25 Special Privileges Women Have Over Men—And Yet They Still Complain Like Spoiled Children

Feminists claim they want equality. However, their true focus is maximizing their “empowerment” while constraining men as much as possible. They complain endlessly about The Patriarchy to push their agenda and for trying to recruit normal women. As usual, feminist rhetoric is opposite of the truth.

Double standards

During Victorian times, many regarded women as delicate flowers needing special protection. Today’s feminists assert that women are strong and independent. They’re scornful of the old-fashioned concept, but still play it for everything it’s worth, angling for more preferential treatment. Here are some ways society already caters to the fem-centric agenda.

“Delicate flowers”

1. Affirmative Action programs and contract set-asides

2. Lenient treatment in the judicial system

3. Sexual harassment laws imposing puritanical standards at workplaces

4. Campus tribunals that will expel guys without due process, notorious for punishing consensual hookups that resulted in morning-after regret

5. Countless women-only societies, while male-only institutions are becoming rare

6. Men visually admiring the bodies women put on display is part of “rape culture”

7. Programs at all levels of government exclusively for women

8. Unattractive or socially inept guys subjectively are deemed “creeeepy

9. Welfare payments for pregnancy that results from sleeping with exciting criminals and deadbeats

10. Women are exempt from the draft in most countries, not conscripted even for relatively safe pogue roles

“Strong and independent”

11. Women can curse, smoke, drink, and dress like men (or even in next to nothing), but men and traditionally-minded women aren’t supposed to call them out for being unladylike

12. Moral standards are effectively optional, and rhetoric opposing slut-shaming further encourages this

13. Consequentially, a young woman can enjoy a long extended adolescence before even thinking of settling down, while all but the most popular guys are invisible to her

14. Some feminist mental microbes argue that being a porn star is “empowerment”

15. Single motherhood is applauded

Both tactics simultaneously

16. After that “journey of self-discovery”, someone who partied away her young adulthood can start trying to lock down the best provider she can find. She’ll be taken seriously as wife material despite her high mileage. Dual mating strategy for the win!

17. Women can opt out of motherhood by getting an abortion for any reason whatsoever. The father has no say in the matter, and certainly not the baby. However, a man has no way of opting out of eighteen years of child support payments.

18. Women are free to act very provocatively, yet expect attention only from guys they like.

19. An office harlot can sleep with the boss for a promotion, but later can be regarded as a victim and sue the company.

20. Men are socially expected to initiate courtship, but the penalties are becoming very bad if it’s not well-received.

21. Women who do enlist in the military have obtained the right to be included in combat roles, where they’re unsuited. Standards are lowered to accommodate them, because political correctness is more important than combat readiness.

Despite all these benefits and special rights, feminist damsels in distress feign powerlessness and claim they’re being oppressed, because they want even more freebies. Unfortunately, society has been failing this big Shit Test thus far.

But wait! There’s more!

The above is far from an exhaustive list of the preferential treatment society bestows upon women. Many guys automatically will take a pretty woman’s side in an argument. Men usually pay for dates. In clubs, they’ll even allow themselves to be used as vending machines for free drinks. The list goes on.

The Manosphere takes a dim view of all that. Princess Complex has gone too far, of course. Also, supplication is counterproductive. Finally, quality has been slipping in recent times. The knights of legend would put themselves in harm’s way for fair maidens. However, who would want to slay a dragon for an ungrateful feminist with a blue buzz cut, bad tattoos, and an atrocious attitude?

Still, perks for women actually did make more sense when men had some perks of their own. Notably, sex roles in times past included both rights and responsibilities. The traditional social contract between the sexes balanced things much better than today’s fem-centric nonsense. These understandings were reciprocal, within reason, in line with the actual needs and attributes of both men and women, and accorded with sensibility and time-tested tradition.

Naturally, feminists fail to apprehend this point. This is what patriarchy actually used to mean, rather different from how the term is mainly used today.

The fem-centric agenda harms society, including normal women

Although feminism claims to be good for women, are they delivering positive results?

Their rhetoric incites antagonism, disrupting the amicability normal in a healthy society. Promoting single motherhood was quite wrong-headed. Promiscuity takes a psychological toll and destabilizes any future marriages. Partying away one’s most fertile years also has obvious effects. So do the promotion of careerism (defining success the way men do), consumerism, and unrealistic expectations. These things ultimately make women stressed, lonely, and miserable. That’s pretty lousy for empowerment!

Divorce law is particularly harmful and full of glaring double standards. For a quick refresher, much of it still goes back to the Victorian notions. The major notable change is that “irreconcilable mutual differences” invalidate vows of “until death do us part”. Actual faults are no longer required that reasonably constitute contractual default. Freebies include:

22. Division of property, meaning the ex-husband loses half of his assets.

23. Alimony must be provided “to support her in the manner to which she has become accustomed”. This is extended long after the relationship ends, even if (as happens 75-80% of the time) she pulled the plug on it.

24. The ex-wife usually gets custody of the children. If she wants, she can alienate them from their father, or move across the country.

25. Inflated child support payments are usually well beyond foster care stipends, available even if that’s the milkman’s kid.

Removing the financial incentives for breaking up families would do wonders to solve this problem. However, if a legislative effort were initiated to fix even a single item of this archaic divorce law—like mandatory paternity testing for child support, or abolishing alimony—the feminists would howl like they’re undergoing an exorcism. Women today wonder why guys are unenthusiastic about getting married. They can blame the feminist home-destroyers for turning marriage into a sucker deal.


misandry, feminism, man-hating.

It’s rather comical that feminists still claim they want equality. That’s just rhetoric to push their two-faced agenda. At this point, having equal status would be a big step down off of their pedestal. They haven’t relinquished the special benefits and protections afforded to them. Instead, they want more goodies for themselves and more restrictions on men.

Still, after a certain point, griping about miniscule inconveniences just makes them look silly. What are these spoiled brats complaining about, anyway? Do these overindulged snowflakes believe they’re living in a backward village in Afghanistan? Actually, they pretend that conditions are far worse than even that in their own society that incessantly caters to them.

For the record, I don’t hate coddled young feminists who mostly have faced nothing worse than First World problems but claim they’re victims. These memebots are annoying, but hopefully they’ll grow out of it. However, the professors and other influencers who infect normal women with the mind virus can go to hell.

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154 thoughts on “25 Special Privileges Women Have Over Men—And Yet They Still Complain Like Spoiled Children”

  1. Feminism is for ugly, fat land whales. I do what i can to ignore as many women as possible. It makes them furious. Great article Beau.

    1. Every woman is a trap. When you are able to ignore the sexy ones then you will have conquered egoself.

    2. My divorce rape was a liberating experience. I was no longer tied to banging a 50-year-old woman once a month, but became free to travel the world having sex with young Asian women half my age. Sure it cost me 70% of my assets, and my 4 children, but the travel and sex I’ve had in the last 10 years has been truly amazing. I would never even touch a white woman again, and can barely bring myself to converse with these arrogant, entitled, self-serving, vicious cunts. You wouldn’t believe how many white men I’ve met with exactly the same story, almost ALL were denied any future access to their children, which is sad for both the fathers and the children.

      1. Just out of curiosity, did you not notice the signs that the ex was a bitch early on? I find it hard to believe she didn’t give any indication. It’s hard to maintain a mask like that for long periods of time

        1. Allow me to answer that.
          You see, as men, we have natural predilection to stay committed. We are creatures of routine, and if we can live through combat, we assume we can live through a nagging cunt’s disgruntled behavior until she snaps out of it. We hope!
          We have been raised to believe that marriage is for life because that is what it “was!” But is not any longer. We are living in an scary era of change.
          You see, marriage was likely developed 10,000 years ago as humans transitioned from hunter gather, to agrarian farmers. Marriage, despite the many failed attempts our brand of marriage has successfully replaced; we are now in a new era that is completing the transition from agrarian/industrial to the information age.
          Marriage may not survive. It is on life support, and may be dead already!? You cannot expect all of us, especially those of us older than you to do any better at this than you are. Having had our example to learn from. When we had beta male provider fathers who thought this level of vitriol was a great deal to put a ring on and wife up an aging slut.

        2. I didn’t see a thing, a devout Christian who was a virgin when I met her (age 19), married for 30 years and she divorced me when she started banging someone else. Total surprise to me. Since then I’ve noticed men often don’t notice their wife is a piece of work. ALmost everyone thinks their woman is different, the sad truth being none of them are, AWALT. You still get loons on here saying find yourself a religious woman, it’s all delusion, better to just bang whores, at least you know what they want.

        3. Thanks for that. Food for thought for me and my endeavors down the road. Regardless what people think, they’re everywhere regardless of background, religion, politics, doesn’t seem to matter. I’m sorry to hear that even after all that, it’s a shame

        4. yes, it’s just the fact that men are very used to getting on with things and looking on the bright side….. it’s also unsettling to turn it all upside down and even when you do, with kids involved it’s very tough and likely she will try to woo the man back because women don’t like to be rejected, so if you walk out the door, suddenly you are the appealing alpha…. the whole thing is so messed up these days it’s just not worth the bother.

      2. John if the Asian women around your neck of the woods had access to the same predatory legal mercenaries that are licenced here to convert a man’s assets and proprietorship over his seedline aspianage over to the state, then the women under your wing would tempt the same worldwide. Women all fall for the same temptations no matter where you reside. Women are all the same. Even a saucer lip negress can clobber the snot out of a white guy if he sets himself up within the jurisdiction of fembot aperture. What a double raw deal it would be paying blood money child support for clink lipped naplets swinging rotund on the local playground monkey bars.
        Where you’re at John, I’d advise throwing coconuts at high speeds towards the heads of any feminizing proselytizers that come around preaching. Preachers always come first. Take em out still, nice as they may seem. Remember it was missionaries that undermined Rhodesia in the beginning.

        1. Harder for feminists to get a hold in Asia as the governments aren’t democracies, and there’s no voting, so no libtards at the top.

