11 Signs You’re Being A Wuss

We need to have a little talk, you and I.

No one is perfect. No one is exempt from lapses in discipline, or failures to maintain proper bearing. The important question is whether we will correct our conduct, and get back on the right track.

We need to talk about this, because it’s an important subject. In my day-to-day life, I often see men who act like wusses, wimps, or pussies. Some of these people are easy to identify. Some are not. None of us is exempt, from time to time, from occasionally veering our ship into these pussified shoals. Inside every successful man, no matter how great, is an inner wuss that must be checked and restrained.


What is the “inner wuss”? It’s that little voice inside your head that tells you to do wuss-like things. It’s that voice telling you to write a malicious, dickish comment on a blog that you know is cowardly bullshit. It’s that little voice telling you to go easy on yourself, to sit back and coast, to dodge responsibility for your life, to snipe at people more successful than you, and to take a “wait and see” approach to everything.

It’s that voice crying out for other people to comfort you in your wussified behavior. You know what this voice sounds like. Because you hear it every day. We all do, to some extent.

You can’t achieve the goals you want in life without keeping your inner wuss safely locked away in the basement: and I mean chained and bound. You can’t empower him. You can’t listen to him. He doesn’t want to help you. He wants to hurt you.

But how do we know when we’re acting like fucking wusses? How do we know when our inner slimebag is trying to ooze out? Here are some guidelines. I want you to read this list carefully.

1. You make things easier on yourself

Wusses like to take it easy. They don’t want to be challenged. They would rather take the short cuts in life, to copy someone else’s homework, to skate out of their responsibilities. Wusses like to come up with elaborate rationalizations as to why they can’t stop being wusses.


On a long enough timeline, the wuss in you can dominate all of your dealings in life. And when that happens, you’re just like all those other worthless sacks of shit in America, sitting in front of the television, griping about imaginary bugbears. The problem is not what’s on the television. The problem is you: you’re a wuss.

2. You always have excuses

Wusses love excuses. They have them for every occasion. Just ask any fucking wuss you know, and he’ll rattle off a whole laundry list of why he can’t go to the gym, why he can’t get laid, why he can’t travel, why he can’t get his business off the ground, why he can’t learn his favorite foreign language. And you know what? It doesn’t add up to dry shit. Because the problem is him: he’s a fucking wuss. So you need to stop giving excuses.

3. You’re arrogant and opinionated

This may sound counter-intuitive. Why would a fucking pussy be arrogant and opinionated? But the answer makes sense, when you think about it. The wuss is, deep down, afraid of being exposed. So he sublimates his fear, and projects it outward. He becomes an expert on everything. Just ask him! He’ll tell you.

He knows everything about everything; and more importantly, he knows why everyone else is doing things the wrong way. Acting arrogant and opinionated is the wuss’s way of channeling his insecurity outward.


4. You’re hypercritical of others

Not only is the wuss an arrogant prick, but he loves to tear down other people. Again, the driving impulse here is fear and insecurity. If the wuss is successful at taking down other people, he can feel better about himself.

5. You refuse helpful leadership

A real man is not afraid of being led by a real leader. But the wuss instinctively recoils from vigorous leadership. He doesn’t want to be told what to do. He doesn’t want to be corrected. He doesn’t want to be given guidance. He’s happy festering in his own shit.

6. You’re slovenly and disorganized

Yeah, yeah, I know. You think that your messy room, unkempt appearance, and fucked-up clothing are signs of how much of a cool rebel you are. You think your lack of preoccupation with worldly concerns makes you a wise person. Wrong: this is how wusses think.

No healthy thinking or acting can take place in the midst of slovenliness. It takes work and effort to look good and live in a good environment. Get your head out of rectal defilade and clean your act up. Lack of attention to personal grooming and hygiene shows only that you are one thing: a fucking wuss.


7. You dislike criticism and self-reflection

Wusses hate to look into the mirror. They hate to reflect on their wussiness. Wusses are hypersensitive about almost everything related to themselves. And most of all, they hate to hear other people point out deficiencies in their lifestyle.

Instead of looking at themselves, wusses love to project their neuroses and problems out on others. They externalize. They rationalize. But in the end, it never satisfies them completely. Because deep down, they know what the real problem is. The real problem is them: they’re fucking wusses.

8. You avoid successful people or good things

Wusses hate good quality. They hate great things. Wusses hate winners. Wusses hate reminders of how pathetic they are. Wusses will perform elaborate somersaults to avoid coming into contact with healthy, strong characters. They hang around other pussies and wusses, so that they can feel better about themselves. If you look around you and see a bunch of wusses, then guess what? You’re one too.

9. You take a “wait and see” approach too much

Lack of decision is not a good trait. Wusses like to sit back, see how things develop, and hope that problems sort themselves out. They are not problem-solvers. They are problem-dodgers. Yes, sometimes in life things can be solved by patient waiting. But that is not the game plan of the wuss. His inaction is not based on a calculated, rational plan. His inaction is based on the fact that he is a fucking wuss.

If you want to solve problems, you need to solve them. Not cogitate about them. Not start a thread on a forum about them, so you can wrap yourself in a fucking comfort blanket, and have everyone molly-coddle your insecurities. You need to take action. Like, right fucking now.

Don’t tell me it’s hard. Don’t tell me it can’t be done. The problem is one of willpower.


10. You’re a malingerer

Wusses always seem to have some physical deficiency. They have lower back problems. They have upper back problems. They have fallen arches. They have fallen eyebrows. They have hangnails, carpal tunnel, arachnophobia, dorkophobia, sensitive skin, lactose intolerance, work intolerance, allergies, and a hundred other bloody things.

And amazingly, all of these physical problems flare up at convenient times when work needs to be done. Most people in the world have some physical issue or another. But they deal with it. Quietly. The real problem is you: you’re a wuss.

11. You encounter the first obstacle, and then give up

Wusses can’t carry complex tasks through to conclusion. When they are told to do something, or when they undertake something, they quit at the very first sign of difficulty. They take off their pack, sit on the side of the road, and give up.

No project in life that is worth doing is going to be easy. Nothing is going to be smooth sailing. There will be obstacles, roadblocks, and barriers placed in front of you at every step of the way. No one out there wants you to succeed. You need to push though all these obstacles.

If something doesn’t work, try something else. If you find an obstacle, go around it. If you encounter a barrier, smash through it. Need a battering ram? Use your head if you have to. There is always a way.

So there it is. Keep this list at hand. You can even laminate it if you want to. Review it periodically. If you find yourself slipping into more than half of these habits, then you have a problem. You’re acting like a fucking wuss. And you need to correct yourself.

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203 thoughts on “11 Signs You’re Being A Wuss”

  1. Excellent piece, Quintus. It’s all true and it all needed to be said.
    Nobody—and I mean absolutely nobody—likes a whining, complaining, bitch of a man. Other men can’t stand them, children think they’re faggots, and women would rather get ran over by a dump truck than have sex with them. This is especially true with foreign women—they have no tolerance for that cry baby bullshit. An ‘egalitarian’ American broad might put up with it for a little bit, but if you’re the type of guy that gets scared of small non-venomous garter snakes or orders ‘gluten-free’ Pigs In A Blanket at IHOP and then tops them with sugar-free maple syrup—you’re going to get cheated on, and you fucking deserve it too.
    Quote: “Wusses always seem to have some physical deficiency. They have lower back problems. They have upper back problems. They have fallen arches. They have fallen eyebrows. They have hangnails, carpal tunnel, arachnophobia, dorkophobia, sensitive skin, lactose intolerance, work intolerance, allergies, and a hundred other bloody things.” —
    LOL’d hard at that. So damn true.

    1. “Quote: “Wusses always seem to have some physical deficiency. They
      have lower back problems. They have upper back problems. They have
      fallen arches. They have fallen eyebrows. They have hangnails, carpal
      tunnel, arachnophobia, dorkophobia, sensitive skin, lactose intolerance,
      work intolerance, allergies, and a hundred other bloody things.” —
      LOL’d hard at that. So damn true.”
      I agree. If you take the time to notice, what you will find is that these people are the same kind that will struggle to survive in this world. Always exagerating their so called symptoms and claiming to have some fake disorder.

      1. Funny. I have most of those problems listed in that paragraph. They don’t stop me because I’m too dumb to know when I’m beaten. Just like the three legged frog.

      2. Nothing wrong with having back problems or some kind of injury if you got it by going hard at the gym or playing sport as long as you don’t use it as an excuse to stop completely. But when I see people who look like they have never physically excerted themselves in any meaningful way complaining about their aches an pains you gotta wonder.

