3 American Cities Men Must Avoid At All Costs

Recently our article Top 9 Ugliest Feminists In America went viral within the bloated feminist sphere. They lit up Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Reddit, saying I was horrible and mean and so on. What they didn’t realize is that the article was a honeypot operation for a research project to find out where feminists reside. Here was my methodology:

  • Using Google Analytics, I compiled a list of the top 20 metropolitan cities for hits to our article.
  • For each city I divided raw visits by total population to get a feminists per capita score (FPC).
  • I averaged that score and calculated the standard deviation.

There were only three cities with a FPC above the standard deviation…

Most Feminist American Cities

1. Seattle – Tacoma

Even though it’s only the 15th most populated center in America, it had the highest FPC, scoring 2.77 standard deviations above the mean. For those of you who don’t know math, let me tell you that that’s insane. I’ve never been there before so can someone tell me is it just a city of ugly feminists walking around with Skrillex haircuts and stupid tattoos?

2. San Francisco – Oakland – San Jose

This should be no surprise to anyone. San Francisco is gay hipster central, Oakland is hippie Occupy central, and San Jose is Man Jose, though I hear the latter does have some beach babes. This metropolitan area scored 1.23 standard deviations above the mean.

3. Washington DC

My hometown, whoooooo! I’ve written extensively about how DC is a horrible place for men so I’m almost proud that it made the list. DC scored 1.07 standard deviations above the mean.

Other cities that scored high: Austin (0.75), Boston (0.62), Portland (0.56)

No heterosexual man who cares about his mental health and penile well-being should live in the above cities. Now let’s go the other way and list the three cities that have the least feminists per capita…

Least Feminist American Cities

1. Houston

I know nothing about Houston except that they have oil. Its standard deviation was -1.19.

2. Miami – Ft. Lauderdale

Sexy Latina women have absolutely no use for a feminist ideology that makes it harder for them to find a provider husband. It had a score of -1.10.

3. Dallas

It can’t be an accident that conservative Texan cities are also least feminist, while keepin-it-weird-and-gay Austin went the other way. Dallas had a score of -1.07.

Other cities that scored low: Phoenix (-0.93), Atlanta (-0.82), Baltimore (-0.57).

So there you have it—mathematical data on where feminists choose to nest. If you live in the top 3 feminist hellholes, you might want to think about getting out. I know I’m glad I did.

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182 thoughts on “3 American Cities Men Must Avoid At All Costs”

  1. Damn Roosh, guess you didn’t need to go all the way to Europe when you could have just gone to Baltimore. “Bang Baltimore” should be your next book.

    1. Not unless you’re looking to bang fat black women. Unfortunately, it seems the whitest cities are the most feminist, and the least feminist cities the most black and latino.
      I think Roosh should try again, this time using the cities’ non-Hispanic white populations rather than their total populations.

    1. Top 20 were all American cities. I imagine that Canada has a different feminist sphere. Maybe our feminists aren’t that big there.

      1. Feminism is virtually the law of the land here…I’m surprised you didn’t get more Canadians….

      2. (New here)
        What’s your take on Norway? Have you even gone there or has Denmark scared you away from Scandinavia in general?

      3. What’s your take on Norway? Have you even gone there or has Denmark scared you away from Scandinavia in general?
        Haha, I’d be interested to see his take on the other countries. I’ve gotten the impression that in Scandinavia, Denmark has by far the worst women. It’s the Nordic England.

  2. All the feminine cities are in the South, which sucks for me because I have low tolerance for heat. 🙁
    Well at least the Midwestern cities didn’t appear in the most feminist column.

    1. That’s hardly the case. Come to Charlotte. The amount of white-knights/nice guys and feminists is just astonishing. They fuck up social circles.

      1. That wouldn’t surprise me, since I’ve heard that certain sections of South Carolina are being colonized by liberals. I wonder how long the South will remain a conservative bastion with such migration patterns.

  3. I live in Boston and go to your site at least three times a day, how do you know it’s not just alpha males perusing your webpage?

    1. 90% of traffic to that article was from new visitors who I presume to be feminist sympathizers.
      If I really wanted to go hardcore, I would find a baseline traffic rate before the article appeared and then compare it to after.

      1. There’s a ton of young girls in Boston that are wired up. Wellesley college, eh?
        Seriously though, no reason to avoid Boston unless you aren’t into college aged girls… plenty of them here guys. Sorry Roosh but your assumptions aren’t fully straightforward from the data.

  4. Most of the biggest feminist nesting areas are found in the major areas of the east coast and west coast parts of the U.S. The southern and Midwestern parts of the U.S. are more of a mixed bag.

  5. The one thing that makes SF liveable is a steady stream of new immigrants and tourists. If it weren’t for that I don’t know where I’d get my notches. I’ve lived here for years, never heard of the San Jose beach babes. That sounds like some kind of joke.

  6. Toronto should be included even though it’s in Canada.
    I guess another way to see how much feminism there is in an American city it to look at the last Presidential Election map data by county and avoid the blue ones. The more red, the more feminine. The more blue, the more tats and Skrillex haircuts.

  7. Southern cities really are the last stand for traditional values and feminine women in America. No surprises to your data.

  8. I live in Portland and, yes, it has a strong feminist component. Portland is the current hipster capital of the U.S.
    Of all of the metro areas in the U.S. I would have to agree that the SF Bay Area is probably the worse for picking up women. For one thing, there are way more men than women there, especially in the San Jose (silicon valley) south bay area. SF has lots of lesbians. The east bay (Oakland all the way down to Fremont) has many NAMs.
    However, there are lots of pretty Asian ladies in the bay area. During my frequent visits to the Bay Area, they are the only women who actually check me out.