      3. Hey, not all white women are corrupted. It’s worth visiting Ukraine and Russia. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

    3. That is what I thought. That ignoring feminists would not affect me. But even if you ignore them, they continue to torment other men. In the end you wake up one day and see how much everything has changed. You see that just by looking at a woman, the whole society judges and condemns you. Feminism is bordering on ridiculous limits and much of the support that is given to feminists, comes from soft and incapable men, they do not deserve to call themselves men. The social engineering to which we are all exposed can only end in disaster. Other races will prevail, like the Arabs or the Chinese, putting the European white man on his knees.
      I wish the women were able to lead, but they can not even govern themselves, acting like hysterical children.

      1. Yes, you are absolutely right. Feminism is (socieltal) cancer and you CAN NOT ignore cancer.
        The sad thing is, that it is already in a late stage and infested the western states/government. As I wrote on my other post, I don’t see a “legal” way to change things besides letting the inevitable collapse taking care of the problem.
        I and all the other men here would be extremely grateful if someone finds a solution to this problem, but I guess the only current option is to vote with one’s feet and move to more red pill / traditional countries.

        1. the fact of the matter is that if women stop having children within 50 years there won’t be a single fertile female left, within 75 years the population will be in absolute terminal decline and within 100 years basically not a single human will be left, not least since it’s the support systems maintained by fit young healthy men (roads, hospitals, farms, supply chains and etc) that keep the geriatrics alive.
          everything that men do and have ever done is all centered around making it easier to survive and bring up the next generation. it might not seem like it to some 20-30 something that’s wasting their life on BS education and BS employment, but this is THE ONLY reality of our existence.
          women used to appreciate their role – and it hasn’t changed not one iota. it’s a 20 year mission for a women to have a couple of kids and bring them up properly – more demanding than anything a man can do – and yet – if you find your average 20-30 something single woman they won’t have the first clue about pregnancy, breast feeding, child raising etc. etc. etc it’s all just supposed to happen automatically before she runs back to her sex and the city career lifestyle – it’s pure horseshit.
          the last 3-4 months of pregnancy and the first 4-5 years of childcare, not to mention that children are much better off with a couple of brothers and sisters….. that’s a 24/7/365 non stop operation of running a home and childcare and all the rest of it – it’s already a job for 3-4 people ie. grandma, sister, aunty etc. all on the job to take care of the kids….. it’s no mean feat…. and it’s relentless for at least a decade…..
          but we send our young women off to learn about airy subjects like english literature and gender studies – what a nonsense.

        2. Very good post. Basically agree on all.
          I think we can differenciate here further, too
          Looking at the stats http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2018/03/16/how-millennials-compare-with-their-grandparents/
          seems this mainly applies to whites.
          ” it might not seem like it to some 20-30 something that’s wasting their life on BS education and BS employment, but this is THE ONLY reality of our existence. ”
          -> yeah, this is pure madness. A society which wastes it’s fertile women like that is doomed. Nothing else to say here.
          I guess this will continue, until women go full mental, as this is against their nature, but only a white tribes like the Mormons will survice this madness.
          It seems that other races aren’t affected that much by this shift.
          It just baffles me, that we have such an “advanced” society, and the most intelligent, who created this, are slowly dying off. This may be a self correcting cycle. Then barbarism takes off, everything goes to 3rd world state, and maybe somewhere a new robust culture develops again.
          So another prediction would be, that we will be forced to resort to really drastic means at some point in future and cut off the elderly from ressources and push the ressources to the younger generations.
          The main point would be to educate women that feminism is actually bad for them (and their happiness) and deadly for society as a whole. But I don’t know if it will be enough, so save western civilisation.
          It would be quite interesting to research, how this madness started, and why this depreciation of the mother role started.

    4. While women are clearly privileged in a lot of ways in society a lot of these problems are self-inflicted wounds from men not being men and taking control of the girl before whatever it is becomes a problem. The real list looks as follows:
      1. Men’s money supporting “Affirmative Action programs and contract set-asides” – Don’t fund it if you don’t want it.
      2. “Lenient treatment in the judicial system” – Men in the legal system not calling a spade a spade. This is the sole problem with modern ‘masculinity’ – Too many gray area’s, not enough black and white.
      3. “Sexual harassment laws imposing puritanical standards at workplaces” – This is hit or miss. Realistically alot of girls can’t take a simple compliment with out blowing it out of proportion, but realistically there’s a lot of weird ‘men’ out there too who probably don’t even deserve her anyway. Just don’t be a little bitch with girls at work.
      4. “Campus tribunals that will expel guys without due process, notorious for punishing consensual hookups that resulted in morning-after regret” – Should go without saying, but again don’t fund it or go there if you know its hyper lib, let them live in their bubble, go find a college that isnt hyper lib if your worried about this sort of thing. Not to mention but why are you going to college if you just wanna get laid, there’s easier ways than spending several thousands on tuition, etc.
      5. “Countless women-only societies, while male-only institutions are becoming rare” – Not an excuse but women are naturally more ‘social’ and wanna be a part of a ‘club’ or whatever. If you want a male only institution just fuckin make one.
      6. “Men visually admiring the bodies women put on display is part of “rape culture” – ONLY to feminists and PC culture, this is part of the problem with this list, the logic is slightly distorted. Let them believe whatever they want, it doesn’t mean YOU have to consider it ‘rape culture’ also. You think just cuse the boss is PC and has a weekly memo talking about ‘rape culture’ and #metoo garbage that YOU have to believe it also. Its obvious you know (cuse you made a list of it all) what is PC, so who gives a shit whether you believe it or not? Your boss? Society? Culuture? They don’t give a shit about you man. If you don’t agree with you boss fuckin quit and find one you agree with. Yeah society is brainwashed, but your playing into it all by thinking its an issue. One of the number one rules with girls is: a ‘problem’ with a girl is ONLY as much of a problem as YOU make it to be. If you’re freaking the fuck out over this shit so will she, and society’s propaganda is mostly female and lotta betas who worry about this shit freak out over it instead of just laughing at it and saying they won’t be a part of it, or they stick around and accept it is the real problem.
      7. “Programs at all levels of government exclusively for women” – than make some for men then, so much bitching, if I cared enough about this issue I would rally supporters in my local community and elect some people who either don’t want the exclusive program or want the same representation for men, again, more bitching about something you could change if you cared enough.
      8. “Unattractive or socially inept guys subjectively are deemed “creeeepy” – There’s actually nothing inherhently wrong with this, the problem is when normal average dudes are thrown into this category. Generally speaking though I WANT the hotties to bat away the freaks, why do I want hot girls banging a guy who is nervous talking to a girl. I realize the cards are in the girls favor dramatically but if you want the ‘best’ girl than you gotta play a bit by her rules…NOT ALL OF HER FUCKING RULES, some betas here will shit there pants thinkin they are cucks if they do ‘anything’ for her, but you still gotta ply the ‘game’ a bit if ou want to get anywhere. This isn’t the middle east or caveman days, they aren’t wearing burkas, youre gunna have to actually dig into your masculine soul and make some shit happen instead of giving her a reason to call you ‘creepy’ – not to mention but the ‘creepy meme’ is dead, been dead a while, girls don’t say ‘creepy’, at least as far as I’m aware the ‘meme’ behind it is dead cuse the game has changed.
      9. “Welfare payments for pregnancy that results from sleeping with exciting criminals and deadbeats” – Again, another program you can change if you get enough interest and rally enough people and care enough to do it. Not everything can be ‘solved’ by sheer force and ‘thinking will make it happen, but you need to focus on grassroots if you actually give a shit enough. As far as sleeping with the ‘criminals and deadbeats’ goes he doesn’t give a shit to fold his hand when the going gets tough, cuse its the only hand he has he has no choice but to play it. Instead guys that bitch about this stuff are the ones who normally aren’t being as proactive as the criminal or deadbeat because he (you, whoever reading this) has MULTIPLE hands they can play but constantly squanders his chance thinking the ‘grass is always greener’ and so he stalls out and never plays his hand.
      10. “Women are exempt from the draft in most countries, not conscripted even for relatively safe pogue roles” – Again, yeah yeah not fair, change it from the inside if you give enough of a shit.
      11. “Women can curse, smoke, drink, and dress like men (or even in next to nothing), but men and traditionally-minded women aren’t supposed to call them out for being unladylike” – Holy fuck man, why would you put up with a bitch like that? If she curses, smokes, or dranks and YOU don’t call he rout on it than you’re a part of the problem and a beta bitch. I don’t let women like that into my life. If she’s trash she can go play with the trash guys. If she has a an occasional drank or smoke or swear word I’ll tell her watch it. Never hear of the three-strikes your out rule? Never play baseball, come on man, tell those bitches to shut the fuck up if you have a problem with it, goddamn dude.
      12. “Moral standards are effectively optional, and rhetoric opposing slut-shaming further encourages this” – YOU give her the standards, its that simple, if she doesn’t like it she’s gone, pretty simple actually, but then again TONS of beta atheists agnostics materialistic out there with no sense of morality believing whatever they want whenever they want.
      13. “Consequentially, a young woman can enjoy a long extended adolescence before even thinking of settling down, while all but the most popular guys are invisible to her” – Parents fault + social conditioning obviously and the boomers letting their kids do whatever they want. But generally speaking I actually don’t have anything against this point, they do enjoy a longer extended ‘adolescence’ than in the past and not much you can do about it besides moving somewhere where that’s not the norm; i.e. move to a rural town. Another factor here too though is simply men forgoing their religious beliefs and not believing in ‘marriage’ and so guess what, neither does she. Why would she settle down when she can have her cake and fuck too? Atheist agnostic fuck will room with her before marriage and ruin her. Maybe grow a religious pair and actually embrace marriage. Look how many fucks on here will bitch and cry over marriage and yet they bitch how loose women are too! Ya dumb fuck, the marriage keeps her from being loose.
      14. “Some feminist mental microbes argue that being a porn star is “empowerment”” – Tell that bitch to shut the fuck up. Why are you listening to her you dumbshit?
      15. “Single motherhood is applauded” – Says who? Oh, right, the women that we (men) gave the power too. I don’t applaud single motherhood and I don’t give a fuck if the media or society or everyne else does, you worried what they might think of you if you disagree or some shit? If you don’t like it, don’t endorse it. They can endorse and ‘applaud’ whatever the fuck they want. Doesn’t mean you have to let your family be brainwashed also.
      16. “After that “journey of self-discovery”, someone who partied away her young adulthood can start trying to lock down the best provider she can find. She’ll be taken seriously as wife material despite her high mileage. Dual mating strategy for the win!” -Again, dont marry her if thats actully her past, if you have a problem with it why the fuck would you marry it? Are you fuckin braindead? Who gives a fuck if shes mad cuse thats your reason. Why do you care so fucking much what garbage they say? I’m not taking her seriously, the white knigth can marry her if he’s that fuckin dumb than go right ahead, they were MADE FOR EACHOTHER if he wants to marry that trash, thats that own cucks problem, not yours.
      17. “Women can opt out of motherhood by getting an abortion for any reason whatsoever. The father has no say in the matter, and certainly not the baby. However, a man has no way of opting out of eighteen years of child support payments.” – Yeah those are both pretty shitty situations, but why put yourself in that position in the first place? If you have any brain, ANY brain at all those red flags should be seen a mile away. Sometimes its hidden and a real issue, if the child support thing is proble AND YOU CARE ENOUGH than do something about it, life isnt made to be a fuck ride and easy for you. Yeah its fucked up, do something about it.
      18. “Women are free to act very provocatively, yet expect attention only from guys they like.” – Blanket canvas, its hit or miss, some do others dont, if shes a cunt why do you wanna talk to her anyway? Forget her and move on.
      19. “An office harlot can sleep with the boss for a promotion, but later can be regarded as a victim and sue the company.” – You always fuck the assemblyline workers? Never heard the expression don’t put your pen in the company ink. No common sense whatsoever. Sure she can sue, its a disgrace, I totally agree, but have a little common fucking sense first and foremost. Your there to work, that means work, not fucking.
      20. “Men are socially expected to initiate courtship, but the penalties are becoming very bad if it’s not well-received.” – I use to think this was an actual problem (like 5-6 years ago) but in reality I had blinders on. If the girl doesn’t like you she doesn’t fuckin like you. Just fuckin move on, not every bitch is gunna like you, thats life.
      21. “Women who do enlist in the military have obtained the right to be included in combat roles, where they’re unsuited. Standards are lowered to accommodate them, because political correctness is more important than combat readiness.” – Not much you can do about this if your already in the service. But if its a real problem for you and reason you dont wanna join than just dont fuckin join. In reality sure you want EVERYONE on your team to be ‘combat ready’, but in fuckin reality your not gunna be storming the beach or some shit and 9 out of 10 jobs it wont ever be a real issue. While I totally agree women shouldnt be included in combat roles the odds she is actually some real factor in an actual combat scenerio is so low I se it mostly as a non issue. Terrible long term effects, but realistically not many girls end up enlisting anyways, not much to really fear from this.
      22. “Division of property, meaning the ex-husband loses half of his assets.” – Yawwwwnn, again, know what kind of whore your trying to wife up, OF COURSE its fucking rediculous but use your brain instead of your dick if your rich and make a lot of money before trying to marry some young thot.
      23. “Alimony must be provided “to support her in the manner to which she has become accustomed”. This is extended long after the relationship ends, even if (as happens 75-80% of the time) she pulled the plug on it.” – Yeah I’ve met alot of guys who still even love their wives even though they left their ass and making them pay for them. Yeah shits disgusting, no doubt about it. Again, use some common sense about what kinda girl you think your making into a wife. Does she only want fany expensive shit and glamrous shit and EVERYTHING life has to offer? Again, common sense should tell you her motives. Again, more laws men could change if they really did give a fuck about this stuff and worked to do it.
      24. “The ex-wife usually gets custody of the children. If she wants, she can alienate them from their father, or move across the country.” – Again, change the fucking law and make that a life goal to change it if you really give a fuck about this that much. I know men who had this happen to them, they still love their wives even though she treated him like trash and disowned him. What kind of beta bitch would go along with that shit? The problems that arise are from the VERY beginning of the relationship. NOT EVERY man SHOULD be married. If you can’t lay down the fuckin law early on and get married and use some common sense and have a moral backbone of somekind than your probably fucked in some way. You DONT have to play by EVERY girls ‘rules’ that she gets from society, YOU make the fuckin rules man. If you don’t agree than you let too much of society run your life and you don’t know how to translate your LIFE onto another person (your wife). Maybe I just come from too normal of a upbringing and family but if she left your ass than you mustve fucked up or married a fuckup, one or the other. Obviously society says its the MANS FAULT, when its really both peoples faults. Usually though the man should have his shit together and have the relationship figured out and I hate to sound like I’m siding with feminism or some shit, cuse I’m not, but men can fix most if not all of these problems.
      25. “Inflated child support payments are usually well beyond foster care stipends, available even if that’s the milkman’s kid.” – Again, more law problems, if you give enough of a fuck become a lawyer and judge and thatll be one less women judge. Shit doesn’t happen overnight. Obviously men get the short stick, but you gotta have some common snese and realize alot of these sluts are worth having your kid with. These guys fuck sluts, fall in love with them, and then wonder why all of this shit gets thrown in their face. Because shes a fucking liar and the courts agree. You can only do what you can do, but if it bothers you enough than do something about it. Alot of this sounds like bitching.
      And in concluscion the ‘#metoo” faggot-ness is a great example of the ‘power’ men give women in society. WHY even mention #METOO? I don’t even wanna know what the fuck that shit is. Don’t think it, don’t say it, don’t even repeat it. YEAH YEAH newspapers and media ‘make it a story’ – it does NOT influence my fucking life andI feel dumber for even knowing what it is. To even begin discussing ‘#metoo’ GIVES her power over you.
      Remember, its NOT an issue unless you make it one. Less bitching, more doing, and common sense please.

