Twitter On The Road To Bankruptcy Thanks To Supporting Censorship And Social Justice

In recent times, Twitter founder and current CEO Jack Dorsey has fully embraced the social justice warrior narrative and clamped down on free speech that hurts progressives’ fragile feelings. He’s now paying a huge price for it as Twitter’s share price tanks, despite only being floated in November, and many of its most important executives have run away. His current losses are an amazing $1.25 billion in just four months.

In October, the then 38-year-old publicly gushed, like a child on Christmas Day, about having met Black Lives Matter “leader” DeRay Mckesson, who has committed himself to very angrily dividing America on the basis of fabricated race issues. Dorsey then watched, undoubtedly with glee, as Milo Yiannopoulos was unverified for daring to disagree with rabid feminists, such as Harvard PhD student Holly “White People Are Awful” Wood. Most recently, popular alt-righter @jokeocracy was terminated for questioning the liberal left narrative:

Similarly, ROK‘s own Matt Forney had his account suspended in December, even after users who made repeated physical threats against him were not banned. founder Chuck C. Johnson is another prominent non-leftist thrown to the pseudo-abuse scrapheap by the openly pro-SJW Twitter police.

Had some tough months, Jack?

Jack Dorsey meeting Black Lives Matter troll DeRay Mckesson.

CNN Money, among other mainstream outlets, also noticed how Twitter’s new anti-abuse crusade, launched in very late 2015, had “backfired.” Instead of stopping actual threats and so-called “violence,” the company’s campaign fully created the firestorm kicked off by the completely non-transparent treatment towards Yiannopoulos. This sham toolkit for “stopping harassment” follows earlier efforts, such as when Twitter rushed to save SJWs like Anita Sarkeesian from articulate criticism.

Forbes estimated Dorsey’s fortune at $2.2 billion in September. This fell to $1.4 billion after Twitter became a public company in November and then dipped further to $944 million just after the middle of this month. Interestingly, for the majority of this time, Dorsey has been the permanent CEO, having come into the role after Dick Costolo departed. Thinking himself a better businessman than social media founder, he has expertly steered his corporate ship into the sharpest of rocks.

Did someone hurt your ultra-sensitive feelings? Twitter to the rescue!

The tweets above illustrate the sort of free speech Twitter is committed to and explains why the platform is dying, with user growth plummeting over previous months and revenue nosediving. When users like @catrincooper and @girlziplocked call retweeting someone’s own comments abuse and harassment, and then a zealous white knight Twitter manager dobs the naughty retweeter into the big boss Jack, you know the platform is getting beyond precious.

Needless to say, Twitter didn’t expect Milo’s sympathizers to make #JeSuisMilo the number one Twitter trend in the US. What we at ROK did expect was that Twitter would remove the hashtag from its list of trending topics once it become so popular, which the platform indeed did.

The Los Angeles Times shows how the revolt against this anti-free speech farce has not just been coming from supporters of Yiannopoulos and civil liberties advocates. Eight of the 13 Twitter executives who presented at the company’s analyst day last year have expressed their lack of belief in the “vision” of Dorsey and abruptly left.

What this means for the raging culture war

Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg has been front and center of the company’s collaborations with the German government to censor online criticism of Berlin’s open border immigration “policy”.

Jack Dorsey is was a billionaire. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook, which is working in tandem with the German government to eradicate any online criticism of Germany’s demographic suicide, is a multibillionaire. These men represent powerful forces going out of their way to stop debate, not through sound reason or logic but instead through the brute force of their money and an ability to control the mediums people use to communicate online.

Dorsey’s self-inflicted financial knifing demonstrates that there are limits to what many people will take from arrogant tech founders who think that their social and political sense matches their coding or computer abilities. Figures like Milo Yiannopoulos, although they can thankfully make a living from their contrarian viewpoints, have none of the institutional or corporate power of a Jack Dorsey or Mark Zuckerberg. They operate on the basis of ideas, not monopolistic privilege. This only makes their achievements in fighting back even more impressive and worthy of emulation.

Twitter’s status as one of the most popular social media platforms (up until now) does not make it immune to a backlash from disgruntled or plain disinterested users. Dorsey, like many other social media founders, thinks that because people latched onto his initial idea of 140 character public messages that they will stomach whatever else he or his company foists upon them, including draconian anti-free speech diktats window-dressed as “anti-abuse policies.”

We can safely say that Twitter’s bomb of a share price performance over the last few months thoroughly disproves Jack Dorsey’s self-aggrandizing belief.

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137 thoughts on “Twitter On The Road To Bankruptcy Thanks To Supporting Censorship And Social Justice”

  1. I’ve said it multiple times, but it bears repeating again:
    You can only suppress the truth for so long before it comes flooding out. Twitter is learning that lesson the hard way. If you suppress people’s right to free speech on your platform, they will find/create another. I foresee FarceBook being close behind them if they keep trying to play their political games.

    1. If they do, don’t be surprised if the big boys try to give a few wink-winks to their government friends to keep the upstarts away.

