NAACP President Rachel Dolezal Outed As White Woman

Some days, I crawl out of bed and wonder if I’m still living in reality. Reading the news makes me wonder if I’m not lying half-dead in a hospital like in Jacob’s Ladder and the whole world around me isn’t some twisted hallucination. For example, learning that Spokane NAACP President Rachel Dolezal is actually a white woman who’s been pretending to be black makes me want to pinch myself so I can wake up from this nightmare:

A recent investigation into racially charged threats made toward the president of the NAACP chapter in Spokane have raised questions beyond who made the threats.

On Thursday, the chapter president’s parents claimed she had been deceiving people.

Ruthanne and Larry Dolezal said Thursday that they want people to know the truth, including that their daughter Rachel Dolezal is Caucasian. The Dolezals said their daughter is specifically German and Czech.

Ruthanne and Larry Dolezal said their daughter has always identified with the African-American culture and had black siblings who were adopted. They said she went to school in Mississippi and was part of a primarily African-American community.

Dolezal apparently achieved her reverse-Michael Jackson appearance through Snooki-esque tanning techniques and a really good hairdresser. After evading press scrutiny for several days, Dolezal came out defiantly attacking her critics:

Rachel Dolezal, the white NAACP leader who misrepresented herself as black for years, was pictured for the first time since the scandal surrounding her race erupted as she left her home on Friday.

She also gave an interview about the controversy, saying of her detractors; “I don’t give two shi*s what you guys think.” You are so far done, and out, of my life’

When pressed further about her race, she told KREM; ‘I actually don’t like the term African-American. I prefer black, and I would say that if I was asked I would definitely say that yes I do consider myself to be black.’

In addition to her status as Spokane NAACP president, Dolezal also teaches Africana Studies at Eastern Washington University and has falsely claimed to have been the victim of “hate crimes” in the past.

A year ago, I wrote a satirical article about “transracialism” with the intent of making fun of transsexuals, but even then, I had no idea that “transracialism” would actually become a thing. While there’s been a small movement of soi-disant “transniggers” on Tumblr, that well-known repository of mental illness and special snowflaking, Rachel Dolezal is the first example of this phenomenon in the real world.

How Transsexuality Paved The Way For Rachel Dolezal


The revelation of Dolezal’s true racial heritage has triggered a flurry of condemnations from left-wing thought organs such as Salon, the same ones that have normalized transsexuality and a host of other mental disorders. What they don’t realize is that by their own logic, the left has no right to criticize Dolezal for lying about being black.

For decades now, leftists have argued that race and gender are social constructs with no biological basis. This ludicrous line of reasoning allows the left to deny basic, observable physical differences between men and women (such as physical strength) as well as scientific data showing cognitive and behavioral differences between different ethnic groups. It has also been used to justify transsexuality: since there’s no biological basis for gender, a man who takes estrogen and gets his rocket flayed into a pocket is just as female as women who were born that way.

By this logic, on what basis can the left condemn Rachel Dolezal? If race is a social construct, then it doesn’t matter that Dolezal is a homely white girl from Montana; if she feels black on the inside, she is perfectly justified in changing her appearance and acting black. If we’re supposed to celebrate Bruce Jenner for embracing his “true” femininity through surgery and hormones, then we should also celebrate Dolezal for embracing her “true” race.

The Myth Of White Privilege


Rachel Dolezal’s decade-long deception also explodes a popular left-wing myth: the idea of “white privilege.”

According to leftists, American society is deeply racist, advantaging whites over all other races. Yet despite being white, Dolezal chose to reinvent herself as black, a member of a race that is supposedly discriminated against at all levels of society. If white privilege actually existed, Dolezal would never have chosen to deliberately cripple herself by pretending to be a member of an oppressed class.

The truth of “white privilege” is that it not only doesn’t exist, but the reality is the opposite: American society is afflicted with “black privilege,” “minority privilege,” and “female privilege.” As an ordinary white girl, Rachel Dolezal would have never gone anywhere in life. By reinventing herself as black, she not only secured a job teaching at a major university, but she became the president of the local chapter of a powerful political organization.

It remains to be seen whether Dolezal’s exposure will lead to any serious repercussions for her or any changes in the downward trajectory of American culture. All I know is that from here on out, the world is just going to get even more absurd.

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  1. There has to be some type similarity shared by a desire on the part of white folks to “shapeshift” into Black people and the widespread practice of interracial cuckoldry.

    1. Interracial cuckoldery is not a widespread practice. You are confusing an internet pronographic genre with reality. The genre is somewhat popular because groids get off on the fantasy of impregnating white women. Can’t say I blame them. Even if I was a groid, I could never get off on the idea of impregnating a black woman.

      1. “You are confusing an internet pronographic genre with reality.”
        Don’t see anything confusing about it, it is in fact real. I don’t know what the statistics are as far as prevalence but I’ve seen white men proposition black men to fuck their wives first hand (twice, one was a cousin of mine).
        I can tell this sort of thing makes you uncomfortable but denial isn’t the answer or rather isn’t the truth.
        Black men impregnating white women isn’t a “fantasy.” You aren’t the keeper of white women you believe yourself to be.

        1. Well then, it’s settled. Your Beta cousin did it. So now it’s widespread practice. Got it. Now it’s settled.

    2. “There has to be some type similarity shared by a desire on the part of white folks to ‘shapeshift’ into Black people and the widespread practice of interracial cuckoldry.”
      The Caucasian race must be demonized and destroyed precisely because (Eastern Orthodox) Christianity is the one true religion and historically most Christians have been of that race (even though Christianity is open to and meant for all races). Since if, “whites” are evil, and the religion most associated with “whites” is Christianity, then Christianity is an expression of “white” evil. Culture, race, and nationhood all are of some value, but are only pawns on the chess board by TPTB to be traded for things of greater value, the fate of the immortal souls of men:

        Top Comments
        Skeleton Archer 3 months ago
        I’m considering going trans-species ever since I lost interest in being
        cuckolded. I still financially support my wife and Jamal, but after they
        had me castrated my appreciation for watching my wife being pounded by a black bull waned significantly. I want to continue giving back to the PoC community, and since meeting a nice Chinese family I’ve decided I want to transition into something that they might like to eat.

  2. Diversity comes to the NAACP!!!! But it still means chasing down white people!!!
    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white. This anti-white self-hatred is SICK.
    She is motivated by envy and manipulation. But the media hypocrisy is laughable.
    Where’s the outrage over the black privilege??

    1. You don’t have to be a Negro to work for the NAACP and in fact it was founded by Marxist Jews.They didn’t even have a black president until 1975.

      1. What if he identifies as trans-unbanned and sues for discrimination, PTSD, and other emotional damages?

  3. Look on the bright side: you can describe yourself as black or Hispanic on job and college applications now to get in on that sweet diversity hire action. If they call you out on it, tell them they’re awful people who should be fired.

    1. This is actually legally true and I encourage more Hwhyte men to start self-identifying themselves as Hispanic or African-American to take advantage of affirmative action benefits.
      Straight from the EEOC’s website:
      Q: What should an employer do if it believes that an employee is of a different race or ethnicity than the employee claims to be?
      A: The employer must accept the employee’s self-identification by race and by ethnicity. Self-identification is a basic principle underlying these changes to the EEO-1 report. See 70 Fed. Reg. 71296.

      1. I sense many opportunities for black knighting, emphasis on the black lzozololzololz

      2. Wow. You could also call yourself a transgender lesbian crossdresser. If they ask you why you have masculine characteristics and life habits you could either claim to be ‘very butch’ or go into a hysterical fit over being ‘judged through transphobic prisms’ or some such. If only white males would start playing around with this stuff en masse and just clog it all up. Poetic.

        1. Here in the UK ethnicity has always been reported not observed. Meaning that if you are asked you ethnicity you could say anything you want and that is taken as what your ethnicity is. I remember being pulled over by the police under some bogus law. I was pretty cheesed off as I was in a rush. When they asked my ethnicity I said I am a Hispanic Italian which I clearly am not. But that’s what they wrong on their form (stop and search) and I got a copy.

        2. “As well as identifying as a black female lesbian pre-op polysexual amphibian-kin, I also identify as an amputee”
          “But I can clearly see all your 4 limbs”
          “Oppressive shitlord!!! You should be fired”

      3. Hilarious. I was born in India and have lived in America most of my life. I wasn’t a straight A student in high school but still got good grades. When I applied to colleges for my undergrad several years ago, I got into some of the top level college programs I wanted, but didn’t many scholarships so I was still looking at shelling out around $30-40k a year to go there. Meanwhile, ironically, a few guys I know who were black and hispanic (who had lower grades than I did) not only got into the same colleges that I was looking at but also got great scholarships to go there as well. So the colleges were pretty much telling me that I had to pay more because I was a different ethnicity. And if that’s not racist, I don’t know what is.
        It did get me thinking though about what would have happened if I had just had the balls to mark myself as Hispanic or Native American on the applications. They can’t prove without a doubt that I’m not Hispanic. Maybe we really do need to get everyone who is White or Asian to start saying they’re Hispanic or Native American on all official applications. Would probably be a great way to troll the system.

        1. …As for Southern Asian/Desi’s Indian/ Pakistanis/Bengalis and Eastern Asians. They are hardworking people and have succeeded in Western Society but have also not escaped discrimination themselves. They faced the Chinese Exclusion Act for example limiting the immigration of Chinese into America, something that Anglos never faced to that degree…Celts/Irish and other groups were considered below the WASP establishment however. Indians also have faced discrimination and anger of Whites in this country for taking away American jobs. They also practice “White is Right” in India elevated by their British, Portuguese colonial history. They also have an Ancient Caste System which was used by the Colonial forces to further conquer and divide India. This Caste System with the aid of Hinduism and those who seek to use Hinduism to promote classism and racism in modern society still promotes the idea of “Untouchability” within India. Funny how the upper castes in India talk just as the upper classes in Western Society do. When the Indian Government simply aids these undesirables in India the upper castes state that “Untouchability” “does not exist” or is not a “major factor.” Sound familiar…They are now not given a chance to progress despite the fact that some may be at the top of their class, and they are also given the worst positions in various careers despite their potential to work in higher positions. Also does that sound familiar.

        2. We should get every Hwhyte and Asian guy to self-identify as a victim group. The powers that be aren’t going to end Affirmative Action anytime soon. Your only option is to go grassroots and troll the system, reaping those “victim” benefits for yourself.
          There is no legal way any institution can stop this. They can’t take you to court or sue you because your self-identity is legally your identity. If the powers that be couldn’t crack down on this without wreaking the whole Identity Politics Industrial Complex.

        3. I don’t know if I have the balls to do this, but it actually makes sense. . .
          After the fiasco of Obama Care my credit is destroyed and I’m in debt. I now don’t have insurance. Some of us in the same boat are thinking that if we get hurt and have to go to the hospital, to not have id or just give a fake SS#, and pretend to not speak English. Bills don’t start coming for months and treatment will be done by then, so give a fake address.

        4. Asian americans have it the worst from all this. They are punished for being industrious and academically successful, even though they faced a large amount of discrimination throughout American history.

        5. Affirmative Action was a RESPONSE to the inequalities in society in the first place. Ideally I would like a society where Affirmative Action would not need to be created in the first place. I think things have progressed in many ways, but there are still inequalities. Its also a Class issue. Personally I won’t even like to succeed because of Affirmative Action even if I actually needed it because I don’t want my success to be questioned by an idiot in the first place.
          I do feel bad for people who fall through the cracks like this Indian man above, and no system is perfect. But people seem to conveniently forget the reasons Affirmative Action came about…just as many other issues criticizing current day actions but conveniently ignoring sometimes centuries old reasons the action came about in the first place.

        6. You can always move to the Congo. There are no evil Hwhyte Republicans there so it must be a Utopia.

        7. Actually I have thought of the idea of moving abroad, believe it or not there are some places better than America. In fact many others have also thought of moving and have moved out of the country. However you don’t have the authority or any standing, to request my move since I am of people that were here long before yours got here in the first place.
          Also your black and white responses don’t contribute to the conversation..I never stated all “Hwhyte Republicans” are evil, there are some Republicans black and white who I also agree with, but they are very few.
          By the way the Congo is Rich in natural resources and part of their ills are due to the corrupt colonization legacy of Belgium and its King Leopold both father and son and continuing post colonial meddling.

        8. Yes I can agree with your point, some of them also have ignorant views however and see themselves as higher than Blacks for example while exalting whites. But in general I can agree with you, but now many of these Asian/South Asian people are finding a voice and are speaking out against what they feel are injustices in the work place as well as how Hollywood represents them or fails to represent them. Good observation!!

        9. that may be, but it’s important not to fall into a mentality of “everybody vs white”, this abets leftist thinking and leads to entire minority demographics devoted to activism instead of supremacy
          true advocacy for one’s own race should always be focused on self-interest in the form of acquiring money and power, not acceptance or other forms of emotional niceness

        10. I prefer the long term solution though
          Ambitious non-whites should try to obtain power, then use that power to wipe out the white leftist demographic in favor of an ideology that promotes mutual racial self-interest instead of equality

        11. This is a great point you make but in the overall conversation I “balance out” the author’s statements or correct some misinformation. I agree in acquiring wealth and stability, and simply questioning inaccuracies is not “acceptance” but learning and becoming aware of factors in play which can lead to empowerment.

        12. Just a note. Due to the changing demographics (South Asians in urban areas) there are many South Asian women who actually socialize totally in the Black American community. (to the dismay of their parents). They actual benefit because they are perceived as bold and adventurous. They make social connections in the Black community and can always return to the South Asian community. They mix in and are identified as Black women in certain situations. Not a bad deal for them actually.

        13. “They faced the Chinese Exclusion Act for example limiting the immigration of Chinese into America”
          Why does India not allow immigration of people of other races?

        14. Is that why the Congo was a Stone Age society when the Belgians arrived?

        15. Those “inequalities” were not due to discrimination but to different levels of intelligence, talent and achievement.
          Anyone who supports affirmative action is a racist.

        16. False..those inequalities were just that! People who had the talent were not given opportunities. Take sports for example, there were many talented Black baseball players who never got the shot because of racism in the Major Leagues, Josh Gibson had over 800 home-runs for example compared to Babe Ruth’s 714 total. This happened across all careers.

        17. Civilizations existed thousands of years before the Ancient Greeks in Africa and the Middle East. I have been down this road before, keep believing your lie however.

        18. Yes but sub-Saharan societies were still Stone Age societies up until about a 100-200 years ago. They were poor and sparsely populated. That only changed due to colonization on the part of Arabs or Europeans.

