All Girls Like Rough Sex

I started out my young-adult life thinking the best of women. I don’t know if that’s because, from a young age, they drill it into your malleable brain through ridiculous adages—like that girls are “sugar and spice and everything nice” but that “men are pigs”—or simply because, later on, I fell for the good-girl façade that girls put out in public.

As I entered adulthood, this fable had crept into the sexual arena. Sure, some girls were “sluts,” I figured, but most girls were good girls. Sex meant more to them. They were reluctant to have it. We were the nasty ones. So, once in bed, sex was all about finesse. Things might get “passionate,” but you didn’t want to get too pornographic or, god forbid, hurt the poor thing.

It took one incident to shatter this pretty little lie for good.

I had gone out on a date with a tiny, nerdy girl with big glasses and a little voice. She was a senior in college and a stand-out athlete, despite her diminutive stature and mousy features. Apart from her wide, tree-trunk, rock-hard quadriceps and other subtle physical cues, she was a timid, even weak-looking specimen. Frankly, I didn’t believe her assertion that she’d almost made the U.S. Olympic team until she demonstrated some of her impressive skills in some online videos. After a round of drinks at a bar, we ended up at my place, and before long, we were making out. Things were escalating and, at the natural moment, I smoothly unbuckled her shorts. Until that point, everything was familiar.

Suddenly, out of no-where, she gave me a massive shove. I didn’t know where she’d mustered the strength, but I ended up a respectable distance away from her. I looked up, only to see a huge, smug grin on her face. Figuring this was her odd, abrupt way of halting things, I sat up, ready to call it a night, only to be kangaroo kicked in the chest with both her massive legs. She sat up on her knees and followed that up with “I bet you can’t do it,” while glancing down at her unbuckled shorts. Against my better judgment, I accepted this ambiguous, and potentially dangerous, challenge. This was either going to be my Penthouse-Letter moment or the beginning of some drawn-out legal troubles.

I wasn’t in great shape at the time, but I dove into the unsolicited wrestling match knowing that I had a significant weight and height advantage. But this girl turned out to be strongest 5-foot-2 chick on the planet. Over the next several minutes, she taunted and laughed at me while I struggled to get her shorts off, pushing me off periodically with her powerful haunches, slinking loose of any pin move, using her massive thigh strength to crush me, and holding the smile on her face the entire time. When I finally succeeded in pulling them off, the denim shorts were soaked through—as if you’d just pulled them out of the washing machine—and not with sweat. Underneath her was a dinner plate-sized puddle. I’d never seen anything like it in my life. We had sex.

In the aftermath of this incident, I told a lot of my buddies the story. Most guys chalked it to her being “weird” or a “secret freak,” and moved on with a shrug. But one of them—an older guy with game—said to me:

I’d hate to break it to you, but they’re all like that. This one just made it a point to tell you. All women like rough sex—even the “nice”-looking ones.  There’s something about some well-placed aggression that triggers something in their lizard brain. It’s disturbing, but true. I learned it years ago, when I tied this girl’s hands as a joke and she went crazy. They like their hair pulled. They like to be thrown around. Their faces smashed into the bed. Some more than others, but they all like it. It’s like you have to re-learn to have sex.

Like the Apostle Thomas, I had to see this for myself. I figured I’d turn up the juice a little in the sack, just enough to see if something happened, but little enough that I could backpeddle if necessary. But it wasn’t necessary. The first time I pulled some hair, the appreciable rise in the girl’s volume prompted a noise complaint from my Indian neighbor. I started pushing heads into pillows, slapping ass cheeks, firmly clutching forearms. I noticed the change immediately. I had girls texting me at odd hours, acquired my first legitimate stalker, and got several more noise complaints–some of them in writing. One time after sex, a girl informed me that I may have bruised her neck. When I apologized, she responded excitedly, “No. It’s so hot. I wonder if my parents will notice again.”

The more I talked to guys who actually have sex with girls on a regular basis, the more I got confirmation that this wasn’t just the girls I was happening upon. “Yup, girls are way-way nastier than you think, man.” “That’s the dirty little secret, my friend.” “Most guys have no idea that their girlfriend used to have—and wants—that kind of sex.” The comments piled up.

There’s no doubt that some girls like a little more tossing-around than others—and some like one kind of roughness over another—but the next time someone feeds you the good-girl-sex fable, be sure to ask how many girls they’ve actually slept with. Chances are, these guys—or worse, women—have no idea what they’re talking about.

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  1. They like the rude talk too. Say something scandalous and impolite. Admonish them : “You musn’t!” or “Good girls aren’t supposed [fill in the blank here]!”

  2. I assume we are talking about North American females? I would welcome Roosh to weigh in on this because i get the impression Polish women would not be into this, but definitely American women would.

    1. You need more comfort to do it on a Polish girl. You gradually increase the roughness with each date, but they don’t like it as rough as American. Choking hasn’t really made its way here.

      1. I wonder if this is because feminism has cast a patina over most, if not all, Western (American) women to some extent, that it takes rough(er) sex to make them “feel like a woman.” Since Polish girls have not been so tarnished, they don’t want/need it. Very interesting.

      2. Don’t know about Polish girls, but danish women enjoy being properly dominated and roughed up. While the Asian girls I’ve been with doesn’t see to like it much.
        I think it comes down to dominance and submissiveness. The more masculine girl will need more of a physical display of dominance from you than a more feminine girl who will simply by being feminine make you dominant.
        But all girls I’ve been with like being mock-restrained, taking both their hands behind their back. Works well as fully clothed foreplay as well or just before the firstkiss.

    2. I think Polish women are definatly into rough sex because the men in their country are ugly. Ugly guys have to give their women rough, dirty, hard sex to better their chances of getting repeat business.

  3. A broader issue : the same media that will attack you over this essay was gushing over “50 Shades”.
    Feminism has caused an imbalance in the natural order of male dominance leaving today’s young western women in thirst of male leadership and control. Mere spicy talk is no longer enough to arouse them.

    1. Oh my God it’s like people have different preferences. Some women like rough sex, some don’t. Some people like tacos, some don’t. Isn’t that shocking?
      I personally am a fan of rougher stuff, but I’m also a fan of cross dressing, and yet I don’t think everyone else is the same as I am. You know why? Because I’m not fucking stupid.
      PS: The person who masochism was named after is a guy…from the 1800s. Please, tell me how feminism affected that, or how that was due to a change in the “natural order.” There have been studies about whether people like pain during sex or not, and one involving married couples in the 1920s found that was true for 28% of men and 29% of women. Another, more recent one found it was about 50% for both the men and women they surveyed. That isn’t a huge difference, so…sorry to break your bubble.

  4. Faking a “rape date ” or even “genuine rape” is a favourite with many ladies. My personal experience is of the former type of rough play, similar to this post. But a friend of mine used to have a girl who was into staging near rapes with some violence and tearing of clothes.

  5. i think the red pill as a whole can be summarized into five separate but related lies that when exposed reveal very ugly but real truths about women.
    LIE #1
    women are the generous and kind and giving and collaborative sex. men are the selfish, violent assholes that cause all the suffering and pain in the world.
    women can be just as cruel and vicious and violent and self serving as any man, and perhaps even more so, since women only believe in a personal truth, one that always changes, and one that only exists to serve themselves and their offspring. women have no higher morality than men, and in fact, it could be argued that they are less ethical than men. every woman is just as capable as any man of inflicting terrible, violent pain on those around her in search of her own personal, selfish glory.
    LIE #2
    women are more sexually modest and restained. they are the ones that need to put on the breaks in order to maintain a sexually “civilized” society. men are the raw and primitive sexual perverts.
    women are incredible hornballs that love it very very rough, much rougher than your average beta male can imagine, and they are incredibly kinky and dirty, and it just takes the right rough tough alpha man to bring it out of her. the good girl does not exist. all women are whores in the sexually decadent sense. it’s all an act. and if it’s not an act, if she really *is* inexperienced and modest, it’s just because no man has brought it out of her yet. every girl has a raging submissive slut inside her. it’s the feminine nature to want to be roughed up, dominated, choked, even humiliated. it’s the fundamental core aspect of what turns her on: to be overwhelmed and overtaken by a powerful masculine force, to feel objectified and to feel the burning male gaze of sexual desire — from the right man, of course. “i own you” is the hottest thing you could ever tell a girl. that is what she wants. to be owned by a real man. to be his sexual slave. full submission is her ultimate fantasy.
    LIE #3
    women prefer monogamy and stability
    women love thrills and danger, and are always on the look out for a better, stronger man to replace her current man.
    LIE #4
    women are weak and need male help.
    a woman can be very strong, determined, brave, inventive and manipulative when she really wants something (shoes, bags, alpha male sperm). beware when a woman “needs your help”, she is probably just trying to steal your valuable time and energy and resources in order to get a better man.
    LIE #5
    women are strong
    a woman, like a dog, needs a master to serve and a master to show her the way. left alone, she will become a weak, neurotic mess.

    1. Wow you are an idiot! Men are the ones who can’t be single and like dogs will pee all over you of not trained. My life got so much better after I dumped my boyfriend of 4 years! Sometimes women are polite in bed and won’t tell u how bad it is. I’ve tolerated rough sex only causing me to wanna dump my guy cause I was too polite to say anything . Now I have the courage to walk out if the guy man handles me. I hate rough sex but yes women are human and we need sex too! Guys who think ALL women are any specific way have a lot to learn . You should get advice from girls not idiot guys. Wow I think u r an idiot

      1. The guys you REALLY like, you want it ROUGH from THEM. They boy toys? Yeah you want them licking your pussy and doing whatever you say.

      2. Oh Please.
        I don’t agree with the generalisation in this article either, but how do you expect to be any better if you yourself generalise men as the ones who can’t be single and like dogs will pee all over you if not trained? Something which is not true either, for the record.