      1. yeah i mean basically the world got too rich and life got too easy and there are too many people with not enough to do with themselves (ie. the devil makes work for idle hands).
        hard to impose discipline and limitations on what roles different people (ie. men and women can do), when there doesn’t appear much need for them. suddenly men can dress as women and women can become combat soldiers but it’s not done for real productive reasons, only entertainment really.

    5. You guys act like moving is going to solve your problems,”Oh, I’ll just move to a ‘red-pill’ country” Where the fuck would that be? Its totally subjective. Besides if you can’t fix your own problems don’t think society wil do it for you. Yeah most of the laws are I the womans favor obviousy, but YOU make the law at home, unless your a fuckin bitch and let her run all over you YOU are the one dictating the rules and laws at home. All of the problems on this list stem from society woes of the court system. The court system isn’t affecting your relationship. If you ended up in court for some reason its cuse you fucked it up somehw (and so did she) – it takes two to tango, but the court isn’t the ‘problem’ (not on the surface) – CLEARLY its ass backwards in a lot of ways and if you give enough of fuck than become a politician or lawyer and do something about it, but generally speaking ALL problems are going to start with you and how your approaching situations with the girl. A lot of bitch fags on here just want somewhere to complain and being a little bitch and make excuses and blame the bitches out there (which is an argument that can be made) but at the end of the day you are the sole person responsible for your relationships with women. A lot of fuckin dudes on here don’t wanna take reasonability for their shitty game and shitty life decisions. Yeah shes fucked up, but guess what, so are you. Lotta guys running aay from lifes responsibilities on here. “Woe is me! She took my shit! She said I was ‘harassing” her at work, I didn’t do anything wrong!!!” – Uhhh, yeah, yeah you did. Obviously PC culture and feminism ups the ante and makes shit worse, but theres a lot of fags on here who simply don’t know their ass from their mouth. You fucked up, learn from it, grow. Can’t stand grown ass men complaining, fuckin pathetic. Yeah the courts are fucked up, we got it, shit the fuck up and o something about it. Do something about the girl, have some fuckin standards, take control f your goddamn life, but for fucks sake just shut the fuck up until you’ve actually tried changing shit for the better. If she doesn’t ‘love’ you after 20 years marriage and took your shit than realize maybe you fucked up somewhere or maybe you fucked up from the start and be willing to move on. SOME MEN should NOT EVER be fucki married. Some of these fuckin ‘men’ get a bitch pregnant and they wonder why she doesn’t wanna be with him, cuse he’s a piece of shit,t hats why. Nothing more repulsive than a beta who won’t accept his own pathetic lot in life. Find some religion, get married the right fuckin way, don’t cohabit before married, have some fuckin standards and hold her to those standards, NONE of the fucks on here have fuckin standards and they bitch expecting girls to have some. How do you expect her to have standards when your an atheist agnostic lawless libertarian fuck who has none? PSSHHH Give me a fuckin break, bunch of dumb bitches need to grow the fuck up real quick.

        1. I don’t give a fuck about the courts. I’m saying if the author or anyone cares enough then fucking change it. Yeah its not easy, no shit, nothing is. But you can’t care enough about ALL of this and NOT do anything about it. There’s ALL kinds of fuckin injustices in the world. If you give enough of a fuck then do something about it. Me personally, I could care less about most of these problems, most are self-inflcited wounds. Instead of bitching about laws getting passed fucking men over than how about YOU pass som laws reverseing them. It’s one of the only good things democracy has going for it. Yeah I realize globalization and the rich pour money into whatever garbage they want, but on a local level there are still MANY people who would gladly change alot of these laws if they were represented enough. Point is simply is this shit really bothers you enough than fuckin do something about it.

        2. INSTEAD of a list about the 25 special privileges how about a list of the 25 ways to change these privileges? Just fuckin do something about it instead of bitching. Running away to another country isnt the answer. If you can’t be happy wherever you are right now (no matter the situation) than you’ll never be happy. Certainitly there are ‘better’ places which may work slightly in your favor, but if you’re in the U.S. and you think you need to run away to another country than your mistaken man. These other countries aren’t going to let you start a grassroot movement and change the court policies nearly as effectivly as in the U.S. Point is simply to change yourself first but if you care enough to change society than fuckin do it. Listing out all of the injustices is just a list, unless you are directly effected by something in this list than its irrelevant to you, and if you are directly effected and care enough then rally some like minded men and change it.