        19. But even in baseball blacks had Negro leagues (often funded by whites). All other groups of people (Jews, Italians, Irish) faced discrimination. They simply created their own business/societies. Besides, the fact that blacks cannot compete now that they are given massive preferences should make you at least question how many were really “discriminated” against.

        20. I never stated that Jews Italians and Irish never faced discrimination I acknowledged they did as I have written countless times before. However groups like the Jews, Italians, and Irish found time to discriminate against Blacks in many cases, to a higher degree than the WASP establishment. Blacks have organized their wealth many times previously, but the government has interfered, and groups of racist whites destroyed their communities and killed hundreds every-time when Blacks controlled their own finances in this country. Ferguson and Baltimore are very tame in comparison ironically.
          However yes I agree Black communities should again focus on creating their own business and controlling their own finances again.

        21. Not necessarily Sub Saharan societies also had civilization and used metals as well….not all sub saharan societies were poor and sparsely populated and even if they were it does not justify European Colonization in any capacity or degree.

        22. Racism and Class-ism is practiced among the Indian Desi people themselves including religious conflicts. This was also used by the English to further divide and conquer.

        23. And all these groups faced racial violence at the hands of blacks (though some fought back as well).
          Got an example of whites “destroying and killing blacks” who were controlling their own finances? (I know what you are going to bring up).

        24. Example?
          Was Arab colonization justified? Or black tribes conquering other black tribes?
          Besides, you used colonization in the Congo to say that whites were responsible for the problems of Africans. Yet if they improved a Stone Age society is it not a net plus for Africans? Has their population not boomed since European colonization due to white food, medicine, jobs, sanitation, technology ..etc?

        25. But wasn’t it racist of the Indians to kick the English out for racial reasons? Shouldn’t India stop being mono-racial?

        26. They got pushed out for Economic reasons and because they were violently subjugating the Indians, among other reasons.

        27. Of course I have no idea what you look like, but would be disturbing if you had a darker complexion but the wrong kind of dark. So what kind of dark does anyone have to be? Who makes the rules?

        28. Please explain to me how affirmative action is not using institutional power to discriminate based on race. Try it.

        29. Well I can’t argue with the statement as you “Phrased It” however let me elaborate…. Affirmative Action is a positive action to ALLOW opportunities to historically disadvantaged minority groups. (Discrimination the word is not a bad word, however negative discrimination can be when applied unfairly) Yes it is using Government power based on race and class or other factors contributing to various minority groups. There was a long history of systematic racism in this country, you should speak on this as well, people were not given opportunities no matter there hard work and skill due to their race. Speak on the reasons WHY Affirmative Action came about in the first place. In fact the previous system of Racism was a sort of “Affirmative Action” just like Apartheid in South Africa favoring whites…to counter and balance out the previous system is fair, ironically you don’t elaborate on the previous systems.
          It was A RESPONSE let me repeat that again a RESPONSE to the already EXISTING practice of racial and cultural NEGATIVE discrimination against minority groups so Affirmative Action was meant to mitigate the discrimination that was ALREADY THERE to begin with. Can you admit to this much. The problem is with many like you is that you conveniently leave out the factor which brings Affirmative Action policies to begin with. Same thing can be said about the Reservation System in India regarding the lower Castes and tribes that are negatively discriminated against.

        30. Human beings are tribal by nature, introducing more racism isn’t going to solve anything. Why don’t all the people who scream for government movements like affirmative action risk resources and comfort and move into broken areas, serving as community figures and mentors no matter what the cost?
          I phrased affirmative action as what it actually is, the weaponization of government as has been going on since its conception; unsurprisingly, you could not respond to it. The people who committed the vast majority of the crimes are dead, with most white americans being the descendants of 20th century immigrants. Vengeance of this sort will not satisfy the dead, and only fuel an inevitable backlash against the communities that benefit from it, an endless cycle of hatred.
          It seems humans will always, as Bastiat stated, want little burden and maximum benefit. The white liberals who back affirmative action want to be seen as caring and contiguous with minorities without the burden of helping them (without other people’s forced charity by the government) or even having daily contact with the minorities themselves! In a twist as ironic as they come, this human urge that drives this constituency to action is the same that motivated the creation of the practice of slavery.
          Oh, and I am not a hypocrite. Every person I meet is judged on a purely meritocratic basis, as is the masculine way to conduct oneself. I know one black man who has stolen from me and my friends and has, through lack of financial responsibility, resorted to a life of living in his car and crashing at others homes uninvited. He claims to hate being around white people and blames them for all of his problems. He grew up having everything provided for him and his family by the government, with several working vehicles and his parents’ home which had many luxuries, like large screen TVs.
          I know another black man who lost his father when he was fourteen and grew up in poverty. He proceeded to graduate in the top ten in my class, double major and make the dean’s list in college and now works two high paying jobs, supporting his entire family.
          If one of these people called me today and asked for my help, guess who I would tell to fuck off and who I would go out of my way to serve.
          Now, what is affirmative action’s intended goal, aside from what I stated? Also, why should people be punished for the deed of dead men they have no relation to? And, if your head hasn’t exploded yet, how is a seat of government able to implement localized support better than a healthy community?

        31. Yes you phrased it as it was but you also have to look at the REASONS it came about…the previous racist system was a form of Negative “Affirmative Action” against minorities. What came about was an effort to mitigate the previous system. You have to look at the bigger picture and also acknowledge the wrongs of the previous system. Its very simple in that way. I never said I personally advocated for that system or agree with it completely as it stands now. Also it is not just about “dead men” the system continues after these men have long passed on. Furthermore you should also acknowledge hundreds of years of systematic racism, which is beyond your personal dealings with two men.

        32. All non-blacks face racist violence at the hands of blacks every single day. It is just a question of who fights back (Hispanics, white ethnics before 1960 or so) and who doesn’t (modern whites of all ethnicities).

        33. Black people kill other ethnic groups but they get charged with murder with stiffer sentences unlike whites who can kill an unarmed child and get away with it.

        34. R u serious?Ever since Blacks arrived on the ships till the Zimmermans,Panteleos,Wilsons,
          etc.Blacks have been killed and abused without any consequence.

        35. Blacks were slaves (property) and anyone who harmed them did indeed face serious penalties. Zimmerman and Wilson shot blacks who were attacking them. Trayvon and Brown deserved to die unless you are saying non-blacks have no right of self defense against blacks.

        36. This is whats wrong with America its white supremacists like you making it bad for everybody.You heard the 911 call Zimmerman made and the person on the other end constantly told Zimmerman to stop following him but this race couldnt like a Black child going home to his family alone.
          All the witness said Brown had his hands up and the cop still killed him.You saw the picture of wilson’s “battered face”.
          Stop getting your talking pints from Fox news.

        37. Zimmerman didn’t follow him. He was looking to see which way he went to tell the cops. He lost track of him and Trayvon attacked him on the way back to his car.
          Most of the witnesses (almost all black) noted that Brown did not have his hands up but was charging Wilson, This has been confirmed by forensic tests.
          All these incidents have one things in common. Blacks attacking someone or criminals resisting arrest. So who is the supremacist? Where are whites (or Asians, Hispanics and Muslims) attacking people like blacks? Where are the non-blacks rioting and defending criminals of their own race?

        38. So using the system against a group you think it is justified to use it against, a group that you so arrogantly define in its entirety by skin color alone, is “Positive” Affirmative action? What a twisted mind you are, you should consider that every slaver who has ever lived has thought the same as you do. Read my third paragraph again, carefully, though I doubt you will understand; you look to the past and vengeance while I look to the future and creation.
          You need to look at the bigger picture; entitlements will get so out of control that those they punish will lash out, reversing the trend, which will reverse itself in another way due to pernicious fools like yourself existing in every like some disease humanity is constantly afflicted with. You are nothing more than a shortsighted looter, who steals accomplishments and wealth with no thought to the side effects of making such perverse incentives for society. When the mediocre are raised by government over the excellent, the excellent stop performing, are persecuted and leave the society, your mentality is a cancer.
          Perhaps you will say you stated you didn’t necessarily agree with the system. I say my judgment is accurate because your rhetoric to this point is to insult those disparage the system in one direction, meaning you must still want its existence in some form, which is incorrect on several levels as I have stated.
          This is where it ends, as I have wasted enough time. You question why I think this is about some “dead men”. I don’t. I think this is about some grudge resurrected as an excuse for modern mediocrity, and that no reparation is going to change the past; it will merely reward the weak and punish the strong, which will destroy society, as we can see in effect with similar social programs, with similar flimsy excuses.
          You never did answer how a affirmative action is preferable to building communities through individual action. Only losers focus on the past, have some balls and ambition for the future.

        39. No my rhetoric is to show a different point of view. This is a forum of debate and I am participating as such. I stated before no system is perfect but it was a positive start at least initially. However society changes and the programs should change as well to reflect society.

        40. Yea south and east asians can be incredibly discriminatory on race and skin color. I’m not so sure about east asians, but I know a lot of older indians put whites on a massive pedestal and look down on Hispanics and blacks.

        41. Eastern Asians also have a segment of their population who puts whites on a pedestal, Eastern Asians also have rivalries with each other and also have a social hierarchy..places like Thailand or Cambodia are looked down upon for example.

        42. Looks like a troll here. Don’t feed the trolls you can’t convince them of anything.
          I mean “whites can kill unarmed children” what BS

        43. OK, I was with you up to the point where you brought in Native Americans. If any humans on earth have ever been completely fucked over and forgotten, it is the Native Americans, who numbered in the tens of millions, now around one million, a recovery actually because not long ago there were just a few hundred thousand. I’m fucking sorry as an Indian from India you got pissed on and your feelings hurt. But don’t for a second pretend the Native Americans get everything handed to them. You actually pissed me off.

        1. Well that makes sense. Why would you want to hire someone with a goofy name?

        2. What is your definition of a “goofy” name are you implying a made up name or a “ghetto” name or do you expand “goofy” to mean ethnic names like an Indian name like Singh or Ramanchand, or a Latino name east Asian etc.
          No whats important is the SKILL and talent/work ethic the potential employee will provide the company = money.

        3. The most effective way to get hired by changing your name (especially in any STEM area) is to change you first name from male to female. You will be hired sight unseen at above normal entry level pay, because all employers are competing to fill their female quotas.

        4. I never examined that, perhaps because they are looking for women to fill the spaces.

      1. He ended up dropping out of medical school after his first year due to the fact that he was too stupid.

    2. When I was in law school there was a native Indian student who was getting all upset because some people thought she was a lower-quality student due to the fact she had entered through a special program for Indians that has lower standards than far regular applicants. She started going on about how her qualifications were just as good as anyone else and that she could have got in without this affirmative action program. Of course, the immediate question is why she didn’t and then leave that spot open for another First Nations member who didn’t have all her advantages.

    3. No.
      You watch.
      In any number of months another story will emerge.
      It will be about a man who pretended to be another race or sex to get a job. Of course the man will be white (or it won’t even make the new and we will never hear of it).
      And when it comes out, by the end of that day, there will be a firing, plus the employer mulling a lawsuit, plus the local law enforcement telling the press that they are looking into the matter to see if charges can be filed.
      And on that day, it will be yet another day that I wish to God to see this entire civilization fall and take every last weakling, mangina, feminist, and sheeploid with it.

      1. Legally your employer has to accept whatever ethnic/racial identity you give them.

    4. Signs of how far we’ve fallen – as a nation.
      Things were not all roses in our history but at least some things were constant – character being one of them. Today, that is gone – fallen to the wayside because of the almighty dollar, government support, etc.

      1. Being a character is more important than having character these days…

        1. So much truth. Look at all of the BS reality stars, today. No talent, lack of character.

      1. Employment fraud is part of the patriarchal cishet white power structure and as such, should not apply to a transfemale black lesbian single mother like me. Check your privilege.

    5. As far as job applications go, those AA quota’s don’t do shit for minority men. White women, first an foremost are the primary benefactors of AA, then comes minority women.
      Although at present, I wouldn’t be surprised if Hispanic men edged out other minority men for jobs being bilingual (English/Spanish).
      White men, in some ways you’re shit out of luck but not always. There are industries that need (cater) to you.

      1. Not true. Whites – both men and women – have to score 300-400 points higher than blacks to get into the same universities.

        1. And Asians have to score well above whites to get into elite universities. The Harvard Jew scale is now being applied to Asians and in California the Asian community has called BS. The Jew scale was a means of limiting the percentage of Jewish students as they were way over represented when entry was based on ability.

        2. Asians are also discriminated against by quotas. But I believe they only have to score about 40-50 points higher than the average white. Whites are about 63% of the population but only about 50% of the students at the Ivy League schools (that their ancestors created).
          Asians deserve a lot of credit for fighting back against affirmative action racism. Unlike whites who sit back and take it.

    6. What actually happens is that universities say they want minorities (e.g., Caltech), but they actually don’t—or they want minorities without proscribed opinions. The institutions get what they are after—good PR—merely by saying they want minorities and perhaps having a Kwanzaa celebration.

    7. Well dude. . . I couldn’t get as much as a loan for college, and my gpa was 3.8 or something like that. But the black students got SSI, loans, scholarships and subsidies for housing even though they lived at home. My Junior year I put on the aid app that I was black, and I got full loans and a grant. At graduation there weren’t any black students. Just sayin’. And the Engineering Dept. was thrilled to have a black student. Even though no advisors or anyone ever said anything to me.
      But this chick takes the cake. I’m sure that’s a great paying position. And she’s probably used to women getting everything and no questions asked. Also the NAACP can’t say anything without being called racist.

      1. Buddy of mine went to a top school. He barely got in without assistance. His dorm mate was black, there on a special program with a free ride, 700 on his SAT. Seven. Hundred. He was barely literate.

    8. Probably true–but please do tell the unemployment rate among those groups-

    9. Checking “Transracial” on your job app will give you the edge over other applicants.

        1. So I tole her, we ain’t got to hire no blacks cuz evabahdy here be trans-racial!

        2. i guess that’s why the unemployment rate for blacks is lower than whites in US–please do tell what are the numbers for different groups when it comes to unemployment?

        3. Apparently you missed the billions in subsidies to be unemployed, dumbass.

        4. Liberal faggotry on display here. Somebody else is stealing so if we steal it’s OK too. I can’t wait fo rthe coming colllapse. You, the parasite class, are going to die in droves when the productive’s money runs out. Fucking cockroaches.

        5. There are two tiers we are talking past each other about. If you are competing for university entry or entry into the professional job market there are many AA advantages to being a minority or woman. If you are in the tier of society that has at most a high school diploma then you are in a different world. Most of the unemployed are in the second tier and are over represented by minorities. However, the AA advantage is going to middle class and UMC minorities that have the wherewithal to benefit. They also have huge advantages over working class whites. When you dive into the working class then yes whites have some advantages over minorities.

