Why Women And Gays Should Not Be Allowed In Male-Safe Spaces

Nothing seems to generate greater anger in new Return of Kings readers than the following statement on the about page:

Women and homosexuals are prohibited from commenting here. They will be immediately banned, and anyone who replies to them will also be banned.

The idea that not every space would not allow women or gays strikes many white upper class liberals as misogynistic, homophobic, and bigoted. Recently, Roosh made a new rule that men who respond to female commentators, thereby validating their entrance into a male-only space, will be also be banned.

The reality is that men and women have inherent biological differences. This is the first agreed upon community belief of Return of Kings. Because of these inherit biological differences, men and women have different social and cultural needs, some of which can only be fulfilled in gender-specific safe spaces. Likewise, straight men and gay men have different social and cultural needs, that cannot always both be accommodated in every space.

Catering to gays and women would require fundamentally changing Return of Kings in such a drastic way that it would no longer fulfill the needs of straight heterosexual men, and alienate men from the space they created. Just as I wouldn’t enter a women’s group or a gay club and demand they make chances to accommodate my needs as a straight man, I expect that women and gays wouldn’t enter male-only spaces and demand they change to accommodate the needs of women and gays, yet that is precisely what has happened in every historical male space that has been socially integrated.

Women Demand Male Spaces Be Changed

It would be one thing if women were able to enter male-only spaces and integrate to the existing social rules, but women frequently demand drastic changes to male-organizations in order to feel “comfortable” and avoid being offended. These changes frequently undermine the stated mission of the very group they are trying to join.

In recent times, women have attempted to ban the word “bossy” in the workplace, ban sexual jokes in the workplace and at tech conferences, even when privately whispered between male attendees, ban masculine design and thought from wikipedia, ban certain types of characters in video games, science-fiction, and fantasy, ban grunting in gyms, ban deadlifting in gyms, and ban peeing standing up in Sweden. These are just the few, and I’m certain readers could easily supply additional stories and links.

This isn’t just a recent phenomenon. In 1674, women tried to ban coffee houses, because they were threatened by the political and intellectual discussions taking place in the male-only coffee houses. It’s thought that the discussion in these male-only coffee houses was the reason the enlightenment came about.


When women got the vote and entered the previously male-only space of politics, one of their first actions was to ban alcohol, leading to one of the most violent and crime-ridden periods of American history. Prohibition created real world problems many men had to die for. If women had their way, they would never have been allowed the alcoholic drinks and caffeinated beverages they now regularly intoxicate themselves with in modern times.

Women Do Not Allow Men In Female-Only Spaces

The idea that women should be allowed into male only spaces is a double standard, as men are frequently not allowed into female-only spaces, even ones they have legitimate claim to. Although men are the victims of domestic violence and sexual assault just as often as women, many shelters are battered women’s shelters and refuse protection to male victims, in violation of federal law. Girls are allowed into the boy scouts, but boys are not allowed into the Girl Scouts, Brownies, or Girl Guides.

When one boy sued the UK Girl Guides for discriminating against him by denying him entrance, a spokeswoman for the guides responded:

‘We strongly believe that in today’s world there remains a vital role for such a space, where girls can be themselves during a formative time in their lives without the pressures of having boys around.’

Why are men not allowed the same spaces?

Gay Groups Demand All Spaces Allow Public Homosexual Displays

Gay groups had made similar demands of straight organizations. Recently, the Boston St. Patricks Day parade was labeled homophobic, for their policy prohibiting signs with over sexual or political references. News outlets reported the story as if organizers were banning gay organizations, when in reality they were simply banning public displays and references to genitalia at a family event. Gay organizers forced a holiday parade to Irish Catholic traditions to conform to the same standards as a pride parade, alienating the Irish Catholic families the event is for.

Judging by the coverage of the Winter Olympics, you’d think they were hunting gays like Christians in first century Rome. In reality, Russian law only prohibited gays from promoting  homosexual sexual activity to children, and was primarily aimed at stopping pedophilia. Putin publicly stated gays would be welcomed at the Winter Olympics and treated with the same hospitality as all other guests, but because Russia is the current political enemy of the United States, Western media exploited the desire of gays to promote their lifestyle to children for propaganda purposes.

Gay organizations demand that public displays of homosexuality be permitted in every space, ignoring that every type of sexuality is prohibited from certain spaces. As a straight man, I understand dropping pick-up lines at women’s group or shelter for rape victims would be incredibly inappropriate. Women in those groups want a safe-space, free from male sexual advances. Many men also want spaces free from overt sexuality, and in this respect prohibiting gays serves the same purpose as banning women. The discussions about masculinity that take place on Return of Kings would not be welcomed in a gay club, and the public displays sexuality that take place in a gay club are not welcomed at Return of Kings.

Male-Only Spaces Help Men Become Better Men

In my personal life, I’ve been a part of men’s groups, and dated women who attended female-only groups. Neither of us ever demanded to invade the others space, but instead supported each other in our individual gender-specific self-development. My girlfriends understood that allowing me to develop my masculinity in the company of other men would only make me a better man for them, and I understood that allowing women to develop their femininity in the company of other women would only make them better women for me.


I’ve seen men’s groups have a profound effect on the men who participate. Many men find it difficult to talk about their challenges in the presences of women who might judge them for the problems they face. Male-safe spaces allow men express themselves in a way mainstream integrated culture does not allow.

Likewise, many men have experienced deep personal transformation through the manosphere, and other online communities of men dedicated to self-improvement. Return of Kings and the manosphere in general is known for speaking truth in a very blunt, sometimes confrontational style, many women would find insensitive. As a man, I enjoy being challenged, and would prefer a harsh truth to a pretty lie.

The women and gays demanding entrance into straight male spaces are not interested in men’s needs or self-development. Because they feel disconnected from their femininity as women, or disconnected from their masculinity as gays, men’s attempts to connect to their own masculine power threatens them. Rather than develop themselves or their own space-spaces, they attack others personal growth, and unique culture.

The message women and gays have sent is essentially, “let us into your all male-spaces so we can change them to suit our needs or we’ll call you misogynists, homophobes, bigots, and the worst labels our culture has.” With that attitude, it’s no wonder men don’t welcome them in.

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273 thoughts on “Why Women And Gays Should Not Be Allowed In Male-Safe Spaces”

  1. This is, in my view, an excellent article and I would like to send it to friends who are sceptical of the need for male-only spaces. However, it is also riddled with spelling mistakes/typos that will give such friends a lame but convenient excuse to dismiss its contents. Ex. the heading, “Women do no[t] allow men in female-only spaces” Please consider reading over your article and correcting the various errors.

    1. …..a bit pedantic if you asked me.
      ps: Your friends are a bunch of mangina betas.

        1. Learn to speed-read. If you are reading these articles so slowly and thoughtfully as to pick out minor grammatical errors rather than blasting through them to get the main content and jist of the articles..
          you are wasting valuable time. And that my friends…
          is Beta.

    2. “I would like to send it to friends who are sceptical of the need for male-only spaces.”
      What kind of male is sceptical about the need for male-only spaces? Yet another sign there are guys who are totally lost in today’s egalitarian jungle.
      On a second thought, what’s to be expected? In a time where ‘membership’ of a social circle and keeping your head low are of prime importance, speaking or thinking contrary to the established narrative may put you on a path to social ostracization.

    3. If it bothers you so much, put it into an email and fix the errors yourself. The message is strong, and if they attack the typos you will know they have no real argument. The important thing is you now have the concepts that you can use because manginas & leftists will not be swayed by any article that is based on logic or reason. Most likely they will just move the article to trash just like you would an article about vegan potlucks.

  2. Excellent stand. My respect for RoK has grown even more. If only the world had more people who can take such stands, instead of sympathising with whinning women, the world would be a better place.

    1. Alright, I agree with the article entirely, but that is a bit extreme. They need some Internet. Denying that would be cruel.

        1. Well, no, most have not, but then again, most of us haven’t either. There are two sides to every coin.

        2. actually, if you have ever offered a cogent, logical analysis, ie. created ‘content’ that involved more than just your own personal internal feelings about a subject, or created anything internet-bound that provides value or usefulness for others, you belong in that space.
          Which is why I said let ’em on recipe and soap opera sites. ’50 stupid things you can do that your man would prefer a blow job instead, but will pretend they turn him on to make you feel happy.”
          Pretty much everyplace else they don’t belong. Except like livecam sites. Their tits provide content.

        3. What about the silly game websites, r the blogs they ever so like to run? They would have a fit if those were taken away.

        4. “actually, if you have ever offered a cogent, logical analysis, ie. created ‘content’ that involved more than just your own personal internal feelings about a subject, or created anything internet-bound that provides value or usefulness for others, you belong in that space.” So you obviously don’t belong here…If you followed your own advice you would research some factz before letting your own negative feelings towards women dictate your ignorant response. Just because you don’t like the women folk doesn’t mean you get to ignore actual historical facts.