        3. Hehe, yeah exactly. That’s the problem with our “democracy” :
          The majority of the voting population is female -> politicians and laws are catered for women.
          End of story.
          Tell me how you want to change that in a “legal” way. Did the MRA movement actually change something ?
          If there were no court system above your marriage, then yeah, everything is fine.
          But you are not able to fight against no fault divorce, when your wife decides to leave with half your stuff and the courts take it by gunpoint. And people are easily corrupted (with money).
          Sure, there are several possible solutions. (Disclaimer, these are only thoughts)
          * One is to move. (Would be interesting to talk about that from a moral point of view. But basically your society betrayed you or in this case, it betrays all men – so why should you owe society anything ?)
          * Another is MGTOW. I really think, they have the potential to disturb the state. (Like the herbivore man in Japan, who are not exactly mgtow in their motivation, but the effect is basically the same. Fertility rates plummeting and the state begins to fear, that there wont be any fresh meat for its grinder.)
          * Last one: As I said, I don’t so any legal way besides the other both. (And I don’t count the MRA approach as a feasible one.) This one can become quite messy.
          So especially for the men, who are going to commit suicide afterwards, as they think they have nothing to live for:
          Seriously, just fight the system before that. As we can’t get the real culprits (the people who made the laws), just kill these asshole lawyers and judges. The world will be a better place, if we get rid of this divorce-industry-complex.

      1. Oh, and btw, you probably stumbled upon or have seen this nice thing called paragraphs.
        It makes your text better readable and more people tend to read it then. 😛

        1. “The majority of the voting population is female -> politicians and laws are catered for women […] Tell me how you want to change that in a “legal” way.”
          Women follow men – its built into their DNA, the reason you have women voting for this garbage is because you have weak men with no morality or value system.
          You change womens voting habits by marrying them off. They get married when men actually have a stable marriage which is grounded on something other than a mans fletting emotions; i.e. [in other words] the man needs a religious backbone of some knid, without it you have no structure. The man’s ‘structure’ can’t be based solely on his own emotional foundation – it doesn’t work, just look at the U.S. divorce rate if you want proof enough of that. You can’t be a libertarian, a materialist, an atheist, an agnostic, or even a non-denominational ‘Christian’ and think your going to be able to keep the girl for the long haul. Why you ask? Because those ideologies are based solely on the man’s personal perogatives and do not translate to a stable family unit.
          It’s just common sense man, if you have no belief system than there’s no way a man can tell a woman to do anything. Women 101 -Women MIMIC their man’s beliefs and ideologies and behaviors. If you have no belief system why the fuck would she? She won’t – as is proof of the incredibly high divorce rate and children out of wedlock and rampant sex every which way.
          The way you change her voting habits is by chaning yourself first and foremost. Specifically I would advocate a form of orthadoxy and or catholicism seeing as those are centered around a naturalistic ideology which is grounded in natural truths and morality and isn’t based on a man’s changing impressions of reality (as is the case with atheism, materialism, agnosticism, libertarianism, non-denominational christianity, etc.) Any belief system you follow which is centered on ‘self’ (on the man himself) will fail because individual men are not omniscient. A belief system which can’t change in some way shape or form (based on somethere other than the man’s ego) will hold a girl in place and historically its whats worked the best throughout human history.
          If you want women to vote for men’s ‘right’s’ than you need to have some values of your own in place first and foremost, if you have no standards neither will she, its really that simple. When given the chance to vote for female ‘ideologys’ (progressivism, womens pay, etc.) she’ll easily run away with her emotions in choosing what sounds ‘right’ – which as we know can have mistakes. If she’s married to a man who has a value system she’s going to mimic his value system.
          Why do you think the dissoultion of marriage is the sole perogative of culuteral marxism? It’s because it unties everything else in society. Without marriages you have no society or strcuture and culuteral marxism and progressive ideologys will run amuck.
          Regardless you change her voting habits by simply being married to her. It’s a win-win. But it only ‘works’ if your actually married in somekind of dogmatic instituon of somekind. The reaosn everything in society is fucked up is cuse so many men with no value system other than themselves.

  2. The author says that the people promoting this disaster of civilization can go to hell.
    Real problem is men are LIVING IN HELL. For most of us, the vast percentage, we have become nothing but tax mules to support this god awful shitty mess with no recourse.
    As an intellectual, I’ve grown to hate waking up in the morning. Life has become nothing but work, and a constant mental battle to not lose control and lash out at society and women in general for the constant rejection despite having (at least what once was considered) a lot to offer.
    The only message I’ve receiced from this constant barrage of torture and deprivation is that the bar is too high and as a man I’m NEVER going to be good enough for even the lower level fat ass harpies who Id rather step on then even look at much less deal with.
    Since shooting myself isnt a viable response (for me anyway) the only thing to do is find a way to get the FUCK out of this country and/or check out of society as much as possible.
    I’m moving to the mountains and never looking back.
    It’s sad because I KNOW I’m not the only good man in this boat.
    All I wanted in life was to be well rounded and happy and have a son. Never going to happen and I know intellectually it’s not my fault, but the emotional self feels like a failure, and it’s hard to carry the emotional void around.
    Life is misery at this point.
    I wouldn’t be sad if the world ended tomorrow. I’d welcome the relief.

    1. Learn to detach from this world and your real self is not from this world. There’s a certain dual focus mediation that can help you achieve that. Good luck!

    2. I understand your pain. As an intellectual myself I’ve had similar issues. But there’s still a way to have worth unless you’re under a 5/10.

      1. Everything’s relative on this ‘out of 10 scale’ but I’d say I’m at least a 6 if not a 7. I’m under 40, have a good career in IT, OWN my home (taxes I know), own my car and motorcycle, I lift 3-4 days a week, my body fat is under 15% easy I’d say, and I’ve had people say in general I ‘wasn’t a bad looking man’.
        Maybe it’s just where I live is a sausage factory or something, but I swear even after getting a phone number from a seemingly interested woman the rodeo of flaking and ghosting ensues. Every. Fucking. Time.
        I’m not sure where exactly I’m fucking up, because not much chance at all is given to even allow me to fuck up.
        Am I fucking up by assuming I’m above a 5 here? I’m not trying to be a snark I’m actually just wondering. Seriously lost on this issue.

        1. You probably said something that set her off. What that could be who the hell knows. They change their minds so quick and have wild imaginations that cause them to be hysterical and illogical. I wouldn’t worry about it. But if you are being to kind or attentive in your conversation that could be it.

        2. It’s hard to say without further information. Perhaps game improvements might help. And if you’re living in a femtopia like Seattle or Toronto, well, that one’s obvious.

        3. Don’t think too hard on it. Go rent a whore for a night, bang her out, kick her out, and forget about her and your concern. You are likely being overlooked because of female reasons that equate to vaginal tingles not being hit off. Don’t take it personally, its just that thevagina owners are all overvaluing themselves out of the market. Bang a cheap one, use protection so you don’t get a gift that keeps on giving and then get on with your life. They are not worth it, not even for friendship company value because they cannot see beyond themselves and their own selfishness.

        4. @Matt – In the past I noticed I had highs and lows in my aura of attractiveness to women. Some days women negated my presence and moved away from me while on other days, they came around like moths to a light. I realised it was me all along putting out something but what was it? I eat garlic a lot so was it my garlic breath lol?? No it was my aura. They’d lick my garlic pores clean after my protein garlic keto shake if only my aura was adjusted – but how? How do you calibrate and control your mojo aura projection?
          Often I do well and follow my own agenda with my own assertiveness – but still the women ran from me and got out of my way like a noisy garbage truck coming down the road. I projected sloppily is what it was and I wasn’t receptive to feedback from others, especially persons of the poontang and tittie endowed persuasion. I did my usual day job, ramming my own agenda through quite insensitively to others and I thought I was doing a good job. But I wasn’t ‘READING’ my surroundings fully. What was it? What was the cause of the blind eye I had every now and then towards my surroundings, particularly towards the many itching pussies that went right by me and slipped away without even a chat or acknowledgement from me?
          IT WAS MY BARE naked butt chin – that’s what it was. I had no ‘powerbeard’. Your beard serves as an antenna which improves your senses all around. Many many examples of male authority figures in history used their powerbeards to command an arena. Most civil war generals had long charged powerbeards to register danger. A beard can sense an itching pussy as well as danger or threats. Stonewall Jackson sat many times high upon his horse directing his troops. He’d feel a pressure on his beard to sway to the left or right as hundreds of lead shot whizzed by, missing him by only inches. Eventually he did die from neglecting a cut on his hand which turned gangrenous but his beard saved him on the field countless times.
          Elevated senses are crucial to survival. Without a powerbeard, a man lives like a simple machine or animal and is at risk of being herded or corralled around by manipulative ones who can ‘read’ into you more than you can sense or ‘read’ into them. They out frame you. A big haired woman always has the edge over a butt chinned beardless man.

        5. Flaking normally caused cuse low interest or you didn’t talk long enough with her. Getting random dates from random girls you just met is difficult these days. I suggest you go joing certain clubs or groups or find some place to meet people and socialize. Meeting people through groups is one of the most effective ways to meet girls nowadays. Cold-approaches are by far and away the most difficult to actually seal and deal – depending on where you live – for the simple fact that she already has options and if shes attractive the cold approach isn’t as ‘badass’ as the man thinks it is, his ego gets in the way too much.

        6. Get the fuck out of America. The women are worthless and a societal collapse is well underway. I recommend Russia, Ukraine, Belarus (if you can get a visa there), Kazakhstan (with its large Slav population), maybe Romania, maybe Bulgaria, maybe Poland. As for the non-white countries, consider Philippines, Vietnam, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina.