      1. I saw this when you first posted it. It’s certainly true. Many of the younger women have the hipster look with the thick-rimmed glasses and generally unattractive physical appearance. I think this look in mostly politically driven. These women object to be considered “sex objects” and deliberately make themselves less attractive.
        I miss the hyper-sexy look from about 10 years ago, when many women wore short-shorts, midriff less tops, and sported navel piercings. I really dug this look.
        I owned a coffee shop in SE Portland for a year. Many of my customers were hipsters and often either gay or lesbians. However, I don’t remember ever seeing anyone who looked like they might be transgendered ever visiting my shop during this time. I think there’s a reason for this, and it does not speak well of the so-called liberals in Portland.
        Regardless of what you think about transgenders, many of them are quite attractive and deliberately so. It is well-known that some gays, and especially lesbians, really hate transgenders. I think the reason for this is because they can be quite attractive and, thus, do not fit within the political mold of what some think progressivism and feminism should be about.
        In other words, the people who preach tolerance can often be as intolerant as those they denounce for intolerance.
        Perhaps its the kettle calling the pot black.
        Don’t you just love the logical inconsistencies of the left?

  9. “What they didn’t realize is that the article was a honeypot operation for a research project to find out where feminists reside.”
    LOL! That is RooshDarkThirty shit right there!
    “1. Seattle – Tacoma, 2. San Francisco – Oakland – San Jose, 3. Washington DC”
    Pretty good top 3 most feminst list. All three of these cities are known as feminst hellholes, and all also are pretty bad for dating.
    “1. Houston, 2. Miami – Ft. Lauderdale, 3. Dallas”
    Interesting least 3 most feminist list. Houston (especially the Greater Houston Area) might be a great place to start a family, but for nightlife and dating, it sucks. Miami is great during peak tourist season, assuming you have a decent amount of cash to go out and party a lot. Dallas is a bit better than Houston since the Uptown part of Dallas does have decent nightlife.
    “It can’t be an accident that conservative Texan cities are also least feminist, while keepin-it-weird-and-gay Austin went the other way. Dallas had a score of -1.07.”
    The interesting thing is that I like Austin the most of all the cities in Texas. It also is the best city in Texas for the player lifestyle. I think that if a city is too conservative, it ends up being like Houston: boring, little/weak nightlife (due to girls marrying young), and more of a worker-bee city. On the other hand, if a city is chock full of feminists, then it is a terrible place to date since all of the women will have terrible attitudes. The key is finding cities that have some feminists–because lets face it, most young, single women are feminists in America–but not so many that the place becomes a femist shithole. Miami is the only exception to this rule, probably due to so many foreign-born Latinas living there.

  10. As a San Jose resident, I wonder where these supposed “beach babes” are.
    You’re right, this place is a hellhole.

    1. “As a San Jose resident, I wonder where these supposed “beach babes” are.”
      Closest thing I can think of is Santa Clara, but it would be a stretch to call them “beach babes.” More like “rich white girls.”

    2. San Jose has just too many young male immigrant tech workers here. They skew the gender balances which creates entitlement in females.
      One really sad scenes here in SJ is to go to a Barnes & Nobles bookstore on a Saturday night. It’s crowded with lonely immigrant guys playing with their laptops.
      For the older guys (like myself) there are lots of 40-something divorcees living well off their ex-hubby’s stock options.

    3. You can always score some silicone tits and faces like the mom from Brazil if you go to Los Gatos/Saratoga. The hubby probably won’t even notice her 1k Manresa bill when she took you to dinner. Or you can drive over the hill to Santa Cruz where it’s Lindy West with tat’s as far as the eye can see.

    4. Lived there during the dotcom bubble and to calling it a hellhole is being kind. Stayed there for three years and hated every single day of it. The few girls worth looking at mostly entiteled bitches. I bless the day I finally got my ass out of there.

  11. Oakland is about a 50/50 mix of annoying hippies and hot, feminine chicks. I wouldn’t say to avoid it completely

    1. Eh, only if you are into somewhat ghetto black or hispanic chicks. The white chicks in Oak Town are almost all of the annoying uber-hipster variety.

    2. Oakland has become lesbo central. It has more lesbians than anywhere in the Bay Area.
      Also, the hetero women are easy to bang but completely untrustworthy.

    3. Besides Piedmont and Rockridge, or above highway 13, Oakland is completely fucking busted. Heading the way of Johannesburg.

  12. absolute genius. the data you gathered follows what most of us already had thought:
    northwest= hipster central, DC is a shithole (Roosh has been blogging about this for years), San Fran ( the say HAYyyyy Capital of the world)
    and the south is slightly more traditional and better. (southern belle, traditionalist style societies and environments, but will likely still be slowly eroding as well)

  13. “Most Feminist American Cities”
    Al Queda are you reading??! Three ..ahem.. targets.. cough

  14. Who could bear to live in Houston or Dallas though? And, despite how much the women in DC may suck, they are light-years better than what you’ll find in Indianapolis, Indiana or Columbus, Ohio…

    1. True.
      I still think this list is good at identifying cities that have lots of feminists per capita, but its value beyond that is limited. There are a lot of factors that make cities good or bad for dating, and how many feminists per capita a city has is only one of many metrics that matter.

    2. Cicero, my sarcasmometer might not be working properly, but would you care to elaborate on that comment? The last time I was in Indianapolis, I got whiplash from looking at all the natural talent. For crying out loud, even the panhandlers were young, slender blondes! I’m not saying you’re wrong, I just don’t quite understand how manjawed lawyer chicks in DC are superior to gals from the “Mary Ann” capital of the world. By all means, enlighten us.