        1. True, but the days of monopoly-breaking are long over, and the new (or rebuilt) monopolies have learned from that era, making sure that won’t happen again.

        2. Facebook has been dead since at least 2012, you mention it to someone under 23 and they’ll laugh at u, its now just for older people catching up with hs friends, a public photo albulm or losers saying how bad their life is

        3. It’s on smart phones but you are correct that Snapchat, Tumblr, etc are the new vanguard. I expect a new wave of aquisitions in the next 18 months.

        4. I’m very suspicious of the financials of these online firms. For example, from 2007 to present, Facebook has earned 6.1 billion dollars (that sounds ridiculously high to me, but I guess some people actually read and click on those ads?!)

          The IPO value of Facebook was $104 billion and the current value as of Jan 2016 is $278 billion. My prediction is facebook will disappear before it earns anywhere near the remaining $98 billion needed for it to have been a break-even investment (104-6=98).
          If it never even breaks even with its IPO price, then it is a net money loser, and a financial failure. However, Zuckerburg is rewarded with billions in credit in the interim and hailed as a hero. That is one fucked up financial system.
          It’s the equivalent of paying $100,000 for an oil well which taps out once you have pumped $10,000 in oil from it. No one would consider that a “good investment” yet when facebook fails to even recoup its initial investment value, see if ANYONE labels it a failure.
          The difference is, if one paid $100,000 for said oil well, one would be rightly called a financial idiot, but if one instead sells 100,000 people each a $1 interest in the oil well, and talk about how great it is, and how you are selling hundreds of dollars in oil every month, and all of these 100,000 people are constantly talking about how brilliant you are and selling their ownership of your oil to each other at higher and higher prices, well then you are indeed a financial master because you have screwed everyone over with a shitty idea, and come out smelling like roses.

        5. Instagram is dying too, all these tramps selling fit teas, diet plans, protien powder, waist trainers. Its garbage. Its all about Snapchat now, but eventually something will come along and replace that too

    2. Sheryl Sandberg wants to ban the word “bossy” from facebook. You can’t make this stuff up.

        1. This is how vapid feminism has become. Feminists discuss banning words like “bossy”. Sandberg is obviously there as diversity hire. Can you imagine what its like to be male working in that environment trying to guess the next word which will (((trigger))) a feminist complaint to HR?

        2. You need to put that in HR-speak… “Proactive preliminary downsizing.” 😛

        3. “Can you imagine what its like to be male working in that environment trying to guess the next word which will (((trigger))) a feminist complaint to HR?”
          My life, exactly.
          I’m going to exit office real soon. Til then, I don’t have a mouth.

  2. This happens when old fashion business moguls dessapear and the appears this new class of beta nerdy ill fit clothing nerds that make a lot of money whit their mangina shit work. I hope all this social media shits dissappears.

    1. Indeed. The ways of the “Mad Men” of olde were the best ways.
      Guys like those “Mad Men” will rise out of the rubble and take it all back. And they’ll have hot women in their lives too.

      1. Mad Men was produced by a bunch of gay leftists and their interpretation of the show was colored by their stereotypical views.
        But… they did get it right in that when the Mad Men saw money in pandering and catering to career women with lady cigarettes, overpriced clothes, etc. they hopped on board. They would sell out the beta males, and each other, for a quick buck.

  3. For the most delicious helping of irony, be sure to share this on Twitter and Facebook so as many people see it as possible.

  4. I never liked Twitter – the 140 character limit seemed so limiting to me from the outset; it lends itself more to adolescent emoting and insults rather than proper debate. I much prefer something like a forum where ideas can be discussed in whatever detail is required.
    The demographic that flocked to twitter was typically privileged, self-important SJW types with too much fucking time on their hands. A working man or woman who is holding down a job and actually spending time with their kids doesn’t have all day to ‘tweet’ about some half baked view that they have an ego investment in, or upload a photo of an overpriced coffee that they’ve just bought.
    The only good thing about twitter was that when you started dating a girl, if you found out she had a twitter account, you could find out if she was bat shit crazy or not. I can think of one example where a girl I dated had a twitter account with the same username as her online dating user name, and years of craziness, including admitting that she’d been diagnosed with BPD in the past, was there for all the world to see. Heavy twitter users, moreso than any other form of social media, expose the less attractive parts of their psyches quite quickly.
    I think Facebook, with the ways it’s diversified, is unfortunately here to stay, but I think there’s a chance Twitter will die over the next few years. And 20 years from now we’ll be laughing at all the idiots that used to communicate with idiotic 120 character messages.
    No one will be happier to see it die than me. Good fucking riddance.

    1. @DaveDavola, I agree and after reading through this, I had the perfect additional comment planned out and ready to add to yours, but…

    2. The real problem with Twitter is that it has been ‘for sale’ from day one, and yet no one has bought it…Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates or the guys at Google could pick up Twitter with their pocket change and yet they stayed away…no matter how many news stories or media firestorms were started because of a single ‘tweet’, the fact the rest of the Social Media/Silicon Valley crowd stayed away was the REAL story.

