The Battle For Montreal Is Yet Another Example Of The CBC’s Corrupt Journalistic Practices

For those of you who have followed the goings on in Canada, you already know how Roosh has come under attack by radical feminists and Canadian press for his current speaking engagement. What you may not remember is that the Canadian Broadcast Company (CBC) recently engaged in a similar smear campaign against Gamergate.

The similarities between the two incidents, where one side of the message was obviously silenced, shows that the CBC is unilaterally pushing a pro-feminist, state-approved message. And they will tolerate no dissenters.


The CBC ran this one sided piece last November. Based the video, it becomes pretty clear that CBC is pushing a narrative where women appear to be victimized. This is highly similar to their coverage of Roosh’s Montreal lecture, which consists mostly of interviewing apparently mentally ill feminists about how they fear for their safety while trying to incite mob violence against a man for giving a speech.

CBC’s History Of Bias

Ironically, the CBC had interviewed pro-Gamergate game developer Jennifer Dawe, who happens to be a woman, for their hit piece. Of course, that interview never saw the light of day as you might imagine. John Bowman, the CBC journalist who had interviewed Dawe, later stated that his producers did not want to go ahead with the story. We can only imagine where that directive came from.

That incident in particular was a violation of CBC’s journalistic standards and ethics practices, which clearly state:

We are committed to reflecting accurately the range of experiences and points of view of all citizens. All Canadians, of whatever origins, perspectives and beliefs, should feel that our news and current affairs coverage is relevant to them and lives up to our Values….. “We have a special responsibility to reflect regional and cultural diversity, as well as fostering respect and understanding across regions.

Returning to current events, not once has the CBC asked for Roosh’s unedited side of the story—he said that he would be available to do a live interview so that his words could not be selectively edited, but thus far no media outlet has taken him up on the offer.

Not once have they considered that there are two sides to every story. From what I can tell, CBC is more interested pushing a narrative similar to the imaginary war on women that American liberals continue to perpetuate.

Considering that CBC is government funded Canadian Citizens should demand recourse. CBC needs to get its act together, and Canadians need to realize that their main news source is anything but unbiased.

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188 thoughts on “The Battle For Montreal Is Yet Another Example Of The CBC’s Corrupt Journalistic Practices”

  1. Give’ em hell Roosh !
    But you are about to learn the hard way. 10ooo manginas, zombie queers and lezbos CAN take out John Wayne. You are batting out of your league. You beat one, another will come.
    I am pulling for you. But you will get clobbered just like you did when you went on TV and all those fat girls beat up on you.
    Nevertheless, you have my moral support !
    Go Roosh !

    1. Just because they yell the loudest and only show cherry-picked clips doesn’t mean they win. We’re all learning to use their own tactics against them.

        1. I admit it pisses me off to post a link to AVFM. It is a good site, But they kicked me off their site posting. Called me a troll, even though I did not consider myself one. Disagreed on one article.
          Ridiculed MGTOW and got booted.

        2. That’s quite normal. When you go to someone’s house and ridicule them, you will not be invited back. (I have no affiliation with that site, just stating basic etiquette ).

  2. You’re dealing with the urban Canadian liberal establishment. They are best summed up by looking at the kind of people who idolize Jon Stewart. These people love him. They hold all the same views as American liberals including hating America.
    The CBC denies any leftwing bias, often pointing to ‘conservatives’ they also have on their shows, but if you listen to it day in and out, you realize how often the feminist narrative viewpoint goes unquestioned on any of their pieces.
    Roosh should have contacted the Rebel media, I’m sure they would have talked to him, as they are the new anti establishment group on the Canadian media scene.

    1. Canada is infected with the pLAGUE. Our boy Roosh does not know what he stepped into.
      But he did return from the fatgirl show and lived to tell of it. Just as Gandalf came back from the Pits of Moria.
      Roosh might just live to tell about it.

    2. As I said above about the CBC:
      the CBC is notorious for being liberal/left leaning and heavily
      feminist. They have a conscious policy of hiring lots of women and
      promoting them to senior and management positions for the explicit
      purpose of ensuring female viewpoints and the feminist agenda gets
      priority. For example, I read somewhere that it was discovered women
      don’t tend to speak up unless they are surrounded by lots of other women
      and men are the minority, so the CBC has made the very conscious
      decision to hire lots of women and allow women to dominate the
      discussion and agenda.
      The entire CBC is heavily infused with a politically correct and liberal, feminist bias. That’s the culture there and everyone knows it. Women and the feminist agenda rules at theCBC. They try to appear “neutral” and cleverly add some “opposing” viewpoints (although if you pay attention, it is always one “moderate” conservative or centrist for every 2 or 3 far left or radically feminist panelist/guest.) Anyone who has paid attention to the CBC and listened to it for a few years should have realized this by now.

    3. He should have get an interview at a Quebec city radio channel. They like to express similar views than him. The only thing is they would need a translator with them because not many people speak English there.

        1. Yeah. Right. First time there is a problem in your new found homeland your ass will be back. I am quite sure you have relinquished your citizenship. Correct?

        2. I am curious (not being sarcastic)— whats your experiences so far? I know some guys who left in 79′ and go back occassionally to visit family. Mixed opinions from them.

    1. You’re just as bad as the lefties. Canada is a great country and these feminists don’t represent Canada.

      1. The truth is that fems represent very few people anywhere.
        They’ve just been a very loud bunch with billion dollar megaphones at their disposal.

