The Rise Of #FeminESPN

Over the course of my tenure as an ROK contributor I’ve written a good number of articles on the increasing influence of political correctness, SJWs, and feminism in the world of sports.

From Colin Cowherd being dismissed for pointing out a sad, yet accurate fact about the educational system in the Dominican Republic, to DeAndre Johnson losing his athletic scholarship at Florida State University for punching a woman who hit him first and allegedly called him a racial slur, to Chris Paul being vilified by the media for criticizing a female NBA referee, it’s more than evident that sports on all levels are being infiltrated by the all mighty girl power agenda.

In this article I pointed out that ESPN is the biggest fish in the sports pond:

This network is the true worldwide leader in terms of sports and sports content as their slogan says. They’re currently available in over 80% of house holds in the U.S., boast 12 different sister networks, and are broadcasting in over 200 countries. Needless to say they’re the big man on campus by a wide margin.

There are plenty of other sports media outlets on plenty of other platforms out there. But the biggest and most recognizable sports media brand in the world on television, radio, and the internet is ESPN and they’ve made it very clear that they are going all in on feminism.

Let’s take a look at the path that led to this initiative by the world wide leader.

Shift in focus

A decade and a half ago, there was a noticeable effort by ESPN to report what happens off the field.

Pardon The Interruption, which first aired in 2001, was the one of the first programs of its kind. Hosted by Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon, this marked the first time sports writers were given a daily television platform to voice their opinions on sports topics and issues of the day. The show was a runaway hit and 14 years later it remains a staple in ESPN’s lineup.

A year later Around The Horn joined the fray and saw just as much success. The platform was a little different in that four sports writers debated in round-robin style discussions about the happenings on and off the field. The accolades rolled in from day one and like PTI, is still on the air.

In 2005, ESPN decided to push the envelope and launched a 30 minute show called ESPN Hollywood that featured celebrity reporter and pundit Mario Lopez as one of its co-hosts.

The premise of the show was to focus on the tabloid aspect of professional athletes. What athlete is dating which actress, hocking what product, or what cameos they made in movies and television shows were the main topics of discussion when the program hit the air waves.

The show was an abject failure but it spawned a program called Cold Pizza which later morphed into ESPN First Take which has grown into one of the most watched morning shows on television, sports or otherwise.

What all of these programs have in common is that they opine as much, if not more, about what happens outside the lines, as what happens in them.

In the beginning, these incidents were just side notes or backdrops to what was going on on the field of play. A drunk driving arrest here or an ill-timed off-color comment there were briefly touched on, then the focus jumped back to the games themselves.

But the passing of the torch from one commissioner to another in the biggest and most profitable league in the country set the wheels in motion to eventually create the perfect storm for feminists SJWs alike to weasel their way in and begin to make their mark.

Roger Goodell

In August of 2006, NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue announced that he would be stepping down after 17 years on the job. The owners elected 47-year-old Roger Goodell to succeed Tagliabue as their next commissioner and the young upstart wasted no time in establishing himself as a hard-line disciplinarian.

From the jump the newly minted judge, jury, and executioner established very quickly that off the field incidents would result in stiff penalties. While Tagliabue was seemingly soft on these issues, Goodell made no bones about the fact that player conduct was paramount in his initiative to “protect the shield” as he put it.

The game’s safety and integrity were certainly priorities for Goodell, what with the unprecedented penalties he levied on the New England Patriots and New Orleans Saints for “Spygate” and “Bountygate” respectively. But player conduct was where he consistently made headlines as he suspended players in droves without pay for even the smallest of infractions which made him a polarizing figure.

Goodell was unpopular among players but the vast majority of the media seemed to buy into his no nonsense attitude when dealing with players getting into legal trouble. The commissioner certainly had his critics and detractors but by and large, he seemed to have the support of the press.

But Goodell’s support all but vanished when he gave a two-game suspension to a player who was caught on camera knocking out his fiance on an elevator. This was the crack that feminist needed to barge their way into a male dominated sector and force their agenda on the masses.

The left hook heard ’round the world

It’s safe to say that anyone in the civilized world is aware of the saga of former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice on some level. Myself, Athlone McGinnis, Charles Wickelus (AKA 2Wicked), and other ROK contributors have provided plenty of content on the consequences and implications of Rice’s worst moment as a professional that fateful afternoon in Atlantic City.

Goodell suspended Rice for two games when the incident was first reported. This drew the ire of both the media and the public because the suspension wasn’t harsh enough for what was reported. There wasn’t much anyone could do at that point because suspensions were rarely influenced by any one group outside of the NFL Player’s Association.

Then the video was leaked and all hell broke loose.