        1. The lack of interest I saw as a bad sign…YouTube was barely there and in the blink of an eye Google bought it and is now turning it into a major digital media platform. MySpace was Facebook’s inspiration (and competitor) which caused Fox to spend a fortune to aquire (and then mismanage) it….but no one is making offers on Twitter. My personal guess is Twitter is a digital Potemkin village and there is a panic behind the scenes.

        2. It’s funny that the only relevance I can think of for it now are Trump’s comments he makes that get “retweeted”, so to speak, by the mainstream media that can’t help themselves.
          Trump “gets” that the media will quote him selectively and will only take the comments they consider unPC so he is just unPC most of the time. Without having to spend a dime, he gets his “tweets” out to the masses without spending a dime.
          I dislike facebook but have a number of good connections on it. Can’t someone came up with an alternate platform and start getting users on it?

  5. Shareholders are punishing twitter because it stopped being a company and became a gay rights organization.

  6. Someone’s gotta know a redpill programmer that can write an app that rips off Twitter/Facebook, but keeps it free speech…..

      1. Although the USSR was awful, I loved the artwork. Bright red, images of working men and hardworking women, so much different than the welfare state leftists and lazy office workers that the left is comprised of today.

        1. There is definitely good and bad in any society so I agree with you on the hard working citizens. It was just a shame that all of that hard work was funneled up to the very few (greedy) for the good of “the motherland”.

  7. You would see this in Newspapers as well where they would try to be kingmakers deciding who gets elected. It always guarantees pushback from readers

  8. The First rule of ‘Diversity’: Diversity means everyone MUST think alike about ‘Diversity’.
    The Second Rule of ‘Diversity’: Nobody must EVER point out the First Rule of ‘Diversity’
    When it comes to ‘Diversity’—- “Don’t ever be the first to stop applauding.”
    Stalin would be proud!!! So proud!!

    1. Diversity (to me) means “no more white people”.
      It’s funny that so many use that word, proudly, when in fact for white people it means “not welcomed”.
      Think about it. We have so many other groups who are proud of their culture, their heritage but if white people try to preserve their culture they are racist.
      Yes, diversity equals racism.

        1. At Freddie Mac, they replaced an IT Tech environment that was made up of about 50 percent white guys, 30 percent white women, and 20 percent others with:
          80 percent H1b Indians with fake degrees. Some departments are 100% Indian.
          I laugh that diversity in IT used to mean bashing white males. Now, it’s just racist Indians. I suppose that’s progress.

    2. The First rule of ‘Diversity’: You do not talk about Diversity.
      The Second Rule of ‘Diversity’: You do not talk about Diversity.

  9. I new this world was going to crap when during the evening news, reporters would show random celebrities tweets about every story. This started maybe 6 years ago.
    Hopefully all other social media apps will fail in my lifetime.

  10. Looks like SJW loving Twitter is suffering some rough Justice they deserve for its hatred of speech they don’t like.

  11. It’s a sad fact that even sjws were happier before all this started. Things like black lives matter cause a tension that wasn’t there before, highlighting racism that doesn’t exist for the sake of profit.
    We absolutely can not let a liberal become president again.

  12. Yes Twitter took a bath, but we are dealing with SJWs and as Vox Day points out, they ALWAYS double down. These people are collectivists at heart, so taking a company down is no big deal to them.
    2016 will be the “year of the censor”. This is just the beginning. Wars will be fought online. And before anybody says “no big deal I live in the real world and spend my time fucking sluts”, keep this in mind:
    There was once a very powerful pro-liberty political force in the 1970s. They could not be driven off. There were a lot of fake communistic hippies still running around, but the real hippies believed in freedom and had guns. They were “classical liberals” meaning they valued freedom but still had morals. Ideologically they were along the lines of Jefferson, Mason, and Hamilton.
    So they had to be “gotten rid of”. How do you do that?
    Simple: convince them that “all is lost” and civilization is hopeless and sell them some idea or “idealistic” lifestyle of going and living up in the mountains. They remove themselves from all of those countless social interactions, all those little unaccounted “equations”.
    From the break room of a factory, to the board room of an office, there was no longer no “libertarian” (I’m using the term loosely here) “in the room” to tell people they were being stupid. That is, people would watch TV at home, get their heads full of dumbthink, and then when interacting with other people, spewing forth the results of their programming (note: the schedule on television was often referred to as “programming”. Hello?), there was nobody with a value for liberty in the room to tell them it was a dumb idea.
    They had all gone to go live in a cabin somewhere, or some remote farm. Nice, eh?
    Lots of White Russians were living out in the hills and remote farms, until the Red Army, which started in western Russia, showed up. All that “don’t bother anybody and just live your life” really paid off, eh? All that “voluntaryism” and “I’m not interested in politics” formed a magical shield of ideological protection around them… oh no wait it didn’t. over 50 million (up to 70 but from one historical account to another it changes, usually hovers around 60 million) were dead, many of them burned out of their homes, or put in labor camps, or starved to death on the highways after their farms were taken.
    So as an added bonus for not being present to correct people, Joe Dumbass eventually works his way up from factory to board room, his liberty-minded counterpart just got poorer living out where there was little work… oh wait, look at all those laws regarding land use and farming now? And we can’t even clear the forests of deadwood too, so all your shit burns down once a decade too.
    Wow, they got all the liberty minded people to expel themselves into the woods so every city can become a proto-Leningrad and then used laws (voted in from the more populated cities) to ensure that the people they don’t like get burned out of their homes.
    All without firing a shot. A certain Chinese general would have such a boner right now.
    So this war on social media is important. Being able to challenge the dumbthink shows the ass of the leftoids. Using facts and reasons on feminists and SJWs, who respond like childish brats with threats and doxxing, shows them for who they really are. SJWs are mentally unstable. They cannot handle any challenge to their ideas, and this is mainly because their tumblr-ized brains are not even self-assured of their own ideas. Breaking their hug-boxes and echo chambers will deprogram them, but these are the people needed to weaponize democracy further. The hate coming from them is “death camp” level, but the intention is to use the state as their personal death squad via the laws they are programmed to clamor for. This is why we see feminists asking for things on the level of being able to clap their hands and shout “Guards! Take him away” when some man is in the room they don’t like (for any reason). This is why they want everybody to be forced to use their real identity online so they can be hounded out of their jobs and end up homeless under a bridge (because I guess it’s too expensive to convince people to become survivalists like in the 1970s).
    So take this coming war seriously. Go ahead, live in some cabin and not give a fuck somewhere. It’ll last until some hipster on a hike, looking for the right scene to go munch his all vegan no-hippies-got-upset fair trade granola bar in, sees you and reports you and then Tweets about his glee of watching you get SWAT teamed.
    The fight is here. And it’s just one aspect of the war. Look up “Full spectrum dominance”. You’ll see what I mean.