      2. I don’t know about that.
        I’m Canadian and my honest, unbiased opinion is that Canada is in no way a “great country” in the same manner as the US. Canada is a middling, middle to lower-middle tier country which has only been successful because it is right next to the most powerful country in the world. Canada’s economy is shit, and heavily dependent on the US, and on its resource sector. It’s manufacturing sector is pathetic to non-existent, and has deteriorated even more after NAFTA and free-trade because of poor productivity and inability to compete with US companies.
        Canada’s media, political and cultural elite, like all elites, is heavily liberal and feminist. The difference is that while there is some counter-programming in the US, a strong religious, Christian counter-culture and a strong conservative movement (albeit growing weaker with each decade), Canada has no strong counter-culture or conservative media to oppose the heavily liberal and feminist and politically correct culture. Most Canadians are by default heavily liberal and feminist simply because they just don’t hear enough counter arguments or differing opinions.

        1. Canadians know how to read news and know how to use internet. We can read different opinions and then make our own.

        2. You can say that about anything then. There is always some counter-argument or different opinion somewhere out there.. on the internet or elsewhere.
          The problem is that t hose aren’t easily or readily available. You have to go looking for them. Contrast this with the CBC, which is the national broadcast (radio and television) and how its heavily liberal and feminist viewpoints are constantly bombarding Canadians and is ever present. Don’t be so naive as to believe this doesn’t have a strong influence on Canadians and on shaping their opinions.

        3. I am also a Canadian citizen and I agree completely with this. If it ain’t for the USA Canada would be much less than it is right now.
          With the economy here tanking hard, hopefully the shit hits the fan soon so as to weed out people.

  3. I use to listen to the CBC but it became so beta that I just could not continue. One program about raising you kids gender neutral was sickening, it bordered on psychological child abuse.

    1. the CBC is notorious for being liberal/left leaning and heavily feminist. They have a conscious policy of hiring lots of women and promoting them to senior and management positions for the explicit purpose of ensuring female viewpoints and the feminist agenda gets priority. For example, I read somewhere that it was discovered women don’t tend to speak up unless they are surrounded by lots of other women and men are the minority, so the CBC has made the very conscious decision to hire lots of women and allow women to dominate the discussion and agenda.
      The entire CBC is heavily infused with a politically correct and liberal, feminist bias. That’s the culture there and everyone knows it. Women and the feminist agenda rules at the CBC. They try to appear “neutral” and cleverly add some “opposing” viewpoints (although if you pay attention, it is always one “moderate” conservative or centrist for every 2 or 3 far left or radically feminist panelist/guest. Anyone who has paid attention to the CBC and listened to it for a few years should have realized this by now.

  4. “their coverage of Roosh’s Montreal lecture, which consists mostly of interviewing apparently mentally ill feminists about how they fear for their safety while trying to incite mob violence against a man for giving a speech.”
    Yes, I’ve been watching Roosh getting relentlessly smeared by the Canadian media:

  5. A little off-topic: I’ve been out of the game scene since the mid-90s (the last game I play serious was Ultima VIII Pagan). Where can I read about this Gamer Gate to understand what’s going on??

    1. In retrospect looking back, reaxxion raised awareness to the feminist brainwashing being tube fed to all the gamers. The number of game players is staggering. Hopefully the site did its job and cut off another toxic assault on masculinity. Men are being worked from every angle, education, courts, roving sjw’s. While transfixed on some game, the neutering influence of feminist underwriting on the game programme makes its way into the brain. Cheers to better brain health reaxxion. The feminizing game psy op got set back a bit.

    2. Forget about Gamer Gate. Just go out and enjoy the world. Ignore maninists and feminists and your life will be great.

  6. You will win in a way far bigger than you can imagine, Roosh. It isn’t about the amount of people in attendance. It isn’t about the aspect of right or wrong, misogyny, hatred, or whatever word can be used to create the us vs them mentality that has been a strongly held tactic of this 3rd Wave feminist movement and homosexual dogma being promoted today. It is about the denial of truth.
    For a long time now, too long in fact, the west, led by America, has led the world in an attempt to fight against lies, contradictions, and injustice. With no enemies save for the ones it can create to keep our lies going, we have shifted enemies just enough to always have a fight. In the West, many Americans, North Americans, South Americans, Central Americans, still value these beliefs. Just like the true love tale, and be what you want to be rote, we are also debunking lies promoted to keep us away from what we all want, more joy.
    What you are promoting here Roosh, isn’t an ideology or even a way of life. It is truth. And like a tree, even if you only see so much of it, you know the rest is there and you aren’t getting the full picture. Even if getting the full picture doesn’t mean a better life, that so many people are willing to fight the reveal of it, makes the fruit that much more alluring to seek.
    It also is a huge help that they are doing what they’ve always done, burn shit down without much logic to it.
    For the men and women who wish to live in harmony, for the men who have survived the lies of ‘true love’, for those looking to ensure a world where their children don’t have to debase themselves out of fear of someone’s hurt feelings, and for those who simply wish to keep the layers of our ancestors alive, we thank you for your continued effort to promote your message, however far you go.

  7. If the CBC is govt funded you might be able to use freedom of information requests to find out the motives/reasons behind their biased reporting.

      1. It’s not for being against feminism but for telling online in what bar was a woman without her permission. But I don’t think he’s gonna go to jail.