        5. Lamarr had a discussion with a male engineering enthusiast about problems related to torpedo guidance jamming. He put her name on the resulting patent.
          Way overblown, just like Ada Lovelace.
          White knights always pick the worst examples for female intellectual achivement. Go with Marie Curie or Rosalind Franklin next time.

      1. They should be contained in SM networks like face book and twitter where their stupidity will infect those stupid enough to use those sites. No female belongs on this site.

      1. wi-fi is not the internet. WiFi uses spread spectrum freq hopping, but that tech alone is not WiFi either. Fail!

      2. I’m going to guess you speak about Hedy Lamarr. Two words:
        George Antheil.

      3. They are also the ones destroying it with their Social Justice Warrior “lets ban everything i don’t like” mentality and contsteny infection of male spaces. Go to Askmen.com and you will see exactly what I’m talking about. There is a reason Roosh bans females from this site.

  3. And this is completely rational. Our society has been hijacked by collectivists who foment the phony notion of equality and then use this phony notion to justify a “we all must be together” public policy through the coercive force of law. This aptly summarizes the core ideology of the major “hijackers” of what was once an individualistic society ( I’m speaking of the civil rights movement and feminism). These “movements” remind me of the symbolism of Star Trek’s Borg. The Borg seek to eliminate individual difference by absorbing the individual into a collective. Feminism’s Borg colony seeks to annihilate gender difference while Civil Rights seeks to annihilate cultural difference. Ever notice that the hallmark “empowerment” strategy of Civil Rights is “integration”? And as of late, both of these “movements” have been employed to eliminate both political and philosophical differences.

    1. And of course ‘resistance is futile’ proved to be wrong: the Hive is vulnerable. Incidentally the Borg Queen had short hair and was damaged.

  4. Excellent article.
    Those who claim to fight discrimination don’t realise it’s a two way street.
    And the law in Russia is not that homophobic as western media is forcing us to believe:
    It’s sad to see that the majority of people do not question the political correct establishment and its so-called ‘struggle’ against injustice, but rather watch reality tv and read gossip magazines.

  5. They ignored video games for the longest time, but since there’s not much else left to ruin, feminists and “progressives” have been stepping their efforts to destroy them as well. Some women need to ruin shit because they can’t get any attention from actually contributing something of value.

    1. that’s where it all comes from. ponder on how many self proclaimed activists whistleblowers were of high professional value that decided to “call” something out. usually substandard leeches on the verge of being fired or no future just trying to score some unearned pay or benefits

      1. It turns out the RT reporter that walked off her job, was on the way out before and a warmongering think tank tweeted about it prior to it happening.

    2. “Some women need to ruin shit because they can’t get any attention from actually contributing something of value.”
      This was so beautifully succinct and accurate it almost brought a metaphorical tear to my eye. Bravo!

      1. Ain’t just women. You ever have to interact with the EPA or any other regulatory agencies in your job?
        They’re all small minded, pathetic people who enjoy ruining someone else’s attempts to create because they’ve got nothing to contribute themselves.

        1. That has absolutely nothing to do with what he said so your mad dash to cry NAWALT is a non issue. Beside that he didn’t even say “women”. He said “feminists and progtards” ie: the damaged leftoids. Since when do classify these as “women”. Last time I looked they were fugly cat wranglers and their beta/omega herbling suckups. Men do not look at this sub species of freaks as “women”.

        2. Not All Women Are Like That- you can substitute women for anything else where the stereotypes are backed by statistics with NA_ALT. The EPA attracts leftist control freaks like an all you can eat buffet.

        3. “Ain’t just women.”
          Forgive me, but I am deeply confused as to what you are talking about, RPR.

    3. What’s amusing is their lack of response when you point out that good video games that met their criteria (if at all possible) would in fact sell more copies to heterosexual males because of they are the vast majority of the consumer base. They seem to want to perpetrate the fantasy that publishers of video games don’t want women’s money, instead of dealing in reality where companies are keenly aware of the demographics for their product.

    4. If these feminists where male.

      Thought considering how much fun a lot of people have with those games, even females. So they try that, it will backfire.

    5. I disagree on that one. They are attacking video games because it became a good industry, both money and status-wise. That’s what they always do, wait for a male space to work hard and succeed and THEN invade. No risks of entering a failed group that way, female hypoagency at it’s best.
      Some groups are still low on status and very few women choose to enter them because there’s nothing in it for them : hardcore MMORPG such as WOW, Pokemon…

      1. Is there any way for something to be only famous among men?
        Or at least always seem low status to women even if the group is Excellent.

        1. Off the top of my head, the first example that comes to me is Poker. The main reason is that it requires a skillset that simply disqualifies nearly all women : willingness to take risks, not taking shit from your opponents, cold and calm rational analysis of each hand…and quite a bit of statistics
          There’s still status because there’s money and dominance to be found in a Hold’Em table.
          The end result is easy to predict : women love poker players but wives want their husbands to stop ASAP.

      2. Yep no women willing to join a IT start up where people work 60-80hour weeks for little/no pay trying to create a product people will pay for, when they can get an affirmative action token position where they can put a “drinking bird” next to their keyboard and cause less damage to the company than working.

      3. this happened with metal culture too in the mid 00’s….believe it or not metal gigs used to be nice nerdy man only spaces whereas now metaldudes are ripe for fucking, but even though I’d have loved that as a teen, it’s actually depressing in reality.

        1. What do you mean? Most concerts are still a sausage fest, get in the pit and go nuts…
          Yeah there’s always a few girls up front near the barricade, and sometimes a couple strays wander into the pit, but it’s still a masculine energy flowing at gigs, but I live in Australia, we still pride ourselves on being blokes and straight talking.
          Best gigs I’ve ever been to are Dillinger Escape Plan and Meshuggah, real good energy in the pit those times, I think the females could tell this was resonating with our beast side and stayed far away.

    6. My 8 and 10 year old daughters were grossed out by the end of the movie Paranorman – where the hunky jock turns out to be gay. It was totally unnecessary to the plot and they kept asking me “why does he like boys? That’s weird…”

    7. really? They aren’t trying to “destroy” video games. The video games do a damn fine job of keeping you passive and submissive….they don’t want that destroyed.
      That said you probably can expect some more aggressive attempts to use them for brainwashing “progressive” ideas as time goes on.

    8. In the 70s, 80s and 90s video games wasn’t a billion dollar industry. that’s why. since the Wii came out and made non-traditional games appeal to demographics outside males ages 3-40, that also gave the industry status.
      therefore money and status attracted the women.

    9. It’s because feminism is an interest group of business. Since women got everything that equates to men they have to start making up other shit and continue to reap money and giving all the power to women.

    10. Some women? Most women!
      Look at the endless parade of fat, ugly, unintelligent, “whores except in name” we have in the West. They latch on like lamprey, sucking the good from anything in a pathetic attempt to seem relevant. When something goes wrong, it’s always a man’s fault never their own screwup.
      My slut Polish neighbor? Nothing bad that has happened in her life is her fault, there is always a man to blame. You damn well better believe that anything good was due to her hard work and diligence in her mind. She is the epitome of invading a male only space by pretending to, at first, act like one of the guys. Then she wants shit changed to appease her. Fortunately she’s running out of looks to bargain with, and since she’s known as a cheating whore now (I wonder who’s let her past few betas she’s attempting to leech off of know she’s getting dick on the side?), less men are willing to white knight for her. Also, a few women have found out she might have been the whore who their husbands cheated on them with and felt a bit peeved.
      Don’t get me wrong, the town bike can still wield inordinate power, but by exposing their hypocrisy relentlessly you can make a dent in that power. The latest was her daughter wanted to attend a (amazingly enough it still existed) boys only coding program. The fact the same people use the exact same curriculum (taught by ladies) as a girls only coding camp is irrelevant to the whore. Somebody called that a bit ridiculous and, given the whore’s daughter could attend a coding camp that excluded boys a week later, unnecessary. She tried to say the timing wouldn’t work, well boo-fucking-hoo whore. Other people have already modified their vacation schedules you Polish cow, so buck up. Thank fucking hell she lost, but someday a whore without as much baggage just might win.

  6. was with you until you mentioned Russia. That law is the state declaring open season on gays and conflating homosexuality with pedophilia. There is a difference between diluting group and stoking hate.

    1. Russia sees that our public schools are all taking the time now to tell the kids “gay is good,” and they don’t want their country to wind up as gay as ours, so they’re taking preemptive action.

      1. The Russians need more children, not less. Gays are anti – children, and are therefore a real threat to society. Kinda like the white feminists refuse to condemn Islamic mistreatment of women, when in fact it’s nasty old men in the military who protect their asses. The very military they are trying to destroy from within.

    2. Ha. Nice try. Your assertion is false. Read “How Gay Activists Trashed The Competitive Spirit Of The Sorchi Olympic Games” if you want to know the truth about the law that the Russian legislature passed.