      1. In America, we never call things for what they are.
        That’s why there will never be death camps here. They will be called something else.
        (And I think the FEMA camps are a distraction. The whole idea of a “camp” is based on 19th century tech. Who needs a camp when wireless tech, IoT, and “track and trace everything” is possible?)

        1. Very true. This is why I think the whole gun argument is a distraction. They will just make it where regardless of whether you own 50 assault rifles or none at all, you will be no more powerful than Billy Boy Scout down the street when it comes to opposing government power. They will make the gun obsolete. A gun can’t do anything to restore your digital currency once it’s shut off. If guns were really dangerous to the powers that be, there wouldn’t be any debate about them.

    1. OMG It gives me hope…I’m sitting here looking at cabins on another web page and your words hit home. I can’t just run, we have to fight.

        1. Indeed. A few years ago a friend was buying some rural/remote land and I went along for the ride and there was always “that one property” with the Obama yard signs, along with local election yard signs, all transplant leftoids.
          There was a program called “make Texas Blue” which was like a dark version of the Free State Project where Californians and Coloradans were going out of their way to move to Texas and vote in leftoids. It has, for now, failed, but leftoids never stop.

        2. One thing you just reminded me of is the fact that leftists seem to be obnoxiously vocal about their beliefs….at all times.
          Around my area -and I’m sure it applies around the USA- it seems that any car with more than 2-3 bumper stickers on it is inherently a Democrat. Show me one of those cars with bumper stickers all over the back of it and I guarantee at least one of them will be an Obama or Hillary bumper sticker. Coincidence? Thoughts?

        3. I have a Pinochet car magnet on the way in the mail. It has an image of the general with the caption “No Commies”.

        4. “Around my area -and I’m sure it applies around the USA- it seems that any car with more than 2-3 bumper stickers on it is inherently a Democrat.”
          And they are all old chevy colt (or alike) pieces of junk

      1. Well you could abandon the west and head somewhere else. I for one wanted to go to Guatemala and start a farm in the land of eternal spring.

        1. central america is my eventual plan, too.
          hey, are you a fan of the edgar rice burroughs books about your namesake? too bad about the movie a few years ago. it pretty much guarantees that the books will be forgotten.

    2. “There was once a very powerful pro-liberty political force in the 1970s. They could not be driven off. There were a lot of fake communistic hippies still running around, but the real hippies believed in freedom and had guns. They were “classical liberals” meaning they valued freedom but still had morals. Ideologically they were along the lines of Jefferson, Mason, and Hamilton.” — They were those subsistence farmers near the beginning of “Easy Rider”, correct?

    3. Yep, a good post. You don’t have to go to the fight but the fight may just come to your doorstep. Fight now…don’t wait for it.

    4. Life is just a Battle of Wills, Either your Will Wins, or Your Enemies Will wins, the Laws and Ideologies in Society is Determined by Who’s Will in the Battle claims Victory.
      “Don’t Say anything, it won’t help.”
      “Don’t Do Anything, it’s Hopeless to Try.”
      “Don’t Vote, the Vote Doesn’t Matter.”
      All very Convenient Ways your Enemies get you to Surrender, Before you could even try to Make an Effort, to Fight for your Beliefs.