        1. What, like the cafe owner who took photos of Roosh and announced what cafe he was in, publicly?

        2. If he was still there at the moment the photos was made public and if he didn’t want his location to be public he could make a complain to the police and it would be the same thing. But my point is that Greg Elliot is not facing imprisonment just to “talk against feminism” and I’m pretty sure he won’t be imprisonned.

    1. My hat’s off to the gentleman who left for a better life to the Philippines. You saved your sanity by doing that, despite all the false trash the media might say about you. Mgtow ftw.

      1. Really. The depressed daughter can fuck off and the druggy son can off himself.
        “I didn’t know what I was doing!” Yeah, I bet.

    2. how does she get custody knowing full well shes mentally ill and suicidal, thats gonna mentally ruin those kids, she can barely care for herself.
      though shouldnt be a shock, Toronto recently legalized the right to remain insane so not a complete shock.

  8. There was no violation of CBC standards.
    “We are committed to reflecting accurately the range of experiences and points of view of all citizens.”
    This refers to citizens of the Left. The Left has no allegiance to national identity; their allegiance is to their ideology and the fluid “Truths” that forward that ideology.
    “All Canadians, of whatever origins, perspectives and beliefs, should feel that our news and current affairs coverage is relevant to them and lives up to our Values.”
    All residents of the area identified as Canada, whether they are citizens (of the Left) or not, should feel that Leftist advocacy is relevant. It is not the fault of the CBC that some individuals have decided to ally with rapists, terrorists, and other enemies of the Cultural Revolution.

    1. Funny, I read the line “we are committed to reflecting accurately the range of experiences and points of view of all citizens.” and it clearly says ALL citizens. I could not locate any word in that statement that suggested an exclusivity from and for the left.
      You have highlighted the problem with the left, however. The Truth, that is REAL Truth is never fluid. It is always an absolute. That the left earnestly believes in this ridiculous notion of “fluid truth” is the reason the left always loses. The left can’t even form a cohesive argument to back up their ideology’s alleged “truths” because those “truths” continually change with the perpetually shifting consensus of the mob. This is why we see groups of lefties fracture and turn on one another like a pack of rabid dogs. Hell, we saw it with this Montreal fiasco. They could barely organize the protest and immediately fell to attacking one another when they failed to achieve their goal of preventing Roosh from lecturing.
      I am reminded of the scene in Gladiator where Commodus, upset that the crowd loves Maximus so much, is consoled by his sister Lucilla with the words: “The mob is fickle, brother.” That’s the left. A fickle, self destructive mob. And that’s all it will ever be.

      1. Canadian citizens tend to assume that “citizen” refers to other Canadian citizens. US citizens tend to assume that “citizen” refers to other US citizens.
        Some of my most leftist acquantances (including a couple of communist relatives) tend to think of themselves as primarily World Citizens of whatever branch of the lefty collective that gives them a sense of purpose or validates their victimhood, and national citizens when it benefits themselves. They usually speak disparagingly about those who feel any national pride.

        1. Oh I see now. Just redefine the word citizen to exclude people who have differing viewpoints regardless if they hold the same passport as you do. That way, you can say that CBC didn’t violate their code of ethics when they only present one side of the story. Doesn’t that sound like totalitarianism?

        2. The same happens in Australia which is also infected with Leftist progressive politics and thinking. Being proud to be Australian is openly looked at as being racist. There’s some fightback going on buy of course the media label anyone standing up for Australian values or criticizing Islam as a Neo Nazi.

  9. Yes the CBC has gone way feminist tard as of late. Their website regularly promotes headlines that are gender bait clicks, blindly mimicking the tone and ideas of Jezebel, Daily Mail. I get that eyeballs matter in the Internet game, but seriously CBC have some respect for yourself, and your tradition for fine broadcasting.
    I know real news does not generate click revenue but by airing fake and sensational newsworthiness, you’re doing a real disservice to yourself, your reputation, and your core audience.
    Get back on track, or eventually the monster you feed for clicks will turn and put you on the chopping block.

    1. The media is run by feminists these days. Control the media, control the people. Most people can’t even see the “man hating” in nearly every article in the local paper these days. Why do u think men around children at ALL looked at as paedophiles. A man isn’t allowed to sit next to a child on a plane in Australia and other westernise countries.
      The corporations funded the feminist movement cause they support the corporate game!

      1. “The corporations funded the feminist movement cause they support the corporate game!”
        And here’s where it gets interesting.
        Trump’s an elite too, right?
        One of THEM.
        So wtf?
        Is he a plant?
        Or is he breaking away from the pack or something?
        Here’s an interview Trump did with Oprah back in 1988 about running for president.
        See if you can glean anything from it.

    1. I don’t know if that’s all true but there’s a few points I definitely agree with.

    2. I’m a boomer and I have no pension due to two bouts of long term unemployment. This is what pisses me off! Canada is in a depression and people are screeching about Cecile the lion and RooshV.

      1. What did you do to prevent the hordes of 3rd world filthy from gaining access to your country? If the answer is “nothing” then fuck you. Die in the gutter.

        1. What am I doing? Not paying taxes, not supporting the political agenda, basically looking after my own ass first. Fuck everyone else. It’s me FIRST!!

        2. Did you organize, write to your politicos and voice your “Racism”?
          Or did you sit back and let 3rd world sub-humans sink their fangs into you welfare state while you did nothing?

        3. “Me first!” – – – Great! You don’t need a pension! ‘Cause the pension comes from the labors of others!