      3. It’s true, more or less. However, I found it funny when I used that persona to get out of a couple leadership positions in the service. Essentially, I played beta.
        At first, I was hot on the trail. But after being back stabbed several times (per hour almost), and being told that I was perfectly suited for the job, then passed up again for the leading class clown. I quit.
        I had the degree. Those stabbing me when I was not around, did not. I had the volunteer hours, they had much, much less. I had the clean record on, and off work. None of them did. I had the best test scores, they all did not even do the barest minimal. I also tried to take several leadership positions outside to show my stuff, and got put down from others grooming their replacement.
        So, rather then suck at life, I started a business (they were all inquisitive about it, jokingly I tried to pass it off they all passed). Finished my degree, and got set up to start my engineering degree when I got out. Started another business. And I married better.
        Yet, I started acting like them on the job. Except for the most important stuff which none of them did. Still could not get the job because I would have rocked the boat, and I did not come to work drunk.
        So, was I a wuss?

        1. Nope, I was in a similar position. If you’re in the vast minority and everyone around you would be better off putting a bullet in their head then you sometimes just have to fold. It’s not about being a wuss, it’s about self-preservation. If you stayed you would be killing yourself slowly every day.

        2. Have to agree with Floyd. Knowing when you are beaten and folding is not the characteristic of a beta, it is the characteristic of a strategically intelligent alpha. It’s called cutting your losses.
          It is people who try to tough out a surely losing situation that have a problem unless their back is against a wall and they have no other choice (The Alamo, for example). Since you are not surrounded by enemy combatants that vastly outnumber you and there is no escape, the strategically smarter option is to retreat.
          The key difference is that when you have to fight and have no other choice, you will not wuss out. It sounds like you didn’t have anyone you had to protect there except yourself, so why would you fight? You tried, and it didn’t work out. No shame in that.

        3. The Alamo is a poor choice. The idiots in charge disobeyed orders by remaining there. They were orderd to salvage the guns and abandon the Alamo as the mission was not important strategically and the guns could be put to good use elsewhere. Instead they waited until the enemy had them surrounded and then died for no good reason. Yes, in the end it was used as a rallying cry when it came to later battles, but they achieved nothing else by staying and dying.

      1. Thanks, Hubert, I appreciate the kind words. Should be either the last week of the month or the first week of March for the next one.

  2. Today’s generation of young men are the biggest wusses I have seen in my life.
    Effiminate, emasculated and always supporting the wrong ideals and causes, they exhibit and display the greatest characteristics of being a wuss. “I’m a liberal, I’m a feminist, I believe in communism” and the list goes on and on. They are the same emasculated pussies that cannot develop a backbone and are always looking for a way to project their own flaws onto other people.
    The common wusses I see, are the ones, sitting in coffee shops all day, dressed up like little teenage boys, and are busy playing with their smartphones all day like girls, discussing left wing politics as if its a good thing, and acting like they are some sort of crusader and justice warrior. Yet, they are the same people who are afraid of today’s bossy women, afraid to take on a real challenge, prefer big government and want to generalise and persecute all successful people as if they are the scum of all evil.
    Disgusting. This is what happens when we live in a society that has been greatly damaged by the leftist ideology. From the public school system, to government and to the family courts, the damage that has been inflicted on society, especially by liberals, is catastrophic and has contributed greatly, towards cultural decline, the slow death of masculinity and the wussification of the Western hemisphere.

    1. I wonder if its possible to get in touch in ones feminine side and choke it to death. Or kill our inner wuss.

        1. A Man has a small amount of estrogen in proportion to a larger amount of testosterone so technically yes, there is a “feminine’ side in that respect.
          That being said, i had my testosterone seek out and annihilate my estrogen side so it wouldn’t genetically nag my cells into cellular suicide.
          It wasn’t pretty but the upside is my insides aren’t decorated in pink and lavender 😀

    2. Truth you nailed it quite effectively. A lot of these blue pill pansies exhibit many of the characteristics you mentioned. They also tend to react emotionally like females and take offense at any critical thought they cannot immediately shoot down. When in doubt and frustration they tend to escape into an equally ignorant herd for insulation from critical thoughts. Their definition of victory is basically having a bunch of people shout you down as “wrong” using invectives polemics and of course, the mandatory epithet.
      These anorchouse useful idiots are a blight and a disgrace to their Y chromosome

    3. Haha:) I think this comment violates the third and fourth indication in this article of what constitutes a wuss.

    4. I do like sitting in coffee shops playing with my smart phone, but never Starbucks …… like, that is some sort of gay charity that just happens to sell overpriced coffee.

  3. #12 – A wuss lets someone else fight his battles for him, or not at all. Many of these touch this one, but I find that this is often the crux of the matter. If you’re a man with principles, and someone violates them in a way that personally affects you or offends your sense of justice, and you take it like a bitch without objection, then you are a bitch. I cannot count the number of times I have had to be the one to raise the uncomfortable objection, deliver the truth that ran counter to the narrative, or confront someone when everyone else was too scared to. But I’m a fucking man, so I do it when necessary.
    Now understand, we all have to pick and choose our battles in life, I’m not talking about making a big deal out of every minor slight. If you cannot tell the difference between a quibble and a wrong, this is also a sign that you are a wuss who has marinated for too long in victimization culture that encourages everyone to assign false moral equivalence to every slight offense. But when someone wrongs you on a deep level, you cannot be a wallflower and a man simultaneously.
    If you’re the guy who sits there and waits for someone else to say something first, you are a wuss. If you won’t even lend support once a man speaks up, you’re beyond worthless. And I can already hear all the “well, that’s easy for you to say, but I’ll lose my job……” Bullshit. First, I am a lawyer, and virtually every day, I feel like the lone red-pill man adrift in a sea of bottomless feminism that would love to pull me to the bottom by my balls and drown me. If I can grab my sack and speak up when necessary, so can you. Second, there are ways to deliver a message tactfully without causing unnecessary offense – learn to do it. You don’t have to be an asshole to deliver the shit sandwich. Third, at the end of it, if someone has really wronged me badly enough, I don’t fucking care what the consequence is. If the battle is worth fighting, it is worth losing. At the end of the day, do I really want to work in some soul-crushing place that won’t respect my morals and ethics? Fuck no! And if it ever comes to that, I won’t let the door hit me in the ass on the way out after I’ve given them a piece of my mind.

    1. Fuckin’ eh. Well said. I know exactly how you feel.
      Yet another fantastic comment in an entire slew of them lately around these parts.

    2. I don’t get offended at all, seriously I realized it’s just someone fuming and saying “nuhh, nuhh, nuhh!”. If someone goes against your way of thinking, guess what, they don’t deserve YOUR respect. Agree with the second paragraph, except you don’t have to feed someone’s stupidity because it makes you feel masculine. Third paragraph, first sentence is wrong, what if a man has a mental disorder that causes social problems such as autism, aspergers, social anxiety, avoidant personality disorder, etc. https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/hide-and-seek/201205/the-10-personality-disorders
      There’s a list of 10 disorders I found about personality, if you don’t offend anyone ever you are a pussy and fuck you too, for pandering to ‘liberals’ which should be called ‘fascists’ because that’s essentially where they are. Don’t fight others for speaking prose, you will waste your energy.

      1. ” Third paragraph, first sentence is wrong, what if a man has a mental disorder that causes social problems such as autism, aspergers, social anxiety, avoidant personality disorder, etc.”
        Men don’t allow their limitations to define them, nor do they use them as an excuse to hid from responsibility. This is another tell of the wuss.

        1. I have aspergers, really, but I am arrogant as a a son of a bitch so I force myself to socialize because it won’t go away on it’s own and it’s there to stay but I slowly but surely teach myself social skills. Plus those disorders lead to ostricization (usually) but my arrogance effectively halts the social paranoia.

        2. Then you are not a wuss, and are to be commended for not using your condition as a crutch.

        3. I’m a fan of people with aspergers (my brothers one). They’re straight-talking. Always honest. Best people to get advice from.

    3. Hey Nemesis,
      Agree and will explain in more detail using simpler language.
      Nurture that inborn masculine feeling of fear. It is there for a good reason. One of which is to push yourself into fear when you feel it. You don’t have to run headlong into it, but push just a bit into fear and you will find that you scare less and less easily. When it is even a bit harder to scare you than those around you, it will give you almost superhuman powers. Like being able to raise an unfavorable objection with clarity and facts to your peers, especially if in a work setting. Cultivate not scaring easy, which means exposure to fear.
      Mr. Enforcer mentioned fighting your own battles and choosing battles wisely. This is another staple of mine, error on the side of boldness. In order to chose to fight a wise battle one must first be bold enough to gain the wisdom to tell the difference between the wise and un-wise. To seek wisdom one must be bold. To error on the side of boldness is to be exposed to more wisdom.
      Much respect of the positive masculine thoughts, Nemesis Enforcer.
      Great article Quintus Curtis. Another in a long line of literary gems. You, Tutmosis, Roosh, Av8tar, and Donovan Sharpe should be running a country somewhere!!! Really related to it and the discussion it spawned.