      1. “Don’t Say anything, it won’t help.
        “Don’t Do Anything, it’s Hopeless to Try.
        “Don’t Vote, the Vote Doesn’t Matter.
        “All very Convenient Ways your Enemies get you to Surrender, Before you could even try to Make an Effort, to Fight for your Beliefs.”
        As long as Orthodox live Christian lives then we win. We outlasted the Classical Paganism of the Roman empire, the Gulags of Communism, and more just by living as Christians (even if covertly):

        Not that the Orthodox are complete pacifists, when needed can and will wage war; but why fight the USA for example, when Russia would prefer to just develop itself and let the bankrupt (in every way) USA collapse and die on its own.
        What can’t be sustained, won’t be.
        What can be, will be.

    5. You left me totally inspired dude. Write more. The above article was good, but I enjoyed your piece as much as the article. You should get RooshV to hire you.

      1. I think Roosh’s current authors are pretty darn good, such that because they do their work, I don’t have to write much.
        What you see above is a “rant”. I’m known for that.
        …. by friends
        who drink a lot

    6. Revolutions are only fought by a select few minority with the initiative and balls to carry out what they believe in. The masses will lay around and languish while those who want to survive will do so. Ironically, Mao’s revolution and the Vietcong succeeded because they managed to keep hold of the countryside and wage a war of attrition. I wouldn’t totally discount the hermits in the woods but I wouldn’t say retreat is the answer either. We white people built this civilization and can’t just throw up our hands and let it be stolen from us without a fight. Your ideals of “freedom” and “values” won’t save us. Abstract political ideals won’t do shit. Revolutionary fervor and those willing to execute extreme measures to overthrow this shit and establish an ethnostate will.
      “Those who show up rule the world.”
      “Politcal power grows out of the barrel of a gun.”

    7. I can’t count the times I’ve been told to ‘love it or leave it’ in various ways. Not only from statists, collectivists, and control freaks but also from people who considered that anyone who didn’t take a vow of poverty and even isolation to avoid the statist system wasn’t pure enough about his belief in liberty.
      In the last few years I have responded that it doesn’t matter how far out you go statists, collectivists, and control freaks will never leave you alone. They abhor the idea that someone somewhere isn’t living the way they say to live. They will go out into the deserts and hassle people that are in the middle of nowhere with no neighbors for miles. Places few people will live. Places with one redeeming value, they are far away from other people too inhospitable for other people to move in. Reason TV did a story on these people. (Sadly no follow up that I’ve ever come across). But they couldn’t be left alone. Statists will never ever sleep until each and every person is under their control or dead.
      And yes, I use that response to those who say if I don’t like the government I should leave and those libertarians who say I am not pure enough by not finding some place in the wild to live in poverty and have a POS car with homemade cardboard license plates.

    8. Side note. We are living in the horror Hamilton wanted. There’s a reason he was killed in a duel. Only too late.

    9. Indeed, I was attracted to the Hippie thing because it showed that your character and not your hair style was what should be judged. I was involved for some time till I realized the increasing influence of leftist hatemongers.
      The struggle continues.

  13. Never cared much for twitter , made the mistake of posting ideas , thoughts , and opinions on things .went fine when it was just a few close friends who had known me for a long time . Then people from college and various places I worked started to add me and it went down hill . Social media is fine to keep in touch with people who you know well, like a constant postcard or something . But people seem to use it to build this unrealistic version of their life and now there’s “etiquette” even though people try and pass it off like they don’t take it seriously .

    1. Yep the combination of anonymity along with a fabricated “persona” has created something akin to Dissociate Identity Disorder in many narcissists (and other BPD).
      This new, improved “self” is purely ego driven and is of their own creation, finding it, and therefore themselves, to be fundamentally imperfect is beyond their “bubble” and ability to cope, the only course left which allows them their needed denial is to blame those who have committed the “sin” of pointing it out.
      This brew only lacked the final ingredient of claimed moral superiority (or that what we do is objectively GOOD, and everything else is bad) that “Leftist” ideology provides in spades to become a raging cauldron of irrationality and collective retardation.

      1. I was actually asked if I took lsd or was seeing a shrink for what I posted from people who didn’t know me . The thing was I was only talking about things that are common topics on here

  14. Most of the social media companies and their products frankly offer very little value-added to people’s lives. Their share prices are largely grossly inflated and even Facebook will ultimately be a transitory platform as is the ridiculous Twitter, like we are seeing right now. All of the SJW activism that the founders of these paper thin entertainment platforms use to try and suck up to consumers and foist their erroneous beliefs on people will indeed backfire in the long run and their pro-censorship efforts (while disturbing) are truly doomed to fail. The nature of the Web and the nature of their business models makes this inevitable.

    1. Yeah, I haven’t felt Facebook for a while….but when I heard of the censorship in Germany, well that’s just wrong. It’s like Marxist behavior.