        4. -Supported the NRA which helped institute “Stand Your Ground” Laws.
          -Helped defund welfare programs that the nigs require for subsistence by voting.
          -Received 50% VA disability ($940/month) for “Muh Painz”. I’m contesting the ruling for a higher rate.
          -Write my elected officials to demand an end to immigration every time a muslim or latino commit a crime or take a breath.

        5. What did you do?
          btw, isn’t the Gothamist made up of retarded females? They have hysterical fits if they read something that doesn’t fit into their femtard agenda. These fat loser femtards must stay away monitoring the blog for fear of having to read something that may send them into a fit

        6. canada is not european land, its not their land, it belongs to the natives.
          go back to stormfront to promote your agenda, we dont need you to paint us as intolerant or racist, afterall this site is owned by a persian

        7. At this point my sole concern is me. What benefits and helps me, what’s in it for me and how can I vacate this shithole. I will not waste time writing letters to politicos. A useless exercise when my very survival is paramount. Let the cockroaches eat each other.

        8. When the Emmanual Celler immigration bill was passed in the 60’s I was too young to know what anything was about. The US was 90% White and the only immigrants I knew were European.If it were today I would definitely try to stop the Bill.So why don’t you young people who have plenty of energy have a million man march on Washington.You can even get the negroes to join you because they are all for Trump and don’t like immigration either although they may mug you and rape your females along the march lol
          At least men my age had the balls to protest and take over buildings for whatever they believed in even if quite frankly a lot of it was dumb. Millenial boys are like dead zombies and I really have to wonder if somehow their T became reduced whether by constant conditioning or being fed drugs as kids.

        9. Being a NRA member, writing an email or two (to a beaucrat who never reads them) and sucking off the govt. tit is your conrtribution?
          That’s special.

        10. You’re probably base-level trolling, but just in case you’re not:
          Do you own any property? If so, in order to avoid being a pathetic filthy hypocrite, you need to take the title for your stolen property and return it to the nearest native band.
          If you’re some libby DB who perpetually lives at home, you need to convince your parents to hand over their stolen title.
          Only then can you play the “stolen land” card without looking like a complete fucking idiot.
          Oh, and on the odd chance that you’re a native, you still need to hand over your title to the band because individuals did not historically own property.

        11. No “Mr Galt”– maybe try reading the fucking book. Siphoning away money from the machine– my money– and helping in the legalization of killing negros when they step out of line is among my contributions.

        12. No, it does not belong to the “Natives”. Look around. Those savages are 300# drunks on government supported reservations. The natives where Stone Age troglodytes who wear easily concurred by their betters.
          This site is owned by an avowed jew hater.

        13. if thats really the case whatever land you live on regardless of country or national origin is all yours and no one else. Then you shouldnt be complaining when people move to other lands and live there be it europe asia,americas, etc.
          Either its everyones land or its the natives land not to majority foreign group

        14. he doesnt hate jews, liberal media said that. In fact when 1 commentor asked why do they overrep in certain fields, next day an article poppd up here on why there shouldnt be any anti semitism all the while indians,muslims,blacks and sometimes asians get a few insults thrown at them.
          well its their land, they just dont rule it like Spaniards were during the time of the moors.

        15. I don’t see how getting VA money is a type of political action. I could have easily gotten 1500 a month since 1995. I choose not to and can tell you I had some incurably lean times since then. Including being homeless. I will not take anyones charity. It makes a man less. We all have pain from the military. We knew that going in.

        16. “I don’t see how getting VA money is a type of political action.”
          Let’s cut the shit. For 80% of my reasoning, it is all about me getting tax free ‘gives-me-dat’ — no different than the welfare ‘ger. It is simply me reaching my hand into the gov’mint pot of free money and grabbing a handful. But let’s look at the other 20% of my reasoning; Feral teenage n’ger mammies reach their hands into the pot. Billionaire CEOs who are “too jew to fail” spend 150K on private jets to testify in Congress how they need tax payer money.
          Basically, the government passes a giant pot of money around to each person. Some people, like you, the dumb-ass cuck-servitive WASP, trows his hard earned money into the pot. The negress takes some cump-change and the jew CEO takes a fat handful.
          I’ve chosen to grab rather than throw.
          .I’m currently at 50% disability which means I get $936 per month. That means that I still give more than I get. But, I’ve hired a VA lawyer. My goal is to get 100% disability which will give me almost $3500 per month of tax free money. If that happens, I am almost guaranteed to take more than I give.
          Is it better to give than receive? I’ve made my choice. Mkae yours. Support the system. I need free money.

        17. basically looking after my own ass first. Fuck everyone else. It’s me FIRST!!
          You are *definitely* a Boomer….

        18. Again, I wasn’t doubting your reasons. You want free shit…that is up to you. But you listed it as a political move to better your cause. It seems you are fed up with the nanny state and all the social welfare. If you have jumped ship then maybe you should change your stance.

        19. I use to not be like that, but I am in survival mode. Actually, I came to the realization that the meek will NOT inherit the earth. Looking at our current and future policy makers makes me fully aware of the impending disaster. And don’t tell me you don’t look after you first.

        20. I will do what I need to do to survive. That I learned from so much reading on the manosphere.

        21. Sure “the meek will inherit the earth”. They always have. Heyzues simply didn’t specify that the “earth” that the meek inherit is mass graves

        22. I’d gladly forgo my VA payment if we’d dismantle the Welfare state. I want to see children starving to death in the street and “Freddy Mac” out of business.