        6. Yes this is a little acknowledged truth. however, what percentage of whites are on welfare versus the percentage of blacks or other minorities? I would propose that Asians are a small minority but have only a tiny portion of their population on welfare.

        7. I am a white male. Somehow all those billions given to corporations have passed me by. Must be like the mythical white privilege, otherwise known as the apex fallacy, that is almost all CEOS are white males then all white males are CEOs of major corporations.

        8. “Liberal faggotry on display here.”
          Great arguments, Bob.
          “Somebody else is stealing so if we steal it’s OK too.”
          No one is saying it’s ok–however when trillions are being given away to corporates the right have a tendency to stay quiet–like a cockroach at the bottom of a shoe–so when your daddy Bush was giving trillions away you should have brought your fork for him–but i guess you were too busy worshiping his mighty hypocrisy–
          keep calling me names–and other ad hom–does not add anything to your argument–elevate yourself–

        9. The University that I went to had a quota to have 5% African Americans–I tracked that number for years–it never changed–
          The whole job market argument is nonesense–studies after studies have shown that whites (or at least white names) are more likely to be hired than if your name was to sound black–even if the credentials are the same–
          Please don’t be like the feminists that keep flouting the whole 75 (or whatever that number is) cents to a dollar–when evidence after evidence have shown that to be not the case–
          How in the word do they have that advantage over working white class when their unemployment is almost two times larger? What advantage do they have?
          It’s ok to have advantages, and that is fine, but let’s be honest about it–

        10. Nope–white males have no privilege at all whatsoever–they never had any-no sir–there was no time when that existed–no sir

        11. Why do liberal dumbasses everywhere autoamtically assume anyone that attacks their idiocy, their hypocrisy and their blatant freeloading is automatically a Republican, Fox News watching redneck?
          Again, go whine and cry about the innocent victim minorities on Jezebel or Huffington Post.

        12. Me too. I wonder if we should use the same logic (below) to demand the privileges we are supposed to have had.
          Notice anything odd about the argument being presented by the “New Black Panther Party.” They clearly didn’t think through their argument using logic.

        13. “Why do conservative dumbasses everywhere autoamtically assume anyone that attacks their idiocy, their hypocrisy and their blatant freeloading is automatically a Democrat, MSNBC watching black, white, asian?
          Again, go whine and cry about the innocent victim minorities on Fox News or Breitbart.”
          Fix that for you

        14. I never stated that you pussy, liberal SJWs are democrats. Liberal is the lowest form of human parasitism known to man, that label works just fine and is most appropriate. Can’t wait till your fucking welfare dries up in the coming collapse. The liberal parasite class is going to parish in droves.

        15. “Right-wing extremist”. It’s really disheartening to see the mental disorder of liberalism represented so often in the comments even on ROK.

        16. Hmmm let me try to fix that for you again–
          “I never stated that you pussy, conservative SJWs are republicans. Conservative is the lowest form of human parasitism known to man, that label works just fine and is most appropriate. Can’t wait till your fucking welfare dries up in the coming collapse. The conservative parasite class is going to parish in droves.”

        17. No, conservatives are assuredly better than the liberals. Libertarians beat them all though.
          “The conservative parasite class is going to parish in droves.”
          That’s amusing though, who do you think has guns, lead and food stock piled? Hint: it’s not pansy ass NYC dwelling liberals.

        18. “No, liberals are assuredly better than the conservatives. Libertarians beat them all though.”
          “That’s amusing though, who do you think has guns, lead and food stock piled?”
          I guess it’s only conservatives that know how to use guns. Only conservatives served in the army. Only conservatives are farmers. Only conservatives know how to do everything.
          Then again I forgot how crazy conservatives were.
          “Hint: it’s not pansy ass NYC dwelling liberals.”
          Because apparently all liberals live in NYC.

        19. So you seriously want to suggest that that among those that are well armed (and know how to defend themselves) and can farm and live off the land there are a meaningful number of liberals when compared to conservatives + libertarians?
          That’s hilarious. Now you’re just amusing. You are more stupid than even the average liberal.

        20. So you’re saying there are more conservatives in the army than liberals-more conservatives (by a huge margin) that know how to live off the land than liberals–you know who is who apparently
          but lets assume what you say is true–if you know anything about wars, and history–having the weapons, don’t mean much–your own country won it’s independence against one of the mightiest armies–then built a great army themselves and yet how many wars have they lost?

    10. I always describe myself as African American. Current scientific view is that mankind evolved in Africa.

    11. Very true. Rachel deserves creds for her courage for defining herself. She has given me the permission I need to face my own psycho/sexual identity. Even though I am a cis hetero white male, I identify as a black,female lesbian, who identifies as a bisexual Puerto Rican male, who identifies as a Japanese transsexual pornstar. And since my black female is British, I am also Transatlantic.

  4. The left just goes after bogeymen. For example, they spend so much time “hunting Nazis” that they’ve turned anything to do with WWII into a spectacle:
    And yes, I have already been hearing people in my liberal town saying whether or not you can be transracial. My answer: If I say I’m Napoleon, I can’t expect people to treat me like Napoleon.
    Reminds me of the crazy “reincarnationist” people I’ve stumbled across online. Believe it or not, I’ve seen one woman from Canada claim she’s Alexander the Great… sure she is.

    1. This whole issue was discussed on South Park quite a few years ago. Mr. Garrison became a woman because he was transsexual, then Kyle became transracial because he felt black, finally his dad, who always felt like a dolphin on the inside, became transspecies. It was actually a pretty disturbing episode, and as a huge South Park fan I remember feeling like the show would be ruined if the characters stayed that way. Thankfully in the world of South Park things can just switch back to normal next episode and no harm was done. Another example of a transspecies is that guy who wanted to become a lion, he had his whole body tattooed, his teeth filed and his face disfigured by countless surgeries, and if I’m not mistaken, killed himself not too long ago.

      1. I saw the episode too, it was definitely disturbing. Sad thing is no one wants to admit these people are often seriously scarred in the head. I’ve talked with people who make crazy claims and they often were abused as children, but instead of getting real help they get coddled into ignoring the issues at hand and then they commit suicide a few years later.

      2. Can you be ‘trans-disabled’? Not really disabled but you identify with them. Then you can get bennies, live in the woods and hit the hobbies, books and weights for 16 hours a day.

        1. You are whatever you feel that you are and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Personally I’ve been feeling like all of my problems in life are related to the fact that I was born transwealthy, I make an average income, drive a beater car and live in a shitty basement suite, but I’ve always felt as though I should be driving a Mercedes and living in a penthouse. All of my friends are average people too and I just can’t identify with them, but when I see someone like Donald trump or bill gates I know in my heart that we would understand each other. Me and some other transwealthy’s have been talking and believe that the government should recognize us as the people that we are, and that our medical system should cover things like expensive cars, clothes and real estate. It’s not right that society forces us to live on the income we make, rather than the income we feel we should make.

        2. Oh, man. I’m so ‘transwealthy’ too. I never thought of that. Those are my people. A lot of my friends and family are loaded. I once had to drive a 2000$ jeep and live an apartment complex with trash and I just DID NOT belong though my bank account had other ideas.
          I’m also ‘trans-attractive’. I just really relate to guys who score busty 10’s. Deep down inside that is who I am also. Those are the women for me, you know? It just seems like that’s who I should be with. It seems natural to me.

      3. There’s no limit to the insanity of Mystery Babylon.
        Thank God for Orthodoxy, patriarchy, monarchy, and Russia.

        1. that penguin guy is crazy, but this is ironically a great example of how school forces you to conform. i can understand this guy’s wish to refuse to obey – even when i can not understand him wanting to be a penguin.
          and he does have a point about the burkas.
          actually, think about it. people demand you to conform to stuff without ever explaining why. this guy is challenging the sanity of the adults. he’s saying: “tell me why i am not being reasonable by any logic”. they can’t.

      4. I think suicide is quite common in people who go to such ‘Trans’ extremes. An LA sportswriter pulled a Jenner a few years ago and then killed himself. Caitlyn might be a short-timer, sadly. I hope not. I still think Bruce was always nice and classy. I have no idea what hormonal whirlwinds went down with that man. Could be that he was pretty juiced up with something weird in the 70’s when he was world class which started his long hormonal backlash. I will never buy it that a 65 year old man, gay or not, can have his emotional needs met by showing off his sexy girl legs and wobbling around on high heels. If he started doing that at 15 then whatever. Knock yourself out. I don’t care. But a guy pushing 70 wanting to show off his fertile female hips and smooth gams. Jesus Bruce. Just start smoking weed. The whole ‘psyche and social persona’ thing is just not for you. Weed, Bruce.

    2. Well damn…Im willing to bet at anytime we’ll start hearing about idiots who are “transspecies” trying to live with the lions.

      1. Well the lady who thinks she’s Alexander said she considers herself a real ancient Greek so I suppose people can be “trans-historied” now too.

      2. We’ve already had that. You know Melanie Griffith, her daughter was in that 50 shades crap and her mother was an actress too.Well, when Melanie was a kid her mother actually kept a lion in the house.I think they may have had a trainer living with them but the lion would actually sleep in the same bed as her.One night in bed the lion clawed her and she had to have plastic surgery. After that her crazy mother and father must have come to their senses and got rid of the lion.

    3. When I was a student Many years ago I had to be on the psych ward for an hour or so a day for 3 months.One of the White patients believed he was a Negro.He’d say stuff like,’who are you talking to white boy’
      That other stuff about reincarnation is funny because the patient is actually bragging, You never heard them say I was a poor fisherman or beggar in Bombay in their previous life.

      1. That’s actually pretty funny about the guy thinking he’s black. Problem is this woman was not being treated as a patient like she should be, she is out and about as an “activist” for natural cures and what not.

      1. I don’t know, she was one of the top homeopathic leaders though at the Canadian Consumers Centre for Homeopathy. Her name was Karen Wehrstein. Picture is her.

  5. This story is so fucking hilarious.
    I imagine she’ll do the typical woman thing and play the victim.

    1. Two victim cards: black and a woman. This woman (in one swoop) shows just how fucked up things are in the U.S., today. It’s all about who can play the biggest victim to get the biggest payout (i.e. money, support, jobs, etc…).
      She was pretty stupid, though. Everyone knows that white women lead, hands down, in the victim category.

        1. Have to admit though – she looks better as her “black” version than she did as her original white.

        2. So a white 4 becomes a black 5. If she became Chinese she would end up as a 3.

        3. True!
          Guess it takes a white girl to make an attractive black woman these days. I wonder, does she have the ass though?

        4. She went from being a frumpy white girl to being a semi-decent looking black girl… without becoming black.

        5. Sadly, I agree. What is this discombobulated world coming to?
          Edit: Still WNB either version

        6. Wiggers have been around for a long time, and I think they are idiots. (Men and women)
          But wiggers do not usually change their color. This is a first as far as I know. She went all in.
          I do not have a problem with what this woman did…do not understand it, but I don’t have a problem. I do have a problem with her lying about being victimized.

      1. “She was pretty stupid, though. Everyone knows that white women lead, hands down, in the victim category.”
        I disagree, black skin trumps vagina.
        It is open season on all whites, women included, increasingly the police won’t even take reports of crimes against whites by blacks.
        She gathered wealth, power, and influence that she wouldn’t have had while being openly white.

        1. I’d have to say it’s based on the environment. In this particular case, yes.
          How she thought no one would ever find out about her – with today’s technology – has to baffle people. She’s both a mental case and pretty stupid.

        2. “It is open season on all whites, women included,…”
          White men, sure. White women though? Absolutely not.
          Is there any source you can reference that points to “open season” on white women?
          I will say however, political affiliation matters. Any white woman that doesn’t toe the left-wing (racism) agenda is free to be criticized, but it depends on how pretty and connected she is.

        1. Black man trumps white woman?
          I know from a case in Ontario that white lesbian trumps Muslim guy.

        2. That’s interesting most cases I see it seems the race card trumps the gender card. The main example was the case where Feminists tried to show how bad street harassment was by having a good looking white woman in tight jeans walk through a black and Hispanic neighborhood and filmed it. The video was heavily criticized by SJWs for being racist because it only showed black and Hispanic men whistling, talking and cat calling her. The reception they got was so bad they had to say there was white guys but they whistle differently or their whistles were drowned out by car alarms or similar bullshit. Then they had the same thing in Cairo but because making Muslims look sexist isn’t allowed it received no publicity. I guarantee if it was only white men cat calling her the video would be seen as a feminist victory and received no criticism.

        3. To watch this type of shit collapse on itself is priceless to watch. It’s all fun and games – until it’s turned around on SJWs.

        4. How long must we take these stupid whining self-styled elitists seriously? And how did it move from getting rid of racial segregation to constant yammering about the slightest differences based on the slightest factors as being sources of “victimization”? And how did that crap become so fucking “important” they dominate law and media?

        5. Chicks in general are becoming more and more crazy id say.
          This is the first generation of YOLO. What happens when they realize they’re losing their looks… A lot of them haven’t created anything of higher value than their burnout on the cock carousel.

        6. Oh I wouldn’t worry too much. There are HORDES of thirsty beta orbiters, white knights and Captain save a hoes around.

        7. I’ve been experiencing the creepy “older woman hitting on younger men” phenomenon.
          The nice part is they aren’t as aggressive as men, but it’s still annoying because I give absolutely no indication that I’m interested, not even a little.

        8. They have their cats and career. You’re right women are being bought up being taught less and less responsibility and discipline creating more crazy.

        9. At the same time though, it really is nice being able to bounce from late 20s/ early 30s women who own their own home and invite you to live there rent free. Especially when they’re better looking than all the young women who have nothing going for them other than their muffin tops and what they can manipulate out of men. I kinda really enjoy this aspect of feminism, turning the tables.

        10. Actually for Black and Hispanic males it was a double slap in the face. One because of overreaching feminism and because of white racists and white manginas aiming their vitriol on Male men of color. Some white feminists are also racists…and it came through in the comment section. Feminism began with White upper class/middle class females, who sometimes ignored minority women who actually had it far worse than they did ironically. Its all about perspective.

        11. Oh I’m all for “attractive” older women. I’m referring to the “unattractive.”
          One chick brought in pictures to show me of herself from like 15 years ago as if it had any bearing on the way she looks today…
          “Hey look you get to have sex with this formerly hot chick.” Yay me!!!

        12. I think it depends on the story. The news loves to shuffle those “cards” around to get the right mix of drama (full effect, full ratings and money).

        13. Take your pussy liberal faggotry over to the huffington post.
          Since you like “facts” so much compare crime and economic statistics in South Africa under Mandella vs. the British. Also, read the Bell Curve.