  15. In keeping with the limited word format Twitter isn’t bad in small dose, but any length of time on it, and I always feel a kind of nausea. This financial / business hit is serious and well deserved. Milo is one of the few reasons to be on twitter and trying to undermine his phenomenal twitter growth (he’s up about 50k followers from a month or two ago) is just childish. We all know these social media / tech companies are leftist / progressive ghettos but the canny ones at least have the sense to disguise it.
    Appeasing feminists is increasingly going to be bad for business – they are a vocal minority, but fewer in number than the noise they make might suggest. In fact if Dorsey decides to create an entirely separate platform dedicated to short bursts of feminist queefing – we could for instance call it ‘twatter’ (yes in the UK twat means vagina) – would anybody actually notice.
    Re. Zuckerberg he’s obviously a bigger fish but it would be interesting to know if his being caught with Merkel trying to suppress anti-immigration comments has hurt him in any way. The difference between twitter and facebook is the former is a lot easier to give up and Dorsey’s clearly discovering that for himself

  16. Lol at McKesson “angrily dividing America.” I find it funny that so many white people think Black Lives Matter is some radical group. It’s a bunch of gays, trannies, women, and college students whining. They whine loudly but are harmless. Makes me wonder what would happen if those of us who really believe in the cause of black self-determination were to gain some exposure. People might shit themselves.

    1. BLM is threatening to chain close all the bridges in the bay area on super bowl sunday.

    2. I say they still need to march in black communities across America. That is where most of the black lives should matter but are being lost on a daily basis.

      1. I’ve always maintained that the slogan “black lives matter” is mucn more powerful and effective when directed inwards than when shouted angrily at white people. Many black people unfortunately continue to seek validation and recognition from whites, as if this is somehow the key to our liberation. This phenomenon, however, is not of our making. The idea that a social underclass can only gain its liberation by receiving benefits and recognition from the dominant class (rather than establishing self-determination and self-recognition/validation) was generated within regressive leftism. This is why groups like BLM, in addition to modern social groups of gays, transgenders, feminists, etc. all display the same operational framework: cry and beg white people/men/etc. for freedom, because racism/misogyny/etc. All are different arms of regressive leftism. I side with the black liberation movements of the past that valued family, finance, self-love, and so on, not with groups like BLM that have been poisoned with white regressive leftist ideology.

        1. It is a shame because the black community used to have their shit together (back when you have the family unit). Today, it’s pretty embarrassing to have a group marching around college campus, cops and a bunch of white people shouting that “black lives matter” when blacks are killed on a regular basis (by blacks) in all of their own communities.
          I don’t know if these people following this movement are that stupid (whites and others included) or if they want to avoid the facts. Most blacks are killed (by other blacks) in black communities.
          Start marching in black communities and let’s save black lives…because they matter.

        2. Agree. Many today would call him a sellout or uncle tom but many “back when” looked to him as a role model. Since then, the family unit has come apart and it’s been all downhill since that time. People don’t want to talk about it and society doesn’t address it enough because the black community is off limits (unless your black). That’s half the problem today. We can only talk about certain issues or certain problems…but not all problems. Too much PC bullshit.

    3. If you are talking about Malcolm X type of “let’s stop being retarded coons and fight for our interests” activism, then I have nothing against it. If anything pro-white activists have always been for it. Even the leader of the American Nazi Party went to Nation of Islam meetings, they seemed to go along fine.
      When the black population was coopted for the communist, anti-american cause,(which I think Martin Luther was part of) with Angela Davis and all other black commie figures, everything went downhill. Then came Jassie Jackson type race hustlers and it only went worse.
      Right now most of blacks in the US are more concerned with free gibs than anything, and all of their “activism” is about complaining until someone gives them more free shit. The reason people are afraid is because these types of idiots cause a lot of damage to public property, as recent riots showed. And they are taken seriously enough to kick people out of academia or jobs at their complaint.
      This will end with overt White identity politics on the right of the spectrum, and Black Identity politics on the left. I am afraid there is no over way this will end. Either way, I think no one minds intelligent blacks doing their thing. Evem the most racist white nationalists I can think of would hardly mind that, whether it’s David Duke, Tom Metzger or Andrew Anglin. Whites will continue to fight for their own thing and blacks for their own.
      If we accepted peaceful coexistence with some degree of separation it would have been fine. But it’s too late, blacks and liberals have been poisoned with Marxism, the blacks who point out problems are called names and white identity activists are called racists. I don’t know how this will be solved peacefully, but I hope it is.

      1. It started with the creation of the welfare state before that most blacks were actually like Ben Carson

  17. It’s the tech bubble of the early 2000’s again. All this social media shit is speculation, they have little to no actual hard financials, no hard assets, and P/E ratios through the roof. It’s a shell game. The underwriters already stripped all the flesh off the corpse, there’s only bones left to gnaw on.
    Look at Uber’s insane valuation, its worth more than Ford, GM and Honda, companies with actual brick and mortar assets that makes actual product with trusted records. It’s worth more than Lockheed-Martin the world’s go-to arms merchant. It’s a fleece job, the underwriters are going to walk away with untold riches while suckers are left holding an empty bag.