        23. never got an antisemistism vibe from that article.
          yet the subhumans here want to help against this pc culture,in fact one of them started this read pill and your people would be dumb enough to follow the pc culture if it werent for him. Least the “subhumans” can keep thier women in line,fertilities high and try to keep tradition. Least we can kinda see whats wrong here while your people will fiercely defend it. If you are the master race how is it possible the jews ruined your culture and race in a mere few decades.
          It took a persian and other traditional people to see wahts wrong with you degenerate feminized pigskins…Even a 3rd worlder can see that. With whites like you, makes us wonder why should we help,when we can make it worse for u.
          #your race is going extinct

        24. Niggers forget that the white man can exterminate 10s of millions by doing absolutely nothing. Shutting off your various welfare programs would result in more deaths than Hitler, Stalin and Mao combined.

      2. “I’m a boomer and I have no pension due to two bouts of long term unemployment.’ – – – Get into a Trade. How you don’t have Canadian Pension? o.O

      3. I agree with you. There are hordes of people out of work (over 100 million in America), rents going up, inflation throught the roof and people struggling to make ends meet.
        Yet people are more concerned with childlike bullshit like gamergate, trump and megyn kelly, the latest hipster tv show and the other trivial bullshit that have no real significance or meaning in our lives.
        The economy has collapsed, and people are braindead.

        1. Yes. The idea that everyone has a golden pension to fall back on is completely ridiculous. Much like the misinformed idea that everyone has full-time jobs with benefits. Many people have had to dip into their pension money just to survive through long term unemployment, illness or family emergencies – no I’m not talking about people who spend foolishly. The job situation here in Canada is dire, but no one wants to acknowledge that. We are definitely in a modern day Depression and it will get worse.

    3. The boomer’s kids have grown up. It’s the boomer’s grandkids that are few and far between at least in the white western demographic. The boomer’s kids in the 70’s and 80’s got the maximum brain screw in front of the ‘boob tube’ drinking in the sitcoms, the police state grooming ‘cop show’ melodramas and finally eating up the evening news like it was truthful good tasting processed pink slime lunchelon meat. Now we see the results, the widespread atmosphere of ‘nugget farts’ and ‘hot pocket belch’ from a generation raised consuming all the mental ‘boob tube think’ fed to them in the trough. A ‘boob’ tube is just that. It’s like a big BOOBIE and it’s just as addictive. Kids would plant their young faces on the cartoons and the protracted and calculated fem centric and state worshipping world view sucking it all in, getting giggles and a ‘fix’.
      After all the brain screw TV I clear my throat of all the ‘hock tooey’ and phlegm. With clear lungs I take a deep breath and open the window and shout ”ALL HAIL THE PATRIARCHY!!” . . ”DIICK POWWAAH” 🙂

      1. The Boomers watched TV but there wasn’t enough of it to have much effect on them. No cable TV and perhaps 3 broadcast stations that went off the air at midnight. News was just read for 15 min. not 24 hrs.People generally had to write because phone calls were expensive long distance. Air fares were expensive so you didn’t see low class proles on planes (they went by Greyhound on a bus with no toilet and had to make toilet stops that took days to go from coast to coast if they had to travel)

        1. True people wrote a lot more on paper back then. Actually I’ve written more in the past 5 yrs blogging than I ever scribbled on paper in the previous years. I’ve even accidentally deleted volumes of brainstorming with a push of the wrong key and wished I had it on paper. Back in the paper days every written message went via the mail system.
          STRANGE FACT: Back when all messages went throogh the mail system it was common that postal sorters in the main hubs would ‘go postal’ and suffer a psychotic break and begin attacking their supers and select co workers. Why is this? Well, the really skilled postal sorters gain an extra ‘sense’ by touch. They can ‘feel’ if a letter or package is out of place and without thinking, they’re able to put it into the correct bin or box. SO they can actually sense the content of the letter even without opening and reading it. Most mail was personal letters whereas today there is virtually no personal handwritten mail. The personal letters in the past were mostly bleeding heart desperado ”I’m sorry” ”I miss you” kind of crap. Postal workers could ‘feel it all’ and had to handle and be the middle man for all the insane hamster messaging. Then came election time with all the mud slinging and ball faced LIES and untruthful political ad mail, and the reliable postal worker had to use his ‘sense’ to guide more bullshit messaging. That’s when they went SNAP, and it was usually the proficient postal employees with good work records in their accuracy that ‘went postal’ as they say. NOTE ALSO that since the advent of internet messaging, the incidence of postal workers going postal has dropped to nearly zero.
          SO IF the big motherfucker motherboard computer ever becomes ‘living’ and ‘sentient’ with a conscience, that is if the ‘web’ actually comes to life, I’m pretty sure that the first thing it will do with all the crazy social media hamstering is that it will go postal and hurt people before it finally crashes.

    4. I would say not the Boomers, but the Flower Child Generation, and 70’s that poured the Most Liberal Marxist shit into this Country, not to mention all the Mind Altering Drugs, and now they are our politicians.

      1. You have to remember something.In the late 60’s most Boomers couldn’t even vote(the age was 21) and they were just dumb teenagers. The real troublemakers were older and left over products of the 30’s communists and they may have been brainwashed by them too just like millenials are today where all you see in the media is Libtard and Femtard propaganda.
        it’s like that old Billy Joel song ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’ ( I actually gave him the idea for that song in the 80’s while sitting at a bar talking to him)

    5. You’re a mangina shithead loser millenial pyjama boy. Aside from writing a couple of sentences on here, smoking weed and jerking off you’re a waste of air.
      Perhaps if you actually had a father around you retarded nignog and were not brought up by some cunt whore with a hairhat you would have more respect for your elders.