  15. “What they didn’t realize is that the article was a honeypot operation for a research project to find out where feminists reside.”
    roosh that was a genius move. you are fucking brilliant.

  16. So-called “liberal” women are the biggest hypocrites on earth.
    I’ve lost count of how many online dating profiles I’ve read from “progressive minded” women where they go on ad nauseum about how open-minded and accepting they are only to see further down the page that they will only consider white men over 6′ tall with high incomes.

    1. “I only date men over 6′ tall” = empowered woman exercising her personal preference
      “I only date women 120 lbs and under” = misogynistic pig who objectifies women by their appearance

      1. No Kidding.
        I love how the weight thing is always the default comeback for women when confronted with their heightism. Women disqualify men who are overweight also, and they even have the luxury of being able to do it openly without being criticized for it like men do. Instead they get praised for having “high standards”.

  17. Roosh, can you share the full data set?
    I would like to play around with those figures. It would be interesting to cross reference the list to obesity. Houston may have the least feminists, but they were also topped the list of fattest cities in the country in 2011.

    1. Houston may have the least feminists, but they were also topped the list of fattest cities in the country in 2011.
      This comment reminded me of the rant by a Southwest Airlines pilot whose microphone, unbeknownst to him, was on during his rant, allowing those in the control tower (and other flights) to hear every word. During his rant, he said that Houston was easily one of the ugliest bases he flew in and out of, with only a handful of “cute women”. The rant, a couple of years ago, was roll on the floor funny to listen to.

      1. And the PC hammer strikes down on him:
        According to Brandy King, a spokesman for the airline, the pilot “was [suspended and later] reinstated following ‘diversity training’.
        The union representing Southwest Airline’s flight attendants is still considering filing a legal complaint. In any event, it is thought unlikely that the pilot will receive many in-flight coffees in the coming months.”
        They’re gonna be aiming to spill on his crotch. Because, remember, female on male violence is funny and always justified.

  18. BRILLIANT!!!! Yet Again.
    I’ve spent some time in Seatlle, and I can tell you it’s like SF on supplemental testostorone (for the women that is). The epicenter of the Seattle feminist scene IMHO would have to be the Fremont district. I remember some god awful garbage in San Fran, but I think Seattle deserves the top spot. And, it’s also pasty-white, dough-boy beta-male central. It’s a mangina fest up there.

  19. Woman: “What’s a standard deviation? Oh, I think I had a friend with one of those and she went to the doctor to have it corrected to stop her horrible snoring.”

  20. Sacramento and Davis might as well be suburbs of Oakland/SF lesbian/radical feminist central command headquarters.

  21. Hey Roosh,
    Your Google metrics are spot on.
    I live in seattle. The downtown business core is usually filled with hot little chica’s during the business day but that’s only due to the Nordstrom’s flag ship being located there.
    But most of the atttactive, coquettish girls don’t live in the city proper. You’ll find them in Bellevue and Redmond…the east side.
    The type of girls I typically encounter fall into the skrillex haircut havin skinny Jean fetishizing beta devouring future soccer mom.
    That type mostly dwells on capitol hill. They hate masculinity yet they’ll be the first to stare at your crotch in passing,while wrapped in the protective arms of their 30 pound boyfriend.
    So, do to the dearth of men who can’t stand up for themselves I do pretty well for myself when it comes to fucking “taken” women.
    All that’s needed to harvest notches in Seattle is a pedestrian understanding of liberal policies and philosophy juxtaposed with alpha indifference and a crisp wardrobe.
    Also, lindy the pig west used to write for the local angsty leftist weekly The Stranger. But she started a flame war with her boss and editor Dan savage due to his fat shaming.
    Savage is like most gay men he appreciates beauty over boars.

  22. I live in Seattle, and saw two ‘skrillex’ haircuts at the (only have tiny) club last night. There are some sexy Ethiopian and Russian women making heel forests in Belltown, but in most of the city you are more likely to find girls with a combination Hillary Clinton eyeglasses, ironic battleship chest tattoo, and bone through the nose. Armies of white knights and Lindy West roam the streets…but we have great pot and mountains, both are legal.

    1. Belltown is cool…but I’ve discovered the bars at the Westin and olive 8 to be a bit higher on the quality of poon scale…hell even the hotel bar at the Sheraton is kickin if the right convention is in town

      1. Good for you hitting up the hotel bars, I learned to do that in Europe, but here nobody seems to go; but girls love being brought to the Sorrento on dates. I’ll try the Sheraton…it that the bar in the sky?
        In Belltown go to club Sarajevo on the weekend; as the name suggests it’s owned by Yugoslav gangsters and is frequented by mostly foreign (and thus feminine) women.
        Lols, I totally know what you mean about hitting on limp shouldered hipster’s girlfriends, right in front of them even. I once sat down in-between a hipster couple, at the Unicorn, and asked the girl if she really wanted to be talking to him instead of me. She totally loved my aggression and he didn’t do SHIT.

    2. Ballard is better than Fremont for decent girls…because Fremont is for rock clubs. I don’t go to Ballard often because it’s where people I will get into a fist fight with hang out; but it has a few good bars…surprisingly King’s Hardware (bar) has sexy ladies on the weekend.
      To be honest I find ‘day game’ works best in Seattle. Tons of coffee shops and book stores and universities…cute young girls, out at the club on the weekend, seem to only want to be passed around between the doods in their personal social circle, you can penetrate this (and then that) with tons of effort by making friends with all the bearded guys that all fucked her too, etc; but it’s gross…

    3. In defence to Seattle women and people in general…we aren’t a FAT city, compared to the rest of America…in fact we may be the fittest city in USA.