When the smoke finally cleared, Rice was suspended indefinitely and released from the Ravens, who then decided to tear up his contract. Rice was later reinstated by the NFL but these days he’s considered “radioactive” because of the PR backlash that whatever team decides to pick him up would be subjected to.

Last week Rice sat down with ESPN’s Jamele Hill to make a public plea to convince the public he’s a changed man:

Hill seems to have been convinced and voiced as much on several of ESPN’s radio talk shows the day after she sat down with the embattled running back. I’m also sure that a lot of people out there probably believe he’s been rehabilitated in some way shape or form and believe he deserves another shot to make a living as player in the NFL.

But the fact that he still hasn’t been contacted by an NFL team for even a private workout shows that owners and GMs are afraid of the backlash that would ensue upon their announcement of Rice’s arrival. They know as well as anyone out there that there are more than enough fans and media pundits who still believe Rice shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a football field for the rest of his life.

Granted, Rice’s 2013 season was one of the worst of his career and that certainly factors in to teams hesitating on giving him a look. Greg Hardy, who is guilty in the court of public opinion and not a court of law, was signed by the Dallas Cowboys largely because he’s one of the best pass rushers in the league. Talent trumps risk in most situations and pro football is no different.

But Rice’s indiscretion was caught on tape and that’s the main reason he’s still without a team.

The Rice incident was a watershed moment in sports

The Ray Rice saga and the events that followed has caused a paradigm shift of epic proportions on the sports landscape. The sports world was inching toward gynocentrism already, but when Janay was KO’d by her soon-to-be husband, the advancement of the SJW agenda and feminist cause was put into hyperdrive and hasn’t slowed down since.

Seemingly overnight, there has been a rapid influx of female employees at ESPN. They’ve infested every medium imaginable at the company and these days it’s impossible to turn on the television or the radio and not see or hear a woman giving her hamster-saturated opinion disguised as “expertise.”

What’s more is that there are now countless specials and features on the network highlighting female accomplishments in sports. Youth girl’s football teams, female football coaches, and anything pertaining to girls or women playing with boys or men are regularly highlighted and pushed down the throats of its consumers.


There are almost as many examples on the social justice end but they all pale in comparison to the freak show known as Caitlin Jenner receiving the Arthur Ashe Courage award at this year’s ESPYs. Michael Sam, the first openly gay football player to be drafted by an NFL team, won it last year. These selections have distorted, perverted, and completely stripped away the award’s true meaning and credibility.

All of this would have happened anyway because we’ve been headed in this direction for a while. But the left fist of Ray Rice sped up the process and as a result, this once male-dominated sector has become the rancid cesspool it is today.


On that note, Return Of Kings is launching the hashtag #feminESPN to highlight the various agendas ESPN is pushing, why those agendas are bad for sports, and the overall effect on neomasculinity.

Though it seems the majority of the population is falling in line with ESPN’s initiative, there are definitely cracks in it’s collective armor in both its purveyors and consumers. At some point something will happen that will divide opinions right down the middle and throw the sports world into a tailspin, not unlike what happened with #gamergate last summer.


We hope to educate and inform those who know there is something inherently wrong with what is going on in sports as well as men who aren’t quite sure what’s happening to their favorite pastimes. That way, when the shit hits the fan (and it will) we’ll be ready to fight back.

Is this really going to change anything? It’s hard to say. The SJWs in the sports world are large in numbers to be sure and have the backing of wealthy and influential people at their disposal so the odds are pretty long that this will lead to any substantial shift or change.


However, #gamergate severely crippled the SJW machine and their cronies in many different ways and the effects of that hashtag are still being felt a full year after it was launched. Maybe #feminESPN takes a while to permeate the public, maybe it takes off immediately, and maybe it doesn’t make so much as a dent.

But as the most recognizable manosphere brand on the web, we have a responsibility to make our readers aware of the covert brainwashing that is happening right in front of our faces and how our own are being used against us to do it.

Similar to red pill knowledge, awareness of this trend is paramount is and in the coming days we intend to deliver.

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137 thoughts on “The Rise Of #FeminESPN”

  1. Great article. As a sports fan I’ve been really depressed by the increasing SJWism in sports. Sports is what I use to get away from all the stupid stuff in the world, now they’ve invaded it.

    1. That’s how I feel about video games and children’s entertainment. These two entertainment outlets were once the last bastions free from the SJW takeover. Now video games are infected and heroes or heroines marketed to kids are made gay for no apparent reason.