        1. So we have a male author saying “all girls like rough sex”, and a girl telling us that he isn’t right. Why are we relying on a man to tell us what girls like instead of asking girls what they like?

        2. Because they rely on other girls that write magazine articles to tell them what guys “really” want.

        3. Because they rely on other girls that write magazine articles to tell them what guys “really” want.

        4. It’s what beta males do.
          If you ask girls what girls like, they’ll tell you “someone who listens to my inane blabbering”, “someone who buys me expensive shit” etc.
          you don’t ask the prey how to best hunt it.

        5. Not all of us lie… if my fiance asks me what I think, I tell him. When we started discussing sexual contact, we both openly told about our kinks and preferences… well, I did… he still tells me there are kinks he has that I will never find out about because “they’re too creepy to him”…. but, I’m a pretty blunt person.

        6. Oh, yes, women love it when a “panzy-ass” asks them what they want! They want subservience in a man, someone who is sensitive and cares about them. Wrong! Dominate. Be bold. They love it! And if they don’t, give them the boot! Is it okay if I French kiss you? Really? Come on!!! Clutch her hair, pull her (with strength and confidence) to your lips and… it’s “game on”!!!!!! Mousey tactics work for the guys who don’t mind jerking it more than they get the “real thing.” Man up or get laid 20% as often as the rest of us! Enough said!

        7. Umm no as a girl if a guy asked what i like sexually i tell him bdsm, kink, and circumcised geeky white guys, as he gets to know me more i will let him know more of my more embarrassing kinks that i don’t necessarily want to do right away anyway. Not all girls lie about this stuff and not all girls like it rough, i like bondage but i am not a huge masochist personally, hair pulling is great when done right and i can deal with a spanking or whipping but i prefer power play and sensation play above that, the reason you think all girls like rough sex is because that tends to be the first step they take when they are tired of vanilla sex, its not necessarily something they like but its something they try on their journey through sexual realization, figuring out what exactly they like in bed, and some people wont try it, either they will be happy with vanilla sex, or just never had an interest in it, and those who used to like rough sex may evolve beyond it, a persons sexuality is constantly evolving and a generalization cannot be made on one gender that is truly correct

        8. So, then all men have a right to determine what females what and what they do not even when they have stated what they desire? That could lead into some rather seedy territory. You are starting to sound alot like Robin Thicke…Yes means no and no means yes. God, I fucking hate humanity.

        9. And the award for the most ridiculous generalization today goes to you! Well done! Give yourself a pat on the back.

        10. Why don’t you ask girls what they like? Just like all other interests, sex is no different, depends on the girl.

        11. “They love it! And if they don’t, give them the boot!”
          ..and that, my friends, explains most of the dichotomies between all these descriptions of lived experience.. we all tend to see what we want to see, in self and others.
          take everything you hear *from everyone* with a grain of salt.

      3. Please re-frain from expressing your opinions while including insults. Go do a make-up or something.

      1. Excuse me, but you obviously did not read the content. To give an opinion on content is one thing, to generalise meaning based on the title is something else. Truth nr 4 & 5 are completely different and can not be put in the same meaning category. Please use your brain, God gave it to you for a reason.

      2. Not really… If you look deeper at it than just the surface of the words you will see that dogs can be strong, independent, and domineering as well BUT always need someone HIGHER than them to GIVE THEM DIRECTION in their life, as do women ;P Take a Philosophy Course, Logic is useful for understanding computers and math, not animal-behaviors ;P

    2. “it’s the feminine nature to want to be roughed up, dominated, choked, even humiliated.”
      You’re confusing women with men who love football.

      1. quote: “You’re confusing women with men who love football.”
        You’re confusing us with people who give a shit about what you think.

      2. I would really like to know why my experiences with women are always like this. Why does every single woman respond positively? Someones lying here. Why would they all claim to like it so much, get way more into sex etc. I dont get the contradictions here….

        1. this is actually a good thing that women are kinky and like a little rough fun. What a boring world it would be if women were what beta-male idiots wanted them to be. Making soft slow sweet love non-sense would get very boring very quick. Variety in sex is the spice of life

        2. i think woman like feeling it you know… so i guess the smaller you are the rougher you need to be …

    3. Its weird that anyone with a good level of intelligence would believe all these lies in the first place. Such is the ignorance of youth. Most people are trying to be something they are not (ideas put out there in the medja), men and women included. I used to believe quite a myths about men and have since moved past it, but I don’t hold any bitterness to men about my previous ignorant existence. I learned. I see the reasons why guys like you write in this was but and somewhat see the usefulness, but theres a whole lot of negative vibes in this post. Us vs them mentality. not helpful in the long run for society really. But at least you came to your senses, I’ll give you that.

    4. About #1, dude, women are bloodthirty. Just take the Sulkowicz example. She was embarrased after she and her freind’s sex game didn’t work out, so she set out to completely destroy her victims life. When they don’t get immediate gratification they’ll destroy everyone around thems jobs and their own. About #3, the tables are backwards as viewed by our society. Women envy whores. If it weren’t for our whole “marriage game” society being their ticket to mens wallets, guys would just have to walk down the street to get picked up by random girls one after the other. Women like having friends who are prostitutes for a couple of reasons. One is they use them to talk down about to their group of “ego maintainers” and then pump them for information to live vicariously through their experiences.

  6. One thing I like to do is when pounding a girl doggystyle, I make her grab her ass cheeks with both hands then pin my hands over hers and force her ass open. Never fails to get them wet. They love being degraded by a forceful man.

        1. ‘They love it’- What the fuck is with all these ridiculous generalizations about all women liking a particular sexual technique. People are insanely stupid nowadays.

    1. This is true and I do encourage all men to submit themselves to thorough prostate exams. Prostate cancer is, after all the second leading cause of cancer death in American men.

    2. Read above, Beidas. What they like is to be forcefully rimmed and to have various body parts and objects injected in their booty hole. ALL of them! Ladies, don’t be shy. Have your man come back begging for me, or else he’ll leave you for someone who will. Gender no bar.
      Good god, Gandhi was right about Western “civilization”.

      1. “Have your man come back begging for me”
        I meant “begging for MORE” obviously. LOL

  7. Unfortunately i found this out by accident last yr when i hate fucked this chick. Chocking and slaps on the bum are essential if you want her to take you seriously. I know this because even if your game is shite, she will come back for more sex.

  8. 3 months ago I had a hot milf show up at my door with nothing but lingerie on hidden by a jacket in the 20 degree Minneapolis cold and a backpack full of vibrators and dildos ever since 50 Shades of Grey it’s been another level these women
    And these scenarios are becoming quite common

  9. Be that as it may, all girls DO love rough sex… But only in sporadic periods which have to be accompanied by ‘passionate’ sex

    1. While you do have to at times cater to their hamster so that they can rationalize all the brutality, the rough sex is generally what they mean by “passionate” sex.

  10. I realized this a while back and its taken a bit of the fun out of sex. Dirty sex used to be a challenge or an accomplishment. Now her rimming me is standard first fuck procedure. Who knew?

    1. Anyone who sticks their tongue in someone’s pooper is mentally sick, and very shortly after, they will become physically sick as well. HPV and throat cancer, here she comes!

  11. I have found that many women enjoy a leather belt.
    Take the buckle off. Sit or kneel in the center of the bed. Lay her naked face down over your legs, fold your belt in half, and take it to her ass. You can alternate between using your hand and the belt. Hit her ass hard and her asshole & pussy more lightly. Good foreplay. 🙂

  12. Damn you men! I’m now gonna have to go attack my husband and ask him to give to me “Ruff-just the way your mother likes it”. (quote from SNL Jeapordy spoof-with “Sean Connery”)

  13. I don’t know why there seems to be this attitude that liking rough sex makes someone a less nice person, or “nasty?”
    I think I’d be more inclined to like rough sex if it was going to be more “being equally rough to each other” and not only “someone else treating me roughly.” This seems to be the case with the first girl, since she was being rough toward the author, but the guy who told the author “all girls like rough sex” seemed to mean it as “all girls want to be dominated.” Not exactly the same thing.

    1. Where did anyone say liking rough sex makes you a less nice person? We’re simply pointing out the differences between common consensus and what women truly want.
      The first girl wasn’t being equally rough to him. She simply initiated the roughness to get him going and submitted herself through the entire sex act.
      Yes, all girls want to be dominated. I’ve got 20 million horribly written books to prove it.

      1. If someone doesn’t like being dominated and knows that, nothing you can show them written by someone else will “prove” to them that they do. Your twenty million books will only prove that a lot of women like being dominated – but it won’t make me like it.

      2. And I’ve got a shit ton of questionably written fanfic that proves women actually like intersex aliens that may or may not lay eggs inside of each other. I also have a whole subculture full of art that proves women really only like gay men (or guys on the receiving end of a tentacle monster). People are individuals, and yes, this includes women. Some like being submissive, some like being dominant, some don’t want to be either, and some probably want to do it with a sea urchin, because humans are strange regardless of gender.

  14. It always shocks me how perverted women are (and how the way society views men and women is reversed.)

  15. 3 words-
    forced orgasm session. definitely something for pro’s. beginners need to learn the basics. but after 10 minutes, she’ll buy you a car. lol.

  16. Roosh, do you have any sexual technique ?
    Do you ever try to give girls an orgasm ?
    Just asking, because you never mention it in your books.

  17. This is a nugget of wisdom an alpha male older brother of my best friend taught us back in the day when we were younger (he’s a black belt, once threw a guy through a windshield for whistling at his little sister, wanted by American law enforcement, running his own cartel operation in Mexico now, used to get into shootouts back when he was starting out in the business, he moves in bulk now, though).
    So, he goes, “What you do is, mount her doggystyle, slap her ass HARD, pull her hair as you’re fucking her, slam her face down into the bed, then say, “I love you, BITCH.”” That’s it. Game Over. Its never failed me.