  3. Women will not stop complaining about being oppressed exactly like the Jews will not stop complaining about Nazis.
    Don’t you see that this is exactly the trick when you’re playing the victims card?

    1. (((They))) can complain all they want, that won’t prevent taliban savages from stabbing them with knife!

    2. I’ve lived in Ukraine for ten years and have never heard a woman complain about oppression, despite Ukrainian women still embracing their domestic responsibilities, for the most part. It all comes down to who controls the culture. The Russian and Ukrainian women haven’t been infected with cultural Marxism yet. They still fulfill their traditional roles under the Stalinist system, though that is gradually changing as the Western plague spreads across the globe.

  4. Feminism only strongly affects men who interact with women. If you live alone and either masturbate or visit prostitutes for sex (go to Mexico or other country where prostitution legal), you are mostly unaffected by feminism. Yes, women get a free ride at your expense with affirmative action, etc but that is more than offset by your savings from not supporting a wife and children. You have more to fear from automation and the power of the rich than from feminism. Control your sex drive. Turn a blind eye to men who stupidly date unstable women and then get accused of rape, or who get women pregnant and then have to pay child support, or who get married. Shrug at these men and their suffering same as you shrug at poor men in Bangladesh. But make sure you avoid their fate.

    1. Feminism truly affects all men. The degradation that it has brought to our civilization is something every man has to deal with. It is possible to dampen the effects by smart personal choices but the cancer is still there nonetheless.

    2. goat,
      Very little child support outside the western world, most Asian countries don’t have it, and those that do, don’t enforce it. If you provide money for a woman (current or past), she has to bang you for it.

  5. I was reading the news this morning and one of the first articles I see is about a female police officer who got beaten and sent to the hospital by a black thug. Another feminist experiement gone wrong, how long will it take before they realize their platform doesn’t work for even them?

    1. Women lack the capacity to process logical thought. So they will never realize the foolishness of feminism. Feminism also plays to a women’s vanity. But it is a tool used by the Self Chosen, it was never really intended to benefit women.

      1. feminism was invented in the 30s to sell them stuff. “You are and empowered women, buy my empowering product, cigarettes are not only for prostitutes, powerful men smoke they want you weak, start smoking today. Cigarettes are empowering!”

        1. Oh come on! Feminism predates the 30’s and wasn’t invented to just sell cigarettes. No doubt the tobacco companies exploited a new market but they didn’t invent feminism.

      2. Natural gut instinct to hypergamy is the default mindstate for women – not feminism. Feminism is comparatively complicated – too complex for a woman to prioritize her actions to compete with the opposite sex when she is biologically equipped primarily to service a man sexually and to nurture offspring. Fighting nature defines feminism and is an exercise in futility. It is exhausting and draining for a woman’s body and delivers no benifits other than the fiat perks that have to be manufactured to sustain feminism. The feminist groupthink in any society quickly subsides when the plug is pulled on the propaganda messaging apparatus. Any control matrix is such a fragile structure that it must be maintained on a constant basis otherwise natural biology quickly resets the group dynamic. The great might of biology trumps all. Ever see a baby sapling tree grow up through a crack and eventually split a giant rebar reinforced concrete slab in half like it was silly putty? Biological propagation is a more powerful force than any manmade or cannon law. Litigious laws are basically threat based propositions but they fall on deaf ears to almighty biology. Watch an oak tree split an abandoned highway right in half and tell me it isn’t so.

  6. Let’s all remember that Feminism was created, financed, unleashed and maintained by a small group of (((men))) and it’s purpose is to cause strife between the genders and destroy the family unit, which then creates societal breakdown, which then allows the (((perpetrators))) to guide society down a destructive path so they can maintain control and fulfill what they believe is their “destiny.” Feminism is best thought of as a very contagious social virus, which is tailored to infect women primarily, but also homosexuals and even certain types of heterosexual men — particularly those raised by single-mother feminists.
    So, Feminism is not funded or guided by any women or womyn or wahmen, although some are used for PR and marketing purposes obviously. It’s not meant to make any sense, or be logical, or “stop when equality is attained.” It is simply meant to be destructive, just like a very virulent virus which eventually kills it’s host. As such, Feminism must be seen in this light and blaming the female dupes in your lives who have been infected by this virus is foolish and misguided. It’s like blaming your child for being hyper and misbehaving after eating candy. Instead, shield the child from candy; understand why candy exists and who makes it; teach the child the negative effects of candy; reward the child with healthier alternatives. The same strategy must be employed to protect the females in your lives — particularly wives and daughters.
    Endlessly harping about how stupid and nonsensical Feminism is — ergo, all feminists / women are stupid and nonsensical — is a waste of time and completely missing the point. Women DO NOT run this world in any shape, way or form. If something is developed, organized, promoted and financed in this modern world, it is by MEN — and if it’s destructive, you can bet your bottom dollar it’s by the same small group of (((men))) who have been plaguing us for hundreds of years. Stopping THEM will stop Feminism and just about every other “-ism” you can think of, in addition to the endless wars and parasitic banking practices. Direct your energy into exposing and overthrowing THEM, not some delusional so-called “feminist” who has drank the Koolaid. Just my 2 cents…

    1. Exactly, top post Allistar.
      It is in some (((peoples))) interests to keep us running around in circles chasing our tails yelling at the symptoms and demoralizing us to apathetic surrender.

    2. I’m afraid it’s worse than that. The THEM (((small group of super wealthy men))) have never, do not, and never will see us as anything but slaves to be exploited. AI, Automation, Robotics, all are simply the new model of slaves. We are the old model. Why would they want to keep unreliable, self aware, biological machines (us – the old model of slave) around when they could replace us with totally reliable, intelligent but not alive (self aware) machines (the new model of slave).
      The really sad part is when they are done preying on us, they will prey on each other until there is no single person left. Those men were born into the role, they live their lives in that role, and they will die in that role. Right now, they’re trying to figure out how to put themselves into machines so they can, in theory, live forever. They’ll use us (the biological slaves) to figure out how to do it.
      Want a glimpse into our future? Go watch Star Trek – The Gamesters of Triskelion episode. That’s what awaits the kids of all you guys alpha (or sigma) enough to have kids who don’t get killed through abortions. I’m betting 20,000 quatloos (their money I suppose) someone will downgrade this post just because it has Star Trek named in it.

      1. The Ju have been recorded as saying since the 20’s that their utopian plans of the future is a world of detribalized mixed race Eurasian negroids led by their spiritual superiors the Ju.
        The Tu1mud their spiritual holy book demands they rule the non human gentiles contemptuously and will be rewarded greatly by their false prophet when they achieve it.

      2. The Ju have been recorded as saying since the 20’s that their ut0pian plans of the future is a world of detribalized mixed race [email protected] negr0ids led by their spiritual superiors the Ju.
        The Tu1mud their spiritual holy book demands they rule the non human g3ntiles contemptuously and will be rewarded greatly by their false prophet when they achieve it.

        1. Details of the grand plan will no doubt change but the end goal is always the same. They run our lives. Whether it’s in the form of all of us are one merged race or all of us are running on CPUs doesn’t matter. Keep in mind when that plan was thought up, no one knew what a transistor was much less a computer.

        2. I believe you’re referring to Praktischer Idealismus by Coudenhove-Kalergi. He was a Eurasian himself, but the book is full of slobbering, obsequious praise for the folks you’re talking about. Unsurprisingly, the ideas in that book became a big hit for those types. If they’d read it a little more closely, they would’ve seen that they too would’ve been dissolved in the pangaeic melting pot.

      3. it’s not going to happen. Science and technology are highly overrated as they are the new religion for the masses. Besides the IQ levels are falling everywhere for a number of reasons so even if it’s available technology will fall into disrepair.

        1. The robotics and automation are already there or being built as we speak. It’s the easy part. I spent the last 5 years of my life writing automation. I’m about to start job at another company doing it all over again (writing automation).
          The hard part is the AI, and I’b be willing to bet their backup plan is to put us into the machine to function as the AI if they cannot get true AI working. They’re actually trying to sell the plan of putting us into machines right now. How many of you have seen the news stories about being able to go to your own funeral as a machine? They’re predicting by 2050.
          And I’m also quite certain many of us will die horrible deaths in their attempt to put us into the machines. I doubt they will succeed, but Josef mengele would certainly be impressed.

      4. I understand what you’re saying Ratman, but full automation / robotics is not the end goal. The reason is because the small group of (((psychopathic criminals))) who run this world — along with their goy minions — STRONGLY believe in the ancient practices and doctrines of Luciferianism / Satanism, which requires appeasing the dark entities who exist just slightly beyond most people’s perceptions and senses. The current incarnation of (((psychopaths))) continue to benefit from the ancient discoveries of their tribe, who came to realize they could make deals with these demonic entities: material wealth / power / control in our world in exchange for providing them sustenance in their world. But of course in their higher vibrational realm, their “food” is quite different from ours. They live and thrive on OUR negative emotions, such as fear (terror), pain (agony), jealously, hatred (rage), despair, etc. Furthermore, spilled blood among special symbols (pentagrams, hexagrams) and chants (often in Hebrew) is needed to conjure and communicate with these entities — this is all spelled out in the Kabbalah, by the way.
        As such, having many millions of people miserably slaving away in our world and experiencing all the negative emotions is REQUIRED in order to fulfill their “deal with the devil,” so to speak. So too are bloody wars, constant economic turmoil (modern banking), strife among the genders (Feminism), degrading pornography and Satanic tattoos. Each agenda provides sustenance to the Overlords. This all may seem hard to believe, but the (((criminal elite))) are DEEP into this — as have been their ancestors for at least a few thousand of years.
        So sure, I doubt 8 billion people are needed to honor this horrific pledge, but who knows? Some more robotic automation is very likely inevitable, but (((they))) need MANY living, breathing and bleeding souls in this world for sacrifice and “collateral” so they can maintain control. This is the esoteric / occult world our true (((enemies))) navigate on a daily basis. Strange, but true.

      5. Rather than wiping everyone else out in the future, they’re more likely to have their wealthy compounds invaded by hordes of vibrant folks they’ve invited to destabilize the general population. It’s going to be a bit of a surprise for them.