  2. Say what you want, but I truly believe and find it unatural, when I see men and women bond together in the same atmosphere (unless its in the bedroom.) The whole notion of men and women integrating together blurs the actual distinction between men and women. Which is why it is imperative for men to have their own space. This can range from anything such as cigar rooms and watching sports together in a sports bar. The whole premise behind this is to allow our natural masculinity traits and characteristics to be able to develop and bond with one another. It is the way of the man.
    But when you have women, who instead of having their own gatherings, interfere with the all male environment, it destroys and contaminates the very environment of being able to be a man. In otherwords, it interferes with nature. I personally, find it revolting when I see groups of females, be it girlfriends, wives or even friends, interfering in the male environment like some interloper, screaming and acting all masculine, when it comes to watching a boxing match or other sporting event, while destroying their femininity in the process and and not allowing men to be able to congregate in their own male environment.
    This is now happening all over America and worse yet, it can now be seen in the infilitration of the mass media, such as sports entertainment channels like this one, where the heavy influence of interjecting more women and a female influence into a all male environment, is now resulting in the further disintegration of traditional manhood and masculinity.

    1. The problem is identity relativism, the idea that male and female are arbitrary social constructs that can be swapped or altered to suit leftist ideals.
      This means that relativism is a corollary, a partner-in-crime, to equality.
      What needs to be done is to educate the public about the origin and intention of the relativist position. Most people believe identity relativism is a newfangled, modern idea.
      It should be exposed for what it really is: An ideological crutch put forward by people who fear reality.

    2. Yea like the stupid fucking jersey ads aimed at female
      ‘fans’ who happen to look as annoying as they are in real life.

        1. Yep, I’m back. Thanks m8.
          Sturgis was wild, rode out and back, 1300 miles each way. Very, very crowded, normal attendence is 500k-600k, this year estimates lay between 1.5 and 1.8 million.

        2. Yeah… I’m glad you’re back too. Now I’m wondering where Tom Arrow and Terry Xu went. Those are two other commenters here who are just the total package.

        1. Agree. Both GE and Comcast owned portions of NBC-Universal (2012) until Comcast bought out GE’s remaining shares. Comcast should be at the top of the first list, but the sad part is the “choices” are only six (today) compared to many in the past.
          Any way you slice it, we are looking at a monopoly on media (a good reason to cut out TV, all together). It’s was starting to look (and sound) too communist to me (i.e. China, former Soviet Union, etc…).

    3. One thing that really grates on me is when grown men tell me “men and women are the same”. Use your fucking eyes! Do you have tits? Do you have a vagina? Can you give birth? Men and women are not the fucking same and therefore should be treated differently with different expectations.

  3. I remembered back maybe 15 years or so back when Pam Oliver was making comments on the sidelines during an NFL game and thought to myself, “Why is she there?”. What does she know about football anyways. Most girls I knew didn’t understand the game. Now these women are in the locker rooms interviewing players after the game. WTF!

      1. That really needs to be pushed and addressed. Make them come out and be open about the hypocrisy in a way that puts egg on their face. I’m sure some of the writers here could get fairly legit press credentials….hmmmm….

        1. Yes indeed, but they will spin it to whomsoever is advocating male reporters in women’s locker rooms to be advocating perversion.

        2. Only if the women are sexy. The feminists always post their selfies in their Lane Bryant lingerie in hopes to get likes.

  4. Just off the top of my head.
    -NFL covering everything in pink for Breast Cancer month. By far the most annoying. I could understand if they did it for one week but the entire month? And it got out that the NFL made a fortune partnering with the Susan G Komen foundation in selling pink merchandise, a percentage of which goes to bc research but still. Its a money making thing. If the NFL really cared that much they’d just cut a billion dollar check, not force their fans to see their favorite players covered in Pepto Bismol.
    -The recent “why don’t the US Womens Soccer team make as much as the men?!” as well as “Why is the American women so much more successful then the men in the World Cup?” retardness.
    -The black girl pitcher: Mo’Ne. Michael Sam. Caitlin Jenner.
    -All the black guys on ESPN talking about race. Calling them SJWs would be giving them too much credit.
    The irony is I’m one of the freaks who actually watches womens sports, I even rooted for the local WNBA team when my city had a team. But the whole “HOLY SHIT THEY’RE JUST AS GOOD AS THE MEN” attitude. Jesus Christ. They try too hard. Its like a mother telling you to be her sons friend. If you want men to watch womens sports it has to happen organically you can’t lobby them. Oh speaking of which if female sports fans watched and supported leagues like the WNBA or NWSL it would be as popular as mens leagues. But they don’t because women are such bandwagoners they have to go where the party is. They can’t be bothered to root for a up-and-coming league. Obviously a generalization because the WNBA does have a pretty hardcore fanbase (of lesbians).

    1. Agree. The women are annoying, but most of the black analysts, hosts and interview guests are even worse. Way too touchy about race and don’t have much else to contribute. Wilbon is the rare exception. Cris Carter on Mike & Mike is the worst.

  5. Maybe ESPN can sponsor a super fight between Mayweather and Rousey. It would be glorious watching Mayweather destroy her in a matter of seconds.