      1. I do roughly the above with a well-cultured, well-educated woman with a professional job and a graduate degree.

  18. This is common in mammals. Consider the female mink – she only can conceive after the male has bitten her and drawn blood. Big cats need rough house too.
    I draw some great bonks with my CL ads about “former wrestler” and “inner cave man.” You need to demonstrate on a physical level that you’re stronger than she and fierce. One easy way to do this, even in public, is to pick her up off the floor. They get a little scared and surprised. When she starts with “don’t hurt yourself”, toss her up in the air a bit and catch her and say, “shut up, bitch!”
    After particularly hot sessions, I’ve had women proudly refer to the bruises I’ve left on her from the rough handling I’ve given her.
    Just be sure you keep it within legal bounds.

  19. This might be the sing truest post ever posted. When Amerika stars experiencing power outages, the brilliance from this post will be enough to light a small room. Women like it rough, they need it rough. Know why? “cause if they’re not being owned, ruled, and led, the wander around crying like a lost child in a hardware store. Next thing you know, they wind up in billiard halls with short haircuts, all because YOU were scared to bring the heat. Rule your woman, or be ruled by her. There is no middle ground.
    ..but yeah, careful about leaving marks.

    1. “cause if they’re not being owned, ruled, and led, the wander around crying like a lost child in a hardware store.”
      You wish! =P
      Some girls like rough sex, others don’t. And while some of those who do like rough sex have no problem acting on that desire, others are afraid to admit it since they grow up being conditioned to think about sex and their sexuality in a very in a very limited way. The mere fact you all seem to think it is such a big deal goes to show that the female sexuality is still somewhat repressed in today’s society. And of course, there are those who prefer to share these kinds of preferences with guys they trust completely, after being in a relationship with them for a while.

  20. Dear God I had no idea men like you existed until today. The article was vile enough but your comments shocked and repulsed me completely.
    Let me be very clear on one point:
    All Girls DO NOT like Rough Sex
    Most would think they were being assaulted, so before all of you attempt to follow any of the advice given i would suggest you discuss it with the woman in question, and get her consent.
    Btw your comments inside this forum can be used against you in a court of law.

    1. All girls love being assaulted. The assailant just has to be a billionaire alpha to get that pussy wet.
      And smh @ your last sentence. Another ugly feminist who’s against the freedom of speech.

      1. I doubt any of you even know what the true definition of a feminist is, allow me to enlighten you:
        Feminism is the radical notion that women are people
        Or, if you would prefer the official version:
        The advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men
        Simple, isn’t it? However, many people see feminism as a limitation of their own rights in the workplace, or unbelievably a movement that is anti-man. This couldn’t be further from the truth as without men on side, women’s equal rights will never be accepted by society as a whole, no matter how many laws are passed.
        I’m not sure what pushed you all to take such an anti-woman stand but you don’t have to behave this way. This website promotes an unhealthy attitude to women, that includes your mothers, sisters, daughters, and aunts…take a moment to consider that before you post something else objectionable.

      2. ^ ehhhh, wrong. Nice try.
        Humanism is the belief that women are people. A 2 year old knows that.
        Feminism is the radical notion that women are men.
        Feminists advocate for pretty lies that hide their true feminine nature in order to make them look more like men.
        This site doesn’t advocate for anything anti-women. We are talking about how women REALLY are. It is feminists who are denying their true nature and being anti-women.

        1. So why do I keep reading comments that are ‘anti women’?
          I agree with the feminism point, I don’t like that feminism tries to get women to be men, but then I read stuff that seems like the battle of the sexes and It makes me annoyed because I initially adhere to the points made here. Cant you communicate this stuff with out insulting women an generalising them into one pack of men hungry, secret agenda, wolves?

        2. the problem with the whole “women trying to be men” thing is that there are a lot of people who fall somewhere in between society’s gendered constructions of male and female and are victimized for it. The only thing that truly makes a person male or female is whether they produce an egg or sperm, everything else is socially constructed. True feminism advocates for each individual to determine their own path in achieving success and happiness, whether they are male, female, both or neither. The problem with this website is that is makes sweeping generalizations about “women” and this article in particular promotes assaulting women regardless of what they tell you they want. I think its harmful if people read it and actually believe it to be applicable to every single woman.

        3. the problem with the whole “women trying to be men” thing is that there are a lot of people who fall somewhere in between society’s gendered constructions of male and female and are victimized for it. The only thing that truly makes a person male or female is whether they produce an egg or sperm, everything else is socially constructed. True feminism advocates for each individual to determine their own path in achieving success and happiness, whether they are male, female, both or neither. The problem with this website is that is makes sweeping generalizations about “women” and this article in particular promotes assaulting women regardless of what they tell you they want. I think its harmful if people read it and actually believe it to be applicable to every single woman.

    2. Rubbish.I’ve been asked to have rough sex by girls,but I was never asked to be more gentle in bed.
      And does not “50 shades of grey” sold in millions of copies support the point?

      1. Did they get the opportunity, or is it all about your pleasure Calienta?
        You are misunderstanding the 50 shades phenomenon, men need visual stimulate I.e. porn videos, magazines, etc. Women need mental stimulation, we need the fantasy, not the graphic. This is why Mills and Boon still turn a profit in depressed times. I’ve read all three books in the 50 shades trilogy and found them quite entertaining in fact hilarious at times – seriously when do women ever have an orgasm on demand?
        Also for the majority of women I’ve spoken to, it’s more restraint that is yearned for NOT THE PAIN!

        1. You have read three of THE crappiest books on Earth.
          Your argument is invalid.

        2. erm….dont you need to read a book to find out if it is ‘crappy’? or at least an excerpt (thats what I did to decide if I wanted to read more..)

        3. Oh I’ve read excerpts alright. It was as pathetic as I had expected. Needless to say, a story that started of as a Twilight fanfiction and was a result of a bored, sexually frustrated, fat and ugly British housewife’s sex fantasies holds no appeal for me, thank you very much.

        4. Yepp, true. But some of us have either inherited great genes or are too health conscious to allow ourselves to “let go”, or both.

        5. Desi genes have issues. Think those dark eye circles. Its to desis what wrinkles are to white people. No matter if you stay fit, those eye circles are a dead giveaway.

        6. Not necessarily. One of the things I appreciate most about South Asians is their acceptance of the aging process. Its much more dignified than trying to look and act 22 at 42.

        7. Yes, well, we’re still a developing society aren’t we? Most of us live our lives brimming with so many existential concerns that there isn’t any time to think about artificial ways to look younger/more sexually appealing than one’s age would allow. Besides, the mere idea of enhancing one’s beauty artificially is still very alien to an average Desi.

        8. Then the average desi is lucky. Coconut oil for nice thick hair and a little kajal around the eyes is all they need to enhance their beauty.
          Eating healthy, regular exercise (both of which desis aren’t that great at) is enough to keep the average person healthy, happy and looking their best.
          Artificial enhancements just look…….. odd.

        9. I’m not defending my race, but we aren’t good at regular exercise because technology replacing physical labor/effort is still a new thing for us. We, as a culture, are still new to technological advancements, most of the population has emerged from a generation that used to walk miles just to reach a school, or even to fetch water; jobs involved physical labor (many of them still do); we’re an agrarian economy and our ancestors spent their time working hard at farms. As we grow technologically and most jobs become more and more sedentary, more Indians will understand the importance of “working out” regularly.

        10. “As we grow technologically and most jobs become more and more sedentary,
          more Indians will understand the importance of “working out” regularly.”
          That would be a shame if they start to become gym rats like ‘Muricans. The healthy and fit South Asians I know are that way because they follow the principles of Ayurvedic nutrition, practice yoga-asanas and go on yatra where they have to trek for miles to have darshana.

        11. Yes, it would be a shame. But sadly, most Indians especially those living in cities have a disgusting fascination with anything American.

      2. Delicious Tacos wrote the funniest review of 50 Shades of Grey. Google it, it’s a real hoot that starts out: “Right now, your mom is masturbating to a dirty book about a guy who duct tapes a young girl to a chair, blindfolds her, gags her… “

      3. LMAO @ this feminist’s hamster spinning.
        Yes, women need mental stimulation. And 50 Shade Of Grey gives them the mental stimulation of being raped, dominated, and assaulted by a powerful man. The fact that you read all 3 books and found them entertaining proves how big the size of the hamster spinning inside your brain is.
        1 out of 5 women orgasms when being raped. Look up that statistic and give me the reason why.
        “Women don’t like pain! They just like being restraint!” LMAOOOOOOO spin, hamster, SPIN!!!!!

        1. The point about 50 shades of tray is fine, but using that statistic about rape is a low blow. This almost goes into the myth that all women want to be raped. If you read the list again is says that the women has to want the man to do these things and glue permission. Having an orgasm during raoe is not a sing that they needed it. Our bodies can react in all sorts of different ways. Molestation to young children is primarily about giving them pleasure so they don’t think the abuse is wrong. So I hope you don’t think that they subconsciously want this rape? Having worked for rape crises on the helping for a while I know that no one ever admitted secretly liking their rape. I did have women admit that they felt orgasm or pleasure from the type of rape that it was but they received a battering by the man or internal injuries and they were horrified at feeling that pleasure. Part of their issue was the shame they felt about that. their body was reacting but they couldn’t do much about it. I really don’t think you would feel acceptance if you wee raped. Its an invasion of respect and boundaries and BDSM etc… is all about boundaries and permission. So yes most women do like it rough and theres nothing wrong with that, but they like it rough with guys who they trust and give permission to. Taking that initiative with a woman is tricky, but as you have discussed already it is hot to a lot of women. But there is always a line and you need to communicate with the some before you cross it.
          Also, if every man believes these myths, who the fuck is bringing them up? People are individuals and their gender affects their personality, but there are always exceptions to every rule so assumption is always bad. Talk and communicate and you shall find out. This assumption that every women wants a screw a guy over is frustrating. Whats with the us and them thinking!