    3. Russia has maybe more reasonable laws on homosexuality than America does.
      Russia’s age of consent laws are younger, and its pornography possesion laws require you o prove that the performer is underage (in America they can toss you in jail if your porn has performers who look underage, one guy got jailed for anime), and the protitution laws are enforced reasonably with reasonable penalties.
      Meanwhile gays live openly, every western reporter did a piece by going to the openly gay bars in Sochi during the Olympics.
      There are only a tiny fraction of people in Russia in jail for being gay as there are in Americ

    4. There is no open season on gays there. I saw one of the videos of gays being “abused” and realized they didn’t look like people forced to do something. Seriously compare those videos to a picture of men holding their wives purses at the mall and you will realize which group is being oppressed.

  7. OT: To the guy who wrote the article on The Bachelor last week-
    Check out this link-
    Apparently the chick is still following the Juan Pablo guy around like a puppy dog, despite the fact that he humilated her on national television, responded to her request for him to tell her he loved her with “I loved fucking you”, and told her that she wasn’t allowed to eat carbs after seven o’clock because he didn’t want her getting fat. Her ex-boyfriend is even claiming that “she must have been brainwashed”.
    Behold, the power of game, money, and looks…
    A couple of quotes from the article:
    A source told UsWeekly that women tend to change once they fall into the arms of the good-looking former soccer star.
    ‘Girls who date Juan do what he wants,’ the insider said. ‘He picks the restaurant, he picks the places you travel. Nikki seems happy to go along.’
    In an article titled Brainwashed By The Bachelor, a source, who used to date Galavis, added, ‘Juan makes you feel special with the way he looks at you and touches you.’
    She added, ‘He casts a spell over the girls he’s with. He’s so charming you want to please him.’
    As far as the couple’s future, Nikki will most likely move to Miami for her boyfriend.
    ‘Nikki would probably leave to be with Juan Pablo,’ a friend of hers told the weekly.
    But there is a warning. ‘Juan’s track record with women is a string of relationships that last for a few months before he lets them fizzle so he can find a new toy to play with,’ a source said.
    ‘There’s nothing he likes more than shiny, new things.’”
    LOL! This, my friends, is how it should be done…

    1. He actually doesn’t have money.
      He got taken in a divorce and today works in the baseball Venezuelan hall of fame. That can’t be that high paying of a job. He lives in a 2br condo with his mom and his sister.
      Also the girl the he told that he loved to fuck but didn’t know was a different girl.
      What Juan Pablo has is looks (he looks exactly like that Nikki girl’s ex), massive pre selection, and the attitude of a game player. (It’s hard to say he has proper game since he speaks barely any English).

    2. “Nikki Ferrell’s ex-boyfriend believes Juan Pablo has changed her as ‘she normally wouldn’t take that s*** from a guy’”
      Sounds like the ex put her on a pedestal. LOL at “She normally wouldn’t take that shit from a guy”. Guy is clueless.

      1. Culture clash. S american superior macho culture will attract more women than inferior feminised men. He basically is a natural who is just bulletproof from shit tests.

  8. The answer to why men, especially straight white men, cannot have their own spaces in society is easy – the good old fashion double standard. A liberal or feminist would say something like “every space in society is a safe space for men”. That is good rhetoric but hardly true in reality.
    Also, the reason why straight men need their own space separate from gay men is they do not have the same core biological needs. Straight men seek women, ultimately, for reproductive needs and urges. Gay men do not have such desires. That makes a huge difference between the two. Gay men may seek to out other means of reproduction or rearing children, but basic biology does not allow two men to reproduce in any natural means.
    Of course, none of this really matter. Facts and logic make no difference to a foaming-at-the-mouth liberal who has been brainwashed into believing in the institutional orthodoxy. They will just scream something like “no blood for oil” or “being a woman is not a pre-existing condition” with absolutely no idea why they are doing so other then “it promotes equality”.

    1. can we pretend even if only a little while that white people don’t own the world. We can’t just have a man zone for all men regardless of race or nationality can enjoy? Or am I asking for too much

      1. ” . . . am I asking for too much . . .”
        Until you convince the feminists to go along, yes, pretty much. They are the ones driving segregation. In fact, the new cant is that colorblindness is racism. Patriarchy is defined as straight white men owning the world.
        That is not to say that such spaces cannot exist, or even make up the majority of such spaces, which, I note, the OP did not in any way gainsay, so you are overreacting a bit. They can even play a role in fighting feminism. He simply noted the reality that white men are specifically under attack. What’s more, “ethnics” are being promoted to Noble Savage status. They see a world of whites and gungadins, which is why a major schism has developed in feminism, with black women telling white women to go fuck themselves (which, in a sense, is redundant).
        In the meantime, you can consider what legitimate role ethnic societies play in society, that the various white races are just as ethnic as any other and have their own, legitimate ethnic spaces just as much as any other.
        And if you do not come down on the side of a legitimate role for ethnicity, your next mission is to go convince the Thais and the Japanese that they should join the International Socialists world of homogeneous cream in the coffee.
        In the long run you cannot have your colorblindness and your ethnicity too.
        Disclaimer of Bias: Depending on the phase of the moon and who I am talking to I might be considered white, or a Person of Colour who is “passing.” I am, to some extent a “Smoothie.” I myself do not know the extent of it, as I have not had my DNA tested. I think of myself as – me, which, I am told, is White Privilege(tm).

        1. I thought all we all (men) have a common goal and this is a place that we can benefit and gain from regardless, that’s all

  9. Excellent article.
    I do have one question. You said that you were part of a men-only groups. What are such groups? Do they even exist and in what form?

    1. Places and activities that were designed by men, for men, that are now being infiltrated by gays and women such as…gaming, sports, military, IT & engineering (via affirmative action) etc etc

        1. “If so, where?”
          In activities, principally sports, where ultimate strength and power still rule.
          “How do you find them?”
          If you can’t find one, make one. Set the standard high (which will also, for good or ill, exclude most men as well) and do not bend them an inch.

  10. Bossy females lack true power and use implied threat of invoking authority, be it teacher or white knight, to get their way. That is why they are universally despised. Boys quickly learn that “snitching” will get their ass beat, but girls do not face this very real danger, and the dumbest of them grow up to be insufferably bossy women.
    So Guiness and Samuel Adams are gay beers now?

    1. They may have bitten off more than they can chew on the opting out of the parades. We’ll see what happens. It’s a two way street. I won’t be buying any more Diageo or Heineken products from now on and I will encourage others to follow suit.

  11. Great article (needs to be proofread though). I think it communicates the need for male only spaces in an educated way and how the influence of those with values that aren’t congruent can dilute the purpose of said space.
    The real issue/what scares the hell out of mainstream society, is the ability for any group to effectively police themselves without going too radical. The discussion in this site (no matter how blunt or otherwise) seems to always get fact checked and someone continuously challenges it. That is something I don’t think would change in the physical space with the right amount of intellects.
    To each is own, but I still do not fully understand how homosexuals using the same restroom or locker room as heterosexual men, or women in male locker rooms (reporting) is deemed appropriate, whereas if an heterosexual man were to enter the same space of the opposite sex, it would carry a stigma. At this point there can be arguments made that would allow no such separated spaces, when there clearly are physical, biological, and societal differences.
    At 3:09 Bill (in a blunt way) hits it on the head https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9FSBQAy9ao.

  12. Male only spaces are necessary to the development and mental health of men. That they are rare today is a big part of the problem with men today.
    You can’t have women in male only spaces because the women change the nature of the space. Even women who aren’t overly solipsicitic and understand honor can’t join. Men will white knight over them and the character of the space is lost.
    Gays on the other hand, they are men and have the same issues tat straight men have. Don’t let the nancy boys that the media projects fool you, most gays are regular dudes. Problem with gays in male only spaces is that if there is any minor sexual element, straight guys will leave in droves. So a working space has to put the kibosh on this.

      1. White knighting is a natural response of men, as is competing with other men to gain the attention of women.
        Put women in a male space and white knighting happens.
        Every one of us would consider white knighting for women we are fucking, and every one of us would white knight for family. While the world needs to understand that white knighting does not make you attractive and in fact can sexually repel women, that doesn’t mean white knighting goes away.

        1. More than that, White Knighting seems reasonable enough to the confused.
          Some learns and their minds becomes their safe spaces, other does not, are not objetcive enough and putting them in a male-only place won´t change that.
          Think of all those internet White Knights, they have their safe, female-free space (lol) but that doesn´t make them any more reasonable.
          It might help someone who have had a tough time recently and needs a break, like a father who recently went through the “familly courts” for example.

  13. i didn’t understand why gay men were left out of this site at first, but I can see why you guys look at it as a necessity now. its a shame feminists have practically snatched a tenth or so of our sex’s population from us.

