open while you were gone… those same dirtbags – and worse – are being imported by the planeload. Some of the worst, cutthroat, pirate scum you’ve ever seen. Then you wonder if there isn’t some ulterior motive for it… the implications are too monstrous to contemplate for most folks. You speak up about it, and you’re labelled “intolerant” if you’re lucky…
    I’ve done the research about what we’ve lost… it’s depressing. Our star is setting, and the endgame won’t be pretty. But giving up isn’t in my DNA. Or my vocabulary. I popped smoke awhile back… gonna concentrate on saving who and what I can, while I can, within my sphere of influence, and to h*ll with everything else. Because what America used to be is worth saving, even if it’s just a small piece in my little corner of the world.
    America is an idea. And ideas are bulletproof. So long as one of us remains alive to pass on the idea, then America cannot die. They’re doing their best to destroy America, but by using us as tools to further their agenda, they inadvertently created multiple millions of little Americas – a vast army of those who cleave to the ideals of the Framers and the old Republic…
    God bless you and yours. I wish you strength and length of days…

  62. “I’ve spent more than half of my adult life in third world shitholes”
    Not one of which was a threat to the American people.
    You are a tool of the political filth.

  63. Thank you, sir for your service. Traditionalists (not conservative) truly appreciate you. But yes, you have been used by a liberal society to advance their anti-American agenda. Sad, but true. I am glad that you’ve come to realize this.

  64. You were only ever murdering people for the sake of the owners of the political filth.
    In no way did it benefit the country or its people.

  65. Dopiest ever on ROK. You’ll fight where you’re told and like it or go to jail. But don’t be so dramatic. When nukes are in play, everyone but Islam will back down. Nukes are the magic elixir that brings these military men and their leaders to their senses because they don’t want to fuck THEIR children’s lives up. The Russians aren’t looking to tangle with us, nor we with them, not to the point of armed conflict. Economic conflict is quite another, but that is in lieu of armed.
    So stop with what you’ll fight over and what you won’t, Simon. You fight when and where you’re told if you’re fit to do so. You make interesting points you know you’ll never have to defend. How brave.

  66. This is the best article i have ever read. I was a reservist and now in law enforcement. Sometimes i wonder for what purpose other then a paycheck

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