  23. There are many androgynous people in Seattle. It’s rare to sense raw masculinity or feminism. The immigrant girls can be feminine, but they don’t have money to play with to style themselves proper like your SWPL hoes

  24. So the author has only visited two out of the three cities for any appreciable length of time, yet you guys slurp down his digital diarrhea and ask for a second heaping in advance.
    Really pathetic.

    1. You’re a fucking tool, this isn’t a review of the cities, it’s mentioning what cities fucktards like you that log on here come from.

      1. peppered is what is called a ‘hanger on’.
        you see some of the multitude of butthurt feminists stick around on ROK after reading the uggo article, just so they can feel the reflected glory of being near alpha’s.
        Somewhere between all the bullshit they spout, they’re aching for men to fill their bung hole with a meaty protrusion so they’ll shut the fuck up.
        but they can’t do the normal thing of getting fit/getting hot/ being a groupy
        so they antagonise and annoy in the hopes that they will be the special girl to be selected for sloppy sex by a select alpha.
        pathetic really, don’t feed them. they’re fat enough

    2. lols, it’s not like we are using this data to engineer a bridge or something…and as I live in Seattle I can attest to it being a cesspit of misguided feminist/liberal women.

      1. He’s using a single metric: feminists per capita, as if that’s even measurable anyway, to extrapolate conclusions about the sexual dynamics of communities of millions. Not only that, but his metric came from people who visited his own site. I mean, this isn’t even pseudo-scientific. It’s a fucking joke.
        He hasn’t even visited these areas, yet you morons still swing off his nut-hairs and praise what he’s saying as some sort of gospel. I really don’t get it. How is it that you people fail at finding sex in large American cities? There reaches a threshold when I begin to believe that it’s not feminism to blame but rather your own respective ineptitudes that you’re unwilling to confront.
        This “game” horseshit is slapping a bandaid over a gaping, pus-laden wound that needs to be healed and mended before you start seeing any appreciable social success. I hope you dudes realize that sooner rather than later.

      2. The Hilton has a good sky bar as well as the Renaissance.
        Check out RN 74 as well during happy hour.
        The dudes here are squishes.
        I had one chick bring me pad Thai while her boyfriend stood ten paces behind her,head hung low…
        Half the battle out here is just making eye contact and wearing less than three pieces of north face clothing while out swooping.

      3. P.S. Peppered, the article is a joke, and everyone is laughing except the unshaved cunthair in the corner. That would be you.

      4. @Peppered:
        Feminist argument tactic 17:
        Your arguments are horrible… because…. umm… because you probably can’t have sex! Yeah!

  25. Come on, guys. You are just threatened by these cities because you have small penises. Real men prefer strong, opinionated, independent, generously tattooed bbw’s.

  26. Hold on there Roosh! Austin may have come up on your feminist radar, but it is far from being a pussy wasteland. Sure, it has a lot of Texas government workers and educated women, which probably caused it to have a high stdev, but it also has the University of Texas at Austin, which attracts massive numbers of hot young women every year. Since Austin is such a beautiful and cultured city, many of these graduates try to stay in Austin, boosting the city’s overall attractiveness. Also, consider that Austin has a strong fitness and diet culture. (It is the home of Whole Foods and Lance Armstrong). Therefore, the women here tend to be thinner than the landbeasts that roam Houston. Also, girls here are more DTF, while girls in Dallas can be prudish and waspish and also have a tendency to be status whores. Austin also has the best nightlife in Texas, with hundreds of drunken college students roaming downtown. Hookups happen, although weird hobos and ghetto dudes have started roaming downtown, attracted by the young sexy college girls, and have driven up the crime rate. Consequently, the girls are more scared of “creepers” than before. However, the hookups do happen. As a UT college student I can guarantee you that.
    Hope you enjoyed this feedback from an Austin lover.

    1. If you stay in the bubble that is UT then yeah, you won’t really understand just how good it USED to be and how much it’s changed in just the last 5 years or so. Austin has been FLOODED by people who moved from some of the feminist utopia’s that Roosh talks about. It’s also been flooded by the types of dudes that make San Jose a sausage fest, i.e. lots of tech immigrants and introverted pasty nerd-types.
      The propaganda that you would see almost every year where Austin made every best-of list in terms of cities in the U.S. paid off and now what you have is a hipster utopia on the one hand with the rest of the people of the SWPL variety. It’s priced out the truly liberal and open minded and replaced them with a bunch of wannabee’s. It’s a good place to make money but once you are out of the UT bubble, things tend to drop off significantly.

  27. Again, the reflexive feminist accusation you launch at anybody who points out the porn-star-anal-gape-esque holes in your groupthink “logic” is indicative of an enormous insecurity in you guys. You’re literally inverse-feminists in that your entire worldview is based on grains of truth around which you spin a contradictory web of lies.
    I mean, has anybody even made one attempt at arguing the logic being used here? A single person? Men change the world through critical analysis and realism. Constructing your worldview on this rotten-to-the-core game “theory” is going to do nothing but propel you guys down the wrong path.

    1. Shut the fuck up, Bitch!
      Grown men are speaking.
      Now, run along to Jezebel or whatever troll outfit you are from.

    2. I don´t think Game has all the answers, but for all purposes, Game is the knowledge of the ancients, the basics of “Game” can be found around all the ancient tradition either in the west or in the East. Furthermore Heartiste has a rather large number of references to scientific papers whose findings support the Game “Weltanschauung”. If you are looking for scientific evidence and unbiased research regarding game, those references should be enough, starting with the papers of Baumeister. Nuff said.