    4. I’m not sure confrontation is important, many western people are far too violent and aggressive. If someone ‘violates your principals’ why not just walk away and avoid them in future. Doesn’t that make more sense?
      If this is happening to you in a work situation, maybe you’re in the wrong line of work, or maybe you should be starting your own business and employing people you actually like.

      1. Why do you assume I’m talking about violence? I’m not. There are ways to stand up for yourself that have nothing to do with violence. Walking away and avoiding people is not always an option – that’s why you sometimes have to take a stand. And understand, there is no avoiding this, even if you own your own business. You will face these same types of challenges from clients and employees. There is nothing wrong with standing up for your beliefs – hell, the people you oppose are standing up for theirs! Why shouldn’t you?

        1. First, violence and confrontation are not the same thing.
          Second, I don’t really have any beliefs apart from sleeping with the wives and daughters of my defeated enemies, and that isn’t really practical without my Mongol horde backing me up.

    1. To be fair. The social engrainment on us, the young men, is so strong that it is almost impossible to not be a pussy growing up. For instance. My entire life i have been a total pussy. Its only as of this past year i began to grow a pair. But I still have an enormous void to cross to be the man I wish to be. I still break down in confrontation. I am verrrryyyyy insecure. Etc etc, you just gotta keep grinding i guess

      1. The change isn’t going to happen overnight. You’re having to forget the nonsense of the past and embrace a whole new (masculine) philosophy. Make the change, don’t look back and don’t apologize for it.
        Keep reading the many self improvement articles throughout ROK. You’ll probably need to go over quite a few of them many times to get the hang of it. Remember, the feminist imperative has been pretty much beaten into you from birth.
        I would suggest from this point on to: avoid chick flick movies with bullshit Disney endings (same with TV) and anything else where a man is being stepped on or being displayed as the “stupid dad or husband”. It’s deprogramming and it takes time.
        The rest of it should be improving your diet, health, take on hobbies that interest you, etc….you are looking to become “the prize”.
        Keep reading…you’ll find your way.

      2. We are all works in progress. Men are made, not born. In fact, the day you feel you have nothing left to improve, would be the day you gave up on life. Keep on keeping on, bro.

  4. I’m not a pussy. Are you a pussy? Hell no, we are Kingsmen and we do not act like a pussy.

    1. ” Mother… shitter… Son of an… ass. I just…”
      -One of the greatest red pill movies of all time.

        1. Sense of humour is unimportant – just say anything moronic and laugh confidently at what you say. And throw in a few onomatopoeic phrases like ‘crackalakkin’. Women don’t understand humour, and instead just register the noises and volume. Destruction of items and rage comedy seem to be haute couture. Keep it simple, stupid. Taking the time to try and vocalise a complicated humorous thought is a risk/reward zero sum game. Bart: “haha” Bart’s love interest: “what are you laughing at?” Bart: “something that makes you laugh” Bart’s love interest: “haha. that IS funny!”

        2. Oh make no mistake I don’t “perform”. I just have a good sense of humor, I’m quick and funny – naturally. But you are right. Many are not that quick to catch on – at times.

        3. Ok. I wasn’t advising you personally, but since you had addressed the gentlemen in the audience, I seized the chance to school them on the finer points of GSOH vis a vis females. In fact, it’s my observation that a “performance” of humour (confident delivery, followed by laughing at one’s own jokes, regardless of whether they are really funny or not), is more effective than genuine humour. So the KISS principle applies. I forgot to mention, if you’re naturally handsome, or have conveyed a wealthy status, you can expect your female audience to laugh a good 30-50% harder. I’ve also noticed, as someone with genuine humour, that females become jealous, as if cracking a smile would acknowledge their inferior intellect (common wisdom says high levels of wit/humour correspond to intellect). But after a quick look around to guage the social temperature, they’ll laugh whole-heartedly if you get a group of people laughing (what woman wants to be left out of the herd?). My overall opinion is that a GSOH means the person has good confidence, life-experience and intellect among many traits. It’s no wonder women use it as a guage, but they’re not necessarily analysing the content of the jokes, rather than subconsciously perceiving the higher-status traits. I don’t recommend any man suppress his natural GSOH, but you’re mostly placing pearls before swine when joking with women.

        4. Good points (and I was hoping you’d elaborate on it). The herd mentality with women is spot on.

  5. #12-You call yourself an “liberal progressive man”. You hope for an future political utopia of perfect social justice and equality in order to avoid living in the world of today. It helps you avoid thinking about the problems in your life you need to overcome. You blame every problem in you life on “society” in order to avoid taking personal responsibility for the state of your own life and want to shift the responsibility onto everyone else(society). You never have or never will ever achieve anything except for bitching about how unfair the world is to you. As if the world is suppose to be fair, just, and cater to your every need and wish when in fact that has never been the case. Thinking the entire world is suppose to cater to your every whim and need is pure narcissism. The world isn’t how wish it were so you blame the entire world for being the problem, instead of your own inability to adapt and cope with it. You are the definition of a weakling and a coward and should never pass on your genes since you are too weak to cope with reality, even the modern sheltered watered down version of it. Proving how much of an pathetic low life you really are.

    1. Excellent comment. One of the best ones I have read so far and sums up everything I was just thinking. Well done.

  6. 1. You make things easier on yourself

    Sometimes this can be a good thing. Why do something the old inefficient way when you can find a faster, more efficient and possibly cheaper way to do it instead?
    Bill Gates is quoted as saying “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” For those of us in the engineering profession, this rings true every day, and this approach helps out in life too. But we are driven purely by the desire to make things easier on ourselves in the process.

      1. Agreed.
        There needs to be a distinction though between sloth, which is laziness that results in something important not being done, versus “good laziness” (I don’t know of a word for this) that results in something important being done more efficiently than would otherwise be done.

    1. This is ultimately not a lazy person. But a person interested in efficiency. To come up with an efficient solution usually requires that one puts in a fair amount of work in the short run.
      A truly lazy person would simply not get the job done at all.

  7. People that comment on this site saying: boohoo! this site is going down the drain because me myself and i dont get what I want (bitch, moan, whine) instead of contributing themselves… Are fucking wusses, period.
    Glad i got that of my chest.

    1. So are people who comment on people’s comments on this site saying: boohoo! this site is going down the drain
      Feel free to continue the fractal …

    2. Ragnar raises a great point — if you guys are’t seeing something addressed that you’d like to see an article on, the “Submissions” button is in the top right corner.

  8. Good article. I like #5 the best. I can’t stand fellow millenials that refuse to humble themselves and take advice from older, more experienced people.
    Even though I’ve been lifting regularly for about 10 years, if some guy who clearly knows what he’s doing comes up and tells me my squat form is lacking then I’ll shut up and listen if I can tell he’s doing it or my own good.

    1. At least you and I are men enough to be able to self-reflect. Watch this space how all comments will be directed towards other people.
      I just think that for the author to be able to write this article he must have had first hand experience.

      1. I’ve been crossing paths with a lot of knob-nibblers lately. And you could say that I just reached a “snapping point.” So yes, as I wrote this, I had a clear image in my mind of a few people I know personally.

      2. The whole point of the article is self reflection and self improvement – that’s it.
        Nothing else and no one else should matter to you. Only you and your reflection or improvement.

    2. Good for you for this attitude. Rather than blowing this off and ignoring it, you have started a process to improvement.
      This takes courage and that, my friend, is a very good place to start!

    3. We all lapse from time to time. The measure of our worth is whether we are man enough to admit shortcomings, and fix them. Sounds like you’re doing fine. Well done.

      1. I would say the greatest obstacle is actually admitting you have wuss tendencies. That you have a problem in one or more of the areas you mentioned.
        Many people infected with wuss syndrome will simply not admit they have these tendencies. And this is caused by a lack of an ability to introspect in order to improve themselves.
        If you make a habit of blaming other people or circumstances for the situation you are in, then you are probably plagued with wuss syndrome.
        This does however not rule out the possibility that at times outside forces, which you have no control over, determine certain outcomes.
        The solution is to be able to determine what you are in control of, and what is beyond your control, and then adapting to the present circumstances. I guess this is a mark of true wisdom.
        The problem with the fullfledged wuss is that he has given up control over his life. He is just drfiting through life always making excuses for not making important decisions, and upholding basic discipline.
        Its really characteristic of a person out of control, who has succumbed completely to his vices. He may in fact be indulging them, and sees no problem with it.
        The biggest problem with the wuss is however his inflated ego. He is not willing to admit he has a problem, much less to accept outside help or advice.