        14. I agree. It’s not hard to see that having a vagina is a massive privledge and has been since time immemorial. Black men’s voting rights, like mine, are still tied to conscription (women’s never have been), black men can’t use VAWA, family courts, yes means yes, etc to destroy me (women can). Black men can’t falsely accuse me of rape. Black men are men, therefore they are hated by feminists and western govt just like me.

        15. Hey Manuel did I touch a nerve, you get so sensitive. You sound like a pretty big Faggot to me. Trying not to get screwed by Big Banks and going to war for bullshit reasons is being smart not the same shit you read on websites like this about “fat shaming” etc…Go to Fox News and wallow in your own ignorance Fucktard.

        16. Oh yeah the Bell Curve has already been academically countered by the way. Flynn Effect, Test Bias etc. Has to also do with parenting and discipline. Many of my Black and Brown peers have scored above average IQ across all Racial Categories. Also I do not believe in I.Q. as the end all in overall intelligence.

        17. The default response from liberal faggots everywhere. “You are hurting my feelings with your racist facts, go watch fox news” Waaaaaaaaaaaaah

        18. Same can be said about your “huffpo” comment, I watch real news. Now go find your tampon.

        19. You come across as really angry and emotional Manuel. Whats wrong, is the landscaping/hotel housekeeping business drying up?

        20. All three of you on the ROK SJW faggot team espouse almost identical drivel to what’s frequently posted on Huffington Post. Totally appropriate.

        21. Nowhere have I quoted fox and probably never would. Good that you are exposing your complete lack of elementary school level reading comprehension to the readers of this thread though.

        22. haha the Irony!! I’m just speaking down to your level idiot, as you are the one who associated my comments with Huffpo an outlet which I don’t have full respect for. So I’m following your low level logic.

        23. Do you mean espouse, moron? Any more whining and crying to do for the poor victim minorities today? Have you begun your “transition” yet?

        24. So you have started your “transition”? Male to female only or will you also be transition race?

        25. Ah ha… Looks like I struck a nerve. You have started your transition. This is the reason for your rabid SJWism. Don’t worry, being trans is “in” now in the US. You’ll find a lot of new friends. Maybe you can even be a “hero” like Bruce Jenner.

        26. Your lack of debating skill and initial ad hominem don’t merit further response and don’t strike a nerve rather it offers my entertainment fuckboy. Labeling something you can’t counter but are angered at SJWism also shows your level of ignorance.

        27. OK whatever you say tranny.
          P.S. Pot calls kettle black, “fuckboy.”

      2. But this transracialism can have real consequences because minorities do receive preferences based on race. Blacks and minorities are often recipients of positive discrimination in their favor for college admissions etc which now apparently anybody can get just by thinking they are white…

      3. Oh you wait now folks are gonna start blinding themselves so they can be “transabled” and get in on the disability racket…

        1. Hopefully we’ll start to see a change in laws where their own shit (behavior) will come back to bite them in the ass.

      4. She was pretty stupid, though. Everyone knows that white women lead, hands down, in the victim category.

      5. Damn, I would like to transform myself into a black lesbian woman living in America. Then I would literally use every victim card available with ease: oppressed because of sex, sexual orientation AND race!

        1. It’s just pretty fucking sad to hear her talk, today, as if nothing was wrong with it (like we are all crazy). Anyone with a shred of common sense should have called this woman out as being crazy (because she needs counseling).
          You don’t give a liar a free pass. You call her a liar, call her out and the trust is gone (no matter what cause she is serving).

      6. I think black woman trumps white woman though. Depending on the context, naturally.

    2. I was waiting a long time for this moment.

      1. >tfw your boot sinks into the white feminist’s snout as she squeals about equality

      2. I had the biggest LMAO … this picture is so hilarious, had to share it with all my friends; they all loved it. hahaha

    3. She will get invited to speak at Hillary’s coronation, along with Sulkowicz and Jenner. Feminists will find a way to embrace her because they are always “evolving” or other nonsense.

      1. Speaking of the sea hag, I was just imagining her going up against the republican nominee ( Romney especially) during the televised debates. She’s not the best speaker, and I refuse to believe she wasn’t handed those degrees.

  6. The crazy part is the NAACP is shrugging their shoulders over this.
    Amazing the benefits one can gain in society simply by believing a certain point of view.

      1. Remember when Ted Danson of Cheers did a blackface routine when he was dating Whoopi Goldberg. People had a shitfest over it. Whoopi contributed to the jokes.

  7. Firstly this shows white privilege is bullshit, secondly it shows The Left brainwash their followers into hating white skinned people and thirdly it shows Leftist followers are mentally Ill people who see being a victim as a massive achievement.

    1. This is the big win here. When a prog starts talking about White Privilege ask them why White woman Racheal Dolezal pretended to be Black to advance her career.

      1. Exactly as Matt says her being black actually helped her career, also if being white is such a big privilege why change?

      2. This is the reality. A White person who is connected with the Black community has a huge advantage in this society. That is called White privilege. I call it the “peace corp” syndrome. White kids go to Africa and become superheros. That is what she did here on a domestic level. White privilege is real.

        1. Yep. Then youre just a loser. Usually for pretty good reason, but society tends to really kick us. Maybe thats why white people are more successful. No sympathy and no safety nets. Sink or seim for us.

    2. white privilege in the sense that it is born out of numerical majority is real, or if it isn’t it should be
      never apologize for majority supremacy – every society does better with it

      1. I agree but nowdays whites are being out bred by everyone else on a world scale and in their own countries. Too continue the white privilege narrative is ridiculous when whites are becoming a minority in the world. While Feminists an SJWs may celebrate that white people becoming a minority they’re in for a rude awakening when Muslims or some other group takes over who won’t put up with their shit.

        1. they won’t care, just like they don’t care now.
          they’ll open wide, just like they open wide now.
          they’ll celebrate all the same.

        2. I disagree. Once they lose their benefits and all the attention they’re getting they’re going to have a meltdown.

        3. The most disturbing part is it’s my tax dollars that are funding the annihilation of my culture.
          Among other influences of course, no doubt the Europeans are being major pussies and doing this to themselves.

        4. Given hitler and stalin are white, as well as the imperialist, its hard to imagine much worse.

        5. there is way to combat that my friend, have more sex with white women and have more pure white babies and have A LOT of it.

        6. Every race has had evil dictators and people who believe their race is the master race and commit genocide, that isn’t limited to white people.

        7. Once a far more masculine culture takes over and actually does start repressing them they’ll care.

        8. No, but it has been white people that has gone on a rampage around the world to let people know how their race is superior and committing genocide away from their own lands

        9. The Ottomon empire? Imperialist Japan? The Mongolians under Ghengas Khan? The Indonesians in West Papua right now? Idonesia commiting genocide against Melanasians? African Muslims in North Africa committing religious genocide on a mass scale? China in Tibet? Or did you think only white nations ever invaded other land? White people invented bigger boats and traded for gunpowder which meant they were able to colonize countries simple as that. White people aren’t more violent or racist than any other race they just advanced quicker.

        10. Of course not–but Germany alone took the throne in terms of numbers alone in comparison to those places you listed–not mentioning Stalin–and what the Belgians did in the Congo–the US-France-Portugal-Russia-Spain-many others that I won’t bother listing-
          “White people invented bigger boats and traded for gunpowder which meant they were able to colonize countries simple as that.”
          You mean committing mass genocide. Yep, simple as that–

        11. It’s pretty tough to start a huge family and raise those kids effectively when all the decks are stacked against straight white males. There are no special benefits to be had whatsoever. Plus the culture and the government is trying to poison the minds of those kids and term them into liberal scum the world would be better off without. It’s a losing game unless you do it somewhere else in a more supportive environment. I wouldn’t dream of bringing a newborn into the poisoned American culture.

        12. White people are inherently more evil, they just had better technology.

        13. well then you can expect to have your race be outnumbered by non-whites in the future. Would you rather see that?

        14. Name me the black, indian, and east asians who rounded up and murdered every white for being white. Not because whites invaded and raped their country but because white was deemed racially inferior.

        15. All races have had dictators commiting genocide, Africa and The Middle East in recent years. The reason they haven’t attacked white countries is because they lack the military might ant didn’t advance quick enough to invade. White people are no more racist or aggressive than other races they just had better development. Aboriginals were around a lot longer than White English people if they had started creating and trading they could have colonized Europe. Fact is Europeans advanced quicker than other continents inhabitants which is why they colonized. And the Ottomons were committing genocide against Greeks and other Europeans for years.

        16. Why does ROK suddenly seem to be infested with pussy faggot SJWs crying about the poor minorities? Awful.

        17. It’s an unfortunate reality that is going to happen no matter. Intelligent people in general of any race do not breed luck cockroaches so everybody is fucked.

        18. Why don’t they round up all the whites and kill them off? And the Ottomans consider themselves whites.

        19. Ottomons are Turkish not white and as I’ve said white countries until now have been more advanced with better navies and militaries which is why they did the colonizing. You can’t honestly believe whites are any more violent than any other race if so you’re just a SJW race troll.

        20. So how can the greeks be white when turks colonized them for thousands of years?

    3. Doesn’t this show white privilege, whites can pretend to be black for jobs and employment, but go back to montana and be white when they want. Blacks are stuck being black, can’t pretend to be white.

      1. I guess in a roundabout way if you consider that whites can turn black than yes but that isn’t what liberals are thinking when they say white privilege. Plus your average white person isn’t crazy enough to do that. The fact that being black gained her more benifet than if she had stayed white proves liberals ‘white privilege’ isn’t real.

        1. What are the benefits she gained pretending to be black she couldn’t get as a white? If she went and got a ph.d in european studies, you think she wouldn’t get a job? Black unemployment is 2-3 times that of white. Black college grads have the same employment prospects as white felons with less than a high school education. I’m not sure what or where you see some imaginary black net benefit.

        2. Affirmative action is what she gains by being black, plus the ability to play the I’m an oppressed minority card every time she doesn’t like something. And yes their are massive problems in The African American community which i am sympathetic to but continuesly playing the victim contributes to that. Blaming the evil white man won’t solve shit.

        3. Affirmative action to a volunteer position?
          White women seem to have the victim card played to a tee and already get affirmative action.
          Some say blacks should pull themselves up by the bootstraps. In the word of Martin Luther King “Such a view comes from someone wearing boots. The black race does not have boots upon which to pull its straps by”
          While the white underclass and asian underclass were financed by the government with loans, land and jobs, the black americans were denied the same opportunities.

        4. She obtained numerous advantages. She had access to academic and political positions due to her being an intelligent person that was believed to be black. If she was only a white person, I doubt she would have obtained the same positions. Maybe good positions somewhere else.
          But its beyond just the jobs. She had a prominent status as an articulate and intelligent black person — it would be less if she were known as white. There are less of those than other “races”, on a per capita basis as liberals would loosely define them. This is not a racist statement nor even a statement that one race is smarter than the other – it’s a question of unique genetic histories of each individual person.

        5. She could have easily worked for the NAACP as a white woman. This does not prove that she had “numerous advantages.” Another way of looking at this is the destruction of the Native Americans, yet after they are decimated they receive some minimal benefit and a white person states that somehow “natives” receive benefits that he doesn’t yet conveniently disregards the historical and current disadvantages that grouped face and promptly collects the little benefit that Native person gets. A double slap in the face.

        6. If she was an intelligent person believed to be white she would get MORE benefits. Do you understand almost every university has white studiesaka european and classical and most don’t have african studies?
          White women get all kinds of affirmative action. What was her prominent stauts that whites couldn’t have? Whites were leaders of the NAACP, so its not like she got some job a white never had. You understand the number one anti-racism speaker isn’t even black, its a white man named tim wise. Its EASIER for a white person to get a job for blacks than a black!

        1. I don’t think anyone accepted MJ as white. He was looked at as a nutcase and mocked quite a bit. He did it to himself though.

        2. DId MJ say he was white? Also, he had a skin disease that everyone knew about–

        3. Vitiligo, skin disease. Plus he never claimed to be white nor try to pretend to be white. How is the world’s most famous pop star going to pretend to a different race anyways. Everyone knew he was black, knew his parents and even Janet Jackson has tons of sales.

      2. Gee that’s interesting. It’s almost like race isn’t a social construct, but something real that someone is born with.

        1. Race is real, the groups are constructed by society. So its not an either or its a bit of both. You know race is viewed differently in different nations.

    4. I agree with you mostly, but “privilege” exists and it’s not isolated to white people.
      If you were born Michael Jordan’s son, you’d be privileged. I don’t see anything wrong with that. It is what it is and we aren’t all dealt the same hand in life.
      People’s perceptions of you matter. As a minority (especially black/Hispanic) you will tend to be followed when browsing in various retail/grocery stores. I understand the reason so I don’t get pissed off like I used to (I look like I could be either race) but lets be honest, it’s pretty obvious who’s privileged and in what circumstances it’s played out.

      1. Some people are privileged I agree, but Liberals think it’s some kind of grave sin, it’s not, it’s just the way it is and will always be because you don’t get to choose the circumstances you are born into. Plus Liberals believe being privileged is only limited to white males which is completely ridiculous. A black person born into a wealthy stable family is more privileged than a white boy born into poverty with a drug addicted mum and no father regardless of what color his skin is.

  8. I read about this I think on the Telegraph or the Daily Mail. Her parents, gullible SJW as they seem to have been, adopted a series of black children as her siblings. Thus the cunt grows up around their poisoned culture and starts to believe she is one of them. Not to mention marry one at some point. The story is very entertaining, I hope the Zio media doesn’t attempt to bury the black eye to its false multiculturalist propaganda.

    1. Well put, she’s obviously mentally ill and to deny who you are as a person is just disgusting. Hopefully she’s shunned by everyone from here on out, simply revolting.

    2. I bet the parents cared more about the black adopted kids than they did about her. Whenever you see these rainbow frankenfamilies where they adopt non-white kids and already have biological kids, you know the “diverse” kids are being put in the limelight most of the time. Brad and Angelina’s biological child only got the limelight recently, but they have to say she’s transgender to get any attention.

      1. I agree. Part of me wants to applaud her parents for adopting children, but clearly they fucked up their own child by doing so in the first place. I’m going to go with fuck you all of you communists, you have reaped what you have sown.

      2. I’ve alluded to my SJW, struggling fat actress cousin on here a couple of times, I’ve a new one today.We were talking a few weeks ago about sibling competition , and I brought up how she was tossed on the heap the moment her mixed race half sister came along.She didn’t deny this fact. She actually said that it was right for her mother to do this because the halfrican was better than her because she’s part black.

        1. That’s some amazing levels of brainwashing there. There’s a growing backlash against this white guilt/privilege bullshit, but some of those people like your cousin are going to have to be hit really hard by the world some day.