    3. WTFAY to tell us what the “wrong path” is? You’re right, this is a counter to feminism, but it accepts the same basic premise as feminism: “Every gender for his/her/itsefl!”. If feminism argues for female values and issues in our society, then the Manosphere does the same for male issues and interests. If you don’t like the way we do that . . . tough.
      The fact is Game works. It works spectacularly. I’ve seen Game change a man’s fate, his life, his fortune. And yes, all of this shit has been run through peer review and been logically vetted — this isn’t black magic we’re doing, this is a set of easily-observed social behaviors.
      And if you think it’s sad somehow, Cupcake, you just keep thinking that. We don’t mind.

      1. This garbage is by no means a counter to feminism. Feminism is institutionalized and backed up by the guns of the state. Fucking a fat whore you dragged home from a bar doesn’t change the system one iota.
        So, really, tone down the delusion a bit and take a long, hard look at the reality you’re a part of. This “game” horseshit, which amounts to nothing more than a conversational procedure that’s -supposed- to make girls THINK you’re some sort of alpha male has only a speck of significance when compared to worthwhile pursuits that actually lend you social and economic credence.
        If somebody asked me whether I’d rather waste my time learning “game” or one of the following:
        1. Working out
        2. Earning a degree/skill to get paid
        3. A worthwhile intellectual pursuit
        I’d have to be a narcissistic dipshit to believe that leaning how to properly “neg” a tipsy bitch wearing a titcurtain at my neighborhood dive would be even remotely worthwhile.
        Furthermore, this idea that “game” is peer-reviewed is nothing short of laughable. Comments that express dissent regarding this shit are deleted by the moderators (believe me, many of mine have been deleted), and there is no actual worthwhile discussion of the merits of learning this conversational procedure which isn’t flooded with accusations of doubters being “feminists.”
        Watch this post get deleted. Don’t even know why I wasted my time replying.

    4. “do nothing but propel you guys down the wrong path.”
      Promise me you’ll be on the right path and we’ll be just fine.

  28. I agree with your methodology and I am definitely pleased and not surprised by your findings, Roosh. However, like the respondents above I wouldn’t suggest men flock to Houston to fuck high quality bitches who will cook them breakfast in the morning. I should know I live here.
    First of all, the universities in town are fucking useless for picking up 18-24 year olds. There are literally 20 attractive women on the entirety of the Rice campus and at U of H out of 32,000 students, ~70% are male. The women that are there are mostly unfuckable international students or fatties and the women who are attractive have the tendency to live with their parents/boyfriends in the sticks. I’d say there are probably around 500-1000 girls on that campus who are attractive and reside within a distance where they dont get uncomfortable sleeping with a guy they just met. Also there is nothing worse to me than to have to drive a chick 50 miles to her house at 6:00 in the morning or have her parents (true story) come pick her up. 1000 girls in a region of 5 million.
    Dont think there arent ball-busting feminist types in great numbers here. We do have a ball-busting lesbian mayor after all.
    It’s not all bad though especially if you are in your 40’s-50’s. But for a young guy like me, I’m in Dallas, Austin, or Baton Rouge/New Orleans if I want some no strings attached vag.

    1. Good post. Absolutely true.
      The only men who I have ever heard speak fondly of Houston are married guys. The Houston area is a decent place to start a family due to the wide availability of jobs and relatively cheap housing, but it sucks for a single guy on the prowl.

    2. Seconded. I have lived in Houston for 3 years, and yes the women are feminine, but also unattractive. At University of Houston it is hard to find a white girl that isn’t taken, and most of the cute girls, like Buck mentioned, are foreign exchange students that live with very overprotective parents. In Austin you get “stronger” girls, but they still put out like crazy. Same with San Antonio, in my experience. Houston, not so much.

    3. Thanks for the backgrounder on Houston. My viet wife wants to move there eventually as her sister lives there along with about 100,000 Vietnamese. Could be a good scenario as living with them would guarantee fantastic cuisine daily (as seen in “A Man Wants a Wife, Not a Co-Worker”) and me and brother-in-law could fish a lot.
      I wonder about the weather compared to the sunny, arid Southwest climate we currently reside in. Can anyone tell me the good points/bad points on this? Thanks.

      1. Houston is an extremely humid city. People abandon in the summer it’s so unbearable. Maybe you like that, but Dallas and Austin have much better weather IMO. As I said below, I think Houston is one of the worst cities I’ve ever been when combining all factors.
        All oil towns are overrun by men clamouring over the small population of attractive worm that work in those cities. I’ve been to them all, they are all the same in terms of single guy dynamics (too few women with too many options, decent place for a family, but they never seem to work for a single guy). Depends what you want I guess. Could work for you.

  29. Ashame to hear about Seattle. When I was there in 2005 I could not believe the quality of the talent. Lot’sof gorgeous slender women everywhere. I guess they couldn’t resist the fattening of America and all porked up.

  30. Didn’t look closely at the picture. Said “bet Seattle’s on here.” Clicked. Yep.
    Here’s the upside of Seattle: Eating healthy is the norm here so people tend to be of a healthy weight. The gene pool is pretty good, a lot of naturally attractive women here. Here’s the downside: Everything else.
    It’s not just the crazy feminists, hipsters, and techie types (who unbalance the ratio) poisoning the well. It’s the fucking “Seattle Freeze”. People are just introverted and not interested at even meeting people outside their social circle. It’s insane. This is literally the worst possible environment in America for meeting women.
    That said, Seattle has a lot going for it otherwise. It’s a beautiful place, progressive in the right ways (they love guns and weed out here), with plenty of great places to eat and hang out if you’re not looking to meet new people. And of course, there’s a few top tier companies out here if you’re lucky enough to land a job with them.