    6. I agree with that image 100%, the boomers should have thought about long term reprecussions of their actions in a logical manner. However id like to play devils advocate- in the boomers defence, this is being said in hindsight and although they are the most selfish generation in terms of resource-gathering, ect. You may have done the exact same thing had you grown up in this time period. There was no cultural awakening, no red pill moment, how do you expect them to know how their decisions would impact future generations? They were ignorant, they didnt have access to the knowledge we do and by the time they did it was too late. Once again I agree with the image and they really have dug a hole for future generations to attempt to dig out of.

      1. The politics and policy is your fault but not the resource depletion. Any generation, including millennials, would have done the exact same thing. It’s human nature and they’re just bitter. There’s still plenty to go around anyhow. They don’t know true hardship.
        The politics however: influential boomers really fucked up badly on that front. Even today it continues with the cucks and radical morons on both the left and right.

        1. I’m not a boomer I’m a millennial but I agree any generation wants resources to make life easy. But with politics they fucked up massively, they made their decisions based on ‘mah feels’ which is always dangerous.

        2. Hmmm. That doesn’t explain the Greatest Generation types who grew up during the Great Depression, worked their asses off so their kids could have better lives and, oh, yeah, in between they won WWII.
          The Boom, on the other hand thinks that the purpose of the foundation of the Republic was….to produce THEM. It’s always “Me first! Gimme! Gimme!” with them.

      1. Any chance to dox?
        I realize the vid is pretty dark.
        But inexpensive photo software could easily bring out some details in the shadows.

      2. Brutal. At least on the positive side he’s getting good publicity and is galvanizing his supporters. Just like the US, Canada needs to wake the fuck up and guys like roosh are the only types who are even trying.

      3. Isn’t it sad how quickly feminists resort to violence? It’s in part because they know that they can get away with it. It looks like in this case there was even a protective force of white knights standing at the ready to enforce the violent will of the femkunts. At least roosh wasn’t alone, but he needs even more people to stand with him. If there’s a huge gang of supporters, at least a couple of the femkunts might think twice. Most wouldn’t though, because they believe that no man can touch them.

      4. Anybody see that somebody responded by throwing a beer in the feminist’s face when she went back to continue having a go at Roosh? Good to see..

        1. They might have some Truth leak in, and they couldn’t stand it…Truth is the new ‘hate speech’…..

        2. This almost seem like the Inquisition back from the dark ages. Galileo was almost sent to the Inquisition for his experiments proving Copernicus’s heliocentric theory versus the church’s geocentric model. He was placed in house arrest and was told not to publish anything more regarding this matter. It was ONLY in 1992 that Pope John Paul II admitted the Catholic church was wrong toward Galileo. That’s right folks, over 350 years later.

      5. These people are hateful little shitheels. They can’t stand opposing views to their little Marxists dystopic fairy tales, and think anyone who points out that they’re full of shit should be ostracized and attacked physically.

        1. @Mistral: 8 or 9 years ago, I knew somebody on a scifi forum called galactic watercooler who went by Mistral. You wouldn’t happen to be the same person?

      6. What a bunch of violent, ignorant, loud mouthed morons. One of those vehicle mounted water cannons would have done the trick.

      7. It’s incredible how aggressive and hateful these SJW types really are. All while preaching tolerance, human rights and peace.

  10. I just want to add my support for Roosh – I’m trying to get off work and come to Toronto next Saturday. I agree with the comments about the CBC. For Americans, be thankful that you don’t have a govt. funded lib-left feminist word drooling TV/radio network vacuuming up billions of taxpayer dollars trying to mind-control the unsuspecting populace. And Roosh should talk to Ezra Levant and Rebel Media. They are the only Canadian media outlet with the guts to tell the truth.

  11. LOL!!!
    Toronto. He left the worst till last.
    Seriously, I imagine the whole scenario between Roosh and the feminists like Terminator, where the final battle takes place in Toronto.

  12. “Ironically, the CBC had interviewed pro-Gamergate game developer
    Jennifer Dawe, who happens to be a woman, for their hit piece. Of
    course, that interview never saw the light of day as you might imagine.
    John Bowman, the CBC journalist who had interviewed Dawe, later stated
    that his producers did not want to go ahead with the story. We can only imagine where that directive came from.”
    I actually know Jennifer Dawe and she will probably join me on my livestream/podcast soon. I’m going to ask her about this.

  13. Why don’t you get on your knees and charge a penny to blow the fine gents of RoK.

  14. Im watching the Yanks-Jays game now, and I just realized how much Rooosh looks like their top slugger, Joey Bats. Be careful in toronto, not just for your sake, but for mine (I have Batista on my fantasy team, and Im in first place- I dont need him getting assaulted right now):

      1. Theres his disguise for Toronto: wear a Batista jersey and Jays cap as he walks down the street…charge for autographs too and take pictures with em hahaha

        1. haha that just might work the Jays are at home v the Yankees again for anther crucial series the weekend Roosh is here..

  15. Roosh has the making if a great man as he has the knowledge and the courage. Knowledge without courage is sterile.
    Full support!

  16. I’m loving the coordinated and relentless assault on these SJW losers. Keep giving them a taste of their own medicine.