      1. my bad. I don’t keep statistics on the faygz. I pulled that number out of shear guess to how many trannies, gays, pussyless dudes are abound today. seems like an assload(heh) from what I see day to day, but 1-2% is releaving news

  14. oh yea, I almost got a planet fitness membership before this article. thank god I didn’t. fuck those people and Wikipedia revisionists

    1. I saw some Wikipedia revisionist damage today, by coincidence.
      Absolutely ridiculous stuff.

  15. Allowing women or gays into male only places is like pissing in the fruit punch bowl. It tends to ruin the taste irreversibly.

  16. “Undermine”
    not “Underline”
    Completely changes the meaning of the first paragraph of ‘Women demand male spaces be changed’

    1. Hey Roosh. Thanks for, well, everything. A humble suggestion, any chance to put something on ROK that can help us men organize locally? I’m in the Boston area and I know there are scores of us here that could use a male only space. BTW, anyone else in the Boston area let me know, lets get together.

        1. This gay shaming needs to stop man. The other day I was drunk with my friend and then I put my arm around his shoulder (dunno what it’s called but it is very normal where I come from) then he was like that’s gay and shit. Why are men stabbing each other’s back instead of having respect for each other and getting along? It’s fucking bullshit.

    2. Roosh, you should never call them “gays”, “queers”, “LGBT” or whatever else they call themselves.
      Some posters pretended to be female? Most likely not the case.

      1. “Some posters pretended to be female? Most likely not the case.”
        There is some internal evidence of style and phraseology that some of our most notorious “female” trolls were in fact one troll, and male.
        I’ve alluded to the specific person in a past comment, but failed to draw a confirmation, so I will not state it as so, but if you cruise around the writings of PUAs who oppose other PUAs you’ll eventually figure out who I am suspecting. Roosh is one of his specific targets.
        I am familiar with his style because I am not, if fact, out of line with his point of view, but his personality, thus his methodology, is a bit coarsely aggressive.

        1. Who couldn’t always remember that he wasn’t doing the Russian chick this time and eventually dropped a huge tell directly back to what he has written on his own site:
          “. . .not one person has ever accepted my challange to prove their “pickup” skills.”
          So it’s as easy as knowing who has put forth such a challenge.

    3. So I bought the Kindle version of Bang two weeks ago and compared what you’ve been doing to what I’ve doing. I made some adjustments to correct deficiencies in my game and went out with a 7 tonight just for the shit of it to test it out. It worked really well.
      You glorious bearded bastard. Thank you.

  17. I’ve noticed this. I was trying to start a group for Black men living in or interested in Northeast Asia, but the queers and wimmenz wanted to bash their way in. Too many SJWs caused the organization to be destroyed before it could even get started.

    1. Make it a place that only red-hot blooded men can find. And a place that ruthlessly ejects women and gays when they do successfully get in.

  18. We need to create more Mens groups because at present we have nothing. Many men have no one to talk to except their wife, and once the milk has gone sour within that relationship he is left with no one to talk to.
    I’ve had my own father teary eyed bearing his soul to me and I was only 15 at the time, I was the closest he had to a male companion as his eldest son, there is no one else for him to talk to. It taught me about how marriage and society can leave men trapped and for this reason I won’t isolate myself like he has.
    I plan on spending my adult life looking after his needs as well as my own, I’m going to repay him for what he’s done for me and his family. Our fathers didn’t have access to the information we have, there was no red pill and the poor f**kers were conditioned by media and society into putting everyone before them. Fortunately for my father I am enlightened but sadly I’m in the minority and many fathers never get the thanks they deserve.

  19. To make a compelling case for something as controversial as banning women and gays is truly impressive. The arguments used in this article need to be carefully studied so that they can be reproduced across the manosphere. Pushing strong arguments like these effectively undermine the inevitable accusations of misogyny / homophobia made against male only spaces. I would also add that things have been a lot more focussed since we stopped scrapping with bitches.
    But please listen to the calls for proof-reading articles – this can be done after the article has been posted – just put ‘updated’ or something

  20. Better to make that safe space in one´s head, stop caring so much for what they believe.

  21. “When women got the vote and entered the previously male-only space of politics, one of their first actions was to ban alcohol, leading to one of the most violent and crime-ridden periods of American history.”
    If women had any integrity the first thing they would have done with their votes would have been to introduce conscription for women.

        1. Note well that passage about the apparent ‘paradox’: Although the nazi party was ‘the ultimate in male chauvinism and totally against women’s emancipation’, the majority of votes they got were from women.

        2. LOL!
          Authenticity of Hitler Speaks[edit]
          The authenticity of the discussions Rauschning claims to have had with Hitler between 1932 and 1934, which form the basis of his book Hitler Speaks,[19] was challenged shortly after Rauschning’s death by Swiss researcher Wolfgang Hänel. Hänel investigated the memoir and announced his findings at a conference of the revisionist association Zeitgeschichtliche Forschungsstelle Ingolstadt[20] in 1983.[citation needed]
          Hänel declared that Gespräche mit Hitler (the German title of Hitler Speaks) was a fraud and that the book has no value “except as a document of Allied war propaganda”[page needed] and concluded that:
          Rauschning’s claim to have met with Hitler “more than a hundred times” was a lie[page needed]
          that the two actually met only four times, and never alone[page needed]
          words attributed to Hitler were simply invented or plagiarized from many different sources, including the writings of Ernst Jünger and Friedrich Nietzsche; and an
          account of Hitler hearing voices, waking at night with convulsive shrieks and pointing in terror at an empty corner while shouting “There, there, in the corner!” was taken from a short story by French writer Guy de Maupassant (Le Horla).[page needed]
          Hänel based his book upon a tape-recorded interview that he had led in 1981 with Emery Reves, Jewish publisher of the original French edition of Hitler speaks (which had been entitled Hitler m’a dit) who had commissioned the book from Rauschning in 1939. In this interview, Reves contended that penniless Rauschning’s main reason for agreeing to write Hitler speaks was the 125,000 francs advance, and, referring to preliminary talks with Rauschning in 1939 where he had agreed with the author on what themes and personality traits to apply to Hitler, considered it as largely fabrication.

        3. It was a socialist party, national socialist. Women favor socialism more than men.

        4. Maybe, although probably their brand of ‘socialism’ was quite different than what we think of today as socialism.
          I think it was the cult of his personality that worked so well. People in general, and maybe women in particular, tend to vote more for someone’s personality than for what actually they are supposed to represent. What do we know about Adolf’s personality? Dark triad traits, for sure. Decisive, extreme authoritarian, megalomaniac, great orator, irrational self confidence. The list could go on. They definitely saw him as a super alpha.That’s game on a national level.

      1. You gotta love how this fact is conveniently left out in history classes on the topic.

      2. That’s where I’m studying at the moment. Massive changes have happened in this university. If I wrote that now, I think I would be kicked out.

        1. You would know that Hermann Rauschning´s book is a joke.
          He even ripped-off French author writer Guy de Maupassant.

        2. That wouldn’t necessarily invalidate the claim that it was the women vote that brought Hitler to power.

      3. Herman Rauschning? Hahahahaha!
        Authenticity of Hitler Speaks[edit]
        The authenticity of the discussions Rauschning claims to have had with Hitler between 1932 and 1934, which form the basis of his book Hitler Speaks,[19] was challenged shortly after Rauschning’s death by Swiss researcher Wolfgang Hänel. Hänel investigated the memoir and announced his findings at a conference of the revisionist association Zeitgeschichtliche Forschungsstelle Ingolstadt[20] in 1983.[citation needed]
        Hänel declared that Gespräche mit Hitler (the German title of Hitler Speaks) was a fraud and that the book has no value “except as a document of Allied war propaganda”[page needed] and concluded that:
        Rauschning’s claim to have met with Hitler “more than a hundred times” was a lie[page needed]
        that the two actually met only four times, and never alone[page needed]
        words attributed to Hitler were simply invented or plagiarized from many different sources, including the writings of Ernst Jünger and Friedrich Nietzsche; and an
        account of Hitler hearing voices, waking at night with convulsive shrieks and pointing in terror at an empty corner while shouting “There, there, in the corner!” was taken from a short story by French writer Guy de Maupassant (Le Horla).[page needed]

  22. Very very excellent read. Thank you This actually goes deeper than what i thought, i.e “men’s attempts to connect to their own masculine power threatens them”,

  23. Love this article, completely agree that men deserve their own spaces, women get them, gay people get them, but not men, it doesn’t make any sense. I think it’s harder to enforce on the internet though, you can’t stop women coming to your website, and of course, on a website like this where you write about them constantly in degrading ways, they’re more likely to see, and spread it so that other women know what is being said about them by men. If anything I think that websites like return of kings are letting out male secrets, revealing what men are really like in a way that no women have ever seen before, women imagine that men are the gentle, nice people that we pretend to be around them, they don’t know our true thoughts and how much we despise them, until they come here. I think what men really need is a physical space which is only for them, and that will allow for the possibility of physically keeping women out so they can’t hear what we really think about them.