  31. It’s a shame because San Francisco is such a beautiful city I imagine I’d like Seattle too, but I dislike feminists and dude fests which promotes the friendzone.

    1. Yup, so many girls here have tons of guy friends…who kiss their ass constantly and hope they will get their noodle wet in a moment of her emotional need. It’s sad…especially since some of these girls are actually pretty good at conversation…but I cannot be friends with a girl I want to fuck, and haven’t fucked…it surprises me when girls are surprised when they find out that all their guy friends want to fuck them…what bubble are they living in? oh that’s right…Seattle.

      1. I remember the film ‘fear’ from the mid 90’s with mark wahlberg and reese witherspoon. Seattle and the accompanying woodlands looked really chill in the film, and wahlberg and his crew seemed to have the local school girls swooning.

  32. Ug I hate it when people resort to name calling on these types of comment sections…as red pill men we should never let out emotions go so out of control where we would type a cheap curse-word to describe an irritating person. Irony, wit, and logic can all be used freely…but not name calling…lets not let our emotions eclipse rationality.

    1. I’m not sure I follow, but I’m new to the ‘red pill’ ideology. Seems to me it’s just espousing life and sexual self determination by harnessing our innate masculine personality traits instead of being ashamed by them. Hard work, self improvement, and an adventurous mindset are what I see being promoted here…complaining is not endorsed; we as men don’t complain about our plight…we change it.
      That is purple pill?

    2. There are literally contributors on this site who believe that money, fame, power, and attractiveness matter less in the grand scheme of sexual selection than conversational ploys and “negging.”
      There is also no realistic discussion of female hypergamy, the political climate which fosters male exploitation, or a discussion on how to fundamentally change a social system which actively works to subjugate and suppress males. These people are just trying to weave their way through the 1’s and 0’s of the matrix rather than pulling out completely.
      That is the difference.

      1. Woah …how about a rephrase.
        “There are contributors on this site who believe that money, fame, power, and [looks] are very useful, but should be supplemented with a working knowledge of female psychology and game tactics, to get in bed with the most attractive women, have the option to be in a relationship with those women, and keep the upper hand throughout the relationship.”
        There, now it’s accurate.
        And plenty of articles on here tangentially touch on female hypergamy, the political climate, and the social system… If you want lengthy essays on that, go to Heartiste. This site was never meant to be longform writing. It’s a guide on how to navigate the shitty system we find ourselves in.

    3. True, but sometimes the trolls shouldn’t be fed. A quick one-sentence send-off can do the trick.

  33. it’s funny, the quality of ass I scored in the most nonfeminist cities (Atlanta, Phoenix particularly) was significantly better than in feminist cities.
    hotter, more feminine, fun than the scraps I get in San Francisco. gotta love southern girls.
    LA is good too.

    1. LA is good only if you’re a gay man. Stay out of California south of Sacramento if you’re hetero

  34. Seattle is like the harmless little sister of Vancouver, the mother of all things PC and feminist…

    1. dont think so…vancouver seems alright
      went clubbin first time(2 weeks ago)wasnt hard goin about talkin to women on the street an gettin dances at clubs(white and asian girls seem to be most open)….grinded with a korean girl…when her bf found out i pulled him in to dance…weirded him out lol(he said it was ok…even though my hands were just all over her)
      even saw 2 punjabi dudes wearin turbans with their burnette gfs(1 was a fine 8 the other wasnt all that like a 6 …i think)

      1. I lived there for years and worked in government and academia in BC. Try saying anything remotely critical of a female there. Go to UBC and see how many sociology classes are offered about “cis-gender” and contructed roles. Where were “because I am a girl” etc founded? Ever been to Kisilano, Main and 17th etc? Seen the government funded, luxurious “Housing for Homeless Women” shelters on Hastings while there are hundreds of homeless men?

      2. @flo
        touche….government funding really is favourin women hate that “becuz im a girl” ad…itll just be a demographic timebomb on a poor country…since theyd have fewer kids and wont be able to get immigrants to replace them.boycott that ad i say
        women can be lousy parents and ditch on their resposibliitys too…always making guys the bad guy,sad status quo

    2. aaaand then there’s Victoria.
      One of the most beautiful settings and best ( mild ) climates in the world.
      And it’s absolutely hands down THE WORST city of the lot.
      This is THE feminist hive.
      Any decent guy has fled to Alberta for better pay , to GTFO. Only small betas left. Has to be the gene pool of the smallest guys in any city , period.
      You WILL be falsely accused by a woman to get your job .. or plain if shes had a bad day.
      Every guy will have that.
      Tonnes of single ladies bemoaning lack of men.
      Course can’t put 2 and 2 together.
      Hell. Hole.
      The Winner!!!

      1. Never spent much time in Victoria but it seems like Vancouver on steroids… I really hope the coming real estate crash in BC sets things straight in these two cities filled with leeches, HR drone women and fake economies…

  35. dude spot on. i believe it. i live in dallas and have lived in houston and been to austin a number of times.
    dallas its kinda hard to find ass but doable and it doesnt leave you exhausted. houston its fuckin easy as shit. i damn near had them lined up around the block.
    fucking austin… its fun, as long as you got a broad with you or one lined up. theres a lot to do, but good luck approaching and having any self respect afterwards. they are cold there and its like to fuck you they want to see how much dogshit you will let them cram down your throat first. i been to seattle and miami but i was a young boy and have no idea about the women.

  36. Haha great analysis!! Loved this comment: “Sexy Latina women have absolutely no use for a feminist ideology that makes it harder for them to find a provider husband. It had a score of -1.10.”