      3. Its another case of liberals “shepherding” black people for their “own good.” Which to me is somewhat more perverse than anything. White people working for social programs to “help” black people. Seems to be a cleverly masked “Holier than thou” attitude that they are somewhat better than others.

  9. The left will do what it does in response to anything that makes them look bad…ignore it. If it doesn’t get acknowledged then it never existed. This is just another absurdity that’ll be forgetten by liberals next week. Its the stuff of a Woody Allen movie back in the day, or The black feminist version of Spinal Tap. Unfortunately the media is liberal and this fiasco will be long forgotten in a month.
    I’m sure she’ll get a book deal, a movie or at least a documentary and come out smelling like rosesand be immune to shame like all of them.

  10. The darker the berry the sweeter the juice!
    *z snap*
    Mmm Hmm.
    But fo real yo, bitch must burn through buckets of spray tan. Or let me rephrase. She goes hard in that mother fuckin paint nigga.

  11. I’m sure the usual cabal of dorks is working overtime to try to spin this one back on the track of their narrative. Predicted strategy: she’ll say that she did it because (1) she was “abused” (2) the white patriarchy made her do it, or (3) race is a matter of personal feelings.

    1. You left out the one she actually used. All people are from Africa so her ancestors were African.

  12. I found it interesting that NPR & CNN were the only media outlets to find this as an outrage.

    1. Fuck NPR. It is where people go to think they are being informed.
      “This program brought to you by tax loopholes and oil interests.”

  13. Color is skin deep. XY chromosomes go further than bone deep. If trans-race is absurd, transsexualism is orders of magnitude more absurd.
    Hell, trans-progressive anything is absurd.

  14. This has been happening for the last 50 years. Ever since colleges and employers started using race quotas to fill their ranks. White people have been checking the box for “mixed” race, saying they are part hispanic or native american. There is NO way to verify.

      1. “Compulsory genetic testing lol”
        Yes, but that would conflict with some SJW dogmas like “Race is a social construct.” Compulsory testing would be admitting that race is a verifiable and fixed reality.

  15. So this is what we know now, shes a sexist, racist and now a liar.
    We learned nothing, but confirmed everything.

    1. too apologetic
      Try the nationalist version:
      Straight, able bodied men from the dominant ethnic or racial group are the backbone of all societies and you should be thankful I exist.

    2. The speed with which the world turns anti-white and anti-cis and anti-men will make this depressive picture soon a reality I fear.

  16. Not only did she exploit anti-White racism to the hilt, but she encouraged the two Black boys her parents adopted (when they could have adopted White kids instead!) to hate all Whites. Disgraceful.

  17. I wish I could become a black man. We white men have it rough: We have to obey the law, go to school to better ourselves, think rationally, hold down jobs, save money, plan for the future, marry the women who bear our children and assume financial responsibility for their upbringing, and take on a whole lot of other burdensome tasks.
    Black men don’t have to do any of those things. Boy, do they have it made.

    1. Except the part about being D’shawn’s aka downlow D’shawn’s cell mate.

    2. I’ve seen the way that white men live who adopt the lifestyle you described. They live in large houses in peaceful neighborhoods with other like-minded families, send their children to private school, drive expensive vehicles and eat fine dining. I don’t begrudge them this, they’ve worked for it.
      Black men? It may happen to some degree, but it’s a rarity.
      Ever driven through a majority black neighborhood/city?
      Jealousy isn’t quite the feeling.

  18. This is hilarious, parents have the habit in embarrassing their kids, ROK will have to add this chick to their list about SJW that would in a lunatic asylum.

  19. this is what happens when you have half-breeds, multi-racial breeds. They are often confused about their race and have either identity crisis and often have self-hating tendencies too. Not all of course but for the most part.
    I remember I met a “half-asian, half-white” girl and she identified herself as a white girl even though her genetic phenotype on her face leaned more towards asiatic gene side. At first I could tolerate and even liked it when she constantly jabbed at asians whenever given chance but her constant obsession with wanting to be white was just too much for me. She had no self respect at all.
    This is the problem folks. You get half breeds and they grow up all fucked up. Stick with your own races people. This goes for white people… stick with white people if you want to have babies…
    goes for asians, blacks, and etc…
    if you been updating with media today, the half-black, half-jap beauty contestant wants to shove and force-feed multiculturalism and DIE-versity to Japan.

    1. Or asian americans with asian parents, but born and raised in america. They go through life checking the “diversity” box, believing they are “asian”. Then they visit asia as an adult and nobody there accepts them and it triggers huge identity crisis.

      1. yeah it must suck for them. I notice Asians in Asia are more harsher towards Asian Americans than towards white foreigners. Like even though the Asian American dude was born in the US, the Asians abroad automatically expect him to know all the cultural Asian standards and if he does’t know, he gets ostracized. I seen it from my very own eyes when I traveled to Asia.
        A white foreigner like me got treated better than my Asian American friends in Asia. That’s how pathetic Asians are.

  20. You have to give her credit at least for the impressive tan. I would have never believed she was fully black but mixed race definitely. Whites have been pretending to be Native American for a long time (Democrat Elisabeth Warren faked being Native American in order to get into Harvard and was even touted as being a “woman of color” despite the fact that she was clearly fucking white) but I think this might be the first time I’ve heard one fake being black.

    1. In the US there are a lot of Negroes with white ancestry so many part Negroes were always classified as Black which is how this female got away with calling herself Black.That and a lot of good makeup, tanning and making her hair kinky she was able to pass for a US type negro.

  21. Congratulations Mom and Dad, you failed at raising your daughter. You must be feeling so proud right now.

  22. Today saw the first chapter of Sense8, totally deranged. This series deserves an article in RoK is the glorification of perversion.

    1. Majority does not always equal priviledge. If this were true than poor people would be more privileged than rich people since poor people make up the majority in a lot of places.
      I agree with you that trans people are mentally ill and the left purposely confuses this with hate. Saying someone is mentally ill is not hate. To say that someone with schizophrenia, for instance, is mentally ill is not to say that you hate them. If this were true than the whole psychiatric profession is one big hate group.

      1. You’re right, and that is a good point (regarding the poor vs the rich). However, I didn’t mean for my original point to extend into the realm of economics (I realize I said “any situation.” Should have clarified better). To better state my point…in most majority-minority situations of a socio-political scale (realizing that economics plays an important part of this scale, I nevertheless ask you to place it on the back burner for the purpose of this example), the majority group which holds the power will naturally extend certain priviliges to those who belong to the group. Those who fall outside of the group may still be able to succeed without the help of the group (or even with the deliberate attempt of the group members to make sure those outside the group do not succeed; i.e., de jure racism, etc.) but it will be much harder for them to do so.

        1. “the majority group which holds the power will naturally extend certain privileges to those who belong in the group.”
          But again, this isn’t true. White men don’t always act in ways that benefit other white men. This is the same flaw feminists make when they assume since the majority in power are men that means there must be male privilege. But in reality most men don’t hold any power at all and those who do often act in ways that benefit women.
          It’s very hard if not impossible to talk about privilege without discussing socio economics because money is the ultimate and overriding factor in who has the most privilege. A poor person of any race and gender is always at a disadvantage to a rich person of any race and gender. Throughout history it has always been the rich over the poor. Even back in the days of so-called female oppression, a woman of riches would have been treated much better than a poor male peasant.

        2. The point is that “privilege” is judged as a group benefit, assuming a group median or average even if some, many, or most individuals in the group don’t benefit from it. You’re not going to convince leftoids otherwise by appealing to individuals. This includes abstract perceptions, like “seeing” a white man as the standard American, or having band-aids sold at stores that match the color of white skin.
          In other words, majority privilege exists, and it’s a normal if not healthy trait for societies to have. As long as it doesn’t extend to legal inequality it’s basically innocuous. And it doesn’t. Every country in the world ensures legal equality at least on paper. Whatever harm the left associate with majority privilege is no more serious than “microaggressions”, and just as ridiculous.

        3. I’m not trying to convince leftoids. That would be impossible since they do not listen to reason.
          But I see the point you are making here. I think you explained it a little better. Although rather than describing it as innocuous, TheTruthandLiving made the claim that it was “much harder” for those who fall outside of the majority group to succeed. So perhaps you are not explaining the same thing at all.

        4. Yes, I am of the opinion that being a minority, especially a minority that has been legally oppressed and dehumanized (i.e., blacks in America) makes it harder to succeed. Not impossible, but harder. Is this, in your opinion, a false perspective? If so, why?
          I remain firm in my stance. Terry Xu wrote that “as long as it does not extend to legal inequality it is basically innocuous,” the “it” here being majority privilege. In the case of blacks in America, the “it” did extend to legal inequality. Whether it does or does not today is up for debate, and I do not intend to engage in this debate. Regardless of the existence or inexistence (is that a word?) of modern legal racism, the fact remains that the social dehumanization and oppression of blacks continues to this day by virtue of old legal and social practices. The essence of the old legal system of racial discrimination, created and enforced by the rich white status quo (part of the larger white majority), is still very much alive today. Nothing is ever destroyed; it merely changes form. I therefore submit that being black in America is an automatic strike against a person. Being non-white in general is an automatic strike against you (though I assume you believe the opposite, based on your previous arguments).
          Does that mean we should wallow in victimhood? No. Does it mean we should remain stagnant in mediocrity because we have already accepted defeat? An emphatic no. It means we should look for ways to rise above the lingering pains of the past and beat the odds. After a major surgery, the affliction does not automatically heal. There is lasting pain, there is struggle, and there is the knowledge that one will never really be fully healed. There will be scarring. Black America has been scarred but it must learn that life is not fair for anyone. Everyone has some kind of struggle to overcome. But being part of a minority group in a society where majority privilige exists or existed legally means having to overcome major obstacles.
          It isn’t just poverty; poverty exists among people of all races. It isn’t just “racism,” for racism is at its core discrimination, and descrimination exists among people of all races and classes. It is dehumanization. The denial of a person’s humanity. Equating another human being with a beast, lesser than man. White people in America have never been subjected to this.

        5. But that assumes a shared group identity, which whites have long since surrendered. That’s effectively what the left *means*, the renunciation of identity or privilege on the part of whites. If whites still predominate in the economic sphere, that’s in spite of any privilege rather than because of it. Just as, for example, people of Chinese descent dominate economically in Malaysia; Indians in Kenya; Jews everywhere: the point being that in each case they are all tiny minorities yet dominate economically. Indians are a tiny minority in Kenya, and resented to a great extent by the masses, yet they are economically powerful. Their status, along with the others, refutes the notion that group numbers alone confers an advantage. Some groups are just more successful in certain spheres than others. Americans tend to project their own racial politics. Thus they regard Africans as merely *black*. But in Kenya, notwithstanding what I said about the Indians, the dominant economic group are the Kikuyu. But as I say Americans only see black and white.

        6. I do not believe whites have surrendered a shared group identity. Contrarily, I believe the adoption of a group identity was necessary in the process of Americanization. I am not a fan of the idea of “white culture.” This phrasing and the idea associated with it implies that there is some universal white culture. There are shared similarities between European cultures, yes, but there is a vast difference between a nation like Ireland and one like Belarus. Becoming American, adopting this new, bland idea of being a “white American,” meant giving up much of one’s own national culture, i.e., becoming a part of a group and taking on its identity. I hate when guilt-ridden whites say they are just white and have no culture. Being one quarter white of Portuguese, Irish, and German descent, all three of those cultures fascinate me. White people definitely have cultures to be proud of. I would like to see less of this one-dimensional “whiteness” and more embrace of one’s own ethnic backgrounds.
          You made several good points but I am too tired to address them all. I will say this: Americans definitely project their own racial politics on to situations completely unlike their own. Blacks and whites both do this, and it is a fatal flaw to have such a one-sided perspective.

        7. Yeah I never said anything about “white culture” – that’s your usage. My point was merely that being a member of a majority group, the context in which you originally referred to whites in the US, does not in and of itself confer an advantage, Thus I gave examples of minority groups in various countries, who prevail economically over the majority group in spite of their minority status. It’s not merely a question of numbers. Indeed many argue that in the current political climate being a member of a minority group in the US confers a distinct advantage in some spheres, particularly the government sector. But overall economic ability speaks for itself. Thus the sucess of the various groups I mentioned, and of course the relative sucess of some national groups over others. The Dutch for instance are a tiny nation yet for some reason have been more succesful than many far more populous nations.

  23. Men turning transsexuals, white turning black, are ultimate forms of assimilation in ultra feminist systems.
    Even though I am not white, it makes me sick.

  24. Remember that people like this are representative of a much larger demographic and should not be dismissed as one-offs
    It’s right up there with claiming to be 1/64th Native American, being “bisexual”, “depressed”, a rape survivor, and various nonsense meant to increase social standing
    Pretending to be some victim group is standard fare for significant percent of white girls, for pathological reasons I no longer care to divine. The only thing that matters now is the endgame. That is, how to destroy them as a demographic and their ideology as a viable form of thought
    It’s fine and all to mock them with one-liners, but this is not enough. In order to achieve the final solution, It’s just as important to strategize and engineer the downfall of equalism

    1. It can’t go on…and it think we’ll start to see the collapse of it when it comes full circle. SJWs (like a group of women in an office setting) will usually start to turn on each other – once there is no one left to “attack”.
      Until then, I’ll gladly shame anyone I know pulling this kind of bullshit in real life.