      4. Sharon,if you honestly think that all what men want is getting rough,you are mistaking.
        Often when I am exhausted and tired I would rather prefer some gentle sex in a missionary,but must pump it up to keep a girl happy.
        My advice to you- dump your vegetarian manboob beta boyfriend,find a proper bad-boy and try something new.At the end does not feminism teach you girls to experiment with your sexuality?
        ps: and dont call me Calienta,its Caliente- Spanish for Hot lol

    3. You’re being a bit extreme. Rough sex and domination is very popular. Every girl has her own limits, and it’s not for all girls, but it’s for a very large majority.
      Sitting down and discussing it sounds so passionless and asexual, like something someone with aspergers would do. I just try a little bit and see the response. If she likes it, great. If she doesn’t, it was worth a shot.
      I don’t see why people take such extreme and polarising opinions on stuff like this. You don’t have to choose between being a beta and an asshole, you can just be a well rounded human being.

      1. Okay I’m starting to understand now, you obviously have had no experience of real love and how truly wonderful a soul/sexual relationship can be with another person. You should checkout the statistics on tantric sex before you start throwing around syndromes like Aspergers and words like passionless. If you truly think that being aggressive is the only way to have exciting sex you must be in your teens!
        Btw I am a feminist and proud of that fact, I am not however anti-man, I am pro-strong men who ignore pack mentality and stand up for the equal rights of the women in their lives.

      2. Strong men have experience with women and see them for who they are.
        It is the weak men following the pack who believe in pretty lies in order to appease to society. Those pretty lies include women’s appreciation for chivalrous, romantic love and lack of desire for aggressive sex.

      3. ‘Like someone with aspergers would do’- I love how aspergers has become a code-word for ‘dispassionate and asexual’…

    4. Btw your comments inside this forum can be used against you in a court of law.

  21. can’t agree here…
    some girls have sensitive buhginas and a low threshold for pain. not all girls want it rough (choking, hard slapping, hair yanking, etc.) but i’d agree that nearly all want it strong. sometimes you gotta go one part velvet for two parts steel. ‘pends on the girl.

  22. @Sharon,
    That’s so awesomely funny. Strong men who ignore the pack? So now the incredibly small community known lovingly as the Manosphere is ‘the pack’ and supporting the MASSIVE FEMINIST AGENDA is going against the mainstream?

    1. True. I like how one minute, we’re small and meaningless and no one cares about us…but the next minute, we’re following “the pack”. haha feminists never think anything through.

    2. Never listen to what women say, watch what they do.
      She’s “a feminist and proud of that fact, I am not however anti-man.” A contradiction in terms.

  23. “I’d hate to break it to you, but they’re all like that.”
    Yep… Although it depends to what extent. That’s been my experience as well. Not that long ago, after a lot of physical interaction with a young lady I had met, I was banging her and choking her till she came like a freight-train and promptly passed out. After checking for that strong pounding pulse, I crashed to wake up later with her riding me like I was a pony. Time for round two. The next morning I wake up to the smell of eggs and bacon, a novel feat since the only thing in my fridge was beer and a partially eaten pizza.
    She’d gone out and gotten eggs, bacon, and a lot of other things, and proceeded to make me breakfast. Her only comment before round three was “you’ll need lots of protein, and fluids before I’m done with you.” And she was true to her word. She adored being “powerless” – at least in your mind.
    One of the many reasons I love women, they will f**k you to exhaustion, then nurse you till you’re ready to go again… 🙂

  24. “I’d hate to break it to you, but they’re all like that. This one just made it a point to tell you. All women like rough sex—even the “nice”-looking ones. There’s something about some well-placed aggression that triggers something in their lizard brain. It’s disturbing, but true. I learned it years ago, when I tied this girl’s hands as a joke and she went crazy. They like their hair pulled. They like to be thrown around. Their faces smashed into the bed. Some more than others, but they all like it. It’s like you have to re-learn to have sex.”
    Maybe its a cultural thing but the above doesn’t sound sexy to me at all.
    Perhaps people who come from comfy, safe, clean and priveleged environments need this type of thing to feel excitement or edge or something.
    In fact BDSM was invented by the Victorian British elite, so yeah, my theory makes sense.
    For the rest of the world living in already risky conditions, the least thing we want to face in bed with a lover is more risk.

    1. It could be a cultural thing. I’ve lived in America pretty much all of my life and this seems to be true here. I don’t know about India or other countries. I sure would like to find a girl that likes genuine love making and isn’t just looking to get pounded like every girl I’ve ever met out here…

    2. BDSM predates Victorian Britain by centuries…rough sex is as old as the hills…and wasn’t it your lot who gave us the Karma Sutra?

      1. millennia.
        Kama Sutra is about sexual exploration but not BDSM, although discipline plays a role.

    3. an (often inverse) connection between everyday life and sex life is common (executives like to be dominated, etc). however:
      a) many (most?) western women don’t say (think?) they like this stuff either. sexual details often get opposite reactions in word and deed.
      b) the treatment that earns & maintains trust may not be the same as the (sometimes/always) favored treatment in bed once a strong trust is achieved. many on all sides don’t understand (or don’t want to understand) that distinction.

  25. DeepDiver here – the real deal – former elite combat systems expert US Navy Nuclear Attack Submarines.
    Women do not necessarily like to be beaten or abused but they do love to be taken with a firm hand by a hard driver and diver.
    I would get back from a patrol of a month or two and would call several of my girlfriends – all like it rough but not juvenile rough hitting or BDSM – but real hard man=handled sex – one used to like pirate fantasy – I would simply say ok spread em wench and she would start laughing and try to seriously resist and I would just take her – hold her forearms face to face and push her down into the bed with my knees outside of her thighs and then push my man meat hard into her while she was still seriously trying to struggle and resist – by then I had her forearms locked against her ample breasts and had her gripped by her thighs so that the inside of her things cupped my balls while I locked and loaded and fired away inside of her and that is just exactly how I described what I was doing to her while I man phooked her – she confided afterwards that she really did think she could fight off a man and had really tried and that it both scared her and got her really hot that a man could just take her and man phook her hard like that. This was a strong sexy italian woman.
    I also had a 5 fot 2 inch petite Austrian English woman who loved it hard – I would lay her back onto pillows after i put on a lubed condom so it would go in easier and then put my arms under knees so her legs were hanging over my biceps and then gripped her wrists while I pulled her up and held her and lined her up for a swoosh deep hard penetration (this is rather had and fast and you let her vagina hang off your man meat like a hook… then pick her up and down with your hands and drop her harder and harder onto your man meat – after about 5 to ten minutes your arms will tire and you want enough pillows piled up so you can fall forward hard into her and then wrap you legs around the outside of her things while you lock and load and put your hands under her shoulders and grip her head firmly as you pump her hard and drive your tongue hard into her mouth and enjoy the taste of her excited breath while you man phook her hard till climax – both the pirate ravaging and in the air fly phooking with a hard firm climax will etch you man power into her primordial brain than now soft touching beta man boy will ever be enough for her and you will ruin her for all other men. Point is no matter where she is or what she may be doing – she will always drop who and what ever she may be doing when she gets the call that her man is back in port and its time for some real man hard I&I intercourse and intoxication.
    If she does not orgasm multiple times in any of these sessions she is not a live breathing woman and when you bring any woman to a firm man hard climax multiple times you own her primordial brain and are imprinted on her as the ultimate man to her forever.
    Of course you can mix it up with some doggie style or spooning or woman on top torpedo riding to catch your breath and enjoy every inch of her body will you do so with a firm grip on her breasts while she rides you – a manly form grip on her breasts has been known to cause multiple spontaneous orgasms in women who did not know they could go big O in multiples.
    Most women have not been hard man handled sexually in this way and will never forget you and your natural masculine sexual control over them – this is the first and last time I will share these hard core nuke boat hard driver and diver secrets so enjoy.

    1. “If she does not orgasm multiple times in any of these sessions she is not a live breathing woman ”
      I’m a live breathing woman and what you described is not the manner in which I orgasm multiple times.
      Different strokes (heh) for different folks.

  26. ok well first of all: sorry to dissappoint you guys: but as far as I know it’s not about violence, disgusting things, humiliation or abuse (sorry, buddy!)
    If you really do ACTUALLY CARE about what WOMEN want (not just forcing them to pretend that they want what YOU want; just to make someone do it without getting YOURSELF in trouble…) or at the very least; want to know; I don’t expect you to listen to me cuz I’m not a man & therefore; have no clue what women want.
    But hey; here it is:
    In my experience, women; especially me, want a man to want us so bad that they have to have us first; & anything else that they want (or DON’T want) is SECONDARY…..
    AND that they WANT to please us….. want to do the things that they think (or know) will make us happy…..
    Whether we want them to or not; and we know that a man does not love us unless being with us “like that” is the most important thing to him; more important than every single one of his other stupid demands or things he “needs” from us in order to obtain “coolness” points from other males or whatever
    Also, ********* we are sick of having to do everything; why can’t the right man for us just find us & show us how much he loves/wants/cares about us & that we have nothing to fear from him because even if he does just ‘do whatever he wants,” what he WANTS to DO is NOT that bad; & not ONLY is it not that bad; but lob & behold what he wants is the same stuff we want & therefore we have nothing to fear & the right man has finally found us now
    Or something like that…..

  27. I have a pretty thick cock and lots of girls are in quite some pain during sex. One girl rode me but took it incredibly slow because she couldn’t stand it any faster. She got extremely wet tho and it was the best sex she ever had. How do you deal with that? I once put her legs on my shoulders in missionary and went inside her, just to see her shiver in pain once I was inside. So rough sex with these girls is not really possible because it hurts them too much… and yes I know they like it when it hurts a bit, but I could tell it was too much for them.