    1. One can only hope that that describes rich leftist actors as well. Yep, not one red cent.

      1. Tech professions attract urban types who are more likely to be “hip” and on the left of the political spectrum. Plus, leftist types are naturally attracted to mass media which is why they go into shit like facebook, google or twitter.
        Beneath that whole thing, there are plenty of right wing types in tech, mostly libertrarians, but they aren’t in the spotlight as much.
        I garantee that companies like Dell and others only play the leftist game on surface for PR, just enough to not attract the wrath of the SJW. They are pretty fine, Engineering is a male profession after all. But the media corps and shit, they are true leftist believers. If a crash comes they will tank like nothing else

      2. Bernie Maddoff cleaned a bunch of them out. That’s why Bob Dylan is forced to do shitty Christmas albums.

    2. Half right these companies are more profitable than most of these debt ridden unionized corporation

  18. As an American with free speech rights, well, I clearly saw where this was headed quite a while back. So, twit ain’t a part of my life. Facebook is far worse…..they censor news that people need to avoid dangerous situations. Look at what’s happening now in Germany. So, no Facebook in my life. Simple as that.

    1. Occasionally there are a few good things on Facebook, but largely it’s extremely unattractive women being told they’re beautiful and worn-out fatties with pics of doing average, boring things.
      It’s really depressing to see how the people I used to know have really let themselves go (or how they aged far too much, especially women) so I’d rather not see it too much.

  19. what is about microblogging that attracts oversocialized morons? Weibo, the Chinese equivalent, is also infested with liberals

    1. Because it caters to a bumper sticker slogan view of the world that is particularly appealing to these brainless retards. Don’t think about anything deeply, just vomit the slogan again. Wash, rinse, repeat. Simple. Like them.

  20. “even after users who made repeated physical threats against him were not banned.” How can you physically threatened someone on Twitter! I’m not doubting people said this, but, this if anything proves how disconnected from reality Twitter makes its users.
    Even the name “Twitter” is patronizing, as if, advanced human social interaction should be reduced to sneering gossip and petty emotionalism. The sooner it goes bust the better.

    1. That does seem quite silly. I think only celebrities and other public people have “verified” accounts where your identity is a real name.. So unless it’s one of those verified accounts it would be the equivalent of someone threatening a “spicynujac”… ie meaningless.

  21. I’ve got news for Twitter creator Jack Dorsey–no way in hell he has contributed anything to our society worth a billion dollars. His company may trade at something in the billions through fractional reserve banking and crony capitalism, but the simple fact is Twitter spent $577 million more than it earned last year. It’s a money pit, and I predict even if it ever discovers a way to be profitable, it will never earn enough money to break even before it disappears completely. In the meantime, however, the shyster running the operation, Dorsey, will have access to a billion credits he can use to create the illusion of wealth.

    1. He is not the only one in the dot com sphere were the laws of normal financial valuation don’t apply. Never made a profit taxi app Uber is worth a crazy 85billion. My guess is the prospectus capped his ability to off load his shareholding (plus it does not look too good if he sells out fast) but I’m sure he will convert some of his stock into something less fragile as soon as he can. A $577m loss is major hemorrhaging. I wouldn’t have thought it had the overheads to lose anything like that much. Its going to test his mettle now as a champion ceo to see if he can actually make money and not just a slick/handy/gimmicky website & app.
      I think its a bit of a stretch to assume the decision to censor twitter posts is strictly the reason for share full and executive departures. Stockholders generally dont care one way or the other as long as it doesn’t hurt profits or potential profits in the case of twitter. I just checked a finance site and it made no mention of censoring as a reason for the stock’s fall from grace. The $577m loss alone is enough to rattle investors.

      1. I’m so sick and tired of millenials ranting about how fucking awesome Uber is. Every time I bring this up, I ask them “and how is this any different, or better, than a taxi service?”
        I had to take a cab to the airport the other day, first time in years. The fare was $13, I gave the cabbie $15. Just to compare I went to first and they price quoted me $15-$18. So it’s more expensive (uber drivers don’t get tips so technically it’s up to a $5 difference for my fare, or 38% more expensive), the cabbie got to my house in about 3 minutes, cab took credit cards, although I paid with cash since I know they prefer that.. I don’t get why uber is any better than a cab, maybe in limited circumstances but overall nope, and valuing it an any more than a couple hundred thousand dollars seems insane to me. $85 billion is laughable. And they never made a profit? haha.. Wow, this kind of shit really makes me want to start daytrading or something.
        The millenials like the fact I guess that you are riding in some trendy car like a Toyota Scion with rims and your driver has a handlebar mustache. Whatever.