    1. Well that would trigger too many people so that can’t be allowed. Maybe Rousey can fight a 50 year old retired fighter like Bobby Riggs vs Billy Jean King in Tennis and then she would barely win and the media would go nuts saying it proves women are stronger than women or some idiocy like that.

      1. Rumor has it he had a big time gambling problem, into organized crime for a lot…”throw the match, and we’ll make your debts go away..”

      2. Any 50 year old fighter who is comparable to Riggs would beat the living shit out of Rousey. Tennis is a lot different than a fight.

        1. let’s not exaggerate. Mid thirties is not nearly 50. as someone on the north side of 60, I can tell you there is a huge difference.

        2. I was kidding. Lets not get excited. Mayweather is 38.
          I hope you’re wearing a jacket and scarf if you’re that far north…

        1. Honestly, women are taking shots at men (first) and then they are expected to be treated like “ladies” after the fact? No. If someone “fires” on me then I will return fire…man or woman.
          I think our society will start to get the message once balance is restored.

  6. ESPN made the decision to ignore its base audience of men and to appeal to women by making everything tabloid tier. So now everything is like Entertainment Tonight or TMZ. Who’s dating who, who got busted for DUI, some human interest story.
    But the biggest thing now are social issues like racism or sexism. That’s why the Ray Rice story was so huge. Most people aren’t smart enough to talk intelligently about a zone blitz or a pick and roll but everyone can have a opinion about how terrible a guy hitting a woman is. Or how bad racist ex-Clippers owner Donald Sterling is.
    I don’t think its a pure business decision though. If you look at the top brass at ESPN you see a fair number of women. If you look at the resumes of these women there’s a ton of red flags for full out SJW feminist.

    1. It’s owned by Disney, which is focused on selling to soccer moms and cat ladies. Women who have no idea of the value of money because they didn’t earn it are great customers

      1. Exactly. corporations are throwing themselves at the female market with the “female Empowerment” bullshit because women SPEND the money!! Its just as obvious as when everything in marketting products ten or so years ago as EXTREME to appeal to young guys. Its the same bullshit aimed at fleecing women under the guise of empowerment.

        1. That is why it is so important for us men not to give women access to our money/wealth, whether that is trough money, taxes, welfare subsidies or any other form of redistribution.

  7. The men in power who let these people into the institution have forgotten the importance of gatekeeping.
    “Let’s be inclusive” is never a good excuse for equality.

  8. End of the day it’s about money, sports organizations make money by having females watching sports and buying sports related things. Sure they may isolate some men but most Western men are white knight manginas and will continue to watch sport ragrdless of how feminist or SJW it becomes.

  9. We’ve all seen the writing on the wall, Feminists are coming for anything remotely masculine and are going to destroy it. Competitive sports, our last great bastion of masculinity (besides our own minds that is) won’t even be recognizable in 10-15 years with all the PC, feminist bullshit infecting it.
    I think my lowest moment as a sports fan was when I was forced to watch that visual bile known as the “Throw like a girl” commercial during the Super Bowl.
    Not to mention making football players wear pink gear for a whole month promoting breast cancer awareness, when 100% of their athletes are male and prostate cancer kills more men than breast cancer kills women on average per year.
    Or when there land whales tried to ban ice girls because it was demeaning to women.
    Bill Burr had a great little rant about this:

    1. Fuck…isn’t that the truth. I got so god damn tired of all of the feminist bullshit (from the shows to the commercials). I can’t watch it any longer. If I’m out at a bar and I see it on a TV (no sound) I just shake my head. Many of the other men sitting there drinking will make the same comments.
      I guess we’ll need to start up an ROK Men’s Sports program since there seems to be a “need” for it. All men players, coaches, reporters, etc…on the all man network.

  10. Sports, with special emphasis on the full-contact sports of football and hockey, have been bastions of masculinity and manly pride…which is why the feminist Left has targeted them for colonization and conquest. Note that the attempts to compete directly with masculine team sports have largely failed, but the indirect assaults through commentary, “sideline babes,” and the like are making deeper inroads with every season.
    The Left intends that no harbors for traditional masculine pursuits and virtues shall remain unbreached. This underscores the increasing importance of the red pill mentality.

      1. Yep. Good article here:
        Numbers show that 15.3 million households in the U.S. watched TV without a cable or satellite TV subscription by the end of 2014.
        That’s an increase of almost 3 million households compared with the end of 2013.
        Furthermore, about 9 million of those watching TV without cable also have a broadband internet connect allowing use of an over the top streaming device like Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, or Amazon Fire
        TV. That’s a lot of people getting by without cable TV. Certainly more than some reporters would lead us to believe.