    1. Might want a check on that knee jerk blue pill stuff man. No article here “degrades” women. Pointing out obesity and carousel riders/damaged women is hardly degrading.

    2. “… they don’t know our true thoughts and how much we despise them, until they come here.”
      No one despises women more than other women. From feminism to infibulation, it’s all by women, for women.
      Read the poisonous, yet sweetly saccharine, adivce chicks give eachother in chick-friendly media:
      “Be a slut. It’s empowering!”
      “Raising a family is slavery.”
      “You are a loser if you don’t have a career.”
      “Don’t have kids ’til your eggs are nearly dried up. (Ignore those pesky doctors. 45 is the new 25. They are just misogynists.)”
      “Every woman is raped or beaten. All men in your life are potential rapists. (They must be reeducated, scrutinized and policed.) Beware!”
      By men’s standards, it’s straight up evil.

      1. “‘”Every woman is raped or beaten. All men in your life are potential rapists. ‘”
        To be fair like 99% of women have rape fantasies so maybe being referred to as a potential rapist is a good thing.

  24. Long before I knew of or took the red pill, let alone had heard of a manosphere, I always felt something wasn’t right with feminists. Even almost 20 years ago I remember dating a girl who was openly proud of feminism. The pendulum has swung so far in their favor but things seem to be changing. They overshot in the last 10 to 20 years in my opinion. The females protesting at the masters tournament etc. “Bann bossy”, gay marriage, etc. You can see the backlash in comments even on mainstream news sites. There are a lot of people who are tired of this shit.
    Women and gays have simply gone too far and bitten off more than they can chew. This is all because they are insecure and need to be validated.
    I even know a man who is homosexual and he told me he is uncomfortable being openly gay and doesn’t because he is not proud of how that cliche where men are openly queer and act wierd in parades, etc.

    1. Nice comment. Love him or hate him, Alex Jones, is bringing this silliness to light too. And he’s got a big following.

      1. AJ is very red-pill, to use the term, and quite vociferous about it. He’s got tons of funny bits about ‘man-jawed controlling harpies’ and how it’s led to our societal downfall. He’s quick to talk about men need to take up our traditional roles before (and while) the whole thing goes belly-up. Yes, he takes things to ridiculous extremes, but just like the shouting down of Piers Morgan, it’s a way to bring attention to issues that have gone on way too long and are now threatening our very lives.

        1. I’d strongly suggest that someone from the manosphere who has libertarian tendencies go on his show, I have no doubt he’d give that person a fair shake, and I’d expect lots of agreement and amplification. Why not reach a few million more men?

    2. The real issue is that the news media draws attention to ridiculous groups that want to ban “bossy” and push every gay issue possible. They are ramming this shit down our throats.

  25. Women are a disruptive influence for men. It is not always a negative disruption by the that fastest way to alter the dynamics between two or more men is to introduce a woman into the mix. My son is still young enough to where girls are allowed to play with the boys on his flag football and basketball teams, and without exception the boys automatically let off the gas when guarding them, chasing them, etc. It’s not the anyone has told them to do so, it’s a natural instinct. The integration does not help either sex in this case. The girls are given a false sense of ability, and the boys do not perform at their full potential.
    The same can be said for conversation and debate amongst fully grown men. When a women is present, words are modified, ideas are repressed, and thoughts are restricted both consciously and unconsciously. The woman is coddled by the reflex of the man or societal demands on the kinds of speech one can use in their presence, and the man is held back from the natural flow of expression.

    1. Good post.
      “The girls are given a false sense of ability, and the boys do not perform at their full potential.” Somehow makes me think of academia and the modern corporate environment.

      1. One day when I was high on coke (mistakes happen whatever), I was having a discussion with two of my male friends and one of my friend’s gf and her friend joins in. I believe it was about the gay thing. Now my other single friend who was previously agreeing with what I had to say, was more starting to agree but disagree. Then I got really pissed off and stated very aggressively my points on why faggots need to do their shit in private and not advertise their crap to kids who might be influenced by that. Then I broke a bottle and threatened to kill him if he was a fag. I got strange looks after that and even stranger looks from the women. If it had been just men, they would have just asked me to calm down instead of just leaving me off like they did.

    2. I had a few hobbyist and academic groups in college. Eventually some women would show up. Then, worse, men who were only interested in the women would show up. So much for it being a hobby or academic group; time to start another.
      Theres a reason women weren’t allowed in colleges, and there’s a reason why they were let in: they want access to the best men at the college; the best men at the college want access to them.

    3. I remember my nephew feeling terrible one day, and I asked him why. He said he was playing football (soccer) and kicked the ball hard on a pass and hurt a girl. The kid is six and his hard kicks aren’t much because he’s, well, six. I told him in no uncertain terms when you get in a sport and are playing you play to win, within the rules, no matter what. I told him of a coed tennis doubles match I had, our school was one of the few that had it, and I was playing against a girl who thought she was hot shit.
      When I signed up for tennis in general, at tryouts my coach looked at me and said I was probably too short (I was at the time) right now. Then he saw me serve, and he said he wouldn’t feel sorry for me at all. I did grow 8″ in the next couple years and my serve became faster yet. The doubles girl was on the receiving end of a serve from a guy who spent the first two years with that as his only weapon against taller guys. Needless to say, I was relentless in practicing it, and in its delivery. I hit her with the serve twice during the match, and twice she was drilled by the forehand return. To say she pouted would be an understatement, and she left with three new bruises. Some people were displeased but didn’t say much.
      Most guys (non-professional, and perhaps even professionals) will not use their full strength in a sport against women. I think for pros or other competitive players that’s less likely. You are operating off of muscle memory, and it tends to become automatic. Average guys just playing, they back off to not hurt a girl or her feelings.
      You see this in archery as well. One of the gals I know was having her daughter shoot bows, and got one herself at the time. We went shooting once and while I’m not superhuman, and I don’t shoot professionally, I don’t use the sights or a release even on a compound bow. I took my sights off when I bought it and started plugging arrows down range until I got a feel for the bow’s quirks. The gal and I went shooting at the local “3D” range she was a member of, and she asked me how I aimed. I told her I learned to shoot as a kid without the sights anyway (recurve) and I don’t use a release either because who needs that hassle. I told her to label my aiming style as practice (lots) and gut instinct. She was flabbergasted by me going around the range and not missing, because I don’t use a sight or release.
      Women often don’t have the physical strength, or aren’t willing to put the practice time in, to compete with men. As children, they might be able to until they are 5-6, but after that? Typically not.

  26. So if women can have their female-only spaces does that make them bigoted and misandrous?
    It’s not about needing a separation between men and others in all facets of life but sometimes it’s good for people with a particular commonality to have a forum of discussion. It’s not about being male-only because men are “better.”

    1. They’re rarely called on the double-standard because no self-respecting guy has any interest whatsoever in invading female spaces.

  27. Because women don’t yet see cryonics as an activity of high-status males, despite the stereotype that only rich guys can afford it, cryonicist men have discovered that cryonics can act like “female Kryptonite”:
    However, the few women we do get I would characterize as Post-Wall airheads and scolds. They illustrate Roosh’s Principle that men shouldn’t take advice from women.

  28. Awesome post! Thank you. This highlights another disturbing reality of today, in that, male only spaces creates strong and fully capable men. women and homosexuals are telling us that they cannot flourish under such an arrangement even though they insist on this being a condition for themselves. I’ve long since highlighted that feminism works by bringing down to bring up, in other words, they bring down men to bring up women. Is there any surprise that “they’ are now looking to ban merit? Why? Because if men and boys are allowed to be their full selves women can’t compete. Yet, they’re strong and, evidently, superior to men in every way possible and by such an egregious margin men have no chance…or so we’re led to believe.

  29. Perhaps a suggestion for ROK is to put a tab somewhere on the site that helps men organize locally, so, we can start meeting in person again.

    1. Absolutely agree.
      Was speaking to a couple of friends at the bar yesterday about this very thing, organizing a men’s club “informally”, so as to avoid any legal bullshit. They were very enthusiastic that it was something that really, really needed done. Other men in earshot couldn’t join the conversation fast enough either.
      There seems to be a rather large segment of men who would see this kind of thing as a great idea. I think they’re just too beaten down by Femi-society to say it out loud.

      1. Try a hunting group. Good excuse to get away together, and no femmes or faggots will want to come along. Also hunting trips are a good venue for initiating teenage boys into the manly mysteries, with no feminags to interfere.
        Or, start your own biker gang. Create a Return of Kings patch, and make men truly EARN it, and organize chapters all over the country.

        1. Remember. The Kings are on the feminists most wanted list. Go public and we risk public shaming, losing your job and whatever other evil and vile things they can come up with.
          Sad to say, but I dont think we will ever evolve past the Interwebz.