      2. Self-reflection is a brutal thing.
        About half way through your 37 essays atm. It’s been a revelation.
        I’m still somewhat shocked by how much historical research you have done. That’s rare these days. Note, I had never even heard of Boethius or his impact on philosophy until that chapter.

  9. The point about leaderships is good. We need to recognise that not everyone should/will be a leader. There is nothing wrong with following someone who clearly has the talent and knowledge to lead. Once you are able to form your own opinions independent of the hive-mind, then following a good leader is something positive.

    1. Not your government, the figurehead that used to be part of the government.
      I sincerely hope someone shoots her, she is a master of the art of coating air and lies in gilded language to conceal nothing but personal greed and power mongering.

  10. This should be more like “11 Ways to tell when you’re being a sloth or a parasite”
    These ‘wuss’ behaviors are an epitome of laziness and inaction. It’s not being a wuss if you slouch all day, you’re lazy. By the way copying homework in my book means one or two things, being a stoner, stupid, or just fucking lazy. Some of these ways describe parasites.

  11. 1 through 5 for me I wont even try and bullshit.
    Especially 1 and 2 when it comes to writing and reading. I get lazy at times I wont lie. Being creative when comes to say, my blog while trying to actually have some deep content can be a mindfuck at times and not in the good way either. Click bait is easy to write. Trying to write some shit that can make others think and actually go “Hmmm” though is another story.
    For 4 and 5, I am learning more though to tale criticism with a more open mind as long as the character of the person is credible. Meaning, I will take advice from a person who genuinely has nothing to gain from me other than just giving out a few pointers here and here. The flip side though, if I know the person is a All Star jackass, fuck them. Most of the time they just want things THERE way and have no true interest in really helping. They are only commenting just to have the opportunity to talk and hear their own voice.
    3, I have a hard time with but, only when I hear stupid shit. Like, I was arguing with this guy today at work about the purpose of life and, I just said my peace and spoke on my view on it, and he tried to discredit it as fuckery. Basically, he is a boy scout that believes what was feed to him instead of thinking out the box and growing his own opinion on life. I said
    “If there was a all time purpose than why were Dinosaurs even around? What was their purpose? Was their existence a waste of time?”
    He says
    “How do you know there were ever Dinosaurs? Jesus is more real. People have seen him!”
    Shit like that causes me to speak mind I can’t help it. Screw that noise. Though, sometimes you have to let others dig their own grave. I do go overboard at times trying to tell others what is right and wrong. How do I even really know when you think about it in the long term sense.
    Great post man. Thanks for this. Its always good to read something that forces me to smile and agree with, while also taking a more deeper look inwards at my actions.

    1. “How do you know there were ever Dinosaurs? Jesus is more real. People have seen him!”
      People in the workforce actually say stuff like this? I haven’t heard anything like that since elementary school.

      1. To be honest, the dude loves to talk just to talk. He’s in his late 30s and comes off as a virgin. He also doesn’t know he is just trolling. He has no idea what that means and doesn’t think he does that. It’s fun to entertain the fuckery at times but, overall he lacks a philosophy about life and is a waste of a debate.

  12. I used to complain about my allergies to chicks. I did this once to a girl I really liked and she gave me a disgusted look. I never mentioned my allergies to anyone ever again.
    When in doubt, think: What Would Clint Eastwood Do?

      1. Nah, man, not even close.
        Her: “Why are you sneezing?” Clint: (lights a cigarette, gets on his horse and rides off into the sunset).
        Clint rule #1 Don’t answer her questions.

        1. You forgot the part where Clint ducks his head to light his cigarette, lifts his head once lit to meet her eyes with that stoic gaze, then tips his hat and rides off into the sunset.

        2. But….doesn’t that clash with the rules that say women are here to provide for the comfort of men? Perhaps she is just concerned she used too much cayenne while making his favorite dish, or maybe she used a cleaning chemical that bother his sinuses and she just got done scrubbing out his toilet? Maybe the vaginal deodorant she carefully applied to cover up the stench of WOMAN was tickling his delicate nostrils? What is a right thinking woman who wants to cater to her man supposed to do?

  13. When I first saw the title of this article I thought “here we go, another ‘i am so fucking alpha’ article.” I read it because it was QC and he gets the benefit of the doubt for prior good works.
    I am so glad I didn’t just skip over this.
    Short, pithy, intelligent and correct. QC really his all the right marks here and this article is one that ought to be heeded. No stupid bravado here, just good honest assessment.
    I would suggest to QC that he write a corollary article. He has accurately pinpointed 11 negative traits. I would like to see him pose 11 positive things a man can do to avoid these. The two articles together would be the two sides of a very valuable coin.
    Well done.

    1. So true, that’s why I don’t watch TV anymore, it is full of faggots and woman laughing at man on TV.

    2. Please no more “Greatest Generation” BS.
      My GF a WWII vet told me about the scum among his fellow soldiers in Europe…and the “men” he had to deal with when he returned and had his own business.
      These are people most of whom didn’t save for retirement and expected the government (i.e. their grandchildren) to pay for them and belonged to lazy unions who took more than they deserved and did whatever Uncle Sam told them.

    3. The 27 year old in 1943 was on the wrong side, if he had been killing Jews the 27 year old in 2013 wouldn’t have existed, and we wouldn’t have been all as fucked up as we are now. I can’t see the Third Reich allowing mass Muslim immigration into Europe, feminism or Social Justice Workers.

  14. All my life I was told things like I am too shy, lack confidence, don’t fight back enough, etc… Basically people are telling me I am a big pussy. For example I struggle just to look at people in the eyes or speak in a clear loud voice. Anybody at my job can give orders to me and act like my boss, even if I have a lot of experience. Sadly, having these traits a huge hindrance to attract women. Women are attracted to the opposite of these qualities. I am aware of the problem but I feel almost powerless to change it. I badly need to become more alpha but I don’t know if it is possible.
    Now compare this to my previous boss. He was a natural alpha, but to the point of being a huge douchebag. Big guy who plays football and hockey with his buddies. Constantly insult everyone in their face. Constantly threaten to beat other people (by threatening to punch them in the face for example). Always shitting on the work we did even if it was of good quality and always ranting about how we sucked at our job and how lazy we were. The guy was basically an extreme workplace bully and I quit the job because of it and took a job that paid LESS. That’s how bad it was.

    1. Well, you’ve got a good start here, you can reflect on your shortcomings. I’d start by working on talking to people who you don’t know (store clerks, pay station attendants, etc. with a clear, strong voice first (while looking them in the eye) and slowly move up to doing so with familiar people. Take each day as a step in the right direction. Inch by inch you’ll climb the mountain. A goal of yours should be to take large problems in stride instead of running from them. Happy sailing.

    2. Hit the weights, get the T flowing. You will be amazed.
      Also, if you play your personality right and add a few dark elements you can avoid being picked at or even a physical confrontation.
      For example when the boss sends a physical threat your way…
      (Best delivered with a calm matter of fact voice and a deadlock stare, then calmly go about your way)
      -If you hit me you better kill me
      -Go for it, I haven’t bled anything out in a while
      -I take threats as promises, accidents happen all the time…
      -Let’s just say putting your hands on me will result in a series of unfortunate events for you and all you have loved.

      Personally I would instigate the boss with a “Your faggot ass isn’t going to do shit! You can’t even beat your wife’s pussy right, why the fuck you think she keeps hounding me!”. Let him beat my ass, then sue the asshole.

    1. I like plenty of weak people. The thing is that their one-or-two strengths far outweigh their obvious and abundant weaknesses.
      I’m thinking of people who cannot beat their weaknesses for whatever reason yet have determined to develop their singular strengths to the greatest extent possible (even at the cost of exacerbating certain weaknesses).
      In this sense, they have managed to become great in spite of their weaknesses and promise to become greater as long as they’re alive because they are so devoted to their passion, which is also their strength.
      For my generosity, these people allow me to accompany them on their assent. I love these people for what they do and what they do for me, and they love me in return. We bear each other’s weaknesses for the benefits that certain strengths provide.
      I’m nowhere near the intelligence, wisdom and learning of the people I’m talking about. My physical, emotional and social prowess far outweighs their own and my finances allow for aid where it’s needed. We trade and supplement each other where we’re weak and in need.
      I’m not necessarily disagreeing with you. I have no tolerance for whiners if that’s what you’re talking about. But weakness? If you’re speaking about that strictly, I disagree and would assert that there are plenty of weak people throughout history that have honed in on their singular strength and purpose and subsequently made the most of their lives and made our lives better. I like these people.