  22. Never used Twitter and after reading this article all I can say is good riddance to them.

  23. I used twitter a couple of years ago mostly for some of my cash generating websites, because there was this belief that twitted pages were processed faster by google. Never really took part in the Social Media aspect of it. That being said – I find it hilarious that YET AGAIN, the point has been proven that by being a white knight, a man only harms himself, or, at best, wastes his time. The CEO of Twitter learned it the hard way – he lost over 1 billion for his white knight behavior and hasn’t got the feminist pussy either xD

  24. Twitter doesn’t make or sell a product. I don’t think twitter has ever turned a profit in its existence as far as I’m aware

  25. Is there an alternative to Twitter? One that works in a similar way, but doesn’t try to castrate its users?

  26. The Wild West of the internet is about to end….or transform into another incantation.

  27. I recently started reading tweets from some excellent twitter shitlords like Mike Cernovich and Ricky Vaughn of course.
    I would hate to see these guys get banned, they need to make preparations for other forms of communication once it happens, all indications suggest it will eventually.
    Does anyone communicate with Ricky Vaughn? This guy needs a bigger bullhorn that just twitter, and should be encouraged to do so.

  28. “Machete don’t text” and Scorpio don’t tweet. Perhaps if and when I reinvent myself as a media personality then a Twitter account will be mandatory, but for now I think it is fucking stupid.
    As an ex-pat in China my Facebook account is functus and I refuse to get QQ. I do have WeChat because it is practical.

  29. That pic of Dorsey and Mckeeson is perfect. They look just the contemptible beta buttsniffers I always despised. Even down to the ironic tattoo.. and I bet he had local anesthetic.

  30. This isn’t new. Twitter suspended my account because I exposed corruption at a country Police station in Australia and how a lesbian (I think?) policewoman there called Kim Oliva was forging documents. Even 3 magistrates were involved including 2 stupid women ones! Now the IBAC is involved and everyone knows but my Twitter account is still suspended! 🙁

  31. Whenever I see an advert in Twitter I comment to the advertiser that I will be ignoring their product until the situation with Milo is resolved.

  32. “arrogant tech founders who think that their social and political sense matches their coding or computer abilities.”
    I just have to mention that a chimp could write the code for a social media site.

  33. At last ‘TWIT’-ER is folding…thank fuck for that…what are all those narcissists going to do now?

    1. Wow, of course, despite the women falsely claiming to have been harassed by him, they used fake accounts to attempt to slander him as a pedophile and “homophobic.”
      That “as a feminist writer” bitch needs to be slapped.
      This is just way too much. Harass a man, try to get him prosecuted, try to make him look like a pedophile, and then call it “injustice” when he’s actually served justice.
      These are truly depraved, disturbed women who need to be dealt with harshly. When you attempt to do such things to a man, you’ve crossed a line that needs some very painful blowback.

      1. Agreed… We also need to start jailing women for false rape accusations. To be fair, I would say something like 4 years in prison and a felony on her record. They should also be put on the Sexual Predators list and be forced to do what every pedophile must do when moving to a new area. Lets also add about 5,000 thousand hours of community service. Does that seem fair to you?

        1. That works for me. I believe part of why things happen today is because there’s no shaming by the punishment. For example, comfortable middle class white women will never have to step outside their comfort zone and deal with picking up garbage on the side of the road via community service, etc.

  34. I’ve never understood the value of twitter. I like facebook and instagram okay, but twitter doesn’t really serve much of a purpose for me.

  35. I am one of those disgruntled users. It got so bad that I was creating a new account every day because they would shut me down for targeted abuse. One account I had got shut down after one tweet In that tweet, I tagged support and told them I was having a good laugh watching their stock price tank and that it was all because they kept suspending my account. After that one, they locked down my ip address to where I couldn’t even create any new account. They put me into a redirect loop every time I even went to What a bunch of assholes. Facebook ain’t far behind in underhanded tactics like this either.

    1. Theorectically, you could get around the IP ban with Tor + 10minutemail or other disposable email. In tor, just click the onion and tell it to reroute you, and you’ll have a different IP. Makes it easy to check for shadowbans, too. Just don’t try to stream video (tor is slow).
      Or you can just reset your router/ modem (most have dynamic IP).
      If you want to go all out, set up a few accounts at once (more efficient) then when they ban you, change IP, sign in with the next account and bam! Hit ’em again. Not that I would actually recommend doing this, of course. It’s just an interesting thought experiment.
      This is for doing it from a PC, of course. I think there’s an Android version of Tor, but I don’t know anything about it.

  36. Just more proof that ‘liberals’ will always censor and bully whenever they get the opportunity.
    Fortunately, ‘twitter’ is just a pointless website with no intrinsic value that is rapidly alienating its users and burning through money like leftist politicians burn through taxes. They’ll be obsolete and forgotten soon enough.

  37. Twitter like many other companies has been part of where newly created money has found a place to go. There is nothing else to sustain its stock value. In next crash it and others like it will find their stock reaching its appropriate value based on things like capital stock, profits, balance sheet, and intellectual property.

  38. Guess we should have seen this coming – leftist elites running a free speech forum – what could possibly go wrong?

  39. Twitter is now actively looking to replace the resigned directors with only women and persons of color. Doubling down on the SJW behavior that has put them in the tank.
    We need to have a ‘red-pill investing’ page. We need to know when companies go full out SJW so we can short the stocks. Facebook and Apple may be next to go over the SJW cliff. Now offering egg freezing benefit for the sole reason that women asked for it.

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