  30. Great post. But you failed to recognize a problem with the following line:
    “Just as I wouldn’t enter a women’s group or a gay club and demand they
    make chances to accommodate my needs as a straight man, I expect that
    women and gays wouldn’t enter male-only spaces and demand they change to
    accommodate the needs of women and gays, yet that is precisely what has
    happened in every historical male space that has been socially
    The problem is that you are trying to apply the same standard you have for other men to women and gays. It doesn’t work like that.
    A woman’s primary vice is envy. She is envious of what men have, even if she has it herself. Whether it is physical strength or intellectual superiority or just good friends, a woman will always want what a man has. This is why so many women’s groups infiltrated men’s groups and perverted them. They wanted to be a part of the men’s club.
    As for gays, the ones who like to show pictures of gay porn in family oriented events or attack church congregations dressed as nuns are really just self-loathing, miserable people. If they weren’t gay, our society would have ostracized them because they would be considered too unpleasant to be around.
    Most men have neither problems. They are comfortable with who they are and have no desire to join women’s groups. We do not envy, at least not in the way that women do.

    1. And if they do, what happens…boys can live up to their full potential, which feminists can’t have because they can’t compete. Bringing down to bring up.

      1. Actually TowGunner, it’s the opposite. Boys don’t perform as well in same sex schooling as they do in mixed sex schooling,whereas girls do better in single sex schools and are also more likely to excel in mathematics/science too.

        1. Citation, please. Your assertion contradicts hundreds of years of academic history.
          The downside to implementing sex separate schooling in North America these days is funding. You can be certain that male school funding will be consistently and deliberately undermined by feminists. Just like they do with male-oriented social services. “Separate but equal” ain’t seen nothing yet.

        2. “girls [] are also more likely to excel in mathematics/science too”.
          That user (‘sam92’) must either be a woman, or a giant mangina. The statement not only contradicts hundreds of years of academic history, but the entire history of humanity.

        3. “That user (‘sam92’) must either be a woman…”
          Aww, shit. I rather liked posting here.
          Seriously, you would think so, but there are plenty of white knight quislings out there who happily tow the feminist party line, no matter how idiotic.
          If it responds, it will probably dig up some ill conceived slipshod study done struggling “Charter Schools” in the hood, or something. But I asked for it, so whaddya gonna do.
          By the way, if any feminist sympathizers out there doubt my statements about feminist opposition to social services for men, please read about the history of political feminism. Start with Erin Pizzey:
          For having the temerity to open her Women’s Shelters to abused men and boys, this is what she got:
          “Pizzey says that it was after death threats against her, her children, her grandchildren, and the killing of her dog, all of which she states were perpetrated by militant feminists, that she left England for North America. She returned to London in the 1990s where her insights were sought by politicians and family pressure groups.”
          Feminists want men and boys, particularly straight men and boys, to suffer. What better way than to poison the academic well?

        4. That’s bullshit. Boys are getting raked over the coals and trending toward disaster in now in mixed schools.

        5. I don’t believe a word of that. girls really aren’t mathematically inclined under any circumstances, so…

    2. Seating kids in school boy-girl-boy-girl runs along the same lines, denying same sex socialization.

    3. I don’t necessarily agree with that. The guys I’ve known who went to male-only schools were so desperate for female attention that they put up with all kinds of BS just to have the opportunity to see some tits.
      Also, this world is, for the foreseeable future at least, full of both sexes intermingling in the workplace. I don’t think that sending boys out into the work force almost entirely unprepared in the ways of chicks and their little work environment fits is doing anyone any favors.

  31. Agree 100% on the theme of this article, but they should never, ever be referred to as male “safe spaces”.
    Wanting to have male-only spaces is a sign of a healthy, well adjusted man.
    Wanting to have male safe spaces is a sign of a faggot.

  32. These changes frequently underline the stated mission of the very group they are trying to join.

    I think author means “undermine”

    1. Thank you. Fixed.
      I’m currently in the market for a good proof reader if you know someone interested.

  33. “It’s thought that the discussion in these male-only coffee houses was the reason the enlightenment came about.”
    Yes, and today we no longer are allowed to discuss manosphere related content in public so we have Return of Kings and other online red pill communities. Men are now experiencing a second enlightenment, only this one must be achieved through online anonymous discussion. It’s the only space we have left.

  34. It’s true. My own mom says it’s bs that women wanted in on geek conventions then complained about barely dressed women. It’s what the guys like and they should be allowed their space, she said.

    1. It’s the same bullshit as when someone gets offended with a TV show or radio show. They’ll continue to listen/watch/be involved and instead of simply not participating, they’ll want to (at the minimum) change it to be “sensitive” or at the worst, to destroy one’s career & livelihood.
      Despite all the valid points about “well if you don’t like it, why are you involved? Go somewhere else” this is ignored and people (read: special groups, gays feminists, etc) absolutely cannot stand to leave things alone.
      Everything is getting destroyed in the name of “social justice” it seems.

      1. Like what the gays did to the boy scouts. All they had to do was make their own homo scouts but no.

        1. It wasn’t just gays, it was the plethora of beta schlub “leaders” who voted to allow them in. I dealt with one directly and he was the biggest pussy mangina on the planet, but of course he gets to cast the deciding vote. He then went further after the vote and suggested that all former “in the closet” gays who were scouts be awarded some bullshit award.
          Betas, specifically white knight types and feminist types, are the enemy in our gender, and they need outed, shamed and shunned from the decent society of men.

        2. My Dad loved the Scouts, I loved the Scouts, and my sons loved the Scouts. It broke my heart to have to pull my boys out, but, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.
          This is a wound that will never stop hurting. Generations of nostalgic Scouting memories have been tainted because fags wouldn’t mind their own business. Why were they so hot, to force their way into Scouting anyway? Hmmm… I can think of only one reason.
          I’m really starting to think that Rev. Fred Phelps (pbuh), was onto something. One of the biblical marks of a righteous king, is that he removes the sodomites from the land.

        3. Unfortunately they’re the majority it seems but things are flipping I’m seeing more and more red pill men around. This is catching fire yo

        4. They need to be exiled or killed. Of course we can extend the hand of grace first and hope they’ll learn to be men.

  35. LMAO this article should be titled “Why anyone who makes a valid point disagreeing with us should be banned” or “Why we don’t allow anyone smarter than us to comment on here”

  36. “Gay Groups Demand All Spaces Allow Public Homosexual Displays”
    Yeah and I get irked when the same gays freak out when people legally openly carry guns or, like in “gay area” of Seattle, insist on barring guns. The same people would freak if a small down said “OK, no gays allowed”.

    1. The only thing that Freud and Jung agreed upon was that a fear of weapons was a sign of repressed homosexuality.
      Given what you posted maybe it’s just a sign of homosexuality, with the ‘repressed’ part coming from a greater need to be discreet back then.

    2. Honestly I’ve never had gays freak out on me when I open carry, and I open carry almost daily (no, not a cop nor anything like it). Must be where you (or I?) live that makes the difference.
      Your observation about “No Gays Allowed” is spot on correct. They invent “rights” out of thin air that are not in the Bill of Rights, but refuse to respect a right that IS in the Bill of Rights. Hypocrites of the first order, to be certain.

    3. I can’t understand why gays wouldn’t want to carry guns if they are as oppressed as they say they are. Are their limp wrists unable to handle recoil?

  37. Originally my thought was that banning women from here was not a good idea, because they were good training. Reading this article has changed my mind: this is our safe space, we can get training elsewhere.

  38. Dual-typo in the first paragraph: “The reality is that men and women have inherit biological differences.” You men inherent.

    1. Fixed.
      I’m currently in the market for a proof-reader, as it’s one of my weak points, if you know someone.

      1. Write an article on speed-reading. Every kind should be a speed-reader. Then they wont notice, nor worry about minor grammactical errors. The eyes move so fast over the words that the mind subconsciously corrects the typos anyway.

  39. I don’t want to read some chittering twat’s vapid nonsense nor see it derail good discussion because newbs can’t help themselves and I don’t want gays in here trying to redecorate the fucking place with fairies, clovers, hearts, rainbows, and balloons.
    They already have Facebook for all that crap.
    Roosh and the mods breaking out the banhammer saved the site.

  40. Just wanted to up this idea from below. Alex Jones’ new magazine is titled “The War on Men”, which is a pretty clear statement of his position. I wanted to suggest that a libertarian-leaning manosphere author would do very well on his show, and get heard by millions of people who might already be in some agreement to his position. My 2 cents.

  41. one of the last bastions of all things man and I don’t mean gay men has to be construction sites learn a trade and enjoy a no holds barred job full of everything man this is a place that is not for pussies unless you are a designer or an architect all of which are looked at as suspect

  42. I’ve always been a little bit skeptical of the no woman or gay people rule. Obviously RoK is a male space but the rule always seemed bigoted to me. While I’m still not 100% sold this article has done a lot to make me come around on it. Well done.

  43. This is why men and women pray separately in mosques. In recent years, Western feminists have staged in protests in mosques to change this segregation and have resoundingly failed — they are kicked out by the Muslim women.