  17. Sovietic communists had all media, and failed to cheat people. Nostalgics of extreme left and its lies can now escape from capitalistic Russia to Canada

  18. CTV is also hammering on Roosh and is equally as PC-screwed in the head as the CBC. Go for the double law-suit, Roosh. CTV also has very deep pockets. Screw these traitorus bastards into bankruptcy and help restore my country! The media in the great white north is a Socialist propaganda scourge upon all Canadians.
    Btw, I’m very proud to tell people, “Hey! I’ve been reading that Roosh V guy for a long time and have even conversed with him online a few times! You should read him too!”

  19. I read the Journal de Montréal because I speak French and the titles of the articles were something along the lines of : “Man who wants to legalize rape is giving a conference”. So hate mobs appeared after reading that yet 99% of those people never heard of Roosh before those articles. All they knew was from these bullshit articles.
    The medias will go to great lengths (including flat out lying) to defend feminists and the feminist narrative. But I already knew this before the recent events. I truly learned of this when “Gamergate” happened. That’s when I truly saw the feminist medias lying their ass off.

    1. “including flat out lying”
      Fortunately their lying helps bring in traffic.
      “Extra! Extra! Roosh V writes satire about legalizing rape!”
      “Extra! Extra! Roosh V wants to legalize rape!”
      Which one of those do you honestly think drives up the most traffic?

  20. A few weeks ago they had Action Bronson kicked out of a concert in Canada for “lyrics that encouraged rape”. So basically even an artist is a target to the intolerant SJWs these days. By their own logic, Rihanna encourages murder because she kills someone in a video clip. Oh I forgot about the double standards of the SJWs, as nothing that they denounce apply to themselves.

  21. Leave to the Communist Boarding Corporation to pretend they are objective in their reporting. They have been towing the left-lib line for years and have only been kept afloat by public money. Not to mention that they have been ineptly run for a long time.

    1. Exactly why I don’t watch tv.
      Except maybe netflix & my own pirated movie collection.

      1. Fox and the GOPs behavior toward Trump has been utterly egregious.
        Basically they’re saying they want Trump out because he’s TOO conservative for them.
        They say they want to broaden their appeal.
        Broaden it to whom? Swing voters and undecideds?
        Those are not sheeple.
        They think for themselves.
        And the reality is that almost anyone that does think for themselves hates, HATES the left with a passion that burns these days.
        Todays left is so transparently authoritarian and such egregious censors of dissenting views that even spergs can see the writing on the wall.
        Almost no one doesn’t already have a dog in this fight one way or another but they want to court that multitude of sexless, raceless, masses that are out there…..somewhere?
        Maybe this sheds some light.
        “It should also be noted some of these high-powered donors are helping to finance the campaigns of BOTH Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush.”
        And this on Megan Kelly.
        I don’t know if this Mark Levin guy always yells on the air like this but it’s quite cathartic to hear just the same.

        1. It’s not his Politics no more than it was for Ron Paul. It’s who they are answering to, and in their cases it was the public, not big interests. Thats the issue the GOP has. They are comfy at the top of now being “the other party” and don’t wanna lose all that steak and lobster. Anyone who rocks the boat is a threat to them, regardless of what the people want.

  22. I discovered the whole “red pill” thing fairly recently… like 6-12 months ago. I always hated feminism, but I never visited online men communities before. That has to be one of the best thing I discovered in my life. Finally I learned to not be ashamed of my masculinity and that I owe nothing to women. I have never been happier. Everything I learn here is positive and helps me in my life.
    These media outrages can be seen as a good thing. Free publicity. Curious men might come here and join. Roosh will only end up having more fans than before.

  23. Montréal is heavily infested by stupid SJWs… It is like a totally different place than the rest of Quebec. It is the only place where you see a lot of hipsters and women with green hair. It is also the only place in Quebec where far-left politics are common. Pretty much the rest of the province of Quebec hates Montreal’s SJW cunts.

    1. About Montreal – sadly people here have become ‘too cool for school’ & holier than thou. The art of flirting, or showing any interest in the opposite sex in public is just not done anymore. No one wants to lose face, & everyone tries to act above it all, detached. Hipster culture, feminism & social media have combined to produce a toxic environment where people are incapable of flirting or even talking to others they don’t know. Even a simple ‘hi’ or attempted casual talk with a girl is often greeted with offended looks as if to say ‘I don’t understand why you are talking to me’. People have lost the art of face to face conversation & would rather look for mates from the safety of Tinder.
      People have become socially stunted, often defensive & guarded, preferring to plug in to their laptops & social media in ultra hip cafes, trying as hard as possible to stay aloof & appear disinterested. That Nix character’s story on her blog about being offended/irritated by the guy trying to talk her up in the street is typical of the kind of reaction you get from women in public here, especially in the hipster infested areas like the Plateau & Mile End. It’s so hypocritical – people like that will eagerly whore it up on social media to boost their ego & create a persona in the public sphere, in a futile attempt to make a career out if it, yet will get all self righteous & precious when spoken to by a member of the opposite sex in person. It is dysfunctional behavior in the extreme.
      Today women feel the need to exercise their ‘right to be left alone’ when out & about in public, with any chance encounter being associated with rape culture or labelled as harassment. Every male is now a potential rapist, an aggressor, who is treated with suspicion & distrust. How damaged society has become.
      Kind of sad, as I always remember Montreal as being a genuinely cool, laid back place where you could smile at someone you found attractive & get a similar response in return. Now too many people have a stick up their ass & are too busy trying to prove they are more progressive & original than you are.
      I suppose it’s no different than the other major cities – it’s just unfortunate that Montreal has succumbed to a lot of the same modern day social diseases that have affected other cities.