  25. White privilege definitely exists. That’s not to say white people should apologize for being white, having been born white with no say over the matter. Doesn’t mean all whites have it good. It also doesn’t mean non-whites can’t become successful. White privilege exists simply because whites form the majority of the population. It would be the same in most other situations regarding majority-minority dynamics. In such a situation a member of the majority party is likely to enjoy a certain privilege not afforded to minority members.
    Regarding this woman, as a black male I must say I found it entertaining. But it raises many questions and issues, especially when considered in conjunction with the Jenner situation.
    In today’s ever-maddening world, feelings trump reality.
    “Do what you feel, be what you feel. Consequences? What consequences? How does a man who chops off his penis and take estrogen affect your life? How does what two consenting adults do affect your life? Etc.”
    Those things may not matter on a micro scale. On a macro scale, they shape the way our collective social mind functions. See, what we are learning is not the acceptance of homosexuals or transsexuals. We are not learning to love diversity. We are learning that if you disagree with something that the powers that be deem important, you will be punished, ridiculed, and excommunicated. I don’t support homosexuality or transsexuality, but I’m not out killing gays and trannies. I believe homosexuality is abnormal (not “unnatural” but abnormal), and I’m labeled a homophobe. I’m labeled intolerant. I’m labeled scum. Why? Simply because I have an opinion contrary to the one being developed by “progressives.” I believe a society should embrace diversity in opinion in a civil way. In a way befitting of adults. I will tolerate your existence and respect your humanity, but I will never agree with or support what you are doing. This should not be the grounds for your ridiculing me. Were I out causing you harm, you’d have a legitimate grudge against me. Not marching in your gay day parade does not make me a homophobe.
    Regarding this woman. As a black male I find it funny. And a bit sad. I think this woman has a victim complex (as do many, many middle class white women). I suspect she was a feminist when she was younger, but eventually realized no one discriminates against middle class white women. Her desire to satisfy her masochistic need to be a victim (a desire which warrants its own discussion) was not fulfilled. So she stumbled upon us. Us poor, helpless, victimized black folk. She probably always had some skewed leftist perspective of “black culture.” You know what I mean. Those white folks who feel all that guilt, who feel they have no culture so they idolize and appropriate another culture. Most people get off merely observing us sangin and dancin darkies from afar. But it was not enough for her to observe. She had to participate. She had to capitalize on “black victimhood.” She had to be black. So she adopted this fake persona and capitalized on being the black woman victim. (Note: funny thing is, she would have garnered much more respect from black people had she not adopted this false identity.)
    Therein lies the difference between her and Jenner: Jenner was pretty much out with his lifestyle. He didn’t become a transsexual in secret for some malicious cause. He wasn’t a man masquerading as a hardcore feminist for the sake of feeding some weird, deeply-engrained sado-masochistic fetish. This woman, for some reason, wants to feel pain. She wants to be a victim. Nobody takes the goddamn NAACP seriously. Even black folk know they’re full of shit. She chose to join a club of professional victims.
    She considers herself black. We could get into some long, existential debate about what blackness is and who is black. But we all know what we mean when we say black. She is not it. She is a white woman with fake “natural” hair and a tan. This is the reality, no matter what she feels. Bruce Jenner is a man who has mutilated/is going to mutilate himself. He is not and never will be a woman. You can delude yourself. You can delude others. But you cannot escape reality. In this world where feelings trump reality, where intolerance is the most commonly used weapon of those claiming to fight for progress, I fear we will all eventually sink into a pit of dreams and surreality and be swallowed up by our own delusions. When reality comes knocking, we will not be ready.

    1. Excellent analysis and level-headed comment
      majority privilege, as long as it isn’t legally abusive, is not abnormal or oppressive
      White women have some kind of identity issue, and their actions as “activists” are always fueled by this ulterior motive

      1. Thank you. I believe the denial of white privilege is a reaction against what it has come to be defined as by progressives. By this I mean, the denial of white privilege by white people is a reaction against the misconstrued and false idea that white privilege means that any and all white people live amazing lives by virtue of their whiteness. This conception of white privilege is false, and it was developed by overzealous “progressives.” White privilege is simply a by-product of the fact that in America, white people are the largest racial group and hold a great amount of the nation’s social and economic power. Being white in America is therefore being a member of a powerful racial majority, and being a member of the majority often comes with privileges not extended to those outside the group. Not all white people are rich, and not all non-whites are poor. Furthermore, Whites shouldn’t apologize or be made to apologize for being white. But to completely deny the reality that being a member of a powerful majority group of any kind is foolish, be you a member by chance (as in having been born white) or by choice (joining some powerful political party).

        1. To be powerful, you have to be wealthy and have some degree of ethnic and racial nepotism. The Jewish community is the model. Whites have been discriminated against through affirmative action for generations. And in all all western countries they aren’t far away from losing their majority status. That isn’t the sign of a powerful group.

        2. The Jewish question definitely warrants debate, and I agree with the stance that the so-called “Jews” control key positions in world governments, in economics, and society in general. They are not the subject of my post, however. The subject of my post is the very real and tangible phenomenon of white privilege being a form of majority privilege, which exists in most social situations. Being that the majority population in America is white, being non-white is a marker, both literally and figuratively, of one’s exclusion from “the norm.” Although, as you pointed out in your point about western nations becoming less white, this “norm” is rapidly changing.
          You hold that whites have been discriminated against by way of affirmative action. I don’t agree with the wording but I see and accept your point. Whites have not, however, regardless of their socio-economic status, ever been reduced to the level of subhuman, neither by way of the laws nor by way of the collective social mind. Therein lies the difference. Discrimination for a few office jobs and college positions (both of which have been dismissed as empty pursuits on this very site) is one thing. To legally and socially take away a man’s humanity is very different. To assert that the white majority is not a powerful group is a foolish argument.

        3. That made too much common sense (I’m laughing because common sense used to be the standard – back when – by everyone).
          People should not apologize for “who they are” and they should never let anyone make them feel bad for being white, black or other. You’re right, privilege exists for anyone in a majority. You’ll find it any country that you visit.
          People need to get back to holding people to a standard (character). That’s how I measure people (regardless of race, culture, etc…).
          Lying doesn’t’s used everywhere.

        4. I’m going to copy and paste this. I see this issue misconstrued all the time and some individuals who appear to be pretty intelligent tend to lose sight of logic/common sense whenever this topic arises.

    2. I appreciate that another black man was thinking what I was. Privilege is per the course of being in the majority. If you stomp on your rights then and there, the fall is especially steep.
      Whereas I see the victim card was played well, I do not believe the play was an isolated affair. She was raised among blacks. She adopted black culture. She was shaped and embraced by black culture. Like a child, she longed to remain in black culture and knowing she would get ousted as an adult for being a black lover by fellow whites, she opted to leave everything she knew that was white behind. Was this right or wrong, I couldn’t say. I don’t know what policies were enacted or issues raised with her leading the NAACP, as they never seemed to raise an issue that warranted my attention. I do for me.
      What is funny is the focus on her applying black face when affirmative action is milked by white women up and down America. Affirmative Action may get a black man or two, into a mailroom in corporate America, but by and large it benefits women more. And white women the most.
      All around that was a well phrased argument. And kudos for speaking your mind against the homosexual stance of the day. Gay is not okay. Only sexuality I know of, besides transexuals, where the practice actively endangers your life.

      1. In you look at college admissions based on race, sex and SAT results the real winners in the affirmative action racket are black women. Although, white women also benefit. I don’t think black males benefit much from the figures I’ve seen.

        1. Funny you say this because I was talking to a black woman who claimed that black women are the most educated group in America.
          I called bullshit and she brought up a link that showed the black women make up a majority of enrolment in Universities. More than any other gender+race combo, second is Asian women, third is white women, fourth was black men, fifth was hispanic men, and so on.

      2. Thanks. The reason I chose to highlight my belief that she gets off on being a victim is because of her current and past exploits regarding her reception of death threats and the like, most of which have been dismissed by police as lacking in evidence. Now, of course, we are all well aware of the conniving and malicious nature of an unfortunately significant population of police in America today. That being said these incidents supposedly occurred in multiple states and were dismissed by multiple police forces, which leads me to believe that even if she received some type of hate, she probably greatly embellished the stories.

        1. Agree. How can any woman who has gone to this extent be trustworthy? Her character comes into question, now (noble cause or not).
          And the police should reopen some of her cases to see “who they are dealing with”. This woman seems to be an attention whore (at least) or needs counseling by a medical professional (probably).

      3. The biggest “worry” that people should have when dealing with her now is her character. She’s lied about many things so now her character is in question.
        I grew up with many different types of people (dad was in the Army) so I found out that all people have one thing in common (or they used to back when). They all held each other in “check” and it was based on character. If you were a liar (in any community) than you were a liar and you were shamed for it.
        We can’t start making excuses for people (because they serve a noble cause) saying that it’s ok to lie. That is the message that I’m reading from different comment boards on a few different sites about this story. She could have easily served any noble cause as a white person. Aren’t we always telling all people to be proud of “who you are?”.
        People can’t have it both ways. They can easily adopt (or keep) the many things that have been experienced in life without having to physically change “who you are”. I know because I’ve done it. You should be proud is the message we (society) are always telling the public (not change who you are).

        1. Air Force brat here. Having grown up as we did, we have seen how little racial differences matter in the pursuit of a higher goal. Sure, they exist, but advancement is based on merit and, as you said, character. Definitely gracious having grown up in such a manner.

        2. On all of your points, I agree. Her character is flawed thoroughly. I highlighted her upbringing because she behaved as if she were black and only flawed by her skin color. Mannerisms do not make you black any more than estrogen makes you a woman.
          Her upbringing classifies her for a mental check-up, but she clearly sought the right to dupe Americans into accepting her stance on race overall. For good or bad, the way she initiated this was through trickery and that is quite shameful.
          The problem here is that in America, people have been duplicitous for a long time. Publicly many choose to harp on honesty. Privately we have Americans forging Ivy League status, racial identifications for privilege ( nonsense on being 1/3 Iroquois or cherokee), credential forgery, etc. This country is fairly power mad and we are speaking on it because the power hungry have stepped past the marker of eliciting merely jealousy, but can now shift the very humanity of children to come.

        3. I think everyone is somewhat “handicapped” in one way or another. It’s how you deal with the cards that you have in hand that separate you from the rest in achieving your goals.
          Successful people don’t lose site of their goals and they go around these “handicaps” to get to that point. Nothing stands in their way (but they do uphold character).

    3. Very intelligent and measured analysis.
      As a non-white male living in the West, I know for a fact that white privilege definitely does exist. As you point out, when you’re part of the majority culture and race, you don’t even realize how many benefits and privileges and advantages you end up receiving even if you’re not aware of it. It doesn’t mean every white man is privileged, or that other groups, like women, aren’t privileged in their own way.
      I think some of your analysis about what motivated her to behave this way may be correct.. but something you might have missed is that she grew up with black siblings that her parents adopted. So maybe she just wanted to “fit in” with her siblings and that’s part of what made her identify as black… and then she found that playing the victimized black card gave her some victim status and privileges, and she just carried it to the extreme.

      1. Thank you. I did miss that part about her upbringing, though I think it changes the scenario very little. It simply means she had front-row seat to blackness, for lack of a better term, and she maybe felt excluded. Or maybe she felt that as a white woman with black siblings she understood black culture better (though having been raised by white parents, I doubt her black siblings connected to this culture very much) and felt she wanted to help and felt she could only help by donning blackface. I suppose I could speculate all day but the main issue is that she falsely adopted a persona and misrepresented herself. Her reasoning for doing so may not have been malicious but the way she went about the situation, seeing as how her whole identity was a lie, made it malicious.

  26. Yes this shows the left aka feminist cannot stand they are divided against themselves. They crucify there own core members at a whim, for what ? That rapper chick did it even called herself a runway slave master and she isn’t even from the usa, but all the sudden it’s such a huge offense. Bruce is a liar, she is one too it makes no difference all fruit from the same rotten tree. These people don’t even know there own rules seems to me like this. Jessie Jackson can stir the race pot and so can al sharpton but a little ole white girl can’t, but bruce is a chick but you can’t be black. And Hillary Clinton is a huge success even though she can’t even do her job and keep bill from banging chicks in the whitehouse. And God is science and Darwin is his prophet.

  27. Her case is a good example of something that trumps even “white privilege” which is “victim privilege”. This is the real goal of most SJWs. To create a situation where they can push other people around but nobody can tell them to STFU.

  28. Part of the dynamic is the identity politics types jockeying for position in the privilege of oppression hierarchy. Healthy, straight, white, male, Christians are at the bottom: in any clash of rights they will lose to someone disabled, gay, coloured, female or non-Christian. From there, the courts, politicians and that portion of society that buys into the whole bullshit notion must figure out who trumps whom.
    She is getting pushback from many black women but not so many black men who maybe don’t want to be accused of misogyny or something. Among the left, Bruce Jenner’s transformation is universally lauded because he went from the bottom of the hierarchy to close to the top. For Dolezal, she at least started with a modest oppression quotient as a female but many blacks are trying to protect their oppressed status by delegitimizing her transformation.
    Guess which of the following generates more hate on the left?

  29. I do find her much more impresssive as a strong black woman than she was when she was just some basic white bitch.

  30. Race and gender are social constructs. So is age and weight. I always knew I was a 17 year old, overweight, Japanese women stuck in the body of a 28 year old, white, fit, male body. Check your privilege shitlord!
    Welcome to America, where mental illness, sociopathy, and obesity is celebrated, as “transgender” or “transracial”, “equality”, and “fat acceptance”. I used to believe in conspiracy theories but then realized people are just incredible dim-witted when it comes to understanding the cultural/political zeitgeist they live under. A person alive in 1100 A.D. England would have no conception of a “non-Christian” society and anyone who had other ideas would be heretical. It’s like asking a fish what it is like to live without water. Progressivism took Christianity’s role and now these people have no idea what it would be like to live in a “non-progressive” society and anyone who has other ideas is a “racist”, “sexist”, “transphobe”, and “homophobic”.
    The insanity continues to compound upon itself. I think there is no denying that progressivism is in our face due to mass culture, media, and entertainment far more than Christianity ever was. The inquisitions killed a couple of thousand people, how many have these “enlightened” people killed? Millions upon millions, yet people still listen to them. If that is not religion than I do not know what is.

    1. A mass delusion and crowd madness.Libtards can’t see anything else outside of how they’ve been brainwashed. It’s like the lunatics in the asylum thinking everyone else is crazy.
      And if anyone tries to talk about social constructs I’ll tell them that rape is a social construct.It’s something we invented because it does not exist in nature.

    2. Jesus taught to “love thy neighbor”. These progressive shitheads teach to hate whites and Europeans.

      1. Good afternoon! Hope you and all of your loved ones are doing well.
        Actually, this is from the Almighty G-d of Israel, in Leviticus 19:18 “You shall neither take revenge from nor bear a grudge against the members of your people; you shall love your neighbor as yourself. I am the Lord.”
        RASHI (Rabbi Shlomo Ben Yitzchok, who wrote extensive commentaries on the Torah with Divine Inspiration, akin to prophecy), explains: You shall neither take revenge: [For example:] He says to him, “Lend me your sickle,” and he [the latter] replies, “No!” The next day, he [the latter] says to him, “Lend me your ax.” [If] he says to him, “I will not lend it to you, just as you did not lend to me!” this constitutes revenge. And what constitutes “bearing a grudge?” [For example:] he says to him, “Lend me your ax,” and he [the latter] replies, “No!” Then the next day, he [the latter] says to him, “Lend me your sickle.” [Now, if] he says to him, “Here it is for you; I am not like you, who did not lend me!” this constitutes “bearing a grudge,” for he keeps the hatred in his heart, even though he does not take revenge. — [Torath Kohanim 19:44; Yoma 23a].
        You shall love your neighbor as yourself: Rabbi Akiva says: “This is a fundamental [all-inclusive] principle of the Torah.” – [Torath Kohanim 19:45].
        I am the Lord: faithful to pay reward [to those who heed the above warnings], and faithful to exact punishment [upon those who transgress them].