    1. I had a woman like this – a couple glasses of red or white wine used to loosen her up enough where it did not hurt as she was not so tense. Some ladies like her who have not given birth and are still quite tight can experience pain when your man unit bumps against her ovaries and the pain is reported to be as though you were kicked in the balls – most will relax with vino so they can take the whole thing – also – woman on top gives them more control over speed depth and penetration till they loosen up and work up to the point where they can actually negotiate the shock of a hard climax. You may have to teach them a few deep breathing exercises while you are at it.

    2. “I once put her legs on my shoulders in missionary and went inside her, just to see her shiver in pain once I was inside.”
      Intercourse is not designed to be painful by nature so either your circumcised (also unnatural) or you’re doing it wrong.
      Circumcised penises result in painful sex, sometimes for both partners because the pleasure providing sheath/foreskin (with as many nerve endings as the female clitorous) is missing. Therefore circumcised penises have to jab more often and with more intensity and depth just to feel even half the pleasure that a natural, whole, intact penis feels.
      A natural penis merely has to move ever so slightly and with rhythm within its own sheath once its inside the vagina.
      All is not lost for the cut man and his partner though. You just have to make sure that the female partner is sufficiently lubricated and excited enough for you to enter her, and that you have good technique and rhythm, something natural guys don’t have to worry about to the same extent.

  28. This article is so true. I never knew how much I enjoyed rough sex and being submissive until the past year or so. Hair pulling, restraint (especially just having my hands or wrists held down by his hands), hands around the neck (but not choking), Love dirty talk. The only things I have to say I’m against.. I do NOT want to be called a Bitch. Immediate turn off. Slut is sometimes okay. I prefer something soft and persuasive like Babygirl. And the other thing is, one time I was on top of an Ex, and he literally slapped me in the face. I started crying immediately. So, like some of you have said, each girl probably has their Dos and Don’ts. But, at least for me, I won’t be as submissive with someone I don’t trust. My boyfriend and I have been together a year and a half and it just keeps getting better. The other thing – not all girls just like the “story” and the “romance”. I’ve just started reading 50 Shades so I can’t say anything about it yet, but I watch porn too and love the videos of girls being dominated.

    1. That’s great that you’ve found something you like. But it doesn’t make the article true. The article isn’t “Jackie likes rough sex,” it’s “ALL WOMEN like rough sex,” and you are not all women.
      There is nothing wrong with a woman liking rough sex, or liking being submissive, but no one should try to speak for all women. Just like no one should try to speak for all men. There are always exceptions to these kind of generalizations.

      1. but no one should try to speak for all women
        aren’t you doing that?

        1. No, he is not in the slightest. He is not saying that all women do not like to be rough. He is stating that it is wrong to generalize about all women in general since they are all different anatomically, emotionally and mentally and thus will require different things sexually. I would not say that is a generalization in the slightest.

  29. once upon a time, i was a beta. i listened to her and i went nice and slow so it could be smoove with passion as I glided through her vajayjay like a smoovie. and she was so happy that she expressed her joy to me about what a nice sensitive thoughtful boy i was and then we cuddled after. (tear).
    many years later, i run into her again. after getting into my room and running the escalation play, i locked eyes with her, ripped off her pannies and jeanies with one stroke, reached up in her as if i had misplaced my keys in her fallopians and had to vigorously reach around to find them. i then left for a glass of a water, and had to come back with a mop because she was dripping wet. i turned her around and faceplanted her down into pillow for the doggy, grab her hair with one hand while fondling her tatas with my other, and phookdy le shit out of her till she correctly the answered the trivia question “Hoosier Daddy”. and it was good. and now who is this texting me at this late hour on a schoolnight wondering “whatcha doin?”

  30. I think there´s a real slut inside any woman. It’s just a matter of letting it come out and we can get amazed with all of them doing things we’d never imagined about them.

  31. Most of the women of my local BDSM group are submissive females, at least in male-female pairings, but there is a substantial minority of Dommes/sadists and female switches as well. There is a similar minority of submissive/masochistic males as well. I personally am incapable of submitting that way, but I have no problem with the guys who do.

      1. Um yes your post screams pure ignorance. Know when to draw the line and when not to – LEAVING A MARK IS NEVER OKAY- AND NO WOMEN WANTS THAT- ya want a noise compliant from the cops over that bruise on the neck? Yeah this is America- And women have equal rights- you can’t abuse them nice try though.

        1. Why isn’t leaving a mark okay during sex? there is a HUGE difference between and abuse and consensual rough sex between two adults…. I’m a woman, and I love the bruises and the stings a nice spank on the ass leaves. I love the marks he leaves from hickies and biting my neck… My fiance and I have a healthy BDSM relationship, and yes, there are marks left, but if I don’t like it, that’s why we have safe words…. Now, I’d appreciate it if women and men alike on here stopped telling me what I DO and DON’T like and what I do or don’t need. We’re all different, DEAL WITH IT.

  32. You have to give her the cru-cervix. When she’s facing you on top, hold her arms out as if she’s on a cross. Then, with one fell swoop, slingshot down and up into her with the force of a thousand Spartans. Double points if she uses the lords name in vein. Crucervix.

  33. I think your statement of ALL women is wrong! I’m a sexy woman and I HATE rough sex! The worst lovers I’ve had are men who ve said exactly what u r saying that all girls like it rough! What’s worst is these men think they are good when in reality I can’t wait til it’s over! You shouldn’t say “all” women because I don’t. I have a sexy and probably bad girl image but I LOVE and adore gentle lovers and I make sure they leave with the best time of their lives when I’m in bed with them because I appreciate men who treat me delicately SO much and sadly many are rough which I despise. I’ve left guys with blue balls and walked out if their place if I felt man handled and I roll my eyes at idiot guys who think that’s how “all” girls want it! Your post angers me!!! I’ve met only one HOT man who was gentle and kept asking if I was ok and I’m in love with him and plan to marry him! Guys with your mentality is what kept me single and reluctant to have sex for years, your statement is wrong and offensive. Maybe some girls with potential low self esteem or different preferences like it rough but NOT ALL!!!!

    1. can you prove that you’re sexy..?……..or is it because you say so………’ve left guys with blue balls…….good for you …… wonder hookers will never run out of business……… need to get it in your little head…..women are part of booty and plunder………….the sooner you understand this the better for all of us

      1. I’m too sexy for you and this booty will NEVER be plundered by the likes of you! I can tell by your name your probably a gross Arab who sucks in bed You’re gross

    2. My girlfriend is like you she likes it gentle and slow, but is not all about her so I fu*k the sh*^ out of her when I feel like it. We both have it our way and enjoy both things.

  34. Wow you guys who believe this crap probably all suck in bed! I feel sorry for your gfs…

    1. no Karen ……….do not feel sorry for them ,,,,because it doesn’t matter whether you do or not………..the hamster is spinning…………….

  35. HAHAHAHAHA… all women likes rough sex? Until you meet someone who cries rape when you manhandle her. You guys are losers who managed to bed sluts only.

  36. The guys you REALLY like, you
    want it ROUGH from THEM. They boy toys? Yeah you want them licking your
    pussy and doing whatever you say.


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  37. I have to agree that a lot of women like rough stuff in bed, but that doesn’t mean we are dirty or bad or in any way less of a human than you are. Why does everything on this blog have to make women out to be less human than men?
    It’s because you are a misogynist. Did it ever occur to you that you could give some excellent sex and dating advice to men without the misogyny? It would hit home a lot better for most men, who thankfully aren’t misogynists. But you might actually gain women supporters as well. We are half the population, you know. You are discounting at least half of your potential audience because of your abusive and disrespectful attitude towards women.
    it’s clear that you were hurt at some point and are still butt sore about it. I’ve been hurt by men, but I don’t hate all men because of it. Also, if you were a bit kinder and more respectful towards women, I think that you might attract a better quality of woman who both respects and requires respect from men. If you only fuck dumb, underfed, sexually irresponsible women, what do you expect?

    1. Huh? I fuck well-educated, sometimes well-fed, and sexually responsible women. Graduate degrees, some of them have a few extra pounds, and we always use condoms/protection.
      Stop projecting.

    2. Maybe he’s like me and is just tired of women dumping him because he’s not rough enough. I know it sounds crazy and defies the stereotype of the average male, but there are some guys out there like myself who actually get NO PLEASURE WHATSOEVER from having “rough sex” and prefer to actually “make love” instead. Unfortunately, women don’t seem to like guys like us very much, despite their endless rantings about how they all wish they could find a “nice guy”. That’s probably where the expression “nice guys finish last” came from.

  38. I do not, never have, and never will, like rough sex. I am a woman. Guess I just blew your theory out of the water, eh?

  39. In general this whole website appalls me.This guy would like to think that he’s an expert on what women think, what they like, and what they don’t, whether they’re sluts or whether they’re prudes, and to generalize it further whether they are fuckable or unfuckable. So I guess this site is geared toward all the player wannabes who just want a good laugh or to know a few tips on how to get laid. Whatever it’s for, it’s really sickening. Like stereotyping is one thing but this guy (and even some comments below) try to make it an effing science.
    But lets be real for a minute, whenever there’s a social stereotype there are also exceptions to it and a lot more people probably falling within that exception area than one might think. And to them it’s insulting to see the degrading generalities that get imposed upon their group- in this case women- by men who pretend like they know something.
    I don’t pretend to know everything about the male sex- but if they want tp make sweeping generalities about what women are like and call that “the truth” I could counter it with plenty of less-than-flattering “truths” on their end as well.
    Like I’m sorry but NOT EVEN CLOSE to all girls like rough sex and as for the 24 signs article, I can name 10+ of those which have nothing whatsoever to do with anything regarding whether or not a girl sleeps around, how often she does so and how many people she sleeps around with (which would be how I’d go about defining a slut). And holy fuck. LIE #5 in this guy’s comment below? I don’t know if this guy is ignorant or just a complete masochistic asshole but either way it should be unsettling to any self-respecting woman.
    When you can look at a girl, fill out a check-list of criteria in your head and from that determine whether or not you try to fuck her- that’s when you do become a base, manipulative, pig- who looks at women not as equals, not even as people, but as objects you can force yourself on (preferably with as little resistance as possible, am I right?)