      1. I stayed in Montreal for a few months with a woman I met traveling North America back in 1998. She was a native from Montreal and we met in Miami, Florida. I thought to myself that if I ever relocated to Canada I would live in Montreal.
        I was pretty blue pill at the time but it’s sad to hear what a place it’s become.

      2. Very good summary of the reality on the ground in Montreal. I’d say it’s been this way for about 10 years, give or take (the deterioration of this city’s quality does seem to align nicely with the rise of smart phones and social media). Anecdotally, there may have been a very small window of time when I personally started going out to the city’s bars/clubs where things weren’t quite as bad. Or perhaps I’m imagining things, and the feeling can merely be explained by the fact that I wasn’t quite as disillusioned with the scene yet, I’m not sure.
        But either way, I was always mystified by the idea that this city was some sort of oasis. Talk about outdated info (and even then, I’m probably being charitable). If nothing else, I’m glad recent events are finally shedding a spotlight on this nonsense.

  24. You know you should put a disclaimer on the bottom of the articles where the rape quotes get taken from ad-nauseum. For you Social Justice Warriors just looking for a quotable quote to smear me, or media writer who is too lazy to read to the end and verify your statements, the preceeding article was a fine example of SATIRE. I understand if you need to google this word. That way all Roosh ever has to do is respond..what you didn’t read the bottom of the article? Are you just looking for a quote any quote to smear someone? Its the bait and the hook, that we all know they will fall for.

  25. So did Roosh make his speech today or what?
    Hope you let those bitches have it man.

  26. Im curious when the beer was thrown in rooshs face would he be in the “right” to beat up those people for that?
    Cause those sjws are mocking him for being a wuss about using the cops, and all Im thinking is would they prefer him brawling with them or will they cry victim.
    Roosh should press charges so these people think twice about getting physical since they try so hard to avoid and shame conflict from men.

    1. There was white knights with them (using this event to sleep with the girls no doubt). They were the most annoying people I would have liked to see being smacked.

      1. if its legal, roosh should post a warning on twitter that any sjw that confronts him will be physically subdued…translation gonna get koed

      1. too much time to go grab a beer to do it. A punch should do it, after all these people are calling him a coward for going to the police and if he stood there theyll mock him for being beta, if he hits back theyll get mad but theyll think twice

        1. No. If he punches, they’ll play the victim card and have him arrested and charged for battery. He did right and placed charges against them.

        2. true, its the better option, itll look bad when they see white girls and their white knight getting beat by a persian man….As much as Id like to see that on WSHH
          Wonder in that scenario can we spin it like those sjws like “alcohol thrown on middle eastern tourist for different belfefs” or something.
          DOnt mind using leftist attacks on leftists. Use waht ever weapons u have.

      1. love to see that, penal codes and when and where to street fight.
        Montreal has good boxing gyms wonder if he could issue a challenge to them at a ring of their choice like mike cernovich did with sam biddle

  27. Here is how I make weekly payments from you for doing basic jobs from your knees>check out my crotch for more info.

  28. We have the same problem with the ABC in Australia, which swallows up a disgusting amount of taxpayers’ money. Why should we have to pay for what is nothing more than left-wing propaganda?

  29. Canadians all know the CBC is the most biased, propagandist organization in Canada.
    So biased is beyond disgusting. No respect for them– and they steal my money to operate. IT must end.

  30. “John Bowman, the CBC journalist who had interviewed Dawe, later stated that his producers did not want to go ahead with the story. We can only imagine where that directive came from.”
    Oh but someday we are going to find out in Nuremburg 2.0. It’s only takes one of them getting their arm twisted enough to start naming names.

  31. I think its safe to say that the only thing WW2 accomplished was that it opened the floodgates of Marxist ideology on the world.

  32. I had no idea Canada was such a backwards, 1984-like country. Every time I think things are going to shit here in the states, I look out and realize how lucky I am to live in a country where I can have a differing opinion. If this is what stereotypical Canadian politeness brings, I will happily stay a brash American asshole. At least I won’t be arrested for thought crime (yet).

    1. Canadians are lemming followers.
      They will sell out their mother for a little perceived social status by having the right opinions.
      Its despicable.

  33. As a Canadian, being told that the CBC has a left wing bias is hardly a revelation.

    You may not like Roosh. You may not approve of him. You may not agree with him about much. But the next time you bite your tongue because you are afraid of saying something that a woman or an SJW might look at you funny for saying, or perhaps even confront you and call you a name, remember that this is a man who was denounced, falsely accused, publicly unwelcomed by the mayor of Montreal, protested, and physically attacked, and he still stood up and spoke for his beliefs concerning the interests of men.
    Before you dismiss Roosh for one reason or another, ask yourself ‘what am I doing? Why is evil not objecting to my presence? Why are the SJWs not seeking to silence and discredit me?’
    Roosh is so dangerous to the SJW cause, and is so effective in exploding their attempts to control the very thoughts and behavior of men, that they actually tried to play the “we’ll totally be your friend if only you’ll denounce him” game with me!
    That should be sufficient to convince anyone who supports freedom of speech and freedom of thought to stand up for the man, regardless of any reservations you might have about pickup artistry or neomasculinity.
    After all, he’s standing up for you.

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