  15. bit of salubrious tough love here. But why do Quintus’ articles always have to be like “fucking this”, “fucking that”…..
    looking forward to loftboy’s article on Lycurgus the lawmaker

    1. Thanks for the comment, Michael. Sometimes profanity is necessary to add to the overall effect, and to drive a point home. But you know, as a frequent reader of my column, that I don’t indulge in it regularly. In fact, this type of “rant” article is a change from my usual subject matter.
      I thought it was necessary. A few things I’ve read here and there recently made me think this article was needed.
      Everyone needs some encouragement, now and then.

      1. thanks Quintus – just joshing. Its not the swearing but the home truths that makes it a challenging read. Good to hear some honest to god advice

  16. Great article, but there is a reversal to #8. If you are an innate loser with no chance of winning, then you should avoid winners since they’ll just lower your morale and that low morale might prevent you from doing the things that you can do. A Black man hanging out with White guys in Asia, for instance, will get nothing but a harsh reminder of how good life is for White guys and how shitty it is for Black guys. Instead, it is better to operate alone where you might have a slim chance of success.

      1. It doesn’t work like that. I got social proof from other locals when I was in Asia. Black guys hanging out with Whites usually get ignored, and the Whites are just hot to trot and don’t care if their Black “buddies” stay celibate or not.

    1. Excuses are for children and women. The reason you’re not doing well in the Asian dating market is because the women can sense your lack of confidence. It doesn’t matter what race you are. Confidence is a universal appeal for women.
      Stop whining and focus on improving yourself.

  17. “8. You avoid successful people or good things” – Easy way to filter these people out is as follows: In a conversation with a group of people, listen to all of them and ask questions. Then, when it’s your turn, give your update when asked. If you are doing well (financially, sexually, health wise, etc.) give those updates. As you start to describe the updates, see who, if anybody cuts you off mid-sentence, or tries to change the subject rather quickly (within 30 seconds). Those will be your success haters. Works Every Single Time.

    1. i understand what you are getting at, but ive found that the people who make a point to tell me how well they are doing really are just projecting a false image. not trying to go all zen on you but it seems to me like the successful people dont have to express verbally that they are succesful

      1. Should have clarified: Give your updates, but don’t be overbearing or a blowhard. A simple, “things are going well and my business has picked up 20%.” [Begin next sentence] – Success Hater cuts you off right there or changes the subject.

        1. Repped. I know what you are talking about too,and these phags irk the loving crap of me.

  18. Great call out, Quintus, I think I’ll finally clean my apartment tonight! Hopefully it’ll motivate others, especially those who find themselves checking off progressively more on the list.
    The thing about being a pansy, and what will likely cause your post to either be motivational or risible, is that we know when we’re being one. It’s a bone deep feeling that can’t be shaken and gnaws at the back of our heads, prompting us to action to resolve it and regain our manhood.
    Ignored and left unresolved, it turns into a void that gradually sucks the life force from you. Those most consumed seek to drag others down with them, in hopes of silencing the void.
    How We deal with it goes a long way into determining our character. The best of us address it right away, something we should all aspire to. Many of us (me included) often need a boot to our rear, which you have thankfully provided here.
    The last group has ignored the gnawing for too long, wilfully or by inertia. They have consigned themselves to being pussies, tired of trying or unwilling to right the ship they themselves have ran aground. Yet the gnawing continues, unable to be numbed. They lash out, form groups of their fellow shadows of men for hollow support, and piss on all that is strong and good so that they may no longer be reminded of their shortcomings. Yet no matter how hard they try to quiet their internal unease, it remains.
    Hopefully, in a bout of inspiration, they will throw of their self imposed chains and reclaim their testicular birthright. These men are gladly welcomed back into the fold, for men are always willing to help those that help themselves.
    Those that refuse to rise to their nature are rightly shunned, unworthy of the respect and goodwill offered by the brotherhood. They are all Gollums- pitiable creatures whose only use is to be held up as an example, a warning to all.

    1. Great write up. I, myself border between the first and second of men you’ve described (introspective but also need a kick in the pants from time to time).
      Most of us I’m sure deal with the last group all the time whether in school or at work. At work, it’s basically everybody except for me and a few other guys. They’ll ask me to go out and eat at the pizza buffet after failing their diet for 100th time, make fun of me for being lame, and most likely gossip about how weird I am while stuffing their faces.

    2. Great stuff you said. Im in the process of wakin up to my pansyism. Feel like my life force is sucked near dry from avoiding the hard things. Im especially interested in what you said about being welcomee back ‘into the fold’. Do u think if i went over to my alpha neighbors ive lived by all my life and told them i was wrong and a nerd and i shouldnt have avoided them before itd be cool?

  19. Agreed on all but 3 and 6.
    #3 You’re arrogant and opinionated.
    Seems like confidence to me. Some men are extremely intelligent and skilled which makes it seem like they know everything from an average Joe’s POV. However, what the wuss knows is simply verbal diarrhea.
    #6 You’re slovenly and disorganized.
    In a constant state, I agree. Although, if you are completely immersed in an important goal or project there is no need to waste precious time and mind space on the frivolous.
    Should of titled the article “11 Reasons Hipsters are Wusses” and it would all fit nicely.

  20. To me studying philosophy in my spare time especially greek and roman, and than trying to put it into pracitice is a great way to learn what it means to be real man ( not this alpha and beta shit) . It is way for putting that pussy at sleep.
    Quintus i allways enjoy reading your articles, who are writen in a very courteous and inspiring manner. This one addresses as it should to address to us wusses (most of western men), wich is in a way also inspiring. hehe
    Sorry for bad english.

  21. It always struck me the image of basic training with drill seargents constantly insulting cadets and how its important to be able to ignore those things(and your self doubt) to accomplish the mission. Today they would be banned as bullies.

  22. 1- I like to make things easier but in the goal of improving something not to cheat. 2- I do have excuses about not being married because it is just not worth risk/reward ratio. 3-Well that one is tricky because usually when I tell the truth about something I am seen as arrogant for those who are heavily biased about something but seen as not arrogant for those who try to be neutral. 4-I do take down some people but not for fun, mostly because of blocking my goals so I crush anyone against my path. 5- Obama will never be my leader 6-OK 7-OK but sometime I have bad criticisms that I don’t agree with. 8-OK 9-OK 10-OK (I have been lucky for that so far) 11-OK but can backfire if the woman said no many time or refuse to let you know that she received a message so you keep sending messages to know what her problem. Almost got the cops on for sending harmless messages. Since there were no threat the cops ignored them but I got warned. Since that time I avoid texting, if a woman refuse to give me her phone number and give me only facebook or only accept texting I tell her to go fuck herself.

  23. Or just 1. Don’t act like a woman.
    One of the biggest problems is refusing to accept the reality of cause and effect and your place in the chain of events. Women can only act the way we all complain about because there are male enablers. As such, the gentlemen who pump and dump random girls and at the same time complain about their declining quality are among the biggest wusses – or pussies – out there.
    I do not think alpha means what many of you think it means.

    1. This.
      Get on board gentlemen. The easiest way to tell these bitches to stop acting like sluts is to stop enabling them. Society used to chastise these type of women. It needs to be done again.

  24. Quintus Curtius normally writes some “The New Yorker” or “Wall Street Journal” type stuff, very sophisticated.
    But this one was written for the lay person, and I enjoyed this one, also!

  25. Number 7 rings a lot for me. If you read up any articles on the internet like how to be a chivalrous man or how to be a real man or anything similar, you’ll see at least a few commentators who will try to disagree or refuse to take heed of the advice in effort to show their individualism and how they are unique. Some will even go “Instead of naming the article, how to be a real man why not title it how to be a decent individual, blah blah…”
    Even when the advice in the article is trying honestly to help people, some people will try to find a reason to refuse the article. It’s bloody annoying to me. The article is criticizing them and encouraging them to reflect upon themselves and yet they want to show off their individualism. I wish they would get over themselves.

  26. I don’t see how #3 equals to being a pussy. Having the guts to speak one’s mind (especially when putting some bitch in her place is involved) seems like confidence to me.

  27. Or, acting arrogant and opinionated is simply due to the fact that you are surrounded, at all times, by fucking morons.
    Quintus, I strongly suggest you stick with your brilliant historical analysis…. because this article? Graphic proof that being a great specialist does not neccessarily impart any insight whatsoever on another subject. And this article, while having a couple of cogent points, is otherwise profoundly uninsightful and quite possibly utterly false.