    1. QUOTE: “When you can look at a girl, fill out a check-list of criteria in your head and from that determine whether or not you try to fuck her- that’s when you do become a base, manipulative, pig- who looks at women not as equals, not even as people, but as objects you can force yourself on (preferably with as little resistance as possible, am I right?)”
      Kinda like when a skag looks at a guy with her criteria of that he should have the right amount of money and status and decides to fuck him based on that.. a hormornal driven animal who looks at men not as equals, not even as people, but as meal tickets to be manipulated and duped…
      Pot. Kettle. Black.

    2. You mean to tell us that you’re the kind of woman that genuinely likes “gentle love making” and isn’t into any sort of aggressive sex at all? Because if that’s true, I dare say you’re a liar. Btw this is coming from a dude that isn’t the “rough” type at all and would actually very much love to meet a woman who genuinely enjoys “gentle love making”. Unfortunately for me, every single woman I’ve met was indeed exactly as described in this article, and this has actually caused problems for me as I’m really not into rough sex. It really does seem to me like there’s only two options for guys like me: Have rough sex with women even though I really don’t enjoy it at all, or just not have sex at all because trying to do it “gently” with them will only result in them cheating on with some guy that can provide them with the above mentioned “roughness”

    3. Even though I don’t ussually respond to women lurking on manosphere websites, I must ask, what compelled you to write such as passionate comment? Could you have not withheld yourself ?

    4. You’re absolutely right. I’m sure some women like rough sex, but to say all, is wrong.

      1. Actually you are saying she is wrong by implicitly stating that exception prove the rule.

      2. Most women like rough sex some of the time, where “some” can mean “on occasion.”
        It’s really not that difficult.

    5. They’re little boys deathly afraid of women who couch it by talking shit and pretending they hate women and constructing outrageous theories to explain why they can’t get laid. Like an adult (sort of) version of the he-man woman haters club.

    6. who looks at women not as equals, not even as people,
      Gee, you actually managed to figure out the site. Does anybody read or post here expect to laugh or be appalled?

  40. So much autism here.
    First and foremost, yep, a lot of women enjoy being manhandled.
    Second, if you are a woman commenting on here about misogyny, you are probably guilty of androgyny and hypocrisy.
    Third, this was a really interesting article.
    Thank you for posting it.

  41. “The more I talked to guys who ACTUALLY have sex with girls on a regular basis…..”!!;this little truth,slipped in here, explains an awful lot dude. Reading your opinions on half of the human race & your typically immature way of looking at relationships as “game” & the way you talk about women in general, it’s painfully obvious that you’ve a lot of growing up to do yet.

  42. You guys are literally so retarded. You obviously can’t seriously believe most of the things that are written in articles, because in order to do that you would have to be an imbecile. So why do you feel the need to write these things about women? Why are you so threatened? Men like you are so weird, it’s like you actually prefer it if you could be gay so you wouldn’t have to deal with us. You’ve all obviously got issues and have probably had bad stuff happen to you as a child.

  43. I’m a woman and I do like rough sex – but only with “alpha” men. (I don’t like using that term but I suppose it’s apt in this context.) There is a raw, primordial pleasure in being taken by a man who exudes masculinity and power. A true alpha has no need for displays of violence or brutality towards women (including verbal – for example the pitiful misogynists commenting above) because he already knows he is dominant, and can hold as much sway over women with words and body language as his behaviour in the bedroom.
    I don’t think anyone who falls for this “gaming” bullshit understands that women can SMELL an alpha. Literally. There’s no gaming when it comes down to it, if these little tricks get a boy laid a few times it is probably because the women are bored, lonely and/or weak-willed – a lot of the time they’ll have picked the guy as a “beta” a mile off – OR she is searching for a partner to provide stability, which is different to what she wants from an alpha male – i.e. his genes. Everyone has heard these theories! But women are taught to ignore their instincts, and we’ve gone from being sexually starved to being terrified of the word “frigid” – no wonder so many women are so horribly confused, and vulnerable to game tactics. Through prolonged abuse we’ve become disconnected from our sexuality.
    Only men who are bitter towards women abuse and despise us simply for being women. The alpha male has no reason to fear women. The word “slut” seems to be used for women who are accused of lacking in sexual integrity, giving themselves with abandon. It is sexually irresponsible to sleep with men who in all seriousness we would NOT want to have children with. If all women had sexual integrity – that is, to only sleep with alpha males, like we once did – there would be no such thing as gaming. This whole “gaming” thing is a scam – ironically, any moron who buys into the idea that all women are inferior to him is just proving himself to be the “beta” he is and always will be. An alpha man knows the value of a woman and by giving her what she wants he shows his respect.
    Fifty Shades of Grey has been a massive success because it reminds women of their inherent value. Despite Christian Grey being the Dominant, the whole point of the story (aside from the vulgar sex scenes) is that the “submissive” girl actually holds the power over her beloved alpha, NOT the other way round.
    Interestingly, it’s probably “beta” men who kicked off agricultural societies – not being fit for survival in the nomadic alpha-dominated tribes – which led to private ownership of property and the subsequent enslavement of women…. But hey, thanks for the science and technology. As Doug Stanhope says, “Pussy gets shit built.” Keep trying betas.

    1. Great right up until the whole neolithic revolution part. The absence of property rights is far more dangerous for women than their being claimed as “property”, because it is a state of nature, red and tooth and claw. Alpha males had an advantage in such a chaotic situation, sure enough, but get serious. Arable land farming led to standing armies and the division of labor.
      Who’s really the alpha?: The man who offers stability and prosperity, or the stupid savage that gets slaughtered because he either attacks the wrong food supply or lives in the wrong valley when the “Beta” shows up to kill him?

  44. That girl in the story sounds so fucking fun and hot. I’m not even a lesbian but definitely want a round with her lol.

    1. I have a friend who always wrestles with the guys she’s into. When she gets drunk and aggressive it’s a sure sign she’s into whoever she’s punching or whatever. She’s really strong too, lol. It reminds me of monkeys mating or something. (Not because she looks like a monkey, she’s attractive.)

  45. It would only take advice of other to know this if:
    1) You never have given a girl an orgasm
    2) You didn’t pay attention to what pushed her over the edge
    Women almost always (not always) will cum harder and faster when you are rougher with them, individuality comes with the type and severity of roughness. To start, press her down harder onto you when she is on top and see what happens.
    Now like all things the same thing over and over is not going to work, you need to mix it up. Sometimes the romantic dinner and slow methodical does it. Sometimes the grabbing and tossing does it (and this works for arousing too). Key is to experiment and learn your partner but also don’t do anything that makes you feel bad, communicate, you might not be sexually compatible, or you might both be closeted Christian Greys.

    1. (1) Most girls I’ve been with had their first orgasm with me, and every single one had her first orgasm from vaginal sex with me.
      (2) If there’s any one thing I pay attention to in life, it’s what pushes her over the edge. You just don’t like what those things are. I have yet to watch a woman achieve a climax whilst I’m paying a $120 dinner bill.

  46. It’s so funny that so many people use “50 shades of grey” as a
    reference what women want. In my opinion a lot of woman buy this,
    because it’s like one of the first books with explicit content, that is
    mainstream and accepted broadly in society in contrast to hardcore porn.
    And also because it’s highly advertised in the media. They buy it
    because it’s popular not because they want rough sex.
    Or do you read crime books because you want to get murdered? 😀

    1. Noone should ever use 50 shades of grey as reference for what women want. Its romanticized abuse and nothing more. It has no real relevance to d/s aside from being a great example of what is condemned within the scene

      1. Not all of us are “in the scene”. Vanilla women love 50 Shades of Grey.
        It’s a great conversation-starter, since most women want to try that stuff out.

  47. It’s probably worth trying at least trying rough sex with most women. But it’d be dumb to assume that’s what they want ALL the time. If you’re not doing anything that brings her to orgasm, even the hottest and dirtiest rough sex is gonna get boring eventually IMO. Same goes for “gentle, tender” lovemaking. Also, some women might want rough sex/being submissive with some men but not from others. Personally I know I naturally switch from dom to sub roles depending on the man, and I don’t enjoy either more than the other.

  48. It’s probably worth trying at least trying rough sex with most women. But it’d be dumb to assume that’s what they want ALL the time. If you’re not doing anything that brings her to orgasm, even the hottest and dirtiest rough sex is gonna get boring eventually IMO. Same goes for “gentle, tender” lovemaking. Also, some women might want rough sex/being submissive with some men but not from others. Personally I know I naturally switch from dom to sub roles depending on the man, and I don’t enjoy either more than the other.

  49. It’s horrible, rough sex. Last guy I was with grabbed my breast and squeezed so hard I thought it would break. I saw tumours beginning all over. Nowadays, I am old enough to say: “Please don’t. It hurts” followed by, “I said, stop it! Right, enough, this is over!” But as a young girl, the kind you insecure ‘men’ go after, I didn’t know how to say stop. I was afraid. Afraid I was doing it wrong. Afraid that’s what sex was really like and he would laugh at me for my inexperience. And very afraid he would get angry…if he is roughing me up when he’s supposed to be loving me, what will he do if he is furious? It took a real man, a man with a touch like velvet, a stroke with the very underside of the fingertip (not the fingertip itself…it is something special, this) not too fluttery, not too firm..that ended in a tiny scratch, to show me what it could really be like. He could bring a women to the edge by caressing her inner arm or her neck, just where it joins the shoulder…and then back off…for hours…Yeah right. Having your hair pulled is really as good as that. Some women like it rough. Not all. Listen next time. Just try it. You can try asking her, but if she just says, “oh I don’t know” and gets all red, then listen to her body. Go slow, and pay attention and learn to differentiate between a real and fale response.
    That’s if you care, of course. Most of you probably don’t give a damn for her pleasure. After all, women exist to serve you, don’t they and you dont need to bring anything to the table except your so important special snowflake ‘masculine’ ‘alpha’ selves. You are aware ‘alpha’ has become a joke and an insult, right?