    3. Yep. Height and weight and build are all social constructs. Now women must treat super average beta male dude the same as abercrombie and fitch model, or else its hate crime.

  31. This is some of the dumbest shit I have seen yet… and that is saying a lot. WTF is going on in this world??

  32. Good article with good points. However, to say that “white privilege” is a myth because “If white privilege actually existed, Dolezal would never have chosen to deliberately cripple herself by pretending to be a member of an oppressed class.” is extremely simplistic and doesn’t really make sense. Because she, as a single person, decided to do it means that it doesn’t exist?
    “The truth of “white privilege” is that it not only doesn’t exist, but the reality is the opposite: American society is afflicted with “black privilege,” “minority privilege,” and “female privilege.” Black privilege in Jim Crow America? Alright! Minority privilege when you know the history of the U.S? Alright!
    And it seems that Rachel Dolezal is neither white nor black:

  33. To personally identify with, empathize and join another community is one thing. Its to be commended because its following what your desires and gravitating to those who are similar to you. See: Eminem and Iggy Azalea. I personally feel a lot of overlap with korean people though clearly american amd no i havent gone native.
    But to lie about who you are and extort sympathy out of others from it is similar to those rare parents who shave their childrens heads and pretend they have a terminal disease.

    1. Eminem is trash and so is Iggy Azalea. That ungrateful wigger always crying and talking shit about his own mother. Talk about playing the victim. It’s too bad she didn’t abort him. Hatred of own parents seems to be a common variable among these people.

      1. “Eminem is trash and so is Iggy Azalea. That ungrateful wigger always crying and talking shit about his own mother. Talk about playing the victim. It’s too bad she didn’t abort him. Hatred of own parents seems to be a common variable among these people.”
        Some parents would require a child to be a saint to not hate them. Saying it is “too bad she didn’t abort him,” is thinking like the enemy. People should resent their parents for not providing them with “traditional families.” Who wants to be the poor son of a single mother and get beat up by the black kids? To not hate your mother (on some level) in that situation would mean you don’t realize and resent an unnatural family situation. God commanded children to “honor their parents” without mentioning “loving them” because requiring love might be too much to ask.

        1. I come from a single poor mother but despite all here failings there is not another person in the world I appreciate more than her. I am who I am today largely because of her. To hate her would be to hate myself which is why hatred of own parents is so common among sjw types and other professional victims. I went to a poor school full of minorities and even got beat up a few times. But hey, whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

      2. You sound as if you knew/know his mother, do you?
        Some mother’s are worth talking shit about.

        1. No you move beyond it. I keep away from people who constantly complain about the past and blame others.

    The NATIONALASSOCIATION for the ADVANCEMENT of COLORED PEOPLE was established to promote equality of rights and to eradicate caste or race prejudice among the citizens
    of the United States; to advance the interest of colored citizens; to secure
    for them impartial suffrage; and to increase their opportunities for securing
    justice in the courts, education for the children, employment according to
    their ability and complete equality before law.
    The conference
    resulted in a more influential and diverse organization, where the leadership
    was predominantly white and heavily Jewish American. In fact, at its founding,
    the NAACP had only one African American on its executive board, Du Bois
    himself. It did not elect a black president until 1975, although executive
    directors had been African-American. The Jewish community contributed greatly to
    the NAACP’s founding and continued financing. Jewish historian Howard Sachar writes in his book A History of Jews in America of how, “In 1914, Professor Emeritus Joel Spingarn of Columbia University
    became chairman of the NAACP and recruited for its board such Jewish leaders as
    Jacob Schiff, Jacob Billikopf, and Rabbi Stephen Wise.”[19] Early Jewish-American co-founders included Julius Rosenwald, Lillian Wald, Rabbi Emil G. Hirsch and Wise.
    Find out a whole lot more about this leftist organization:
    Read more:

  35. “Some days, I crawl out of bed and wonder if I’m still living in reality. Reading the news makes me wonder if I’m not lying half-dead in a hospital like in Jacob’s Ladder and the whole world around me isn’t some twisted hallucination.”
    I use to feel the same way when I lived in Australia! The only cure is to move to the East like I did!

  36. Wait! This means I can use parking spaces for handicapped as long as I “identify” as a handicapped person, right?

  37. She’s not just white. She’s the whitest chick I’ve seen
    I know 17th generation Scottish Celts less white than her
    Too funny

    1. The funny fact is her German, Czech and Swedish ancestry make her more Aryan than the Lebensraum babies.
      Germanic,Slavic and Northern Germanic, Jesus Christ, that makes her whiter than half of Denmark.

  38. Does this mean that the media/left obsession with race is coming to an end? That liberals will be able to accept it that there are different races without having to handle their prejudices by jabbering about the topic and projecting their biases on everyone else? That professional black race scam artists will fade away?

  39. “Dolezal apparently achieved her reverse-Michael Jackson appearance through Snooki-esque tanning techniques”
    They used to call this “blacking up” and left used to attack anyone who did it

  40. This is actually a perfect example of Darwinian adaptation for thriving in a “tilted game” environment. Note it took a white girl to figure it out – running the local NAACP, prestigious university appointment, hell, she’s the poster chyle for success in our glorious new social order. Lesser examples can be discerned in her racial sisters in line at Walmart, reaching for that EBT card while herding a few mulattoes through the check-out line. Ain’t evolution grand?

  41. We had this masterpiece in the german media just yesterday. The comments below it ranged from advice to sending her to a psychiatrist, making fun out of her and whatnot. very few users actually supported her claim, as it should be. we have enough crazy shit to deal with already, a white who wants to be a black is none of it and not worth a serious discussion. So at least here, i have some hope left

    1. I am black and was raised in Germany. Leider muss ich folgendes auf Englisch schreiben, denn ich bin vor vier Jahren weggezogen und habe ziemlich viel “politisches Deutsch” verlernt.
      I love Germany. I love it’s social structure. I love its social economic system. I love its educational system and its people’s industriousness. Granted, I am aware that a lot has changed, even in the short time I have been gone. The rapid influx of immigrants from war-torn nations and so forth. The reason the German system worked is because people made sacrifices for the greater good. With the rise of immigrants unable or unwilling to contribute to German society, the state finds itself increasingly unable to cope with the rising costs of supporting these immigrants with social programs like Hartz IV. It will not be long before the state collapses under its own financial weight.
      Anyway, on to my main point. I love German honesty and frankness. I’ve never known a German to sugarcoat anything. Even though there is a lingering PC policy, due to the modern German desire to distance the nation and its people from a certain Austrian-born leader, I find Germans to be brutally honest and intolerant of silliness. They say what they mean and mean what they say, and nobody gets all bent out of shape and, to use a vulgar term, butthurt over someone else’s opinion. This is not so in America.
      I love that even though they don’t usually mean it to be funny, and even though people think Germans are humorless, German honesty is often side-splittingly funny by its very “un-political correctness.” Deadpan, real, and unapologetic. I can only imagine how this situation is being treated over there.

      1. since i`ve never been to the US myself i cant really compare. But youre right, alot of people here look at things how they really are and give a shit about political correctness. However, this is limited, as you can see by how pegida (basically a group worried about the false type of immigrants entering germany) and the new political party, the afd, are treated by our government and their media. But anyway, if you speak to real people outside the internet here, you find indeed alot of honesty and bullshit intolerance, aside from universities.
        As a German, when i first started reading here, i often couldnt believe how fucked up the US is regarding family courts, feminism etc and thought its satire. Murrica might have been great once, and in some ways it still is, but the bullshit it exports sometimes is just astonishing, and im scared germany will be similar to the US one day. When im done with education, i will go to china or russia, where family still has some value. why did you move away good sir?

    1. I see a problem with it. Every, single nation on Earth has been destroyed by these khazars.

  42. If she wants to be a black woman give her the chance. Let her try out in one of those snoop dawg booty videos

  43. NAACP has been ran by the Jews (cultural marxist, khazars) since it’s inception. They never let anyone black in charge for 50 years and still don’t to this day. This story only solidifies more proof of it. In her, wedding photos she is all natural. When she goes to work she puts on black face. Another disgusting feminazi exposed.

  44. I may be a white man but I identify as an interstellar humanoid reptilian. Check your terranormative cisspecific privilege!

  45. I thought race was a social construct…just like gender…and everything else in life. Why is this woman even making the news? And if she is shouldn’t she be celebrated just like the gender bender Jennings is right now?

      1. I was talking with a friend last night and recalled the pushback that came after the PC movement of the early 90’s. Yeah we got some lame Republicans in 1995 but it finally shut down what was a generation of liberalism. Reagan did some it but the death knell for it was the 90’s. That will be coming soon and when it hits it will be two to three times as much as what hit in the 90’s. Liberals have already lost at the State level. It is coming to the Federal level soon enough.

  46. All I can tell you is that I really like to read Matt Forney. “It remains to be seen whether Dolezal’s exposure will lead to any serious repercussions for her or any changes in the downward trajectory of American culture. All I know is that from here on out, the world is just going to get even more absurd.” You can’t say it any better than that.

  47. Rachel Dolezal’s story is probably going to be made into a movie. The SJW movement is made up of various groups which deep down don’t like each other. It’s going to be fun watching the SJWs debate which race the actress portraying Dolezal should be. Imagine a white, black, jewish and gay SJW debating this issue on MSNBC. Grab some popcorn, its going to be fun.

  48. This is similar to that Robin Williams film “Mrs. Doubtfire”. Only this is ethnicity…and this is real life, not fiction.

  49. I’m a crispy, race betraying, 16 year old, quadriplegic, black lesbian trapped in a healthy old white man’s body.
    Now that I’ve declared what I am, it’s now cool for me to go pick up some of those blond teenage girls I saw playing soccer, and start receiving SSI, right?

  50. First, let me say that i wouldn’t touch white Rachel, but black Rachel can definitely get it.
    You claim to want to live in reality, then proceed to deny the very real existence of privilege, using a very weak example. By your reasoning whites(especially women) joining terrorist must mean that terrorists aren’t that bad for white people. There are more advantages to being in the majority than there are in being in the minority. Thats the plain, simple, honest truth.
    Male privilege is a different story. Although once more real than now(women were only ever a minority in use of political and direct power), even then it was used primarily to benefit women. So not much of a privilege at all.

    1. “There are more advantages to being in the majority than there are in being in the minority.”
      By your reasoning there is more advantage to being poor than to being rich. The 1% of billionaires must have it really bad. Majority does not equal advantage. Let’s say you lived in a society full of blind people and you were a part of a small percent that had eyesight, would the mere fact of being a majority give the blind people more advantage? No. And I guess South Africa apartheid never happened since blacks were the majority.
      In monarchies society was ruled by nobility which was based on bloodline. Only an extremely small percent of people were part of the bloodline. Being a part of this minority was a huge advantage.

      1. Fair enough, point taken. Allow me to re-phrase. There are more advantages to being in the majority, especially when that majorities has the power, than there are in being in the power-deprived minority

        1. Obviously, hence why minorities assimilate with majorities and corrupt them for their own gain.

  51. the owner of the Good looking loser, Chris, once stated somewhere in his website that he checked “Native American” on college application and he got in with some benefits.

    1. HAHA so true. White privilege is a slur flung at working and middle class whites by rich Jews.

  52. i think we should encourage another form of trans: the transpolitical. a real masculine man trapped in the mindset of a sjw.

    1. lol @1:02 of the video #wrogskin…
      wow is this for real? 10% of people born wrong skin? where did this stat come from? so glad Im not on social media bunch of idiots looking for attention.

  53. The beautiful thing about this is the liberals are confusing even themselves about what gender/race/context they are. Up is down, white is black, wrong is right, man is woman. Sit back, let it burn, let the idiots destroy themselves, and start over with only rational people who take responsibility for their actions. Let it burn.

  54. Gentlemen, observe. Just like with fat shaming this shit is where it (progressivism) leads too. If it’s going to only get more absurd, I’d say let it. Why? Because it will weaken them and if played right by us destroy them.

  55. This article makes some points but again the author fails to portray a more complete perspective. Personally Rachel Dolezal does not anger me, in fact I am just curious and feel sorry for her if indeed she is genuine. The fact is that she does not NEED to be Black to work for the NAACP or be an Africana Studies Professor. In fact many Black and Brown people actually GLADLY welcome whites and others who work for the same causes they support. I am against Upper Class abuse and interference in Government and Politics, which would fall under the “left” label. However not everyone on the “left” likes Salon or meaningless aspects of third wave feminism, (which was actually started by White Middle Class and Upper Class WHITE women some being racist towards their brown Asian and black female counterparts who faced more inequality then these comparatively privileged women did ironically) do not group everything in a box the world does not work that way. (Also the Democratic Party also has a large problem with Corporatism and Wall Street I am well aware of this fact). Her gaining access to NAACP leadership had nothing to do with her race change or her “success” Blacks and minorities still have far worse unemployment rates and quality of life, and does not prove anything this author is trying to point out.
    Also for centuries Blacks and people of color have tried to associate or pass themselves as white for REAL job opportunity and elevation in STATUS in western society, this is not an opinion but FACT. These were real issues. Before Blacks cracked entry in the Major Leagues for example, there were White Cuban and White Hispanics who passed themselves as white Anglo Saxons or other upper crest whites by changing their last names to play American Professional sports. This happened in other careers as well. Because this afforded them a BETTER life and access to resources they deserved because they had the TALENT and hard work that in a society where talent and skill determines success they should have received it anyway. White groups and others have sought membership to Native tribes in order for benefits allowed to these people which is small compared to the raping, stealing, loss of land and life, which is a double insult. Although I would not understand why a white woman would like to be “black” even for small quotas she might benefit from (which are minimal comparatively, overall) this might cause legal action in the future. However NAACP still is supportive and she could’ve easily been an advocate as a white woman.
    Even in foreign countries, centuries old Colonialism and racism has made the whites or lighter skinned people in their respective nations start life on a better footing (and are the upper class), this is simply the general fact. In Latin America, Asia, the middle east, even Africa many people Bleach their skin damaging their overall health. Their whiter counterparts have access to work and opportunity their darker counterparts do not. This author while saying that minorities seem to have an upper hand in American Society in one article, flaunts his success abroad in places like the Philippines where this aforementioned white privilege exists brought by centuries Old Colonialism…which is ironic to say the least. Obviously having a RACIAL PREFERENCE towards a potential mate is natural but when it is backed by self hatred and misinformation becomes a mental disease. Many of these girls are brought up to believe White is Right and their darker features are not valuable. This is what true privilege is! And it makes some of the grievances (while at times true) by this author seem hypocritical and weak comparatively.
    The author is almost 100 percent wrong when he states the following….”The truth of “white privilege” is that it not only doesn’t exist, but the reality is the opposite: American society is afflicted with “black privilege,” “minority privilege,” and “female privilege.””
    To make an absolute statement like that makes it easy to find fault and inaccuracy in this author’s statements. White privilege exists in different degrees, but I also believe CLASS is also the main issue. Affirmative Action was simply a response to real inequality faced by minorities in this country, I personally would like a society heavily tilting towards equity. As affirmative action has become a call for anyone to shoot down people of color who legitimately work harder than most, while hypocritically not studied as to WHY it was needed in the first place by persons such as this author. Studies were made where minority applicants who had the same qualifications as a white applicant changed their ethnic sounding names to a generic Anglo Saxon name their calls for interviews were RAISED, and thus the potential of their hiring. I want to point out that I also do not like a minority getting an opportunity over a white person simply because of his race as this is also wrong..but actually happens much less frequently, and compared to overall history is just a drop in the bucket compared to real injustice and inequality.
    This woman could have succeeded just as much or even more as a white woman in the NAACP and as an Africana Professor particularly because minorities generally welcome whites who can also speak for the same issues and add a different perspective. Many whites fought alongside blacks during slavery most famously John Brown. What confuses many black people is actually what this author stated which is why would a white person want to be “Black?” As many black people would say she would have been just fine…basically why would you “trade down” a race in an unequal and historically racist western Society. The opposite of blacks, Asian, native, Arab, and Latinos trying to be white…for real upward mobility in western society and their respective society.
    As for Southern Asian/Desi’s Indian/ Pakistanis/Bengalis and Eastern Asians. They are hardworking people and have succeeded in Western Society but have also not escaped discrimination themselves. They faced the Chinese Exclusion Act for example limiting the immigration of Chinese into America, something that Anglos never faced to that degree…Celts/Irish and other groups were considered below the WASP establishment however. Indians also have faced discrimination and anger of Whites in this country for taking away American jobs. They also practice “White is Right” in India elevated by their British, Portuguese colonial history. They also have an Ancient Caste System which was used by the Colonial forces to further conquer and divide India. This Caste System with the aid of Hinduism and those who seek to use Hinduism to promote classism and racism in modern society still promotes the idea of “Untouchability” within India. Funny how the upper castes in India talk just as the upper classes in Western Society do. When the Indian Government simply aids these undesirables in India the upper castes state that “Untouchability” “does not exist” or is not a “major factor.” Sound familiar…They are now not given a chance to progress despite the fact that some may be at the top of their class, and they are also given the worst positions in various careers despite their potential to work in higher positions. Also does that sound familiar.