    1. I agree. Its all about striking a balance and knowing your limits. On some issues I am simply more informed than the average person. And I can relatively quickly judge whether a person is knowledgeable or not in this field.
      On other issues you simply need to know your limits. That perhaps you may not know much more than the lay person.
      I presume that the author himself is even quite opinionated on some issues. And thats all fine if he has the knowledge or skills to back it up.
      When all this is said I still think the author has a point. If a person is opinionated on most issues, even when lacking knowledge, then it really is a personal flaw he needs to work on.

      1. ahh, but there is a HUGE line between ‘arrogant and opinionated’ and ‘Authority on everything’. I don’t normally demand authors make a qualifying distinction, but this is a severe enough distinction that it changes the entire tone of the article.

  28. After reading this list I realize that I am a bonafide Wuss. (joke)
    One of the best blogs Ive read and that has done wonders for killing my inner Wuss has been Danger & Play

  29. I disagree with #1. Research has proven that going easy on yourself is healthy. Being too harsh on yourself is unhealthy. Oftentimes, you are your own harshest critic. Nobody else criticizes you like you do. Going easy on yourself every once in a while can help relieve stress.

  30. Three years ago many of these point’s would of described my attitude towards life, i have since taken steps to improve my self and take more decisive action. I would say that’s what irritates me most about “men” i meet exhibiting these qualities.. because i see my past self reflected through their demeanor and actions, and i just want to shake them and yell ‘Fuck sake man, stand up and take some responsibility for your life’

  31. I find it interesting that the author’s way of ‘talking’ in this article is radically different from the pure, monk like, English/Latin feel of his comments generally. Bit of pretension as to who the author thinks/feels he really is? As an aside, It’s a stupid article.

  32. This is gold, Quintus. God do I know some people just like you described here..lol. And still trying to slay my inner wuss too, of course.

  33. Got an “issue” with 3, 4 and 5. In my last job I was guilty of being arrogant, hypercritical of others and often refused help from leadership. So that means I’m a wuss, right? Well, what if I’m surrounded by lazy morons? Come to Malaysia and you’ll be inundated with extremely stupid and lazy people (Malays even call themselves lazy). I left that job btw, was unable to influence my surroundings, and sometimes you just have to jump ship.

  34. a few of these struck-home quintus. thanks for helping me turn my judgmental gaze back on myself. gonna go ahead and bookmark this article.

  35. Hmm…
    “You’re arrogant and opinionated”
    This is basically the SJW retort to everything ever written at this site.

  36. I agree with everything mentioned here, but with regard to item 3 i’m inclined to consider it a conundrum of sorts. Here’s why.
    If the red pill allows a Male to disconnect himself from the feminatrix (thereby evolving himself into a Man) via the identification, assimilation and implementation of unfiltered red pill knowledge, would it therefore stand to reason that this Man would come across as “arrogant” and “opinionated” to a majority of blue pill thinking others as a result? Wouldn’t this new circumstance make Men like these come across as “experts” in at least a few things, since they have likely lived the majority of their lives stuck on blue pill thought and would now course correct themselves eagerly and openly?
    Like Newton observing the apple, wouldn’t this new reality therefore inspire the greatest plateaus of critical thought on this and a great many other subjects, much to the irritation of others?
    Quintus, your excellent article could be considered paradoxical of sorts. You decry wuss behaviors that include arrogance and negative characteristics of those with a highly opinionated nature, but your very words could be used to brand you with those invectives as well. After all, aren’t you being highly opinionated here, aren’t you stating your words from an expert position and could by consequential effect, appear to be arrogant in the process?
    Mind you, i am neither stating nor implying that you are any such thing or a wuss as a result, i am merely shedding some more light regarding this.
    To inject myself more directly here, I have been considered arrogant and highly opinionated because of a vast expertise on a great many subjects which i have shared from time to time on here as other equally informed Men have.
    It could be said that we are all “opinionated” because we are sharing our opinions for public consumption on a site dedicated to being the vox sola alternative to the feminized cacophonous misandry and banality that passes for the majority of public thought on the anonymous medium we call the internet.
    It could also be said that we may come across as “arrogant” while sharing that voice, whether it’s in regard to you, me or someone else that posts after us.
    But…does that make it true? Is simply sharing an informed opinion on this and other subjects qualify as being arrogant, opinionated, etc?
    Just food for thought. I highly enjoyed the article, even if it didn’t seem as such.
    Incidentally i prefer the (paraphrased) Socratic approach to circumstances like these: the only knowledge is knowing that i know nothing, because what i know may not be worth knowing or worth more than what someone else knows, especially if that someone else is God.

  37. I disagree with some of your points :
    1 : You don’t do yourself any good by purposely trying to make things harder for you. Of course you need to challenge yourself but don’t go out of your way to do it all the time. It’s fine to sit back and enjoy life too.
    3: So you are saying being red-pilled is for wusses? I’m sorry I didn’t understood the point of this one, english isn’t my first language ( oh look I’m making excuses). How does being right make you a wuss?
    4 : I don’t see what the problem is. I don’t keep blue-pilled wuss manginas as close friends, of course I have standard for people in my circle, I don’t go out of my way to befriend transgendered pedophile ponies and if my friends are whining about something stupid you can be damn sure I’ll tell them.
    6 : What are you, my mom? Of course you need to be organized if you bring girls all the time but when you live alone, who really cares, I sure don’t. Being messy does not mean you are messy in every area of life.
    10 : You probably never had any of the above for a long period of time. I’ve had my costochondritis for 5 months and can’t walk for more than 10 minutes without being out of breath, I got mine by overtraining.

  38. I’ve seen several people take issue with #3. I think that’s due to misunderstanding, more than a flaw on the author’s part. There is considerable difference between confidence and arrogance. It’s one thing to know your mind and be able to uphold or speak up on behalf of what you KNOW. It is far different to bleat on about something you have little to no understanding of and be expect to be deferred to simply because you think you’re brilliant, or because NPR told you to.

  39. I agree with the sentiment, but I disagree with #1. You make things easier on yourself.
    Certainly avoiding responsibilities that are important to you and your life is a sign of a wuss, but there is no reason to not make things easier on yourself. It comes back around to the old saying “work smarter not harder”. I know what you meant to say, and you qualified the “wait and see” one well, but the way #1 is written doesn’t sit well.
    “Use the wisdom, knowledge, and legwork of other people
    to further your own cause. Not only will such assistance save you valuable time and energy, it will give you a godlike aura of efficiency and speed. In the end your helpers will be forgotten and you will be remembered. Never do yourself what others can do for you.:”

  40. This article seems to pander to rednecks and people that hate reading and thinking. Thats a great way to end up with garbage women. Author should read #3-stop being arrogant and opinionated

  41. “Not only is the wuss an arrogant prick, but he loves to tear down other people. Again, the driving impulse here is fear and insecurity. If the wuss is successful at taking down other people, he can feel better about himself.” If you replace “other people” with “women”, this suddenly sounds like the basis for the existence of this site, and most of its articles.

  42. All that shit takes effort. It’s easier to just sit here reading this website and reinforce my opinions.

  43. No lolly-gagging by you…. most of us are overdue for an ass-kickin’ that hurts! Yours did. Cleverly written and truthful article!

  44. Living up to your responsibilities is the biggest ‘wuss’ move in history. You don’t need to do that shit, it’s a trap set for you by your overlords.
    “Opps, I accidentally got pregnant, now you need to look after me and the kid” …… err no, your body, your choice.
    “OK guys, we’re going to war with Russia/Iran/China” ……. no thanks, I quite like the Russians, the Chinese make all my stuff, and Jew overloads if you want Arabs dead, do it yourself, it ain’t my fight.
    Responsibilities ….. just another way to enslave the sheeple.

    1. Yeah, it only goes so far.
      Skipped your workout? Wuss
      Surfed the net all night instead of reading? Wuss
      Drank the weekend away instead of working on your projects? Wuss.
      But sometimes guys take it too far and mistake being an abused bitch for being an alpha who ‘manned up.’
      Just ‘be better’ and that 190 pound, growling pussyhatter turns into a squeaky, giggling 115 pounder in heels. Sure.
      They’re taxing you at 60% to fund leftist bullshit? Just man up and make more money then. Sure.
      Recognizing traps, avoiding wasted time in a decaying culture, and avoiding manipulation is not being a wuss. My comment really isn’t about the article (which was solid) but just a riff on some other things.