  44. There are only a few communities where male-female segregation is still acceptable — Muslims, ultra-orthodox Jews, Mormons, and Freemasons. Men should join these groups en masse and the change will begin.

  45. Great! Very nice.
    Good to see you called out the double standards, which speak volumes.
    One thing I’ve learned over time is that some people just cannot leave things well enough alone. Some special interest group (read: protected class) simply has to fuck up a good thing like men-only activities, the Boy Scouts, etc.
    If there’s no resistance, there will be no end.
    Good to see a refresh, apology-free refusal to budge. Maybe there’s hope yet.

  46. One would think there might be a way to skirt the stupid laws banning hetero male only meeting is by removing its “formality” , that is to say it’s one thing for a club to invite only whom they want thus inviting a discrimination lawsuit, but there is no law saying that a man cannot call up a few of his buddies and make a private invitation to get together. The difference being that he is personally inviting them, as opposed to the invitees receiving an invite with a club name. I know this may sound a bit absurd, but perhaps it is worth investigating what men did who lived during the Soviet Union. They had to have some kind of way to organize, because aside from bring able to own property, the USA has become the USSA (United Soviet States of America).

      1. Don’t be in too much of a hurry to kill off all the old folks yet, kids.
        When the shit hits the fan and the Matrix shuts down, we’re the ones who remember that shit still got done before it existed – and how.

  47. As a friendly neighborhood Alpha, I have no problem keeping my wives under toe and in their place. If one of them steps out of line a good smack to the face always sets them straight.
    I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have had to give it to the neighbor’s wife because they are ashamed to train their wives to be completely subservient. Luckily for them, I have organized an Alpha gathering to help out my community, and lessen the amount of embarrassing black eyes that women give themselves when they poke their noses in a man’s business.
    I tell you, I’d like to give any woman foolish enough to read this right now a broken leg.

  48. The tidings this page has to ventilate (a paucity of sooth notwithstanding) become ungrounded when the foundation pertains to actual places, where hand-to-hand interactions, possibly of ill will, need to be taken into account. Whereas the banning of homosexuals and women from this website was, and is, a cowardly act committed by a poltroon, as the most “devastating” act they can do is offer a differing opinion.

  49. Homos and women are incapable of understanding the simple truth of this article. “Shut Up” they argued…

  50. Excellent article, Magic. If wanting and keeping our own space as heterosexual men makes me a misogynist and a homophobe, I guess I’m a misogynist and homophobe. And proud of it. Yeah baby!

  51. There is a huge difference between men who happen to be gay and flamboyant deviants who at their very core are mentally disordered and express that among other ways through homosexuality.

  52. Comments by women on this site just prove Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Emotion.
    For every male action there is a female overreaction.

  53. My workplace is a sanctuary for me- a working boat with an all-male environment is a pleasure to stay in, for the most part. The dominance hierarchy is set by an outside party who awards position based on ability and merit, conversation ranges from absurd to deep and back again in seconds- from dick and fart jokes to dealing with a friend’s divorce, all carried out over dinner. A masculine environment with high standards of behavior and mutual support helps men to advance themselves… and then you compare that to the constraints of the toothless existence that awaits most men, and there’s little happiness and a lot less $ to be had on shore. Ships and workboats are among the last true male-safe spaces.

    1. great post, I’ve always wanted to get involve in the merchant marines; I do a lot of sailing now and worked on cruise ships in the past as an entertainer.
      Do you have any web-sites or information you can share with us as to how to get started in a career like yours?

  54. I’m reminded of a parable that I once heard, I forget where now. In essence, the idea was that women refuse men entry into the women’s restroom on principle, whereas men generally don’t care if a woman comes into the men’s room – but only so long as she doesn’t tell a man what to do in his space, which she invariably does.
    “Don’t fart in my presence, that’s offensive.”
    “Don’t use the urinal and expose yourself to me.”
    etc, etc.
    And that is why men need sacred, male-only spaces. Whether metaphorical or literal, sometimes a man just needs the freedom fart and pee while standing up.

  55. Excellent and much needed article. Runsonmagic you should check out Dalrocks articles on feminist territory markings from everything from WW2 war art to the NFL.

  56. Sometimes I feel like a repressed Muslim. I think their religion is a bit nutty, but I increasingly admire their culture. They keep women in their correct place in the social order. I especially like the idea of Burkas, to be totally honest. If I were to ever marry a women, and thus commit myself and my hard earned and ample resources to allowing her to live her dream of having children, why should I allow her to be seen by another man? She is my property at that point. And for my eyes and pleasure only. Plus, by being covered, it would help her stay focused on her responsibility, which is to raise my children and suck my dick on demand.

      1. No, I mean, that was a mistake the writer made. He wrote “in recently times” instead of “in recent times” in the first sentence of the sixth paragraph. I see it has since been changed. Also, in the third sentence of the third paragraph, “inherit” should be “inherently.”
        I know this might seem petty, and I love reading the articles here, but c’mon man. These little things do matter.

  57. Notice that there is a meme that male-spaces are “sausage-fests” a subtle memetic attack that implies that male-only spaces are inhabited only by homosexuals.

    1. Aye. And any movie which has men bonding and becoming friends is now labeled a “bromance”.
      The Cathedral is quite shamelessly transparent in its attempt to ghetto-ize straight males.

  58. I hang out with my guy friends alone all the time…some of them are gay. There isn’t really that big if of difference. And my girlfriends never cared. And is part of this article trying to say women shouldn’t vote? I think this argument got weirdly sidetracked and ruined its own point.

  59. “let us into your all male-spaces so we can change them to suit our needs or we’ll call you misogynists, homophobes, bigots, and the worst labels our culture has.”
    Pfhht! Go the fuck ahead!
    Yes, we’re misogynists, homophobes, racists, rapists, blah, blah, blah, we also stomp on bunny rabbits what’s your fucking point?
    Whatever you say we are that’s fine.
    Good luck finding someone to fix your car or your computer or your plumbing, etc that is NOT misogynist, racist, rapist, etc
    Now go make me a sandwich, bitch!
    That is the way to respond to all this stuff.

  60. About a year ago I joined a male only Motorcycle Club and it truly is a place where a guy can be a guy. Some chapters have clubhouses and anything goes (except illegal drugs) We put up posters of naked women, smoke cigars and drink as much as we want. If you bring a female, she has to show proper respect or leave. If I show up to a gathering with some side action and someone tells my wife, there is SERIOUS hell to pay. Just my two cents. Love this site!

  61. I’m gay, so by default, you can go ahead and ban me or not post this.
    I’ll still keep reading.
    I read this blog daily and appreciate and learn a lot from the posts geared towards personal development, masculinity, and leadership. It is unfortunate that you paint all gays with broad brush, but I can’t say I blame you. For every me or Jack Donovan, there is a Dan Savage just waiting to say something obnoxious and awful.
    I, speaking as a man first, and not as a ‘gay man,’ do find there are a lack of resources for men who believe in many of the same values espoused on this blog. There are generally are not any safe spaces from the PC police, gay gestapo and feminist-flag wielding world we live in, especially as a gay guy. No I don’t participate in game or utilize game theory, but I agree with many POVs on it.
    I personally refuse to participate in popular gay culture because it mostly is a bunch of f-a-g-s who refuse to grow up, take responsibility for themselves and their lives, blame everyone else for their problems and force their own internal issues upon others. But then again, I may be painting it myself, with a broad brush. Oh well.
    There are many like me out there, but there is really no place for us to congregate and exchange ideas. Even while it appears there may be a ton of cognitive dissonance going on by posting this, I am happy to have found this blog.
    Carry on.

  62. Women have a tendency to pollute male groups and inhibit male bonding – they are a poisonous influence in some contexts. In the presence of women, men tend to backstab one another, fight one another, whiteknight, and degrade one another for the benefit of bonding with the female.
    Females also have a nasty tendency to spread political correctness and feminist rhetoric (e.g. wage gap, street “harassment”, fat shaming) wherever they go. Men will do this too, but it’s usually done in an attempt to mindlessly supplicate to the female.

  63. meh. i enjoy when some dopey ’empowered’ female tries to weigh in on stuff and get schooled. how you gonna tell who’s who by just comments btw?

  64. I’m a female and I’m sure this will be banned. I just want to state that I’m actually enlightened by some of your stories, unlike most of the articles posted on swooptheworld.com. In comparison, this site is a bit more respectful. It’s not always about what you say, but how you say it.
    I’m also a feminist. Before you burn me at the stake, I consider myself a true feminist who understands what a feminist really is. I care about men just as much, if not more, than women. It is very important for us women to learn how you really feel, especially regarding divorce, social expectations, economical worries.
    Even though some articles make me roll my eyes and yawn, I firmly believe that men need a place like this to vent emotionally and have other men to support them. I apologize if this has been a violation of your site. Good day.