    1. Valid post, however way too long and as a result, most people won’t read it all the way through so it might be a wasted effort.
      I could have just replied with TLDR but I did make an attempt to read it so thanks for sharing your observations.

      1. Thanks Hammer yeah it is a little on the longer side, I was trying to show a full picture. Short and straight to the point is harder to pull off.

        1. You didn’t show the full picture. It was a second waver polemic filled with irrelevant points, strawmen and non-sequiturs .
          I just eat popcorn watching the postmodern third wavers take all of the underlying assumptions of the first and second wavers to their logical conclusion, and it causes all out warfare.
          You have an interesting observation that the colonial slave trade has had a lasting effect on culture, but you omit the history that the racialist bias it used as justification was a novelty in Western thought. It was born from governments, not the Church or everyday Englishman.
          But how you go from an interesting historical observation to your defenses of “white privilege” is a mystery. Privilege, to the extent it has any meaning at all, belongs to virtually every person. I don’t have the privilege of going into a hip hop club and not be stared at (as a mixed Hispanic).

        2. I obviously showed a more complete picture compared to the incomplete and inaccurate original writings of the article to begin with. The points are rather relevant not polemic showing a more complete picture and different perspective, which although might not sit well with many in the echo-chamber that the writer is addressing, still nonetheless reveals a more accurate picture and adds to the conversation.
          The fact remains that these Governments and the Scientific communities produced this flawed scientific ideas and it was nevertheless consumed by a size able portion of the population, while I agree a portion of their respective population did not agree with these ideologies as well. And even if it was born from Government, the Church consumed these ideas as well and used Religion and their interpretation of that religion to promote the false ideas of the Governments and Scientific Community.
          As for the Hip Hop reference it may be due to a variety of factors, as Hip Hop is consumed by more Whites within America and has become a world wide musical genre. “For example it can be your attire, your demeanor, the location of said club, or your history of frequenting said club.

  56. Her problem–well, one of her problems–is she was raised by two self-hating, SJW white morons. She has been taught to hate her whiteness and this is the twisted result.
    It’s ok to acknowledge the black experience, but liberal fucktards take it to a bizarre extreme of self-abnegation, because the self-image of the liberal is entirely based on moral vanity about what ‘good people’ they are. Thus Dolezal (“Spray tan lives matter!”) who looks more like an oompa-loompa than a black person, found a way to process her racial self-hatred: she “became” black.
    What a total fraud.

    1. If your case is real welcome to the problems faced by members of people of color for centuries now.

      1. Did you intend this to be incoherent, or did it just come out that way? At any rate, this chick was way fucked in the head, and it doesn’t take a lot to figure out how she got that way.

        1. Its actually not incoherent it pretty much gives you the other perspective of what has been occurring in communities of people of color. Now you simply have a window, and yes this woman has some issues.

        2. It was not incoherent, basically what I was stating was that minorities in America have historically identified or passed themselves as “white” to have access to the advantages of that race, now you have a “window” of what minority communities have experienced for centuries now. Her passing herself as Black is silly because she is almost trading “down” because blacks have historically been denied access to careers and education in this country. And yes the girl is screwed in the head, but she didn’t have to be black to be in the NAACP or a Professor in Africana Studies to begin with…in fact many Blacks would welcome her even more as a white woman who speaks for Black History and issues.

        3. Her passing herself as Black is silly because she is almost trading “down” ….
          Clearly not in her mind, but she was also likely the victim of her parents ethnomasochism.
          …she didn’t have to be black to be in the NAACP or a Professor in Africana Studies to begin with…in fact many Blacks would welcome her even more as a white woman who speaks for Black History and issues.
          No doubt. And it’s tragic for her, both psychologically and now professionally…and it was completely unnecessary. It just shows how diseased SJWs so often are. Mommy and daddy’s racial guilt really fucked up their daughter.
          Its actually not incoherent…
          I dunno. I tried reading it a couple of different ways, accounting for the usual suspects among common typos, but still wasn’t clear until you clarified what you meant. *shrugs*
          it pretty much gives you the other perspective of what has been occurring in communities of people of color. Now you simply have a window….
          Sort of like The Human Stain in reverse? To me, it’s more an object lesson in why one should not allow one’s kids to grow up to be hair-on-fire liberals….b/c that sin will be visited upon the granddaughter….

        4. It’s an odd case usually some whites take on various aspects of different black culture…like their enjoyment of certain trends or music like Hip Hop, Blues and Rock and Roll…but I never seen a white women go to these lengths. I don’t think liberalism should take the blame…Liberalism helped the American Colonies in their quest for Independence for example. Liberalism at least in ideas are also against Big Money corruption of Government. It was perhaps the parents fault or her own sick mind, because she could have been a white liberal while still being proud of who she is.

        5. You cannot possibly be stating that classical Liberalism of the Founders is anywhere near or close to what is called “liberalism” today, which is to say, socialism? Please tell me you didn’t just make that mistake.

        6. Who, since 1920, has actually made that mistake honestly? There’s no way, short of having *zero* knowledge of the Founders ideas and ideals, of confusing Classical Liberalism (aka libertarianism) with modern socialist “liberalism”.

        7. Actually some core values remain within modern liberalism as in Classical Liberalism, we can debate those details…however, good point. Now apply that same logic to the people who compare the Democratic Party of today to the Pre-1960s and 1950s Democratic Party and the Dixiecrats of the 1940s. I think its great you pointed that out.

    2. Yeah her parents had adopted a bunch of Black kids. That much white guilt probably mind fucked her.

      1. When the parents do that you get thrown to the side. The attention goes to the black kids, and the white kid isn’t special enough anymore to get the attention.

    3. I have been misreading your name, I thought your name was Mistrel, which would have been ironic considering that form of entertainment was the most popular in the US from 1840 to about 1920. This obviously is not the first time a white person has capitalized by pretending to be black.

      1. I think it would need to be “Minstrel” to be ironic, but no worries. “Mistral” means “masterly” in the Occitan language and is a surname and also (more famously) the name of the north or northwest wind which, although often strong, violent and cold, makes the temperate climate of Provence (and other places) possible. So suitable for me in many ways…..

        1. Sorry I’m a terrible speller, I guess my reading needs some improvement too. My mom used to watch those Minstrel movies on TV I’d ask her why didn’t they just hire black entertainers rather than white guys. I just never got it.

  57. I see tremendous benefits for white people pretending or demanding to be seen as black.
    With white abilities while being held to black standards— the advantages are almost endless!!!
    Time to call these SJW’s out on their rhetoric. Check your applications as black– I self-identify as black. Who are you do deny me????

  58. Being white and pretending you’re black is ballsy. I salute Rachel’s boldness and success. As a straight christian gun-tot’in white male, I only see two options for taking advantage of government discrimination: say you’re gay, or say you’re a muslim. Guess which one I’ll pick:

  59. As a feminist she will be rewarded for her lies. I noticed that in typical feminist form, she resorted to an angered answer rather than a logical answer or admitting to her falsehood.

    1. She’s building her story now, about she was horribly abused by her white parents, especially her father, so she can be “victim” of patriarchy. Then all the feminists will come running to her defense.

        1. Seemed to have been an issue being a white in a family that had adopted black children. I sure her identity gets out of whack being the natural child of parents that have the liberal messianic complex of saving black children.

  60. I must disagree with the writer’s conclusion. This has been going on for years. White women who have grown up around Black Americans who legitimately feel culturally Black. They join Black organizations because subconsciously they know that they will have an advantage because they are perceived as “light skinned” Black women. This is White privilege at its best. I understand her connection to Black culture. This happens more than people think However, the writer has demonstrated that this is something new to him. He does not understand the “color politics” that affects Black communities. I have met White women, Indian women and non Black Latinas who live their life in the Black community. This has been around for decades. It is a twisted use of White privilege but it is real because these people grew up around Black people and they have worked that to their advantage.

  61. The NAACP is just one of the many hats worn by the same old folks. The same tribe of local insider lawyers and judiciary can be found rotating between family courts and then teaming with the hit squad that’s been sic’d on the local business for violating hiring or renting quotas. One day they take their docket of families to slam down the toilet and the next day a few of the team helps spin the latest LGBT pomp or racial incident, limelighting what degeneracy they can drum up to keep the gloss on their shit mound they’ve created when they picture it on the cover of the next day’s news rag.
    The NAACP has nothing to do with being black or preserving blackness. It’s not about advancing anything black but about eliminating race and presenting a future where everything is racially semitic. Racial purebloods and the pureblood ethic has no place in the NAACP. The white bimbo wannabee is the true face of the NAACP. There is no NAACP in central Africa which is the spawning ground and kingdom of the purebloods.
    Far far to the north is also a spawning ground of many white tribes. Pureblood wellsprings should be respected by all. Importing hoardes of Somalis into Scandinavia is as much an assault on purebloodedness as promoting circumcision which opens the door to feminism in Central Africa. Semitic influences in Central Africa bringing feminism, famine and fiat money take their toll on the Central African nuclear family as much as do the media, the LGBT cruisade, the divorce rape industry and the socialist brainwash in academia do on the remaining Western pureblood nuclear families.
    It is purebloodedness that is under assault by the semites across the board.

    1. This woman created a fake narrative about herself to include racial harassment by whites and even finding a noose in her garage. It’s not just that she pretends to be black, lots of white people do that, but she is lying about having endure racism when that is not the case. There are black people today who endured real racism in the US, legal discrimination, and where victims of violence that they knew would never be prosecuted. To think this woman pretends these things also happened to her so she can say me too is completely outrageous. I cannot believe the women in the video are defending this woman. These women should be condemning her.

    2. Melissa Hairy Perry ridiculed Mitt Romney and his adopted black child. What happened? Nothing. If that had been a man making inappropriate comments about the child’s race? Exile Island with Don Imus.

  62. If this biotch wants to be black, somebody set her hair on fire like michael jackson.

  63. Another shining example of the mental illness that is liberalism.

    1. Right on. Pathological liar. Right now people are being arrested and taken to a psychiatric unit for claiming to be Jesus, the Queen, President, Carmen Miranda……..

  64. That’s why Art doesn’t imitate Life.
    Because Art must have some kind of logic. ‘-‘

  65. This has been going on in the Hispanic/Latino community for years. 20,30, 40 years ago, if you were Hispanic, you were “White”, unless you were clearly Chicano/Mestizo etc. Wonder woman (Linda Carter), Linda Ronstadt, Jerry Garcia, Ricky Ricardo, Rita Hayworth, Raquel Welch, etc–all white people of Spanish Ancestry. It doesn’t matter if your family is from Mexico or Latin America–the Pope is actually ITALIAN. Because of quotas and A/action, we have millions of White Hispanics, who have basically NO cultural identification with anything “of color” (some don’t speak Spanish for example), pretending to be “people of color” to get into College, Law School, Medical school. It’s a joke, and they know it. There is NO OBJECTIVE criteria about race or ethnicity, and no one has used it better than those of Spanish Heritage.

    1. People who are 1/16 native american sitting on the tribal casino reservation tax free.

    2. I had a thing for Linda Ronstadt in the 70’s. Judging from recent photos I’ve seen, I’m glad I never had a chance tapping that. So things do kinda work out.

  66. When my euro wife started a california university to obtain her masters she realized all of the scholarships & funding programs went to africans & hispanics. She dyed her hair black and started attending the hispanic accounting association at her university. No one complained as it is illegal to ban anyone from a race specific group and because of the networking she did there she was able to land a huge job with one of the top accounting companies in the world.
    You can either sit back and complain or do something about it like my wife did.

  67. It seems we can all check “Black” for EEO and get hired to meet diversity goals. We can now all identify as being black.
    I think this is a win. I think we can finally change the narrative.

  68. oh please give it a break ,folks are upset because a white woman is cool with some black folks?

    1. Noooo! She is a pathological fraud moonbat lunatic. Next she will be claiming to have cancer so she can start collecting sympathy money.

  69. For Sale: Ten (10) tanning sessions at the MightyMelanoma Spa and chicken Rotissere. Value of $200, will sell for $125. Also included is two large (64oz. ea.) tubes of FauxNegro tan lotion and skin softner.
    Contact: Rachel at…..

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