        1. @Sasquatch – Every regime has means to protect itself, and the despotic ones will have an extensive security apparatus. However, they’re not unbeatable – ask Ceaucescu and Gaddhafi.
          Other than that, up until recent times, the ultra-wealthy now living in the West have had neighbors who are pretty civilized and far too patient for their own good. If things get more vibrant, they’ll have a much more difficult time protecting themselves.

        2. The elite are now starting to build massive underground bunkers in LA. They were also buying farm land in New Zealand so they could escape the mess they have created. New Zealand has put a stop to that. Now they are planning to go to space to flee the consequences of their actions. They can run but won’t be able to hide.

      1. You are probably some air headed archfeminist woman. Maybe you identify as transgendered male. Or maybe you are an omega male soy boy. I really don’t know. But are do know you are a first class idiot.

    3. “As such, Femicuntism must be seen in this light and blaming the pussy dupes in your lives who have been infected by this virus is foolish and misguided.”
      @AC, sorry to say that it doesn’t make any sense! Its as if saying: blaming a person who shoots at you is foolish and misguided, you should rather blame the person who created the Gun !!

    4. That’s a pretty good capsule summary of cultural Marxism. As for stopping the people pushing that, probably the best way to go is shining a spotlight on this behavior and convincing them that it’s in their best interests to knock it off.
      The purpose of discrediting feminism is to demonstrate that the candy is poisoned. They have been pushing this “male privilege” BS for years and are nearly unchallenged. When the world sees that it’s empty rhetoric promoted by deranged harpies, that will go a long way toward fixing relations between the sexes.
      Other than that, I try to make a sharp distinction between normal women and feminists. I hope that’s coming across.

      1. Yes, the “candy” is certainly poisoned. And Feminism is just one flavor that is flooding our society at the moment. I think our best hope is that these (((criminal psychopaths))) destroy themselves, which is likely what has happened historically.
        The balance between “good and evil” is like a pendulum and the direction it swings is cyclical over time. I believe we are now far towards the dark side and a correction is coming within our life times. But when a correction comes, it will be rapid — especially in our times because of the advanced ability to communicate via the internet / electronic means. The reality is that a few hundred ultra-rich and powerful (((psychopaths))) can’t agree on much and don’t get along well. Their world is a “dog eat dog” one in the extreme. The mountain of lies they have built is crumbling. Their in-fighting is growing. Their biggest secrets (real human history, advanced human cloning, mind control techniques, widespread Satanism, super hi-tech advancements, existence of the dark realm) are leaking out. There’s just too many leaks in the dike; the cleansing waters will eventually break through.

    5. Excellent post, Allister! This part is worth repeating over & over & over again because many allegedly concerned citizens who make up the 99% are too easily distracted to even make such a very simple connection. —–>>

      Endlessly harping about how stupid and nonsensical Feminism is — ergo, all feminists / women are stupid and nonsensical — is a waste of time and completely missing the point. Women DO NOT run this world in any shape, way or form. If something is developed, organized, promoted and financed in this modern world, it is by MEN — and if it’s destructive, you can bet your bottom dollar it’s by the same small group of (((men))) who have been plaguing us for hundreds of years. Stopping THEM will stop Feminism and just about every other “-ism” you can think of, in addition to the endless wars and parasitic banking practices. Direct your energy into exposing and overthrowing THEM, not some delusional so-called “feminist” who has drank the Koolaid.

  7. Let’s be honest here, wahmyn are not interesting, they are not worth it. Just aks urself, do u have anything in common? What can u talk about with a wahmyn? Can u discuss something interesting? What can u do together that is interesting to u? If u are interested in gym does she make a good gym partner or not? What u gonna talk about manicure and who broke up with who? Do u really care about these things? Are wahmyn actually a deep persons or just a shallow creatues? And when u realize that u don’t have anything in common with them then what? U realize that ur only interest in them is sex, and when u realize that their interest is not sex with u then what? Why then u bother with them so much? Why do u care? As ugly and cynical might be, yes they are objects to u, sex objects, u are not even interested in them as humans or persons so what is all about?

      1. But the question is what happens with the machine when for some reason stops doing its purpose? Do u keep it or throw it away? Is it worth trying to fix it or just replace it with something else? Questions, questions…

    1. “you are not even interested in them as humans or persons…”
      @Troll…, You didn’t get it right! Its the “wahmyn” who are NOT interested in MEN as humans or persons !!

    1. 2 generations of (((western))) ‘enlightenment’ and Islam will be cukking like Christianity.
      Whilst the chosen and its puppet state Murica lay waste to the middle east for Greater Israel the huge refugee influx into the west is like killing two birds with one stone. You kill off white demographics and in a few generations after pumping Muslims with the same cultural [email protected] poisons and self hate they will have undermined it terminally.

      1. Yeah, but u forget something in the equation. That’s precisely why radical Islam and talibanen exist, they well know the corrupting influence of the west and have an effective answer to this. That’s why they insist on building mosques, praying 5 times a day with loudspeakers, wahmyn wearing ninja masks and generally beheading infidels. Make no mistake, that’s a civilization war and they are well prepared to fight it unlike the west which relies solely on human decadence and comfort zone.

        1. “Moderate Islam…” The ultimate sleeper cell.
          Phase 1 (infiltration) is nearing completion. Just wait until Phase 2 starts…

    2. Have you ever even visited the Middle East? Arab men are terrified of their wives and mothers. Its an almost totally matriarchal society inside the home. That’s why the Taliban and ISIS lose their fucking minds trying to control women. Don’t look to that bunch of pederasts and goat fuckers to fix ANYTHING. This is our problem, and we’re going to need to solve it.

      1. In the West atleast I see the opposite. Anglo men ruled by their overweight wives and princess daughters.
        When I look at the Muslim communities I see a strong bond and cultural religious strength. They belong to something and they all have each others backs. Your cuk Modern individualist would screw over their own brother for some gain.
        So called ‘opressesd’ Muslim women laugh at the dumb white b1tch feminists. Muslim women have big extended families and purpose. What do western women have? Victimhood, entitlement and constant dissatisfaction. Muslim men have extremely loyal loving wives. Barbarians or not theyre doing something right.

        1. I lived there for years. I’m not saying everything, top to bottom, is shit with their culture. But don’t look to those men for any kind of inspiration or example. They’re cowardly, effeminate, absolutely obsessed with status and class, and superstitious to an alarming degree.
          Yes they have strong families and they love their kids. They have an admirable amount of cultural self-confidence. and….well that’s about it. Other than that I have nothing positive to say about them. There is a reason that that part of the world is so backwards and fucked up and it’s not coincidence.

    3. @Cuck, why not Christianity? Are you saying Christianity is not capable? Are you saying real Christian MEN cannot take things in control?
      Why the west pedestal their females? Why the west allowed them to go loose? Why the west entitled them? …and now someone else has to take care..!?

    1. Yep, I suppose sucking dick is nasty, although some claim that there are wahmyn who like it. For all my life I’ve been wondering, why would u suk a dick, what would be the pleasure of it…

    2. You are being downvoted for saying that we should love and respect women.
      This is truly an incel site.

  8. I believe this is one of the best and the most objective articles written on ROK so far.
    I bookmarked it.

  9. I’ve seen scant few men with balls and brains to conquer stupidity and win over it. It can be done but men would cry foul to follow a man who sets aside virtue to do what must be done to WIN TO BE A VICTOR A LEADER A CONQUEROR AN EMPEROR…. fuck no… Men these days have no spine for greatness just excuses. Mankind will not be saved by a man of virtue and morals.
    There is not single “Genghis Kahn” or “Alexander the great” I have seen in this age that will be notable among mankind…. Just pathetic whiny wannabes who cannot even fathom the acts that are considered crimes that would turn around our fate as humans at this point in time.
    When was the last time mankind knew what its purpose was and what life was all about, for real.
    There was a time when men lived and strove to be God’s, now they collect xbox’s and participation trophies in the form of divorce decrees while being lectured and punished by clown haired feminists and phaggots…
    Some select quotes I had another topic. Are you tired of what we have become yet? Tired of what women have become?
    “There was a time when men lived and strove to be Gods” “Aim to be Gods among men, dare to think big.”
    “Men don’t think big anymore, they do not think about legends and life and true greatness of purpose”….Welcome to hell, gentlemen.

    1. Temujin came from a humble background. His father was killed and his uncle basically stole everything and left his brother’s widow and children out in the cold to die. Temujin had nothing to lose and everything to gain if he tried something daring. Since he was on the bottom, his trajectory could only go up. Now look at the western middle class. They are in the exact opposite situation. They have everything to lose and nothing to gain if they step out of line. That’s one hell of a motivation for rebellion.

  10. Do like many of us are doing, and go outside of America to find a decent woman to date. I started dating in Russia and Ukraine, and I have now moved my search to the Philippines. I can tell you that you will be amazed at the difference between the quality of women when you finally make the move outside of America. I am amazed in the Philippines at how many women will start sending you messages, and you can date women from all age groups if you want to. I am currently in a relationship with a nice woman from the southern Philippines, and once you see the difference in these women you will never go back to dating in America again ever.
    American women can buy a box of dildo’s, and tell them to get back with us in 5-10 years and let us know how that worked out for them.

    1. Women in the Philippines are nice and family oriented, but many of them are on a horrible diet of fast food. They tend to bloom in their early 20s and then turn into a tub of lard. They are on their cell phones all day long, so their brains are damaged from all the wi-fi. If you are serious about marrying one, make sure you meet her mother first to see what your fiance will look like in a few years.

    2. “I started dating in Russia and Ukraine”… that’s funny, assuming from ur entire post u went there with the idea of meeting quality wahmyn but dude going to Russia and Ukraine with the idea of meeting quality wahmyn is like joining in drug cartel in Mexiko with the idea of finding spiritual peace and moral enlightenment.

      1. Trollstein, i like the comparison, drug cartel and moral enlightenment, hilarious.
        wahmyn sound more like vermin, good.