  65. precisely why i petitioned the lodge…impenetrable to women and it is civically-minded. best of both worlds…

  66. Most gay men I know are a thousand times manlier than any of you dudebro omega pansies.

  67. This is stupid, you are stupid, everything about this is stupid, sexist, misogynistic and based off an over interpretation of past cultural norms. I don’t even care that I get blocked, I don’t even care that this won’t get any attention, I just need to tell you assholes that you are all sexist bastards.

  68. Thank you for this blog. I found it before few days and i value it as treasure.
    I am from South east Europe, here it’s okay to beat gays, attack them and i am saddened for my american brothers. They need to embrace their masculinity. A man can’t express his views openly in the pressence of women and gay “men” (XDDD). I am sorry that i replied to women and gays, i didn’t know the policy of no-reply to women and gays.

  69. As a female, i understand the importance of gender orientated spaces. However, your argument would be more effective if you did indeed list only proper evidence. You have listed multiple male-specific spaces that women have attempted to incorporate themselves into such as boy scouts. You also however listed spaces such as politics that are not male specific as those in politics write laws that directly impact women. You listed prohibition as your example when that was one specific group of religious women and not the entire sex. Their motives were more religious than gender related, and in matters of politics one could argue as an easy counter-argument every ineffective or horrible matter that men have specifically argued for such as the continuation of slavery. I have not read, and for the needs of your organization, will not read, any other page of your site or comment on it. I happened upon this specific page because of a google search.
    I understand the need to make generalizations about the opposite sex as a matter of expression. From what I have read, I suspect that if I did actually invade the privacy of this website I would find more such examples. I have no problem with that, as that does match the purpose of this site. I only request one thing which is to accept the fact that women do belong in some of the previously male-only spaces that they are now a part of and that many examples you have listed (of women attempting to change male spaces) are very specific actions taken by a small minority of a group. Men have for centuries done the same to women. So as you operate in the confines of your safe space, please stick to the main evidences. It simply works better for your cause, a cause that more women should in fact take up.

  70. I agree, a male only space is the best thing for us at this point. The internet I believe is a good place to start but for any real progress to emerge we will need to create physical male only establishments.

  71. “Russian law only prohibited gays from promoting homosexual sexual activity to children, and was primarily aimed at stopping pedophilia.” Unfortunately you are wrong on that one.
    Russian law prohibits gay people from even showing affection to their partners in public.
    Pedophilia has nothing to do with homosexuality. Being attracted to someone of the same sex is not even close to being attracted to minors!
    It would be more accurate to prohibit heterosexuals from ‘promoting’ (displaying in any way shape or form) heterosexual activity to primarily aim to stop rape.
    Pedophilia is a sexual attraction and can not stopped by anything! Child molestation is what can be prevented, but to do that one first has to know the difference between attraction and action, as the russian government clearly is incapable of.
    The law is a clear discriination against people who don’t fall in a prefered category and prevents nothing. Prohibiting one thing to stop an entirely different thing is ridiculous and in this case extremely dangerous for innocent people!
    Also someone would have to explain to me, how a gay man necessarily is different from a straight men other than his sexual attraction…There are probably some gay guys in most men-only spaces that you don’t know of. If being a man is the requirement to be in your club, a gay man meets that requirement. And a gay man that doesn’t share your social expectations, personal priorities etc. wouldn’t enter your club anyway. But there are gay men who do have these things in common with straight men. Are you in reality afraid of gay people or are your interests all about women, that gay men couldn’t understand?
    I don’t see any other explanation than either of these two or a mix of them. Either way, that’s a pretty sad color you paint yourself with.

  72. Only one question, what about a gay or woman who agrees with the things posted on this site and wishes to join the discussions?

  73. You’ve always had your male only groups and always will, so why get on your soap box and complain about something that is a relative non-issue. Whining about women and feminists only means that they’re getting under you skin. Man up and move on to bigger issues.

  74. People on this site need to stop writing about gay men as if they’re not still men. Male spaces are for men of any sexual orientation. Being hetero isn’t necessary to be a man. In fact, there’s hardly anything more manly than 2 men going at it. This article just sounds like the author can’t handle the complexity of male sexuality and doesn’t understand what being a man even means. How embarrassing for him.

      1. Yeah, well, I’m sure confusion about what’s going on around you is a very familiar sensation for you by now.

  75. Very well explained and something I agree with apart from the fact we have gay men who support our movement and have a need for a masculine space. Not all gay men are feminine, camp or present typically female traits, and are just as sick of radical feminism and the emasculation of western men as most of us heteros are on here.
    Jack Donovan author of The Way Of Men was in fact promoted on this very site. He is an avid promoter of masculine spaces and the necessity of them which are promoted in that very book. It seems counter productive to exclude such powerful allies of neomasculinity when men like him have such a powerful message.

  76. This should be the Golden Thumb Rule for all Men Only spaces. I’m from India and I’m seriously sick of this shit where entitled Indian bitches ask for more than their fair share and now the homos are making inroads in our legal and social spheres after infiltrating the pop culture.

  77. I grew up with men, I wrestled for the position of alpha male with the rest, I’m a bloke and a bloke first and foremost yet I’m not because I happen to fancy men? Being a man is more than what you stick your dick into, guys, or are you all so weak and delicate I threaten you?

  78. Love the article. Just found out about the website. And already a member. I’ve been looking for a bold heterosexual ‘male-only’ site like this for quite some time.

  79. It did anger me upon reading it, but upon further reading I can agree that designated “__ only” spaces can be beneficial. I have noticed that in male spaces, I am able to better myself so I like this perspective. Women’s only spaces, LGBTQ only spaces, and Men only spaces seem crucial.

  80. Men have had safe spaces for decades, men caves, the garage, fishing spots, games, you name it.

  81. I disagree. I’m a gay man. I am a man. I love men. I want to do everything in my power to support men, whether or not we’re romantically or sexually involved. To me my masculinity is very important. Honestly, a huge part of my attraction to men is because of having such regard for the heroic masculine ethos and pathos. I think there a countless gay men out there who feel something is missing in their lives. My experience growing up gay taught me that I should be more feminine or that being a gay man meant that I was supposed to be more femme. As I got older I realized that that assumption that society places on gay men is total bullshit. I believe all humans have both masculine and feminine sides to them, but that doesn’t mean all men who are gay necessarily feel more femme. I think what’s missing is a stronger male/masculine presence and experience in the lives of gay men. I think more interaction between all men–gay, str8, and bi–would serve to help us all grow stronger together as men, as brothers. In this way, we work together for the interests of all men regardless of sexuality.

      1. That’s cute. I actually don’t have AIDS but if I wanted to spread it around I could go to your shithole country and get it and spread it there. You’re probably one of the faggots running around spreading it you ballless fuck. After all, we all know how common that disease is on the African continent. I’m sure Nigeria is no exception.

  82. I totally understand and support your decision to create male only spaces … away from women and what you call ‘homosexuals,’ (though the correct term is third gender). However, there are still a few things.
    – You can do it without making it sound bitter or mysoginist. If the idea is to express your personal anguish over what their movements have caused men, that is a different issue. However, if the idea is to bring about a positive change in the society (for all) while encouraging more and more men to join this male space, then this can be done without creating a bitter feeling against women/ third genders, and in the process, even generating their support (there will be many women/ third genders who’ll, at least, privately, support the need for men’s spaces, and this support can grow).
    – You should learn from male spaces of the yore and those that still exist in some parts of the non westernized world. One thing is clear, when you create men’s spaces, eventually, you’d need to redefine the codes of manhood or the bro-codes as they call them in the west. The current ones are the ones defined by women, so called ‘homosexuals,’ and those men that enjoy being dominated by women.
    – The very concept of ‘homosexual’ and ‘sexual orientation’ is a hoax created by the anti man forces, and the idea is to create fear in men regarding male bonds and men’s spaces. Those that refer to themselves as ‘men who like men,’ (or gays or homosexuals or lgbt or whatever) are not even ‘men.’ They are what this world has always known as the ‘third genders.’ They have been referred to as different names in different modern and ancient societies. From catamites of the ancient Greeks to Hijras of South Asia, or the Fa afine of New Papa Guinea. These people are a separate valid gender (they’re not ‘men’). They are males with a female. feminine gender orientation. The leftists/ feminists/ western third genders — in the background of centuries of Christian persecution of the third genders, have deliberately, messed up the concept of gender orientation, with an invalid concept of sexual orientation Where the third genders start calling themselves as ‘men,’ (albeit, men who like men) This helps a great deal in controlling men’s lives, because, its a great tool for the anti man forces to control the lives of men. I know, this point will not be very clear to you, as in the west, people have forgotten the concept of third gender, however, ….. the salvation of men, essentially depends upon understanding this concept, and how it affects men. Also, third genders too need to live with respect and rights — only, in their own ‘third gender’ spaces, and without defining their difference from men in terms of a fake ‘sexual orientation,’ but acknowledging their difference from men in terms of gender.

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