    1. Like many on this site have done and suggested doing, I Dropped it last month after having had it for 15 years. One of the best decisions I ever made. I actually don’t miss it at all, and it’s a very liberating feeling. I only had cable because I could watch pro hockey, baseball and basketball. As of 2 years ago, every single coverage team has a made up sjw clown with fake tits trying to tell me about sport. Couldn’t stomach the shit anymore. Now I save 90 a month (1080 a year). Built myself a 36″ HD antenna for 15 dollars worth of parts at home depot. I will watch very select college and nfl games for free now, and that’s it, and it’s HD. The rest of my time is free to spend on much wiser affairs. I suggest every man who reads this website drop their cable/satellite. I explained the waste of life that is cable to a friend who is now going to drop service and save 1300 a year.

        1. The reason that the programming is increasingly feminist is that the viewership is and has been for a long time majority female. I don’t say sports in particular, but overall TV viewership is and has been for women and women only for quite some time. The other aspect is that the advertisers know that women are their target market. Men are much harder to convince that we need a bunch of junk when we don’t. Women are willing to buy anything if they are convinced the herd approves. And the advertisers know what the feminists and the politicians know; women have control of the spending. Who cares who makes 77 cents on the dollar when woman spend 80 cents of every dollar made by anyone, male or female.

        2. Well said. I actually feel that TV is a hostile workspace for men. I am now quite uncomfortable watching it. The homosexual sex is crowding out the normal sex. But they want us to believe it reflects “reality”. But it isn’t my reality that’s for sure.

    2. Cable television lost over 600,000 paying subscribers last year. The flight away from pre-packaged bundles of channels not only started, but is well underway.

  11. Special Olympics was held recently, and Sportscenter was doing puff pieces(excuse me, “personal interest stories”) on some of the competitors…I mean, I was dumbfounded…
    Just the facts/stats, m’aam? Please?

    1. If they did just the facts and stats, they would run out of things to report. Being 24 hrs., they have to have constant stream. I’d rather they repeat the same stats like a broken record than to hear tabloid shit.

  12. Anyone see the god forsaken, pathetic, stupid fucking U-Verse commercial that says, “Where will you be when the first woman pitches in the Majors?” I was like nowhere! Because it’s NEVER gonna happen. A professionally trained female, adult athlete couldn’t throw as hard as a 13 year old boy. I wanted to strangle someone for the overt stupidity.

    1. Where will I be? Why, I’ll be receiving my clearly available at the time bionic arm and leg implants.
      I wonder if, instead of abandoning sports, we men simply formed leagues and associations specifically to counter this revolting trend?

      1. In this time, we can probably genetically remove the differences between men and women and grow new Andro-Humans in test tubes. What a wonderful world this will be.

  13. ESPN is at the epicenter of our modern panem et circenses. Rather than hashtag activism to try and change a Disney / ABC propaganda channel, may I suggest unsubscribing from cable TV and denying the Hollywood / New York media complex the eyeballs, revenue, and opportunity to soften brains?
    Go see a ballgame at a loud and rowdy bar with dumb waitresses in slutty outfits. Who cares what talentless women, mentally ill, sexually-confused men, and betafied former alphas who’ve chosen complicity over integrity think about anything pre, post, or in between games. They are all irrelevant.

  14. I stopped watching ESPN years ago. They are drama queens. They can’t call a live game to save their life (along with showing a horrible bias). They purge honest people from their ranks as a protest for Social Justice. SportsCenter (what i used to watch all of the time) is now about cute cuddly furry animals. The NFL is about 3/4 of the way there in drama. You dont hear much about “drama” from the other 3 major sports (with the occasional exception being NBA). The NFL just reeks of “meetoo!ism” trying to get into ESPN’s good graces.
    If you want or need to watch live regular sports purchase it directly from the leagues themselves. All sell it and eventually they will stream playoff games as well so you can cancel your gazillion dollar cable bill and those rats at ESPN will continue to lose their subscriber base.

        1. Why shouldn’t he? Know what you’re dealing with so you don’t risk repeating the same mistakes.

  15. So with all this girl power shit how long until ESPN (Disney) stage some game between men and women and have the women win to promote their agenda? Or has it already happened?

  16. i’m surprised espn hasn’t run a piece on the poor-parenting of james harrison, throwing away his kids’ ‘participation’ trophies.

  17. Theres really only one way this is going to get fixed. Men everywhere need to start boycotting espn and all sports related outlets until the system itself absolves itself of all cunts. Theres no way the industry could support itself if all the male viewers disappeared. They won’t be so quick to push an agenda when their ratings are through the floor and all the money dries up.
    Otherwise its going to be a long slow spiral into an unwatchable drivel of propaganda that just gets more ridiculous until the primary demographic (men) get so fed up with it that they abandon the industry all together.