      2. As someone who has lived in Ukraine for more than 10 years, I disagree entirely. There are still many available traditional quality women here who are very attractive and take good care of themselves. I’ve met women who are 48 years old who look better than most American 25-year-olds. And they are interested in Western men. Just come here and get a job teaching English, and within six months you’ll have a choice of three good-looking women who will be good wives and mothers. Yes, there is also a lot of trashiness here, particularly with the increasing Westernization. But the ratios here are far better than any Western country, I guarantee it. Take advantage while supplies last. You won’t regret it. Just do it for real, by getting a simple job, and not through the scam dating sites or agencies. If you need help, you can reach me at: [email protected].

    3. Just don’t EVER wife/knock her up, or get her a green card.
      If you do, get back with us in 5-10 years and let us know how that works out for you.

    4. Why would anyone move from Ukraine to the Philippines in their search? Ukrainian women are far more attractive.

  11. This is a big example of how being a beta will not only get your absolutely no where with women but will these days, with #metoo falsely accusing men, is down right dangerous. Notice how the event preceding the complaint was a complete beta move – the delivery of a 3 page apology letter. The guy would have gotten further just negging her and walking away.
    Game is now an almost mandatory career/personal life saver. Back in the day it used to be fun to try out. The worst I ever experienced was a hand in the face from the “mother hen” saying “no this girl isn’t going anywhere but home with us”. Now it will get you thrown out of bars, banned from gyms, and get the police called on you. I wasn’t a party of the event, but was out a few weekends ago, and saw a group of guys get forcefully ejected from an establishment by bouncers for merely approaching a group of women (don’t know what was said but the encounter was definitely less then five minutes and the guys did not seem overly aggressive about striking up a conversation….these were just some pretty women in a bar that they wanted to talk to like normal humans).
    Game is now mandatory for a man to learn. A decade it was just optional.

    1. Another Guy,
      This is true here in England, I use to laugh at my mate who used to go up to any woman in a bar or club and hit on here he didn’t give a toss if any woman rejected him. In the last year or two he has stopped completely because any woman can go up to the bar owner and say that creepy man keeps approaching me and that is it you will get banned. He has actually been banned from pubs for approaching women so a few other blokes I know.
      Women here in the UK all now know they can get any bloke removed from any bar/pub/club by just complaining about them nothing more.
      Before you approach any woman you will have to know before hand if she shows any interest in you.

    2. Game is now mandatory for a man to **already be expert level at**. FTFY.
      How do you learn game?
      You have to try it out… which will get you thrown out of bars, banned from gyms, and get the police called on you.

    1. Not quite. Feminism is about destroying gender relations, which destroys the family unit, which destroys society. (((Men))) created feminism and fund it to this day. Women are just the dupes who are enjoying and running wild with the perceived “privileges and advantages.” It’s no different than letting a child run wild in a candy store — at the end of the day the kid will be sick and full of regret.

      1. I think he was belittling the article and his autocorrect substituted INCEL with uncle. No difference, still idiocy and arrogance that cannot comprehend reality.

    1. What does uncle site mean? Do you speak your own slang? Never heard of such an expression before. Explain.

      1. You have a pathological obsession with incels. Almost every single posts uses that word. Fashionably trendy SJW type, certainly not male, that’s for sure. You so obsess over male d*ck and what its not doing…likely just another masquerading hatchet gash out to troll with one relentless word you think is powerful, so you smear and hate on men because they don’t think and talk like you like them too…POS Pathetic feminist trash. You even had to misappropriate a gender to do your dirty deed.

  12. Good article highlighting feminists absurd notion of “equal, but different”. It’s the real life version of Animal Farm’s “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others”.
    If a double standard works in favor of men, it’s not fair and we have to fight for equality. If it works in favor of women, well… that’s just how it is.

    1. it why @Just Some Guy is trolling the hell out of the topic with its spam posts. The most enlightening topics here draw the most profligate trolling SJW garbage posters.

  13. In the West, our modern women are inherently capricious and vindictive. They’ll even pretend to be traditional “good girls” and run a fictional version of themselves on you, just to pull you into the honey trap. But you know, they’re also “#PERFECT” even when they have rolls of fat, no work ethic, deflated fried-egg tits and took 2 miles’ worth of dicks in them by age 30. My latest story (below) is yet another “straw that broke the camel’s back” tale of why intelligent men are giving up on post-modern romance.

    I met and hooked up with a fresh (no make-up needed), pretty 28-yo Colombian/Caucasian (mix) American girl a couple weeks ago (real world pick-up, never internet), and for a minute I thought maybe I had found something semi-good. She responded well to traditional masculine qualities. She didn’t behave like a jaded dirty slut. I detected her appreciation for science, logic and reason. I had a little glimmer of hope. I was wrong. Again.

    She contacted me on the day after our first encounter, and said “I can’t stop thinking about you, but it makes me feel so guilty!” I knew immediately there was someone else, probably serious, in her life. But before I deliver the hard “pass,” I inquire. Here’s the conversation:
    ME: “OK, I’ll bite…why do you feel guilty? You have a boyfriend already and he’s not around right now, yeah? Is that it? I can see where this is going already.”
    HER: (deep breath, drama coming): “Yeahhhh, but we don’t live together or anything. It’s OK.”
    ME: “So what am I, a trade-up?” Then I explained what monkey-branching means to her. She nervously laughs, sensing I’m about to corner her.
    HER: Most of you at ROK know how women laugh when they’re uncomfortable and cornered? Yep, that’s the laugh — the coy little laugh that says “Who, meeee?” (up-tone on the “me” = guilty.) “Well, I…”
    ME: “Ah, so you are a cheater. And you cheat yourself, it speaks for itself. You don’t want an actual man, you just want to be WANTED by a man, or you wouldn’t do this shit. Look, flat-out I’m not into sharing. I better be the only guy you’re inviting to your house or it’s off. You seemed free and available, you totally sent that vibe a few days ago. Now you;re all conflicted. You sent me a neck-down shot of you in a bikini this morning, and I already thought ‘too soon’ but you don’t realize that do you?”
    HER: “I think it’s because I’m lonely. He’s in the military and stationed overseas right now. He’s in the Marines.”
    ME (lecture time): “I’m glad you came clean, But hey, guess what? I have more respect for this complete stranger in the Marines than I have for you and your stupid little life. That guy is serving with honor, and you do him like this? He’ll risk a firefight in Afghanistan just get emotionally wounded by YOU when he returns stateside??? I wish I knew this guy, so I could warn him — you’re rock bottom. You need to get back to that stupid little life of yours and straighten out your priorities. You think with your pussy the way weak men think with their dicks. You’re out. Lose my number.” CLICK. Done.

    The absolute disrespect of a soldier and patriot; I can’t abide, this is disgusting behavior. The trend these days is for women to view their own sociopathic shamelessness as normal, or even virtue…these self-absorbed cunts are a lost cause. At least she didn’t stalk me for days, the way the last one I dismissed did. They typically get obsessed with men who DGAF and create self-doubt in them.

    I just want to settle down with a good and decent woman and have a son someday. I laugh at my own folly. Women are spoiled little children, just like the article states. Beau Albrecht, great article!

    1. “I just want to settle down with a good and decent woman and have a son someday.”
      There is no such woman in the western world, but you might manage to convince yourself there is.

      1. After living in Ukraine, I am convinced that 98 percent of Western women are worthless, even the ones in church. In Ukraine, that number drops to 50%. Even the most mediocre Ukrainian woman will cook meals and clean the house. I’ve seen even prostitutes do that. Of course, that number will drop dramatically as Ukraine Westernizes. But I see no promising future for Western society with these horrible excuses for women that we have. I am convinced the only decent wife you’ll find in America is in some hardcore Baptist-evangelical church in some rural areas of the Deep South, or something similar. They would have to be so isolated from mainstream society so as to preserve any traditional values or functions. And that doesn’t even take looks into account. If she’s pretty, then you’ve found a needle in a haystack. You’re better off checking out former Soviet Union if you want your kids to look white.

    2. Agree with what you said, but is futile. Only good one is good at bullshitting you.
      You are either a for’-branch or an aft-branch…
      They are all like that…
      I think the only morality is not to indulge friends’ bitches…

      1. @BadMan
        Yeah, AWALT + it seems getting some bullshit is a normal part of most courtship initially; acceptable within boundaries. I see that, to them, the most interesting guy in the room (along with your effortlessly-skilled wing-man buds, of course) is often the one who can coolly dismantle the BS without outright insulting or shaming anyone. Abundance and selectivity as an antidote to all that; I expect to see them dropping their defenses when I’m around. “Good ones” usually aren’t alone, so I try to charm (as effortlessly as humanly possible) an entire female clique to lull them into complacency, then tend to pick the one who is doing one of two extremes: Either dishing the least BS, or dishing the strongest BS in the most creative, provocative, intelligent way because I sometimes like a challenge and hard-to-get, to see how many shields I can knock down (if I sense there’s a real prize the willpower goes up…”alpha-Betties” and shit). At that point she recognizes I’ve got her running the hurdles, not the other way round. I don’t do ONS anymore (stopped at age 24 after a solid 7-year run), so I usually test women who will want to bang 2 or 3 encounters out from the initial meeting, and may offer LTR potential. I also think this is a good way to stay STD-free by avoiding the worst liars and whores. I also prefer the magnetism of a good build-up, quality over quantity and delayed gratification, etc.
        you mentioned:
        “for-branch or an aft-branch,” yes, plus falling off that top branch when they find nothing newer or better to grab onto. While casually ‘splainin just a smidgen of the monkey-branch theory to her (I usually banish such topics but it was a useful digression for my amused ego), I stayed light-hearted so she’d at least listen (I want the delivery to land in brain, for posterity, as her influencer-of-the-moment). And, through some chuckling, I just quickly mentioned the following endgame move that most women don’t perceive, b/c maybe she could be spared a worse fate than being unfaithful to some other dude and getting rapidly dumped by me (minor in the grand scheme of things):
        I said along the lines of (phone call):
        “So if you reach your highest obtainable ‘branch,’ they say, and suddenly you find out that’s all you’re capable of, right, and then even THAT fails (and it will, because you sound insatiable), ok…and you succumb to your ceaseless ascensionism and *fall* off the top of your tree, life’s going to suck…and so in this situ I’m pretty much insignificant (you could utilize or next me as one of a series) but nonetheless — now I’m the branch that bends out of the way of your furious grasping for any branch on the way down (I won’t save-a-ho / white knight). Or maybe you find yourself confronted with the guy rejecting you after evaluating how you got to the top of this particular tree in the first place. And think about if this is at good as it gets?” It says dominance hierarchy is a bitch; I don’t exist to please you — and what are YOU bringing to this collaboration while you’re on my branch? I was acting less punishing than this sounds as written, and she totally dug it. I had her laughing in agreement.
        Really basically just to see how much I could get away with saying on my way out the door, because unbeknownst to her I felt a little foolish for wasting my time.