  37. I have been to most of these cities several times over.
    Seattle – what a brutal city. I don’t recall seeing many attractive women at all there.
    Houston is a terrible city but I’m sure it isn’t over run with feminist ideologies. Dallas was the first US city I went to alone as a man and I have very fond memories of the women in that city. I’ve heard good things about parts of Atlanta but don’t know.
    DC. Man I’m going to this city in a few months for the first time in my life and my expectations are low. Luckily I’m there for an event and could care less about going out there. I’m sure I’ll venture out for empirical evidence.
    Boston – I’ve met some messed up women from this city.

  38. Good methodolgy- identifies all the usual suspects. I’d have thought Portland would have scored a little higher

  39. This was not only brilliant, it is actual truth right now.
    I do have say I kill it in one of the hardest zones according to your data, but it really isn’t fun because of how shitty the rewards are vs. effort.
    Houston is spot on as well 😛

    1. Using “negative SD” makes it easier to conceptualize. We all understand that he’s discussing movement from the mean in competing directions along the axis.

  40. What a crap blog. A pity I read an article that mentioned. If you want a decent male orientated blog try http://artofmanliness.com/. It’s got man stuff but, well I think it’s a little more, shall we say, well endowed.

  41. i can vouch fir texas in general. most of the women along the gulf coast have some of the coolest women areound. go to new orleans. take a cab to the tulane area and hit up the lcollege bars. you close 2-3 a night. and these are 8’s and above.
    if you are in the french qaurter avoid bourbon street and opt for the gold mine. i think it’s on dauphine. aska local where the “R bar” is one block off esplanade. or hit up Molly’s on decatur.
    and i can vouch for texas women. especially the mexican chicks. they’re my bread and butter. i don’t even bother with white girls now.

  42. SF gets a bad rep for not good reasons.
    You should visit and then decide.
    Or maybe I have just not been outside of SF all that much.

    1. SF native here, and I can vouch for Roosh’s claims. Many unattractive and narcistic women who have horrible attitudes. Nor is it a true melting pot here. Tons of segregation but there is diversity. Not the city that the media makes it out to be.

  43. The Buckhead area of ATL is without a doubt the leader in abundance of smoking hot, feminine, down for whatever chicks in the US. From college girls to early 30’s horny bitches to 45 year old MILFs with money, Buckhead is the jam.

  44. “Feminists are ‘big’ everywhere.”
    LMFAO… So true…
    Excellent honey-pot operation Roosh… I especially liked the use of statistics… I’m sure that you have completely confused the average Feminazi… 🙂

  45. “I’ve never been there before so can someone tell me is [Seattle] just a city of ugly feminists walking around with Skrillex haircuts and stupid tattoos?”
    Your “winner” from the “ugliest feminist” contest moved to Seattle.
    Your “number one” moved away from Seattle.
    Check the bios — they do not lie.
    As for the city, the “most polite jerks” in the lower 48 might suffice.
    Marx’s “rural idiocy” comes to its urban realization in Seattle.
    Why exclude its uglier sister Portland though?
    Or did it come in fourth?
    (Never forget: hate is always an option.)

  46. The twin cities is actually pretty good. A lot of feminist and lesbians yet tons of girls off the farm. I see a ton more hot girls in MN than I see in NYC. Yet it’s nothing on the mass of incredible women in Italy.

  47. I would never live in Miami nor visit there. Too much Latinas with fake tits. Some dudes like implants, but that shit is just nasty to me! I couldn’t imagine lasting a day in MIA before going nuts!

    1. and unless you’re sporting a Bentley or Ferrari they won’t bother even looking your way

    1. There may as well be. SF, SD, LA all suck for most dudes. Stay at least 30 miles inland if you want decent odds. The Inland Empire by all accounts is a bit of a goldmine. Hot single moms with nothing to do.

  48. I live in San Francisco. I’m 45. I’ve been in the game for a long time. San Francisco is a fucking jewel for me because the young idiot dudes here have no fucking idea how to get a girl to fuck them. I walk into a bar, and there are these gorgeous young babes waiting to get fucked, and the frat boys are busy being cool in front of each other and the hipsters couldn’t rap their way out of a paper bag.
    Take it from me. If your older readers are looking to bang younger chicks. This is heaven. Dress like you have money. Go to a nice bar. Give it some time. You’ll be banging three or four different girls at a time, and I do mean girls, not hags in their thirties or forties.

    1. i fucked a girl from sf, i remember her telling me how guys in sf are all a bunch of feminized hipsters, who have no idea how to please a lady.
      examples she gave were:
      -guys who had problems liked to complain about their situation, especially to their lady friends, and showed little desire to actually solve their problem
      – guys she fucked would ask her if they were “good”. During sex. DURING SEX.

    2. SF’s not as bad as LA. Nowhere is. LA should be given back to Mexico or China

      1. Sure, just make $100K a year and expect your saving to go down from chasing girls. But if you go this guy’s route definitely go for the younger girls, blackdragon style.

  49. I blame the degrading of men from the corporation of our culture by fools that dress themselves like wise-men (or in DC wise-women). Listen you want to in-brace your manhood, simply listen to what your body and mind tells you. This is not difficult, its natural and it was built into us. There is a reason we as men have the urge to fight,fuck, and protect. I see the “Red Pill” as accepting what we as man are. After all would a Lion listen to the Lamb on how the Lion should Act, or should the Lamb listen?

  50. IMO Washington, D.C. is one of the best “Hit & Run” cities in the world if you travel there on business. Married business women traveling there solo are easy prey.