  18. This is fucking ridiculous. Sure, girls can try to play football just like a weakling can but, guess what, biology reigns here and they’ll be killed. It happened, a Black female was playing high school a few years ago and got hit and was killed. They have this new promo on TV “play more football” I think it is. Where the drum beats and they go through all action shots. One clip was some blonde teenage girl (like the girl from next door)…I’m sorry it makes my skin crawl. I’m really sick of constantly averting my eyes and ears from tv lest I be exposed to some freakish nightmare on tv. Why are we doing this? Why? I played football every year in high school, its a male game, period full stop. Girls don’t even really like sports and the ones that do, well, from what I can tell they’re pushed into it and they’re happy playing female sports even if those sports are different from males. I see girls today and they’re still girls as they’ve always been. Sure all shapes and sizes but girls like any other time nonetheless. Nothing has changed that much among humans that would all of a sudden make females competitive in football.
    Worst of all this is all coming from bullshit. Its these women’s studies departments that perpetuate the idea that men and woman are exactly alike and there are no and can be NO differences whatsoever and if there were it was because of a deliberate conspiracy of males to oppress females. This is what happens when a ideology, a bullshit one a that, is allowed to run rampant.

    1. This has obviously been a concerted effort by a branch of Feminism to ensure that women get as much,if not more T/v time than the male game in the UK.It will be money next,followed by executives followed by a change in rules to make sports non contact

      1. what the fuck is wrong with these people. Who cares and not only that its none of anyones business who gets to watch the tv when. These people are sick.

  19. We should help them implement the changes, while telling men how terrible it is at the same time. With any luck, we can get people out playing sports again and the TVs turned off. Think of the mentality change for most men once they feel release of testosterone from the bursts of movement required of many sports. Half would question their programming, many others will fall in love with the feeling and stop acting feminine all together.

    1. Same goes for video games. It could be a trick of sorts – the sjw’s think they won by having girls and women play video games and watch sports while they sit idle, atrophy, eat bad food etc. Meanwhile men can get out there and play real sports. I’d love to see the new female fat slob and the new male lean and in shape.

      1. When men become strong again, they will demand that women behave rather than subsidize feminine destruction of society. And women, being naturally submissive, will comply. All the female fat slobs and effeminate men will be bred out. It will be glorious.

  20. I don’t get the fascination with watching sports anyway. To me that is akin to being a follower rather than a leader. This could be another reason women have gravitated to watching sports, they are great at following and spending money, not to mention the attention grabbing they are doing. I know guys who idolize, pedastalize and worship sports figures… some even have shrines in their houses! They are also likely to be orbiters around women, same traits if you ask me.
    Think about this, the sports franchises make their money on followers. Who spends more money than a guy would on frivolous shit? Women. Imagine the sports execs thinking here… hey lets appeal to women so they get hooked and spend their money! The same thing is going on in nerd land.
    I am not putting down sports, I respect the guys who play. I enjoy getting into a good boxing match with my friends but really never enjoyed watching unless it was either a) studying myself or my opponent in past fights, or b) my son participating and I was there to root for him.
    To each their own I suppose.

    1. I don’t get the fascination with watching sports anyway. To me that is akin to being a follower rather than a leader.

      I think it is something one likes as a child. Unfortunately many of us as children considered these athletes to be “heroes” for some reason or another, and quite a few of us experienced disappointment “when they let us down.”
      Most of us grew out of this phase and find it hard to religiously follow professional sports anymore. At worst, we might be casual fans who might take in a game every now and then but that’s about it.
      Of course now we have a society full of adult children who refuse to give up their childish ways. We see these people wearing the jerseys of their favorite players (WTF?) and they’re able to mouth off every “important” stat from memory, but beyond that they are useful for little else.

    1. Spot fucking on! I don’t care if they spruced up the uniforms to be “sexy” either: pink shorts, etc.
      Enough with the gender bending. If I wanted to fuck a man, I would go gay,

  21. Meanwhile, everyone gets a trophy, they don’t keep score, punish successful teams for running up the score. This is the kind of environment that “empowers” females be it sports or whatever.

  22. A lot of it has to do with advertising. Advertisers are more powerful than they’ve ever been, and social media can now be used to get thousands, if not millions of people to go after your advertisers if you’re a media oriented company. Thus a lot of companies just cave in.
    This really started awhile back with the Tracy Morgan thing, back in 2011. What made it unprecedented, wasn’t so much that the LGBT people went after a guy who said “offensive” things about gays, but they went after one of the most ridiculous, unadulterated, non-PC, men in comedy that we have today. I think once the SJW knew they could take a guy like that down (comedy is closest to the only industry that has managed to fight the takeover of SJWs), it was open season. When a clown can’t even be a clown, and say what he/she wants, no one is safe.