  50. I didn’t have to read beyond the title to know this would be awful.
    Assuming all women love rough sex is dangerous.
    While I like it rough, and am in a long term (and loving) D/s relationship, I have friends that are quite the opposite and like to be gentle.
    Assuming ALL women love it leads to hurt bodies, hurt feelings, and ignored “no”s

  51. As a manwho has had his fair amount of sex, I believe that oart of this article is actually true. The parts about the hair tugs and choking and slapping and whatnot. But a lot of the guys on this website need to get their shit together… Like, if you treat your woman with repect and love, and fuck her like she is the only one you want to fuck… It will be way more enjoyable than some shitty sex advice this chode is trying to give us.

    1. I show respect and love to women in my life by giving them earth-shattering, blackout-inducing orgasms.
      By giving them rough sex.

  52. I’m part of a Fraternity that is looking for content to promote to our 12,300 members and alumni.
    This article is great info, thanks. We’ll pass it to our members so they can better understand women.

  53. NO women likes to be disrespected by a man and man handled. Have some respect for women before you go slapping them around. Its not okay to bruise or hit women- its an act of domestic violence and is against the VAMA violence against women act. Get your mind right before you end up beating up women and having sexual assault charges. Its not okay to hurt a women never ever ever- if a girl “wants” sex so be it but the hair pulling and bruising hitting and slapping-no body deserves that. Women have every rights men do- and no one should be beaten, hit or disrespected because of it. Whoever wrote this needs to knock the ignorance out of there got damn head- theres a fine line between wrestling a girl and hitting, slapping, and hair pilling a women all of which are unacceptable its an act of violence. I don’t care if the girl “likes” it she doesn’t like it- she probably has been a victim of domestic abuse or in an abusive relationship with her parents or significant other previously and the violence in or outside the bedroom is all they know. Acting on that violence is simply not okay and any man should honor and respect a women not to harm her. And when i say violence- I mean HITTING a women or physically harming her IS NEVER OKAY! Get your head out of your ass and treat a women right.

    1. Oh great, now we have blue-nosed, puritanical busybodies telling everyone what behavior is acceptable to enjoy.
      Don’t ever let these people near any real power, or what they’ll produce will make Nazi Germany look a hippie collective.

    2. Oh BS! I can make my own choices tyvm and I happen to love a man who takes control and I like it rough, a little fear and some pain is a huge turn on! I want a man I can trust not an insecure boy who I have to reassure.

  54. I am not trying to take sides here, or to provoke either party, but there is something that is not included in this argument: consent. Yes, there are some women who enjoy having rough sex, and have been for as long as sex has been around, but that does not mean that all women want to take it this way, either. If both a woman and a man AGREE on having rough sex, or any form of S&M, it is their consensual decision to do so. However, assuming that no women like enjoy it or all women enjoy it is biased, as there are always exceptions to the rule. This also applies for males: Not all men like rough sex either, and it is simply a matter of preferences, not of masculinity, just like it is for women. So, isn’t it better not to assume that all of one group enjoys a certain thing, but rather to find out what your romantic partner likes in your life, just so we can be fair to everyone?

  55. omg one person thinking they know women when they’ve been with two at most are the worst. i know plenty of women who absolutely hate rough sex because they feel like they’re being degraded in some form (or triggered in some way) and refuse to do it, opting for other various kinks. i also know plenty that DO enjoy rough sex but that’s because they like feeling as strong and passionate as the other during sex. one or two people dont make up the female mindset and it would do you good to get that into your head.

  56. The difference? You guys have been raised to know you are sexual beings that can not be blamed for their urges. Women are raised to believe they are virtuous and stronger than their urges. Double standard much? Sex can become pretty overwhelming for someone who hasn’t masturbated since they were 12 or younger! Sorry if our desire to actually indulge in this new world is so disturbing to you all. My big advice, do not go around being rough with every woman in the bedroom. Some women have been sexually abused, raped or actually are inexperienced. Some squeezing there forearm a light bit tighter or increasing the power of the last few thrust before you come might be enough. Some my enjoy more but keep in mind it can be much more difficult for men to hit the spot we need. So a little extra might be the only way they can orgasm. That is the goal right?

    1. Girls with sexual abuse issues tend to be the wildest in bed, and tend to need the roughest treatment to get off.
      Since girls don’t exactly announce “Hey, I got abused as a kid” on the first date, I generally pay attention to just how crazy/wild they are in bed to find out if I’m dealing with a girl who’s got a dark past… nothing *wrong* with that but it’s good to be aware.

  57. This is a really stupid issue to deal with. If you like a girl, ask her out and date for a bit. If she’s into rough action, go with it and see if you like what happens. If she’s not, try something else and hope that you can find a system. Otherwise, walk away. Generalization in any field is a horrible way to go. Have the guide book ready but improvise as you go along. Isn’t this a common sense?.

  58. Bullshit. Many women find rough sex painful, and you’ll find that the majority do NOT like cervical pounding.

    1. They like it when they’re aroused sufficiently.
      The next morning, it’s not uncommon for me to hear “Wow, it feels like I’m having cramps!”

      1. Since when was having cramps a good thing? you know girls who enjoy cramps and periods? That’s probably one of the strangest things I have ever read.

        1. It’s not a positive thing the morning after.
          It is, however, a compliment to me in that the sex the night before was so excellent, it is worth the crampy pain of a sore cervix the next morning.

        2. But if it doesn’t hurt when you’re aroused enough I.e expanded fully, then why cramps? Oh wait, cos you have no idea how to have good sex, only hard sex.

  59. I bet this guy sucks in bed. Here’s a universal rule that can be applied to all women: You have to figure out what she likes. If you don’t suck in bed, this will be no problem after you’ve been together for longer than 20 minutes.
    This “…and then I discovered what you chumps all are doing wrong” is proof positive that 1) you don’t get laid very much. 2) you fumble around trying to figure out what works like old people screw, and that’s a long, rather unsatisfactory process for the gullible sluts dumb enough to sleep with you.

    1. (1) How many girls have you slept with?
      (2) The girls you have slept with… how many other guys did they cheat on, so they could get the rough sex they wanted?

      1. So you assume that he has not slept with many women solely because he does not make a ridiculous assumption that you can assume what a woman wants sexually, that all women are different and want different things- as opposed to you who thinks that a man knows what a woman wants more than she does. You also assume that the person they have been with has cheated on them. What a harsh thing to say to another human being. You, sir, sound like an arse.

  60. Okay I have to admit that as a woman I really do love rough sex, and being dominated is my ultimate fantasy. I think female vulnerability is actually quiet beautiful and I love to feel that way. However, and this is 100% honestly how I feel, in order to enjoy being dominated and objectified during sex, I need to feel safe and truly loved by my partner. And that takes time because you have to get to know someone for a while before you know how they really feel about you. I need to know that he identifies with me on more than a sexual level (likes me as a person) and desires my companionship. Otherwise I think I would be left feeling empty and rejected. My boyfriend is dominating in the bedroom and he likes to say really dirty things, but he pays attention to me and my enjoyment. And afterwards, he’s always reassuring me, making me feel confidant about myself and his desire for me. We’ve never discussed it, that’s just how he is and I love and worship him for it!

  61. When it comes to this I have to agree for the most part but I think some women have a huge misunderstanding about what rough sex really is. They associate rough sex as being vicious,inflicting pain,abusive,and even rape which is not the case. Rough sex is a form of lovemaking in which a couple or lovers brings a lot of intensity,energy,and passion when they have sex. I have female friends who are very open about their sex lives and from what they told me they like it “rough” because they enjoy that strong masculine energy when it comes to sex and its a big turn on for them. Everytime I hear that women like gentle sex I think of slow,awkward,and boring which is hard for me to believe that they find that enjoyable but at the same time we live in a very judgmental society so its difficult for some women to be honest about their sexual desires which is why women say one thing in public but behind closed doors its a whole different story.

  62. This shit is so conflicting. Absolutely everything here holds true for me, but women aren’t just defined by their genetics and they can be Doms as well…

  63. Personally I enjoy this website, Its like a guy code online version. I love rough sex, if its only a one night stand or fwb type of thing. But when I’m in a relationship, I love the passionate love making, whether its gentle or a little harder than normal, I’m happy with either.

  64. Abby how do you know most girls don’t like rough sex? Have you asked them? If you have asked them what’s the chances that they have been honest? Sorry babe, money talks bullshit walks on a mother fucking tightrope.

  65. Mike tyson is my hero(im a boxer too)
    I tell that to all the feminist dykes, and love to watch the expression change on their faces, gets them so worked up, i LOVE it!

  66. Uh, I believe all my long-term boyfriends figured out really quick. I may look innocent, talk innocent and behave mute and shy. But in the bedroom, I am a freak. Sometimes I have to ask them; “Are you okay with doing this to me?” LOOL!

  67. Most women I’ve done, responded wonderfully when I followed the Rocco Siffredi approach: hard anal (protected of course) and plenty of spitting, choking and slapping.
    Even though personally, I don’t enjoy fucking a girl’s ass or any of that rough treatment. Sex then just becomes too draining. There is a difference between vigorous sex and rough sex, which women today, brainfucked that they are, seem to have lost the understanding to differentiate from. Most western women today just like to be fucked as if they’re simulating a rape.