  45. A lot of these things are just Darwinistic, natural responses to obstacles in life. Even so-called “masculine men” have these in droves.
    1) is common sense. People always seek the path of least resistance; the easier things are, the better. People have a thousand problems on their heads, and the more of those they can mentally cross off or ignore, the better.
    2) happens a lot because people have this thing called PRIDE. They don’t want to blame themselves. They see themselves, naturally so, as the good guys, and naturally, they blame everyone else but themselves when something goes wrong. They relate most to their own experiences and are more than likely to point the finger at someone else when something goes wrong. Even if the fault is theirs, they will try to find an excuse to save face, in front of both society and their own minds.
    3) is something that everyone in this site is guilty of. They have opinions, and they arrogantly push them as the truth, whether or not they have facts on their side. Those that don’t try to hide behind flowery words of bravery and masculinity, while those that do have some semblance of proof for their opinions arrogantly shower in their convictions in that they are right. It’s not just enough that they’re right, they have to shove it in on other people’s faces that their opinions are validated by an outside source. A person who is in the right doesn’t need to boast, he lets the truth talk for itself. But a lot of people in this here “manosphere” love to use facts to justify their egos.
    4) relates to 3 and 2 because again, it’s fun for the guy with the ego to tear down the enemy. It’s fun to point out someone else’s flaws while ignoring their own. Raising yourself up while tearing other people down is a common sport of those with egos to fulfill and excuses to make for themselves. That’s why it’s so fun to demonize the other side-as an excuse to never ask ourselves “what’s wrong with us”.
    5) I suppose real men are in short supply then. Again, this comes from the notion of pride; pride makes a person unwilling or unable to accept help from someone else because it hurts their ego. It’s within people on the right and the left. That’s why any criticism of capitalism or the manosphere, even from well-meaning people just trying to help, is automatically met with disdain by those who are fans of said systems, because how dare you say that our system is wrong? Who cares if you’re just pointing out flaws and you’re doing this as a goodwill gesture to us? You’re implying that we’re wrong! And that embarrasses us!
    6) Again, it’s a Darwinistic thing, men want to expend as less energy outside of their passions as possible. And it’s something that men of all ages and walks of life are accused of. Even geniuses have messy rooms that their girlfriends/housemaids/mothers complain about. It’s usually the snitch/teacher’s pet/momma’s boy who keeps the room clean.
    7) Again, this boils down to one word: pride. To question oneself and to look for flaws is a strike against a person’s pride. It’s much easier to blame everyone else than to look at one’s own mistakes.
    8) More than pride, this has to do with jealousy. It’s like in Transformers 3 when Sam has to deal with the fact that his girlfriend’s boss is a handsome, rich, successful guy that he’s not even in the same league with. The guy lends them a car, and Sam hates it because his girlfriend compares him to the boss guy who is far more successful than him.
    9) Impulsive actions are not what a wise man does. Those with a “wait and see” approach are usually the kind of men who walk away winning in business, work, or even romance. Making the first step and embarrassing yourself is usually what lands men or boys in the friendzone, as they don’t know what a woman wants and just assumes, while the guy who “waits and sees” is the one observing and taking notes, so when he does swoop down for the prey, he knows how to play to them. Same in business-the guy who just sells one thing assuming everyone loves it will more than likely end up bankrupt, while the guy who observes what the people want and reacts in response is usually the guy ending up with a six-figure salary and high profits. This is why the phrase “Leeroy Jenkins” usually carries with it the notion of stupidity, because only a fool jumps in without looking.
    10) A lot of smart people and geniuses are often fat slobs because they let their bodies rot and weaken while they sharpened their minds. That’s why many corporate fat-cats or smart nerds aren’t necessarily the picture of good health. While it’s good to keep a healthy body along with a healthy mind, eventually, age catches up even to those with good health and reflexes, and people who were once energetic workers end up being slobs or assaulted with back pains by the time they’re about to retire.
    11) People will only try multiple approaches if it’s something they like. That’s why a kid will try many approaches to defeat a video game boss, but give up after five minutes if he can’t solve a math problem. It’s a matter of interest and Darwinism. If the person loves something, he will go above and beyond to solve problems and obstacles, but if he doesn’t give two shits, then he’ll use the first obstacle as an excuse to give up. Welcome to life.
    None of this shit has to do with effeminate or emasculated boys. I’ve seen effeminate boys keep their rooms clean. I’ve seen them go above and beyond to solve problems and obstacles. I’ve seen a lot of so-called “masculine men” walk away after the first obstacle hits them in the face while acting like arrogant slobs. In the end, this all boils down to Darwinism, pride, and interest. It’s natural for any human being to go through the method of least resistance; it’s what their body tells them to do. It’s natural for them to point fingers at others for flaws or to make themselves look good. And it’s natural for them to expend a lot of time and effort for things they like, but barely scratch the surface and quit at things they don’t like. In the end, what you need is a spiritual, metaphysical energy that goes beyond biology and social desires to get people passionate about cleaning themselves up and going the Mea Culpa route and inspecting themselves for flaws. Outside of that, nature would just have them fall back on what’s comfortable and focus their energies on their passions, and little else outside of that.

  46. I believe that such statements will not work for anybody worldwide, so they are just your opinions, unless you believe all people worldwide share the same basics level of opportunities, freedom, beauty, cash, and so on.

  47. It takes a man to admit he’s so fucking depressed he doesn’t even want to get out of bed, and so disgusted with society he doesn’t even want to say five words to anyone.

  48. Do many young boys now aspiring to be hair dressers or questioning whether or not Xbox is better than PlayStation and not actually going out and trying to get some.
    When I was a teenager I was out chasing girls or out in nature living off the land, being the hero I wanted to be not slaving away after a computer character.

    1. Xbox is way better.
      If I’d had had an Xbox when I was a teenager, I’d still be a millionaire with a big house, and my former wife would still be poor.

  49. “None of us is exempt, from time to time, from occasionally veering our ship into these pussified shoals.”
    Does this mean a trip to Thailand or being a wus?
    But all joking aside great article Quintus! Nailed it, the real barrier to our successes is really “us.”
    Anyone can start with a basic list of things in life and start checking it off.
    I heard this week that almost half of all millennials aren’t interested in ever driving.
    Like saying you don’t want to move out of your parent’s house.
    That’s is absolutely pathetic!

  50. I’m not a wuss: my wife wouldn’t allow it !
    I must go, her findernail won’t paint themselves.

  51. I feel that this article could not have been reposted at a more timely moment. I have seen a lot of boo hoo sad sack bullshit on ROK lately. Men who are afraid of women, men who think everything in the world is feeeible….quite frankly, a lot of commenters here are depressing the hell out of me.
    A little word to all the fellows here who I speak with every day and consider friends: this world is what you make of it. It is time to stop looking for excuses, blaming women, blaming masons, blaming democrats, blaming fags, blaming Hollywood….it is time to just fucking stop already. That stick and two pillow in your pants….grab it, and start being men again

      1. Awww did you get triggered little pup. I’m sorry I made an impassioned plea for masculinity. I didn’t mean to scare ya there fella

        1. Hey my ol’ buddy. I guess we could go back and forth forever.
          I’ll call ’em as I see ’em and you’ll come back with “Be better.”
          We’ve invented perpetual motion.

        2. Just because the idea is abused by feminist shit bags doesn’t mean that being a man doesn’t come with responsibility. Like anything else, they amplify to absurdity. But being the best man you can be is important. It is very sad to me that men would get so offended by the idea that they have to act like men that they go into script with shit like “alpha signaling” and by the script excuse mill bull to justify mediocrity.
          Be great man. Whatever you are today, be better tomorrow.

        3. Whatever Michelle,
          You do the same trick again and again; celebrate your alpha status inside the trojan horse of all your platitudes about how to achieve greatness and how to be a man. It’s silly. Dial it down.
          A lot of us here want to discuss how to make the best plays in the face of a disintegrating culture but a handful of guys always hijack the conversation to beat their chest over stuff. Nothing gets done that way.

        4. Just out of curiosity: which part to you take issue with. Is it that I said being a man comes with responsibility or my notion that self improvement is good. Don’t answer now, finish your cheetos and thing about it first.

        5. “Man Up” shaming was exposed awhile ago. It’s bullshit and you’re still propagating it. To your credit, your heart is in the right place. But you need to get out of the way sometimes. Not everyone is down with your “Thank you sir, may I have another” version of masculinity. Some of us just want easy access to 19 year olds, a lower tax burden, and a cheaper life so that we can have more time for our projects, spending less time working and jumping through the hoops of pussyhatters, successfully or not. Not all masculinity is the same. A guy below in this thread made the claim that the most wussified thing of all is being duped by the concept of ‘responsibility.’ Quite interesting. A culture duping white males into overwork, oversacrifice and overculpability, might just give them a few little baubles to call their own, like miscasting overwork as ‘responsibility’ for example. Miscasting oversacrifice as ‘masculinity’ for example. Worth thinking about.

        6. Ha ha. I KNEW you would bring up Cheetos. Pure strawman. I can’t believe how guaranteed that was. Also, see below.

        7. BTW, I take issue with you cupping your own farts while we’re trying to discuss how to best navigate a gynocentric culture.