  23. If there is a game on ESPN I care about, I’ll still watch. I’ve avoided the rest of their programming for some time now. It’s insane – although it was kind of fun to watch the ex-jocks pretend to buy into this bullshit – you can see them making the effort not to roll eyes and make disgusted faces.

  24. I can’t stand seeing a woman break down football. I’m not against women on espn, but I know from military experience what happens when you inject a female into an all male environment. They absolutely destroy unit cohesion. The other male analysts are hesitant to disagree with her, so you end up with everyone just nodding until she finishes rambling.
    This is why putting women in infantry units is so stupid. It’s not that women can’t fight in a battle, it’s that their prescence injects a sexual element which causes the males to compete rather than cooperate.

    1. I agree with everything you said except the part about women fighting. I was in the military too, although any monkey can pull a trigger, women generally suck in the field and as grunts. Its not worth it not only because it compromises unit cohesion but because they’re no good at it and don’t belong.

      1. Agree completely. I was in the Army and am now in law enforcement. Women destroy unit cohesion in both fields. The agency I currently work for just did a national females only hiring push and a female at my station was featured in a recruiting video. She thinks she is something special now. They portrayed her as a hardass tuf girl go getter. Everyone that works with her knows she is worthless, can barely pass her firearms qualification, can’t hike in the field and was chosen to appear in the video because she had the trifecta that my agency wants to hire (female, black, lesbian). Luckily, most women that work for my agency quit or promote to a desk job as fast as they can due to the working conditions so they get out of our hair pretty fast.

        1. Sorry it took forever to reply. I work for the US Border Patrol. Females make up only 5% of our Agency. As a line Agent, we spend a lot of time outside, a lot of time hiking and a lot of time being sweaty. 99% of women I know do not want a job like that. Thus a lot end up quitting, trying to promote to a supervisory position in an office or if they are attractive, use beta labor to survive and do their dirty work for them. The USBP wanted to hire 1,600 women and have at least 5,000 female applicants in the hiring pool for the future. Now that the sexist hiring push is over, I am glad to report that it failed.

        2. It confuses me, this need for some men to believe that women are the same as men and should want to do the same things. Some men have great difficulty with just letting women be women. Why not let women do what they really want (which in most cases is to stay at home and look after children) without trying to make them feel bad about it?
          Thanks for the great answer.

    2. I know from paintball experience that absent coercion, the women much prefer to hover around the base and avoid being shot at. If you run at them, they squeal, drop their weapon and hide in the bushes.

    3. “…but I know from military experience what happens when you inject a
      female into an all male environment. They absolutely destroy unit
      Yes they do. It starts with not allowing to talk a certain way and from that point it’s all drama bullshit. Women are toxic in a male environment. They cause problems that aren’t normally there with a cohesive, all men unit on a mission.

  25. We have yet to see what will happen in the UK where Jose Maurinho,the famous football coach,dropped his female physiotherapist from the bench because,in the prior game a guy was tackled,fell over,and she went tearing out on the pitch to treat him
    even though Maurinho didn’t want her to because,by the rules of football that player has to be taken off which left him 2 players short
    and her action pissed him off.Of course,she says the player may have been badly hurt,the obvious arguments,but,in fact he got up quickly but couldn’t play on for a bit.Now starts the ruckus and tTHIS IS IN THE ENGLISH FOOTBALL PREMIER LEAGUE.

  26. You have a much, much, much higher opinion of ESPN than I do. I contend that this station is the worst thing that ever happened to pro-sports. I really don’t get why people even watch PTI- Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon are not interesting, funny, or even knowledgeable IMO.
    I truly hope that enough people “cut the cord” with cable and render ESPN obsolete.
    I also hope Goodell is fired for this latest ridiculous faux-scandal over ball PSI he’s treated us to. It’s encouraging that Goodell’s legal team made flaming jackasses out of themselves in court recently. Hopefully, justice prevails and Goodell’s arbitration award is vacated and he’s subsequently fired.

  27. I dont watch ESPN. I feel it has taken up too many mens lives. I see guys spending complete days in front of the t.v watching sports.Its like they’ve given up on doing physical shit and live vicariously through these overpaid glorified thug gladiators. I think ESPN is trying to cover themselves because there is a LOT of domestic abuse coming from pro footballers,N.B.A etc.. Sports has become thugified. ESPN is just trying to appeal to the masses through damage control with these animals. On another note I just watched the elevator knockout just now. I see a mouthy bitch getting in the face multiple times of a proffesional athlete. Who knows if she was going to hit him but something tells me she wont do it again. You can only be calm and collected so many times before you have to go to another level to squash that.
    In another elevator video I see Beyochay’s sister punching and kicking Jay Z and he just held up his hands to protect himself. For one thing I would have better bodygaurds than those dim witted slowpokes but that just goes to show you why you NEVER date black women. Unless you like physical violence and a lot of shit talking, and divorce rape then dont date black women.