  68. “Lizard brain”? Are you that sexist and ill-informed? I can’t believe any girl would allow you to approach them, let alone have sex. You’ve clearly never had a woman interested in you sexually. Nutjob.

    1. Get lost. All women like this. Tested and confirmed on many. Just because you’re ugly and don’t have men drooling over you doesn’t make it untrue.
      FYI – Maybe if you start hanging out where blind men are you’ll get some needed action.

  69. I am a woman married for almost 20 years. I am sugar and spice, very kind, devoted and educated. Fifteen years into the marriage I discovered that I prefer hard sex, the kind where I let go of daily obligation and gift myself to another. I get to be released. This is more than a preference, it is a choice. Misogyny is not in the equation.
    The issue for me with this post is the implication that it is something to be ashamed of. Additionally, highlighting that the author is of certain bitterness what with society duping him. Let us be clear. Many (I dare not say ALL) males are drawn to the ‘sweet’ impression of a female, possibly attached to that the potential to be powerful. We are all who we are and why not explore or access different areas within?
    Steer clear of the almighty generalization. Though I suppose that they do inspire audience to engage. Well done.

  70. The success of “50 shades of Grey” nullifies most of the feminist tirades in this thread, though “Indian Woman’s” comment is legit and should be heeded (thanks for sharing). Receptivity to rough sex varies greatly by individual and especially culture. You are most likely to find it with Caucasian American, Western European (esp Irish, British, French, West German), Southeast Asian, Phillipino, Japan, and Latin America. It is much less common among Indian, middle eastern, Polish, Chinese. I have a lot of experience with sex like this and I have no trouble whatsoever finding beautiful women who enjoy it, so I will offer the following: 1) it’s like skydiving – very thrilling… and you also better really know what you’re doing or you can get in a whole lot of trouble fast. 2) There is a huge power exchange which requires a high level of trust and safety. The woman must feel both with you in order to “unlock” and you’d better not look at her different and think she’s a slut in the morning. This should not be faked: if you are fortunate enough to meet a woman who enjoys this be sincere and do your part. 3) In America, it also varies greatly by profession. Female lawyers for example are notoriously poor choices as many are simply too uptight, with an axe to grind and something to prove to a male dominated profession and this spills over into their romantic life. They are overly analytical which frequently ruins the moment… as are corporate ladder climbers. The notable exception is accountants who are often closet kinkoids. Most interestingly (and to the chagrin of feminists), there appears to be very little correlation between women who like rough sex and having daddy issues: you can find them across the entire spectrum of childhood backgrounds.
    As in the “50 Shades” book, you can break a lot of hearts with this in a hurry (because so many women are starved for a guy who can do it right) and you do not want to be a heart breaker with good women. Any man who does has a serious problem and needs professional help. It is also ill advised with one night stands and club trash, due to personality disorder “splitting” and “narcissistic rage” all of which are prevalent in the bar and entertainment business. And of course “faux rape culture,” liability, and frankly bottle rats are not the best choices anyway due to drug habits, attention whoring and short attention spans. You want a girl who pays attention and is fully in the moment, not texting her Vegas sugar daddie and snorting blow while you’re trying to handcuff her.
    The best rough sex partners are the kind and quiet ones, often with a hint of nerdiness, who offer only subtle physical cues and are looking for a strong alpha leader (as opposed to being at war with them!) But if you know the signs and know what to say, she will confide in you with her fantasies quickly,it’s simple supply and demand 🙂 These relationships burn hot but with few exceptions you’ll run into problems quickly. Though she will melt in your arms, there’s something about the power exchange that messes with a woman’s head, (even though you’ve taken her right where’s she’s begging to go) and she will begin acting out in ways that even SHE does not understand. Typically, she will start to sabotage the relationship in conscious and/or unconscious ways in ummmm “9 1/2 weeks.” With GF material “keepers,” proceed with caution. This is a subculture that many claim to enjoy but relatively few understand, something you’ll discover quickly when your new submissive starts describing you to her friends! This is true even in the Fetish and Swinger’s communities and surprisingly the adult business. As with everything in life, if you don’t know what you’re doing, seek the advice of men and women who do. With power comes responsibility and you do not want any woman to feel betrayed after giving herself to you on this level. Whatever the negatives, any opportunity to have sex like this is “bucket list” worthy and you should be grateful and treat her well because it is the right thing to do. And if you’re a jerk and can’t appreciate that all on its own then heed this: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned: Try the wrong thing with the wrong woman and act the wrong way afterwards, and you can encounter lots of problems and get in a lot of trouble —

  71. Reading these comments, I’m confused. Do men really prefer gentle love making over rough and wild sex? Why are most porn videos so rough if they are targeted for men?

  72. And it is precisely the reason ason why majority of women lust over “bad boys” and men that are not emotionally engaged with them – because they simply do not care about them enough to bother with “making sweet love on bed littered with rose petals by candlelight” to please them. Instead, they just take what they want – and that’s sexy as hell. The whole “feminist” bullshit about women being turned off by male domination and turned on by gentleness and “asking politely” is actually harming most women’s levels of satisfaction and their view on men as a whole. And being rough after politely asking if she doesn’t mind just sort of doesn’t cut it, y’know? I wish there was a like-minded, women oriented site dedicated to discussing and exposing some hard truths to opposite sex, but I’m afraid majority of us is still too deluded to be able acknowledge anything that could possibly make us, women, feel bad about ourselves. Thumbs up 😉

    1. Then you’d better get on your sisters about how feminism is bullshit and spread the word.
      Reason why men aren’t sexually aggressive with women is because we know that you’ll just call the cops and make false rape charges. I’m not dealing with that shit. Since feminism has told you to fear male dominance & women were stupid enough to go along with it, we aren’t going to be bothered with warped women who are too dumb to listen to their instincts.

  73. What is it with you guys? If she won’t give it up, you complain she’s a tease. If she does give it up and doesn’t get into it, you complain she’s a frigid bitch. If she gives it
    up and loves it as much as you, you complain she’s a crazy slut. Are you gay and afraid to come out of the closet??

  74. Hell yeah they do. I don’t know if it’s the anger they have or the turn on of being slutty, but every girl I’ve banged wanted it hard and dirty. Then they’d make a show of hiding bruises and scratches like a modesty facade/game thing. I’ve always liked it rough, and when you toss them around the bed and treat them like you’re just there to use them it’s like their brains turn off. Then afterward they’re sweet and nice and act like “they’re never that kind of girl” and try to make you forget how slutty they were 10 minutes ago.

  75. I concur with this. Once I was getting head from a girl in her SUV and overcome with passion (and seeing too many porno’s) I grabbed her hair and forced her head down on me. Shocked by my own aggressiveness, I immediately let go and was about to apologize when she grabbed my hand and put it back on top of her head while she was continuing with her ministrations. I went with it and she went absolutely nuts with passion. After that I bent her over and took her from behind. Not caring at this point I decided to get much more aggressive (doing her hard while pulling her hair, etc.). Her response? “Is that all you got?” Challenge accepted, I f*cked her harder than any woman I had ever f*cked before. She was texting me for days about how awesome it was and how she had never been f*cked so good before. Since then, I have tried this experiment with other women and always get an extremely positive response. Lesson learned.

  76. OK, lots of good truth here, but one thing is very important to know: the degree to which a woman wants to get “abused” during sex greatly depends on what phase of her cycle she’s in.
    During the fertile part of her cycle is when she’ll need dominance the most. When the Red Tide arrives, not so much.

  77. This isn’t too much of a surprise for me since I know that women in general love to be dominated in bed and I don’t need to use a work of fiction like 50 Shades Of Grey as an example I can speak from my own personal experience.
    The first girl I got with was a Japanese girl that I met at convention I went too. Things got hot and heavy between us but once intercourse started I was going all slow and gentle at first because like most men I thought that’s what got women off but boy was I wrong. She moaned a little bit hear and there but after the first three minutes into it I could tell she was bored so I said to myself fuck it I’m going bang her balls deep and be more dominant then that’s when she started becoming more vocal and turned on by what I was doing(pulling hair,spankings,telling her what to do,and thrusting into her as hard and deep as I could). It went on for like thirty minutes and damn was it fucking good for both of us especially when she told me that was best sex she ever had and that statement alone changed my view on what women REALLY want from a man during sex.
    Ever since then every other woman I’ve been with I had that same dominant attitude with those women like I did with the Japanese chick I mentioned before and with positive results and them wanting to come back for more.
    Sex is very simple for me. After giving some hot and heavy foreplay and light teasing making a woman want me more I put my dick in her and start fucking the hell out of her,with some additional hair pulling and spankings, until she cums or gets tired and vice versa. It’s not easy because nonstop thrusting gets exhausting after a while but its so damn satisfying for both the man and woman in the end lol.
    Contrary to popular belief that is what most women in general want is a man to dominate them in bed by fucking them hard and deep feeling that raw masculine strength that it’s purest form. Women love that feeling of a man wanting them so bad that he loses himself and gets in touch with his animalistic nature as well as bringing hers out.

  78. I can’t speak for all women, only myself. I’ve always loved rough sex. I really enjoy it when my boyfriend takes me roughly. I love having my bottom smacked.

    1. After becoming suspicious and then stumbling upon this article, I feel so disappointed. It’s not meant to offend you or other women in any way, but it has just made the ‘transformation’ complete: I no longer am seeking a girlfriend to be ‘in love with’ or in a relationship. I will from now on only use them for sex. Their worth, which I thought was their compassionate and reasonable side, has completely vanished for me. It turns out that women are just like weaker and prettier men, equally disgusting. Hence, there’s no need for me to have a girlfriend to balance out my nastier agressive side. The female sex has left me feeling empty.

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