    3. There is some way in which her Marine boyfriend was not perfect. In her mind, that alone justified looking for a bigger, better deal. She thought you were the better deal, the more perfect man, so she wanted you (until an even more perfect guy comes along). Anyway, it’s good that you put on the brakes. The unsuspecting Marine thanks you.

    4. Putting women in their place requires male tribalism and ethnic loyalty. So; until you get rid of inbred; simple minded; white trash; low IQ libertarians than nothing will happen until muslims take over or something; than that is their job and I still won’t help them . Libertarianism bro; that is the problem with the nation. Men are weak and cannot keep their women in place because they are detribalized.

      1. Woa, man, careful here.
        You probably mixing up Libertarianism and Liberalism/Socialism/Statism.
        In a true libertarian society women would be free to do anything they wanted (like men) but (their) stupid choices would be instantly punished without a welfare & nanny state.
        But Stefan Molyneux had this discussion also several times. I don’t know what the ultimate truth is, in general libertarism sounds awesome, but as a safe alternative we would need to return to a more conservative stable society first.

      2. The Christian church used to be the backbone of European tribalism, but that has deteriorated entirely. The mainstream churches are pozzed and utterly worthless. The mega-churches are a joke and a farce. The evangelical churches have feminized Christianity beyond recognition. And of course you don’t want to get involved with something nutty like Mormons or JWs. Only a few handful of independent churches in any given state preach the traditional gospel that puts women in their rightful place. Only a handful of pastors enforce these traditional Christian gender roles that are crucial for a successful society, like Pastor Steve Anderson (http://www.returnofkings.com/185699/4-alternative-christian-pastors-you-should-follow). It’s such a dire, desperate situation in the West. The West is truly collapsing before our very eyes. All we can do is travel the world to find the few traditional societies that still have half-decent women. I recommend Russia, Ukraine, Belarus (if you can get a visa there), Kazakhstan (with its large Slav population), maybe Romania, maybe Bulgaria, maybe Poland. Marrying a Filipina is desperate in my view, but options are certainly limited. Resorting to Mexico or Venezuela is also desperate.

        1. THANK YOU man for putting the name of STEVEN ANDERSON out there. By watching his sermons everybody can GET A GLIMPSE what christianity is really about. THE LAMB OF GOD and THE LION OF JUDA!
          Not lukewarm, weakened and watered down church which dont believe what they teach.
          Another church, which is also associated with anderson is STEDFAST BAPTIST CHURCH, they also put sermons online to watch. These people are HEATED….

    5. You must understand that women today don’t operate like men; you cannot shame them through words or by calling them out for not adhering to values. For example, on 2-3 different occasions I told a female acquaintance that I had no respect for them. Each time there response was that they did not care. One even said she didn’t know me well enough for that to matter. You see? Many women have no abstract idea of what respect or any other values/ideals are. Imagine if I had said that to a man, including yourself. Even though I am just a stranger, many men would challenge me for that comment because we know the value of respect, that respect is something to be demanded & earned from friend or foe, acquaintance or stranger. Many women in this society are so corrupted they live with no values or morals, backstabbing their own friends, lying through their teeth to all, etc. So you wasted your breath with her, when you hung up she called up boyfriend #3.

      1. yep boyfriend #3, etc
        there is no ethical requirment – none.
        no shaming from female relatives( historical fabric of society) – nothing.
        except you go girl…
        I have had nothing but contempt from any woman – even relatives – if I critique another women (a stranger to them)..
        women are aligned near 100%
        men near 0%

  14. The time for complaints is over. The time for undermining the (((cuntocracy))) is well underway. You should all think of ways you can cheat the system, and stop being tax nipples for the suckling lecherous spawns of satan. If all of us (working-class or even upper-class white men) went on unemployment or became criminals, the US, and most “first-world” countries would crash in no time. We need to check out, not just socially, but financially, emotionally, and spiritually as well. Any kind of attachment to (((their))) world must be severed if it is to fail. Otherwise when we all die, it will fail. But I would rather be alive and gloating over my enemy than the other way around, wouldn’t you?

    1. The trick then becomes to stay on unemployment (or disability or other assistance program) without having the plug pulled on you. At least on a personal level. Societal, it’s highly doubtful you’ll get enough people playing along to make any sort of impact. It’s kinda like all that talk about “if everyone stopped paying taxes…” mantra that never goes anywhere, assuming it’s even able to.

  15. To add to the list:
    They can physically strike a man and often face minimal consequences, for example, in an argument on the street outside a bar.

  16. (Disclaimer: I don’t want to stir up any drama, but …)
    You know, that list is basically a recap of the rationale behind MGTOW.
    Currently, I’ve got more of the black pill view, but it is founded on these points.
    My point is, these 25 things in the list (and many more) are here to stay, as it will be impossible to change them in a “democratic” and therefore “legal” way. That is because of the majority of the voting population is female and due to their own-group preference, short sighted and irrational decision making. Also it would “feel negative” for women in short term they would have to give away privileges.
    As I see it, the main problem are women’s voting rights in the west, which will sooner or later end in a liberal / communist hellhole.
    So in a MGTOW / black pill view: Let the (western) society get, what it deserves by giving women authority without responsibily. When we have shithole conditions in the west, then the patriarchy will return (or when the west imports more 3rd world islamic immigrants, who then put the sharia on top :P)
    And to be honest, the ignorant blue pill managinas and white knights who allowed (and still allow) this to happen don’t deserve better !
    My main goal at the moment is to escape the plantation and dependence on the west. Then I can work and help fellow (intelligent) men by spreading red pills.
    Sounds like John Dodds is quite happy in Asia, maybe I visit you 😉
    The drawback of this plan is to abandon one’s homecountry in the west, but I don’t see another “legal” solution at the moment.

    1. i don’t know the solution either.
      Maybe the potential blue(haired) wave of female politicians will bring about collapse sooner.
      who knows?
      I want to tell women to stop voting.
      you must.
      Otherwise, a stronger group will take over and never allow female vote(or any other rights) again…Not the Chinese, Africans, Muslims, Communists…
      Only traditional Westerners…who women are destroying – will allow them rights.
      I had an easy pick up option yesterday – but, just didn’t bother – perhaps I am becoming too jaded. but, I also wanted to wake early this morning and get real shit done.
      Today I am getting shit done from 4AM, and am in position to capitalize on randy whores at a popular beach bar from 2PM…see what happens…

  17. Rightly summed up. I once knew a 18 years old feminist girl. She came from the haute bourgeoisie, studied medicine after having frequented an expensive private high school thanks to daddy’s money, and she managed to complain endlessly because one of her teacher allegedly made a “sexist” joke while being oblivious to everything she had, including guys fawning for her and paying her drinks.
    “I can be frustrated and blame some non-eventful joke, but you man have no right to blame anyone or anything, your suffering has no moral value, bow down!”

  18. Would you start a company with a business partner who had greater legal rights then you?
    Who could fire you from the company for any reason yet mandate that you continue to find the company without dusting in the profits?
    Who could have you arrested without proof.
    Who is innocent until proven guilty while you are guilty until proven innocent ?
    That is exactly what men are doing in the West.
    Most men who try to form relationships with Western women are fighting a losing battle. Better to move to a country that is not a matriarchy and populated by cucked men.

    1. That’s a very good analogy and summary of the situation and problems. +1 😉
      So I’m curious, which countries do you have in mind ? Are you already there ?

  19. Government needs to divorce all the women they seem to be married to and repel all the laws that cater to women. Then the women will have to learn to be co-operative, respectful and polite if they would catch husband instead of being a drug addicted bag lady or worse.
    They need to cut out the divorce for profit scam and quit cheating on their husbands or man friends.

  20. I’ve always thought the next wave of feminism should be one focused on self-responsibility and the relinquishing of rights such as affirmative action. Prison sentences would be dished out equally, rape allegations that end up being demonstrated to be maliciously false would be prosecuted, and all misandry would be treated as a hate crime like other prejudices. This would clearly demonstrate western womankind’s integrity and apparent agenda of ‘equality’ with men.

  21. 3 words:
    How the fuck did you skip that one?
    Women’s genitals are protected BY LAW from forced genital cutting of underage female minors 18 U.S. Code § 116 (Female Genital Mutilation)
    Meanwhile males have the “privilege” of getting their genitals violently molested and mutilated at birth- then in adulthood of being mocked and spat upon by society when they try to speak out against the obvious crime perpetrated upon them.
    MEN who had their genitals ripped, cut, crushed, clamped, sliced and disfigured for life are the REAL #metoo victims.

  22. 3 words:
    How the fuck did you skip that one?
    Women’s genitals are protected BY LAW from forced genital cutting of underage female minors 18 U.S. Code § 116 (Female Genital Mutilation)
    Meanwhile males have the “privilege” of getting their genitals ripped, cut, crushed, clamped, sliced and disfigured for life- then in adulthood of being mocked and spat upon by society when they try to speak out against the obvious crime perpetrated upon them.
    MEN who had their genitals violently molested and mutilated at birth – those are the REAL #metoo victims.

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