        8. Good luck with it all man. I wish you the best on whatever quest you are on. I guess we just have different values

        9. I guess the thing I find galling about the weakness and brokenness displayed in this comment is that I look at the things you want: easy access to high value women, enough expendable money to live your life on your own terms and all the things that everyone wants—only you want to not work for it. This millenial bullshit mindset is the problem. You essentially want my life without having to put in any effort. You won’t get it–that’s a bit of a plot spoiler. And basically, in the end, you will just be a bitter whining lady boy while better men enjoy the things you want so badly. Either that or maybe one day you will grow up. Who knows. I really do wish you luck

        10. Hmmm let’s look at the checklist
          Wants things without working for them
          Wants to be acknowledged as being special without actually putting in any effort
          Yes, you got them all. You are essentially every single welfare recipient, occupy Wall Street douche and person who voted Bernie.

        11. You’re so far gone with whatever strawman you need for whatever purposes. Now I’m welfare? Now I voted for Bernie? I want you to keep going because it’s hilarious but let’s call it off for the sake others. This is stupid.

        12. Good luck. If you’ve been misreading your own life a tenth as much as you’ve misread mine then you’ll need it much more than I will. Peace.

        13. According to Genghis Khan, acting like a man is raping the wives and daughters of your recently defeated enemies.
          You can’t get any more manly than that, after all 1 in 200 of us are his descendants.

        14. There is no place in the world easier to access 19 (and 18) year olds than the Philippines. I know, I was there last week.

        15. I have a better life than your life, and I never put in all that much effort. I finished working full time at age 45. Sorry if this is a private argument, but not everyone agrees with your ‘responsibility’ rants.

        16. Nice work. I can’t wait to be back there one day to indulge. I’ll leave the 185 pound pussyhatters to the true alphas.

        17. I would never consider having sex with a woman over 120Lbs. My upper weight limit for new relationships/encounters is firmly set at 110Lbs.

        18. Alpha-signalling tone shaming, a form of oppression, marginalizing the “other.”

        19. “Produced three new offspring today, all males. Great day! Huge.” — @TheRealGenghis

        20. You’re mostly on the right track, but I must distinguish between “oversacrifice” on the basis of conditioned societal expectations (called “responsibility” and interiorized as “conscience”) and that undertaken purely from self-oriented, self-actualized goals, such as the self-martyrdom of Mishima and so forth. This is certainly a part of masculinity that is not necessarily conditioned to benefit society (as it is.)

        21. I understand not everyone agrees. And welfare recipients, socialists and women think that someone ought to foot the bill for them. Just trying to give the point of view from manhood. As for a better lift, I guess it’s all relative. I am glad you enjoy

        22. There is no place easier to access food than the dumpster behind McDonalds. It’s sad that you believe this to be a gourmet meal.
          I take it from your posts your ex wife divorce raped you hard. She is probably getting plugged by some guy or guys she bought drinks for with the money you earned. That sucks. Women are evil little creatures and the law is against you. I am sorry that happened. But for Christ’s sake man don’t let her take your manhood too

        23. I’ve never been a fan of McD ……….. overpriced in the 3rd world.
          As for my former wife, I don’t know what she’s up to, I never bothered to find out. But at 59, I doubt anyone is plugging her, she never seemed to like that much. More likely a house full of cats.

        24. Yeah. It would be a complex issue. But there’s all the difference in the world between oversacrifice in your own interest or oversacrifice for others. Especially when you don’t even know those others, and those others would never, ever even take two seconds to hold a door open for you. Especially, also when the culture at large is determining who is to oversacrifice for who based on identity politics.

    1. Beautifully said Brother!… “blaming women, blaming masons, blaming democrats, blaming fags, blaming Hollywood”… Holy Shit – Can’t agree with you more!
      Two things that I continue to witness at an ever-increasing rate: Supposed (MEN) with tons of Excuses and devoid of any Focus – both issues will Absolutely Guarantee your Failure and turn you into a Wuss. Anybody suffering from these “afflictions” must find a way to rid themselves of this bullshit, otherwise they can look forward to a lifetime of misery.
      Hey, unless you’re a Trust Fund Baby, we’re all going to experience some sort of adversity in life, some folks more than others. Making Excuses and Blaming Others does absolutely nothing to advance your agenda; it’s just a bunch of nonsense – you’re lying to yourself.
      It’s imperative to take Your Life Seriously (your health, your finances, your family, etc.) – protect and cherish it, but don’t take “life in general” too seriously… Additionally, two of the best things you can do (which cost nothing to acquire) – Learn how to genuinely Smile and Laugh… You see the world the same way the world sees you… Having a nice smile goes a long way to ease tensions, thus opening the doors to possible opportunities. Having the ability to Laugh can have an incredibly positive impact on your life and those around you. Don’t believe me?… The only person I know that can keep a scowl on his face and still make money is Ice Cube.
      There are no Excuses, only Reasons. Eliminate all distractions in your life. Develop Razor-Sharp Focus and Never again Make Excuses. And for fuck’s sake, develop a sense of Humor – learn to laugh.
      And Yes, I am speaking from personal experience! I’ve endured personal and professional adversity, but I remained focused and never wavered. I own a successful landscape construction company and I’ll always hire someone who’s hungry and has a great attitude over somebody with experience and a chip on his shoulder.
      Don’t ever lose sight of what’s important in life. The World is Yours – Grab it by The Pussy and go for it!

  52. Leg cramps are agonizing. I figure all those people who laughed at Lebron for his have never had one.

  53. I plead guilty to the being messy part. But to straighten up would require more than energy and effort as I am too attached to all I do to give up any of the things I love. I am alwayss tackling too many projects which, quite honestly, are too much. Seven miles daily walking, gardening, chickens, full time job and yes, sharing house chores with my wife who is working six days a week as opposed to five for me. We cook all our meals at home, and eat very well. I find time for daily meditation, reading of French, Spanish and listening to foreign language podcasts such as Daniel Estulin and Radio Courtoissie in French.. And try to do a brief post daily on ROK. I live life with gusto, but cannot keep up with the treadmill I have created form myself. I wake up at 3:00 AM for walks and collapse form exhaustion around 8:00 PM.
    During vacation, rather than a deep cleaning our home and cars need, I take off to my property in the country to plant trees and shoot. Speaking of which, my guns are dirty. I always try to bribe my son to clean them, and for that, am about 50-50.
    My car, our home, and my workplace are a mess. I stay functional, but often, my clothes come out of the drier just in time to throw on my back and go to work. I really need to take the time to clean up. Just emptied the cat litter box which was filthy and cleaned chicken coop this morning which was also filthy. Car has not been vacuumed in years.
    But it was a joy to cook an omelet this morning with fresh eggs from my own chickens. I love the money from my wife’s income which is the same as mine roughly. And I looking forward to a fig and honey smoothie from my frozen figs I picked from my fig tree last summer.
    I think my next project will be a beehive. I am chomping at the bit to have my own honey.

    1. Beehive is an awesome project and one that I really want to try now that the city ordinance against it isnover. Sounds like you are doing great man. Many thumbs up

    2. Honey is good if you have allergies. It’s a total food and a survival food which can be stored long term and eaten even after it’s crystallized.
      For allergies, local honey or honey collected on your property contains pollens from a 2 mile radius which are broken down into sugar. Since every pollen on Earth is different and unique like the snowflake crystal, the local honey contains only the specific pollens in your vicinity which are unlike pollens collected from far away locations. Your local hive is best and when you eat the local honey, you become instantly immune to the specific local pollens. It’s specific medicine that no pharma can formulate. Only bees. Imported honey from China or Argentina won’t work. It’s the wrong medicine.
      Also for an ex smoker who wants to repair their lungs to original state and function, honey is the only known substance that removes old residual tar. The cigarette ‘tar’ is like the tar used to pave roads and is very hard to remove. No drug can get rid of it but honey loostens it to where it can gradually be coughed out.

  54. Obvious sign of being a wuss is someone who lacks spine to stand up for something he believes in.
    Another one of wuss is someone who constantly focuses on politics (Something he can’t control or change) and constantly identifies himself within a group and lacks any independent thoughts and has group think mentality and doesn’t focus on his own self improvement (things he can change).

    1. What if I really don’t believe in anything?
      (apart from sleeping with the wives and daughters of my recently defeated enemies)

  55. Being a “real man” (or woman) requires an internal effort that few are willing to make. (And I identify as nonbinary genderfluidpolyqueer, otherkin,fwiw)

  56. I actually think this article makes a lot of sense. Quite a few articles make sense here. Maybe I don’t agree with everything but, that’s not possible anywhere. So this website actually opened my mind, and I really didn’t think that would happen. Good logical thinking. Good website.

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