  51. You should consider age. I’d think things in this study might be skewed towards younger populations that tend to use the internet. Also, as a Bay Area resident, I’d be seriously surprised if San Jose is anywhere near Oakland or SF, or even cities like Austin or Portland.

  52. Roosh totally agree about SF/San Jose area and DC. Unfortunately I have to work in these places and the big paycheck keeps me there. Still travel outside is best bet.

  53. I lived in DC for 4 years… From every 100 pick ups, I had success rate of less than 1 percent!!! It’s a fucking shit hole, but it’s interesting to see that even foreign women get the feminist vibe in DC and change in a very short time! Location matters guys.
    On another note I lived in Poland for 4 years, success rates are amazingly high over there… I’m considering moving to Poland again! Keep up the good job Roosh.

  54. I spend 2-4 weeks in June in SoBe every year. This year I took now ex GF with me. 9ish runway model, one of the few real models in my city (midwest). She bitched the whole time that nobody even looked at her and everywhere we went in SoBe it was 5 to 1 women to men. Granted the majority were unattractive but that still left a lot of hotties. FYI SoBe in June is sick, not crowded, friendly too. September is the same way. I hate peak season (too crowded, freaks me out) but its just as good.

  55. Actually, San Francisco has a ton of straight girls and virtually no straight guys. The girls are thirsty as fuck because of the lack of options..

  56. I’ve lived in Seattle for over four years and I’ve just about given up hope. It’s disturbing to hear my deepest fears validated. Seattle is where I’ve been learning to improve my skills with women and as it turns out I’m playing on Nightmare mode. It’s gotten to the point where I knew it couldn’t just be me. The women here are indeed very cold and hostile. They are the worst dressers too. It’s pretty rare to see an attractive woman here. There are also a lot of rich, successful engineers and entrepeneurs here so the competition is intense. You can tell this place is full of very sensitive people and very wimpy men. It’s all beginning to add up. It’s a shame because it’s actually a very beautiful place. I wouldn’t mind staying here at all if it weren’t for the truly dreadful women.

    1. Tfw you learned Seattle and Tacoma were # 1. Good luck, and yes it all does add up. I’m on my way far far away from this place

    1. As a bay area native, Los Angeles is a much better city than San Francisco. A 5 in Los Angeles would easily be a 9-10 in San Francisco. To make matters worse, these egotistical pigs in San Francisco have the nerve to demand that their partners be 6’5″, bearded, and must earn $150,000+

  57. While I agree as a whole…I’m here to tell you stay the hell out of Houston. It’s not a conservative city by any means and any benefits you might get as a Red Pill man are far outweighed by the fact that it is the Detroit of Texas. Sorry that wasn’t completely accurate. It’s more like Mordor, Texas.
    Dallas isn’t a whole lot better. If you want a truly conservative city, San Antonio is where you want to be. Just watch out for the gangbangers. Ft. Worth isn’t bad either.

  58. It’s sad but true about the Seattle. It’s such a shame because the area is absolutely beautiful. If you are a fan of outdoor activities, the surrounding area offers outlets and locations for every type of activity you could imagine. Also, the music scene is pretty good down on first. There are some great blues bars.
    That being said, hipsters co-opted beards and made them lame. The beard is the state flag of Washington now, not for the rugged outdoorsmen, but for the Silver-Linings Playbook fanboy with his flannel shirt and lip rip.
    Women are atrocious and angry. They crowd into Starbucks in the morning like disgruntled pigs at the trough to order their double shot, super venti, double sugar, no fat frappimachiatos and complain about their weight. All the while having the audacity to leave the house in dirty yoga pants that show all of their rolls.

  59. I’d have to put San Diego on this list if you’re looking to move, and not just visit.
    115 single guys for 100 single girls thanks to the military. Couple that with the lowest median wage/cost of living ratio in the USA and you have wealthy/good job guys hustling just to get average girls.
    Not worth the weather by a long shot if you’re an average joe or slightly above.

  60. “is it just a city of ugly feminists walking around with Skrillex haircuts and stupid tattoos?” Fuck yes it is, I just had a conversation with a girl contemplating cutting her hair bald telling me that current gender roles were oppressive and that I just didn’t “understand”. The women here are low quality, yet highly egotistical. My advice for any late lurkers, get out of here as fast as you can, and men from somewhere else, don’t come close.

    1. I thought there was something wrong with me because I couldn’t seem to fit in with Seattle. Search ” I hate Seattle”, or city data about Seattle, it’s actually terrifying

  61. The funny thing is I could have guessed about Portland and Seattle being feminist nests. Boston I am also not too surprised about. I may have expected to see NYC on the list but am pleasantly surprised that I did not.

  62. thanks lol i was looking for a place where feminist were in the minority. I am in austin lol, ill check out houston and dallas one of these days

  63. Austin? WTF? That’s among the best American cities to get laid. And Dallas is better than Austin? Have any of you gamed in any of those three cities to be able to draw this comparison? Have you guys gone insane? Or are you a bunch of KJs?

  64. I can’t wait to get out of Man Jose aka chindia. Overcrowded, boring, insanely EXPENSIVE, ugly suburban village filled with techies, third world engineers and stuck up through the roof women. If you a guy and not in tech, you have no business in here IMHO

  65. ur completely wrong in jumping to a conclusion about seattle. in my experience girls are very sweet and down to earth there

  66. I’m a fratire writer and I got a site – sometimes I get ripped by feminists… but it’s all good fun they can keep it comin

  67. I’m gonna completely disagree about seattle. Seattle has a bustling downtown where you can find cute chill women anyday if you want to. You can’t just simply it that much. In my opinion, seattle is the best city for men after chicago and maybe miami in the usa.

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