  28. For me, sports and ESPN will be boycotted until further notice. Then again, I never watch TV anymore anyway since it has become one big vagina.

  29. I canceled my cable contract about 6 months ago so I currently don’t watch any TV. That was the first time in my life I had done it but I was always a fan of the NFL (a particular team) and watched pretty much all their games every year. Didn’t do the fantasy crap, but I did always watch my team play every Sunday.
    I’ve never felt better and more at ease than I have the past 6 months with no TV to turn too. No bullcrap on ESPN or the news in general. For the first time in my life, I could completely care less about the NFL and don’t care to watch any games at all (unless I’m out with friends or something). Never thought I’d be at this point. I’m glad I’m not the only one that’s noticed how far things have turned South in the sporting world.

  30. I noticed recently that anytime you open the SportsCenter app, the top of the scores feed is ALWAYS occupied by women’s sports. Right now, in fact, its the WNBA, followed by baseball. It’s like this all the time, or at least, it has been since the Women’s World Cup earlier this summer. It’s always this way now, even though NOBODY gives a hot shit about the WNBA–or let’s face it, womens sports in general.
    I might never have given a damn about scrolling down past the WNBA scores to see how the Buccos or the Tribe is doing tonight, but then I took the pill and now I can only wonder…is this WNBA presence at the top center of my ESPN app some sort of desperate attempt to convince people to care about unwatchable sports, or is it maybe a last-ditch attempt by ESPN to prop up a failing league? At this point I’m certain its not an accident, and I can’t see ESPN trying to prop up the WNBA– after all, that just takes up time that they could be using to cover other inane crap like whether Tom Brady brushes his teeth up-and-down or in circles. The only real possibility is that it’s just the media trying to brainwash us with even more feminism.
    Ghaaaaa now I’m angry. You know what? Fuck ESPN! Ha!

  31. The NFL and Disney already know they have a stronghold with the male viewers so it’d be a waste of money to cater to them. It makes perfect fiscal sense to blatantly market to chicks.

    1. No if you go there and read the comments to anything, guys are sick of the agenda. Loyalty is waning big time.

    1. The western world has become a circus freaks how, not a day goes by that I don’t laugh at people who try to blur the lines between men and women and call it “equality”

  32. Feminists can dominate all the white kinght and mangina networks they want. No feminist however will dominate my biz, I’m not afraid to reach back like a pimp and slap the ho.

  33. When I first saw that “left hook that went around the world” I thought good on him she physically assaulted him and he defended himself – it wasn’t until sometime afterward that news eventually leaked down to Australia how he had been shafted and deserted by the spineless people in charge.

  34. ESPN is now a non-factor. They are no different from CNN and MSNBC. NBC Sports is where it is at. If you prefer NHL, NFL, MLB, or NBA you go with their respective networks. ESPN, other than their actual televised sports, is done. Stick a fork in them.

  35. I believe Michael Sam has mental issues…..quelle surprise….. as for Bruce Jenner…. killed a woman in a car crash while texting, cut off his danglies, or about to…. these people are held up as some sort of aspiration? This planet needs to be cleansed by a huge solar flare….. bring it on….

  36. Who cares. Turn off the jew box. Or even better throw it out. Like sports, play them yourself and stop watching and glorifying other mens’ (pointless) achievements. It’s gay.

  37. I’ve been saying this for years… it actually all started (in my mind) with the advent of the “female side-line reporter”. I don’t care if they’re beautiful or whatever, I don’t want to see them anywhere near the athletes or coaches of a sporting event, period.

  38. I stopped watching espn, when they started putting women casters on the nhl reviews. I stopped watching all other sports except boxing because they have been taken over by asian female sports casters who cannot even play the sports they announce on. Clearly there is female affirmative action here. You mean to tell with all the former and unemployed male athletes and jr athletes they cannot find a qualified man?

  39. This past weekend I was watching a Raiders pre-season game and it was on one of the local Los Angeles channels either “11” or “5” and they had a female announcer, not doing play by play but commentary. I yelled at the TV what the “WTF” is going on a female announcer doing a Raiders game???? This shit is weak!!

  40. i agree then you add the racists and white knights who come out of the fucking woodwork any time a black man is accused of something. espn and all sports comment sections suck

  41. Generally, I agree with all that you have written, and you have compiled a terrific timeline of more recent events, but it has only devolved much faster in the past two years and therefore is more noticeable. Even before Rice, anybody with some semblance of discernment saw this happening long ago, incrementally, but progressing nonetheless. Hell, adorning everyone and everything in pink started back in 2009. There is something seriously wrong with grown men adorned in pink.

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